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Why do people constantly call the saga of Tanya Mangaka a communist? just stumbled upon the guy's feed and it's full of boomer takes, SDF shilling(this is the complete antithesis of the JCP), and anti-communist retweets.

On top of that, Riyoko Ikeda(The Rose of Versailles) who was a member of the Japanese communist party in her youth is now doing interviews with LDP and butt buddies with a senior member. The Riyoko one is far more shocking than the nazi anime girl


There are some people who have what could be described as “fandom” brain, for these individuals ideology is a fandom and the idea of their favorite celebrity being part of this fandoms makes them happy.

People are also obsessed with moralising their consumerism thus seeking to use the author and their alleged ideologies as a way to justify their consumption of something. In this case people justifying their consumption of a shitty edgelord isekai trough the claim that the author is a communist satirising reactionaries. Which of course is very unlikely if you are familiar with the work.


File: 1708101012184.png (4.51 MB, 1800x2400, 00007.png)

>Why do people constantly call the saga of Tanya Mangaka a communist?
Because he calls himself a "hobbyist communist" which some believe it's just a roundabout way to call yourself a communist. It's not like that.


you'll find a lot of artists and mangaka that love the aesthetics of communism, look up moe-miri its an overwhelmingly right wing circle but the amount of ppl in that circle that sport Stalin PFPs is surprising. Anyone supporting the military in Japan I can 100% guarantee you they arent communists.


>There are some people who have what could be described as “fandom” brain, for these individuals ideology is a fandom and the idea of their favorite celebrity being part of this fandoms makes them happy.
Precisely. Although leftists, like most other people who hold strong political opinions (including centrists), don't really come to their conclusion through cold reason either, it's usually some appeal to morality or something akin to this.


The manga artists are so brainwashed smh. It's like I'm reading the Lobster King's tweets.


So basically, Japan is Russia?


"Social democrat dressed in red aesthetics goes full fascist" is a tale as old as time, just look at ᴉuᴉlossnW who called Lenin an "authoritarian" when the Russian revolution happened, lmfao.


>just look at ᴉuᴉlossnW who called Lenin an "authoritarian"
Perhaps he didn't care that much about anti-authoritarianism in the first place, he always prioritized the welfare of his nation.


>>23165 (me)
It kinda reminds me of libsoc radlibs who claim to be anti-authoritarians but in reality are prioritizing the welfare of minorities and will be just as ruthless when they'll get in power as ᴉuᴉlossnW was.


in general most kyosan-shumi whether in japan or abroad are either socdems or the most insane rightoids you've ever met


>Wow you don't want to lynch minorities? Literally fascism
Fucking hate this gay ass world.


File: 1708279503388.jpg (43.32 KB, 466x312, NATOPain.jpg)

i think he means a specific kind of natofag who will say that nuking yemeni kids is for trans rights or whatever as an evolution of the demogracy :DDD state department line


To be fair, tanya the evil can very easily be read as communist, or at the very least anti-capitalist. The whole premise is that a hyper capitalist japanese businessman who's a firm believer in social darwinism and meritocracy becomes a massively successful war criminal in proto-fascist Germany. Tanya, who is an anti-communist herself, is portrayed as an objectively bad person, being actively punished by literally God. Hell, the story even delves into the tragedy and horrors of war, and how it perpetuates cycles of endless mindless violence that corrupts even the kindest souls.

Of fucking course people would think the author is some kind of leftist. It's kind of insane that he isn't.


did you watch the movie where the studio in charge went "actually tanya is le based anticommie"


cool greentext strawman to show you couldnt understand a simple one sentence post. the use of "minorities" doesnt even pertain to marxism anyway


the light novels are way less sympathetic to tanya and her psychopathic ways iirc


File: 1708355712572-0.jpg (80.25 KB, 481x680, GFOGT9gbMAALX3H.jpg)

File: 1708355712572-1.jpg (147.84 KB, 1551x872, 20240201_231656.jpg)

File: 1708355712572-2.jpg (962.2 KB, 1461x2065, GFNWHklaoAAWnk5.jpg)

mangaka were hard leftists before the socialist party crumbled and now you see a lot of boomer takes from the old legends. Regarding the topic, you know how many mangakas collab with the ruling government? A shitload, the "Cool Japan campaign" was the smartest thing the incompetent right wing LDP did


>To be fair, tanya the evil can very easily be read as communist
I wouldn't say that, since Zen very clearly has a low opinion of the Soviet Union. Some form of anti-capitalism as well as criticism of hyper-individualism is definitely there though.
>Tanya, who is an anti-communist herself, is portrayed as an objectively bad person, being actively punished by literally God.
She's also portrayed as a hypocrite who doesn't even believe in her own ideological principles, and is guilty of the things she accuses her enemies of. She hates commies because they supposedly kill people who aren't opposing them, yet she goes out of her way to massacre civilians and slip by on technicalities. She openly says that she would be okay with taking away other people's freedom as long as nobody takes hers, etc. These behaviours are also self destructive, since all her efforts to secure a peaceful position in the rear by doling out more violence only push her further into harm's way, and cause her enemies to multiply and become more determined. Her obstinate refusal to acknowledge anything outside of her own ego literally dooms not just her but the Empire.
They also go into more detail about how miserable she is during the whole affair. Remember that this reincarnation was intended as a punishment, and it is effective as one. This is somewhat lost in the anime since they don't get into the internal monolgues as much.


