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>it is still legitimately incomprehensible to tankoids that one can legitimately be against putin and nato without secretly shilling for one or the other


File: 1646092545267.jpg (105.52 KB, 873x990, 1645697434516.jpg)

ukrop cope thread is on reddit this way ->


File: 1646092548577.png (468.23 KB, 640x640, ClipboardImage.png)

into the burning house you go


I am not sus! I know he killed green! I knew he was faking tasks, one room after electrical, as if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just couldn’t prove it. He-he covered his tracks. He got that idiot yellow at the emergency meeting to lie for him. You think this is bad? This among us chicanery? He’s done worse. That lighting! Are you telling me that the lights just happen to go out like that? No! He orchestrated it! Red! He defecated through a vent! And I cleared him! What was I thinking? He’ll never change. He’ll NEVER change. Ever since the round started, always the same! Couldn’t keep his hands off the sabotage button! But not our Red! Couldn’t be crewmate Red! Killing them blind! And he gets to stay on the ship? What a sick joke! I should’ve voted him out when I had the chance! And you, you have to vote him out, you…


Switzerland adopts same sanctions as EU against Russia!


File: 1646092598631.png (904.23 KB, 900x1043, engi.png)

>A Ukrainian ship crew member reportedly tried to sink a yacht owned by the CEO of a Russian weapons manufacturer in protest over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
>The 55-year-old Ukrainian who was identified as D. Taras O. tried to sink the boat by flooding its engine room by opening a large valve as well as another one in a different part of the boat, the Majorca Daily Bulletin reported.
>The yacht, called Lady Anastasia, reportedly belongs to Alexander Mijeev, the Russian CEO of Rosoboronexport—a Russian military weapons company.
>The man then shut down the electricity and closed the fuel valves, before asking three Ukrainian crew members to leave the ship. The other crew members, who later reported him to authorities, called him crazy and asked him to close the valve that was causing the leak, according to El País. The yacht was left with a destroyed engine room.
>The man's motivation to sink the yacht? Ukraine was being attacked, he said, by missiles manufactured by the owner's company.
>When he appeared before a judge on Sunday, the 55-year-old said that he doesn't regret his actions and that he "would do it again."


File: 1646092631226.png (383.67 KB, 640x623, ClipboardImage.png)

the 4 posters below me are saboteurs, don't trust them


Nuance is dead. You can secretly think whatever you like. Your lukewarm response in a world incapable of nuance is implicit support for NATO.


Based Ukrainian saboteur


File: 1646092792782.jpg (223.41 KB, 1100x1100, fuck nightcore .jpg)

>>if you listen to nightcore you will be fucked by the
>>Right Sector
>>Azov Battalion
>>the CIA/glowies.
>>United States/better known as Burgerland.
>>EU/also known as Nazi Germany. >>NATO/also known as American satellite states. >>Federal Security Service
>>Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic's >>Transnistria >>Donbas People's Militia
>>basically you will end the war because everyone will be after your ass. also fuck nightcore Russian military music is better


File: 1646092798845.gif (3.61 MB, 220x220, hohol.gif)

The one based hohol.


When the dust will settle, who will ukrops have kiledl more of:
A) Russian soldiers
B) saboteurs


Is it just me or Russian air power has amounted to nearly nothing as of now?
Extremely few bombing runs since the start of he war.


File: 1646092891134.jpg (53.29 KB, 675x900, Dimitry Utkin.jpg)

This based anti-imperialist makes libs seethe


Nah they just declared air superioirty today and brought up the big guys and it seems like they are just rolled over the ukrops today (outside of Kharkov, Kiev, and Mariupol) who are almost completely encircled if not already


They aren't going full-scale war so far, essential Ukrainian military infrastructure was heavily disrupted in the first day of the denazification.


No one is keeping track of all these """"saboteurs"""" killed. They're victims of war, so tbh its the same. They're all kills that are NATOs fault anyways.


Putin's War Moves Germany To Boost Defense Spending Above 2% Of GDP


File: 1646092933528.jpg (41.32 KB, 695x640, 1625342882630.jpg)

>liberals are now saying it doesn't matter that Ukraine's victories are lies, because it raises morale
Why are they now supporting Sorel's "The Myth"-philosophy?




> Russians have nazis too so they are equally bad


>Russians have suffered heavy losses.
sources please


Long thread about why Russia hasn't done very well. tldr: Russia hoped Ukraine would roll over, they didn't, now Russia can't win on easy mode but it won't matter in the long run


Anons I come in all Ernest to ask what is the supposed polish operation and order 00485. Please I plead that you guys have some mercy on me I came across a anti-commie pole and need some education on the subject. One anon said it's Nazi apologencia but I literally am just learning about this please help me out.
If I act in anyway after this ban be I just want to be educated here.


File: 1646092990119.png (335.33 KB, 600x600, saboteur.png)

based on what?






Wating for this anon
>100% is. Same car, same German shepherd (the one that lived), same blood spot where the driver died(?). Give me a sec, I'll show you


Make a thread asking this. You wont get a good answer here.
Go! Dont be scared.


truly based


File: 1646093075543.jpeg (407.33 KB, 1383x2048, 1645897308894.jpeg)

ukrainian MoD has the receipts for three GAZILLIONGORILLION russians confirmed KIA


Anyone with maps of the current situation?


>Putin's War Moves Germany To Boost Defense Spending Above 2% Of GDP
US War-hawks have been demanding this for a long time, they are behind this.


Pure idealism that got self-conscious. It's a secular version of new age religions which say fortune will come if just think hard about it.


This is all Lenin's fault.


No one is blaming Lenin.


based ss13 poster



>I cant prove it, but I'll make this claim. you must believe!!


Ok I guess. damn mods with their inability to make a general thread for this have removed many good threads that were open. I know this answer can probably be given in 1-2 paragraphs. Why kick yet another thread down for something so Minor?


Because they are idealists, and genuinely believe you can win with positive thinking alone.


Very funny how burger media acts like civilians should be making homemade gas bombs and actually it's super brave and not retarded


They seem to be getting desperate.


File: 1646093297362.png (366.76 KB, 462x576, putninhohol.png)


motherfucker you're the people still playing by the rules of the system you claim to hate


Different videos from the same shooting (as requested by >>804748 )
During/immediate aftermath: https://leftypol.org/leftypol_archive/res/538743.html#q539113
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FNCcxQaKxw
Warning: a dying dog is heard crying in the background, a man is seen dying (?) on the pavement

After >>804691
Warning: dead dog, blood on the pavement

Running the title through a translator, we get: "In the Kiev region, Russian invaders killed a father in front of his son. Ivankov region."
Caption says: "Киевский Движ / Kiev Movement"

Ivankov/Ivankiv appears to be a small town of Kiev an 80 minute drive north of Kiev.

Any thoughts on what happened here?


Burger media is doing good, let them do their burger things.


Would be funny if someone were to use these MSM clips to legitimize next mass riots in the West.


what even happened to the Ukranian airforce? destroyed on the ground or something?


They're still there but severely outnumbered and yea, some were destroyed on ground through missiles.


that shit blew up before russia even entered ukraine


First target were military air bases.


>it is still legitimately incomprehensible to tankoids
To sucdems. As in WWI, so is now.


>Puppet goverment.
uygha they gonna annex it.


I thought Belgium was supplying the planes?


I have three worrying questions

why does it feel for me like all the support by western media to Ukraine is somewhat fake and inflated? it looks more about giving the finger to Russia than actually caring about Ukraine.

for how long is this war ongoing?, it's undeniable the Ukrainian capital is under siege, and yet talks about a stalemate are everywhere.

why did Shinji masturbate over comatose Asuka at the beginning of the movie


This thread moves too quickly.
Just do it.


it does not matter bc the ghost of kiev is killing all russian pilots single-handedly


>but doesn’t contextualize it in a greater real-world context, which would show that Russia is much closer to imperialist countries in those metrics than, say, venezuela or iran.


Marxism doesn't support the idea Russia is imperialist. It supports the idea that its entangled in national antagonisms. This is how we explain Iran.


>why does it feel for me like all the support by western media to Ukraine is somewhat fake and inflated? it looks more about giving the finger to Russia than actually caring about Ukraine.
Because it is inflated. This is about money.


their brains cant comprehend that real life isnt a marvel disney movie.


>University students are immigrants who came for free gibs




it consists of 6 gorillion turkish drones that for some reason shoot footage from syria



Has sumy been conquered?


Don't see any "tankoids" that you mention. Unless you mean shitposts and memes, but you can't expect unironic positions and nuance from those.


and how the fuck are they gonna finance that, especially after crimea


File: 1646093715293.jpg (9.15 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

So will this actually turn into a nuclear war or is it just memes? All Putin has done so far are "countersanctions"


There is a "is russia imperialist" thread.
Go there


kill yourself poltard


Because Westerners do not care about Ukraine, and cannot even locate it on the map. A week or two more. Because Hideakki Anno fucking hates anime fans and portrays them as losers jerking off to underage girl.


>kiev still hasnt fallen
its over for putinheads


if Putin takes the east he should just firebomb the west and drop a nuke on Lvov and be done with it



>just terrorize the population into compliance?
This is what "denazification" is, didn't you understand it from the start? Also you should check the article intended for the victory, it was accidentally released and later deleted.


Taxes on new ukrainian russian citizens + extracting the natural resources of Ukraine.


I see no reason why it would go nuclear unless NATO gets involved directly.


You can only bend the rules up to a point. Better to understand the logic of the game and try to use it to your advantage. It's important to remember that it is all made up, and fake, but it is made real by imposition. If there was a working class for itself, then I'd entertain not playing by the rules, right now, there is none in Europe nor in the Americas with some notable exceptions. We have no choice but to observe the rules.


It might. At best, it delays it by a year.


File: 1646093819790.jpg (233.25 KB, 1920x1078, Average white person.jpg)


Dunno what Gainax Sperg Man has to do with this but yes


nukes are a meme
This is the point where we're genuinely seeing a turn toward multipolarity.



Well, yeah…
>le meme says Putin said it

Well given the fact the YT channel is a pro-ukrainian channel.. he's saying something like go "nazad nazad, privyai", "go back, ahead is to die", my video is older, from Telegram today's channel which would be Russian forces arriving at the zone.

The video shows little, but I am convinced it was ukrops executing them for leaving the area or des-obeying a curfew.


Whoops, quoted wrong anon.

>>542769 was for >>542753


I can understand that, but frankly, more and more, waiting for the right moment just seems like the left's equivalent of christians waiting for the second coming of christ.

My own opinion at this pont is that there will be no working class or any suitable anti-systemic movement or party or whatever unless we make it, and make it by inhabiting the most vulnerable cracks in the system


File: 1646093955291.jpeg (96.37 KB, 1024x985, 1646056584288.jpeg)

what happened to the medical van?




>it looks more about giving the finger to Russia than actually caring about Ukraine.
OBVIOUSLY. Nobody in the West cares about Ukraine except about exploiting them economically and politically as much as possible, this is proven by the last 30 years.


She died four threads ago.


the bald of kiev has fallen…


>If there was a working class for itself, then I'd entertain not playing by the rules, right now, there is none in Europe nor in the Americas
And so instead of taking this as an opportunity to create one, you decide to tail bourgeois states?


>>542785 can you show me where is this anime located i need to all episodes


another saboteur thwarted



Yeah, a javelin, she had no opportunity.
Shall her soul rest at loli heaven.


File: 1646094115895.png (34.81 KB, 230x163, sus.png)



These threads are much more interesting and funny than /pol/'s
All the do is argue what side is jews and globohomo, so far no agreement has emerged


Why would Russia be jewbohomo?


File: 1646094170264.png (76.8 KB, 270x270, ClipboardImage.png)

This reminds me, Bald and Bankrupt should now go to Ukraine and do his ex-soc disaster tourism there.


All the do is argue what side is jews and globohomo, so far no agreement has emerged
And in here we're just arguing if russia is imperialist or not.
Russia is imperialist btw.


They see it as a good thing for china.


You don't know the definition of the word.


File: 1646094221125.png (349.27 KB, 832x625, ClipboardImage.png)

>crimeans and Tatar Muslims in the Ukrainian army facing Chechen Muslims in the Russian army like.


Funny thing is, he was in Ukraine, but caught a train out when the invasion started lmao


Imperialism is the export of capital and all that it entails.


