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iOS and non-JS users should now be able to upload multiple images using the basic upload button.
Long overdue but it's here now.

(from dev team)


>* No New Threads for Topics with an existing General thread (e.g. USA politics, COVID-19, online personalities, etc.)
I hope this rule only applies to /leftypol/ and /edu/.


Of course.


Thank you!


Use this before copyposting a big wall of text (especially if it's from a pdf)


>ANOTHER shitty useless "constitution"

maybe if you wasted less time larping with this constitutional convention shit this discussion forum wouldn't be such a fucking hole


ok janny


what's the point of saging a sticky??


when is leftypol getting an I2P link


Good manners. And tickies get bumped on the overboard.


File: 1644698494443.jpg (30.14 KB, 612x490, flol.jpg)

>a new constitution
>for a website


It took me like an hour to update it, chill, if you have suggestions then here's your forum


yeah get rid of the anti-"idpol" rule. it's cringe and enables concern trolls


Anti-IDpol is more important today than in the early days of this community.


>We believe that conflicts between genders, races, sexualities, and so on are distractions from the wider class struggle that are intentionally fanned by the ruling class.
maybe but they're definitely not sponsoring anti-oppression politics in any meaningful way, despite what /pol/ infographic-tier clickbait "sources" say
>This does not mean that oppression based on personal characteristics does not exist, but that it should be approached from an egalitarian perspective which is not personally accusatory and does not assign ‘victim’ and ‘oppressor’ groups.
race isn't based on personal characteristics, tons of white-skinned people used to be classified as un-white and still are to this day. race is a social phenomenon
>The rights of individuals to live according to their own wishes is a fundamental part of leftism.
don't even know what this means, is it a freeze peach type thing?


also there are a thousand more effective ways to distract from concrete class struggle for the booj than "idpol"


no! Enforce the anti-idpol rule.
I mean look at this shit >>743146 >>743075 >>743052 >>743251 >>743291


Hadn't thought of it in the past year. It feels like it would have approximately one user, so it hasn't been high up on the oversized TODO list, despite being a good move. Plus, we don't have any experience setting up eepsites so it would take some time to ensure it's secure (a quick read suggested we should use our main web server software rather than Caddy, thoughts?)
If there's interest from multiple users, it might get bumped up the priority list.
In fact, I should make a physical, public priority list to see what changes are actually wanted by users.


>The rights of individuals to live according to their own wishes is a fundamental part of leftism.
This sentence is so liberal and so fucking retarded that it is nearly impossible to unpack.
lib shit
lib shit
>own wishes
lib shit
>fundamental part of leftism
>fundamental part
>of leftism
I wasn't aware "leftism" was a theory current that has fundamental parts to it. You retard mods think that cleaning shit off of an imageboard is the same as reading theory. It is obvious whoever wrote that shit is an idiot who doesn't understand the fundamental of Marxism. There are no Robinson Crusoe "individuals", people are socially determined, you literally wouldn't be you without society. Rights don't exist, read Marx. There is no such thing as free will, there are no "own" wishes. "Leftism" is an ambiguous term that includes liberals half the time it is used, how can anything be a "fundamental part of it", especially the fucking lib shit.

F, see me after class janny


nice trips
What if I told you we put that in there as a joke?
Personally I think the sentence didn't exactly turn out well, however this is not a marxist board.


Look if you think of a better way to phrase it then by all means do so, but I wanted to make clear that we don't tolerate gaybashing et cetera.


Might I add that we had a more marxist version of this but it was decided that it would be harder to understand for people not as versed in class politics and theory, and in this specific case clarity was more important.


As a public document it's best to write it for the lowest common denominator to clearly articulate the rules.


So I'm a moron?


not necessarily, but for any potential morons in the audience its good to put it in very simple and common terminology. mind this is meant as much for randoms stumbling across the board and wanting to know the rules as much as /leftypol/ regulars.




We should have a “mandate of Heaven” feature where if 80% of the users want the current mods out, they will be removed.


That's all well and good until you realize how few people volunteer for the job.


Also that would be impossible to verify since this is an anonymous board.


You verify through IP


people cycle IPs regularly, plus everyone using the TOR node counts as 1 IP. Its unworkable, its why all forms of user democracy without some kind of account verification are impossible.


also, 80% of what users? the total IP count of the site, which is likely deflated cause the TOR node? the hourly IPs, which fluctuates wildly? its completely unworkable.


Who will tackle CP spam then? Who will tackle gore then?


the idpol rule should apply to nationalism


It applies to extreme nationalism. However, maybe that could be expanded in scope.




hey I know what….. happened ;w;. and I want to say I'm sorry. I just went into a paranoid frenzy because I know enough about computers to know what they could potentially trace back to me, control, put on and manipulate, and I mind just went racing in all these different directions and I didn't know what to do. Needless to say I am not careful and I knew that. and I didn't know what would happen, and I guess you now know why that is based on what I saw. I'm sure you meant that whole shubang to be come enlightening experience but all it really did was scare me. I know it wasn't your fault but guess…. you gotta look at material reality lol.

Thanks for the hug either way.


Um, are you okay anon?


ukrop wildin out


why does everyone have a name now?


Donald Trump test


hehe you cannot choose a name


Check the date, ladies.


maybe this change should remain so the namefags are permanently neutralized



I want to see what the GET was


Oops nvm


Wait hol up…
Sorry for samefagging, but why did no one even reply to or notice the GET?


