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what do you guys think of H.P lovecraft ?



He was an anglophile which is just stupid, but he was a nice writer so he cares
also nigga cat


When, long ago, the gods created Earth
In Jove's fair image Man was shaped at birth.
The beasts for lesser parts were next designed;
Yet were they too remote from humankind.
To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,
Th'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.
A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
Filled it with vice, and called the thing a


He was scared of fish


Entertaining racist.


all the cthulu thing isn't scary anymore, my guess is that a big part of a fear came from the elimination of humanity in general but these days we allready have WOMD that can erease earth so people have allready gotten used to the fact that we're completely doomed anyways, infact most of lovecraftian shit gives a comforting and nostalgic atmosphere these days.
also >>>/hobby/


Americans aren’t human and Lovecraft was aware of the conspiracy but feared for his life and just tried to tell the truth about the ugly fish goblinos in world like Shadow over Insmouth


Damn bro you got the whole squad laughin


really great author who pioneered a genre. his personal views are more funny than anything, he naming his cat uighurman, being such an anglophile that he was terrified of having Welsh ancestry, and marrying a Jewess is comical.



damn thad wud suk ;(


His racism is so wacky and archaic that it’s funny. He holds prejudices that likely wouldn’t even occur to the average Klansman or skinhead. Pretty sure there’s a line in Call of Cthulu that mentions how only the degenerate races worship him, such as the mulattos or the Portuguese.


Didn't he become a lefty in his later life ?


He was also deathly afraid of the Welsh.


If he didnt hate the dutch, then he wasnt certified racist™


not really but I mean he married a jew, and become more accepting.


I think after WWII happened he rescinded his views on racism, but it was probably out of sympathy rather than because his personal views on biology actually changed.


His wife left him because he went on antisemitic rants.


Lovecraft died in 1937.


He realised the threat eternal 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿sheep shaggers🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 posed before anyone else.


I liked the movie "In the Mouth of Madness" but that was more of a satire of Lovecraft based on a novel by Stephen King so… lmao


I find it ironic that /pol/fags worship him when he was completely fascinated by oriental culture. He makes a lot of explicit references to islamic texts, the nameless city is from an Arabic myth and is mentioned in the quran. His conception of deities is also very eerily similar to the sufic conception of god. They believe he is a being beyond human conception and the more you learn about God's nature the more likely you are to go insane. Also his favorite book as a child was a 1001 nights.


A cool /pol/tard. Interesting to note that he mellowed out tremendously later in life, I think he would just be a normal editor for Weird Tales if he had lived longer.


watch colour out of space, its directly based on lovecraft and kinda has a nice little b-movie charm


>I find it ironic that /pol/fags worship him when he was completely fascinated by oriental culture.
It's not ironic, /pol/negros all are filthy weebs and believe 99% the same bullshit Islamic fundies do


>/pol/fags worship him
Since when? Before or after some SJW-hero did a nice job and break it by saying that Lovecraft is ugh, problematic? I really wonder how this people think. Is it that everything is new for them? Or is it that they can't make political judgements? As in poker play, so to speak.

>It's not ironic, /pol/negros all are filthy weebs and believe 99% the same bullshit Islamic fundies do
That would be an anachronism. Because the latest wahabist/salafist bullshit is really new. Say what you want about orientalism, true or imagined. But at least it isn't about someone razing tombs because it's "shirk" to keep historical memorysakes.


he looks like zuckerberg and AOC had a baby


hitler himself liked muslims


Who doesn't hate the perfidious d*tch though? Their whole country is below sea level. You know what's also below sea level? The Deep Ones. Dagon. Sunken R'lyeh.
And far too tall, as if for generations they've been interbreeding with a race of gangly alien conquerors from way out beyond the stars.
Awful people. Awful country. A pervasive aura of wrongness hangs over the country like a pall.

>Lovecraft died in 1937.
Yes, and Herbert West interviewed him in 1948.


