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Lately I’ve seen a huge influx of good games that try to update the outdated capitalist realist Cyberpunk genre to the current political and economic landscape. Stuff like Disco Elysium is getting more and more recognition they rightfully deserve for depicting the hopeless and bleak death of modern revolution. However they’re still have some semblance of hope like with Ghostrunner having the corporation being destroyed by a revolution in contrast to the sad oppression of the system.

Another great but obscure example is whatever the fuck Cruelty Squad is. It’s fully embraced the boring drug fueled dystopia aesthetic while delivering basically Deus Ex but without the stealth. Compared to the faux shell of a Cyberpunk game 2077 was (full of cyber but nothing about the societal implications of such technologies other than some edgy infantile “message” about “soul”), this game have everything and everyone be miserable using the cyber-enhancements. Space colonization and AI being pipe dreams. Corporations are not knowingly malicious but only apart of the rot of capitalism.


I just beat the final secret level and was going to start a thread on it.
One of the best games I've played in a while. I know it looks like a meme streamer bait game because of its art design, but that couldn't be further from the truth; it's actually a really well designed immersive sim game best described as Deus Ex meets Hitman with boomer shooter elements. On top of all that it's also one of the very few biopunk games in existence.


It’s actually amazing how despite the sweet bro and hella jeff tier art it’s really is well designed. The guns are the most fun I’ve seen in years. Where else can you use your intestines as grappling hooks?
The fact that there’s so few biopunk games is a crime. Most are just using the aesthetics to either be gross or look weird but to question about the system. The only other game with the same themes is Vangers where it’s just NEO feudalism but with alien bug hybrids.



Speaking of late stage capitalism. The faggot that made the pen and paper Cyberpunk 2020 have gone full denial after CDPR fuckup and exclusively post on the fanboy subreddits sucking him off. It’s a perfect example of commoditization of rebellion.



His IP got 13 million copies sold. Of course he’s happy, funnier is that the dude automatically block any comments talking about how those 13 million copies are from scamming people with fake advertising.
The devs definitely had the Forgotten Weapons playlist on when making this game.


>no FAL


Love this game. Deus Ex if it had been made today.




Unironically most people don't "get" "it" and only like it for the memes in the same way Death Grips became popular a decade ago.


>in the same way Death Grips became popular a decade ago.
…im not old…


I think it’s more about the fact that people get it but refuse to say what it is aloud. The game has huge anti-capitalist sentiments and mock late stage capitalism. It portrays corporation as arch demons but not evil in the moral sense but subsumed by the system into demonhood. You have to be incredibly ignorant or is to right wing to see the clear subtext. Mall Madness have you murder a politician for even suggesting the idea of corporate tax. Androgen Assaults makes fun of the private police force meme ancaps keep peddling. Or Bog Business have you kill a bunch of activists fighting fracking in their commune. How can you not see that except for willfully ignoring them because of their implications.

The same can be said for disco elysium, it’s openly communist doomerism yet no one dares talk about the theme because they fear the gaymers will cancel them by their age old argument: “games are apolitical hm kay?” It’s a kind of silent censorship.
The game is debatably even more radical than Deus Ex in some respects. Deus Ex was first a mashups of every conspiracy theory in the 90s which back then was way more leftist than today so some of its messages are radical. This game is purposefully doing this with the only irony being the eye-gougingly bad aesthetic.



Cruelty Squad looks like an amazing game worthy of every bit of acclaim it has gotten that I will never play because I'll get a dissasociative episode while playing ittranshumanismTranshumanism


It seems kind of weird for left wing shit to be so taboo in games. I can barely talk about it on /v/ without some fag yelling to me about how leftism is cringe or whatever.


/v/ is such a shithole. I still can’t believe those dumbasses got gaslighted by /pol/ into hating Disco Elysium because it’s communist themes. Before the raid there’s multiple threads praising the game.


