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Not much of a vtuber fan, I only occasionally watch clips, but I'm saddened to hear that even something as innocent as the vtuber sphere has been infected with politics and will breed new reactionaries out of lonely people with nothing better to do. Is no form of escapism safe from politics anymore?


What happened, exactly?
The hololive thread on /jp/ is just too fast to get any good info.
No, really, it's even faster that the damn trump general on /pol/
>I'm saddened to hear that even something as innocent as the vtuber sphere
That shit is corporate as fuck, dude.
It actually surprised me how quick it got porkied up.


I find it hilarious. The /jp/sies are positively pissing themselves with rage.


Haato was looking at audience statistics and mentioned Taiwan. Sometime after Coco showed an analytics page with Taiwan on it, her bilibili stream immediately went down. Chinese fans demanded an apology day one, radio silence for three days which made Chinese fans furious. Then Coco and Haato got suspended for three weeks by their management which made Japanese and English language fans furious. Now the CCP is somehow being blamed even though I'm not sure what the CCP had to do with it directly speaking.


The /jp/ thread is actually kinda entertaining.
>Some vtuber defends the chinese
>Half of the thread loses their shit (including some paypigs)
The rest of the thread is just glowie propaganda.


Actual CIA niggers think that chapos are the most threatening thing about the left, they don't know shit about this. This is just homegrown reddit/pol/ autism.


/anime/ - Shit-eating Youtube Celebrities


This is just another example of COVER being shit with protecting their employees, and I'm really not looking forward to all the free HK style spam that will probably be shit out, so I'll try to shift to watching indies.


Does anyone have that story about burgers that flipped out over a Che mural put up in Ireland?


In the event of Coco and Haato graduating by the end of three weeks, I hope K Son can kind of come back to the indie scene and give Haato a hand.


/anime/ was approved as a general weeb board newfriend


What are the indies anyways?


Kagura Mea is one


e-celebs wearing an anime girl face are still e-celebs.

/jp/ has reclined.


>/jp/ has reclined.
Some things never change however. The pedophile group that believes lolikon pornography is exclusively made by and for pedophiles is still claiming this in 2020 even though it's been debunked by historical research of the lolikon phenomenon and its fanbase in Japan.


What does this have to do with the thread and why is it the third time someone brings it up on an unrelated thread? Are you that desperate for attention?


>What's wrong with vtuber ecelebs?
Social media might be more up your alley.


I don't know much about v-tubers. i only watch the funny english clips.


I don't get how can anyone stomach watching these, their face-tracking software is pure garbage. I tried watching some clips of them singing but they might as well just put up a static image instead of some half-assed animation that does not match the movements involved in singing at all.


We were talking about the state of /jp/ friend take it easy, also this is my first time bringing it up on bunkerchan, where else is this being mentioned?


File: 1608528986436.jpg (144.27 KB, 750x1000, c.jpg)

My friend group is already shitting out reactionary anti-China memes that reminds me of the Hog Kog glowie retardation. I'm hoping the issue will just pass, people will shift focus to YouTube removing community contributions or something, and nobody tries to escalate the issue by doubling down.

tl;dr: They recognized Taiwan as a separate entity from China which violates the One-China policy.


so to get this straight, a bunch of Chinese fans got upset over the mention of Taiwan, and their company overreacted and might fire them because of it?


File: 1608528987851.jpg (828.77 KB, 1052x1383, kusa.jpg)

>a bunch of Chinese fans got upset over the mention of Taiwan,
It's a bit more complex than that. From what I can tell, everyone's oversimplifying the situation and leaving out the fact that there's a whole chain of unfortunate coincidences that caused the Chinese to think that Coco hated them, which is why they forgive Haato but some are calling for Coco's head.

>and their company overreacted and might fire them because of it?

Cover Corp isn't good at protecting their employees and this incident is coming right after the Mano Aloe's forced retirement, so people are freaking out thinking "the goddamn commies killed coco!!!!1!!" when they really just gave them a 3 week break.

The company has issued out a couple of statements on the matter, but people don't accept apologies easily these days, so y'know…


>From what I can tell, everyone's oversimplifying the situation and leaving out the fact that there's a whole chain of unfortunate coincidences that caused the Chinese to think that Coco hated them, which is why they forgive Haato but some are calling for Coco's head.
Yes, I remember reading that Chinese fans think Coco hates them. Mind elaborating how this happened?





From what I've read, they think that Coco did it deliberately because her analytics showed she had a lower Chinese viewer/dono base than the other vtubers.

Do people on Bili even care?


