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One Piece is leftist


It vaguely is, you can definitely make the connection.


File: 1608528866618.jpg (246.39 KB, 1422x1080, Luffy's dream.jpg)

One Piece is libertarian, although left leaning. It's big focus is pursuing your dream no matter what and in defiance of authority. If there is any central ideology I can discern its Egoism.

PS Yay, Finally a One Piece Thread!


Its anarchist


In a chaotic, egotistical sense, yes. On the Political Compass it would be leftist libertarian. Which is impractical IRL but a fun fantasy to read about.


File: 1608528866782.png (45.19 KB, 577x198, SBS59_2_Thoughts.png)

It's Libertarian in some sense but I vaguely assume Oda has communist sympathies because he's got che guevara hanging up in his office and the fact that the revolutionaries exist in his story.

Like Luffy's dream is being the most free in the seas, but naturally there are other pirates who value freedom that will fuck other people up like Blackbeard or Kidd. Plus Oda's shown us good natured Marines like Garp, Fujitora, Smoker, and several others. There obviously will be some form of government when One Piece comes to an end, it just won't be at the beck and call of bourgeoisie fascists like the celestial dragons. One Piece is a good baby's first leftism, I appreciate having it when I was younger, it helped me get here.

(fun fact, in this sbs answer Oda makes it a point to say that his stereotypical thoughts are "world peace")


He also knows a lot about communism. Dragon is directly based off of Castro as explained in the vivre cards.


File: 1608528866896.png (349.55 KB, 736x468, 1577900062072.png)

Ah I didn't catch that, but thanks for letting me know. That's pretty based of Oda, though communism as understood by Japan is pretty light and soc-dem like, ain't it?

At any rate, let's post some inspiring One Piece stuff. I've been meaning to talk about it in a leftist space for a long ass while.


While initially true, I feel that Oda has either liberalized or been forced to liberalize One Piece because the Revolutionary Army in canon declared that it intented only to remove the 'bad kings' and World Government. Essentially playing the "good ruler stay/back in power" card


It's just gonna be "not all kings" or some shit because of the good kings we've met, but I think getting rid of the world government in general is a good thing, or at least the celestial dragons.


I feel as long as the celestial dragons and im are removed from power, that it can still be considered leftist. You could make an argument that keeping the good kings is still "democratic" since they are in a way chosen by the masses. Idk.


File: 1608528867137-1.jpg (100.33 KB, 1200x675, Max_Stirner.jpg)

I've just started watching the anime and've noticed that Captain Kuro looks a lot like Stirner.


Even if they're making the Revolutionary Army a bit faggy, keep in mind that all the "good kings" were not actual royal families that ruled over those countries from the start.
The Celestial Dragons were the actual kings of all the world's kingdoms before they moved to that heaven of theirs as seen with Doflamingo and Dressrosa


shame hes just a shitty one shot villain


also read the manga instead. youll enjoy it more. Toei has horrible pacing and adds tons of filler


They have similar egotistical personalities too.


>chosen by the masses
no they aren't Alabasta, Fishman Island and DressRosa are exceptions as demonstrated in the reverie


the only ones you've listed there that are true are Alabasta. As The Nerfertiti were dsecended from the original 20 world kings. Fishman Island is it's own thing, and Dressrosa was coup'd by a celestial dragon descendant.


This. They're kings in title, but they have popular support from their kingdoms.


Alabasta had a literal revolution when shit got bad after Crocodile's manipulations. The Revolutionaries could have removed Nefertiti but chose not to upon the truth being revealed, thus showing that the people in the case of Alabasta could do so.


Original rulers WERE Doflamingo who BECAME Celestial Dragons, before one of them lowered back to humanity and the last living member of that line took over Dressrosa from a different line of kings who were of the people.

>Fishman Island is it's own thing

It is a kingdom regardless, but the king is sort-of elected and they seem to have protest movements and such.

All three of these kingdoms have people clearly ready to overthrow improper government but have kind kings. At the same time such kings are the exception among kingdoms. Making the whole 'good king' thing a liberal backtrack.


Skypeia arc was good at dealing with the "no gods no masters" thing


This is probably the most obvious reference to communism in One Piece. I don't remember the cover story too well, but it was something about a workers' revolution in a weapons factory.




Unfortunately that antagonist was a massive POS


File: 1608528867886.jpg (652.62 KB, 942x1010, oda_che.jpg)

it doesn't have anything to do with him. He just happens to look like One Piece Che Guevara, now he's in Japan jail.

Oda's got a Che poster hanging up in his office, I've said it before in this thread but I found the picture and it's neat to see. His office has a lot of weird bullshit though so it could be a random visual flare type of thing.


Based comrade oda.


File: 1608528868010.jpg (89.71 KB, 960x960, fhm7gz5xmtb41.jpg)

Another find. Mariejois (where the celestial dragons live) is based off of Chateau de Chambord. While not exactly a pivotal building in the French Revolution, I do believe there's a connection to be made there. Especially since as if I recall correctly, Bello Betty is based off of that July Revolution painting too.


File: 1608528868079.png (505.5 KB, 720x775, shonenmarx.png)

Saw this illustration in the newspaper and made it for fun. Don't really vibe with it since that cop is in this, but hey it's for the meme.


I really liked One Piece years ago but as my tastes developed I sort of lost my taste for it, and the series has been stretched out to the point where going over the story is a bit of a headache.


I literally just got into the story and I can't get beyond dressrosa. There's so much to unpack, especially for a noobie I can't believe I made it this far. Not to mention apperently funimation has been doing a fucking chapter by chapter adaptation of the anime rather than skipping some parts which has made shit just drawn WAY the fuck out. Like long ring long island.
I want to return too it and finish it and be there for the 1k episode, but, god damn.


Please read the manga instead, not only is it faster but the art is a lot better and the anime literally RUINS scenes. Take for example, since you've watched up to Fishman Island I'll list a good example from that. The anime adds in a scene of Hody Jones and his band of fucks getting fucked with by adult pirates as babies, to set up them as idolizing Arlong when he saves them. This scene isn't in the manga, and for good reason. At the end of the arc, Hody says his hate for humans isn't based off of ANYTHING in particular, he's simply a byproduct of the generation before him hating humans. This is a very poignant part of the whole arc that's just ruined through the anime trying to add in more filler for time. Most of the time the filler is bad non-cannon additions to the fights, but there's stuff that's reprehensible.

Please consider the manga if you revisit this series again, it really shines as a manga first artistically anyway.


This. Im reading the manga rn and its so much faster than the anime and is way easier to digest. Toei ruined the anime with the bad animation and filler hell.


