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In order to further the production of native OC or other under-utilised memes, it is proposed to ban the following types of meme templates from /siberia/ (this may be extended to the entire board if the experiment is successful):

- Soyjak (excluding poljak)
- Pepe
- Wojak
- Chadface
- Stacy (etc)

The ban would only apply to content posted after the rule comes into effect. The punishment would be a simple deletion or short ban for repeat/egregious offenders. The rationale for the change is that these memes are incredibly tired and many of them are outright reactionary, and they allow /pol/ to have rent free real estate in all of our heads. They are derivative and dull and they stifle the production of any new material or effort posting and the like. This change is only a proposal at this point so please make your thoughts known (PS: posting these memes in response to this post is expected and will only prove the point so have fun).


>go to siberia
>every thread is about porn, incel shit, depression, erping, avatarfagging and some weird religious zealots
Siberia is complete garbage as a board. Some threads make me question whether those people are even from /leftypol/ or just come here to shitpost. You guys let it turn into this but you're worried about some 4chan memes being posted on it. Hell, the whole website is fucking dying and you are worried about banning soyjaks and pepes. lmao.


yea there's a good rule of thumb that when you see the people in charge shuffling around and trying to optimize totally trivial things, you're headed for disaster. Let's hope that's not true of this case


File: 1673497395000.png (25.83 KB, 500x501, Oekaki.png)

how about instead of protecting board culture you fucking produce some bitches


The use of imported soys instead of actually engaging in good faith is part of that tho.
There should be a focus on providing sources and posting porn with artistic merit instead of just dumping a collection of samey looking stuff some redditor saved off of pornhub to post of 4/gif/.
>Incel shit, depression
That's from raids I think. I know the r9k stuff is.
I haven't seen anything serious in this regard
Get your sensitive ass back to normie boards, avatarfagging is imageboard culture.


I primarily mean drawn stuff since there's not much artisanship with photographic stuff.


So what of those things should we ban according to you?


Ban porn and incel shit and religious people and also everything mentioned in OP


Why? It fits into the random off topic content.


I don't see why leftists can't enjoy porn.

As for 'incel shit', I think the social threads are nice, obviously some of them devolve into idpol squabbling and probably should be removed but overall I don't really see the issue. Loneliness is a big issue among the terminally-online, go figure.

Also religion isn't explicitly banned by the rules, I see no reason it should be.


Please allow heavily modded/forked/edited versions.
Memes evolve through edits, often entirely new OC memes are inspired by old but modded memes.
You might inadvertently kill a component of the OC pipeline, otherwise.


With that said, maybe it would be beneficial to have a general 'sex and relationships' thread that all those threads should get merged into.

I thought that chad/soy dinosaur thread was pretty funny. But overall I don't know if there is much creativity to be had with such memes. It's still just reproducing the original terrible ideology.


It's a handful of threads on siberia that are only sometimes active. This push to ban it feels like a glowop.

I do think a requirement to provide sauce would filter out 99% of porn anyway, leaving only the good stuff. Plus it would create pressure to not post porn industry stuff like pornhub, instead posting artists and independent sex workers.


>It's a handful of threads on siberia that are only sometimes active.
Isn't that just more of a reason to just ban it?


What? No, just use the hide thread feature.


Never stopped anyone from complaining about every thread ever posted.


>With that said, maybe it would be beneficial to have a general 'sex and relationships' thread that all those threads should get merged into.
I like this idea.


>I don't see why leftists can't enjoy porn.
lmao, this has nothing to do with the discussion but this reminded of a tangent I've read from the past that leftists can't enjoy shit without fighting, it's always a torrent of "There will be no cartoon/anime/porn/this or that type of music/video game/smut/this or that book, fetish or piece of media that does jack shit against or for socialism is bad and will be banned" , creating both an weird lack of lust for the socialist project for both these inside and outside wanting to join in as well as a hall monitor mentality as well as a need to be the one with the biggest moral stick, and this reason is why rightoids get so many lost people from communities like gaming, anime and TTRPG to them because while they also hate everything just like leftists they are so fragmented compared to the left that you can find an niche strand of likeminded retards that tolerate your shit without having to fight everyone because you are a fucking furry or something like that, what a weird thing to come flashing in my head.


If you're gonna do it, just do it, instead of holding some quorum that's just gonna be shitposting


I might add during the discussion of the proposal, we added an addendum to make exceptions for explicitly leftypol-adjacent varieties of already existing memes (such as chinletjak)


I think what were trying to do with this proposal is to encourage original content that sets us apart from 4chan /pol/, and avoid fatigue of overly-used memes and stagnation of culture and creativity

if u wanna post a pepe, fine. but dont be generic about it i guess its what were trying to do. make your picrel interesting


like its a sad affair that i see soyjaks more often than i see porkies nowadays


File: 1673539453626.png (15.4 KB, 500x250, Glegle Christmas.png)

While I hope Glegle doesn't fall in this category of meme, if they do, thread relevant OC–like this one I made a bit after Christmas–is fine as long as it's not overused? I do think there's plenty of creativity to be had with them, and it culturally feels somewhat incompatible with the pepejak/rage comic genre.


