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File: 1620256606484.jpg (448.63 KB, 2048x1152, ussr background.jpg)


06/05/21 revision:
Recreate the reading sticky
Various small UI corrections (e.g >>6189 , >>6125 , flag squashing)
Constitutional reworking (including a concrete policy for proposal of new features, requiring public announcement before actual consideration, and requiring any external offers/proposals/communications to be brought before the community prior to any engagement)
Review of character limit after a short period
Develop proper anti-spam measures
Filters for analrectal and thingnoticer
Custom captcha (only to be used during heavy raids)
J-SON integration
Determine future policy for banning standards on /leftypol/ and /b/
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why do you need these rules if none of them are working

File: 1608946708600.jpg (98.33 KB, 604x483, stalin_janitor.jpg)

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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here.

Mod Logs: https://leftypol.org/log.php?board=leftypol

You can reach the leftypol team through the matrix chat

Technical suggestions or feedback should be posted for the time being in >>>/tech/6724
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Your conflation of vaccine criticism with the right wing of capital and "antivax" is dishonest and infantile. It's important to have honest, critical and profound discussion about all aspects of the serious materialist issues affecting the worldwide proletariat that are the ensemble of the current "COVID Crisis" debacle and this cannot be reduced to the binary caricature that you and others try to make it out to be. There is a substantial portion of the revolutionary communist left with valid critiques of the bourgeois State's COVID measures and it is shameful that these views would be ignored, censored, or mockingly discarted as if they could only come from the enemy camp.

File: 1621853302281.png (477.83 KB, 1922x2163, leftybooruemblem.png)


This thread is for feedback, suggestions, complaints, questions etc. regarding leftybooru, the main image repository used by /leftypol/


Leftybooru FAQ and Rules:
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nvm, the problem appears to be fixed now

File: 1608950498665.png (878.07 KB, 840x628, 98fc82af4da6e8a5185875df92….png)

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Updated: Dec.30 10:30PM UTC
This OP will (hopefully) remain updated with the latest information on voting. I won't be explaining too much about the process as it's currently only unofficially being used until a new constitution is written. The basics are that any staff member can create a [proposal]. Two other users approve this proposal for voting, this is not approval of the measure but of the clarity and purpose of the proposal. Once approved it can become a [vote]. Votes finish in 3 days or when a vote has majority approval/disapproval. There are also fast track votes, but we don't need to get into those. With that out of the way, here's the current view:

Ongoing Propositions:
* Proposal: Vote on whether we should use our public names in the mod meeting, if names should be up to moderator choice, or whether all mods should only be identified via numbers.

* Vote: Extension of 3 days on board merger vote. – Vote ends Jan.3rd – 4 yay
* Vote: Have a conversation on switching staff rooms from matrix to another, self-hosted, FOSS software. Possible alternatives include, but not limited to: rocket.chat, session messenger, matterhorn, zulip, scuttlebutt, jabber. – 5 yay 2 abstain – Ends January 8th
* Vote: Merge /games/ and /anime/ into /hobby/ (while keeping a backup of the current threads of each for future use) Vote ends 31st Dec 10pm UTC – 6 yay 3 nay

Recently Completed:
* Get rid when possible of the side bar and the HTML frames in the home page. – PASSED 6 yay
* Vote: delete hidden boards from leftypol – PASSED 5 yay
* Make Dark Red the Default Theme for now. – PASSED 4 yay 3 nay
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Fair warning, this will mess up legitimate unfiltered mentions of transhumanism or chinese minorities.

File: 1623168574235-0.png (1.83 MB, 1315x1314, the political catgirls.png)

File: 1623168574235-1.png (123.84 KB, 720x900, anon cafe webring.png)


Hello everyone. We found the results of the last survey useful, and we would like to now gather more feedback on a different variety of subjects. The results of the previous survey have been analysed here, if you are interested in a statistical analysis and some conclusions. >>>/meta/7357

Here are the questions for this month; please don't feel pressured to answer every one if you don't want to, if you have no strong opinions then you may simply leave the question out of your response. Feel free to write as much as you like but please try to answer our quantitative questions as well as this helps us to interpret the results objectively. So, without further ado, here we go.