When you think about it, we actually did discover lovecraftian/eldritch shit in the far reaches of space in a sense
In regards to black holes for instance, we use Infinity for our calculations because the math is unable to calculate it - as the escape velocity comes ever closer to light speed for instance, the mass exponentially grows. we have to do a border comparison, which returns infinity as gravity for an escape velocity of c at the event horizon.
A black hole is also a sphere. the horizon of the sphere is the cutoff point of our universe and the spacetime inside the sphere. the singularity is simply the center. if we follow our conventional physics, then at the exact cutoff point of the event horizon, spacetime's curvature is infinite to make the escape velocity c.
that means that inside the horizon, things get..eldritch. spacetime is bent to such a degree that the dimensions of time and the dimensions of space switch spots. there is no way out because every direction leads toward the singularity. in essence, space has become time and the singularity is all around you. the only way to get out would be to go back in time.
this is what people mean when they say that inside a black hole, physics and mathematics doesn't work. it just doesn't. think about some logical consequences of the things we currently know about black holes and general physics.
'black hole' is an apt name for this phenomenon. a spot in the fabric of reality that tears it apart in ways we cannot reconcile. a barrier that can only be crossed one way, and once beyond, nothing works the way it should.
black holes are quite possibly the most lovecraftian thing in this universe.
That’s not to get into stars, powered by insane incomprehensible energy, with heat so intense as to fuse atoms together, they have natural life cycles too depending on the type of star, and on the cosmic scale stars are almost like cells or atoms, in fact, ain’t it interesting how solar systems and the components of atoms resemble each other?


>I-Is that… an Italian person… in my beautiful New England?!? AHHHHH uighurMAN HELP ME I'M GOING INSAAAAAAAAAANE


Too bad Lovecraft was apparently not aware of the work of Einstein or Schwarzschild. They had already theorized the existence of black holes by his day.


/pol/ definitely does not worship him? not sure why you think that. /tv/ and /lit/ mock him endearingly but I think that's the extent 4chan knows or cares about Lovecraft




>Too bad Lovecraft was apparently not aware of the work of Einstein or Schwarzschild.
Nope. In one story, there's some refrerence to some semitic man saying that time is relative. Lovecraft also used Alfred Wegener's continental drift theory as a vehicle.


insane reactionary and racist who was also a talented writer.



Black king.


good stories and basically a caricature of New England. 10/10.




source? Copypastaing that would be coemdy gold


great writer, worth reading, essential if you're ever interested in accelerationism


While a lot of people talk about his racism, I think it's important to contextualize it. Once you understand Lovecraft's background, you get a bit of insight into why he had some really morally abhorrent views.
>Born and raised in a dilapidated New England Mansion
>Father went incurably insane when he was a young boy, Lovecraft had to watch him physically disintegrate in an asylum
>Lived with his grandfather, received no formal education but had free access to all of his grandfather's books; getting classic literature, a few sciences, etc
>Develops no social relationships outside of his immediate family in this time
>Mother suddenly goes insane and gets sent to the same psychiatric ward
>Eventually released, takes Lovecraft back home and lives the life of a hermit
>Constantly tells Lovecraft that he's disgusting, he's ugly, that he couldn't EVER go outside because of how horrible he looks.
>During this time it's said that Lovecraft only ever left the house for necessities, and even then only wearing a large coat and hat and not making eye contact with anyone.
>Gets his big break writing horror
>His letter to the editor describes his own stories as trash, but hopefully one of them would be worth printing.
>Never really achieves fame, but gets a small circle of writers he'd correspond with frequently.
>For the first time in his entire adult life, Lovecraft actually has friends.
>Gets married, his wife believes that she can help him by rescuing him from the shadow of his family-life in New England, they move to New York City.
>Lovecraft, social mess that he is, immediately hates the city.
>Goes from seeing no one outside of his immediate family to massive crowds of people, impoverished migrants, etc
>Perpetually unemployed, has no actual skillset to find a job.
>Wife eventually divorces him, he immediately returns to New England
>Keeps up the correspondence with his friends, meets a few of them in person.
>Dies completely broke.

Honestly, Lovecraft's life is a a testament to what loneliness could do to a person.