Because no-one cares and this is the wrong thread.

This proposal may be of interest: >>>/meta/17253


>Because no-one cares and this is the wrong thread.
S-sorry, which thread would be the correct one to post in?


idk maybe somewhere in >>>/siberia/



I understand that I am ban-evading, but it is for a reason. Moderation team has completely failed to provide any sort of response on their decision to make Ukraine general a complete and total echo-chamber that is all-but r/anarchism just pro-Russia.

>>>/meta/15632 Which is supposed to be a place for feedback regarding bans has been silent for about a month when it comes to any official responses bearing ##mod stickers, despite many complaints over low-effort description bans over being anti-Russia, all labeled as "glow" or "nazi" or "pol" or "nato shill".

I am posting this here in hopes that just maybe mods will finally give any sort of answer instead, and also hoping that maybe some anons who aren't /meta/ watching autists will also see this. If jannies want to ban me for this, so be it, go ahead. You'll only be banning a terminally online loonatic that is no different from yours truly.


This might surprise you but your childish tantrums do not entitle you to a response from the jannies, especially considering how vigilant they currently have to be to stop the influx of shills. And even if they did have the time to respond to you, you don’t deserve any acknowledgment. All that would do is validate your Russophobic hysteria, and we get more than enough of that from American propaganda. Get range banned, and for what it’s worth I hope you live just long enough to see Russia steamroll your Nazi enclave that you call a nation and be brought back into the fold as an SSR.


not real
>I hope you live just long enough to see Russia steamroll your Nazi enclave that you call a nation and be brought back into the fold as an SSR
weird fanfiction


So why exactly is >>877698 bumplocked but >>875384 is not?


because the link between fascism and homosexuality has been debunked many times


They're both bumplocked now, it seems.



GET and we all become girls


God has denied the homosexuals


File: 1648701903977.png (175.45 KB, 474x232, ClipboardImage.png)

>my post is literally God




What was it?


1M GET coming up



what was the get??


'Ukraine unblock me on twitter' meme and a declaration that kulaks would be destroyed



File: 1654738474067.png (123.4 KB, 1190x597, leftygetZ.png)

Tbf it was getZ, the duality of /leftypol/ and wot nhat…


Where's the thread on #masonleaks and why can't I find anything about it apart from a few posts in a UK thread?

Amazing insights into the UK state information apparatus.




try now fag


t… tha… thanks owo👉👈



Moderation of this site is absolutely shit. Gotta laugh at how you allow users to openly use antisemitic slander. Joke of a site.


b-b-b-but thats how they do it on t3h "chans"!


ok and


And if you don't clean up filth you'll attract filth.


indeed. fuck the mods, they're poltards


>vaguebooking instead of using the report function



Hello where is the proofs?
Cite me one instance of someone posting "kill da jews" without that poster being a /pol/ brigader who gets banned an hour later.


lol alright then I'll do that, see if you do anything.
It's a lot more than that. You can get away with calling the Jews responsible for communism.


>You can get away with calling the Jews responsible for communism.
Considering that /leftypol/ from its inception on 8chan was literally fighting that bullshit from day fucking one it's clear that you're mistaking false flags as actual legitimate posts.


The /leftypol/ thread "Why is /pol/and so fucking right-wing?" Is overrun by /pol/yp raiders and constantly derailed. Mods don't react to reports. Could you please look into it and clean up?


Here is someone calling a Poolish a Jew based on how she looks. Also Russophobia and anti-Semitism

And this one spreads the Jewish bankers myth.

Both posts are older than an hour and still there. I also reported them already. And it's just the tip of the Iceberg.


Hello? Anybody home??? Mods?


Got a lot of false flags then.


yes, they have historically been a significant number of posts here


Is the UKR thread gone?


>shitting up the sticky


Welcome thread?

Not feeling very welcome after my brie brie effortpost was nuked. Where is it?


just sounded like a run of the mill schizopost
what even are you talking about?


Sir, this is a Wendy's.


>what even are you talking about?

What part of this post exactly were you unable to understand?

"they really hate my darling brie.

So from day one, year zero, the 2016 bernie campaign, the level of pure liberal rage against brie has been surprising and remarkable. The bitter rage expressed about her by black and white liberals has far outweighed anything expressed about her on the right.

Reddit has a constant, hardcore cohort that will reliably comment negatively on every episode of the pod. Sure, the Virgil catfishing and subsequent collapse didn't help, but the pattern of constant comments is remarkable.

I had put it down to khive or ctr types, probably well funded, picking on an obvious scapegoat to improve their ladies' chances.

Then, in the space of a couple of weeks, masongate gets exposed and brie has grayzone-associated journalists on her pod to explain the reporting.

Then ben norton appears on the pod.

Now I hear that Bad Faith has a parody pod, whose reach will no doubt be heavily amplified.

If you were brie, considering the history of state action against black left figures and the masongate revelations of open season on anything grayzone related, what message would you take from the timing of the appearance of this parody pod?"


all of it
this place is to talk about politics not cheese
if you want to talk about cheese, you have to connect it to politics


Why can't I stop laughing
have I truly been defeated by the internet


Proposal to change that wording "I accept your admission" into "I accept suck dicks". A recurrent troll would get some.


