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File: 1608526554237.jpg (38.71 KB, 463x381, marlboro-red.jpg)


What does /hobby/ smoke?




Pick up nicotine gum or ecigs / vape pens.


Anybody in yuropa collecting the warning images that they put on the packs few years ago? I'm wondering if I'm still missing any, I'll post photos if anyone's willing to compare.
There were times when I would smoke more just to not miss out, because at first it seemed like they would keep changing them. But now I haven't seen new ones for about a year almost, which makes buying cigarettes less fun.


Wait, you're collecting them?


Yeah fuck you mom and dad


Yeah, I'm collecting them. It's infantile but I'm doing it as a joke because I find this whole anti-smoking project even more infantile when EU has way more serious problems to deal with. Yeah, we won't do anything about economy but at least we'll put warning images on cigarette packs.


Literally if you arent rolling your own, only worth buying American Spirit
>inb4 lib
libs like expensive things, it just so happens to be the best in this case


>> 16567
It's not in the interest of communism to have you die way prematurely for a high that you can get through safe means.
Admit it: you're just doing it for aesthetics; Hollywood said it looked 'cool'.


Not a fan of cancer and generally poor cariovascular health, so none.


Mostly CBD weed. Sometimes THC weed. Both often mixed with tobacco and both only with friends.


>pure tobacco straight from the farm, no additives or chemicals
>hookah/vapes, which do not create tar as a result of burning, being much healthier than smoke


>ecigs / vape pens.
DIY ejuice and rebuildable atomizers with a mod is is the way to go. Coils cost less than $0.01 and juice is about $0.35 per 100 mL at 6 mg nicotine. For around $100 I have enough supplies to last 5 years at 15 mL a day.


Smoked 20 a day for 4 years, ruined my skin, my health, my lungs and my teeth, 3 years after quitting and doing an intensive excercise routine I'm still no where near as fit as I was before starting

Also wasted approximately 12k buying all those cigarettes, money that could have been used for far more enjoyable and/or useful things

Don't smoke, it doesn't make you look cool no matter how cool Humphrey Bogart looks doing it, and it will make every element of your life harder to manage


>Smoked 20 a day for 4 years, ruined my skin, my health, my lungs and my teeth, 3 years after quitting and doing an intensive excercise routine I'm still no where near as fit as I was before starting
I've probably smoked 3 or 2 cigs per day on average for more than a decade (started in high-school), and I don't notice any changes that you mention, but I'm regularly lifting weights and go for long hikes. The only thing is that I'll feel a "tingling" sensation in my lungs after a night of heavy drinking and smoking, although it won't happen if I rehydrate before going to sleep.
I don't see anything wrong with smoking a cigarette in the evening, or in the morning along with coffee. It's a simple pleasure, there doesn't have to be anything more to it. But I also can't imagine consistently smoking a whole pack a day, I did that only once or twice when I was out drinking the whole night and it felt like shit.


File: 1608526563898.jpg (226.32 KB, 1200x1613, joecamel.jpg)

>camel blue

I smoke a lot, like min half a pack a day.. Have since I was 14. It's super common where I live. I'm always amazed at how dare I say.. spooked americans are by smoking. It's just not a big deal here.


If you can keep it moderate go ahead and enjoy it for what it is, the issue is most people are incapable of doing so, Cigarettes are about as addictive as Heroin and at least around here the things that tend to introduce people into smoking also tend to lead to heavy or continual smoking

Smoking a small amount like you do will absolutely do damage but not anywhere near as quickly as it does in a heavy smoker obviously, I didn't really "feel" effects for the 1st year and a bit but the damage was still occuring
Also consider that you're taking regular excercise which most people don't do, the mood and health uplift from excercise will outweigh the negative effect of mild tobacco use by enough that by compared to the average sedintary non-smoker you might look and feel better, but don't lose sight of the fact that you are making a trade off between the small pleasure of a cigarette with coffee and the inevitable health drawbacks, whatever they will happen to be in your case

