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Old /co/ thread is dead and buried.
Let's have a new thread to talk about comics and animation.


>all my heroes are working class
isn't wonder woman a princess?


File: 1619317916006.jpg (189.39 KB, 760x596, young_adult_fiction_1.jpg)

You're asking for writing that makes sense.


Is this thread for lefty cartoons and comics or anything /co/ related?


File: 1619329344525.mp4 (29.97 MB, 854x480, Fritz starts a riot.mp4)



Obviously the former or this would be a very short-lived thread.


I mean latter. Fuck.


Relevant thread: Anticapitalist /co/
Half of it's bad but the other half is good.


>Crumb also criticized the film's condemnation of the radical left, denouncing Fritz's dialogue in the final sequences of the film, which includes a quote from the Beatles song "The End", as "red-neck and fascistic" and stated, "They put words into his mouth that I never would have had him say."


what is this based comic bros


never watched this movie
what was the creator of this movie trying to say


It's not a real comic. DC would never put out something this based.


>where did Batman go?


File: 1619364794169.jpg (39.45 KB, 300x302, potter.jpg)

Probably something edgy about communism not working
The original cartoonist denounces the movie, and killed fritz


So from what I've heard, Crumb did agree to the movie being made (with hesitation), but after seeing it he hated it?


Superman: pro establishment journo
Aquaman: and Wonder Woman: monarchy
Green Lantern: basically space cop
Flash: academic PMC
Only pro working class hero in DC is Green Arrow


It's not like he had a choice, it was getting released anyway
He made a lot of money off of it too, being the first X rated movie and all.



figured as much


Saw these on other /co/ can anyone rec more commie comics?

The Communist Manifesto (2018) (Digital) (phillywilly-Empire)

A People's History of American Empire (2008) (digital) (phillywilly-Empire)


Anything by Moore.


Anything by Spain Rodriguez.


File: 1619461591536.jpg (26.09 KB, 400x297, deff.jpg)

who sandman here


Is green lantern really space cops? I want to read it because I really like the idea of being powered through will

Also what are the best blue lantern comics


ayy nice
didn't see this was a pdf comic


More like a space vigilante, or even a plantation guard, his authority stems from the guardians of Oa just handing out rings and nothing else.
Dunno about Blue Lanterns but I don't think they've been in too many comics anyway
I started years ago, too a break and haven't returned even if I tell myself I will do


>I started years ago, too a break and haven't returned even if I tell myself I will do


what is the sandman
i've heard about the comic i feel


A comic about the god of dreams walking into the dreams of different people
It's way weirder and way better than what it sounds


whats the final monologue?


that sounds cool i'll read


Crime Syndicate is the first time in years I've been hype about a comic
Any one else reading it?
What was the last comic any of you was hype about?



For anybody who wants to read all comic books, I like this website because it loads all the pages instead of making you click each page, so you can just scroll it easily

And it's library of comics is pretty big.

What is good about it?

>What was the last comic any of you was hype about?

The new punisher series from 2 years ago

Currently I'm hyped about ASM (2018)
There's some centipede bad guy in the issue I'm reading and I don't know what's his deal is, Seems like he's a new villain.


>What is good about it?
It's just nice to explore this setting, an earth where the characters alignments are flip but so far is just different from what I expected, it reads more like an early 00's comic like the ultimates or the authority than a direct flip of the justice league.


>Literally the only DC book I still read
This fucking sucks. But recently I’ve been reading some old comics like Lazarus Churchyard and Transmetropolitan. 2020 Visions was fucking hilariously accurate outside of the “muh feminism” fear mongering. With a viral pandemic without cure and all!


>2020 Visions
I think I heard about it, wasn't it published by vertigo in 1999 or 2000? Now it hurts to know it was accurate.


It also somehow managed to predict the 2008 crash and the impenetrability of Wall Street. Sometimes reactionaries are so close yet so far.


Read the first issue
Sounds like fun elseworld don't know where it's headed
also LOL at those fake reference comics

Does anybody here have big ass torrents or magnet links for big comic collections?

Might need to go offline for a year and need to stock up on entertainment


File: 1620487268200.jpg (3.99 MB, 4032x3024, 4608.jpg)



Nemesis43 puts together a lot of packs on ETTV. Most of them are hitlist packs for certain weeks, but he has stuff like 2000AD collections, Commando, most marvel characters. I suggest DC++ for downloading comics, specifically the Perfection hub perfection.comichub.org:777


Jamie Delano is a reactionary? Never hear dof him anyway


Thanks anon I found him https://www.ettvcentral.com/torrents.php?cat=55
and that's a cool new program you told me about


File: 1620562875943.jpg (336.14 KB, 1173x761, The Rat Army.jpg)

Me @ the people when the revolution happens

Anybody ever read No Man's Land?


The Batman saga? Never read it, It looked cool on the early 00's when I got into comics but now it just seems like edgy schlock


Holy shit… So I just watched Heavy Metal (1981). Feels as if I did LSD while watching Disney Fantasia with Gloryhammer album playing in my ear. Certainly an experience, and holy shit I can't stop laughing at the court scene.


File: 1621413803185.png (611.97 KB, 680x601, 1621354157603-0.png)

anybody have the comic this picture is from


It's from 'This Godless Communism' a story that was serialised in Treasure Chest, a Catholic subscription only comic book in 1962.