So what rule did I break arguing with nazoids in ukraine general?
is this a red-brown board now? then write a rule that you're not allowed to criticize based anti-imperialist russia


By melting down and just namecalling for one
libs have to be better behaved here same as nazis



you're just butthurt that I disrupted your red-brown circlejerk

post proofs that I hold a liberal position


>By melting down and just namecalling for one
and butthurt red-browns weren't namecalling lol?
you namecalled me a "lib" in the same post lmao


There are still posts of yours in the thread.
Basically it always makes me wonder how hard can it be to act like a normal person
That is a fact


also, if you're a mod, please use a mod tag
what is the position of mode team on this situation? what rules did I break?


I told you in so many words but

7) Reactionism and liberalism, or any other kind of non-leftist positions are not banned in itself, as we will endeavour to allow and encourage people of other political philosophies to explore leftism through /leftypol/ so long as they follow the rules contained herein. However, non-leftist users are ultimately to be considered ‘guests’ and thus will be removed if they prove a nuisance or disrupt the normal functioning of the site. Low-effort raiders will be banned.Opening posts with liberalism or reactionary topics will be treated with far more scrutiny to prevent them filling the catalog.


>There are still posts of yours in the thread.
you deleted multiple of my posts without reasons

>Basically it always makes me wonder how hard can it be to act like a normal person

how hard it is not to call someone a "lib"?

>That is a fact

no, it's your opinion
post proofs where I espouse liberal position


>Reactionism and liberalism
so being against capitalist world war is liberalism and reactionism? this is some OldBO levels of retardation

>any other kind of non-leftist positions

how are my positions non-leftist? is supporting world war a leftist position?

I am more leftist than any of you lol


you are doing great champ


epic answer jannie
enjoy your circlejerk shithole


There is so many places where you can enjoy your milquetoast position (and nothing else)
so this accusation in particular is just very silly
basically the wrong way round


lmao lol


I deserve to be banned as a "vax schizo" (sic!) after I myself called vaccine sceptics schizos in the same post??!!! I was merely against mandates for (bio)political reasons. Jesus Christ,

You fucking liberal cucks.


>(bio)political reasons





Why exactly is ThingNoticer still allowed to post here? Is he just ban evading?


the second


He is using TOR.




See you tomorrow


oh wait you're still spamming nvm


Israel should be burned from the maps.


remember the map is not the territory


I make an innoculous post about a podcaster in /isg/, in a discussion about that podcaster, and my post is deleted 2 days later.

Very weird, so wtf?


they're called cyclical threads, posts naturally disappear after some time


some weird fucker is trying to troll the board with spam posts of black dicks while advocating for killing white people


Well that's what the report button is for.


can we ban people for replying to thingnoticer posts?


we can and we do sometimes


/pol/ spammer shitting the board up, again.


Well yeah they do that



mods can you remove the drama from the podcast rec thread?

A perfect functional thread devolved into suspicious shilling (even the most devoted cultist isn't going to shill their pod 3 times in the same thread) and shitfighting.




Is there an official fbi.gov?




more like crapitalism amirite haha


File: 1668173100763.jpg (706.62 KB, 1920x1321, 5b43c70615e9f90e0b575c90.jpg)

Why there were no workers' councils aka soviets in estern bloc people's republics?


Because Stalin betrayed the revolution. There was one socialist republic that had worker's councils in every industry and workplace. One that did not betray the revolution but took the correct path in a world dominated by American-style capitalism and Soviet-style state capitalism. Yugoslavia also created the Non-Aligned Movement which was JUNGLE GANG before there even was a jungle gang. A real trailblazing country, hated by the two power blocks because they ain't us.


*dies to IMF structural adjustment followed by ethnic infighting and then NATO intervention to finish off whatever government structures were left*


>CIA destroyed this country
>CIA destroyed that country
>US meddling destroyed the Soviet Union
>US/CIA/NATO do not let socialist countries survive or thrive
>Yugoslavia fell apart on its own
fuck you, Stalinist. we're gonna reopen Goli Otok


Yugoslavia's entire structure was based purely on being funded by the West to act as controlled opposition against the Soviets and once the Soviets were destroyed the funding dried up and the IMF called it in. Anyone praising Yugoslavia is brain dead. Tito was a great partisan sure and Stalin should have compromised more to ensure Tito didn't get triggered so hard but all other blame can be laid squarely on the Yugoslavians themselves.


>Yugoslavia's entire structure was based purely on being funded by the West
Literally the same argument Croatian nationalists and Ustashe use to say that Yugoslavia was supposed to be destroyed and subsequently replaced by neoliberal states.
>to act as controlled opposition against the Soviets
Soviet Union took loans from the West too, they were Western puppets all along!
>and once the Soviets were destroyed the funding dried up and the IMF called it in.
>funding dried up
In 1991, Yugoslavia's debt was less than 15% of its GDP. The states that replaced it have debts five times as large, each, totaling 70-80% of their GDP. You're right, Stalinist, free market economies based on tourism, selling off of state assets and industry, and import of everything beat regulated/planned economies manufacturing goods, developing industry and export! Thanks for that insight.
>Anyone praising Yugoslavia is brain dead.
Anyone hating Yugoslavia is a nationalist and/or fascist.
>all other blame can be laid squarely on the Yugoslavians themselves.
<Communism is about suffering, and not listening to corrupting rock music, not leaving the country and living in soulless commie blocks. Any people who desire anything but barrack communism deserve to be destroyed!