Glegle is allowed


I think it's silly but whatever.
About building or rescuing an aesthetic: it's more intelligent for each member to attach a fresh OC to each post instead of making an OC thread where none of that shit is reposted anywhere.


File: 1673551171087.png (28.96 KB, 554x772, 1673539122508.png)


Question: would the ban on Soy/wojaks, Chads, etc. not just lead us to create replacements which are different in nothing but name and basic appearance? E.G. Glegle, which is just Pepe but it's a dog (I think). Even the name is quite similar.


Disagree. It is possible to simply adequately ban the handful of problem users IMO.


you people are genuinely retarded.
>banning memes will create memes
no in fact the opposite is true. We used to naturally meme before you fuckwits came along.

Nobody asked for this, you have literally no idea what you are doing, there is no plan, short or long term. It is ridiculous you sat down and actually thought this up.

You are fighting a problem that does not exist on the very face it. I really have to ask what the fuck is wrong with you


BY THE WAY, you can still post dog porn on Siberia, but this is what you chose to get rid of.


If there were actually people a group of people trying to make dog porn a meme, we'd be talking about it.


I feel like the pro-soy users spamming these types of memes in reaction to this move is only helping garner support for it. Like I was somewhat on the fence about this but seeing the pepejak fandom bring their worse side out of spite has only made me resent them.


I mean, at least that would be something semi-original, but even so I think most users aren't '10 year old on deviantArt' levels of braindead.

>it's more intelligent for each member to attach a fresh OC to each post instead of making an OC thread where none of that shit is reposted anywhere.

>it's more intelligent for each member to attach a fresh OC to each post instead of making an OC thread where none of that shit is reposted anywhere.
Easy to say, but how do you or I encourage others?
It's not like there isn't already Oekaki along with one of the biggest booru.org boorus and 14 OC threads dedicated to sharing other OC. Even lazy people have options.


I think originally modded memes are fine, and I agree.
There is a big difference between posting relevant memes or mods of memes, and just replicating /r9k/. It's one thing to adapt or extend, another to merely clone.


File: 1673572842703.png (16.46 KB, 256x256, I have a thought.png)

Hello, leftypol fellows, form the east and the we st and the rest. I say, let me speak. Most of you have spken and thine self have lissen. So, no, we siberians thy fagootry have abohorren. And with multi faceted derision we have chosen, to quit plowing the fields ur honorhood have placen so exoperantly high only nobility can attainen.

In siberia, we have a name and identiyt like gays and trans, and we have thought that place is quiet good. We were broken and our problems we knowen. We lived and drived under the auspicies of metal instability, existential dread, and general brokedness.

Once in a while, some prick comes in and scorn into us that we /r9k board and schizo blow up on well intentioed threads and turn it into shit that turn awy healthy high quality posters. And our hearts are truly shaken. Your s truly is trully feeling dejection. Dual pain we fell, dual pain. We stupid and we craxy.

No, I say. We did do good threads, but dog needs a beeting only when misbehaving annd well-behaving, your hands are always fainding an excuse? What was? it? yesterday? FApping gave you carpal tunnels?

Now with we inside a petri dish under the microspce like a germ who has no loving mother or protective to save from the prying hands of the tyrants. To thee we ask, wher e do we goo awy? To 4chan or reddit-san? But /sib is our home. WE BUILT [email protected]!! (AMBERSAND)

And if you are so incumbered by quality in general discourse why not curate content and aid it survive pumb? We call into you siberaiphobia and hated towards thiferetly thinke'd. Ur issue is not talk, it's our beloved board. U hate siberia. After all that's where th e gulals for those who are to die were.

Well, we will rise. We refuse Adam's apple from Eve. We will fight low-key purge and survve this. We will, my fellow siberia sons and ddaughter and brothers, I swear, we will raise up.


there is literal actual dog and horseporn on siberia right now


"actual" actual, or 3D?


I think a 'no human x feral hentai' rule wouldn't be too controversial. We already have a no loli rule without much push back, since that can just go to /get/.


It's what they do


OC or leftypol themed nsfw art should be allowed (under current rules more and less) even if you guys ban general porn

/from someone that draws porn


meant specifically nsfw oc


No one's seriously considering a porn ban, it's a joke among people opposing the soy ban. Like "well if your gonna ban this thing, you may as well ban this other thing that wouldn't make sense to be banned from a leftist forum." A slippery slope argument.


File: 1673665657912.jpg (40.78 KB, 480x360, 1659304184104.jpg)

>/from someone that draws porn
Oh yeah? Prove it, tough guy!


Pornogaphy is far more deletrious to leftist politics discussion than soyjaks, and rules about spoilers should be enforced.


