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And wow, I fucking hated it to be perfectly honest. It seems like the entire show is only about Shinji's angst (and Rei increasingly I'm sure) and the characters various emotional issues, but like, okay, who cares? The situations they're thrown into are totally absurd and ridiculous so how can I take any of this drama stuff seriously?

Like these kids are the last best hope of mankind and they seem to be totally unsupported by anyone? Shinji was gonna live in a totally empty tenement and it's only his superior's minor moment of reasonable judgement that means he lives with her instead (and she is clearly no kind of parent figure), and Rei lives in a dark, dingy slum dwelling made of all concrete with nobody taking care of her either?

Like, their emotional reactions seems somewhat understandable but also completely dull and uninteresting because the situation they're in is absurd (and even then they both come off as pathetic and unlikeable - and no you can't say 'but that's the point!!', that doesn't make it entertaining to watch).

The less said about the non-angst portions of the story the better, the 'fights' are 10 minutes of foreplay for like 60 seconds of action if that, and while that's a common problem with anime, that doesn't make it excusable.

Yes this series is old and I'm sure it has inspired so much but people still recommend to watch it and it just seemed like garbage. Almost nothing is explained which means I can't possibly feel invested in this absurd world in any way. Every part of the setting seems to have been created with 'style over substance' in mind, urgh, just overall I found it absurd. Try not to give too much spoilers because I guess I might still try watch it, but I really don't see it redeeming itself.

Though for context I also hated 'The Godfather' and 'No Country For Old Men' and thought they were pretentious overlong shit, so maybe I'm just a contrarian.
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>when sexuality fucking terrifies shinji and thats why he does stupid things like staring too much or trying to kiss asuka when shes sleeping
yeah and that's also why certain people watch anime with the bouncing boobies and panty shots instead of talking to women lol. kinda like the show is supposed to be about something or some shit.

You are going "le media literacy is le dead" because somebody is finding nuance about "maybe don't be a fuckin creep" instead of mindlessly jerking off to cartoons.


>>20254 wrong


Who is exactly the target here? Normal people? Normal people aren't sex-obsessed. Otaku? The otaku don't care anyway, it goes over their head. Teenagers? Maybe, but it's certainly not adults.

So while it's certainly an aesop, it's not something that deep. It might be insightful to yougsters, but adults either already know that or don't care. That's the thing about critiquing otaku: if you're not otaku you don't really give a shit, it's like someone pointing at Trump and saying "ORANGE MAN BAD."


youre stretching it too much to fit your worldview tbh


>That's the thing about critiquing otaku
this is something else anno said from the link someone posted above

>However, I take offense when otaku are criticized by non-otaku. Stupid idiots, I think, [criticizing] though you don't understand anything (laughs). There are truly many people who don't seem to really understand. I know these things without being lectured to by these people. It's like, why now? But saying those things is still better. There are many who completely missed the mark. When people don't even try to understand speak about otaku as though they were far above them, I think: what stupid people.


Does that mean that he didn't intend to criticize otaku or that he hates both otaku and non-otaku?


Those traits aren't unique to otaku, and because Shinji exhibits no actual otaku-defining characteristics, I think this is a bad reading. I think it's simply about depression, something Anno was struggling with at the time, and about being afraid and running from your problems. Shinji jacking off to Asuka isn't some critique of pornography or masturbation, he is just a coward who is only able to express his sexual desire when she's unconscious.

Neither. People still parrot the insane lie that anyone working on NGE had a "disdain for otaku", Anno was and still is a huge otaku himself. He had an Ultraman themed wedding, and Evangelion itself takes huge inspiration from Ultraman/Godzilla. These days he spends his days directing movies for otaku properties that he loves.

>that he was "making fun" of mecha like he wasnt a gundam and ideon stan
This is another big one. That Anno was ~deconstructing~ or ~subverting~ mecha or whatever the fuck. Ideon has a downer to metaphysical finale. I don't think anyone saying this watched any of the Gundam shows either.


File: 1688164641632.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, 1688069169402.png)


I've seen the same shit that happened to Eva happen to Danganronpa where the "fan"dom gets filled with le ironic weeb who hate themselves and project that onto the works spouting um acshually it's making fun of anime!!!!!! when anyone with half a brain and who has actually played the games would realize immediately Kodaka loves that shit, otherwise it wouldn't have references to other media.


the thing with old anime is that alot of the time explanations were bad or lacking or non existent so you just had to use your brain to fill out the blanks but you also go filtered hard but you will never read this post so who cares ? lol


I read it


File: 1689909097064.mp4 (2.23 MB, 712x720, evangelion cicadas.mp4)

i'm starting to dislike the evangelion anime series because of how constantly and annoyingly horny it is. wtf, i want to feel the liminal vibes and the dread and cool mechas fighting, I love that, but I hate it that I gotta go through 20 scenes of underdeveloped whippersnapper brats naked to get to the good stuff. i'm about halfway and I hope they chill with this stuff


sounds like a you problem


now it's your problem too because my throbbing, veiny opinion is penetrated so deep inside your voluptuous mind that you felt the need to insult me


at least i dont get offended by "horny"


You know you can like things and be critical of them at the same time right? And that people who really like something are going to be more aware of its issues than people who don't like it as much?


