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Anybody else in the bunker enjoy cars and motorsport?

Discuss anything motoring related here.

To start I'll say I've spent the last few days doing the brakes on my own car, including new calipers. Fucking hard work on an old POS, nothing comes apart easily.
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Oh, gotcha. Yeah we've got Tor, it's just sometimes blocked for a day or two whenever we get spammers, so keep that in mind.


So anything new on your RADAR?


Personal account of Soviet Car Repair Services
Some of this is legit and the guy talks (writes) like an actual Soviet Russian (t. Rusanon), but some of it is being a bit childish and playing a personal experience as the general situation. I'll also add that compared to mechanic shops in the USA, these are superior results by far.
https://5koleso.ru/articles/obzory/kak-obsluzhivali-i-chinili-mashiny-v-sssr-rasskazyvayu-pro-svoj-lichnyj-opyt/ https://archive.ph/Tblq9
This article provides a balanced overview on the reason for some poor service https://www.drive2.com/b/494705741660160070/ https://archive.ph/5ejeo

The author also ignores that all Soviet in-city apartments had assigned garages that had repair-pits, and any man worth his salt could do maintenance on their car. The fact that the engine on Soviet cars could easily be removed and lowered onto a plank placed below means that repairs are easy, compared to modern cars that have companies use shitty plastic covers to deny easy access to the engine (see Toyota Avalons from 2012 and onward and compare the engine well to a Camry 1999.).


Машиностроение Которые Мы Потеряли.


File: 1632288305016.png (253.69 KB, 596x582, 1565625194730.png)

>all Soviet in-city apartments had assigned garages that had repair-pits, and any man worth his salt could do maintenance on their car. The fact that the engine on Soviet cars could easily be removed and lowered onto a plank placed below means that repairs are easy, compared to modern cars that have companies use shitty plastic covers to deny easy access to the engine (see Toyota Avalons from 2012 and onward and compare the engine well to a Camry 1999.).


> 21-piece toolkit for repairs
What did this kit contain? Is this kit still relevant? I mean if I gather something similar to this kit can i still survive on the road today?


File: 1632289465486.jpg (520.44 KB, 800x1071, ZAZ-966-001-800.jpg)

Basically 1 Screw-pump Jack to raise a car, a set of wrenches and lug-wrenches and a tire iron. Spare parts for most key features (like brakes) also often got provided and stored in the trunk.

A Westerner's review of the Lada: https://archive.ph/98xFE


Really cool and seems it's still relevant, I'll have to assemble something like it.
I love how square the lada looks like, I hate how all cards today are bloby and round.


>I hate how all cards today are bloby and round.
Same TBH, aerodynamics of modern cars arae fucking bullshit, given that an old Trabby still has 2x the mileage any modern "aerodynamic" design has. The only designs that are aerodyanmic but not stupid are the 90s cars, cause' they're still long enough to be aesthetically pleasing.


Future Transport and Energy - Cars, Trains, Ships and Planes
Cars are going to be non-carbon emitting in the future, but they cannot be expected to reduce pollution as BEVs (Battery-Electric Vehicles) since that just takes electricity from carbon-emitting powergrids. Moreover literally anyone that has briefly looked into how batteries are manufactured knows that they're as bad if not worse for the environment to manufacture as making gasoline and diesel. You are going to use your feet and public transportation more in the future so cars are going to be more need-based and not vanity items. The methods to do this already exist for Light Transport, the problem is how to decarbonize trucks, airplanes and ships. 71% of all carbon emissions are caused by 100 corporate enterprises (that do little to nothing to reduce their carbon footprints despite being able to nullify the majority of their outputs). There is no need to completely electrify transportation using batteries. Batteries make sense for personal cars, small trucks, and city buses. Trains don't need batteries since they can use overhead powerlines and live rails. Ships and aircraft cannot rely on batteries. They need fuel with far more energy density.

The go-to choice for Airplanes because power to weight of hydrogen is better than that of jet fuel. Fuel cells + electric motors have better efficiency (70-80%) than pure jet turbines (20-30%). Electric jets can still have a sort of afterburner that burns hydrogen for extra thrust.
Blended wing / Flying Body fuselage designs (a la the Su-27 or ЭКИП*) will accommodate bulky hydrogen tanks without much problems or downsides. Hydrogen will also be very interesting for heavy industrial vehicles, because all your industrial equipment now can produce a lot of electrical power, that can be used by secondary equipment. A big hydrogen powered tractor can probably double as an electric emergency generator for an entire town and power it for like a week. Cities could probably get emergency power out of H2 powered utility vehicles as well. And you can make hydrogen with a relatively small hydrolysis machine if you have water and electricity, which means it's possible to operate this in places where a traditional diesel supply is not viable. When most light weight vehicles change to electric batteries it might be cheaper to operate a hydrogen supply system for heavy equipment than a traditional fuel supply line.

