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everyday a joke!

tune in tomorrow
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holy shit dude what the fuck


so how do you feel about nougat when compared to, like, maven or npm


NTA but nuget is fine. In general C# is a pleasant language and it's a fine language to build system programs with. I personally hate maven and npm. The first for its shit language and the second for how shit it works and how obtuse the CLI is to use.


She was going on about the drama in her group chat and I kept going "yep that's some fbi.gov"

tune in tomorrow


Guy works out steadily and loses several pounds. He's still fat but is proud of his progress. While shopping, a man glances at him: "Lose weight, lard ass."

tune in tomorrow


This new gacha I tried out has such a fair and forgiving way to play
without spending money. You sign an agreement for a certain amount
of the premium currency and the game gives it to you as long as you pay for it in the future, and in love of fairness, the payment is adjusted to the current value of the currency. What a steal!

tune in tomorrow


Finally it was NaNoWriMo, and she had her story planned and word count quotas set. She was going to start any day now.

tune in tomorrow


He hated race-mixing so much he posted videos from his blacked folder to show everyone how disgusting it was.

tune in tomorrow


I only spray the bathroom after I poop when there's company over. The back of the toilet's been getting pretty crowded since I last shopped.

tune in tomorrow


"My girlfriend fell down a large crack."
"Will you better fissure out!"

tune in tomorrow


"How was your flight?"

tune in tomorrow


I told her to take a NAP but she already had a copy.

tune in tomorrow


Guy gets idea for something big. He thinks about in detail, all the steps he'd have to undergo. After planning it all out he's satisfied just thinking about it.

tune in tomorrow


She waited years and finally got a great deal on the cellphone she wanted. The next day the announced a new model.

tune in tomorrow


this is fairly normal, old phone inventory gets liquidated when a new model is about to get announced, and that's how i got my flip z4 at 700 dollars. i don't mind it being the previous model at all.


She finally made a friend after being alone for so long and invited her over to play Smash. She turned the console on and realized she only had one controller.

tune in tomorrow


I asked my dad what to do about this annoying woman at the bus stop. He said to eraser.

tune in tomorrow


The 2nd day of the week? Twosday.

tune in tomorrow


We're proud to announce you will soon be able to sideload apps on phones as long as we approve of them.

tune in tomorrow


It's a disappointing day to be a conservative content creator. My documentary titled "TransFormers" seemed to upset a lot of people expecting something different.

tune in tomorrow


He had been writing everything down for years and finally he could smile. The worldbuilding for his planned 10 part epic fantasy series was finished, and he was ready to begin book 1.

tune in tomorrow (in the right thread)



The eternal chinletjak


My dad keeps saying "the rooftop" and all I can think is where else would it be?

tune in tomorrow


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>me spending a few hours on a engineering problem only to realize I fucked up on the first step and I wasted hours of my life.

tune in tomorrow


I feel sorry for Liness. They're always stuck behind, lone.

tune in tomorrow


How to improve your game? Hunt bigger deer.

tune in tomorrow


I have a debate against this guy who wrote a few books on politics and stuff. I wasn't reading any of his shit so I listened to a video essay about him to prep.

tune in tomorrow


He called himself a monarchist and I knew he was into kingdom.

tune in tomorrow


I think she thinks she got probed or something, won't stop talking about feeling "alienated"

tune in tomorrow


I'm still waiting for this 5 letter noun to do actual giving.

tune in tomorrow


What do you need when you find her acting crazy? Sanitize her.

tune in tomorrow


People keep talking about chan but they'll never tell you what's for chan!

tune in tomorrow


Wish I got a dreamcast when I was younger. Climate change's killing the big fish now.

tune in tomorrow


When I press pgup I want the terminal to show what was in the terminal one terminal's length before now, not pull up whatever command I was there 20 previously.

Tune in tomorrow.


"What did the bee do to her?"

tune in tomorrow


Guy's sister asks him if he remembers what today is. He makes an excuses to go into his room to find her a present in panic, and gives it to her while saying happy birthday. She rejects it and calls him an idiot. He remarks: "Christmas Eve, you're a terrible sister."

tune in tomorrow


What do you call something that is neither a pea nor a nut? A peanut.

tune in tomorrow


You'll never meet a liens if you never get into debt.

tune in tomorrow


She went to the fan meetup and was relieved that she wasn't the only one who forgot to bring a fan.

tune in tomorrow


My friend invited me over to watch her play this fighting game she got. All she did was complain about how scrubby and unbalanced it was and how the last one was better. I said "Wow, this game's bad," and she looked at me weird and said it's the best fighting game in years.

tune in tomorrow


What did the plagues called themselves when they ran for office? The Plagiarists!

tune in tomorrow


Someone get this man a job in posicle sticks.


They confiscated his hard drives, manga, figures, and dakis while he was in cuffs. He only said one thing as they carried him to the squad car. "Fuck the 3DPD"

tune in tomorrow


I had only 5 hours to finish my essay on Lincoln that I just started. I googled his wikipage, "Leland named Lincoln Motor Company after Abraham Lincoln, stating that Lincoln was the first President for whom he ever voted." All I had to do was put it in my own words: "Leland called LMC (Lincoln Motor Company) after Lincoln (Abraham) saying that Lincoln was the 1st person to become President that he voted for."

tune in tomorrow


I wanted to show him what the suppressor on a gun does but there was no su around for it to press.

tune in tomorrow


I asked a group of people if they saw Beatrix, my pet owl. They all said "who" in unison and she flew down onto my shoulder.

tune in tomorrow


my cousin said she needed a gift for minors so i bought her a pickaxe

tune in tomorrow



tune in tomorrow


Former house representative George Santos stated, "I never said I was a leftist. I said I was left-ISH."

tune in tomorrow

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