By the way does anyone else here post in one piece general on 4chan /a/?


I finally caught up with the manga. I'm gonna really miss reading it daily.


Too clarify, i do not dislike one-piece. On the contrary i absolutely love it. I am just a large digester of anime rather than manga and it makes me sad that the anime is so fucked.


File: 1608528868654.jpg (475.03 KB, 1000x671, rvO5p2J.jpg)

I do, it's been terrible for nearly a decade or so, but I do.
S'all good comrade, was just letting ya know. Shame the anime adaption is as bad as it is, Dressrosa is a slog even in the manga IMO so I don't blame anime onlys getting tired from it.


>I do, it's been terrible for nearly a decade or so, but I do.

every thread on 4chan is terrible though so its to be expected


That's a very fair point. I haven't really felt like 4chan's been fun since 2008 or so. I was a majority /co/ poster too, so it was just generally less of the /pol/ nightmare that the rest of the board was slowly becoming.

Actually, for any other 4chanons in this thread, remember how bad the /a/ op threads were from around the turn of the decade? It was to the point that you'd see a lot of refugee threads on /co/ or /v/ for that reason alone.


I started using the threads around dressrosa. I was the BTFOanon/Sanjihatefag


I still say fuck Sanji. White Knight bastard keeps acting like a cunt so much it pisses me off. His Wholecake Island sarc gave him some new depth but still.


Literally the worst gag character in the series.


lmao, I remember trolling that Sanji-Nami shipper in that era. It was fun times. I didn't invent the "bullsopp" narrative but I helped propogate it.


They deserve each other TBH. He would serve her greedy wants tirelessly and she would never have to put out and he would be fine white knighting til he died.


Nami's a sweet girl minus the greed, which is mostly played up for jokes. I'd rather Sanji end up forever alone for all his bullshit.


Sanji belongs with kiku


Shaji is the most annoying character. Very shoe horned. Very transparent.


File: 1608528869222.png (737.96 KB, 1136x640, JoTEczk.jpg.png)

>all the sanji haters ITT


I like all the strawhats he just annoys me more than the others.

Him being kind and cooking food for whomever is always gonna be the best Sanji. Feeding the hungry is very noble.


I hate the cuck part of Sanji that won't hit a woman


ok incel


Even Luffy hits women, anon.


>One Piece
People with basic bitch taste will be put to the gulag

>Oda has communist sympathies because he's got che guevara hanging up in his office and the fact that the revolutionaries exist in his story.
Pics or it didn't happened


All you had to do was scroll homie. >>1756
Also, fuck you.


Does big mom/tottoland represent liberal/radlib idpol?


>forced diversity
>a group of islands governed by children of a dictator whose purported dream is where everyone is equal
>outright ignores this dream whenever greed attacks
sort of I guess. It's more of a "le liberal monarchy/good ruler" parody


What does Wano represent?


File: 1608528869781.jpg (546.45 KB, 1200x873, 9537.jpg)

Hard to say since we haven't seen it in full yet. I want to say Wano has something to do with Oda's desire to see Japan be less nationalistic since Oden hated how cramped the country was, in addition to how the scabbards mentioned that they wanted to open the borders to Wano and stop making it so isolationist. This arc walks a tightrope of "Japan strong" and also "maybe japan not so great" at times.


Japan historic and modern.
1) Industrialization is seen as bad because it is used to exploit the people and brings terrible living conditions
2) Instead of a proper feudal monarchy, the state is ruled by a "monarch" who is really more of a figurehead as part of a business and has international power (Orochi deals with World Government officials like an equal) which is similar to a corporate monopoly working with a national government
3) lastly Oden was a 'disgrace' because he lived freely and did not care for how others saw him, breaking the mold of uptight Wano citizens.

All these feel like callbacks to moments in Japanese history.


>3) lastly Oden was a 'disgrace' because he lived freely and did not care for how others saw him, breaking the mold of uptight Wano citizens.

Lol everyone in the 4/a/ thread got mad and started shitposting over this. Theres a /pol/ presence there.


Someone should go through every major arc and say what they represent.


>Theres a /pol/ presence there.
No shit
>in the 4/a/ thread got mad
>got mad and shitposting
Fucking why? The guy is the definition of a hedonistic libertarian in terms of behaviour. He's just a libertarian with a sense of empathy.


I was going to do that but then leftyweebpol went kill with the rest of 8chan so I lost my work.


>Fucking why? The guy is the definition of a hedonistic libertarian in terms of behaviour. He's just a libertarian with a sense of empathy.

Because the thread is full of retards who thing the celestial dragons represent jews and they didn't get their typical shonen stoic chad hero




Unless you have something to add to the thread, bumping it like this is idiotic


With the latest chapter reveal of Oden only dancing because he made a deal to save everyone, people in the /a/ thread are still saying Odens a cuck.


LOL the most predictabl twist ever and /a/ just realized?
>he's a cuck
Fucking how? He has no way of killing Orochi who, along with Kaidou, fights dirty. He was putting his people ahead of himself.


They just like playing up bad stuff they don't get contextually because being a part of the "outrage" is fun. If you meme "One Piece is bad now" eventually it just becomes popular opinion.

Anyways in regards to Oden, everyone's saying that he should've just called Roger or Whitebeard to help him with Kaidou. Forgetting multiple facts like how Roger is dead at this point and that Wano's Den Den Mushi only have the limited range of the island. Even the "Kaidou is a kidnapper" complaint is dumb when you consider he's a pirate through and through, pretty much a barbarian, and we've seen him all throughout the arc trying to brainwash people under him, so the narrative of "why isn't Kaidou just wrecking everything" they're spinning is objectively dumb.


>being a part of the "outrage" is fun

Part of it is also because HxH retards try to slide the thread on a consistent basis.


Oda is sick. Do you guys think he got the corona?


He gets sick constantly. I hope not TBH, him dying like the author of HxH would make those faggots intolerable and leave One Piece to be truly an ever-ongoing series.


File: 1608528870586.png (461.74 KB, 728x405, IqO71RQg.png)

lets send some dialectic to Oda so that he gets better!


I don't think politics posting is going to help him get better, if anything it'll stress him out more.


One Piece is obviously at least partially leftist which makes it hard for me to understand why JUMP allows it to be published. Maybe im just being autistic idk.


anything that's critical of the status quo is fine by capitalists so long as they can make money off of it. I mean for fuck's sake they're making an american version of Parasite aren't they?


>obviously at least partially leftist
Its libertarian and about "muh freedomz" and abstract concepts of dream. While this is good it isn't very socialist and more liberal than anything pertaining to actual anti-capitalism.


