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File: 1608528782601.jpg (174.59 KB, 342x519, HayaoMiyazakiCCJuly09.jpg)

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Do you have anything to say about this man?


He looks like a cool guy to talk to


>machines are bad except when they’re used for imperialist warmongering
Fuck this guy


he was Marxist

> He was strongly influenced by Marxism. You have to understand that in Japan, the word "communism" isn't as demonized as in the US. Marxism as a theory to analyze society and history has been taught in universities. The Socialist Party had been the second largest party in Japan for a long time, and the Communist Party still holds seats in the Parliament. During the war, any political or labor movement was banned, and the communists were almost the only ones who vocally opposed the war. After the war, labor unions were allowed to be formed, and many of them were led by communists or communist sympathizers. Many were idealistic young people who believed in the future of "truly democratic Japan." Miyazaki was one of those young people, as was Takahata.

> Miyazaki was the chairman of the animator's union at Toei Doga. The early works in which Miyazaki was involved, such as Horus or Conan, show his political beliefs somewhat. He once said he wasn't even sure about making Nausicaä a princess, since that "makes her an elite class." Pom Poko was basically the story of how the liberal movements in post-war Japan failed, according to Miyazaki.

> Around the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, Miyazaki came to the conclusion that Marxism (and Historical Materialism) is wrong, and he totally forsook it. He said that his realization had more to do with writing Nausicaä than the collapse of the communist bloc.

well, not anymore, looks like he's demsoc nowadays

> However, exploitation is not only found in communism, capitalism is a system just like that. I believe a company is common property of the people that work there. But that is a socialistic idea. Nowadays, American style capitalism has become mainstream. The stock holders have voices and change managers to get more profit in the current term. In addition to that, they downsize or restructure regular employees and enlarge temporary workers and part time workers. For them, temporary workers are just disposable. On the other hand, regular employees also are completely exhausted in hard work. Such a system is quite Animal Farm like.

> Its scheme used to be common sense to the world. Now, everyone has forgotten about that. Everyone assumes he or she is in middle-class and blinded by the mechanism of exploitation. At a time, during the economic growth after the war, business managers also had to work hard. Because of its graduated taxation, the income gap In Japan was small. Before the bubble years, our society was like that and they didn’t feel the reality on exploitation. But all were crushed by the burst bubble. Lifelong employment and seniority system were thrown away. Efficiency pay and target settings were brought. In my opinion these efficiency pays will bring workers nervous diseases. It is obvious that talented people must do their best at work without thinking about its return. Don’t work for money. Actually, we need money though… anyway, we’ve thought that “Work is one’s partner for life”.

> Europe got disenchanted in socialism during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. During that war, not only socialists but also anarchists, democrats and several movements gathered in the people front. In the war, they were betrayed by Soviet Union. It was a big experience for George Orwell and he wrote “Homage to Catalonia” as a betrayed revolution. As they got to know more about the reality of the Soviet Union, progressive young people broke down with socialism. After WW2, the communists in France and Italy looked for ways of democratic socialism. At last, Europeans reached to EU. It isn’t built by the socialists though, that is the only way to survive for Europeans.

> Can we build democratic socialism? If it is possible, then I believe it can exist on the opposite side of globalism. In that sense I mean local production for local consumption. The wave of things like slow food or slow life comes more than once. That is kind of that. The desire of humans must be controlled. The idea that human desire can be grown infinitely must be changed at the moment when they get to know that the resources of the earth are finite. My little wish is to wear domestically produced underwear. Maybe there are some if we pay enough. However, all underwear that can be purchased for reasonable price are all from China.


File: 1608528782790.png (125.79 KB, 765x1249, meowzaki.png)

Highly intelligent and has the experience fitting his age. An artistic talent with few to compare.
Very jaded and world-weary.


Citation needed dolt.


>demsoc nowadays
His opinion on the USSR comes from world-weary experience with the Japanese system and its imperfections combined with the preference for ideas of 'freedom' that most artists dedicated obsessively to their craft, seem to possess. He merely states his thoughts on the matter and believes them, but does not bother spreading his idealistic assertions outside of occasional conversation, and even the most radical of ideas still have a grain of truth in them. Disillusioned people tend to be like that.


