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Alunya & Grace fanfic thread




grace and alunya holding hands


requesting OC of Grace being eaten alive by radioactive piranhas


Why would you want that?


Requesting OC of Grace being trampled alive by a crowd of festive commoners


thankfully nobody is going to write any of your requests most likely.


Grace-chan: Oh no, I am being eaten alive by radioactive piranhas! Dareka tasukete!!
Alunya: Grace-chan, those are goldfish crackers…
Grace-chan: I'm a princess! I need to be saved!! >__<
Alunya: Sigh… Maybe a kiss will wake you from your delusions.
Grace-chan: nyoooooo a kissu?? leeeewd >//////<

And then they kiss. Hope you liked it.


t. Blood diamond sperg cuck


nice slice of life story


Grace-chan: Oh no, I am being trampled alive by a crowd of festive commoners!
Alunya: Grace-chan, that's just your weighted blanket.
Grace-chan: I'm a princess! I need to be saved!! >__<
Alunya: Sigh… I guess I can climb under it next to you…

And then they cuddle. Hope you liked it.


Then they have hot sweaty gay sex


Also i like it


Do Alunya kissing Grace's hand next. ^_^


Alunya vores Grace and digests her because she must eat the rich.


File: 1686010327940.jpg (2.57 KB, 113x125, 1682659225524923.jpg)

What the fuck


File: 1686012144914.png (261.74 KB, 800x686, ClipboardImage.png)

She stormed through the grand halls, her long legs carrying her forward with fierce determination. Her raven hair fell in wild tangles around her furious face as she pushed past guards and courtiers alike, their startled gazes following her progress. And then at last she reached it - the great golden throne, upon which sat the one who had wronged her so deeply. Grace. With a final, enraged cry, she leaped like an Olympic acrobat, unhinging her cat-fanged jaw mid air, and came straight down, perpendicular to her quarry, and inhaled her instantly in a single gulp.

“No, please!” