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post your ideas about epic anime:
>battle shouen stylized seinnen but instead of battles there is science and research related stuff, like conferences, and data gathering
>main character is PhD student at tokyo university researching something very technical and complicated with the objective of curing world hunger or something.
>some ideas for arcs
>MC battling for funding with someone trying to use the money for something fucking useless but profitable
>MC sabotaging people trying to use his work for evil, like building weapons, or kill people directly or indirectly
>MC fights against large corporation trying to sabotage his work, because it cuts their profits
>MC realises his scientific approach was wrong and has to pivot several times, and has to learn new skills (training arcs)
>MC realises his knowledge is incomplete and has to go to a master from another discipline to teach him, he gets taught a moral lesson about the nature of science
>MC's PhD master gets killed by the corporation trying to stop him, so he swears revenge on them, and uses science shit to do so


While I applaud your OP for being quality stuff I'm just going to let ya know >>2356 exists… but since this is a superior OP I might just repost the posts from that thread here. Cheers


Anime on the setting of Haiti from 1957 to 1971 but Houngan Voodoo is actually real, the protagonist is a Spaniard and the Antagonist is "Francois Duvalier" black president in likeness and character of Barrack Obama but named something like "The Black Mumbai" The first series is going to be as Sekaist as hell where the Blacks overran the Spaniards and killed off the protagonist's family with black magic. JFK was shot due to the black Mumbai's Magic and the Cuban rescue party sent to rescue the orphaned Spaniard was wiped out due to the Black Mumbai's special op team called the Kenyan Tigers. (the weapoins the cubans had were AR-10's and the weapons the Tigers had were FN FAL's with Voodoo engravings etched into them). Near end of first season god grated the orphan special superhuman powers and it turns to a Mahou shojou/shonen anime.
Second season had the Protag tried to avenge the death of his family by killing the Black Mumbai, after that failed he receives the ability to go back in time and save all the Spaniards of Haiti and by extension his family, after trying to stop the election of the Black Mumbai for the umpteenth time he decided that instead the Spaniards had to begin a Exodus and thus worked for that goal, after this failed he instead tries to keep his family alive long enough to be rescued by the Cubans. He managed to do this but at the cost of his own life. Second season end.


14 year old kid kidnapped in 1993 in Eastern Ukraine, gets abducted into this child sex ring, be brought and used by Boris Yeltsin then sold off to the Clinton Foundation. After living in america and a personal plaything by the Clinton's found out a larger conspiracy. The entire planet is controlled by Amphibious Reptiles who burrow down into earth and made entire cities and structures underground and gather energy from the earth's heat given that they are cold blooded creatures. Managed to get captured by the creatures before losing consciousness in the catacombs. Is then sold off to the Highest bidder in Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin'ladden then saved him from his next to be rapist via bribing him. Then trains him to be a gurrella fighter in Afghanistan, he then converts to Islam, he escaped and then got involved in the conflict in Chechnya in 1996 and joins the Conflict on the side of the separatists fighting insurmountable odds. Got caught in a blast from a thermobaric warhead in a building in Grozny. Was permanently scarred. Then escaped behind Russian lines through a combination of hitchhiking and taking trips to neighboring countries, avoided the reptiles. Ended up back to his hometown to search for his family. Finds no sign of them. Asked around and found a tidbit of information from a local policemen, that they were taken to a unmarked facility in Kiev. Managed to sneak into unmarked facility guarded by the shape shifting Reptiles. Realized it was a node to a underground facility. Managed to sneak into underground facility. Realized the untimely demise of his whole family by the leader of the Reptiles, Alex Jones (idk, just fill in something). Then get's locked up and put into a cage to be sent to George Bush's personal Estate. Get injected cocaine in eyeballs. escaped during 9/11.. okay I ended it there. You guys can pick up the story.


>I got Reincarnated into Another World Where Isekai Genre Doesn't Exist and I Starts My Life as an Isekai Author
one of many weird but unique ideas for anime on r/IsekaiTitles

>Mobile Suit Gundam except the Zabi family is modeled after the Romanovs, One Year War after Russian Civil War: Zeon as Red Army, Federation as White Army. Newtype Communism.

>Mobile Police Patlabor but it focuses on the workers doing crimes. Bonnot Gang in America; their "limousine" is a construction robot. Killdozer assassinates the President.


