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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here.

Mod Logs: https://leftypol.org/log.php?board=leftypol

You can reach the leftypol team through the matrix chat

Technical suggestions or feedback should be posted for the time being in >>>/leftypol/30303
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No, that one was quite a bit older.

File: 1608950498665.png (878.07 KB, 840x628, 98fc82af4da6e8a5185875df92….png)


Updated: Dec.30 10:30PM UTC
This OP will (hopefully) remain updated with the latest information on voting. I won't be explaining too much about the process as it's currently only unofficially being used until a new constitution is written. The basics are that any staff member can create a [proposal]. Two other users approve this proposal for voting, this is not approval of the measure but of the clarity and purpose of the proposal. Once approved it can become a [vote]. Votes finish in 3 days or when a vote has majority approval/disapproval. There are also fast track votes, but we don't need to get into those. With that out of the way, here's the current view:

Ongoing Propositions:
* Proposal: Vote on whether we should use our public names in the mod meeting, if names should be up to moderator choice, or whether all mods should only be identified via numbers.

* Vote: Extension of 3 days on board merger vote. – Vote ends Jan.3rd – 4 yay
* Vote: Have a conversation on switching staff rooms from matrix to another, self-hosted, FOSS software. Possible alternatives include, but not limited to: rocket.chat, session messenger, matterhorn, zulip, scuttlebutt, jabber. – 5 yay 2 abstain – Ends January 8th
* Vote: Merge /games/ and /anime/ into /hobby/ (while keeping a backup of the current threads of each for future use) Vote ends 31st Dec 10pm UTC – 6 yay 3 nay

Recently Completed:
* Get rid when possible of the side bar and the HTML frames in the home page. – PASSED 6 yay
* Vote: delete hidden boards from leftypol – PASSED 5 yay
* Make Dark Red the Default Theme for now. – PASSED 4 yay 3 nay
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These have outstayed their welcome, but you should totally filter twitter to nitter and youtube to ytprivate or whatever.

File: 1617956129689.png (39.07 KB, 825x364, stats.png)


is /leftypol/ growing? We seem to be averaging between 300 and 450 daily users most days
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File: 1618342611072.jpg (98.35 KB, 1200x1200, 1588455290171.jpg)

> discords
> good

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>This isn't entirely true because most conversation on places like that will get kneecapped by idpol.
I'd have to disagree. There are lots of places on reddit that care specifically about the critique of the current capitalist system that many countries have. e.g. /r/latestagecapitalism.

also, IDpol isn't really a clearcut phrase, so you'd have to explain what yous specifically mean by it.
Anyways, issues relating to identity, such as racism or sexism, often tie heavily into issues related to worker rights.
A simple example: In the USA, it used to be legal to fire people for being gay. I think that only changed last year.

another key thing is that even a single subreddit, like the one I mentioned, has more activity than this entire site.
/leftypol/ is nearly dead. What is drawing new posters here?


>do you remeber when pol spam hit bunkerchan near the end of its life?
You mean when literally all the competent moderators quit?


As someone who SOLELY uses imageboards and textboards due to privacy concerns I'd have to agree. Ever since 2012 it feels like you have to try really, really hard to mentally filter the ever increasing output of garbage and annoying retards you see on anonymous forums.

>most conversation on places like that will get kneecapped by idpol
Nice priorities.


>/leftypol/ is nearly dead.
Anonymous forums in general are dying tbh. And with the advent of GPT bots and IPv6 it's all downhill from here.

File: 1618504261764.jpg (144.66 KB, 840x845, thonk.jpg)


What exactly counts as idpol? (or stupIDpol).


Why did these faggots popularize writing it like this


probably because there's a subreddit called /r/stupidpol


Regardless of the origin of the term, what counts as it?


Yeah but they made it popular to write it as IDPol, which looks shit, and now it's just a matter of time til stupid boomers start pronouncing it EYEDEEPOL


File: 1618598220948.jpg (185.85 KB, 1365x1024, intersectionality-sources-….jpg)

Did you mean to post this in /meta/?

