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How would you go about fixing the Isekai (sub?)genre from its current state of mediocrity and stagnation?


Make the main character female.


just end the genre and go back to making more regular fantasy anime


To fix Isekai, you need a grand narrative. Why was we drawn to isekai? It's because that real world has become so bad we no longer hope for a good ending in a real world. A good isekai should be the one that not only provided escapism, but implicit show the solution to change the real world.
That's why I really those isekai that have MC quickly accept such things as slavery, because it teaches the readers to think that the only problem with this real world is that they're born unluckily into lower class, but not the system itself.


No OP bullshit powers
No (generic) harem
No webtoon art style
No braindead MC
That's all you need imo.


>ditch the generic copy-paste fantasy setting
>develop the mc
>don't spoonfeed the audience
>actually develop the setting
>real stakes
>actually make being in a new world a conflict


>No OP bullshit powers
This is really the entire problem with the genre now, for me.

As for the source of the problem? A bit of pasta from me on the subject:
>Any Isekai that don't make the fantasy natives look like backward morons?
&ltMost older series that are created before the recent isekai boom.
>Huh. So where did this new arrogance come from?
At first glance, I would've suggested the difference is vidya, since most of the newer and more cringey isekai are implicitly or explicitly running on JRPG/KMMORPG mechanics, whereas the older stories were just fantasy stories.

But on some consideration, I think the difference is sex (and to a lesser extent, age). Basically all of the modern isekai are shonen with a smattering of seinen, whereas all the best old isekai I can think of were josei (Twelve Kingdoms) or shojo (Escaflowne, Fushigi Yuugi). During this time shonen/seinen fantasy of course existed, but very rarely using the pretext of parallel worlds.


I don't know why nobody is talking about it,but the inherent problem of isekai,is that it's not a genre,it's just a pretext,a premise,there is like 4 actual isekai who actually use the whole "another world" trope as an actual scenario.
There is a dire need to be an actual link between the real world and the fictional,something that makes the whole idea of going between worlds a meaningful choice for the story to go through.
if there is not that,then it's just a generic fantasy story with no stakes.
all the things >>377 is complaining about is just bad powerfantasy writing,that has just been poured into it,because we're all craving dopamine in a shitty capitalist hellscape and it sells,so every editor and cynical artist tries to make a buck on it,and the fact that the current market for mangas is now just chasing around the ghosts of the past trying to remake the same thing over and over but having no idea or even envy to do it for most people,and even worse,going into a downward spiral were the demand is always created by the market,so everybody always wants the same thing in the end,if everything is shit,only shit is at the top.
This apply also to "old" isekai were the story of the fantasy world is interesting,but the pretext is still utterly asinine.


> current state of mediocrity and stagnation
1) Bring out another Season of Konosuba
2) Cancel grimdark edgelord shit like Re;Zero and Overlord as well as brainless shit like Log Horizon.
3) Take more obscure isekai LN series that have not been animated and make them.


Hamefura, honzuki.

Theres litterally two female protagonist isekai airing right now and theyre both great.


>How would you go about fixing the Isekai (sub?)genre from its current state of mediocrity and stagnation?
Less powerfantasy. 90% of isekai is basically just a "i went into some version of the past and i am now superhuman with my basic modern knowledge" or "i got litterally given godlike powers".
Shows like doctor stone are also just isekais.

Make the other world thing something actually meaningfull. At least half of isekais could work the exact same way with just a regular dude from the world they exist in right now. They just put in a dude or dudette from our own world in order to make it more relatable to the audience and because its an easy plot device.
Like hamefura is great, but so far you could have had the literal exact same show if instead of the MC "regaining her memories" she just had a vision of those things.
Though i guess that would rob us of the slight subversion (though it could have been a lot more on the nose for me tbh) of otome game tropes. Same for things like re zero. How would the show have been any different if the mc had been some random orphan that stumbled into the same place with the same curse? Him being from our own world literally does not play into the story at all.

I still like hamefura and re zero though.


>likes konosuba the most generic "comedy" isekai in existence
>dislikes re;zero that has one of the most unique storylines

what a fucking shit opinion


This. We got some gems like Konosuba, but it's time to do other stuff. Maybe 20 or so years from now we will have some fresh ideas for isekai.

Personally I would like to see some new attempts at stuff like Slayers and Record of the Lodoss War.


You never know. I guess it depends on how hard the animation industry gets hit by the new recession and how desperate Japan gets for material to adapt.


just have more interesting, well-developed settings than 'Dragon Quest without Toriyama' that's all you really need to do


Yeah, looking into it, the author launched a 3rd arc of mainline novels a couple years ago that's two volumes in by now. So there's a chance something interesting might happen with the franchise soon.


File: 1608528778016.jpg (7.78 KB, 256x197, index.jpg)

Yeah, I think we're really getting burned out. Too many anime have played around with reincarnation into worlds with video game settings. I don't even think the old hook of gender bendered reincarnation is novel anymore since everyone is so used to it and of trans people now.

Personally I'd like another Crest of the Stars, with the same deeply thought out setting (the author tried to create his own language just like Tolkein), with epicness and romance. This time I'd just want with less princesses and more communism, and it'd be nice if the main characters weren't essentially fighting withing a neoliberal empire.

I'm hoping the next generation of Japanese directors will be further left and so we'll see some pretty cool leftist fantasy soon instead of the usual nationalism + neoliberalism.


> the most generic "comedy" isekai in existence
It isn't though. Just because Cautious Hero and other Isekai copy its gimmick doesn't mean it's generic since its one of the first to come out. Its satirical and politically incorrect without having an actual ideology and is thus amusing for it
Time Loops have been an old hat since BEFORE Groundhog Day. Fuck there was a Naruto fanfiction published covering this EXACT concept before RE;Zero was even made. Re;Zero has an interesting CONCEPT, but executes it so horrendously that past the first 10 episodes, it becomes utter schlock. Like SAO it dangles interesting and good moments, only to then kick them to death, like that puppy in Elfen Lied.
Edgy grimdark shit and "muh 1 true waifu" is shit that plagues Isekai like SAO or Re;Zero. Either execute the idea fully or don't taint it.


>it'd be nice if the main characters weren't essentially fighting withing a neoliberal empire
LOL, that's a bit of a humblebrag, to say the least. Crest/Banner of the Stars isn't liberal, isn't even feudal, it's outright fascist revanchism. The Abh are basically Space Imperial Japan, playing up their "inscrutabru orientur curture" to justify their totalitarian society as an exotic quirk, and their "teehee we live in space and just politely annex planets under Not!Colonial governors"-schtick is basically Space Co-Prosperity Sphere.

But all of that is secondary to the central waifu plot.

If you want a politically conscious take on the same basic setting, play SC2.


I love Crest of the Stars. I have the old translated novels on my shelf. I hope they try adapting it again. A return to scifi anime would be fun. I'd like mecha to make a comeback too, but I'd be happy without it so long as we get more scifi.


Honestly I really didn't like Re;Zero either. It wasn't bad, but I didn't understand the hype. I guess it had some cool waifus, but I want a little more than that in my anime.


You totally correct, but I still loved the show and my fascist space elf waifu.


I stop making them at such as fast pace, and actually pay my animators a livable wage instead of pocket change per cel.


At least anime uses less 3rd-world sweatshop animation than "western" cartoons do


Animation coops might be a better alternative. I'm sure it would still have shitty pay, but at least the grunts at the studio could feed themselves.


File: 1608528778481.png (909.45 KB, 1200x880, anime incomes.png)

Anti-Seiyu Aktion


*I would
I'm not familiar with the extent of outsourcing in western tv animation.
Have you heard of the Animator Dormitory Project? It looks pretty interesting.


Communist revolution isekai baybee. Something like gekokujo but with less child sweatshops and magic and more industrialization.


I think KyoAni.does the.majority.of.their animation in-house and pays their animators well.


I don't know how well the animators are paid, but they do get salaries which means the studio at bare minimum has to follow stricter labors laws. Given the quality of their animation and the fact they are one of the only studios that isn't paying per drawing I imagine a job there is super competitive.


File: 1608528778782.jpeg (322.53 KB, 1312x1242, Isekai protag harem.jpeg)

Stop having pic related be the focus of the story unironically… or at least have it actually be legitimate and not "oooh I'm horny, let me love this guy for NO real reason"


Kyo Anime did, but then their studio was burned down by a homicidal madman which killed half of the animators. They're no more.


>oooh I'm horny, let me love this guy for NO real reason
&ltdescribing 90% of battle-harem anime


They have multiple studios, and have recovered from the incident.


Recently finished watching Overly Cautious Hero (Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tuee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru)
Honestly I have to say it was not what I expected. The first few episodes resemble Konosuba, but as it goes on it gets pretty dark and fucked up. It even has a few parts reminiscent of Berserk-tier shit which wasn't directly shown but the implications of which are still nauseating.
It still possesses humorous parts throughout though.

All in all a decent Isekai series that is relatively well made and possesses plenty of satirical and parodic moments. Definitely would watch again.


I enjoyed it too. I won't rewatch it, but I would pick up a second season if them make one.


Checked dubs.
I actually wouldn't mind them ending on 1 season simply due to the open-ended adventure potential it allows.


I don't know maybe there should be isekai about this


this being? was there an image to go with your post?


I enjoyed it more than I should have. When they showed how in the possible sequel they were going to liberate the world where Seiya previously failed I got hard. Really loved the darker parts of the show.


>That ending for Shin Highschool DxD Volume 4.
Fuck, Great Red better make a comeback


>I got hard
Excuse me!?

Based trips


This summarizes my opinion on the Overlord anime pretty well, though in less detail since I dropped it very early.


>ending for Shin Highschool DxD Volume 4
Hopefully his Power of Dreams will have something to do with it.


File: 1608528779446.jpg (19.24 KB, 500x367, 3ae.jpg)

>Excuse me!?


I actually remember liking the LNs a lot more than the anime. I enjoy the overpowered supervillain thing. It's just a nice change of pace from the usual shit, though I still think it is a weird wish fulfillment thing like most the isekai shit.


On the topic of DxD, we should spam ScrewAttack to do a Deathbattle with Issei Hyoudou vs another powerful protagonist of some kind.


File: 1608528836458.png (4.37 MB, 791x2699, Tsundere Storm Dragon.png)

On the note of DxD and Isekai I found the only fanfiction for Reborn as a Slime and DxD, which frankly is just begun but already a lot of fun.


Go back to super detailed settings and worldbuilding being expected, '90s-'00s isekai were great.


But world building is hard and otaku will eat up any generic half baked fantasy garbage if the waifus are decent.


What anime is picture from?


It's that slime isekai, won't be hard to find.


Its mentioned in my post y'know. Reborn as a Slime.


Holy shit I can't believe how much of this garbage there is.

Escaflowne was the best.


Have the MC miss his home-world and actively try to find a way back

Also, have him be a communist


>Have the mc be a communist


Am I the only one who wants to see the "And she don't stop coming" meme used with the Aqua rainbow vomit gif?


A similar fic, though more stereotypical isekai–shittish.


File: 1608528888302.jpg (2.43 MB, 1920x1359, ffvi party.jpg)

Escaflowne was Not!FFVI seriously it was good but I think there must've been some actual plagiarism going on


Some "leftist"weeb got really mad about how Overly Cautious Hero and Konosuba are totally chauvinistic and bad. It was pathetic


File: 1608528896487.png (2.85 MB, 1920x1691, 790893.png)

Anyone attacking Konosuba is my enemy.


Aqua is hot as fuck, I wish there were better doujins of her.


File: 1608528897058.jpg (450.76 KB, 2263x4096, 1594826344559.jpg)

Post more pictures of Aqua, please!


File: 1608528897182.jpg (67.62 KB, 750x422, water.jpg)


File: 1608528904473-0.gif (878.48 KB, 498x298, ThotGoddess.gif)

File: 1608528904473-1.jpg (154.44 KB, 1500x1500, Eris.jpg)

Aqua has decent booty, but I personally prefer the only true goddess Eris.




File: 1608528904735.jpg (464.36 KB, 1748x2480, Best Goddess.jpg)

She has an overall better personality in comparison, which actually makes her tolerable unlike the drunk thot Aqua. So my question is:


File: 1608528904805.jpg (93.57 KB, 993x879, aqua is useful 1.jpg)

>Better Personality
Maybe, Aqua is good once she's disciplined. Besides, Eris is a bit of a brevno (log).
Oh and



Firstly, yes. Secondly, idc, I just want my trash waifu


I thought the appeal of Aqua was that she's a dumb bitch.


That's part of the appeal to me.


We're not being burned out, we're just lacking with any one anime/manga/LN that concretely and properly executes the ideas without hamstringing itself with plotholes, poor romantic lines and edginess.
SAO abridged actually does the concept of SAO much better than the original. And Konosuba and Cautious Hero demonstrate how one can play with the gamer Isekai genre humorously.
Reincarnated as a Slime, which uses gaming mechanics, also is good, because it embraces how OP the character is and manages a good story around it. If this kind of thing was applied to a real SAO-type gaming anime, we'd probably be satisfied.


>make the main character Yuri-bait


I won't allow you to call Maple and Sally yuribait even if they are


Watcha gonna do? Call the Yuri police?


Do something other than a fantasy setting goddamn
Also make the MC just some guy who doesn't have bullshit powers


They both use the same Koreans


Yes, but less of them. I sincerely doubt there's one single American left that draws tween frames professionally for broadcast or theatrical animation, and the number of such Americans drawing keyframes is probably in the triple digits.


It amazes me how much better SAO Abridged is than the actual anime. SAO Abridged and SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online are the only good things to come out of that franchise in my opinion.


Perestroika, obviously.