File: 1708531972853.jpg (356.47 KB, 1011x2026, media_GGvwmiCbEAAubL7.jpg)


File: 1708540497740.png (232.36 KB, 573x295, 8Z0pnNG.png)

explains this scene ppl complained about


The communist aura was powerful enough for me to notice it when I was a libertarian/nazi teenager. I was like the one person who actually said that the USSR was based back when I was heavily into the black metal youtube scene. Just cuz I liked their aesthetics, to be fair I also liked nazism back in the days so eh.
The aesthetics of the ussr and a few communist/socialist countries have a certain homely sort of vibe which is missing in a lot of right-wing media. Even their depictions of joe schmoe tend to be rife with extravagance and pomp. Which is why Rosanne was such a popular tv show in the 80's.
what is this from/about?


just like euronymous lol


>Wow you don't want to lynch minorities? Literally fascism
Where the hell did you see this nonsense? Jeez, people on the Internet are so dumb.
I'm referring to those """"""anarchists"""""" whose political program isn't really that different from any authoritarian but they're gonna send you to labor camps for not being obedient progressive enough instead of holding different political opinions. Not talking about any anarchists or socberts, just the modern ones. Posties are cool too.


Does anti Korean = anti leftist? Cause I can point you to a lot of vile anti Korean mangaka.


File: 1708717008223.jpg (573.92 KB, 1446x2048, FqnBUUzakAAJjnt.jpg)

>what is this from/about?
Spy X Family. People were arguing whether or not the main country was a far-right or far-left authoritarian police state, but it's kind of made clear it's a far-left one from a reporter later on. Also, the transgender assistant mangaka to the spyxf mangaka makes the most rabid anti-trans mangaka so even worse than being an LDP policy shill


Anti-racism isn't synonymous with leftism but racism is reactionary and is used to justify capitalist exploitation so it can be tied to anti-communism very easily.


File: 1708724604389-0.jpeg (40.13 KB, 452x678, images (1).jpeg)

File: 1708724604389-1.png (96.85 KB, 395x930, chikdigi.png)

Lain was one a lot pointed at with leftist themes. Who remembers that insane digimon fiasco with him? His alt-right reveal was the biggest blow to lain pfps everywhere.


I think it's ironic when Japanese rightoids are homophobic or transphobic, when homophobia was basically forced by the west on Japan.


just like nick land lmao
honestly this whole thread demonstrates that media having 'leftist themes' is fucking meaningless


I think the far-right promises you the ability to be boring while also getting edgelord cred


stop talking like a lib


The two things I know about Japan are war crimes and cartoons. They have to be connected!


File: 1708774102522.png (21.31 KB, 1800x153, leftypol post.png)

This might be relevant, caught from leftypol.


Back to this site again…

The ideas and ideologies that people have are heavily influenced by the environments that said people are in and have been in, and the contradictions of some authors' society also can manifest in their works. This is like the basic Marxist explanation, no? Subjugated to the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and the Western empire that Japan is, there isn't much surprise to be expected that the tendency generally of popular culture industry is not revolutionary, nor is there much to be surprised about over the worthlessness of many ostensibly radical Japanese political organizations, as if even the bourgeois political parties in Japan, while their sovereignty is nonexistent and territory is by American bases occupied, could exercise much in the way of revolutionary policies; further, the presence of "anti-capitalist" hints or the allegation of aesthetic sympathies for revolution does not necessarily mean that there is substantial/substantive revolutionary socialist content in the works put into question. To not like capitalism is easy to claim, but to supply the constructive and revolutionary project that sublates the capitalist regime is far more difficult, on top of which importantly should, for the Communist, it be understood that the pace of socialist construction and the development of socialist consciousness don't necessarily have to match. Many fascists, anarchists, or Westernized Marxists sell themselves as anti-capitalist ideologues and trenchant social critics, but then ultimately degenerate into partisans of the bourgeoisie's liberal order, at the times when the red lines get to be really marked out. Also to slightly digress to another topic, to demand that the popular media that you consoom must be "leftist" sort of has the vibe of Hegel's "beautiful-soul", which does not come off like very the happy way to live.
At the flip side, that reflected over the origin, Russia is superstructurally supposed to be pro-capitalistic, yet its geopolitics, the organization of its economy, and the ways that its officials think indicate that the legacy of the Soviet Union continues not merely at superficial level there.

>suggestions for sociaIist culture works

If you want socialist media stuff, then succeed in the Communist revolution and also check out the works from the ecosystems of Soviet Union, China, and such (potentially Russia also?).

The antagonistic polarization of politics on questions of sexuality is quite imported from Western cultural discourse, but it is not as though the non-West and non-white cultures did not possess the notion that heterosexuality was the norm, and excessive controversy over LGBTQ on both sides of the cultural conflict are Westernistic phenomena, because most Asian cultures would be heteronormative but neither loudly anti-homosexuality nor pro-homosexuality, as the emphasis would be on the harmony of society. The president of Russia, also, had not very different the opinion on those issues, conservative and still respectful of difference, it is said. That the American culture wars and their considerable psychoticness, in any case, have poisoned worldwide discourse is another pernicious consequence of liberal hegemony.

And here is the obligatory, for anyone interested: https://open.substack.com//pub/karimibnrashid/p/only-the-proleteriat-can-commit-suicide ?