>Lived with his grandfather, received no formal education but had free access to all of his grandfather's books; getting classic literature, a few sciences, etc
Reminds me of Dunwich Horror.

But if we're going to believe Houllebecq's long essay, Lovecraft was at first infatuated with New York. He didn't like to grow up. Had to stop playing with his toys at 17. He also thought that he was born in the wrong century. He would rather have lived in the 1700s or the 2000s, IIRC.


The man was incredibly fearful of everything all the time. One of his books IIRC was based on his fear of his neighbor's brand new air conditioner and it gave him nightmares until he went over there and spent a few hours and realized it wasn't going to suck his soul out or something.


A what? I think you forgot to post the whole thing


>be lumpen
>be reactionary
like clockwork


File: 1608526099476.png (244.9 KB, 565x565, CoolAir565.png)

yeah here it is
>The story is set up as the narrator's explanation for why a "draught of cool air" is the most detestable thing to him.

>The tale opens up in the spring of 1923 with the narrator looking for housing in New York City, finally settling in a converted brownstone on West Fourteenth Street. Eventually, a chemical leak from the floor above reveals that the inhabitant directly overhead is a strange, old, reclusive doctor. One day the narrator suffers a heart attack, and remembering that a doctor lives directly above, heads there, culminating in his first meeting with Dr. Muñoz.

>The doctor shows supreme medical skill and saves the narrator with a concoction of drugs, resulting in the fascinated narrator returning regularly to sit and learn from the doctor, his new friend. As their talks continue, it becomes increasingly evident that the doctor has an obsession with defying death through all available means.

>The doctor's room is kept cold at approximately 56 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) using an ammonia-based refrigeration system, the pumps driven by a gasoline engine. As time goes on, the doctor's health declines and his behaviour becomes increasingly eccentric. The cooling system is continuously upgraded, to the point where some areas are at sub-freezing temperatures–until one night when the pump breaks down.

>Without explanation, the panic-striken doctor frantically implores his friend to help him keep his body cool. Unable to repair the machine until morning and without a replacement piston, they resort to having the doctor stay in a tub full of ice. The narrator spends his time replenishing the ice, but soon is forced to employ someone else to do it. When he finally manages to locate competent mechanics and the replacement part however, it is too late.

>He arrives at the apartment only to see the rapidly-decomposed remains of the doctor, and a rushed, "hideously smeared" letter. The narrator reads it, and to his horror, finally understands the doctor's peculiarities: Dr. Muñoz was undead, and has been for the past 18 years. Refusing to give in, he has kept his body going past the point of death using various methods, including perpetual coldness.


I wouldn't exactly say he was lumpen, class-wise. More like an impoverished aristocrat.


Dude literally hated everything not an Angloid New Englander. To the point that he called Hitler’s political platform “too moderate” in his early years.


He only wrote The Shadow Over Innsmouth because he found out that his grandpa was welsh. The ending where the protagonist found out that he’s also a deep one is from that.


The only race who racists aren't allowed to hate is People of Blackface (aka the Dutch).





File: 1608526409508.jpg (88.95 KB, 720x869, 1515183128757.jpg)

While it doesn't justify his racism by any means, I reserve a certain amount of pity for Howard P. because of his bad life experiences. I feel like part of the why he developed such outlandish and paranoid political views was that so much of his life had been painful and confusing in a way he found difficult to make sense of. Clearly he was dealing with whatever mental illness he'd inherited from his parents as well as what was clearly some debilitating social anxiety. I have a feeling that he'd probably have been an alright bloke (for the time) if he hadn't had such a shit upbringing. A lot of the gloominess and existential despair in his writing is clearly borne of the unhappiness that pervaded his whole existence.



Cthulhu isn't scary anymore because people don't actually read his literature and thus fail to understand that it isn't some generic kaiju, but a LITERAL (eldritch) god who is incomprehensible in true form and humanity is absolutely nothing in front of it.


