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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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A list of reading groups and their schedules that have chosen to advertise themselves here. Take a minute to check them out. If you would like to promote your reading group, feel free to leave a comment telling people where they can go.

>>5912 /read/

>>6162 Continental Floppa
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File: 1692209487699.jpg (1.47 MB, 1352x3404, 1608528364051-1.jpg)

Does this chart has any ACTUAL value at all, or it is just theorycel masturbation? If has any value, what are some key books on this chart to read?


I don't know why there's so much Nietzsche on there, so it might just be a meme, but Family, Private Property, and The State stands out as a good read. Any sane person would read the pair of shorter essays(Wage, Labor and Capital and Value, Price, and Profit) along with Engels' Socialism: Utopian and Scientific before even attempting to break into Capital.

Last row is worth reading if you want to learn more about Imperialism, though read Lenin's Imperialism before doing so. I haven't gotten very far into any of these works so I can't say much more on the topic.

Blackshirts and Reds is the first steps on de-programming the liberal take on previous socialist states, but it is only a starting point and you will need to do further research before sharing your knowledge with more skeptical people. You might not want to hear this, but r/Communism101 has a pretty good Masterpost on whichever state/issue you want to research.

Reform or Revolution should be paired with William Blum's Killing Hope as a dose of "Why reformism cannot and will not ever produce fundamental change."

I don't know much about anything else on the chart, though.


Reading group for Volume 1 of Capital. The reading pace will adjust to suit the group, but we will aim for an average of 1 chapter per week, starting slower and speeding up as we move from abstract to concrete toward the end.

The Book
The version we are using as our standard is the Penguin Classics edition (attached .epub) but others including other languages are fine. We are only planning to read Volume 1 currently.
There has also been an audiobook suggested which matches this version of the text and may be useful to helping read it.
Audiobook: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUjbFtkcDBlSHVigHHx_wjaeWmDN2W-h8

The Format
This thread is intended for
<announcements and updates
<supplementary material.
<long-form posts, effortposts, OC
<slower discussion in general
The matrix chat is intended for
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I'm onto volume 2 and there's nobody on here to discuss it with


I'd rather not wade through it again, to be honest my comprehension of it is lacking compared to volume one, but I probably should.

I think this topic is worthy of sending a thread off the bottom of the catalogue.

Want to make a new thread about it here in /edu/?

File: 1641518209587.png (801.25 KB, 468x660, ClipboardImage.png)

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ITT: resources and tips about navigating the Internet and researching topics

Feel free to post your own resources and tips too.

I'm going to post a lot of my own that I have gathered over the years.
I ask that random chit-chat in this thread is kept to a minimum except regarding technical questions & answers on the topic matter.
This is so that resources are kept as compact as possible, and so, readable.

First I'll dump resources and tips for researching various topics.
Note: I don't even have access to or use some of these myself (e.g. LexisNexis which seems to be pay-to-use), but I figure they could be helpful in some narrow cases. I use most of these myself. If the initial things I post don't interest you, keep reading anyway. I'm going to be dumping a lot of content.

Find key terms in newspapers and magazines.
I would say this is more helpful for finding sources that do exist rather than for reading them, per se. You can try to read the articles elsewhere than PressReader if you know their titles or part of their body text. The site appears to brand itself as pay-to-use, however you can use the search tool anyway and even read some resulting articles.
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>he sticks in a lot of Western literary allusions
literally the only thing that makes it entertaining. i don't think i could read him without it.


i did it in high school and my main caution is that you need to hammer the tones into your skull before you try to do anything else and never ignore them, or else you'll end up entrenched in your unawareness like i did. the radicals and an understanding of their phonetic significance is a good way to start with the hanzi

File: 1608528066546.png (240.49 KB, 662x540, 1475417084125.png)

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Drop those PDF's or else
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For my ChristCom brethren.
>Caesar and the Sacrament: Baptism: A Rite of Resistance by R. Alan Streett
>Subversive Meals: An Analysis of the Lord's Supper under Roman Domination during the First Century by R. Alan Streett
>The Anatomy of a Hybrid: A Study in Church-State Relationships by Leonard Verduin





File: 1687021402490.jpg (136.14 KB, 1500x1500, 2Q==(9).jpg)


>Bolsheviks were the party of workers, proletarians
>Bolsheviks didn't give a fuck about the peasants
>in fact, peasants were counter-revolutionary and petit-bourgeois
Meanwhile, the Bolshevik logo has a SICKLE on it. Why do internet MLs refuse to consider the fact that we need people to grow food, and like it or not, we don't have replicators or vertical, indoor industrial-scale farming (yet), so it stands to reason that we must ally ourselves with those who grow food or want to grow food. It seems there is this attitude that we (communists) can just do whatever, not make allies, because there is this assumption that we'll just fight and defeat anyone who disagrees. But for a fledgling movement, like communism, peasants and the army are two important parts of "the people". Without them, the urban proletariat would starve or be quickly defeated by an actual army.