Question 1: The moderation team wants an evaluation by the userbase on their performance since the migration to leftypol.org in a few categories. Give a number rating with lower being worse and higher being best and a brief comment on performance if desired.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how quickly do the mods respond to rule-breaking content?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you think the mods have lead to a /leftypol/ conducive for quality discussion?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how well do you think the moderation has responded to user complaints and requests for the site and boards?
A simple yes/no, do you think the structure of the site overall is the best it could be as structured by the moderation?

Question 2: Thinking more generally about the way that /leftypol/ is now, the moderation would like to know exactly how the users feel about the composition of threads. Feel free to briefly comment to expand your thoughts if you wish.

Do you think that there are (A) too few generals, (B) just enough generals, or (C) too many generals in /leftypol/?
A Yes/No, do you think the prevalence of general threads is impeding the creation of worthwhile smaller topic threads? IE is the US general impeding the creation of more nuanced threads about US politics?
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dats da joke

File: 1627979126850.png (119.76 KB, 1200x1200, left.png)


Who have we encountered several moments ago? Someone with a left communist flag just appeared in the "Macron lost control of the state", sperging out anti-vaccine theories, claiming that it's too bourgeois. Is he a /pol/ poster? Is he a visitor, Or is he a /pol/ RECRUIT seeking approval from communists so that the far-left becomes far right with leftist characteristics?

Victims pls discuss here.

Pic: There are no bigger resolutions of the leftcom flag, I'll just use one that looks similar.
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Then go and post this shit on meta and stop ruining the board with more retarded threads.
We had enough idiocy with the macron thread and the meerkat thread.


Well okay then.



What is your opinion of the government bailouts for banks after the 2008 crash?


If this thread ends up in meta you might as well have a link to the macron thread ITT so anybody seeing this in meta who wasn't there for the macron thread shitshow where leftcom went full-spammy with his anti-vaxx/covid-denialist/general /pol/toid shit takes can know wtf was going on and what you're even referring to in your OP

Also the archived version:


File: 1627788789638.jpg (2.78 MB, 1104x1601, еврейский_черномазый.jpg)


tl;dr: Why the fuck can I say here jewish nigger but not uyghurish?

Marx begins his letter with explaining how miserable his financial situation is due the civil war
>From the enclosed scrawls you will partly see how bothered I am. So far, the landlord has allowed himself to be placated; he has yet to receive £25. The piano chap, who is being paid in instalments for the piano, should already have had £6 at the end of June, and is a most ill-mannered brute. I have rate demands in the house amounting to £6. The wretched school fees — some £10 — I have fortunately been able to pay, for I do my utmost to spare the children direct humiliation. I have paid the butcher $6 on account (the sum total of my quarterly takings from the Presse!), but I’m again being dunned by that fellow, not to mention the baker, the teagrocer, the greengrocer, and such other sons of Belial as there may be.
<Aus den einliegenden Wischen siehst Du teilweise, wie ich bin bothered. Der landlord hat sich bisher beschwichtigen lassen, hat 25 £ zu bekommen. Der Klaviermann, der Ratenzahlungen für das Klavier bekommt, sollte schon am letzten Juni 6 £ erhalten, und ist ein sehr grober Lümmel. Steuerzettel für 6 £ liegen mir im Haus. Den Schuldreck von ungefähr 10 £ habe ich glücklicherweise bezahlt, da ich alles tue, um den Kindern direkte Demütigungen zu ersparen. Dem Metzger habe ich 6 £ abgezahlt (und dies war meine Gesamteinnahme eines Vierteljahrs von der „Presse"!), aber der Kerl tritt mich wieder, nicht zu sprechen von Bäcker, teagrocer, greengrocer und wie all das Teufelszeug heißt.

