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How would you go about fixing the Isekai (sub?)genre from its current state of mediocrity and stagnation?
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>That's not very cash money of you to say about those girls
>Essentially there's some complicated lore I can't remember about him unable to directly kill the devils and having to use agents such as his angels to do so
This is so dumb. Christianity is stoopid.


File: 1687803369112.jpg (99.82 KB, 500x375, 23a.jpg)

Why the fuck are people discussing DxD in an isekai thread?


File: 1687818194526.jpg (299.36 KB, 1280x720, problem rias.jpg)

>This is so dumb
It's not Christianity and more DxD trying to integrate a variety of different religions, legends and myths; Abrahamic or not.

Follow the thread of replies m8.


>Not gonna happen unless the author is an actually learned individual and depicts slavery as an outdated institution within the world's setting that is pretty much destined to be abolished (although the protagonist can help hasten its demise) rather than as just something that is tacked on for no reason other than as a plot device for the protagonist

"Five Ways to Forgiveness" anime when? If Ghibli can whitewash Earthsea surely they can do the same to this work.


They're literally pieces of metal. They don't even have a female voice like Karen. What gender does to the MF's brain. SMH.

>It's not Christianity and more DxD trying to integrate a variety of different religions, legends and myths; Abrahamic or not.

Abrahamic religions in general are retarded.
>I am almighty, omnipotent and omniscent
>Oops, sorry, I can't do this
>Oops, sorry, can't do this either
>HOW DARE YOU LIE TO ME even though I'm omnipotent
>HOW DARE YOU COMMIT SIN even though I could have prevented it
Absolute brain rot. No wonder why Gnostics think Jehovah is a fucking pseud.

>Why the fuck are people discussing DxD in an isekai thread?
If only I knew myself.


>Rias is a DEVIL, not a human, so her being devious is on point
Would work if the devils weren't irredeamable and lacking empathy in the first place. Either all her human emotions are fake and the viewer was an idiot for believing in them or the devils in DxD aren't biblically accurate (like most of the "Christian" settings nowadays).


An interesting twist on Abrahamism is provided in DMC. There is no heaven, all "angels" that humans met were demons in disguise. Demons aren't innately malevolent but rather have society based on strength similar to the goblins in Goblin Slayer and are still capable of love (Sparda being an example). Demons can act like humans, humans can act like demons, and there is an overall ambiguity between two species. They have no Devil, whichever demon is the strongest becomes the Demon Lord, which makes the demon realm a kind of an absolute monarchy with a strict hierarchy.


are there any isekais that use defenestration as the isekai-ing mechanism?


File: 1691796641453.png (235.69 KB, 576x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

It can sort of be a mix of both. The original devils, ones directly created by God or Lucifer, are true devils with blackened hearts and no kindness. But later generations have 'humanized' and some become genuinely emotional and caring, only being manipulative and devilish because it is cultural, after all DxD's devil world is actively seen as one going from a feudal society into a capitalist one (one can only wonder if it will proceed into a socialist one and how that would look).

Definitely an interesting angle.

I'm assuming pic rel. I haven't seen any anime like that but a quick search has found me… nothing. It's possible there are some obscure light novel isekai stories with that, but none that I know of or are well known enough to be found easily.


Link for the interested and pdf attached

Also makes me want to write a oneshot of Louise summoning Adam Taurus from RWBY (Vol 1-3 version), just for kicks.


>Red n Black girl
I keep thinking Ruby Rose when I see that outfit.


File: 1692986597666.png (515.25 KB, 552x499, ClipboardImage.png)