The problem with hydrogen is that its cost intensive to transport, store and use. Here is the need for synthetic fuels: Using chemical processes to produce large quantities of molecules of diesel, kerosene, petrol etc.. There exists a process called Fischer-Torpsch which does just that.
The Fischer-Torpsch process requires hydrogen as an input so you could argue if you need hydrogen, why not just produce hydrogen fuel cells. The reason is that Hydrogen (Protium, Dueterium and Tritium) requires a large-scale production of new machinery and infrastructure, synthetic fuels do not.
Alternatively Pyrolysis could be used

The real important factor is that the hydrogen, either for fuel cells or for synthetic fuels, must be produced in a non carbon-emitting way. For example, the US Navy aircraft carriers can produce jet fuel from air and seawater using some process powered by the onboard nuclear reactors. Nuclear is carbon free energy so the resulting fuel is carbon neutral, it was made from carbon already existing in the atmosphere and will not change the total atmospheric carbon when combusted. This is why installing vast quantities of carbon-free electricity is important. Heck this can even be done on a local level https://archive.ph/HqJjU

Carbon capture is also a necessity but requires more electricity generation capacity. So of course, we must generate the electricity in a way that does not produce more carbon emissions. Most electricity comes from coal right now, which is why I advocate for electrification using non-emitting power generation like nuclear supplemented by solar and wind. There are a multitude of methods for carbon capture such as BECCS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_capture_and_storage

the big argument for synthetic fuels is that they don't depreciate existing capital. But if you make synthetic fuel out of plants you are competing against food production, and if you make it from hydrogen and captured carbon you have an extra energy conversion step with additional efficiency losses in your energy supply. You can make synthetic fuel in direct solar conversion which draws hydrogen and carbon from the air in a catalytic thermal reactor, or via algae, but also consider that fuel cells will likely be able to use both h2 and synthetic fuel. I think that H2 and Synfuel are close contenders with H2 having a slight edge, especially since there has been some progress in getting rid of rare metal electrodes, getting higher temperature resistant proton exchange membranes, and cheaper thinner insulation for cryogenic H2 storage.

So to summarize; the future of transport lies in synthgas and H2 cells alongside nuclear energy and solar/wind.


Public transport is probably going to supercede the need for in-city cars for the most part but people should be able to have cars and moreover Unless an established city is properly constructed it is not possible to effectively fully implement public transport as you could in cities planned for this problem. This applies to suburbia too; they're extensions of the city transitioning to the more rural areas.


Sandy Munro predicts China going to dominate electric car market. The guy is an internationally renowned car engineer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Munro


here is him shitting on Tesla M3. It's absolutely hilarious.


Top Tesla Fires - because you have to make cars not only complex for people to self-repair, but also make it dangerous for Firefighters to use their hydraulic cutters!


Bros, how do I start getting into cars? I bought GT Sport to play with my G29 using car hobbyist friends and it's like I've just opened my eyes to a new hobby. I'm 20 years old and I'm also only just getting a car for the first time and I loved driving it whenever I could.


Idk anon, I dont know much about cars, but I do enjoy going to the junkyards with my dad looking for goodies to scrap


Ask yourself what do you like about cars and go for that.
Do you like working on them? Driving them? they way they look or feel? Is there an specific car you want to drive?


Well, what do you like about cars?


NTA but driving them and repairing them is interesting and has a small learning curve, so I can pick it up and improve - learning things as I go and enjoying the thrill of going at speeds no human can run.


For me, I love driving them, and I've always been fascinated by the engineering aspects of cars and the aspects that define and make a car- their reliability, their power, their aesthetics.

Recently though, I've also been really interested in motorsports. Controlling your speeds and the techniques in cornering- the skill it takes to drive something going at 200 km/h is really intense. This is probably a lot of "interests" but that's because I'm just starting to get into them. There's so many brands, names, models, I don't know how people can keep track.


Yeah racing is really something. Memorizing brand and model names is per person TBH I do it easily, others don't.


>Memorizing brand and model names is per person TBH I do it easily

I'm sure I can do it easily, for me it just depends on what I associate with each car. How would you say you do it?


I have yet to drive one, I just want my own transportation because public transport here is so abysmal.
After that I just want to go road tripping to the country.


I observe physical car details that are distinct in models and companies. Thus one can identify a Chevrolet Impala from a Dodge Charger at a distance easily.