Didn't this man literally protest the 2003 Oscars because he didn't agree with the US war in Iraq? also he and I share the same birthday lol


>You have to understand that in Japan, the word "communism" isn't as demonized as in the US
Eh, not really, it's still kinda bad.
BTW, while working at Toei he was about to give up on making anime but then a soviet cartoon made him change his mind. Thanks USSR!


Tbf, working at Toei would make anyone ready to give up on anime or just life .


File: 1608528783094.jpg (776.06 KB, 4947x7000, koneko.jpg)

>TBF, working in the anime industry would make anyone ready to give up on anime and life.
FTFY, pic unrelated


>cat behaviours match real person


An hour long video that goes in depth of Miyazaki's ideological history. It's nice. I particularly like when the video delves into the Nauusica of the Wind Valley manga.


After reading Thomas LaMarre's The Anime Machine I can safely say he's a grumpy old man who can be pretty full of himself.


File: 1608528783303.jpg (76.39 KB, 1136x640, insult to life itself.jpg)


>pretty full of himself
Not without reason



I like his anime. He should put half-naked catgirls selling merch into his movies.


Extremely based, except for this:
>Stating that 3D animation is a disease that robs artists of creativity in a Q&A session with Pixar’s John Lasseter
>Telling a Ghibli animator working on Princess Mononoke that the kid’s never known suffering because if he did he’d be a better animator


>Citation needed dolt.
The Wind Rises


oh shit forgot to remove the shitposting name lol


Him being in many ways symbolic of the Japanese "left" serves as a testament to their impotence.


>The Wind Rises
&ltA Japanese animated historical drama film depicting the empire before a world war
Accurate depiction does not equal approval of the depiction.


He has specifically discussed his contradictory love of Japanese warplanes and his absolute hatred of war and imperialism.


As a person who likes tanks and trucks and airplanes and submarines… it makes sense. Liking amazing technology and its power is not the same as liking its actual use.


>The wind rises
The main character was such a piece of shit. Who ignores their dying wife to go play airplane designer?


Anta baka?


He's right about the 3D stuff tho. All 3D movie shit is mass produced garbage that all look the same cuz everyone wants to make everything look as realistic as possible. There are exceptions tho like Spiderverse or the new Lupin movie.


>All 3D movie shit is mass produced garbage
Yeah I have to disagree. I suggest you see the videos on how something like Zootopia is animated for an idea of how much work goes into most 3D animation.
>Inb4 some shitty example
I have only to bring up the horrible, lazy 2D animations that exist in the boatload, in Western and Eastern animation.


Also, his father and his uncle managed an airplane components factory that contributed to the war efforts. Miyazaki always felt guilty about this, that's why he always denounced war in his movies.


File: 1608528783996-0.jpg (153.59 KB, 750x1066, Ea2cgCCU8AAFvK8.jpg)

File: 1608528783996-1.jpg (305.8 KB, 1500x1217, Ea2cjYvUYAYM9X2.jpg)

It's funny you mention that because Studio Ghibli are releasing their first 3DCG feature, Aya and the Witch this winter. Judging by the visuals, it definitely looks similar to Lupin III: The First.


File: 1608528784091.png (1.96 KB, 62x58, bbtcat.png)

It's uncanny.


It's excellent you bloody loth cat


Even if it ends up being a good movie, i feel like i'll just go "man i wish they made this in traditional animation"
At the very least it does look better than crap like beastars


I never watched any of his animes I think but from this thread he seems pretty based


File: 1608528784284.jpg (75.52 KB, 675x1200, 029.jpg)

Just found out there's people who think Howl's Moving Castle isn't Miyazaki's best movie… damn that shit sucks man.


>not Porco Rosso


Lol why? Because of the fascist pig line?


Not only that.


which soviet cartoon?


The snow queen (1967)


>man i wish they made this in traditional animation
It wouldn't look as good as 30 years ago anyway.
>look better than crap like beastars
Beastars is a TV anime. It's obviously not gonna look gorgeous like a theatrical film.