File: 1608528937265.png (261.47 KB, 469x414, 1599704799086.png)

The only solution is to pretty much just stop making them and return to tradition (fantasy anime). It seems to be slowly dying on its own, anyway.

Also fuck Konosuba, the anime was good (probably thanks to Deen's QUALITY) but the novels ended up turning into what it was parodying and had a shitty open ending, plus the author is a one-trick-pony hack who made at least two other works that are literally just Konosuba but with a few changes. Seriously, go look them up, the guy can't write anything else.


Cursed joke

>novels ended up turning into what it was parodying
Because there is only so much you can do before the product has been wrung dry, by which point it's just extended for the monies.
>two other works
Names please?


Eh, I don't mind them keeping the novels going. At this point I just enjoy the characters and want to continue reading about them doing shit.

I thought his wrestling series was fun, but I only watched the anime.


The same thing sort of happened to Highschool DxD and is exactly what derailed SAO from the beginning.


i don't remember SAO being a parody at all but just legitimately honestly genuinely isekaishit


The cheese pizza man can pass reforms.


The Wizard of Oz is a good isekai. Kindred is a good isekai.
Just don't make them fanservice for otaku always.


What I meant about SAO and DxD is how unique they were in their genre in terms of ideas.

DxD has held up for at least 12-16 volumes at least, and I still am interested in the rest of it, however the original 'magic' of DxD was how Issei, instead of being a wussy dude who has girls liking him for no reason and getting all ashamed of pervy things, is the opposite. He's an unabashed pervert who powers-up on the idea of groping and sucking tits. He peeps on girls unashamedly and his saving grace is his loyalty to friends and kindness. He's weak as fuck in the beginning, but through sacrifice and training gains power and the girls he was into start taking him seriously instead of a boytoy. Sure, it gets into a shonen power-wank later on, but that's part of the fun, since Issei is a reluctant fighter, who unlike most Shonen protags, doesn't like having strong rivals and a lust for fighting.

With SAO it was a relatively under-rated idea that was wasted quickly. Compare SAO to Log Horizon…. there are no fucking stakes in Log Horizon because death is nonexistent there. in SAO, if you die in the game you die IRL. But SAO wasted this potential instantly, both in the anime and in the LNs. This is why I liked SAO Abridged more. Sachi's death has lasting impact throughout the first season instead of being a forgotten "tragedy". Kirito is not some good person who's also a gamer, he's a broken and slightly sociopathic trauma victim who loves movies and other escapism. Despite his anti-social behaviour, he still is good at heart even if he's cruel in how he goes about it. The S-Class Ragu Rabbit cooked by a maxed out Cooking Skill had a logical result of making any food, real or virtual taste like garbage. There's plenty more, but point is, this is all non-existent in the original. It's so bland that they had to make it up with heart-tugging shit like Mother's Rosario and the brutal-over-reality of Alicization's edgefest.

TL;DR They began to squander their potential as steam and inspiration began to be lost.


SAO Abridged Kirito is essentially just like Kazuma except with power.



For a moment I thought you were talking about Saint Seiya and I was hyped, then I realized this was referring to a different show… I am dissapoint.


Hail Eris?



>I was hyped, then I realized this was referring to a different show
I realize this sounds like Kayaba from SAO Abridged now.


File: 1608529089022.jpg (83.65 KB, 1280x720, Visa no.jpg)

>>795 Youjo Senki thread BTW


>make the setting something more interesting than just generic fantasy or video game world, something that would actually create interesting contrasts for the protagonist
>alternatively, or additionally, make the protagonist something other than ordinary nondescript Japanese guy, give him interesting traits
>no harem or powerfantasy bullshit
>it doesn't even have to be a fighting or adventure plot
Essentially fish-out-of-water stories are supposed to be interesting because of the contrasts between the MC and the world, most isekai is just blatantly "life sucks I wish I was an anime protagonist".
No meta shit either. I mean parodies and """deconstructions""" are alright but they're no solution and eventually become saturated themselves. You're just binding yourself to what's problematic about the genre.
Someone else mentioned Wizard of Oz. Literally one of the most famous stories in English literature is an isekai: Alice in Wonderland.
But truthfully it'd be best to let it die for a while. Sometimes something is so overdone and tired that even a good version can be hard to enjoy.


Pretty solid solutions


What anime needs is another GATE that isn't gross JSDF propaganda, maybe more in line with how StargateSG1 did it (which was in turn USAF propaganda but way better done).


>GATE that isn't gross JSDF propaganda
GATE without JSDF propaganda would just be another generic shitty isekai instead of a nationalist right-wing shitty isekai.


not at all, since it presupposes a civilizational level connection, not just the shitty MC that gets wooshed away. the terrain of colliding worlds on a grand scale is much more fertile ground than the tired fish out of water setting


Go watch Outbreak company.


The key with Stargate was in making Earth a low-tech backwater usually protected by little more than obscurity or treaty obligations between actual galactic superpowers, and Earth itself only eking out wins against them by exploiting preexisting tensions within/among its enemies and encouraging allies to play to strengths they didn't know they had through an "outside the box" perspective.

Ironically, in spite of USAF involvement (possibly even because of it, on a horseshoe basis of the conflict between 'merkin ideology, versus actual behavior deeply contradictory with those ideological ideals) I think Stargate's story ideologically feels less like imperialist propaganda, and more like anti-imperialism.

There's even an interesting contrast in how Earth handles these utterly superior enemies between SG-1 and Atlantis **. Where in SG-1 Earth wins through these machinations playing on the weaknesses of great powers, versus Atlantis, where Earth's presence in Atlantis just desperately makes even bigger messes and fucks up repeatedly because it's just Earth and totally marginal allies versus one pretty much unified enemy.


Make it so their isekai is just a state if psychosis that has real world impact.


File: 1608529108154.jpg (196.12 KB, 1200x881, reincarnated as a spider.jpg)

An interesting Isekai is Reborn as a Spider. I usually dislike CBR but this article is actually fairly good.



Keep in mind that while it's really good for quite a while (not as fast in the manga as in the novels, but still eventually) it does the typical isekei thing of going UTTERLY and COMPLETELY to shit once powerlevels get too high.


too bad Kon is already dead or he would have been the man for the job


File: 1608529108868.png (344.71 KB, 1014x1035, GutsCrying.png)

Man, his absence never stops hurting.

Though thinking of him, Paranoia Agent's message was about 70% of what the most vicious and laser-accurate takedown imaginable of isekai's worst failings would look like.


What's fucking interesting about this? That she starts as nothing and… quickly becomes OP? What a snore.


File: 1608529110094.jpg (425.64 KB, 2400x727, Dragon Lords porky.jpg)

Here's an isekai idea for y'all (it's ironic since I remember having a similar idea, but instead it was a socialist MC who convinces Dragons and Dwarves to work together).


double checked, nicu-desu

It's subverting tropes typical - i.e. le handsome bishounen getting to live the real life! - having it be a spider and let shenanigans ensue.
>muh power up
No shit, it's a silly escapist fantasy, not a serious work. Nobody claimed it was.

All good things come to an end usually


I haven't read them, but there's already isekai novels/anime/manga kind of like that (about using the MC's economics knowledge in a fantasy setting), such as Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami.


Anyone here watched/read Drifters? Literally the only good isekai I ever encountered. Its about bunch of historical figures being send to the generic fantasy world, with mission to either save it or destroy it. It utilizes the isekai premise really well, lot of focus is on showing how introducing these foreign elements into the fantasy world changes it. Like the fact that a guy knows how to produce gunpowder, or retro-engineering pieces of technology they brought with them are key plot points. Also the main villain is probably Jesus Christ.
It is illustrated by the same guy who did Hellsing.


I watched the first season it was great some stuff was a bit weird and I have no idea how they want to continue the story but overall pretty neat. Will there be a second season?


fash garbage LMMAO


Havent heart anything about second season, first one covered 40-50 chapters, and currently the manga is on 80, so there is not enough material to adapt yet.

I would not say it is fascist, thematically its kind of like edgier Lord of the Rings. Uniting people of all races to defeat great evil and all. But yes, it has that Japanese quality where you can tell author does not share our sensibilities concerning WW2.


currently rewatching and taking notes because I didn't understand it on a first viewing, I'll have to take your word for it lol
gave the first episode a go, it looks good. significantly more trashy than I would have liked, I guess you can't have it all tho


>currently rewatching and taking notes because I didn't understand it on a first viewing
If you watch while understanding the main message to be "self-deception is bad", the show obviously hammers nonstop on these points.

I think it couldn't get any blunter than in the final episodes when the older detective smashes apart a literal cardboard fantasy of his idealized memories after his frail wife singlehandedly fights off the gargantuan Shonen Bat with nothing more than a stern lecture on sincerely accepting her own failings and making do despite them.



gotta say, they almost lost me with the beach episode, but luckily best girl came through in the end


By not wasting their potential likeRe:Zero or any other mediocre work with a good premise does.


>wowsie im in an another world!!
This not a genre, this is a dump trope.


It's not a dumb trope lol,, it just gets poorly executed because it's an easy tool for lazy writers. It has become a genre at this point.


it's a pretty dumb and usually pathetic trope: hurr I wasted my life until I died but the universe loves me so much I get to start all over in a world where video games are real and I am the only Chad so all the Staceys naturally fall for only me

like there's wish fulfillment and then there's isekai


File: 1627319094344.jpg (2.46 MB, 1200x4616, Isekai film heroes.jpg)

>hurr I wasted my life until I died but the universe loves
That's not what Isekai is, that's a plot device method that poorly made Isekai take part in.
Pic related are all Isekai, and most are good movies and stories
>in a world where video games are real
You've described not even 1/3 of in-another-world fiction.
>I am the only Chad so all the Staceys naturally fall for only me
Again that's the most generic cashgrab garbage, not the majority of the genre
> there's wish fulfillment and then there's isekai
Yeah you need to expand to actually good Isekai instead of consuming shit and claiming all of the genre is shit. You sound like a person who sees Hunger Games and denounces all dystopian fiction as "muh chosen one" garbage.


>isekai is good
>posts images of shit that are not isekai
rip van winkle is isekai lmao star wars is isekai lol isekai is good because everything is isekai and everything includes good things so isekai is good laffo


>shit that are not isekai
<Isekai is literally 'in another world'/fish out of water stories
Are you ok?
>schizo strawman about other fiction
Concession accepted.


Calm down


What is the last one? I don't recognize it. Is it good?


you are retarded and don't know what isekai is

you should kill yourself


Stay mad, no argument brainlet

It's called Lastman https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6296094/


>you are retarded and don't know what isekai is
What is it according to you?
How are the movies in the pic not isekai?


>It's called Lastman https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6296094/
I have watched it and it's not an isekai. Maybe if there will be a second season where the action would take place in the Valley of Kings, but as it is, it's no more isekai than War of the Worlds.


File: 1627972541308.png (263.08 KB, 500x671, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone watch Redo of Healer? I've only seen the summary and clips but frankly while it's an interesting concept, it feels really friggin' edgy, especially with it being a 'harem' show that gets down to it. Aa comment I read summarizes my impression of the show from what I've gleaned of it, "Redo of healer really puts you on your toes one of the animes where yes you completely understand why he does what he does but at the same time you are thinking jeez dude chill"

So, is it worth watching this or is just an edgy grim-dark 'fantasy' like every other DnD edgefest to ever grimdark?
Because this is giving me Shinimaou no Basara vibes and I loathe that discount-DxD hentai.

Also is it just me or is there a trend of Isekai/fantasy anime having an edgy MC getting (petty) revenge and power, we got Shield Hero, Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker, Arifureta, Nidome no Yuusha, and Moonlit Fantasy, heck Moonlit Fantasy is one of several anime where an isekai character is banished, wanders the world penniless and bitter and meets magic creatures and becomes super OP and shit. It's so repetitive yet eaten up. Not that Isekai should be the happy-go-lucky shit like Isekai Cheat Magician or Isekai Smartphone but frankly it feels nauseating. Overly Cautious Hero, Re;Zero* or Goblin Slayer balanced levity and grimness which is why I can enjoy it, but other stuff makes me feel dirtied. Dungeon Seeker managed to not feel contrived either. I think I might be a bit annoyed also by the artstyle itself - it's generic moeshit with 0 sakuga and the colorful, flat color pallet makes it clash horribly with the ideas. Like Berserk had good animation that fit its dark fantasy setting, and had detail and complex shading.

*I'm not saying RE:Zero is good, it's not, but it has some good moments that I appreciated and it knew not to overdo the "It's time to suffer and die Subaru-kun!" concept to the point of insensitivity.


File: 1628138985671.png (1.82 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

So the idea of Overly Cautious hero is that there are pantheons of gods and stuff that support selected Isekai heroes to free worlds ranked D, C, B, A, S , SS and SSS.

This gave me an idea for a sort of reverse Isekai where Earth is a SSS-class world because there is no one Devil King and his armies to take down and instead the various magic heroes end up killed because they can't solve societies problems (so figures like Jesus Christ or Che Guevara or Hercules are examples of such failed Isekai heroes, who nonetheless had impacts on the world.


I think this "overly edgy isekai" thing is just a fad that won't last long.


File: 1628149204590.png (339.73 KB, 500x532, ClipboardImage.png)

It's been going on since at least 2015 (that's omitting earlier edgy works). I mean I recently watched Arifureta and it wasn't outright awful (though it derailed quite a bit) but regardless, overall this 'fad' is getting annoying because they don't go for a dark storyline but an edgy one, otherwise you can't fit in the Moeshit, and generic harem gags and other shit aspects into it. At least Shield Hero tried to be somewhat consistent in its story telling.

