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You know how whenever there's anime primarily aimed at male audiences with romance as a core element, there's always some quotient of dudes responding to it like this? I've long held that these sure are some joyless ghouls, but after some deliberation, I think it's even worse… Most of you are hopefully aware of how much denigration romantic content aimed at women has seen through the ages and even today. Because if women like something but men don't, clearly that something must be of "low value". The whole thing is obviously deeply rooted in misogyny.

Even today, romance in fiction is a very "girl-coded" interest. Thus if a man happens to like romance, eventually they're going to run into toxic masculinity denigrating them for it. How they'll "get no bitches and stack no paper". A mere interest in romance makes them "weak". And it's incredibly obvious how surface level these kind of judgments are. These dudes see "romance" and just refuse to look any further due to toxic masculinity and misogyny.
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Twilight was narratively bad but everyone only made fun of it because teenage girls liked it and it had sparkly vampires.


Yes they had the Sex multiple times.


There's a lot of manga about yandere harems.


File: 1686109455384-0.png (1.39 MB, 2300x1900, ntr1.png)

File: 1686109455384-1.png (1.34 MB, 2300x1900, ntr2.png)

This you?


speaking of sao its funny that it was heralded as bottom of the barrel anime and right after we get a decade and counting of procedurally-generated isekai shows with some good ones thrown into the mix


Man, she really is tiny AF.

>if you like something, own it
I still don't understand that spooky "guilt" in "guilty pleasure." If you want to watch tatas, YOU GO AND WATCH TATAS, GODDAMNIT.

>No gender is safe from the assault against love, the ultimate resistance against capitalism

That sounds like a cheesy line a Christian socialist might say.

>Selfish love is very far from unselfish, mystical, or romantic love. One can love every possible thing, not just human beings, but any “object” at all (wine, one’s fatherland, etc.). Love becomes blind and crazy through a must taking it out of my power (infatuation), romantic through a should entering into it, i.e., through the “object” becoming sacred to me, or through me becoming bound to it by duty, conscience, oath. Now the object is no longer there for me, but I for it.

>Love is a case of being possessed, not as my feeling—as such I prefer to keep them in my possession as property—but through the alienness of the object. Thus, religious love consists precisely in the commandment to love the “sacred one” in the beloved, or to cling to a sacred one; for unselfish love, there are absolutely lovable objects for which my heart is supposed to beat, for example, fellow human beings, or the spouse, relatives, etc. Sacred love loves the sacred in the beloved, and therefore also strives more and more to make the beloved into a sacred being (for example a “human being").


I assume your other parts are responding to >>19664 about DxD.
>Is he retarded?
No, he's a perv and a hormonal, teenager that keeps thinking with his dick (which gets him killed to begin with). Is it dumb? Yes, but so are a lot of teen guys, and it's a bit exaggerated for the sake of humor.
>imagine if she was a Karen
Gonna be honest with you, that "termin" is blatantly overused and often applied out of context. Also what does that have to do with this?

>Everyone is muh /v!
Eat lead, you're unironically a shitter of the worst kind.
>"anime is trash and so am i XD"
Nice strawman you got there.
>if you like something, own it
<coming from the guy seething about some randos opinion about their low-brow ecchi anime
Look in the mirror, touch grass, go outside, you are psychotic.


SAO set a benchmark for how low-effort anime can get and still be successful enough to turn a profit. That said Alicization was ok, but at that point I was just bored with the entire concept of VRMMORPG.

Virtually, yes. Also the chapter that descibes it (Chapter 16.5) is fucked up, NGL. SomethingWittyEntertainment did a reading of it and I was laughing the entire time at how cringe it was.


>Also what does that have to do with this?
I'm saying that tsundere are realistic if they really do have a mental illness. Maybe mangaka just like to write about mentally unhealthy people. Just look at Evangelion. The entire fucking cast has problems.


There are many decent romances out there, made by both male and female, and many that are appreciated commonly such that it is difficult to notice much stigma nowadays, but the amount of anime productions that is "pure wish fulfillment" is not the most preferable. Classic shoujo should have some sort of comeback!

Those female leads of the anime in the O.P.'s image in question are more what males, in their current gaze, imagine to be "strong" female leads, but are not necessarily strong female leads in reality; similar to the overly servile types of female characters, such "strong" characters are made for some predominantly male target-demographic and thus ultimately still subordinated to the male consumers' desire.
There definitely are many good female anime-characters, but the ones, out of them, that can be said to be good as female characters uniquely or as decently feminist exemplars aren't easily found non-esoterically.