To repost

The subject of Hitler came up several times in Lovecraft's letters, and this particular quote I think helps to put a good deal of his views on the man - and the Nazis in general - in perspective. It is more damning with faint praise than Hitler receives in some of Lovecraft's other letters, casting the Nazi dictator as the lesser of two evils, and focusing specifically on the contrast between Nazism and Bolshevism - basically, the Communist revolution in Russia, with its inherent overthrowing of the old order and iconoclasm. While we today know that Hitler was worse than Lovecraft knew, these are the views of a man from his own time, working with what limited information came through the press - and even at that, Lovecraft was suspicious of the press, leading to a kind of epistemic closure. It was really only through correspondents like Shea that Lovecraft got any kind of challenge to some of the preconceptions he held, which forced him to defend and reconsider them.

"As for Germany today—to call it a “madhouse” is to exaggerated in the grossest fashion. The details of Nazism are deplorable, but they do not even begin to compare in harmfulness with the extravagances of communism. You seem to forget that most of the German people are quietly going about their business as usual, with a much better morale than they had last year. If the Nazi destruction of certain books is silly—& there is no reason to deny that it is—then there is no word to express the abysmal idiocy & turpitude of the bolshevik war on normal culture & expression. Germany has not even begun to parallel Russia in the destruction of those basic values which Western Europeans live by. When I say I like Hitler I do not imply that his is a & blindly against the disintegrative forces which more educated & sophisticated people accept without adequate evidence as inevitable. His neurotic fanaticism, scientific addle-patedness, & crude gaucheries & extravagances are admitted & deplored—& of course it is quite possible that he actually may do more harm than good. Once can scarcely prophesy the future. But the fact remains that he is the sole remaining rallying-point for German morale, & that virtually all of the best & most cultivated Germans accept him temporarily for what he is—a lesser evil at a special & exacting crisis of history. Objections to Hitler—that is, the violent & hysterical objections which one sees outside Germany—seem to be based largely on a soft idealism or “humanitarianism” which is out of places in an emergency. This sentimentalism may be a pleasing ornament in normal times, but it must be kept out of the way when the survival of a great nation hangs in the balance. The preservation of Germany as a coherent cultural & political fabric is of infinitely greater importance than the comfort of those who have been incommoded by Nazism—& of course the number of suffers is negligible as compared with that of bolshevism’s victims. If what you say were true—that others could save Germany better than Hitler—then I’d be in favour of giving them a chance. But unfortunately the others had their chance & didn’t prove themselves equal to it. […] Your hatred of Nazism—especially in the light of your extenuation of bolshevism’s vastly greater savageries—appears to me to be a matter of idealistic emotion unsupported by historic perspective or by a sense of the practical compromises necessary in tight places. Emotion runs away with you. For example—you get excited about four Americans who were mobbed because they didn’t salute the Nazi flag. Well, as a matter of fact, did you ever hear of a nation that didn’t mob foreigners who refused to salute its flag in times of political & military emergency? […] Still—don’t get my wrong. I’m not saying that Schön[e] Adolf is anything more than a lesser evil. A crude, blind force—a stop-gap. The one point is that he’s the only force behind which the traditional German spirit seems to be able to get. When the Germans can get another leader, & emerge from the present period of arbitrary fanaticism, his usefulness will be over."
- H. P. Lovecraft to J. Vernon Shea, 8 Nov 1933, 000-0655, Letters to J. Vernon Shea 202-203

>The Welsh
Aye, Albion Gwiber of (New) England has always clashed with Y Ddraig Goch


I think it’s more that Cthulhu is no longer scary because we’ve had world ending weapons, have known the universe is incomprehensibly vast, have known how old the universe is, known the entire history of Earth and our evolution without any god needed, for nearly a century now.
Once you’ve lived fearing the very real end of the world due to human warfare for decades Cthulhu conceptually seems way less scary.


File: 1608526426401-0.png (226.41 KB, 310x437, EV vs Chtulhu.png)

File: 1608526426401-1.jpg (95.34 KB, 1080x642, Biblical Angel.jpg)

A very interesting Evangelion x Cthulhu Mythos Crossover fic that I enjoyed but also left me somewhat unsettled. Frankly the sheer horror of the eldritch beings and how they affect people is what makes it a bit offputting after finishing. It's the kind of horror that crawls under your skin like a tentacle.