There is no reason to ban drawn porn whatsoever


Your website sucks man. You turned it into a meme shithole where the discussion about some retard's suburban ennui outnumbers actual political discussion 100 to 1. Even now, this thread has been derailed by people arguing to ban porn somehow. Take a hint from that.


Lol @ me getting hit by an "accidental" range ban which just happened to delete the feedback I gave on this days ago and didn't get resolved until like this morning. This is a dumb idea, and I'm not going to re-write my post… but, Sage is basically on the money. I was a bit more polite about it personally, but >>24916 is right. We don't have the numbers, and we used to meme for fun when we did.



File: 1673747451867.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, brent.gif)

Yep, that's a porn.


To be clear I’ve not even said ban porn. Ban bestiality along with basically anything else extreme, and put the porn you absolutely must have on some nsfw board.

If you really want to make this site more appealing, you must see that many people see that shit and just leave immediately


Hrrrm yeah we can't just rely and cater to the cohort who got accustomed and innured to dealing with anything back when /pol/ was the most visible forum and social media you could actually defend the memory of Stalin on without immediately being banned our cohorts definitely attriting from the site for whatever life reasons

/leftypol/ isn't our cool kids tree house anymore

Lay off the fun a bit comrades
less normie scaring


People will sperg, but I approve.


File: 1673791816414.png (252.58 KB, 352x560, ClipboardImage.png)

>implying future tense


I also think by the way, that is one of the few instances I would err in favour of silencing something. I think we should be allowed to talk about any political topic on leftypol. Particularly toxic conversations like trUUns debate can get a general that can't be bumped.


>we should have absolute free speech
>except regarding things I don't like

quelle surprise


File: 1673867438790.jpg (82.33 KB, 672x474, what did I expect.jpg)

I don't know what you people expect.


It’s better than the mods
>we shouldn’t have free speech
>apart from for stuff I do like
>the stuff I like is dog porn


So that's what they meant when they said Leftypol had gone to the dogs


No offense, Sage, I agreed with your earlier critique of the mods… but this is also stupid. We don't need to ban more stuff, and afaik actual bestiality porn already isn't allowed here. We already have a NSFW board, /siberia/ isn't the main board… and a lot of people in 2023 just aren't as big of prudes as you seem to presume wrt to porn and off-color cartoons. Like if anything the biggest prudes right now are sitting in board rooms.


The list of things to ban is very short. I think bestiality is one of them. Just because its 2D does not change what it is. I'm assuming (I hope) we would also ban 2D CP.

People aren't prudes no. Bestiality is not a question of being a prude or not. There is no consent to be got from and animal.

Yes I eat meat, yes I am a hypocrit in this regard, fact remains of the general public 98% are absolutely oppossed to any and all forms of sexualisation of animals, and they are correct, as they are about the sexualisation of children.

Look if you really really want to draw horse porn or whatever, there are dozens, probably hundreds of other sites. It does not NEED to be here. Leftypol is unique in being a leftist political discourse board that doesn't succumb to libtardism (so the theory goes anyway) it NEEDS to exist like that. It is so way far above the prioritise of people who want to watch bestiality animation that it doesn't even register.


I find threads about meat more offensive than ones about bestiality, since you bring it up.


Meat eaters out


The difference is that a huge majority of people eat meat, and only a very small minority are into bestiality.


Morality is not a "democratic" decision, jfc




On the contrary, democracy is not a moralistic position.


It's not a position at all it's a system of government


having a porn thread on the funny stalin website is dumb, actually


because why


The mods ban soyjak and people start to post and make Alunya OCs again.
Jannies, I kneel.


Which unflattering soyjak did you get portrayed as to warrant such a butthurt overreaction from a moderator?


File: 1674696079259.jpg (141.65 KB, 720x935, 1674650968046279.jpg)


File: 1674697921510.jpeg (26.75 KB, 474x595, my son.jpeg)

>free advertising
fuck yeah, thanks /pol/


redpill me on lefty/pol/


/pol/'s economics department back when /pol/ was cool stormfag and lib unfriendly

Now it's own thing as /pol/ has degenerated post it's greatest achievement of electing Trump president of the Great Satan


Prove it or stfu


interesting also cool flags btw


Do I really have to dig through my backups to find the old /pol/ maymay of Stalin as top w/ Hitler as bottom predating the split?


File: 1674699471426.png (326.13 KB, 576x566, ClipboardImage.png)

>cool stormfag


That wouldn't be enough. An archived thread would suffice.



What kind of archived thread
There should be that embassy thread on 8/pol/ shortly after the board split where they were begging me to convince them to come back because /pol/ was less effective without the free flow of arguments between all of us

Do you know of any archives for 8/pol/ dating back to 7 or 8 years or So?