It's just REEEEEEEEing at some minority of chinese posters


File: 1608528989236.jpg (721.47 KB, 1653x1100, 1601070514111.jpg)

Japanese otaku are shit.
Western otaku are shit.
Chinese otaku are, you guessed it, shit too.

You can thank social media for intensifying their (our) shittiness.


File: 1608528989311.png (104.96 KB, 285x428, 1601378682885.png)

Also fuck e-celebs and fuck streaming.


Thank you 69 Spacezin


File: 1608528989890.jpg (298.78 KB, 1413x2000, dr.jpg)

I can't be arsed to look into it more since all the discussions zones are flooded with useless anti-communist reactionary trash, but it looks like Coco's incident happens right after Haato's incident which made some people think she was doubling down and personally giving China the middle finger.

The people going "wtf commies killed coco" are just reactionaries that watch garbage like Hero Hei and won't do anything but continue to be fed garbage by YouTube's autoplay algorithm.

I don't understand why idiots think Cover Corp would just fire their two best employees like that's a terrible business approach. The circumstances are completely different from the Mano Aloe incident since Mano Aloe barely lasted a month under Cover Corp so there was really no risk.


she just graduated :(


aaand the sinophobes are coming out of the woodworks as usual :/


yeah. Cover as usual didn’t do shit. I hope she’s able to stream as an Indie.


This is why I only watch independent vtubers.


it’s okay bro :(


File: 1623215282445.jpg (146.45 KB, 810x500, 1621638818350.jpg)

son, what the hell are you talking about? come downstairs, your mom made dinner


/vt/ casually denying nanking ever happened




The company itself is a corporate shithole no surprise. Which is why independence is so important here. The redeeming part of the whole hololive thing is the community and the personalities but outside that when it comes to corporate formalism it’s complete shit and bureaucratic.

I honestly don’t understand why things like “antis” exist and this whole thing with China and Taiwan is pathetic nationalist shit. I’m all for a nation to have self determination but at the expense of discipline? Of not having a bunch of retard nationalist starting shit?


Thank god vtuber fans will face the wall in the end


there's like a billions of chinamen. The CPC slaps the ones who harass others when they can but they can only do so much honestly.


They’re not doing enough. They should take the nationalist and ironically make them work 14 hour days 6 days a week in a factory with no ventilation in order to teach them about shedding their nationalist reactionary views.




If you know japanese this is totally worth it. You'll find niche stuff like drug and porn addicts that don't behave like literal fucking babies instead of garbage like Hollowlive and imitators.


Those are the ones that get the most hate, aren't they? Why are the Japanese like that?


The CPC know they'll need cannonfodder when the war with the US will come. And nationalists have the perfect mindset for that.


Because Japan hate actually good stuff and just wants to consoom shit all day,obviously.


Hololive has porn addicts though


File: 1623366587524.jpg (4.25 KB, 225x225, 1561924070327.jpg)

/vt/ seething about china 24/7 is embarrassing


it's hilarious more than anything


File: 1623384755046.jpg (89.11 KB, 680x510, E3hDDc5VcAY0WAM.jpg)

Mainstream vtubers feel so shallow and staged tbh. Streamers might've killed television but they're just as mindless as TV was and is.



The concept of vtubering itself is a symptom of modern capitalism which breeds loneliness and suffering, and vtubers are capitalist products that pacify those people.


Its way more mindless i think therre was never a daily 8 hour tv show were some animated girl larped as a 8 year old while playing videa


File: 1623441681153.png (126.83 KB, 267x239, .png)

they made 143 episodes of Mister Ed, which is mostly footage of a horse with a voice-over


Sad to hear about it. I hope she decided to go independent or something. Fans would find her pretty quick even if she is no longer "Coco".


Sorry I meant sex addicts vtubers who sometimes tweet recently taken pictures of used condoms and stuff.


File: 1623466633909.webm (90.86 KB, 852x480, 1623464319859.webm)

2ch is blowing up over this. Apparently during the ending portion of Pekora's stream she was talking about food and she mentioned a store that she thought was a chain, but apparently it's only a local shop. It wouldn't have been a big deal but she said it only took her a couple of minutes to walk there if she takes a certain route(giving specific landmarks she goes by even). She basically told people exactly where she lives. She privated the stream right after and the part was cut out, but someone recorded it and it's spreading everywhere. I don't know anything about Tokyo, but maybe someone here can find the location. Here's the portion she cut.


oof downfall of Hololive accelerating quickly. you just know someone’s gonna do something controversial


File: 1623473103187.gif (1002.77 KB, 218x275, 69036.gif)

My favorite vtuber, right next to Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat


Would someone actually stalk a person though?