To be fair, somewhat fairly justifiable criticism of the experimental vaccines also came from the Left's people, or some progressive tendencies of the world at least, like the president of Venezuela, N. Maduro, & other, & even some people from the PSL had criticized, from the Web at least, the attempts of pharmaceutical companies to profiteer off the deliveries of boosters & such. And mask mandates are better to demand than vaccine mandates, because vaccines cannot be easily swapped on and off, like the former.


>Russia is leftist
You can claim that China is leftist but this is so incredibly stupid that it makes me want to die just to not see this shit take ever again.

I hate this site sometimes.


File: 1708834748461.jpg (33.49 KB, 350x500, FndBpAgakAAUPm1.jpg)

Osamu Tezuka. The guy had to much of his works serialized in right wing papers


>a country can be 'leftist' at all
What a useless descriptor, holy shit.


tfw your favorite nsfw artist with 130k followers is an old TERF that retweets anti trans shit all day


File: 1708894549731-0.jpg (121.79 KB, 1016x1077, GFOUk2gagAIEkaA.jpg)

File: 1708894549731-1.jpg (124.02 KB, 702x952, GFNKjfzaQAA8yHp (1).jpg)

Speaking of moe miri this is the new ministry's of defenses mascot. It's a guy


brb joining the jsdf


File: 1708924033346-1.png (210.05 KB, 467x678, 6346347.png)

This thread really is just a compilation of shitty people and I'm down with it. Stolen from thd LGBT thread, not a mangaka but a famous singer for sailor moon and Dragon Ball. Also Yoshiyuki sadamoto who is a racist anti Korean and war crime denier.


japanese boomer fascists must be having strokes from stuff like this.


sadamoto completely vanished following this post, he hasn't worked much since. The korean backlash was massive, Evangelion is just as big there as it is in japan


File: 1709073740778.jpeg (69.33 KB, 452x678, 34u641.jpeg)

The anime director removed all of the right wing imagery from the manga.


like what



Well, that explains why Sadamoto was AWOL for the latter half of the Rebuilds.


It's from a Korean wiki that records reactionary mangakas so translation abit off.


File: 1709090934531.png (74.9 KB, 468x234, FHE4YgwXwBAjXDX (1).png)

the whole Bae Yong-joon(Korean actor) having his head blown off was a bit of a giveaway as to where the creator's mindset was. A far better reading is below. High School of the Dead is a guilty pleasure for me. The scene was somewhat changed in the anime, I think he compliments his good looks and in the manga he mocks him.



Personally, I think that HOTD is so over the top in its fascist wankery it feels like it was written as a parody of what a fascist manga would look like. There's no subtlety in anything.


Based anime director.


>I think that HOTD is so over the top in its fascist wankery it feels like it was written as a parody of what a fascist manga would look like.
People say that about a lot of stuff, but its pretty hard to distinguish between an "ironic" portrayal of fascism that's really over the top and the ravings of some retard who actually thinks like that. At least with Tanya the Evil there are the obvious self-destructive outcomes of her actions which indicate that the story isn't an endorsement of her views, even if Carlo Zen is a lib.


Unlikely, fashoids are just extremely retarded, like very retarded. They believe in atlantis and shit. Here is an american movie that was made by burger vets , please read the plot synopsis:


Righwingers constantly bemoan how degenerate modern entertainment is, but the moment they get to create anything all their psychosexual pathologies spill out and the product is the genuinely repulsive garbage. Like look at the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro wanted to represent "conservative values" lacking in mainstream movies, and what filmography did they produce? Shitty exploitation movies and low-brow comedies.


"Conservative values" are about being vulgar and unfunny.


Exactly! This happens everywhere, and it seems like their “comedies” are especially cruel, like they will have scenes of character abusing each other and we are expected to laugh just because.


remember when the uzaki chan creator retweeted some far right garbage that antifa was dressed up as Trump supporters and invading the capital lmao


>a Jap caring about American politics
What the Internet does to an mf, smh.


Watch Japanese news channels on youtube. There's always at least one report about what's happening in America. It's not just a case of internet poisoning.


It occurred around when all the libs were screaming uzaki=pedo and I always wondered if they pushed the creator towards that shit.


News poisoning. Got it.


File: 1709191584815.jpg (42.83 KB, 463x662, images.jpg)

Honestly most posted in this thread I wouldn't really have trouble distinguishing their political ideology. Didn't the later tanya movies and mangaka go really hard on the anti communist themes? I also recall the creator going hard on the communist party for wanting to ban loli porn.. .


>I also recall the creator going hard on the communist party for wanting to ban loli porn.
Huh, what's that gotta do with communism?
I wish political parties could just hone in on their main objective without slowing down a thousand different sidequests that add to the list of things for voters to factor in.


It's called "being a vassal state".


Not japan exclusive, pretty much all countries televise a lot of mews from america. America has succesfully put itself into the center of the world and people from other countries have no choice but to consume american media/news etc.


Unfortunately, many leftist political parties focus more on conservative/progressive policies than anything else, that's just the reality of things.


This is stupid, people care more about American nothingburgers than what's going on in their own country. I am aware of what's going on in America too but I don't have such a bizarre hyperfixation on it, news are supposed to be informative. Instead it's just some irrelevant events and culture war nonsense. Like, I wouldn't even expect the Japs to know about the Capitol Hill storming, let alone have an opinion on it.