Of course the 'best' Eva-Cthulhu fic is of course Children of an Elder God

On a seperate note there is an anime based on HP Lovecraft's ideas: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyaruko:_Crawling_with_Love
Speaking of Digimon got really eldritch with some of its media. https://bogleech.com/digimon/d150mother.html


Also it's amusing that some biblical depictions of angels are closer to Evangelion than anything we see in common media.


His power is supposed to be casually equivalent to an all out nuclear strike and the noneuclidian horror is an affect that supposedly affects anyone.

Cthulhu is only less scary because it's fiction with a realistic edge to it.


Color Out of Space is the only story of his that genuinely spooked me


In the original works Cthulhu isn’t that great though. It’s just a lowly priest settling on a planet most other Old Ones considered an irrelevant backwater world.
The thing works through madness of the world and can go intangible, no weapon can really affect it.


I mean Gamma Ray Bursts can destroy our planet whenever and we have no proof time can’t just randomly stop, so….


Various people have said that Lovecraft expressed a thorough-going materialism either throughout or in his later works. I'm pretty this "materialism" is of the naturalist sort.
Recently, his work eventually inspired the philosophy of "speculative realism"- imagining the world as autonomous from human comprehension- which the influence is obvious. I would say that it's a trend that has appeared as the social sciences have increasingly begun to realise the slow pace of its predictive power. And, more specifically, in relation to some British universities' embrace of continental philosophy and radical, para-academic aesthetics.
Williams S. Burroughs underwent a similar treatment because of Nick Land in the 80-90s; and, what do you know; Lovecraft was a big inspiration for him as well.


Good entertainer, nothing more than that.


>Recently, his work eventually inspired the philosophy of "speculative realism"- imagining the world as autonomous from human comprehension- which the influence is obvious.
But that idea is not rare at all, you can find it through the history of philosophy. IMO Baudrillard's "objective irony" (objects play with us, not we with them) is a far more interesting spin on the idea than speculative realism. As for fiction you could as well cite Philip Dick as an influence for example.


dont much about lovecraft but i found a 8bit rpg for like 3 dollars on steam called cthulu saves the world and it was amusing for a bit


Lovecraft and video games is a pretty good mix in theory, but not many do it well because once you figure out how the game's systems work it loses all of that crushing horror. Take Amnesia for example - it quickly becomes a simple stealth game with resource management.
A proper Lovecraft game would constantly tweak its systems just to fuck with your sense of what's going to happen. And/or would have the systems so complex and opaque that the player can never figure out how things really interact with each other. Then horror would be something more than just cheap decoration.


i agree 100% but i was talking about a 3 dollar 8 bit rpg that was goofy so i didnt have super high expectations


What do you guys think of h bomber guys video on him?


>HPlovercraft in te 21 century is really about me.
Video turns into personal sex idpol after a few minutes. I thought I would get interesting stuff about the HPloveccratf fantasy world, but it turns out it is about boring personal stuff. I think the video might be trying to tell me homophobes are fish people. I probably did not understand that the way it was meant. It is definitely trying to spoil the fun about HPs cool monsters. If you think it is about something else , you did not grow up, you grew sour.


>I think the video might be trying to tell me homophobes are fish people.
&ltI probably did not understand that the way it was meant.
Audibly keked


I hear he had a redemption arc at the end of his life, but I am not sure.


nigger cat lmaoo


According to porkypedia:
>After leaving New York, he moved to an apartment at 10 Barnes Street near Brown University with his surviving aunt; a few years later, they moved to a slightly less expensive place at 65 Prospect Street. As a result of the Great Depression, he shifted towards socialism, decrying both his prior beliefs and the rising tide of fascism.[78] He supported Franklin D. Roosevelt, but he thought that the New Deal was not sufficiently leftist.[79]


He shifted significantly to the left in the last 6 years of his life, disowning his reactionary past and basically becoming a socialist. I recommend reading his personal letters, it's fascinating watching how his views change, and how disillusioned and disgusted he becomes with the views of his younger self.