The arkham games showed how you can stay authentic to riddler's original design without it looking too goofy and once again the stupid hollywood mf's want to do le grungy colourless design and make riddler look like some zodiac gimp

I don't doubt that characterization might be more fun but goddamn that whole dick tease for the future when the character will wear the actual costume never works out

we never saw hugh jackman's wolverine in his og costume in all of the x-men movies



>A revolution was directed by a small group of men who urged the people to attack their representive government

Funny how much RED fear brainwashed them that they couldn't even realize how this sentence sounds exactly like the founder's of america


speed run the whole shit comic
top tier boomercore stuff

was the phenomenology of the spirit hegel the same hegel who was marx's professor? wtf
also it did really arise me to find out books about withering away of the state, i would like to know to

some of the early stuff made me hard ngl
it fucking makes my skin crawl from the level of seething this comic does over communism being godless
i don't think even soviet propaganda was this strawman-ish

i fucking hate american propaganda so much, cocksuckers will accuse you of being le evil of doing the exact same thing they do
so goddamn disingenuous, just stop fucking pussy footing around that it's all ultimately about powering one's vision on to the world rather than somebody elses


I don’t know why but I just love 2000AD series. Even though they threw away the more sci-elements, Nikolai Dante was a great story. A more action based, brainless version of Corto Maltese.
No man’s land was hilariously over the top and makes no sense within the context of a DC universe. There’s people that can literally stop earthquakes!
It’s kinda sad that nowadays DC is just basically a corpse dragged around by AT&T. There’s nearly nothing on their lineup that make me want to pirate their shit anymore. And they still haven’t release a Starman, O’Neil’s Question or Sandman Mystery omnibus.
To be fair, in later Arkham games, the Riddler only wear casual green clothing that look more like a meth dealer than a super villain. He didn’t escape it at all.



Thoughts on the eternals trailer?
It gives me imperialist vibe with the whole "we gave them culture, we guided the poor brown locals" and the quips are a complete miss

But I dig the music and aesthetics because it gives me MoS vibes.

What are the best eternal comics


speaking of ralph baksi, Wizards has some lefty elements to it. the antagonist finds some old nazi propaganda films and uses them to radicalize his goblin soldiers. it's very much a critique of the pacifist section of the Vietnam resistance, especially the climax of the film.


What exactly is leftist there? It is lib tier idealism.


Why are we discussing the supposed existence of "left wing media franchises" again? Fuck off; this is just a comics thread.


Invincible had potential but became shit after the first half and libshit at the end.


File: 1622098536567.webm (2.62 MB, 636x348, fritz horse rape.webm)

>Probably something edgy about communism not working
It didn't really say anything about communism specifically but the movie talks shit about the left wing throughout. For the most part it depicts college age hippy libs being naive, but towards the end there's a couple of full on left wing radicals who are depicted as essentially pure evil. There's a methhead tweaking nazi (?) biker rabbit who keeps beating up his horse girlfriend and a sadistic lizard girl who talks Fritz into blowing up an oil pipeline, but decides to blow him up along with it because fuck it why not? Yolo lol


File: 1622111363518.jpg (2.16 MB, 2000x2000, E2WLlfUWQAYIpY1.jpg)

this guy as kraven the hunter?


>The Communist Manifesto (2018) (Digital) (phillywilly-Empire)

So I'm reading this foreword and it seems to me like this author is a lib who once used to hold revolutionary ideals in his youth


Are both of these authors communists?
Do all of their works have a communist message?


Yes, it does seem that way doesn't it. He mainly does cartoons for the Guardian and the Daily Mirror, which are very lib papers. But he also sometimes does stuff for the Morning star which is affiliated with CPGB. He also definitely supported Corbyn.

I think he's just your standard doomer, disillusioned eurocommunist who pays lip service to communist ideals, but really quite enjoys his nice London flat and laughing at the poors.

I think for the most part they're decent drawings and a good accompaniment to Marx's words, but the foreword and the aftermath bit is pretty cringe.


I love the fact that Kilowog and his home planet are canonically communist and DC has refused to address this since the 80s.
One of the biggest names in underground comics. He wrote Trashman, basically a communist Punisher fighting against a “future corporate America” which is now hilariously looking exactly like 2021 America.
A punk doomer liberal that LARP as an anarchist with his comic profits. However his writing is impeccable and his knowledge on Brit cultural history is very in-depth. He’s also a Lovecraft fanboy. His books on Providence, Watchmen and V for Vendetta are all great. Even his reconstruction of superheroes are great like Miracleman, Tom Strong and Supreme.
Dude used to be as much as a weasel as Goeff Johns but after his work got stolen by DC and his wife left him for a lesbian he became the guy he is today. Completely withdrawn to money and live squatting about.


File: 1622183601279.png (6.56 KB, 628x116, kilowog trivia.png)

>Kilowog and his home planet are canonically communist
I was wondering about that pic I saw on leftybooru
lmao they made the porky the communist

were any of the mentioned authors involved in green lantern who made this character


File: 1622262772992-0.jpg (1.27 MB, 1987x3056, RCO009_1551296550.jpg)

File: 1622262772992-1.jpg (1.49 MB, 1987x3056, RCO012_1551296550.jpg)

File: 1622262772992-2.jpg (1.51 MB, 1987x3156, RCO016_w_1551296550.jpg)

File: 1622262772992-3.jpg (1.09 MB, 1987x3056, RCO020_1551296550.jpg)

What level of vulgar anarcho-capitalist-primitivism is this?


