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File: 1715357750551.jpg (901.69 KB, 719x2865, War propaganda .jpg)

I never get tired of libs dooming


>the belief that the fruits of imperialism must decay before first world populations become more conscious and demand more change
This is liberal academic babble just like all your posts these days that leaves us powerless and without aims or action. How come people like you will spend all the time in world theorizing about our perceved failure but none to actually develop actions necessary to succeed..?


>The mechanics, the details are important imo.
9002% agree. Caitlin Johnstone is one of the best counter-information operators the people have. She did a lot of intense information-operational deconstruction before 10/7, and still does it as the need arises. Every time some retard screams "muh pomo," she is among the people they are proposing to disarm.
Do you know of any other propaganda deconstructors who are more or less active?



I was told this when I first became a Marxist. It's not babble


File: 1715358022744.png (338.71 KB, 1246x1137, ClipboardImage.png)

Take your memantine grandpa. You forgot your post literally 1 minute afterwards.

But I agree with you. I like the replies btw


We haven't forgot that you think every socialist country past & present is 'state capitalism' dude.


I think the pink paper is still a Rothschild property. Rothschild tears are best tears. Worth a billion dollars a glass, let me tell you!

>liberal academic babble
Third Worldism is liberal academic babble, thank you for agreeing.


File: 1715358475892-0.png (291.4 KB, 800x710, 987987987987987.png)

File: 1715358475892-1.png (3.43 MB, 1920x946, lostfuture.png)

File: 1715358475892-2.png (34.04 KB, 638x359, r4r3.png)

File: 1715358475892-3.png (264.89 KB, 1348x555, 9876548762976.png)

>One of the most obscure
That's not obscure.
<This is


What does that have to do with third worldism or imperialism?


File: 1715359129238.webm (4.47 MB, 1280x720, autistic screeching.webm)

same energy


You're hurting the feelings of the tankese people


So this is a maga communist in the wild…


I'd identify as a tankie ftr


>Dr Aaron Good
I just listen to and pirate his pod, American Exception. He's got a pretty /ukraine/ geopolitical analysis. Search his name on podchaser.com to find other pods he's been interviewed on. He's the most scholarly analyst on post WW2 intelligence activity imo. All his contemporaries and colleagues are basically libs but he insists on his politics and has paid a career price for it.


File: 1715360156178.png (736.61 KB, 549x1280, 17153582068270.png)

I don't think ukies are okay


File: 1715360314095.jpg (291.18 KB, 746x987, 1715360031355875.jpg)


It’s so funny how Bakhmut-kun always outs himself with those weird quirks. One is just absolute seething hatred of the General Armageddon meme and the other is hyperfixation on that one time some Rusich retards died hahaha


>The article in the online edition of Germany's biggest mainstream lib newspaper stands out at almost 60 000 comments. The average article usually has around 100-500 comments. Germany's lib intelligentsia is in a state of absolute hysteria.
likes, updoots, hearts, numbers. Comments on an article like this at a moment like this will be amplified and botted beyond belief. Nothing is organic. What goes viral is controlled.


He's been saying this for months but it's getting reported now. Wonder why.


And that only means our job begins again to fuck up the new controls and the people who make them happen
They aren't omnipotent, however. They are the same useless fucks we deal with as our managers, and they have approximately the same strengths and weaknessses. As the movie Z (1969) taught us, idea people become pretty irrelevant after you hit them in the head hard enough.
>Nothing is organic
Stop moping and read Debord.


>since this is the only thing they have that the Russians don't.
Except all this shit is still sold here.


You have to laugh, straight off the bat it's just questionable

US GDP growth is pegged to the fictional capital of a cartel of tech giants, whose manufacturing base isn't even located in the States.

Germany hasn't withstood the shock of a removal of cheap Russian gas; one need only point to the European politician who insisted people take short cold showers in solidarity with Ukraine. The only country to withstand a surge in energy prices has been Spain, who invested in renewables. This isn't even talking about inflation which rose to 11% in Britain and has effectively eaten into the real wages of its workers.

There has been no oil shock because the Saudis have been keen to avoid a regional war. This isn't even counting the fact that the US eased its sanctions on Venezuela in order to keep the price of oil cheap.


>Instead, world affairs will descend into their natural state of anarchy that favours banditry and violence

The absolute pearl clutching


>As the movie Z (1969) taught us
>Stop moping
Fuck moping I'm sick of people uncritically posting shit like
<hey look this thing got 100000 totally real upshits it must be really important


How to they explain non-liberal countries like North Korea being the complete opposite of anarchy while not being part of the liberal world order?


They view the political systems of North Korea et al as the result or product of systemic anarchy.

Pic related is pretty much part of the Realist global perspective in Western universities for IR, International Politics, and other degrees that attract wanna-be glowies and Think Tank suits.

The two competing thoughts within these universities are Liberal Internationalism, and Realism. One views the spring of Democratic Eternalism as a permenant feature of world politics. The other is simply a rationalization for the superiority of its values with a Hobbesian outlook.

The vast strata of academic knowledge today exists in some form simply as an apologia for the pre-existing state of affairs in bourgeois society. Psychology and even Sociology have slipped through the due course of credentialism into nothing more than career studies.


>They say it was a decoy. Was it?
Could be. It is weird that it is in the open just like that.


Thanks for the link.
>hey look this thing got 100000 totally real upshits it must be really important
Imageboard autism means you're an intelligence analyst whether you want to or not. They were saying that the *fact* that it got two or three orders of magnitude more engagement than a typical article means that something important might have changed in the superstructure, maybe something exploitable (lib intelligentsia on suicide watch means they will probably feel pressure to move one way or another).
If you only want finished commodities, the bourgeois media's got you 24/7 at least twice over.


fuck, I conflated Z (1969) with State Of Siege (1972). watch them both.


Just looking at the BA degree for Psychology at Columbia University, the focus of academic study has shifted into a functional or cognitive perspective. Freudian psychology, again, has been burried and is simply an anachronism.

And take a look at a standard Sociology degree in the US:


You would in no manner be able to decipher the origins of Sociology as belonging to Critical Theory which was divested and began with Marx's writings.

It's an absolute joke. The Ministry For Truth in Orwell's writing is simply a metaphor for the real actual processes that have over the course of a century expunged any trace of meaningful social critique. What has been brought about is a golem, the likes of which Adorno saw in The Culture Industry, through which scientific truth has become a function and part of the system of commodity reproduction and the dominance of Capital.


without disagreeing with anything you said
>If the comments became noticeably counter narrative they would be quickly disabled
>if there was an expectation that comments would be counter narrative they would never be enabled
>is an account required to comment?
>current bot and language model capabilities mean that effectively nothing is real online
> the *fact* that it got two or three orders of magnitude more engagement than a typical article is in and of itself a data point (likely fake imo) that will be used to drive hysteria, reinforce the narrative and set policy ie something that will be exploited by NATO
which is why I'm sick of people on the left assigning any weight to social media numbers, especially in a context like this article


Could you like… I don't know… link the article!?


>economist article
The Israeli ambassador to the UN literally pulled out a shredder tore up a copy of the UN charter during his speech at the podium.
The liberal international is already dead and all that's left is a rotting corpse.


File: 1715369800757.mp4 (1.26 MB, 848x480, 1715367817925.mp4)

>The Israeli ambassador to the UN literally pulled out a shredder tore up a copy of the UN charter during his speech at the podium
here's the video


Cummings status?


Israelis believe the rest of the world are idiot barbarians.



I hatewatch this clown


File: 1715370826909.png (1.39 MB, 1045x572, ClipboardImage.png)

From the chatter I've been reading from this Kharkov offensive, it seems like the first target is the city of Volchansk. There's rumors that the Russians gained a foothold in a village the west of the city, Ogurtsovo, and another to the east, Zybino. This could enable them to take control of both flanks of the city eventually.
Of course, nothing is in the clear yet, we'd still have to wait for any proper confirmations in the coming days.


British Bourgeoisie building its own carefully constructed little off-ramp


Offensov status: Proobooing!


Nothing ever happens


With his other friends, Jack Stirrings and Eric Pissings


File: 1715373001308.png (230.02 KB, 470x577, 1715372885775946.png)

dayum, they are sending the Transformers to Ukraine now


Is this Zoolander 4?



They didn't even take Volschansk after sending ~20 FABs, Ruzzians just take random hamlets destroyed since 2022…the surprise effect is already over and Russia failed.

And Chasov Yar is still stalling.


>mcdonalds box inside the casket
lmao what the actual fuck


I'm guessing this kid was literally like 13 if his main interests were Lego and McDonalds.


What's the over/under on how long those last?




File: 1715373689258.png (119.14 KB, 363x356, 1659287699493.png)

Well, seething Ukronazi raiders have become more common here again, which is a strong indicator that things are indeed habbening. >>1850970


>nothing is happening I swear
Meanwhile MSM and Ukrainian officials are dooming kek. What a fraud you turned out to be


he did business in Russia in the past. that's why


Most of this shit isn't even respected in the US (legos are okay) and pretty widely seen more as an addiction that is destroying society.


File: 1715378039803.png (397.78 KB, 1224x1443, ClipboardImage.png)

Based Paul



Cockshott (Twitter Boomer Version) > Nick Land (Twitter Boomer Version)


Comrade Dickblast


Marx was just saying the materialism of his time was limited and overly simplistic and not that it isn't deterministic.

Fundamentally materialism is deterministic (with some random chance thrown in according to current quantum theory) and dialectics is just a better way of predicting the end results.


>dialectics is just a better way of predicting the end results
"Dialectics" isn't anything special. Marx discovered the laws of capitalism by studying bourgeois society, just like how the laws of gravity were discovered by studying how the phenomenon works. For him dialectical categories are solely a mode of presentation, from which the actual mode of inquiry differs.

Moreover these laws are of course not rigid like natural laws, they are themselves the result of social processes that are open to interference and alteration - they are reality only as approximations, as *tendencies*. There is again no aprioristic deduction possible for them.


i cannot think to the fact that those people are children that want to feel welcome at any place and not people with genuine opinions or maturity so they join those neocon circles.
also "the soviet nazis" saved eastern europe from extermination and ended the holocaust, if he thinks russia is bad why he doesnt start defending the nazis




>Fundamentally materialism is deterministic
No it isnt stop babbling, cause & effect in Marxism are not the same as in natural science, etc.
>dialectics is just a better way of predicting the end results.
No, its the philosophy worldview that arms you with the abilty to change and understand reality.
>"Dialectics" isn't anything special.
No it applies to the totality of reality not just society. Stop trying to water the power of Dialectical Materialism down.


I expect better tbh

The NAFO legion consists of two major groups:
>PMC Democrats, mostly AA women
<Boomers, in flesh or spirit

>No it applies to the totality of reality
Third Law of Motion understander


>No it applies to the totality of reality not just society.
How do you apply dialectics to black holes?



>For the second year running, Russia’s Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 9 featured just one solitary tank. Throughout his twenty-four year reign, Russian ruler Vladimir Putin has used the annual Victory Day holiday to showcase his country’s resurgence as a military superpower. However, the underwhelming spectacle of a single World War II-era T-34 tank pootling across Red Square has now become a embarrassing tradition and a painful reminder of the catastrophic losses suffered by the Russian military in Ukraine.

>Prior to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Victory Day parades had typically featured dozens of tanks as the Kremlin sought to demonstrate its vast arsenal and trumpet Russia’s leading role in the defeat of Nazi Germany. The difference this year did not go unnoticed, with many commentators poking fun at Putin. “This T-34, the legendary Soviet tank from World War II, was the only Russian tank on display at the Victory Day parade in Red Square today. The others must all be busy somewhere!” quipped Financial Times Moscow bureau chief Max Seddon.

>Putin’s parade came just one day after analysts at open source conflict monitoring site Oryx announced that visually confirmed Russian tank losses in Ukraine had passed the 3000 mark. Oryx researchers document military losses based on video or photographic evidence, while recognizing that overall figures are likely to be “significantly higher” than those verified by publicly available open source materials. Meanwhile, the latest figures from the Ukrainian military indicate Russia has lost as many as 7429 tanks since February 2022. While Ukraine’s claims regarding Russian battlefield losses are generally treated with a degree of skepticism, even the visually confirmed baseline figure of 3000 tanks underlines the devastating toll of Putin’s invasion on the Russian military.

>In addition to exposing the Kremlin’s dwindling supply of tanks, this year’s strikingly modest Victory Day festivities have also drawn attention to other negative consequences of Russia’s ongoing Ukraine invasion. During the buildup to the holiday, a number of major Russian cities including Pskov, Kursk, Bryansk, and Belgorod announced they would not be staging traditional Victory Day parades this year. These cancellations were justified on security grounds, highlighting the growing threat posed by Ukraine to targets inside Russia.

>Since the start of 2024, Ukraine has brought the war home to Russia with a highly successful long-range drone campaign against the country’s oil and gas industry, including air strikes against refineries located more than one thousand kilometers from the Ukrainian border. While Kyiv has largely refrained from attacks on civilian targets, Ukraine’s proven ability to strike deep inside Russia is a major blow to the Kremlin, which has vowed to shield the Russian public from the war and prevent any disruption to everyday life.

>The downgrading of Russia’s Victory Day celebrations is a personal blow for Putin, who has sought to place the holiday at the heart of efforts to revive Russian nationalism following the loss of status and perceived humiliations of the early post-Soviet period. This approach marked a departure from the Soviet years, when Victory Day was overshadowed by a number of more ideologically driven holidays such as May Day and the annual anniversary of the October Revolution. Indeed, during the 46-year period between the end of World War II and the fall of the USSR, the Soviet authorities held just three Victory Day military parades in Moscow.

>It was Putin who masterminded the rise of Victory Day to its current position as Russia’s most important public holiday. Since the early 2000s, he has transformed Victory Day into the propaganda centerpiece of a pseudo-religious cult, complete with its own sacred symbols, feast days, saints, and dogmas. Anyone who dares question the Kremlin’s heavily distorted and highly sanitized version of the Soviet role in World War II is treated with the kind of ruthless severity once reserved for medieval heretics. Meanwhile, in a further nod to the continued potency of the World War II narrative in Putin’s Russia, opponents of the Kremlin are routinely branded as “fascists” and “Nazis.”

>The mythology surrounding Putin’s Victory Day cult is not just a matter of repairing battered Russian national pride. It has also helped strengthen perceptions of the Russian army as unbeatable. Both inside Russia and among international audiences, the pomp and propaganda surrounding the holiday have encouraged people to view the Russian army as simply too big and powerful to be defeated. This is complete nonsense. The past few centuries of Russian history are littered with resounding military defeats including the Crimean War, the Russo-Japanese War, and the failed Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Russia even managed to lose World War I, despite starting the war on the winning side.

>The historically unjustified but widespread belief that Russian victory is somehow inevitable has helped shape the West’s weak response to the invasion of Ukraine. When the war began, most Western observers were convinced Ukraine would fall in a matter of days. Even after the Ukrainian military shocked the world by winning battle after battle and liberating half the land occupied by Russia, many have clung to the assumption that eventual Russian victory remains assured. This defeatist thinking has been an important factor hampering efforts to arm Ukraine adequately. It may yet become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

>The sight of a lone tank on Red Square this week is a timely reminder that behind the facade of overwhelming strength, Putin’s Russia is far from invincible. For years, the Kremlin has sought to intimidate the outside world with carefully choreographed displays of military muscle-flexing. However, the invasion of Ukraine has revealed a very different reality. Since February 2022, Putin’s once vaunted army has seen its reputation plummet and has suffered a series of stinging battlefield defeats while failing to achieve a decisive breakthrough against its much smaller neighbor. The Russian military remains a formidable force and should not be underestimated, but the events of the past two years have demonstrated that it is also very much beatable. If Ukraine is finally given the necessary tools by the country’s partners, it will finish the job.

Peter Dickinson is editor of the Atlantic Council’s UkraineAlert service.


>No it applies to the totality of reality not just society. Stop trying to water the power of Dialectical Materialism down.
Least pseudointellectual ML.


