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Alunya & Grace fanfic thread
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Did a mod delete the nsfw thread from /draw/? I wanted to post the Grace-butt picture here and now it's nowhere to be found. What the fuck?


File: 1714250700419.png (1.05 MB, 3979x3000, Grace Phat Ass.png)


Thank you, do you have the other picture saved too?


File: 1714258784651.png (690.55 KB, 850x661, ClipboardImage.png)


>deleted thread
why tho


mod hates fun?


File: 1714300312079.png (157.41 KB, 597x688, O~O.png)



I meant the other drawing.


File: 1714300579105.png (1.09 MB, 3572x2640, 1712165991712.png)


>It actually got made
Nice. Could use some improvement but still pretty solid.


File: 1714362329749-0.png (2.75 MB, 2481x3507, 3 swimsuit wb.png)

File: 1714362329749-1.png (2.74 MB, 2481x3507, 1 swimsuit wb.png)

File: 1714362329749-2.png (2.75 MB, 2481x3507, 2 swimsuit wb.png)

An artist drew a pic of Grace in a swimsuit


File: 1714362350868-0.png (2.32 MB, 2481x3507, 1 swimsuit grace.png)

File: 1714362350868-1.png (2.31 MB, 2481x3507, 3 swimsuit grace.png)

File: 1714362350868-2.png (2.31 MB, 2481x3507, 2 swimsuit grace.png)


Time to start the week some fappin'



Apparently OP had second thoughts and backed out, asking for the thread to be deleted before anything could get saved.


No I get that, just wondering where people were, even just conversation-wise.



Grace-Rodina Russian Civil War Pg 3


Sweat lined Grace’s face. Although it wasn’t a hard battle, she still treated it as such, and mustered her forces to attack with fervor. Small erratic uprising and skirmishes were plaguing the area the White controlled. For the most part, they were benign to suppress. But Grace knew better and made it a point to crush any dissidents with a fervor.

Finally, ceasefire was called and Grace advanced. Weapons were thrown to the ground, the men surrendered. Grace asked for their leader. A pudgy man with an unkempt beard and rags for a so-called uniform stepped up.

Who does he think he is.

Grace looked him up and down before slowly surveying all of the men that made the resistance. She gave the signal to the Lieutenant to announce the order.

“Under orders from Commander Grace, you shall be hung for acts of Treason. Any final words?”

They remained silent.


Grace looked up and caught the man who said that. Without hesitation, she walked over to that man, grabbed her pistol, and shot him point blank. Everyone reeled back at the quick movement. After catching a quick breath, Grace realized her next issue was the blood on herself. She accessed the damage. Minor blood on her uniform. Some on the face and boots.

Not the hair.

She angrily sighed, grabbing her handkerchief she always kept and wiping her face off.
She paused for a bit before she realized the silence around that loomed around her. She looked at her men, who just stared at her.

“Well, what are you waiting for. Take them into holding.”

The men quickly grabbed them all and took them away. Grace quickly berated herself for losing her composure like that. But the stress of these constant resistance has been weighing on her.

Whatever Denikin is planning, it have better been good.

That man. With every day, she grows to despise that man. A brute is what he is. It seems that all her cares for is the death of Yids than fighting the Bolshevik.

In a way, I guess he is fighting Bolshe-

Grace quickly shook her head. She scolded herself for allowing such crude thoughts affect her mind.

You’re beginning the sound like that country peasant.

Grace was conflicted on Denikin’s orders of pogroms. She didn’t ultimately care for the Yids and agreed with Tsar Alexander ultimate policy. And yet, the way he conducted himself, and the way he went about it, was more akin to a lynch mob than a proper pogrom. One should inform them they are no longer welcomed and they must leave before resorting to such violence. Or at least, that is how she imagined things to be.

Nothing like the civility of Tsar Alexander III.

But she had resigned herself to this request, reluctantly. If it was up to her, she would respond to no one but the rightful heir of the crown. And yet, he was one of the better officers she met. A tsarist like herself. So, she had to get on his good side, on all their good sides. It was a strategic move to restore the Romanovs. The plan went as followed.

Once the Bolsheviks were overthrown, there will be an unbalance on the future of Russia. Some will clamor for the old government. Some generals whispered of dictatorship. The only true path for the motherland, was a King. This allowed for succession, for stability, for recognition from the other powers. She will convince them that the idea of the revolution will only bring chaos.

I need two things.

Her mind whispered as she got on her horse.

Power and an heir.


New up-to-date Grace design.
This is the official & canon Grace look w/ her new black pants.
(in case anyone ever wants to /draw/ Grace).


Is Grace-chan the one wearing the pants in the relationship?


File: 1715927608522.jpg (89.54 KB, 847x610, night 2 p31.jpg)


I'm gonna be honest I never got these games


>post deleted
What was the post? The world must know!