Seethe and cope, Stalincuck. You're just jealous a socialist state existed that wasn't Marxist-Leninist and didn't suck Soviet cock but blazed their own path. If you admit they were successful, then your claim that M-L is the only way falls apart.


File: 1668243881959-0.png (346 KB, 1248x675, Soviet Debt 1.png)

File: 1668243881960-1.png (149.21 KB, 1078x316, Soviet Debt 2.png)

>Soviet loans
Pretty much nonexistent until Gorbachev. The USSR never once failed to repay whatever loans they did take out until Gorbachev deliberately took on all the loans he could in order to destroy the economy (sound familiar?)
>Yugoslavia stronk!
Is that why it consistently had an unemployment rate worse than other capitalist and socialist states of that same era? It doesn't take a genius to see high unemployment + huge trade deficit + huge foreign debt that can't be repaid = unsustainable economic model.


>high unemployment
It was below 8% all throughout the 60s and 70s. Bourgeois economists count people working abroad as "unemployed". Yet Croatia has 25% of it's population working abroad, but no one says their unemployment is over 30%.
>huge trade deficit
$3 Billion in 1989 is hardly "huge". What's the trade deficit of ex-Yugoslav countries?
>huge foreign debt
As I said before, it was less than 15% of GDP at its peak in 1991, hovering at ~5-10% for rest of the time. Why aren't ex-Yugoslav countries collapsing from debt when it's 80% of their GDP?
>unsustainable economic model
You're right, tankie, neoliberalism is so much better.

Soviet Union also collapsed, Marxism-Leninism is an unsustainable model and failed project.




File: 1668527640334.png (314.26 KB, 600x437, ClipboardImage.png)

the people's socialist unemployment vs the people's socialist commodities


>implying yugoslavia didn't have commodities




t. leftcom mad that he called out for not even being ideologically consistent


Yo, there's a /pol/ spammer making spam threads. (Yes, I've already reported it.)


Yo mods, do your damn jobs for once.


dunno who undid that rangeban, but its taken care of


I also suggest banning Zionist trolling on sight.


Some sad fucker is spamming the board with his depressingly large collection of soyjak memes


It's the Tohou schizo, he's back.


He's ban evading, currently.


Touhou schizo is back again.


Who are you talking to?

You there's a report feature, right?


You should try the congress if needed


File: 1674162045804-0.jpg (136.15 KB, 1170x1171, slavoj zizek.jpg)

File: 1674162045804-1.jpg (113.76 KB, 1024x1024, jacques lacan.jpg)


Zizek needs to get into tracksuits asap. Just someone gift him one


dude's 80. it's a bit late to be getting into anything


>dude's 80
he's 73


File: 1674595943118.jpg (213.31 KB, 1920x1080, bc8.jpg)


Mao definitely would be proud.



Thong Noticer is back at it yet again.


What are you gonna do, write this comment every day for five years?
Protip: report button gets a faster response


The The Thing Noticer Noticer


Suppose that makes you the the the thing noticer noticer noticer


File: 1676697585359.jpg (38.47 KB, 474x379, the the the the.jpg)


Video of German representative calling Nord stream terrorism gets me filtered as a bot even as .mp4 upload


>>1386980 (me)


This vid in the German thread


try changing the file name


Koba, why do you need me to die?


If I post that at people on Twitter, it gets hidden.


More and more polyps infesting our board.


They're probably mad about recent events in the US, it's always GOP-adjacent shit with them. (The fact that they're deluded enough to think their "meme war" shit influences anything will never stop being funny)


Good. Laughing at their bullshit is the most fun I've had here in ages


Why is the euthanasia thread anchored? What rule does it break?



Please delete >>1452846
I wanted to reply under the ita thread, but I accidentally started a new one, sorry.


Then why is Chyna etc ML


File: 1683846316401.png (276.75 KB, 1292x736, 1683845331806076.png)


meanwhile "lefty"pol jannies ban people questioning prevailing narratives and unjustly label them "nazi schizos". clearly revolutionary behavior


i dont come to n imageboard for revolutionary behavior in first place


Let's try to get away from all this magical thinking and mystification
A revolutionary organization isn't all that different from any other organization
Chat shit get banged


File: 1683887211943.jpg (141 KB, 863x480, pifycyf16bza1.jpg)




That is basically America tho.


The porkys should ALWAYS be pointed out. 👉🎩

Alienation is real, but you don't have to tell the people that they're starving. You can point to structures of power, but those are ALWAYS headed by porkys. DONT CHASE SPOOKS. POINT OUT THE PORKYS.


Don't google French petition against age of consent laws


Also don't Google Michel Foucault as he was one of those that was against Age of Consent laws.


americans truly can only post about pedophilia


dude was a french public figure ofc he did sus shit in africa


So where exactly are all the anarchists?




File: 1685910353972.png (1.22 MB, 2000x1500, 1685910082168609.png)


Why was the COVID-19 general deleted? (>>1455018)


Jannies can't stand it when anyone contradicts the bourgeois MSM narrative on COVID, and their own rules say that you're allowed to do so in that thread. Solution? Delete the thread, no more wrongthink.


That's a shame; I was really looking forward to hear from our expert electron microscopists about how to distinguish exosomes from viruses simply by looking at them.


its undeniable giving room to COVID sceptics invites the most braindead, retarded people into the room and gives them a microphone


COVID sceptics in what regard? Those who oppose vaccination (something even anarchists do) or those schizos who think COVID is a hoax.