They post a picture of putin with one of those little jew hats on


At least /k/ threads are pretty nice, I just don't visit pol since I don't know when.


Reminder that the Russian federation is as much of a succesor of the USSR as Latvia or Georgia, none.
The russian federation is nothing more than another breakaway republic.


Also look at how dead the threads outside of /pol/ are


Lel. Do they post these videos where Putin is talking with Jews as a proof of his ZOG affiliation?


why are you so obsessed with 4cuck posting stats


/tg/ has seen better days…




4chan has been stagnating since what, 2017?


Gotta give it to him, he's as lucky as naive. Not the first time he was in a dangerous situation without being aware.


3k what? dollars?, rubles?, dogecoins?, Indonesian child brides?


File: 1646094472692.jpg (103.57 KB, 1024x640, 1593261808020.jpg)


There is no "right moment". There are a serious of ongoing contradictions of varying intensity, and it's our job to identify them, intensify them, and use them to fuel working class organization and militancy.


dunno what it is about the guy, just something always seemed off about him


it makes my penis hard


Same. I think he's a sex tourist, but that's not the only thing that's off about him.


File: 1646094679826.png (225.15 KB, 560x335, ClipboardImage.png)

burger here, what in the name of Biden is that haircut, and why do I see it often in these threads?


just like here


and possibly a pedophile, there is a post of him wanting DPRK to collapse to fuck children there.


>Better to understand the logic of the game and try to use it to your advantage
"supporting" putin vocally is not doing anything useful for the proletariat, and it shows a lack of commitment to materialist ideas of nuance and confronting reality and what we can do about it


It's the gleeful fascination over the stagnation and social deterioration in ex-soc countries.


Is Anuv a leftypol poster?


File: 1646094808739.jpg (115.03 KB, 737x1098, FMsD7IKXsAQ5EYq.jpg)

Leftypol, it's time we have a talk… We need to rehabilitate banderism.


Who? I just googled an SS13 engi.



File: 1646094940059.jpg (77.88 KB, 960x517, victims.jpg)

>John Sipher
Glows like the fucking sun.


Didn't know the KGB iced Bandera. Truly based.


Thank you for proving my point.


It will only go nuclear if NATO sends troops/starts bombing shit. Sanctions and military aid, like what the west is doing now, will be ignored.


So the Russian Empire wasn't imperialist?


it's just liberals wanting do defend nazis again, operation paperclip should be called the great syncretism.


>Russia is imperialist btw.
Shut the fuck up glowie, the world is not what it is in 1822. Times have changed, move on.


That is not the subject of the conversation, saboteur.


File: 1646095069328.png (245.81 KB, 934x1168, THE SUS SECTOR...png)

new meme template


Shitlibs spending what little money they have to fund a war that will inevitably end in Russia’s favor is hilarious.


How long until we see Zelensky leave Ukraine will briefcases full of money and jewels?


File: 1646095240639.jpg (149.85 KB, 1365x765, give me death.jpg)

>my 3k dollerinos ended up going to sex dolls for nazis that ended up getting captured by Chechens I WANT A REEEEEEEFUND!


It's a khokhol aka oseledetsa, the traditional Cossack hairstyle


File: 1646095318661.png (173.66 KB, 800x1000, suszov_Battalion.png)


Why ain't there any MP4s yet???


Sell me on Pole genocide.


Libs giving Putin's excuses credibility is so fucking funny.


File: 1646095542299.jpg (30.88 KB, 1124x616, time code.jpg)

Because nothing is really hapooning right now


Speaking purely systemically: the "right moment" is when downturns of capitalist cycles at multiple scales align. At that point you're approaching a fundamental crisis in capitalism. Without the left, capitalism will go through another internal revolution and international wars for the top spots, then a new long-term cycle will begin, possibly with a reconfigured world hegemony.
We're at the "right moment" right now, but the left is dead.


Because it's fucking 3 AM in Ukraine, idiot Westerner. Ops get resumed in the morning, video will come a few hours after.


Now that Hasanabi who has been very anti-imperialist until now is really on the edge of being a NATOist pro western imperialist. And mind you this isn't even about him doing a "both sides" analysis, I am one of those that don't care for Putin invading as much as I don't like NATO intervention or it's existence or Ukraine's Nazism. So just on that fact it seems like Hasanabi is literally now so burger brained or America brained that his only form of analytical foundation is a western centric and America centric one where it's only western or American unipolarity that's "good". Sad times really, sad times for the left.


Tell them they're just funding more pollution lol.


Soo Russia is unironically using cluster bombs right now? Pretty cringe.


Why do people even take seriously these burger ecelebs?


anon over there does not have an army protecting him.


File: 1646095865137.jpg (268.34 KB, 686x695, 1646094881070.jpg)

You think you got me, but it is I who gots you russian dog.


File: 1646095875036.png (1.95 MB, 1240x697, ClipboardImage.png)

So if NATO starts intervening then yeah. But also, these sanctions are kind of a line for NATO since Russia is forced to join with China (link CISP with their own?) for trade probably dragging with it other ex soviet republics and now a lot of the trade, including Europe to Russia is going to have to done in… Yuan/Rubbles? Definitely not dollars. Whatever the case the US is speeding the end of the dollar as the dominant reserve currency and this can only make the US more warlike.

The more trade power the US loses the more it needs to enforce it's will at gunpoint which means another cold war and eventually nukes since China isn't collapsing any time soon.


Networked computing and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.


really revealed your hand there eh?


When in particular? In the 20th century it was basically a Foreign investment target for British and French Porkies


I don't take them that seriously but its sad when someone who is a so called "prominent speaker" for the left is throwing out such near fascistic rhetoric.


Okay then, so back to our original point: How much should I pay for these meatballs?


Can America in this state become a rogue state one and all?


>a so called "prominent speaker" for the left
In my country nobody knows that he even exists. Other than burgers probably only western yuropoors listen to this guy, and even then they're most likely just online larpers like him.


"rogue states" "autocracy" "dictators" "dictatorships" are just for the enemy anon, as long as the US control the global narrative in their echo chambers this will not change.


Distributing rifles and ammo to completely untrained civilians, telling them to make molotovs and attack Russian armored cars, waiving all visas to people who go into the coountry to "fight for Ukraine", letting convicts with "war experience" out… Then you add the flood of weapons (but not of combatants nor war planes) the West is sending to Ukraine, and it's ridiculously obvious they're trying to create a new Afghanistan, Syria or Libya right there in Europe.

Like, is Zelensky aware that he's turning the country into the cradle of a fucking neonazi ISIS? Does he think it will end with Ukraine kicking Russia out like Afghans while magically not descending into the stone age mess that Afghanistan became? Or is he aware of this and doesn't care?


Older forms if imperialism don't stop being imperialism just because new forms emerge.


no one outside overly online "political" streamers in the incel anglo internet ever hear about it. If youve heard about him, you life was already sad before it


File: 1646096342322.jpg (37.75 KB, 600x560, mootler.jpg)

Why do all ecelebs/breadtubers support imperialism?
Is it just shifting class interest, or do they get a visit from the CIA once they hit 100,000 subscribers.
>Here's your silver button. We're gonna need you to stick to this script from now on.


This has been a truly blackpilling experience for me. I'm thinking of legit voting for reactionary conservative in the US, yes to own the libs, yes I know it's vooting, yes I know it's petty and pointless, yes I know the risks that ultra conservatives may ban communism from even being discussed in any spaces but I'm taking on the accelerate position.

I've said before that the left is much better at operating when dealing with reactionaries in power rather than liberals who actually force the left to suck the dick of the liberal order.


social media brain


That's true which brings some form of comfort to me.


I want a happening video


>Sabotaging the War - Triggering the International [English-language translation of the editorial from issue 4 of the Italian-language anarchist magazine BEZMOTIVNY]

>By the time readers hold these lines in their hands, the crisis in Ukraine may have reached paroxysm and unleashed its dramatic precipitation. Or perhaps not. Some passages may have been overtaken or disproved by facts, or still await verification. We are not concerned about the possible outdatedness of what we are writing, since these words can only be outdated. Faced with war, anarchism has always maintained the same position as Bakunin's since the Franco-Prussian conflict and the Commune. We must therefore start from the obvious.

<Our internationalism translates into an absolutely simple sentiment: the exploited and the exploited, in Russia as in the United States, in the Ukraine as in Italy, are our sisters and brothers, their blood is our blood; the industrialists and the bosses of finance, the generals and the official lords, all the governments, are our eternal enemies. Being moved by feelings of eternal hate and love, our passions cannot but shy away from current events, from their opportunism, from a paracular assessment of the conditions and propaganda of the moment.

>And yet, in order to prevent these lofty sentiments from turning into abstract and harmless intentions, good for clearing one's conscience and, in the end, for finding one's own accommodation, settling into an opportunistic position, by a slightly more tortuous, but for this very reason even more hypocritical, route, another must be added to these intentions: the only practice compatible with internationalist discourse is that which places one's own government, one's own state, one's own imperialist bloc as the main enemy.

<Let us therefore shun any frontist temptation, rejecting both the positions of those who in the name of pluralism and human rights are tempted to close ranks under the liberal Western banner, and those who in the name of anti-Americanism and nostalgic Sovietism are tempted by pro-Russian partisanship.

>The price of war is, as always, paid by the proletariat, and for months now we have been paying it, in advance, with the increase in utility bills, fuel prices, and the inflationary dynamic that is affecting all goods. This process is intertwined with the speculative dynamic set in motion by the economic recovery following the crisis caused by the pandemic. This is the price of speculation, it is the price of Putin's reprisals, it is the price of Biden's adventurism, it is the price of Draghi's servility. These gentlemen are our hungers, none of them are our friends.

<Assuming that the current crisis does not result in a nuclear holocaust (a highly unlikely but not impossible hypothesis), in the "best" hypothesis, at our "privileged" latitudes, the price we will pay for the war in Ukraine will be that of an impoverishment that until a few years ago was unimaginable in the European bamboo we were used to: the current increases in fuel and energy, and with them in all goods, could represent a hint that is not even comparable with what we will have to deal with. Energy continuity itself, with the conditions of comfort that people in this region of the planet have taken for granted for half a century, may not be guaranteed, all the more so in a situation where the energy that does exist has to be used for the higher purposes of the war industry.

>Perhaps the greatest lesson, generally overlooked, of the pandemic event was in the demise of the so-called 'consumer society'. In those days in the spring of 2020 when supermarkets were partially closed, with entire products banned from sale, an unprecedented phenomenon occurred for those, like me, who have always lived in a society where consumerism was almost a religion. The government wanted to send a message that clearly had nothing to do with public health: a message of moral austerity. It's a difficult time, and citizens need to understand this even through a Lenten sacrifice. On the other hand, even then they were telling us "we are at war", anticipating the new sacrifices to come.

<A year later, the president of Confindustria proposed a very interesting analysis. Speaking at the national assembly of the employers' organisation on 23 September, more lucid than many entrepreneurs who invoke the dystopian 'return to the old world', Carlo Bonomi made it clear that 'it will be a long time, unfortunately, before domestic consumer demand can once again become a powerful driver of growth'. Big business knows very well that in this historical period it is not on domestic consumption that growth must be based. More recently, on 12 February, the director of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco, declared that a price-wage spiral must be avoided at all costs: "you can't beat inflation by increasing wages", and if prices rise, the exploited must be impoverished, otherwise what's the catch? These gentlemen know that, war or no war, proletarianisation is the key to the social phenomena of the coming years.

>Returning to the war, then, what seems most likely, excluding the most dramatic hypothesis of a real nuclear escalation between the powers (which, however, it must be repeated, is not to be excluded), is that the price that the exploited of this part of the planet will pay will be a further turn of the screw in an austeritarian and authoritarian sense. All this is happening while, like a viper, the poisonous hypothesis of nuclear power, panacea for every ailment of our industry, is lurking. The nuclear siren is not to be underestimated: Especially if things get really bad with Russia definitively shutting off the taps for methane (or the USA forcing Europe to give it up), faced with military and industrial needs and the same discomforts on the population now obsessed with the compulsion to repeat the reactionary dream of "going back to the old way of life" (let's imagine how powerful this pressure will be if people find themselves without electricity and gas), the nuclear hypothesis will become even irresistible.