BTW another shitty manga that is outright porky-shit is Meikyuu Black Company, a play on the Japanese term;


File: 1630126055791.jpg (154.87 KB, 1170x1179, edgy dick meaasure.jpg)

Ex-Arm: A "3D anime" that hired animators that have never worked on a anime project before, with the director having only experience with live-action and chosen a studio that only did work for Sekiro.

Promised Neverland season 2: The second season of a beloved anime that completely destroyed eveything the previous season made, skipping a ton of arcs and cut characters that are important to the plot for no goddamn reason and replaced with a slideshow in the final episode.

ReHealer: An anime that has no reason to exist. Is just a poorly written edgy hentai fanfic that got alot of attention from twitter due to its controversial amount of rape because the main protagonist is a cuckoo maniac that enjoys the suffering of his victims. A poorly written edgy pornographic fanfic that some 14 year old that just stumbled upon dark tagged hentai and awoken their twisted fetishes decided to write a doujin themselves. Seriously, did anyone actually like this shit unironically? I feel like the score for this would have been way lower if stupid twitter people didn't complain about it for all the wrong reasons, because I feel people are talking positively of it just to spite these people.


It’s Chinese animation, but Link Click is interesting. Time traveling agency where they can access the memories of a person in the past and control their bodies. They must follow a rigid schedule according to their timeline’s memories, but also make sure to fulfill their client’s requests. This leaves the character controlling the body and the one witnessing memories subject to sexual assault and other harsh decisions in order for the sake of the timeline, but also past memories, such as of childhood and parent relationships. Haven’t finished it yet, but it’s an interesting concept


This is a pretty good idea.


File: 1630389231050.png (937.48 KB, 800x448, ClipboardImage.png)

Top ten Western non-anime Isekai movies https://archive.ph/mSpcx


Embedding error.
>How would you go about fixing the Isekai genre
Make it more like an Abridged series (see SAO Abridged or Akame ga Kill Abridged as examples) and just let the anime go full throttle. They insert humor and remove excess bullshit that wastes time with prolonged scenes that have nothing of worth happening.


File: 1630598373763-0.jpg (225.39 KB, 1921x1078, ErZwQG_UYAA86Cc.jpg)

File: 1630598373763-1.png (1.21 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

Recently I watched Mushoku Tensei i.e. Jobless Reincarnation.
The writing is decent, the animation is pretty damn good for small isekai show. It doesn't get very far in the LN story, but it's been getting there. That said, I actually feel rather uncomfortable and even disgusted by some of the show's edgy or perverse content. Even more importantly, the character's behavior while quite realistic for a 30+ Otaku, can drag the show down. In terms of perverted characters, Rudy behaves like BNHA's Mineta as opposed to someone like Jiraiya or Issei Hyoudou, whose perversions are offset by their other character traits. Rudy does grow and change as a character but it takes a while to get there, and this can be depicted without being as vulgar as the show sometimes gets, I can understand by Bilibili stopped releasing it in China. The Father impregnating the maid and having that drama was a pretty daring move though, and honestly, excluding some of the sleaziness, this was an interesting story over-all. If you're able to bear a little fucked up shit, this is worth a watch.

The teleportation accident requiring escorting Eris home also reminds me a bit of Fairy Tail's Universe One spell.


Adapting an anime of the Rance Series might be a good idea, it's like Konosuba but less comedic, but lacking the edgelord attitude of something like Redo of Healer.


File: 1631809530502.jpg (63.4 KB, 540x861, Positive endings.jpg)

Make an Isekai story that's actually just a big game of pretend a la pic related. Just a big adventure in a story, playing on children's creativity and self-insertion.

For example Warhammer 40k is what happened when a bunch of kids got some green army soldiers, painted them and added stickers, and came up with their own backstories for each of their armies as they fought. Kids being kids this became a game of imagination one-upmanship, each saying their side has ever escalating weapons or powers, each making theirs out to be the meanest, bloodiest, most terrible side and before you know it these pre-teens have invented most of the nonsense lore and grimdarkness. Seriously this is literally the original Warhammer boardgame.

Someone has a Star Wars a parody like this: https://darthsanddroids.net/

original link for image: https://mckitterick.tumblr.com/post/176230226160


Why watch anime if not to see fucked up, crazy shit


For a good story, good characters and interesting ideas?


cute girls doing cute things


File: 1632637584711-1.gif (2.31 MB, 800x450, Crimson Dragonar.gif)

>fixing the Isekai (sub?)genre from its current state of mediocrity and stagnation
The following applies to most LN based anime not just Isekai but this is the most relevant thread.
The issue for LN anime adaptions is that they are just meant to be advertisement for the series. Hence why very few LN adaptions gets a second season. This also means that often such adaptations skip round a lot and come off as disjointed and lazy, an example being "Campione!" and it's episodes skipping huge amounts of arcs and character introductions.

Like film and TV adaptations of novels, anime adaptations of LNs should be ADAPTATIONS and not 1:1 the same. Cut content or non-canon content doesn’t matter if it’s still a good show, even if it's not closely following the LNs. An excellent example of this being pulled off is "Familiar of Zero". ZnT was so popular that it kept getting new seasons, but because they had no guarantees the animators kept making the current season as if it's their last one, only to be told later that they're getting another season. This, along with minor anime changes made kept adding up until the anime just does its own thing, but it still functions as a story and still uses most of the same characters in the LN and general story arcs. A series that does a similar thing is DxD, but BorN deviated too much from the story, trying to combine ideas from future volumes (female balance breaker for Rias) and Ishibumi retconned it to being an alternate-universe and continued the original story in HERO, the anime did get transferred to Passione productions due to Ishi's dislike of the changes and the result being us waiting for several years for Season 5, but I digress.

Stop having anime series be advertisements for Light Novel series as disjointed plot skipping randomshit. If you're going to be unable to follow the LN reliably because each Season made may be the last, then make an interpretation based on the material available.


File: 1632675942238.png (395.56 KB, 671x500, ClipboardImage.png)

The Finally You're Awake images are honestly basically this and it's great.




The most popular and decent isekai today are those that retain the old format that dates back to Inuyasha at least.


File: 1632707058304.png (152.23 KB, 690x821, the dream.png)

The protagonist gets isekai'd to a world where the USSR won and everything is great, and it's just a slice of life in communist utopia.


File: 1632708419163.png (572.04 KB, 680x742, ClipboardImage.png)

Based and wholesome


File: 1633032049485.png (600.45 KB, 1500x720, yqvbmdkuv1e61.png)

>Redo of Healer
It basically takes the most horrendously realistic part of Berserk and turns it into a hentai fetish. Like this is seriously hentai-tier stuff; mindbreak, rape, brainwashing, harem etc.
I don't do reddit most of he time because reddit anime-fags are moralfags about stuff like Goblin Slayer (while ironically being lax on Mushoku Tensei), but this thread really discusses the extent of how fucked up and shitty Redo of Healer is: https://old.reddit.com/r/CharacterRant/comments/l5q90i/redo_of_healer_is_the_worst_thing_ive_ever_seen/
Archived link: https://archive.is/1oJXd
Apparently a better series that does the revenge thing (no rape involved) is Fukushuu O Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha Wa, Yami No Chikara De Senmetsu Musou Suru


>Goblin Slayer
On the topic >>>/hobby/9238


I like Redo of Healer for being such trash. If anything strikes at the id of the failcel demographic that the isekai genre relentlessly exploits, it's that.


>the girl who voices the princess seems to be a relatively new actress (according to MAL) and likely took this role in hopes of furthering her career
Now that is really fucked up.


Oh that is accurate, it does portray the horrendous fantasy of the people that make this garbage and the teens that like them, but it's still vile as fuck to me.


On the topic of adaptations from LNs but in regards to the Konosuba movie >>10003


Embedding error.
>Konosuba Abridged
<It's even better than the original's sarcasm


> Mushoku Tensei
Unironic reddit tier trash
It's literally everything wrong with iseakai but people swear up and down that it's actually good


It's basically Rance but even more unironically, so yeah mostly garbage even if some good ideas existed.


File: 1633639838552.png (444.15 KB, 740x370, ClipboardImage.png)

People liked Devil is a Part Timer and it is certainly interesting. stray thought that crossed my mind however, is that the character Emi, chasing the Maou to the other dimension (and being the antagonist in the story), is supposed to be a hero. Essentially the Devil King, despite being a likeable person is the equivalent of Hitler moving to South America and being a humble fruit stand seller and just because he left his world, doesn't mean his atrocities there are gone - they still happened.


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Fate Apocrypha abridged is superior to the original series (because that's such a high bar).


On the topic of ReDo of Healer and edgy isekai/fantasy. >>10692
- Shield Hero's position on trivializing slavery (later) is annulled by the other positive aspects of the story, and th Shield Hero himself doesn't act like a monster in his revenge.
- Arifureta is just edgy but not a revenge fantasy
- Even Mushoku Tensei isn't total trash and makes some sense as a depiction of medieval social life, but does get excessive. Definitely not my cup of tea
- Goblin Slayer does not depict rape excessively and while you can argue on Episode 1 being excessive, the story over all is good and not edgy for the sake of it.
- Interspecies Reviewers is just low-quality soft-core hentai and an ignorant approach to prostitution.
- The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter is not edgy at all, it's just a poorly-animated, effortless harem moe-fantasy, lacking any real content, just 'plot'.
These are all "controversial" Isekai of the past couple years… they got nothing on Redo of Healer and it's sickening fuckfest of excuses. It's precisely this kind of moe-shit abuse-porn that represents the animu garbage I and any self-respecting person reviles. And yet people make EXCUSES for it! It's just so tiresome and unoriginal. It's the same "Count of Montecristo" Story but done worse as usual.


In the things that nobody has talked about so far :
I will admit I actually enjoy in a weird way parallel paradise,but that's mostly because the MC is like "wait,those girls are human beings too ?" after some chapters,before its just fetish trash,and after its convoluted nonsense (which is why I enjoy it,I'm actually surprised by what's going on because it has no structural logic,wait until at least the plot twist to get what I mean)
Re:Monster also was the OG that nobody actually remember because it never got adapted,and it's quite bland.
Yondome is edgy only at the start,and lose all of it insanely quick,resulting in mostly a dark worldbuilding where nothing real bad happens,but at the same time the MC does the equivalent of "yeah lets give everyone guns lmao" (I hate this trope,especially since it's ALWAYS done by retards) by allowing a species of super humans to reproduce,also he's an actual man in a forever kid body,so the sexual innuendos are fucked but he brushes them off because he has no libido,it's a pretty normal dark isekai story with an edgy premise basically.
I do not reccommend any of those really,just wanted to list more.
nidome no yuusha (which is absurd enough that I can't even take it seriously,and even the MC thinks whats happening is too fucked up and it devolves into waifu-shit) is also rated pretty high on MAL,kinda insane.
It's also impressive because it really needed to exist in anime form to become known,most of those enjoyed a niche fanbase in LN format,but it wasn't until last year they really blew up,in both manga and anime form.


Yeah I talked a bit about Nidome in >>10430 It's still a revenge fantasy but it doesn't have rape shit (and proceeds to moefiy it) so that's a plus.

Thanks for listing some more stuff too.


Is Re:Monster still going? The most shocking thing about it was just how bland it is. It survives entirely on wish fulfillment, because the narrative manages to chug along without any sort of narrative tension or dramatic conflict. Every chapter goes "Someone or something tried to stop me from doing what I wanted to do, and then I solved the problem either by killing the people that wanted to stop me or raping the women that didn't like me until they did." Eesh.




Nux is usually annoying but this video on it is good.


File: 1634497559938-0.jpg (198.54 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0003.jpg)

File: 1634497559938-1.jpg (213.4 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

>What did they mean by this?
Clarify this


File: 1634497616530.jpg (67.63 KB, 512x341, Труд.jpg)

It's a common saying with multiple contexts:
- Mothers tell their children this to encourage them to understand that things do not come for free and require labour in a short and sweet phrase.
- Capitalist work ethic: You have to earn your basic necessities through blood, sweat and tears by working for people with power and authority, summarizes the Capitalist view
- a Communist (and Christian) phrase that essentially promotes good work ethic (keep in mind that work does not necessarily equal wage labour.


This is him not being annoying?


…Yeah. Like I said the video is good, he's still his typical self.


i can't stand more than two minutes of this retard


File: 1635395617836.jpg (65.83 KB, 1280x720, 1619367410474.jpg)

I don't know if this idea has been done before, but I think isekai would be a great avenue for an allegory, or social commentary on immigration.
The MC are always foreigners trying to assimilate into another country
Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


File: 1635397759133.jpg (83.65 KB, 1280x720, Visa no.jpg)

I think this has been done before but it's definitely not common and definitely a good idea, if done right and excluding liberal takes or /pol/shit.

I've learned to tune out the stupid jokes and just listen to the main point.


SAO in 8 minutes feat. Gigguk


File: 1637698655506.jpg (592.36 KB, 1276x717, quiz.jpg)

It's not social commentary, but The Expression Amrilato uses it as a setting for language learning. The MC is from Japan and she ends up in another dimension where everyone speaks Esperanto (called Juliamo in the game) and she has to learn it. There are minigames where they test your Esperanto knowledge.


>Learn Esperanto in an Isekai VN
This is a pretty cool concept


Why the fuck no one has ever done a reverse isekai? as in some retard from a jarpig world tries to confront the generic Demon King or whatever and before losing he sends the hero to our world and he has to find a way to get back in less than 1 year before the Demon King destroys his world and whatever.

And he enrolls in another generic High School looking for clues and funny shit happens when he sees that things like magic don't exist here. It could be a very nice anime instead of the generic shit we get now.


File: 1645212074631.jpg (162.38 KB, 600x900, hataraku maou-sama.jpg)

There are many reverse isekai, the most well-known being about how cool it is to work for a fast food chain. Seriously.