>Those who oppose vaccination (something even anarchists do)

yes, retarded

>or those schizos who think COVID is a hoax

I dont see a difference in either of those groups and neither should you


>its undeniable
Sauce plox.

>COVID isn't a hoax

Sauce plox.

If you're suggesting that billionaires do not conspire with politicians but instead got rich because they're real smart and hard-working then wtf are you even doing here?

>I dont see a difference in either of those groups and neither should you
There are plenty of people who believe in one but not in the other, the only thing in common is that they didn't learn enough yet.
Now get your stupid moron shill ass back to reddit.



>Sauce plox.

I worked in a hospital during covid

>Sauce plox.

see above

>There are plenty of people who believe in one but not in the other, the only thing in common is that they didn't learn enough yet.

kill yourself


>If you're suggesting that billionaires do not conspire with politicians but instead got rich because they're real smart and hard-working then wtf are you even doing here?

If you're suggesting that believing that covid exists means not being critical of capitalism then you are retarded


Anon I will never forget the smell of the hallways of the hospital I worked in being filled with the bloated corpses of the 10-30 people who had died the previous shift and where unable to be moved due to there being no morgue space left for them

or the people who would be dying from covid and beg for the vaccine when they understood they where going to die


il never forget the smell because it was every day, for 6-8 months


I work as a street cleaner and we had to order a mobile incinerator to deal with all the corpses lying on the streets.


its amazing to me the self-delusion present in covid deniers, im glad admins ban it here its cancer


Only took, what? 2 years?


Is THIS IS NOT A NAZI FLAG guy false flagging or is this chan really controlled by (((them)))?


….and if this isn't a nazi chan, why doesn't anyone remove the racist piece of shit shill and his garbage trollposts?


Because mods are constantly asleep.


TheThingNoticer has been posting here for years, just reply with a jimmy neutron meme and carry on

And what happened to the (((scare brackets))) filter?



Requesting that screencap (not sure if /leftypol/ or /lit/) of some anon talking about how they studied a bunch of stuff but nothing made sense then they found out about historical materialism and it made everything fit and he was mad about all the time he had to waste on everything else.
Couldn't see it in the booru, but I was just looking up the keywords like hismat.


Does /dead/ have moderation?


If we see posts that are moddable on there yes.


Thanks for this thread jannies using the app for the first time. 👍
There's one small issue though, I can only seem to select one image on a post as opposed to multiple.

Anyway, I was wondering if we could have flags to differentiate between the only 3 left-com> internationals.

Name: Damenite
Flag: ICT Logo

Name: Anti-Mason
Flag: ICC Logo

Name: Lasagna
Flag: PCInt Logo
(current left-com flag)


ban radlibs and everyone who use the word denier/apologia/etc and everyone who did not like clearing stalin's name


go back you fragile faggot.


Where else is he supposed to go
This is his home now


>ban radlibs
>ban anti-stalinists




Sup comrades.
regarding to the mod who asked this
I am this
I am not this
And the thing I posted is reagarding a puerto rican guy some time ago shitting the thread, I reported him, and another one cheerng him up, and was banned for some half a day, despite I cordially appealed the ban.

I post daily there, in that thread. In /usapol/ and /Chna/, in /ukraine/ some would know me as kinoposter, but I am lazy now to post in depth descriptions anymore (even changing the title), so rather just post the video and a short note.
Also, one of the chavistanon


Bow down


That's nice, dear.


why does she look like that


Less porn. It's amazing how people just think its absolutely fine to just share their weird home drawn chris chan like porn pics and furry fetish hentai or whatever on here. It's just like wtf lol


>Less porn.
This. /siberia/ is basically unusable unless you are a certified 18+ hours a day in front of a computer porn addict.


Most people don't really care that much about porn. Well most channers anyway that aren't weird pearl clutchers. The OP pics are censored so just hide topics if you dislike them.


Once you turn, they hate us

Oh, the misery
Every Baizuo wants to be my enemy
Spare the sympathy
Every Baizuo wants to be my enemy
(Look out for yourself)
My enemy (look, look, look, look)
(Look out for yourself)
But I'm ready


Cool…. well you have to decide if you are interested in attracting regular people to the website or if you want to continue to explicitly only court 'channers'… Personally i think your idea is a loosing streak as 'channers' basically don't exist anymore it is not 2006 and has not been for a long time..

You accidentally posted in the wrong thread anon.


whats a zigga


ask the ukraine general


File: 1690751604452.mp4 (3.18 MB, 480x852, DuangDuang.mp4)

OK time for your daily exercise


me btw


You're cute anon


File: 1692915444870-0.mp4 (3.23 MB, 576x1024, 7264063263053335823.mp4)

File: 1692915444870-1.mp4 (2.14 MB, 576x1024, 7253295514588876032.mp4)



holy shit, im bouta convert


Uhhh is this a real person? I really cannot tell…


transphobic idpol here


Where the fuck is my book sticky? I swear to god with you jannnies.


undelete reading general or pin the new reading general, those sources and texts are very educational and needed for the consciousness of the board.

undelete or bring back covid general, new mutations currently e.g. Pirola which is doubling by the day, and after summer in western countries people are getting back to education or work, meaning mass transmission.


The house moves to agree with both of these suggestions


File: 1694180687209.png (192.75 KB, 448x448, ClipboardImage.png)

can someone link the original post where this type of chinletjak was created i cant remember or find it


bump limit is 500 right?