<On the contrary, an element of counter-tendency to what has happened in recent years lies in the return of 'politics' to the unchallenged dominance of technology, as the events in Ukraine tell us. For once, the war in Ukraine does not look like an economic war, but a war of political and military domination. The methane issue itself is not the phenomenon, but a consequential one, a reprisal in the choices of the political-military risiko. Provoked by NATO's constant and aggressive expansion eastwards, Russia's reaction is not so much aimed at conquering deposits and resources, but is motivated by the all-military claim that it does not have to put up with the presence of American military bases on its borders, as well as by a wholly ideological pride and nostalgia for the good old imperial days. Energy resources are, if anything, a cudgel with which to threaten each other.

>Leaving it to the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian anarchists to report on and analyse what is happening on their side of the frontline, their battles against the authoritarianism of their respective governments, against which they fight at the cost of arrests, torture and death, with that internationalist spirit for which the main enemy for me is always embodied in my government and its allies, we would like briefly to dwell on what is happening on 'our' side of the war front.

<Biden's victory represented a clear acceleration of militaristic dangers. Trump's geopolitical bet was based on the possibility, if not of an alliance, at least of maintaining good relations with Putin in an anti-Chinese key. In this sense, the fearsome Trump has ended up becoming the first US president in many decades not to open new war fronts. In this sense, the political blunder almost unanimously made by the American extreme left is incredible. When a historic militant communist, feminist and black woman like Angela Davis launches her endorsement for Biden and Harris, this does not only indicate the individual betrayal of a bureaucrat of the movement, but a collective lurch of an entire political area (demonstrated for example by the fact that Davis is not kicked out of the militant contexts). It is not only a betrayal of the anarchist rejection of the election (one expects this and more from communist politicians), but the specific analysis is just wrong, as Biden and Harris for world peace were clearly the 'greater evil'.

>One of the mistakes that is blamed on Biden even by a part of the mainstream left (in this sense we have recently read pieces in the manifesto and on Fanpage) is that of "giving" Russia to China. By aggressively squeezing Putin's regime, the Americans are pushing it into an alliance with Xi's regime. The alliance of the world's second military power with the country that is the leading technological power and - for a few more years - the second economic power, could really become the detonating effect for a global military catastrophe. Faced with the possibility that Russian weapons might start to use Chinese technology, some Pentagon executioners might seriously consider that a preventive nuclear attack might be a better option than the possibility of long years of military integration of their most fearful adversaries.

<Turning to Italy, which has always been at the forefront in experimenting with new political regimes, it seems that the government of National Unity will resist and be confirmed in the medium term as the key to political intrigue in this beautiful country, perhaps to be emulated in other European nations in the event of a worsening of the crisis. National Unity is a concept that must be well understood. This form of government may resemble, but it differs essentially from, the classic technical government supported by the unanimity of political forces. National Unity is an eminently political government, a government with a political and social front: in this sense the trade union also adheres to National Unity when it works for the most complete collaboration and internal pacification; in this same sense the technicians also adhere to it, since Technology is today a socio-political power. In a word, the government of National Unity is a government of war.

>As internationalists who have been condemned or privileged - it depends on your point of view - to live at these latitudes, the task that imposes itself on us is that of sabotaging, derailing, and destroying by all means the National Unity and the deadly climate of social peace that it generates. This is the appointment of the coming months that we absolutely cannot miss. In other words, national unity prepares us for internal peace between classes and external war between nations. Our internationalism has always shouted the opposite: no war between peoples and no peace between classes. With Galleani we repeat that we are against war and against peace, but for the social revolution.

<However, internationalism is still only a sentiment. Although corrected by the principle that my government is my main enemy, like every feeling internationalism contains something ineffable. The courageous step we should take is to move from internationalism to the International. That is, to reason and spread concretely an informal, but real, historical conspiracy of revolutionaries all over the world. An 'organisation', however much this term frightens us and attracts the eyes of repression. But what are the alternatives? Hunger, war and death. The organisation of associated human life based on hierarchy and profit has now shown that it cannot govern the complexity it has generated and is dragging us all towards catastrophe - sanitary, ecological and military. Only a world revolution can save us. Let us set to work.


Profits. Also they have a loyal fanbase, and they are posting those videos on Youtube, which clearly has a pro-NATO, pro-US stance in every single thing.


File: 1646096506446.png (269.7 KB, 500x375, 1519855329971.png)



File: 1646096586544.mp4 (3.72 MB, 480x360, 1646084372446.mp4)

emergency meeting


>That NeXT machine in the background

Why did Jobs have to kill NeXT for apple? Why?
Why didn't apple choose the BeOS guy instead?

Oh well, at least I have Window Maker.


>mfw moved to europe to escape violence
>mfw will need to learn chinese now and try to move to china
maybe vietnam is a more achievable goal


>Why do all ecelebs/breadtubers support imperialism?
Is it just shifting class interest, or do they get a visit from the CIA once they hit 100,000 subscribers.
Remember when Trump was in power? And remember how the left was relatively more organized independently? This is my burger example but it's just a simple example to say that at that time liberals had to take on leftist positions, whereas when liberals are in power, leftists have to take liberal positions. This is how I believe this thing goes.

E-celebs had their scapegoat with a face but now that they don't they have to focus outward to enemies outside. It's all petit bourgeois struggle between two wings the liberal and conservative wings of capital. It's a trap and notice how so many politicians are forced to adhere to the liberal standpoint?


Seems like they might if the new forms take power from the old forms


FYI this guy is ex-CIA per his twitter bio.


Of course he is.


I am already smelling the sweet vindication for being on the right side of this conflict already. Millions of libs saying "Well I always had my doubts about the situation."


>don't be an opportunist
3 posts later
>be an opportunist


>Hideakki Anno fucking hates anime fans and portrays them as losers jerking off to underage girl.
He's right though.


What's the most common slur word for "jew"?


Leftcom moment


>I've said before that the left is much better at operating when dealing with reactionaries in power rather than liberals who actually force the left to suck the dick of the liberal order.
You're very wrong. Right now the problem in my country is we have a right-wing cuck gov, and the whole opposition is screaming "fascism" and becoming more libtard each day, moving away from an economy-based critique of capitalism as such. The next election is coming soon and it's pretty certain a new cuck with a new face will win, a boring centrist liberal. A leftist party exists, but isn't gaining popularity because it's currently preoccupied with political games in the parliament and representing urban cultural workers and intelligentsia who've been a target of the current gov.
Voting for either right-wingers or liberals won't magically get you out of this cycle in any way. You need to build a party with a strong base by doing work outside of parliament.


russian saboteur


>Because Hideakki Anno fucking hates anime fans and portrays them as losers jerking off to underage girl.
Evangelion is about himself and his love for Ultraman.



File: 1646097187260.webm (1.37 MB, 720x1280, 1646083221805.webm)

reminder which kind of people the hohols really are


But his second take is based. Rightoids must go to gulags. AuthLeft is the new face of global leadership


File: 1646097257630.webm (500.18 KB, 640x1136, 1646015576583.webm)

wrong video


File: 1646097302938.jpg (63.39 KB, 574x673, FMd_z6JVgAEK9Q4.jpg)



Sharing some libshit.


meds no one mentioned SHITvangelion go back to jacking off to lolis moeTARD


File: 1646097358038.jpg (13.68 KB, 559x423, pepe4.jpg)

>chucks a molotov at an APC while boyfriend films for le ebin twitter cred
Lads, I'm beginning to think Ted was correct. What the FUCK is wrong with 21st centuryoids


How blackpilling is it that even fucking /pol/ is split on this. Let alone everything else. We're all getting biden-trumpism ganged


God I love liberals, they have no problem with dialectics because there is no synthesis, just a walking contradiction that makes no sense.


I want to burn alive, torture and kill low autism score monkeys defending capitalist russia that are against Peoples Republic of China.


Very burgerbrain-tier cope. Unironically top kek.


At the end of the day, it's socialism who will end up winning.


They're putting their cigs out in a dead cat's busted skull. In case anyone doesn't want to see that type of thing.
Anyway, what's the caption say?


File: 1646097600953.jpg (56.8 KB, 520x520, 1625867288237.jpg)


File: 1646097743499.png (248.09 KB, 459x441, infantiledisorder.png)

That's not what opportunism means.



>Car chive




>Does he think it will end with Ukraine kicking Russia out like Afghans while magically not descending into the stone age mess that Afghanistan became?
Afghanistan had the problem of never being a proper unified state to begin with, but a loose collection of ethnically diverse tribes and village communities only nominally controlled by Kabul.




File: 1646098138512.png (12.1 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Yeah! Long live the American State!


>2nd pic
They really want Ukrainians to shoot at each other. Insane.


File: 1646098166386.png (267.44 KB, 589x777, 1642040072475.png)

This is going too slowly, I wish 5 years have passed already and have the world in shambles.


File: 1646098170823.png (815.92 KB, 1502x978, civil war.png)

It's not over yet guys, Lincopoleon hasn't taken any major cities, the Union is stalled outside of Atlanta, and Davis is still in Richmond raising militias! The British will intervene any day because they need our cotton
AAAAHHH what did you do to Atlanta look at all the civilian casualties Lincopoleon is literally the devil


Now that Ukraine doesn't exist, is Hunter Biden still in trouble with Burisma gas company?


File: 1646098243398.jpg (155.6 KB, 500x500, rusxchi.jpg)

Why this Russia x China shit never happened during the Cold War? why this only happens when everyone is capitalist as shit already?
fuck this timeliner


You know, considering that Atlanta was burned to the ground I think this is a bit tasteless.


>How blackpilling is it that even fucking /pol/ is split on this.
Not at all, tbh.
>We're all getting biden-trumpism ganged
ok american




mao was retarded
Still it is fucking insane how mass media is so pro ukraine. Not even willing to listen to the fact that they are filled with azovites and other militias like it. It's fucking blackpilling as fuck. I have to live here.




Asshole of the day.





File: 1646098605761.jpg (76.74 KB, 878x1024, 1646042449172m.jpg)

China has to take on America one versus one the monkey in chief in Russia are ruining Chinese productive forces going to other fucking galaxies.


File: 1646098611846.jfif (99.85 KB, 573x936, samurai of kiev.jfif)

New Ukrainian Avenger just dropped


extremely based take from our italian comrades


that x means it is fake? tell me it is fake.



>Imagine being…
Yes, they'll win the war by daydreaming lol


The X means it's been deboonked


>Still it is fucking insane how mass media is so pro ukraine.
are you underageb& or something? How do you not expect the mainstream media to unanimously side against one of the two biggest enemies of the USA, known for being an oligarchic dictatorship.Did you expect differently in Hong Kong, or if/when Taiwan gets CHINA'D?
Anyway, read Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky. It's all about the US media and why they tend to conform (protip: since that book it's become owned by less and less companies) and explicitly talks about the differences between reporting invasions against 'good' and 'bad' countries.


>not a nitter instance


They don't want to lose expensive planes


It would be better if it were true, because in real life it would have to go something like this.
>be Japanese diplomat in Ukraine
>hear that the Russians are coming
>put on armour, take picture, say badass thing
>post to twitter
>proceed to take it all off and leave the country so you there is no international incident between Japan and Russia


almost already know the answer but is this real?

One of the leaders responsible for the horrific anti-LGBTQ “purge” that has taken place in Chechnya was killed in Ukraine on Saturday.

Magomed Tushayev was a top advisor to the Chechen head of state, Ramzan Kadyrov, who has overseen a horrific “purge” of LGBTQ people. Gay men and transgender people have been tortured and murdered at the hands of authorities.

based if true. the crimes against humanity commited in chechnia deserve a purge too.


Is this yuri?


Why are Asian forcies more effective than Western forces? Because they hold morale and can go full brutalism on enemy forces.


it's fake lol


>he doesn't have a keyboard shortcut mapped to translate twitter URLs to nitter
there's also browser addons


File: 1646099090907.png (1.16 MB, 1000x665, ClipboardImage.png)

Cool, but I'm not expecting much different under current Russia.

evidence or gtfo


>China has to take on America
They will, but not on anybodies else's terms.


you fetishistic wanker


He was outed as a user of (IIRC) RooshV's PUA forum a while back. Had some semi-nasty stories that made him look like a sex tourist.


Way more of the south should have been burned to the ground. The north cucked out and took it way to ez on em.


>he doesn't have a keyboard shortcut mapped to translate twitter URLs to nitter
Any suggestions for implementing this on ganoo+linus?


