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Uhh yeah, this. What do we think of it?

I think the cinematically it was really good, but it had a lot of historical inaccuracies.


It's HBO, of course it's going to be cinematically good. The problem is what it depicts and how. It is utter schlock in that regard. Lies, lies and more lies about "muh evul soviets and their shitty reactors and stupid people living oppressed and ignorant".

It's irritating as fuck just for the anti-sovietism, and outright LIES about the majority of details and many events.

The only commendation I can give it is as an effective piece of anti-communist and anti-nuclear propaganda that has solidly scared a large portion of the West into being scared of nuclear energy and commies again.


Do you have good resources on the events of Chernobyl? I'm always afraid to find only western propaganda.


Yes, but give me a few days so I can make an effort-post comp on the subject. It'll be better that way. While you're waiting however I provide you with a fairly decent breakdown of the technical lies of Chernobyl from a Western scientist (still biased of course).

Thunderf00t: https://invidio.us/watch?v=SsdLDFtbdrA

And if you can read/understand Russian, these Reviews by Russian critics are VERY elucidating.
Red Cynic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N59SEV3yiw4
Woodmark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQSK5BvmIPY
Taganay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvVkvrA-TPc
Dmitriy 'Goblin' Puchkov and Klim Zhukov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrWqZr8iWqc
Konstantin Syemin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTDEG1FvFEQ
Suren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HVM4n7Rc1U


Thank you for all these sources!


Russia bad. Communism bad.


> good resources
&lt Dmitriy 'Goblin' Puchkov
what the fuck, man? гоблоту советовать в 2020



>Muh puchkov
Piss off.


I can't say anything about other sources but Puchkov is an outdated grifter from the 00s Russian Internet who got famous by making """funny"""" dubs of movies, and then started posting shitty but extremely pretentious political and sociological takes on his blog

by the way, his blog is called oper.ru because he's a former "police operative", i.e. a fucking cop



>started posting shitty but extremely pretentious political and sociological takes on his blog
Sure bud, just because you don't agree doesn't make them shitty
>outdated grifter from the 00s Russian Internet
Given that he's tech savvy, well aware of current events, well read and is very popular today, you're wrong.
>i.e. a fucking cop
&ltMuh fucking ACAB!!!!!!
Fuck off wrecker,
1) He served during the transition from Militsiya of the USSR to the Politsiya of the Russian Federation
2) His experiences provide internal insight on the situations. For example descriptions of cannibalism in Leningrad during the 90s.

He is critical of capitalism/capitalists and supports socialism and is against anti-communism which makes him a comrade. Just because they don't support "muh Belarus" color revolutions or the BLM looting doesn't make this change.


&ltPosting the Russian equivalent of Encyclopeda Dramatica
&ltTranslated by Google
Kek that is a double 'L'


The fact it made people scared of nuclear shows how stupid the average consumer of media is. It went out of its way to say how safe western reactors were and how only extreme stupidity on the part of the operators and design led to the disaster yet people still take away "wow all nuclear is bad".


whatever dude, he's a living meme for being a pathetic grifter with a horde of "muh manliness" fanboys

> very popular today

among 45+ yo World of Tanks players, probably? I haven't heard of him in years and I'm 30+

> He is critical of capitalism/capitalists and supports socialism and is against anti-communism which makes him a comrade.

&lt Putin-loving Stalinist
&lt comrade
very no

> Fuck off wrecker

on my way


>He's pathetic
>Muh masculine fanboys!!
Sounds like you're butthurt
>Muh WoT players
LOL ok fag
> I haven't heard of him in years and I'm 30+
He has nearly 2 million subscribers, new videos every day with long, well studied content such as inviting Historians to explain historical events, discuss and a weekly cover of certain news.
>Putin-loving Stalinist
&ltMuh STALIN!!!!!!
Neck yourself, not condemning Putin as Satan incarnate is not supporting him, let along 'loving' him. I don't like China but I'm not going to support liberal attacks on it either.
>on my way


> Sounds like you're butthurt
you know, there's an emotion called "being surprised" which I definitely experience when somebody recommends a Stalinist Ben Shapiro who already was a complete joke 15 years ago


File: 1608526416638.jpg (70.18 KB, 720x597, ok retard.jpg)

>Stalinist Ben Shapiro
there's an emotion called "being surprised" which I definitely experience when somebody thinks their strawmen work on anyone with intelligence.


Do any of these mention our favorite missing character present in the control room at the time of the explosion, the designer of the test, Coal and Oil Manager Gennady P. Metlenko?