>My cock enters your mom's vagina
>Your mom's vagina expands under the contradiction of not being wide enough yet needing to grow
Wa la, a black hole is born


Just looking at natural science and comparing it to capital shows that capitalism is comparable to thermodynamics which is a useful comparison because it is well studied and has lots of assets.



> Russian President Vladimir Putin presided over a pared-back Victory Day parade Thursday, showcasing his country’s unity and resolve to continue the war on Ukraine. But the martial celebrations also obscured simmering tensions inside the Kremlin and within Russian society.

>At first glance, this year’s parade in Red Square was the usual well-choreographed display of military might: Over 9,000 military personnel took part, including a thousand currently serving in what Russia still calls the “special military operation” — the official euphemism for the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The mechanized column was led by a World War II-era T-34 tank, a symbol of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

>May 9 is more than a day for commemorating the over 25 million Soviet soldiers and civilians who died during World War II.

>Under Putin, the Russian state has elevated collective remembrance of the war to something resembling a secular religion. It’s a day of high solemnity: in recent years, Russians have taken part in “Immortal Regiment” marches, carrying pictures of family members who served in the war. Putin — who has made “patriotic education” a priority — traditionally lays flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

>But since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the massive military parade has been somewhat downsized. Last year, the usual fly-by of military aircraft over Red Square was cancelled, and this year’s parade only featured one tank, the T-34 museum piece. Front-line priorities appear to take precedence over ceremony.

> And as in years past, Putin cast the war in Ukraine today as a continuation of what Russians call the Great Patriotic War, making the mendacious claim that Russia is battling “neo-Nazism” in Ukraine. And while the war in Ukraine seems to be going better for Russia than one year ago, Putin still called for Russians to make more wartime sacrifice.

>“Russia is now going through a difficult, transitional period,” he said in a speech before the parade.

>“The fate of the motherland, its future depends on each of us … We celebrate Victory Day in the context of the special military operation. All its participants — those who are on the front line, on the line of combat contact — are our heroes. We bow to your perseverance and self-sacrifice, dedication. All of Russia is with you!”

>But this year’s Victory Day is also happening against the background of a bribery scandal roiling Russia’s Ministry of Defense.

>Last month, Russian Deputy Defence Minister Timur Ivanov was caught in a corruption probe, arrested on suspicion of accepting a bribe of “an especially large size.” The scandal widened with the arrest of two Russian businessmen on suspicion of involvement in the bribe.

> Ivanov has denied involvement in bribery and is willing to give detailed testimony to prove his innocence, according to Russian state news agency TASS. And Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Ivanov’s boss before his ouster from his ministerial post, played his usual role in this year’s Victory Day parade, reviewing the troops and reporting to Putin before the president’s speech.

>Kremlinologists can draw few conclusions from Shoigu’s performance on May 9. But the arrest of Shoigu’s protégé has led to speculation about infighting at the highest echelons of power and cast an uncomfortable spotlight on what observers see as a culture of rampant graft inside the Russian military.

>As the Russian defense ministry’s construction boss, Ivanov was responsible for overseeing projects such as the rebuilding of the shattered Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, which was obliterated by Russian forces in 2022.

>The reconstruction of showcase apartment blocks in Mariupol has been a fixture of Russian government propaganda: Putin famously paid a visit to the occupied city last spring as part of a PR campaign.

>But a visual investigation by the Financial Times pointed to shoddy workmanship in Mariupol, underscoring speculation that the reconstruction funds were being siphoned off by Russian companies that had won government construction contracts.

>Ivanov is under US and EU sanction for his role in the war on Ukraine. But the lavish lifestyle of his ex-partner — who has an upscale Parisian address and enjoys the slopes at Courchevel — has been extensively scrutinized by the Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF), the investigative outfit founded by Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who died in a Russian prison north of the Arctic Circle earlier this year.

>Russia’s political opposition –— which under Putin has largely been sidelined, marginalized or chased into exile — is still reeling from the death of Navalny.

>But Navalny’s investigative foundation has pressed ahead with its relentless focus on corruption in Putin’s Russia.

> In recent weeks, ACF chief investigator Maria Pevchikh has managed to dominate much of the Russia conversation online with the release of a documentary series called “The Traitors,” which traces the origins of Putin against the background of the political and economic free-for-all in the Russia of the 1990s. Corruption, goes the argument, is the original sin of modern-day Russia.

>But that’s not the message Putin is projecting on Victory Day.

>Despite the heavy losses of men and equipment on the battlefield in Ukraine, defense spending has buoyed the Russian economy. Putin’s technocrats have deftly managed the economy amid international sanctions, returning the country to GDP growth.

>But Russia’s economy remains famously inefficient and corrupt. Prestige projects — such as the 2014 Sochi Olympics — have long been marred by allegations of corruption and favoritism, especially when it comes to the award of contracts. And the living standards of ordinary Russians are a secondary consideration in Putin’s wartime economy.

>Viewed through that lens, this year’s Victory Day in Moscow was more of a feel-good exercise, presenting contemporary Russia as the opposite of the ’90s: proud, militarily strong, pressing inexorably forward. And Putin, after a quarter century in power, presided over the whole affair with the same rhetoric of patriotism, sacrifice and love of Motherland.

>In Russia, continuity has a quality of its own.


Most people stop responding to charismatic leaders when they reach puberty.


go look out the window anon.


The main reasons why May 9th is smaller than before the war are security/terrorism concerns and that Russia wants to decommunize.
As soon as this war ends in less than total embarrassment, there will be a Victory Ukraine day as a bigger event than May 9th.


>social processes that are open to interference and alteration
That "interference and alteration" is just from other social processes. Take a step back and see how those interact with each other and get a better understanding come up with new "laws" which then interact with other social processes and so on until we better and better predictions. That's basically what dialectics does and the reason it's so powerful.
>There is again no aprioristic deduction possible for them.
Maybe we can't make the perfect deductions because of how complex it is, but that doesn't mean the universes isn't deterministic.

cause & effect in Marxism are not the same as in natural science.
What? Just because dialectics take into account more than just a single group of causes and effects doesn't mean cause & effect doesn't exist.
<>dialectics is just a better way of predicting the end results.
>No, its the philosophy worldview that arms you with the abilty to change and understand reality.
Tomato, tomato.


>but that doesn't mean the universes isn't deterministic.
I'm not even arguing against this, but as "dialectical materialism" (utter rubbish made up in the 20th century by idiots) as some sort of magic third eye that lets you know how the world "really works" if you use enough buzzwords.


What a ridiculous statement.


File: 1715384100606.jpg (46.91 KB, 453x500, 1354323271656.jpg)


Successful revolutions status?


>utter rubbish made up in the 20th century by idiots
Damn I didnt know Marx & Engels lived in the twentieth century!..


What you did doesn't matter. What matters is what you can do right now, right here. Materialism, not displaced Jesus freakism.


Society isnt some magical narnia world that exist seperate from reality.
>What you did doesn't matter.
Lmao, now who's the pseudointellectual.


>erm, what have YOU done? don't analyze anything!
I hope you notice the irony of posting this canned response when the discussion is about "dialectics".

Unlike every moron using the term Marx actually thoroughly investigated things instead of invoking an abstraction you can't trace anything out of. It's basically philosophy pretending to be science.

It's absurd to me that anyone even uses the word "dialectics" today, including the "ultra" organizations. At best it is used to express something banal like "things change over time" or "things are part of a movement" which then begets the question "in what way?" and we could have simply jumped to the answer to this question in the first place which would have contained real knowledge of the matter. Imagine if Watson and Crick, after discovering the double helix structure of DNA, had made a fuss about "geometrics" or the "geometric method" or something; this would be nothing but a step backwards immediately following a real advance. At worst it is used to conceal a total lack of knowledge of a matter (and there is always a performance put on about how truly complex the matter is and how difficult it is to explain) while passing oneself off as a member of some cool, secretive club called "The Marxists" (rather, "The MLs").


>What you did doesn't matter. What matters is what you can do right now
so nothing, just like you, where is your influencial organization with enough political power to divert society in the short and long term ?

>I'm not even arguing against this, but as "dialectical materialism" (utter rubbish made up in the 20th century by idiots) as some sort of magic third eye that lets you know how the world "really works" if you use enough buzzwords.
it's a method of social analysis using material, real data instead of idealist made up bullshit, you should know what it is instead of throwing enough buzzword to scold about how bad it is.


>It's basically philosophy pretending to be science.
Philosophy is higher than science.
>It's absurd to me that anyone even uses the word "dialectics" today
Go back to r/neoliberal then.


>Lmao, now who's the pseudointellectual.
Still definitely you. Ancestor worship is cope, but if speaking your language will help get my point across…
<For instance, it is also a kind of stereotype if all one can do is to[…] merely copy old formulas and apply these indiscriminately to every fact, instead of specifically and concretely using formulas derived from science to interpret the new facts and phenomena which emerge every day.

You won't have one, either, because your personal lust for power will poison your every action.


You claimed things that happened in the past dont matter, I dont think there is anyway for you to come back from this one. History is a fundamental part of Marxism.


>You won't have one, either, because your personal lust for power will poison your every action.
very idealist nonsense, "My" personal and individual lust for power will amount to nothing because a single person never did anything in life, just like ever "True Marxist" never made a movement, it was the "evil and brute" marxist leninist you waste more time hating than trying to supplant, but your words mean nothing to us man, we were flipping nukes with albert einsten while you were having strokes from eating too much lasagna.


>durr le decommunize
nothing can be bigger than may 9th you retard. the ww2 funerary cult(non-derogatory) is a fucking juggernaut that dumb westoids like you cant even comprehend


btw you dumbasses can try raiding as much as u want; it wont be of any use to you. none of the regulars are even remotely convinced by your reddit-tier whinging.


>there will be a Victory Ukraine day
is that going to be before or after the crimean beach party? i need to check my calendar


Someone tell this guy Russian tanks are parading inside Ukraine. He doesn't need to parade them in Moscow.


>if Watson and Crick, after discovering the double helix structure of DNA,

You mean Rosalind Franklin…


File: 1715396410305.png (145.32 KB, 1230x460, ClipboardImage.png)

>There is a nervous tone about reports from Ukraine in the last few weeks, suggesting that the war may be entering a new and dangerous phase. In light of the Congressional vote for $61 billion in aid, this may come as a surprise. But the grim assessments of the war, reflect facts on the ground. Those facts demand that the Biden administration go beyond aid to developing a ceasefire strategy.

>Despite all the hoopla around Ukraine’s offensive successes in September of 2022, as is explained in this excellent piece by Franz-Stefan Gady the logic of the war in Ukraine has been, from the start, relentlessly attritional. Russia’s initial onslaught was hopelessly undersized and relied on the assumption that they would be able to break Ukrainian resistant with a coup de main. When that failed, after the initial Russian assault had spent its energy, frantic mobilization actually conferred material advantage on Ukraine along key segments of the frontline. Numerical superiority at the point of attack largely accounts for Ukraine’s remarkable breakthroughs in the North East in September 2022. But that momentum only carried so far. In 2023 Russia’s mobilization efforts counterbalanced the Ukrainian push, the result was the frustration of Ukraine’s summer offensive operations in 2023. Since the summer of 2023, difficulties in raising the pace of Ukrainian mobilization and significant Russian efforts, have conferred the advantage decisively on Putin’s forces. It is hard to see how Ukraine can hope to overcome this difference, given its smaller population, its vastly smaller economy - at the start of the war the ratio was more than 10:1, it is now far worse - and the limited aid that the US or the EU are willing and able to supply. Predicting the future is uncertain. But the likelihood is that the balance will tip further against Ukraine. The ultimate choice must lie with Kyiv and the Ukrainian people. But for outsiders, notably the EU and the USA to avoid the obvious conclusion, is cowardly and irresponsible. They should be formulating a ceasefire strategy.

It took the liberals two years to get it and say what leftypol was saying from the start.


File: 1715397058005.jpg (91.51 KB, 977x1280, beggar king.jpg)

>$61 billion is not enough



there's been a sharp increase in the number of arrows in yt thumbnails. is it happening?


I don't understand why people pay for pedophilic drawings to be drawn on shells? Like if you where going to spend your'e money on this why not put something cool on there?


*why are liberals like this


File: 1715406518805.png (29.75 KB, 808x944, 1662811124777.png)

Apparently, the Great Offensov has been a Ukronazi psyop to gain more Amerikkkan gibs, 400 million.

Habbening status: Ovor


>full-scale invasion
In the last cold war, propagandists getting exposed as sockpuppet stenographers was a relatively big deal. Nowadays, it's a feature that the zealously enforce through shibboleths like that one.

Sycophantic repetition the specific wording, (even demonstrable lies) of the government narrative, and doing *literal* stenographic propaganda by uncritically repeating the "scoops" (and again, including demonstrable lies) of government officers, is now a point of pride and a mark of integrity.


Offensov status: We are so back!


Generally right, but full scale invasion is not a misnomer as Russians now admit being in Ukraine since 2014.


>full scale invasion is not a misnomer as Russians now admit being in Ukraine since 2014.

What do you think "full scale invasion" means


File: 1715412184227.jpg (Spoiler Image, 242.54 KB, 1080x721, UkrFuneral.jpg)

He died defending what he loved (forgot spoiler)


All in all in 24 hours, 4 villages were occupied, and 10 were greyzoned. I'm still skeptical of the purpose of the offensov and its chances to achieve anything, but at least it's somewhat better than the peremoga skirmishes that happen after a big Ukrainian defeat.


The amount of artillery and aviation suggests something more, but really those ground incursions yesterday were Freedom of Russia tier suicide commandos.


>still skeptical of the purpose of the offensov and its chances to achieve anything
Me too in all honesty. In my opinion, Ukronazis haven't been ground down hard enough yet. The offensov will be costly for sure. Hopefully, Russian command has the guts to go through with it and are competent enough to achieve their objectives, whatever they may be.
Weeb Union believes this attack serves to widen the front, stretching the Cockholes thin, so that Donetsk gets easier to liberate.

>Freedom of Russia tier suicide commandos
Fucking how? They already achieved more than the Belgorod invaders in three attempts. Also, unlike the Ukronazis, Russia has a usable airforce to support the offensov.


Lolno, it's just Ukraine spouting the usual "millions Russians dead trust me bro"



File: 1715416461328-0.png (201.49 KB, 1168x1189, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715416461328-1.png (212.97 KB, 1143x936, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715416461328-2.png (138.98 KB, 1108x1008, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715416461328-3.png (89.96 KB, 1205x555, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715416461328-4.png (107.8 KB, 1165x554, ClipboardImage.png)


New study about dissatisfaction with modern governments. I'm curious what takeaways you guys have and how socialists can take advantage of this. I find this bit most interesting;

<Most countries have negative views of Russia. The only countries with a positive perception of Russia are in Asia or the Middle

East, led by Vietnam, India, Algeria and China. ==Collectively, however, the countries with a positive view of Russia represent a
majority of the world’s population.==

The summary of the report:

>Faith in democracy has remained high across the globe over the past six years, with 85% saying

that it’s important to have democracy in their country. Governments, however, are not seen to be
living up to the democratic expectations of their citizens: only a little more than half of the people
that we polled are satisfied with the state of democracy in their country (58%). The dissatisfaction is
not limited to non-democratic countries, but is also very prevalent in the US, Europe and in other
countries with a long democratic tradition.

>About half of the people around the world, in both democratic and non-democratic countries, feel

that their government is acting only in the interest of a small group of people. Over the past four
years, this perception has remained highest in Latin America, lowest in Asia and has steadily
increased in Europe since 2020 – particularly in Germany.

>Israel, Ukraine and Russia have all experienced a “rally around the flag” effect, with public

perception that the government is acting in the interest of the majority of the people increasing
rapidly after the start of their respective conflicts. In Ukraine, however, this perception declined
sharply after it peaked in 2022.

>State of Democracy

>For the third year in a row, economic inequality is still perceived to be the number one threat to

democracy worldwide (68%), followed by corruption (67%) and the influence of global corporations

>When it comes to social media platforms and their impact on democracy, people are divided: in

Europe and North America, a large majority of people view social media platforms as having a
negative or mixed impact on democracy. In most other countries, however, people have a more
positive view.