People still fucking fall for this shit


File: 1646099303578.png (807.81 KB, 1200x825, ClipboardImage.png)

did they ever get married?


bash script using xsel to replace the contents of your primary clipboard


>hasn't taken any major cities
Look at your own map anon, Unionbros have taken New Orleans. Another win for sizzleposse!


Literally who is she?


File: 1646099342570.png (298.97 KB, 370x806, 1.PNG)

Luca you mad lad.


Its a matter of taste to appreciate actual Communist Parties in action. Imperialism between bourgeoisie has nothing noble about it.


Nazis on why support hohol.


>Cool, but I'm not expecting much different under current Russia.
The chechnia genocide of gays is in russia, not ukraine.


Or just download Redirector addon for firefox and configure it to redirect you to nitter.


>People still fucking fall for this shit
Some people do but social media is probably not representative of actual sentiments. There is a lot of manufactured consent but also fake consent from click and bot -farms.


I guess so, I see surprisingly based and not based shit on shitcords that I am in. Ironically the more rightiod leaning ones tend to be more pro-Ukraine so I guess that infograph that I keep spamming is not just me being hopeful but it's still bleak.


what's his endgame?



i've been looking for an extension that did exactly this. Modi bless your soul, sirs.


based hohol anti-zionists


I've seen an extension for FF that does this out of the box specifically for invidious/nitter/instagram/etc., if that's all you're interested in and don't want to deal with regex patterns or whatever.


If Belarus launches a new thrust far to the West of the current engagements, it's ogre for the Ukrops.


The reunification of the three russias.


Today I said 'NOO YOU CANT JUST HEKLIN DO A WAR CRIMERINO' out loud without realizing and people looked at me weird


Nazis killing (((them))) but its in the western side


File: 1646099868014-0.jpg (475.36 KB, 2048x1365, 1.jpg)

File: 1646099868014-1.jpg (707.89 KB, 2048x1365, 2.jpg)

File: 1646099868014-2.jpg (689.58 KB, 2048x1365, 3.jpg)

Based Russia is destroying asukafags.


>and people looked at me weird
Strange plot twist, I thought everyone would clap, and then Zelenskyy would come in and give you a medal for your courageous efforts against evil slav russian transphobes.


File: 1646099934024.mp4 (22.29 MB, 1280x720, 756b93f390dd3182.mp4)


lets discuss SABOTAGE
If you live in a NATO country and want to SABOTAGE imperialism then their a re a few things you can do.
>don't recycle/through in food scraps to recycle bins
<Russia exports lots of raw materials, disruptions to recycling will raise prices of raw materials and harm NATO's ability to sanction Russia
>Waste Water
<Droughts are a real problem in many NATO areas, such as western US, if you are in work or a shop leave the sink on when you leave a bathroom, this will waste water and make the droughts worse which will distract people from the war, also the water bills will harm the profits of PORKY
>go into stores and through merchendise into trash cans
<again this will create raw material shortages, because you aren't leaving the store with the item in your possession
keep in mind that all of these things are legal in many NATO states, if one or all of these things are illegal in you locality do NOT do them, you don't want to go to jail, jail sucks


Russia is commiting war crimes against… anime? NATO pls intervene


Can someone link all the telegram channels that post updates about the conflict? All of these Twitter links are aids.


File: 1646099973598.jpg (195.43 KB, 899x809, 353_sabotage.jpg)

forgot pic


what is wrong with hohols, can't wait until this fag dies



File: 1646100028977.png (519.19 KB, 947x712, 1641422159538.png)



File: 1646100092061.mp4 (926.72 KB, 1920x1080, f3ed7052682a2c8c.mp4)

Its anti-imperialism in action. This is peak anti-imperialism you like it or not.


asukafags may be dead, but apparently asuka lives on in the streets, haunting unsuspecting ukrainians


>yes to own the lib

i think Biden is a lot less senile than he acts. he has convinced me that he is on the same level as Clinton wrt willingness to start a nuclear war


Search for Ukraine and witness leftypol analytical and predictive skills.


File: 1646100219437.gif (128.34 KB, 98x90, 1646084671568.gif)


File: 1646100238198.png (182.79 KB, 386x366, 1601850856781.png)


File: 1646100242086.mp4 (542.18 KB, 376x240, a8295e71890053d9.mp4)


>his multiethnic horde of slaves fight against us, free people
Why do these people talk like they're some fuckin' World of Warcraft/ Lord of the Rings character?


>Let us therefore shun any frontist temptation, rejecting both the positions of those who in the name of pluralism and human rights are tempted to close ranks under the liberal Western banner, and those who in the name of anti-Americanism and nostalgic Sovietism are tempted by pro-Russian partisanship.


>The price of war is, as always, paid by the proletariat, and for months now we have been paying it, in advance, with the increase in utility bills, fuel prices, and the inflationary dynamic that is affecting all goods. This process is intertwined with the speculative dynamic set in motion by the economic recovery following the crisis caused by the pandemic. This is the price of speculation, it is the price of Putin's reprisals, it is the price of Biden's adventurism, it is the price of Draghi's servility. These gentlemen are our hungers, none of them are our friends.

>>As internationalists who have been condemned or privileged - it depends on your point of view - to live at these latitudes, the task that imposes itself on us is that of sabotaging, derailing, and destroying by all means the National Unity and the deadly climate of social peace that it generates. This is the appointment of the coming months that we absolutely cannot miss. In other words, national unity prepares us for internal peace between classes and external war between nations. Our internationalism has always shouted the opposite: no war between peoples and no peace between classes. With Galleani we repeat that we are against war and against peace, but for the social revolution.

Absolutely Based


Anyone pushing the saboteur forced meme should be crushed by a russian tank IMO.


Literally all mentions of Ukraine say there will be no war. We truly are a big club of retards.


File: 1646100330086.jfif (5.42 KB, 205x245, download (1).jfif)


File: 1646100336314.mp4 (1.53 MB, 720x720, 582a7bf289314040.mp4)


Psyops 101, nothing special.


Seems like a lot of encirclements.


Isn't saboteur just a liberal version of calling everyone they don't like a "glowie"?


Hohols think that we live in the mid midevil period, which isn't totally insane because neoliberal capitalism is degenerating into neo-feudlaism


It absolutely incredible just how online and attuned to American anime and otaku culture eastern and central Europeans are. The protests of the Chinese embassy by Hungarian zoomers and anti trans memes awakened me to this fact. I used to think /pol/ was really all Americans of different cultures behind VPNs until I found out globalization truly is Americanization.


>40 mile long column on its way to Kiev
Uhhh, Banderitebros…?



anime is popular outside of 4chan.


File: 1646100565248.mp4 (5.89 MB, 516x720, 21bb4dd095c1de89.mp4)

True but only global and russian capital has something to lose. Proletarian is making gains in Russia like never before if we retake Russian oligarch state.


needs the muffled sound effect where it sounds like it's outside the window


CNN live


global american hegemony is when you watch one of the most popular anime?


song name?



White House closely monitoring Russian convoy now reported to be more than 40 miles long

From CNN's Kaitlan Collins

<The White House is closely monitoring the Russian military convoy that, according to new satellite images released by Maxar, has reached the outskirts of Kyiv and appears to be more than 40 miles long.

>Multiple officials told CNN they are not only concerned by the size of the convoy, but also by the increase in violence, civilian casualties and indiscriminate killings in recent days.

>Officials who were surprised by the fierce Ukrainian resistance when Russia invaded now fear the situation is becoming “a lot more challenging” for them.

>In recent days, US President Joe Biden instructed Secretary of State Antony Blinken to release up to $350 million in immediate support for Ukraine's defense, but officials have also acknowledged privately that getting new aid to Ukraine will be more difficult than it was previously when it could be flown directly to Kyiv.


I think this is a construction batallion


weebs are american


File: 1646100704853.jpg (190.86 KB, 960x849, 1633101726103.jpg)

>we repeat that we are against war and against peace, but for the social revolution
Unfathomably based.


>what's his endgame?
They tried to overthrow the Belarus government, this is a consequence of that.

>what is wrong with hohols, can't wait until this fag dies
This is bluster, in reality they are scared, because the only reason they aren't already dead is because Russia is trying to minimize casualties and material destruction in Ukraine. The Russians could at any time say fuck it and just level the place. And Russia could have a novel tactic for urban warfare as well.


youre retarded


That's a femboy, comrade.


I still feel that non-Asian otaku culture is most influenced by American otaku culture.


Has it been confirmed that alot of these war crimes happening in Ukraine are marauders and looters robbing people stuck in the country?


Okay so what's his* name?


File: 1646100821847-0.jpg (51.75 KB, 620x536, yholiuyoiuy.JPG)

File: 1646100821847-1.jpg (24.03 KB, 612x294, okughoug.JPG)

File: 1646100821847-2.jpg (23.37 KB, 601x296, zoomzoomsxixooms.JPG)

File: 1646100821847-3.jpg (23.42 KB, 631x292, l;k;kl;.JPG)

File: 1646100821847-4.jpg (26.38 KB, 620x325, kj;kj;kl.JPG)

Well lets get started kids.

Stock markets are literally going insane trying to ban all Russian energy stocks being traded.

No U.S. led no fly zone.

Chinese TikTok kicks off Russian media

Embassy in Belarus start to run.

No Netflix


In Chile anime was broadcast in public TV during the 90s so being otaku is associated with the lower class there.


tiktok is run by american porkies now, they ban all actual communists


non-Asian otaku culture is most influenced by Asian otaku culture. shocking, i know
nobody fucking knows what a 4chan or a yaoi paddle or a hot topic is in the rest of the world


File: 1646100931709-0.jpg (27.4 KB, 630x333, klj;j;.JPG)

File: 1646100931709-1.jpg (26.42 KB, 627x300, i must killllllll.JPG)

File: 1646100931709-2.jpg (22.82 KB, 631x312, holipiohj.JPG)

File: 1646100931709-3.jpg (61.34 KB, 603x832, hjgfkjugku.JPG)

File: 1646100931709-4.jpg (1001.12 KB, 2200x1456, 1646070823986.jpg)




The UkroHog song.


Same here, but nobody took it to weeb levels with waifus and shit, it was just yet another cartoon for kids. Unless collecting pokemon cards is already considered weeb.


The levels of cope and seethe in that thread are off the charts.


>not getting vodka drunk in European WE3


US House members in classified briefing given "alarming" timeline for when Ukrainian cities could fall
>Inside a briefing with members of the US House of Representatives, Rep. Ruben Gallego said briefers walked members through the potential timeline that some cities in Ukraine could fall. He declined to lay out specifics given the classified nature of the briefing but reiterated the number of Russian troops makes it a distinct possibility. 
>A member who declined to speak on the record because it was a classified briefing told CNN the estimates officials gave for when some cities could fall was "alarming."


to normalfags youre a """""weeb""""" too


Oh yea u forgot about this, nobody has covered the Russian economy today ever since the sanctions began over the weekend and their effects should begin today.


File: 1646101157628.png (685.59 KB, 770x557, ClipboardImage.png)

>>543004 (me)
Could this convoy be the supplies before the ultimatum in the negotiations?

"Surrender or Kiev gets razed with you inside, we are ready and supplied to flatten the city."


Wait, so you're telling me Ukraine isn't on the cusp of victory?


Dis bad even Fentanyl trafficers have safe pasage here.


Ukraine won the battle of twitter, unfortunately for them twitter is not a real place and has no strategic value


The seethe is funny but then again also fucking blackpilling. How do you even respond to that?


'Putin would use nukes' in the way the west would use nukes.


Assault excavators and attack bridges


File: 1646101322674.mp4 (1.44 MB, 640x360, 14af3dc463f4932d.mp4)


Kek they are so fucking pissed. They think he's a republican or a white nationalist lmaoooooooo


Most based Texan in the world


File: 1646101419101.webm (2.39 MB, 958x608, 1641451947703-0.webm)


File: 1646101458825.gif (6.15 MB, 498x498, verne-stare.gif)

holy shit. I have no words for the amount of retardation in the comments.


They’re spamming his Youtube channel now


The ICT reacts:
Neither NATO nor Putin! No War but the Class War!
>Why has the more than 30 year old struggle for control of Ukraine burst into outright war across the whole territory now? For the same reason the cost of living is going through the roof around the world. The stagnation of the capitalist system means its economic crisis is deepening (and this is not just due to the pandemic).