Stormfag and lib unfriendly son
This is the tankie board here we read books


>This is the tankie board here we read books
The tankies (AKA modern revisionists) are the most unread on this board second only to the redblack flags. Your cohort gets most of its information from RT and CGTN and couldn't give a Leninist definition of imperialism if their life depended on it.


what's the most prominent ideology on this board? marxist-leninism or?


how would you tell?
plus, this places is supposed to be anti-sectarian as a feature.


i don't know its your community, i just came here from 4/pol/ and i wanted to ask a few questions about this site


Well, what's the prominent ideology on /pol/? Classical liberals (or as they like to call themselves, libertarians)? Neo-fash? Vague conservativism? It's hard to say….
M-L and subsets are probably the most common just by numbers, but there are a lot of different other groups. Hell, we even have a few nazi regulars who preferred the discussion here over /fascist/.


are leftists uyghurs?
are transhumanists uyghurs?
is free speech anti lefties?
so who is your owner?


Various strawpolls have had ML as a plurality or slight majority over the years

These are internet strawpolls on an anonymous image board though
Officially we are indeed a non-sectarian board
The proprietary feelings MLs have is a hangover from when MLs were outcasts from other "leftist" spaces

fwiw we are currently on a queer people friendly drive to appeal to the youth demographic which may make this current state of the board not your cup of tea unless you as a /pol/itician understand that this board has a higher political purpose ie. Communism and the discussion thereof


File: 1674701684946.png (187.65 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

Ah, so you're a Maoist with Xi Jinping Thought!


id wager unread nazism or racist liberalism is 4/pol/ ideology nowadays, the quality of discourse has gone downhill over the years albeit i only started lurking it specifically after /pol/ harbor


>i only started lurking it specifically after /pol/ harbor
Which happenings was that? The term's been used since at least 2014 and I suspect it's been used again since.
>the quality of discourse has gone downhill over the years
Absolutely. Even on 8ch days there were nazis posting in good faith there because at least there was an understanding of systematic concepts beyond conspiratoral logic. Some basic discussion.
Even the /pol/ thread that's linking to us is filled with nonsense edgeposting. Sure, haha, it's fun to trigger da libs, but /pol/ is not Politics. It's literally saying dumb edgy stuff (back in 2012) and then getting mixed in with people silly enough to think it was unironic, then trying to rationalize it. So anyone seeking actual political discussion won't like the place.


This is not a bad decision.
Don't listen to the soyjak.party raiders.


>>25129 (me)
shitty example, but stuff like this was common even in 2016, let alone post-NLP and post-2020.

THIS ELECTION YEAR IS GONNA SUCK FOR EVERY BOARD ON 4CHAN. At least here the low-quality garbage looks out of place, places like /pol/ and /v/ have no chance.


File: 1674703817714.jpg (20.29 KB, 360x249, stagnant water.jpg)

As much as I disagree with the wojack/pepe ban, I think if we're going to move forward with this ban at the very least we should have a trade for it.

For banning wojak and pepe, you should ban as well:
anti-porn posters,
anti-lgbt posters,
and virtue signalers.

And you can't even counter me on this take. Look at these posts:
Nothing of value.
It would take a million years of their posting to offer the level of value one frog post.

They just want to ban everything to make the site a static mush of thought to reflect the puddle in their head that was once a brain – a puddle that has gone stagnate for so long that it has become a hot spot for the most filthy maggots.


2014 after mootykins was called luggage lad for vacationing with a girl who had a bf he made a site wide banner inviting anyone to raid /pol/ in response then sticked the 8 steps of cuckolding and played some music board wide which i don't remember because phoneposter. also big agree i almost exclusively use /pol/ nowadays for offtopic posting about food or guns and i don't think a single person in my irl WN group uses any chana for discussion these days


>And you can't even counter me on this take
stopped reading


File: 1674704621044.png (867 KB, 1707x2158, 1617871438558.png)

please ban "seethe", "based" and "cope" also, those are our memes too


File: 1674704839602.png (322.66 KB, 474x592, ClipboardImage.png)

Existed long before /pol/.
>seethe" and "cope"
Meaningless anti-brain cliches. I agree with your proposal.


yes his name is Tammy Cohen and he is fabulous


>alrighty time to ban moar
Time to undo these gay meme-bans.


Nazi here. This isn't my board, but I can't sit by and just watch you do this without saying something. What exactly does this achieve? I get it, Nazis live rent-free in communist heads, and communism lives rent-free in Conservitard heads. It's irritating, it's pointless, but I don't see how this achieves anything. I like the protectionist angle, I like the almost state-like desire to act upon an issue, but I still don't see the fixing, improving or solving an issue you people have. Even this policy shows you have an obsession with /pol/. The site is called /leftypol/. It exists because we live rent-free in your head.

The problem fundamentally, is that your worldview is dying. Revleft is gone, this board split apart, you're all blackpilled. You're understimulated intellectuals, and there's less of you. Creativity isn't something you generally have as a bookworm. This policy just seems desperate and would just lead to people posting less images. Maybe it will work, I hope it does for you, but it just seeems desperate.