Its anarchist. Its against all forms of authority


Have some nice copy-pasta

If you're not familiar of the story of the soon to be pirate king I'll fill you in. Basically this goofy ass kid named Luffy with crazy famous relatives eats an ass tasting fruit and becomes a rubber man. So this goofy rubber ass motherfucker saves a green haird dude that swings a sword in his GODDAMN MOUTH! This crazy fuck lifts like 20 thousand pound dumb bells and shit for hours. This is possible because they frequently dine on giant goddamn monsters. So they go off and find this chef that looks like 20 year old Gordon Ramsey and together they kick the shit out of this gay ass thug in Golden armor that thinks he's hot shit because he's the toughest guy in the area which is full of pussies. They then find a Pinocchio looking freak with a slingshot and bring him along after beating some faggots in catboy cosplays cause why the fuck not. They also recruit a talking reindeer that's half human cause he also ate an ass tasting fruit. Also he's a doctor cause why the fuck not? They also have a chick with regular tits to start but later on in the series they balloon up by three or four times the size. They beat up this gang dude that would fucking whip garaa from Naruto's ass in a sand fight. Then rubber man takes his bitch who ate another ass fruit that let's her have like however many of a body part she wants so boom wings made of a thousand hands eat that shit curse mark sauske with your two wrinkled bat hands. So after fighting a dude with lighting powers who thinks he's good and saving sand dudes bitch from some creepy ass dude and a bunch of assassin's that also end up eating ass fruits they make friends with a cyborg powered by Cola and perverted skeleton and fight some shadow weilding fat Dracula and a bunch of zombies.
Then they save a mermaid slave from over privileged white people. Rubber dude then ends up on an Amazon island and the queen is totally into him because he doesn't give a shit about bitches. Then rubber guys brother dies in a fight between a giant golden dude that ate an ass fruit and about 50 other dudes that ate ass fruits and they got ice powers and light powers and earthquake punches and fucking black holes coming from a fat guy that later eats the earthquake power or some shit. Years later they reunite after being separated and go save more mermaids and then fight dragons and living poison on an island covered in fire and ice. Living poison thing that ate another ass fruit that makes it a lizard fish thing and rubber guy saves some drug addicted giant children from a guy with literal bad gas. Then rubber guy goes to win his dead brother's ass fruit in a roman coliseum style tournament and fight a guy that shoots strings from his fingers and makes this power so strong he almost kills a whole island with it. Then they go a jungle on top of a giant elephant and meet a bunch of athro fap material characters like a super over-sexualized bunny and a dog girl. Bunny girl and a lepord dude go with them to save young Gordon Ramsey from this old ass bitch that eats literal metric tonnes of sweets a day and has an army of warriors that were everyday things imbued with pieces of souls sucked from the people that live there. It's their where a shark man with crazy ass water bending joins them. Now they're in samurai land.


Is jinbei a feudalist?


In relation to the Merman king, yes. In relation to over-all world government, no.


O relly??
Name one pro communist episode???


>the cop
Bro what the fuck is wrong with Kochikame??,


ok incel


File: 1608528871273.jpg (249.52 KB, 800x1175, one_piece_979_16.jpg)

Final page of the most recent chapter honestly strikes me in the eels. Haven't had that happen with One Piece for a while. Spoilering for newfags


>One Piece is leftist
&ltA crew of libertarians travel the world, executing their personal justice and fighting a globalist government while propping up kingdoms, even against Revolutionaries, who support the king if he's good.


I'll admit when it has to come to the whole Alabasta it kind of makes me wonder if it was a lazy analogy for Iraq. I'm not sure if anyone's aware of it but when it comes to a lot of the buildings and city design specifically Alubarna was based off of Baghdad during the Abassid caliphate especially since both cities had a very round shape.

The big thing that makes me wonder this though is basically the fact that the timing of the Alabasta arc happened around the early 2000s which was around the lead up to the Iraq war which to me seems awfully suspicious especially since in the story Crocodile is shown to be a Shichibukai who did have alliances with the World Governement and attempts to use said power to get rid of a country which looks vaguely like the Middle East until getting defeated by Luffy.

I guess in a way the analogy though messy would work if one were to say Shichibukai were like Al-Qaeda in that they were funded originally to fuck with other pirates but ended up backfiring like it did when the US supported Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein against the Soviets only for Al-Qaeda to do 9/11 and Saddam Hussein to get in the way of the flow of oil which the US wanted. Also, I guess technically Alabasta did have actually a weapon of mass destruction if anyone wants to make a joke about it.

I don't know this is probably a shitty analogy but I don't think Oda thought out the implications of the Alabasta arc.


A decent analogy actually but I do concur that Oda was likely only vaguely referencing Middle Eastern conflict, rather than anything specific


More stuff on Dragon being a lose parody of Che that I only just now learned:
his ship is the Wind Granma, named after the ship Grama, which carried Che, Castro, and the rest from Mexico to Cuba to overthrow the Batistas.

Also, Dragon's favorite food is Bocaditos, a cuban slider-style sammich.

There's no doubt in my mind that the revolutionary army aren't based off of the Cuban Revolution now.


Well except the fact that the Revolutionaries (post timeskip) have stated their intent to remove the World Government and let the "good kings" rule their countries.


This is just hobby-communism, like the author of Youjo Senki >>>/roulette/1501


Still don't understand how One Piece is a left-anarchist manga

what do that be? your link is broken


Hobby communists like history and the aesthetic of communism but aren't necessarily communists.


Go to /anime/ catalog and search Youjo Senki the thread was made on roulette but its still there.


The name is literally a portmanteau of Mary Antoinette and bourgeois.


So is Kaido's son actually son or a girl? Like the fuck is going on right now?


File: 1608528890936.jpg (248.08 KB, 1061x1500, 1594166169927.jpg)

She is a girl who LA'RPS as Kozuki Oden


Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. the translations were confusing as shit.


File: 1608528891273.jpg (358.84 KB, 1396x2008, 1594164650159.jpg)

In the 4chan /a/ thread this is a popular topic for flamewars as of lately.


Not unexpected. I don't go on /a/ anymore since those cancerous weebs have become as braindead as /co/ has.


I don't know why but Nico Robin's nose feels like one of the best designs in the series and its reduced look post-timeskip is a real shame. Her whole design pre-timeskip was just great in my opinion.


not only do I miss it, but Oda now likes to use a similar rendering for people with regular noses when they face frontwards. It makes Robin look less unique, sucks. He also doesn't really connect Robin's nose with the bridge of her eyebrows anymore. She's been moe-ized.

What's weird but kind of interesting to me is that Luffy respects Yamato's pronouns by calling him "mountain-guy".