>Threats to Democracy

>War and violent conflict is increasingly seen as the most important global challenge, followed by

poverty and hunger, and climate change. The last year has seen a global rise in the share of people
who say that migration and terrorism are among the world’s largest challenges, particularly among

>At the national level, most people want their governments to focus more on poverty reduction,

corruption and economic growth. However there are strong regional differences in priorities:
Europeans and Americans are much more likely to want their government to prioritize improving
healthcare, fighting climate change, and reducing immigration than countries in Asia and Latin
America, where fighting corruption and promoting growth are seen as more important.

>Over the past two years, many European countries have seen a sharp rise in the share of people

who say that “reducing immigration” should be a top government priority. At the same time, the
desire to prioritize “fighting climate change” has decreased in these same countries. Nowhere is this
reversal more striking than in Germany, which now leads the world with the highest share of people
who want their government to focus on reducing immigration (44%) – topping all other priorities –
and now nearly twice as high as fighting climate change (24%).

>Despite 33% of the world saying that climate change is one of the world’s top three biggest

challenges, only 14% of people say fighting climate change should be among the top-three priorities
for their government.


File: 1715416657125-0.png (180.65 KB, 906x950, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715416657125-1.png (130.67 KB, 1147x833, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715416657125-2.png (216.68 KB, 1174x950, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715416657125-3.png (121.32 KB, 1166x960, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715416657125-4.png (211.28 KB, 1152x983, ClipboardImage.png)

>Global Challenges

>War and violent conflict is increasingly seen as the most important global challenge, followed by

poverty and hunger, and climate change. The last year has seen a global rise in the share of people
who say that migration and terrorism are among the world’s largest challenges, particularly among

>At the national level, most people want their governments to focus more on poverty reduction,

corruption and economic growth. However there are strong regional differences in priorities:
Europeans and Americans are much more likely to want their government to prioritize improving
healthcare, fighting climate change, and reducing immigration than countries in Asia and Latin
America, where fighting corruption and promoting growth are seen as more important.

>Over the past two years, many European countries have seen a sharp rise in the share of people

who say that “reducing immigration” should be a top government priority. At the same time, the
desire to prioritize “fighting climate change” has decreased in these same countries. Nowhere is this
reversal more striking than in Germany, which now leads the world with the highest share of people
who want their government to focus on reducing immigration (44%) – topping all other priorities –
and now nearly twice as high as fighting climate change (24%).

>Despite 33% of the world saying that climate change is one of the world’s top three biggest

challenges, only 14% of people say fighting climate change should be among the top-three priorities
for their government.

>Executive Summary

>Support for cutting economic ties with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine remains high in Europe

and the United States even after three years of sanctions. But in the rest of the world most people
prefer keeping ties.

>When asked about cutting economic ties with China if it were to invade Taiwan, the world is also

divided between the West and the rest. People in western democracies are generally in favor of
cutting ties with China in the event of an invasion. This includes several of China’s largest trading
partners: the United States, Japan and Germany. Most other countries, however, would prefer to
keep ties.

>Over the past two years, attitudes have shifted more in the direction of keeping, rather than cutting

ties, with both Russia and China in most countries around the world, particularly in the Global South
and in muslim-majority countries.

>Despite heavy NATO assistance to Ukraine over the past two years, one third (34%) of the global

population still says that “too little” has been done to assist Ukraine, and roughly half say that the
assistance has been the “right amount” (46%). A much smaller share (19%) says that “too much”
has been done to assist Ukraine.

>However, the sense that “too little” has been done to help Ukraine is declining, while the share who

say that “too much” has been done is small but growing. This “aid fatigue” is particularly prevalent
in Germany, which now has a plurality of people (40%) who say that “too much” has been done to
help Ukraine – the highest in all countries surveyed – followed closely by China (37%), Austria (37%)
and Hungary (31%).


>People in almost all countries surveyed have positive perceptions of the European Union, the United

Nations and the United States, and negative perceptions of Russia.

>When it comes to perceptions of China, the world is divided: western democracies, particularly the

United States, European countries, Australia, Japan and South Korea, have negative views of China,
while the rest of the world has positive views.

>Attitudes towards Russia and China reveal a stark divide in opinion between the negative

perceptions in the Global North and positive perceptions in the Global South. From 2022 to 2024,
perceptions of both Russia and China have steadily become more positive, particularly in the Global
South, thus further dividing global public opinion.

>The United States’s reputation has suffered globally between the Spring of 2023 and the Spring of

2024. This drop in positive attitudes towards the US is particularly stark in the muslim-majority
countries surveyed (Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and Algeria) as well as many
European countries (Switzerland, Ireland, Ukraine and Germany).

>The United States is still seen as having a positive influence on global democracy by most countries

around the world, particularly in Latin America, Asia and several Eastern European countries such
as Poland and Ukraine. The US’s impact on global democracy is seen more critically in Western
European countries, however, where attitudes are mixed or even slightly negative. Over the past four
years, from 2020 to 2024, perceptions of the US's global influence became more positive – peaking
in 2022 or 2023 – and then declined sharply in 2024.


Why would people in Iran and Brazil be mad about Russia? They're jungle gang. Is this poll trustworthy?


File: 1715417156872.png (158.76 KB, 1152x493, 1715416657125-4.png)

The mental gymnastics at play here.


why the fuck do the swedes hate china so much


It's saying that in Russia, 78% of people view Russia positively. However, most countries surveyed view Russia negatively.

I don't see anything wrong with the chart per se. I love how they make up a category of "officially democracies" and also a category for "free" and "less free". Lmao.
Thanks for sharing. Really interesting.
Iran is very interesting. Politically they're enemies of the US but it seems like people in the country don't like their government, or trust it, and seem to be pro-USA. Regarding Brazil, it's only """ jungle gang """ very recently. Bolsonaro was president last term.


File: 1715418611661-0.png (1.52 MB, 1200x900, 17154182683750.png)

File: 1715418611661-1.png (462.14 KB, 431x537, 17154182683841.png)

POWed Ukrainians from Kharkov offensive


File: 1715419729183.jpg (246.24 KB, 720x1520, Brazil voter poll.jpg)

>The Alliance of Democracies Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former NATO Secretary General and former Prime Minister of Denmark. Our team is based in Brussels, Berlin and Copenhagen and brings expertise from international diplomacy and human rights to election integrity and strategic communications.
The org behind it is highly biased and this affects its categorization of the world and question wording. However, the Brazil data is probably true. Polls I've seen show net unfavorable opinion, and this being part of polarization over Lula's foreign policy in general. Brazil in general appears divided, so a lukewarm Lula voter base and anti Russia Bolsonaro base seems likely

Here's a poll by voter base. Circled is the data for Russia. From top to bottom, first number is not enough ties, second is about right amount of ties, third is too many ties to Russia. Majority of Lula voters think Lula is as close to Russia as he should be or should be closer.



All polls are politicized nonsense.


>Iran is very interesting. Politically they're enemies of the US but it seems like people in the country don't like their government, or trust it, and seem to be pro-USA. Regarding Brazil, it's only """ jungle gang """ very recently. Bolsonaro was president last term.
It should also be noted that international opinions of countries are shaped heavily by the international engagement of that country. The US pours a lot of money into its political export and it is also culturally dominant. Its economies ties are also beneficial.
Public opinion is often less developed and based on caricatures for countries not as connected to the world. This is why global capitalism biases opinions towards countries which dominate it, reproducing the system.


The greatest example of this is when liberals go overseas outside of the anglosphere or the West, where global capitalism and its influence structure rewards self perceptions that they represent democracy and aren't doing anything wrong. It reflects on how privileges from capitalism are rationalized as achieved through embrace of liberal values rather than the embracing of liberal values coming from benefiting from global capitalism. The result is often a belief in a right to weaponize global capitalism against less liberal cultures which do not benefit as much from it, which perpetuates the divide over liberalism that prevents us from having a critical view of global capitalism and its hierarchy. Wherever a conflict caused by the latter emerges, it's rationalized as caused by one side being open to 'the world' and the other not. Meaning, it's not caused by global capitalism dividing the world by class and nation but a backwards culture insisting on being closed to rising modernity


It's way simpler than that. Just like in countries in rural-urban divide, where ruralites are looking up to urbanites because urbanites are (seemingly) superior in all ways, same is true for countries. Just education opportunities alone create a huge positive outlook on a country, same way there's no higher education in rural areas

People have to be really, really brainwashed hard to implement nationalist bullshit into their ordinary life. In ordinary life, people tend to disregard borders entirely, rather viewing them as artificial constructs, same as nationalities, race, languages, every fucking nationalist-liberal lie there is exists outside of real life of people. Politics don't exist in real life


Definitely agree with the first part, one key way to understanding globalization and the way capitalism divides the world is the uneven development of the class system. That defines things more than class within developed areas I think

For the second part I'm not sure. History weighs heavily outside of developed areas with high amounts of individualism and what I've seen called 'post materialist' values (i.e. you aren't desperate and oppressed by life enough that you can enjoy its finer tastes and more universal or open values)

Personally I've always seen socialism as tearing down the economic limits on liberal values given the latter upholding the former out of western or white supremacy or some other civilization-barbarism division. This is done by the proletariat being a more universal class than the liberal bourgeoisie, which is why our internationalism supports 'authoritarian' oppressed nations


<Most of Africa and Central Asia wasn't polled
>Mmm yes, the majority hat Ruzzia and love the USA
That's how you scew statistics: by selectively surveying groups.
There is some interesting stuff though.
It still shows how mighty Amerikkkan propaganda is, overwriting even material interests of capitalists, even though Amerikkkans directly undermine their profits. The best example is Europe, where the booj is literally killing itself to serve Washington.

What the fuck is Iran's problem with Russia???

>Argentinian public is more trusting of the gubbermint than Vuvuzuela's

>South America still has a shockingly high approval of the USA
Just sad, really. Gusanos everywhere.

>Swedes especially hate China


>Japs hate China

A bit understandable, since China is raping their capital, but I have a feeling that there is still a lot of Japanese chauvinism from WW2.

In conclusion, things look still pretty bad. Humanity has been too successfully brainwashed into supporting crapitalism and Amerikkka.


Oh right, I forgot to mention the methodology is 53 countries representing 75% of world pop. This may skew things since 25% is a lot and that's a lot of missing countries. I have no doubt that 25% is disproportionately outside of the West in countries with more nuanced views of Russia and China for example


File: 1715424507098.png (85.5 KB, 483x538, GNQ8JqQWUAATprY.png)

DeepstateUA have defected to the Ruzzian side lmao


Its 44 countries in some sections of the report. They mysteriously exclude "non democracies" from several chapters, including China and Russia.


Unlimited freaks obviously refers to the Russians.


Not surprising. Reports like this are marketed to policy makers and this is about sending the message that "Yes you are struggling and there's a significant divide in the world, but you are less polarizing than Russia and China because you are democratic so your influence is more palatable. So double down on the division of democracy and authoritarianism to stabilize the world and restore the 90s"


File: 1715424904146.jpg (42.23 KB, 1024x659, 1686221531405726.jpg)

What did he mean by this? Like unironically, I don't understand what the Cockhole is saying here. Is his brain short-circuiting from the offensov?


There is this mystical offensive maneuver in both Russian and Ukrainian fantasies where you don't attack towards the enemy at all and no one dies, yet you still advance.


It stems from the revisionist history of WW2 where Nazis advanced into USSR while losing less soldiers than Soviets, when in reality in 1941 alone Germans have lost 4 millions dead and injured. Basically, the crazy idea that you can plan everything so right that the enemy just collapses without fighting back at all


The Soviet Union had far more military casualties than Nazis, not alone because Germany systemically starved and murdered red armists in custody.
>inb4 Stalin said…


You are talking about Nazi propaganda leaflet which claims that Germans have captured 3 or more millions of Soviets. Then there's a rationalization addition which presupposes that Nazi leaflet didn't lie, and that means that since Nazis didn't ever show those 3 millions of POWs anywhere, it means that those were starved to death and have disappeared this way

In short, stop believing Nazi propaganda, idiot


So all Soviet/Russian governments after Stalin base their numbers on nazi leaflets.


Soviets didn't base them on Nazi leaflets, they based them on "demographic losses". Russia bases them on Nazi leaflets, yeah, because Russia is anticommunist


He's delusional, send him to the infirmary


So many threads later, and you guys still counter my factual information with "but bourgeois academia thinks otherwise" and "but you are schizo"


Hohls are NOT angry about Kharkov
bombs the 10 years anniversary rally in Donezk


File: 1715428818552.png (464.16 KB, 1026x740, ClipboardImage.png)

Cough it up western boy


Our nazi brothers in Ukraine desperately need our help now! I'm sure Germany would love to sponsor them


>Humanity has been too successfully brainwashed into supporting crapitalism and Amerikkka.
Nah, it wasn't. This is flat out cope. We've seen how much support western governments actually have in practice, and it's not much at all.


All it takes to overthrow a government is 15% of the population united in an attempt. Probably less if they have existing military connections.

People claim to despise their countries yet are totally unwilling to do anything to change circumstances. That's tacit consent.


Getting 15% of the population to agree to risking death for something that may not work out if others don't all totally commit on isn't exactly easy.


Prigozhin displayed more courage in 1 week than any Western citizen of any Western country has in 10+ decades.


And he's dead and failed in his task because of it, what a great example.


Because he didn't have the support of the majority of Russians. But at least he tried. Hugo Chavez failed his first coup as well.
Meanwhile in Britain/America/etc. the average westoid would rather suck Andrew Tate's cock or blame women or jews or communists than actually try to change things.


>All it takes to overthrow a government is 15% of the population united in an attempt. Probably less if they have existing military connections. People claim to despise their countries yet are totally unwilling to do anything to change circumstances. That's tacit consent.
I thought the multipolarista are sending logistics and funds for the oppressed Imperial Core citizens?


He cucked out and was later killed. How is that supposed to moralize the people against their authoritarian government


multipolarist countries are non-interventionist and clashing with interventionist states


And who, exactly, is a revolutionary with even a large minority of support in the west? We need leaders for this kind of thing and most people who show initative either get bought out fast or get imprisoned early.
Do you think that western governments sit around with their dicks in their hands while their passive, bovine populace go along with everything?


File: 1715432283384.png (216.96 KB, 1180x1550, ClipboardImage.png)

>We need hundreds of billions
I mean, it's just meaningless number quoting.
If you frame it like that though, as if numbers on paper fought the wars, one has to start wondering how are they still losing, badly.

>BudgetUS$86.4 billion (2023)


don't compare prigozhin to hugo chavez ever again


He was literally a billionaire with a private army.


File: 1715434806923-0.png (550.35 KB, 842x1069, 17154333000400.png)

File: 1715434806923-1.jpg (490.25 KB, 576x1092, 17154332360100.jpg)




Based word fixer


Reminder that this mf considers "Come and See" to be Khruschevite propaganda and the Nazis weren't that bad actually.


With Ukraine voting against Palestinian recognition at the UNGA, I invoke this 2 year old banger, almost to the day.

The song cites that Ukraine was encouraging bombs on Palestine, no idea what that's about, but interesting how the fronts of this war have been clear for so long. "we cheer for China too, may they conquer Taiwan". Absolutely based lol.


File: 1715439776171.png (46.36 KB, 168x192, 1652043286376.png)

>Ukronazis side and voot against the Global South on every issue
<Global South doesn't support Cuckraine
>Ukronazis: "Why would they do this?"


File: 1715439783687.mp4 (12.13 MB, 720x1280, 17154355749090.mp4)

Ukrainian time traveller from 12 of May says that Vovchansk is still Ukrainian


>this mf considers "Come and See" to be Khruschevite propaganda
wat de fugg :DDD


Really now? Do you think that only with 20-27 million Soviet losses it was possible for Nazis to kill, rape and murder?


File: 1715440563023-0.png (509.53 KB, 1528x589, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715440563023-1.png (1.22 MB, 1807x1761, ClipboardImage.png)



They didnt vote against. They abstained.


