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Old /co/ thread is dead and buried.
Let's have a new thread to talk about comics and animation.


>all my heroes are working class
isn't wonder woman a princess?


File: 1619317916006.jpg (189.39 KB, 760x596, young_adult_fiction_1.jpg)

You're asking for writing that makes sense.


Is this thread for lefty cartoons and comics or anything /co/ related?


File: 1619329344525.mp4 (29.97 MB, 854x480, Fritz starts a riot.mp4)



File: 1619329547101.jpg (88.28 KB, 1023x599, why would you buckle up in….jpg)

Obviously the former or this would be a very short-lived thread.


I mean latter. Fuck.


Relevant thread: Anticapitalist /co/
Half of it's bad but the other half is good.


>Crumb also criticized the film's condemnation of the radical left, denouncing Fritz's dialogue in the final sequences of the film, which includes a quote from the Beatles song "The End", as "red-neck and fascistic" and stated, "They put words into his mouth that I never would have had him say."


what is this based comic bros


never watched this movie
what was the creator of this movie trying to say


It's not a real comic. DC would never put out something this based.


>where did Batman go?


File: 1619364794169.jpg (39.45 KB, 300x302, potter.jpg)

Probably something edgy about communism not working
The original cartoonist denounces the movie, and killed fritz


So from what I've heard, Crumb did agree to the movie being made (with hesitation), but after seeing it he hated it?


Superman: pro establishment journo
Aquaman: and Wonder Woman: monarchy
Green Lantern: basically space cop
Flash: academic PMC
Only pro working class hero in DC is Green Arrow


It's not like he had a choice, it was getting released anyway
He made a lot of money off of it too, being the first X rated movie and all.


File: 1619390250048-0.jpg (419.42 KB, 870x879, Screenshot_20210425-173608….jpg)

File: 1619390250048-1.pdf (18.31 MB, 210x300, Mystic Funnies 1 (colors) ….pdf)



figured as much


Saw these on other /co/ can anyone rec more commie comics?

The Communist Manifesto (2018) (Digital) (phillywilly-Empire)

A People's History of American Empire (2008) (digital) (phillywilly-Empire)


Anything by Moore.


Anything by Spain Rodriguez.


File: 1619461591536.jpg (26.09 KB, 400x297, deff.jpg)

who sandman here


Is green lantern really space cops? I want to read it because I really like the idea of being powered through will

Also what are the best blue lantern comics


ayy nice
didn't see this was a pdf comic


More like a space vigilante, or even a plantation guard, his authority stems from the guardians of Oa just handing out rings and nothing else.
Dunno about Blue Lanterns but I don't think they've been in too many comics anyway
I started years ago, too a break and haven't returned even if I tell myself I will do


>I started years ago, too a break and haven't returned even if I tell myself I will do


what is the sandman
i've heard about the comic i feel


A comic about the god of dreams walking into the dreams of different people
It's way weirder and way better than what it sounds


whats the final monologue?


that sounds cool i'll read


File: 1620193812974.jpg (1.62 MB, 1988x3057, Crime Syndicate (2021-) 00….jpg)

Crime Syndicate is the first time in years I've been hype about a comic
Any one else reading it?
What was the last comic any of you was hype about?



For anybody who wants to read all comic books, I like this website because it loads all the pages instead of making you click each page, so you can just scroll it easily

And it's library of comics is pretty big.

What is good about it?

>What was the last comic any of you was hype about?

The new punisher series from 2 years ago

Currently I'm hyped about ASM (2018)
There's some centipede bad guy in the issue I'm reading and I don't know what's his deal is, Seems like he's a new villain.


>What is good about it?
It's just nice to explore this setting, an earth where the characters alignments are flip but so far is just different from what I expected, it reads more like an early 00's comic like the ultimates or the authority than a direct flip of the justice league.


File: 1620385286304.jpeg (112.13 KB, 990x1529, 1ADE2A40-F192-49FA-A0C0-1….jpeg)

>Literally the only DC book I still read
This fucking sucks. But recently I’ve been reading some old comics like Lazarus Churchyard and Transmetropolitan. 2020 Visions was fucking hilariously accurate outside of the “muh feminism” fear mongering. With a viral pandemic without cure and all!


>2020 Visions
I think I heard about it, wasn't it published by vertigo in 1999 or 2000? Now it hurts to know it was accurate.


File: 1620426350732.jpeg (254.7 KB, 1002x1511, E3CAA500-82FF-4053-AC79-2….jpeg)

It also somehow managed to predict the 2008 crash and the impenetrability of Wall Street. Sometimes reactionaries are so close yet so far.


Read the first issue
Sounds like fun elseworld don't know where it's headed
also LOL at those fake reference comics

Does anybody here have big ass torrents or magnet links for big comic collections?

Might need to go offline for a year and need to stock up on entertainment


File: 1620487268200.jpg (3.99 MB, 4032x3024, 4608.jpg)



Nemesis43 puts together a lot of packs on ETTV. Most of them are hitlist packs for certain weeks, but he has stuff like 2000AD collections, Commando, most marvel characters. I suggest DC++ for downloading comics, specifically the Perfection hub perfection.comichub.org:777


Jamie Delano is a reactionary? Never hear dof him anyway


Thanks anon I found him https://www.ettvcentral.com/torrents.php?cat=55
and that's a cool new program you told me about


File: 1620562875943.jpg (336.14 KB, 1173x761, The Rat Army.jpg)

Me @ the people when the revolution happens

Anybody ever read No Man's Land?

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