File: 1694253535218.png (98 KB, 950x476, ClipboardImage.png)

lmao newfag, those threads are cyclic.
That means when a post above 500 is made, the oldest is deleted. That's why they're all permanently around 500 and the OP is 3 years ago possibly older: that date is the one given to threads made via the botched bunkerchan->leftypol.org migration
Someone in the matrix chat get the staff to decide on either replacing the thumbnail files in the OG thread, or sinking it and canonizing the new thread. I demand a one china-thread policy!

Funnily enough I researched this for a post a few weeks ago, picrel


<guy asks what the bump limit is
>gets this strange, aggressive and unrelated rant
lmao what a freak. this is peak leftypol.


File: 1694387698772.jpg (21.31 KB, 220x292, 220px-Shrug.jpg)

>takes comment in isolation rather than in context
>complains about it despite not being involved whatsoever
>uses insults when calling other aggressive
ok lib


This site won't let me post a thread and I have an actual topic I want to post.


mods fix this here is what i was going to post.

How does one go about redpilling a normie? Is there any sure fire method for doing so, or should it be done by a case by case basis? And when doing so who should you target, social-liberals and liberals, or should you include centrists and conservatives? Or is better to go after apolitical people who are either uninterested or tired of bourgeoisie politics? And finally where should you do it?


you have to answer the prompt to make new threads. Part of an attempt to minimize automated spam.

The answer to your question is that you can't. They have to do 95+% of the work. You can at best be there to facilitate the process. Part of that is agitating and letting people know concepts and shit like that, and know that you're a point of contact for leftist stuff. But they won't be radicalized by merely knowing concepts or whatever.


thank you


Mods I was wondering if you guys can make the security question for making new OPs more complex to not only avoid bots but also the low autism score spammers from offsite


I second this.


mods, there's gore/spam and nazism being spammed in the catalogue


What kind of question can we ask that a new poster would know the answer to but a spammer wouldn't?


hell yeah we need even less posts and new blood


I would give the old ">implying new posters shouldn't lurk before posting" but due to various factors i don't know if we can be picky anymore. not that it would help, since the most active staff members for years were already anti-/leftypol/


File: 1696345461121.png (321.89 KB, 1308x601, ClipboardImage.png)

does anyone happen to have the original image for pic related?


File: 1696347846916.png (88.19 KB, 662x463, ClipboardImage.png)

Here you go



File: 1696692879223.jpg (52.14 KB, 720x665, qoy6dmpnxpsb1.jpg)


File: 1699403745942.jpg (47.72 KB, 474x453, comradery.jpg)

Ciao, comrade.


There will be re-runs of Ichigo Mashimaro under socialism.


It's fiction.


The persistent tendency for the moderation to delete any fun dunking thread is ultimately a foot on the throat of /leftypol/. Not only are they denying legitimate discussion opportunities (which the reading threads have failed to do), but they are removing the very thing which initially fueled the community and its creativity.


That's not how the mandate works, anon. The mod would actually have to embody the will of heaven and be a good Confucian junzi and it is the people who either recognize his communion with heaven or they don't and he doesn't get the position.

Rules are legalist and nobody is bound to follow them. If you make rules people will just disobey them. As Confucius said, a good site admin is like the wind and the users are like grass. The wind blows and the grass sways in the breeze. There are no need for rules or the b&hammer. The desire to post gore and CP must be bred out of posters first. How? By restraining the self and practicing the rites and promoting great learning and attainment of virtue!


>dunking threads

You mean threads where schizoposters get to shit up the board and everybody yells at them for being dumb


Schizoposters have every right to be here


Schizoposters are baby-brains who think that jumping to conclusions based on vibes and covering up their lack of intellect with a bunch of word salad is cool and edgy

It's dumb and sad and they should read a book


They're safer here than in the outside world. They need a place to be.


So that gets you banned? You don't have discussions here with people disagreeing with you?


I mean your post was just obvious racism.


File: 1701761661722.png (161.49 KB, 667x528, Twitter.png)


No, the point is not that we shouldn't have new technologies, but that you're advancing only the power of the few without doing anything about the inherently exploitative system, which ensures that the new technologies will only accumulate problems in the future.
An example of this is the "Green Revolution" which drastically increased the amount of food produced and lowered starvation via genetically-modified seeds and fertilizers. Thanks to the nature of capitalism, however, these wonderful technologies ended up being extremely overused to maintain profit resulting in people getting hundreds of new cancers due to overabundance of chemical fertilizers in living environment, destruction of smallholding farmers who are unable to survive in the now capital-intensive agro industry resulting in the massive migration of tens of millions of peasants to the cities (creating slums, criminality and diseases everywhere) and the creation of a powerful agro-chemical lobby that is doing their best to pump up as many unhealthy food to the masses as possible. This is what technological advancement under capitalism looks like


Again, the point isn't to reject new technologies, but to realize that any technological innovation under capitalism will be integrated to the capitalist system and exacerbate the various crises of the Regime; the crises of overproduction, overaccumulation, of declining profits, etc. This will ultimately destroys all of humanity; not just "Wakanda"


>but to realize that any technological innovation under capitalism will be integrated to the capitalist system and exacerbate the various crises of the Regime; the crises of overproduction, overaccumulation, of declining profits, etc. This will ultimately destroys all of humanity
So, the task is to stop the technological progress until the death of capitalism? Did I get it right?


