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Not much of a vtuber fan, I only occasionally watch clips, but I'm saddened to hear that even something as innocent as the vtuber sphere has been infected with politics and will breed new reactionaries out of lonely people with nothing better to do. Is no form of escapism safe from politics anymore?


What happened, exactly?
The hololive thread on /jp/ is just too fast to get any good info.
No, really, it's even faster that the damn trump general on /pol/
>I'm saddened to hear that even something as innocent as the vtuber sphere
That shit is corporate as fuck, dude.
It actually surprised me how quick it got porkied up.


I find it hilarious. The /jp/sies are positively pissing themselves with rage.


Haato was looking at audience statistics and mentioned Taiwan. Sometime after Coco showed an analytics page with Taiwan on it, her bilibili stream immediately went down. Chinese fans demanded an apology day one, radio silence for three days which made Chinese fans furious. Then Coco and Haato got suspended for three weeks by their management which made Japanese and English language fans furious. Now the CCP is somehow being blamed even though I'm not sure what the CCP had to do with it directly speaking.


The /jp/ thread is actually kinda entertaining.
>Some vtuber defends the chinese
>Half of the thread loses their shit (including some paypigs)
The rest of the thread is just glowie propaganda.


Actual CIA niggers think that chapos are the most threatening thing about the left, they don't know shit about this. This is just homegrown reddit/pol/ autism.


/anime/ - Shit-eating Youtube Celebrities


This is just another example of COVER being shit with protecting their employees, and I'm really not looking forward to all the free HK style spam that will probably be shit out, so I'll try to shift to watching indies.


Does anyone have that story about burgers that flipped out over a Che mural put up in Ireland?


In the event of Coco and Haato graduating by the end of three weeks, I hope K Son can kind of come back to the indie scene and give Haato a hand.


/anime/ was approved as a general weeb board newfriend


What are the indies anyways?


Kagura Mea is one


e-celebs wearing an anime girl face are still e-celebs.

/jp/ has reclined.


>/jp/ has reclined.
Some things never change however. The pedophile group that believes lolikon pornography is exclusively made by and for pedophiles is still claiming this in 2020 even though it's been debunked by historical research of the lolikon phenomenon and its fanbase in Japan.


What does this have to do with the thread and why is it the third time someone brings it up on an unrelated thread? Are you that desperate for attention?


>What's wrong with vtuber ecelebs?
Social media might be more up your alley.


I don't know much about v-tubers. i only watch the funny english clips.


I don't get how can anyone stomach watching these, their face-tracking software is pure garbage. I tried watching some clips of them singing but they might as well just put up a static image instead of some half-assed animation that does not match the movements involved in singing at all.


We were talking about the state of /jp/ friend take it easy, also this is my first time bringing it up on bunkerchan, where else is this being mentioned?


File: 1608528986436.jpg (144.27 KB, 750x1000, c.jpg)

My friend group is already shitting out reactionary anti-China memes that reminds me of the Hog Kog glowie retardation. I'm hoping the issue will just pass, people will shift focus to YouTube removing community contributions or something, and nobody tries to escalate the issue by doubling down.

tl;dr: They recognized Taiwan as a separate entity from China which violates the One-China policy.


so to get this straight, a bunch of Chinese fans got upset over the mention of Taiwan, and their company overreacted and might fire them because of it?


File: 1608528987851.jpg (828.77 KB, 1052x1383, kusa.jpg)

>a bunch of Chinese fans got upset over the mention of Taiwan,
It's a bit more complex than that. From what I can tell, everyone's oversimplifying the situation and leaving out the fact that there's a whole chain of unfortunate coincidences that caused the Chinese to think that Coco hated them, which is why they forgive Haato but some are calling for Coco's head.

>and their company overreacted and might fire them because of it?

Cover Corp isn't good at protecting their employees and this incident is coming right after the Mano Aloe's forced retirement, so people are freaking out thinking "the goddamn commies killed coco!!!!1!!" when they really just gave them a 3 week break.

The company has issued out a couple of statements on the matter, but people don't accept apologies easily these days, so y'know…


>From what I can tell, everyone's oversimplifying the situation and leaving out the fact that there's a whole chain of unfortunate coincidences that caused the Chinese to think that Coco hated them, which is why they forgive Haato but some are calling for Coco's head.
Yes, I remember reading that Chinese fans think Coco hates them. Mind elaborating how this happened?





From what I've read, they think that Coco did it deliberately because her analytics showed she had a lower Chinese viewer/dono base than the other vtubers.

Do people on Bili even care?


It's just REEEEEEEEing at some minority of chinese posters


File: 1608528989236.jpg (721.47 KB, 1653x1100, 1601070514111.jpg)

Japanese otaku are shit.
Western otaku are shit.
Chinese otaku are, you guessed it, shit too.

You can thank social media for intensifying their (our) shittiness.


File: 1608528989311.png (104.96 KB, 285x428, 1601378682885.png)

Also fuck e-celebs and fuck streaming.


Thank you 69 Spacezin


File: 1608528989890.jpg (298.78 KB, 1413x2000, dr.jpg)

I can't be arsed to look into it more since all the discussions zones are flooded with useless anti-communist reactionary trash, but it looks like Coco's incident happens right after Haato's incident which made some people think she was doubling down and personally giving China the middle finger.

The people going "wtf commies killed coco" are just reactionaries that watch garbage like Hero Hei and won't do anything but continue to be fed garbage by YouTube's autoplay algorithm.

I don't understand why idiots think Cover Corp would just fire their two best employees like that's a terrible business approach. The circumstances are completely different from the Mano Aloe incident since Mano Aloe barely lasted a month under Cover Corp so there was really no risk.


File: 1608529025689.png (201.21 KB, 554x554, houshou_marine.png)

What is /leftypol/'s opinion on vtubers? I think some of them are cute and funny.


dumb thread
vtubers themselves are walking commodities and for those trying 2 escape the grotesque flesh but not in the cool transhumanist way


I don't care, and this is a shit thread.

shut the fuck up and let people enjoy things goddamn, not everything is a moralistic battle for the soul of mankind


Didn't think someone would find a way to make the youtuber/streamer experience more artificial and commodified and yet here we are


File: 1608529025903.png (30.63 KB, 200x193, soyjak.png)

>let people enjoy things


> I think some of them are cute and funny.


File: 1608529026014.jpg (77.17 KB, 600x678, (you)1.jpg)



fill me in, what are vtubers?


go to >>>tech or >>>anime
i agree,those types are like nazbols.the only reason they hate capitalism or consoomerism is they don't find product to consoom and doesn't like/hate the products.not explotation*inefficiency* or environmental-damage.just can't finding product to consoom
you see,how much they triggered


ai-youtuber as i know.


vagina tubers
It's an abhorrent sexual fetish…


Think of pewdiepie or markiplier but if they were pretending to be anime girls while using some face rig to look like it's a moving drawing the one who's playing games and not some fatass japanese guy


File: 1608529026328.jpg (67.29 KB, 640x591, soy22.jpg)

>>>3977 >>3969 go to >>>tech or >>>anime >>3971 i agree,those types are like nazbols.the only reason they hate capitalism or consoomerism is they don't find product to consoom and doesn't like/hate the products.not explotation*inefficiency* or environmental-damage.just can't finding product to consoom >>3973 >>3975 you see,how much they triggered


Virtual Youtubers (shorten to vtubers).
They're basically like regular game streamers but they have anime avatars and roleplay as their characters.
Most of them are Japanese, but there's a growing number of English-speaking vtubers as well.



They're youtubers that use software to overlay a cartoon character over their face that tracks their movements, so it's like the cartoon cahracter is the one playing the game.


thanks comrades for answering my lazy arse's question.


>fill me in, what are vtubers?
Vtubers is when a society that you thought can't get any more perverse and alienated actually becomes more perverse and alienated/


china's vtubers are based is all i can say


>cartoons are degenerate
ok puritan


Based on what?


File: 1608529026826.jpg (96.26 KB, 749x987, DVVLSS6VMAIXS_f.jpg)

Cope, fascist


>Phil Greaves


I stubbed my toe on a chair yesterday, so I threw it out because it was fascist.


Perhaps it is merely time before grifters start making political videos with anime avatars.



it's absolute capitalist decadence, but a perfect representation of how fucking alienated today's people are. For crying out loud some people fantasize about fucking these poorly animated anime avatars instead of actually getting laid. It's sad and pathetic at the sime time and I honestly try not to think about it too much because it just makes me more depressed than I already am.


File: 1608529027218.jpg (35.87 KB, 600x600, 562.jpg)

nice formatting newfaggot




Holy cope


cringe and painfully awkward to watch. like wtf is this supposed to do for me? what am i supposed to feel with these? they just make me horribly uncomfortable. i also know some dudes who are super into vtubers and that just turns me off it even more.


We have to seize that space before them and make anime girls that spread immortal science of marxism leninism.


Alienation is not when you roleplay with an avatar FFS


how do i hide a post in leftypol i dont wanna see this shit


based on dengism


Can I get an example of a vtuber?


what the fuck is a vtuber


Click the circle with a line in the middle and then click hide thread


Houshou Marine is the one in the OP


>cute and funny
absolutelly shameless


File: 1608529027870.jpg (29.85 KB, 357x347, stim.jpg)

goooooooood morning slaves


Communist vtubers when?


escaping reality by role playing as an anime avatar is pretty much peak alienation


It's shit like this that makes me think niggas like Adorno and Kachinsky were 10000% right


There's one but she's cucked revisionist socdem
Hard to expect better from a country so cucked by US though

Are you escaping reality by posting anonymously instead of attaching your photo and full name to every post?


Most of them do it hoping to get big enough to make a living off of it. It's no different from regular streaming, in any way except that they are more anonynous.


File: 1608529028201.jpg (57.03 KB, 800x429, CxBqcaDW8AAbhqQ.jpg)

>Communist vtubers when?

There is this guy who is role playing a hyper realistic avatar from red alert. Technology is very advanced these days!


I can't believe something like this really exists


FFS we already have a youtube thread, we don't need another one, even if it is transferred from /leftypol/. SHould have just locked the thread and linked the anime youtuber thread


>hyper realistic avatar
>the unruhe's picture
This once again shows the superiority of Oriental cartoons. Unlike the fake gun wielding, Cal Arts aesthetic persona of Roo, this virtual persona not only does actual organizing and real praxis but carries actual weapons and does not conceal their affiliations, broadcasting their communism through their uniform.


Streamers that use anime/cartoon characters to represent themselves. It's no different than shit like rantsonas/avatars that people on youtube have been doing for a decade now.


E-celeb cancer with an anime girl mask, no less worse than twitchfags or youtubeshitters.


some have good designs and i am horny sometimes


I like 'em. But i'm also very lonely.


Urhue is the OG content creator.


They're fun as characters and/or actors but they can be even more dangerous for the psyche than standard streamers, especially ones like Rushia that really lean into the virtual GFE.


>cute and funny
most of them are grown-ass men


Damn, they must be really great actors then




Most Vtubers (the ones with a cute anime girl avatar) are a depressing reminder of the state of the world and weebs today

Some Vtubers are ok though. I used to like Kizuna Ai, she wasn't trying to be disgustingly kawaii, she didn't fake a childish anime accent, and she reacted like a real fucking person, at least compared to all these 2D Vtubers


That's the whole point of vtubers. They act not like real people just enough to be "anime-like" in their attitude, but not embarassingly childish.
It wouldn't have became as popular if they were mainly acting or not acting at all.
I do not really understand why you chose Kizuna Ai as an example, because she is very obvious with her being just an actor.


Social media threads should stay in social media.
Thank you and godo night.


>godo night
&ltcan't even do 'le fake wapanese' right
Honestly fuck off with your pointless whining. Either post content you like and 'be the change' you want to see, or stop complaining about every other thread that happens to pop-up
A) Social media is any digital tool that allows users to quickly create and share content with the public. WE ARE SOCIAL MEDIA you fucking twat, we're just anonymous and don't require an account to post
B) This thread was moved from /leftypol/ to the next most appropriate board according to mods - /anime/. It's not even that popular and is only higher in the catalog because it's new.