And yeah a cigarette leaning against a railing looking out to sea or sat with a beer hiding from the rain outside a bar while waiting on the bus were the best, but the mornings short of breath and the social drawbacks made it not worth

There is nothing spooked about disliking tobacco, its harm to buzz ratio is absurdly high, it smells awful and it is massively bad for your health
Smoking doesn't make someone a bad person but it is objectively bad for them, I am not making a moral judgement on your smoking, but don't blow off legitimate concern as le spooks



And yeah a cigarette leaning against a railing looking out to sea or sat with a beer hiding from the rain outside a bar while waiting on the bus were the best,
Anon, you're a poet.
But as you point out, it's not worth it.
I used to smoke,then I took up boxing. It's hard to box and smoke. After working on the heavy bag for a couple of minutes you feel like you want to leave your lungs behind on the floor.
A good trick to quit any bad habit is substitution.
Give yourself a different treat, instead of smoking.
I had a drive down to Brighton for work the other day. It was getting to twilight . Before starting to head back to London, instead of having a smoke looking out to sea I had a bag of chips.
the crazy lives of the inhabitants of anonymous image boards, eh ;)


used to be a heavy smoker, it was pall malls because they are the cheapest you can get without being totally disgusting. Moved on to juul but I was spending like $60 a week on pods so I finally got an E-cig kit and it's saved me a ton of money. I really do missing smoking actual tobacco but I can't even do it anymore. It makes me feel sick and the last time I did it I only go through a quarter of the cig. Hoping to eventually get bored of the e-cig and move on from this addiction




File: 1608526576129-0.jpg (31.92 KB, 474x842, amsterdam.jpg)

File: 1608526576129-1.jpg (131.06 KB, 1095x1400, smokigaminegril.jpg)

Depends on how I'm feeling, but my go to is Peter Stokkebye No. 93 "Amsterdam Shag" (pic related). I also enjoy Drum or better yet: Bali Shag.

For prerolls my two favorites are American Spirit blacks (don't care for the other spirits) and Turkish Royals. If I'm broke and still want prerolls for some reason I'll get Camel 99s. Occasionally I'll crave menthol and buy a pack of Newport 100s like the inner city lumpenprole I am.


File: 1608526647366.jpeg (116.22 KB, 563x800, proxy-image.jpeg)

I constantly change the brand. At the moment it's Ernte 23.


cubans only


Pell Mells are terrible, good way to not want to smoke if you're a newbie.


File: 1608526692420.jpg (261.27 KB, 640x640, 1597355248255.jpg)



1 gram of high potency dispensary weed and about 1.5 grams of CBD flower, mixed that shit up, real poorfag shit


I can't smoke weed anymore cause it would probably launch me onto a psychotic episode again. Pretty sad tbh, it was really fun when it didn't fuck me up.


I haven't smoked in a year but I basically kept myself to an average of like 10 cigs a month, sometimes less because I could go a few weeks in a row without smoking. I never got to a point where I smoked even q full pack in a week. But I was working out during that time. However even with my moderate use I used to get headaches and I would experience some mild withdrawal symptoms (a little bit dizzy for a day or two) that alone made me stop. I am not sure if I have quit permanently yet. But I have no cravings even when I'm drunk.

Weed is beautiful once I get myself right before the point of it being uncomfortable for me. Faps are amazing, but the munchies I get is pretty fucking annoying.


>What does /hobby/ smoke?
dude weed lmao

but with a vape and after work. I am a responsible adult after all


Vaping isn't smoking.