I can't believe this is Marxism in the 21st century.: "We need to ban memes for being too fash"
The rail workers just got fucked, the 'socialist' controlled opposition democrats voted on fucking them and preventing them from striking, we're all living in shit, our wages are worse than ever, all our labor is spent on some shitty war, the rest is given to wall street, we're sending tanks to prolong a bloodbath, and what is left of Marxism is debating on whether to ban some stale fucking memes.

Please get your shit together.


idk but if it makes the nazi mad im all for it


I don't think they do this because they are leftists, it's just that wojak and pepe are kinda stale.


So why did the OP call them "reactionary" memes?


File: 1674706162842.png (799.54 KB, 1493x1400, laughingwhoroes.png)

>What exactly does this achieve?
You know how American boring generic industrialized-culture made your country's own arts and media worse?
Same shit, basically. And it's not even a /pol/ meme, so idk where that shit's coming from.

>This isn't my board, but I can't sit by and just watch you do this without saying something.

>I can't believe this is Marxism in the 21st century
lol get a life you loser. it's the internet.

seriously, is this meant to be owning da gommies? showing that we live rent-free in your head by coming here and writing a gay little mini-essay? im screencapping this, shit's more hilarious than any soyjak or pepe comic,


Reactionary doesn't mean 'right wing', you dummy. They're anti-progress.


>And it's not even a /pol/ meme, so idk where that shit's coming from.
The literal OP of this thread?

Same difference, retard.


File: 1674706478225.png (1005.06 KB, 960x717, HAIL.png)

>leftypol mods make a rule change
>/siberia/ has a chaotic new flow of blood
>/pol/ makes a 300+ reply thread whining about it, because we still squat their headspace, sans landlord
>new unironic users from the free advertising realize that this place is actually stimulating for a change
Can't wait for the 5 year plan to drop.


Yeah, and I don't think it will change anything. Creativity on issues that matter? None, but watch them make 52 images of pixelated perfection regarding images of their favorite catgirl getting fucked. It's incels. Sex-starved incels that haven't seen or smelt grass in months.
>lol get a life you loser. it's the internet.
It's politics. It's last vestiges of revolt against an immoral system crippling and crushing everything around us. I tend to think issues that matter are more important than whether memes are stale or not.
>seriously, is this meant to be owning da gommies?
I'm well past the point of seeing Marxism as a threat. It's just a boogeyman, a dead politic, and this thread is proof. It's frankly depressing, because it means that Market Liberal Capitalism has even less opposition.
>showing that we live rent-free in your head
As usual, the spiteful nature of the freak reveals itself. It's the same on /pol/. So many spiteful snarky people without power visciously attacking others to feel the power they lack.
>im screencapping this
That's all this is to you. Some overly dramatic squabble and gotcha moment.

Nothing is more blackpilling that interacting with the average spiteful midwit regardless of their politic. It's the same words, the same malice, the same tribalistic jingoistic red team vs blue team bullshit.
It's not my board, it's not my politic, but it's also not in our interests to watch it rot either. I'm a Nazi, I'm a Socialist, and I'd rather there be more of us collectively, than less.



Alright, this spergout vindicates the banning of pepe. How about we further remove the filth of 4chan and ban porn & neet/incel/my life is so sad threads?


File: 1674707136663-0.mp4 (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, projection.mp4)

File: 1674707136663-1.gif (2.68 MB, 498x372, porky.gif)


>idk but if it makes the nazi mad im all for it
Just like a conservitard that wants to see shitlib tears. Zero independent thought or revolutionary spirit. All that matters is 'making the other team mad'.


File: 1674707319657.png (257.12 KB, 751x401, 649868490680465.png)

>So why did the OP call them "reactionary" memes?
Because these are the old memes of the dying world and they must be torn down so new, revolutionary memes can take their place.


>no rebuttal
>no argument
>just snark
It's like I'm on /pol/ arguing with a conservitard. Is there a factory where they create you spiteful mutants?


Somehow this place manages to be more cucked than /pol/


"Policy should be based entirely on whether my make-believe opposition agrees with it"
If I didn't fly a swastika, your opinion would be entirely different. You have no independent position based upon any worldview. You are the reactionary you claim to oppose.


File: 1674707742418.mp4 (3.4 MB, 590x747, Maxine.mp4)

Making 👻 >the other team 👻 mad doesn't matter. It's merely the only function you're providing.

You wrote 500 words and it's all the same unproductive drivel you claim to be above. Baseless claims that contradict evidence on issues you have no experience with. Petty insults. Taking the internet too seriously. You provided us nothing but laughter.


>/leftypol/ mods stupidly ban old tired memes
>/pol/ makes memes around it
>create new meme format
>/leftypol/ starts using the meme format too

Thanks /pol/bros


No, I'd react the same if you said you were an M-L or ancom. Your post makes it obvious you have no idea what this place is.
The fact that you think this rule has anything to do with /pol/, or even that you imply this place split from /pol/, is enough for me to recognize you as being totally unfamiliar with us, our history and our situation.