Recently watched The Eminence in Shadow because I saw a clip on youtube and although it seemed like a typical current isekai shonen I was intrigued by a comment, "Excellent visuals aside. If you keep in mind that he's got no idea what's happening and just says stuff to make himself look cool, this show is absolutely hilarious."
Thus I decided to binge the 20 episodes it has so far and while it's been interesting, I've frankly been a bit disappointed in the main character, whose dream is to be an NPC background character, but simultaneously is an insane chunni that, at 18, wishes to be a secret edgy superhero.
The Main character is stupidly OP like in Overlord but has substance and reasons for the main character not to just one shot everything and everyone. The episodes involving The Sanctuary in the middle of Season 1 are pretty fucking horrifying and it was honestly trippy as hell; the story in general is atypical.
The problems for me particularly are issues with the main character himself, which grew over time (anime only):
- He's too overpowered to the point where there are no stakes in the fight; he makes shit up for magic or the story on the fly and it just happens even if it makes sense as solution (magic threads, magic density etc.)
- He's sociopathic in his behavior, every emotion, every bit of dialogue, every action on display is him playing a role and if he doesn't need to, he pretends minimally to keep up a façade. It's so clinical that his character becomes frightening, like a robot attempting to go through the motions of being human, based on an amalgamation of various fictional character tropes.
- Sociopathic behavior aside, reactions are also a problem; He reacts to almost nothing with surprise or any other genuine emotion and while I understand it's part of his delusional character it goes over board, Even after his made up Cult of Diablos turns out to be real, he seems to think it's all a roleplay
- It's not just a videogame, so his attitude to his new world is confusingly distant. Nothing seems to affect him; blood, dismemberment, screams of the dying, horrific experiments and monsters are completely unsurprising to him, nor do they evoke disgust or anything at all. Even fictional and televised depictions of such evoke some emotion from people, and only a person who's seen death a lot will not react to these things. He doesn't genuinely react, register or care about anyone, he pretends minimally and yet has no interest or like for anyone; nobody's plight is interesting, no atrocity concerning. Hell he outright states that he wouldn't care if somewhere across the world a million people were to die.

All in all, it's certainly… unique as an isekai, but frankly it gets tiresome after a while. In my opinion the manga and WN does his character better, since he actually has reactions, even if he's still a crazy fuck, it's less dissonant and it carries across his delusional self better, rather than have him on paper think the Cult isn't real but react way too precisely.


wait until he creates a money market,and then crashes it for the lulz,while beating up his own "friends" for no actual reason and they make shit up to excuse his behavior.
It's basically the moment I couldn't give a shit anymore,I didn't even understand what was supposed to be fun about it,even from a sociopathic angle


File: 1693010005769.gif (1.66 MB, 480x360, Eggman laugh.gif)

I just found a Prigozhin isekai fanfic, where he gets sent to Remnant. I can't even


File: 1693595086068.png (1.09 MB, 599x854, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there an isekai where the main character actually has to overcome powerful enemies with their wits and guile? I'm getting a little tired of brats becoming unstoppable demigods with some cheat ability.
There's Yajin Tensei: Karate Survivor in Another World but it's bleakly over realistic tbh.


File: 1693595295415-0.png (7.76 MB, 1406x2134, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1693595295416-1.png (155.18 KB, 214x317, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh I forgot to mention Escaflowne and 12 Kingdoms


i thought overlord was going to be something special, but instead it seemingly is just another shitty isekai. i was really hyped for the 2nd and 3rd seasons after watching the first season, but after a while i quickly noticed the lack of originality and simply refusal to write interesting conflict. everyone except mc is either expandable, generic, ass kissing or a side character, which means that we don’t have anyone i teresting to bounce off the mc and his war crimes, also mc himself and his subordinates are boring and simply don’t really give a shit which means that we don’t even get a real discussion or conflict about the fact that mc is canonically committing multiple genocides at the same time. i have no idea why author refuses to give mc some kind of foil to have a conflict with. whats the point of having such a large fucking cast of characters if you’re not going to make them have interesting interactions.


While I agree that a lot of current anime is crappy, especially Isekai, this need for a weird and wacky forgettable shows to critique modern society as well is asinine.
>Oh yes, I really need more generic critiques of society by a fiction author. Should it be some really convoluted allegory to timidly express that "capitalism bad overworks people"? No, no, forget that, we can get even more revolutionary! The authors should include a subplot with a subtle implication that "bad things happen because profits". I can't wait to have those in anime! Why can't the dumb Japanese learn from my favorite Netflix shows? Where would I be without those pieces of insight thoroughly diluted, dilated, and appropriated in my escapist media?
The result would be like most "Marxist" TV shows in the USA; Boring ass schlock spitting half-baked 'leftist' talking points that every other radlib spits out. It's neither interesting, nor inspiring to anyone that has read a fucking book in their life. This is literally the same shit as 150$ Che-Guevara shirts sold by various corporate clothing stores - discount 'rebel' shit dangled by porky because it's not actually coherent of well-formed enough to genuinely harm corporate interest and profits, just enough to get shit stirred up and muddy the waters.