>pic filename
Strangely enough the anime is actually not as bad as it was. It's still terribly paced and has some dumb shit, but its a marked improvement over shit we saw before.


Dressrosa was the animes lowest point


Dressrossa, actually (at least after you get through the first half of it) was a really good and captivating arch, in and of itself.
But yeah, Jesus Christ, the anime just drags it on for EVER. I watched at least 30 episodes at x2 speed.


Im talking about animation and filler wise. Most of the animation for that arc looked like a child drew it. Its a real shame because like you said it was a really good arc.


One Piece is better than MHA because One Piece is left anarchist while MHA endorses fascism. MHA is basically eugenics sky high but in anime format


You know what One Piece is? Bad.


The media you eat up vaguely aligning with your political views doesn't make it better, overly ideologized consumerist dumbass.


Oda is a hack


Ok, you're welcome to your opinion

This, fucking this. I know radlib "anarchists" who like One Piece over Bleach or Naruto, not because of narrative or story-telling merits, or characters, but because "it's anarchsit and so leftist!"… because ideology somehow makes something a better story.


Underrated post.




>posting this pseud shit
stay mad


You don't know what pseud means or what sage is for, as expected of someone who unironically likes shonen garbage like Wan Piss.


>saging because he doesn't want to get a reply
&ltU-u don't know what sage ees!!
You are a pseud, your denial does nothing to prove otherwise.
>unironically like
&ltHurr if you enjoy something for silly fun ur stoopid
>Wan Piss
For someone supposedly 'above' "muh shonen", you sure get assblasted over it and people who enjoy it.

STAY MAD wannabe hipster


sage isn't a downvote, reddito


Pot? Meet Kettle, he says you're black!


lmao when checking the backlog this is easily the tenth thread i see with who i guess is the same schizo getting unbelievable mad about people using sage, what the fuck??


Given that this the posts are samefag sage-spam about how "hurr this board/thread sucks" it's fairly obvious who you are.


The recent Wano fights with the big-head ninja and some samurai are pretty much ripping on Naruto Shippden fights. This is like Fairy Tail, trying to one up an ended show by switching from their thing to another but flashier and not really getting it off well.


>Luffy respects Yamato's pronouns
I think's it just something about the translation as well as the reveal of Yamato being a girl only coming later, so Luffy just refers to Yamato is he's already accustomed to doing.


did you have a stroke when typing that?


File: 1608529072013.jpg (255.41 KB, 1920x1080, disgust.jpg)

Eugh what do you hope to accomplish by sperging out whenever someone uses sage?

You must be THE most autistic poster I've seen here.


File: 1608529072084.jpg (27.86 KB, 700x483, pathetic.jpg)

>hurr you hate sageposters
&ltignores that I literally used sage as it's supposed to be
You're a fucking moron and the hilarious gall of someone replying to a post that is done and over-with is far more pathetic and 'autistic'.


Just as a side note. I don't care about sage itself. I use it all the time when it's actually applicable. What I dislike faggots shitting up the threads with;
"hurr why is this board/anime/thread so shit" (I recall about 5 of these posts)
"Hurr animu Cory in the house haha" (2)
"Hurr shounen is shit" (6, this is inspite of the literal Naruto/DBZ hate thread MADE for this kind of commentary)
"hurr any mention of social media or youtube in any way is Muh ecelebs" (5)

Almost without any variation these samefag saged spamposts are made week after week. The mods recently deleted over 15 posts of this crap from the Tanya thread alone because that's how many posts were nothing but sage-spam talking about this crap and derailing the thread (like you are doing). And when it's pointed out "hey, just hide and ignore, stop shitting up threads and using sage as a reddit downvote" they scream reddit.

Now fuck off and post something relevant to the thread.


If they're made week after week, have you considered you have schizophrenia and it's actually different people? Just a crazy (heh, heh) thought.


>sage is reddit except when i use it


>saging a thread at the top of the catalog is totally reddit!!!
LO fucking L
You're not as clever as you think yourself to be. Different people don't make the same fucking posts over and over again.

Post something relevant to the thread or GTFO and stop derailing.


File: 1608529077309.jpg (97.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Just imagine this:
You are an elite navy soldier, proven yourself in many battles, maybe even in the New World. Your strength and speed is low level superhuman, far stronger than regular humans even dream of becoming. Maybe you even show enough potential that your officers started training you in Haki or Rokushiki. Anyway, you are among the 100.000 best of the Navy, chosen to fight in a war against one of the World Governments greatest enemies. Your skill and speed have so far kept you unharmed in this monumental battle. You are rather close to Whitebeard himself. A truly frightening foe, several times a normal humans size, unbelievable strength and one of the most powerful devil fruits of all. In a world, with Giants, Hybrids, Fishman, mink & So many unknown types of people, and among them he's holding the title "THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD"; A walking, living legend. But he is old, sick and injured. Sengoku gives the order to finish him. This is the chance to prove yourself! You and your comrades have stood against unbearable odds before! Together you can surely beat the monster! Together you charge at him. Some of you stab Whitebeard, one fires a bazooka directly into his face. He starts to fall! Then, suddenly he straightens back up. His voice like an angry roaring thunder as he reminds you who he is. He takes one big swing with his giant blade. Doesn't even use his feared devil fruit ability, just the strength of his arm. A gust of wind, a huge shockwave rips your body from the ground. There is dust and rubble everywhere, you can't see anything, you just feel that you have absolutely no control over your body anymore. The dust clears and you realize that you are suddenly hundreds of meters above the ground, falling to certain death.

How frightening that must be.


Can anyone link/post a good quality version of Jango's Dance Carnival? I've seen it in AMVs and remember it from way back when but I haven't been able to find a good quality version of it online.



I remember when some kiwifarms poster said that "Oh hey this youtuber is pushing his liberal/socialist agenda even though the world government is ACTUALLY socialist, I love his fucking irony, I am now super smug"


Is this relevant to the One Piece World Government or real life? Given that it's Kiwifarms I think the latter. And what youtuber? Were THEY talking about One Piece?


I think the dude said that the world government is communist or something.


Horee fuck, dats some vack shit!

Honestly every time I see Kiwifarms post about anything tangentially related to leftism, they have huge circlejerks about how evul communism is. It's /pol/ 2.0


Ok for real though…has One piece always been trash? Has it only declined somewhere around the timeskip or has it been a great story throughout all his time?


Honestly, whenever a series drags out for that long it's going to be trash.