File: 1626877223152.jpg (550.2 KB, 245x220, Obama Shrug.jpg)

>It seems kind of weird for left wing shit to be so taboo in games.

Anon it isn't reall-

>I can barely talk about it on /v/ without some fag yelling to me about how leftism is cringe


/v/tards are now all just playing FF14 because everyone else does. Did it lose it's contrarianism?


I can't believe it took the devs thanking Marx during that award show for some retards on /v/ to realize the devs were left wing.


Marx is one of the very few things that the average cuckchan user knows about leftism.


Talking about anti-capitalist games. Is Earthbound one of the first game series to do it?
It’s basically pop contrarianism. They think they’re against the grain for being anti-communist and far right but in reality they’re just doing whatever /pol/ does.



>Is Earthbound one of the first game series to do it?
Speaking of which


>power misery


Spoilers, fragment from the end
>Serene scent of a coastal town, warmth of the sun. Bitter tears. Lust for power. This is where you abandoned your dreams. You are a high net worth individual, an expanding vortex of pathetic trauma.


Isn't the dev friends with Nick Fuentes?


What's really funny about this game is how you're a Chad, you're a big dicked kill 'em all expert. This game is the power fantasy simulator and you are the focus. You're the #1 shooter. You're every guy in a shooter ever. A real object of power fantasy. You're a special forces badass taking up mercenary work. Cue game start.
You're in the shower after an indeterminate amount of time, and stood staring at the wall as your ringtone goes off. It's an annoying ringtone. You stare at the wall a little longer not wanting to face the real world, then you go pick up your phone, while watching the carnage outside between "normal" people.
The call is presumably one of your few old friends, jokingly (but seriously) calling you a fucked up psycho who needs this handout from an equally fucked up hamplanet known as Handler and telling you that, yeah, you're the big boss player, but you're at the end of the line. You're both fuck ups, but this is your last chance, and welcome to the gig economy.
Empty Fuck is every FPS hero, but with a few years added on. He's fucking done. He can kill everyone, but he's already dead inside. He snapped before the plot even began, thus his discharge. I wouldn't even be surprised if after the end of Apartment Atrocity that CS just decided to fuck off trying to kill him for being a liability and sent him on more missions hoping he blew up in public instead, after offering him a pathetic excuse like fucking up the targets social security numbers for sending a hit squad after him. Eventually he blew up, killing off the global elites, gods and CS itself. He's Mr Power Fantasy, but is a totally insane spree killer equipped with all sorts of inhuman modifications. He is alone, empty, braindead, and sometime's faceless and lobotmized. The guy is fucked. Even Handler knows it.
If anyone played Brigador then he makes an appearance as MT Foxtrot and his lore text bemoans him as a man that is totally dead inside and will snap killing everyone within distance and that he should be sent somewhere else for everyone's safety, which actually happens in the story.


Yeah, it’s intentionally shitting on the grimacing hero trope that was so prominent in since the late 90s onward. The new Doom also attempts this but with much less overt in which the corporation is the literal devil cult and the Slyer is straight up a madman that can’t even talk anymore due to the PTSD.
Really? Sauce?


I have heard about it on the 4chan.


File: 1627125991441.png (71.1 KB, 600x693, vvvj.png)

>a Finnish artist who decided to make a game with no previous experience to manifest Truth and Beauty, and who dril-tweets like a madman
>a friend of some random latino-Burgerstan white nationalist


And what is their proof?


They say they used to be twitter mutuals or something.


Are you sure they didn't mean Nick Land? A lot of leftists who make this kind of stuff (posthumanism or whatever you wanna call it) are mutuals with him on Twitter


Probably it’s made up then. The guy who made this is probably too capitalist realist for fags like Fuentes to handle.


anyone else getting spooked as shit playing this? the audio is absolutely terrifying


This is the mission where you have to kill "NOT-Bernie Sanders" because of his 1% corporate tax proposal.
It's astounding that /v/ believes this is a "redpilled" (the game shits on that very concept, see my next post) rightoid game.