>For over 30 years Ukraine has seen a power struggle between the two main linguistic groupings via the 40 or so oligarchs who control most of the country’s declining wealth. And behind the struggling factions stand both Western and Russian imperialism. After the collapse of the USSR, NATO has expanded from 17 to 30 states and has already parked its tanks on Russia’s front door in the Baltic states. Since 2004 both NATO and the EU have been attempting to bring Ukraine into their sphere of influence. After the Maidan protests, supported by the West, overthrew the pro-Russian President in 2014, Putin acted. He helped Russian separatists in the Donbass and “re-took” the Crimea. His intention was to keep Ukraine weak but NATO arms supplies have given new force to its army. Hence the troop build-up which led to the current crisis.

>Western demands that Russia remove the troops were matched by Putin’s counter-demand that Ukraine stay out of NATO. The failure of either side to concede resulted in Putin’s decision to invade. The citizens of Ukraine are the “collateral damage” of a capitalist system in crisis. No side has any more room for concessions. We are on the cusp of a new phase in the crisis and in history. This is not a new “Cold War” but the precursor of something far more dangerous. Putin has already reminded the West that Russia is a nuclear power and snarled on the first day of the invasion that any Western attempt to intervene would have consequences “the like of which the world has never seen”.

>The crisis in Ukraine also underlines the consolidation of the imperialist line-ups which have been going on rapidly since 2020. In this crisis the US has been able to force Europe to (reluctantly) toe its line. The German announcement that Nord Stream 2 would not be licensed being one triumph for the US. On the other side China and Russia have signed trade agreements and Russia is China’s main fuel supplier. Significantly, Russia-China trade is now 89% in euros and not dollars, a blow to US leverage over them. This economic decoupling paves the way for more rivalry. In 2020 Russia and China engaged in joint military manoeuvres for the first time which took in much of the Eastern Pacific close to Japan. The stage is being set for a wider imperialist war which threatens the future of humanity even more sharply than climate change.

>How can workers stop the plunge into the abyss? Seemingly not by demonstrations alone, despite the bravery of many “No War” demonstrators in Russia. The 2003 demonstration against the war in Iraq was the biggest in UK history but it went ahead all the same. At least they show that millions did not accept the official lies. We have to have a movement which can move millions to take strike action to undermine state power. This will not come any time soon but the continuing capitalist crisis means more misery for workers everywhere. Fighting against this deterioration has to give birth to a movement which recognises that we do not live in the best of all possible worlds but in one which offers penury today and imperialist war tomorrow. Already workers around the world from Iran to the US are beginning to find their own way to struggle and independent forms of coordination. This is a start. What is needed though is an anti-capitalist political compass which unites and organises those workers who can see that capitalism is finished internationally. This will not come about quickly, and faces many obstacles, but the capitalist crisis that has now lasted decades has no solution. Only the working class world wide can pose an alternative society without states, nationalism, exploitation and war.

No war but the class war! We have a world to win!


File: 1646101529177.jpg (399.71 KB, 1302x882, ukranian asuka.jpg)


>Who is this man?
<a soulless white nationalist MAGA cunt



we must self crit


File: 1646101661315.png (290.98 KB, 788x624, ClipboardImage.png)


Making so many redditors seethe like this, oughta get someone a Nobel prize.


The sheer amount of seethe this man has generated amongst libs is glorious.


File: 1646101763347.mp4 (6.93 MB, 850x480, dd5bfe60921ce82c.mp4)

The dwarf needs to be killed by communists before liberals.


lmfao, some claim he's probably a russian pretending to be from texas



Lol redditors are so fucking stupid

They are all calling Texas a white nationalist and maga

Guy constantly calls himself a communist.



>Guy constantly calls himself a communist.
The minute they hear that they will start talking about horseshoe theory.


File: 1646101906738.jpg (78.19 KB, 340x340, 1454439039.jpg)

They're malding so fucking hard. I hope Texas is laughing as hard as I am.


File: 1646101912051.jpg (143.2 KB, 1920x1080, thespeed2.jpg)

>U-ur a traitor to the US
>f-fat piece of shit hope you die
>T-take away his right to vote
>Russia has a Qanon faction in their military

Holy hell, the seethe, boys.


Redditiods will call people fatphobic for questioning the health of a 500kg landwhale, but when someone disagrees with their retarded consensus they will resort to physical insults.
What an absolute bunch of subhuman drooling retards.


Burger lib urbanites are some of the most unhuman beings on earth


Are they saying that he's a SABOTEUR?


the cope, he watched and taped everything their dindu state did against donbass that they deny.


That's nothing, watch this:
>Not gonna lie, don’t think this man is a Texan his Russian at the start was to clear, sound like he is putting on the accent, you can hear him say “stand up” in a heavy Russian accent followed by clear Russian, followed by the most fucking stereotypical Texan American accent that even the most amateur person could learn and replicate




redid country.


File: 1646102050247.gif (2.73 MB, 245x186, 1396176461387.gif)

It's nothing but those same 4 comments, literal npcs


They think he's going to be hurt by his passport being taken away so he can't come back to America.
He already said he has no plans to leave his new home, kek. They literally don't understand the concept of emigrating to another country that isn't just being a sexpat in Asia.


File: 1646102066369-0.jpg (163.64 KB, 828x1792, 20220228_213300.jpg)

File: 1646102066370-1.jpg (113.35 KB, 1448x756, 20220228_213302.jpg)

is this real?


lmao they are saying he must be russian because he speaks such good russian at the beginning, when he literally just said rabota


File: 1646102120980.png (11.26 MB, 2400x3361, ClipboardImage.png)


There is an article form 2018 about him too!

War of Words: Meet the Texan Trolling for Putin
<In 2014, Russell Bonner Bentley was a middle-aged arborist living in Austin. Now he’s a local celebrity in a war-torn region of Ukraine—and a foot soldier in Russia’s information war.

Selected snippet:

Bentley, like a growing number who harbor a skeptical view of America and the West, has found a savior of sorts in Putin. Though the global economy has partly recovered since the Great Recession, Putin has continued to appeal to globalization’s discontents on both the far right and far left in the U.S. and Europe, lending credence to the idea that politics isn’t a spectrum, it’s a circle: taken to their extremes, the left and right converge.

Bentley’s main critiques of American society, from flat wage growth to the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, largely mirror the party line for progressive American Democrats. But he goes far beyond that. Like the Austin-based conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Bentley believes that the world is run by a shadowy cabal of oligarchs who control everything from the Western media to the appointment of the next U.S. president.


File: 1646102141550.mp4 (1.47 MB, 1280x720, 1d8145b9a62ed54c.mp4)

We global reddit now boys. Dont waste time defending neoliberal Pinochet loving dwarf thing.


are you retarded?


File: 1646102194270.png (127.11 KB, 712x378, 116647.png)

perhaps my father was right when he said "no anon, more access to the internet does not make the population smarter"




internet should be single player only, interacting with people is hell.


File: 1646102333414.png (83.26 KB, 910x730, ClipboardImage.png)

lmao why are Redditors such normalfags?


Ukrainian pilots will be flying combat missions from the territory of Poland. True or is it a bluff?


You mistakenly believe Zelensky has any autonomy and isn’t anything more than a western puppet doing as the masters beckon



To be fair lads, did we expect anything less from redditors?


*teleports behind you*
heh, shoulda shot me when you had the chance…
*sabotages you*


I'm sorry Mr. Texas…. you are cancelled


This is amazing, the best litmus test of all time that shows how deep rooted American fascism is.


File: 1646102408747.mp4 (874.99 KB, 270x480, 1ce4086bf9fa8274.mp4)


why do ukrops keep posting the same


Sanctions are meaningless, China will buy Russian LNG


File: 1646102444027.png (82.04 KB, 890x748, ClipboardImage.png)

more like deported




File: 1646102524266.png (87.41 KB, 911x764, ClipboardImage.png)


Abandoned tank?


These are the same people that care so much for the poor oppressed north Korean people and will then call to genocide them with nukes in the next sentence. Wasted biomass!


You just answered your own question, they're normalfags yes? So they're normally susceptible to propaganda.


File: 1646102603051.gif (3.65 MB, 286x258, mustnotlaugh.gif)

>The Russians are using this guy for a very important mission called Operation Human shield.
Ngl, had a little chuckle at that one.


Play less HOI4. That isn't how relations between hegemons and satellites work.


File: 1646102654105.png (95.67 KB, 915x740, ClipboardImage.png)




>communism is when you are bad
t. libs


This shit is annoying that they are going to call him a white nationalist just because of his appearance.

Literally a communist


The message on Tik Tok is fake.


Ok but who's shooting at who?


Bluff until proven real. Official Ukranian sources have been making wild claims for years. At this point they might not have enough pilots, other than the few that escaped to Romania.
Good reminder that liberals are not any more amenable to socialism than right-liberals lol


>blowing up someone else's parked T-90
not cool bro


Anon means how extremely limited their world is, they live in a bubble not just ideologically but materially as well.


It hurts to see so many americans thinking someone is a wignat because he is from texas and isnt fighting with azov. Fucking yankkkee settler faggots. I hope they eat shit when ukraine loses.



Ukrop hohol nazis killed one tank squad of based anti-imperialist capitalist enforcers.



Didn't almost their entire air force already get clapped?


File: 1646102851120.png (218.93 KB, 1807x1702, ClipboardImage.png)

To be fair, the subreddit is basically part of an outrage/schadenfreude circlejerk network of subs. That's what that sub is for.



Abandoned tank, perhaps still functional, destroyed by some coward ukrop.


Skeptical. Poland explicitly said it doesn't want to get involved on that level.


File: 1646102884922.mp4 (1.05 MB, 318x360, d94229d5b5cf3bce.mp4)


what does this mean for the petrodollar? and does the USA have plans to respond to saudi arabia not increasing oil output after being asked nicely, or will they cope and seethe?


Redditors parroting the well-documented glowie astroturf on the front page of their site makes it an awful source for anything related to Eastern Europe or the US's perceived enemies.

Here's a paper about Eglin Airforce base being used as part of a program testing the power of online astroturfing/propaganda

<Reddit has removed their blog post identifying Eglin Air Force Base as the most reddit-addicted "city" - Eglin is often cited as the source of some government social-media propaganda/astroturfing programs





Dear Ukrop(lovers), posting the same 5 videos over and over again will not. magically make Azov not encircled


This is an example of racism on white people today

Just because he's white they consider him a hateful person and think he hates other races

Even though he's a communist and shitting on Nazis in videos.

Preconceived notions to think white man bad and evil


Ukrops will pay for shooting my ride.



Kek, was thinking exactly the same.


He's in the cytube (glocktower) btw


They wouldnt be calling him a racist republican if he was fighting for ukraine. He'd just be a "brave american volunteer" then.


Hi /pol/

They do this to the russians too, while simultaneously talking about them like untermentschen


<Actions in support of Russia were held in Serbia and Montenegro.

Posting the videos soon.


How many of the retards calling Texas (a 61 year old man) fat are themselves under 30 and morbidly obese


the worst people on earth frequent these reddits


based soc4all




File: 1646103202092.jpg (255.39 KB, 1920x1080, 1639785998365-4.jpg)

They'll go back to whining on reddit and saying "the correct opinion" for upvotes and clout based on an an already rigged algortihm as opposed to genuinely coming to their own opinions.

If there's one thing I know, for all their targeted harassment and bullying, the only meaningful impact they have are on corporations and consumer products- that is the pinnacle of their activism. They'll never actually go after meaningful political change and their online opinions have little to no influence on IRL politics.
They'll go after celebs, your average worker, maybe even a company, but they only change the aesthetics of the structure, not the actual structure itself.


File: 1646103283655-0.png (462.85 KB, 593x459, image.png)

Friendly reminder


Hi /pol/


>reddit has subreddits that are dictated to taped rageboners.


File: 1646103319479.jpg (99.92 KB, 1049x1280, 1646101016895.jpg)

How many refugees will flee Ukraine?


Kek they barely even influence on corporations.


any link to this?


Nazional-liberalismus is the new form Nazism has taken.



have you heard of something called the fucking Cold War


>le ebin turd positionist antisemitism
"Converting" /pol/ shitters was a mistake


Let them try that when they hear my brown american ass speaking russian


stab in the back myth already being crafted huh


File: 1646103411657.jpg (49.91 KB, 960x539, stalin'.jpg)

>see subreddit with 'actual' or 'true' prepended to it

>being a braindead dopamine addict leftlib is "the worst people on earth"
how sheltered are you m8?