We will never know…


I didn't respond to this, as I was having a bad day but fuck me I love this <3


>Alunya drew several deep breaths trying to ground herself as she felt the weight of Grace's hands in her shoulder.
>Looking into her friends eyes, their normally azur hue had turned a deep purple, betraying enough information for her to know, that Grace had consumed an entire bottle of love potion.
>She steeled herself as she prepared to do whats was moral, what was right and put her friend to bed to sleep off her mistake and wake up in a clearer thinking.
>Then she heard it, something that shattered her will, something that dripped such lust, and was so personal to her, that it stopped her in her tracks
"Aaalunnnyaaa~ <3"
>The giggle at the end shattered any flimsy illusions of being moral the cat girl hard, she hardly noticed grace tugging at the buttons on the top of her shirt.
>A deep desire washed over the cat girl, one she was ashamed to have, one that she tried to deny but it was there
>Her friend drank a love potion, and was now lusting after her. Every single cell, her mind body and soul were all screaming to bed this monarchist reactionary cunt
>Self hate came into her mind as she thought, even for a moment about giving in and taking advantage of her intoxicated friend.
"Grace, you need to go to b… bed.


"Death to the king"
>As fun as it was, to hear Grace abandon her morales and become a full Marxist, the catgirl felt hollow
>It was the effect of the magic that she was under and not her. Alunya smiled nonetheless, getting Grace to read theory was a good way to distract her, but it wa…RD!!!
>Alunya looked down, blond hair was currently under her chest as she felt the warm, wet tounge of her friend dragged across her stomach
>Alunyas hear was racing, how quickly her friend lifted her shirt
>"Aaaalunya you taste nice"
The cat girl moved back, leaving grace on her knees and licking her lips, her eyes a deep purple hue.
>The catgirl watched her friend lick her lips, as her warm wet saliva left a mark on her belly… And as much as she hated to admit it, it left a mark on her mind.


File: 1718238212735-0.png (139.66 KB, 361x409, 1703701719816-2.png)

File: 1718238212735-1.png (465.52 KB, 1360x728, Grace in Garden - Copy.png)

File: 1718238212735-2.jpg (436.23 KB, 1360x728, Outside - Copy.jpg)

Someone should write a fanfic about Alunya visiting Grace's Minecraft home.


Spawning into the server, and immediately beholding the decadent splendor of the royal aristocrat grace and her bourgeois flunkies, Alunya said simply "Damn bitch, you live like this?"

"Alunya!" shouted grace, shocked and appalled, "This is a cultured server! No vulgar hurling of slurs!"

"You wouldn't know what a slur was if it slapped you in the face." said Alunya

At exactly that moment Ferdinand Lassalle walked up and pimp slapped Grace. "Why didn't you tell me you were online?"

"Sorry Ferdy" said Grace, blushing.

"Wh-who's this?!" asked Alunya

"Oh, Alunya, haven't you met Ferdy Lassalle? He's my boyfriend!"

Alunya grew white hot with rage. "Who told you that our relationship was open?!"

Grace shouted back "We're cultured! Polyamory is a given!"

Ferdinand Lassalle took off a glove and slapped Alunya across the face.

"A duel, for the hand of Grace!"

"You're on!"

The two faced back to back. Alunya had as her second the eminent Max Stirner. Ferdinand Lassalle had as his second the eminent Otto Von Bismark. Their chosen weapons were flintlock pistols.

Bismarck gave Lassalle his consultation.

"I'm still banning your Judeo-Negro socialist ideology in Germany even though I think you're quite a fine black chap."

"Thank you Herr Bismarck, it is a great honor to have you as my 2nd."

Max Stirner, quite tsundere, consoled Alunya, blushing.

"B-be safe C-cat Alunya! It's not like I care about you, your happiness just pleases my Ego, b-baka!"

He ran off crying.

Alunya blew a whistle and the two began pacing away from each other. At 10 paces both turned and shot.

Alunya missed and struck Otto Von Bismarck in the temple.

Lassalle missed and struck Max Stirner.

Lassalle turned and, realizing Bismarck was struck, shouted "Egads!" and ran to his dying master.

"B-bismarck, I always loved you."

"Even more than Grace?"

"Yes Master."

Alunya, realizing Stirner was shot, ran over

"Max, you're bleeding!"

"I can't die. That would not please my ego."

"Max I'm pretty sure you died of a bug bite in real life."

"I don't even know what that is"

Grace, furious that nobody was paying attention to her, deliberately closed the server.

The end.


>Alunya said simply "Damn bitch, you live like this?"



>love potion
What if it was actually truth serum…


>truth serum
<"Death to the king"


Shouldn't it be Grace who blows the whistle?