That's not the point at all. The world is objectively better because of fertilizers, GMO, AI, and nuclear power. The point is to realize that new technologies are not the silver bullet ancaps like to potray them as


Obviously, but nuclear is a perfectly viable solution for Germany and yet they burn coal thanks to Grüne and it only makes sense if you adapt this >>1695063 logic.


Greens opposing nuclear power has nothing to do with le Wakanda and more as a backlash against the nuclear war paranoia caused by the Cold War. What the tweet you screen captured is saying isn't that we shouldn't adopt nuclear power but that nuclear power only addressed the clean energy part of the equation and not the other dimensions, such as the overconsumption and drive for profit part.
If we transition to full nuclear power under capitalism, for example, we would eventually reached a point where everyone is just building one gazillion nuclear plant to boost the economy and provide cheap energy for endless industrial growth-just like what we are doing with coal plants right now. This will not only drastically magnifiy the risk of a nuclear accident, but will also lead countries to go to war over diminishing resources like Uranium; wars between countries with crap ton of radioactive materials (that can easily be enriched for war purposes) in them. Have you ever think about this scenario?


but mining uranium from the ground with african child labor is more efficient than building solar farms.


where is the reading thread? im trying to find the mega link


Reading general maxed out and was then moved to the archive (not sure what the idea is beyond there is little utility in a full thread)



>tiktok subtitles
>can't even get the word "powers" right
>Rosa says "the allied powers"
>tiktok puts in "the allied parts"


to be fair if those are automated it's pretty good, automaticl subtitles on youtube 4-5 years ago were incomprehensible



Why does this site censor criticism of Jews? Isn't it supposed to be an anarchic free speech site for leftists? Many of us leftists hate Jews, and that has nothing to do with "muh pol", it has to do with noticing reality.


File: 1706227830412.jpeg (95.11 KB, 750x612, IMG_1104.jpeg)


File: 1706228820884.jpg (74.63 KB, 504x495, 8dm8yg.jpg)

>Isn't it supposed to be an anarchic free speech site for leftists?
No actually, check rule 15, it's old 4chan rules, just because you can post anything doesn't mean you have a guarantee it won't be taken down, I can say "EVA was dogshit" and get a ban for that and have my post removed like on old cuckchan because janny said "This post violates the stated mission of /leftypol/."
Come to think of it I don't think I remember a single iteration of /leftypol/ that wasn't a "rulecuck" rigid board on the level of /a/ or 8/v/, where certain things and discussions got you kicked off.
Also common misconception, a board by itself is not anarchic, websites are. I.e designated loli/jb boards on 8, or loli being allowed on cuck/b/ or /ic/.


That rule is necessary, we can't possibly define every kind of violation which would diminish the quality of the site


>Why does this site censor criticism of Jews?
It doesn't. Check this book out.
It does censor racist conspiracy theories, mindless nationalism and other reactionary crap, because it's off-topic junk.

>anarchic free speech site

Never was, and for that matter, most imageboards aren't. Even 4chan /b/ wasn't 'free speech', despite the lolbert mythology of it. Mods there even censored each other, and that was part of the fun.


File: 1706433672188.gif (427.84 KB, 647x1031, poljak rent free.gif)


Kill yourself stormfag


bullshit, fashoid.


File: 1706608260565.gif (2.75 MB, 480x270, yatchy.gif)

I see this (argument) posted all the time to which I say my ideology is not "Always do the opposite of what the bourgeoisie do no matter what." Not even the Nazi's did that, that's like actually how a child views the world.
Yes the current capitalist meta is absorb everyone into it, regardless of race, religion, or orientation, and to a lesser extent indoctrinate them into thinking capitalism isn't the problem, white supremacy or the west or some bullshit is, but capitalism with black owned and lgbt owned characteristics is somehow based, but I'm not about to oppose literally everyone else on the planet but me just because they do.
Just 99% of them who refuse to renounce capitalism when at gunpoint. We will need to kill 99% of the population eventually most likely but it will both include white people, and likely not maximize all groups of any religious or ethnic group much less certain orientations of whom never got much attention from old regimes like the Nazi's that you probably jerk off to anyway comparatively to jews.
Not that they won't be forced to evolve on some level post revolution, orthodox interpretations and practices will be banned, and not just for jews or Islam, I can't stand modern Christians anymore either, if they talk about the word of God even once just shoot them. I see what you're trying to say but trust me it'll go both ways and not be particularly against any one group as long as they behave themselves.


This is why imageboards are no different from mainstream social media


These days they're worse actually.


>workimg on the weekends as usual


I just had a thread about environmentalism and eugenics that got deleted in /siberia/, so I’m checking to see if I’ve been banned.


Seems the mods are doing a whole lot of deleting recently without banning.


Any idea why they would have censored the topic?


No idea. Just I noticed they deleted like a bunch of posts that I made a few hours ago but I think the IPs I used are still unbanned. They deleted a post I made that could be interpreted as anti-Christian. It wasn't even that strongly anti-Christian, just giving some facts about Christianity. I can't understand their reasoning for anything they do.


/siberia/ isn't for (political) threads too shit for /leftypol/ in any case.
>see if I’ve been banned
Not yet. I predict it will be the case soon.


>Many of us leftists hate Jews, and that has nothing to do with "muh pol", it has to do with noticing reality.
If your version of reality involves attacking random proletarians because you conflate them with members of the bourgy, due to them sharing a single circumstance of birth then you've not noticed, but fallen for a trap.