File: 1646103423461.jpg (82.14 KB, 1051x1200, tray.jpg)

Don't ask how Steve got his hands on a Ukrop ration from last year…


They still exist there? My s/o’s parents fucked off from Hoholstan in the 90s


Jews be like "that's a recipe for pogroms, get me tf outta here"



stop cultural abrobriating them


their are 200,000 jews in Ukraine as of last week


Not anymore it seems


ok but how many jews are in the Azov battalion


File: 1646103577410.pdf (843.17 KB, 180x255, towards independence.pdf)

i'm wondering if i should do something extremely reckless and claim that russell bentley is a confederate communist while posting my manifesto. it might be a good opportunity to really fuck with them, and shill my book.


They're bad because these are all "laugh at cringe thing" subs which are pure cancer, I'm sorry for you if you're one of them


rip to the palestinians whose homes are currently standing on these guys future property


Too late. The Slavs’ cousins already migrated into India millenia ago.


requesting this flag be deleted from the site


Have you considered getting a life?


s,shay is that you?


i was not meant to have a life. i'm not sure why i'm still alive because i think i was meant to be sacrificed when i was young but my parents, who were satanists, decided not to kill me. anyway this past few months ive been spending most of my time rotting in my room wishing for death


don't spread lies about him


Yes, which is different to what you said.
Ones like bad_cop_no_donut (unless it changed in the past 5 years) are actually a gateway into political stuff, exposing sheltered kids into a piece of the wider world. I see some small value in that.
Many of the others, yeah, I agree. Cringebait crap.
Unfortunately, I think that's what almost the entire ring of big anti-capitalist subreddits are, just twitter screencaps, and the same ones in each sub. /r/latestagecapitalism, /r/antiwork, /r/eattherich, /r/aboringdystopia, all just blending into the exact same thing.


Join the 4th international and the anti-war movement. Oppose Putin and the drive to war.


>weird sex web site
not clicking that porn


File: 1646103956407.jpg (57.04 KB, 500x500, 1631232828272.jpg)

Feel free to shill that book as you see fit. Its a fine read.


File: 1646103998145.jpg (66.14 KB, 807x900, 7e954b7c63cf83ba (1).jpg)

To all latin american toverit i have to say that keep marxism alive after whites have made collective suicide in WW3.


File: 1646104020240-0.mp4 (2.1 MB, 624x352, IMG_8536.MP4)

File: 1646104020240-1.jpeg (141.62 KB, 1200x1145, photo1646083671.jpeg)



File: 1646104051634.jpg (40.08 KB, 324x500, 1636856835477.jpg)

bruh, for a month I thought you were dead or to depressed to post. nice to see you're still here, have things become any better in your life?


Who's this qt?


<100% INDIAN
<100% MONGOL


You think I’d support them if they were?


<100% MONGOL
Dude, you already said 100% Indian


They're shouting "Serbs! Russians! Brothers forever!", if I understood correctly.


>10 people
points for the extremely large putin flag tho I guess. that's like an eleventh person.


>Putin with the chetnik hat


It's a Russian navy cap.


>nice to see you're still here,
thank you, im glad you didn't get sick of me. i know a lot of people are sick of me but i dont really have anything else to do but scroll leftypol most days
>have things become any better in your life?
would it really be worth it to claim that texan communism was actually associated with confederate bolshevist national liberation movements and that russell bentley is my hero? and thank you for saying my book is worth reading


File: 1646104378983.mp4 (8.52 MB, 408x720, 43f690680edc79ea.mp4)


I like your post here and appreciate them. You have a unique way at looking at things

Keep posting


File: 1646104401521.png (1 MB, 579x753, 1645981902322.png)

It's been years at this point.


Hell yeah, I certainly wouldn't if they were.
ideology moment
>thank you, im glad you didn't get sick of me. i know a lot of people are sick of me but i dont really have anything else to do but scroll leftypol most days
Shay is a very good and welcome presence on this board. I for one am glad you're here.


File: 1646104427723.png (561.75 KB, 640x452, ClipboardImage.png)


i see it all now


Where's Haz and his Mongol Army?


File: 1646104520866.mp4 (1.05 MB, 640x360, 889bfc680ee6762a.mp4)


waiting for orders from puttila the hun


File: 1646104592875.mp4 (3.03 MB, 480x848, IMG_8061.MP4)

>Russian troops patrol evening Berdyansk
I thought the people in the town expelled the troops, but guess they didn't


No idea, I cropped it a long time ago


File: 1646104690730.mp4 (2.07 MB, 406x720, b98daf4fdb3c5c09.mp4)


File: 1646104700910.png (215.98 KB, 354x397, 1626571417235.png)

I mean did you expect anything more from extremely online fuckwits?
At least, thank god, not all MLs are like this.


Pro-Russian sentiment is huge in Serbia. I was watching some libtard Serbian channel the other day where they were asking people on the street what they think about this war. And almost everyone was pro-Russian, except some who were against the war simply because of their own war memories from the 90s.


Is this the Hoy4 game everyone is talking about?


So you going to send this to the Texan himself?


>Indeed, the history of the Crimean Tatar national elites provides ample proof for Leon Trotsky’s assessment, elaborated in the theory of permanent revolution, that the national bourgeoisies of backward countries, including the many different national elites of the peoples of Tsarist Russia, were incapable of playing a historically progressive role. Their efforts to carve out an ethnic Crimean Tatar mini-state on the peninsula always relied first, on the support of the imperialist powers and, second, the promotion of extreme nationalism and religious obscurantism
>Ever since then, bourgeois nationalism in Ukraine has been characterised by virulent anti-communism, pogroms against revolutionary workers and Jews, and attempts to win the support of imperialist powers.

Where do I find more on this view of the comprador nature of the national bourgeoisie? And I guess in contrast, the progressive national bourgeoisie that has an antagonism with imperialism


They got turned to marinara sauce when they tried moving into Keev.


lmao, wait, did a guy in the car toss a molly at the APC and then got themselves burned?



File: 1646104820935.png (155.39 KB, 2330x1346, focus tree.png)

yes, here is the focus tree


well i decided against lying about him but if i could figure out how to reach him i would definitely send it to him


Not an unreasonable position. If they don't speak Ukrainian that well.


do it m8


Only the Ukrainia qt pig had some oil splashed on her. Not bad if they got out alive. Hit the molotov in tracks because heat goes up.


File: 1646104997417.png (542.69 KB, 630x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

serbias prez is getting pretty chummy with Xi as well


>still manages to lose
pathetic hohol


I'm just surprised the Russians didn't immediately light them up.


Has he made a comment about the bowel movement afterwards? That was way too much gassy food and fibre.


Is putin progressive national bourgeoisie? Or is it inter imperialist conflict? Or is it contradiction of liberalism and autocracy? Or is it just national antagonism being unleashed by Soviet collapse and exploited by unipolar imperialism?


Stopping movement by obscuring vision: While the outside of an MRAP varies greatly from a normal car, sitting in the driver’s seat is fairly similar to driving a U-Haul truck. The driver looks over the steering wheel and through the windshield to the street. If the driver cannot see past the windshield, the vehicle ceases to move because it either crashes or the driver stops it. Any sticky liquid substance that can be pumped into water balloons or packed into a glass container will stop an MRAP. If the balloon bursts or the glass container breaks open on the windows, the driver is forced to stop and the occupants are forced to exit the vehicle to clean off the windshield. The effect is enhanced if three different types of substances are mixed: a sticky liquid to obscure vision and defeat the windshield wipers and sprayers, a thin liquid to increase the splatter from the impact, and a granular substance to further obscure vision. Examples: Combination one: Syrup, milk, and sugar (Warning: Container not to be left around diabetics, small children, or people who bake) Combination two: Heavy weight motor oil, lighter fluid, and aluminum or magnesium flakes (Warning: Extremely flammable) Combination three: Elmer’s glue and glitter (Warning: Possibly too fabulous for many people) The person that is in fear for their life from the threat of the armored vehicle is only limited by their imagination in this case. Latex paint and honey have also been used as base liquids in the past with success. While these may seem silly or too simple to work, I challenge anyone to try it on their own vehicle. The glitter isn’t a joke either; it reflects light which further obscures vision. Historical note: The first armored troop transports that were deployed in large numbers were open on the top. When German troops deployed the “halftrack” in urban areas, resistance fighters would drop Molotov cocktails or hot tar from rooftops. While modern armored vehicles are closed on top, an elevated position can still be used to deliver vision obscuring material. Stopping movement by stopping the engine: Most modern armored vehicles have air intakes for the engine that are armored and have multiple grates to protect the engine from rifle fire. This presents another unique method of stopping the vehicle: clogging the air intake. The safest method is using spray foam insulation which can be sprayed at the vehicle from a relatively safe distance. Without air, the engine will either cease to run or will overheat. Some have suggested simply clogging the exhaust. However, the location of the exhaust makes anyone willing to stick a banana in the tail pipe of an MRAP much braver than I am because they are exposed to the gun ports, and are literally inches from the back door. Stopping movement by pit or tip: Both of these methods require prior planning and a rudimentary understanding of funneling tactics (the process of sending your opposition down the route that you want them to go). “Tank pits” are highly-effective against all forms of armored vehicles. It is exactly what it sounds like: a pit dug in the intended path of the vehicle that is deep enough to put the vehicle at an angle that it can’t maneuver out of. The pit is covered by plywood and camouflaged to match the surrounding area. A pit for an MRAP would need to be about four feet deep, about six feet long, and as wide as it can be made across the intended path. “Tipping” an armored vehicle uses the same principle of placing it in a situation that it can’t drive away from, but instead of using a prepared trap it utilizes the existing landscape. It’s a little bit of a misnomer because it doesn’t actually require the vehicle to tip over. Examples would be roads that have extremely weak bridges. A typical MRAP weighs in at about 36,000lbs with occupants. Removal of warning signs about the load capacity of the bridge can aid in this tactic. Other options are forcing the vehicle down a route that ends in an area too narrow to turn around. Alternatively, in urban areas, Egyptian dissidents lead armored cars down alleys and then ducked through side alleyways too small for the vehicle to move through. While the occupants were wondering whether or not to pursue on foot, a stolen bulldozer was placed at the entrance to the alley. Stolen bulldozers have also been used to flip armored vehicles down hills after impacting them from the side. Using Flame: The ubiquitous Molotov cocktail has two purposes when dealing with armored vehicles. The first is to obscure vision. Fire is very hard to see through. A true Molotov cocktail will burn for some time; and, if the flame is just below the windows, the driver will be unable to see and likely panic because well… fire is scary. The second purpose is to force the occupants out of the vehicle. Contrary to popular belief and what is often portrayed in movies, the best location for the flame is on the wheel wells and running boards of the vehicle, not the roof. Heat rises. A Molotov cocktail that is burning on the roof of an armored vehicle may not even be noticed by the occupants. However, one that is heating up the metal around them and the floor underneath them will be noticed very quickly and will cause them to exit the vehicle. Molotov cocktails also tend to interfere with the advanced optics on tanks. “Heat seeking” optics don’t react well to a flame burning in front of the sensor.


File: 1646105063132.jpg (55.13 KB, 531x574, FMu2K0qaUAA0j9o.jpg)

Very picturesque people in Twitter 😳


File: 1646105070745.mp4 (479.04 KB, 720x720, 1641451754107.mp4)


Intercapitalist conflict between an imperial power and a bourgeois clique that is not quite imperial but well above being a national bourgeois


~1+ hour until sunrise in Kiev


File: 1646105104373.mp4 (542.18 KB, 376x240, a8295e71890053d9.mp4)

Cope russian capitalism shill.


>Is putin progressive national bourgeoisie?
Those can only exist in a feudal or colonial context. Russia is neither.
>Or is it inter imperialist conflict?
>Or is it contradiction of liberalism and autocracy?
Liberalism and autocracy? No contradiction!


>well above being a national bourgeois
Oh that is interesting idea, thank you


In iraq that car would have been vapourized


File: 1646105156671.jpg (33.41 KB, 500x500, coomer.jpg)

>Any sticky liquid substance that can be pumped into water balloons or packed into a glass container will stop an MRAP.
Listen up, soldier. You've been reassigned to the special antitank battalion "Cum Jar Chuckers"


>Those can only exist in a feudal or colonial context. Russia is neither
What? Not what I recall. National bourgeoisie fights imperialism, not just premodern shit


>People making these sorts of posts are the same ones telling you not to "reddit space" and who think that their assault on your eyes is justifiable


I would say definitely a national bourgeoisie, out to not get fucking balkanized. I expect conflict with domestic bourgeoisie faction next.