I feel like anime gets really repetitive, so we should try and not write identical shit.
also tangentially related the hobby fanfiction thread >>>/hobby/8063


File: 1608529075793.jpg (253.65 KB, 1200x1600, 1597074555519.jpg)

>Small village worships a guardian spirit who takes the form of a woman
>She uses her power to protect the village from evil and to ensure prosperous harvests and trade
>Her magic comes at a cost: they must send her their most beautiful boy to become her lover
>She has the appearance of a beautiful woman, the kind that any man could only dream of, but between her legs lies a betrayal of her true otherworldly nature
>A large, feline PENIS covered in numerous sharp, backwards-facing barbs
>It looks like more of an instrument of torture than love
>She says that only a boy with a pure soul untainted by sin can ensure her lovemaking without suffering injury
>Each year the village picks a candidate, one they believe to have a truely pure heart, but each year he returns bleeding and in need of medical attention
>This cycle has repeated for more than a century
>While the guardian does derive a bit of sadistic satisfaction from punishing sinners, her heart yearns for the day her true Mate is finally delivered to her
>She can't wait for the day she hears his voice cry out in sweet agony as her cock finally rips out of him without a single drop of blood


File: 1608529079762.png (1.7 MB, 976x1275, lsji.png)

I can't believe I just spent 20 minutes typing out an autistic jeffrey epstein seinen and then just deleted it


Damn it I want to read that autistic shit too now. Was he the perverted school principle or something?


File: 1608529079952.jpg (132.26 KB, 1280x720, Cool Jeffrey.jpg)

I guess it was more like Real life with jeffrey goggles, maybe his last reflections as he slipped into lolicon valhalla, with dumb shit added on needlessly because it's physically possible for me to type in literally any string of characters and hit reply.

It was gonna be a more mature (heh) slice of life anime where the first arc is just Protagonist Jeffrey Epstein smoking cigarettes and philosophizing about life after he's done molesting kids. All the kids are voiced by the actress that did adult hamtaro, in order to reflect how Jeffrey sees them interchangeably. Like think of Jeffrey Epstein as having aged out of his pedo haram anime days and now it's a more mature, more emotionally deep jeffrey that doesn't just want to finger 13 year olds, now he wants to read lot's of plato and be a philanthropist and also finger 13 year olds


Hahaha top kek, that's fucked up.


You've peaked my curiosity


Add cameos of the antiloli sagefags to it.


Stay mad pedo


Checked for based anatomy accuracy


Hey, I wrote those last two!


I know. I transferred my own and everyone else's writing thread content to this thread, since it was better


>My entire city has been transported to another world!
&ltThe city were MC lives in gets transported into another world out of nowhere. Firstly people wouldn't know what happened, by the goverment isn't daying anything, how their phones ain't working, neither the internet and trucks aint' arriving with food.
&ltYou continue this part, what happens?
Let's make an anime idea chain.


>MC realises his knowledge is incomplete and has to go to a master
this but the science is marxism and the master is a Jewish woman in Brooklyn


>>5170 ok
&ltWithin a day panicked commuters return from the city outskirts talking about everything outside having vanished, including all the roads!


Someone's Joke response to vid related that I actually thought would make for a good anime film (or actual film).
A spaghetti western where one of the main characters would be called Leo and his nickname would be "Lion" because he is brave and oversaw the region he lived in and when he dies in the end this would play.


An average Japanese schoolboy experiences the worst day of his life. He meets a holographic-like girl who casually informs him that he has been living in an otome raising sim and has been selected by her, the "player", as her "bachelor" to raise. If he does not get the "good ending" who knows what could happen to him! Slowly he finds out that there are other rival "bachelors" and "players", and that there are no rules to speak of in winning the heart of the (un)lucky "protagonist" girl…


The anime is a historical fiction yaoi school comedy which is set in the Soviet run Huangpu Academy.
It follows the misadventures of the bishounen MC Zhou Enlai and other more … straight communists as they attend and go about rubbing shoulders with other notable figures of 20th Chinese history and taking classes with Soviet instructors, whom could make for additional ship/pairing bait.


>Gay SoL Harem-shit with communism
I feel ill.


This is matrix tier crap. Reminds me a bit of SSSS.Gridman


A group of crossdressers fight perverted otaku with sexual harassment problems.