Why can't people be like Hideo Kojima, Hiroyuki Imaishi and Hirohiko Araki and borrow influences from the American and European culture instead of Atlanticist politics?


Sure, but in most countries they do it when something really relevant happens.
>Like, I wouldn't even expect the Japs to know about the Capitol Hill storming, let alone have an opinion on it.
But that was a big thing, you can't compare it to culture war nonsense.


Yes, big… in America. And why are the Japs even discussing it? Why do they care so much? I have no clue.


you have no idea how huge january 6 was. Yes in reality it was just bunch of dumbasses messing around, but for a moment entire lib population of the world thought that the apocalypse had begun. Liberals in nato countries are terrified of to the slight possibility of trump winning the next us elections. America is the center of the world for free market supporters.


A bunch of retarded rednecks assaulted the Parliament of the (unfortunately) most powerful nation of earth, I think it makes sense for people outside the USA to care.


Fair but libs are shittin' and pissin' every single time Trump and his supporters do something outrageous so I wouldn't assume whatever they view as the "apocalypse" to be a serious issue, lol.


I work at a toyota plant in the us with a lot of Japanese workers. I was just in the lunch room and one of them was watching a youtube video about Trump on his laptop.


File: 1709250802898.png (216.27 KB, 471x585, 346347634733.png)

The crazy thing this happened right before a massive election and they did terribly. They backtracked a little after and said they didn't want to ban it but would work to teach people that loli=CSEM and artists should be taught that it's not good to create it and they hope they would self-regulate it out of existence.

I don't support banning lolishit cause it's impossible to enforce, but I support the alternative solution they ended up falling back on.


>Liberals in nato countries are terrified
Hate to bust you bubble, but nobody outside of US cares.


>Didn't the later tanya movies and mangaka go really hard on the anti communist themes?
Yeah but not much more so than that volume of the LN. Tayna's seething hatred of communism is there in the books, but like everything else it comes back to bite her in the ass. It's just that the movie left off before that happened. Keep in mind that Zen has a fairly normie tier understanding of Soviet performance in WW2, which is that it was hopelessly inept at the start but became more effective over time. This is how the war on the Eastern Front plays out in the books as well.
The real test of whether the anime will remain true to the critical elements of the books will be how they handle season 2, which should sync up with volume 5 when shit really starts going downhill for the Empire.


File: 1709275417353-0.jpg (103.84 KB, 536x713, 43rc1.jpg)

File: 1709275417353-1.png (225.68 KB, 673x215, riyoko ikeda.png)

Major oof. Versailles was 100% written with a leftist mindset so her keeping shitty friends now days doesn't change much.


Idk what you are talking about, where I live people are pretty fucking obsessed with US, politicians were discussing the possibility of Trump winning as if it would mean the end of Nato.


In 2016, kind of, but nobody cares about January 6th, and right now, also nobody seems to care about Trump winning again.


Hm, I said that I don't understand why Japan is obsessed with US politics but then I remember that the only four topic the news in my country show are wars, the president, America being evil and how the Sleepy Joe is SO UNHEALTHY and how Trump is LE CHAD. But then again, is something like that on Japanese national television? If so then maybe the LDP wants to gain support from Republicans.


>Hm, I said that I don't understand why Japan is obsessed with US politics
They are US puppet state with no independent politics, why wouldn't they be?


Well, I didn't expect it to be that dependent on the US. It has its own culture and national interests I assumed.

It's the ultimate L for all netouyos, lmao. Imagine a country being such a doormat.


Lately they've been obsessed with kurdish refugees ruining Japan.


File: 1709411746286-0.jpg (258.83 KB, 1179x1601, GFOAVXia8AAdt72 (1).jpg)

LDP has a dedicated PR guy who collabs with pretty cure for the MAFF ministry..


Wait, is LDP just the Republican Party but Japanese?
>LDP has a dedicated PR guy who collabs with pretty cure
Why Pretty Cure?


The LDP is the LDP. Stop trying to fit everything into America.


Well, it's just that non-American conservative parties copy Republican rhetoric often. It's not me trying to fit everything into America, it's just an observational fact. Modern conservatism, like capitalism and globalism, has its source in America. Though, like with capitalism, bombing America doesn't mean conservatism will disappear out of existence.


File: 1709453939090-0.png (766.28 KB, 1000x563, 6532652362.png)

File: 1709453939090-2.jpg (394.88 KB, 1200x630, 532532532.jpg)

>Wait, is LDP just the Republican Party but Japanese?
It's a big tent of right-wing factions and probably has some crazy republican rhetoric deep down but all that anti-vaccine/anti-ukraine rhetoric is ostracized. It's still a horridly scandal-ridden party
>Why Pretty Cure
It's to do with the LDP's Cool Japan softpower campaign where it pushes anime on everyone and everything. So every government ministry has some anime collab reppin it. Most ministries also have a vtuber doing promos for them.



>It's to do with the LDP's Cool Japan softpower campaign where it pushes anime on everyone and everything.
Yeah, I get it but why Pretty Cure?


What would be the politics of someone like this?


I can only imagine someone in that specific ministry really liked Pretty Cure or the mangaka approached them. A lot of these collabs feel out of place.