Romance series for target-demographics of women are not very similar to those sorts of "romance" stories, similar to those in O.P., people ITT have critiqued, so the issue isn't very much misogyny. It's like how people don't think of Oniisama He… when they criticize the oversupply of too to-otaku-pandered S.o.L. content.


i sleep


why do i dislike romance animanga generally? i don't know why but I wonder if there is some connection to toxic masculinity for it with me. I can agree that for the anime community at large that it is definitely a factor but for me maybe it might be an influence on why i might dislike it but i feel the major reason why i hate media (including anime) with romance in it is the straight heterosexual stuff

even though i am straight i hate being projected into the male role of the straight romances because i don't know why i've just been like this for a long time. it's because in real life i don't want to be in a role like that (in a relationship) so i get very uncomfortable and want to stop watching it when it happens like that. i feel it more when the protagonist of the series is a male, as well, and they are also made to be a character that is easy to self insert to. That's the worst for me which is why i avoid that kind of animanga.

i hate the thing where sometimes there is a anime with a female character being all over the branding and stuff but when you actually watch it its a audience insert male protagonist yet again, frustrating for me and i wanted to watch it under the assumption the female character was the protagonist

i like romances that aren't straight and have gay characters because it feels l can't relate to it as much and therefore that means that i won't self insert myself into it. that makes it easier for me to enjoy the story because i am not imagining myself in a position i would never want to take the place in real life. It just disgusts me to think of being in a relationship like those anime characters.

regarding the toxic masculinity thing for me maybe it is tainting my view and biasing me against this kind of media

Can someone talk with me about this? I want to have a discussion about this stuff


tbh, i used to hate sao but i don't think it's as bad now. there's some interesting stuff thrown into it if you can handle fanfic-tier writing


I got no stacks nor hoes but i don't like any of these gay ass shows.


>gay ass shows
case in point


File: 1686338622442.png (638.64 KB, 1070x1600, FyKnAbQX0AAUGg7.png)

Yeah romcoms are great.


There is nothing gay about being demeaned by a flat-chested muscular dark elf.


File: 1686384101621-0.jpg (184.66 KB, 1125x654, Shiroyama to Mita-san.jpg)

File: 1686384101621-3.jpg (249.97 KB, 844x1200, Bonnouji.jpg)

Those 4 are bad though. Shiroyama to Mita-san, Tonari no Onee-san ga Suki, Arakure Ojousama wa Monmon Shiteiru and Bonnouji are good love stories.


Read the OP:
> Even today, romance in fiction is a very "girl-coded" interest. Thus if a man happens to like romance, eventually they're going to run into toxic masculinity denigrating them for it.


The ojousama manga is so GOOD.


is there some kind of site or torrent for it or do i have to use hakuneko to download and enjoy it offline


Yes and the OP is wrong. It's not about toxic masculinity or being mocked for "romance". It's just teasing for liking bad ecchi.


get a mangadex downloader from github


File: 1686791774936.jpg (90.25 KB, 1080x754, big boy.jpg)

Whenever I see some generic take whining about muh shounen muh romcom etc. I think of this screenshot.


File: 1687113705903.jpg (54.5 KB, 750x750, 1686626058681375.jpg)

Ok, but that's not really what's going on here, at all.
Person A - is making a sarcastic comment about low-effort ecchi romcom harem SoL, and how its trashy escapism.
Person B - gets mad over a passing casual comment and makes a blogpost about it here. There is no High Internet Intellectualism here.

Also that image is inane, it's the same tier of argument as "Oh you've never made a movie before? You can't criticize one then!" or "You're the one that watched this, so you can't criticize!" ignoring the fact that criticizing what you don't know is usually wrong.


All media fulfills your wish to be entertained. So when you go to watch an anime or read a manga, you're seeking wish fulfillment. That's why the phrase is useless. There is good wish fulfillment, and bad wish fulfillment.


Urusei Yatsura, Your Lie in April, Tatami Galaxy, etc. There's plenty of well-respected romantic anime, including a lot of girl-coded stuff, and they even usually have an element of self-insertion or escapism to them. But they don't define themselves entirely around vicariously experiencing perfect love. That's the difference (and genuine question for people who think the image in the OP is wrong, how much of the audience for Komi-san do you think feels romantically satisfied in their real life?)
Whether it's in stupid harem isekai or throwaway high school romcoms, everyone realizes on some level that escapism – i.e., literally and deliberately ignoring reality – is not something that should be celebrated. It's surprising that in an imageboard for "leftists" no one in this thread has attempted to question the dynamic of studios making tons of cash by selling temporary relief from the crisis of loneliness that affects all demographics in current society
Instead of media that makes you briefly feel less lonely, why don't people make media that actually helps people -be- less alone? Media that shows the commonalities between people instead of encouraging misanthropy, that gives lonely people the courage to actually put themselves out there, that helps people understand each other instead of presenting idealized smoothed-over characters that don't resemble actual human beings? So much media today just feels like it breeds further isolation between people, why defend shit that encourages its audience to dig themselves deeper into the "2D>3D" hole?
But oh yeah you're not actually supposed to think about media on any level beyond just "I like it/I don't like it" - guy who's probably in another thread right now proclaiming himself to be the only real Marxist who ever lived