>two pervert groups have a court-case


Not quite an original story but if anyone is interested a rather odd crossover of Friday 13th and Familiar of Zero is up for adoption and if anyone's interested PM the author. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12524976/1/The-Unstoppable-Familiar


This should definitely made into an anime


File: 1628060910398.jpg (425.93 KB, 1000x1000, p 181009_Che_SM.jpg)

An anime that is about international communist volunteers, like Guevara, Bethune, or Hemingway.

Or about the Cuban medical brigades, the Chinese barefoot doctors, and Soviet pandemic control efforts


File: 1628103058826.pdf (146.03 KB, 212x300, The Red Revolution.pdf)

This actually reminded me of a Louise The Zero fanfiction that had Che Guevara summoned as her familiar and he goes full revolutionary on them. pdf is what was completed last time they updated.


File: 1628130992829.png (2.19 MB, 1242x2208, ClipboardImage.png)

I really enjoyed this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT6Kz2WN9qM
It definitely should be made into a full OVA.


Fanfic thread is now >>>/hobby/3558
Because bunkerchan transition was wonky


>Quickly people start falling into a panic as the lack of electricity and running water as well as control leads to looting and chaos as society starts to break down in fear.


A cyberpunk that's true to old cyberpunk where it's blatant late stage capitalist dystopia no apologetics for it. Help spell things out for more dumb people but without coming off preachy. Have the MC be labelled a "terrorist" by the neo feudal government for not even doing anything any ordinary person wouldnt do in a normal daily life just accidentally got the attention of authorities and it can be about how they from having this image pushed on them they decide to take on the role.


An SoL anime but IRL.


Embedding error.
A high quality VN or even OVA in the style of video related (Your Waifu Doesn't Love You Gigguk)


File: 1633311262612.jpg (142.2 KB, 1200x900, 1631285986931.jpg)

mc is a good looking lower middle class high school student with actual samurai ancestry. great great grandfather's katana is exposed in his house living room.
in that stuff they must write for the school with the careers goals and such, he writes in the first place yakuza, in the second hikkikomori. when confronted about it by the teacher accusing him of just wanting to slack around at the expenses of others he unapologetically says that it has always been like that: it's what fat cats in society do but don't get any reprimand for it on the contrary they are praised. and, specificating that if it was in his power he would end all of that, if he can't be on the top, isn't anyway going to slave for others, against which he would prefere to die.
further in the story he concludes that the real nature and spirit of japan is lazyness. then he gets the idea of starting a nationalist movement with the program of fighting the evil euro influences (working ethic, prussian edu…). to add credibility to his nationalism he becomes a weeb, wearing kimonos, going to folk stuff (all things he despised as an anti-social). starts taking kendo classes to beat people more proficiently in the streets along with his delinquent friends he hangs around with. his nazbol group ends constantly clashing against far right goons, deemed by him as german inspired fash. violence. gets jailed. meets real yakuza in prison. becomes a yakuza. he's the only one of his classmates who made it.


So basically a delinquent-becomes-the-mafia story but Japanized


Not 100% on topic but I'd been listening to Sound of Silence and it maake m wanna do a fic about an immortal Kazuma (or Aqua) standing at the grave of Darkness centuries in the future to the lyrics… kinda fucked up feels stuff.



So write a fanfic on ffn?




… Perhaps.


File: 1667191590154.png (3.36 MB, 2048x1152, 1665489585304.png)

parody of the duck nuns comic set in the republican territory of the spanish civil war


Like that movie where the anarcha-feminisists rescue that nun and she keeps quoting Bakunin and Kropotkin like it was scripture?


This would be a intresting twist on the Isekai genre.


Reminds me of a Louise the Zero fanfic where she accidentally transports all of Tristain Academy into Game of Thrones. I think it got deleted before completion.


File: 1691519758267.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 265.55 KB, 1110x1500, eb37b560fc3fde257f4496442….jpeg)

Silly thought but pic rel would be a hilarious doujin.


File: 1692422448482.png (2.39 MB, 1400x2100, ClipboardImage.png)

An anime version of Aquamarine or H2) Just Add Water would be fun. There's not a lot of cute mermaid anime tbh, or at least one that are mermaid focused.


File: 1695713296930.jpg (3.8 KB, 225x225, daji jaws.jpg)

The Sessho Seki split last year and considering the mythology behind it, it would be interesting to write a story about Tamamo no me wreaking havoc in a modern world.