No it’s clearly saying this is what the Russians are thinking. Learn literacy retard


the only possible options are "completely trust goebbels" or "completely trust mid-war soviet reporting"


And mid-war Soviet reporting amounts to 7 million deaths from that war for Soviets. It probably does not include deaths in the rear, though. Soviets investigated their losses immediately after the war, and found that 20 million people were left without homes and livelihoods due to the war, for example


Why are you lying?
Ukraine abstained. Before, they voted for vortually every anti Israel UN resolution.


It makes me remember of this redhaired ukrainian nazi doing "Backmoot still hold 10 000 russians killed today" videos every afternoon until he suddenly disappeared, killed from a random artillery shell


Someone is angry because he read something he did not like in another thread


File: 1715442640198-0.png (499.94 KB, 1024x937, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715442640198-1.png (2.09 MB, 1024x846, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715442640198-2.png (1.15 MB, 1024x662, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715442640198-3.png (564.71 KB, 1024x675, ClipboardImage.png)

Some Politico cartoons, semi-related


My bad.
As I said, THE SONG CLAIMS that Ukraine supported the bombings of Palestine. And as I said, I don't know what that is referring to.
I have no idea what you're talking about. Feel free to just link it.


Nevermind. Some get really angry when you remind them that Russia is strategically ambiguous over Israel and has a strong zionist basis in the current government.


I actually had no idea. Has that changed though? It seems they're posturing against Israel now?


File: 1715443750688.png (2.74 MB, 1449x823, ClipboardImage.png)

Volchansk bros, it's gonna be our time SOON


Not much, Russia is in favor of a two state solution and still holds Syria on a short leash.


State TV keeps calling the bombings of Palestine counter-terrorist operation without a hint of sarcasm. It's really disgusting. They kind of keep abstaining from proclaiming what happens in Palestine either thing


Big if true.
Holy shit, the offensov is going better than I expected.


>It took the liberals two years to get it and say what leftypol was saying from the start.
Most commentators like Tooze are well informed enough to know the truth. They go along with the psyop on western society until they feel like they have permission to tell the truth. The flurry of realist articles in the last week means they have permission now.


I mean, state TV and press and such are infested with Israeli citizens, it's not surprising that they keep saying this shit. Russia removed and repressed some of the most retarded pro-Israeli public people, but the ones "keeping it civil" and who got the message are still in there


What did you expect? I would be surprised if Russia took Volchansk on the first day or if Ukraine managed to push back. What happens right now is the same slow grind


>>1851663 samefag
Imagine if a liberal darling like Tooze stuck his head above the parapet and told the truth early. Career and US sinecure: OVIR.


File: 1715444430399-0.jpg (121.21 KB, 471x477, 17154433658120.jpg)

File: 1715444430399-1.jpg (165.91 KB, 822x479, 17154433658121.jpg)

Now this is demoralization


File: 1715444789073-0.png (649.96 KB, 1259x888, 17154439285251.png)

File: 1715444789073-1.png (755.09 KB, 918x990, 17154439285190.png)

Half million views on those videos, yikes


>The Alliance of Democracies Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former NATO Secretary General and former Prime Minister of Denmark. Our team is based in Brussels, Berlin and Copenhagen
Come the fuck on. BRICS can set up a similar institute and we can compare polling results.


>What happens right now is the same slow grind
No, it isn't. Before, they took one field a day, now it's several settlements a day.

What are they talking about exactly?


>why the fuck do the swedes hate china so much
The anti China psyops probably gained traction there for cultural or strategic reasons. Maybe they were used as a testing ground for this in the way that Australia is used as a testing ground for encryption and internet control policies. Was is Sweden where that story about a pushy Chinese family getting kicked out of a hotel lobby went viral?


Ukrainians from Europe are running away to Russia now. Only 30% can get through filtration, and there are long waiting lines. The main problem for Ukrainian refugees, it seems, is post history on their phones


this land is all basically empty because its within artillery range of russia. What it looks like past 10km is what will indicate how close to collapse ukraine or russia are.


Imagine a European country still maintaining a non-citizen legion of colonial enforcers in current year. Then imagine them sending some in officially deniable ways to the conflict on Russia's borders, while threatening to send more. Any good songs in the Eurovision Song Contest this year?


File: 1715447427849.jpg (135.16 KB, 926x1024, 1653580152972.jpg)

>The main problem for Ukrainian refugees, it seems, is post history on their phones
Same energy as picrel

Good policy by the Russians. That way they can keep the bad people out.

What caused the sudden shift for them to go to Russia of all places?


>What caused the sudden shift for them to go to Russia of all places?
New mobilization law + butthurt belt countries stopping consular services and benefits for ukrop passport to persuade them to go back to ukraine where they'll be mobilized.


Countries like Poland saying outright that they will help Ukraine to hunt for Ukrainian draft dodgers


The odd part is that before 2022 polish nationalists hated ukrainians more than they hated russians, because of the massacres carried out by ukrainian nazis to poles


Heres a documentary for some context and perspective on the polish nationalists and ONR fascists


<Ukraine was a magnet for foreign fighters. After 2 bruising years, many are disillusioned or dead.
Volunteer status?


disillusioned or dead


Sure, volchansk bros might be getting everything they ever wanted, but what about us slovyansk-kramatorsk defensive entrenchment line sisters?


>The main problem for Ukrainian refugees, it seems, is post history on their phones
I don't own a phone, because they are Satanic. But I fear no one will believe when the time comes for them to check my history and I say this.


How do you survive in this day and age? Phone is required for everything, including government services. Do you use your mom's phone?


The only government service I have to use is mandatory health insurance, and I'll just let them mail everything to me. The responses I drive directly to their service center, which is a town over.


Wait, you guys are still allowed to do this? Haha, why are Westoids more backwards than Russia. We here are forcefully introduced to "state services" site with authentification through phone number, with all the govt services digitized


It's Germany, which is ass backwards in everything. We were the last country (besides Libya) to still use analogue police radio.



>analogue police radio
sounds like a good way to fuck with cops lmao


Prigozhin was a traitor collaborating with Western assets to try and overthrow the Russian government.


Somebody post westerners seething about the state of the war.



>In accordance with information we’ve been reporting for many months about stirrings in the north, Russia has finally launched an assault on the Kharkov region. But it’s important to clear up a lot of misconceptions about the objectives.

>Firstly, the assault was likely smaller than it may have sounded at first—more a recon by fire or advanced scouting party, with most of the damage being done by Russian long range fires and drones. However, it did capture half a dozen small, mostly abandoned settlements on the Ukrainian side of the border:

>Does he know the definition of counter-offensive?)

>It’s still not even clear which Russian units precisely participated, as that would tell us a lot about the character and nature of events. However, it appears possible the 1009th Motor Rifle Regiment was involved, which is subordinated to the 11th Army Corps out of Kaliningrad. They are basically Baltic Fleet troops and have been on the Belgorod front since at least early 2023, having fought in the Kharkov defense prior to that in 2022.

>Since they’re motorized and not mechanized, what we saw today matched the description, as from the little footage there was, they appeared to use light vehicles only and very little armor, with some BMPs. Also, we know General Lapin is commanding the entire northern front, as I reported last time he gave a check on the units right before this attack occurred.

>Opposite them is the Ukrainian 42nd Mechanized Brigade defending. The 42nd posted videos destroying some of the Russian light vehicles, which were actually geolocated to even much deeper than just the border towns that were captured:

>The towns on the border were mostly in the gray zone already, so they met light resistance for the most part, though Russian sources have stated the AFU took many casualties and reportedly nearly two dozen POWs, with photos showing some of the captured troops.

>The newer Ukrainian fortifications which Zelensky himself inspected north of Kharkov just a month or so ago are said to be much closer to the city itself, and so Russian forces did not have to even go near them yet.

>In fact, Ukrainian sources claimed the attack merely consisted of 4-5 battalions:

>The fact that this motorized regiment without much heavy gear was used is revealing. It confirms reports that Russia is no where close to introducing its “main force” into the region, which can come much later after Russia has tested the Ukrainian defenses, revealed their positions via recon-by-fire, and then softened them up with air strikes.

>Ukrainian military sources report that not only does Russia possibly have a much larger force it intends to introduce later, but another one is gathering in Sumy region as well:



< 🔴 It appears that another direction to Sumy will be opened in the next few hours.

< The enemy forces are in full combat readiness.

< They are dragging the reserves toward the border.

< 🔴 Meanwhile, our army is working on enemy concentrations.

< An assault is planned in the next few hours.

< Our DRGs have already started working.

< Let us pray for our Boys⚡️🇷🇺⚡️

>Remember precisely two months ago I said I had my own personal on the ground sources who said the Russian gov’t was quietly clearing out Russian villages on the Sumy border, with the specific instruction that they have two months time? The article is here, from February 25th, I wrote:

>Well, almost exactly two months later, it looks like things are bearing fruit. I believe the current action is both multi-stage and longer term. That means you won’t see a flash-in-the-pan blitzkrieg or thunder-run, but rather a very methodical introduction of forces from the north at key points like turning the screws on a vise.

>Russia will likely see how Ukraine reacts to the Kharkov incursion, watch where it deploys its reserves, and act accordingly, with potential Sumy and/or Chernigov contingents to come in much later.

>The objective here is not to take Kharkov any time soon. That can happen much, much later in an organic fashion as a byproduct of far more exigent objectives, like cutting off the Kupyansk corridor for the AFU. Little by little, Russia will worm its way in and surround Kharkov, which will be besieged and likely fall very slowly, maybe even by mid 2025 or so. They’re not in a rush to capture it any time soon as doing so is not necessary for the time being, nor would provide any recognizable strategic benefit.

>Remember: the objectives right now are to degrade and destroy the AFU manpower, not to “capture territory”—that will all come as a natural secondary byproduct of its own.

>In the meantime, Russia is slowly degrading the logistics in the region:

< New satellite images confirm the destruction of the bridge over the Seversky-Donets River at the Stary Saltov Dam in the Kharkov region.

< Coordinates: 50.07710811888536, 36.81177840025569

< This bridge was blown up during the withdrawal of Russian forces from the settlement in 2022, but was restored and used by Ukrainian forces. Now it has been destroyed again, which will significantly affect the Ukrainian army's logistics in this direction, as it will either have to build crossings higher up the river or take a 20-kilometer detour to bypass it.

>And another nearby at 50.305850, 37.074000:

>In the meantime, Ukrainian commanders wisely note that the northern actions are merely distractions and fixing operations for a reinforced campaign through the center in the Donetsk region:

>This is true to an extent. But war is not black and white. The northern incursion is in fact a pinning operation for now, but that’s not all it is. It’s part of the grand boa constrictor or ‘death by a thousand cuts’ strategy I’ve been describing for over a year now, and more resources will be poured constantly onto it until the trickle develops into a deluge. After that, it will be a fully formed front in its own right and Ukraine will have major problems choosing where to send reserves.

>But this may all happen over a longer period of time. Russia could even freeze it here for now, depending how many forces it has itself at its disposal, and just keep AFU busy, or they can put far more pressure. It’s hard to know for sure as estimates vary as to how large the total ‘rear’ force in the Belgorod region really is, but some claim there’s a “hidden” force as large as 100-150k waiting to be pushed in and turned into a full-fledged mass operation.

< ▪️"Russia does not have the resources to reach Kharkov"

< “They can only aggravate the situation on the border,” Kovalenko, head of the Center for Countering Disinformation, reassures Ukrainians.

>For now, Ukrainian officials remain ‘confident’ it’s not much, though of course that could just be a facade of strength, hoping to keep morale from crashing.

>In the meantime, the Avdeevka-Ocheretino axis is deteriorating fast, which is precisely why Russia decided to “turn the screws” some more:


< Our source in the General Staff said that the situation in the Avdeevka direction continues to deteriorate, we will be forced to leave three settlements in the coming days so as not to fall into a tactical encirclement. The enemy continues to create a bridgehead that will be used for an operation to encircle the Ukrainian Armed Forces grouping in Toretsk and Niu-York.

>And by the way, today new gains were made on the Kupyansk front toward the town Pishchane, which reinforces the idea that soon this front may get more activated in accordance with the northern breach.


>ISW has called the gains thus far tactically ‘significant’:

< NEW: Russian forces began an offensive operation along the Russian-Ukrainian border in northern Kharkiv Oblast on the morning of May 10 and made tactically significant gains. This is likely the initial phase of an offensive operation north of Kharkiv City that has limited operational objectives but is meant to achieve the strategic effect of drawing Ukrainian manpower and materiel from other critical sectors of the front in eastern Ukraine.

>Some on the UA side are pointing to the fact that this was well known in advance, with Ukraine having good recon and intel on Russian force dispositions and general objective trajectories. This is meant to underline that Ukraine is in control, as Russia has no ‘element of surprise’.

>The problem with this thinking is all modern warfare, we now know, is no longer contingent on element of surprise. Russia knows that Ukraine knows, and Ukraine knows that Russia knows that Ukraine knows. It’s that type of situation—and it doesn’t matter. Despite advance warning and accurate intel, Ukraine can do nothing about the events that are soon to come. This is a chess match and a numbers game; you can “know” full well the constrictor is tightening over your chest, but there will be little you can do about it. Ukraine will lack the means to respond to the constant swell of Russian troops and armaments on every single frontline, which will only stretch longer and longer as Russia potentially introduces new breaches into Sumy, Chernigov, and perhaps even elsewhere—some Russian channels are still trading rumors of a potential push from Belarus into Kiev region as eventual part of the now initiated cascade.

>So yes, Ukraine will know full well what Russia is doing—but this by no means allows them to have the situation “under control”. They can send their reserves to Kharkov, then they’ll get run through in the Pokrovsk direction. Should they choose to ‘split the difference’ and go half and half, then they’ll just get worn down and overrun in both directions; it’s really that simple. Recall all the quotes from Ukrainian officers I recently posted wherein they admitted they don’t have the mobility to match Russian ‘whack-a-mole’ tactics. Russia can transfer units from one region to another and mesmerize the AFU with the ‘thousand cuts’ from every angle, and Ukraine simply doesn’t have the logistical infrastructure to keep up plugging each hole. The longer the front stretches, the worse this issue becomes.

>All in all, things are shaping up right on schedule. It seems the Spring offensives are starting just as we all thought, and there’s good chance they’re timed to put maximum pressure on Zelensky who will be in political peril in only a matter of days/weeks, once his legitimacy runs out at the end of the month.

>As a final note, contrary to early reports, the Russian MOD has not even officially acknowledged nor announced this Kharkov assault in any way whatsoever, which means this is clearly meant to be downplayed for now and is not even close to the main push. It is further proof that this is just the early recon effort and the question still remains whether a far larger push will be made soon, or instead a more low key, gradual buildup and long range fires destruction to keep the AFU busy here.

>We’ll keep monitoring the situation.


>the 1009th Mordor Rifle Regiment
My favorite regiment




File: 1715457973844.jpg (507.89 KB, 1000x695, Prig.jpg)

All he ever wanted was more ammo to kill ukrazis…
Rest in peace, hero of the Soviet Union!


Never forgit the 70%


May he find the infinite ammo pooping duck in Valhalla.


File: 1715460591461.jpg (83.6 KB, 633x800, GNUx0nIWoAIylQN.jpg)

The Mecha-Ukrainians will protect Voltshansk and Kharkiiyv from ruzzians and tankies


I saw some brits with stormfag tats going on holiday to Ukraine.




That's offensive toward Geppetto.


Lenin jumpscare


Becoming a real boy prognosis: poor


File: 1715466935102.png (1.63 MB, 972x736, ClipboardImage.png)

>And Chasov Yar is still stalling.



File: 1715467290409.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.64 MB, 480x854, 1715373753836.webm)

Salty Ukrops


al dente


Tolstoy, Dostoevsky was a reactionary cunt and anyone defending him should be shanked.


>the objectives right now are to degrade and destroy the AFU manpower, not to “capture territory”—that will all come as a natural secondary byproduct of its own.
fizzle has a sizzle all of it's own


>Chasov Yar is still stalling
As someone that has actually seen the footage from both sides, Chasov Yar is a fucking fortified position. Armored vehicles are the only ones that have a chance of crossing the landscape alive and even then both sides are getting absolutely massacred because of the concentration of heavy artillery, constant drones and AFV duels, even tanks are having duels and taking one another out. Russians are also playing it slow and careful. Kharkov's surrounding regions have had many villages taken and Volchansk has been going back and forth several times but has been retaken again.
>~20 FABs
Those don't eliminate minefields or clear out all opposition, it's not a "bigger power level wins" scenario, it's a war.