Also who is the high evolutionary?
People were mad in the comments that kraven defated his creations and made him clone himself 87 children

Is he like a celestial? I can understand the anger then


File: 1622270041412.gif (87.79 KB, 500x540, Pumkin.gif)


Imagine dr Monroe but cosmic. Dude fought with beyonders and celestial while owning counter-earth where he routinely create civilization of beastmen then killing them because they don’t suit his liking. This is like having black mask trying to struck a deal with Sinestro, it’s retarded, also the entire storyline is just too long and overtly convoluted.


He just hated the movie lel


Are power rangers/sentai/ultraman shows /co/?
Or should I post about it in the tv thread


in 4chan they'll go on /m/. You could make a tokusatsu thread here but dunno how long could it go for.
I wish the toku and capeshit communities were closer, if you like one you will like the other.


File: 1622548044054.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 7.72 MB, 720x534, 2001.mp4)


Aquaman and flash are in contender for the most petty arch nemeses:
<killed Barry’s childhood dog
<pushed him down a stair
<disintegrated every single best friend he’d ever had
<killed his mom to frame his dad for murder
<killed Arthur’s kid for fun
<drove Mera insane
<then blew up the kid’s grave and funeral
<pretended to have autism so that Aquaman feels sorry for him


Reverse Flashe's name is Eobard? Lmao


I remember years ago some tripfag storytimed a magazine for children's entertainment industry professionals and it always had ads for upcoming obscure shows, I miss it, I heard about She-Zow for the first time there.


My favourite story time was on /co/ about a french comic where a dad raises three daughters

If anybody knows the comic please say so, It was very bright and colourful



File: 1622635246244.gif (1.21 MB, 250x167, 1348841320982.gif)



The History of EC Comics (TASCHEN) 2020 c2c (A-Team-DCP) (F).cbr


Finally finished reading the comic
I liked it.

These were my favourite panels
Did anybody understand what the ending panels meant?

The only one I could guess was an anti-stalin panel I presume because it showed a decayed mustache guy on the marx and engels (statue? or whatever a slab of thing is called with people's name on it)


My other favourites

What is this?
EC comcis was a publisher?


You seriously don't know about EC Comics? They were arguably the most influential comics publisher of the 20th century. As cliched as it sounds, there was a time when American comics weren't all about superheros. Crime and horror fiction were all the rage in the 1940s and 1950s, and had come to be widely known for the mature content. This was cause for concern among a certain segment of the population, which in turn led to the creation of the Comics Code Authority, whose subsequent censorship sunk the market for that kind of stuff into the underground by the 1960s and 1970s (later to be picked up by artists associated with Zap Comix, for sample). EC Comics' co-editor Bill Gaines' 1954 testimony would be famous for those concerned with the rights of comics artists, especially since the establishment of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in 1986. The scans themselves are of a massive, $200 tome history published by TASCHEN just last year: https://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/graphic_design/all/01135/facts.the_history_of_ec_comics.htm


>Tfw dad and bellybuttons still haven’t had a sequel in years


*for their mature content. Digital re-releases of EC Comics' work are mostly split between Fantagraphics and Dark Horse. They should all be on libgen and wherever else you can find comics rips.



Do you have a link to a pdf of this?


No, cbr/cbz are the preferred format; get used to it.


Just download a comic reader. It’s literally free bruh.


It's still my favorite thread ever


Wait it was you who did that?


Anons above posted this here >>15276

It's a cbr file which you can read through SumatraPDF https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/free-pdf-reader
or extract the images liked I did by using 7zip or Winrar


Yeah cbr/cbz are just comic book forms of rar/zip; just the change the file extension and extract to folder.




File: 1622683902054.jpg (6.82 KB, 341x209, 1619730705646.jpg)


What a delightful coincidence that after all these years both, The person who made the thread and I, who enjoyed it, found each other on an obscure imageboard in an obscure board on a obscure thread.

Good job anon. Guess it was likely that you were a leftist since we are the ones who take initiatives to do such communal things.


Wait really? Based. Storytime is always a great reprieve from the same outrage farm by /pol/tards and the waifu autism of /co/.
It’s just annoying that we don’t have a storytime cycling general here to do that.


makes sense but beside storytiming I was never active inside any /co/mmunities
A storytime thread here will be great, I haven't storytimed anything on 4/co/ in a while because of how fucking painful the captcha is, last time it took me all night to post about 120, it was hell.


not having to solve the captcha is an underrated feature of this site ngl



File: 1623323969998.png (35.95 KB, 1150x336, Loki S01E01.png)

>this kills the MCUoid

seriously what were they thinking? was that one "OOOOO" moment from the audience worth throwing away the entire mystique

are the TVA like this is in the comics too?
I hate their ideology

WTF is the actual hiearchy levels or parallel levels in the marvel universe. Whole thing is a mess.
The trope of making eternal, celestial beings into some 60's bureaucrat office was cute at first but is now just depressing and hollow


File: 1623629591430.png (1.13 MB, 776x960, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1623637039238.jpeg (56.49 KB, 1242x919, combo.jpeg)

It was a simpler time.