He shat on The New Deal for trying to save the doomed system of capitalism and advocate for revolutionary actions. He was only a reactionary due to his dysfunctional upbringing of a NEET in hyper conservative New England.
Similar to how Che used to be white supremacist until he actually lived alongside actual working class people and realized the “racial divide” of LatAm is completely made up by the ruling oligarchs to mimic to colonial period.


the insane produce the best art, its why reactionary nineteenth century Russians made some of the best literature


And interesting opinion of his writing


whose fucking hobby is H.P lovecraft


I like his cat.


People who like weird eldritch stuff? SCP used to be really into him before they devolved into gay RP.


wholesome person


mo u new york is poopoo lands


HP Lovecraft - Little Dark Age


File: 1636436792218.png (1012.17 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

>have the systems so complex and opaque that the player can never figure out how things really interact with each other.
From what I understand/have been told, 'cultist simulator' tries to do this, with layers of mystique and obfuscation on what the mechanics actually are. I can't confirm myself though since something about seeing playing cards in a video game immediately makes me tune out.


File: 1636437713317.jpg (386.63 KB, 1265x1576, Doki Doki oil.jpg)

>A proper Lovecraft game would constantly tweak its systems just to fuck with your sense of what's going to happen
Sounds like the first time you play Doki Doki Literature Club TBH


File: 1636585273201.png (259.18 KB, 1080x608, 1608528185027.png)

His works contain explicit references to ancient islamic texts, some say cosmic horror is a pessimistic inversion of sufist cosmology. Some of his stories, like the nameless city, is a direct reference to a story contained within the quran. Here are some direct quotes:
>At one time I formed a juvenile collection of Oriental pottery and objets d’art, announcing myself as a devout Mohammedan and assuming the pseudonym of “Abdul Alhazred” – which you will recognise as the author of that mythical Necronomicon which I drag into various of my tales […]. (letter to Edwin Baird, February 3, 1924)
>The absurdity of the myth I was called upon to accept and the sombre greyness of the whole faith compared with the Eastern magnificence of Mahometanism, made me de-finitely agnostic […].10
You can read more here:


I remembered from that the biography of Lovecraft included that in his homeschooling, he was able to read the thousand and one nights, developing an love for eastern culture, even adopting an arabic name (this of course is when he is a child).


If you read to the end, it's a bit like in a story, I think it's At The Mountains of Madness,. Where they discover a horror in a familiar but totally incongruous form given the setting a creature in the form of a New York subway train.

>Recently, his work eventually inspired the philosophy of "speculative realism"- imagining the world as autonomous from human comprehension- which the influence is obvious.

>But that idea is not rare at all, you can find it through the history of philosophy. IMO Baudrillard's "objective irony" (objects play with us, not we with them) is a far more interesting spin on the idea than speculative realism. As for fiction you could as well cite Philip Dick as an influence for example.
Yea, and Islamic philosophy. The example from Islamic philosophy that Graham Harman gives a lot is the question of what it's like for fire to burn cotton.


>blocked by Sony Pictures
Anyone have it downloaded? My file got corrupted.


I found In the Mouth of Madness to be a pretty surreal Lovecraftian film that still made sense, despite the eldritch existential horror.


the cat thing outs him has a racist I think


he used to be a racist until he matured


I think Lovecraft had a huge love for both middle eastern and East Asian culture. In many stories he has referenced both cultures as well as making a story envisioning a rise of East Asia specifically China even during his racist period. Later on he was noted in many of his private letters to praise China as being a very traditionalist and cultured country.
More correctly he got laid with a Jewish lady which forced him to socialize and drop the schizophrenia.


File: 1645159860579.jpg (147.88 KB, 1080x913, Lovecraft wizards curse.jpg)

Something that I've noticed is that Lovecraft can often be unintentionally funny. Pic related is a good example


A lot of his stories were made to be funny intentionally. Like the reanimator series, some even argue that his essay on cats vs dogs was also made in jess. It’s also a big part in his literary frustration that led to some of his work getting shelved and only saw the light of day after his death. For instance the shadow over innsmouth was an angry shitpost he made when he realized his grandpa was welsh.