Using anime avatars and being a vtuber to spread leftist ideology. Now dats PRAXIS


its bourgeoisie degeneracy


Suddenly every retard is ok with e-celebs because they're posing as anime girls


See >>4248
This thread was a /leftypol/ thread, so much for your whining about how 'leftypol' will be the only leftist anime board'


It's pretty much the same as regular streamers. People do feel they are more "authentic", ironically, because since they are "anonomized" by their avatars it feels like they are more honest somehow.

It's bullshit tho. They're just as much playing personas as everyone else online. Some of them are very good entertainers, and quite funny, but most of them are just subpar comedians/actors/singers "enhanced" by some decent character design.

I do like watching some of them, but honestly, it's not really very relevant, they were just lucky because the pandemic raised online viewerships for obvious reasons, which exploded their channels.


It feels more authentic because you know that the character you see is a persona. While with an actual person there is an expectation that they are somehow "real". It's like rap music artist are expected to be hood to come off as authentic while metal musicians can be the dorkiest skinny fucks possible because they have a more thick layer of personality that is pretty obviously fake.


That is true. The expectations are definitely different, which does contribute to less of a "whiplash" when they obviously end up not being the way they act on stream. Still, the fundamental premises are the same, that is, it's all just an (sometimes elaborate) act.
Honestly the puritanism that people declare against this sorta stuff and anime is pointless honestly, commodities are commodities, no matter if they are cars or cute anime girls. I do get really annoyed by all the pseudo-Nechayevs in this board, ready to give up every and all small pleasures for the sake of a hypothetical revolution and to chastise people who aren't """as strong""" as them.


kek based soyposter


>He's still mad


>>He's still mad


The one interesting thing about vtubers that supports my theory is that a lot of them just seems like a bunch of perverts. Gawr for example despite the generally more "innocent" persona was doxxed and made like a bunch of horny posts in the past and I think she has been known to "like" twitter posts of lewd pictures of her character.
The other vtubers are much, much more open in their general horniness. Hell the very first popular "vtuber" was IMO project melody a straight up cam whore who is actually liked instead of disdained by people outside the people who jerk off to them.


that's the main argument for the "authenticity" i feel, but it's just the anonomity (despite how easy it is to figure out who are the people behind the avatars). There is a certain perverted candidness about being honest behind a mask, right? Like those weird european bourgeois parties.


Senzawa was better


>Gawr for example despite the generally more "innocent" persona was doxxed and made like a bunch of horny posts in the past
You can't just claim that and not provide some links.


Well you can just take a look at >>5023, since that's who anon was talking about. I mean it's not even subtle.


In all honesty, being a vtuber seems like a better gig than being a regular streamer, the layer between the person and the persona probably absorbs a bit of the impact of death threats and the general unpleasantness of being a public person. Still probably a pretty crappy job tho, unless you hit it really big like hololive (and even then it still sounds kinda shit)


File: 1608529104364-0.png (87.77 KB, 912x618, Screenshot (141).png)

File: 1608529104364-1.jpg (1.08 MB, 2283x1284, EoHsH-WVQAAvdyn.jpg)

File: 1608529104364-2.jpg (401.91 KB, 2508x1410, EoHufA4VoAAFMq3.jpg)

Anyone want to become a VTuber? Now's your chance.



>the very first popular "vtuber"
>projekt melody


>greentexted excerpts
yes, what is it you want to say?


/v/tubers are the newest low otaku culture has cultivated. no passion, no engagement, just idiots obsessing over boardroom picked anime avatars talking over video games. They are literally just twitch streamers hiding behind a 2D face to trick retards into thinking they are a cute anime girl.

Actually there is literally no otaku culture involved except complete and utter lies. Take the technology away and there is nothing left except some 3D twat

/v/tubers are built on deception and you deserve to be ridiculed for having no self respect. Lower than people donating money on chaturbate.


He's implying melody wasn't the first popular vtuber which is true.


How is that different from any other streamer though? Most streamers are cute women or eboys, that is people you like to look at. If anything it lays the artificiality of the medium bare. Real streamers fake authenticity, but with vtubers, there is not pretense, it is just a character.


VTubers are like the middle road between "using an avatar and a robot voice" and "using your own face and your own voice".
They're kinda like Rantsonas minus the mad with an audience that usually pumps out really good art.

I think Melody was more niche rather than actually popular.
She kinda just exists after the "OMG CAMGIRL VTUBER STRIPPER" wave fizzled out, then apparently joined VShoujo with Nyanners and whoever.


>She kinda just exists
She's not getting nonstop media coverage anymore, but she's still arguably the most popular EN vtuber with the rest of VShojo and their outer members trailing behind her.


Been seeing quite a bit of anticorporate discussion against the company that manages Hololive, Cover Corp. Seems like the idol/streamer format is particularly useful towards questioning the place and utility of "management" (as in, the corporate structure that "manages" the idols) of the talents, given that they could just as well stream by themselves and often are impeded and pointlessly blocked by management. Didn't expect this silly hobby to have some small anticapitalist possibilities, which goes to show that these sort of discussions are becoming a bit more widespread (though i wouldn't really hold my breath about anything radical arising from this)


youre retarded

idol industry has been fucked up since the beginning, hololive inc. is just more of the same but with women wearing anime avatars


Which anime is this thread about?


V for Vendettaunited_farm_workersUnited Farm Workers


File: 1611642978075.jpg (123.33 KB, 813x813, not_anime.jpg)

The society of finding a better board name.


>I do not really understand why you chose Kizuna Ai as an example, because she is very obvious with her being just an actor.
Yes, that's the point. I liked her exactly because of that. She may do a cute voice but the way she talks makes it much more tolerable than other Vtubers' voices.
I also like Himono for her art tutorials but when I discovered her I had no idea that just using an animated avatar instead of your real face turned you into a "Vtuber" so I didn't consider her one. Apparently I was wrong though.

despite the name this board isn't just for Japanese animation.


File: 1611921224842-0.png (107.38 KB, 646x349, vt1.png)

File: 1611921224842-1.png (233.97 KB, 1795x379, vt2.png)

Guess what, 4chan has a new board.


File: 1611922337408.jpg (111.74 KB, 952x744, blaugh.jpg)

what the fuck man


File: 1611922898932.png (1.42 MB, 1833x1032, vt3.png)

It seems that vtubers are too big to be contained in /jp/.


I thought 4chan staff would never make an e-celeb board


degenerate infantile childishness

and yet fascinating at the same time



File: 1612086324748.jpg (364.23 KB, 1000x800, 1612082070891.jpg)


File: 1612109434274.jpg (438.11 KB, 1261x1411, ポン子&阿准.jpg)

we need more weather vtubersunited_farm_workersUnited Farm Workers


What we need more of is cute ojisan Vtubers


Why is she so popular?


She gives off mid range IQ autism vibes


Because she's cute


wow based who is this?


Cause she's a shark loli


no u


Thanks for confirming I'm indeed a shark loli.


wow neato


Man hezzbollah is making clones of JRPGs as well now?


a guilty pleasure


Parasocial trash but at the same time it's not like vtubers or shit like Hatsune Miku are that much less artificial than most 'actual' youtubers or entertainers whose conforming 'personalities' are just as much of a fake product cooked-up by board rooms full of PR people as those.


File: 1612838371909.jpg (86.68 KB, 960x540, 1467148067684.jpg)

The logical evolution of the Spectacle


Very much so


Overdesigned pieces of shit tbh


I would rather say underdesigned they look like shit alot of the time


File: 1614014773292.png (1.7 MB, 1280x720, kureiji_ollie_.png)

I just found out that there is a holololivve Indonisia what the fuck is going on ovver there?christian_communismChristian Communism


If someone wants to watch some Hololivve content i just watched Ina's Journey Video and it was greatburkina_fasoBurkina Faso


There should be a fourth circle containing a Fire Emblem character.


sauce on both?


Are there any in depth information about how the Hololive indsutrie works.
That whole thing is a big mysterie for me
If you watch a stream of one of them you will see they are making alot of money with that
But what happens with the money?
The V-Tuber doesnt own the character the voice or the channel
So theoretically hololive could just pay them minimum wage couldnt they? Like people are saying V-Tuber are getting rich but I just dont see why the companies should pay more than the absolute minimum


File: 1616947987629.jpg (71.7 KB, 742x135, 1616941410597.jpg)

Cover takes a % of everything they earn (i've seen /jp/ say it's around 30% and 50% but can't find a legit source)
they get paid a fixed salary+donos after the cut, and youtube also takes a cut of course.


If thats true they woulf be making alot of money atleast the bigger ones


Is fubuki lewdable?


Yeah the vtubers are proles who make wages. The vanguard party will contain anime waifus.


why not?


I find them cringy as hell, not only because they perpetuate an stereotypical look of femininity, or because they commodify the female body even more, I can enjoy things that do that and overlook the problematic aspects that come with that. The real reason I find them cringy as hell is because I can't stand their infantile behavior, like that stupid high pitch voice most of them make, or the way they provide "entertainment" by making funny noises or acting unironically like anime characters. It's disgusting and anyone over the age of 18 should feel ashamed of enjoying this kind of barney the dinosaur kind of crap.


Very much this.


Vtubers seem to be socialized.


Is this infantilization not an ovarall trend for how woman behave but also consoomers


File: 1618445293070.png (186.21 KB, 979x605, ClipboardImage.png)

Are Western Vtubers not allowed in the /vt/ board?


They are, /trash/ is just there for the sake of porn dumps and extreme shittalking.


I decided to bite the bullet and finally watch vtubahs and holy shit are you right.
Mostly popular ones and everyone else trying to imitate them, I've found a few decent ones that are pretty niche and barely have a following. Those ones feel like actual people.


she just graduated :(


aaand the sinophobes are coming out of the woodworks as usual :/


yeah. Cover as usual didn’t do shit. I hope she’s able to stream as an Indie.


This is why I only watch independent vtubers.


it’s okay bro :(


File: 1623215282445.jpg (146.45 KB, 810x500, 1621638818350.jpg)

son, what the hell are you talking about? come downstairs, your mom made dinner


/vt/ casually denying nanking ever happened




The company itself is a corporate shithole no surprise. Which is why independence is so important here. The redeeming part of the whole hololive thing is the community and the personalities but outside that when it comes to corporate formalism it’s complete shit and bureaucratic.

I honestly don’t understand why things like “antis” exist and this whole thing with China and Taiwan is pathetic nationalist shit. I’m all for a nation to have self determination but at the expense of discipline? Of not having a bunch of retard nationalist starting shit?


Thank god vtuber fans will face the wall in the end


there's like a billions of chinamen. The CPC slaps the ones who harass others when they can but they can only do so much honestly.


They’re not doing enough. They should take the nationalist and ironically make them work 14 hour days 6 days a week in a factory with no ventilation in order to teach them about shedding their nationalist reactionary views.




If you know japanese this is totally worth it. You'll find niche stuff like drug and porn addicts that don't behave like literal fucking babies instead of garbage like Hollowlive and imitators.


Those are the ones that get the most hate, aren't they? Why are the Japanese like that?


The CPC know they'll need cannonfodder when the war with the US will come. And nationalists have the perfect mindset for that.


Because Japan hate actually good stuff and just wants to consoom shit all day,obviously.


Hololive has porn addicts though


File: 1623366587524.jpg (4.25 KB, 225x225, 1561924070327.jpg)

/vt/ seething about china 24/7 is embarrassing


it's hilarious more than anything


File: 1623384755046.jpg (89.11 KB, 680x510, E3hDDc5VcAY0WAM.jpg)

Mainstream vtubers feel so shallow and staged tbh. Streamers might've killed television but they're just as mindless as TV was and is.



The concept of vtubering itself is a symptom of modern capitalism which breeds loneliness and suffering, and vtubers are capitalist products that pacify those people.