He is a new-left member in the series if I remember right. Communist militants formed off student movement groups in Japan, no real relation to the current Japanese Communist Party as they are all about no aggression.


File: 1709472209233.png (144.25 KB, 394x832, aki65326326.png)

popped up on my feed just now. Some major lib activist crying his hero/teacher the legendary Akiman is a right wing boomer. Akiman responded by shilling some shitty culture warriors biography. both children


Where are you when we need you so much, Japanarchists? Plz come back. 😢



I heard Pretty Cure is huge in Japan across multiple demographics, although I cannot confirm this because I don't live in Japan. I guess it's like Demon Slayer in that regard, it's just something that has such an incredible hype in Japan but it's more of a nerd thing overseas.


Pretty Cure is the franchise for little girls, and it's popular among otaku and young adult women. It's a children show that can deal with important issue without the cynicism that taints media for teenagers and adults. Of course, this means that jaded adults probably won't like the optimistic outlook of PreCure.


I'm more jaded than most adults so 99.99% of shows feel to me like children's shows feel to other adults. But with that mindset I can only read Lovecraft and Kafka so beggars can't be choosers I guess. Therefore I chose to read whatever I find interesting, no matter how naive. I disagree with most of the stuff that's made anyway so why even care at this point? It's all just liberal propaganda, if I wanted to read something as jaded as me I'd read a philosophy book.


>>23429 (me)
Although watching something similar to Lovecraft and Kafka would be pretty based ngl.


>>23430 (me)
Also, the idea of magical girls seems pretty interesting to me, and rejecting anything cute and positive is kinda spooked. Why should I reject something just because of its lighthearted atmosphere? If the more lighthearted atmosphere is the main reason why it's targetted at little girls then I see no reason not to watch it, even if I feel a bit awkward about it.


Just keep in mind that the target audience is elementary school girls and you'll be fine.


Pretty sure he's supposed to be a Japanese Red Army member, so he'd be a Maoist.


>Just keep in mind that the target audience is elementary school girls and you'll be fine.
That sounds weird. You make it sound like it's some kind of psychological torture.


For some people it can be.


File: 1709552815776.jpg (137.42 KB, 750x1334, GFRARUpa8AA1AiB.jpg)

This one is the funniest. A series revolving entirely around spies promoting ldp government face identifications.


Okay, got it. SpyXF is an LDP propaganda piece. I'm not watching it then. Not like I was interested in Yotsuba&! clones anyway.


That's not what I meant at all.


Okay, I don't get it then. Why should I keep that in mind? Is my experience gonna get worse otherwise?


File: 1709592462432.png (326.46 KB, 623x347, 4364363422.png)

Ostania also has Marx bux! We also haven't seen Westalis yet and I don't imagine it's as freedom-loving as we are told


>Is my experience gonna get worse otherwise?
If you approach a show made for children and expect it to be like a show made for adults, yes.


I mean, a show is a show. What is made for adults is not necessarily made for me. There are so many ads and so many people screaming to me: "TRY IT, YOU WILL LIKE THIS!!" and I'm like: "Leave me alone."


File: 1709652561830-0.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x1689, 53ghjt4tr.jpg)

File: 1709652561830-1.jpg (459.74 KB, 888x1256, 6434678m8_RtP.jpg)

File: 1709652561830-2.jpg (65.7 KB, 466x659, 643367hAecEm.jpg)

File: 1709652561830-3.jpg (127.29 KB, 466x657, HhgffhhANajo.jpg)

LDP knows how to use anime to placate the public and manga creators seem all the willing to do so sadly. Some of these police collab do go kinda hard tho. One using dynasty warriors to protest yakuza. Cao Cao representing the anti gang force and Lieu Bei as the yakuza.


>Ghost in the Shell
Of course.
Wtf? That's a cute classcuck tho.
>anti-yakuza Dynasty Warriors
Wtf? Using feudal lords to fight the yakuza? Yeah, fight fire with fire, why not?


File: 1709780008290.png (121.32 KB, 263x375, Gantz_vol._1.png)

hiroya oku is a known netuyoku and constantly crying about PC culture and not getting a netflix show on twitter lol. Also heavily supports AI art




She is still related to the communist party. She is apart of NWA which is a Japanese communist radfem group busy trying to ban porn.


Maybe he should spend more time working on his writing because gantz was terrible.


Gantz was great. He also wrote a manga about killing 2chaners. How is he right wing?


For realzies I'd like to hear what you gantz haters consider great manga. I'm open to finding something superior. It better not be some gay shit like One Piece.


Cause he constantly spews right-wing rhetoric? the guy spews some incredibly dumb things that get him trending often in Japan and even western news sites and puts even the most vile anti-feminists to shame. Gantz also starts strong and degrades super fast and I rather enjoyed the vampire arc which most hate


>Gantz was great.
I mean if you just like meaningless combat with no story no characters and crappy cg art I guess it's fine

That tall bitch with the big tits was cool though


>the vampire arc
The vampires had an arc? I thought he just forgot about them.


Where did he lean?


File: 1710019106537.png (307.74 KB, 1080x618, childhoodruined.png)

>I think the far-right promises you the ability to be boring while also getting edgelord cred
I think it's more of a promise of renewed relavence. This isn't just an anime thing either. Most of the people that go rightoid are people that haven't been relevant for years. Lain and Digimon Tamers were over 20 years ago by that time Konaka went full retard and who even heard of the Shamwow guy after 2008?


