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Old /co/ thread is dead and buried.
Let's have a new thread to talk about comics and animation.
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Yes, but at the same time they exposed the rotten core of modern superhero shlock


Is that doomsday?


Darkseid feels fear all the time. Mf once got mugged by earth street thugs.


File: 1652322004164.png (977.26 KB, 688x857, ClipboardImage.png)

They are normalizing women having muscles so that's also a plus.

>I wonder if James Gunn and Takia Waiti collaborated for this flick

Korg is in it so yeah.


i just want doom in the mcu
i don't want kang doing secret wars, wtf does kang even do



this is from superman/doomsday comic
they end him in the most dope way possible

LOL, do you have any idea of what comic


>They are normalizing women having muscles so that's also a plus.

The Muscle Girl Agenda remains in motion


File: 1652327631777.png (26.98 KB, 1102x119, m.png)

Is this true?

are the beyonders an allegory for people who hate comics?
could make sense with the name too

they are BEYOND reading comics


Literally Jack Kirby's Fourth World. He was intended to be a complete paper tiger. But over time especially with the Great Darkness Saga in LoSH he turned into a real threat. Then Grant Morrison wanked him even more in Final Crisis so that we have the modern incarnation.


so he was one of the enemy of the new gods? wow

>mfw darksied was a reactionary


File: 1652442116156.png (975.68 KB, 750x601, ClipboardImage.png)

>they really drew this even though all of them create 9/11s like it's a usual wednesday for them

people were really emotional back then when it happened, huh?


I feel this could have almost worked if they used the usual new york street level bad guys, kingpin, tombstone, sandman, hell maybe even nroman but using Doom out of everyone is so fucking out of place and nonsensical


did ben affleck ever really actually post on /co/?
i just read "josh trank" post on there


kingpin hasn't caused building mayhem?
but yeah street level thugs would work

guess they were going for a campy togetherness thing with

"see even the bad guys are against 9/11"


kingpin is a crime boss, but he doesn't destroy cities like Doom


File: 1652499222398.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Lassies and Gentlelads

M.O.D.O.K has been canceled after Tony Stark dug up some of his tweets on attacking N.Y

Hit Monkey is next
Don't sleep

Also is modok actually a threat villain or just one of those silver age goofy characters that people make fun of? I've never been able to figure out


why do they keep making villains vaguely leftist (rhetorical question)


M.O.D.O.K. is a legit threat in the comics.
He’s almost Dr. Doom level.


wait which villain are you talking about?

i saw they also made him the final boss in the new avengers games

he's like a kaiju


I guess the new Dr. Strange is getting a lot of shit, but I thought they let Raimi have way more creative control than a lot of these other films give their directors. It’s first one in a while where the special effects and action scenes didn’t make me roll my eyes.


File: 1652580607144-0.png (145.26 KB, 323x156, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652580607144-1.png (792.14 KB, 902x405, ClipboardImage.png)

ain't no way bruh
they canonized my gods in the mcu

look at this,
we're never beating the distant space alien allegations


There's a effect where the fights with himself with musical effects no?

I can't wait for it to come out and digital to watch it

I heard there was some 80% drop-off in the box office for some reason?

Was it really because of fan backlash on the cameos or is there something else that caused it


File: 1652580887354.png (1001.45 KB, 1125x632, ClipboardImage.png)

Thor fought Shiva
what the fuck

Everybody else gave their life force but he refused until being fought

So in character, I wonder if in the new movie we'll only see Greek Gods or other pantheons too

I really want them to introduce more hot godesses this time and NOT KILL THEM



File: 1652581231402-0.png (123.29 KB, 141x356, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652581231402-1.png (973.56 KB, 920x1271, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652581231402-2.png (125.38 KB, 132x381, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652581231402-3.png (379.09 KB, 550x338, ClipboardImage.png)

you don't understand bros


Freakazoid is the most ADHD show


All those Spielberg cartoons at the time were and I loved them for that.


What were the others?