Its way more mindless i think therre was never a daily 8 hour tv show were some animated girl larped as a 8 year old while playing videa


File: 1623441681153.png (126.83 KB, 267x239, .png)

they made 143 episodes of Mister Ed, which is mostly footage of a horse with a voice-over


Sad to hear about it. I hope she decided to go independent or something. Fans would find her pretty quick even if she is no longer "Coco".


Sorry I meant sex addicts vtubers who sometimes tweet recently taken pictures of used condoms and stuff.


File: 1623466633909.webm (90.86 KB, 852x480, 1623464319859.webm)

2ch is blowing up over this. Apparently during the ending portion of Pekora's stream she was talking about food and she mentioned a store that she thought was a chain, but apparently it's only a local shop. It wouldn't have been a big deal but she said it only took her a couple of minutes to walk there if she takes a certain route(giving specific landmarks she goes by even). She basically told people exactly where she lives. She privated the stream right after and the part was cut out, but someone recorded it and it's spreading everywhere. I don't know anything about Tokyo, but maybe someone here can find the location. Here's the portion she cut.


oof downfall of Hololive accelerating quickly. you just know someone’s gonna do something controversial


File: 1623473103187.gif (1002.77 KB, 218x275, 69036.gif)

My favorite vtuber, right next to Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat


Would someone actually stalk a person though?

Like, just leave these weebs alone.


Hololive takes two incredibly shitty things, streamers and idols, and puts them together. It's only natural something like this would happen.


Another one bites the dust.
China #1.


File: 1623515475488.jpg (73.29 KB, 960x704, 1623513096866.jpg)


Not even into vtubers but I've been checking /vt/ only to see their collective meltdown over China.


I feel like Haachama is just delaying the inevitable. Her creative talents has been stripped away through YouTube and Hololive’s Enforcement and she’s being harassed as well. She’s taken so many breaks as well this year.


isn't it hilarious how the same retards that shat on 'egirls'/'ethots' and 'simp' culture are now whiteknighting vtubers
and all it took was 2D avatars with anime aesthetics
it's Perfect Blue all over again


for hololive to become the real deal it needs its first fan attack
with a knife, for traditions sakebrocialismBrocialism


>e-celebs wearing an anime girl face are still e-celebs.


>fucker simping for XI over the t word vs other vtuber simps
The whole situation is a battle of simps


uyghas really getting right-radicalized over streamers.


even worse. a lot are becoming company bootlickers


I hate so much that the hololive board on Futaba is hundreds of times more active than the generic vtuber board. Fucking otaku, man.


are they blaming the CCP
also does futaba have a nijisanji board?


Controversial like what? Hololive members have gotten into controversy multiple times. "Fans" have also done some insane shit.

Something similar happened last year after a new hololive member, Mao Aloe, leaked her real identity. She and her ex-boyfrend got harassed and after a short while she quit or was fired.

I really hope Pekora can avoid this shit. I fucking hate these anti shitheads that harass idols. The fact such a small minority of people can ruin an idol's career is fucked. As much money as the fuckers at Hololive make they should be doing more to protect their talent.

It sucks. She was probably my favorite and now she has her hands tied in combination with whatever personal issues she is having.


vtubers saying swear words is not controversial


saying the N word is controversial
doing un-idol shit in general is controversial since the holos are marketed as idols


wtf is the idol industry?


We have to remember these are human beings behind this whole thing. This idol culture crap is insane and it is preferable if it was done by the full ownership of the person “selling” themselves, because this corporate shit is insane.

What is so hilarious though is that these losers got what was coming to them, not the idols, but the fans who were simping a corporation and got fucked in the when this corporation does corporate shit. It only reveals the “fandom” for the bankruptcy that they are. Man how I would love to kick one of those losers until they are convulsing on the ground. It would get off on beating those corporate bootlickers. What is funny is that they dehumanize the idols more than the corporations do by going to war about some country and shit, it’s hilariously insane.


They got into a lot of controversy because of China related stuff and a couple other things.


I love idol shit, but I've never understood the people that are fans of the corporation too. Like, you can be an idol fan without simping their boss.


Unrelated to Hololive, but some in /vt/ are having a meltdown because a fairly well-known indy watched left-related shit during an Q&A, is pro Palestine, spoke positively of Marx and Lenin and talked about how the CIA ruined South America.


so there's at least one good vtuber out there?


Still waiting for the ML propaganda Vtuber


Alunya vtuber when


Name of the vtuber? Sounds based


File: 1624287420165.png (146.92 KB, 612x536, e1wbs9ry1hj61.png)

Good news
>Early (゚Д゚)ノOn February 24, 1848, The Communist Manifesto, co-authored by Marx and Engels, was first published in London. The Manifesto set forth a new worldview in sharp and thorough language, providing a scientific methodology for understanding the development of human society, contributing to the leap of socialism from the empty to the scientific, and providing a guide to action for the proletarian revolution.


based. What’s the name?


Futakuchi Mana, a metalhead. Mind you, her content is pretty much 65% shitposting on Youtube, and the rest music and just chatting.


Starts at around 45 minutes.


Cute avatar


>ML propaganda


>left-leaning (leftist?)
sounds based to me


>holos are marketed as idols



File: 1624906456727.png (160.84 KB, 960x772, crycry.png)

t-3 days until idol culture takes another one


File: 1624967836153.jpg (5.09 KB, 225x225, 1337.jpg)


Can someone explain to me how that Aqua girl gets so much hate? Idk where it came from all I know is that they get dislike bombed or something.


burger schizos hate her bc they made a narrative that she’s a Chinese “Communist” state asset but that’s all I know


Another reminder that having parasocial relationships turns you even more retarded.



no u


File: 1625148435576-0.jpg (93.08 KB, 720x1046, IMG_3637.jpg)

File: 1625148435576-1.jpg (341.25 KB, 1343x943, IMG_3622.jpg)

File: 1625148435577-2.jpg (385.65 KB, 1343x781, IMG_3623.jpg)

even if the maoist bitch in this thread
Chinese weebs r also shit


File: 1625165154222.jpg (48.63 KB, 700x700, 1622370713521.jpg)

Huh, I hate both sides. Strange


i feel empty…


File: 1625181684728.jpg (302.06 KB, 700x700, 1622370713521.jpg)

I also hate both sides. Strange maomao
But Chinese weebs r also shit


It's ok



This people are some real degenerates.


man… the letters fucked me over


I was neutral towards vtubers until corporations decided to join the party and fucking infect it with the cancer that is the idol industry and its culture. Now the only vtubers 99% of people care about are Holoshit and the sort.

I hate corporations and I hate mindless weeaboos almost as much.


relevant video except for livestreamers in china. hololive is probably the same just gleaning off their mentions in some streams regarding management and stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlnfiULnmMY


File: 1625438041945.png (8.99 KB, 228x221, 1625401878163.png)

Lads, I really wish to genocide VTuber coomsoomers


what do i do to fill the void time before work if i cant do parasocial relationships


Any hobbie on earth but watching the most mindless of lowbrow shit on earth

Even working in a fursona is more dignifying


>Chinese Pirate Site Allegedly Bans Yakuza Games Over Kiryu Coco Shout-out

>Voice Actress Ai Kayano's lines removed from Arknights after Chinese people object to her visiting Yasukuni Shrine

China weebs never ever


Is it still bc of that Taiwan thing?


No, Takaya Kuroda (The va for Kazuma Kiryu) thank coco in a tweet and 3DM got mad


Yeah, Chinese weebs are fucking terrible. Some GamerGate-tier consoomer mentality they have over there.




why are chinese weebs so vicious


This is fucking based, what the fuck are you Nipcucks crying about?
Somebody has to tell the Japanese about WWII, most of them don't even know what their government did (of which still is an imperialist core nation, btw, and rapidly upping its military budget).


>GamerGate-tier consoomer mentality
What an awful straw man of gamergate. Simply wanting a better games media industry to critique bad games and all the other awful shit being pushed in the games industry does not make someone a consumer whore. In fact the very pejorative "consumer whore" was thrown about constantly around that time.


>This is fucking based, what the fuck are you Nipcucks crying about?
getting butthurt about pointless shit like the weeb you are.


I doubt most Chinese gamers/weebs care that much about that. Most of it is just dumb nationalism.




>unironically defending GamerGate


>unironically repeating media smears about a seven year old event on a basket weaving forum most critical of the media
What's your pathology anon? Did a gamer hurt you deeply in the past?


lol this schizo weenie got to /anime/


File: 1625658195748.jpg (19.72 KB, 395x300, get out of the jay.jpg)

Ah yes I remember all those journos calling GG an impotent consumer revolt (like all consumer revolts) that doesn't attack the core problem and only want to Consume Better.
Do you use search.php to show up any time someone mentions this thing? Fucking /v/ermin holy shit, also has the gall to pathologize others for not liking his neo-Project Chanology while doing this thing. Same posting style every single time.


gamergate was right about quinn being a shitty person and game journalism being cancer and the media response presaged the overt narrative manipulation we're seeing now with shit like hunter biden's laptop


you mean the nepotism from hunter or his liking of fucking black chicks? I mean okay.


>gamergate boogie man

>GamerGate-tier consoomer mentality
GG in 2014 was ok and most /v/fags back in the day were libs bitching about radlibs until the shitty BB and /pol/ came in later on




no u


File: 1625684172757.png (421.73 KB, 1024x1024, bless-this-mess.png)

stfu radlib

>his liking of fucking black chicks

you don't?


yeah I like 'em dark.


>the sexists are in the green square mostly

stfu compassfag, ur shitty chart means nothing.


i’ve listened to her music and watched shit posts i didn’t know she was so based


V-tubers are cringe. the waifufagging of shit like Gawr Gura is just tiresome.


nyanners is a good vtuber


Vtubers are cancergroucho_marxismGroucho Marxism


hate vtuber fan base with a passion but like vtubers. what is wrong with me


They are boring
Why the fuck do people even watch these boring uguus play boring mainstream video games
They don't have any personality to provide fun commentary
They just make cute noises


Some of them like tsukino mito aren't like cringey anime larpers. nijisanji is way better than hololive in this regard.


>cute noises
Moe noises more like… it's like IRL waifufagging, like what happened with Miku and vocaloid.


They are. That thread existed prior to /vt/'s existence when western vtubers weren't allowed on /jp/. It stayed on /trash/ mainly because people love being able to post porn and go schizo when they want to.

>Why the fuck do people even watch these boring uguus
Ask yourself "who is their core viewerbase" and everything else makes sense.


I hate streaming and all this online video shit, it's so soul-less and dead and people watching it are just as dead-inside as the content.


We don't call em vtumors for no reason


Same as conventional celebrities; a poor choice of obsession.
You're free to enjoy them, and I guess they might be entertaining personalities, but I'd rather enjoy more conventional art that isn't trying too hard. I think of vtuber's the way I think of the Kardashians; I don't.



File: 1628010457361.png (234.4 KB, 1918x913, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone else hate the new graphic designers of sites like the fandom.wiki? This obsession of making them formatted like phone systems (despite phones having their own separate system anyway) is fucking annoying.
>As we move into the future of Fandom, we have a new logo, new colors, and new desktop and mobile experiences. Learn more about the future of Fandom here.

How to return the old design: https://old.reddit.com/r/wikia/comments/nq1emp/how_to_opt_out_of_the_new_fandom_look/


I hope fandom dies.


why? The site is quite useful and often much better than wikipedia.


V-tubers arrived because people like https://archive.is/vO8j5 died


there was a point where i believed that UI/UX designers for websites were being made to intentionally fuck shit up so that users move move to apps instead, but now i'm convinced that 50% of them are just retarded


tbh a lot of them are interesting people with interesting quirks and stories besides just funny cute noise. it’s just clippers that are cancerous clipping “cute” moments who definitely fetishize them. although, most gaming streams are extremely boring since they’re basically just reading off dialogue and occasionally interacting with a backseat if armchair chat. collabs and talking streams are the best although you are often reminded of the artificial barriers being kept to maintain privacy, but I’m noticing that’s true even in in real life.