File: 1715473282341.png (612.54 KB, 1200x766, ClipboardImage.png)

New addition


<Ramirez, secure the Mini Market!




Is Europe dividing more? Good


>Eden Golan vs Jerry Heil
First as tragedy…



I only skimmed through the first 4.5 pages but is the guy arguing that the big bang and black holes dont exist?


This is one of the most retarded war analysts, just bending his rearview analysis to reality until he can conclude that Russia is flawlessly winning.
If they don't advance, it means they don't want to.
If they advance, it means they want.


>Ultra massive star evaporate a little bit before they could become black holes so black holes don't exist
Did that guy had something to say about pic rel then?


I don't know if he's doing gymnastics, even Western msm says Russia is focused on attrition not territory. The most obvious first move is to elongate the front line via Kharkov and do whack a mole, moving around to stress Ukrainian reserves while leveraging air and artillery advantages. It seems to be paying off with everything from the manpower and supply shortages to reserve units refusing orders after fighting constantly with no break


>I only skimmed

<One of the offshoots of this theory is the proposition of the existence of objects, called the black holes, as final stages in the development of certain types of stars. Such astronomical objects defy the principles of dialectical materialism, such as about the knowability of the world or of the existence of contradictory processes within such objects. If the black holes, as posited by the general theory of relativity, exist with the above properties, then it means that dialectical materialism does not hold

<Such a point is called a singularity. This is called gravitational collapse. There is a theoretical sphere surrounding the black hole called the event horizon which swallows all information about objects falling within. Because of the event horizons which prevent information from coming out, all black holes are of the same form except for their mass, angular momentum and charge.

<Working with Einstein’s general theory, Hawking later on came to the conclusion that black holes would radiate energy because of what is called pair production. In space near the black holes, because of a result in quantum mechanics, there would be pairs of particles of positive energy and negative energy produced spontaneously, and equally spontaneously they would annihilate each other. Some of the particles of negative energy could be swallowed by the black holes while the corresponding particles of positive energy would come out in the form of a radiation. By studying the situation quantitatively, Hawking came to the conclusion that the radiation coming from a black hole took the form of thermal radiation. He also showed that the negative energy particles which were swallowed would reduce the mass of the black hole. The black hole would eventually be eliminated. He called this as “black hole evaporation”. In his book A Brief History of Time he described this by saying that black holes ain’t so black. More recently, Hawking went back on some of his earlier predictions that black holes would swallow all information, and admitted that some of his predictions were wrong. As black holes disintegrate, they send their information content back into the world.

If you actually want to know how dialectics relates to black holes like the original question asked then read the paper.


so black holes don't exist?


File: 1715498520599.jpg (32.87 KB, 500x375, 1409715078661.jpg)


I read the paper, dialectical materialism oppose the Copenhagen interpretation of modern physics, and the framing of Einstein theories that give birth to stuff like time paradox, alright. Quoted Hawking about the evaporation of Black holes disproving event horizon, ok. But following what I guess is application of dialectics to physics, the paper claim Black holes cannot exists since there is a point where matter compressed enough would obligatory bounces back, then he quoted a scientist thinking that Hawking radiation happening also during gravitaional collapse would ensure that no body could reach the critical point leading to it turning into a black hole, therefore no black hole would ever exists in the first place. Thap paper came out also 6 years before the infamous publication of the picture I posted, so how does dialectical materialism frame that since it shoudn't exists in the first place?


so will the russians take a big city or something soon?


>the paper claim Black holes cannot exist
Where does it say that? I already highlighted the part where he qualifies his claim with "as posited". Why are you in such a rush to try to discredit it? Did you really think you could get away with the science btfo marx argument here?


>With the introduction of the C-field, they derived the result that gravitational force which was seen to be attractive through and through, would exhibit the property that when particles came very close, attraction would change to repulsion. This was exactly as predicted by Engels over a hundred years ago. In their theory also there was no scope for the existence of black holes.

>Even more recently, working on the same lines as Hawking, and following the work of W.G.Unruh on black hole evaporation, an American scientist, Laura Mersini-Houghton, in a note dated 15th September 2014, declared that black holes were just not possible!

>She says that the evaporation of the collapsing star can equivalently be described as a negative flux of radiation travelling radially inwards towards the centre of the star. “We include the back radiation of the negative Hawking flux. We find that quantitatively the radiation emitted by the star just before it passes the Schwarzschild radius reduces the mass of the star substantially, and so the star bounces back. There is no black hole!”

Now to give credit where it's due
>This is still in the stage of investigation. But what is clear from this is tha the above mentioned attacks on the laws of dialectics were premature.
In thr meantime there was observation of the disputed phenomenon. Hence my question.


At the Russia-Ukraine border there a gas station shop called Bandera kek


>blurry ass picture of a fucking heat ring
>it's muh black hole

I don't care either way but people are monumentally retarded to take NASA's word at face value that this is a legit picture of a black hole.


That's a souvenir shop

Why was Russia letting Ukrainians sell Bandera shit reeeee


It's gymnastics. Russia obviously tries to advance to strategic heights and cut off logistics, also refusing the enemy to dig in. Attrition does not work as well from unfavorable ground and most Russian andvances focus on a tactical nature instead of grabbing soil just for the sake of it.
They mostly misunderstand the scale at which such a war is fought day for day, which is much smaller than the cuck arrow drawers on youtube suggest.


Hes not disputing the existence of black holes hes saying that they were impossible as originally posited. Hes saying that idealist interpretations were inserted into popular conceptions of quantum mechanics that reinforce bourgeois philosophy and that Lenin wrote extensively about how they would do this and why its wrong and what kind of errors it would run into and basically Engels predicted Hawking radiation. Black holes are named black because they werent supposed to emit light, but they do emit radiation, therefore they arent black by this meaning. so in that sense black holes dont exist but the object that we call black holes does, its just not actually black, hence black holes dont exist. Hawking radiation was also observed a few years ago so the author is correct.

The original poster said that dialectics was important and an anon brought up black holes which are culturally one of the pinnacles of modern scientific investigation, the implication being that modern science somehow supersedes the need for Marxism. The paper was posted to show how modern science is flawed and infested with bourgeois assumptions and how dialectics is still important. The key point that they defend is the same as Lenin, that external objective reality exists, and that it is knowable. Bourgeois ideologues dont want workers to know that they can understand the world and want people to think that reality is unknowable or up to subjective interpretation so that they can defend capitalism. This is at the core of their interpretations of quantum mechanics which is ultimately a defense of Christian metaphysics namely its creation myth, its doctrine on free will, and its esoteric protestant predestination market theology and was set up to directly contrast with dialectical materialisms focus on economic determinism in political development.

So in the end that picture of a black hole just proves the multipolaristas right again.


Niguyghas will discuss black holes away before ever doing anything useful


How are Ukrainians getting through the border with Russia? Isn't well guarded?


Probably through Estonia or Poland


Ukranians who fled to Europe are traveling to Russia through Kaliningrad. It's a peaceful border.


Glenn Diesen's new book on multipolarity explains decently well how capitalist dependency undermined liberal hegemony and caused this whole crisis. It intersects a lot with theories of imperialism and how as a basis for liberalism it creates contradictions in the latter. They ultimately mean reliance on dividing the process of globalization to keep the liberal hegemony that unleashed it united.
We can use this to argue Ukraine war is ultimately caused by the weakening of the liberal bourgeoisie and the decay of democracy


Why do so many non-Russian people here support the Russian Federation in this war? Anti-Americanism is very understandable, but I don't understand the support for qualitatively similar power. I can only see this rat as a catalyst for a potential social revolution, similarly to the Russo-Japanese war (albeit this time it might also be a catalyst for European countries).


Basically he argues this

1. US unipolarity guarantees liberal hegemony which unites global capitalism and ends conflict between states by reducing barriers
2. This creates Western reliance on economic dependency of developing states on the global core
3. Paradoxically, integration of Russia into Europe upsets this dependency and thus divides global capitalism. This sets up for how to keep it united we must divide it.
4. To deal with how including new nations divides the international capitalist system uniting them, we have to modulate European ties to Russia, keeping it out of Europe while preventing Ukraine becoming bridge between east and west as it almost did with the customs union
5. This signals that the promise of liberal hegemony is failing and it becomes incompatible with globalization reducing dependency on the West
6. The West uses Ukraine to divide Europe and Russia, causing the crisis


Regular airplanes from EU to Russia


Three reasons which all validate the Marxist view

1. Imperialism is not the basis for global bourgeois democracy. Its reliance on dependency creates threats to liberalism as the world develops, meaning progressive capitalist development clashes with advanced states. Stalin was right to argue a nationalist in a semi colonial nation is more progressive than a social democrat in an imperialist one
2. 1989 was indeed a counter revolution with a false liberal promise. Decommunization and completing 1989 via division of the former USSR up to balkanization of Russia are extremely reactionary and divide the working class rather than unite it as liberalism is supposed to do
3. With these two factors driving European expansion and containment of Russia, Russia is pivoting from a perfect colony to complete a European dream to an ally of emergent nations which are retooling globalization to work for the rest of the world

All in all, we see how the periphery is more progressive than the core.


Most people here support Russia because it is currently crushing western imperialism's military forces and draining the west of the last of their military supplies. Some people do this because they're Marxists and understand that it can only do the world a favor, others just hate America and "critically support" everyone who kills westerners, including Taliban. The third group is just Russians who want to pretend that their state isn't a bourgeois hellhole that still pays money to remember muh gulag foundations. This isn't a magacommunist thread.


swear to god you leave an ukrop with a single functioning limb and they will still do nazi shit


File: 1715511907473.jpg (90.99 KB, 1024x724, 1714985079415816m.jpg)

>emergent nations which are retooling globalization to work for the rest of the world
Literally bourgeois self-deception taught in bourgeois universities. Bourgeois states cannot, under any circumstances, "retool globalization to work for everyone". They're bourgeois, they are inherently predatory. Multipolarity means exactly that: there are multiple poles struggling for control. Globalisation works for a few states, the rest are still their prey. This is a better situation for Marxists, no doubt, but it's not a world where globalization works for everyone and people sing kumbaya around a campfire. We are already living in a multipolar world and it's not that great, even if it is better than before.


>Anti-Americanism is very understandable, but I don't understand the support for qualitatively similar power.
It's not the the same. They're both capitalist shitholes but America just in the last 30-40 years destabilzed multiple countries and killed millions including Russia. America is fighting yet another proxy war through Ukraine and no one wants it to gain more power. Putin is a shitbag but he is entirely right about Nato


It's both. Multipolar globalization erodes the uneven development of capitalism and promotes the truly international form we need. Multiple forms of regional integration come to drive it instead of one form, where all nations are oriented towards it to ensure capitalist development is still connected to rising liberalism in the world. A multiplicity of global centers constitutes a new form of international capitalism and an even more international form of exploiting class, but with it a more international working class. In the meantime, globalization is less based on liberal hegemony (inequality between advanced and backward nations needed to slant global leadership towards liberal democracy) and instead on national equality where all interests are treated the same. Nations can diversify their ties and use the way different poles intersect in a particular nation to create paths to development more particular to that nation. In other words, a nation-based world instead of one based on an international order of advanced states.


Kinda what I expected.
>This isn't a magacommunist thread.
Some posts I've seen here align well enough with magacommunism.
That's just nationalism. Empires don't do stuff just on the basis of randomly deciding to be evil one day.
Also, trading one boot for another is just pathetic.


>That's just nationalism.
I don't see what's wrong with this. Nationalism in oppressed and dependent nation is internationally transformational
>trading one boot for another
wrong, it's removing boots piled on top of the boot of the bourgeoisie on proletariat. it's not just class, it's also national inequality. the piled on boots obscure class consciousness


>qualitatively similar power
In what way American opponents are similar to America? Please use a numbered list.


>Some posts I've seen here align well enough with magacommunism
/isg/ brainrot, never-fucking-mind


You haven't responded to a single thing I've said. How about you say something of substance instead of going LE BOTH SIDES as if Americans and Russians were equal


>How are the bourgeois in one neoliberal state worse than the bourgeois in the other neoliberal state?


Yes. You were asked a question. Answer the fucking question. Listing qualities is one way to demonstrate you know what the fuck you're talking about.


The comparison of nations is truly the class analysis we deserve.


So you got nothing to say of substance and no rebuttal as well.


And you can't do either. I accept your consneeding. You need to actually know something about the real world, i.e. the data, to fully understand the theory derived from that data. Continue using theory as a means to virtue signal what a "good", "pure" and "well-read" "communist" you are, and you will continue to get shit on for being none of those.


>Is Europe dividing more? Good

Unlike you incels, yesterday I was having a beer with 3 girls in Brussels. A Bavarian woman sat with us (for some unimportant reason). Apparently, according to her, she is working for 'NATO, military'. I did not ask in what capacity but I started fishing for info.

'The war isnt going that well' I said. She started blasting, 'why dont they stop it, I dont know, what is the meaning of it', 'For Rheinmetal' I say, she says 'JA' and adds some more and 'whats the point of sending more weapons, it is already finished, just to kill more people?'. And 'why Germany has to pay for it', one of the girls is Ukrainian so she remembers that 'I am sorry, I know you are Ukrainian, but there must be negotiations, where does this leads to? What happens if it gets wild? And Macron with what he says, he is taunting Russians'. 'And okay, we lost the war (WW2) but we cant speak anymore this is no democracy, where is democracy'. Well I say 'NATO is there to keep Germany down' but I only got an understanding node, not something good out of it.

At some point she 'And I dont know if you guys, you are young, know about the promises, okay it was not written, but there was understanding about it (tries to remember)' so I say 'Not an inch to the east'. And she says 'Yes! Why did we do all that'. (It was for me of course so cathartic listening someone claiming to work for NATO saying the same things leftypol is telling for two years now.)

Then I ask her about Nord Stream, and she goes 'This is catastrophic' but starting bashing the climate stuff 'Why is Germany doing all that climate stuff, why should Germany pay for this'.

I ask her, 'So CDU (Is it CSU in Bavaria?, anyway) or AfD' and she goes 'It is really tough for me, it is something between these two. Probably CDU. And there is Sarah, she is good, but she is also eastern german so friend with Putin like Merkel. But CERTAINLY I know who I am NOT voting for. THOSE GREENS'

'And Europe? Europe will probably wont exist in 10 years'

Your advice for us? 'You guys are the one that have to fix things. Go protest." which stuck to us like they have no idea what they are doing, they fucked up, and now they want us to fix things.

Anyways, I started thinking about how divided Europe is and how I guess a lot of Germans dont like what they see. And if even NATO workers are like that…Like how noone agrees with this shit except a certain clique…

Thank you for reading my personal diary. Please rate and dont forget to subscribe.


Entertain me. I'd like to see the list of differences between US and RF that can't be shortened to just "Russia is weaker".
>to virtue signal
I don't remember moralizing.


Read theory please. Nations are more unequal than classes due to immature global development.


That's probably lime to combat the smell of the bodies rotting.


>Aid, trade, and military cooperation with Cuba
>Aid, trade, and military cooperation with Venezuela
>Trade and military and intelligence cooperation with China
>Aid, trade, and military cooperation with Belarus
>Trade and military cooperation with Nicaragua
>Trade and military cooperation with North Korea

>Ongoing attempts to coup Cuba's government
>Ongoing attempts to coup Venezeula's government
>Ongoing attempts to coup China's government
>Ongoing attempts to coup Belarus's government
>Ongoing attempts to coup Nicaragua's government
>Ongoing attempts to coup North Korea's government



Thank you for this work of fanfiction


I don't think the opinion of a low level military contractor is all that representative of German NATO. Ordinary people, not Twitter mob, do think this way, though


Go read Marx you pseud.