Is there any reason why they were like that? What was happening in the 90s


Tiny Toon Adventures
Pinky and the Brain
unbelievable amounts of cocaine


That's a lot more than I thought existed
>Tiny Toon Adventures

Is this the one that got into a controversy cause it showed bugs bunny drinking alcohol?

I only ever saw this baby version of looney tunes
The wikipage says they're reviving it on HBO Max


File: 1652758922364-0.png (257.03 KB, 368x517, Screenshot (1683).png)

File: 1652758922365-1.png (1.76 MB, 1415x1080, Screenshot (1684).png)

>logs onto the internet once
>becomes gigaCHAD

why are you not freakaMAXXing?


File: 1652906694220.png (505.91 KB, 1349x682, 1652899839302.png)

Marvel is going to milk a corpse for at least 20 more years.


File: 1652929700098.png (70.17 KB, 238x160, ClipboardImage.png)

just learned about the rasputin siblings, that anya taylor joy played magik and that colossus is not in the new DP3 movies


what does that mean exactly? they are ressurecting him how


They're gonna reboot it someday, aren't they?



i don't even remember the last place freakazoid was mentioned other than the voice actor posting daily facts of him on twt

So idk, i wouldn't opposed to some HBOMax thing

was the pinky and that other 3 rat siblings reboot good?

what was his last cameo


I still don't know what was up with those X-Men comics in Logan

That fucked up my brain a bit, Cause those are real comics

So like they got their identities capitalized on by a fictional company in-universe?

I liked X:Men Origins Wolverine more


File: 1653359335609-0.png (801.09 KB, 1905x812, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1653359335609-1.png (649.45 KB, 1716x800, ClipboardImage.png)



i want him without the nose, idk why
it just looks more alien



A based iconoclast bestowing justice upon the ruling, decadent class


Cringe, lonely godcel in need of some love?


File: 1653625136033-1.png (197.26 KB, 323x453, Snufkin.png)

Getting baked and watching picrel for the first time tonight. Redpill me on teh Moomins.


its good, i wanna dress like snufkin someday


Watched the first 2 episodes, they're great so far. Way more adventure-driven than I thought they'd be. Snufkin is cool but I relate more to Sniff as a loser nobody wants to hang out with.


File: 1653626981302.jpg (53.83 KB, 647x484, moomin.jpg)

What is the materialist explanation of moomins?


what happens in moonmin? like they just go on adventures?


The anime (mostly; a joint production between a Japanese, a Finnish and a Dutch company) from the 90s is slice of life light-fantasy by genre, following a bohemian family living in an idyllic valley on a sparsely populated island. Light-fantasy both in the sense of light in fantasy elements and also very light-hearted, wholesome and relaxed in mood. The time period is ambiguous but probably between 1890–1920 judging by technology.

The episodes are usually self-contained but there are a few multi-parters. I'd say about half of them are very adventurous. A common plot involves the Moomin family discovering a supernatural entity or a powerful force of nature, which they then interact with for a short while before it disappears from their lives. Other episodes are centered around something as mundane as a photography contest. In any case there's a heavy emphasis on character interaction. Characters often end up either complicating things for or doing something heartwarming for one another. There aren't any recurring villains to speak of; the closest we get are a few trickster-type characters who pull pranks that get way out of hand.


File: 1653696996830.jpg (77.42 KB, 526x690, king pin water.jpg)

Anyone else remember that time Spider-man fought the Nestle Corporation?




Redpills, gotcha. The characters Tofslan and Vifslan are actually expys of the author, Tove Jansson, and her lesbian lover Vivica Bandler. Their rather unfortunate English names are Thingumy and Bob.

Everyone wants to see themselves as a Snufkin but almost everyone is a Hemulens, a Fillyjonk, a Sniff or at best a Stinky.


File: 1653761473630-0.png (2.59 MB, 2241x1263, 1653681629263.png)

File: 1653761473630-1.jpg (378.94 KB, 1103x1101, 1653759313872.jpg)


File: 1653794365645.png (2.82 MB, 876x9165, 1653779850728.png)

Alan Moore comic recs (outdated)

Unique IPs: 24

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