Well, /leftypol/? How do we get a large part of the army and "peasantry" on our side?
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The professional managerial class duh



File: 1695367088477.png (230.79 KB, 453x346, ClipboardImage.png)

The Bolsheviks were nerds and fags, and needed to be removed by Chad Stalin and his true working class Stalin and his inner circle


the urban petit-bourgeoisie and some of the peasantry


File: 1695399181480.jpg (229.93 KB, 792x794, 1649643888600.jpg)

How do we purge the left of this notion that class is some kind of essence embodied within people rather than a social relation they are trapped within? Bolsheviks didn't hate peasants or proletarians, they wanted to move on beyond peasantry to a more developed form of production relations. They were opposed to peasantry and proletarianization i.e. the structure, the institution of these class structures. They wanted to free the peasants and proles (the people) from these oppressive class positions, put instead in a classes position of simply a worker, common to everyone in society.


ITT post information about the history and anthropology of the New World. A lot of new anthropological work has been done in this field in recent decades that has not yet entered public consciousness.
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Various Inca architecture



Everyone should start with this.


The first battle between a Mesoamerican army and Spanish colonists actually happened in 1517, two years before Cortes invaded Mexico. A Spanish expedition was defeated by Chakan Putum, a Mayan city-state.
The Mayan victory was commemorated by the Bolivian and Mexican governments in 2021


That book is about the post-Columbian era though.

File: 1608528152394-0.jpg (287.46 KB, 732x1024, 8df3c00570.jpg)

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So some of you may have read the quite popular pdf where Rafiq dunks on eco fetishism, in that thread he references a previous thread where he had spent a lot of time focusing in on eco-fetishism, however this thread has been lost from Revleft. It's available on internet archives but to preserve it I've made this in the style of the previous popular pdf. Hope you guys enjoy!

This thread could serve to discuss this work if anyone ever dedicates the time to read it, or we could debate the place of ecology in modern day Marxism. To provoke discussion: does nature have any value outside how it immediately serves human interests?
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This is what he does, he reads articles on stream and he reads them well. What a weak piece of "evidence".


Lots of cope in this thread. Why is this in /edu/?


It started out as a relevant thread and then got derailed.


The accused person in question does not have many opinions in common with the Infrared Collective except interest in conservative philosophy, which is not very abnormal, even on the far left. Marcuse and Adorno spoke positively of those thinkers, for example. And a germ theory of ideology is a silly sort of cancel culture, that if prosecuted to the end totally would warrant the cancellation of Marx himself.


> Post capitalism and we gain no pleasure from our fake relationships with pets, dogs will just go extinct
<Ignoring historicity of animals/human cohabitation
Man, going back through these old threads is like a fever trip. I cant believe I was duped by such a pseud view point


Everytime you visit /edu/, post in this thread. Tell us about what you're thinking about, what you're reading, an interesting thing you have learned today, anything! Just be sure to pop in and say hi.

Previous thread >>>/leftypol_archive/580500
Archive of previous thread

Excuse me coming through
A quick note on the video @ >>>/leftypol/1538283
Also [vid related] for archival purposes

Around the 29 minute mark Peterson criticizes Marx and Engel's for assuming that workers would magically become more productive once they took over.

This actually happened historically, most of the actually effective productivity tricks work places use now were developed by Stakhanovites.

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Finished Sleep: A Very Short Introduction by Steven W. Lockley and Russell G. Foster (2012). Most interesting bits:
<In a large prospective Dutch study, dementia patients in care homes where the indoor lighting was simply increased to about 1,000 lux from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (compared to standard lighting at about 300 lux) exhibited a significant slowing in the rate of cognitive decline, improved day-to-day functioning, less depression, and better sleep. These improvements were equivalent to those obtained with prescription medication therapy.

<In the US, studies have shown that delaying school start times by as little as 30–90 minutes can improve student sleep duration and quality, academic performance, absenteeism and lateness rates, mood, alertness, and health. A one-hour change was also shown to reduce the rate of automobile crashes in 17–18-year-olds by 17%. Contrary to many expectations, later school start times do not lead to later bedtimes – bedtime remains constant and sleep duration increases – reflecting the biological basis of the problem.

<About three-quarters of the population have a circadian clock that naturally delays (has a period slightly longer than 24 hours), which means that they have to advance their clock each day to become synchronized (…) In 1995, US researchers analysed baseball results based on the direction of travel of the visiting teams. They hypothesized that teams travelling west, whose players would on average be shifting in the same direction as their body clock, would be more successful than teams travelling east, the majority of whom would be going against their natural clock time.Their theory was confirmed. When the visiting team travelled west, ‘with’ their body clock, they won 44% of the games. When the visiting team travelled east, ‘against’ their body clock, they won only 37% of their games. Not travelling was best– the visiting team won 46% of games when they did not cross time zones (gamblers take note!).