>literally a 1930s DnD Dungeon-master/troll but as a writer


I read a small collection of some of his shorter work recently and they were generally entertaining but there was one where the protagonist wanted to escape some evil spirit that torture the dead by… killing himself??


He was a poltard writing fan fiction.



It isn't at all and he only really expressed in letters toward the end of his life not really in his works

>I cannot accept your point about natural reluctance "to destroy the system which sustains us", because no rational reformer wants to destroy any system which sustains any honest worker. As I see it, your mistake lies in assuming that it is the dying plutocratic set-up which sustains you—a very basic & crucial mistake, when one comes to think of it. Actually nothing could be further from the truth. So far as your own individual case is concerned—if I judge correctly, you are an expert in certain forms of finance & accountancy & administration, whereby your services are important in any enterprise involving the receipt, disbursement, exchange, or comparison of commodities, or the maintenance of complex industrial or administrative operations. Now do you suppose that such services are any less necessary, or that they would be less reasonably rewarded, in a government-controlled or government-owned enterprise than in a private profit-grabbing scheme? What difference would it make to you whether your just return for high-grade mental work came from the American government or from a courteous private financier? The only losers in a move towards rationalisation would be the dividend-drawers who now get something for nothing, & the few top executives whose present salaries are disproportionately padded beyond all relationship to the extent of their actual services. Would such a rationalisation form an "overthrowing of the system which provides you livelihood"? I can't see that it would. I can't see that socialism would hurt anybody who is willing to work & who expects a just return from the work he performs—including guarantees of proper security in old age & in times of necessary unemployment or disability. Then, of course, it must be remembered that the moderate road avoids even the principal minor ills of readjustment. Communism would mean some rather disconcerting bumps—but there is nothing of destruction or violent dislocation in the orderly progressivism whose various stages are represented by the New Deal, the La Follettes, & Norman Thomas.

>But the real joke of course is, that all this isn't a matter of choice anyhow! Capitalism is dying from internal as well as external causes, & its own leaders & beneficiaries are less & less able to kid themselves. I'm no economist, but from recent reading I've been able to form a rough picture of the dilemma—the need to restrict consumers' goods & to pile up a needless plethora of producing equipment in order to maintain the irrational surplus called profit—which has caused orthodox economists like Hayek & Robbins to admit that only starvation wages & artificial scarcity could stabilize the profit system in future & avert increasing cyclical depressions of utterly destructive scope. Laissez-faire capitalism is dead—make no mistake about that. The only avenue of survival for plutocracy is a military & emotional fascism whereby millions of persons will be withdrawn from the industrial arena & placed on a dole or in concentration-camps with high-sounding patriotic names. That or socialism—take your choice. In the long run it won't be the New Deal but the mere facts of existence which will be recognised as the real & inevitable slayer of Hooverism. Nobody is going to "destroy the system"—for it has been destroying itself ever since it evolved out of the old agrarian-handicraft economy a century & a half ago.

