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File: 1663344298736.png (319.52 KB, 1080x1080, hWNqAWk.png)

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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.

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>why threads are getting deleted without showing up on the logs get deleted too
deletion of all posts by IP most likely

File: 1664710098454.png (44.06 KB, 1231x256, i2p.png)


This site needs an I2P address (eepsite)

It already has a .onion, now we need a .i2p



to explain the joke, ML stands for Machine Learning in this context
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looking at the latest AI thread, perhaps filtering to "automation" would bring the point home
case-sensitive filter would avoid that
I kinda wonder where this filtering is in the board code because git grep:ing for jewish nigger gives no results. I guess it's in some non-public config?


>perhaps filtering to "automation" would bring the point home
I feel this is ignorant of the purpose of wordfilters. It's not to automatically try and correct people, it's to poke fun at predictable, dumb trends.

>I guess it's in some non-public config?

Yep, instance config. There are some examples in inc/config.php


just actually say "machine learning" instead of ML
There was already a filter of I.Q. to "autism score"
or instead filter it to "computers playing word association" or something similar but punchier


>computers playing word association


Well it's a pun. ML -> Marxism-Leninism

File: 1663623548760.jpg (1.61 MB, 2288x1716, 1644364880275.jpg)


Bring back the degenera(tes?|cy) => fun wordfilter.


requesting feedback
is it even still relevant?


I see it used fairly often, although most posts that use it also get deleted because of the overall content of the post (wonder why).


"degenerate" as a legitimate word gets used for things like "degenerated workers' state" and so on. Capitalism has a number of degenerative qualities due to the way it sacrifices everything for profit. There were issues before with the filter causing some discussions to get confused.


degeneracy=> lying on the beach by the Great Blinsk Swamp and watching television (in tuxedos)


>fun workers' state

File: 1663684932760.png (23.68 KB, 1080x173, Bruh.png)


Got banned on /leftypol/ for the reason "hysterics". I appealed it and it got denied. Please explain to me what was so hysterical about my post.
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File: 1664086559268.jpg (139.62 KB, 1280x720, z6tpp8s0zs011.jpg)


File: 1664117606822.jpg (181.51 KB, 470x675, 1663962714410.jpg)

Orks are cool, ogres are cool, pirates r cool
We are the orc ogre pirate crew
And what are you? Something between a slave and a compliant helper of your masters


It must be wonderful to be beloved king of your walled garden.


The Truth stays the Truth
appeals to popularity cannot help but appear juvenile in this context


>reddit, leftypol and literally every other site on the internet are not just different sides of the same psyop

File: 1664140494937-0.png (152.01 KB, 753x681, Drone supply war .png)

File: 1664140494937-1.png (313.25 KB, 622x858, rooty tooty .png)

File: 1664140494937-2.mp4 (2.84 MB, 720x900, jannieZ.mp4)


"Attempted reactionary astroturfing and ban evasion"

Not sure what I did wrong? I just got done mowing my lawn, cleaning all of my bird feeders, filling the bird baths, then watching my local sportsball team win the game, logged on, saw the Iran thread was self destructing and needed the great man to upload something regarding you know the actual fucking happening in Iran, went to twitter, found a link of an Iranian police officer instructing his officers to shoot all protestors on sight and uploaded it.
I didn't even say anything either for the protestors or against Iran, nothing about anything for support either way?

Not sure exactly which type of content you want posted into the Iranian happening thread if it isn't actual shit regarding the Iranian happening?

I am starting to suspect this is going the direction of the Russian war threads and if you are not 100% against the protestors you are getting banned and content deleted, called a glowie, ect.?

Is this because Russia is receiving drone weapons shipments from Iran and the mods here are so rabidly pro Russia that they are also now pro Iran?

Harden your heart oh Janny.(Known right wing astroturf IP)


Why are you supporting the protestors?