This looks unlike any CGI movie or anime I've seen. It's like a very good mix between 3D and 2D and the end result looks like a painting. pretty good


> It's obviously not gonna look gorgeous like a theatrical film.
There has been much better 3D animation. Beastars animation is fucking RWBY-tier, and unlike Roosterteeth its made by a fairly large company.


>unlike any CGI movie or anime I've seen
Its fairly typical for Pixar works TBH
>mix between 3D and 2D
They use texturing actually, no real 2D involved


Overrated, one good story and way too many generic folktale adaptations.


2Deep4U faggot!!!!


File: 1608528839329.jpg (8.77 KB, 225x225, ercftghvbjkn.jpg)

What is that one good story for you?


It has to be Nauusica


That anon's correct. I did like Mononoke-hime but the Nausicaa parallels were too big to ignore.


It's a 0/10 movie


Imo what makes Nausicaa work a bit better than Mononoke in terms of themes (they both deal with the capitalist destruction of Nature) is that Nausicaa’s conflict is primarily between humans as in the real world (humans aren't destroying nature because they are evil, but because of competition with other humans), the bugs aren’t gorgeous or beautiful (i.e. in animation something meant to be cute to humans) but still worthy of protection and life anyway, the story already takes place after humanity’s destruction of Nature via war, and the driving force isn’t to stop humans from destroying Nature per se but rather to stop humans from trying to destroy each other which comes with the natural result of destroying Nature as well.


The way Howls Moving Castle handles war is great. The airships are spectacular, and there's a sense of awe at times, but we're never called to glorify any part of it, and it effectively no-platforms the leaders - nobody gets a chance to try and justify the senseless slaughter. Perfect stuff.


Anyone know where I can watch
"Romance, Survivor's Guilt and Antifascist Fisticuffs - Nausicaäst #07 Porco Rosso (Kurenai no Buta)"

It's a video essay on Porco Rosso that got deleted by Studio Ghibli fuckery.


NVM I found the podcast:

Also how Eizouken emulates Miyazaki's ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQaldl1GoJE
“I believe a company is the common propert of the people who work there” - Hayao Miyazaki

Miyazaki's Marxism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMXN6B-tqZM


I just watched this and it is so far been the hardest Miyuzaki movie for me to parse in terms of its message? I feel like there is a lot there, but I just can't quite put my finger on all of it. Whats the /leftypol/ take?


It's got plenty of messages in it, anti-war, anti-bureaucracy, etc. Its not focused on any one theme but more a collective of various leftist themes within the story.


The thing that really stood out to me during my viewing was something about accepting yourself(??) and growing up. Sophie keeps thinking that she isn't beautiful but by the end she has come to love herself. Her whole experience as an old woman with the curse maybe made her not even have to have the young person anxiety of what do others think I look like because she just looks old and there is nothing for her to do about it. But she has flashes of youth when she is happy or asleep, maybe in moments where she feels at ease with herself. Idk I really liked that aspect of the movie even if I can't nail down exactly what makes it work so well.


retard alert
pure definition of KINO


what is your take on howl's? what do you like about it?




understandable even if boring response


Apparently Miyazaki said that marxism was a mistake, not anime.


Video was already posted and you should watch the video because there def more to that quote than those four words. And of course there is a ton more in the movies themselves.



Man imaging making such a great work of art that people make big ass essays analyzing it. Wish I had the talent to pull something like this


His son recently made an animated film where he essentially expressed his desire to kill his father sometimes. It was rather amusing given that his response was that authors SHOULDN'T involve their close personal issues in it… which is really fucking ironic coming from Miyazaki


File: 1608528930609.jpg (2.45 MB, 2699x1518, howls.jpg)

Even more proof that Howl's Moving Castle is the pinnacle of Miyazaki's career:


I don't always agree with him but he makes otaku, at least western ones, seethe, so he's pretty cool in my book.

>In Japan today, animated TV shows filled with all kinds of fancy, robotlike ,mechanical creations are all the rage. I have certainly drawn lots of mecha, or mechanical things, myself. but the general theme in currently popular shows seems to be that the protagonist jumps on a giant machine he couldn’t possible have created on his own, battles the enemy in it, and then boasts about winning. I frankly hate these kind of shows. I don’t care what types of robots are featured. For me, in a truly successful mecha show the protagonist should struggle to build his own machine, he should fix it when it breaks down, and he should have to operate it himself.