I like this, I'm stealin this thanks


File: 1645234901925.jpg (44.03 KB, 500x666, 1645234651237.jpg)

Cut the Shield Hero slavery bullshit. Give me an isekai protag that actually does something about it.


Overlord involves the protagonist (a lich) fighting against slave-owning and non-human genociding empires


Not gonna happen unless the author is an actually learned individual and depicts slavery as an outdated institution within the world's setting that is pretty much destined to be abolished (although the protagonist can help hasten its demise) rather than as just something that is tacked on for no reason other than as a plot device for the protagonist to (very briefly) feel bad about because of their modern sense of morality before subsequently ignoring the whole conundrum and participating in its perpetuation anyway by buying himself some new harem members.


overlord is shit



No doubt that whoever is responsible for popularizing slavery as a trope in isekais, and not to mention doujins, will burn in hell for their deeds.


And there is no ethical consumption in capitalism. Purchasing a slave to save them is like an indirect way to show the problem isn't the slavers being evil which would be shown if they just killed them and set the slaves free but rather it's suggesting the system itself is unjust and creates the slavers and nothing will change without changing societal order. It doesn't do a great job at conveying this though because it often winds up being a strongly implied BDSM roleplay instead of focusing on a more clear message since people already see slavery as bad anyway so they dont need convincing and they wont automatically see parallels elsewhere


>the system itself is unjust and creates the slavers and nothing will change without changing societal order.
In some Isekai that is true, but others I think just imitate the aesthetic and don't think about the further message of societal change, thus invalidating and idea of such that could be interpreted from some. Shit like Shinimaou no Basara kind of do this shit trying to pretend a "le Heroes and devils living in peace" shit, except Basara literally mindbreaks his "totally-not-slaves.png" to do this.


>people already see slavery as bad anyway

you'd think so


Isekai should be relegated to an arc of an anime, not the basis of the entire anime. It would work well as a training arc.


Isekai is actually a great idea for an entire anime, but most authors are too lazy to do the legwork to make it good and so it has become a lazy dime-a-dozen single season shitshow 90% of the time today.
That said an Isekai training arc is a good idea, DBZ actually did something like that during the Z-Fighter training before Vegeta and Nappa arrive to Earth.


Any thoughts on Realist Hero? I have some mixed feelings. On one hand, I've really enjoyed this show. It brought something you typically don't see in isekai anime, that is to say the hero spends his whole time managing a kingdom, it made me feel like I was watching someone play a strategy game in a good sense. On the other hand, its reformist themes didn't really appeal to me, for obvious reasons. Being the king of a nation, he could have done a lot more to empower the peasantry and upend the medieval social order the world he isekaid to had in place. For example, he improved the conditions of the slaves, but they were still slaves. I don't think that the amount of work he's done to help the country's economy and his popularity among the people would instantly crumble if he just abolished slavery altogether, the only people who would complain would be slave traders and people that need cheap laborers, but he already upset the latter with his slave reform, and you'd think some slave traders aren't a big threat compared to what he's already weathered, but no. You can't end something as horrible as slavery because… you just can't it's a fantasy world muh social upheaval okay??? Also, just because you're good at being a merchant doesn't mean you'd be good at being a government official. Fuck off Roroa and fuck your retarded accent


Damn I meant to make a post about this and forgot. It's pretty good though lacking a budget to make it great. The Russian dub is the best though, since it changes the prime ministers name to Marx (from Max) and the translation uses more marxist terms of explanation of economic solutions. The intro music's beginning is also pretty neat, mp3 rel

I'll go more into this after I get some time to make a dedicated effortpost.


Damn, there's a russian dub? I've gotta check that out


Kinogo.la has it, excellent site TBH, has all the latest burger movies before they even come out in theatres.


>something you typically don't see in isekai anime, that is to say the hero spends his whole time managing a kingdom
are you serious lol


Yep, he gets summoned to be the payment of a union of kingdoms that face a demonic threat as they simultaneously are on the brink of infighting. Not willing to go die on the front as a completely non-magical non-fighter (at the moment of summoning) he instead finds out the problems of he kingdom and the king decide he'll make the summoned hero king as he demonstrated economical managing ability. It doesn't do blatant haremshit either (at least in S1) and it's fairly decently written. As I said before, the Russian dub doubles down and goes into dialectical-materialist analysis in its dialogues and it's pretty inventive. The animation and some details are a bit uninspired, but clearly it had been made as another dime-a-dozen cheap Isekai, so they didn't put too much effort into that, and it's still fairly decent even for that. I can only wonder how well it'd turn out if it had a better budget.


theres nothing new or original about this in isekai shit


doesn't the protagonist in that one just outright say he's a fanatical believer of capitalism?


Big if true, screenshots? I don't remember him saying that, but I may be wrong


Personnally, i like release that witch.


I cannot recall another anime in recent years like it, mind providing an example?

I don't recall that but then again It's literally one sentence of 12 episodes. Even if true, the anime itself essentially demonstrates a hastened transition from feudalism to capitalism.


File: 1651797920904.jpg (1.19 MB, 2928x4096, 1651272334719.jpg)

>Office worker isekai'd into fantasy world and forms harem
>But it's a Hidarikiki futa with purple hair


Isekai doesn't need fixing. Anime adaptations of LNs that are gone the next season for the newest isekai flavor are just not how to take in a story as such. There's plenty of western novels and people, rather than focus on country of origin and watch the shoddy anime productions that the out-of-touch executives at big corp allow, you should just admit there's no reason simply to not read any fiction from any country of origin.

Simply reading real books. LNs offer nothing unique. And are boorishly translated, endlessly milked, and simply not that gripping at story-telling.


File: 1651805631529.jpg (37.12 KB, 600x380, FRwcLmUWQAEOC6Y.jpg)

Isekaishit, just like the Marvel spam in the west, has nothing to do with what is actually being made and everything to do with what is being watched. Your average otaku wants to see Isekai With Long Ass Title #702, sorry it doesn't appeal to you.


File: 1651806502767.jpg (34.22 KB, 504x464, exceptionally rare.jpg)

>Your average otaku wants to see Isekai With Long Ass Title #702
>has nothing to do with what is actually being made and everything to do with what is being watched
No shit Sherlock, this is a hypothetical, not to mention that Otaku seek that shit because they're used to crappy product spam and stopped caring about good stories, because 'mediocre samey shlock is good enough"

The point isn't that you can't read other nations stuff, the point is that people enjoy the concept of isekai and Japan had a lot of good or fun Isekai that people enjoy and seek more of.
>LNs are poor literature
Obviously, they're LIGHT Novels, a kiddie version of a Novella.
>boorishly translated
Official translations at least, most fan translations can be inaccurate, but are at least funny or strange enough to be entertaining, though admittedly I don't read LNs very much because of their annoying formatting.


The same happens with the average Joe too. Like I already said, most people want to watch yet another MCU rehash every time a new one comes out.


That being said this stops becoming a problem if you look for different things in the medium, especially if you bother learning Japanese.


File: 1651806832845.jpg (204.19 KB, 1000x878, 16.jpg)

>Like I already said, most people want to watch yet another MCU rehash every time a new one comes out.
Well to be honest people are getting sick of MCU, and the increased spam of it in theaters to milk money is demonstrating people's discontent.
>this stops becoming a problem if you look for different things in the medium, especially if you bother learning Japanese


(teeth broken and mouth bleeding) this rock needs to be more nutritious


>N-nooooo Isekai can't be a good story genre!!!!
Dozens of stories prove you incorrect, it's just that under capitalism a successful medium, especially story plots or plot devices gets exploited and imitated lazily for cheap cash-grabbing and coat-tail riding.


>they're light novels
This stops being an argument when they go on for decades.
>fan translations
Have poor structure, are riddled with spelling mistakes, and are, again, not all that great all things considered. At best you get what the author tried to convey, but none of the style (if any). Books are more than a simple summary of events that take place.

>bother learning the language
Not even japanese adults can understand their own language. But I'm sure you are the special intellectual exception that simultaneously knows Japanese and isn't bored by the derivative isekai trash that's indiscernible from all other genre-fiction. But I get the erp.


what a weirdly defensive reply


Defending who?




File: 1654441375298.jpg (458.15 KB, 650x924, 1644303889582.jpg)

>Isekai MC got dumped by his girlfriend in his original world so the first thing he does is purchase a slave to do his bidding.
This is pretty much exactly how isekai fans think. I'm still surprised there isn't a single fucking one I've read in recent time where the guy is like "fuck slavery, I don't give a shit if it's legal here" and burn the place down with his bullshit powers and suicidal NEET brain, you can even say one girl stays with him because he saved her from slavery if you REALLY need that as a plot point.
Isn't that the most obvious shit? It says a lot about (Japanese) society that every single MC thinks buying slaves is fine because it's legal. I think there might be exceptions but I can't remember them and they're an overwhelming minority.


Are you me ? I got spooked I read a post made by myself that I couldn't remember.
that's only fine if the MC can't actually do anything about it because he doesn't have bullshit level of power,and is actually buying the most rebellious of the bunch to give him insider info,and at least remove the fucking slave seals holy shit (and If you want to make your MC a pragmatic villain,make him remove the seal in the middle of the forest,and tell the scrawny slave that she can go die in the forest a free person,or choose to willingly submit to him and continue living,to build up a stockholm syndrome but without pretending it's not one)


lmao i felt like i made a post like that same pic and all too…….


File: 1654514038183.jpg (Spoiler Image, 407.38 KB, 1039x1500, mkr.jpg)

Picrel was mostly good, and there should be more isekai like such.

Someone should try to make isekai story that's allegory about the master-slave dialectic, or alternatively a similar sort of "bait and switch" one, in which the MC eventually gets overthrown by his "harem" and reincarnated back into the original world.


Delete it

That’s it. The genre is fundamentally a cash cow genre from its core design EXACTLY like superhero media. Just offing it entirely is easier for the industry than bullshitting endless different takes and twists to make it any good


File: 1654617468060.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>burn the place down with his bullshit powers and suicidal NEET brain, you can even say one girl stays with him because he saved her from slavery if you REALLY need that as a plot point.
This ironically kinda the plot of Fisher Tiger burning Marie Joise.


File: 1659422406905.jpg (172.7 KB, 640x960, 1630805029865.jpg)

Kissless hugless NEET virgin gets transported to another world without his consent and receives power on a silver plate like almost all isekai and then gets treated like shit by the nobility who is useless without slaves. He has all the power in that world to free slaves and wreck the monarchy but decides to get his own slave girls and work with the monarchy instead, to the point of even Stockholm syndrome-ing his enslaved harem.
It's the capitalist dream of becoming the CEO and bossing your wage slaves around but in a fantasy medieval setting, so with the MC living out his fantasies as a slave owner and trying to become a king.


but he wuvs his swaves ( = w=)


You can't create lasting change without changing how people think. Not sure if this is conscious of subconscious but it seems isekai stuff has some acknowledgment of this. But on a more shallow level it's merely preventing changing the feel of the world stepping away from typical fantasy settings based on medieval Europe because it's a popular trope.


File: 1659424715674.jpg (26.33 KB, 640x533, screenshot.jpg)



>Maruyama stated that the opposite sex yearns for strong men. He regarded this to be nothing more than a mere symptom of the messiah complex mechanism, in order to preserve the species of their human race. It was acquired through evolution, from intermingling with the helpless members of the species.

Is there a single isekai author that isn't a fascist


you know they do it because people like the concept so they can get away with sub par shit right ?.


Overlord is shit and the simping female characters for the OP faglord (and gratuitous murder of them) is demonstrative of it.


>and gratuitous murder of them


I recall a couple clips that have Ainz kill female enemies in horrific ways and be totally unharmed by them, in the mean time his "party" has females that obsess over him like drooling fangirls.


Oh, yeah. There's one he literally squeezes the guts out of, but she kind of deserved it.


I'm not seeing the relation.


Catherine deserved it.
I'm still on the fence on it,since it seems to hint that what he did to Albedo is going to blow up in his face at one point,but nothing happened so far (and I don't remember the novel adressing it either,so I'm probably just making up a scenario where it's not anticlimatic)
The majority of the woman in the story are psychotic/sadistic tbh,so I wouldn't be surprised if he has a weird view of them.
Where did Maruyama said the text above ?


Nice 6666 GETs
Yes she deserved it, but my point is that it is done gratuitously.
>The majority of the woman in the story are psychotic/sadistic
And Ainz is the one that beats them, get fawned over by some of them and is generally the only relatively level-headed one that also plays 4D chess. It's a really lazy power fantasy that bored me to shit, literal Log Horizon levels of inanity.


>since it seems to hint that what he did to Albedo is going to blow up in his face at one point
I doubt it. That would involve the keikaku not being doori and that's not how Isekai works. He explains to her early on what he did to her and her response is basically "I don't care."

I guess she wants to kill the other supreme beings for leaving them, but considering how it's 4 seasons/14 volumes in and there hasn't been a hint of anyone else from the guild being there yet, it seems like another damp squib.

I don't know about anyone else but season 4 fucking sucks so far.


1.Leave my copium alone
2.Very disappointed with how it's been going,It's farther than the manga and it decides to just adopt the slow as fuck approach of the novel,when you should just use visual as part of the storytelling instead of wasting everyone time.


Yeah. I just went back and rewatched the other three seasons and there's a lot going on in them at any given time. Now it just feels like it's wasting our time. It set up the Godkin and that fucking dragon two seasons ago and hasn't done shit with them. With all the other stuff going on did we really need to spend 10 minutes on who gets to sit in Jack Skellington's lap? Or half an episode explaining how he got in the coliseum? SNOOZERS.