The more it goes on,the more you notice the lows of it,and the more opportunities for Oda to fuck up,so on average,it became worse.
DO NOT watch the anime tho,I don't care that the music and the voice acting is good,the pacing is so bad it makes you wonder why you're even bothering.


yeah, this, also there are so many jokes you can do with the same 1-dimensional archetypical characters – nowadays it's just a pirate-themed Groundhog Day

btw I'm anime-only but I just jump 10-60sec, sometimes finishing an episode in a couple of minutes


Trash in what sense?
One Piece is about wild moments, weird powers and creatures and corny shit about friendship and determination. And I think it's pretty funny.
It's never been good at pacing, or subtlety, or nuance, or maturity, or whatever else you expect from stuff that doesn't get labeled "trash". And it's very formulaic. Like another anon said, this stuff gets more noticeable and frequent the more it goes on, but it's always been there.
Point being, even at its best fighting shonen will only ever be cotton candy and it's never "well written", but as for whether it's actually gotten *worse*, I don't think so at all. I actually find Dressrosa easier to binge read than something like Skypiea because at least it feels like things are always moving somehow.
But if you wanna judge it entirely within its genre, there's probably a reason (beyond mere nostalgia) I still read One Piece but can't handle stuff like MHA or AoT or even Naruto. And honestly, I think it's that Oda just embraces how trashy it is. It's always very cartoonish and even the more "serious" moments tend to have some humor or ridiculousness to them.
And I make this point because I think it's easy to scoff at shonenfags who cream their pants over every minutely "hype" moment achieved by violating good taste and common sense, but One Piece seems different because it is very much aware of what it is without descending into outright cynical parody. This is one of the things the first Dragon Ball actually got right, so it's a big plus.
So it's trash, yes, in the best way, which still might not be enough for some people. That's fine.
And yes, I just wrote a whole reply to a post that's forty days old and I'm not even gonna bump the thread. Fuck you.


File: 1627438227997.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 947.22 KB, 960x1200, Tickle Nami Robin.jpeg)

This has probably been discussed or thought of before but the Hana Hana no Me has enormous sexual potential especially because of how it works.
>User retains all senses and feedback from any part it grows, but even a fatal injury on a produced body-part is not reflected onto the user, merely felt as pain.
>This means pleasure can be felt as well
>User can literally create dozens of cloned butts or even just pussies on nearly every surface, enjoying the sex from each without necessarily having to sully their own body.
1 - Create as many pussy copies as possible
2 - attach to any surface and sell as a temporary live onahole
3 - have pussy (indirectly) fucked/stimulated by 100-1000 people simultaneously
4 - have most epic orgasm to ever orgasm.
5 - ???
6 - Profit (and pleasure)!

Combine this with the Ope Ope fruits ability to add on fully functioning body parts to a person and a user can do the same with penises or any other body part (ex. tails).


It comes with the Toy Island (movie 2 or 3 I think)
Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHkE4Ik5BSY


File: 1627441924971-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.91 KB, 900x1252, 001.jpg)

File: 1627441924971-1.png (Spoiler Image, 1.84 MB, 1280x910, ClipboardImage.png)

Unfortunately the only doujins that even remotely cover this potential are futa content, I don't know if any fanfics cover this.
>1) (C92) [Arsenothelus (Chinbotsu, Rebis)] Midare Saki Joshuu Kaizoku Soushuuhen | Bloom, Pirate Hooker! Bloom! Annual (One Piece) [English] (C92) [アルセノテリス (沈没、Rebis)] 乱れ咲き女囚海賊総集編 (ワンピース) [英訳]
Nico Robin and Nami use the Hana Hana no mi to fuck (and later combine) and impregnate Princess Shirahoshi. Pic 1

>2) [Kouzu Shoukai (CAW=ZOO)] Futanari Robin VS Onna Kyojin Kaihei (One Piece) [English] [q91] [Digital] [高津娼会 (CAW=ZOO)] フタナリロビンVS女巨人海兵 (ワンピース) [英訳] [DL版]

Nico Robin traps that female Giantess from the Marines and uses dick-inception while restraining and fucking her. Pic 2


I partially agree with >>8727 so I'll summarize that Pre and Post Timeskip are sort of like 2 very different series, similar to how Naruto and Shippuden took differing directions. However it is largely true that Post TS is worse in many regards than Pre TS because it flanderizes the small issues that the Pre-TS story had and makes it boring. The anime has become worse than the manga in most regards, with DBZ tier pauses and discount supersaiyan fights, so compared to the more grounded yet silly adventure story that initially began, it's lost it's tempo.


File: 1627897181838.mp4 (21.35 MB, 1280x720, 1627792914476.mp4)


>Everyone: One Piece has been going so long it's gonna go forever
>Golgo 13: Am I a joke to you?


They are just looking for treasure
None of the main characters care about leftist shit


>just looking for treasure
You haven't been keeping up with the story for a long time I think.


File: 1628069636010.jpg (278.83 KB, 1600x1200, sazae.jpg)



File: 1628099008372.png (91.03 KB, 317x314, orochi.png)

Orochi is developing the productive forces via primitive accumulation, industrializing a previously feudal country and proletarizing peasants and manufacturing workers. All of this under a dependent-capitalist, imperialist-stage framework (Kaidou holds a monopoly over Wano and controls its trade).

Then we have a subsequent socialist and anti-imperialist revolution, led by Luffy, Yamato and the Scabbards, who are a vanguard party (centralist in thought and leading in action) following Joyboyism-Rogerism Oden Thought.



The Strawhats are a shining ray of proletarian internationalism, working with various peoples for their own National Liberation purposes, all for the goal of achieving world socialist revolution against the bourgeois World Government.


Fucking this was my thought when I saw the chapter


what is this anime?

has this been going on longer than shin-chan, maruko-chan or kochikame?


It has been going on every week since the 60s


i often wonder about these long running shows
how do they try to not repeat story lines

do they have an archive or some historian of their show to check up with?


With The Simpsons they just started making every other episode a celebrity guest appearance.


I have no idea, cant find anything online, probably would help you to know japanese since its not that popular abroad.


Can anyone explain why Alabasta, Thriller Bark, Saobody and Marineford felt like such dynamic final battles/wars while the Post TS conflicts, like WCI and Wano feel like a fucking slog… there's literally too much going on at the same time is an explanation, but only partially.


<repeated arcs since Alabasta about "good kings"
I enjoy One Piece and its fantasy, but lets not pretend that leftism is a occasional flavor of the series, not a major part of it.


File: 1631716021427.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 152.14 KB, 600x450, nico hana e571ed5077bc350….jpeg)

Nami'd kill for a money making scheme like that - it's in her style, using temporary living ona-holes essentially to make money (and get pleasure) from places they stop at, while remaining squeaky clean herself.
Also on a less sexual note, the Strawhats could make a lot of money (and infamy) by selling clones of Nico Robin, to marines for bounties (in disguise) and then having them go *poof* leaving the marines having nothing.