I'm convinced it's both


Look at korone. She's super popular for some reason but all does is pretend like infantilized kawaii uguu noise box


I hate V-tubers but frankly what I really hate is their brain dead fans, in a way I can respect V-tubers for exploiting the fuck out of utter braindead bootlickers with absolutely 0 coercion required. It's pitiful behavior and even if I were committed to the idea, I would have no idea where to start with saving these people, since a lengthy amount of therapy and diet is all that will help them.


Is there any guide to return to when it was Wikia and none of this "FANDOM™" shit?


>eturn to when it was Wikia and none of this "FANDOM™" shit?
Unfortunately no, you'll have to use archive.is and wayback for any chance of that.


However if anyone on /tech/ is interested, they might take you up on a proposal to create such a system.


It's just fucking random female streamers preying on lonely depressed men. Like what is even revolutionary about this shit.


>Like what is even revolutionary about this shit
did someone claim them as revolutionary? I missed that.


A lot of people are, especially leftists in weeb circles
Somehow people who detested the idea of thot streamers are now simping for vtubers day in day out


I frankly haven't seen it, but I don't use discord or weeb circles outside this site… though r/AniCommunism is faggy and liberal enough to do that.


>people who detested the idea of thot streamers are now simping for vtubers day in day out
and on top of that the people who defended egirl streamers despise vtubers. It's weird as fuck, but my guess is that it's due to the aesthetics of it all. Both of them are two sides of the same coin.


Hololive Egnlish 2nd just dropped


just like randomly bitching about GG, it the few thing from the old world u hoe


PLA needs to have a branch for cyberbullying imperialists.


>Ah yes I remember all those journos calling GG an impotent consumer revolt (like all consumer revolts) that doesn't attack the core problem and only want to Consume Better.
the core problem with…games journalism? you read journalists to get the take on what's wrong with their own industry?


>you read journalists to get the take on what's wrong with their own industry?
yes, in the usa there are journalists criticizing other journalist and their own industry for corruption and shadiness, it has gotten that bad now


May as well use this thread. China is apparently going to crackdown on "effeminate" fictional characters. I await the shitstorm.


For one thing if I recall correctly this isn't true. Secondly, that's not really a big problem unless they're going to ban anything remotely perceived as effeminate.



For Context :
Nina Kosaka of Nijisanji EN. There's speculation that she was formally a twitch streamer called Monkeyism due to the similar voice.

* Nina: https://youtu.be/aMOXkLfVU8k
* Monkeyism: https://youtu.be/sULAImu93Hw

Monkeyism was known for being left-leaning and open about her opinions including politics. This has angered some folks on 4chinlet's vtuber board /vt/ since they think that Nijisanji a major vtuber agency has let in a leftist who will push her leftist ideas on their English branch of vtubers.

You can see them seething about it here: https://warosu.org/vt/thread/S11237486



Left leaning as in socdem?


>leftists in weeb circles
that's a minority of anime viewers
>leftists in weeb circles


some ballsy shit tbh. hope she makes it even if she’s fully integrated into corporate world


>>leftists in weeb circles
whoops, I double-greened


I don't watch Twitch, so I don't have a deep understanding about Monkeyism or her views. I first heard about her from /vt/ and they seem to say that she's a 31 year old Ukrainian woman who lives in Canada. This stream of her confirms some of that and indicate that her parents grew up in the Soviet Union: https://youtu.be/7k_nhO1qHkI?t=764 . She seems to focus on idpol a lot in the stream, such as in a later part when she talks about "brands" not speaking out about BLM enough: https://youtu.be/7k_nhO1qHkI?t=1337 .

As for Nina Kosaka, in her debut stream she quotes the Soviet-era poet Andrey Dementyev: https://youtu.be/5FtzYaRfXQc?t=1509 . When I watch Nina's stream, I get the impression of a hint of irony in her voice like she's treating this as a sort of parody of vtubers and corporate branding or something, but maybe that's just me.

This is just from an hour of research so I don't really know. There might be some streams of Monkeyism out there that paint a clearer picture of what her views and background are. If she is leftist, she's most likely never going to outright say it under her current identity because that might get her fired or "graduated" as it's called with vtubers.


Damn checked double dubs


File: 1634964009349.jpg (122.22 KB, 1644x894, 1634935143168.jpg)

In the light of upcoming Japanese general election one of historically strongest Japanese opposition parties - the Japanese Communist Party debuts it's own political vtuber show.
Featuring JCP original characters that are already familiar to those that follow JCP published advertising material and manga.

What are your thoughts about it? Are vtubers now truly mainstream? How it will affect the perception of JCP and Japanese politics in general?


>Vtuber Elections
bla bla Societal Spectacle


I feel like they're gonna get steamrolled in this election.


I don’t really care that they’re role playing, taking the role of a capitalist fills me with anger:

and weebs joking about colonization in the comments too



Cutesy/moe anime Chinese sounds absolutely disgusting
>Cool racist virtual girl from china


File: 1636041835815.jpg (47.9 KB, 640x480, ytthunbnail.jpg)


File: 1636045483717.jpg (51.02 KB, 546x896, 464.jpg)

Very important video, thanks for reposting. Truly Vtube is a demonstration of the cruel cyberpunk future that is encroaching on society. .>>>/hobby/7701
The explanation of Parasocial relationships is very important and puts into laymans terms something I've struggled to explain to some people. This issue of Vtube is also applicable to the concept of Virtual Reality (games) such as depictions like SAO or .Hack
Overall excellent video.


I would appreciate it more if he didn't go autismo mode on the degeneracy,christcuck arguments,because it's just gonna make easy for most people to dismiss him,since like 1/3 of the video is him being mad about masturbation,muh transhumanists,muh degeneration of the west.
Especially since he is actually level headed when he actually talks about the subject.


File: 1636056353102.png (123.72 KB, 1160x770, 1619272030071.png)

>political compass


File: 1636061477301.png (592.59 KB, 2028x1576, communist christians.png)

>degeneracy,christcuck arguments
<Not muh heckin Chrisianity, not muh heckin porno!
<noooo you can't criticize people for propagating a false image on the internet to scam people!
Just stop m8, I'm not a prude, a bit of perversion is fun and good but the shit I see today and experience and gets pushed onto others is fucking bourg shite, and he says it outright. If porky is giving something like that FOR FREE, the product and profit is directly at your expense.


yeah sure buddy,but his answer is christ,and NOTHING else,he hasn't said bourgeois a single time,and he praise "anti-cap" China and Russia (lol) only because they deal with his pet peeve,this isn't a prolekult video.
Also I'm not talking about porn (because it's a terrible industry and I'm not defending that),I'm talking about him being butthurt about promiscuity in general and the sexual revolution,the guy litterally gets mad at women for being "forced" to be "career oriented" or because one talks about her period (which yeah it's crass,but it's a major part of a woman life,as somebody who lived with his mom and two sisters,I'm not really disgusted by it anymore,maybe you could make the argument it shouldn't be exposed to the public ?).
>propagating a false image
The one he picked litterally tells he's a "he" right in the bio (I think it's still bad tho),and he segue on a rant about transexuals being degenerate right after to satisfy his inner spooks.
He's saying a lot of truth,but he's retarded and nobody will really want to bother with what he says if he ends up derailling his points with christian propaganda every two minutes.
(also I'm pretty sure he would seethe if you showed him that pic,seeing the rest of his content,you're putting too much faith in a burger bible thumper)



Embedding error.
>his answer is christ,and NOTHING else
No it isn't you actual idiot, he's talking about the material and social changes in Western society, you're not listening. Also stop phoneposting, your spacing is horrendous.
>he hasn't said bourgeois a single time
He said capitalist and capitalism, not everyone is a pseudo-intellectual trying to throw buzzwords.
>Muh China and Russkies
Ok liberal, back to reddit. And yes, they are right to ban this shit.
>I'm talking about him being butthurt about promiscuity in general and the sexual revolution
1) Sexual promiscuity isn't good that isn't the point of communist movements in regards to sexuality
2) He specifically points out the fact that the "sexual revolution" became nothing more than a capitalist co-op to promote their vulgar ideology.
>litterally gets mad at women for being "forced" to be "career oriented"
He literally got mad because it's correct, it's not revolutionary to have "More *clap* Female *clap* CEOs *clap* and the system forcing women to labour 9-5 jobs just like men to barely scrap by and support their family, leading to alienation in families.
>because one talks about her period
It's crass and private, it's barely different to taking a shit or a piss, I don't care to let others see that or se others doing it. It's not about "muh vymin" but about them not having any self-respect, that's exactly the problem of capitalism - making people have no self-respect for themselves and encouraging them to be figurative (and literal) whores. I'd hardly call that empowering.
>The one he picked litterally tells he's a "he" right in the bio
it's 'literally' and the point is that they point out that as an example of people getting either baited by fake voices OR being so lacking for connections and friendship that they don't care if the visage they see is a lie, it's convenient that you keep on about him talking about "muh trans" despite that being a couple seconds at best and only part of his point that also includes middle aged women and fat hairy men ERPing.
>segue on a rant about transexuals being degenerate right after
Stop making shit up.
> nobody will really want to bother with what he says if he ends up derailling his points with christian propaganda every two minutes
Again stop making shit up, as it's fairly obvious as to what points fit to each other
>I'm pretty sure he would seethe if you showed him that pic


>It's crass and private, it's barely different to taking a shit or a piss, I don't care to let others see that or se others doing it. It's not about "muh vymin" but about them not having any self-respect, that's exactly the problem of capitalism - making people have no self-respect for themselves and encouraging them to be figurative (and literal) whores. I'd hardly call that empowering.
So talking about your period is being a whore? How?? Is that also your opinion about people who casually mention having to take a piss?


Yes, and?
compass is a spook, but the few insight of old gg we have and it was 2014-2016 when that meme was still popular


>best milf is based socdem gang
>vtuber mspaint communism



You're twisting my words knave; Being open and uncensored about it is vulgar like a hooker. Saying "It's my period" is not the same thing as
A) not bothering to be private about the act itself
B) being 'proud' of it for some damned reason.
Capitalism encourages people to be libertines because if you have no sense of privacy or self-respect, you are the perfect consumer, ready to eat any of the shit they feed you and shit it out to others. And yes I'm being crass because that is just how utterly dehumanizing it truly is.


This is a really shitty and retarded opinion


>I straight up birthed out my entire fucking vagina skin at once
You're afraid of a joke like that?


Yes your post is a shitty and retarded opinion
>afraid of a joke
The fuck are you talking about? Nobody brought up fear, it's about being a vulgar cunt. There is no joke in it, nor is it something to be talked about; shit and piss jokes are already the most lowbrow of kiddie jokes and anything on that level is no more justifiable in a public context - this isn't even the kind of shit most friends would joke about unless you're immature teenagers trying to be edgy and stupid.


Media Blames High Guardian Spice Failure On "Anti-LGBT" Trolls by Vara Dark - Dark Titan Enterprises


this is a vtuber thread?


I don't see what's wrong with a little shit and piss jokes from time to time honestly.


I can't believe they're still playing this card after it failed to help Ghostbuxxters



In an adult setting on occasion it's fine, I'd hardly claim to have never done a joke like that, but shit like the graphically disgusting description of "birthing out" a period isn't even a joke and is very low effort.

They played the same card for Captain Marvel and Birds of Prey and every other schlock movie, cartoon and comic being produced in recent times, since Ghostbusters, they'll never learn the lesson IMO.


Go back to /siberia/ spammer.



I've been watching some v-tuber stuff lately, and it looks like they have similar dynamics to other game-playing-talking-heads like Asmongold. In both genres you have the main streamer generating many hours of streaming content. Then you have a bunch of orbiter streamers of various tiers that generate content based off of that original content (reaction videos), or collaboration content, and then whole ecosystems of secondary content distribution like fanlation channels, "best of" channels, commentary, etc.