>maybe if we ban these shit memes then better things will magically appear
Meanwhile, all that creativity is on Siberia making porn about catgirls.
The problem isn't the old memes. The problem is your board is filled with incels and spiteful mutants like you. I'm not saying /ol/ is any better either.
>Taking the internet too seriously.
Says the person whose politic is discussing banning mems. Fuck me, the projection is too much.

Yes, I take politics seriously. I know 90% of you don't, which is why we live in shit.


File: 1674708315401.png (91.84 KB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)

sirs do not redeem


>Your post makes it obvious you have no idea what this place is.
It's a dead hugbox.
>The fact that you think this rule has anything to do with /pol/,
/pol was directly mentioned as one of the reasons.
>or even that you imply this place split from /pol/
It is. It was first created on 8chan
>is enough for me to recognize you as being totally unfamiliar with us, our history and our situation.
I posted on /leftypol/ when it was first reated on 8chan. I'm a /new/sman.


File: 1674708368451.png (34.33 KB, 1398x105, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like the jannies struck a massive nerve


File: 1674708435296.jpg (650.62 KB, 998x1000, the doctor is in.jpg)

>maybe if we ban these shit memes then better things will magically appear
well they did rapidly appear (this rule has been in place for weeks now) and it probably wasnt magic

stopped reading


File: 1674708444099.png (2.75 MB, 1624x2444, 345983590646.png)




>well they did rapidly appear
Got any examples?


>I posted on /leftypol/ when it was first reated on 8chan.
If that were true, the fact that you thought it was created in reaction to /pol/ is astounding. The name was taken because the exodus was of 'leftist' users being banned, but it wasn't from any of the /pol/ boards.



Actually 8/pol/ was banning leftist poster's and 4/pol/ tended to go downhill in that respect over the years and that's why all the come back plz begging on the embassy thread was irrelevant
Y yes of course /leftypol/ is in fact a /lit/ descendent board don't let anybody tell you otherwise newfags




>says yes
>doesn't post them
>you thought it was created in reaction to /pol/ is astounding
Yes,the lMarxists left the board and created their own.
>the exodus was of 'leftist' users being banned
I don't remember that complaint ever being made on 8chan. The main complaint was the 'stormfags had taken over the board'. Can't lie. We did.


File: 1674709012644-0.png (415.78 KB, 1599x1026, ashbie chud bigot jail.png)

File: 1674709012644-1.png (137.82 KB, 660x865, seething chud.png)


why'd you dox me bro



File: 1674709135080.png (1.48 MB, 1800x1593, ashbie chud cropped.png)


You said the policy had a rapid impact. I want to see examples of this impact. Post examples of this fresh creativity.


>I want to see examples of this impact.
I don't care what you want.


Well you see lad I moseyed over to /leftypol/ after the embassy thread and mentioned yoise wanted them back and called them chickens and they said they couldn't they'd been banned


File: 1674709516725.png (500.65 KB, 556x516, ClipboardImage.png)


I miss nazbol gang can we bring back nazbol gang ?


The future starts with you and me.


Nazbol is banned in the rules


That was due to overproduction it was getting to the point of a flood

We have the opposite problem now


this place is a pathetic hugbox


No you retarted jewish nigger we are extremely PR focussed for simple little reason like wanting to take power


No it's because it is a third position fascist ideology. Strasserism was banned too


I think the vols are grown up enough to handle nuance now
How's The PTSD from the job sorry


this place has zero cultural impact and stands no chance of doing anything except coddle fags


Wait isn't aspie known as a slut for sproke these days? I guess that meme can't be touched either then.


File: 1674711432604.gif (15.71 KB, 99x106, gif.gif)

>this place has zero cultural impact
Then how did you find us, hmmmmmmmmmmmm?
stopped reading


Hehe yeah
Except when it kicks into gear
Then it gets fun


>Muh PR
>Wanting to take power
>Coping and larping this hard
lmao it's a little to late for this place to ever be taken seriously.


if i answered that question i'd get gulaged
oh no no no no


Want our help with Trump 2024 or should we continue with our planned Harris Santos cage fight foar teh lulz?


>Nazbol is banned in the rules
Literally isn't.


I wasn't following. Which zionist do you support again?


>if i answered that question i'd get gulaged
It's ok anon, the kind Mr. Ulyanov would have shot everyone here.


File: 1674711676817.png (439.78 KB, 600x890, ClipboardImage.png)

its over


Some mods interpreted it that way which was annoying once the flood stopped
Hey some nerd out there if you can be fucked hook up stable diffusion and flood /pol/ with Nazbol memes


>d*scord screencap
didn't click. might as well be twitter shit


File: 1674711825764.jpg (24.57 KB, 375x339, DOOOOOOOMED.jpg)

>rebuild the neonazi->nazbol->bol pipeline
oh no
no no no
youll doom us all


They're all fucking Zionists that's the point and what makes it so funny


this is lebbybol so i suprort beer sanders




File: 1674712126124.pdf (6.46 MB, 180x255, all soy words.pdf)

Hallo, jannies.
I've got a list of words frequently used by soy posters.
Could you maybe consider filtering these words?