File: 1664144928318.jpg (52.47 KB, 602x915, 23b.jpg)

Its all so exhausting


I was told that if I wanted to make a thread discussing the West Virgin(ia) rightoid, I had to do it here. This guy >>>/leftypol/972024 Basically, what the fuck is his deal? He comes here, supposedly for years, to get in the same old arguments. And he's obviously not here to troll because he writes paragraph after paragraph per thread, which is way to much effort for simple trolling. Common topics of his include:
>White fertility rates and the role Socialism DOESN'T have in maintaining them.
>Jewish Conspiracy/Question
>Supposedly being against capitalism and Socialism (muh third position bullshit)
>A fixation with trying to "disprove" Marxism
Common characteristics of his are:
>the odd as fuck spacing of his paragraphs
>cycling between the same pictures
Why the fuck does he do this, anyone know? What else does anyone know about him? This is not a doxx thread.
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for sure he's mentally ill, taking boringness as a metric for how ill someone is, he is way up there


Yep. This guy goes back years. I've seen him already during the Bunkerchan reunification era. I could even swear I saw him during the last days of 8chan. Not even baboonposter lasted this long. If it's a troll, it's an insane level of trolling that rivals the old days of /b/.

My personal theory is that he's legitimately mentally ill, and he's some 18-25 year old neet maybe living off welfare/disability payments. He's terminally online and his mental condition has been worsened by this. He constantly browses /pol/ and other far right communities, and might even be dangerous individual. Like a potential shooter type.


I was thinking it could be an ex-fed gone mental, like those war veterans who larp as soldiers even though they haven't been near a warzone for a decade. Still doing his routine of trying to fuck up sites even though the tactics changed years ago. Starting to respect his grind, getting banned for years with no effect.


Namefags get the bullet first


Herr west virgin sadly never uses a nametag, even if he did there's a low chance we could ever capture him

File: 1663872333805.png (78.3 KB, 1080x517, here.png)


Could you please make some disciplinary measures for the mod "wvobbly" or demote them? They are constantly abusing their power. You are apparently even aware of this behaviour (picrel). They unfairly banned me recently, which got revoked by a different mod, only to be banned again in the same manner by wvobbly a day later.
This is unacceptable.


no and no
I revoked your ban and told you not to do it again. And what did you do, that's right you did it again.
that's not a mod obviously

File: 1622431625518.gif (93.64 KB, 300x100, crapitalism.gif)

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There are some new banners at >>212019

Can you guys please add?
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not to nitpick but if it was cropped it could be more readable.
lemme try


File: 1663079429642-0.mp4 (365.07 KB, 1200x400, Untitled.mp4)

File: 1663079429642-1.gif (579.45 KB, 300x100, exploited.gif)


I didn't feel the need to add /leftypol/ in it, it just feels like a distraction to me.
The reason I made it so far out was to show the card, but if that doesn't matter to people than zoomed in like you did is better.


Can mods actually implement separate banners for the alt boards? Some examples to be made into banners for >>>/anime/
The other boards have theirs


File: 1663852014997-0.png (74.32 KB, 300x100, ZOV banner.png)

File: 1663852014997-1.jpg (411.08 KB, 2048x1536, ZOV.jpg)

here's a banner 4 u
>CALL (ZOV) of the Great Motherland
>Time to be Reborn!

File: 1663417932498.jpeg (9.05 KB, 281x150, dashan.jpeg)


If I'm gonna waste my life on this bored gimme some data on what influence campaigns are currently targeting it.

Each thread should have a dashboard with the number of current browsers, IPs of posters, posts per hour, all that shit.

At the very least there should be a daily activity report by mods on who they think is targeting the site that day and in what way. If you're not gonna protect our time and attention from glows and ops then what's the point?


Glow ops are easy to spot just pop into a thread and when the discussion starts calling for genocide against Russia and China and repeating mainstream media talking points or "both sides-ing" while excusing away NATO it's obvious what you're dealing with.

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