I'd like to take a closer look at what sort of broadcast schedule vtubers actually have, because the impression I get is that these channels are basically content sweatshops. The content is just being mechanically spun out in 4-5 hour streams where the streamer just babbles endlessly to an endlessly babbling chat stream. Aside from their solo streams, there are collabs, "raids", and then however much time is spent outside of their streams with their idol managers coordinating all of the "character" interactions.

Have any v-tubers actually gone on record as to the exact parameters of their job? However many hours a week of content they're obligated to produce, that kind of thing? I have to wonder what sort of industry protections these girls get. For the American vtubers like Nyanners, I guess that would be the Screen Actors Guild? Although I bet there's some bullshit where mo-capping and voicing a CG anime girl doesn't make you a "voice actress" because a corporation didn't pay you to do it.



But for real, get the streamers to unionize.


idols and online shit probably booming for the same reason South Korean shows popping up on streaming platforms. investors can sniff out(literally research) the exploitation and non-protection these industries have and go bank in dumping money. there’s also the hidden economy of freelance riggers and artists that companies and independents(no shade to them) are definitely underpaying


showing up on Western Streaming platforms*

also, is nobody gonna talk about boot licker occasionally resurfacing in these idols?>>11176



Fucker, post didn't connect >>>/hobby/7701


Lol, to think I completely skipped on nijien 3 despite watching one of them almost every day since lazu debut kinda grew bored of most of them tbh already I guess I'll check this one out.


"Chin Cheng Hanji" - Linglan Lily / 李李鈴蘭 (Cover)


Isn't she from Taiwan? If this had been a PRC based meme people'd be aall oer about it being 'raseest'.


How you mean?


China is a capitalist country which also has vtubers. Cope harder fascist lmao. You'll never have the touch of a female being an autistic virgin sperg such as urself.


File: 1638838392369.png (611.9 KB, 579x572, Laughing Elf.png)

<hurr if you say China did something right that must mean you uncritically support them
>Cope harder fascist
<Ur a china luver
<ur fasheest
Pick one coomerfag
>ou'll never have the touch of a female being an autistic virgin sperg such as urself
Projection is a mental disorder, take meds.


You could be giving the board more activity by making posts that are actually good, not this garbage that you are doing.


ur dumb lmao why are u crying


>ad hominum
>make better posts
And you? You've brought nothing to the table, replying to an argument from a week back and just bitching about China like a liberal, creaming "fasheest" and "austist" and "virgeen". Touch Grass


>And you? You've brought nothing to the table
Exactly, because that was my first post in this thread.


vtubers seem almost aggressively positive. It's not hard to see why they're so popular. With everything basically being on fire or a state of collapse, viewers can basically indulge in an endless supply of cute girls doing cute things.


Not an excuse.


Amane Kanata explained more or less what goes into a day of work of a Hololive member. Though this obviously doesn't apply to all streamers or all vtubers, it shows what it's like to be one of the very successful ones. It's a pretty harsh schedule, but I'm not sure how much of that is just general japanese worker overexploitation and how much is specific to idol culture stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcv3F5qKvKE


Vtubers very quickly went through the [hobbyists only]->[normalfags join and the hobby explodes in popularity]->[psychopaths (bourgeois) monetize the hobby] process.


File: 1641859240625.jpg (35.63 KB, 480x360, 45378905.jpg)

>Weebs beat out the furries on worst mainstream content
The average video is worse than the imflamatory furry porn they used to spam in old /b/
Stop watching this crap


You posted a wojak.


vtubets should unionize


How would that work for something like that? I assume you mean Vtubers that work for a business rather than independent Vtubers.


for me its gura


das rite


Sadly there seems to be no such thing as labor agitation in Japan, so for the major ones (Hololive and Nijisanji) it's a no-go; still, they seem to be in a particularly curious relationship with the company, since though the character is owned by the company (and thus can be used for advertising, etc., without the consent of the streamer) only the streamer can "produce" value in the form of digital content, and if they chose not to work there wouldn't be much the company could do (after all, the character is worth very little without the person behind it — as was made clear with Kizuna Ai).
So in theory labor has a lot of power in such a relationship, but there is no way real-life political and economic issues will ever be discussed in this medium, given the particularly shitty escapist ideology most weebs share.


Man, I used to watch the shit out of this, good times. Big part of my being radicalized.


Now that I think about it, I imagine labor organizing in Hololive would probably be especially rough since the company really promotes itself as being a "family" of sorts.


I've seen IWW ads for fur suit and fur artist unionization so I don't believe independence is necessarily an impediment to unionization.

Corps in the US lean really hard on that "we're a family" type of anti-union crap and that's very quickly going down the shit tubes in the light of "oh by 'family' you mean you want us to die for minimum wage."

Imo labor organizing in hololive is theoretically easy considering that the streamers themselves are relied on to produce all the content, and without them the company is fucked.

I'd be really curious to learn what sort of health or retirement plan, or really what sort of actual job security vtubers have contractually. The hours they put in seem pretty crazy so I hope they're getting paid at least. I know I'd want some sort of employment guarantees so I don't get Coco'd.


it’s weirder when you consider, on purpose from the staff of the company we’ll never know, that the girls give the impression they know the CEO personally and that they have permission to call him a creep and call him ugly. I think Nijisanji does this too. Theoretically, this venting toward the company can be used as a tool to placate the workers in which they expel frustrations in a manner that is safe, as their consumers have accepted these particular interactions as content; and is reinforced as an artificial boundary through these clipped interactions of the streamers shitting on their bosses. Artificial boundary being created by both clippers and the streamers themselves as it is an inside and oft repeated joke, that makes it clear what is banter and what is actual criticism. Although, call me an empath(lol), I think the streamers are actually disgusted by their bosses and it’s just happened to be interpreted as banter by the clippers.


and then later turned into a commodity by the streamers themselves, especially over time.


I don't think i will ever like vtubers
They are the most obvious manufactured and corporate thing in existence
Every time you have a dissenting opinion, or just poke fun at them people will always come to their rescue
I also hate how they're all samey as fuck
Like you can literally be anything you want since it's an avatar, but for some reason they always choose a pale skinned anime girl
It's also very fucked up how it's okay for them to make millions of dollars in earnings, but it's bad for twitch streamers to do that


I'd tell you to learn Japanese and find all the cool niche vtubers streaming on niconico outside of the influence of corporate interests like Holoshit does but I have a feeling you won't bother doing that.


>I also hate how they're all samey as fuck
>Like you can literally be anything you want since it's an avatar, but for some reason they always choose a pale skinned anime girl
And their designs are almost always 100% shit. They're not always pale but even if a Vtuber avatar has dark skin their design is utter shit too.


i've come to think of it more like a digital version of kayfabe (as in wrestling) than merely a corporate thing which is completely fake. Granted, it would be naive to think that what the streamers (or the company) display is a "reality" not dictated by the profit motive; but there seems to be a certain degree of "honesty" (if one can call it that much) in the fact that the streamers are very openly playing a persona which is entirely other than themselves.

Of course, as this >>12394 anon said the corporative side is not as extreme (though youtube and twitch are inevitably involved) as in hololive or nijisanji, for obvious reasons.

this is true, most designs are utter crap, but every now and then they seem to fit the person quite impressively (though this may be just theatrics)

take this clip by botan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baJ8iPEjOLI in which her doctor thinks she works at a black company (japanese slang for horrid working conditions, for those unaware) given her lifestyle, and she cannot even bring herself to deny it; or this clip by iroha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnyWoBqxw0Q in which her doctor says her living conditions are literally inhuman (though this may be more because of the extremely poor proletarian conditions under which she seems to been living for a long time); in these moments (and many other instances, ad nauseam) the reality of the nightmare which is big corporate vtubing is quite clear; though class consciousness is not at all something which happens automatically, we may begin to see more explicitly anti-corporate stances by the streamers. id be remiss in not mentioning
marine, who has literally instructed the other members as to how to use their unions (if applicable) and how to get the big bucks from government unemployment subsidies, in case they need to quit a shitty job) which she learned from her previous, just as nightmarish jobs.


File: 1642572146745.jpg (80.1 KB, 959x845, 1631661324581[1].jpg)

A mi me gusta la cachetona.


ironically, i believe vtubers are probably the most radical commodity i have seen that can ever be produced in capitalism despite their manufactured image. Mainly because the human experience of working is the commodity itself. you see all this radical shit sort of produced in hollywood and other media, but the alienation and exploitation of the streamer worker's entire life IS THE PRODUCT. And try as they might, they cant really hide it.

the lack of boundaries as a coveted consumable is also worrying for socialization.

not defending their income, as they definitely make a lot more than twitch streamers and others, but vtuber companies make bank as they take majority of the streamer's profits. With their share, the vtubers still make lots more money, but it technically is still an exploitative relationship.


File: 1642620803478.png (42.45 KB, 1920x1920, ac4.png)

Unironically would consume furry porn bait and wojacks before vtuber crap tbh


What's been going on with Calliope? I saw a clip where she said she won't be reading superchats because of some hate or whatever.


Embedding error.
Maybe it has something to do with this incident


Don't know this person but what was that "shekels" joke?


No idea tbh. I think she just made a joke in some stream about getting rich in a game and referring to it as shekels but I'm not sure.





it's something about some guy telling her to stop associating with a guy from the podcast Trash Taste via a superchat + some later troll superchats insinuating they were sending money for condoms


I guess your basic incel shit. In the revolution incels who won't change their behavior need to be shot.


In that dude's mild defense, Connor did call Hololive members "talentless." Mori then claimed that he had personally apologized, only for that to be outed as bullshit by Kiara who said she had no contact with those guys. Kiara did come out and say she'll be doing male colabs and most of her fanbase has no problem with it. People in Mori's community just hate Connor individually, not all males.


how about the males from nijisanji EN


Never seen them, but I do like some male streamers. The problem is that they aren't all that entertaining. There is that one beyblade ASMR clip going around, though.



a bit too memey for my taste


Don't watch them, but I find it interesting how they seem to have brought in a decently large audience of people that didn't really watch chuubas before.


Connor seems like a dude who would say sarcastic shit like that. Anyone who took personal offense because of that joke definitely hasn't touched grass. Now of course if someone is actually brigading vtubers to just negatively affect them is someone that needs to be shot because that's just straight up harassment, but I don't think Connor was brigading any one.


No, he meant it in the sense that Hololive is a machine for instant success. You have 300k subs guaranteed and a steady stream of superchats. This was offensive to some Holosimps, and that's why they want to keep Mori away from the TT crowd. I don't agree, but I understand. Mori's mistake was saying that he had "personally apologized" to each member of HoloEN for what he said. This is not true, and Connor is not the type to just apologize for that shit. It was an offhand comment, and it's also true. Also, some people highly suspect that fucking a vtuber is in Connor's bucket list, but don't realize that Garnt already did that.


imageboards were filled with people who (rightfully) mocked e-celebs and "simps" and most of them went 180 degrees on the matter once vtubers came out, hilariously enough

that being said fuck hololive and the rest, vtubers were an organic phenomenon and porky got its hands on it almost immediately. if you want good genuine stuff watch indie vtubers


lmao. rushia terminated just like that. allegedly not related to “incident”. no fucking protections. holy shit.


File: 1645763166407.jpg (243.3 KB, 845x1117, 1645737300925.jpg)

It's bullshit.


so are we just supposed to take their word for it
god i hate the corporatization of vtubers


i hate corporate bootlickers so much bros


damn just found out about this, never expected cover to nuke their biggest earner. used to think that labor had a relatively strong position in streaming (given that the avatar is pointless without the person) but looks like i was wrong


you kidding right ?.


Explain about this incident you speak of


her fans were mad that she actually has a bf and the gf experience she was giving was fake. the way they found out was bc a fbi.gov message from another popular streamer popped up during stream w some affectionate words. funnily enough, this all happened on Valentine’s Day when she was releasing some wedding dress rushia merchandise. that is the incident. contract termination was bc of NDA contract breach. she did fuck up by choosing to tell a Japanese equivalent of a keen star. But apparently they were friends before. Clips translated are only a partial segment of the entire Japanese keemstar stream, but it appears to be a just a vague ass sentence that warranted contract breach investigation, although that sentence did prompt an investigation by the company into their chat logs(allegedly). Where they allegedly found more evidence of sharing of information that “damaged” company reputation.

