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mods can you remove the drama from the podcast rec thread?

A perfect functional thread devolved into suspicious shilling (even the most devoted cultist isn't going to shill their pod 3 times in the same thread) and shitfighting.




Is there an official fbi.gov?




more like crapitalism amirite haha


File: 1668173100763.jpg (706.62 KB, 1920x1321, 5b43c70615e9f90e0b575c90.jpg)

Why there were no workers' councils aka soviets in estern bloc people's republics?


Because Stalin betrayed the revolution. There was one socialist republic that had worker's councils in every industry and workplace. One that did not betray the revolution but took the correct path in a world dominated by American-style capitalism and Soviet-style state capitalism. Yugoslavia also created the Non-Aligned Movement which was JUNGLE GANG before there even was a jungle gang. A real trailblazing country, hated by the two power blocks because they ain't us.


*dies to IMF structural adjustment followed by ethnic infighting and then NATO intervention to finish off whatever government structures were left*


>CIA destroyed this country
>CIA destroyed that country
>US meddling destroyed the Soviet Union
>US/CIA/NATO do not let socialist countries survive or thrive
>Yugoslavia fell apart on its own
fuck you, Stalinist. we're gonna reopen Goli Otok


Yugoslavia's entire structure was based purely on being funded by the West to act as controlled opposition against the Soviets and once the Soviets were destroyed the funding dried up and the IMF called it in. Anyone praising Yugoslavia is brain dead. Tito was a great partisan sure and Stalin should have compromised more to ensure Tito didn't get triggered so hard but all other blame can be laid squarely on the Yugoslavians themselves.


>Yugoslavia's entire structure was based purely on being funded by the West
Literally the same argument Croatian nationalists and Ustashe use to say that Yugoslavia was supposed to be destroyed and subsequently replaced by neoliberal states.
>to act as controlled opposition against the Soviets
Soviet Union took loans from the West too, they were Western puppets all along!
>and once the Soviets were destroyed the funding dried up and the IMF called it in.
>funding dried up
In 1991, Yugoslavia's debt was less than 15% of its GDP. The states that replaced it have debts five times as large, each, totaling 70-80% of their GDP. You're right, Stalinist, free market economies based on tourism, selling off of state assets and industry, and import of everything beat regulated/planned economies manufacturing goods, developing industry and export! Thanks for that insight.
>Anyone praising Yugoslavia is brain dead.
Anyone hating Yugoslavia is a nationalist and/or fascist.
>all other blame can be laid squarely on the Yugoslavians themselves.
<Communism is about suffering, and not listening to corrupting rock music, not leaving the country and living in soulless commie blocks. Any people who desire anything but barrack communism deserve to be destroyed!

Seethe and cope, Stalincuck. You're just jealous a socialist state existed that wasn't Marxist-Leninist and didn't suck Soviet cock but blazed their own path. If you admit they were successful, then your claim that M-L is the only way falls apart.


File: 1668243881959-0.png (346 KB, 1248x675, Soviet Debt 1.png)

File: 1668243881960-1.png (149.21 KB, 1078x316, Soviet Debt 2.png)

>Soviet loans
Pretty much nonexistent until Gorbachev. The USSR never once failed to repay whatever loans they did take out until Gorbachev deliberately took on all the loans he could in order to destroy the economy (sound familiar?)
>Yugoslavia stronk!
Is that why it consistently had an unemployment rate worse than other capitalist and socialist states of that same era? It doesn't take a genius to see high unemployment + huge trade deficit + huge foreign debt that can't be repaid = unsustainable economic model.


>high unemployment
It was below 8% all throughout the 60s and 70s. Bourgeois economists count people working abroad as "unemployed". Yet Croatia has 25% of it's population working abroad, but no one says their unemployment is over 30%.
>huge trade deficit
$3 Billion in 1989 is hardly "huge". What's the trade deficit of ex-Yugoslav countries?
>huge foreign debt
As I said before, it was less than 15% of GDP at its peak in 1991, hovering at ~5-10% for rest of the time. Why aren't ex-Yugoslav countries collapsing from debt when it's 80% of their GDP?
>unsustainable economic model
You're right, tankie, neoliberalism is so much better.

Soviet Union also collapsed, Marxism-Leninism is an unsustainable model and failed project.




File: 1668527640334.png (314.26 KB, 600x437, ClipboardImage.png)

the people's socialist unemployment vs the people's socialist commodities


>implying yugoslavia didn't have commodities




t. leftcom mad that he called out for not even being ideologically consistent


Yo, there's a /pol/ spammer making spam threads. (Yes, I've already reported it.)


Yo mods, do your damn jobs for once.


dunno who undid that rangeban, but its taken care of


I also suggest banning Zionist trolling on sight.




Some sad fucker is spamming the board with his depressingly large collection of soyjak memes


It's the Tohou schizo, he's back.


He's ban evading, currently.


Touhou schizo is back again.


Who are you talking to?

You there's a report feature, right?


You should try the congress if needed


File: 1674162045804-0.jpg (136.15 KB, 1170x1171, slavoj zizek.jpg)

File: 1674162045804-1.jpg (113.76 KB, 1024x1024, jacques lacan.jpg)


Zizek needs to get into tracksuits asap. Just someone gift him one


dude's 80. it's a bit late to be getting into anything


>dude's 80
he's 73


File: 1674595943118.jpg (213.31 KB, 1920x1080, bc8.jpg)


Mao definitely would be proud.



where is """the""" /leftypol/ these days? is this the place? I have not been keeping up with you guys for a few years, and bunkerchan redirects me here.



Thong Noticer is back at it yet again.


What are you gonna do, write this comment every day for five years?
Protip: report button gets a faster response


The The Thing Noticer Noticer


Suppose that makes you the the the thing noticer noticer noticer


File: 1676697585359.jpg (38.47 KB, 474x379, the the the the.jpg)


Video of German representative calling Nord stream terrorism gets me filtered as a bot even as .mp4 upload


>>1386980 (me)


This vid in the German thread


try changing the file name


Koba, why do you need me to die?


If I post that at people on Twitter, it gets hidden.

Unique IPs: 34

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