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ITT "villains" who did nothing wrong.
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Was Kane a based Posadist?
>lived multiple times
>brought aliens to earth by tricking GDI into using the ion cannon on the liquid T bom


File: 1608526924084-0.jpg (48.91 KB, 1280x720, megatron speech to crowd.jpg)

File: 1608526924084-1.jpg (76.46 KB, 1280x720, orion pax and megatron.jpg)

File: 1608526924084-2.jpg (118.82 KB, 730x1027, Megatron prime soundwave r….jpg)

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Reposting about Megatron from the Batman thread

Transformers Prime (2011): Season 1 and 2 of that show were great and Megatron in that show was one of the best depictions; intelligent, clever, powerful and with an imposing, yet sleek design. More importantly however, he was expanded on as a character., becoming more than a stereotypical "I'm evil just because!" of the 80s. He was a former slaveesque miner who was thrown into gladiatorial fights in the pits of Kaon on cybertron. There his skill as a fighter led to triumph, becoming its champion. His popularity grew to the point where he rallied support from the citizens of Cyberton, using his charisma and oratory skill. He led them against the cybertronian council; corrupt and hierarchical, to demand change. However he was corrupted by the greed for power, and lacked political savviness unlike his upper-class Archivist protege Orion Pax, thus leading to a path of darkness and fascism as the latter became selected to be a Prime (becoming Optimus Prime). This lead to the civil war in which Optimus became leader of the Autobots (and where the old caste system was thrown away in the face of war), and becoming the new face of the people.

In other words, a people's hero had his path as a revolutionary turn to the darkness of fascism and his class-traitor protege became the new people's hero and revolutionary, quite similar to real life revolutions among humanity (something pointed out by the show).

This is an ironic change since G1 Orion Pax (pic 4) was originally a dock-worker autobot (since autobots and decepticons are separate peoples for some reason). He idolized Megatron and the re-risen Decepticons as new and improved due to their ability to fly as well as also being able to transform like their autobot counterparts (because originally decepticons could not transform). Only to be revived as Optimus Prime when Megatron raided the energon warehouse he worked at.
Megatron meanwhile was essentially like the Nazis, intent on reviving the decepticon people and being rulers of cybertron, essentially mirroring fascist cries of 'reviving the greatness of the past'. Orion's infatuation was part of fascism's populism before reality showed the error in that belief.


File: 1608526927022.jpg (30.96 KB, 200x383, KGBeast.jpg)

reposting from Batman thread: https://batman.fandom.com/wiki/KGBeast
>The Hammer* general, angry that the Soviet government was working to better relations with the United States, sends Knyazev on an unauthorized mission to kill 10 high-ranking U.S. officials, ten key people who were involved with the United States' Strategic Defense Initiative, nicknamed the "Star Wars" program, in the hope of putting an end to it.
&ltDespite [Gorbachev's] Soviet Government warning the United States, he successfully assassinated 7 targets
Absolute Mad lad. Reminds me of the Remont Four from Marvel Earth 616.

*The Hammer is a fictional cell in the KGB

also see >>1147


File: 1608526980501.jpg (91.61 KB, 400x560, squealer.jpg)

Squealer really fucked up by pointlessly antagonizing Yakomaru (you can see him getting off to Y's humiliation during the council meeting), and then not finishing the job and making sure he's dead. So in a way he can be read as a tragic hero, whose fatal flaw was pride.

This being said, it was a miracle that the revolution didn't go tits up long before came the meddling kids and their talking wolf. If the "fiend" accidentally killed one of the queerrats masquerading as humans, or a human mistook her for a queerrat from afar, it would be all over in an instant.


derp, I meant Kiroumaru, of course.


Most of the antagonists ITT did wrong shit while having mostly correct ideals and that's how propaganda works. I'm so tired of vaguely leftist villains who then go and kill random people just to instill in the person consuming media the idea that he's actually wrong.


Not a villain but Doomguy got transferred to Mars because he tried to frag his superior officer for ordering a war crime.

This shit goes back at least as far as Crime and Punishment.