Logically it makes “sense” what the company did. Morally it’s fucked up. When your private life becomes company secrets and also it’s own commodity, not the first time, but it’s just sad. I don’t know the extant of the investigation, but assuming she didn’t use her corporate account to talk shit, it just sets a precedent you won’t ever be able to talk shit about the company due to NDA violation. Even if she did use her corporate account to talk shit, it’s just a reminder that they’re not a “family” and they’re all either coworkers, competition, but always underneath the management hierarchy. Again, it makes “sense” and they could always do that but the power has been exercised and the chain has been yanked back. The alias behind Marine worked for some black companies in the past, and appropriately she was the one who (I heard) was grieving.

Lots of HOLO corporate stans love to say the Fubuki quote along the lines of if “Hololive was a black company I’d leave it”, but honestly isn’t that the perfect alibi?


They were mad because the fake girlfriend experience with the fake character turned out to be… fake?


yes and her bf also does the same thing for a female equivalent audience, so they were both harassed by each other’s audiences. cue break from Rushia and then all this shit.


They were bad that they cucked themselves to the tune of 3 million wing wangs and their fake girlfriend broke the masquerade


the fubuki stuff is bullshit, the only one that legitimately seems to care about workers is marine


it's spectacularly stupid but you gotta understand rushia's merchandise for valentines' day was literally engagement rings, so it's kinda on a whole nother level


I'm not much of a hololive watcher but i'm mad because i liked her, fucking idol culture man.


Corporatization of vtubers is such a bizarre phenomenon. Shit like this should be done for fun without any corporate influence. Instead you have people treating vtubing as another wageslave job to provide fake gf experience and porkies exploiting lonely people. I hate this world.


capitalism doing what it does best, taking something fun and mutilating it to make money.


if you liked her it seems she's gonna keep streaming and stuff as her other alias (mikeneko), she was so popular that after she was terminated she has spawned a permanent thread on /jp/ dedicated solely to her and it's full of very parasocial autists


I'm pretty sure vtubers were already a shady corporate ploy to begin with
They're literally no different from the japanese idols


looking at kizuna ai you're probably correct, but this doesn't mean they have to be shady corporate ploy


File: 1646538703903-0.jpg (206.74 KB, 1284x1264, FNH4ZvgXEAIXf5Q.jpg)

File: 1646538703903-1.jpg (248.3 KB, 1924x1284, FNH4ZvgXwAIHsCi.jpg)

File: 1646538703903-2.jpg (322.81 KB, 1284x1768, FNH4ZvhWQAESxD0.jpg)

File: 1646538703903-3.jpg (234.32 KB, 1283x1855, FNH4ZvhWQAU5l2i.jpg)



/vt/ is right, Nyanners is a snake.


Hipster crying bitch lol


I can totally read this.


>Toxic capitalist market is toxic and anti-communist
>Surprised Pikachu face


>implying anyone but radlib LARPers here are surprised


File: 1646959101614.png (83.11 KB, 992x527, page-97.png)

>I'm saddened to hear that even something as innocent as the vtuber sphere has been infected with politics and will breed new reactionaries out of lonely people with nothing better to do.
welcome to the club of media fandoms taken over by retards.




Schizo vtuber


finally vtuber representation for all the schizos and their narratives


vtubers = gamergate?


Nyanner has a 30% of being a federal agent.


I fap to Melody from time to time
it's like a virtual orgy, pretty neat


Where do you watch her?


Because she's giving money to Ukraine? Literally everyone on vshojo is doing this. It's just your regular ol' liberal virtue signal "charity".


I find her tired voice as hot


What a trip killer


I mean it's been said before, GG started off as people angry about Game censorship and corporate exploitation and then got taken over and rurined by /pol/.




i think Nina kosaka is definitely autistic


This thumbnail is so funny, looks like they're about to drown the oblivious catgirl


She's a fox.


1) fox
2) they tried many methods.


File: 1653043873582.jpg (548.84 KB, 1571x2560, 91ey3YQlqLL.jpg)

>Me: Consumerism will kill us
>Also me: *consumes lowbrow corporatized product*


We really do live in a society (of the spectacle)



Im pretty sure consoomerism wont kill us its either fascism nukes or climate change but not watching people larp as japanese cartoon characters online


Nothing has been safe from politics. It's the most convenient form of "intellect" while indulging the primal need for drama.
That's all it is, schoolboy gossip for adults.
It explains why there's more grown men whom believe in flat earth and reject actual NASA pictures


it's production that create consumption.


this is my multiverse of madness


i'm a vtuber and i treat it as early transhumanism plus acting. it's fun to be my idealized self and get better at acting and being social to people. i'm building a small community where we talk about shit and play games, it's fun. i shut down the parasocial stuff/gfe stuff hard though, so i wont ever grow big but im okay with that.

when I can upload myself into a robotic body it'll be good


>i shut down the parasocial stuff/gfe stuff hard though, so i wont ever grow big but im okay with that.
good for you, unironically


That's good and all
But i really hope your avatar isn't an anime girl
I saw some vtubers unironically try to do the shitty whiny anime girl voice and one even faked a engrish accent
I can not fathom why people would like that


you dont need to act like an anime girl if your avatar is one you know


yeah, the avatar can be little more than a glorified profile pic, it's the way the vtuber interacts that really matters.


Some Vtubers are amateur voice actors which is why some put on a whole persona and manner of speaking.


That explains a lot and why it sounds so unnatural, because voice acting isn't just doing a high pitched voice
But that really doesn't explain when some fake a japanese accent though
Not sure what that accomplishes other than trying really hard to make people think you're japanese


File: 1654744964310.png (100.55 KB, 602x688, 1654476737971.png)

Most normal EN vtuber.


hey, kid
got any rrats?


And I thought I had issues with my looks.


I can sympathize with it even though it seems odd how detailed these requests are. So many photos can just make you look real bad. u_u


for context, as a big fan of this one, she was an outcast kid that got really obsessed with Japan as a tween, brute forced her way into learning Japanese by talking with Japanese people online, became a big NicoNico streamer, then went to Japan to become a jpop idol where she eventually got fucked over by her manager (all while still underage), then forced to move back to her home country and scrape by since she left to be an j-idol before finishing high school, long story short she developed severe western and Japanese beauty standards mind worms.


She worded herself too tritely (the issues of titter's 400 character limit) but honestly understandable if you put yourself in their shoes.


For a second I thought you were talking about Applemilk


vtuberism is some next-level lunacy, i think it might even be worse than furfags and ponyfags



File: 1660165183964.png (393.07 KB, 500x600, norm.png)


File: 1660194517222.mp4 (4.75 MB, 640x360, The VTuber Plague.mp4)

Okay, I kinda fell out of the loop with this vtuber hype train and recently decided to find out what the noise is all about.
I want to make it clear first that I don't have a stick up my arse when it comes to the new forms of escapism, or at least I think so. But this vtuber trend is honestly a next step for the simp industry. And I mean the simp industry as in real industry, just like car industry and steel industry. Only this industry is built on monetizing male alienation. Because this is now a full fledged industry with its own corporations it has massive consequences because these corporations are now interested in increasing male alienation to keep donations stream growing, and more so because that now have the means to lobby and bribe and influence policy. We can also see an influx of new capital into this industry and increasing competition and as a result a downward pressure on the rate of profit, which would make all these corporations even more aggressive in their policies to expand the market by increasing amount of alienated simps.
Man, does the future looks fucking bleak..


yeah it sucks that vtubers got coopted by corporations trying to turn them into idols, its been said since day 1


you're saying this as if vtubers weren't aimed at simps form the beginning with these animegrill larping antics


the one positive is that it shreks IRL roasties so that mid girls can drain money from simps.


I'm waiting for a voice changing software to advance enough so that I can get in on the simp fleecing too.


I'm mostly interested in how the industry will mutate or die in the with the wars, recessions, etc of the 2020s/30s, considering it's so directly tied to the extra income of lonely professionals/wagies, with the exception of sponsorships from various sponsorships


I find vtubers enjoyable


I find it hard to believe the companies will survive in their current form for much longer; just Rushia being fired already rocked the boat quite a bit, and given that eventually we're gonna see vtubers dying, getting tired and quitting, etc., it seems like a given that the current structure of vtubing (or at least strictly japanese vtubing) is unsustainable. I can't see the market growing that much more anyway; english-speaking vtubers might still have quite a ways to go, but for languages with smaller demographics there is only so many people interested in watching vtubers (and its hard to believe many people will learn a language just to understand what a streamer is speaking). Also, after a certain point (which I believe we have reached already to a certain degree) any new vtuber that debuts just cannibalizes on the audience of established talent. Streaming is a very time-consuming hobby to watch, and there are only so many hours on the day. Hololive already struggles quite a bit with people streaming on the same timeslot, afaik (and Nijisanji just doesn't give a fuck and has a billion vtubers associated with them). Maybe advertising money can prop things up for a while, but stricly speaking money coming from simps is a very limited revenue source.

That being said, random people using the software to stream without having to show their faces or for roleplaying a character is probably going to stay for good. It's relatively easy to setup, cheap, and safer than alternatives, if you can avoid getting doxxed.


I genuinely have no idea how you think that vtubing will die. The prospect of being a whatever the fuck and streaming whatever the fuck and not having to use your real face is honestly so enticing that I'd be shocked if vtubing dies.


Obviously I meant corporate (japanese) vtubing, which is an industry and thus subject to all the problems capitalism is known for and as such is by no means guaranteed to survive (at least in its current form); randos using avatars to stream will pretty much never die, as I said:
>That being said, random people using the software to stream without having to show their faces or for roleplaying a character is probably going to stay for good. It's relatively easy to setup, cheap, and safer than alternatives, if you can avoid getting doxxed.


well who knows maybe vtubing as a industry will die and it will become a form of living on the internet
Larping as an anime girl is an old art


Nothing wrong with using an avatar for streaming, but larping as an anime character should get you ridiculed


File: 1660866040305.png (1.19 MB, 736x602, merriment forbidden.png)

>larping as an anime character should get you ridiculed


It's more accurate to call it performance art or live acting.


this retard calling an exclusively online thing "larp"


vtubing was fun until h*lolive ruined it honestly, i'd tune into a couple of mmbk's streams and it'd be nice


>pretending to be an anime character
>exclusively online
Are you retarded?


who are you quoting


I don't know if this is cope or just ignorance, but straying from the party line will get you socially crucified in China even if you aren't arrested. You only need to slip up once on a current event.

That the company isn't protecting them is a pretty serious issue though.


This is absolutely true, and in some cases backed by major, even state level, backing.


Are you really saying you don't understand the situation you just described? Every company is beholden to the CCP, bilibili is no exception. When they pull a stream for saying something off script the cause is always obvious, in this case it's something that contradicts the CCP's official messaging. This is an action that really does have real world consequences.


Live Action Role Playing (larping) is something you do outside in cosplay. Vtubers can't holographically project the Live2D / pngtuber onto themselves out and about, nor are they in character while at the store or whatever.


Then why aren't the people voicing anti lockdown positions getting excoriated


>Vtubers can't holographically project the Live2D / pngtuber onto themselves out and about,

Yet. Unfortunately.




Pekora bought a monkey.


pekora has bought a resident of si/b/eria


a fuckin monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee






I find it funny how the phenomena of Vtubers has kinda died down. People still do it and its still got followers, but the crazy hype has died down.


File: 1692932968207.png (621.57 KB, 689x964, 1692811091989100.png)

was there ever a super crazy hype for it?
anyway check Lottie and Raki from PixelLink


Kinda feel bad to see someone be this self conscious.


yes, especially during covid


File: 1693930851296.png (1.69 MB, 1500x1415, ClipboardImage.png)

I think that Gawr Gura was the reason V-tube really took off. Combined with the 'lockdown' shit going on at the time and people had nothing better to do than overlay cute anime girls as avatars and make motion tracker livestreams of them doing random shit like vidya lets plays - if people are stupid enough to waste hours of life giving them views, might as well make money off of it. Additionally I think Gawr Gura particularly got popular because the character is a loli, and that attracted the Rule 34 hentai crowd who have made thousands of lewds. The Shark getup also provided an angle of cuteness.