ok gatekeeper


yeah spirits are good, honestly all things considered they dont even feel more expensive, like 2 bucks more than marlboros or camels and they last you a lot longer

camel turkish royals are great tho


bored as shit so may as well talk about my thoughts on this here cause i have a few but its pretty banal bullshit not worth bothering anybody about irl

ive been at like 4-6 cigs a day over the past few years which started after a couple years of just bumming cigs occasionally when i was at bars or pool halls. the most i will ever smoke in a day is half a pack and ill feel disgusting from it, cant imagine going thru a pack a day. i do definitely get bad cravings after like 12 hours without nicotind. its a very bad habit and i know ultimately very likely to get me very sick but for now im not trying to beat myself up over it or "try" to quit in a half-ass way. i have a weightlifting routine, eat well, have good hygiene & am generally active, which doesnt offset the damage of course, its kind of just cope, but i dont see a reason to feel especially guilty or weak because of what is in daily life a relatively minor vice.

the thing is, i do genuinely enjoy smoking most of the time. people get so up in arms and obnoxious over the idea that people might actually enjoy doing something that has been a widely popular vice for a few hundred years now.

yes, it is bad for you and you should not start smoking. yes, it is addictive and very hard to stop once you've been smoking for a while. but i did not smoke a cigarette for the first time and immediately have nicotine goblins take control of my brain and lie to me about enjoying it. it took me 2 years of smoking occasionally as a treat, like once every 2-3 weekends, to start buying packs, and i started buying them after a bad family tragedy + working an especially shit job where it gave me something to look forward to at breaks. i liked the taste of tobacco and enjoyed the ritual of having a cigarette years before i ever bought a pack, let alone was as addicted as i am now. im not saying its not a stupid thing to start doing, or that it isnt very naive and stupid for me & ppl who started in similar ways to think they could be the exception of getting addicted. no argument there.

but why do people feel like they can be so openly elitist and obnoxious to people for smoking? if youre talking to a friend or family who refuses to quit despite age or health problems, or if somebody is being inconsiderate with where they're smoking, ok yeah put pressure on them, that's one thing. but people will walk down the street and see you smoking on your break and say, to themselves or people theyre with, "thats disgusting" "idk how anyone can do that to themselves", etc. you go out for a cigarette around a new group of people and chances are someone will say "you know thats bad for you, right?" gimme a fucking break, why be such a snob about it. if i have a bad day and smoke half a pack ill feel it and it feels bad, but watching the garbage tv people watch for 10 minutes makes me feel even worse than that and i dont harass people for consuming something stupid even tho its completely normal to "binge watch XD" absolute bottom barrel television for 6 hours a day. i dont even feel the desire to demean people for it, let alone like im entitled to call you a stupid sack of shit for it, but somehow so many people feel entitled to mock and lecture you if you smoke. doesnt really bother me that much, its not a big deal, which is part of why it's odd. who fucking cares? if you see someone who cant operate without drinking or someone whos clearly tweaking, that's sad. if you see someone who is old and sick and coughing and still chainsmoking, that's sad. maybe ill be that person one day, its definitely possible and will be because of bad decisions i made. but some random yuppie saying "i dont trust smokers" to someone they just met isnt out of concern for anybodys health, for some reason its just a socially acceptable way to demean people



Ok guys so I’ve never smoked before and am thinking about trying a pipe for the first time. I’ve looked up how to tamper it, light it and all. However I’ve read you have to get some pure tobacco that tastes good.

I was just wondering what does good pipe tobacco taste like? Also if I just do it like once will I get addicted to it because the tobacco (i have reasonably high selfcontrol), or is the addiction thing overrated?



Also one time I tried smoking and my lungs hurt the whole night long. I train mma and need my lungs at max capacity, how bad will doing it a few times fuck up my lungs? Should i even try it, is it worth it? I’m mainly just wanting to try a pipe because it looks fun to read theory to it and heard it’s relaxing.


you're not supposed to breathe in pipe tobacco, just taste it


drink tea or something instead is my actual advice, but like the other anon said youre just supposed to swish around pipe tobacco and cigars in ur mouth not inhale all the way. youre not gonna fuck yourself up by just trying it, even if you like it and start doing it it will take a long time to see bad effects if youre just smoking a pipe occasionally, but if you try it and like it theres a much bigger chance youll fuck yourself by starting to smoke other shit more frequently



Hmm yeah I do the tea and that is also cozy af. Does it actually taste good? Isnt hookah also done for the taste and all, how does it compare to that?


tobacco tastes good imo but it depends on the person ofc. hookah is flavored for different tastes


Glad I never picked up smoking.