I'm actually not sure what's in store for Russia next besides Peronism.


what the kim doin?


And? You can fight in the dark if you hear the low sound of russian capitalism liberating you.


lol, didn't notice the david star, sorry, not meant to be a anti-semitic post.
Yeah, this video is fresh: >>543180


Paragraphs motherfucker


Russia has been consistent so far in avoiding night ops. Gotta catch them Zees.


Fascism is coming soon to Eastern Europe, the slow creeping revival of nazi collaborationist sympathies is soon to explode. The Eastern European anti-communist bourgeoisie, have done everything possible to sow Russophobia and reactionary hate in Eastern Europe. It's only a matter of time before for the west azovitizes them. The same families that lorded over land hundreds of years ago now control the media. All day long is the cry's of the brutal oppression of the Soviets. Communism is why 30 years later we still are undeveloped. Every capitalist pain is rationalized individualized normalized. Their is no connection to capitalism, it's effect only amorphously attack you from unseen distractions made to be fake causes. Now ethnic hatred is back reactionary views back the Eastern European working class population is about to be seized by the throat


mmk but you can't take a video
its kino


One of the worst results of this conflict is alot of you have bought into GMT.


>National bourgeoisie fights imperialism
Most of the time national bourgeoisie only exist in the context of freeing an underdeveloped colonial country and modernizing it, e.g. Nasser in Egypt, Nehru in India, etc. Why would the bourgeoisie of a modern, developed country oppose integration into the imperialist world system? It makes them rich.


File: 1646105337009.mp4 (6.93 MB, 850x480, dd5bfe60921ce82c.mp4)

Eat a big ukrainian sausage you absolute imperialist :D


>Those can only exist in a feudal or colonial context.
Only if the country resists becoming a comprador regime, which Russia has done, unlike the rest of colonies in eastern Europe.



– They shelled a school and killed (https://t.me/gramotyyaroslava/634) two teachers in Horlivka
– They tried to drown (https://t.me/epoddubny/8097) a civilian cargo ship
– Mined (https://t.me/readovkanews/26595) beaches in Odessa without warning civilians
– They shot their own people in the back (https://t.me/marochkolive/21916) while trying to surrender
– In a panic, they crushed (https://t.me/dvachannel/87053) a car with a pensioner and tried to blame the Russians
– Killed (https://t.me/swodki/23823) a child in the Belgorod region
– Accidentally slammed (https://t.me/RVvoenkor/1665) an air defense missile into a residential building in Kyiv and tried to blame the Russians
- They got smarter to place artillery in residential areas (https://t.me/vladlentatarsky/11169) to hide behind (https://t.me/readovkanews/26703) from retaliation by their own citizens
– Made a lot of the most ridiculous (https://t.me/madam_secretar/6991) fakes (https://t.me/grey_zone/12642)
– They blew up (https://t.me/mig41/13257) an unfinished copy of a unique aircraft
– Several tens of thousands of machine guns were handed out to random civilians and criminals (https://t.me/readovkanews/26714), after which shootings immediately began in Kyiv (https://t.me/DailyWar/7976) between Ukrainians and Ukrainians and robberies
(https://t.me/czartv/2237) – Massively and tastefully began to kill (https://t.me/OpenUkraine/6697) and maim (https://t.me/DmitriySteshin/4042) each other in the process of paranoid search for "paratroopers" and "saboteurs"


Where the fuck are the maoists????


russia's struggle against the west is anti-colonial as evident by the 90's


They're HUing in Sevastopol preparing for a mass cavalry charge


File: 1646105445447.jpg (67.14 KB, 1080x1133, FMtQfUaXoAMV3Ho.jpg)

Eurobros I thought sanctions will only hurt putlerino musolimir.


The West has been transparent that it wants Russia and China to go the way of Yugoslavia. That's a hard pass from most national bourgeoisie.


They’re national bourgeoisie in a considerably influential nation, but not quite imperial because the Russian economy isn’t dependent upon the conquest of resources/securing new markets or the export of finance capital, considering they export mostly large amounts of petroleum products to keep their market afloat. Importantly, there are no territories that it has to deindustrialize or strongly discourage industrialization through capturing its markets, retarding even development, if not growth, for the captive market


no protracted Nazi war, thanks


File: 1646105476618-0.png (894.51 KB, 1584x846, 1646008958077.png)

File: 1646105476618-1.png (267.57 KB, 1481x842, 1646008958076.png)

>russian capitalism shill


Is Finland preparing to get liberated?


File: 1646105497357.png (1.89 MB, 1200x992, ClipboardImage.png)

in the anti-centrist conference


File: 1646105524566.webm (2.39 MB, 958x608, 1641451947703-0.webm)

They live only in american larp and inside actual 100 million CPC. Even in nuclear radiation im still not american.


m8, they've been explicitly saying to us average yuropoors that we will have sacrifice ourselves in order to hurt Russia. It's all in the open, stated by leading EU officials.


>Why would the bourgeoisie of a modern, developed country oppose integration into the imperialist world system? It makes them rich.

Because imperialism makes their nation a dependent nation in orbit of the core. National bourgeoisie fights the exploitation of the whole of the nation.

Is that not why we support anti imperialism in Latin America? We tell them, liberate nation. Then organize as international worker.


It was apparently an abandoned vehicle being towed by some local farmer's tractor.


They're the smart ones with actual consistent principles and have completely not cared enough about this to comment on it.


Is that "socialism is good?" absolute banger



>American Anime


sauce on the video?


seriously, ukraine will be better off as a russian puppet (not by much, but still)


Meanwhile the Soviet Union refused to play with Chile in the Fifa world cup.


>48000 killed out of 50000


Лоликонщиков долой


Guys I'm not kidding NATO wants a massive build up on the boarders of Russia. Problem is NATO aka America is footing a lot of the bill. What NATO needs is a militarization especially if Eastern Europe. Well while Eastern Europe is already reactionary NATO likely wonders if it's enough so the domestic population agree to be Nato's sacrifice zone. The only way is to increase Russophobia and nazification. This is gonna happen Azov will spread with Atlanticist bank money.


File: 1646105820361.mp4 (8.02 MB, 464x848, 9151730073901685883.MP4)

Removal of “Bandera slogans” in Russian-controlled Melitopol.


maybe not exactly what you're looking for but fanon's wretched of the earth talks about the unreliability of national bourgeoisie in the context of national liberation


Yes I've heard of this, that's a good point too


Based de-nazification in progress.


>Slava Ukraini
>Gerojam Slava
So these are banderite slogans? I thought it was just dumb nationalism like in any other country.


Czechs will jail pro ruskies





File: 1646105992906.jpg (36.93 KB, 296x386, 1344741259094.jpg)

Judging by the lack of talking, I presume this was released by Russia?

>next level silent treatment


File: 1646106007319.png (46.02 KB, 584x557, 1.png)



Set it to Czech Republic
Spam their news sites with Pro-Russian shit



It’s the OUN battle cry to my knowledge.



Is this a crackdown on pro-Russian sentiment that is too large for their liking or just posturing?


I mean, the proletariat are losing pretty much everything they have. They are gaining class consciousness though


The phrase "Slava Ukraini!" (Glory to Ukraine!) first appeared in different military formations during the Ukrainian War of Independence (from 1917 to 1921).[10] It became part of the lexicon of Ukrainian nationalists in the 1920s.[10][nb 1]

The modern response "Heroiam slava!" (Glory to the heroes!) appeared in the 1930s among members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) who started using this slogan[10] to commemorate veterans of the 1918 to 1921 Ukrainian-Soviet War, including leader of the OUN Yevhen Konovalets. The greeting "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!" became an official slogan of Stepan Bandera's Nazi-allied OUN-B in April 1941.[11][10] During World War II, Ukrainian nationalists often used it in addition to a roman salute.[12] "Glory to the heroes!" was also used by the Kuban Cossacks during the same period.[13]

In the late 1980s and early 1990s the slogan began to be heard at rallies and demonstrations.[10] After Ukraine declared independence in 1991, the phrase "Glory to Ukraine" became a common patriotic slogan. In 1995, President of the United States Bill Clinton used the phrase in his speech in Kyiv (together with "God bless America").[2]

Looks like second part is


File: 1646106118736.png (172.78 KB, 659x911, Capture.PNG)


>Only if the country resists becoming a comprador regime
Yes, and once it does that and develops the need to seek profits beyond its borders, it develops rival imperialist tendencies. If Russia had a progressive national bourgeoisie that prevented it from becoming a colony of the West, then this task was already accomplished in the 2000s. Since then they have begun to invest abroad, especially in Central Asia, and develop imperialist interests and tendencies. They are now in a position where they have the means and motive to establish a hegemonic sphere and seek profits within it. Ie, the "progressive national bourgeoisie" has followed the natural path of evolution into a rival imperialist bloc. This is the real crux of Lenin's theory of imperialism that everybody seems to miss. All bourgeois states develop imperialistic tendencies, and if capable will act on them. These have begun to appear in Russia, and are running up against the new geopolitical reality ushered in by the collapse of the USSR (US/EU domination of Eastern Europe). As I said, none of this is mutually exclusive with the pursuit of very real security interests in Ukraine, on the contrary they complement one another quite well. It just so happens that this site of inter-imperial competition is also of vital security interests to Russia, hence them taking such a dangerous gamble by invading. But make no mistake, just because this conflict is taking place in a region imperative to Russia's security doesn't mean that it isn't also a struggle to redivide the world.
Hope they squash all the Banderite bugs.


>the comprador nature of the national bourgeoisie
??? These are two opposed terms.
National bourgeoisie will be against foreign bourgeoisie, obviously, it's their competitor, and will use the state to protect itself.
While compradors precisely work for foreign bourgeoisie in countries where national bourgeoisie is lacking.


The first part is bourgeois nationalist slogan that predates the OUN, but the latter part is explicitly a banderite slogan


File: 1646106135349.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 408x720, f58a44e6611b66d5.mp4)




File: 1646106161405.jpg (442.4 KB, 1920x1221, TOS-1_firing.jpg)

Warcrime time!!!





File: 1646106199156.jpg (94.23 KB, 1280x720, maxoverdrive.jpg)

Good, time to accelerate.


File: 1646106241732.mp4 (865.19 KB, 192x360, f406c2cd0c8a79cd.mp4)


Official slogan of the fascist OUN before it was banderist, but it's something the banderists use all the time. Also something that is probably said by normal people



Wait, wasn't this denied by the countries in question?


File: 1646106321990.jpg (55.51 KB, 792x792, 1640439482374-3.jpg)

Wish you the best, Shay.


File: 1646106322971.mp4 (4.04 MB, 640x352, dfe7da8e74d24208.mp4)


20th IWCIRD Brigade


Хули нам бандеровцы втюхивают одни пятеро роликов?



Explain the video you austistic fuck


There is a serious problem of Russians being repressed in the baltic states. Scott Ritter expressed this assertion on a Richar Merdhurst live.


/thread on the whole "RUSSIA ISNT IMPERIALIST" you all sound like kool aid boomers when you say that


What the fuck is a comprador??


Put the trip back somepeople don't want to see your autism in action


Shay you're the cutest


>They hit the plane out the sky!
<Wait, is that our airplane?


File: 1646106430152.mp4 (542.18 KB, 376x240, a8295e71890053d9.mp4)


I remember this one, it was a ukrop drone getting shot down


I don't think these are opposite terms at all. National bourgeoisie merely says it's a native one.


this announcement seems to come after the reports of the countries denying this, so who the fuck knows at this point.
ukrops are probably lying, they seem to have a pattern (zelensky too) of putting ideas out into the mediasphere that aren't true and hoping that the powers that be will make them come true. probably a case of that


File: 1646106504796.jpg (64.33 KB, 360x366, 1641960380798-2.jpg)

>are they imperialists.
>Are they oligarchs?
>Are they seeking to expand their hegemony
>And removing fascist shit makes them based?
Well it certainly doesn't make them cringe.
what a roller coaster of emotion, lads


This >>543280 I clearly remembered they will not send shit, even the autistic retard polands had to do u-turn.