>With all the other stuff going on did we really need to spend 10 minutes on who gets to sit in Jack Skellington's lap?
This cracked me the fuck up.


you WILL watch the scene where the bugs want you to sit on them and you WILL like it chvd


File: 1660676578215.jpeg (44.73 KB, 746x918, J07qlKp.jpeg)

Okay, not strictly anime but I did find a short piece of original fiction that, in a very much comedic manner, explores what might happen if John Brown was isekai'd when his sentence was carried out to an exaggerated parody version of your typical fantasy world with clueless Japanese protagonists, sleazy nobles, slave harems and all. It was honestly a really good read for something that was so short.

For those who do want to read it:


Fucking Kek, this reminds of the Familiar of Louise the Zero fanfic where she summoned Che Guevara instead of Saito.


This season of Overlord is fucking dogshit.


>Overlord is fucking dogshit


I'm so sorry that every day you wake up and have to endure the agony of a world where people enjoy things that you don't


I find that picture amusing


File: 1660779585887.png (428.03 KB, 512x488, let people- no.png)

Get better taste lol


File: 1663387709350.jpg (172.39 KB, 1333x1333, liberals anime.jpg)

So someone on /siberia/ shat themselves over link rel being supposedly /pol/shit, mostly because the subject is "Progressivism in isekai stories is retarded"
Not one to trust anyone on the internet at face value, especially on a /b/oard, I clicked the link and read the OP and it has no /pol/ shit. Instead it greatly points out the hypocritical and ignorant white-saviour story telling of "progressive" Isekai. The OP makes very concise and logical points, not ranting about le gays and or jooz, but specifically pointing out material inconsistencies and impossibilities of "progressive" isekai stories that try to retroactively make their medieval settings not actually medieval or have any conflicts beyond, le cartoonishly evil guyz and their mooks.
To repost and analyze the OP of that thread:
>MC for some reason thinks it's a great idea for different races, or even species, to start living together while completetly ignoring historical antagonisms and their incompatible lifestyles.
Inb4 racism; A) unlike human 'races' these are LITERALLY different biological races that have markedly different cultures and material development. Human cultures have many differences, but many aspects repeat themselves across hundreds of cultures, many completely isolated from one another, because human development generally has similar material progress over time, only regional differences leading to details of culture being unique (such as music or art).
>Gods, magic and higher powers exist, but atheism is an acceptable 'religion'.
This is to say that, it's not that atheism is bad, but it is illogical in the face of irrefutable evidence of divinity, not worshipping a god doesn't mean being atheistic, as atheism is the disbelief of gods. The only time Atheism functions in such a world is if the MC is challenging a false god that has bamboozled people.
>A big appeal of the story is becoming part of the upper-nobility of a feudalistic civilization, but once MCs achieves exactly that they jumpkick an industrial revolution, introduce democracy, and then erase the distinction between nobility and peasants. This will inevitably lead to a society that the Isekai tried to escape from in the first place.
I.E. Isekai MCs escape modern capitalist society, yet their solution to monarchist problems is to reintroduce the capitalist society and end up in the very same alienating system they fled from.
>MC is born from nobles or special parents which gives him OP abilities, but the Author pretends that the MC is somehow "untalented" and a self-made man.
>Author writes a chapter oozing with self-righteousness about how our MC dislikes slavery and prejudice while his entire setting is filled with nothing but carbon-copies of the same sterotypical races, archetypes and storylines we've seen a hundred times already (bonus points if the MC """""liberates"""""" a hot, underage slave girl and includes her into his harem).
As discussed in >>15518 and other post ITT.
>"The bad guys" are always ugly and "the good guys" always attractive, but physiognomy as a concept is dismissed as 'prejudiced'.
I.E. racial caricatures exist, but only if it is expedient to the plot.

It's literally beyond Captain Planet levels of bad story and writing, because at least Captain Planet is self-aware and campy about itself.


you didnt even read the thread


I read the OP, (the main point of the /siberia/ pants-shitting post) and it had no /pol/ sentiments in it. In fact the /pol/ posts came from the /a/fags shitting themselves about their modern isekai animu fantasies being called out for the hypocritical trash it is and feeling called out themselves for their hypocrisy.


Going by the shitty image that you'd expect from some right-winger trying to troll epic style and whining about different races being together, everything you posted is a literal projection of your own values onto the other poster.

>inb4 racism

It quite literally is. Do you also whine when shows aren't "historically accurate" when they cast black people or whatever?

>it had no /pol/ sentiments in it
You're a very intellectually honest, delusional, or at worst retarded.


File: 1663388278431.png (122 KB, 307x354, tired elf lady.png)

>Inb4 racism; A) unlike human 'races' these are LITERALLY different biological races that have markedly different cultures and material development. Human cultures have many differences, but many aspects repeat themselves across hundreds of cultures, many completely isolated from one another, because human development generally has similar material progress over time, only regional differences leading to details of culture being unique (such as music or art).
Fuck, I deleted B)

B) Unlike humans these different fantasy races have completely different biological, social and regional material development and many have had ancient feuds against other races (see Elves and Dwarves) so the MC haphazardly overcoming centuries of hatred and prejudice and moreover mashing together distinct cultures inorganically a la liberal "tolerance" is just idiotic and ignores the effort it takes to unite even differing members of the same race, let alone utterly separate ones. The USSR spent a decade of extreme social purging and iron-fisted organization to eliminate ethno-nationalist conflict and promote proletarian brotherhood, and even then despite 7 decades of this, this kind of ethno-nationalist conflict rose up again in the 90s to today. Now picture the same in a medieval time and among literally different species of race.


File: 1663388691855.png (1.56 MB, 2544x2000, ClipboardImage.png)

>It quite literally is
Fucking how you hack
>shows aren't "historically accurate" when they cast black people
<If you think historical accuracy isn't important or material reality and so narrative consistency is important, then you're raseest
You're that retard from the Little Mermaid thread aren't you?
>shitty image
<Oh no the image called liberals out as big mouthed idiots, that must be bad
Feeling called out lib? I see you still haven't managed to pull on that red-coated mask over your radlib face.
>expect from some right-winger trying to troll epic style
No faggot, calling out libs for being retarded has been something leftypol has done since day one, idiot.
<whining about different races being together
has literally nothing to do with the image, you're projecting. Also That's not the post you fucktard, See >>17001 you undialectical ignoramus. Read fucking Marx.
>everything you posted is a literal projection of your own values onto the other poster
No, you're just assmad and have a boogieman rent-free in your empty pot of a head.


File: 1663388787068.png (497.38 KB, 593x671, Thinking Kizaru.png)

>you didnt even read the thread
And as >>17000 demonstrates, you didn't read my post.


The totally not racist /v/edditor had to make three separate posts with le reaction face but everyone else is assblasted but him.


File: 1663390241216.jpg (37.26 KB, 559x263, deceitful liberal.jpg)

>Everyone I don't like is /v/, /pol/ and a liberal at the same time! I-I'm not seething U are, No u!
Disingenuous, projected strawmen do not hide your liberalism.
>le reaction image on an imageboard!
Oh no! Anyway…


>unlike human 'races' these are LITERALLY different biological races that have markedly different cultures and material development.

Most of those differences in "biology" comes down to ear shape and beard length, in some cases "racial" talents like "elfs are good at magic, dwarfs are good at smithing". Anf of course erotic sensistivity in various places for female variants fo the species, which is a very important point for "medieval fantasy". Speaking of soecies, most of them can't even be called different species since they are close enough to produce offspring with functional reproductive organs. Their cultures usually differ even less, and in fact differ even less that actual human cultures could at that time period. Most of the are nothing but some sort of pastiche of human culture (like viking or spanish, in some rare coses something more exotic like aztec) just with monoethincity added on top. Material conditions are often quite similar too, so basically there is nothing that prevent multiple races as they are portrait in isekais and other "medieval" fantasy setting to coexist in the same society.

Not that authors usually think that deep anyway, more often it's just a bunch of historically ignorant stereotypes about our own societies sticked together on a pit and prayer. Hell, most of the settings have some sort of "academy" which is basically like a modern day school or university.

And even if races were different it wouldn't mean that they can't coexist, since common material condition will shape them to be more similar.

I more or less agree on the other points. Isekai is trash and it is often required for you to forget everything you know about history, material sciences and even formal logic to enjoy most of the stories.


File: 1664193249089.gif (9.91 KB, 800x600, real mermaid.gif)

>Little Mermaid


File: 1664464038573.jpg (20.66 KB, 377x349, get help meds.jpg)

>E-everyone I don't like is /pol/
Ok schizo


File: 1664464057458.png (94.15 KB, 500x758, Lings.png)

>Most of those differences in "biology" comes down to ear shape and beard length
You're kidding right? Hobbits have hairy horny feet and are smaller than humans as adults and have a separate culture and origin. Dwarves are of Durin, born from the mountains and are short and hairy and stout. Elves are knife-eared lithe forest-spirits. Orcs are the descendants of corrupted elves and/or monsters created by dark sorcery. This concept of "they look similar so the racial differences don't matter is retarded… it's like saying humans and chimps aren't massively different enough so chimps are just a type of human. They have completely different origins and roles and their magic reflects that. This further shaped their cultures to be separate and only vague similarities exist.
>erotic sensistivity in various places for female variants fo the species
Ecchi-meme stuff TBH.
>most of them can't even be called different species since they are close enough to produce offspring with functional reproductive organs
Except this can also be done with beastmen and lizardmen…. because "magic" not because they're all that closely related, otherwise they'd literally have to all be Homo Sapiens.
>Their cultures usually differ even less
In shittier dime-a-dozen anime depictions, but generally their cultures seem to differ immensely in depictions that try.
>Most of the are nothing but some sort of pastiche of human culture
Because of lazy authors making cheap fantasy and not paying attention
>Material conditions are often quite similar too
As I explained, they're not supposed to be. Living underground mountains and excavating them for a living is completely different from being a forest dweller or a hill-burrowing farmer.
>often it's just a bunch of historically ignorant stereotypes about our own societies sticked together
>most of the settings have some sort of "academy" which is basically like a modern day school or university
Not untrue, but that's from the standpoint of a reader. From the standpoint of the story itself, these are still separate races and cultures and the problem of allying or making peace between them at a snap of the fingers is laughable in the face of real human-human conflict. As a side note, in Naruto one of the main goals that progressively becomes more important is peace between people by ending the cycle of Hatred… but Naruto finds that you can't just end animosity of generations or personal revenge by fists and words alone.
>even if races were different it wouldn't mean that they can't coexist, since common material condition will shape them to be more similar
My point is that the same can be said of humans… yet coexistence among peoples is still shaky despite millennia of progress and effort.

But thanks for the discussion and you're not incorrect in and of itself regarding most fantasy/isekai anime.


You are mainly confusing your own depiction of species (obviously influenced by tolkien which is not the only way to describe them of course) with how it is depicted in media we discuss (isekai and other medieval fantasy mangas), so i don't think i will have to respond with specifics here. Though we might as well remember some other authors like Andrzej Sapkowski and his depiction of elven society that culdn't properly coexists with humans and with good reasons why.
>Except this can also be done with beastmen and lizardmen…. because "magic" not because they're all that closely related, otherwise they'd literally have to all be Homo Sapiens.
We are talking about biology, right? Biologically most elves, dwarves and beastment (unless going full furry, which is usually avoided in harem isekais except few weird cases) as theyr are portrait in media seems to be just subspiecies of homo sapience. Even without argument about reproduction, they are just not different enough to be called different species. Races probably is appropriate terms for that. In fact that magic argument goes both ways - maybe they are different based on magic not on biology? Though magic would probably be considered a material force there. Unless we are going for some sort of sentient magic force but then we are going into territory of settings which reality is based on idealism. not materialism which makes our discussion pintless.
>In shittier dime-a-dozen anime depictions, but generally their cultures seem to differ immensely in depictions that try.
Sure, that's true. Well, we mainly discuss regular isekais here since you are responding to critique of regular tropes in regular isekai. Not some few rare exceptions, though tbh none come to mind where culture would be so radically different that it would prohibit coexistion. Do you have examples?
>Because of lazy authors making cheap fantasy and not paying attention
No disagreement here, again, but still that just makes me right in ragards to most isekai fantasies.
>As I explained, they're not supposed to be. Living underground mountains and excavating them for a living is completely different from being a forest dweller or a hill-burrowing farmer.
True, but human cultures differed to same degree, don't they? Difference between a nomad and a farmer. Very big, but will go away withing ferw generations of living withing same material conditions. Though the question of course if you could make it last that long.

>From the standpoint of the story itself, these are still separate races and cultures and the problem of allying or making peace between them at a snap of the fingers is laughable in the face of real human-human conflict.

The whole point was in the argument that standpoint of the story where there is no such conflict (as many authors portrait it) there should be from a perspective of our knowledge. It is exactly fromthe point of view of the author and the story that no such conflict exists that you guys found problematic, no?
>My point is that the same can be said of humans… yet coexistence among peoples is still shaky despite millennia of progress and effort.
Sure, but we know why, right? not because of some biological differences or some cultural gaps that just can't be breached but because of the class system in our society.

>But thanks for the discussion and you're not incorrect in and of itself regarding most fantasy/isekai anime.

Thanks to you too. It's nice to have a civil discussion once in a while


1. Stop combining it whit harem
2. Make the new world actually unique and not the same fantasy dipshit Wich was reuse over and over again
3. Add werewolfs and Vampires
Thats about it


I don't think the problem is uniqueness as much as it is lazyness. Authors mostly don't understand how societies operate especially medieval ones, so what comes out in the end results in nothing more than copy of the modern society plastered over overused medieval themes with weapons, armors, clothing, utilities and architecture being jumbled together from different time periods without sense or purpose. Let's not even talk about societal structure, since more often than not is is a copy of a modern society, almost always with high level commodification, with police and prisons and other stuff like that.