File: 1696184294579.png (753.84 KB, 800x531, ClipboardImage.png)

Making r/TsundereSharks into a stupid single season romcom anime


Dream Sequencer (Yume Sekuenca, 夢 セクェンサー)

The last man on Earth is a frail old man. He lives in an apartment with blown out windows. Outside, the murdered sky roils with clouds the color of blood, and a grieving wind blows dust across the skeletons of nine billion human beings. The old man puts his body in the dream sequencer, which carries him back into the past.

He opens his eyes and it's 2020, and he is a young boy, just starting highschool. He staggers out of his room, walks down the stairs on unsteady legs. In the kitchen…these are not ghosts, but his mother and father, alive again, alive still, and they say good morning and do not understand why their little boy can barely hold his tears back, why his voice is bubbly with suppressed crying as he says "I'm home."

He holds the tears back, that is, until his dog comes running into the room and licks his face.

In school, he meets his wife, or rather, the girl he will someday marry. He grabs her boobs by mistake.


>The last man on Earth is a frail old man. He lives in an apartment with blown out windows. Outside, the murdered sky roils with clouds the color of blood, and a grieving wind blows dust across the skeletons of nine billion human beings. The old man puts his body in the dream sequencer, which carries him back into the past.
<In school, he meets his wife, or rather, the girl he will someday marry.
<He grabs her boobs by mistake.
Kek, sounds interesting


Interesting but how would you differentiate from the anime it's parodying? Would there be a bigger overarching theme about fantasy?


Does it have to be a parody? Do you mean fantasy as the genre or fantasy as in it BEING a fantasy illusion?


The latter.

It doesn't exactly have to be a parody I guess but I just wanna know how it would differentiate from any other school daze anime expect for that framing device. Would it be intercut with the old man's daily reality or something?


>Would it be intercut with the old man's daily reality or something?
Not the idea author, but I think that'd be a bit too on the nose.


This Cum Town bit, but as an anime


Isn't that kinda like that del Toro movie in the same setting?


I want a romcom based on Muscle Exorcism (Kinniku Jorei) where the ghost wrestler girl and the main character would have ghost-based adventures. Sort of like Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs but ghost specific and with the muscle (ghost) girl main love interest


For sauce, Kinniku Jorei is by Yuki Kawaguchi, the author of The Hunters Guild: Red Hood.


While not uncommon, I find that Death Loop fiction isn't often done very well. Fanfics are often better than original content.


There should perhaps be one series, that is animated, based on this, as the space stuff or affiliated kind of sci-fi seems nicely suited to anime:
>In the timeline of the sequel to the Three Body Problem, Venezuela advances to a communist state, triggers Latin America into adopting socialist policies, and faces a ground invasion from the US. The standing army of Venezuela is reorganized into a guerrilla army and devastates the US. The leader of Venezuela, who organizes the military strategy, is subsequently recognized as a world hero and is chosen to be an operative in the coming war against the alien invasion.

It may already be planned, to be adapted into animated form. And it may even possibly happen in real life.

Silly idea: Make anime that's based off of the sister-site run by Ismail, the "ERegime" forum and its simulated history games, the forum's imaginary scenarios made into short segments interspersed with the forum's drama and such.


File: 1713911643089.png (559.67 KB, 1200x760, ClipboardImage.png)

>A haughty, bratty princess is hated by many for being a selfish and tyrannical ruler
>Takes a carriage to make the annual visit to the other cities of the kingdom
>On a stretch of forest road, they pass a hooded traveler who does not stop and kneel as the carriage passes
>Princess notices and tries to have the 'disrespectful peasant' punished
>He defeats her guards and kidnaps her
>He turns out to be a traveling former knight disillusioned with society after being disgraced for refusing scummy orders from the Capital
>She first demands release then begs for mercy, offering money, power, and a harem of women.
<Angry at her terrible behavior, the knight-turned vagabond decides to teach her a lesson and instead keeps her and travels with her as a slave, bound by magical contract that would only break when she had repented for her sins.
>Because she was so arrogant, few people knew what she actually looked like, so nobody realizes the vagabond's slave-girl was actually the loathed princess.
>Through that, he makes her experience what the ordinary people go through, to know the oppression and violence and suffering they live in as they travel through the Kingdom's cities.

Don't have more details, but that's my initial idea.

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