File: 1710028352953-0.jpg (142.47 KB, 650x874, 7458458.jpg)

File: 1710028352953-1.jpg (30.15 KB, 350x278, Untitled-6-350x278.jpg)

Toriyama was an incredibly secluded man. The one political thing he was involved in was the attached image, it got him a lot of hate. He did a bunch of pro-nuclear PR when the entire leftist shtick during the 1970s-1990s was being anti-nuclear and to this day it remains that way.
Konaka always probably leaned into rw shit from the beginning, but the reason he became non-relevant is due to his close friend Ryutaro Nakamura dying around 2013. The man stopped working around here for a good decade. Also shamwow is now a shitty right-wing political podcast guy? embarrassing!


>The one political thing he was involved in was the attached image, it got him a lot of hate. He did a bunch of pro-nuclear PR
Based. All the green anime guys are lame.


Apparently Frieza was based on 1990s Japanese real estate speculators, whom he hated and described as "the worst sort of people."


File: 1710112453468-0.jpg (334.38 KB, 1057x1500, 91w6vQxx EL._SL1500_.jpg)

File: 1710112453468-1.jpg (365.77 KB, 720x1007, 05 (1).jpg)

i remember my Touhou binge and was reading all of Minato Hitori stuff and then eventually found myself on the ministry of defenses main site reading his works there. Found out hes a big military promoter


This one stung the most. Chiaki responded to every single email in depth about anything, especially digimon and now he never responds. Supposedly he's writing for a game called Kowloon curse which looks interesting.


File: 1710287710606-1.jpg (683.48 KB, 2480x3508, F9BNwNFaMAA7ymq.jpg)

It's this simple thing. The manga artist he seems to interacts most with draws SDF propaganda and considers himself moe miri


MTF trans mangaka writing anti trans manga is weird and probably abit deeper than just being right wing. Especially with her earlier trans works


might be one of those people who succeed at something and then proceed to integrate into the majority that used to discriminate against them, like how some immigrants will turn into chinlets the moment they see less white immigrants moving in.


The climate in Japan is just wild. The dragon quest composer who died was celebrated by everyone in Japan even though he was far-right and super anti-lgbt. In the west he was oveewhemingly mocked and that's why cartoons are superior to anime


> gay fascism
I mean it could be worse


who the fuck cares about the views of a fucking video game composer lol




gay fascism might actually be worse, it’s superior to normal fascism in all possible ways. The age nazism has passed, we will have starshiptroopers style woke fascism with pronouns and race science replaced by culture and ethnicity based discrimination.


probably cause he did tons of work for anime as well


>In the west he was oveewhemingly mocked
I understand that his views are stupid but Xitter's """satire""" is as bland and boring as Stephen Colbert. It won't come even close to South Park or the Brits when Thatcher died, lmao.
>that's why cartoons are superior to anime
But they borrow from each other constantly…


File: 1711309454981.jpg (91.06 KB, 600x338, abe.jpg)

if you know, you know. It caused quite a reaction


File: 1711421003662.jpg (477.83 KB, 1536x2048, GJbzQuvbcAAArMs.jpg)

They added precure into compulsory education recently over there recently lmao


People care because Dragon Quest is a bona fide cultural phenomenon over there
he had anime credits, Cyborg 009 is probably his biggest, but none were for series at anywhere close to the same level of influence or fame.
but yeah, boomer has bad politics, not like he bombed countries himself or anything


File: 1712263232777-1.png (230.52 KB, 474x911, 9769067.PNG)

learning butcha-u is ur culture war obsessed anti-sjw scared of gays in media is a little shocking


Wasn't this the guy who made porn about Hooters? Not surprised he has burger brainrot


liking american comics is not "burger brainrot"


>the guy who makes monster rape cuck/NTR porn scared by pretty boys is an anti sjw
and you're surprised by this?


I don't know how else you could possibly like them


Dude also lesbos up western characters a lot though. No doubt has some supergirl+power girl pairing out there


The Taimanin creator spouts similar stuff just not that heavy-handed, so not all that shocking tbh. I recall another thread mentioning how the Japanese hentai game scene is it's own bubble of shit.


Why care about the private lives of the authors of stuff you like/dislike? I know context is important but I don't look up whether the people behind whatever media are 'leftists' or not before engaging with it…

If it's only about curiosity then that's fine I guess.


The best eroge writers I know (usually from stuff before 2010) are some sort of leftist.


>Why do people constantly call the saga of Tanya Mangaka a communist
To make /pol/ seethe, see >>801


those are clearly joke tweets lost in translation tbh. been kinda explained in thread already


I understand that, some of the explanations about that in the thread were mine, but what I meant the narrative of him being communist was mostly propagated for the sake of trolling 4chan rightoids.


Can't believe no one mentioned Oda. Not sure if he's actually leftist but One Piece is fun to read from a lefty perspective.


File: 1712736031857-0.jpg (57.55 KB, 457x680, 6436346.jpg)

File: 1712736031857-1.jpg (238.06 KB, 1024x777, GJj4peZbQAA-OOy.jpg)

Makoto Kobayashi, the man is deep into right-wing politics and not the boomer stuff. Like pro-Putin, elon dick riding and pro impeaching Biden lmao
I need to delve into one piece someday, Im interested to know if there are any interviews/discussions regarding him and any leftist issues?