I would like to see a setting that would be thought out and had consistent laws about how it works even if it wasn't particulary original. And of course with decent character development.


Absolutely right. I'd even go as far as arguing that nearly all japanese "fantasy" amounts to a carbon copy of modern japan with swords, elves and adventurers. Which makes perfect sense, given that is what japanese readers are familiar with, and that most fantasy seems to be escapist schlock. It'd be nice to see something like Wheel of Time that makes a great deal of effort to build a world that is vastly distinct from the modern one, but I guess that would entail actual effort and research so it's unlikely to be done.


Tell an actual compelling story with compelling characters instead of being a bunch of stupid horny bullshit for teenagers who just found out about nietzsche


stop pulling anime ideas from novel websites
the nationalists in japan have already caught on to this


File: 1665107311032.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

I thought the concept of Isekai Oji-san as rather funny and interestingly unique (not a lot of Reverse Isekai out there TBH). the story drags a bit, but the small initial episode release was a rather good take IMO. Something innovative like this could make better Isekai. Also it's got a really good meta commentary on standards to be "beautiful" in isekai worlds and on the way people see one another depending on context and the differentiation from self-image.


Been enjoying the manga of this lately myself.


>Fixing something that’s been shit from the beginning


>been shit from the beginning
Dozens of examples prove the opposite, including stories that are literary classics. The problem is capitalism flooding markets in cheap, shitty commodities to exploit a popularity to the point of death.


Remove the magic, unrealistic eyes, triangle faces, any fantasy elements based off tolkiens work, truck kun, harems, stock backgrounds, non human coloured hairs, filler and power of friendship bs

The rest will fix itself


File: 1665187051385.png (768.61 KB, 1266x1266, godly isekai bingo.png)


All of that shit is what you’d get if isekai writers wrote to express original ideas and not for money or fanfic of DAO


> including stories that are literary classics
Pretty sure “iseakai” was coined relatively recently. You can’t just post-hoc claim “Alice in Wonderland” as isekai.



<If Brown were given a little planet of his own to do as he liked with, he would call day, night, and summer, winter. He would make all his men and women walk on their heads and shake hands with their feet, his trees would grow with their roots in the air, and the old cock would lay all the eggs while the hens sat on the fence and crowed. Then he would step back and say, “See what an original world I have created, entirely my own idea!”

<There are many other people besides Brown whose notion of originality would seem to be precisely similar.

Jerome K Jerome "Novel Notes"


>absurdist writing = bad even if original
Dogshit take, besides most original works anime and not come from real life occurrences anyways as a source of inspiration
Straight up plagiarizing the works of someone else is both lazy and awful to put up with for the audience and the author


>even if original
Lol, they aren't, that's the whole point. Just doing the opposite is not original.

You are one stupid motherfucker ain't you?


the bad isekai have a specific market that's pretty easily satisfied, that is 12 year old boys who want to be just like le gamer black swordsman nice guy, bored people who want a seasonal to watch, and waifufags who buy the pillows. there's no fixing it, rather the industry has to move to another trend which will end up being shit again and lead to people complaining again, capitalism
although any trend succeeding isekai would be automatically better if the fantasy bullshit would be in japan rather than generic rpg world, i hate seeing the same town over and over again, being a wagie in another world, and owning slaves because you're a wagie with op skills who makes money and gets the bitches. give me high schoolers being fucking demons or something like in dxd or having some chuuni power
just read good isekai like mt or something


>like mt or something
What's that?


The Worm Ouroboros is isekai, change my mind


mushoku tensei. it's about a perverted neet who gets killed by truck-kun after being thrown out of his home, dies with a lot of regret, and gets reincarnated in a fantasy world where his life goes better. it sounds very generic on its surface, and some of the tropes are, but this doesn't matter because you can see that the author was actually interested in what he was writing. the characters are fleshed out and develop throughout the story, the worldbuilding is very detailed and thought out, and the plot isn't extremely predictable or random bullshit. i don't know if it's considered the peak of isekai, but personally i find it to be the best out of everything i've seen


i'd like if there were a sword and sandal/Conan like isekai, i think it would be interesting.


y tho


seems cool tbh.


>good isekai like mt or something
nice bait


Isekai is the jap name of the genre and has existed for a long time in anime; since at least the 80s. The genre also applies to Alice and Narnia and more, I'm just using the Japanese term for convenience.


expanding on this, i think a setting where most people are nomads,physical combat is the focus and magic is more ritualistic like FMA instead of the rpg like most Isekai mostly have, and none of that gaming hud shit.
Hell using this i even thought of a cool setting and how the history would go.


I don't think they count as Isekai if they end up returning to the real world.


File: 1665509348953.png (2.77 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

They do. This is an isekai too.



Nah Greyrat simp


No it's not. They're here in our world. That's like saying Harry Potter is an isekai.


half of the story is about the other world,it's also the basis for the comedy,the manga doesn't work without the other world plot (which is "surprinsigly" uncommon in "proper" isekai stories)
Hell,a ton of isekais are about the guy wanting to go back to the real world,even if that's been put on the wayside in modern times to focus purely on escapism.
Is Parallel Paradise not an isekai because the protagonist flip-flop between the two worlds ?


you are now a normal rat


File: 1666195362872.png (514.66 KB, 828x1006, ClipboardImage.png)


The only way it can be fixed is if someone made a John Brown Isekai where he kills off those slaving "heroes".


Dante"s inferno is an isekai


The short story written by the guy who made this meme is actually amazing and pretty much the best "isekai" story I've seen. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/57505/his-soul-is-marching-on-to-another-world-or-the


File: 1669912255323.png (7.16 MB, 2765x2074, ClipboardImage.png)

Isekai where guy who was born in fantasy land with his harem and all that dies and then is reborn as an incel in our world.


like isekai ojisan but from the start of his life then ?
he would probably be happier and have more friends than most incel anyway,if you're just looking for a meta revenge fantasy.


Someone from an a high fantasy world (no magic except from gods) with a late stage communist like society that feudalism and capitalism never happened in gets isekaied to be in our world working for a large corporation. A lot of it would focus on just learning how things work here and getting horrified and confused.


File: 1670036819207.jpg (153.2 KB, 800x1257, anime.jpg)

Perhaps with use of computers' artificial art generation, future isekai-type anime could almost literally be self-insert; there could be one basic template which the customized character derived from the viewer is placed into, keyframes automatically modified.


>a hero from fantasy land suddenly finds himself as a hikikimori and is forced to overcome the depression of being thrusted into a life where everything is disappointing by becoming a passionate firebrand who manages to become a real modern hero


The guy on the left is from the channel The Real Life Peter Griffin, pretty funny dude, didn't know he's Unhre fan.


On further consideration, to readily have such customized, self-insert content available that easily could make the current-day otaku media and fandom even more toxic and degenerate, but there is also the potential, that computers' automatic art provides, for, to be used for production of anime works, less difficult labor requested from animators, that otherwise is usually necessary to make large varieties of the standard 2-D animated material even nowadays.


Sounds like it would be perfect for a pro-capitalist bootstrap story.


Yeah unless he becomes lenin


File: 1673016383559.png (1.77 MB, 800x1257, 1670058759732-4.png)



Thoughts on trends of cyberpunk vs isekai?

My basic take is that instead of spooky futurism and modernization during the economic boom, instead the future became what is now three Lost Decades, so the anime that became popular was about escaping the world, which is also conveniently hand-in-hand with otaku culture.


File: 1679634503032.png (327.96 KB, 370x514, ClipboardImage.png)



Idk making the mc actually just a regular person in a weird world rather than
>royal super rich
>overpowered hero

Really though, the isekai aspect needs to play a role in the narrative.
They should just make an anime using Crusade in Jeans as a source. Story about a regular kid being time travelled into medieval europe and winding up in the middle of the german child crusade, trying to lord-of-the-flies style keep the kids from dying using limited modern day knowledge, and trying to prevent them from being sold into slavary on the barbary coast in the end, while trying to communicate to back home to be saved while not dying.


> i don't know if it's considered the peak of isekai
its litterally the book that created the genre. All the tropey bullshit you see are just bad platonic shadows of MT


have a mirror to the main character, another person who got isekai'd to the same world at some point but saw it for its flaws, set about helping correct them, and calls the main character on his bullshit for adapting so easily and being seduced by the promise of status and power


that's the plot of demolition man


Just recreate the radio drama of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance into an anime. The plot is an isaki where the main character has to deal with a new world, fight the escapism of his friends and younger brother, and himself. Where he finally convices his friends that the escapism they are doing is unhealthy and eventually they return home.

This is the plot of a 20 year old gba game that most people written off because it didn't have dark and heavy themes of war. Instead it focused on how children cope with divorce, disability, loss of a family member, alcoholism, etc. That would be one way to have an isekai.


demolition man kind of rules


lol I remember that. Wasn't one of his friends crippled in the original world but had working legs in final fantasy land?


how about coming up with an original premise
instead of recycling one so much it becomes a genre


It was his younger brother who was wheelchair bound. He became antagonistic to his older brothers attempt at destroying the crystals to go home. Eventually Doned the younger brother is convinced after Marche the main protag and older brother had to give a reality check. That marche was upset with Doned because of all the attention he needed from their mother and Marche felt jealous. It was then they reconciled and there was only Mewt who found the Grimore of the Rift in a library and created the fantasy Ivalice as a coping mechanism form the bullying, the lose of his mother, and the embrassment of his alcoholic dad. Who only became the way he did as to cope with losing his wife.



why do people always assume that all fauz pas is made for teens?


File: 1686896259561.png (762.08 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>Embedding error
I fucking hate this sites Embed system


All this isekai genre is just Narnia copycats. And Narnia is a copycat of Alice in Wonderland.

Nothing original ever came after Alice in Wonderland.

Make Doom Slayer the protagonist. There we go, Doomsekai.


Most anime is made for teens, it's just that it's more apparent in trashier shows.

Have I mentioned that I hate target demographics? There we go, I hate target demographics. I hate when the authors are trying to accomodate for a specific age group, even my own. What is my target demographic anyway? I don't even fucken know what is supposed to be targeted at my age group. The teens watch all the adult shows anyway unless they are boring. But at that point I wouldn't watch them either.

Capitalists are out-of-touch, they're not even human.


File: 1686899070248.png (623.4 KB, 750x818, ClipboardImage.png)

Rant incoming
>BorN deviated too much from the story, trying to combine ideas from future volumes
>The Konosuba Movie adapted the LN story arc better than the original LNs by cutting out unnecessary parts, adding in details about the school for Megumin and Yunyun's backgrounds, and adding in a final fight for Sylvia, the latter giving her a much more heartfelt end-speech and creative power boost for it.
This sort of how I felt about Season 3 of DxD. Honestly I get that the 3rd Season is way off canon, but the reddit fan reaction is pure cancer, okay, we get it, it's not following the LN, shut the fuck up already. There's a lot of stuff that the 3rd Season misses or lacks but most of it is utterly unnecessary, the only thing that mattered in the long run was the Loki fight and the various figures or plot points that come up in it like the Chichigami, as every other change or cut part was fucking filler or not necessary. The Sona vs Rias fight would be nice to see, but again the limitations of a single season of an anime and the fact that nobody knows if a next season is coming or not is a big deal; an animation studio isn't just artists and animators, it's a business and they can't just throw away money, especially a smaller animation group under a large corporation like Funimation in the cut-throat Japanese economy.

TNK did the fight against Diodora and Shalba pretty damn well, and frankly I like the way the Juggernaut Berserk was resolved better, Episode 0 of HERO only made it more obvious how inane and tonally inconsistent the LN resolution comes off as. Seriously Issei is dying as his insane state is supposedly making him to dangerous to approach, taking away his lifespan, and Asia is thought to be dead, but the characters are just vaguely pensive, next thing Asia is safe and everyone is cheerful like a kiddie cartoon for a much younger audience. THEN we get Irina popping up with all smiles and cheer and using the Breast Song to calm Issei down, even though they have NO idea if it'll work to start with. The BorN version maintains the dark tone even if it provides fanservice and even has a chilling scene in the Raynare mind-fuckery. The fight scene by Passione is comparably good, but the character interactions are just so bland by comparison in that retcon episode. I still enjoy HERO's plot, but I can't help but skip a lot of Rias scenes because they ruined her vibe

Another complaint by DxD "fans" is that TNK supposedly made it look like Rias planned Issei's death. For one thing, that isn't the case, the anime follows the LN pretty closely, for another thing, the small, subtle changes of the anime that MIGHT imply this only makes it BETTER - Rias is a DEVIL, not a human, so her being devious is on point and the moral-fagging about it is retarded given that Issei is himself a bit fucked up, a good guy at heart, but also one that is a bit of a creep at the beginning, since we don't read a lot of good things about him at the start, it's why him becoming a devil also works so well. Her character being too effeminate and cutesy really ruined her in HERO as well, as her TNK visage, despite being different to the LN illustration actually served to make her look more mature and mysteriously alluring compared to the same-face moe that Passione has.

TL;DR: Anime and LNs are separate mediums and ought to be judged by their own merits first, and not just by source material arguments.


>Rias is a DEVIL, not a human, so her being devious is on point and the moral-fagging about it is retarded
The problem is that way the demons (not devils, there's only one Devil) and angels are depicted is kind of ambiguous and subversive, you can't blame moralfags for thinking like this because the demons aren't demonic enough and the angels are not angelic enough. Also, does this cosmology imply that Christianity is correct? Or perhaps that Islam is correct? Judaism? Pagan religions that have beings similar to devils and angels but called differently?
>Anime and LNs are separate mediums and ought to be judged by their own merits first, and not just by source material arguments
How about… making an original anime? If anything, the anime scriptwriters don't have to write most of the plot at all. An anime becomes sort of a by-product, a rudiment, an alternative for people who can't read. Of course people are gonna be critical. Anime shows can't stand on their own most of the time, they just adapt whatever was already written. Just an audio-visual extra to the novel's script.