>All this from an antiquated mummy who was on the other side until 1931! Well—I can better understand the inert blindness & defiant ignorance of the reactionaries from having been one of them. I know how smugly ignorant I was—wrapped up in the arts, the natural (not social) sciences, the externals of history & antiquarianism, the abstract academic phases of philosophy, & so on—all the one-sided standard lore to which, according to the traditions of the dying order, a liberal education was limited. God! the things that were left out—the inside facts of history, the rational interpretation of periodic social crises, the foundations of economics & sociology, the actual state of the world today … & above all, the habit of applying disinterested reason to problems hitherto approached only with traditional genuflections. Flag-waving, & callous shoulder-shrugs! All this comes up with the humiliating force through an incident of a few days ago—when young Conover, having established contact with Henneberger, the ex-owner of WT, obtained from the latter a long epistle which I wrote Edwin Baird on Feby. 3, 1924, in response to a request for biographical & personal data. Little Willis asked permission to publish the text in his combined SFC-Fantasy, & I began looking the thing over to see what it was like—for I had not the least recollection of ever having penned it. Well …. I managed to get through, after about 10 closely typed pages of egotistical reminiscences & showings-off & expressions of opinion about mankind & the universe. I did not faint—but I looked around for a 1924 photograph of myself to burn, spit on, or stick pins in! Holy Hades—was I that much of a dub at 33 … only 13 years ago? There was no getting out of it—I really had thrown all that haughty, complacent, snonbish, self-centered, intolerant bull, & at a mature age when anybody but a perfect damned fool would have known better! That earlier illness had kept me in seclusion, limited my knowledge of the world, & given me something of the fatuous effusiveness of a belated adolescent when I finally was able to get out more around 1920, is hardly much of an excuse. Well—there was nothing to be done ….. except to rush a note back to Conover & tell him I'd dismember him & run the fragments through a sausage-grinder if he ever thought of printing such a thing! The only consolation lay in the reflection that I had matured a bit since '24. It's hard to have done all one's growing up since 33—but that's a damn sight better than not growing up at all. Here's hoping that Henneberger (quite a get-rich-quick Wallingford in his way) won't try to blacken me with the letter!

I think its quite clear from the phraseology that he was a Marxist or at least a SocDem that had a strong familiarity with Marx by the end of his life and was essentially arguing for the Soviet model to be applied in the US, he was also switched on enough to anticipate neoliberalism, its though leaders and offer a proto-critique.


>imagine pigeonholing everything into your internet-centered world-view
Touch grass


>the shadow over innsmouth was an angry shitpost he made when he realized his grandpa was welsh.
On the subject there's a really strange fanfic of NGE/innsmouth that keeps close to the 2 works' styles.


Tor can be a real help


Funny pulp stories are the best. Most of the concepts introduced were already incredibly ridiculous on their own. He should’ve embraced it fully.
He also got into a shouting match with both of his aunts over his support for FDR. It’s really a huge shame that he died at the cusp of radicalization.


File: 1650424883062.jpg (54.27 KB, 680x346, l6.jpg)


Thanks Shay, cool screenshot


He was a great writer, but also a massive racist and all-around elitist. Which actually makes his writing better.

If you accept "The Death of the Author" and the idea that the protagonist of a story isn't necessarily supposed to be a moral exemplar or even a good person, you get a lot of books where the protagonists are racist, upper-class dickheads who think they're better than everyone and know everything, only to get their comeuppance when they come up against dark and ancient forces they cannot possibly comprehend and have to face the truth of their own insignificance. That's probably not how Lovecraft intended it, but once again "Death of the Author".


File: 1655821019454.jpg (111.52 KB, 1020x627, media_EfUDJjEXgAc87uL.jpg)

He lived long enough to become based


> dead a month later
Did the CIA get him?


File: 1655847551261.png (731.15 KB, 649x996, cuba.png)

Some cancer got him.


Hahahaha I forgot it already, Yeah there is that phrase
Such are prejudices.
I didn't know but hell, a spanish haloween special from ¿liberal socdem? ¿just socdem? mexican youtubers


>but also a massive racist and all-around elitist.
He was only like that under the care of his abusive aunts. When the money from his grandpa's estate dried up the same time the Great Depression hit he became more and more leftist over time with all the social elitist attitudes being channeled into a very Stalinist high culture appreciation. Him subsequently getting a large circle of supportive and loyal friends helped him get over the whole racism. Especially his wife who's an older jewish lady that took him to New York and fixed his mommy issues.
This then later led to him basically got kicked out of his aunts' house after an argument where he was pro FDR. By the end of his life he was pretty ashamed of his edgy right wing phase and only occasionally talk badly about blacks just to appease his inner cirlce of fans.
Long story short his racism is way overblown. Most of his work about the fear of the unknown is more closely tied with capitalist alienation than anything else.
Fun fact he even had a weeb period in which Lovecraft began to admired all things Chinese and Japanese as 'high culture".

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