You want to take two things, anime and critique, and mash them into something terrible. Do we really need a 12 chapter seasonal anime to tell you that class oppression of society exists or some other bullshit? Because that's the highest level of progressive criticism that you are going to be able to fit in (if you even get there, which would be a miracle considering most manga authors are borderline illiterate).
Let anime be anime, that is, pretty big-eyed girls, fanservice, power fantasies, silly antics and clear plot direction. If you want a real critique of society that is actually worth the paper it is written on, go read Marx, or Lenin, Parenti or Losurdo, or literally any non-fiction author from the last 200 years. Don't come to a Japanese cartoon show looking for praxis or something.

>inb4 Akira, GitS, NGE and Ghibli

Those are specific and complex works that are a in a different galaxy from seasonal simple anime for entertainment that is made, being short series, OVAs or films rather than a deliberate kids cartoon. Kids content shouldn't be brainless either, but expecting a heavy-handed socio-political drama in something that's just trying to be light hearted and fun is just silly.


Yeah, the first season sets up a lot of interesting possibilities. What happens if the minions develop their own personalities? What if he encounters other player characters as op as he is? Are any of his other party members there and how are they going to react to his actions?

And then it goes on to answer none of them in the most boring way possible.


it’s genuinely upsetting how the author seemingly refuses to do anything remotely interesting with the everything, one of the biggest flaws is probably the fact that mc does not care about anything, since he can’t fee emotions which makes him uninteresting because he doesn’t fee anything when he commits evil.


It's a generic power-fantasy where the self insert character gets all the bitches slavering over him, beats all the enemies effortlessly and fucks around doing nothing of import. Overlord has always been a shallow power-fantasy and it says alot that 4/a/ loves it the same way they love Tanya the Evil. Out of the Isekai Quartet of the time, only Konosuba was actually any good and Re: Zero was at least an interesting change from typical power-fantasy isekai, even if moeshit and simping within it is typical lazy fanservice. Tanya is just inane and even though the author is a hobby-communist (there's a Japanese term for it) and Tanya the Evil is meant to be anti-fascist by having Tanya keep getting beaten over the head by Being X for her actions, the reality is that the aesthetics and story seem to support the fascist rhetoric within. Overlord as said, is the generic power-fantasy Isekai and sucks because of it. It's like an edgier Log Horizon.


Tanya is really interesting to me because of how popular and reactionary it seemingly is. it was very successful and seemingly nobody pushed back, everyone either didn’t speak about it or praised it to high heavens, even though the entire plot is just ww1 combined with ww2, germany winning combined with the weird glorification of this individualistic fascism, where mc is a great man who seeks personal profit while at the same time the plot seemingly glorifies the mc and violence trough fash lense. which is interesting because usually fascism depicts the idol as an idealised warrior patriot but in case of mc they are a selfish asshole.

There is something fash about overlord and other “evil” mc manga too since they often have the “chosen”/“special” mc commit unspeakable acts of violence against other while being glorified and depicted as badass and cool.


unrelated to the main discussion. i would like to state my dislike for konosuba, how exactly is it parodying/satirising the genre if it does exactly what other shitty isekai do? It does everything except it’s “ironic” allegedly, it’s kind of like modern movies and shows that try to hide their shittiness behind a veneer of irony and self awareness, konosuba is just isekai marvel.