>>19889 (cont.)
>Also, does this cosmology imply that Christianity is correct? Or perhaps that Islam is correct? Judaism? Pagan religions that have beings similar to devils and angels but called differently?
Wait, I remember there being Satan in the anime. We've narrowed it down to Abrahamic religions and its various sects. But what if… what if God is a false god and Satan is actually the true god that came to rescue us from the tyranny of the fake god Yahweh?

DxD's cosmology is more of an aesthetic choise that obviously doesn't give a shit about those small details. It's its own cosmology that only has a loose connection to Abrahamic religions because the Japs jerk off to Christian symbolism ever since NGE came out. An obvious cargo cult.


File: 1686962233761.jpg (81.27 KB, 900x900, welshe pepe dragon.jpg)

>there's only one Devil
Not in DxD, demon and devil are different meanings.
>ambiguous and subversive
The summit of the 3 Great factions has Archangel Michael explain that some actions are done because without God the system is fragile and therefore for them to survive a status quo was enforced, but he admits that Heaven should have found another way. Fallen Angels are specifically those that fell because they fell to a sin of some kind, such as Azazel falling for lust and so on. Devils are by nature devious, and although only the original Lucifer and Devil-spawn are "evil" in the literal sense, they're still beings of sin by their nature, individuals may simply choose to be better. It is subversive in a sense, but it's also an action ecchi, so it's not meant to be that deep or philosophical, even if the actual plot can be pretty good.
>does this cosmology imply that Christianity is correct?
The DxD devils are collective of all 3 Abrahamic religions, and plays fast and loose with the cosmology of those religions, for the sake of a story, the same applying to pagan gods.
>How about… making an original anime?
1) That's harder than it appears, RWBY proves the problems of lacking a written/illustrated source material in creating an animated series with a long plot.
2) My post is specifically referring to anime adaptations of written media, so original works are by default not a factor here.
>the anime scriptwriters don't have to write most of the plot at all
That's the problem, adaptation requires you to ADAPT the source material, because film/animation is a very different medium to literature, much more visual and constrained by time limits.
>anime becomes sort of a by-product, a rudiment, an alternative for people who can't read.
Which is why I argue that anime should have more lee-way in adaptation so that it can provide an interpretation with its own merits rather than just a lazy alternative.
>Anime shows can't stand on their own most of the time
Often true for non-mainstream LN adapatations, Campione proves that and frankly in spite of people liking it, Labyrinth of Magi does too. That's why I like the TNK DxD interpretation, it is based on a source material, but holds up on its own merits even if it were an independent, unsourced material.

>I remember there being Satan in the anime
Basically Lucifer was the first devil and Lilith his wife, and from her flesh came the first demons, with various special abilities. Lucifer and the 4 main Maou (Devil Kings) along with many of the Demon Lords (often based on various devils and demons in demonological grimoires of the past) were killed in a final clash with God (although there is speculation that God is not really dead, but there's no proof of it). Thus the NEW Satans arose, not through hereditary succession, but through their merits, having brought a new age to the Devil world after the Civil War, the result being a transition from a Feudal Monarchy, to a more Capitalist system in hell's society.
>DxD's cosmology is more of an aesthetic
Sort of, I will give Ichibumi this, he references a lot of VERY obscure demonological lore from all 3 Abrahamic religions, (the Gremory family for example is rather unknown, and the references about Camels being their symbolic animal is yet another a reference to a rather obscure piece of demonology).
>the Japs jerk off to Christian symbolism ever since NGE came out
<implying it hadn't begun since the Japanese opened up to the Americans in the Meiji restoration


Anyone have some good TF2 isekai fanfics to recc?


File: 1687469822956.gif (2.66 MB, 854x480, horse drums of war.gif)

>How would you go about fixing the Isekai (sub?)genre
make the main character a horse


i unironically liked meikyuu black company. there were a lot of bad parts but capitalism isekai, funny asshole mc, and cute girls made it for me


I liked the beginning when it was about a shitty corporation then it went the "just become the shitty boss" route.


>RWBY proves the problems of lacking a written/illustrated source material in creating an animated series with a long plot
I mean, not like RWBY doesn't have the problems of a typical shonen shtick anyway.

>although there is speculation that God is not really dead

Wait, God is immortal and Nietzsche didn't mean the death of God literally, WTF? Sounds like Peterson trying to reinterpret Nietzsche in the lines of "God is dead because the antichrists killed him."

>the result being a transition from a Feudal Monarchy, to a more Capitalist system in hell's society

Didn't know the demon world mirrors the Earth's dialectical materalism.


>then it went the "just become the shitty boss" route
Literally a shitlib plot.

<Maybe if we replace a white cishet male with a black dude the company will change for the best


>TF2 isekai fanfics


File: 1687659319291.png (274.94 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)

It's a semi-joke about truck-kun because of the video featuring Mimi-Sentry getting Truck-kun'd by the TF2 tank.
Also there are crossover fics featuring the TF2 mercs in another verse's world. There's some pretty crazy ones.

It comes off as way too try-hard edgy IMO, like the typical "Lets pretend this FANTASY runs by our reality!" shite that gets boring very quickly.

>RWBY doesn't have the problems of a typical shonen shtick anyway.
It does, but the point is that the lack of a written source material makes a lot of the post V3 writing poor, even if I can still mostly enjoy it.
>God is immortal and Nietzsche didn't mean the death of God literally
I'm not sure if you're just joking, but I meant within the actual DxD story God is supposed to be dead, but there's some strange vagueness to it.
>the demon world mirrors the Earth's dialectical materalism
I doubt it's intentional, but yes, it's something I noticed when I first read the LNs.


>RWBY doesn't have the problems of a typical shonen shtick anyway
I said "Not like it doesn't." Which means that it does. Negation of a negation of a truth statement equals the truth statement. Basic binary logic.

>It's a semi-joke about truck-kun because of the video featuring Mimi-Sentry getting Truck-kun'd by the TF2 tank

WTF, sentries aren't even sentient beings. Although there are jokes about them having an AI. But I didn't expect it to go that far. With a mini-sentry of all things.


>within the actual DxD story God is supposed to be dead


Marx got his ass finally.


Now that I think of it. How can there even be a war between Heaven and Hell if God is almighty? Unless Satan is almighty as well. But at this point it's an unstoppable force trying to move an unmovable object.


it's pretty edgy but i still enjoyed it, i prefer this kind of setting to the weird mishmash of rpg tropes we see in most isekai. i'm tired of seeing status screens and the same story over and over


File: 1687744756540-0.png (178.3 KB, 736x414, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1687744756541-1.png (1.01 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

>I said "Not like it doesn't."
Yes I noticed, I just didn't green the entire post. If you notice my response is specifically about it having these issues, but that it has further problems beyond typical shonen issues.
>sentries aren't even sentient beings
That's not very cash money of you to say about those girls
>I didn't expect it to go that far.
What 6 years of no major updates does to a community.

Essentially God was weakened by sealing away the apocalypse bringer, Trihexa, which was as powerful as himself, leaving him vulnerable enough to die
But of course considering the omnipotent/omniscient being that he is, and other hints in the story, lends itself to the fan theory that he isn't really dead.
>How can there even be a war between Heaven and Hell if God is almighty
Essentially there's some complicated lore I can't remember about him unable to directly kill the devils and having to use agents such as his angels to do so.
>at this point it's an unstoppable force trying to move an unmovable object.
Ergo both cancelling each other out., literally


>That's not very cash money of you to say about those girls
>Essentially there's some complicated lore I can't remember about him unable to directly kill the devils and having to use agents such as his angels to do so
This is so dumb. Christianity is stoopid.


File: 1687803369112.jpg (99.82 KB, 500x375, 23a.jpg)

Why the fuck are people discussing DxD in an isekai thread?


File: 1687818194526.jpg (299.36 KB, 1280x720, problem rias.jpg)

>This is so dumb
It's not Christianity and more DxD trying to integrate a variety of different religions, legends and myths; Abrahamic or not.

Follow the thread of replies m8.


>Not gonna happen unless the author is an actually learned individual and depicts slavery as an outdated institution within the world's setting that is pretty much destined to be abolished (although the protagonist can help hasten its demise) rather than as just something that is tacked on for no reason other than as a plot device for the protagonist

"Five Ways to Forgiveness" anime when? If Ghibli can whitewash Earthsea surely they can do the same to this work.


They're literally pieces of metal. They don't even have a female voice like Karen. What gender does to the MF's brain. SMH.

>It's not Christianity and more DxD trying to integrate a variety of different religions, legends and myths; Abrahamic or not.

Abrahamic religions in general are retarded.
>I am almighty, omnipotent and omniscent
>Oops, sorry, I can't do this
>Oops, sorry, can't do this either
>HOW DARE YOU LIE TO ME even though I'm omnipotent
>HOW DARE YOU COMMIT SIN even though I could have prevented it
Absolute brain rot. No wonder why Gnostics think Jehovah is a fucking pseud.

>Why the fuck are people discussing DxD in an isekai thread?
If only I knew myself.


>Rias is a DEVIL, not a human, so her being devious is on point
Would work if the devils weren't irredeamable and lacking empathy in the first place. Either all her human emotions are fake and the viewer was an idiot for believing in them or the devils in DxD aren't biblically accurate (like most of the "Christian" settings nowadays).


An interesting twist on Abrahamism is provided in DMC. There is no heaven, all "angels" that humans met were demons in disguise. Demons aren't innately malevolent but rather have society based on strength similar to the goblins in Goblin Slayer and are still capable of love (Sparda being an example). Demons can act like humans, humans can act like demons, and there is an overall ambiguity between two species. They have no Devil, whichever demon is the strongest becomes the Demon Lord, which makes the demon realm a kind of an absolute monarchy with a strict hierarchy.


are there any isekais that use defenestration as the isekai-ing mechanism?


File: 1691796641453.png (235.69 KB, 576x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

It can sort of be a mix of both. The original devils, ones directly created by God or Lucifer, are true devils with blackened hearts and no kindness. But later generations have 'humanized' and some become genuinely emotional and caring, only being manipulative and devilish because it is cultural, after all DxD's devil world is actively seen as one going from a feudal society into a capitalist one (one can only wonder if it will proceed into a socialist one and how that would look).

Definitely an interesting angle.

I'm assuming pic rel. I haven't seen any anime like that but a quick search has found me… nothing. It's possible there are some obscure light novel isekai stories with that, but none that I know of or are well known enough to be found easily.


Link for the interested and pdf attached

Also makes me want to write a oneshot of Louise summoning Adam Taurus from RWBY (Vol 1-3 version), just for kicks.


>Red n Black girl
I keep thinking Ruby Rose when I see that outfit.


File: 1692986597666.png (515.25 KB, 552x499, ClipboardImage.png)

Recently watched The Eminence in Shadow because I saw a clip on youtube and although it seemed like a typical current isekai shonen I was intrigued by a comment, "Excellent visuals aside. If you keep in mind that he's got no idea what's happening and just says stuff to make himself look cool, this show is absolutely hilarious."
Thus I decided to binge the 20 episodes it has so far and while it's been interesting, I've frankly been a bit disappointed in the main character, whose dream is to be an NPC background character, but simultaneously is an insane chunni that, at 18, wishes to be a secret edgy superhero.
The Main character is stupidly OP like in Overlord but has substance and reasons for the main character not to just one shot everything and everyone. The episodes involving The Sanctuary in the middle of Season 1 are pretty fucking horrifying and it was honestly trippy as hell; the story in general is atypical.
The problems for me particularly are issues with the main character himself, which grew over time (anime only):
- He's too overpowered to the point where there are no stakes in the fight; he makes shit up for magic or the story on the fly and it just happens even if it makes sense as solution (magic threads, magic density etc.)
- He's sociopathic in his behavior, every emotion, every bit of dialogue, every action on display is him playing a role and if he doesn't need to, he pretends minimally to keep up a façade. It's so clinical that his character becomes frightening, like a robot attempting to go through the motions of being human, based on an amalgamation of various fictional character tropes.
- Sociopathic behavior aside, reactions are also a problem; He reacts to almost nothing with surprise or any other genuine emotion and while I understand it's part of his delusional character it goes over board, Even after his made up Cult of Diablos turns out to be real, he seems to think it's all a roleplay
- It's not just a videogame, so his attitude to his new world is confusingly distant. Nothing seems to affect him; blood, dismemberment, screams of the dying, horrific experiments and monsters are completely unsurprising to him, nor do they evoke disgust or anything at all. Even fictional and televised depictions of such evoke some emotion from people, and only a person who's seen death a lot will not react to these things. He doesn't genuinely react, register or care about anyone, he pretends minimally and yet has no interest or like for anyone; nobody's plight is interesting, no atrocity concerning. Hell he outright states that he wouldn't care if somewhere across the world a million people were to die.

All in all, it's certainly… unique as an isekai, but frankly it gets tiresome after a while. In my opinion the manga and WN does his character better, since he actually has reactions, even if he's still a crazy fuck, it's less dissonant and it carries across his delusional self better, rather than have him on paper think the Cult isn't real but react way too precisely.


wait until he creates a money market,and then crashes it for the lulz,while beating up his own "friends" for no actual reason and they make shit up to excuse his behavior.
It's basically the moment I couldn't give a shit anymore,I didn't even understand what was supposed to be fun about it,even from a sociopathic angle


File: 1693010005769.gif (1.66 MB, 480x360, Eggman laugh.gif)

I just found a Prigozhin isekai fanfic, where he gets sent to Remnant. I can't even


File: 1693595086068.png (1.09 MB, 599x854, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there an isekai where the main character actually has to overcome powerful enemies with their wits and guile? I'm getting a little tired of brats becoming unstoppable demigods with some cheat ability.
There's Yajin Tensei: Karate Survivor in Another World but it's bleakly over realistic tbh.