Heh never knew that. Been a fan of his designs for decades.


File: 1712740462421.mp4 (193.15 KB, 400x240, malema we are putin.mp4)

Fascism is arguably pornographic in its nature, and many fascists were extremely degenerate bourgeois radicals or lumpenproletarian terrorizers of the populace. The Soviets and basically every other Communist country heavily restricted the production of pornographic media, as anti-woman as it is. Also, nowadays Putin is generally good.


gyattdamn, that cat can rape my nanking any day


File: 1713196880808.jpg (99.31 KB, 1200x827, 10898448 (1).jpg)

I remember a Twitter thread from one of the jojo animators where they discussed how a mangaka union would never exist cause they all hate each other in the background. Also a lot of mangaka in this thread are from the cartoonist association, it's a big group of manga cozy with LDP that lobby for benefits for themselves. Fuck em


File: 1713257444963.png (301.26 KB, 439x614, 5123576347347.png)

Found his social media and he is a supporter of Sanseito and has even drawn art for one of them, so expected. The thing with these types is they aren't afraid to support lefties on certain issues if it's to bash the LDP. He will retweet some communist/reiwa bashing LDP and the next tweet is repeal all lgbt rights! deny all foreigners! It's crazy how many of these weird niche right wing parties exist in Japan now.


>Those god damn anarchists told me to not use a slur once and now I am angry!
Lol. LMAO even.


>Also, the transgender assistant mangaka to the spyxf mangaka makes the most rabid anti-trans mangaka so even worse than being an LDP policy shill
Wut? Did you have a stroke or ESL since I did not catch what you mean and now I am curious to that and pic related on your post.


the Spyxf creator has a trans assistant who is anti-trans, think Blaire White. That image attached is from a manga she made about trans ppl entering toilets to molest people and has a blog where she complains about trans in sports and stuff.


Yeah I see now. Sadly I do see a lot of these types and to answer someone else's point it is a lot like the Blaire white thing >>24041 brought up. There'a a scummy trend of passing (and usually straight) transwomen shitting on other transwomen since they can either blend into cisociety better or they are feminine enough that even chinlets will ignore their trans status.


File: 1713292049492-0.png (1.91 MB, 1280x1813, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1713292049492-1.png (1.98 MB, 1280x1813, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1713292049492-2.png (1.87 MB, 1280x1813, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1713292049492-3.png (1.97 MB, 1280x1813, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1713292049492-4.png (1.7 MB, 1128x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

>trans mangaka doesn't agree with some Western trans rhetoric
That's not exactly fair to say this without context. You're talking about Mafuyu Konishi, right?
From the translation I found of the images you posted she doesn't sound unreasonable, just politely cautious about an LGBT bill's legal terms treading on the rights of other people. As far as I know she only made this small statement. The only other thing relative to trans people is her semi-autobiographical manga-works. From everything I've seen she's barely ever talked about trans rights relative to the law, and certainly wasn't saying anything anti-trans, only pointing out how sexual predators could abuse the law, which is a legitimate concern that affects trans people too BTW.


Seeing the manga first hand is even worse lol. She also talked about trans not being allowed in sports. If you're actually aware of the bill, it was the most useless piece of legislation and nothing in that manga came close to happening with its enactment.


>Seeing the manga first hand
So you didn't even see it and passed a judgement on her based on hearsay? Wow. And how is it worse?
>She also talked about trans not being allowed in sports
What specifically did she say? Just saying "She talked about sports" tells me nothing.
I found her blog-post on sports, nothing about it is inherently wrong or bad. She's addressing a real issue and isn't attacking anyone or hurting anyone, just stating facts and wondering what could be done, admitting that she doesn't know everything and is just thinking 'out loud'
Translating a section of her post she says;
>"Sports are exciting to watch because they are fair competitions, and fairness should be maintained…right? …It's no good, I don't have an answer. I have to keep thinking about it so that one day I can say my answer with confidence…"
Which is a civil, fair opinion to express. Stop being transphobic just because she doesn't conform to your opinions.
>If you're actually aware of the bill, it was the most useless piece of legislation and nothing in that manga came close to happening with its enactment.
The bill was enacted in July of 2023, months after the manga was published in early March of 2023, before revisions to the original Bill. Furthermore if you read the manga-piece she's not responding purely to the bill but the questions that prompted this bill and what concerns there would be in the possible future. None of this was stated out of derogatory self-hatred or hatred or others, and is instead a concern for other people as well, politely addressing how other people may feel. As a person in her position she has a right to express an opinion, especially when it's not just emotionally lashing out at others but an actual consideration of the gap between legal intent and execution and how it impacts people.


Creating manga based on right-wing lies and complete fear-mongering isn't reasonable. Everything in that manga was spouted by the extreme right in the leadup to the bills introduction to block it and in the end, it worked, the bill got gutted by the restoration and DPP. Hell, the initial tweet of hers is full of lgbt folk and lawyers calling her manga complete fear-mongering trash


File: 1713318966079.png (342.53 KB, 499x480, ClipboardImage.png)

>rightwing lies
Disingenuous; the only remotely close thing to that was the section man entering a bathroom with women. Considering there are actual real-life precedents where a Male-to-Female trans who was not fully transitioned raped/harassed cis women. An example would be a woman imprisoned at Riker's who was harassed and raped by a MtF trans-woman who had not transitioned fully and there are other such cases.