File: 1627315633734.png (860.81 KB, 1299x1403, cruelty_squad.png)

This game's dialogues are top tier, I have had some genuine laughs.


>/v/ believes this is a "redpilled" rightoid game.
Wait seriously? How can they be so stupid. Most of the missions are completely against consoomerism especially the chunkopops guy from Paradise. I also love that one of them is just /ourguy/ Terry Davis.


superficially you could say that it's within the mask of rightiod r/consoom type stuff but with even a little bit of critical thinking you can not possibly come away thinking that it's anything more than anti-capitalist instead of just anti"bad" or "Degenerate" capitalism.


lel, /v/'s Friendship ended with Cruelty squad. They are now calling it a tr*nny game. Funny how it's following the same route as Disco Elysium.


File: 1627355137823.png (131.59 KB, 1024x768, Crypt Worlds.png)

Is this from the same guy who made crypt worlds?


>We want good games regardless of politics!!!
<Devs make amazing games with leftist themes
I love how comically brainworm-infested /v/ is. More evidence to apoliticalism being the status quo of Reagan era liberalism. It’s only “apolitical” when it cater to the status quo.
>bad AI
As if most AAA games have better AI than just modified Quake enemies lel.


lmao fuck /v/, they were the first board to pull the hating-on-everything-to-fit-in-as-a-replacement-for-a-personality that eventually expanded to all of 4chan. If only "/v/ doesn't play video games" had only remained a joke…


conner o'malley type monologue


If /pol/tards could tell the difference between those then they wouldn't be /pol/tards.



They’re not even hating on everything. The fags over there only hate shit that /pol/ tell them to hate. They have no agency of their own anymore.
Why aren’t flechette guns more popular irl? It’s basically miniature APFSDS with a high rate of fire.


You vastly overestimate /pol/'s influence. It's the fact that youtube ecelebs such as Dunkey hade a video on the game that caused /v/ to shit on it now


Isn’t dunkie that retard that talks like a black person? Never understand why he’s so popular in the first place.


Why has /v/ always been so susceptible to e-celeb bullshit, god damn


/pol/'s influence on 4chan itself is massive (though recently I've seen more people pushback against their retardation), but beyond it not so much barring memes
He makes "reviews" people find funny. I personally can't stand him because he's one of those types who love to mix humor in with criticism and if people don't like something he said he'll just pull "I was just joking!" shit. Particularly bad with the Octopath review when he got called out on not understanding basic mechanics and outright making shit up.


He doesn't talk like a black person, it's just his voice. His early videos are still pretty funny. "Here, eat my barn for luck"



>crypt worlds


Probably not because Crypt World devs are crowdfunding the sequel. Very similarly insane aesthetics though.
>who love to mix humor in with criticism and if people don't like something he said he'll just pull "I was just joking!" shit
Now I realize what’s really put me off from this guy. Coincidentally the same thing that put me off from NostalgiaCritic who always cowardly hide their bad criticism and elitist attitude behind thin veil of “jokes”. At least people like Seeth gets serious when they talk about a game’s flaws and even have the guts to admit being wrong.


Dunkey is bad because he's a whiny nintendy mario me wanty whiny ass soi boi.


dunkie has stinky opinions so i can see why but any chan hates anything what reddit likes
I've seen /co/ going from hating rick and Mort to liking rick and Mort when Reddit started disliking it then hating it when reddit was liking the show again




File: 1627464471106.jpg (Spoiler Image, 490.7 KB, 1920x1080, mmyy9two3p871.jpg)

debased and bataillesuppositoried


donkey's videos are funny and enjoyable



Surprised to see this here!
Extremely excited to see where this is going. Don't think I've played a teaser this promising in a long, long time.
Also, damn, that soundtrack.


The random NPCs on the yacht have some great lines.


Still pissed that I have no way to find the samples he used for that soundtrack. Really looking forward to chapter 1 whenever that releases.