Are there any reliable sources for sales figures that includes digital marketing?


For real. Kraven needs to be menacing. And kinda hairy. I ink Henry is too big a star for Kraven but someone with Henry's presence would be good. It's also hilarious to see Grace Randolf hate Henry while simultaneously thirst after him.

But the tribe picked this lil Jewish kid from Kick ass to be Kraven. His accent was not even good as Quicksilver.

I'll never understand


I've seen these woke Felix panel many times but I've never seen a context or a source


>kid from Kick ass


he got godzilla, mcu?


Not as far as I know, none of the digital storefronts publish any sort of sales figures. Even comichron for paper comics is not reliable since diamond doesn't actually publish unit figures, and of course it misses actual book shop sales. And now that DC aren't with diamond anymore it's even more difficult.

That one's just an edit.


>Written by fame hogging scam artist #1 and fame hogging scam artist #2
The fact that these two haven’t retired yet is amazing to me.
>Disney “lore”
It has always been retarded. The power showing of the MCU was terrible and lack any scaling or consistency at all. Most of it relies on telling you that the people are powerful rather than showing it. It’s a lasting problem that continues to exist ever since the first Iron man movie.
For instance, the MCU Wakanda is said to be an extremely technologically powerful country, yet their army comprises of an invisible plane that has to decloak to do anything, a bunch of techno barbarians on rhinos and a few elite guards. Or Thanos “army”, which is just a bunch of bumbling retards that can be easily mowed down with normal assault rifles. Most of the universal threats in the MCU can be dismantled by any country with a competent military in a single weekend.


File: 1623719176289.gif (189.29 KB, 720x529, 1356769674956.gif)

Problem Sleuth was the best thing Hussie ever made, fuck Homestuck.


File: 1623734759125.jpg (2.58 MB, 3840x3775, more wojak spam.jpg)


Jesus, this new Jupiter's Legacy is such lib cringe, glad the shit netflix show got cancelled. It's 2051 and the glowie propaganda is still right there.

This is most of the reason why I'm not a fan of capes, there's supertech and mind-blowing powers, but the geopolitics is still the same, the proletariat are still getting assraped, it's just not imaginative.


Most of Millar’s body of work is lib cringe. If you think Red Son is bad you should see his run on the Authority. A complete downgrade from Ellis’ (rest in canceled) and full of the most retarded shit ever. He had them toppled Suharto’s Indonesia and wrecked the G7 but in the end they only replace them with the same capitalist bullshit but with a human face.


Post highlights from The Boondocks the comic strip


Are there any good communist comics?


why does the "look what have they have to do to mimic a fraction of power" line feel so familar

what other /co/ media have this theme of aritifical gods fighting born gods

i've never watched invicible only the meme


There was Supergod, but I think that was just artificial gods. Also God is Dead, but that was pretty shit beyond the first few issues.


To be fair the Uyghur genocide shit is about as real as superheroes, so it fits right in


File: 1624072330033.jpg (297.23 KB, 1400x1050, alanmoore.jpg)

"I suppose any form of art can be said to be propaganda for a state of mind. Inevitably, if you are creating a painting, or writing a story, you are making propaganda, in a sense, for the way that you feel, the way that you think, the way that you see the world. You are trying to express your own view of reality and existence and that is inevitably going to be a political action–especially if your view of existence is too far removed from the mainstream view of existence. Which is how an awful lot of writers have gotten into terrible trouble in the past."


Zenith and the Invisibles are the closest we got with this theme. It both have humans elevated into another level of perception either from sponsorship of another god or artificial drugs fighting eldritch multiversal god entities. However the first one is a cylindrical ending with the artificial heroes slowly becoming more powerful to the point they became the gods and go on to attack another version of the multiverse. It’s a never ending cycle.
>what’s getting cucked by lesbians and corporations will do to a mf


Millar somehow always makes the real heroes into bad guys with his gay liberalism.
>invading Iran, trashing their capital and murder their entire leadership
<the Avengers are totally the good guys!




wait the hammer and sickle thor is supposed to be looking evil and bad?

he looks cool wtf. is this miller as in frank millar?


That's Frank Miller, I think he means Mark Millar


do you think he's seen this


people talks shit of 90's comics like if the 00's had not been any worse


00’s comics were literally bush warhawk porn. Remember Holy Terror? To be honest Frank Miller’s falling out with liberalism is hilarious to behold. It basically alienated him from even his closest friends, Alan Moore and Frank went from a friendly rivalry to bitter spats after Occupy went down.


why is frankie such a rightoid
what happened in his life


9/11 basically broke his brain. He saw the event as proof that the US is under attack by communist Islamic terrorists or something and in order to protect him being a radlib he have to support the warhawk bush. His hatred of Reaganism basically went away that moment.


wait he was a radlib and was against reganism


When is Freakazoid coming back


Preferably never. Warner have a track record of shitting on every animated reboot they’ve ever made and the original creators are now too busy sucking off batman to care.


yeah that's crazy that paul dini wrote for freakazoid


Just finished the entire Moebius collection. Sad that there will never be any other artist like him again. What a wonderful old crank.