Cigarettes are supposed to wake you up but they just make me feel light headed and depressed


Eh I only do it cause of stress TBH. Besides the nicotine, the deep breathing action is calming in and of itself


>>8931 pipe smoking thread


newport lol


cheapest shit I can find - usually Crowns




joints, blunts, or bongs?




I smoke when with friends that smoke. Favorite thing to smoke is vaped tobacco. Tastes like vanilla.

Cigarettes nowadays taste like metal though :/ I don't know where to get ones that don't taste like utter shit.


Have you tried pipe smoking its extremely comfy and you can buy tobacco that tastes like vanilla




I have, but not in a long long time. Maybe I should start again.


Can someone tell me the viability and health cost of nicotine gum. I want the buzz with out much of the cost is this the way?


Reminder that smoking is class traitorism. You owe your best possible body to the revolution.


File: 1610422374640.png (61.44 KB, 1228x1502, TQfmuGu.png)


>Reminder that smoking is class traitorism. You owe your best possible body to the revolution


File: 1610423071226.png (879.6 KB, 4000x2000, PowerToTheSwoletariat.png)

calisthenics is my smoking


Calisthenics is hyper gay and only practiced by the "Hustler Entrepreneur" type of Retard


File: 1627910327860.jpeg (71.6 KB, 1280x720, dunhill.jpeg)

Dunhill Reds


>>18665 (me)
and also cigars when I have enough spare change.
>tfw not a burgeroid so can get good Cuban stuff at local shop


as for cigar brands, Montecristo no. 4 if available. affordable and very tasty.




used to not only smoke rollup out of a water pipe but the wet tarry muck forming inside it as well mixed with rollup because that pipe was also used for smoking weed

i prefer either north state or bonus red rollup cigs these days


Stop smoking fags!!!
They are bad for your health


why do burgers have this reaction? is it the moralist and puritan culture they are from?
yes we know smoking is unhealthy. so are a lot of other things. and most of us smoke in the privacy of our own home or among friends who are ok with it.
I will never understand this objection to smoking when smoking is already banned in public spaces and the effects of second hand smoke are pretty much gone.


people love to feel better about themselves when their lives are so full of shit someone oughta help em deal with it, they hate you because they hate themselves


Not them, but being American has nothing to do with being concerned about health. Why do you faggots have to think that everyone who criticizes an habit, taste or practice that you don't personally dislike is an American and/or Anglo? What the fuck is wrong with you?

And they didn't sound like they hate smokers, either. I agree with them and not out of disdain but concern, I'm also not even a first worlder. If you can, you should stop smoking.


>Why do you faggots have to think that everyone who criticizes an habit, taste or practice that you don't personally dislike is an American and/or Anglo?
i would uneducatedly guess that on this site, population of the anglosphere is the majority but without stats thats nothing but shit talk of my part
>What the fuck is wrong with you?
we just hate them
there really is no other reason for it other than the sheer psychotic hatred towards the fans of Anglo and American empires
>I agree with them and not out of disdain but concern
its hard to filter actual concern from malicious concern especially on this site with a shitty and malicious userbase in general
tell the fatties to exercise all you want, theyll give you the evil eye because they view their self destruction as none of your business
>If you can, you should stop smoking.
i should start organizing and exercising too and stop drinking, swearing in public, staying up late and furiously masturbating to rule 34
i should probably also stop coming to this entire site as its not exactly the best for my mental health or me being a communist


1) it was a joke about oral sex and gay people
2) i live in india…

but if we are having this conversation then

smoking is bad because you are actively poisoning yourself with something which will later give you and others some disease that will take up medical resources but isn't even essential to live in the first place

even fast food junkies have a defence in saying that they are at least eating food which is necessary

i say this as a person who thinks smoking looks very fun and actively puts anything stick shaped object in my mouth to imitate cigars



I haven't smoked in two years (I would smoke erratically and purposefully take breaks for about 10 years. Never more than 2 or 3 cigs a day on average) I'm about to pick up a pack to celebrate something. I plan on making it a permanent quit after that though.