Yeah Tanya was a wild ride, the Tanya thread has more on it >>795
It was very successful and uncriticized because at the time the main anime boards were 4/a/ and 8/a/ and both run by /pol/ who loved the fascist elements. /leftyweebpol/ was almost always dead back on 8chan and reddit is… well reddit. GETchan pretended it didn't exist except when they fapped to the loli, with rape fantasies.
>There is something fash about overlord and other “evil” mc manga too since they often have the “chosen”/“special” mc commit unspeakable acts of violence against other while being glorified and depicted as badass and cool.
Not even fascist, there isn't really an ideology to it, it's just psychopathic.

>how exactly is it parodying/satirising the genre if it does exactly what other shitty isekai do?
You have to understand that at the time of release Konosuba was satirizing the common isekai of its time and the past. It was pretty funny and silly with subversion of typical fantasy isekai tropes like the noble crusader and powerful mage with some secret demon backstory, and the MC being not some ordinary kid, but an utter NEET that died pathetically. Nowadays such "ironic" isekai are everywhere, because they all ape off of Konosuba's formula and so what was once a relatively unique criticism of isekai and a fun silly romp, has become commonplace.
>konosuba is just isekai marvel.
Konosuba is like Marvel's Iron Man. It was good, and relatively groundbreaking in its concept and set up, but this quickly became exploited into the MCU and the ideas got milked to death. Obviously someone that has seen all the single season isekai garbage of the past decade is going to see Konosuba and think it's not very much different, because Konosuba was basically THE isekai all the other hack writers imitated.


I'd even be fine with him being unemotional and just out and out evil if it was at least interesting. All the work has been done for him, either by his guildmates or by his subordinates, which were also created by his guildmates. The fact that by default his magic is just magnitudes of power stronger than most magic in this setting just further kills it.

At first it seemed like there was at least the possibility of an interesting plot. I thought everyone was so weak because he was in the RPG beginner area. Instead the world just sucks, so what's the point in conquering it? The series was over before it even began. It's like sitting through a funeral. The thing's already dead, you're now just going through the process of putting it in the fucking ground.

>Log Horizon

I think it's to LH's credit that the setting is in motion around the characters, and to me it's really interesting that they start inventing new stuff that wasn't in the game before. Like, players using real world knowledge and combining it with bullshit fantasy magic to make steam engines and shit in a quasi-feudal setting is really cool.

I last saw the second season I think years ago though, so I don't know where the story goes from there. Still, in terms of isekai bullshit at least the story presents problems that the main character can't just brush aside because of how arbitrarily op they are.


Not a huge konosuba guy but I’ll give it credit for being the only one of these shows I’ve seen that actually made me laugh. Kazuma being a posthumous object of mockery by his own friends and family and our heroes winning the day by being their dysfunctional selves so hard they just scare off the demon lord are pretty good


>I think it's to LH's credit that the setting is in motion around the characters, and to me it's really interesting that they start inventing new stuff that wasn't in the game before. Like, players using real world knowledge and combining it with bullshit fantasy magic to make steam engines and shit in a quasi-feudal setting is really cool.
Y'know what, you're right, I shouldn't be doing L-Horizon dirty like that, comparing it to Overclod.


>Y'know what, you're right

The highest honor one anon can bestow on another. Thank you ♥


File: 1697477149510.jpg (135.29 KB, 1280x720, 1697249255600-3.jpg)

Not usually that into reincarnation stories but "Princess gets beheaded and is reincarnated as her child self, giving her a chance to avoid the economic decline of her kingdom which lead to her beheading" is a fun premise.


File: 1697491822796.png (329.85 KB, 388x388, gRcms6V.png)

Saw this a month late but you're welcome.


>Guillotine chasing a royal
This would make for a fun banner considering leftypol's history with that particular execution device.


File: 1697560594723.gif (289.61 KB, 300x100, b.gif)

Maybe it is a bit too heavy for a banner…


It looks good to me tbh.