Russia is a Liberal Centrist empire


Even if Russia did in fact lose 10k troops and gazillion tanks, EVEN IF, an encirlclement of a 60k out of 200k Ukraine's armed forces is still a bigger loss.


The source is the telegram channel of Russian war correspondent Alexander “Sasha” Kots, so most likely yes.


Did Biden start this war because of the recession?


File: 1646106603249.gif (4.25 MB, 320x320, 2Vbltk.gif)

can't believe a literal femboy is sending his literature to political thinkers and my ass is just sitting right here with zero books to my name


Why do you autists insist on making Russell into a meme?


Start taking estrogen pills, and see where it goes.


Ukrainians shoot down their own aircraft


kek and watch a lot of weird interracial threads


put your flag back on shay


People be recommending me BBC or some shit. I don't get it, what does Anglo TV agency gotta do with this shit?


>The Walt Disney Company has announced the suspension of deliveries of its films to Russian cinemas due to the situation in Ukraine.

>The corporation added that they will deal with humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees with partners, and subsequent decisions will be made depending on the situation.

>Warner Bros. also issued a statement, suspending the release of Batman at the box office a day before the scheduled launch.

>Will their decision carry over to other releases, Warner Bros. did not specify.


based, I'd gently pat you on the head if i could.


based denazification


So is Netflix going to do the same thing in a few weeks when Canada shows up making similar demands? Our government wants to dictate what content must be carried by distributors and broadcasters.


This is an actual tragedy.


Recession, bad approval ratings, Hunter Biden's connection to the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, the list goes on.


So that means Russia won't get any new marvel movies? Russia gets more based every day.


Nice, Russia gets freed from western retardation and they do it willingly


>US President Biden says Americans shouldn't worry about nuclear war
See? win-win de-nazification.
It's like Russians haven't mastered piracy.
http://www.monkrus.ws/ this guy for example will update immediately mane western products in design and graphical CAD/vector programs.


I really don't get it. How would national bourgeoisie be "comprador"? If a country is ruled by compradors, this means the ruling elite works for foreign capitalist classes and benefits only by pocketing the change. This happened in post-soc countries that had no capitalist class of their own. National bourgeoisie on the other hand will try to eliminate comprador factions in their own country because they work for the foreign competitor.


Comprador bourgeoisie are agents of foreign capitalist imperial powers and assist them in extracting resources out their country, as opposed to national bourgeoisie.


Why the fuck is the president of Ukraine dancing in heels with a pig, what the fuck


His administration did it, not the man himself, he's senile.



>"Remember, the Russians invaded Afghanistan back in 1980," Hillary Clinton says. "It didn't end well for the Russians…but the fact is, that a very motivated, and then funded, and armed insurgency basically drove the Russians out of Afghanistan."


sauce? only finding secondary sources


>Redditor says "Russia started it, Ukraine is ending it"
>Reply "yes, this all ends when Ukraine surrenders"
>Get banned in less than 30 seconds

Not even nazis were as authoritarian as liberals.


File: 1646107211413.jpg (145.97 KB, 1242x1180, 1634516686884.jpg)


what the fuck am I watching?



Is it true Soviet Union added south and east of Ukraine to the country in 1922? The 'wild lands'?



>Die for the US your country, Ukrainian civilians!


Ukrainesisters… not like this


This is a term very peddled by king skitzo about Russia.
Guess now they are not a comprador bourgeoisie, so I will wait for him to praise based Russia anti-imperialist.




damn seems like all the pro-ukraine shit just vaporized from this thread eh? I don't even see both sidism that much and I can get that shit.


They already jail you for having a soviet flag or playing the soviet anthem, I'm not surprised one bit


Astroturf cash ran out, they got bored, or banned. Who cares?


Well done, comrade.


IIRC Lvov was given to the Ukrainan SSR after WW2 and Crimea was given to the Ukrainan SSR from the Russian SSR by Khrushov in 1954



Pic shown is Ukrainian Peoples' Republic in 1918 (at least, the land they claimed)


File: 1646107610516.png (539.32 KB, 632x506, slovenia.png)

I really don't believe that russia is just gonna give up if shit gets a little hard for them here. The country is huge, has something to prove, and is fighting an immediate neighbor. I think it's important to realize that fighting an immediate neighbor makes shit feel a lot more "life or death" for people in a war. It's not like america fighting a country on the other side of the earth, it's a country in your backyard, and if you lose they might occupy your shit. Ukraine obviously feels the same way.


Of course not, they will begin the city levelling


it was fun tbf



File: 1646107789795.png (221.27 KB, 1440x1286, 1646106806903.png)

Be careful leftypol


If Kiev and Kharkhov don't surrender within a week, I predict Russians going gamer with TOS-1's


This thread was never pro ukraine, you either support Russia for very specific and unusual reasons (like me) or are a soyboy "muh only war is class war" neutral.


thanks anon. looks like it's being prosecuted under supporting/denying genocide, does that word have any meaning left?


Liberal democracy has arrived!


Yea but the south and east formed Soviet republics

Would they be part of Ukraine without the ussr in 1922? Or would it be part of a Russian republic that was never overthrown




File: 1646108013127.png (284.97 KB, 960x964, 484iuh.png)

Time for a new thread babe


There's no way public opinion won't turn against the blue-yellow people, they've pushed too hard


someone should start a viral campaign to post online message of public support for Russia's actions (regardless of your actual opinion on those actions), to stand up for Free Speech and against authoritarianism.
We are all Russia Supporters, now


FFS, central European post-soc countries are on another level.

In the Balkans propaganda against Russia is as mad as elsewhere, but people are not censored when expressing support of Russia. And quite a few people do that online, although they're a loud minority.


>>543354 (me)
ignore the flag, forgot to remove it


The West doesn't care about what reasons are used to hate Russia.

And this will not happen. Cap this.


File: 1646108123613.jpg (7.71 KB, 259x194, 1646105133767.jpg)

If the Ukrainians manage to retreat in an organized manner to the Dnieper and Kamensky, avoiding defeat, they can gain a foothold there and create an insurmountable defensive knot, it will not be possible to bypass this city like Kharkov or Kherson, Russia will have to force not just the Dnieper, but the Kamenskoye or Zaporizhzhya reservoirs, which is very hard. The defenders will have to protect their rear, because the invasion forces have already crossed the Dnieper in the Kherson region, but in this case the task is to disrupt the blitzkrieg but to halt it. The transition to a protracted war for the Russian Federation is death. Not because the Ukrainians will arrange a Stalingrad for Putin's invaders, but because any protracted war requires the concentration of effort on the part of the entire country and society, and the population of the Russian Federation, does not want to bear the bloody costs of a proper war.

The situation for the invaders is extremely dangerous, they run the risk of simply dissolving in space, which, if they are unable to control the occupied, or rather, simply traversed, territory, can end as badly as the first British invasion of Afghanistan, when they easily entered there without meeting resistance, but were slaughtered by the rebels, while being completely isolated in hostile territory. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian forces are not yet able to offer this kind of resistance with death by a thousand cuts and therefore the Russians continue to get bogged down in the Ukrainian swamp. The Ukrainians ought to break up in small guerrilla units and attack and harass these large columns of Russian forces slowly bleeding them.

As long as they can keep up the pace, there is a chance to complete the blitzkrieg victoriously and force Kyiv to unconditional surrender on the Kremlin's terms. 200,000 (as many were involved in the reconquest of Chechnya with a population 30 times smaller than Ukraine) are clearly not enough to hold the front and control the occupied territories and they invaded with even less than that, apparently


File: 1646108208097.jpg (19.06 KB, 500x367, carlos.jpg)

Sounds like they should have Czeched themselves before they wrecked themselves!


Dude the ukrainian air force was decimated the first day, the russians have controlled the airspace ever since, this war is over and the only reason why Kiev is still standing is because Putin wants it that way for some reason.





New thread?



Truly dystopic, they're killing democracy themselves without firing a single bullet.


lmao what's next death sentence and public execution?


File: 1646108316897.mp4 (10.64 MB, 1366x768, honk honk 2.mp4)

>25 years for speech


To many editions made out of ideas


>The Ukrainians ought to break up in small guerrilla units and attack and harass these large columns of Russian forces slowly bleeding them.

That's why khokhols are losing, you know? Instead of a proper 21st century warfare they were investing in propaganda war of rambos


Do you understand that you tankies are nazi collaborators now?


File: 1646108398254.png (31.45 KB, 607x181, ClipboardImage.png)

Also this.


The West was never any different than the "autocracies" it rails against. They just had more money and therefore stability. The mask slips off more every day.


File: 1646108406322.mp4 (131.61 KB, 306x360, 8c57719531833987.mp4)

OnlySimps cancelled ruble up 9000%. Can this manlet not stop winning?


More propaganda to be aware of: A picture of a Russian BTR with an Ukrainian flag and hidden directional mark was circulated by the Ukrainian General Staff as evidence of Russia breaking international military law by false-flagging. However the photo appears to have been edited.


If Kiev isn't the ace-up-the-sleeve, I have to agree this looks like a really difficult time for the Russians


we are against ukraine mate.


No we're opposed to Ukrainian oppression of Donbas


they are so pathetic


>8 years for taking up arms
>25 years for speech
nuke slovakia


File: 1646108515050.png (14.09 KB, 679x370, 1634873343221.png)



Is it over for the US financial domination?


File: 1646108541382.png (297.52 KB, 600x600, 1345517012543.png)

>The defenders will have to protect their rear, because the invasion forces have already crossed the Dnieper in the Kherson region
>just pour into the salient, even though the river is already breached, the flank is exposed, and rear is under threat, turning the river from a barrier wall into a grave pit
What not playing enough HoI4 does to a mf.


File: 1646108564635.jpeg (234.93 KB, 750x750, image-asset (1).jpeg)

Holy fuck this war…
Was he right about everything? Because at this point i'm not even sure there's a war going on


I made one at:






>What not playing enough HoI4 does to a mf.


This… this isn't real…


That other one is honestly believable though.


Of course it isn't.


Obviously fake… Right?


Stop spreading FUD retard, the ASBNews tweet is legit and sourced.



As based as Baudrillard can occasionally be, this is a different situation.
I recommend picking up his last texts, like the Agony of Power and The Intelligence of Evil, where he talks about Western hegemony and moralism, and how all this will fall on its face eventually.


Is donbas a national liberation struggle ?



The Dnieper river is already taken, I am not sure what you are talking about. Also, Ukraine skies are Russian's bitch.

>moments when a Tochka U missile was intercepted by Russians SAMS.


File: 1646109173148.mp4 (797.13 KB, 640x360, fbc66a5e87c8e9d8.mp4)

Day 6 and situation looks like this. At east amerimutts NGMI.


It's pretty obvious that the only chance Ukraine had was righting off everything East of Dnieper, moving command to Lviv and turning all five cities on it into frontline cities. And you fucking hold.

This is precisely why Belarus was involved and Odessa got vibe checked - to bypass this Hoholnot Line bullshit.


Bring back 1997!


Nice banner


uh, Hillary is out warmongering again.
>"Remember, the Russians invaded Afghanistan back in 1980," Hillary Clinton says. "It didn't end well for the Russians…but the fact is, that a very motivated, and then funded, and armed insurgency basically drove the Russians out of Afghanistan."
>"Tnere were other unintended consequences as we know, but…."
same thing always comes from hillary's warmonging: millions of dead and displaced, a bunch of blowback and other wars down the road, and usually some kind of rise in right wing reaction in the west.


>Remember that the russia of today is the same russia of 1980.
Does this stupid bitch even know that Ukraine was part of "that" russia and they also sent soldiers to fight in afghanistan? fuck this.


Old women shot inside cars sick fucks.



Anyone has the video/simulation or something of a nuclear war between NATO and russia? it was an interactive map I think, I need it.


Literally giving away the Brzezinski gameplan


So then the entire plan is to ruin Ukraine and try to turn it into an Afghanistan because they're not going to stop Russia. The massive media campaign is to get randoms to travel to Ukraine to be a hero like in vidya since Ukraine doesn't have enough native rebel fighters otherwise?


>Was he right about everything?


If this latest invasion was imperialist the movie exchange wouldn't be in freefall and rubles wouldnt be worth less than roblux


Are americans so stupid that they forgot the same shit happened to them in afghanistan under a year ago


Moscow not movie* dumb autocorrect censoring anything russia related

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