One of Russian reviews mention him and his test in passting.


I hope Putin follows through with funding a Russian version and they make it about a CIA agent tricking them into blowing up the plant while promising no one would get hurt and then they use bots to spam "its just a story, it says based in reality, its not a documentary, lol u mad" on every comment section


I watched it and thought it seemed a little goofy and propaganda-like, which was more sinister given it wasn't about a big american tough guy fighting commies (or something straightforward and non-serious like that). This series seemed to be saying that communism is what caused the reactor to blow up and I thought that was a bit silly.


The director is a rabid Clintonite Russia-gater. I tried watching the first episode once out of boredom and it was not worth it. Libs love it however.
If you want a "cinematic" show watch Young Pope, directed by Sorrentino who is a real film director. It's not amazing but it's way better than the rest of TV shit out there. "Golden Age of Television" my ass.


It's amazing how pretentious and bad "prestige TV" is.



related: cuban missile crisis


I have nosympathy for the man, but that doesn't mean his channel can't be a good source. He often has guests who have very informed and lefty takes on the issues. He also posts a lot of videos with people talking about communism and soviet history, he plays a big role in spreading our ideas.


File: 1608526664046.jpg (24.38 KB, 480x359, Oil flow porky.jpg)

>anti-socialist and anti-nuclear propaganda combined
Oil porky is rubbing his lubricated hands in glee.


I’m watching ep4 right now but except for the depiction of incompetent soviet bureaucracy and muh communist secret police, I think it’s pretty good in western standards.

Especially the scenes where civilians were living their daily lives, it looked like a pretty good life.


>living their daily lives, it looked like a pretty good life.
To you it may look good, but to the average Western viewer all they see is "oh le poor brainwashed people don't know their commieblocks suck" (I legit have seen people say this kind of idiocy on /tv/ and twitter. Besides, the devil is the details. Small things that turn innocent daily life into "le soviet evul!" Russian review channels detail this a lot better than english ones >>9081


It definitely seemed to be sympathetic to the soviet character in some aspects. There was the scene of the ridiculous party propagandist that'd you expect when they're still in the denial phase discussing how to deal with the situation, but later when they're picking men for the suicide mission there's a resolute selflessness to do what everyone knows needs to be done for the good of mankind without complaint.


Except the suicide team is depicted as being 'le poor fools used by the system'. They're all but ordered to die, when in fact the people who took part were completely voluntary and knew the risks wholly.



From Ep4 it really started falling apart especially when they started arguing for knowing the “truth” and about doing the “right thing” by coming forth. The last episode with the trial scene was pretty cringe


I disagree with them being portrayed as fools, that would imply them being tricked. They're told what the situation is in the show.


>They're told what the situation is in the show.
And the whole attitude about them is a resigned "well we're going to be thrown into the fire" This is made all the more obvious in the actual Russian dialogue.


It fell apart from the beginning. There were no "self-recorded tapes hidden in the trash" and there was no self-hating shit about how "Muh truth is always hidden" Red Cynic really goes to town with this as do the rest of the videos I posted, as they show clips of the actual quotes and recordings of the people involved.


Anon it's a drama, everyone trying to read into the 'message' of the show is retarded. And obviously it's going to be historically inaccurate
>> 15225
Also this, people will read their own beliefs into any media. Welcome to the hell of illiteracy in capitalism.


Что такое гоблота, блядь? Я пиндос, нихуя не знаю про Россию.



Хуй в Жопу Полицейских. Менты нахуй


Ок ЦРУ, мы знаем что вы хотите срать о том что коппы не дают цветным революциям продолжатся.


>Что такое гоблота
Гоблина контент >>10753


it's not a bad movie. and it lacks usual american russophobia and russian people are even portrayed as heroes, that's definitely a good thing.


>no Russophobia
Lmao. Every average Slavs would laugh at you for that. The show have every single Slavic stereotype in it from vodka chugging officials to dirty Soviet hospitals.


it's still better than most of american movies about russia. and btw vodka chugging is real thing, they really do that


I watched the first episode. It has such an amazing sense of dread and atmosphere. It's incredible, meticulously done. And that makes it all the more frustrating that so much of it is dedicated to racist, chauvinist anti-Sovietism. The real tragedy in the series is the waste of talent that went behind creating it.


Not during actual work hour and not by the person they were trying to portray as incompetent. Also, who the hell chug hot vodka?


idk, alkies?