As a disclaimer, to any /pol/shitters seeking to misrepresent my words: this is not in any way or form implying that trans people are 'more likely' to sexually harass women or any other such bad-faith rhetoric, and trans people certainly face sexual harassment as well; In fact an under-discussed aspect of the bathroom debate is that FtM trans would also be at higher risk of increased sexual assault as well, especially considering aggressive dynamics in male bathrooms. While I most feminist rhetoric is bourg and non-socialist (See Zetkin and Marx) one aspect I have read and agree with is that male-women rape dynamics are differentiated, resulting in different sorts of abuse and harassment, which becomes unfortunately muddled with this question, especially as it is extremely emotional to many people.
To get back on point; The ONLY thing I'm saying is that bad-faith actors exist in any group of people and cis women have a right to feel comfortable and safe just as much as trans people do, that is a consideration people must keep in mind and that is what Mafuyu is saying. She quite literally states repeatedly that "Discrimination at any level is wrong" and "we've (LGBT) been discriminated a lot by some people." So she is in no way transphobic or denying transphobia, and to accuse or dismiss her opinion and experiences as invalid is toxic behavior.

>Everything in that manga was spouted by the extreme right in the leadup to the bills introduction to block it

The right wing says a lot of things and often latch on to otherwise neutral statements. , just because the rightwing may say something does not make a talking point in and of itself right-wing. Regardless, it has nothing to do with her, she's not a policy maker, right-wingers didn't find her manga and suddenly have a Eureka moment and use it as a reason to block the bill, so it's irrellevant.

>the initial tweet of hers is full of lgbt folk and lawyers calling her manga complete fear-mongering

And just as many lgbt people saying the opposite; people, trans or otherwise have different opinions on an individual level, who knew!?

Regardless I do not with to continue this discussion because the sensitivity of the topic is starting to derail into an identity politics debate and that belongs in the existing >>>/siberia/ thread for it. Good bye.

PS. I don't even like Spy X Family so I have no personal investment in it or the mangaka, I'm just mature enough to not impulsively demonize a person for expressing a personal opinion on a topic that is quite literally relevant to their identity and experiences.


saw a few trending callout tweets from libs trying to cancel him recently and he thought they were supporting him.


>cis women have a right to feel comfortable and safe just as much as trans people do

Respectfully disagree. I don't think anyone should have the "right" to order society based on their own perceived "feelings" of "comfort."


Society is a collective made up of individuals and while what benefits the collective is certainly important and mostly benefits individuals on a wider scale, we shouldn't neglect individuals either. There needs to be a balance and I believe any human being has the right to be safe, that's quite literally how societies began to form, as collectives banding together to provide mutual safety and help with one another (I'm being simplistic but still). This obviously doesn't guarantee safety, but does improve it, only now instead of literal animal predators, the problems of society are human predators, sexual or not, who would harass, rape or kill people and find any way possible to do so and to avoid retribution for it. Honestly compared to, say, Mexico the USA is quite safe for trans people, I've seen more than enough gut-churning, horrifying murders, drive-bys and so on, targeting women and trans people over there for reasons ranging from violent urges to denial of sexual advances to simple crackhead-rage. Seeing that both IRL and on 4/gif/ has made me value the idea of peoples' right to safety a lot more. It's not just women and trans people either, men are in this too, if you've ever seen a cartel playing football with flayed heads in the street you'd share that horror.

Polite sage for offtopic; I only want to make people understand that while we shouldn't encourage snowflake behaviour, neither should we dismiss people's fears either, as that toxic attitude in the USA is at least part of what leads to incels and sh*oters and other horrific violence. People on both sides of (for example) the trans argument are so heated and volatile that it's only increasing hatred, segregation and hate-crimes from either side, and people that try to be objective, calm and non-partisan are attacked from both sides because of burger attitudes of "if you're not with us, you're against us" an attitude that has been on the rise ever since Bush Jr. said it during the 9/11 war propaganda days.


File: 1713577392166.png (498.82 KB, 439x870, 634697898797.png)

Hahaha the japanese communist party is a joke. Better of supporting the lefty elements in CDP than these shitters


I think people actually being safe is one thing, and yeah people do have a right to a reasonable level of safety. My contention mainly is with the assertion that people have a right to "feel" a certain way and that society should be policed based on these feelings.

I think for some people the issue of perceived safety is just a back door for their bigotry. Like the example in this thread of some woman being assaulted by a trans person. I think the emphasis is wrongly placed on the identity of the assailant. Okay, a trans woman committed sexual assault, so why is the talk about trans people in bathrooms instead of banning violent offenders from these spaces? If I said that black men need to have their own bathroom because one assaulted a woman and they have a "right to feel safe," I'd be correctly called a bigot. I don't think the intention is actually to protect people so much as normalize the idea that certain cohorts are just "naturally dangerous."


File: 1713743302097-0.jpg (405.29 KB, 1640x1557, GLe8n50bYAAPpYz.jpg)

File: 1713743302097-1.jpg (448.62 KB, 1482x2048, GLe8n5wbwAAG2lJ.jpg)

Junichi Inoue is a letfist mangaka but also does manga destroying the opposition party(DPJ) for being absolute trash. Truly partisan mangakas are pretty hard to find unless they are in weirdo parties like >>24038

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