Miyazaki is a skilled artist and story teller but his concrete principles that absolutely denigrate Otaku and Weeb lifestyles make him based, because while he understands why they exist, he does not excuse their behaviour.


he is a master artist, the top of his field. i am a lowely grub compared to such greatness.


>69th post in thread


the most based man alive along with anno


some favorite, more nice Ghibli stuff: Whisper of the Heart, The Cat Returns, My Neighbors the Yamadas, Panda Go Panda, Castle of Cagliostro


Weebs hate him because he speaks the truth


File: 1608529017675.jpg (143.83 KB, 447x447, Jesus Told the Truth.jpg)

We need to do that Jesus "he spoke the truth" meme with Miyazaki and one of his anti-otaku quotes


I could have sworn there already was one for Miyazaki


He's a lolicon lmaooo


Slander >>>/out/


File: 1608529019211.jpg (332.22 KB, 1374x725, miyazaki lolicon.jpg)

Dude loves to put young girls as heroines for a reason, anon.


And they aren't sexualized. Having young girls or boys be the main characters of X or Y story is not 'lolicon'.

1) A drunk rant being told second-hand is far from reliable. Drunk people say all sorts of shit sometimes, and a second hand account of something from years ago is an unconfirmed anecdote
2) Bai-Niang was essentially a 'waifu' back when he was in highschool, which means he was around the same age, 2-4 years older than the main character. That's like saying a 60 year old man attracted/associating to a 56 year old woman is a gerontophile.


Lolicon is shit but this is tumblrina-tier reaching.


One of my favorite works of Miyzaki's is Princess Mononoke, it contains social themes, historical themes and mythology of Japanese culture, blended into an excellent story.


Here's an interaction with a reporter who ambushed Miyazaki for a impromptu interview


What's his view on it currently? He did say he didn't like modern loli anime.


>keeps right going back to his trash
>literally couldn't give a fuck about publicity of his movies
This man is classy as heck.


Holy BASED. Also, fuck journalists.


The manga version of Nausicaa = Ted Kaczynski with Stirnerian characteristics, change my view.


>how much work goes into most 3D animation
in this case the mud pie labor theory of value applies I'm afraid


File: 1609028993635.jpg (31.7 KB, 235x290, sosuke.jpg)

A friendly reminder that Sosuke:

> Dated the daughter of a goddess.

> Talks to his father regularly.
> Placates his mom when she's mad at his dad.
> Got into the fucking boat of his own accord.
> When the boat got stuck, he didn't give up.
> Isn't afraid of giant women with tits bigger than he is.
> Prevented the Second Impact.


>The Virgin Shinji Vs the Chad Sosuke



So was this movie any good?


I mean they're a bit different stories lol


The man really is an artist… even in his interactions you can tell.




I loved On Your Mark and really wished it would have gotten a full story to it, but at the same time the lack of additional content lets peoples minds wander and run free to create stories in their heads


File: 1628462944474.jpg (475.46 KB, 1080x2131, Miyazaki_Snowqueen.jpg)

Soviet animation saved Miyazaki's career as an animator.


Oh I didn't read the whole thread and it was already mentioned in these posts >>477 >>509. Anyways I posted an article about that here >>9427 if anyone is interested in the story.


Thanks m8!


File: 1628475731005.png (196.38 KB, 500x674, making friends kiki.png)

Really good video on Kiki that puts into words why it gives me such a blue mood, as do Ghibli films in general. It also succinctly encapsulates hat makes them so magical and good - they're high fantasy with mundane domestic elements. It feels like Miyazaki put in his own experiences directly onto the screen, as did the author of the original book, in some ways this reminds me of how Anno and his crew projected his own life, feelings and ideas onto Neon Genesis Evangelion - I feel that all the best animated works are like this.


Sherlock Hound is criminally underrated


Miyazaki was really harsh on his son, but it makes sense.

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