File: 1693595295415-0.png (7.76 MB, 1406x2134, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1693595295416-1.png (155.18 KB, 214x317, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh I forgot to mention Escaflowne and 12 Kingdoms


i thought overlord was going to be something special, but instead it seemingly is just another shitty isekai. i was really hyped for the 2nd and 3rd seasons after watching the first season, but after a while i quickly noticed the lack of originality and simply refusal to write interesting conflict. everyone except mc is either expandable, generic, ass kissing or a side character, which means that we don’t have anyone i teresting to bounce off the mc and his war crimes, also mc himself and his subordinates are boring and simply don’t really give a shit which means that we don’t even get a real discussion or conflict about the fact that mc is canonically committing multiple genocides at the same time. i have no idea why author refuses to give mc some kind of foil to have a conflict with. whats the point of having such a large fucking cast of characters if you’re not going to make them have interesting interactions.


While I agree that a lot of current anime is crappy, especially Isekai, this need for a weird and wacky forgettable shows to critique modern society as well is asinine.
>Oh yes, I really need more generic critiques of society by a fiction author. Should it be some really convoluted allegory to timidly express that "capitalism bad overworks people"? No, no, forget that, we can get even more revolutionary! The authors should include a subplot with a subtle implication that "bad things happen because profits". I can't wait to have those in anime! Why can't the dumb Japanese learn from my favorite Netflix shows? Where would I be without those pieces of insight thoroughly diluted, dilated, and appropriated in my escapist media?
The result would be like most "Marxist" TV shows in the USA; Boring ass schlock spitting half-baked 'leftist' talking points that every other radlib spits out. It's neither interesting, nor inspiring to anyone that has read a fucking book in their life. This is literally the same shit as 150$ Che-Guevara shirts sold by various corporate clothing stores - discount 'rebel' shit dangled by porky because it's not actually coherent of well-formed enough to genuinely harm corporate interest and profits, just enough to get shit stirred up and muddy the waters.

You want to take two things, anime and critique, and mash them into something terrible. Do we really need a 12 chapter seasonal anime to tell you that class oppression of society exists or some other bullshit? Because that's the highest level of progressive criticism that you are going to be able to fit in (if you even get there, which would be a miracle considering most manga authors are borderline illiterate).
Let anime be anime, that is, pretty big-eyed girls, fanservice, power fantasies, silly antics and clear plot direction. If you want a real critique of society that is actually worth the paper it is written on, go read Marx, or Lenin, Parenti or Losurdo, or literally any non-fiction author from the last 200 years. Don't come to a Japanese cartoon show looking for praxis or something.

>inb4 Akira, GitS, NGE and Ghibli

Those are specific and complex works that are a in a different galaxy from seasonal simple anime for entertainment that is made, being short series, OVAs or films rather than a deliberate kids cartoon. Kids content shouldn't be brainless either, but expecting a heavy-handed socio-political drama in something that's just trying to be light hearted and fun is just silly.


Yeah, the first season sets up a lot of interesting possibilities. What happens if the minions develop their own personalities? What if he encounters other player characters as op as he is? Are any of his other party members there and how are they going to react to his actions?

And then it goes on to answer none of them in the most boring way possible.


it’s genuinely upsetting how the author seemingly refuses to do anything remotely interesting with the everything, one of the biggest flaws is probably the fact that mc does not care about anything, since he can’t fee emotions which makes him uninteresting because he doesn’t fee anything when he commits evil.


It's a generic power-fantasy where the self insert character gets all the bitches slavering over him, beats all the enemies effortlessly and fucks around doing nothing of import. Overlord has always been a shallow power-fantasy and it says alot that 4/a/ loves it the same way they love Tanya the Evil. Out of the Isekai Quartet of the time, only Konosuba was actually any good and Re: Zero was at least an interesting change from typical power-fantasy isekai, even if moeshit and simping within it is typical lazy fanservice. Tanya is just inane and even though the author is a hobby-communist (there's a Japanese term for it) and Tanya the Evil is meant to be anti-fascist by having Tanya keep getting beaten over the head by Being X for her actions, the reality is that the aesthetics and story seem to support the fascist rhetoric within. Overlord as said, is the generic power-fantasy Isekai and sucks because of it. It's like an edgier Log Horizon.


Tanya is really interesting to me because of how popular and reactionary it seemingly is. it was very successful and seemingly nobody pushed back, everyone either didn’t speak about it or praised it to high heavens, even though the entire plot is just ww1 combined with ww2, germany winning combined with the weird glorification of this individualistic fascism, where mc is a great man who seeks personal profit while at the same time the plot seemingly glorifies the mc and violence trough fash lense. which is interesting because usually fascism depicts the idol as an idealised warrior patriot but in case of mc they are a selfish asshole.

There is something fash about overlord and other “evil” mc manga too since they often have the “chosen”/“special” mc commit unspeakable acts of violence against other while being glorified and depicted as badass and cool.


unrelated to the main discussion. i would like to state my dislike for konosuba, how exactly is it parodying/satirising the genre if it does exactly what other shitty isekai do? It does everything except it’s “ironic” allegedly, it’s kind of like modern movies and shows that try to hide their shittiness behind a veneer of irony and self awareness, konosuba is just isekai marvel.


Yeah Tanya was a wild ride, the Tanya thread has more on it >>795
It was very successful and uncriticized because at the time the main anime boards were 4/a/ and 8/a/ and both run by /pol/ who loved the fascist elements. /leftyweebpol/ was almost always dead back on 8chan and reddit is… well reddit. GETchan pretended it didn't exist except when they fapped to the loli, with rape fantasies.
>There is something fash about overlord and other “evil” mc manga too since they often have the “chosen”/“special” mc commit unspeakable acts of violence against other while being glorified and depicted as badass and cool.
Not even fascist, there isn't really an ideology to it, it's just psychopathic.

>how exactly is it parodying/satirising the genre if it does exactly what other shitty isekai do?
You have to understand that at the time of release Konosuba was satirizing the common isekai of its time and the past. It was pretty funny and silly with subversion of typical fantasy isekai tropes like the noble crusader and powerful mage with some secret demon backstory, and the MC being not some ordinary kid, but an utter NEET that died pathetically. Nowadays such "ironic" isekai are everywhere, because they all ape off of Konosuba's formula and so what was once a relatively unique criticism of isekai and a fun silly romp, has become commonplace.
>konosuba is just isekai marvel.
Konosuba is like Marvel's Iron Man. It was good, and relatively groundbreaking in its concept and set up, but this quickly became exploited into the MCU and the ideas got milked to death. Obviously someone that has seen all the single season isekai garbage of the past decade is going to see Konosuba and think it's not very much different, because Konosuba was basically THE isekai all the other hack writers imitated.


I'd even be fine with him being unemotional and just out and out evil if it was at least interesting. All the work has been done for him, either by his guildmates or by his subordinates, which were also created by his guildmates. The fact that by default his magic is just magnitudes of power stronger than most magic in this setting just further kills it.

At first it seemed like there was at least the possibility of an interesting plot. I thought everyone was so weak because he was in the RPG beginner area. Instead the world just sucks, so what's the point in conquering it? The series was over before it even began. It's like sitting through a funeral. The thing's already dead, you're now just going through the process of putting it in the fucking ground.

>Log Horizon

I think it's to LH's credit that the setting is in motion around the characters, and to me it's really interesting that they start inventing new stuff that wasn't in the game before. Like, players using real world knowledge and combining it with bullshit fantasy magic to make steam engines and shit in a quasi-feudal setting is really cool.

I last saw the second season I think years ago though, so I don't know where the story goes from there. Still, in terms of isekai bullshit at least the story presents problems that the main character can't just brush aside because of how arbitrarily op they are.


Not a huge konosuba guy but I’ll give it credit for being the only one of these shows I’ve seen that actually made me laugh. Kazuma being a posthumous object of mockery by his own friends and family and our heroes winning the day by being their dysfunctional selves so hard they just scare off the demon lord are pretty good


>I think it's to LH's credit that the setting is in motion around the characters, and to me it's really interesting that they start inventing new stuff that wasn't in the game before. Like, players using real world knowledge and combining it with bullshit fantasy magic to make steam engines and shit in a quasi-feudal setting is really cool.
Y'know what, you're right, I shouldn't be doing L-Horizon dirty like that, comparing it to Overclod.


>Y'know what, you're right

The highest honor one anon can bestow on another. Thank you ♥


File: 1697477149510.jpg (135.29 KB, 1280x720, 1697249255600-3.jpg)

Not usually that into reincarnation stories but "Princess gets beheaded and is reincarnated as her child self, giving her a chance to avoid the economic decline of her kingdom which lead to her beheading" is a fun premise.


File: 1697491822796.png (329.85 KB, 388x388, gRcms6V.png)

Saw this a month late but you're welcome.


>Guillotine chasing a royal
This would make for a fun banner considering leftypol's history with that particular execution device.


File: 1697560594723.gif (289.61 KB, 300x100, b.gif)

Maybe it is a bit too heavy for a banner…


It looks good to me tbh.


I meant in size. For /siberia/ right now I get
> 772.94 kB / 413.42 kB transferred
out of which the banner was
> 18.20 kB / 18.89 kB transferred
but for the gif it is
> 296.56 kB / 297.48 kB transferred
so if it was used, /siberia/ would balloon up to
< 1051.30 kB / 692.01 kB transferred


>see thread about an anime
<ohhh it's (genre) just like (genre) thread!!! better move it there!
i fucking hate leftypols mods lmao


honestly,hamefura style animes probably should have their own threads instead of this isekai one if a sufficient amount of them are talked about,as they have their own particular tropes. (too bad 70% of it is korean trash,and the rest is mostly shoujo shit with the most predictable romances ever that takes over the entire plot)


1) Your OP didn't get replies for literally a day
2) Your OP is low-effort for an OP and is not broad enough of a subject to garner a thread even 100 posts long, it's just going to sit at Page 17 after sinking there (as it did) and just get used for spam-bait
3) It's relevant to this thread, and got more responses when it was moved to this thread than it did as it's own OP.

If there was sufficient interest in the subject an overall Hamefura thread might work, but this isn't 4/a/ so, tons of specific threads don't really work here.


I see, I think there's some file resizers that could reduce the byte size but I can't remember the program names.


File: 1697572705813.png (985.17 KB, 800x1730, ClipboardImage.png)

Undead King ~A Low-Ranking Adventurer, With the Power of Monsters, Becomes Unbeatable~ is similar to Overlord but actually better IMO.


i've read it, and it's ok. overlord isnt exactly a high bar


How the hell does someone name their manga like this and not die of embarrassment?


1) Translation makes it sound more awkward
2) It's partially a meme that authors unironically emulate for their "ironic" isekais

True, Overlord isn't a high bar but my point was its a similar story but with less cringe by comparison, even if its no masterpiece.


Maybe making it more magical? Like in witch hat atelier or made in abyss, like they should just focus on the sense of wonder and world building first. the potential wonder of the world just becomes wallpaper for the hero as he tries to get more power, they should make the world more magical and stuff instead of being so generic. Also please no more ecchi


This got me thinking, is there some sort of new weird isekai? Not an anime, but Teraurge is the only I can thing of kind of like that. You even get to keep ecchi, just with monster girls having emphasis on monster part.


File: 1698690005970.png (1.57 MB, 1743x799, ClipboardImage.png)

Checked for based terato-isekai.

On that note the Monster Hunter movie by Anderston would technically count as an Isekai even if there's not monstrous monstergirls. A lot of Monster Hunter fans got assmad about it, but I thought it was a pretty good film for what it was supposed to be. Obviously its not close to the plot of the games, but it works for the story.



The characters of The Amazing Digital Circus seem to be VRG isekai protagonists, with everyone just appearing and having no recollection as to who they are. However while the implication of the "headset" mentioned in the Pilot, as well as the implications of the old Block computer and initial CD-Rom stylization implies some oldschool Tron-tier stuff, the similarity to Five Characters in Search of an Exit (The Twilight Zone Episode 79, 1961) makes me think that perhaps Pomni and the others are essentially character avatars created by users of the game and are sort of corrupted mind copies/reflections of the person playing said game. This is further corroborated by the the whole "we don't need to eat or sleep" aspect which doesn't work for a living human body; The originals have gone home after trying out the new headset, unaware that a copy of themselves is slowly going mad or already has crumbled into a glitched out blob left to fester in the dark. Unless of course, there was a matter-energy conversion and Pomni's real body was transferred into the digital world Digimon or ReBoot style.


>Pomni and the others are essentially character avatars created by users of the game and are sort of corrupted mind copies/reflections of the person playing said game
Oooh, that havent even occur to me. I interpreted it as straight up getting sucked into the computer, but this makes sense. Maybe thats the reason the teeth guy doesnt want them to leave, he knows they are just copies and have no body they could return to.


File: 1698702860711.jpg (157.17 KB, 1200x800, soma.jpg)

Not this existential angst again…


Imagine if they could get out but kept their in-game bodies… some freaky shit tbh. I suspect they'll pull a .hack however, or something similar to that.

It's suffering o'clock again!


File: 1698724197120.jpg (94.48 KB, 1424x1650, EsCzfolVoAEHOSn.jpg)

>22 000
LMAO at the monsterfucker posts getting trips twice. Checked and Keked

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