<hot vodka
… But that's inane.


Embedding error.
Обзор BadComedian на Чернобыль Козловского


>The real tragedy in the series is the waste of talent that went behind creating it.
Лул точно


File: 1632815719901.png (231.6 KB, 500x352, ClipboardImage.png)

>Anti-Soviet shills keep beinging this up
<literally nobody remembers that the World's WORST Technogenic disaster was at Bhopal, India, because Dow Chemicals (Agent Orange) didn't bother securing their pesticides stocks and gassed 600,000 (over half a million) people and continue to kill and fuck up the land and people 3 decades later.
A highly conservative take on it: https://archive.ph/6iZDJ


В дабавок


It was fine but that scene where the retarded old man was like “cut the phone lines” that shit was just straight movie overdramatized garbage. Chances are the biggest failings of Chernobyl are mismanagement, bad communication, not enough information. The only reasons why it took a little long for evacuation is because 1: evacuating an entire city is very difficult, 2: people didn’t know exactly how bad it was because of the chaos of the situation. There is no reason why the people managing this crisis would’ve downplayed it and anyone he pushes that narrative are probably spreading propaganda and lies.

So the show is cool except for when shit seems cartoony like the cutting of phone lines, the kgb following everyone, Sherbena or however you spell it threatening to shoot the heli pilot, the Soviet soldiers with the minister of coal threatening the miners. All stupid ass cartoony shit.


Visually the series is excellent and some parts are definitely really good, but frankly the Ukrainian TV series did it better on a much smaller budget.


you're strecthing things to try to gloss over Chernobyl tbh


I'm not glossing over anything faggot, and yes it is techonogenic, it's a factory fuck up due to negligence and failure of containment, far in excess of Chernobyl


Aren’t Ukrainians fascistic and have a hatred for the Soviet Union?


Lumping all Ukrainians as fascists because a junta took over using CIA help is reductive and foolish. The Ukrainian series is balanced and fair. It got released in 2014 so in the same year as the coup occurred.


I wasn’t that harsh, I’ve said a lot more harsher things about polaks.


I have too. Just saying it's kinda a dumb assumption to make in serious discussion
>a lot more harsher things about polaks
from /pol/ or Poland? or both?




Finally found and reposted this >>>/edu/7810


Fact & Fiction - HBO's Miniseries Chernobyl Review

>HBO's miniseries on the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster took the world by storm, immediately attracting swaths of viewers around the world. Many have praised it for its apparent historical accuracy and cinematography. But after taking a closer look at what the facts of soviet history have to say about it, it becomes clear that alternative motives were at play in the making of the


>miniseries. The Revolution Report presents Donald Courter: Donald is an American journalist, political analyst, & historian living and working in Moscow. He is an avid anti-imperialist, internationalist, an advocate for friendship between peoples, and a supporter of socialism in the 21st Century.


File: 1646610190635.png (240.67 KB, 1080x1605, ClipboardImage.png)

Kind of on topic: Grifter want the old end-of-life powerplants back
I'm pro-nuclear energy but this is idiotic, especially that Fukushima part.


The great tragedy of fukshima wasn't the radiation, but the plant owners who failed to keep maintenance and safety protocols up to date.
Only 1 person died, and the effects of the meltdowns have been nonexistent.
Ironically, Elon is correct about the over exaggeration of the radiation, but would still be one of those people who maximize short term profit at the expense of the workers who would have to clean up the mess afterward.




Embedding error.
VVER is much safer than anything else - thank the USSR for that - in the event of an earthquake or bombing run


Finally saw this recently. Thought its depiction of radiation victims was hilarious. Apparently getting irradiated is like an infectious disease and you have to encase the bodies in lead and concrete to prevent the zombie plague from continuing to spread after death. And this is supposed to be an in-universe mechanic tugging at your heart strings from the very first episode. I can definitely see how this was written by the writer of The Hangover Part II and The Hangover Part III.


>Especially the scenes where civilians were living their daily lives, it looked like a pretty good life.
The show deliberately used a gray filter in postproduction to make life seem as lifeless and shitty as possible.


Were it not for the high rise apartment blocks I found the atmosphere to be a rough approximation to what living here in the Midwestern United States feels like. Which, I'm told much of Eastern Europe shares a lot of similarities.


>The Hangover Part II and The Hangover Part III
For real?


I personally think it is impossible and outright stupid to deny that the late USSR had several problems, like accountability or openess to internal issues that are portrayed in the movie.