>DD is a lawyer
>WW is a ruling class despot and have no problem with slavery.
>SM already have everything a man can want without having to work
>Fishman is a king.


That's the Flash, not Daredevil. He's worse, he's a mechanic for the police. GL is obviously a space-cop too.


are superheroes not basically cops?


Was the multiverse gimmick a good or bad thing that happened to modern comic books

It pretty much lets you rewrite and redo and take and pick whatever you want.

Which comic book writer invented this trope by reading science books



What is that from? It looks dope



The worst thing that ever happened to comic books is the obsession with continuity that heralded the arrival of the multiverse stuff. Canon as a consept to get obsessed with ruined genre fic ever since it became a huge thing


Probably the flash of two worlds being one of the first incarnation of comic multiverses. Probably started from DC’s corporate deciding that they want their cake and eat it too by taking a double dip in making two different characters with the same name.
Most comic writers can’t write multiverse for shit. It’s either extremely lazy crap or mega-autism with rigid rules.
Agreed. The autism over it was stupid and led to a misuse of multiverse and parallel worlds into not a tool to tell interesting perspectives on the same character archetype but just pure over-indulgence in excess.
Hickman and Snyder are notorious for this. The former is notable to push his gay agenda against hope just to be dark for edginess’ sake and his obsession with graphs.
The latter on the other just want to wank Batman by recycling ideas.
A Moebius story about how a US officer refusing to nuke the USSR in retaliation was executed for treason. Pretty cool and based.


The worst thing to ever happen to comic books was clowns in tights and capes.


File: 1626315791191.png (349.48 KB, 680x513, 1386375929755.png)

>Job leaves me no time for comics


to read or to make?



Kind of, they're vigilantes who are mostly tools for cops and government, but sometimes go against them. GL corps are literally a space police force.

I wish there could be an actually based story about Kilowog the GL's politics, he comes from a communist world, but the closest we got is some lib bullshit where he starts working with the USSR and then denounces them as too authoritarian.


I wouldn't call stoping the Joker from blowing the city, fucking a thief and making a kid with a half demon being a cop.
Now go read the watchmen.


to read, I have a pile of unread floppies since last week


such is life
i have the time but i lack the drive

i'll read one for you today


Solidarity forever



Hey blame the game not the player. The CCA killed non-capeshit comics in its entirety and it’s still recovering from it.
Morrison addressed this aspect the best.
>"I got interested in the class element of Batman: He’s a rich man who beats up poor people. It’s quite a bizarre mission to go out at night dressed as a bat and punch the hell out of junkies. And then he goes home and lives in this mansion. There’s an aspirational quality to him—he’s an outlaw and he can buy anything. He has a new Batmobile every movie. He’s very plutonian in the sense that he’s wealthy and also in the sense that he’s sexually deviant. Gayness is built into Batman. I’m not using gay in the pejorative sense, but Batman is very, very gay. There’s just no denying it. Obviously as a fictional character he’s intended to be heterosexual, but the basis of the whole concept is utterly gay.I think that’s why people like it. All these women fancy him and they all wear fetish clothes and jump around rooftops to get to him. He doesn’t care—he’s more interested in hanging out with the old guy and the kid.”
His entire run on Batman is in essence a way to avoid the inherent class aspects of a vigilante that is the views that not systematic solutions but individual actions can cure societal ills. He made it explicit that his Batman is too big to take on normal crime so that the fantastic can be explored.


Wait. They were supposed to be left wing?
They seemed more like neonazis to me.




I don't want to sound pedantic but the CCA didn't kill non cape comics, non capes survived up until the early 70's
What killed non cape comics was the paperback novel, which also killed pulp/fiction magazines.
Paperbacks where very cheap for the amount of entertainment they offered and comics and magazines just could not compete. Cape comics survived because capes where a genre exclusive to comic books and so got no competition from paperbacks.


Yeah in the comics they’re essentially Mautists. Crumb was explicitly hard on Maoism and China at the time as well as the western supporters of the ideology. Dude made an entire strip on trashing Mao’s comment on nukes being a paper tiger. In the strips, one of the cell member was a glowie from the start, something that he got from seeing some real Maoist orgs in San Francisco.Crumb ridicules his revolutionaries but more because they’re ineffective not because they’re extreme or evil like Bakshi.
The schism between Bakshi and Crumb in the adaptation of Fritz really mirrored the latter adaptation of watchmen by Snyder. Crumb basically had no say in the film with his signature on the contract wasn’t even confirmed to be his.
The film was a bastardized version of the three comics that not only got molded by Bakshi’s liberal mentality but also his love for extravagant violence and sex. Kinda like how Snyder made the scenes that was supposed to show silk spectre I in a vulnerable position into just another way of romanticizing rape. The fact that Fritz also became a projection for Bakshi’s extremely contradictory liberal beliefs is even worse, he saw Fritz as a fraud because deep down he interpreted his own shallow leftism as a fraud in of itself.
Dude nearly pissed himself when Crumb got Rodriguez and Wilson into the screening of Fritz.


Bro somebody tell morrisson that batman is just a very clueless volcel


Didn’t he go full non-binary recently? Makes sense since his wife is basically a female version of himself.


bro i straight up got alan morre and grant morrison mixed up


Issue 2 and a faction of the capes are literally invading china, busting open uiyghur concentration camps and parking nukes on Xi's successor's lawn, then having arguments about how they have to do it because interventionism is based.