File: 1616305050017-0.png (119 B, 19x11, snibbeti snab.png)

File: 1616305050017-1.png (536 B, 16x11, Technocrat.png)


ITT retrieve old and currently-missing /leftypol/ flags that would be good to add back.
I found the Technocrat and snibetti snab flags. I know the Anarcho-Transhumanism flag is missing and I want to find it and have it added back if possible (t. anarcho transhumanist anon). Pics related

P.S. the "Athiesm" flag is misspelled, it's spelled Atheism.
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File: 1618566519809-0.png (326 B, 20x14, yugtref.png)

File: 1618566519809-1.png (467 B, 16x16, tgbrvfdc.png)

File: 1618566519809-2.png (748 B, 15x16, brtefwer.png)

File: 1618566519809-3.png (823 B, 20x16, EERERFW.png)

File: 1618566519809-4.png (594 B, 20x16, rrwfedqS.png)



File: 1618572904092-0.png (520 B, 13x16, tsrhcgngch.png)

File: 1618572904092-1.jpeg (646 B, 20x20, sefgbgfn.jpeg)

File: 1618572904092-2.jpeg (498 B, 18x16, ADFzdxvc .jpeg)

File: 1618572904092-3.jpeg (514 B, 20x16, indxfhfex.jpeg)



File: 1618572955352-0.jpeg (536 B, 24x16, gref.jpeg)

File: 1618572955352-1.jpeg (558 B, 24x16, index.jpeg)

File: 1618572955352-2.png (722 B, 15x16, edsvdgsrd.png)

File: 1618572955352-3.png (826 B, 20x16, fsbdrwerbe.png)



File: 1618572995267-0.png (523 B, 16x16, gfgrdfc.png)

File: 1618572995267-1.png (767 B, 16x16, htetrgnt.png)

File: 1618572995267-2.png (540 B, 20x16, inddex.png)

File: 1618572995267-3.png (798 B, 19x16, hn btevrfev.png)



File: 1618573047798-0.png (638 B, 20x16, gbrverwcsa.png)

File: 1618573047798-1.png (677 B, 20x16, tyrbews.png)


File: 1617839506281.png (330.54 KB, 500x340, 566db2a50a67886c7521780877….png)


Is there a search function for the entire site? I think it'd be useful to have one. There are some posts I'm looking for and I don't remember the exact threads they were in, but I remember some of the words.
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File: 1617949672491.jpg (35.51 KB, 358x350, 8717fc40a2d5dbdbb3e129cb89….jpg)

>Post search is disabled


I'll get the tech team to look into this, sorry for the inconvenience.


I'll be waiting.


Stop waiting.


issue solved, anchoring (thanks tech team)

File: 1608626463461.png (34.94 KB, 400x480, leftypol (2).png)

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This thread is for feedback related to administration and management. For technical issues use >>>/tech/6724
If you cannot dispute your ban here due to being banned, Use >>>/meta/
Search the catalog before starting a new thread to avoid duplicates https://www.leftypol.org/leftypol/catalog.html

Please Read This First:
If this is your first visit please lurk for a while before posting. /leftypol/ is an imageboard for non-sectarian leftist political discussion. The staff aims to allow everything within these bounds. To that end there are some explicit rules
* No Spam
* No Explicit Images including Porn without spoiler warning
* No Reactionary or Identity Politics
Low quality threads are subject to be anchored or locked at volunteers discretion.
More detailed rules can be found in the /leftypol/ Manifesto PDF (attached)
The rules governing moderators and administrative decisions can be found in the /leftypol/ Constitution PDF (attached)
You may dispute actions taken by the staff or offer suggestions in this thread. Alternatively use >>>/meta/
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Are you hiring? :3 I was one of the mods on bunker, but I was working hard and decided to keep aside the split thing after all.
If caballo is still there, awesome. He was funny lel


Hello, yes I'm still here, thanks!

We will be recruiting new mods shortly though I can't promise a place to anyone obviously. If you were a former mod then you can mention that in your application, thank you.


Bump so this doesn't fall off the catalog.
Some complaints still need to be addressed, IE.


Wait thats a complaint? What's wrong with it exactly?


I assumed it was related to this issue

File: 1618114642392.webm (3.35 MB, 640x480, 492d64c7c68de7be98340995e….webm)


Next time some big right wing figure dies (Think Kissinger or Gorbachev) can mods activate some sort of festive theme with lights and dancing gifs?


This. Bring Caramelldansen back.