You mean the TV series, it isn't a film, but a mini-series. And While the Late-Gorbachev era USSR had problems, the portrayal here is fucking laughable caricature, it's just not so exaggerated compared to prior "Klyukva" about "le ebul Sovjets" a la Red Dawn.


Like what?
Not even Gorbachev got the right information about the incidents so there must have been some heavy rot


>Not even Gorbachev got the right information about the incidents
Says who? The series? If you're talking about "le Roetgen" meme its because readings differed in different areas. Scroll through the thread, people talk about its problems.



File: 1662330540153.jpg (73.26 KB, 600x900, chQRFSXnl5nWY.jpg)

I watched the recent russian movie and I enjoyed it, I think it was a good counterargument to the HBO mini series full of westoid propaganda. In their defense I must say it made me read some books about it to try to understand what really happened.
The movie follows a firefighter from chernobyl, he disappeared for 10 years and is trying to conquest again his ex gf. The explosion happens during that time.

They romanticized what happened but there are nearly no politics involved. The movie tries to reproduce what a normal person from Chernobyl had to live during those days. The radioactive burns and the fire is more realistic than the HBO series but they didn't have a ton of budget to burn on fx, I also think it's part of the charm and makes the history more relatable.


>Russian movie
LMFAO. See BadComedian.


>10 minutes in
>muh romance
does this get better


Getting heavy Aaron Sorkin vibes from the script


>nearly no politics involved
It's pretty fucking brazen to even make this about politics like in HBO's shlock. It's a tragic accident caused by technical failure and human error, imagine you make a movie about Fukushima to make a statement about the Japanese imperial court or something.

<Even Ukrainian media, such as Strana, a Russian-language Ukrainian outlet, said that the story was mostly made up.
I guess Ukrainians were still more or less sane in 2019. When did they completely lost the plot?


The positive void coefficient issues in the RBMK-1000 reactors which were the reason for the runaway meltdown in ChNPP's No.4 reactor were ignored and kept off of manuals for operators because they happened to be a side-effect of pushing the reactors to meet planning targets


they were well known in the scientific community, including the west


File: 1688084576100.png (Spoiler Image, 512.27 KB, 451x684, ClipboardImage.png)

On the topic of Bhopal, SUREN made a video on Bhopal (finally)

Remember, nobody was given punishment for this manslaughter through incompetence, and it was through a lot more violations than Chernobyl ever had.



File: 1688127060227-0.png (156.21 KB, 801x592, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1688127060227-1.png (829.62 KB, 795x694, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1688127060227-2.png (52.89 KB, 798x196, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1688127060227-3.png (229.11 KB, 793x873, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1688127060227-4.png (190.47 KB, 959x713, ClipboardImage.png)

It's insane. A massive pollution event straight up kills thousands of people, affects the health of at least half a million people contaminating a vast area of groundwater and soil, then just gets ignored for decade after decade. What the fuck is wrong with all of these people. You'd think capitalist governments would at least show some compassion and aid and maybe at least pragmatic concern over the poisoning of groundwater in a large city, but there's neoliberalism for you.


This only affects the most poor people in some industrial city in India. Why do you think the people with power and wealth care? Also, to add on top of that, most of the residents of JP Nagar, the shantytown next to the ruins of the chemical factory, are Muslims, and the Madhya Pradesh government which is directly responsible for the clean-up is controlled by the Hindutva BJP.


File: 1693334172516.png (156.23 KB, 644x598, ClipboardImage.png)

Reposting from >>>/edu/7810 the Debunk thread
>A Soviet newspaper reports: "Last night the Chernobyl Nuclear Power station fulfilled the Five Year Plan of heat energy generation… in 4 microseconds."
This meme doesn't work because the amount of energy output generated from the explosions wouldn't have been enough to power a country for a year, let alone five years. Just as an example, the 2nd explosion was 40GJ (40 billion joules), which is what some single houses use in a month in modern times. Hell, the yearly US energy consumption is 94 EJ (94 quintillion joules).


>pointing guns at people to force them to fix a nuclear reactor that will explode in a large radius if they don't fix it
This show filtered so many people it's unreal.