But that's not real communism


Plot twist: you are the woman


> Some posts I've seen here align well enough with magacommunism.
If /isg/tards could go 5 minutes without sperging about meaningless eceleb drama they could be a lot more subversive


this tbh
the title never misses


File: 1715526199562.webm (3.91 MB, 464x848, 1715511060935992.webm)

Ukrainian evading conscription


It was sarcastic




based piggu, escape the butchers


So what happened to that super important aid package Ukraine is supposed to get? They still seem to be losing like before.


You support Putin for geopolitical reasons – I support Putin because physics and "black" holes.

We are not the same


sorry then brother


Hey Azov, hows it goin'?


File: 1715528929373.png (155.66 KB, 836x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

America is literally holding back the entire planet, on purpose at this point, in a situation that no other country could reproduce thanks to the historical developments that led to this situation.


Please for the love of fucking god, people, read this. Note that this book, within the span of the introduction accurately predicts the Ukraine war and even the attack on Nordstream 2.



This really turned very well


why why why they keep being so fucking cringe
Every new day it's new cringe from Ukraine


I feel bad for attacking people who are grieving but this is really so crazy, it's like consumer worship or something.




There is an opinion that unlike Russia, Ukraine has never managed to crawl out of 90s. And back then the people's identity was decided by Western brands and nothing else. If in Russia right now the concept of betraying USSR for gum sounds like a joke, then Ukrainians think that not only was that the truth, but that gum alone is actually more important than anything USSR has ever produced


File: 1715529806093-0.png (88.59 KB, 639x286, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715529806093-1.mp4 (4.4 MB, 1040x1900, IMG_4352.MP4)

>Ukraine Is Now a World War. And Putin Is Gaining Friends.

Is this true? Is it now a world war?

bonus random video.


let me actually explain this as a russian. in east slavic cultures, its common to put food and alcohol on someone's grave when you visit it(it's like pouring out a shot of alcohol onto a homie's grave, for u burger anons). usually its homemade pastries or chocolates and the like, but as cultures degrade and become more westernized, other offerings may replace the more traditional ones. to me its mostly just sad that a young man with an apparently loving family became a nazi monster.


You put vodka in a cup and cover it with a loaf of bread, usually. You also bring treats on easter and other church holiday (with the assumption that kids will collect them later)


yes, pretty much. i was always told the assumption is that animals will eat the treats.


I can understand putting home made treats and so on because at least there's effort and love put into it but just packets of Oreos and coca cola seems so gross. Maybe this is just a western thing though where I associate Oreos with something declasse and corporate whereas in a more deprived country they see them as something more elite and meaningful. I dunno. Ultimately it doesn't matter, who cares how people choose to mourn, but just another strange example of how we're still mentally divided despite increasing globalisation.


So what is the difference between Hamas and the OUN? Seeing as you claim that Ukrainians are an artificial national identity created only in the 20th century, I guess they must be kind of similar from where you stand…


It's the truth actually, Ukraine never have a Putin like figure for national capital to concentrate around/elites consensus about economy orientation. Shock therapy was done almost to the very end and Ukraine fate was being colonised by either EU/burger or russian porkies, later one was more natural and logical choice by every reason.


Are you saying that USSR was genociding Ukrainians?


>You also bring treats on easter and other church holiday (with the assumption that kids will collect them later)

You mean on graves? If yes interesting concept


I dunno, is Israel genociding levantese Arabs?


Yes, Israel genocides Arabs. And USSR wasn't genociding Ukrainians


You just cringed at something that occurs in Russia on a daily basis, but just not with wectern brand.


The USSR didn't kick Ukrainians out of their land, didn't settle them with Russians, and didn't have an ethno-supremacist ideology, you fucking retard.


Yeah. I dunno, it sounds like a rather common thing from where I stand. Animays and Chinese have this tradition as well


Oun never was a quasi governmental structure, despite licking german occupation forces boots, but hamas exactly is.


>boiling eggs in onion skins and bringing them to graveyard on easter is the same thing as burying grown-up nazis with happymeals and lego sets


Interesting, since roots of Arab resistance stem from licking the boots of Jordanians.


Russians, cityfolks mainly, also do this with store bought food.


this is kind of the thing that is bizarre to me, because like, there's a bit of a running joke in the US that if you eat enough mcdonalds your body will never decompose, etc.Very much seen as corpo slop.


You confusing de facto marginal oun nazoid movement and universally supported hamas, also having an ideological ally is not equal to being henchman terror squad for german masters.


the part where Hamas was more or less a direct response to Israeli settlerism and Ukraine wasn't being settled by Russians is kind of a thing.


The western brands part is what makes it weird to me. I mean if it's just Russian brands it's still fairly weird but at least there isn't the neocolonialism angle to it. I think I would even feel better about it if the living and the dead like split the meal and the family eats half of your Oreos or the happy meal or whatever so there's some connection beyond just consooming product. Idk.


We (Russians) never leave the whole thing, like cola bottle or entire meal. We can leave a cup/vodka shot (sold as ready to go, literally shot glass with screw lid) and a sandwich/few sweets. Ukros growed with some weird ass cargo cult, it's kinda sad when "freedom" symbol to die for is shitty mcdonalds slop.


I'd penetrate her steel chassis with my HEAT round if you catch my meaning but only if the mask stays on


>Ukros growed with some weird ass cargo cult

That's what it feels like to me yeah, I don't wanna put them on blast for it too much because they are definitely kind of a colonized nation but oh well what can you do.



My cringe is on the Mac Donalds and coca cola shit.


File: 1715532470906.png (1.39 MB, 1080x720, UkrFuneral3.png)

And lego


How can anyone not cringe at a Happy Meals in a funeral


Well, I could accept it at a kid's funeral. As in, kid liked it, so parents bought him last meal


I feel like it's still kinda weird but yeah definitely more understandable


>muh gymnastics
You made me read it again so fuck you. It's no more gymnastics than any broad analysis that's out of date the moment it's written.
>Russia obviously tries to advance to strategic heights and cut off logistics, also refusing the enemy to dig in.
Obviously. Thist doesn't make the post gymnastics
>Attrition does not work as well from unfavorable ground
It does when you have air superiority, FABS and long range munitions in Russian quantities
>most Russian andvances focus on a tactical nature instead of grabbing soil just for the sake of it.
This is what the post fucking said you retard.
>They mostly misunderstand the scale at which such a war is fought day for day, which is much smaller than the cuck arrow drawers on youtube suggest.
Who misunderstands? This is the way that Russia has been fighting the war for the last 2 years and succeeding.


Most of it was just dod acquisition funds to pay to replace all the shit they already sent to the Ukraine. Only a little fraction of the total actually went there, and most of that was to pay to keep the government running.


>the title never misses
I will throttle you if you too start putting all tor posters in the same box.


wectern hand typed this post


What do you think of the Kharkiv offensov? The gains since the 10th aren't very large compared to the big arrow offensives of the early stages of the invasion, but they are larger than what we've been seeing for two years now. Russia is now reaching the larger settlement of Vovchansk, I think that the outcome of the fight for the city will tell us how well it's going to go for Russia.


File: 1715535182921.png (27.99 KB, 630x319, ClipboardImage.png)

It's official.


Russia could have made a much larger arrow if they had the stomach for more simultaneous losses. They are just grinding Ukraine down just like everywhere else


because hamas is resisting a genocide while the oun collaborated with the nazis to do the fucking holocaust you cracker faggot


Maybe it's wiser for them not to spend themselves entirely when they haven't reached a target worth the effort.


File: 1715535877925.jpg (130.83 KB, 693x773, 20240512_121156.jpg)

My prediction: Russia doesn't want a long, drawn out siege in Kharkov, so they need to pull troops away from that area. A rapid initial advance followed by a return to the slow grind is very likely, but as long as that happens in the countryside, Russia can make use of its significant material advantage to great effect.
This also works nicely for Western news outlets, who will start saying "Russian advance blunted!" in the next few days. Ukraine may not agree.


>encircling cities from the countryside
Russia confirmed maoist


Russian assault units nowadays run heavily on volunteer contracts to avoid mobilising again. This works only if the risk of dying is small or at least the volunteers think it is.


File: 1715537771651.mp4 (6.39 MB, 1280x720, Pigs vs Bear.mp4)



>So what is the difference between Hamas and the OUN?
I think you know the answer to this. Hamas is the product of a failed two state solution and the lack of a state for Palestinians, which is caused by limits on decolonization in the middle east and ultimately betrayal of the Arab revolt. This creates perverse security concerns on the part of Israel, which settles territory while containing the indigenous population with a two tier law system that has created the Gaza ghetto. OUN never dealt with anything like this, it was an anticommunist reaction in agrarian parts of Polish occupied Ukraine.


The Cockholes are diverting their forces like crazy to reinforce the Kharkov front, hence I expect the offensov to stall soon. Maybe one or two bigger settlements before it slows down to a crawl.
On the other hand, this relieves pressure on the other fronts leaving the Russians the opportunity to fully liberate Donetsk.
Some analysts believe, this was the original plan to begin with, since Kharkov is not strategically very important anyway compared to other places.
Still, the Russians seem to commit more and more troops to Kharkov, tens of thousands alledgedly.

The Russians are unpredictable, that's a good thing, since this time, it seems to be intentional as opposed to incompetence like earlier in the SMO.
Ukronazis are sweating.


Bears are funny creatures.


File: 1715540778635.png (1.79 MB, 1048x833, ClipboardImage.png)

I think it has two purposes:
1. Establish a buffer zone along the border to get the fighting away from Belgorod.
2. The actual advance will be towards Kupyansk, taking any cities, towns and villages under control along the way. Once they get near Kupyanks, they can launch simultaneous operations into both sides of Kupyansk, on both sides of the river, which will not only put a lot of pressure on the city, but will also significantly fuck up Ukraine's supply routes into it.


Shoiguuuuuu is gone, kicked from the MoD by the ghost of Prigozhin


File: 1715541016028.jpg (61.62 KB, 828x885, GNZlmB9X0AAc7HI.jpg)

We fucking won prigobros, the shells WILL be delivered. Trust the plan, wagnerists in control


Is sieging such a city necessary? What recourse would the Ukies have if the Russians just cut it off?


Is this part of the presidential elections and some cabinet snuffle? I heard that he resigned, (or was forced to resign)


Pretty sure Syria was the first proxy conflict of this "new" cold war



>In today's Daily Report the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed Ukrainian reports that it had launched an attack from Russia into the Kharkiv area in north-east Ukraine:

< As a result of offensive operations, units of the Sever Group of Forces have liberated Borisovka, Ogurtsovo, Pletenevka, Pylnaya, and Strelechya (Kharkov region).

< Russian troops have defeated manpower and hardware of 23rd and 43rd mechanised brigades, 120th and 125th brigades of the AFU and the 15th State Border Covering Force close to Volchansk, Vesyoloye, Glubokoye, Neskuchnoye, and Krasnoye (Kharkov region).

< The enemy losses were up to 170 troops, three armoured fighting vehicles, and four motor vehicles.

>If the numbers in the Daily Report are somewhat correct the Ukrainian losses yesterday included 1620 dead and/or severely wounded, 21 tracked fighting vehicles and tanks, 30 trucks, 47(!) artillery pieces of various types, 4 expensive air defense systems and 6 field ammunition depots. 35 Ukrainian soldiers were taken prisoner.

>These losses are about double the usual count.

>The opening of a new front towards the Kharkiv region might have one or more of three purposes.

< To surround and eventually take Kharkiv city, the second biggest one in Ukraine.

< To create a buffer zone along the border to prevent Ukrainian attacks on Russian grounds.
< To divert Ukrainian reserves and to prevent them from joining the intensifying fight in the Donbas region.

>To 1: Kharkiv has more than a million inhabitants. To surround and eventually take it would require a force of more than 100,000 soldiers. There are no observations or reports about Russian forces of that size anywhere near the larger area.

>To 2: There is a lot speaking for this intent. On March 18, following several attacks by Ukraine towards Belgorod, President Putin had announced that a buffer zone would eventually be needed:

< “We will be forced at some point, when we consider it necessary, to create a certain ‘sanitary zone’ on the territories controlled by the (Ukrainian government),” Putin said late Sunday.

< This “security zone,” Putin said, “would be quite difficult to penetrate using the foreign-made strike assets at the enemy’s disposal.”

>To 3: Diverting enemy forces from the main axis is always a benefit when intense fighting is going on. In this the operation towards Kharkiv has already been successful. The Ukrainians have ordered their reserves to move into the Kharkiv region. In yesterday's evening address the Ukrainian president Zelenski said:

< "We are adding more troops to Kharkiv fronts. Both along our state border and along the entire frontline, we will invariably destroy the invaders to disrupt any Russian offensive intentions."

>Thus the Kharkiv offensive seems designed to create a buffer zone, maybe 6 miles / 10 kilometers deep, on Ukrainian land along the norther border with Russia. That it diverts Ukrainian forces from elsewhere and positions them in mostly open land for their eventual destruction is just a welcome side effect.

>It is my understanding that any further liberation of large cities in Ukraine will have to wait until the majority of the Ukrainian forces is utterly destroyed or defeated and incapable of resisting further onslaughts.


I don't remember if Libya happened first, but it was part of the early second cold war too.


Perspectives on the Russian intelligentsia, taxis, Chinese imports, operations around Kharkov, and Victory Day:



File: 1715542333056.jpg (30.77 KB, 800x534, 1715539080091939.jpg)

His successor


Libya happened first iirc. Hilldawg wanted to push on from "success" there and give the Russians a black eye in the lead up to the 2016 elections, which she fully expected to win. I remember a Russian jet getting shot down in Syria by the Americans and it being a really tense moment until we found out that the pilot was Syrian.

TBH Trump probably was a boon to Russia because he didn't seem interested in Clinton's bloodthirsty warmongering. I think this war would have happened a lot earlier if not for his win.


That reminds me, what happened to that Ukrainian woman that the internet was all hot for several years ago? The hot blonde one that I think was also in the military. She was a big meme with anime fan art and everything. Was she a Nazi too?


that is her dummy


Pretty sure the one you're talking about was part of the Russian state, she's also a Romanov worshipper


Oh maybe. It's hard to remember at this point. That's a shame about being a monarchist, but I guess it's a little better than being a natcuck loser.


Eh, I would count it but the Russians cucked out of that one, so Libya was on its own.


Medvedev is such a fuckup.


Russians didn't really cuck, just Medvedev was a complete tard who couldn't handle diplomacy and got outmaneuvered by NATO through the Arab League. This is what lead to Putin coming back


Apparently, Shoigu got promoted to Secretary of the Security Council.



Maybe more focus on war of attrition, therefore rotating in an economist as MoD. The real news is that Putin got rid of Patrushev.


Who's that?


The Libyan Massacre was the last stage of the interwar period. it's pretty much the last point at which the american empire was able to act with relative impunity against another state.


Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine, I would assume there's a decently large garrison as well. They probably could just go around, but they would still have to leave some kind of force around the pocket to keep the Ukrainians from raiding their supply lines or breaking out. I don't know the math for capturing the city vs encircling it and moving on, not much to do but see what Russia chooses.


File: 1715547765024.png (490.12 KB, 1280x960, ClipboardImage.png)

yes its kinda neat. eastern graveyards are often out of town and surrounded by trees, with every grave having its own small fences area around it. on easter and similar occasions youll see a bunch of people coming to visit their relatives graves and maybe repaint the fences and clean shit up. then we leave some treats for our dead. we also dont bulldoze old gfraves after 50 years like the euros do, that would be barbarism.
im not really cringing, bub. im saddened by how burgerized my bryithers have become. i know that russian(as in the country, not the ethnicity alone) culture has also sustained quite a bit of damage. we need ussr 2 and stalin 2 to bring us all back to our senses.


>flood detected


Many new friends. Russia has demonstrated a low cost military solution to resist western interference. Western hegemony was based on perceived military tech superiority that is now evaporating. Countries like Venezuela and many others can now rely on Russian military assistance and Chinese infrastructural assistance to finally get the western boot off their neck. The west African countries kicking out the west are the first signs of this.


They need an economist because the defense budget is gonna bloat into unforseen dimensions as they now need to switch from refurbishing the diminished Soviet stock to actually making new stuff.


they took kharkiv?