>I got no stacks nor hoes
<but i don't like any of these gay ass shows.
Nice rhymes


I agree. Any male-oriented romance stories always hve to make the male charactes be chivalrous goofballs and the love interest be dainty dames.

This. Another thing thats highly pathologised are youth oriented stuff. People complain about discrimination against the old but kids/teens are condemned for having media genres made for them.
Anything made for kids is always gobbled up and whined about by adults.


Maybe you are pathologic and need to get some help
Ever think of that or you are too stupid


whats your problem, m8?
Alex Jones didnt drop a new episode fast enough and youre suffering from news withdrawal.


Test me, friendo.


Theres alot of entertainment that is mostly misanthropic.

Look at adult comedy or even plain old action movies.
Misanthropy is the main theme or unsaid but prominent.


Why are you necrobumping this dead thread with more shit takes?


What is up with ypu guys? why is there sudeen hostility in this board?

Do you guys need TRT?


This thread OP is blog-posting crap and the conversation ended a while back. I'm not suddenly hostile, this is an imageboard, caustic wording is pretty much the norm.


you don't have to be a jerk just because everyone else is


Only ever see that on algorithm sites. People don't act like that without artificial clout incentive.

Oh no the chvdjak exception on the soyjak ban backfired, now they're just using chxddy even when it doesn't make sense.


Crazy to think about the shift in culture in the west around slice of life anime lol. Feel like 15 years ago even bocchi would be regarded as "the problem with anime".
People who only consume shounen jump works still exist and are very loud but there are way more people open to the idea of "cute girls doing cute things" these days.


The stigma has now shifted to romance anime as OP points out.


File: 1712185840366.png (268.13 KB, 649x589, Again Toga.png)

>Repeating OP's premise unironically.
The stigma hasn't shifted to romance anime, OP is making shit up based on a snarky twitter post. Multiple anons ITT have explained that there isn't a stigma with romance or romcom fiction, including anime, citing examples. The OP's premise is built on a deliberate misinterpretation of a social media comment by a random person. It's petty E-Drama.


you clearly dont talk to normies


>Muh normies
NTA but you clearly haven't read the thread, and are a newfag to boot. Anime was niche and wasn't even close to mainstream for decades, it's only recently that anime has become more widespread in public eye, and most people that don't watch it just don't care about it, a few edge-lords might talk shit, but like in the OP image, it's usually just poking fun or is inter-fandom trash-talk, not a 2 paragraph butthurt rant, unlike OP.


File: 1712369946484.png (33.3 KB, 156x354, GKXBw_AWUAASRjx.png)

I really started to lighten up on the Nagatoro manga once I realised what a fucking creature she's like in it.


Better thread for this >>7100


These shows aren't "bait for lonely dudes" because they revolve around romance, but because the characters are embarrassing adolescent fantasies. It's the same with most romance tbf thoughbeit.


File: 1712374622246.png (755.96 KB, 604x604, ClipboardImage.png)

>It's the same with most romance tbf thoughbeit.
It depends, a lot of older stuff was not like that. Take Iketeru Futari for example. It's a comedy-ecchi series but it works because underneath the silliness are more mature themes and aspects.


>fictional stories are filled with fantasies
holy fucking shit!!


it really baffles me especially with boku no kokoro no yabai yatsu and people calling it incel bait, they clearly didn't watch more than 5 minutes as it's a quite realistic and cute romance between two awkward kids, not to mention the author is a woman (it's good, watch/read it)


File: 1712938107347.png (Spoiler Image, 190.6 KB, 438x586, 1662127691899.png)

eyy. don't frequent here but nice to be greeted by a bokuyaba post. still have to finish the anime. first time following an adaptation of something i've read and it's lovely.
>tonari no oneesan
nice to know. it's in my radar thanks to lostinanime. i believe it's the same author as that fluffy megane girl and it's already adapted, but i'll be honest that i'm just more interested in おねショタ.

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