Got a copy of The Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World at my school's library!! probably should have at least finished Capital I lol but I've read a few of the lectures/pamphlets along with 18th Brumaire


this guy is great, he's spent much of the second section going after the social analysis of people he disagrees with while laying out the one that he's going to be using


I'm looking for new stuff for read and usually used that old thread that listed some materials for beginners, I already looked at the manifesto and other must read stuff, thinking about going through state and revolution, or maybe capital or even German ideology


Could I get some recommendations on how the idea of queer rights have been co-opted to justify imperialism? I hear the "America is fighting for our right to exist" argument very frequently in my day-to-day life now for some reason.


What historians do you recommend to learn about the Soviet Union? For that matter, what books specifically would you recommend if there are specific ones you like.
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Post >>18236 in the debunk thread has a wide list of sources anon, enjoy.


Also here, history of the Soviets/Bolsheviks between 1917 and 1924. Not perfect but a fairly decent set of books


Famine of 1932 some basic reading, the first pdf is the most important.


Soviet Democracy by Pat Sloan (I used to talk regularly with his son).
And Anne Louise Strong's dismissal of the claim of "Dictatorship"

Pdf 3 is also related to the 1932 famine.


Does anyone have any good sources on War Communism? I just want to learn the philosophy behind it and how it was implemented, and its faults and successes.

File: 1608528162327.gif (2.91 MB, 500x200, untitled-15.gif)


Inspired by my reading of the book, Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn
How do we know myths, stories, magic, etc. are not real? Assuming what we know scientifically is true, how does this negate myth, legend, etc? Why are dinosaurs not simultaneously animals and also monsters when they fit what we would have called monsters? Why are overriding social systems not tantamount to a spirit or God when they control our actions and shape our life histories even if they don't act consciously? Are they not what we'd call an egregor, i.e., a presence brought into existence by the actions and beliefs of a large number of people? Is our Sun not a God when it is responsible for all life on Earth? Is the biosphere not some sort of Earth spirit when it encompasses all living things yet influences each individually and can be destroyed through harming the Natural (non-human) World. Are spirits not the electrical currents moving through your brain? Do we not tell history as a story?

In the beginning there was nothing but the One, then the One expanded into the Everything, as the Everything continued to expand soon the beating hearts of the Everything, the Stars began to form from the energy of the Beginning, the stars coalesced into huge interstellar communities, galaxies; in the nuclear core of the stars more building elements were created, and from the stars came the planets; in the deep seas of one planet around one star life formed out of the energy of the planet's iron core, over the course of billions of years life arose in complexity in a way matching the Everything until finally from Life emerged the Someone, a complex arrangement of the Everything capable of consciously perceiving itself.

Why isn't our understanding of the Universe, even being scientifically true, a myth? Myths were once truths, after all.
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File: 1694972513401.png (1.46 MB, 900x625, ClipboardImage.png)

Reposting from /siberia/. I don't agree with it wholly but it's an interesting post nontheless
A 'god' does not need to exist or be believed in:
- To be pondered: you have an idea of what a god is.
- To have spread that very idea.
- For one to engage with the question of weather or not it could and/or does exist, or that it couldn't and/or not or doesn't exist. These being the same concept with a different value assigned to it.
- To have pondered the concept of 'belief': you have an idea of what belief is
- To do the previous but in terms of belief
- To occupy in part or in full a train of thought. This doesn't need to be your primary train of thought.
- To be associated with other concepts.
- To, in doing the previous, influence how those that do engage with the previous may engage with a subject, not necessarily with the consent of any involved party.
- To do the previous without other parties knowing that one party contributed to a discussion or done something whilst under this influence.
- To have material interests as an active participant as thus established.
- The aforementioned concepts with values assigned to them do not need specific values assigned to them. A 'god' shaped hole would possibly be even more of a threat, since it would no longer bound by the rules that would apply to it if those values were 'true.'
- To have in it's aforementioned material interests the elevation of it's influence regardless what form it would have after as long as the previous stands.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>commodity fetishism is magic
<reading marx poorly

Anon you realize that marx does not mean "fetishism" in a manner that is complementary

He's literally calling it a form of misrecognition


ITT people who are bad at critical thinking attempt to justify irrational beliefs with half-assed epistemological relativism and not enough people smack them down


Nothing is supernatural. I hate those terms like metaphysics.


File: 1695065923417.png (840.39 KB, 1280x952, ClipboardImage.png)

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