>just when you thought it’s releasing soon
<LK launched a crowdfunding


File: 1629942152244.gif (2.73 MB, 304x640, literally me 2.gif)

When's the kickstarter actually gonna launch, I wanna throw money at it already


>>11933 (me)
Oh the kickstarter launched yesterday


At least small projects like this have the real chance of getting made. The geneforge remastered was great.


buy games games, put everything into civilian fish before u pay rent


Disco Elysium is still capitalist realism.
You’re forced to arrest a communist at the end.


I had just come here to search for this thread in top bar, but someone was kind enough to bump it.


True, but the game does end on a somewhat hopeful note with the idea that another revolution is forming in the city.


the dev behind this is a drama queen that sics their twitter followers on you if you make a negative review of their corny MFA student project ass game


they should be shamed more for making a game that's ugly as fuck (I know thats the point but still)


let me guess, you love web 2.0 minimalist designs


>they should be shamed more
Soyjak pointing at screen moment.


I love designs that don't give me eyebleed



actually it's not really my favourite, I think of it more as a bare minimum




i-is this the true power of the 'games are art' folks?





Meh. The gun handling and movement options are good enough that most of the aesthetics can be forgiven. Gameplay trumps all.


i love how confused he is at the positive reviews, bless his heart
he hasn’t been touched by twitter



File: 1654480088554.jpg (228.88 KB, 922x2048, FUhWMqNVEAEVeuk.jpg)

The Cruelty Squad guy getting a ton of money and just buying $5000 dollar shoes is just what I would do, honestly.


looks like naturally dyed denim jeans too, which tend to be pretty expensive


I was going to say square toe boots are ugly as shit but I think he was going for that.


Those pieces of shit in the shape of 2 loafs of bread cost how much?
>The average consoom gaymer


Just played it, and did not dissapoint.
Those are the most interesting ugly shoes I have ever seen in my life. Seem like some mix of running shoes with elegant ones.


Some TF2 Drip he is getting over here.


Should've got the Barenciaga rainboots instead.


>>11922 (me)
Jesus, I can't believe I'm still hyped for this game. Unironically the only thing in videogames I care about.


High hopes, low expectations fam.
Also, the new composer is mid as fuck. So lower your expectations at that.


>The same can be said for disco elysium, it’s openly communist doomerism

That's like saying Nietzsche was a nihilist. The game's message is the opposite of doomerism.


Yeah, a shame the old composer is comically anti-semitic. I think one of the main reasons the pilot captured me so was because the music fit the mood so perfectly.


Seriously, I do not give a shit about an artist's awful personal opinions as long as they keep them out of their works and keep delivering. Case in point: Factorio's Kovarex going on a (rather mild) rant about SJWs and getting dunked on by the community for it back in 2020 had no effect on the game itself nor its development and was quickly forgotten because of it.


conspiracy theory game has anti-semites involved in it???


disco elysium's depiction of the dead revolution was geniunely sad and depressing, one of the rare moments i felt something while playing a video game


lol exactly what I was thinking. schizo game is made by schizos? real shit????


Too bad Kovarex et al. couldn't spend less time whining about social justice narcissists and more time finishing their fucking game.


File: 1657614629965.jpeg (96.55 KB, 1920x1080, download.jpeg)

The old composer's input on the development of the game was near non-existent. The actual dev just asked the guy if he could use his songs that were released like a decade back.
And in terms of conspiracy theories, they're not really rightoid schizo shit like the earth is flat or muh jews. More stuff that everyone will silently acknowledge as being true like Epstein not killing himself. Picrel is a screenshot from the game that you can activate by playing after midnight.


<Mr. Cruelty looking out the window on phone talking about his new job.
Lmao, his delivery actually got a giggle out of me


This post radiates cowardice.


The new mechanics looks good as fuck too
>Epstein bad
<anti Semitism


File: 1658016329254.png (19.49 KB, 890x139, 870124-981324.png)

More talking about this


>What do you mean a people largely marginalized were undocumented and had to hide their identity?
He probably don't believe in the existence of gypsies or Armenians. Lmao.