If it contains boring recycled trash like "the", "is", "very" and "yes", then I will immediately plug this into a ban filter.



>americans have gone to bed
>/pol/ spergout dies immediately

i love how this vid got the first country wrong


except i would not care about a nazi trying to concern troll their way into being taken seriously

are you mad you cant handle smug banter
kill yourself honestly


File: 1674721159683.png (1.79 MB, 1658x962, tabby when?.png)

but comrade, they wrote a lot of words! they are a true leftist!


Finally those cringe fascist memes are banned.


File: 1674723419390.png (524.31 KB, 836x563, HOMOFASCISM.png)

They weren't even fascist, they were just boring cancers that stiffed growth.

You know, now that the dust has settled and /b/ is no longer a top 5 board on 4chan, I feel we're in a good position to truly uncover what the cancer that killed /b/ was. And if you said rage comics, well you're closer than damn mudkips and ponies.


<two 300+ reply threads
Scratch stale memes and a fascist bleeds.


did u made this lmao


/b/ could still be good but the mods just delete random posts and theres so many threads you have to hide. And /bant/ sucks pretty bad


comrade based marxist matey made it


it was made by a troll back when we were still on 8chan
the mods banned him for being annoying and he never came back lmao


>reddit frog is…. LE HECKIN FASCISM!


>the mods just delete random posts

So nothing changed from day 1. Do they at least memeban and make it fun or is it just deleting shit they don't like?

lol no-one thinks that. if anything, it's 'i have no gf'.


>Do they at least memeban and make it fun or is it just deleting shit they don't like?
no they never do anything entertaining. They just delete it


>Pepe and Spurdo


File: 1674732485820.jpg (99.01 KB, 944x712, 1420918528702.jpg)


I don't think he was a troll, I think he was bullied unfairly by the board, he made a cool OC, who cares if it was 'cringe'.


Spurdo isn't a pepejak. This isn't a "ban all old memes" rule.


He's a 4chan meme….. 4chan memes are banned. MoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDSSSSSSSSSssssss



weird…. i dont think the drawing is on the booru. should i add it?



File: 1674748398521.jpg (94.83 KB, 1200x600, 1664987459205436.jpg)

Friendly reminder for you sad fucks


Wypipo be crazy man


>right wingers refuse to go to the doctors and deal with their feelings by beating on their loved ones

wow tell me something I don't know


>"Liberals are retarded"
>"take that communists"


legitimately baffling response by the chinless
I expect nothing and still I am disappointed


File: 1674755057400.png (105.94 KB, 1028x475, ClipboardImage.png)


communism will win


Have the denizens of leftypol really become so overstimulated and thin-skinned that they can't handle seeing shitty memes and mean words every once in a while?
Leftypol was once the ONLY left-wing forum with relatively lax censorship. Please don't let it become like every other over-moderated wasteland on the internet.


lmao, why are you so invested in pepes you nerd


That clearly wasn't my point you fucking asshole. If I have a choice between banning something or not banning something, if it isn't illegal or actively disruptive then I choose the latter.
Honestly, I don't see why the moderation on this site doesn't simply go ahead and ban whatever they dislike without any further process or discussion involved. It would be much more honest.


would it blow your mind to learn thats exactly how this place works?

it is literally ran by people who will ban you if they post stuff you dont like, it is there website


*if you post stuff they dont like


i think it is disruptive having stupid pepes and wojaks everywhere, it lowers the discourse, makes this place more like 4chan. hopefully the janoids will ban porn next. free speech isn't a good in itself, look at 4chan or look at places that have 100% no moderation.


File: 1674756898524.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.1 KB, 1024x1024, 1615873884477m.jpg)

>>25263(no frogs)


>would it blow your mind to learn thats exactly how this place works?
Except theres a veneer of transparency and process and principles all created to legitimize it. It's dishonest as fuck, what about this do you not understand?
>i think it is disruptive having stupid pepes and wojaks everywhere, it lowers the discourse
No, it does not. The discourse will stay low no matter which funny reddit images are or aren't allowed.
>makes this place more like 4chan
It's a fucking imageboard, what did you expect?
>look at 4chan or look at places that have 100% no moderation.
<100% no moderation
This is a fucking fantasy.
Moreover, making a connection between a supposed lack of moderation to the reason why 4chan has shit culture is bullshit.
4chan has shit culture because of its history and its purpose. The same can be said about leftypol.
All that moderation does is either stop disruption or stifle discussion, nothing more.


what do you think the rules are


I think the rules are whatever the fuck the moderators abritrarily want at any point in time.
But the moderators would probably say that these are the rules:
They also used to make threads where they pretended to discuss the rules, thankfully that useless formality was abolished, until recently with this thread.


not your website if you dont like it fuck off


I can criticize whoever the fuck I want.


you can but it doesnt mean anyone has to care either


What's your point?


i don't care that you don't care fagola you're the one replying lmao


File: 1674791569216.png (13.38 KB, 871x96, bunkersoy.PNG)

I'm convinced soyjak just made some mods personally angry and that's why they had it banned, and the official justification is just bullshit excuses. The same thing happened on Bunkerchan. it's actually astonishing how many people a single meme has pissed off over the years.

