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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1654738474067.png (123.4 KB, 1190x597, leftygetZ.png)

Tbf it was getZ, the duality of /leftypol/ and wot nhat…



Where's the thread on #masonleaks and why can't I find anything about it apart from a few posts in a UK thread?

Amazing insights into the UK state information apparatus.




try now fag


t… tha… thanks owo👉👈



Moderation of this site is absolutely shit. Gotta laugh at how you allow users to openly use antisemitic slander. Joke of a site.


b-b-b-but thats how they do it on t3h "chans"!


ok and


And if you don't clean up filth you'll attract filth.


indeed. fuck the mods, they're poltards


>vaguebooking instead of using the report function



Hello where is the proofs?
Cite me one instance of someone posting "kill da jews" without that poster being a /pol/ brigader who gets banned an hour later.


lol alright then I'll do that, see if you do anything.
It's a lot more than that. You can get away with calling the Jews responsible for communism.


>You can get away with calling the Jews responsible for communism.
Considering that /leftypol/ from its inception on 8chan was literally fighting that bullshit from day fucking one it's clear that you're mistaking false flags as actual legitimate posts.


The /leftypol/ thread "Why is /pol/and so fucking right-wing?" Is overrun by /pol/yp raiders and constantly derailed. Mods don't react to reports. Could you please look into it and clean up?


Here is someone calling a Poolish a Jew based on how she looks. Also Russophobia and anti-Semitism

And this one spreads the Jewish bankers myth.

Both posts are older than an hour and still there. I also reported them already. And it's just the tip of the Iceberg.


Hello? Anybody home??? Mods?


Got a lot of false flags then.


yes, they have historically been a significant number of posts here


Is the UKR thread gone?




>You can get away with calling the Jews responsible for communism.
You get triggered for something… not so bad?
I mean, Jews were hated because they made themselves richer for giving a shit about interests on loans. The New Testament forbid that, and that's one of the reasons Jews are hated, but that doesn't mean they are evil per se, nor that the Semitic origins of Marx, Trotsky, etc. are evil and make it a bad thing for communism. Precisely because Marxism cultivates the idea of a fairer world, so kudos for Jews having this breakthrough in a shifting philosophical view, I guess?
Filth comes when you make the Jews the center of all evil. I do not see the conception of communism as something evil, but as the superior philosophical and final productive form the human society can evolve.


>shitting up the sticky


Welcome thread?

Not feeling very welcome after my brie brie effortpost was nuked. Where is it?


just sounded like a run of the mill schizopost
what even are you talking about?


Sir, this is a Wendy's.


>what even are you talking about?

What part of this post exactly were you unable to understand?

"they really hate my darling brie.

So from day one, year zero, the 2016 bernie campaign, the level of pure liberal rage against brie has been surprising and remarkable. The bitter rage expressed about her by black and white liberals has far outweighed anything expressed about her on the right.

Reddit has a constant, hardcore cohort that will reliably comment negatively on every episode of the pod. Sure, the Virgil catfishing and subsequent collapse didn't help, but the pattern of constant comments is remarkable.

I had put it down to khive or ctr types, probably well funded, picking on an obvious scapegoat to improve their ladies' chances.

Then, in the space of a couple of weeks, masongate gets exposed and brie has grayzone-associated journalists on her pod to explain the reporting.

Then ben norton appears on the pod.

Now I hear that Bad Faith has a parody pod, whose reach will no doubt be heavily amplified.

If you were brie, considering the history of state action against black left figures and the masongate revelations of open season on anything grayzone related, what message would you take from the timing of the appearance of this parody pod?"


all of it
this place is to talk about politics not cheese
if you want to talk about cheese, you have to connect it to politics


Why can't I stop laughing
have I truly been defeated by the internet


Proposal to change that wording "I accept your admission" into "I accept suck dicks". A recurrent troll would get some.


rent free


So what rule did I break arguing with nazoids in ukraine general?
is this a red-brown board now? then write a rule that you're not allowed to criticize based anti-imperialist russia


By melting down and just namecalling for one
libs have to be better behaved here same as nazis



you're just butthurt that I disrupted your red-brown circlejerk

post proofs that I hold a liberal position


>By melting down and just namecalling for one
and butthurt red-browns weren't namecalling lol?
you namecalled me a "lib" in the same post lmao


There are still posts of yours in the thread.
Basically it always makes me wonder how hard can it be to act like a normal person
That is a fact


also, if you're a mod, please use a mod tag
what is the position of mode team on this situation? what rules did I break?


I told you in so many words but

7) Reactionism and liberalism, or any other kind of non-leftist positions are not banned in itself, as we will endeavour to allow and encourage people of other political philosophies to explore leftism through /leftypol/ so long as they follow the rules contained herein. However, non-leftist users are ultimately to be considered ‘guests’ and thus will be removed if they prove a nuisance or disrupt the normal functioning of the site. Low-effort raiders will be banned.Opening posts with liberalism or reactionary topics will be treated with far more scrutiny to prevent them filling the catalog.


>There are still posts of yours in the thread.
you deleted multiple of my posts without reasons

>Basically it always makes me wonder how hard can it be to act like a normal person

how hard it is not to call someone a "lib"?

>That is a fact

no, it's your opinion
post proofs where I espouse liberal position


>Reactionism and liberalism
so being against capitalist world war is liberalism and reactionism? this is some OldBO levels of retardation

>any other kind of non-leftist positions

how are my positions non-leftist? is supporting world war a leftist position?

I am more leftist than any of you lol


you are doing great champ


epic answer jannie
enjoy your circlejerk shithole


There is so many places where you can enjoy your milquetoast position (and nothing else)
so this accusation in particular is just very silly
basically the wrong way round


lmao lol


I deserve to be banned as a "vax schizo" (sic!) after I myself called vaccine sceptics schizos in the same post??!!! I was merely against mandates for (bio)political reasons. Jesus Christ,

You fucking liberal cucks.


>(bio)political reasons




Unique IPs: 24

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