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Star Wars thread; To discuss, laugh and meme about Star Wars

Don't be a cunt and may the Force be with you
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> continues to fail at even basic literacy
Also the anime shit is just goal post moving and irrelevant. Stay mad retard.


I'd rather be pornsick than be the sort of fag that uses phrases like "pornsick."


i just want to say that i like dragon ball and powerlevels were the worst thing to happen to it

the number nerds just never shut up


Of course. All under 9000 weaklings have a problem with power levels. Heh, nothing personal, kid buu.


love mando

also mando s3, Ashoka and animation trailers were leaked on YouTube


I want to lick her face


Damn, I wanted to get my hands on the physical copies of the pre revenge of the sith clone wars comics via the published omnibuses, but they seem kinda pricey on ebay


Darth Vader was inspired by Victor Von Doom? what the fuck?
Anyone know more about this


probably not gonna get any cheaper homes


It's a TV-series instead of a full film… and it sucks


andor is coming


im not excited for it, but i'm interested in the resistance, revolution aspect of it

like how does one slowly from nothing begin building a party, a military against fascists?

never seen that before


Rebels are the best Star Wars faction tbh, what makes them so cool is that if you launched a Galactic scale insurgency you probably could win against a galactic scale empire, and Star Wars is one of the few massively popular, decently competent stories where the heroes are explicitly an anti-imperialist insurgency (with the villains being a Word of God amalgamation of the Roman Empire, British Empire, Third Reich, and United States)


Also you might enjoy this post

Does a pretty comprehensive look into topics as dispersed as the strategy and tactics of the Rebellion tying it to the class interests of the Rebellion’s leadership



I agree. Always found Empire fanboys annoying


what the fuck andor is a cut above the rest of the shows. its pretty decent


surprised there wasnt a second galactic civil war in between the end of the galactic civil war and the establishment of the new republic. although many sectors were probably just decimated that similar to the Clone Wars, the New Republic just swept right through and established itself


power levels are a plague on all communities. although not sure if the pockets of head canon bickering with each other(of which the call is coming inside my own house) is worse , but thats a norm i guess


in Legends there sorta was, post Vong wars there was a CIS-styled secessionist movement that launched a 2nd Galactic Civil War and pretty much permanently crippled the Republic, and from there on out there were basically 3 factions - New Republic, Secessionists, and the reformed Imperial Remanent.


The empire is not fascist although the new series Andor most definitely leans into the fascist corporate element of the empire. Before the empire just seemed more closer to the Byzantine Empire or the Roman Empire.


what were the byzantine, roman empires like
the forefathers of fascism, colonialism?


the new james earl jones news is disturbing
signing over rights to an A.I company and disney

ffs i prefer hayden christanman's voice for vader honestly


andor lowkey better than the mandalorian
what the fuck i heard james earl jones just retired


I was expecting Andor to just be a cheap pointless spin off like Kenobi so I didn't bother with it, is it actually good (at least approaching Mandalorian season 2)


I'm really liking Andor. It doesn't have the Marvel/Disney stink that everything else has. There's no quips or galaxy ending events. It manages to take itself seriously without being cringe. It inserts fanservice (all these references to KOTOR) without having that as an identity.
It's just nice to see a world that isn't driven by 5 superhereos. Like the interactions between the Empire and their corporate proxies, the razing of Cassian's homeworld for resources, the Gestapo HQ, all well done. We're lightly touching on the political economy of Star Wars which is neat.


well the physical set pieces are a standard above the mandalorian the writing is a slow slow burn. its decent so far. mando and obi wan is really campy compared to this. maybe its bc obi wan was a character we already know about and andor is literally a blank slate to be written on, its interesting seeing the backstory of andor. however in classic star wars fashion there's a flurry of characters that you dont really get to know. obviously it can be handwaved bc of the urgency of andor's situation and the authoritarian state being hot on his ass. depending if u accept that viewpoint, its pretty enjoyable. if u were looking for a more character heavy drama you arent getting it. altho it does provide backstory. what it really does well is tension. things can explode into chaotic circumstances and, for me at least, the tension can really get you sucked into it. so id summarize it so far as a tense action show, that does tension decently. but im 4 episodes in and we barely know anything about anyone. even andor. all we know is he is experienced, hes indigenous, and he mistrusts everyone


explode at any moment into chaotic circumstances**


this. seeing the systemic foundations to the empire is interesting. altho its not anything new if you know canon lore. interesting nonetheless


vel and cinta are gay :0


File: 1665059906990.png (420.7 KB, 948x1185, 1660756686617.png)

Can someone explain how the bit from the prequels where the Jedi are all "there's a SITH LORD amogus" is any different from burgerstanis being paranoid about Obama being a Muslim? They are literally just mad about the prospect of a religious minority being a politician, except they go so far as to try assassinating him in the movies. It would be like if the Secret Service went to the Oval Office and declared Obama a Muslim and thus a threat to democracy and then pulled guns on him.


> THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 337: The Political Significance of the Star Wars Prequels w/ Chris Cutrone
<The message of Lucas’s Star Wars prequel films is much more difficult and challenging than the original Star Wars trilogy: It shows that the path of apparent “good and evil” in politics and society is a very convoluted one, involving many reversals and surprising twists of fate — one might even say that it is “dialectical.” It is “beyond good and evil” and not at all ever what it first appears to be. This is a lesson from the Boomer experience of the 20th century’s dramatic wars and revolutions that the Millennial generation, as viewers in their youth, were not adequately prepared to receive let alone contemplate from Lucas’s films — and remain deaf and blind to today. Even as they stand at the precipice of learning it now.
Millennials probably have more PTSD than boomers, I'm pretty sure the kids in ghettos getting shot up by cops or CIA funded gangs know about the dialectical nature of war.


File: 1665077318646.jpg (46.9 KB, 800x900, 1516402395243.jpg)

>Millennials probably have more PTSD than boomers
I have PTSD from people pretending these movies have any depth to them. I understand this writer wants to use their education to tie everything back to Neetshe and Hegel but my God… they're just stupid movies with some light Bush-era commentary on democracy. They're exactly what they appear to be. Geroge Lucas is what he appears to be. There's no substance. They're just dumb movies.


>N-no Star Wars is just shallow fun.
Ok burger
>Muh Neetsch!!!
You're boringly obvious theorylet.
>they're just stupid movies with some light Bush-era commentary on democracy.
LMAO, read the thread, retard.
>There's no substance. They're just dumb movies.


File: 1666105086853.png (88.12 KB, 798x589, op.png)

I don't want new rockstars or andor yet, and I know it deals with like building a resistance against a fascist regime

But what exactly is there in EP6, what's so class based in it?


nothing. literally said the word manifesto and that's it. also something about the problems relating to the system

anyone else pissed off at episode 7?it was interesting to see clones as a galactic police occupation force. But i came to realize that Luthen might just be a person whose giddy at the idea of starting a revolution and thats it. got pissed off at his final conclusion in one scene because he was alluding to people already suffering under the grip of the empire and it seemed like he was building up evidence that would help Mon Mothma realize that this suffering was not new and it's already been there(he sort of said this explicitly) but ended the summary in the worst way possible in saying that it was "part of the plan" to make people suffer and see the ways of the Empire, as if to say that the Empire closing its fist is necessary for revolution. although this may just be a character flaw of Luthen as it shows in the show that rebel cells have already formed and are networking and that the people who are not on Coruscant and dealing with the police force first hand have already been taking constantly increasing measures to resist the empire independent of the increased police force. Obviously their measures of resistance will increase much more with the police presence, but it wont be the reason for their sudden want for liberation

tl;dr luthen thinks the war started now because of increasing police presence due to the scale of their robbery antics(pretty cool tbh). Sort of correct, and sort of says that the war has already been ongoing, but concludes it in the worst way possible by explicitly agreeing with a counter argument from Mon Mothma, increased violence is a necessary step for revolution, is "part of the plan".


also it's weird bc the lore dump of rebel cells already resisting and networking is said by luthen himself. additionally the explicit argument of the empire already having closed its grip on the people happens immediately before the "thats the plan" scene. it feels like it was saying 'violence is a question, not an answer, and the answer is yes' but in the worst way possible, in such a way that anyone thinking about that line would say "hmm maybe the rebels are just as bad as the empire" although the actual andor scenes made up for it



also in episode 7
looking back at the mon mothma and luthen argument scene, and the contrast of andor's experiences first hand with the increasing police force, one can sort of appreciate the different motivations and explicit splits in political goals and methods of the future rebel alliance, terrible portrayal of Luthen's politics aside. Mon Mothma is looking for a less flashy way of raising funds through accessing her personal funds in secret as well as hoping for some extreme systemic reform, Luthen is eager for blood, and regular people just resisting naturally to an increasingly suffocating police force


> Can someone explain how the bit from the prequels where the Jedi are all "there's a SITH LORD amogus" is any different from burgerstanis being paranoid about Obama being a Muslim?
Palpatine actually was a sith lord plotting to kill them all and destroy the Republic, and they also didn’t suspect him until it was too late?
> They are literally just mad about the prospect of a religious minority being a politician, except they go so far as to try assassinating him in the movies.
He orchestrated a war that killed billions of people and directly threatened to destroy the Galactic government, he was guilty of treason and conspiracy to enact a coup and was actively trying to destroy the Jedi, in addition to being a murderer, traitor, guilty of genocide, slaver, and warmonger; Palpatine was less “a religious minority” and more the official head of an insane death cult

Why do zoomers do this thing where they actively distort what’s written in a literally fictional narrative as if there’s some other way to interpret the events? This shit is retarded nigha

> It would be like if the Secret Service went to the Oval Office and declared Obama a Muslim and thus a threat to democracy and then pulled guns on him.