I meant in size. For /siberia/ right now I get
> 772.94 kB / 413.42 kB transferred
out of which the banner was
> 18.20 kB / 18.89 kB transferred
but for the gif it is
> 296.56 kB / 297.48 kB transferred
so if it was used, /siberia/ would balloon up to
< 1051.30 kB / 692.01 kB transferred


>see thread about an anime
<ohhh it's (genre) just like (genre) thread!!! better move it there!
i fucking hate leftypols mods lmao


honestly,hamefura style animes probably should have their own threads instead of this isekai one if a sufficient amount of them are talked about,as they have their own particular tropes. (too bad 70% of it is korean trash,and the rest is mostly shoujo shit with the most predictable romances ever that takes over the entire plot)


1) Your OP didn't get replies for literally a day
2) Your OP is low-effort for an OP and is not broad enough of a subject to garner a thread even 100 posts long, it's just going to sit at Page 17 after sinking there (as it did) and just get used for spam-bait
3) It's relevant to this thread, and got more responses when it was moved to this thread than it did as it's own OP.

If there was sufficient interest in the subject an overall Hamefura thread might work, but this isn't 4/a/ so, tons of specific threads don't really work here.


I see, I think there's some file resizers that could reduce the byte size but I can't remember the program names.


File: 1697572705813.png (985.17 KB, 800x1730, ClipboardImage.png)

Undead King ~A Low-Ranking Adventurer, With the Power of Monsters, Becomes Unbeatable~ is similar to Overlord but actually better IMO.


i've read it, and it's ok. overlord isnt exactly a high bar


How the hell does someone name their manga like this and not die of embarrassment?


1) Translation makes it sound more awkward
2) It's partially a meme that authors unironically emulate for their "ironic" isekais

True, Overlord isn't a high bar but my point was its a similar story but with less cringe by comparison, even if its no masterpiece.


Maybe making it more magical? Like in witch hat atelier or made in abyss, like they should just focus on the sense of wonder and world building first. the potential wonder of the world just becomes wallpaper for the hero as he tries to get more power, they should make the world more magical and stuff instead of being so generic. Also please no more ecchi


This got me thinking, is there some sort of new weird isekai? Not an anime, but Teraurge is the only I can thing of kind of like that. You even get to keep ecchi, just with monster girls having emphasis on monster part.


File: 1698690005970.png (1.57 MB, 1743x799, ClipboardImage.png)

Checked for based terato-isekai.

On that note the Monster Hunter movie by Anderston would technically count as an Isekai even if there's not monstrous monstergirls. A lot of Monster Hunter fans got assmad about it, but I thought it was a pretty good film for what it was supposed to be. Obviously its not close to the plot of the games, but it works for the story.



The characters of The Amazing Digital Circus seem to be VRG isekai protagonists, with everyone just appearing and having no recollection as to who they are. However while the implication of the "headset" mentioned in the Pilot, as well as the implications of the old Block computer and initial CD-Rom stylization implies some oldschool Tron-tier stuff, the similarity to Five Characters in Search of an Exit (The Twilight Zone Episode 79, 1961) makes me think that perhaps Pomni and the others are essentially character avatars created by users of the game and are sort of corrupted mind copies/reflections of the person playing said game. This is further corroborated by the the whole "we don't need to eat or sleep" aspect which doesn't work for a living human body; The originals have gone home after trying out the new headset, unaware that a copy of themselves is slowly going mad or already has crumbled into a glitched out blob left to fester in the dark. Unless of course, there was a matter-energy conversion and Pomni's real body was transferred into the digital world Digimon or ReBoot style.


>Pomni and the others are essentially character avatars created by users of the game and are sort of corrupted mind copies/reflections of the person playing said game
Oooh, that havent even occur to me. I interpreted it as straight up getting sucked into the computer, but this makes sense. Maybe thats the reason the teeth guy doesnt want them to leave, he knows they are just copies and have no body they could return to.


File: 1698702860711.jpg (157.17 KB, 1200x800, soma.jpg)

Not this existential angst again…


Imagine if they could get out but kept their in-game bodies… some freaky shit tbh. I suspect they'll pull a .hack however, or something similar to that.

It's suffering o'clock again!


File: 1698724197120.jpg (94.48 KB, 1424x1650, EsCzfolVoAEHOSn.jpg)

>22 000
LMAO at the monsterfucker posts getting trips twice. Checked and Keked

Unique IPs: 21

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