If a mere meme makes you seethe irl, that's your problem and you shouldn't be an internet moderator.


You're kidding right? Soyjaks are literally one of the most ultra reactionary meme's in existence.
It's not impossible that a single soyjak meme could prevent an entire communist revolution in some country somewhere, if it received enough attention.


File: 1674801177694.png (106.37 KB, 577x390, leningemmy.png)

The next October Revolution will be fought with soyjaks.


reminder that banning soyface and memes despite the fact these are ubiquitous over the internet out of some vague sense of righteousness and signalling is exactly the same as a reddit forum banning catgirls


hit the books lad


uygha anyone can read a book, congratulations you can literally do something anyone can do. Most of you people don’t even read theory you just skim Wikipedia and twitter for cherry-picked shit that backs up your belief


>anyone can do it
But are you doing it tho
I don't know who you think I am but seems you are mad
Good stay mad


Jewish nigger


you’re not reading anything but the anon’s post




File: 1674831280942.jpg (221.92 KB, 1717x1861, gollysockz-3097617.jpg)

Stimulus: The suggestion to read theory, because the post they responded to was being social media brained and it's author could use a theoretical basis to build off of.

Response: Chastising them for suggesting such a thing. Belittling the efforts of those who have done it, despite lack of implication that it's meant to be some impressive feat. Projection over methods of avoiding accomplishing said feat.


Ban Graceposting too, it's literally just the same dozen images being reposted over and over.


That can be solved with more grace art tho. Grace poster does lean toward commissioning mostly reaction images because they're commissioning them and feel like they need images with utility. I think if they weren't the main anon in charge of grace image making they'd use / commission a wider pallet and not just post reaction images. We could also perhaps encourage them to make a Neocities because I think that would be fun and bring traffic here from people curious about Alunya.

Also avatarfrens are normal on non-4chan Imageboards, you could just hide the royal colony thread, and Grace and Alunya are important for each other's enrichment and habitat.


Hiding threads is stupid, why should I have to go out of my way to prevent myself from looking at something I don’t want to look at, especially when she often leaves her thread and tries to spam other threads with her shitty royalist bullshit drawings


All from /pol/ mind you, but nobody has a problem with that


lol the free screech crowd has no solidarity with anyone
I wrote somewhere reactionaries work against their own interest constantly and inadvertently.
And all the time I am reminded how correct I am


It's a single button for the royal colony thread and also she doesn't post that much outside of it, and when she does it's usually just to gush over Grace x Alunya shipping. Also you can hide her posts with a uBlock filter using psudo-classes and the file names for the more common reaction / dog images she posts. Perhaps I only see this as a negligible task because Linux brainworms though.


I was being sarcastic uygha, shouldn’t the whole “I shouldn’t have to go out of my way to look at something I don’t wanna look at” be enough of a give away ?


Eh, gently encourage her to read more into MonSoc. Which takes looking into it yourself and having some idea what she's read so far. Encouraging her to make a Neocities blog would remedy this.


>“I shouldn’t have to go out of my way to look at something I don’t wanna look at"
I mean I just assumed that was a random neuronal misfire and ignored it to be perfectly honest


Ah okie 👍 Just woke up.


You may wish to give your fellow man the benefit of the doubt, you’ll end up taking everything way too seriously if you don’t


Holy shit, you retards


>You may wish to give your fellow man the benefit of the doubt


You see ackchyually it's ironic! The mods give a literal monarchist his own general because its ironic. The mods ban avatarfagging but ignore this case because its ironic.


I think you got it wrong, frogs, wojaks and all should be banned everywhere BUT siberia


>The mods ban avatarfagging

since when


Do you remember that weird time when a group of people started avatarfagging all over /siberia/? They banned it around that time. 2021, I think.


They clearly stopped doing that. Penny, Chihuahua, Jenny, ect… all use avatars with no issue.


This is an anonymous board. they post using a feminine board-tan as an avatar. We can only guess based on vibes.


Ah. You never know when bans/rules may or may not apply here.


I mean I feel for you. Being dumb as a bag of hammers must be hard.


>noooo mods don't say one thing and do another you're just le dumb!
Pathetic cope.




File: 1674990485521.png (446.89 KB, 2048x1024, jacket the roper.png)

shut the fuck up you faggot





is there an archive somewhere with these? i love them especially the classical art ones


>The c*mmunist defends private property.


comrades, it has come to my attention that you have taken steps to further your aim to become a creative powerhouse, i commend you for this but i suggest that we as a community do not forbid soyjaks from existing, for the soyjak is a widely known, powerfool propaganda tool and as such must be employed by us to become even more relevant in the netsphere, i thank you for your time and may the marxism be with you.

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