Like, just leave these weebs alone.


Hololive takes two incredibly shitty things, streamers and idols, and puts them together. It's only natural something like this would happen.


Another one bites the dust.
China #1.


File: 1623515475488.jpg (73.29 KB, 960x704, 1623513096866.jpg)


Not even into vtubers but I've been checking /vt/ only to see their collective meltdown over China.


I feel like Haachama is just delaying the inevitable. Her creative talents has been stripped away through YouTube and Hololive’s Enforcement and she’s being harassed as well. She’s taken so many breaks as well this year.


isn't it hilarious how the same retards that shat on 'egirls'/'ethots' and 'simp' culture are now whiteknighting vtubers
and all it took was 2D avatars with anime aesthetics
it's Perfect Blue all over again


for hololive to become the real deal it needs its first fan attack
with a knife, for traditions sakebrocialismBrocialism


>e-celebs wearing an anime girl face are still e-celebs.


>fucker simping for XI over the t word vs other vtuber simps
The whole situation is a battle of simps


uyghas really getting right-radicalized over streamers.


even worse. a lot are becoming company bootlickers


I hate so much that the hololive board on Futaba is hundreds of times more active than the generic vtuber board. Fucking otaku, man.


are they blaming the CCP
also does futaba have a nijisanji board?


Controversial like what? Hololive members have gotten into controversy multiple times. "Fans" have also done some insane shit.

Something similar happened last year after a new hololive member, Mao Aloe, leaked her real identity. She and her ex-boyfrend got harassed and after a short while she quit or was fired.

I really hope Pekora can avoid this shit. I fucking hate these anti shitheads that harass idols. The fact such a small minority of people can ruin an idol's career is fucked. As much money as the fuckers at Hololive make they should be doing more to protect their talent.

It sucks. She was probably my favorite and now she has her hands tied in combination with whatever personal issues she is having.


vtubers saying swear words is not controversial


saying the N word is controversial
doing un-idol shit in general is controversial since the holos are marketed as idols


wtf is the idol industry?


We have to remember these are human beings behind this whole thing. This idol culture crap is insane and it is preferable if it was done by the full ownership of the person “selling” themselves, because this corporate shit is insane.

What is so hilarious though is that these losers got what was coming to them, not the idols, but the fans who were simping a corporation and got fucked in the when this corporation does corporate shit. It only reveals the “fandom” for the bankruptcy that they are. Man how I would love to kick one of those losers until they are convulsing on the ground. It would get off on beating those corporate bootlickers. What is funny is that they dehumanize the idols more than the corporations do by going to war about some country and shit, it’s hilariously insane.


They got into a lot of controversy because of China related stuff and a couple other things.


I love idol shit, but I've never understood the people that are fans of the corporation too. Like, you can be an idol fan without simping their boss.


Unrelated to Hololive, but some in /vt/ are having a meltdown because a fairly well-known indy watched left-related shit during an Q&A, is pro Palestine, spoke positively of Marx and Lenin and talked about how the CIA ruined South America.


so there's at least one good vtuber out there?


Still waiting for the ML propaganda Vtuber


Alunya vtuber when


Name of the vtuber? Sounds based


File: 1624287420165.png (146.92 KB, 612x536, e1wbs9ry1hj61.png)

Good news
>Early (゚Д゚)ノOn February 24, 1848, The Communist Manifesto, co-authored by Marx and Engels, was first published in London. The Manifesto set forth a new worldview in sharp and thorough language, providing a scientific methodology for understanding the development of human society, contributing to the leap of socialism from the empty to the scientific, and providing a guide to action for the proletarian revolution.


based. What’s the name?


Futakuchi Mana, a metalhead. Mind you, her content is pretty much 65% shitposting on Youtube, and the rest music and just chatting.


Starts at around 45 minutes.


Cute avatar


>ML propaganda


>left-leaning (leftist?)
sounds based to me


>holos are marketed as idols



File: 1624906456727.png (160.84 KB, 960x772, crycry.png)

t-3 days until idol culture takes another one


File: 1624967836153.jpg (5.09 KB, 225x225, 1337.jpg)


Can someone explain to me how that Aqua girl gets so much hate? Idk where it came from all I know is that they get dislike bombed or something.


burger schizos hate her bc they made a narrative that she’s a Chinese “Communist” state asset but that’s all I know


Another reminder that having parasocial relationships turns you even more retarded.



no u


File: 1625148435576-0.jpg (93.08 KB, 720x1046, IMG_3637.jpg)

