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File: 1608528793160-1.jpg (309.08 KB, 1920x1080, DH7gsdMVwAAG8PV.jpg)

File: 1608528793160-2.jpg (107.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (22).jpg)


Recommend me anime, manga and doujins with gyarus


File: 1608528793292.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.37 KB, 396x500, 184000.jpg)

Energy! Kyouka
I liked the anime and manga also doujinshi isn't a synonym for porn


kino recommendation. Though the old bastard orgy was shit tho


They have an appeal, but tend to be wasted by anime and hentai


Gal Gohan is probably the best series/manga that focuses on gyarus


hot stuff


>flight attendant


>Still not deleted


>still not spoilered


Why pregnant tho?


I don't know, I didn't make the image.


y not????


It's gross.


you're gay then


Lel it finally got deleted


Why wasn't this spoilered? LIke honestly wtf?



Factually wrong.


File: 1608528888155.jpg (145.04 KB, 1000x1417, x14.jpg)

A 2-volume parody of the isekai genre:
Absolutely hilarious, stumbled on it in an 8/tg/ thread.


Would Nico Robin be a gyaru?


File: 1608528895334.jpg (Spoiler Image, 260.37 KB, 884x1000, gyaru aeroflot.jpg)


What? The old bastard orgy was the best part.


I loved that one.



Yes. It has the MILF and the snotty little bitch.


Damn it was getting pretty good but then it just abruptly ended. Is this a common thing with obscure manga?


why is the perpetually pissed raven-haired girl always the best girl?


She barely fit with the gyaru theme there


Yes. At least that mangaka got advance warning of the magazine it was serialized in dying, so a (rushed, but that's not so bad for a joke manga) ending was written.

Other obscure manga I can think of weren't so lucky, like Dungeon Nursery.


gyary == tanned blonde XD




No, she has tan skin and is beautiful,but until later she's not busty and doesn't speak/act like an american bimbo


Who's the last one?


Unbelievably based normie taste o7
Yuzu from Citrus


File: 1608529096760-0.jpg (131.28 KB, 977x699, Gyaru Trump.jpg)

File: 1608529096760-1.jpg (844.75 KB, 1023x1200, Futa Gyaru confess.jpg)


File: 1608529097018.jpg (201.03 KB, 1920x1080, Oshiete Galko unamused.jpg)

>Futa Gyaru
&ltacts like a shy jap school girl
MFW >>2654
>It's not just the word tomboy that is being systematically destroyed by pathetic fetishists.
>The word gyaru did not simply refer to physical appearance alone, but a whole subculture. To be a gyaru it's not enough to dress the part, you also have to act the part else you're a poser right?
>That's how subcultures work. Gals are stereotypically vain, airheaded, trendy, extroverted, socially intelligent, gold diggers, Americaboos and so on.


Opened up the second image and only saw the upper half at first. Was like "okay, this is hot". Scrolled down and massive keks were had.


I think it's alright if it's a character who isn't usually shy acting shy only on a few specific circumstances, but I really hate shit like the tomboy who secretly wants to be girly or the gyaru who secretly wants to be modest and submissive.


>Massive cocks were had
FTFY lol

>this basically
I get that porn is porn, but overall it gets silly


File: 1608529097790.jpg (4.93 KB, 265x190, download (2).jpg)

shit, didn't notice that until you pointed it out


File: 1608529097965.jpg (32.98 KB, 500x367, blank2.jpg)

how do you even touch your penis to this second image?


I don't, I laugh my fucking ass off that someone made this unironically for a fap.


People fap to shit like - https://is2.4chan.org/trash/1606762301290.png - and - https://i.4cdn.org/trash/1606762131419.png - how do you think? Through sheer cumbrained obsession.


images archived for use against /pol/


File: 1608529105897-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.61 KB, 710x1146, SimbaxScarforever.jpg)

File: 1608529105897-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.17 KB, 864x1173, garfield's feet.jpg)

Heh, if only you knew.


Does any anon have the Chapo garfield pictures archived by the way?



Actually this has a live action adaptation that's super duper faithful to the original, but strangely the casting for MC is flat chested instead of having massive tits. What did the director think they were doing?


File: 1608529120276.jpg (8.62 KB, 280x180, fear.jpg)

what is this??

WHat the fuck? Reverse MPREG birthing Lion King r34? SOmeone came to this??? SOMEONE DREW THE POOOP AND THEN CAME TO THIS???


File: 1608529120370.jpg (140.58 KB, 1000x993, delet dis.jpg)


>what is this?
your brain on cummies


you're one to talk, you're a fucking frog


And frogs are based


GETchan should have this board.


GETchan can go get fucked with it's cringe idpol LARPers


File: 1610784998421-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 267.32 KB, 850x1204, 15992630092161857389340.jpg)

File: 1610784998421-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 318.25 KB, 1280x960, there's a higher quality v….jpg)

What about the gyarus though

source for pic 2


File: 1610785137673-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.41 KB, 933x700, 7989b613e6cb9db2fbdf59fc02….jpg)

File: 1610785137673-1.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 2160x1553, 389c78201be367c0870c021cb….jpeg)

File: 1610785137673-2.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.45 MB, 2160x1553, 797185ef797ac094ed97feb67….jpeg)

File: 1610785137673-3.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.27 MB, 1553x2160, c6b4867f6b5dfb64401752375….jpeg)

File: 1610785137673-4.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.09 KB, 539x750, 701c4beb6cb5705bce1323cb55….jpg)

I wish we could spoiler each image individually



>I wish we could spoiler each image individually
I do too


didn't we used to have that ability? I could have sworn that software was a part of the posting process.


File: 1630873063056.png (7.38 MB, 2282x3507, ClipboardImage.png)

sakura hibiki (dumbbell nan kilo moteru?) Is a Gyaru

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