Watching spongebob and scoobydooby do


matrix mawds can you let me in


Why are we allowing /pol/yps to just openly shit up the main board all afternoon with weak bait?


Because it's fun. Hide threads and filter flags you don't want to see.
Or just use a site which isn't a /pol/ split.



I am this close to giving up on English / global internets. It’s 50% idiots (including those on the left), 50% guys in Meade who couldn’t cut it and got assigned to influence ops instead.


Well, what do you want? Serious conversation? I haven't used it, but eRegime seems to be highly recommended. Link on homepage.


File: 1707902668515.jpg (61.79 KB, 564x564, 1679944769077.jpg)

>nomen est omen
>biology is destiny
rip and tear till what's done is done etc. etc.


>filter flags
Lol, lmao even.


Try it out on tankiefag. It makes the board so much better.


File: 1707907166331.jpg (540.74 KB, 557x809, 1705702353288.jpg)

We are pretty much the only ones bringing any dynamism and fun to this place.


Its some kind of retarded jannie policy to allow /pol/ shilling. I hardly find it funny that they are shitting up the board.


If you don't like a splash of spice, this cafe ain't a good idea.


>There is a time for everything,
> and a season for every activity under the heavens:
> a time to be born and a time to die,
> a time to plant and a time to uproot,
> a time to kill and a time to heal,
> a time to tear down and a time to build,
> a time to weep and a time to laugh,
> a time to mourn and a time to dance,
> a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
> a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
> a time to search and a time to give up,
> a time to keep and a time to throw away,
> a time to tear and a time to mend,
> a time to be silent and a time to speak,
> a time to love and a time to hate,
> a time for war and a time for peace.
Ecclesiastes 3 NIV


File: 1708204546920-0.jpg (30.97 KB, 803x539, 1.jpg)

File: 1708204546920-1.jpg (374.42 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

File: 1708204546920-2.jpg (301.14 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

File: 1708204546920-3.jpg (309.52 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0003.jpg)

and there's a time for the SoulCalubur VI tournament!

Alunya (/leftypol/) vs. Christ Chan (/christian/) starts in ~3 hours, join the cytube linkin the thread for banter.


Why is this so low res. Save some proper clips man.


so is this the errrr… welcome thread then?


I dunno, if you can't handle some proper fucking autism you're probably in the wrong place.




100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 edgyness rating




This isn't optimal about either.


The who
The what


File: 1710591136640-0.png (915.41 KB, 1080x915, 108078_original.png)

File: 1710591136640-1.png (968.33 KB, 755x1280, 108458_original.png)

File: 1710591136640-2.png (1.34 MB, 1080x801, 108651_original.png)

File: 1710591136640-3.png (787.5 KB, 800x599, 108871_original.png)

https://tov-anton.livejournal.com/15642.html (russian)

Red Khmers' brochure "democratic Cambodia moves forward"

Immediately after the seizure of political power, the working class assumed technical power. A new generation of workers and working women is being born, consisting of young people, fighters of the Revolutionary Army, people from the peasant poor and the middle classes. They are endowed with a deep love for the people, the Motherland and the Revolution, and a high spirit of collectivism. They are armed with a revolutionary position of independence, sovereignty and independence, tempered over five years of the people's national liberation war. At the current stage of the revolution, they put their collectivism, their perseverance, their enthusiasm and their creative spirit in the service of national defense and creation.

While the communes of agricultural production are mobilizing all their efforts to solve the water problem, to modernize and develop agriculture, workers' collective trade unions are concentrating their efforts on repairing damaged factories, restoring factories completely destroyed by the war and increasing industrial production. This production is put at the service of modernizing agriculture, improving the living conditions of the workers and peasants, and strengthening national independence and sovereignty.

Under the neocolonial regime, before liberation, factories were equipped with imported equipment, and spare parts and raw materials depended on foreigners. The machines were rarely operated by citizens. Now a new generation of workers in Democratic Kampuchea has fully taken over the operation of all factories, which from now on supplied spare parts, as well as raw materials produced in the country. At the same time, under the slogan "Do everything possible to quickly increase the quantity and quality of products while spending less", workers' unions have built new factories, restored and improved existing equipment and introduced new production methods that increase productivity while reducing cost.


While some take 'multi-polarity' to imply the coexistence of large powers and therefore identify the late 19th century as 'multipolar,' multi-polarity refers to a new particularization and regionalization of global hegemony.

Drawing from Alexandre Kojève's notion of the 'universal and homogeneous state,' multi-polarity is in the Hegelian sense the rise of 'determinate universalism,' as opposed to the 'abstract universalism' characteristic of American super-imperialism. Newly emergent regional poles give globalization a concrete and civilizational character, thus corresponding to the rise of states that are simultaneously universal and particular, global, and regional.

Multi-polarity represents the sublation of the global American system into regional forms, that render it superfluous.


Did the default theme change or is it the NSA fucking with me?


Just don't worry about it it's fine


April Fool’s to switch to Leftychan’s theme. I’m still surprised it hasn’t been reverted yet.


Switching the site to a theme which has more legible color contrast as a joke, guess I'll have to keep paying the ban tax and changing it


Happy Birthday Vladimir Iljitš


Techno feudalism is increasingly becoming a bigger threat than fascism.


it's the same picture

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