The show isn't about vibes or giant robots. It's about awkward feels. You'll get it when you see the last 2 episodes.


>>20540 bitch


File: 1690343624398.jpg (104.22 KB, 1079x980, F16ELzUXwAA9wrm.jpg)

i never understood what a "plotbrain" was or why people despised them so passionately until i saw this image and it all clicked within a single second.


>i never understood what a "plotbrain" was or why people despised them so passionately
Never heard of it until now.
I think you're juse engaging with terminally-online weirdos who're mad about weird things, and're trying to start a new term.

The term isn't on urban dictionary, nor know-your-meme.
It sounds more like a term to get angry at people who don't like shows with very little plots, like slice of lifes.


Youre being intentionally dense. Its obviously about people who seriously use terms like "filler".


It's the fundamental difference between entertainment and literature. To be obsessed with plot is to be obsessed with story, to love the feeling of the logic circuits in the brain turn off. Plot is a coping mechanism for those that want to avoid the human condition or any sort of theme that takes longer than "good thing is good". It's why science fiction and fantasy are generally regarded as 'genre fiction'.


The thing is that it was, evangelion is about escapism, misato escapes her trauma from her interraction with the second impact through sex and alcohol. Just like shinji escapes his through being a shut in, or asuka with video games and being a bitch. People are so abjetively disgusted by depictions of sex they turn illiterate.


I'm sick of all these fucking puritans ruining fiction.


did you ever consider it might just be a joke?


>Its obviously about people who seriously use terms like "filler".
Are you unironically saying that filler is not a real thing?


TBH you need to have a very high iq to understand NGE


>I'm only pretending to be a puritan

Filler is when the anime catches up to the manga so they have to stop the narrative in its tracks and make up some bullshit until there's enough manga to resume the main story again. This doesn't happen in Evangelion for obvious reason and you're still stuck in the idea that anything other than the protagonists dashing towards their goals isn't serving the show as a whole.


>Though for context I also hated 'The Godfather' and 'No Country For Old Men' and thought they were pretentious overlong shit, so maybe I'm just a contrarian.

Nah dude you're just media illiterate and have a shit attention span


filler also happens when the showrunners have no good ideas but have to hit a certain number of episodes (preferably cheaply)


File: 1692069182454.png (216.23 KB, 609x764, ClipboardImage.png)


Piccolo and Goku having to get their driver's licenses is a really fun idea.


youtube essayists have done so much damage to media literacy, now everyone is some dumb utilitarian obsessed with plotholes and "advancing the plot"


>This doesn't happen in Evangelion for obvious reason
Where did I say it did? Evangelion has no filler. It just has proper pacing where sometimes things happen besides giant mecha fights. You gave a good definition of filler so idk why you were acting like using the word makes you a certain kind of person.


Less youtube essayists and more youtube "critics". NTA btw.

Agreed. Filler can be really fun or even be good worldbuilding, as long as you're not obsessed with "what next, next, next!" Although I suppose the hate for filler comes from the old days of TV-episodes where you'd be waiting for the continuation of the story that left off last week, only to get something else, which made people impatient.


File: 1694148716424.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 3226x3913, 68bf727f6958ba47d36b64490….jpeg)

For me it's Yui too


>For me it's Yui too


>i never understood what a "plotbrain" was or why people despised them so passionately until i saw this image and it all clicked within a single second.
What the fuck does this mean?


It's been like 2 years since I've seen the show, so idk how bad it is– but those human moments is what allows the show to sell the dread.

It's also abit odd since what made me want to watch the show was the first fight's conclusion wasn't shown until part way of episode 2 – a massive declaration that the show was a mecha but was going a different route.
Having a issue with the fights taking a back seat – a fair problem – makes me wonder how you've gotten that far without being bored.


Unrelated to whatever you all are talking about but I do sometimes have a what if moment when it comes to the original concepts of Evangelion, with Shinji being a girl and it seems a combination of both Rei and Shinji via Yui. And Asuka seemed like she might be a different character. There's a cute story that takes place in this what if scenario, its yuri to be warned for whatever reason.


It's hilarious how popular Evangelion is in Mexico


anime is huge in mexico


>he's still on the first half of the show

get ready anon, you're going to get what you asked for and more


>A show that deliberately tackles loneliness, sexuality and relationships as its themes

<is horny

I agree that it could have been handled better but sex is a deliberate theme in evangelion. you signed up for this


People forget that being in deliberate dialogue with your genre is not the same as making fun of it


Evangelion is definitely in conversation with its forebears in the mecha genre, especially Mobile Suit Gundam, and Anno has openly stated that he's critical of certain aspects of otaku culture and that this is reflected in the final product.

That said, people do tend to take this too far and act like its pulling a Watchmen (it's not)


People with plotbrain cannot process that a movie or TV show can be just as much about its vibes and themes as it is about the plot and that sometimes the best way to get across the emotions of a scene is for the camera and editing to just Descend Into The Vibes (TM)


How about this? They should add this.


File: 1712019712192.png (741.92 KB, 924x924, cBoNZ0J.png)

#2 is Rei
#3 Hikari Horaki
#4 Mana Kirishima (Girlfriend of Steel)


File: 1713281603739.jpg (150.14 KB, 1080x1228, never_forget.jpg)

Unique IPs: 24

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