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File: 1717936819473-1.jpg (299.82 KB, 934x2048, media_GEI5tmuWEAA60pT.jpg)

File: 1717936819473-2.jpg (252.45 KB, 924x2048, media_F_FddIWW4AAHJW-.jpg)


Previous thread: >>36889


Cat-eared beanie with the jolly roger goes hard


I would never wear anything like that myself, but that whole combo of cat ear hat, grindcore teddy bear shirt and slutty shorts really is amazing.


sadly you can only be fashionable if you are white. life is so unfair.


No outfit is complete without a crystal butt plug.


Only pic 1 looks good - clean jacket, nice shirt, cool boots and narrow but not excessively jeans. 8/10 look.

The other 2 photos look like a 2010s caricature of a hipster, and makes whoever this selfie is of look extremely underage, like 15-17ish and not in a good way, but in the "I'm totally, like, a rebel guyz" way from the Heroin Chic era.


reddit is down the hall and to the left


Post your fit..


It’s all Hot Topic/10


This is me.


>makes whoever this selfie is of look extremely underage, like 15-17ish and not in a good way


File: 1717981135987.png (229.54 KB, 460x364, ClipboardImage.png)

Ok liberal, take your own directions


Depends on my mood and what the occasion is. I work a lot so a lot of my stuff is heavily utilitarian (work cargos, t-shirt and hoodie, maybe a rainjacket if I'm doing outside work in the rain), and my better stuff is based on the weather and whatever I'm doing. T-shirts, and wide jeans for casual summer stuff, maybe some long shorts if its really hot, various jackets including a leather one, some button ups etc.


Didnt say describe, post. Just take a selfie, cover the face, and post it here. I want see what you dress like.


>Dox yourself
LMAO no.
>cover the face
That's not how that works, even stripping EXIF metadata is not a guarantee. I don't post my own pics. Pic I posted is basically my casual wear and my look.


So take a screenshot of a photo.


File: 1718109370186.png (949.8 KB, 1024x654, ClipboardImage.png)

Just ctrl+C Ctrl+v into MS Paint then Ctrl+C Ctrl+V into the reply box. I do it for every image I post because half of them are avif and webp which will fail to upload on here if you paste directly.


> LMAO no.
Don’t listen to that idiot.


File: 1718124520737.jpg (713.31 KB, 1536x2048, media_GPk2AN9XAAAKGQl.jpg)


Is this a picture of you?


Of course not, just a random boygirl from twitter.


Why not use a proper FLOSS converter? I dunno, some ffmpeg GUI?


I dunno, this is easy and only takes a couple keystrokes. Yeah there should be a plugin that can do the same thing but I don't know what it is. If you know one, let me know.


I'm gonna start wearing larpy load bearing rigs and overalls. I must utilitymaxx.

I will never have to worry about my phone, wallet, water bottle or lighters falling out of my velcro'd and buttoned up water resistant nylon pockets.
I will never have to suffer the shame of taking off and rummaging around a backpack for my keys as they will be simply acessible from a chest pouch.
I will fear no weather, no dust, no flames and no chemical spills in my high-visibility flame retardant coveralls.
I can forgo the hassle of dropping my pants to relive myself as I simply open either the back flap or the front of my clothing.

It is, simply, the perfect.


All my cotton shirts keep shrinking, I wash them on low temperature too.
Which kind of brings me to the question, what should a length and overall fit of casual shirt be? Like even in the shrunken state they fit good, but I feel weirdly exposed in terms of length, they are only just low enough to cover the belt, so its not like my gut is spilling out, but still, is that length ok? Personally I feel like slightly oversized clothing makes me look better, bigger, more masculine i guess.


A personal observation I made when trying different combos of shirts and pants: Dark coloured outfits work well when utilising rule of thirds, be the shirt tucked in or cropped. On the other hand, colourfull fits seem to look nicer loose and closer to 1:1 top:bottom ratio. Another observation is that when going for 1:2 top:bottom ratio, pants should not be brighter than top. Since pants are already hogging most of physical space of your outfit, if they visualy stand out too much it just makes my torso disappear.


File: 1718501843982.jpg (592.53 KB, 750x930, Me.jpg)

This is me.


A literal shoe on head, wtf?


I see this is cosplay of a Jojo's character and the new Vermin Supreme just dropped their picture.


A full on chest rig deaigned for combat is probably overkill, but a chest pack or a fanny pack worn on the front could be fashionable.


Problem with them is that they just aren't secure enough when I'm running or climbing over shit, especially when it's just a belt or is secured only on a single axis. Chest bags are okay but then you get problems with weight distribution, capacity and sometimes limiting acess to front pockets of clothing beneath.


why the FUCK are good fitting skinny jeans so hard to get nowadays? And I'm talking, like, really skinny jeans. Super skinny. I don't give a fuck that they're out of fashion - they're sexy and awesome and show off my legs. Also emo

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