File: 1612189280638-0.jpg (123.59 KB, 767x576, quotation marks finish the….jpg)

File: 1612189280638-1.pdf (1.14 MB, 232x300, Bunkerchan Manifesto 2020-….pdf)

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Hello everyone, now that we've settled in here a bit more, it's time to address the burning questions of constitutional reform! Until now we have been playing it fast and loose, lets say, with the old Bunkerchan rules, but they are clearly no longer apropos.

The key issue we would like to discuss is the internal administrative structure. As of now, we have been attempting to use mostly horizontal democratic organisation (among mods), however this has had some notable lapses and issues, and some would like to use a more 'traditional' hierarchical structure with admins at the top, moderators in the middle, and janitors on the bottom, or just admins and moderators. The advantage of having admins with executive power is primarily to cut through deadlock, which has been a real problem since our migration. That said, perhaps there are other ways to deal with that.

Another proposal is the question of user democracy and more involvement of users without volunteer status in decisionmaking. This is a good idea in theory but in practice it is difficult to agree on how to move forward with it. Should users have direct voting power? If so, how will this be implemented and to what extent? Can the moderators override the users and if so in what circumstances? Should users be vetted (ie through Matrix) in order to ensure that the vote is not totally skewed by sockpuppets? If so doesn't that privilege people who use off-site communication unfairly? As you can see, it is a difficult subject, but interesting nonetheless.

One more issue is over who is and isn't allowed to post on leftypol, ideologically speaking. Mostly everyone can agree that this board should be for 'the left' but what does that mean exactly? Who is included and who is not in that definition? While I'm sure everyone will agree that 'orthodox leftism' should be allowed, there is ambiguity over what that means at the boundaries. Are anprims allowed? Post-colonialists? Anarcho-nihilists? Juche proponents, or Pol-potists? How about social democrats? And so on. To what extent are non-leftists allowed? Do they have the same 'rights' as leftist posters or are they treated harsher?

I have attached the most up to date version of the old constitution, which some of us think should be simply adapted to the new circumstances. On the other hand, some vols have proposed a new constitution altogether which I will attach below. There is also the option of throwing all of these out and woPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I’m using an iPhone Xr and the Safari browser app.


To add to this, I’ve figured out choosing from Files (“Browse…” option) works problem free. Only photo library doesn’t.


Thanks, I will get the tech team to follow up on this and try fix it.

Anyway, on topic, we are now voting on whether or not to approve the version of the constitution/manifesto that I proposed here.

I understand that it is not as radical a document as some people were hoping for but I believe that it is a good middle ground between user input/mod accountability and stability. Also it could still be rejected by the other moderators of course.


Just reviewed it looks good tell us how the vote goes


The new constitution has now PASSED! While there may be more changes in the future, and we will continue to experiment with user democracy, I am glad that we have a solid base to build on in the future and a ruleset firmly established for leftypol.org.

Thanks to everyone for your involvement!

File: 1617956416860.jpg (73.16 KB, 640x640, be1b823656f43c7b5691c0b396….jpg)


As an experiment in user involvement/accountability, we will try to run a public mod chat on matrix alongside our normal closed matrix mod chat. We agree to give an honest attempt to use the public chat for administrative matters that do not need to be kept secret for security or privacy reasons. However, if the experiment turns out not to work (as informally agreed by the majority of mods) we will reserve the right to return mod discussion exclusively to our existing closed chat.

Regular users will be allowed to post in the public mod discussion, however their posts must strictly remain on the subject of moderation matters, and the chat should not be used as a 'general purpose' discussion, so that mod matters are not lost in a flood of irrelevant posts. Users who become too disruptive (as defined by the moderators) may be warned or kicked/banned from the chat.

Vote ends 21/04/12 10am UTC

(Note, only mods can vote on proposals/votes, this topic is for users to discuss the vote and give their opinions)
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If I wanted to use accounts I would be on reddit, not here.


Your account is not actually shown unless you make it shown, you can set a display name. All messages are also encrypted, and account deactivation takes everything with you (save for what messages other users have). Registration also requires no personal info whatsoever, and you can set it to not have recovery as well.


Just set your username and display name as anon, and make yourself undiscoverable. No other information is required. It's mostly just to keep tab on the mods anyway.




The desktop client can be routed over tor as well. Not sure how, check out the operations thread >>152258

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