I also got an idea about Robin making a clone that goes rogue and becomes a nymphomaniac, with the original one feeling everything that happens with the clone and having to hunt it down, before it messes everything up.


Anyone remember manga related? https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Jump_Super_Stars_(One-Shot)
This kinda thing should have been made more often


Anyone read the Alabasta chapter redraw? Looks pretty sick to me


>5 island aesthetics/adventures for One Piece
The Wild West Aspect is kinda covered by Monsters, but that's more in relation to a spinoff series than Luffy and Co.
The skyscraper aesthetic is covered by the GOLD film.


Probably because you're reading them weekly now.


Actually the schedule for One Piece is bi-weekly, and besides rereading them side by side they new stuff still doesn't hold up.


uhh OPbros what did he mean by this??


<what word?
Nostrils of course!


Shame it's such a lackluster series.


File: 1633269461765.png (808.99 KB, 640x512, ClipboardImage.png)

It really is. The adventures and genuinely heartfelt moments at the start got smushed even through there are plenty of adventures to be had a la >>10268 and https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_Special_4#Site_Navigation


>Golgo-13's creator died last week
RIP https://archive.ph/1iHKh


RIP to the thousands of OP fans who died before ever getting to see Gol D. Roger fight.


Based, HxH fans love to harass the active shonen series 'cause they're so salty.


>I actually find Dressrosa easier to binge read than something like Skypiea because at least it feels like things are always moving somehow.
I can't agree on that TBH, Dressrosa and moreover Cake Island drags on so much I dropped it, and frankly you're trash talking OP a bit too much to be trying to play it positively


Dragon Ball Super fans are contenders (mostly due to the sheer autism of the fanbase on /a/) >>>/anime/10601 ass an example pic


File: 1634182006944.png (911.49 KB, 1397x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>Yamato's Intro Box says she is the DAUGHTER of Kaido
>Openly admits she's merely LARPing as Oden
<tvitter libs and the LGBT community: Hmmm, this means he's trans! Finally we have representation (NO, FUCK YOU, KIKU AND THE NEWKAMA DON'T COUNT SHUT UUUP!)
I'm really not liking this idea that Kaido was such a horrible motherfucker that he beat his daughter and made her and his underlings refer to herself as his 'son', since that means Yamato later latching onto the Oden LARPing can be directly blamed on Kaido himself for mindbreaking his daughter into referring to herself as a boy, since he wanted a son. Then again, judging by the fact that Kaido is so petty that he locked an 8 year old Yamato in a cave with 3 samurai for Oden LARPing, when he could have easily talked her down suggests that Kaido really would do something that fucked up for his own pride.

I find it both hilarious and sad that some people try to make this into a "Yamato is trans" argument and it's kinda dumb as fuck. This is despite her reasons for calling herself a man (A: Kaido refusing to acknowledge a female and so coping by calling her a son and B: her childish idea to become Oden) directly hurts the transhumanists own cause since it just seems mentally ill and abusive/trauma-based. I get wanting representation, but this is actually silly, and frankly there is much better representation in the series (the Okama like Bon Clay, Kiku and Emporio Ivankov).
The reactions to Yamato's male declaration (and Oden LARP) is that Momo is confused as fuck and Luffy is too, but they just roll with it, since it's a minor matter and that's probably the best part of this entire debacle.

>Kiku comparison

Yamato wanting to be Oden is not the same as Kiku wanting to be a woman - it's about presentation, not actual reality; she directly says her reasoning is
>if Oden is a man, then I'll be a man too
This suggests her wanting to be a man is completely dependent on Oden and not how she sees herself. Yamato calling her self 'son of Kaido' is something Kaido forced on her even before she met Oden. That she put herself as 'son of Kaido' in context of the samurai hating her due to her dad suggests that even before Yamato decided to 'become a man, like Oden', she was already being raised not to act like a girl, by her dad. That would definitely explain why Kaido calls her his son, when he hates her Oden-LARPing guts. The only question is why Kaido does this; it's not humoring her, since he's instructed his underlings to do the same. I have no doubt Kaido's reasons has nothing to do with him respecting her 'wanting to be a man like Oden' and everything to do with his complete and utter absolute disdain for the fact that he had a daughter instead of a son.

Also it seems that Oda just got inspired by another media (as usual) in this case Rose of Versailles
>Yamato seems to be inspired by Oscar François de Jarjayes, from the shōjo manga The Rose of Versailles, who is a woman raised by her father as if she were a boy in order to succeed him as the commander of the Royal Guard at the Palace of Versailles.
>Additionally, in the Chapter 945 author's comment, Oda talks about reading The Rose of Versailles for the first time and being surprised to find out Oscar was a woman.


File: 1634182290661-0.jpg (196.5 KB, 1145x1600, bad translation he.jpg)

File: 1634182290661-1.jpg (353.08 KB, 1170x1726, hayami interview.jpg)

Also as an aside, translators can and are biased, example being pic 1, translating an interview of the VA for Yamato and using male pronouns, despite actual translation using female pronouns. Pic 2 is the original.

> You were chosen to play the role of Yamato, who is popular all over the world, but what is your impression of Yamato?

< "I think Yamato's charm lies in the fact that she single-mindedly believes in her feelings so much that she calls herself Kozuki Oden or says "I will become". For Yamato, gender and blood relations are secondary, and the most important thing is what Oden, whom she admires, was like. That's why she refers to herself as Kaido's "son" and why she aims to open up the country even if it means attacking her immediate family member, Kaido. I feel that the impulse of her childhood, when she witnessed Oden's way of life and read the "Oden Adventure", are what keep Yamato alive."

Here's the Japanese text in case anyone wants to check it.

> 世界中から人気を集めるヤマトの役に抜擢されましたが、ヤマトにはどのような印象がありますか?

< 自ら光月おでんを名乗り「なる」と言いきるくらい、自分の気持ちを信じている直向きさが魅力たど思います。ヤマトにとって性別や血縁は二の次で、一番大切なのは憧れのおでんがどうであったか。だからこそカイドウの”息子”と表現したり肉親のカイドウを討ってまで開国を目指したりする。おでんの生き様を目の当たりにし、「おでん漫遊記」をよんだ幼少期の衝動が、ヤマトを生かしているのではないかなと感じています。

Also an alternate translation attempt
> You were chosen to play the role of Yamato who is an extremely popular character all over the world, so what is your impression of Yamato?
< Hayami: I believe her charm comes from her so earnestly believing her own feelings which results in her proclaiming herself to "be" Kozuki Oden. You see, for Yamato her gender and her blood relations are secondary. What's most important is her admiration for Oden and the man he was. That is the reason why she calls herself Kaido's "son" and why she want to open Wano to the world by defeating her own father Kaido. I believe by reading "Oden's Voyage Log" and becoming witness to his way of life gave Yamato this urge in her early childhood. I feel that this must be what kept her alive.