Not something outside of Millar’s writing mind you. The dude genuinely believes in world policing even though the people who do it being a bunch of self righteous fascists. In his Authority run he had the group straight up invade Tibet and take it from China.
The only few comics that do this trope in a coherent way are books like Miracle Man where the “heroes” took over, overthrew capitalism, nation states and then rule over as gods. The other one of my personal guilty pleasure is No Hero, in which the world is so sick of the superpowered vigilantes that they joined forces to murder them all. Since these bastards had been in the world since the 70s most of their changes were horrific.


Yeah I'm not enjoying this book but I'll keep reading it for more lib idiocy.

No Hero is terrible, but I'm definitely also in that guilty pleasure camp. I think it's that one where the guy makes himself a dick out of someone's spine.


Any other good Argentinian comics? Just finished El Eternauta and it was truly phenomenal.


What are some good long running web comics to bing read
I always enjoyed going through pages of that rotund guy who strangles an animephobic dodo

I've been thinking about reading that Ctrl+Alt+Del comic
Is it funny like that?

Drop some website links for some fun webcomics (If you can from the first page) I prefer non serialized



Horacio Altuna's work is pretty fun.


>Is it funny like that?
imagine the time when gamers thought that they’re special snowflakes. That’s basically all of the comics content. K9BD or gunnerig court are better.


Fucking Eugene would blow his fuse reading this mini. It’s perfectly encapsulates all the retardation that comes with eugenics from a radlib.




File: 1640920174167.jpg (115.72 KB, 725x474, XIII-h3.jpg)

I just finished XIII and I got to say it's quite good, the plot is heavy and convoluted but basically involves an amnesic dude who fights US presidents, glowies, fascist conspirators and military juntas. Closest thing to an anti imperialist comic I read recently.


what is the name for the type of character that kingpin is

like he's a mob boss but he wants to appear nice and classy and elegant and clean

like he made it but he still has the unrefined, faker and poser seeking approval kind of vibe to him

tell me the trope name



>does he win?
The body count is around a US president, a vice president, a secretary of defense, the director of NSA, 2 or 3 generals, quite a number of members of the klu klux klan, a few CIA operatives. He also was instrumental to do some socialist national liberation by ousting a fascist US backed junta. So yeah I'd say he wins.


Fucking hell Bendis seriously need to just make a scat fetish comic already. The man probably gets his rocks off shitting his pants.
Ever since he moved to DC every single comic he has written had someone shitting their pants. From Batman, Wonder Woman, Legion and now fucking Superman.


Based honestly, making the capeshitters capeshit


File: 1641098870671.gif (2.16 MB, 333x450, wammaprance.gif)

so what did everyone think of the second and final season of Centaurworld



a lot of authors do


File: 1641592212991.jpg (21.16 KB, 400x400, 1641518663116.jpg)

Comic Book Workers United is now America’s first comic book union
>We're beyond thrilled to announce that today we, Comic Book Workers United, have WON our union election, making @ImageComics the FIRST unionized comic book publisher in the United States. All 12 Image staffers submitted ballots, leading to a 7:2 result in favor of the union. At this time, three staffers' ballots are subject to a frivolous legal challenge on eligibility, thus their ballots were not opened.


anon likes cats hahaah



File: 1643038682798.jpg (17.01 KB, 544x400, 1304834570820.jpg)

Why do american comics live rent free on weeaboos' heads?
You never see fans of american comics even care about manga while weeaboos have to make an scene about waifu fighter being better and selling better like if it were a football match.
I don't care about anime or manga and want to stop hearing about it.


It wasn't bad, it was just worse than the first season.


Red Rosa by Kate Evans
Nestor Makhno by Philippe Thirault
Everything by Joe Sacco
Berlin by Jason Lutes
The Eternaut by Hector Oesterheld
Grant Morrison and Alan Moore are both anarchists but it doesn't necessarily come across very strongly in most of their work
John Wagner's Judge Dredd is a satire on American policing and attitudes towards crime; Marshal Law and Terror Assaulter O.M.W.O.T. are similar
Yossel, April 19, 1943 by Joe Kubert and Once Upon a Time in France by Fabien Nury are both about anti-Nazi partisans
The original Superman comics by Siegel and Shuster are more New Dealer than hard left but they're still very political. Grant Morrison's New 52 Action Comics run is supposed to be a modernized version.
Orbital by Sylvain Runberg is a space opera about a multiculti space federation and the villains are human separatists
Stuck Rubber Baby by Howard Cruze is about a gay man who gets involved in the civil rights movement
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller is (despite Miller's best intentions probably) a great satire about how fash Batman is if you cast him in realistic terms.

Haven't read 100% of those so some could be trash. There's also no shortage of message of the week capeshit stories like Green Lantern/Green Arrow where some supercop learns that poverty is bad or whatever but through comic book magic goes back to ignoring it and doing supercop stuff.


>ou never see fans of american comics even care about manga
Yet you bring it up. The comics vs Manga rivalry has been around for ages and got to the point that places like VsBattles and other such places (comicvine) banned anime v comic discussion because both sides go apeshit. Like I recall reading a discussion about Hulk wanking the green fucker off so much it was impressively stupid.