File: 1625148435576-1.jpg (341.25 KB, 1343x943, IMG_3622.jpg)

File: 1625148435577-2.jpg (385.65 KB, 1343x781, IMG_3623.jpg)

even if the maoist bitch in this thread
Chinese weebs r also shit


File: 1625165154222.jpg (48.63 KB, 700x700, 1622370713521.jpg)

Huh, I hate both sides. Strange


i feel empty…


File: 1625181684728.jpg (302.06 KB, 700x700, 1622370713521.jpg)

I also hate both sides. Strange maomao
But Chinese weebs r also shit


It's ok



This people are some real degenerates.


man… the letters fucked me over


I was neutral towards vtubers until corporations decided to join the party and fucking infect it with the cancer that is the idol industry and its culture. Now the only vtubers 99% of people care about are Holoshit and the sort.

I hate corporations and I hate mindless weeaboos almost as much.


relevant video except for livestreamers in china. hololive is probably the same just gleaning off their mentions in some streams regarding management and stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlnfiULnmMY


File: 1625438041945.png (8.99 KB, 228x221, 1625401878163.png)

Lads, I really wish to genocide VTuber coomsoomers


what do i do to fill the void time before work if i cant do parasocial relationships


Any hobbie on earth but watching the most mindless of lowbrow shit on earth

Even working in a fursona is more dignifying


>Chinese Pirate Site Allegedly Bans Yakuza Games Over Kiryu Coco Shout-out

>Voice Actress Ai Kayano's lines removed from Arknights after Chinese people object to her visiting Yasukuni Shrine

China weebs never ever


Is it still bc of that Taiwan thing?


No, Takaya Kuroda (The va for Kazuma Kiryu) thank coco in a tweet and 3DM got mad


Yeah, Chinese weebs are fucking terrible. Some GamerGate-tier consoomer mentality they have over there.




why are chinese weebs so vicious


This is fucking based, what the fuck are you Nipcucks crying about?
Somebody has to tell the Japanese about WWII, most of them don't even know what their government did (of which still is an imperialist core nation, btw, and rapidly upping its military budget).


>GamerGate-tier consoomer mentality
What an awful straw man of gamergate. Simply wanting a better games media industry to critique bad games and all the other awful shit being pushed in the games industry does not make someone a consumer whore. In fact the very pejorative "consumer whore" was thrown about constantly around that time.


>This is fucking based, what the fuck are you Nipcucks crying about?
getting butthurt about pointless shit like the weeb you are.


I doubt most Chinese gamers/weebs care that much about that. Most of it is just dumb nationalism.




>unironically defending GamerGate


>unironically repeating media smears about a seven year old event on a basket weaving forum most critical of the media
What's your pathology anon? Did a gamer hurt you deeply in the past?


lol this schizo weenie got to /anime/


File: 1625658195748.jpg (19.72 KB, 395x300, get out of the jay.jpg)

Ah yes I remember all those journos calling GG an impotent consumer revolt (like all consumer revolts) that doesn't attack the core problem and only want to Consume Better.
Do you use search.php to show up any time someone mentions this thing? Fucking /v/ermin holy shit, also has the gall to pathologize others for not liking his neo-Project Chanology while doing this thing. Same posting style every single time.


gamergate was right about quinn being a shitty person and game journalism being cancer and the media response presaged the overt narrative manipulation we're seeing now with shit like hunter biden's laptop


you mean the nepotism from hunter or his liking of fucking black chicks? I mean okay.


>gamergate boogie man

>GamerGate-tier consoomer mentality
GG in 2014 was ok and most /v/fags back in the day were libs bitching about radlibs until the shitty BB and /pol/ came in later on




no u


File: 1625684172757.png (421.73 KB, 1024x1024, bless-this-mess.png)

stfu radlib

>his liking of fucking black chicks

you don't?


yeah I like 'em dark.


>the sexists are in the green square mostly

stfu compassfag, ur shitty chart means nothing.


i’ve listened to her music and watched shit posts i didn’t know she was so based


Hololive Egnlish 2nd just dropped


just like randomly bitching about GG, it the few thing from the old world u hoe


PLA needs to have a branch for cyberbullying imperialists.


>Ah yes I remember all those journos calling GG an impotent consumer revolt (like all consumer revolts) that doesn't attack the core problem and only want to Consume Better.
the core problem with…games journalism? you read journalists to get the take on what's wrong with their own industry?


>you read journalists to get the take on what's wrong with their own industry?
yes, in the usa there are journalists criticizing other journalist and their own industry for corruption and shadiness, it has gotten that bad now

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