TL;DR: I blame Gawr Gura for this


Gura litterally abused the system by having all of her previous followers jump the shark (lol) with her to her new persona.


If the systems' a broken rigged game, best thing to do is tilt it in your favor I guess. Still hate V-tube shit, but you gotta respect the hustle at the least, and it's not false advertising technically… still a trap tho.


ok christian


Ok Chris-chan


>the Rule 34 hentai crowd who have made thousands of lewds
This is such a funny way of putting it. Like masturbating to porn is some obscure niche only a handful of people do.


I mean masturbating to anime lolis is, while not all exactly super rare, is also not really common either. I would estimate that idk, less than 10% of men do this.


That's a lot of people.


Rule 34 is a large audience… but out of the population is a tiny portion of people, even if we exclude those that have no internet or computers.


>I would estimate that idk, less than 10% of men do this.

What data are you using to come to this conclusion


File: 1697483555466.png (654.86 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)


Honestly I loathed V-tube back when it was overly popular, and still dislike it, however every cloud has a silver lining, and we get some pretty good content out of it on occasion. vid rel was honestly amazing animation IMO


>pekora has bought a resident of si/b/eria
As a resident of /siberia/, I can confirm.


weeb shit.
don't care


File: 1711464438349.jpeg (386.08 KB, 828x676, IMG_9517.jpeg)

How dafuq am I randomly going through twitter and find a Nazi sympathizing Vtuber. And she isn’t even small. What is this platform.


anon i think thats just a german


File: 1711464498013-0.jpeg (317.69 KB, 828x608, IMG_9510.jpeg)

File: 1711464498013-1.jpeg (440.28 KB, 828x1105, IMG_9512.jpeg)

File: 1711464498013-2.jpeg (545.75 KB, 828x1332, IMG_9513.jpeg)


File: 1711464544338-0.jpeg (336.21 KB, 828x746, IMG_9514.jpeg)

File: 1711464544338-1.jpeg (408.25 KB, 828x1230, IMG_9515.jpeg)

File: 1711464544338-2.jpeg (621.68 KB, 828x1335, IMG_9516.jpeg)


I thought Pipkin Pippa was the Nazi vtuber.


Even worse


File: 1711464677107.jpeg (401.36 KB, 828x805, IMG_9518.jpeg)

Do I have a surprise for you


why can't we have a imageboard humour vtuber that isn't a rightoid schizo


Because "imageboard humour" is rightoid schizophrenia.


yeah true

I don't even watch vtubers anyways so meh


looking her up, she seems very close with Phase Connect tubers and that place is FULL of stone toss retweeters. Also scouring her feed I discovered this big artist actively retweets stonetoss


Literally who


God damn they are all boosting themselfs.


I hate vtubers so much it's all pedobait or poltard garbage. Literally what is the appeal?


this one extra sucks cause this artist is amazing and looking at their art you would think they are the polar opposite of a /pol/tard


1. Don't browse Shitter.
2. Anime is popular with ethnonationalists, including netto uyoku.
3. Who cares about her?
>why can't we have a imageboard humour vtuber that isn't a rightoid schizo
Become one yourself.
>she seems very close with Phase Connect tubers and that place is FULL of stone toss retweeters
I mean, Stonetoss gets posted even here so I don't think they're Nazis but one girl I saw is the kind of a "lumpen are lazy moochers" Randoid who thinks Bezmenov is based so I can definitely say that Phase Connect is a lolbertarian agency.
>it's all pedobait or poltard garbage
<average anime hater take
Fuck you, leather man! You picked the WRONG BOARD!!


She thicc tho.


Thighs full of Mein Kampf pages


>thighs full of paper
That's hot.


damn her art was pretty good too although ive has some suspicions for quite a while. as a leftist this is a great time to shit on another leftist, an anarchist who said that great artists can never be fascists or some pretentious shit like this.


>Needy Girl Overdose
Ah, an anon of culture


>an anarchist
>said that great artists can never be fascists
How are the two related? As an anarchist, I say this is a complete bullshit. People can have whatever stupid political opinions regardless of their skills, Ayn Rand being a terrible writer is a pure coincidence.


Given the recent revelations concerning Nijisanji, has anybody ever discussed organizing VTubers? From what I've seen, a lot of them are quite exploited and only see a small fraction of the money that is donated to them. They work in quite stressful conditions, notably Dokibird being hospitalized after almost committing suicide due to abuse at Nijisanji where she then worked.


About to mucho texto, may as well use my 4 years of watching them to give some info.
I think vtubers from the big companies (and even small to medium ones) are basically classed as individual contractors (there have been several vtubers from the big companies that have been quickly terminated for breaking NDA or another element of their contract), and more of their earnings come from sponsorships/merch rather than the donations. Some companies might provide a small "salary" along with these. I imagine that vtuber unions might have a chance of forming when the next recession comes and there's a a) less income making it to the vtubers directly and b)less capital to go around into the companies. The closest thing to "organized" vtubers currently is basically vtubers coming together and forming or joining a small case. Vshojo has 2 vtubers that were formerly from the 2 big japanese companies, 1 from the at least less outwardly retarded blue triangle, the other from the now infamous Niji.


>defend the petit-bourgeois against the haute bourgeois
i have no sympathy for any paid streamer lol, sorry not sorry
<inb4 anyone who works is automatically proletarian

i only watch indie vtubers that stream sporadically when they feel like it instead of having a schedule that inevitably leads to filler and parasocial bullshit



That place is still alive?


? It's an archiver.


I'm aware, I'm just surprised its functional.


It used to have its own ghost posting community but one day the spam got so bad it was disabled forever.


Ah, I see. I think the same happened to moe.archive


File: 1716212721565.jpg (25.31 KB, 421x421, fubu.jpg)

> watch vtuber news on youtube shorts
> see mention of THAT hitlerite vtuber and their new drama
> wondering what they have been up to
> open their twitter
> literally reposting a hitler fancam
> mfw she still has 30k follows and is still followed by other vtubers i like


You will get used to it.
t. fan of black metal


File: 1716352930479.png (56.96 KB, 474x667, ClipboardImage.png)

>see mention of THAT hitlerite vtuber and their new drama
>literally reposting a hitler fancam
What does this mean?
>is still followed by other vtubers i like
ECelebs are lame, example #58391


File: 1716353171204-0.png (937.89 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716353171204-1.png (637.43 KB, 480x640, ClipboardImage.png)

The Jap-Anglo love affair is one of the strangest in existence. No Anglos can speak Japonese and no Japs can speak Anglonese yet they both put each others illegible runes on everything.


>t. fan of black metal
I thought black metal fans being racist is just Redditors making unfunny memes with typical petty accusations, wtf is up with the black metal fans? Why are they racist?


It's even weirder 'cause a lot of American anime fans are Christian conservatives. Like, that makes no sense. But not like combining edgy 4chan culture with Christian conservatism ever made sense in any possible universe.


>inb4 strawman nobody said
>being a proletarian is when no parasocial relationships
Just admit you are a conservative already instead of pretending to understand Marxist theory, at least you'd be more intellectually honest. Psychologists, marketologists and pop idols were used by the bourgeoisie to manipulate consumers long before all that vtuber thing ever gained traction, being a prole isn't some virtuous and morally pure position, a lot of proles are quite honestly assholes and reactionaries, and I'm tired of pretending they're not. Nobody said that the proles don't put each other down or will never get their hands dirty, especially in an economy where every prole is considered a potential competitor.


It's not the fans, but the artists.


Okay, I did some research on her. *inhales* This is complicated.

I see why you'd think she's a Nazi, though she appears more like an irony-poisoned Alex Jones-lite who browses 4chan too much and uses the word "groomer" a lot. I don't know for certain if she's alt-right but she clearly appeals to the alt-lite tinfoil hat-wearing crowd. She appears to not condone racism and she says she wants to move away from her edgelord image and become a "proper idol" like Pekora but also she had said some very edgy jokes in the past, like referencing the Happy Merchant meme or joking that she wants to shoot up Walmart. It obviously attracts /pol/tards to her so whether she's dogwhistling to her audience or genuinely doesn't like that it's all the consequences of her actions regardless.

I honestly don't know what to make of her. Firstly I must admit that I'm biased since Pippa is Tenma's friend/co-worker and I genuinely like Tenma (though even Tenma calls Pippa out sometimes). Secondly, I still have the mindset of "innocent until proven guilty" and just don't see enough evidence for her being alt-right, not to mention that by simply saying a politically incorrect opinion you may attract an alt-right audience because of the political polarization on the Internet. This happened to The Living Philosophy too though he was able to take responsibility for his actions and remove the video that was attracting the alt-right audience which I respect. But in all honesty, form your own opinion on it, I don't want to make excuses for Pippa because she's a "bad influence on my oshi" or whatever, if she's really alt-right, she's alt-right and I'm alt-wrong. Constant irony has ruined the Internet so much that I don't know who's friend or foe anymore. I'm so tired, I just wish to hide in a corner and never interact with people online ever again.

P.S.: If I'm wrong then plz provide more evidence, I'm a complete normie when it comes to VTubers so I may not know everything about Pippa and what she's done, I do not monitor her streams and tweets 24/7. I condone neither the alt-right nor right-wing conspiracy theories and strongly believe in anarchism and support anarcho-communists in their struggle for self-liberation. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.


What's up with the artists? I don't listen to black metal except meloblack, ambient black and DSBM, I'm more of a thrasher/core kid kind of guy. I also rarely read lyrics or comprehend what they're singing.


I guess it's mostly because some of the early big names were pretty open about their fascist sympathies and it attracted the wrong crowd. Just the other day I was listening to some DSBM that I randomly downloaded years ago and looked up the band to see if they have new releases and stuff and after some clicking around in the encyclopedia I found out that the vocalist did guest work on an explicitly NSBM band.


This is so weird to hear. Are Venom Nazis too? I liked that band. They're blackened thrash through so that may be a reason.


>she wants to move away from her edgelord image and become a "proper idol" like Pekora but also she had said some very edgy jokes in the past, like referencing the Happy Merchant meme or joking that she wants to shoot up Walmart.
I doubt she'll ever be able to do that. Her edgy don't give a fuck attitude is the reason people find her appealing and its entertaining as long as she doesn't overdo it in a lame nu-4chan way. As for the shooting up Walmart, its a bit sad people can't say outrageous things in jest online anymore. She has attracted an audience of braindead 4channers and regardless that will influence how everyone else sees her and probably attract right wing edgelords to her even if she isn't one. I hope she isn't a racist at least but if she isn't she'll probably end up one.


Thank you for your reasonable response, anon.
>As for the shooting up Walmart, its a bit sad people can't say outrageous things in jest online anymore.
I understand. That's why I didn't assume she's a Nazi because of this clip, but it did come out forced. Maybe Pippa is a worse comedian than Tenma, although her roasting Agent Kochinski gave me a small chuckle, I admit.
>I hope she isn't a racist at least
Same but that's because I care about Tenma. If Tenma disassociated herself from Pippa and Kirsche I wouldn't even care honestly. I also like Lumi and Lia who are also under the crossfire. It's a shame really, Phase Connect has so many talents who seem like genuinely fun people, and them all getting the Nazi rep because of Pippa's shenanigans is just sad.
>if she isn't she'll probably end up one
I don't think that's how psychology works. But it will be a situation similar to radlibs' safe spaces: she'll say something that goes out of line with her audience's expectations ("Trans rights," "It's okay to be gay," etc.) and then her audience will turn against her and she'll either be forced to issue an apology or get a devastating loss of subscribers. Subscriber loss = profit loss so her boss will have a lot of questions to her in the second scenario. But her issuing an apology will ruin her reputation even further. There's a reason TLP deleted his video on postmodernists, this kind of relationship the audience has with the content creator is parasitic, which is a result of the competitive economy YouTube and Twitch base themselves on. The bigger audience you have, the more you're forced to please it to not lose it.