Played Cruelty Squad, somewhat fun but I can't really say it really deserves that much hype. It felt like kind of a chore to play a lot of the time with the confusing level design and ugly textures. I liked the level where you have to escape your apartment, kind of wish the rest of the game was more like that rather than the absurdist kinda crap.


that's literally a parody of Nick Land's Meltdown


this was my game of the year and probably my top 5 games of all time. i've talked about storytelling before but the story in this game is absolutely my favorite, maybe only second to Hotline Miami 2.
a lot of people who call this game "ugly" or "absurdist crap" clearly don't know anything about office design and what this game and its design are satirizing(that the mundane office design trends and taking it to an extreme).
This is a game that breathes through its mechanics. there's literally a gun that deales damage based on your stock market holdings. you can and should exchange your body parts for practicality. what valuates your playthrough is the duration, not how many people you kill, or how you kill them, meaning that your boss only cares about doing it quick, rather than doing a good job on missions.
this is a game that satirizes Capitalism not only through its dialogue and endings, or premise, but through its gameplay and mechanics.


I'm sorry but I don't see what a wall made entirely of a mosaic of repeated screaming faces is 'satirising'


>he has never seen fascist and hostile architectural designs in his life


>can't provide an example

Also how come some levels looks relatively normal like the yacht level whereas others are a fucking nightmare mess. Also, my interpretation from the level at your apartment (which looks almost completely normal) is that the fucked up architecture is mostly caused by the combat drugs which your character is doped up on during missions (as the briefing pig guy establishes in the description of the first mission). So therefore it's mostly a hallucination and not really satirising anything, and the dev was just up his own ass about his fugly 'biopunk' artstyle.


Also, having a game that's full of 'secrets' and incredibly arcane mechanics which 99/100 players will have to use a guide to understand is bad game design, I'm sorry but it just is. Maybe in the 80s/90s when there was no internet and you and your friends had to discover these things together or hear about them through urban legends there was some point to it, but nowadays it's just stupid.


>how come some level look relatively normal
what? what kind of fucking question is this honestly?
what I mean by satirizing "interior design trends" is what we actually had in the early 2010s as well. it's called "seapunk". I've talked about it in a vaporwave thread somewhere iirc, but the whole shtick is satirizing souless capitalist design with surreal 90s cgi graphics and a collective nostalgia for a capitalist utopia that is not really relevant to this thread. I recommend you looking at some Seapunk design, since the design really is present in some levels like Archon Grid.
One other part of the design is the new trend of ps1 low-polygon aesthetics. Again, this deals with "nostalgia". There are a lot of games that are currently throwbacks to that era, like that cement mixer simulator, and they all deal with this "nostalgia" in a different way. Some critique Capitalism and today's hyperrealistic games, some not.
as to the question of "why do some levels look normal?" because they don't? do you think the dev's whole point was to make an ugly crayzy video game?
>it's a hallucination and not really satirizing anything
that's not how satire works
>dev was just up his own ass about his fugly biopunk artstyle
lmao, you assume something incorrect, then use that as talking points to prove the dev was up his own ass? some capital G Gamer right here.
>game has simple mechanics that adapts to trends and is easy to figure out
>gamers whine
>game has mechanics that are slightly more difficult to use
>gamers whine
how does this work exactly?
gamers don't really need a guide to play this game, if you have played games like Rainbow Six in the past, you clearly are familiar to most of how the game "functions". none of the secrets are required to find, and that's the point of fucking secrets to be hidden. i don't exactly know why you are mad at this game, but the anti-intellectualism between gamers is mind-blowing. go back to playing call of duty please.


your opinion is bad


Does Brigador count? The game is openly telling that you’re playing as the bad guy working for a mega corporation trying to retake a former banana republic that has declared independence through a revolution.