Doomguy was originally based on Vietnam Vets and the common occurrence of fragging there.


File: 1611589693104.jpg (90.61 KB, 976x549, _103119210_lazytown2.jpg)



File: 1611689819701.png (114.12 KB, 507x540, ClipboardImage.png)

Stannis should've won bros




File: 1615926986486.png (161.33 KB, 250x334, ClipboardImage.png)

How bad a guy was he actually? In TDK the Joker is almost entirely targeting gangsters and cops, and the times his actions could kill regular people he seems to get people out first (like at the hospital). By the end he's primarily targeting cops who he seems to have a serious grudge against. He's also got access to and knows how to use military grade weapons and explosives (like the rocket launcher in particular) so plausibly a jaded veteran doing a Dorner.


edgy pasty cringe high schooler retards


File: 1616123567366.png (164.14 KB, 402x622, Sid_Phillips.png)



File: 1616125573491.png (555.65 KB, 640x359, ClipboardImage.png)



What about the part where he was about to blow up two ferries full of people to make a point (both of whom refused to blow up the other ferry)


File: 1616149204558.png (267.68 KB, 656x418, 910894791230123.png)



Dude’s is a retard with a Hollywood level of anarchist theory.
>anarchism is chaos


File: 1616228622993.jpg (61.16 KB, 640x360, he actually did everything….jpg)



File: 1616384990416.jpeg (172.99 KB, 1000x1333, 1615314347317.jpeg)

>lifts the international collective out of poverty
>realizes the impossible dream of communism that people said could only work on paper
>literally brings humanity to its apotheosis
>meets every possible material condition his constituents could need
>lobotomizes domestic terrorists that murdered dozens of innocents and made them productive members of society instead of executing them as he should have
>improved more human lives than american supes ever did
>literally did nothing wrong

What did he actually do wrong? Not cater to the liberal mindset? Not be American?


>Wnt from being literal glowie who kills Soviet soldiers and destabilizes African nations to ancap PMC who kills Soviet soldiers and destabilizes African nations
<did nothing wrong


File: 1616385546597.jpg (34.57 KB, 800x400, 29-theshadowlord41.jpg)



File: 1616386015883.gif (258.15 KB, 400x242, 1409474981398.gif)

Handsome Jack did nothing wrong


File: 1616389359412.gif (2.28 MB, 224x240, overmind.gif)

Only thing he wanted to do was perfect his species, and was used as a unwilling tool for the destruction of his species and all others expect that of the Hybrid.


Vibranium weapons are supposed to be so advanced, they're practically like having super powers. Half of Captain America's "superpowers" is just "he has a vibranium shield".


File: 1616707672452.jpg (630.2 KB, 978x1265, dbbr8v3-eca53bc7-b5bd-4eb5….jpg)

>no greater good, no just cause.
They are anti-imperialist and will support the smaller side in every proxy conflict for the sole purpose of maintaining global war going, forever.


that's some fine-ass fanart


Kane quite literally did nothing wrong.
Look at where Tiberium research was in C&C Renegade, Dr. Petrova is literally a superhuman powered by tiberium, and as of Tiberian Sun they're attempting to deploy the World Altering Missile to change literally everyone so that they're all incredibly powerful and capable of easily fighting off the Scrin harvesting team and hijacking their ships, which was supposed to become Command and Conquer's version of the Golden Path as humanity is forced to abandon its singular planet it resides on to begin taking the entire galaxy.


File: 1618350105001.jpg (807.42 KB, 1141x1824, Adrian_Veidt_Watchmen_Movi….jpg)

>so fucking smart, you're immediately an incel or wizard
>tasked with stopping the cold war and bringing global peace
>has to compete with fascist, sociopaths and a doomer god
>realizes humans are such shit the only way to usher in world peace is with an even bigger lie
>fool the world and a literal god too
>god submits
>douchey white nationalist prick tries to stop you after the fact, putting world peace at risk
>forces you to kill him. god smites him
>protect yourself and the world by retiring in solitude
>no one knows what you risked
>colleagues and comic book readers to this day think you're a villain and fucking Rorschach is le cool based hero


The whole point of the comic flew over your head if you actually think this


File: 1618359607421.webm (4.5 MB, 1280x720, USA is dominate.webm)

>The entire COD series for the most part


Maybe, I read it at work. But he's still better than the likes of Rorschach and the comedian.