That being said I was always a hipster buying American Spirit. All Camels make me sick for some reason. I liked Marlboro Blacks when I wanted a cig that was really easy to drag. AS cigs are packed tightly.


I only smoke after work, otherwise I can go without it for days,


joints. stop smoking blunts bros, it's bad for you. if anything roll a leaf but not a backwood.


File: 1634244112029-0.jpg (37.09 KB, 358x450, 9176f01fd9.jpg)

File: 1634244112029-2.jpg (25.35 KB, 600x450, 1eca96cf4b.jpg)

As a mineiro my self I only smoke The crème de la crème of minas gerais.

Does you guys in your countries, have any kind of cigarette equivalent to the "corn straw cigarettes" here in Brazil?


and yes, its says on the label "this produt causes cancer, stop smoking"


File: 1634499468012.png (305.17 KB, 300x400, ClipboardImage.png)

Y don't they make softpack cigarettes very much anymore anons? Tapping out cigs used to be cool to see just for fun.


Fucking this


File: 1634655211523.png (359.79 KB, 474x632, ClipboardImage.png)



benis :-DDD




Anyone seen the Truth campaign against vapes? They are trying to say nicotine causes depression and getting eviscerated in the comments of their own paid promoted posts.


Apparently the UK has fully embraced vaping as a medically and scientifically approved smoking cessation device.

The US is trying to ban independent and DIY vaping to secure tax profits for the master settlement agreement with Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds now Altria who owns Juul. All the flavor ban scares and anti-nicotine propaganda. the PACT act etc, are a push to monopolize the industry through oppressive regulatory hurdles and maintain the $XX dollars a day spending.


Montengo Red 100's cus cheap but I smoke American Spirits for celebrations.


File: 1638129730939.jpg (3.32 MB, 4160x3120, 20211128_205805.jpg)

whatever it takes to stay sane in these times.


For me, it's either American Spirit blacks or Newports, if I want a menthol.
I should probably quit eventually, but fuck it.


too expensive


Camel, Davidoff, whatever's there


File: 1659564896742.jpg (52.38 KB, 640x480, crow cigarette.jpg)

>why do burgers have this reaction?
I think it's more a gen-x millennial thing tbh. Zoomer's kinda grew up with vaping, but the 90's had hardcore smoking propaganda everywhere and 9/11 was an excuse to finally ban it in most public places (airplanes, restaurants, etc.). Many of us have family members who died of smoking, I didn't even know my grandfather (died when I was around 8) because of it. Only memory I have of him is puffing for hours on end on the couch, taking an occasional hit of an oxygen mask. Dude was rail thin but had so much trouble breathing he had sleep apnea like a morbidly obese person. It's not a pleasant way to go, usually long and drawn out compared to other fatal conditions. Every time I see someone puffing on the street corner I can't help but think of them lying in bed gasping for air in the future. We're all gonna go one day, but do you really want it to be in your 60's smelling like soot and looking like you have aids? Is it worth it?


File: 1659565774491.png (414.07 KB, 780x439, ClipboardImage.png)

Im trying to smoke less but when I do smoke it's usually "Natives". IDK if thats just a Canada thing but basically our smokes are taxed out the ass here (for good reason tbh) so people go to the reserves and buy tax free smokes, hence the name. A carton (8 packs iirc) of the native smokes costs less than two packs of regular smokes.
Also, has anyone else had their country turn the cigarette packaging into shit like picrel? My preferred smokes (when im not saving money at the reserves), Belmont, look more like medication than cigarettes now. it can get quite graphic. Again, probably doing this for good reasons but still.


Fish. Yummy kippers


I pick up discarded butts and roll them up in fresh papers. It's practically free my uyghas!

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