The two main sides of the Solo Nobrean civil war are both leftists. One side is basically juche Fidel Castro with the loyalist fighting to keep their standards of living. The Corvids their opponents are a bunch of misguided anarcho syndicalists that fought against the isolationism of the state that is unknowingly working for the SNC. The only unambiguously evil faction is the hedonistic decadent spacer bourgeoisie that only uses the mayhem as entertainment for their sick brains.

The upcoming sequel on the other hand has you play as the loyalist counterattack infiltrating the main corporate headquarters to seek revenge against the mercenaries that attacked Solo Nobre. Hence the title Brigador Killers.


From what I remember of the sequel that's been teased you're essentially terrorists bombing a Mar-A-Lago/Miami stand in where all the brigadors and SNC bureaucrats retired to, which is pretty funny and bound to make for some entertaining cognitive dissonance from the /v/ types who praise a game until the political content dawns on them (ie it's explained to them explicitly).
Brigador's premise is also much more interesting than say Jagged Alliance where you're the good guy mercenaries, which as a design choice is basically just to avoid making the player think too hard about anything.


I had a half finished analysis video on Brigador from like 2018 but I never finished it cause depression etc :(


The recent dev blogs revealed that the game basically became stuck in development he’ll for two years because they dev didn’t want to just make another arcade game like the first one. However the ebooks outlining the entire prelude to the sequel is already out.

They’re now trying to make something of a hybrid between GTA Chinatown war and the first Brigador with added armor penetration system. And from what the soundtrack is hinting at you’ll be hunting down all the loyalist traitors that got paid off by SNC.



Scifi shooters like Void Bastards and STRAFE make it clear from the very beginning that you're completely expendable to the corporate you're working for


disco party has ended. fuck zaum


Capitalism strikes again


Pyrocynical is actually going to be making a long-form review of cruelty squad soon. Wonder if he’ll touch on the Nick Land and George Battaile references.




Updates in the ZA/UM situation

The company is responding to previous allegations by claiming Kurvitz, Rostov, etc. were actually toxic to the company and employees, tried selling the IP, and did not fulfill their work obligations. GameIndBiz claims that they are "confirming" all this with this statement.

Kurvitz and Rostov meanwhile are alleging that the capitalists who took over may have done so with fraud and stealing from the company, which the company will of course deny.

I don't doubt that they were probably difficult to work with, a lot of creatives (especially those with substance abuse issues) probably struggle with working collaboratively, but this is a pretty clear attempt to muddy the waters in what is a brazen attempt but a bunch of money to men to steal someone else's work and pretend like it's yours.

The appeal to recognize this was a large team of people that made the game is particularly devious, trying to dilute the work of the creatives who also contributed a significant amount of work themselves. Nevermind that ZA/UM's statement doesn't actually discuss the treatment of the creatives during this time, being minority shareholders and being excluded from company information.


Reality often immitates art


He didn't or I was too drunk to notice them


Is it just me or did he do his hardest to be as unpolitical as possible in this video? Cyberpunk is a very political genre/setting, it’s simply impossible to not be political when discussing it, but he seems to have kind of avoided really discussing the politics.


YTers being cowards, name a more iconic combo


It's almost impressive how you can spend 4 hours talking about a game like this and barely spend any of that time talking about its themes beyond surface level explanations despite how unsubtle they are.


>4 hour """analysis""" video
>look inside
>plot synopsis

Every time


And? Are we going to abolish capitalism if enough people play Shadowrun or whatever?


Oh people are mad they didn't bring up some shitty philosophers. What a blow for communism.


And I'm aware Bataille isn't even really a philosopher (actually a plus for his works).


Pyro is a smart guy but he's not an analyst (culture theorist, whatever you wanna call it). Don't expect discourse/textual analysis on youtube. Most people wouldn't "get" it either.
Smart move


We need Shadowrun LARPs to steal all the schizos from CIA/Salafism.

Unique IPs: 50

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