File: 1693346363948.jpg (51.15 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

>shooting a man before throwing him out of a plane


The only thing to make this caricature of the USSR even sillier is to have a "40 years later" scene where reptilian-humanoids that have oligodactyly roam Chernobyl while role-playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


File: 1696354769910-0.jpg (850.41 KB, 1144x2519, chernobyl 1pill.jpg)

File: 1696354769910-1.jpg (416.05 KB, 1188x1140, chernobyl-2pill.jpg)

Chernobyl HBO is pure propaganda contra the USSR and normies ate it up.
More than that, it's nuclear scare mongering.
Even known anti-communist Thunderf00t pointed this out, many times.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsdLDFtbdrA HBOs Chernobyl: BUSTED!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfJ1fhmPPmM Chernobyl- a 3.6 Roentgen RAGE!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5dV3IuNWvU How deadly is Radioactive Fallout?- Explained

from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deaths_due_to_the_Chernobyl_disaster#
>with figures as high as 60,000 when including the relatively minor effects around the globe. Such numbers are based on the heavily contested linear no-threshold model.[5]
>Such numbers are based on the heavily contested linear no-threshold model.[5]
Why should we take that estimate seriously? Especially when the people reporting it could possible have an interest in making it seem as bad as possible.
>There have been no validated increases in solid cancer reported from the liquidator cohorts. The liquidators were adult at exposure and the vast majority of them received doses under 100 mSv, which is lower than many expect

The person in charge of the Chernobyl test and present in the control center was the Minister of Coal and that he was left out of the film. The test was to prove/disprove the utility and reliability of nuclear energy.


File: 1696499531857-0.png (981.63 KB, 991x634, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1696499531857-1.png (1.44 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>Why should we take that estimate seriously?
We can, on condition if same estimate principles would be applied for counting disaster victims in capitalist countries. We probably gonna get like 100 mils to billion for Fukushima alone that way.



It doesn't mean we should. In the case of Chernobyl, it's a wrong application of the model (linear no-threshold model) it cannot discriminate from the naturally occurring rate (and it's rate of change) of cancer incidence. Making it impossible to tell if tell if statistical increases of cancer are due to this accident, other factors, simple population increase, or a combination of all three.

>We probably gonna get like 100 mils to billion for Fukushima alone that way.

And it would be wrong in that case as well.

I've made a post about why Fukushima fears are overblown over on the Nuclear thread (>>20852) specifically in regards to tritium but the same logic applies here for cesium 137. Basically, cesium 137 concentration in sea water around the Fukushima plant was high immediately after the accident (obviously) but with time and distance the concentration of cesium decreased to well below the maximum value tolerated in drinking water by pretty much every standard in the world 'including China's' (0.5 and 1 Bq/L which is 500 and 1000 Bq/m³ for alpha and beta radioactivity respectively) [1]. By the time this 'sea water' reaches any aquifers and becomes drinking water the concentration will be even lower and therefore even less dangerous.

Much like with attempting to link incidences of cancer years after Chernobyl to the nuclear accident, it will be impossible to make a significant statistical observation because incidents will be lost in the noise for the same reasons mentioned in the first paragraph of this post.

The images you posted simulate this (it's just a simulation made in 2012) [2] [3] and even it predicts the decrease in concentration (pic related, keep in mind the scale on the y axis is logarithmic) that has now been effectively confirmed [4].

[1] https://apps.fas.usda.gov/newgainapi/api/Report/DownloadReportByFileName?fileName=National%20Standard%20for%20Drinking%20Water%20Quality%20Released_Beijing_China%20-%20People%27s%20Republic%20of_CH2023-0094.pdf
[2] https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/7/3/034004
[3] https://www.isdglobal.org/digital_dispatches/how-distorted-research-found-legitimacy-thanks-to-superspreaders-chinese-officials-and-state-media/
[4] https://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/science/oceans/fukushima/index-eng.html

I am open to the idea that any of these institutions might have reported faulty data or are lying as they could have reason to do so, but I have not found any credible study making a compelling data-driven argument that they are.


>anti-Russian Ukrainian coal bureaucrats
amazing to see Great Russian chauvinists constructing a stab-in-the-back myth in realtime to cope with the collapse of the USSR


Among the many idiotic things in this,
<Funded by the Lithuanian Film Commission
<Funded by the Ukrainian Film Commission
It's really not uncommon for governments to subsidize film and TV productions on their territory
It's just a kind of shitty miniseries, nothing nefarious about it


NTA, or Russian, but if you can't recognize the contra USSR nature of the entire western media landscape over the last century, including HBO's Chernobyl, idk what to say to you. I thought it was a really well made and gripping miniseries btw. The nefarious anti Soviet messaging is a given.


Not that anon, but its certainly written with gripping drama, but the problem is that this isn't a fictional event, yet the majority of what we see is fictional, anti-soviet nonsense, which turns a dramatic story about bureaucratic disaster, into a farce.