File: 1634182583944.png (2.6 MB, 960x1441, ClipboardImage.png)

Just realized that Shinobu's power is just like Jewelry Bonney except it only matures things (according to her). Bonney lass can only affect living things from what is seen, but shinobu can affect both inanimate and living things (soil and Momo). Also young shinobu is qt and somewhat distinct from all the Nami clones that plague the Post-TS series (though most of the Wano arc has had that thankfully). Bonney needs to make her young again.


Yeah that's what I said, Shinobu is only limited to maturing things as opposed to going back and forth as Bonnie does.

Also Bonnie is probably much older than she seems, and apparently has connections to Kuma, I wonder about her true role in the story.


Where are the female pronouns in the original text?


>mods deleted Luffy Poster's content
<Literally the OP of the thread
<They don't post anything that bad outside of edgy funposting in /siberia/
FFS Mods

I can't remember at the moment and it's too late for me to start checking over. I provided the text in Japanese, please check yourself if you are invested in the argument


>please check yourself
Well, at least in the part you posted, there are only netural pronouns, if any.


Maybe, I'm not sure, these translations aren't mine, though I tried to check them for accuracy before posting. That said I think that it may be a case of something like "san" that is technically neutral but reads as female or male depending on the use (see the part about Yamato and compare to the part about Oden's way of life.

But again it's late and I'm tired so I may be mistaken in the translation.


I miss this uygha like you wouldn’t believe


File: 1635179877504.png (425.43 KB, 740x370, ClipboardImage.png)

Someone explain how this guy survived pic related, got on one of Big Mom's tart boats and sailed all the way to Dressrosa and reunited with his daughters?


But why?


what ever happened to sogeking


Dead meme and forgotten plot-point I suppose.


Bloated cast and bloat in general. WCI and Wano both have multiple intersecting plotlines that all are somewhat important combined with multiple chars having a fight, even if stuff is offscreened there's a shitton. Also more and more information comes with each arc, ffs last chapter or whatever introduced some new info dealing with king. Katakuri fight was awesome tho and I wish the luffy and kaido fight was on the same level but it keeps getting sidetracked or some other shit.
oh and almost (not really but still) back to back arcs, dressrosa then wano were/are the longest arcs in the manga and show, rosa took over a year and had boring content (tonttas) and slogs (tournament, birdcage) and wano has been going on since 2018, and before wano wci was 70+ chapters.
what's everybody's thoughts on the current state of OP?


>what's everybody's thoughts on the current state of OP?
Idk really. Like many I used to really "obsess" over OP in form of theorizing all kinds stuff. I really immersed myself in the world. I couldn't wait to see how all this worldbuilding an lore was coming alltogether and I loved the characters their personalities and even the powersystem although there were better animes concerning that.

WCI was somewhat of a slog, but I still kept invested you knnow? Reading every new chapter like a fucking looser, but the hype for wano was unreal and I just accepted the wait.
Reverie was what slowly finnished it for me though. The arc was too good. We saw Imu and got a lot of information that I personally was speculating about for years.

But inside a few chapters of Wano I lost interest. By that point I couldn't stand the strawhats and the annyoing tropes surrounding most of them. The storytelling has become stale and I couldn't bother to wait evey third week for oda to sit out another week. So I just kinda stopped reading and watching.

Now its been 3 years and I still haven't picked it up again and I think I never will again. If you step back from OP and look at it objectively you see that beside all the praise for Oda as a genius and his near perfect story, this manga has a lot of flaws. The main cast has devolved into mostly tropes after the timeskip, the powersystem is incosisten etc.. A part of me thinks that maybe Oda doesn't care anymore and wants to milk it before finally finishing it.

I still look into it from time to time, just so I can see the big moments like Roger and Whitebeard fighting and all the plot points resolving and sometimes I watch a youtube video by some nerd trying to "analyse" fucking usopp as he is some sort of analogy for a deeper philosophical issue lol. Reminds me of the nerd I was back then. Probably watch the ending too when it arrives just to see what the one piece was all about

Sorry for rambling, but I just find it interesting, how I have lost almost all interest for series I used to obsess over


>what's everybody's thoughts on the current state of OP?
As you said, bloated; it's suffering from DBZ type power creep. The flashbacks defining Roger and Whitebeard demonstrate their strength at the prime of their lives but shit is just getting too ridiculous in many characters.
DressRosa, if you skipped a lot of time-wasting bullshit, is fun and the tournament is something that had been new to the story. The manga is better in that regard at least.


>As you said, bloated; it's suffering from DBZ type power creep.

It really isn't.


File: 1636955340224.png (58.02 KB, 469x469, ClipboardImage.png)

>spaced reply
You're too obvious gay-poster, go back to /siberia/


Because Kuro looks and acts like Stirner.


File: 1638822933841.jpg (25.25 KB, 373x373, XcARQt70.jpg)

Anybody who doesn't like one piece and/or doesn't think it's leftist is reactionary and probably either likes pedophile series like lucky star or shit manga like HxH


Kek, that's a hook alright


They remade the fist opening. Pretty dope ngl


Yeah it's a nice homage, but can't beat the original IMO


File: 1640670560989.jpg (25.83 KB, 482x404, B0bBZeICQAAL2BR.jpg)

Did you know that anyone who actively hates on One Piece is a Hiatusfag aka a HxH fan? They are jealous that their manga is on hiatus and that its overall shit so they actively hate on it.


Thanks for the PSA luffy


No I am a DB fan
DB is more leftist


Dragonball is apolitical


File: 1647246990143.jpg (60.91 KB, 828x397, FNWE4eoX0AU-8u6.jpg)

he's here


>Luffy is Joyboy
This honestly better be executed right, because it feels like total bullshit.


If you look back far enough it was obvious as hell this was going to happen. I trust in Oda to pull it off correctly.


>If you look back far enough it was obvious as hell
Joyboy only appeared and got referenced concretely since Fishman Island. Oda retroactively looks back and tries to tie things back to older stuff. It's not bad but it starts to stretch thin at times. I can only hope it doesn't do some kind of "le sleeping REAL personality" was the true hero all along. I hope it's just a kind of "Title" thing.


