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Since /leftypol/ is downright autistic at times I decided to make a Debunk thread where anticommunist arguments are presented with their debunks by users.




>Technically speaking, art will no longer exist under communism because the purpose of art - to advance the revolution - will be fulfilled. There can be no meaningful art once the utopia is created.
>So music, paintings, movies, games, etc will be gone under communism in favor of working an assembly line making 19th century goods and group sex. In that sense Roddenberry is just a classical liberal with some progressive bullshit thrown in. Very much an FDR style Democrat.

&ltBy counting the most meagre form of life (existence) as the standard, indeed, as the general standard – general because it is applicable to the mass of men. He turns the worker into an insensible being lacking all needs, just as he changes his activity into a pure abstraction from all activity. To him, therefore, every luxury of the worker seems to be reprehensible, and everything that goes beyond the most abstract need – be it in the realm of passive enjoyment, or a manifestation of activity – seems to him a luxury. Political economy, this science of wealth, is therefore simultaneously the science of renunciation, of want, of saving and it actually reaches the point where it spares man the need of either fresh air or physical exercise. This science of marvellous industry is simultaneously the science of asceticism, and its true ideal is the ascetic but extortionate miser and the ascetic but productive slave. Its moral ideal is the worker who takes part of his wages to the savings-bank, and it has even found ready-made a servile art which embodies this pet idea: it has been presented, bathed in sentimentality, on the stage. Thus political economy – despite its worldly and voluptuous appearance – is a true moral science, the most moral of all the sciences. Self-renunciation, the renunciation of life and of all human needs, is its principal thesis. The less you eat, drink and buy books; the less you go to the theatre, the dance hall, the public house; the less you think, love, theorise, sing, paint, fence, etc., the more you save – the greater becomes your treasure which neither moths nor rust will devour – your capital. The less you are, the less you express your own life, the more you have, i.e., the greater is your alienated life, the greater is the store of your estranged being. Everything ||XVI| which the political economist takes from you in life and in humanity, he replaces for you in money and in wealth; and all the things which you cannot do, your money can do. It can eat and, drink, go to the dance hall and the theatre; it can travel, it can appropriate art, learning, the treasures of the past, political power – all this it can appropriate for you – it can buy all this: it is true endowment. Yet being all this, it wants to do nothing but create itself, buy itself; for everything else is after all its servant, and when I have the master I have the servant and do not need his servant. All passions and all activity must therefore be submerged in avarice. The worker may only have enough for him to want to live, and may only want to live in order to have that.
t. Marx

Why People Don't Read Anymore: https://archive.is/w1f30




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does you have a pdf of this??


No, but feel free to make one, it's not my doc anyway.


>Why People Don't Read Anymore: https://archive.is/w1f30
Good post for redpilling Americans.


Nicu work


File: 1608528394038-0.jpg (80.19 KB, 814x717, productivity vs wages.jpg)

File: 1608528394038-1.png (90.57 KB, 500x500, productivity vs wages.png)

File: 1608528394038-2.jpg (21.88 KB, 401x302, prices of college over tim….jpg)

>Muh Minimum Wage is bad! 7 dollars an hour is fine! 11 dollars an hour is fine!

7.25 x 40 = $290 a week. A fucking WEEK. BEFORE TAX. 11.50 x 40 = 460$ a week before tax.

The minimum wage MUST be raised. When it was established, it was in line to be keyed to Inflation rates and the national average cost of living. Minimum wage is NOT set according to skill level. This is the "My Pie Fallacy" where people think they deserve to earn a much higher gap from "burger flippers" and idiots who disagree with raising the wage need to stop it RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Other people getting more money doesn't mean you get less, you fucking MORONS.

The minimum wage is supposed to be over $27 right now. That is how much Inflation and Productivity has gone up since the wage was first set in 1938.

In fact, thanks to corporate pandering in Congress, the minimum wage peaked in "value" in 1968, and this was back when the majority of those making minimum wage were teenagers who had families to supplement their major expenses, not people who have families of their own TO support. Many states have recognized this and have implemented their own increased wages.

We are in a VERY precarious place right now with the minimum wage being as dangerously low as it is. We are about to see crime rates increase as more and more people keep being unable to live on their wages alone, as just LAST YEAR the supplementary rates of welfare and EBT systems reached the point where the wage problem surpassed it.

We are being herded to financial ruin by billionaires who intend to crash the market so they can buy companies and stock at a record minimum costs only to turn it around again afterwards and reap the high values. We have seen this before. We MUST eliminate this enemy. If not the rich themselves, then the traitor Republicans they own and keep on leashes must be excised from power and replaced with a competent third party. Because presently they are not an American political group. They are ENEMIES.

>Inb4 muh raised prices

Price Ceiling regulations.

>Inb4 muh immigratns

The importation of workers is a symptom and blocking it isn't going to do anything other than drive low skill positions to be outsourced from the Firs World or result in the hiring of illegal immigrants anyway, as has been demonstrated every single time people have tried restricting immigration for low skill workers. Moreover Immigrants are also part of the market and therefore their effect is negated by their productivity.