>Great Russian chauvinists
<If you don't mindlessly hate on Russia and ignore the rational self-interests of those who funded the TV-series, you're my personal boogieman!
Take meds you schizophrenic
>stab-in-the-back myth
Not a myth when it's demonstrably true.

>Lithuania has been aggressively russophobic and screaming about Soviet occupation since the 90s, including aggressive policies targeting ethnic Russians
>Ukraine is literally a fascistic US vassal state that has been murdering their own citizens for years, including shelling of cities, while tearing down anything Soviet and pronouncing Russians are subhuman.
<N-no their funding of a blatantly anti-Soviet, anti-Russian TV-show is totally coincidental
Fuck off with this.


File: 1707314075755.jpeg (14.89 KB, 474x237, th-1769775654.jpeg)

You're gonna love ISS. A towering achievement in cinema.


It's fictional, and while loaded with typical "soviet russha" tropes, is at least story wise an interesting idea from what I've seen of it.


It's literally a propaganda film trying to normalize war with Russia in the heads of normies. Doesn't matter what the plot or characterization is.


No I understand the ideological meaning. What I mean is that the over-all story of a small number of friends from opposing ideologies/countries trapped together and breaking down into infighting can make for interesting writing and film, but of course how that is executed (such as ISS's obvious war normalization) changes the actual lens and meaning of the work.

Plot and characterization absolutely matters for fiction, it's why Red Dawn is so laughable, because it only worked in the Red Scare conditions it was made in, it's laughably poorly written. ISS is convincing to normies precisely because its characterization and plot was compelling.


ISS has a 5.6 on IMDB which is awful considering a 7.0 is like an average score


IMDB ratings are meaningless, I've seen significantly worse movies get better ratings;
Terminator: Dark Fate - 6.2
Ghost Busters 2016 - 6.8
Tenet 2020 - 7.2
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - 6.5
Alien Covenant - 6.4
Wakanda Forever - 6.7

These are all terrible films and have terrible writing and stories. They're only given anything above 5 stars is because people online get into shitflinging fests that include review bombing/upscaling to prop up their eDrama, which makes the averaging of reviews meaningless.

All of those movies are goddamn unwatchable trash. The actual film ISS is also bad, but my point is that from a writers point of view, the plot and character concept isn't bad and could make for an interesting story, and the concept of it would appeal to normies for sure. While it certainly didn't get good ratings, that's mostly because it's an obscure movie that nobody cared enough for to shill for and so most people seeing it were probably not quite the target audience.

TL;DR: IMDB ratings mean nothing, ISS is a bad film, but the story had interesting potential for a thought experiment type story.


>cut all the phone lines
What did he mean by this? What would be the point? I understand the lack of culpability by brown nosing suck ups in the Soviet Union but what’s the point of cutting off a whole town from the outside? It’s not like they were containing a pandemic, they had a nuclear disaster to deal with.


they didn't want information getting out obviously (if that actually happened)


> The actual film ISS is also bad, but my point is that from a writers point of view, the plot and character concept isn't bad and could make for an interesting story, and the concept of it would appeal to normies for sure.

That's meaningless, you watch a movie, not a 'movie that could have been'

It's not even an original concept anyway, I saw a book years ago where space station inhabitants have to work together to survive after the earth nukes itself or something


>>39418 (cont)
But more to the point, I find IMDB score to be somewhat reliable, not perfect sure but pretty good indicator of whether something is worth watching.


>I've made a post about why Fukushima fears are overblown over on the Nuclear thread (>>20852)
>>>/edu/20852 is how you cross-post.
>It doesn't mean we should.
←———-The Point

The post is literally mocking the methodology for Chernobyl victim counts by bringing up the fact that Fukushima is NOT counted as such.

>I saw a book years ago where space station inhabitants have to work together to survive after the earth nukes itself or something
Obvious it's not a new concept, that's not really meaning anything in this day and age, where so many stories have been told.
>you watch a movie, not a 'movie that could have been'
You're missing my point. The story was interesting on paper, but the details and execution make it boring and trite.

>I find IMDB score to be somewhat reliable, not perfect sure but pretty good indicator of whether something is worth watching.
Literally none of the films I posted are worth watching and they have very high scores. Obscure films get almost no scores whatsoever so we get absolutely skewed data on them, and known films also get skewed because most people can't be bothered to make an account to review and rate a movie.

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