then he rants about Lassalle
>The Jewish nigger Lassalle who, I’m glad to say, is leaving at the end of this week, has happily lost another 5,000 talers in an ill-judged speculation. The chap would sooner throw money down the drain than lend it to a ‘friend’, even though his interest and capital were guaranteed. In this he bases himself on the view that he ought to live the life of a Jewish baron, or Jew created a baron (no doubt by the countess). Just imagine! This fellow, knowing about the American affair, etc., and hence about the state of crisis I’m in, had the insolence to ask me whether I would be willing to hand over one of my daughters to la Hatzfeldt as a ‘companion’, and whether he himself should secure Gerstenberg’s (!) patronage for me! The fellow has wasted my time and, whPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1627789090901-0.pdf (26.38 MB, 197x300, MECW41.pdf)

File: 1627789090901-1.pdf (13.35 MB, 67x118, mew_band30.pdf)



> This fellow had the insolence to ask me whether I would be willing to hand over one of my daughters to la Hatzfeldt as a ‘companion’, and whether he himself should secure Gerstenberg’s (!) patronage for me!

Lmao Marx got this assblasted over a fucking joke. What a sperg.


Jewish nigger

File: 1627941882813.jpg (104.1 KB, 976x850, Peeps.jpg)


Is it really just the same few retards who keep spamming their rightiod opinions in multiple posts to make it look like there are more of them than there actually is?


Yes, I've caught the same retard about 3 times now


There's one who comes on every single day (ban evader) and samefags their own thread to bump and feign popularity. They usually post OPs about China outside of the general or another non-leftist news with a link at the bottom, they use reddit spacing and clearly don't know what anti-capitalism is.
I left this thread up since it became popular, but you can see the redtext notes added after their ban. >>>/leftypol/413815
This is their typical writing style. Feel free to add that 'do not reply' poster when you see them.


I'm sure the dude invited over his friends to shitpost here because the posting here has been getting worst. Unironic trump shills and republics shitposting here.

File: 1627112818406.png (364.14 KB, 500x1000, 1551925387923.png)


Mods should help /edu/ more. Move any thread that can be moved there. Like straight up take that shit on /edu/
It"s the only way of making it relevant.
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>Right now your priorities are way too much on PPH/quantity and nowhere near enough on working class socialist engagement / quality.
Priorities are not on PPH/quantity. I see how it may have sounded like that, but it is not the priority. I am the user posting graphs, and it's masturbation, not a priority. As far as I can tell, most mods don't care about that beyond 'don't die'.

I see 0 chance of /leftypol/ being renamed. Not only is it a chore on the backend (which is why siberia is still /b/) but /leftypol/ is the entire premise of the site. I've proposed it be changed when we were still on bunkerchan and there was an explicit 'no'.

What would a rename accomplish? I don't understand the rationale of how that would affect the discussions or improve quality.


To my understanding, it's not /theory/. /edu/ is not politics-specific.


/edu/ should be about learning and shit, not about politics.


I think the effort posts here are actually near their peak but the shit posts have gotten a lot shittier.


/b/ is necessary because imageboard culture is naturally prone to shitposting, with /b/ all that shitposting is effectively contained.

Also /b/ is somewhat fun and a way for people to relax and talk about shit.

File: 1627898693040.jpg (92.69 KB, 1080x975, 1627657550049-0 (1).jpg)


So, it looks like i'm somehow banned for calling an kurdish( or maybe greek /Pol/yp) ultranationalist "goat-fucker" but why?
Why can't we attack reactionaries with their own language? Fascism is not only a first-world thing, there is a amount of fascism at third-world. We attack white/burger fascists in a fascistic way, so why can't we attack others same way?
Like if a hindutvafag comes, can't we attack hım like "streetshitter" or "show bobs and vagena" ?


I am unable to find this ban, is it still active? Can you give the time or duration of the ban, or the exact ban reason?
I am willing to bring this up with the moderators, as it does not sound like an offense.


It looks like i'm not banned, but there was "this user banned for this post" stuff at there
I just replied to hım with his own language
İt's at there the (my own) PKK-thread

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