The worldnewsnazis are dooming
A total collapse of the narrative, reminiscent of the day after Hillary lost.


No, there were no defenses on the border, he means the region.


"There are still plenty of men left in Ukraine. They haven’t even conscripted the best age range for soldiers yet. They certainly don’t have the numbers of Russia but they don’t have their entire possible military force out there yet."

Lol what best age range. They're already recruiting 40-50 year old men.


Has Putin even announced a timeline for the SMO? I always see shitters bring up Russians failing some kind of deadline.


How important is Kharkiv


File: 1715549458498.png (97.56 KB, 936x720, hoholato.png)

no but Ukkkraine did


I think the last "timeline" we saw was shoigu saying the operation was expected to last into 2025.


It's an entire flank for the Ukrainian forces in the South, where most of their efforts take place. Bulges are bad, and no amount of fortifications will save you.


if another uygha types "kkkharkiv" ima lose my shit


Nobody will, because that's a future territory Russia will annex. Don't even need rig the referendum.


>A total collapse of the narrative, reminiscent of the day after Hillary lost
That upset defeat was the first sense I got that liberal unipolarity wasn't as permanent as I had taken for granted.

I've been fascinated ever since 2016. It's like democracy got so right wing and neoliberal that capital left the nation state behind, meaning the bourgeois class behind democracy weakened. I don't think liberals could ever deal with this contradiction where they caused their own crisis by succeeding too much after the 90s. The way this weakening provoked nationalist populism has never been acknowledged, we never saw liberalism as weakening democracy. Instead we had gotten too liberal and rising democracy provoked a backlash, and I strongly believe that is why we are at war in Ukraine now because we see Russia as the primary loser reacting to this. I think we really did believe that globalization meant liberal democracy polarized us over progress again, Russia chose the wrong side of history, and this easy battle (compared to previous enemies of liberalism) would save us. I think it meant we misread decay for progress just because the opponents were nationalists


>Russian recruits are reportedly getting 4 weeks of training at present



damn russians are getting 8 times as much training as kekrainians


It's just funny at this point how these rubes will believe whatever they're told. Like after a certain point of "Russia is doomed Russia is finished Russia has no more men no more tanks no more missiles" and the reality showing itself to be the exact opposite that you'd stop and think "huh maybe I'm being lied to."


They're just doing the old Nazi line that the Russians really are inferior beasts, they just won due to cheating of having infinite manpower.


So in your educated, Int. Relations studies, opinion is that "victory has defeated the liberals". Is that what I am hearing?


<The bucket of - hell no I'm not volunteering for THAT - but if my choice is either that or prison - I'll go - is actually quite large.

Russia using prisoners=vile, terrorist act, devoid of human compassion
Ukraine threatening their youth with prison for not volunteering=just retribution and a good idea praise churchinsky


>"victory has defeated the liberals".
Not exactly inaccurate.


Well you see, the people of Ukraine are really all better off dead than living in a future where they have to live under Russian hegemony. If NATO has to sacrifice every last Ukrainian then that's just what they'll have to do.


<There are plenty of folks eager to prop up the illusion of Russian dominance in the war
lol this thread is great I love it thank you anon


They'll just dress it up in the end as a Russian pyrrhic victory that provoked and woke up the West, so they get more democracy war because of their costly selfishness while all criticism of Western imperialism has been silenced by their premature attack etc etc
No introspection is being done


It's the second largest city in Ukraine.


>Its worth noting, after the soviet union dissolved there was a mass migration of polish people back into Poland TO TEACH POLISH. So long in the grip of the USSR had almost wiped out the native polish speaking population.
lmao if only


Not an IR idea at all but yes that's my belief. We are living through bourgeois democracy undoing itself through globalization and unipolarity which tore down all barriers to capital. I think this weakened our class system, causing the crisis of liberalism which is driving us to war with Russia because they halted European expansion. Like Ukraine blames an ethnic minority not a global ruling class for its decay, so does the West blame Russia. The result is they fight for what a class hollowing them out against an entire nationality. It's degeneration


The class system isn't broken down at all, it's stronger than it has been for like 50 years, it's just that international boundaries have broken down such that there's now purely a global bourgeois and barely any true national bourgeois.


Treat liberal self-delusions and rationalizations less seriously, it rots your brain.

Capitalism is, by definition, insatiable, always growing, always devouring, ever faster, everything, forever. Until it dies. The fall of the Soviet Union supplied it with fresh carcasses to stave it off for a while. Now that that's over, the only solution is to feed it something else, the environment, triggering climate change, its "allies", triggering geopolitical fracturing, other nations, triggering geopolitical hostility, other people, triggering ethnic tensions, it's own people, triggering nationalism, and itself, triggering industrial decline and rise of finance capitalism.

Capitalism. Must. Eat.


I don't agree at all. Our democratic classes are far weaker, capitalism clearly no longer unites democracy in America. People are not being turned into individuals and remain disparate non class groups like races, states are wildly diverging along red blue lines, nobody trusts the modern state and believes we have a prosperous future

The flight of industry doesn't just represent a weakening proletariat, but also the bourgeoisie. It would explain the barbarity here, we have no progressive class and democracy declines accordingly. There's nothing universalizing about it, it is stagnant and divided by a rush of returning history. It's come as a shock after we believed the liberal bourgeoisie conquered everything after the 20th century, it could only be explained by the class weakening under the global capitalism it unleashed. The result is we chase after barriers to the class that no longer exist, with Russian nationalism or the rural petit bourgeoisie serving as cheap ersatz replacements to let us recycle old battles




why does he look like a pug?


Idk how else you would describe the US funding China's development under the assumption that they would magically become a subservient liberal state, or NATO dismantling its military industrial complex on the assumption that they would never need it again.



The interview itself without breadtuber shills.

Man, Dugin fucking sucks. Why does anyone care what this retard has to say?


It's just two brainlets talking about nothing for 20 minutes.


What did you expect from a Mr. "Dirt people good water people bad"?


Libs talk about him like he's the arch brain behind Russian policy and now when I actually listen to him he's literally "the logic of anglo saxon imperial individualism is woke post human terminator matrix future." All the leftypol memes give this guy too much credit.


I don't understand
Why do people here seem to be supporting Russia?
Ukrainians are nazi monsters?
Did I miss something? Or did this board just get flooded with edgy teens?


used to be?


Wow just because the Ukrainians are nazis you think they are nazis?


>Ukrainians are nazi monsters?
Not so much any more lol



All the braindead ziggas who insisted Shoigu is some genius of warfare and strategy need to apologize. Now.


how did he get btfo? are we mindreaders?


he got promoted retard



>When I first read Guy Mettan’s report from Donbas I felt as if he had transported me to an antipodean universe of some kind. You can take this, as I do, as a measure of how prevalently, as in wall-to-wall, Western media have systematically misrepresented the Donbas region—when they represent it at all, this is to say. I was at once astonished and voraciously curious to read Mettan’s account of his travels to the two republics of the formerly Ukrainian region, which voted in referenda in September 2022 to join the Russian Federation.

>Mettan is based in Geneva and travels often, a little in the way of what the French call le grand rapporteur—the accomplished correspondent who has established his authority in the course of a long career. When I met Mettan at a Geneva café the other day to discuss publication of his Donbas report I asked, “What did you expect to find?” It seemed an important question. Mettan immediately smiled. “Nothing,” he said. “I had no expectations whatsoever.”

>Good, I recall thinking. A blank slate. A project so counter to the orthodoxy as this would not otherwise work.

>This is a very rare account, rare for its objectivity, a look at a place and a people we are not supposed to see from a journalist of long experience. We at The Floutist are pleased to welcome Guy Mettan into our pages.

>This is the first of a two-part series. The second part of Mettan’s report will appear shortly.

—P. L., 11 May.



>We have been through an intense, if muffled crisis in the ongoing political-military confrontation between Russia and the West by way of Ukraine. The essence of this crisis is simple: Kiev and its Western supporters have lost the initiative in the Ukraine proxy war and may be on the verge of defeat, as high Western officials increasingly admit.

>In response to this self-inflicted quandary, several important Western players have threatened further escalation. Most prominently, Great Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Cameron publicly encouraged Kiev to use British Storm Shadow missiles to strike inside Russia. French President Emmanuel Macron continued to threaten a direct – not covert, as at present – intervention by French, that is, NATO, troops (In addition, an intriguing and much-discussed article reported that a deployment of 1,500 troops from France’s Foreign Legion had already begun. While its sources were hard to assess, its claims appeared too plausible for easy dismissal.)

>Moscow, in return, issued a set of stark warnings, laying down – or highlighting – red lines. It announced drills with tactical nuclear weapons. Belarus did the same; in Minsk’s case, the weapons in question are, of course, also Russian. In addition, the British and French ambassadors received extremely straight talk about the risks their respective governments were running.

>Addressing London, Moscow made clear that Kiev striking inside Russia with British missiles would expose Britain to “catastrophic consequences,” in particular, Russian retaliation against British forces anywhere. Regarding France, Moscow blasted its “belligerent” and “provocative” conduct and defied as futile French attempts to produce “strategic ambiguity.”

>For now, this particular crisis seems to have abated. There are some signs that the West got the message. NATO figurehead Jens Stoltenberg, for instance, has insisted that NATO is not planning to send troops – openly, that is – into Ukraine.

>Yet it would be wrong to feel too reassured. For this crisis was, at its core, a clash between, on one side, a Western problem that has by no means gone away and, on the other side, a persistent Russian policy that, it seems, all too many in the West refuse to take seriously enough.

>The Western problem is that a defeat at Russia’s hands would be worse by orders of magnitude than the fiasco of the rout-like retreat from Afghanistan in 2021. Ironically, that is so because the West itself has charged its needless confrontation with Russia with the power to do unprecedented damage to NATO and the EU:

>First, by insisting on treating Ukraine as a de facto almost-NATO-member, which means that by defeating it, Moscow will also defeat Washington’s key alliance. Second, by investing large and growing sums of money and quantities of supplies into this proxy war, which means that the West has weakened itself and, perhaps even more importantly, revealed its own weakness. Third, by trying to ruin both Russia’s economy and its international standing; the failure of both attempts has resulted in a stronger Russia across these two domains and, once again, revealed more limits of Western power. Fourth, by radically subordinating the EU to NATO and Washington, the geopolitical damage has been, as it were, leveraged.

>In short, when the Ukraine crisis started in 2013/14 and then greatly escalated in 2022, Russia had vital security interests at stake; the West did not. By now, however, the West has made choices that have charged this conflict and its outcome with the capacity to do great, strategic harm to its own credibility, cohesion, and power: Overreach has consequences. That, briefly, is why the West is at an impasse and remains there after this crisis.

>On the other side, we have that persistent policy of Moscow, namely its nuclear doctrine. Much Western commentary tends to overlook or downplay this factor, caricaturing Russia’s repeated warnings about nuclear weapons as “saber-rattling.” Yet, in reality, these warnings are consistent expressions of a policy that has been developed since the early 2000s, that is, for almost a quarter-century.

>A key feature of this doctrine is that Russia explicitly retains the option of using nuclear weapons at a relatively early stage in a major conflict and before an adversary has had recourse to them. Many Western analysts have described the purpose of this posture as facilitating a strategy of “escalating to deescalate” (sometimes abbreviated as E2DE), here meaning specifically to end a conventional conflict on favorable terms through a limited use of nuclear weapons to deter the adversary from continuing.

>The term “escalate to de-escalate” emerged in the West, not Russia, and this Western interpretation of Russian policy has played an important role in Western politics and debates and, thus, has its critics as well. In addition – but this is a separate question – some analysts point out that the idea of E2DE is less of any country’s national property than something inherent in the logic of nuclear strategy, that other nuclear powers have had similar policies, and that the whole idea, whoever adopts it, may not work.

>In addition, Russia’s nuclear doctrine is, as you would expect, complex. And, while France’s President Emmanuel Macron has made a habit of strutting a constant inconstancy he calls “strategic ambiguity,” Moscow is capable of inflicting some genuine calculated uncertainty on its adversaries, with less bragging but more effectively. Thus, one side of its nuclear doctrine stresses that nuclear weapons could only be used if the existence of the Russian state was in danger, as has just been underlined again by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. But to misunderstand this as a promise that Moscow would only use nukes if Moscow were under siege and half of Russia’s territory or population gone already, would be foolish.

>In reality, there also is room in its nuclear doctrine for treating the “unconditional territorial integrity and sovereignty” of Russia as critical thresholds. How do we know? From multiple Russian documents, which need not be cited here because Ryabkov has reminded us of this facet of Moscow’s policy, too. In the same statement in which he emphasized the criterion of “state existence.” Take that, Emmanuel.

>A final point, it seems, needs highlighting as well: Russia has never restricted its option of using nuclear weapons, indeed any type of weapons, to the area of a specific local conflict, for instance, Ukraine. The opposite is the case. Moscow is explicitly reserving the right to strike beyond the confines of such a battlefield. That is something that President Vladimir Putin has made crystal clear in his address to Russia’s Federal Assembly in February of this year. It is exactly that message that Britain has received as well in the recent crisis.

>Whichever way you parse it, official Russian nuclear doctrine has specific messages for potential adversaries. Moscow has consistently applied this doctrine throughout the Ukraine War and in its recent warnings – by drill and by diplomatic demarche – to its Western opponents.

>But there is the rub: The West has a history of obstinately not hearing Russian messages. That is how we ended up in this war in the first place. Russia had warned the West repeatedly since, at the latest, President Vladimir Putin’s well-known speech at the Munich Security Conference in – wait for it – 2007. The last major warning came in late 2021, when Russia – with Sergey Ryabkov, incidentally, in the forefront – offered the West what turned out to be a last chance to abandon its unilateralism and specifically NATO expansion and, instead, negotiate a new security framework. The West brushed this offer off. With nuclear weapons in play, it is time that Western elites learn to, finally, listen when Russia sends a serious warning.


To say the least. The panic exit from Afghanistan was the first sign of their realization of defeat imo.


>ziggas who insisted Shoigu is some genius of warfare and strategy
kek I never saw one post saying this. WTF is going on in the world, glowshills rampant on the site rn.


Whatever happened to all the leftist parties Zelensky banned? Did the sbu exterminate them all or what


they're probably busy engaging in passive resistance to ukraine by refusing to do work or aid in the war effort


The Spanish Empire getting huge amounts of gold from Latin America made Spain absurdly rich - literally too rich to work. it was cheaper to simply import products for many years. This caused the value of gold to drop significantly, which left Spain with neither money nor industry, and it's why it's not nearly the player that the other big Euro powers are today.


uygha the security council secretary trumps being the defense minister. thats the opposite of btfo.


>muh red lines
Western missiles strike on Russian territory and kill Russian citizens every week


He has been promoted lol


Remember how Stalin repressed people like Voroshilov for failing the Soviet-Finnish War? Repressed into a higher position of power?


vyiivivyvyvyiviyvyviyvyiviii status?


File: 1715587202988.png (880.97 KB, 724x1024, 1715414772780914.png)

It's good to be back


Sorry for the spam, mods. I thought my posts didn't work since I got the "took too long to post" error message. It's got more commom in recent days.


i used to think it was for the homeless


>failing the Soviet-Finnish War


I don't remember clearly, maybe it was Meretskov or Timoshenko. Same story as here about Shoigu getting promoted - historians claim that Stalin repressed and fired them, but somehow they ended up in better positions


It's one of the ways those fuckers "prove" that Soviets have lost gazillion soldiers - "bu-bu-but how can you say that Soviets didn't lose gazillions, and war wasn't a loss from Soviet side, if leaders were repressed????" Who needs corpses and facts on the ground when you have such strong arguments, right?