There was an amusing anarkiddie Tintin comic posted a while back.

The Adventures of Tintin - Breaking Free (1989) (c2c) (phillywilly-Empire)


Where do people download comics from nowadays? I swear there used to be a site full of CBRs you could just search and click. Now my search results are all PORKED


Hell yeah, been waiting for a /leftyco/



How long did you wait? Negative 10 months?




If it's a Kanker episode, there's an 80% chance I'm just gonna skip to the next one.


Trashman by Spain Rodriguez


>first 12 episodes of Archer namedrop Eugene V. Debs and Noam Chomsky



Why what?


Any (ex-)horsefuckers lurking around these parts?


What? Why would Ex-Horse fuckers be in a /co/ thread?


I think what he means is if there are any ex-bronies in the thread.


Ponyfags, nor/mlp/eople. Since they got their start on 4chan's /co/ I figured this would be the thread to ask in.


Ooooh, ok. You might wanna give /siberia/ a shot, or the pony thread on /games/


I never stopped being a horsefucker, but yeah I use siberia more.


for reference


Alright, so you know how I said a big HMMMMMM to Archer? Back in >>23518 ?

Well they openly namedrop Operation Gladio and call it a "weird crypto-fascist CIA shitshow", and explain Operation Paperclip.


Cool, can you post a clip or the episode its namedropped in?


its funny because this show has an entire episode making fun of an allegory of gommunism


MonBol gang


I don't remember that. which one?


File: 1649953375079.jpg (102.13 KB, 720x544, sparkly jenny.jpg)

forgot an attention grabbing Jenny


Batman is a neoliberal.


Everything awful about the MCU is forgiven when they make this types of movies

You could not tell me 10 years ago, there'd be a movie with Thor with Guardians of the Galaxy, showcasing the entire Greek pantheon and that the normies around the world would be hyped for it

Stuff like this is what really makes the creative overhead worthwhile, the universe really feels a whole
I don't feel that way with the comics

I wonder if James Gunn and Takia Waiti collaborated for this flick


okay yeah they did
that's so cool

i feel these two are the only guys that somehow broke free of the marvel overheads
i don't know how they bullied them back but it's good

for example those goats in the trailer? which thor's boats are being led by? they didn't allow that back in 2009 but here we are now


More like a libertarian. THe only version that broke out of this mold was O’Neil’s and Morrison’s. One is a semi radlib and the other is just batgod.


can you go more indepth on those two batman versions?
what makes them


File: 1650474270774.png (3.41 MB, 1083x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

comics were so cucked back in the 50s
i'm trying to read o'neil era batman from the 1940s and this was one of the ads before it


File: 1650476325041.jpg (58.34 KB, 1000x563, COOLSTORY.jpg)

I just need hercules to pop in at some point and for Thor to start blathering to him and then does pic related


File: 1650502080437.png (281.85 KB, 474x398, ClipboardImage.png)

>paying camgirls to roleplay as Doctor Girlfriend
>not even for any erotic reason just because it's fucking hilarious

Gladio is a theme in S3 episode "Lo Scandalo"
Paperclip and Nazi's fleeing to South America is explicitly implied in the B-plot of S2 episode Placebo Effect

and apparently there's more references to IRL CIA covert ops that I haven't watched yet.


O’neil did a lot of work to firmly establish Batman as a character to finally get out of the 50s era concept of a rich guy beating on poor people yet still keeping the self awareness of it. This Batman also was a return to form of golden age brutality. Literally the difference between #223 and #224 is night and day.


I've heard that theory that he's going to be introduce in this film and it sounds dope af

He will be out buying milk or something
And then Thor will take him under his wing, And he'll basically be like thor from the first movie

Rich, old god kid learning new ways


>Literally the difference between #223 and #224 is night and day.

brb, checking out

don't you mean knight and day?


That could be cool too. I wonder what they'll do with Starlord and Thor. I'm not sure I like the weird freenemy shit they got going on


any of malachi ward's independent work anons. it's the shit.


>watch early spongebob for the first time
>almost every single famous meme is from season 1


later seasons turn to shit so


i also went on a spongebob chronological order watching spree a few years ago
the first 2 seasons are the classic ones with all of the famous episodes, i found out


I know the trend of later seasons to get worse and that spongebob is the biggest cash cow of nickelodeon by far, but just the first two seasons? How can a show even crash so hard?


File: 1651585812059.mp4 (2.6 MB, 1264x720, OTmo5mvXJs33EXrs.mp4)

were the CW shows a mistake?


File: 1651998798520.png (2.69 MB, 1008x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this the first time the genocidal maniac DarKKKseid has felt fear? lol, mogged


This is better than every MCU movie


File: 1652075911563.png (489.42 KB, 853x480, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes, but at the same time they exposed the rotten core of modern superhero shlock


Is that doomsday?


Darkseid feels fear all the time. Mf once got mugged by earth street thugs.


File: 1652322004164.png (977.26 KB, 688x857, ClipboardImage.png)

They are normalizing women having muscles so that's also a plus.