Where do you live (approximately) because different cars are optimal for different places. If you need an alrounder car and live in the city I suggest 4-cylinder pre 2006 Toyota Highlanders - easy to repair, easy to maintain, not too big externally (parking space) but plenty of room inside. Only thing to look out for is sharp turns at high speed, but that's every SUV.


rate my choice of starter car, with any luck I should be able to afford one in two to three months
i'm also considering a hyundai tiburon/coupé or a first gen impreza, which were childhood dream cars for me tbh - mobil 1 rally championship was the shit
so was the audi tt, but i've been told it's a bad idea, also audi and bmw have a reputation here in poland


Colombia, the only special thing a car will need here is being able to take very steep hills and dips but there aren't that many to be concern and t to be honest I'm focused on getting a motorcycle, that's the norm here.
I also want to note that in medellín there is a neighborhood build on the side of the mountain that is so steep it had no streets but stairs.


File: 1635288286919.png (1.17 MB, 736x552, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah I'd stick to a motorcycle. You could add a carriage on the side for more carrying capacity.

>Toyota sportscar
Not bad but judging from the engine intake it probably eats a lot of gas compared to a sedan Camry.
>Audi and BMW haven't been good in some time, Maserati break constantly and require a lot of maintenance to upkeep. Tesla are just shit in general (and expensive).
Привет от Россий!


>Yeah I'd stick to a motorcycle. You could add a carriage on the side for more carrying capacity.
I'd love to but I've never seen a sidecart around here, that may change soon because the motorcycle market here just grows non stop.


I've heard that old Soviet Ural bikes are pretty common in Latin America, you could see if you can find one, they're damn reliable and cheap.


Never seen anything soviet-made here, bummer


true, but thanks to the wonders of remote work and schooling I won't be driving it anywhere close to everyday
also, if I hold the purchase off until my internship ends, I might be able to splurge on one with an LPG installation


How can i drive cars that I don't own?
How do I get somebody to lend me their car for a test drive?


There are rentals and car leasers and also in some auto-dealer places they let you test drive cars, though you have to put down money in case of accident and to pay for wear.

Ok then man, good luck


Hmm… I bet rentals get a lot of "I just want to try it" people like I.
I'll look into it.


no shit they do, the one in my county seat has a special offer to have fun with the newest Honda/Acura NSX


File: 1637001989188.jpeg (999.65 KB, 3000x2178, top-gear-hosts.jpeg)

Is this show worth watching? I don't mind a beginner level understanding of cars, especially for what seems to be just a comedy show.


The automobile and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.


Top Gear is very hit and miss. Especially the first few seasons when they didn't know what they were doing yet and the last few seasons when they were too famous to do anything. Pick and choose from 2005-2013 based on what looks interesting.

>rate my choice of starter car
Looks good and too slow and FWD to kill yourself. Good starter car in my opinion. An impreza or audi tt will probably be more expensive to buy and insure. Insurance will be very high for any car if you are a new driver so a small engine Celica is a better idea and a turbo charged rally car.

>audi and bmw have a reputation here in poland

I don't know about Poland but Audi TT is very feminine car where I am and BMW is owned by young thug who will not take care of it.


I enjoy top gear. Dry British humour and expensive cars getting fucked is always funny to me, maybe I'm just simple like that.


1st gen imprezas are actually quite cheap at the moment though I've been warned this is basically the last moment to buy them
about the insurance, the 1.8l 1zz won't be too cheap either, I think I'll give my mom an ownership share in the celica so I can use her insurance bonuses she hasn't driven once since getting her license decades ago lol
>bmw is owned by young thugs
yep, same stereotype


>about the insurance, the 1.8l 1zz won't be too cheap either,
Actually you're right, the non-WRX Imprezas are quite a lot slower than the Celica and therefor probably cheaper to insure. A WRX STi would be pretty crazy for a first car.

>yep, same stereotype

The reason you don't want one is because there will be 5000 things wrong with it because the cool kid who bought it to impress his mates can't afford to fix it properly.


yeah, I know all about that, they can also have all sorts of peasant-style tunes and modifications that make them look bad and make their issues worse


Not really, Corporations and factories cause 70% of emissions and automobiles revolutionized transport and more.


>Not really, Corporations and factories cause 70% of emissions and automobiles revolutionized transport and more.
And the military. An F-16 burns more oil in 1 hour than a person burns in their whole life of driving a cars.


and banning ICE cars while allowing private jets is an example of how they're subsidizing the losses.


bros, I failed my license test again today
but at least I got out of the DMV's parking lot and drove one or two kilometers into town, which is progress


How!? In what country?


by not switching lanes quickly enough and crossing a junction in the left lane because I thought I wouldn't make it right after the chicane
the examiner even told me off for being "too comfortable" driving and said it was a shame, cause everything up to that point had been okay
this was in Poland


That's very pedantic TBH
Да брат не повезло! The USA is extremely lax in this regards, I had more trouble preparing for my exam and the exam had been piddlyshit.


Who are the best car reviewers out there?


Russia has a good channel that does Soviet vehicles (linked in my Soviet automobile effortpost)

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