>Man, Dugin fucking sucks. Why does anyone care what this retard has to say?
They don't. Dugin was utterly irrelevant until 2014. Western intelligence developed an interest in him for two reasons
1. He attended meetings in Crimea and Donbass as well as international meetings in russia between euronationalist parties the Atlantic was becoming paranoid about, especially after the refugee crisis and brexit. It was part of tracking conflicts between Brussels and member states which were feared to be exploited by Russia. Dugin as an international mastermind.
2. As Russia came in conflict with European expansion and sought a eurasian path the Atlantic poorly understood, its identity and path were a void to fill with ideology. Dugin talks about Eurasia and so does Putin, they both talk about Russia as a civilization. Clearly Dugin is also a Russian mastermind

Finally in some cases the alt right looked at Dugin, namely Lauren Southern, as part of their European New right influences which Dugin was connected to

Basically Dugin was supposed to be a link in the chain of an international conspiracy to destabilize Europe via nationalism clashing with globalization. The theory didn't pan out so well and the man remains underwhelming for this purpose.


>Dugin was utterly irrelevant until 2014.
Nah, the Russia-hawks were banging on about Dugin's "Foundations of Geopolitics" from the mid-00s. It really heated up after Georgia 2008. His status as Putinist Rasputin fell off after 2014 when he got shit-canned from MSU for calling Putin a cuck.


If that's true I don't remember it at all, but the hysteria surrounding that book wouldn't surprise me since it served as a proxy for strategically understanding post Soviet Russia because of widespread ignorance about it, although it only fed into such a thing. Namely, it served as proof a new trad Russian empire was forming based on connections to Germany and also that it would conflict with China.
In other words, it was inflated in importance because it fed neocon prejudices about Russia that serve to deny culpability in driving Europe to conflict with it
The entertaining aspect of it is when Russia used NATO expansion to win independence from Europe and pivot to China. Meaning, we were right and wherever neocond and dugin overlapped as mirror inverses of each other was wrong. There's no conflict between traditional civilizations and liberal cosmopolitan ones or whatever, it's just core and periphery. There's no grand Russian plan foiled by separating Germany and Russia, Europe just become a declining satrapy. There's no conflict between Russia and China to exploit, actually they were driven together. It's not a eurasian empire resisting globalization, it's multipolarity enabling it to continue to undermine liberal democracy because as I said earlier the problem has always been capitalism undermining liberalism rather than the two going together so well it caused a trad backlash


Yeah it was all desperate old Cold Warrior neocon shit that got repeated by London/New York journalists that had never set foot in Russia. I think a large part of the Russia-hawk drive at that time was riding the high from Iraq 2003 and wanting to win a military victor over what was looking like an increasingly "ungrateful" Russia.

The Dems under Obama were completely against this path and it only took over the Democratic party because Killary was frustrated that Putin stopped her murdering half the population of Syria.


Pretty much, it was always about recycling a new HitlerStalin and how post Soviet Russia represented their intersection. Dugin is useful because he flips Brzezsinski on his head. I recently saw Stephen Kotkin repeat the view that the conflict with russia and china is caused by free cosmopolitan maritime Western civilization vs eastern ancient trad land based autocratic civilizations. Dugin's repeat of this but inverted is useful and it's ultimately about labeling illiberal nationalism or populism in the west as the soft power of eurasian autocracy, which deflects from the crisis of neoliberalism by essentially pretending capitalism is still in the 19th century and we are threatened by ancien regimes


how you do fellow anti-gardeners?


Wdym? This is the peak of theory, it's literally airtight.


> Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/worldnews.


File: 1715611099763.mp4 (6.06 MB, 392x428, zelensky.mp4)

I remembered this great video:

Was it fake propaganda or real? Probably from any of its movies? Or what?


drone grenade things should be warcrimes. You can't tell me that's any more humane than attacking with chemicals.


>Do you think that western governments sit around with their dicks in their hands while their passive, bovine populace go along with everything?
Yes and anyone who disagrees has not actually lived in the West for an extended period of time.
Even just take the recent Israel/Palestine protests. By every metric the protests against Vietnam were stronger and more widespread. Hell even the Iraq War mobilized more protestors. The majority of people admit that life is declining but have no inclination to fight.

We don't even have the former socialist terrorist organizations like Weather Underground going around bombing priority targets anymore. When's the last time you heard of a banker or industrialist or media mogul getting shot in broad daylight by a socialist organization? The Left has been so weakened that it doesn't even commit spontaneous acts of insurrection anymore.

Random terrorism is now monopolized by incel weirdos mad at women or /pol/ freaks wanting to shoot up synagogues or mosques or supermarkets. That's how pathetic the left has become in the West.


Pretty silly to compare Palestine to Vietnam when Vietnam had America directly engaged for like 15 years and mass conscription.


I recognize that which is why I also added the Iraq War as another example as that was an all volunteer force with a small minority of actual participation.

And also where were these protests when Libya was getting bombed? When Syria was getting ripped to pieces? Most of the people protesting against Israel did not even bother to defend innocents against previous NATO operations. It just proves my point that

A) The anti imperialist left is a small minority in the West
B) Most westoids are terminally incapable of actually revolting against their own governments


Think about the importance these events take in defining the the global political, social, and economic reality.

Then think about the average interest a westener has or will invest themselves in these events; between the credit payments they must make on their car, choosing what to have for dinner, or where to go on holiday.

The system produces an individual whose sole function is to consume commodities, of which international news is a contending part.


There is no excuse anymore. I can accept if someone genuinely believed Saddam Hussein was a threat to the West and then did a mea culpa, but for millions of people to believe that, and then to go on to believe Qaddafi was a threat, and then go on to believe Assad was a threat, and then go on to believe Xi is a threat, etc. is ridiculous. At some point people have to take personal responsibility for constantly buying into lies nonstop and the average Westoid would rather commit suicide than admit he has ever been wrong. The Marxists attempt to gaslight us into believing that these are all pure workers at heart when I know (to list one example) someone living in a 400sqm apartment who has told me before that he wants to fucking BOMB IRAN just based off the retarded media he reads, even though he himself is living in a shithole with not much income or savings. The majority of people in the West have no morality, no decency, no common sense, and no innocence. It's time to drop the socialist pretense that everyone is a single re-education session away from agreeing with Lenin.


Nah, people who fight for imaginary friends deserve death.


>people have to take personal responsibility

Again, the system produces an individual who is by design devoid of this. Welcome to the West.


>fascist redditor spitting up liberal shibboleths
Every single time


File: 1715617131779.mp4 (652.68 KB, 480x640, 17154272855480.mp4)

Welcome to bourgeois consciousness. Shit's wild, and not just in politics. Everything is in a bizarro world, from sex and culture to physics and programming.


My uygha, this has been the case since the second international, and WW1, when every western leftist movement threw up class struggle in favor the Sacred Union and nationalism. The Imperial core is well crafted, and you're not going to see it tear itself appart when it is still in a state of domination.


I have good news, it's already not. uyghas killed their own militaries. They lost to this pathetic bourgeois-ran scrap of the USSR alone. They're also losing control all over the world. The multipolar world is already here.


How is this more evil than the middles that drop in from a hundred kilometres away and blast people apart, or incendiaries which are only crimes in specific circumstances


Because >>1853539 is a bourgeois statist troll and improvised weapons offend his god.


Either this is bait or you've never read Marx.

The mode of subjectivity capitalism produces in the west is defined by the contingency of political being; the system produces consumers, alienated from the products of their labour. Commodities are the atom of this social fabric, structured by a division of wealth which serves simply to protect the social relations which uphold this.

You're right to label me a fascist, I am a citizen of said society. The only problem is that you need to look in the mirror.


Damn its almost though you need effective tactics and constant promotion of your world-outlook instead of just sitting around expecting reality to just hand you victory!


We dont support Mechanist philosophy around here, go wash your brain out.


>The Marxists attempt to gaslight us into believing that these are all pure workers at heart
And this is how worker worship leads people away from communism.

Calm down, son.


will russia have any trouble holding ukraine after it's taken it?


But the point is to change it, not reproduce the machinery of class.

All ethical statements are false. I'm here and I don't. Your feelings do not exempt you from demystification.


A missile like your describing doesn't provide the opportunities to toy with the target like it's a perverted video game or something. Seeing men ddesperately try to avoid fpv drones piloted remotely with an xbox controller hits different. idk it's not going to stop happening.


No. All the worst Nazis will be either dead or have fled to the EU. The Ukrainians that remain will be the envy of the ones that fled to Europe which will be trapped in prostitution and other heavily exploited fields to "pay back" nato "generosity". Russia will rebuild the country and Ukraine will enjoy the benefits of trade with the East while the rest of Europe crumbles under the weight of the US.


Change inside of the imperial core is beholden to change in the periphery. The more the peoples of the periphery unschackle themselves and uproot their systems that enable western explotation of their countries, the less resources and wealth will flow to the west, whic in turn means the western ruling classes will have less and less to maintain their control of mass media, police states etc., making it far harder for them to fill in the cracks, untill all those cracks eventually tear up the system.


Stop babbling no one said anything about ethics. Consciousness and ideas are a fundmental & important part of dialectical materialism, they are literally how we perceve and understand reality itself. Trying to belttle them leads the dead-end of mechanical materialism.


File: 1715629408065.jpg (240.23 KB, 1000x750, 87658765765.jpg)

This is a silly third worldist fantasy the world doesnt work like that, countries that have a revolution dont suddenly disappear from the world economy. Stop being so naive.


>The Marxists attempt to gaslight us into believing that these are all pure workers at heart


Lol on the money.


Saved but aren't you allowed to think lumpen are kinda stupid


>It's time to drop the socialist pretense that everyone is a single re-education session away from agreeing with Lenin
Literally nobody says that. Every Marxist knows there are people who cant be helped and don't wanna be helped or are conscious enemies for whatever reason. The point is to give people the opportunity to change. If they wanna stay retarded thats their problem.


The party is wrong, the workers are stupid, there are not enough prison camps, let's bomb Washington.


I was going to write a post about how functionally western society produces individuals who are not only complicit in their own domination, but essentially asset holders in the future success of their bourgeois masters.

But what's the point.


Everyone IS a single re-education session away from agreeing with Lenin, that's the fucking tragedy of our situation


>no one said anything about ethics
An ethical statement makes claim on behalf of an ethic. "We don't support x" is an ethical statement. Any Marxist in opposition to the ruthless criticism of every mystery is a liar.
I'm actually more of a New Materialist anyway.
>Trying to belttle them leads the dead-end of mechanical materialism
I'm not belittling them; I'm belittling yours. Piety is idiocy.


>I'm American and I need to feel better than someone
Lumpen theory's real function, everyone


We are better than everyone


File: 1715631301312-0.png (535.97 KB, 603x576, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715631301312-1.png (30.91 KB, 753x447, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715631301312-2.png (1.83 MB, 1231x1093, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715631301312-3.png (580.41 KB, 1440x1765, ClipboardImage.png)

The new superweapon is about to drop!


File: 1715631411622.png (244.37 KB, 644x353, 76567654.png)

>"We don't support x" is an ethical statement


This was true up to a point but that required investing back into their own populace. At this point it's really not anymore.


This is just theorizing our own failure, even if it's true we still have to overcome it and break through.


Does that confirm NATO pilots in open combat by next month? Because the Ukrainian pilots aren’t done training yet.


That sudden change in behaviour when the Swede sees Zionist entitiy food, unreal.


Ethical statement, moral statement, same thing
< Moral statements are prescriptive statements uttered within an interpersonal context. If they are descriptive of anything, they are descriptive of socially defined norms or ideals.


It still holds true, it just seems to be the inverse.

Wealth speculation in the financial markets and with cryptocurrencies is seen as a way to buy one's way to a good life, and is not only encouraged but advertised to workers.

Property ownership used to simply be the purchase of a commodity; today that commodity is the focus of speculation, and in the process has converted all who possess homes into asset owners.

What's extremely funny about this is it's a clear generational divide which tends to be quoted endlessly as source of derrision for boomers. The wage gap from 70 years ago has accelerated and torn apart with it the system of goods that once secured a general system of prosperity.

Home ownership essentially becomes a pledge to capitalist society due to the individual's investment in their own speculative appreciation; there is a salience between the best outcome for the individual and that of capital.

For example, someone made a post on this site the other day about how homelessness in California could be solved through mass-construction works and alloting the homeless access to single family houses.

Imagine the resistance tax-paying home owners would put up upon finding out that the federal governemnt was essentially going to destroy their property bubble. (Imagine the resistance businesses would put up. Imagine the resistance lobbyists, senators, and financial corporations would put up).

Imagine the outrage individual home owners would feel upon learning that they are shackled with 40-50 year mortgages, having worked and earned their way through the system (sucking up like bottom feeders), when now not only the indigent, but the drug addicted schizophrenics who cannot hold down a simple retail job, are about to be donated houses free of charge off the dime of the tax payer.

Home ownership is simply one of the most literal forms through which you can observe the ingratiation of the worker into the capitalist system and the bundle of privileges it grants them.

I will never tire of this: You can walk into a coffee shop, the bigger the corporation the better, and endless streams of people will arrive to buy their coffee. You can walk into a supermarket and make your way to the checkout with your basket. You can go to a restaurant and place your order with the hostess.

All of these service sector staff, every single one, is incumbent to the wage system. The exploitation of their labour is not only generalized, but entirely on display for the world to view. The profit model of the very busienss you are in is predicated on what is essentially a form of slavery. Even more, the logic to which capitalist businesses are naturalised is that profit is the order of the world, as though they had developed some copernican understanding through their use of 'sensible business practices'.

And nobody bats an eye. Nobody questions why we must use money to obtain these commodities, or even questions the very form they take as commodities themselves.

Even those who have worked in the service sector and know how grueling it is consent to this. And yet right before their very eyes, the magic of the valorization of capital unfolds.





People who are attracted to communism, because they think workers are big chungus heckin wholesome, and "wouldn't it be just a amazing, if they were in charge?" are always in for a rude awakening and never last.

Mention that propaganda and false consciousness is a two-person job in the information age, and they start sputtering about "individualist ideology".


You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.


Sounds like you're just looking for reasons to give up.


I'm just continually amazed by what the system produces.

The very form taken by the social relations among workers is one entirely dominated by the division of wealth; either through its immediate formal sense of asset possession, or its informal sense, which would be described by Bourdieu as the crystalized forms of social and political capital.

Living in this world feels like being in a circus.

Climate change is set to reach at a minimum 3 degrees by 2100, yet today the most popular sort of cars are SUVs with some of the worst gas milage ratios.

Nursing homes are staffed by corporations at levels that are well below what is necessary at the cheapest wage possible, yet the aging population is going to grow exponentially by 2050.

Food is designed to be deliberately un-nutritious; healthy alternatives free of pesticides (and likely PFAs chemicals) come at twice, if not three times the cost.

Again, the system produces a form of individuality in which one need never take stock of the social political issues of the day because they are delegated through a type of specialisation. The idea that protesting accomplishes anything is laughable when 100 years ago labour organization threatened to swallow the world and turn it into one dominated by socialist states.


>Imagine the outrage individual home owners would feel upon learning that they are shackled with 40-50 year mortgages, having worked and earned their way through the system (sucking up like bottom feeders), when now not only the indigent, but the drug addicted schizophrenics who cannot hold down a simple retail job, are about to be donated houses free of charge off the dime of the tax payer
wtf are you talking about. in your own little bubble I can tell


Well, as far as America goes, he's right. They have more houses without people than people without houses. And "affordable housing" will never, ever be recieved positively.


It doesn't really hold true if you go on to describe how it's actually a dual system predicated on a denial of that very prosperity based loyalty


No, it does. Poverty functions as a grinding mill over which workers are dangled.

Only a certain percentage of the population ever achieves the median wage and it is through the system of ingratiation that they must work to achieve this. Downward social mobility is essentially a real threat of a descent into hell.

Service sector employment is the bottom rung of this, next only to companies operating through illegal employment. Wage raises are kept to a minimum as a deliberate means to control staff. Access to this employment requires only citizenship, which is nothing more than a certificate to the general body of labour which is available.

The logic that results is one which emphaises individual success, when conversely one's achievements are entirely dependent on the social distribution of wealth.

The entire cycle of employment is viewed as a ladder from which one must escape.

Those who make it anywhere near the average income bracket jetison whatever political views they held because there was in no real case any substance to them, because the social invective is one which promotes ascension through the availability of luxuries.

The logic of consumption essentially prevails, at all levels. Because that is literally all capitalism produces: consumers.


File: 1715637452302.png (1.76 MB, 1400x800, ClipboardImage.png)


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