>>24941 (me)
Okay, I've watched the Walmart clip. It was an "in Minecraft" joke. It's obviously more shocking if you cut out the last part. Not her most awkward joke though, her Happy Merchant reference was more awkward and she looked nervous after saying it. She says something needlessly edgy and then gets nervous about it, that's my impression of her.


I don't understand why Pippa was so open about being a 4channer. It kinda kills the whole point of anonymity. Why would you want anyone to know what boards you browse anyway? Plus 4chan today is lame as fuck and kinda embarrassing. And these days guilt by association is law and just being a channer is about as bad as being a Nazi in most people's eyes. They have the internet historian/Reddit idea of what a channer is, we're all /b/ and /pol/ and Nazis. She's genuinely entertaining to watch when she isn't forcing this edgy persona and her aggression and attitude make her refreshing but going down the 4chan rabbit hole isn't a good idea. The struggle for Pippa will be preserving her rebellious don't give a fuck attitude without getting associated with the zombies nu-4chan tends to attract or those people being her only audience so she's stuck with them and has to appease them.

What I mean is that, someone says something which offends X group, there's a woke backlash, said person ends up hanging out with alt rightoids because they are the only one who'll comfort and accept them and then they end up converting. I've seen shit like this play out all the time. Its probably what will happen to Pippa eventually. Just look at how badly Bernie Sanders was attacked for his all lives matter comment. Like the Twitter mob didn't think some 80 year old wouldn't understand their stupid online culture and in-jokes and went out of their way to attack him. I hate saying it, but Dave Chappelle is a good example of how accidentally upsetting a group can lead that person to becoming genuinely hostile to that group. I mean, he went from rehashing old transhumanist jokes from the 20 years ago thinking nothing had changed, then he tried to reconcile with the transgenders in an honest but completely foolish manner which made the woke mob hate him even more and now he's turned mildly anti-trans at best. I can see something like that happening to Pippa.


Alot of the victims of "cancel culture" are often washed up has beens looking for some sort of renewed relevance.

most anti anime folks are into macho cartoons and shit.

Same for the people who shit on video games while going wild for ballsports television.


i can see that happening, but at the same time there must be pressure from management to keep the audience growing and if she ever gets to be too much trouble they'll just retire her, so her biggest incentive right now is probably to keep the pandering "ironic". not an enviable position to be in but she did it to herself although if i ever had to talk to a screen as a full time job i'd probably say a lot of stupid shit too, all it takes is one or two clips of unfiltered yapping to get a bad reputation


>>24957 (me)
that said i've never heard of her or watched her streams so this is all a completely abstract discussion to me, i dunno why i'm even commenting on it


No. She's made explicitly racist comments and jokes before. She is a racist.

If she would like to wash her image of racism, either because she cynically doesn't want to repel potential viewers and revenue or because she genuinely isn't a racist anymore (doesn't really matter which), she cannot ignore that she has been publicly bigoted in the past. To do so is to sit on a time bomb. She has to address it.

>What I mean is that, someone says something which offends X group, there's a woke backlash, said person ends up hanging out with alt rightoids because they are the only one who'll comfort and accept them and then they end up converting. I've seen shit like this play out all the time. Its probably what will happen to Pippa eventually. Just look at how badly Bernie Sanders was attacked for his all lives matter comment.

No, what you are trying to imply makes no sense. To take offense and be repelled by bigotry is completely natural, especially for those towards whom the bigotry is directed. I feel kinda ridiculous writing out something so obvious. Furthermore the alienated crowd will not reconcile and embrace the bigot (without them first reforming) because it'd make no sense for them to bottle their frustrations for the sake of this one person. Their frustrations being that an influential person grants legitimacy to exclusionary attitudes by casually, callously, and ignorantly commenting/joking about them. Act which could have real material effects in their lives (there many examples of white nationalist and anti lgbt terrorists who have committed massacres and who have admitted to have admitted or been found to have been influenced/emboldened by such rhetoric).


>>24961 (me)
>who have admitted to have admitted or been found to have been influenced/emboldened by such rhetoric
who have admitted to or have been found out to have been influenced/emboldened by such rhetoric*


>They have the internet historian/Reddit idea of what a channer is
That's because they don't know about Moot selling the site to a nettouyo. They either have fond memories of 2006's 4chan or look at it in its current state. This site is actually populated by 4channers disgruntled by the /bol/ rot so we are the only ones who know about this really.
>her aggression and attitude make her refreshing
Discount Tenma.
>said person ends up hanging out with alt rightoids because they are the only one who'll comfort and accept them
In reality the alt-right can be just as whiny and obnoxious as the woke snowflakes they criticise so I wouldn't call the experience "comforting," Pippa is just changing one mob for another. It's a common misconception that you have to "pick a side" to be successful, this is the reason why right-libertarians have delusions of conservatives being libertarian. In reality this is not the case: look at Zizek or Chapo or any other dirtbag leftist who became popular. Even centrists like Destiny oppose both sides of the culture war. Still popular. But I don't blame people for thinking otherwise, I know how polarized the political discourse is on the Internet nowadays.


>Japanese co-worker
I feel like I know exactly whom they're talking about.
>Happy Merchant
Already discussed before though I haven't seen any mention of the other controversies. I'll have to look into them.
>To take offense and be repelled by bigotry is completely natural, especially for those towards whom the bigotry is directed.
I don't think they meant bigotry in this context. It's usually white cishet males like Agent Kochinski who "defend" such groups from "bigotry" without asking whether they're offended or not, ironically invalidating their feelings and agency. The anon has mentioned the Bernie Sanders example to illustrate what they mean. A person saying "All Lives Matter" isn't necessarily racist since the phrase "Black Lives Matter" doesn't necessarily imply that white lives also matter. Which is ironically precisely the same occusation of dogwhistling to racial supremacists as those leveled against those who use the phrase "All Lives Matter." We live in a time where both sides of the culture war think that whatever the other side says is a dogwhistle, this is so incredibly stupid, people cannot have a normal conversation with each other any longer.


>dunno why i'm even commenting on it
It's fine anon, you've still made some good points.


>They have the internet historian/Reddit idea of what a channer is, we're all /b/ and /pol/ and Nazis.
lmao it hasnt been 2010 for a decade and a half brah, the /pol/ brain rot is everywhere

<inb4 but what about this dead board or the few people that complain about /pol/ and get laughed off each thread


Sad to see that Nazis are still pushing the same whiny bullshit excuses and you keep falling for it
> waah I only wanted to play video games but you forced me to become a Nazi because of woke, I'm totally the victim in this situation!!
Why do you fags keep falling for this shit?


I don't put stock in soundbites, clips, and guilt by association. Who hasn't made a George Floyd joke? Or a joke about the Jews? We do it here all the damn time. There is a difference between edgy racial humor and genuine ideological racism. These days its hard to tell but that's the modern internet for you. Pippa is a yank and therefore probably a racist. I do find it funny when yanks accuse each other of racism. I mean race is everywhere now. We're all more or less saturated in this colonist idea of race which shapes who we are and our place in the world. The idea that racism is a psychological issue, a bunch of bad ideas some people happen to have, is peak liberalism. What if Pippa isn't a Nazi? The consequences of smearing her as a Nazi could end up pushing a person into thinking "fuck it the chinlets are right fuck these people attacking me." I've seen this happen to people before.

To clarify, I'm not saying Pippa is or isn't a Nazi. Unless she comes out endorsing Nazism then this is all speculative. Is she a racist? Idk but I'll tell you as someone who's non-white you kinda take shit from everyone more or less and its not always intentional either. Its not the case that some people are the horrible bad racists and everyone is okay. It doesn't work like that and wherever you go you'll get some level of exclusion or mistreatment.

Last thing, one thing that's really disturbing about online discourse is and unwillingness to forgive and the inability of the person who's done wrong to make amends. Let's say a big V tuber brags about how much she hates uyghurs. Okay, what if they realize that was wrong and hurtful and how do they come back into the fold without a fake YouTuber apology? She'll just end up being demonized and attacked and nobody but rightoids will watch her. If there's no way back to the straight path people will just stick with the far right because that's their audience now.

>To take offense and be repelled by bigotry is completely natural, especially for those towards whom the bigotry is directed.

Right but today its very easy to upset people without realizing it. Bernie Sanders didn't know "all lives matter" was rightoid talk and Twitter didn't understand that an 80 year old Jew doesn't get their terminally online culture. But what was disturbing was the way some people took Bernie's comments as a personal attack. Nowadays, almost anything can be construed as an attack. We live in the age of the politics of wounded egos and the oppression Olympics where people like being offended and seek it out for clout. In an age when content is broadcast to the widest possible audience its very easy to upset someone without realizing it. e.g. I often make racially edgy jokes among my black friends and all of them know I'm not a Nazi because we know each other. Similarly, when Dave Chappelle made racially edgy humor decades ago he had a relationship with his audience and they knew he wasn't a racist. In today's world, your not just dealing with your audience but the whole of social media and Twitter and they don't know you and nowadays people are eager to attack.

>That's because they don't know about Moot selling the site to a nettouyo.
Lets face it there were a lot of problems with 4chan before Moot sold it.

Yeah but they think all imageboards are like 4chan /b/ or /pol/ swimming with Nazis. You can't advertize your little comfy retro anime board without having to deal with the stereotype of "chan culture" as a bunch of subhuman psychopaths who spend all day throwing around naughty words.


Funny how some people excuse 4chan by saying that Reddit isn't much better. Like it's an excuse to use either of these sites. Many new 4channers are even ex-Redditors from r/TheDonald because their subreddit got banned. Also, Reddit is at least a platform for isolated communities which allows subreddits like r/stupidpol and r/redscarepod to exist, whereas the /pol/ mind virus has infected most of 4chan's boards. You're out of luck finding any genuine leftists here.
>waah I only wanted to play video games but you forced me to become a Nazi because of woke, I'm totally the victim in this situation!!
Just because a person has converted to alt-right as a knee-jerk reaction to idpol doesn't mean they're a "victim."


>We do it here all the damn time.
Where? We only make wholesome jokes about Hiroshima and Uyghurs here.
>The consequences of smearing her as a Nazi could end up pushing a person into thinking "fuck it the chinlets are right fuck these people attacking me." I've seen this happen to people before.
Doubt that but this kind of attitude certainly pushes people away.
>Last thing, one thing that's really disturbing about online discourse is and unwillingness to forgive and the inability of the person who's done wrong to make amends.
That's why I'm on the dirtbags' side. I don't like conservatives at all but progressives do have a habit of doing what you just said.
>I often make racially edgy jokes among my black friends and all of them know I'm not a Nazi because we know each other.
I don't think racist humour is all that funny. Hiroshima jokes however…
>Lets face it there were a lot of problems with 4chan before Moot sold it.
Sure but Nishimura has only made it worse, Moot was at least trying to keep /pol/ a containment board (which was a bad idea in the first place but oh, well).


There's a difference between racist jokes and jokes about race and racialism


>There's a difference between racist jokes and jokes about race and racialism
Jokes about race still often involve a lot of negative stereotyping though, they are very hard to pull off. The Boondocks is the only example I can remember where making fun of black people worked well. It's made by a black guy who clearly understands the problems in black communities better than your average Caucasian.
Haven't seen this word used by anyone other than Nazi dogwhistlers. "Race realism" is also a common dogwhistle, though there's nothing inherently racist about thinking that races biologically exist, I happen to believe in that (limited only to the phenotypal differences, not the freaking behavior and IQ like racists like to think).


Bad publicity gets more ratings than good publicity.
Also, people have always been easily offended.
They used to burn rock n roll records for experimental soundbites.

And lastly, I tire of edgy racist humor as an icebreaker.
I know youre not being offensive but its annoying.

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