>Alunya felt panic, pain, agony in her chest as she looked down.
>She felt the warmth of Grace's arms and hands wrapped around her right thigh, her friend's hot breath just under her belly button.
"Alllunya~ <3 I have always wanted you, I love you"
>The kitty girls heart felt like it was going to explode, a little reactionary demon in the back of her mind was screaming at her to give in, to make love to her friend and to spend the rest of her life as Grace's loving, if not passionate wife.
>Looking down, she saw deep into her friends "purple" eyes, it was the love potion, making her like this.
>Alunya winced in pain, as she watched something that was forcing her heart to beat itself out of her chest.
>The blonde girl smiled, blinked slowly and put the side of her head to the catgirls exposed belly.
>Her head was so warm, her hair so soft, so comforting, it reminded the commie of her favourite blanket when she was but a little kitten.
>For the first time, in recent memory. Alunya wanted to betray her friends trust and spent the rest of her life, as her loving AND passionate wife
"G..grace please stop, you drank too much of that potion this isn't y..you"


File: 1718279456037.jpeg (7.3 KB, 315x237, IMG_1589.jpeg)

Another idea I had not related to the love potion.

>Grace looked up at the two deep crimson orbs in front of her.

>Her body was wracked with fear, she was scared, she was terrified, she was going to die, she was going to die painfully if someone didn't come to save her.
"Don't… worry Grace, your friend was going to take you away from me…"
>Grace felt her chest tighten refusing to take in breath, she panicked as her hand instinctively went over her heart, she forced her self to breath in deeply, but all this meaninglessness gesture did was make her take in many, rapid shallow breaths as her lungs felt fire.
"I couldn't have that so I hurt her Grace, I hurt her and now she will never get in the way again"
>Grace felt tears well up in her as this demon moved closer to her, resting her black head on her stomach, her eyes had constricted to an inhuman smallness, an inhuman focus and matted colour.
>A small, scared whimper left the girls mouth as the demon rested her head in her stomach.
"I love you Grace you make the hollow feeling in me disappear."
>Grace felt it. A warm wetness down her leg
>She didn't want to look deep down she knew what it was
>It didn't matter, her eyes moved over
>It was red.
>It was hot.
>It was dripping of the demons kitchen knife.
>It was blood.
>She screamed.


don't write "orbs"



it's an overused thing in fanfiction. it sounds corny. just write eyes


alright, thank you for the tip! <3


this is the classic example of how not to write: https://ansible.uk/misc/eyeargon.html


oh and yes, it does refer to the hero's eyes as orbs


I am a very slow reader.
I got up to "He might die in the attempt, but he knew he would not submit without a final bloody struggle. It was not a foolproof plan, yet it built up a store of renewed vortexed energy in his overwroughtsoul, though he might perish in the execution of the escape, he would still be escaping the life of infinite torture in store forhim. Either way he would still cheat the gloating prince of the succored revenge his sadistic mind craved so dearly."
I wanted to say that I really liked the way this part was wrote and I don't know why.


purple prose can be fun at times, but don't mistake it for good writing (unless it's stylistic suck)


File: 1718441952791-0.png (235.01 KB, 528x361, don't forget.png)

>Alunya cries out: "Grace is distasteful and if I ran the website I'd shadowban you and your sycophants!"
<Grace gives a smile, her smugness is unbearable. Standing in firmness, Grace gestures to herself and says: "You cannot shadow ban me. It looks like I'm here to stay."
>Alunya burns insidiously, irate, but relents: "Stay if you like, I've no intention of hanging around more than a week or two longer and the long term trajectory of this place is slowly but surely downhill."
<In a sideways glance with her emerald eyes, Grace smirks and points to a sign on the wall: DON'T FORGET. YOU'RE HERE FOREVER.
>>That Grace is so grating. Alunya grips her fists and whimpers out: "Grace is not my Queen – #NotMyQueen! I will never be your royal subject!"
<The laughter of Grace echoes in the room, knowing Alunya would forever be her loyal subject. The Grace lobby is strong, and with the royal gifts and royal privileges granted; with all the wires secured Her Grace's puppets would rein in the dissidents and forever-ever-ever-ever keep leftypol.org firmly under monarchist control; with every mechanism in place to keep leftists in obedience under the shadow rule of Grace.
>leftypol has fallen… millions must die…


>>Alunya cries out: "Grace is distasteful and if I ran the website I'd shadowban you and your sycophants!"
LMAO Has Alunya become a reddit moderator?


>Shut the fuck up Grace
>No you shut the fuck up alunya you bitch
*two hours later both in bed both asleep both sweaty both cuddling eachother*

okay rate my story


Lacks detail, skips the best part


>Grace is a janny who >does it for free because she has a royal appanage and enjoys watching commies infight
checks out


okay let me re write it
>Shut the fuck up Grace
>Kill yourself Alyuna
*Six years later Grace is in a white bridal dress blushing and Alyna is in a dapper suit as they walk out of the church*


bich r u 4 reel?

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