Its sad. Aging is such a tragedy.


From the bunch of sociopaths and failures around him he is the more admirable. But frankly, if there is a point I missed too I would like to know it.


The whole pirate comic parallels Ozymandias, with the implication that his plan either won't work or is based on false premises.

On a grander level he's just taking the superhero idea of using violent force to protect the status quo to it's furthest extent.


File: 1623343698710.jpeg (57.34 KB, 1200x675, EA1tvQcX4AEBhKR.jpeg)

Tsukasa from Dr. Stone.

Basically radical anarcho-primitivist zoomerist anti-boomerism


File: 1623343955614.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, 102_-_Meruem_studying.png)

It's just human nature


Really, that retard that thinks it’s because of “muh boomers” instead of the capitalist system that caused it?

Tsukasa is an idealist retard who completely blames technology instead of capitalism like so many primitivist reactionaries.


Of course, but the way I like to think about it is that that's just because the story's writer is clearly a colossal musk fanboy-tier lib. There's no way the antagonist is ever gonna actually be good when he's written by his ideological enemies into a strawman.

Besides, I give the guy some slack on the basis that unlike literally every single primitivist tard in real life, this man actually is a colossal chad who can somehow kill lions with his bare hands.


Tsukasa is essentially the lib writer's idea of what revolutionary leftists are like. You'll see Tsukasa be literally anti-science, meanwhile the liberal order worshipping guy is the path to progress, which obviously couldn't be farther from the truth.

However the sheer audacity of the writer actually pushes me to still side with the retarded anarcho-primitivist, consider it a rebellion against the author's narrative itself.


>the liberal order worshipping guy
Which character would that be?

The manga missed a golden opportunity for some interesting drama and character development recently that really disappointed me.


the main character of course. he's pretty much the archetypical modern day "I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE" type lib. Good intentioned, but also a total moron. I'm willing to bet the writer jerks off hard to elon musk.


The only hint of liberalism I've encountered is that weird thing they did with currency when recruiting that rich guy to be ship captain.


File: 1623378040387-0.webm (978.76 KB, 1280x720, MoscowRadioSignal.webm)

File: 1623378040387-1.webm (8.98 MB, 1280x720, GloryToThoseThatLookForwa….webm)

Interesting. You know I so want to write my own little AU of Dr. Stone where it turns out that not only living humans get petrified but also humans that were embalmed in a certain way. Perhaps a certain Revolutionary gets revived from their stone prison and leads the Russian people to the stars once again?

Would be interesting in that AU when Senku makes his radio and he does hear the Why-Man's voice but when pointing it to the northwest he hears a certain song playing on the radio after a interval signal plays…


File: 1623378279558-0.mp4 (1.53 MB, 1280x720, Радио Москва - Radio Mosco….mp4)

File: 1623378279558-1.mp4 (11.33 MB, 640x360, GloryToThoseThatLookForwar….mp4)

>>16366 (Me)
Sorry posted version of the vids without sounds before, fixed them.


He's a liberal because he has no interest in making sure the new world will be any different from the capitalism of the old, he just wants to awaken everyone and return to status quo. The antagonist might be a brainless primitivist idiot, but at least he's got the right idea in the sense that he understands the fact that they literally have free reign to create a new kind of humanity from scratch without a bloody revolution instead of just returning to the old.


>You know I so want to write my own little AU of Dr. Stone where it turns out that not only living humans get petrified but also humans that were embalmed in a certain way. Perhaps a certain Revolutionary gets revived from their stone prison and leads the Russian people to the stars once again



But his slaves didn't.


sounds fun
who is getting revived


File: 1623600277921.jpeg (243.13 KB, 1200x817, 5654768ge3-1918.jpeg)

Who do you think? ;)

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