No it’d be like if Obama covertly engineered a civil war that killed tens of millions where he was the official head of the US and also the shadow head of the enemy state which is basically a Neo-Confederate revolt, and he engineered the crisis to become the Fuhrer and kill an actual religious minority (there are only 10,000 Jedi in the Galaxy) to fulfill the objectives of his insane death cult

Because that’s literally who Palpatine is and what he does in the story


Honestly it’s just nice to have a show that really explores Star Wars as a world, I don’t think even the Mandalorian did that as well as Andor does, Andor shows how the Empire actually functioned on a day to day basis for an average prole, peasant, or other low class individual, it shows what the build up to the insurgency against the Empire was like, shows the disparate parts of the Rebellion that being the elite leadership and the working class fighters; honestly this show is great and I hope not a single Jedi shows up


Imo the way I see it the Clone Wars to the end of the Galactic Civil War is really one very long civil war in the Galaxy

The Clone Wars began as a largely engineered civil war playing on actual severe internal problems and exploitation in the Republic, when the engineered portion of the war ended the Empire still had to reconquer the rebellious systems who still believed in the Separatist cause (everyone but Palpatine and Dooku believed the war at face value), this reconquista led directly into the early Rebellion when the former Separatists went underground to become insurgents while the more liberal senators of the former Republic began constructing what would become the political leadership of the Rebel Alliance, this moved into an escalating insurgency which had evolved into all out warfare comparable to the Clone Wars by the time Luke gets involved, with the exception that the fight is between a state and non-state formation (original civil war was two different governments)

You could argue that the First Order - Resistance War is the final reverberation of the original Clone Wars, with the remnants of the old imperial military forming an alliance and trying to reconquer the Galaxy


damn dooku just like me fr fr


lol at those screencaps having a tone that implies being able to understand nonverbal communication is some kind of deep insight


nvm fuck sith dooku "peace and order"

love young dooku


also i was a bit confused why dooku was suddenly pining for peace and order, like the jedi say. im speculating, that he was groomed by sidious. similar in anakin in a way to not only channel his already developed anger towards the ignorance of the jedi council, but towards a path with values such as loyalty and authority. turning dooku into an angry and radical reformist, frustrated that the council could not use its power "properly". Turned from seeing the systemic failures of the republic as he was so exposed in tales of the jedi, to believing it can be fixed with the right amount of power, and with the right people leading it. unfortunate, but i honestly wish they showed more of dooku and sidious interactions


saw gerrera pretty based to refuse to cooperate with other groups based on conflict of values


saw gerrera is basically the USA's propaganda depiction of Che

Couldn't you have just deleted and reposted your post in full, instead of 3 seperate ones m8?


just re read tales of the bounty hunters, nice anthology


luthen is fucking crazy. saw gerrera aint even as extreme as him. he views his rebellion as a trap, something he cannot escape from. he has given up the very values of what makes a rebellion burn across the galaxy. friendship, kindship, love? he frames as giving up everything as his reputation his peace. he talks about his ego never being able to be mirrored, to have an audience, to be examined under light. he sees himself as the villain but thats not even the most important part. all his sacrifice has been about his image, his fucking peace. sure he mentions the people's life he's trampled on as a result of his "rebellion" but not as much as in depth as his own fucking self. this rebellion is a power trip for himself, in which he is conflicted between the views of a back to brunch liberal and the liberal projection of a revolutionary terror who is all about bloodthirsty violence. saw gerrera wont ally with anton kreegyr because of a difference of values but luthen is willing to sacrifice his rebel cell of 50 men to "maintain the rebellion". on a surface level this makes sense as it will enact protocol of the empire, but that doesnt even make sense when examined. networks build their strength, their power on connections. the empire responds accordingly. if anything it will make the empire more lax as a sort of anxiety release valve with the squashing of this particular rebel cell. saw gerrera wouldnt exterminate a rebel cell to "maintain the rebellion" but fight and kill them because of a difference of values. but luthen views this as an empowerment to the empire that will show the people they need to rebel. but people already have seen the empire. they dont need a closing iron fist, as he puts it. if anything it would tickle the interest of those with a conscience in his upper class realm of society. people still on the bottom will fight tooth and nail with the very values he feels he needs to abandon. and it will leave him behind, ironically, as people will forge connections while he's too busy doing the empire's jobs for them. an extremist centrist guilty about his rebellion.

a brilliant character. i hope the writers make him a villain. i think they will given the whole emperor palpatine-esque black robes parallel in the most recent episode(10). hell he even looks like fucking sheev himself hopefully the message will be that he will reject these values or other rebel cells will uprise against him. or a more fitting if he does not change would be forgotten by the rebel cause because the empire arrested him and he rots in his cell alone. isolated. alienated. exactly the values he is left with by rejecting love and connection


his speech for context


fight the empire

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