>If you're so smart, why aren't you rich!?



File: 1608528394226.jpg (2.06 MB, 2056x2733, holocaust denial thread.jpg)

>Why did the gas chamber doors have hinges that turned inward when bodies would pile up against the door as people tried to force their way out of the only egress point? Why were they made of wood
Well since the Jews are on the inside of the gas chamber, and they panic and rush the doors, then they can't swing them open. That's why all exits for buildings larger than homes have doors that swing outside. Also push bars, so the force of the crowd would push them open. The Chambers were generally not made of wood.

>Why were the Russians the only ones to ever find a "death camp"

The Germans built their death camps on conquered Poland so they wouldn't have to import Jews in Germany, they wouldn't have to soil German soil with millions of dead bodies, and because it would be convenient for when they ran out of Jews and started gassing Poles. Kind of like how the United States builds it torture camps in Cuba and Iraq.

>Why did the Nazi's kill in such convoluted ways when a bullet to the brain stem costs pennies?

Gas was cheaper and faster while bullets were needed for combat. They even tried gassing by carbon monoxide poisoning from running truck engines, but zyklon B was cheaper still. However majority of Holocaust executions still involved gun-based executions by the Einsatzgruppen.

>modern crematories can't even reach a fraction of that capacity taking 2.5 hours per body and how can so many be done over a short 2 year period

Modern crematoria are designed to cremate individual bodies and return their ashes to their families, as opposed to the mass burning of large number of bodies.

Now a question to pose to Holocaust Deniers, why was no actual Nazi a Holocaust denier during and after the war?

This one simple fact shows that most of what modern deniers try to claim is a silly contrivance. From 1945 onwards, thousands of Nazis were captured and hundreds tried for their part in the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity. They tried to pretend they were someone else, they tried to pretend they didn't know what was happening, they tried to pretend they didn't have as much to do with it as others, they tried to claim they were just following orders and they tried to justify it as "the kind of thing that happens in war." But what they did NOT do was DENY it happened.

Even men on trial for their lives, in the full knowledge they would be hanged if convicted, never stood up in the courtroom and shouted "This is all a lie! This is a fabrication! There were no gas chambers and no crematoria! I'M BEING FRAMED!!!!" On the contrary, they gave great detail as to precisely how they had helped build and helped run the mechanics of mass murder, some of them even seeming proud of how they had achieved something so complex and on such a vast scale.


File: 1608528396971.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x481, racism ron paul.jpg)

Response to pic related

collectivism: the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it.

racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different racial group based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

Collectivism and racism are utterly irrelevant to one another In the USSR the entire system existed around collectivization and there were over 200 different races, ethnicities, religions and cultures, yet discrimination was practically non-existent. What more, the (collectivized) people living there were actively educated to be against racism, and thousands of students from under-developed countries were taken in for free to gain an education and to mingle with the peoples of the USSR. Afghani orphans and immigrants were welcomed with open arms in the USSR, with special centers built to educate them and give them homes, homes that were taken away with the advent of capitalism in the states of the ex-USSR. It is self-evident that this was not simply a token act, by the fact that many of the former orphans as adults, are saddened by the fall of the USSR, and some have joined the war in Novarussia, saying that they're paying them back for the kindness they were shown as kids.

Individual rights may be important but excessive attention to only your individual and no others is chauvinistic idiocy. Instead of enriching one-self while the rest remain poor or even at the cost of making others poorer, one must enrich themselves with their fellows and to do that, one must work collectively for a single goal and be ready to sacrifice for a greater good.


>Price Ceiling regulations.
Doesn't this just lead to black markets?


No, not really, since a price ceiling means that there is a limit to how much something can inflate in price and therefore wages won't be made worthless if prices rise.


If something gets price-capped and runs out of stock your only way of getting it is more expensively through other means behind the government's back.


Not this argument again.
1 - this implies that it wouldn't have the same thing occur should stock prices not be capped and therefore inflate massively, resulting in the same thing
2 - this implies that capitalist over-production isn't wasteful already and doesn't produce more than enough for everyone.


This year alone should be evidence enough that what I said would happen.


>It was a favourite of the KGB, who only ever kept solid black examples;
&ltif a single non-black pup was born in a litter bred by the KGB the entire litter was destroyed and that breeding was not repeated.
What kind of movie-villain bullshit is this? The sources are some obscure books on dog breeds with no citations themselves. Laughable.


File: 1608528416186.jpg (78.44 KB, 657x720, a97513278a9151c557e2e17d35….jpg)

Pictured here are members of the Soviet Border Troops, a branch of the KGB, on horseback with a clearly non solid black Shepherd


the purpose of art is not to advance the revolution. lol. autistic take


Anyone got a comprehensive debunk on this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_war_crimes
>inb4 muh wikipedia
It's a high result on google, therefore it's sadly relevant.


You should get more specific
one would probably need a hundred books to debunk all of that


Someone who knows more than me about history should go through every single claim and debunk them, then make an infographic.


thats absolutly impossible


Nothing is impossible, anon.


Absolutely based thread


>one of the sources is the War Crimes Bureau of the fucking Wehrmacht

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