>I wonder if James Gunn and Takia Waiti collaborated for this flick

Korg is in it so yeah.


i just want doom in the mcu
i don't want kang doing secret wars, wtf does kang even do



this is from superman/doomsday comic
they end him in the most dope way possible

LOL, do you have any idea of what comic


>They are normalizing women having muscles so that's also a plus.

The Muscle Girl Agenda remains in motion


File: 1652327631777.png (26.98 KB, 1102x119, m.png)

Is this true?

are the beyonders an allegory for people who hate comics?
could make sense with the name too

they are BEYOND reading comics


Literally Jack Kirby's Fourth World. He was intended to be a complete paper tiger. But over time especially with the Great Darkness Saga in LoSH he turned into a real threat. Then Grant Morrison wanked him even more in Final Crisis so that we have the modern incarnation.


so he was one of the enemy of the new gods? wow

>mfw darksied was a reactionary


File: 1652442116156.png (975.68 KB, 750x601, ClipboardImage.png)

>they really drew this even though all of them create 9/11s like it's a usual wednesday for them

people were really emotional back then when it happened, huh?


I feel this could have almost worked if they used the usual new york street level bad guys, kingpin, tombstone, sandman, hell maybe even nroman but using Doom out of everyone is so fucking out of place and nonsensical


did ben affleck ever really actually post on /co/?
i just read "josh trank" post on there


kingpin hasn't caused building mayhem?
but yeah street level thugs would work

guess they were going for a campy togetherness thing with

"see even the bad guys are against 9/11"


kingpin is a crime boss, but he doesn't destroy cities like Doom


File: 1652499222398.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Lassies and Gentlelads

M.O.D.O.K has been canceled after Tony Stark dug up some of his tweets on attacking N.Y

Hit Monkey is next
Don't sleep

Also is modok actually a threat villain or just one of those silver age goofy characters that people make fun of? I've never been able to figure out


why do they keep making villains vaguely leftist (rhetorical question)


M.O.D.O.K. is a legit threat in the comics.
He’s almost Dr. Doom level.


wait which villain are you talking about?

i saw they also made him the final boss in the new avengers games

he's like a kaiju


I guess the new Dr. Strange is getting a lot of shit, but I thought they let Raimi have way more creative control than a lot of these other films give their directors. It’s first one in a while where the special effects and action scenes didn’t make me roll my eyes.


File: 1652580607144-0.png (145.26 KB, 323x156, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652580607144-1.png (792.14 KB, 902x405, ClipboardImage.png)

ain't no way bruh
they canonized my gods in the mcu

look at this,
we're never beating the distant space alien allegations


There's a effect where the fights with himself with musical effects no?

I can't wait for it to come out and digital to watch it

I heard there was some 80% drop-off in the box office for some reason?

Was it really because of fan backlash on the cameos or is there something else that caused it


File: 1652580887354.png (1001.45 KB, 1125x632, ClipboardImage.png)

Thor fought Shiva
what the fuck

Everybody else gave their life force but he refused until being fought

So in character, I wonder if in the new movie we'll only see Greek Gods or other pantheons too

I really want them to introduce more hot godesses this time and NOT KILL THEM



File: 1652581231402-0.png (123.29 KB, 141x356, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652581231402-1.png (973.56 KB, 920x1271, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652581231402-2.png (125.38 KB, 132x381, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652581231402-3.png (379.09 KB, 550x338, ClipboardImage.png)

you don't understand bros


Freakazoid is the most ADHD show


All those Spielberg cartoons at the time were and I loved them for that.


What were the others?

Is there any reason why they were like that? What was happening in the 90s


Tiny Toon Adventures
Pinky and the Brain
unbelievable amounts of cocaine


That's a lot more than I thought existed
>Tiny Toon Adventures

Is this the one that got into a controversy cause it showed bugs bunny drinking alcohol?

I only ever saw this baby version of looney tunes
The wikipage says they're reviving it on HBO Max


File: 1652758922364-0.png (257.03 KB, 368x517, Screenshot (1683).png)

File: 1652758922365-1.png (1.76 MB, 1415x1080, Screenshot (1684).png)

>logs onto the internet once
>becomes gigaCHAD

why are you not freakaMAXXing?


File: 1652906694220.png (505.91 KB, 1349x682, 1652899839302.png)

Marvel is going to milk a corpse for at least 20 more years.


File: 1652929700098.png (70.17 KB, 238x160, ClipboardImage.png)

just learned about the rasputin siblings, that anya taylor joy played magik and that colossus is not in the new DP3 movies


what does that mean exactly? they are ressurecting him how


They're gonna reboot it someday, aren't they?



i don't even remember the last place freakazoid was mentioned other than the voice actor posting daily facts of him on twt

So idk, i wouldn't opposed to some HBOMax thing

was the pinky and that other 3 rat siblings reboot good?

what was his last cameo


I still don't know what was up with those X-Men comics in Logan

That fucked up my brain a bit, Cause those are real comics

So like they got their identities capitalized on by a fictional company in-universe?

I liked X:Men Origins Wolverine more


File: 1653359335609-0.png (801.09 KB, 1905x812, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1653359335609-1.png (649.45 KB, 1716x800, ClipboardImage.png)



i want him without the nose, idk why
it just looks more alien



A based iconoclast bestowing justice upon the ruling, decadent class


Cringe, lonely godcel in need of some love?

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