>Gear 5th
>Retroactively changing the Paramecia Gomu Gomu into a Mythical Zoan and adding to the rubber powers the revival powers of the Yomi Yomi no Mi but for a GOD…
>Awakened Devil Fruit


File: 1648227557772.png (831.17 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

uh oh stinky


Joyboy isn't a title, but Nika is


File: 1649504787669.png (1.55 MB, 1236x2056, dialectics.png)

Cam's new arc?


File: 1649963411722-1.png (1.42 MB, 1235x1748, reverie-arc-6.png)

What do you think about this? some theory says they're purposely inspired by historical figures associated with "freedom"

>Russian activist Karl Marx (2nd pic)


Some of these hold water (the Gandhi one and Taisuke one for example) but others seem like a stretch.


<Russian activist Karl Marx


File: 1650699347492.png (654.91 KB, 740x754, ClipboardImage.png)

wtf am i looking at here?

paneling and drawings are a big problem with this series


File: 1650735357897.png (647.52 KB, 2041x1531, 0821-014.png)

Oda used to make some action scenes with great flow, but nowdays it all looks messy and confusing. These last few chapters in particular have been awful, hopefully the Wano arc will end soon.

Pic related as an example of an excelent page spread somewhat recently (chap. 821)


That scene is perfect in the adaptation.


File: 1651786774547-1.png (5.25 KB, 370x79, 1651770108868.png)

The death of a process is the birth of another


Pirate media is kind of inherently libertarian. The popular mythos tends toward being lolbert, because it's about the dream of discovering personal wealth by ripping people off and being captain of a ship where you boss people around. The reality of piracy was much more left-libertarian, which does come across in some shows, where there's an explicit antagonism between colonial empires and the pirates, some of whom pointedly are deserters from the navy (who may have been press-ganged into service in the first place). Idk about One Piece but a shounen would probably lean to the left side of that spectrum given the typical themes of friendship and all that stuff which conflicts with the lolbert shit about being a cutthroat out for treasure and willing to kill any of your comrades at a moment's notice.


File: 1652204194185.png (2.46 MB, 1536x1911, may 5.png)


>a user can do the same with penises or any other body part
Oda confirms this with pic rel's Areola Fleur


File: 1652859896673.png (1.37 MB, 1276x1361, ClipboardImage.png)

Just a thought that occurred to me but have we seen half-fishman hybrids in series? There's the half-mermaid daughter of Big Mom, Charlotte Praline (who is just a mermaid, no hybrid features seen) and the GIant-fishman hybrids (that are just big fishmen TBH). The only human-fshman hybrid is Dellinger and it's almost unnoticeable in both.

It'd be interesting a concept because of the existing taboo of human-fishman blood transfusions, so the thought of human-fishman children is interesting as would be Nami's reaction to such a thing for example. Hell, given the Fishman's similarity to real life enslavement of Africans (For example all of them have colored skin, have imposing strength and many have plump lips similar to slightly caricaturesque portrayals of Black people), the concept of such a hybrid ought to be very controversial in general, as kind of a reactionary response ought to be garnered a similar to /pol/s anger about interracial. An entire mini-arc could be made focusing on Nami and such a hybrid and her demonstrating her moving on from Arlong and her acceptance of Fishmen after Fishman Island and Hacchan, that'd have her defend such a child's "blasphemous" existence. OR thought kinda unfitting of the story tone, Nami herself hooking up with a Fishman at the End of Series.
This is all unlikely given that the plot is clearly way past that at this point, but it's an interesting thought.

As a side note I find it interesting that
Anyway just a rambling thought, thanks for coming to this TED talk.


So the gummu gummu fruit is bullshit and Luffy ate the kami kami fruit or some shit?


Yeah pretty much, shitty retcon IMO.


what the fuck


Oda is running out of ideas and is just DBZing it. It's kind of like the end of Naruto Shippuden except in Shippuden it at least made some thematic sense and was literally EOS, and One Piece is still going to go on for at least a couple hundred chapters more.


File: 1654597627614.png (113.13 KB, 171x249, ClipboardImage.png)

just heard one piece is ending

anybody have canon armpit shots of this white hair devil woman from the manga and anime?


>one piece is ending
don't lie


it's closer to the end than the start,but you can still expect at least 2-3 more years.


Theory: What if the one piece is the stand arrow from JoJo and Luffy acquires the world?

Think about it, he's really fast, and he has already faced the same type of fruit as gomo gomo nome


Saw One Piece: Red
If this is included as canon material it's a major fucking retcon, even more so than the goddamn previous movie. Even that aside, it's just kinda boring, like a really long, flash-back filled filler. Bored me to shit and the 'fights' are just inane.


File: 1660519141204.png (921.82 KB, 800x1164, ClipboardImage.png)

>Chapter 1056
<Admiral Green Thumb gives Shinobu the Big Succ
<She becomes a bouncy girl again
I fucking predicted this, Oda isn't going to do a flashback like that and not have her return to her good looks.


>Oda has communist sympathies because he's got che guevara hanging up in his office
Literal Che LARP is not communist or necessarily communist-sympathy


Just like Stirner lol


File: 1660520731640.png (Spoiler Image, 4.75 MB, 2300x2300, kikunojo.png)

>The Che reference is dedicated to a murderer, rapist slaver and criminal
Doesn't sound very pro-Communist.

more like Keku lol


what good is a woman if she's not good looking after all


File: 1660669185417.png (419.79 KB, 720x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Been watching the animu now and then because I keep seeing this shit everywhere. The story and characters are good, but the low quality of the animation is getting very annoying. Just finished Arlong Park and it felt like half the runtime of the arc was padding (showing things from previous episodes) and it disrupted the story a lot. Should I switch to reading the mango instead?



Look up the episodes and just skip the ones that are padding. The animation is kinda bad but its from the early 2000s so the quaint aspects are something I like personally, it might not be to your taste. The anime peaks in the Grand-Line arcs (Little Garden, Drum Island, Alabasta, Skypeia, Marine8 etc) After the Time-skip I suggest only watching past the Fishman island arc, and just looking at youtube clips for certain manga scenes in the anime, because the overall episodes drag on like balls through glass and the animation becomes even shittier than back in the beginning of the anime. So read the manga too, and the anime as additional content.

As for the movies I suggest:
- Dead End Adventure
- Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island
- The Cursed Holy Sword
- The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle
- One Piece Film Z
- One Piece Film Gold
- Strong World
- Clockwork Island Adventure
- One Piece: The Movie
- Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack
These are all either fun or interesting, though The Secret Island is kinda fucked up. Try to follow chronological order for them though or you'll spoil some of the canon for yourself
Don't bother with Film Red or Stampede, they're garbage.

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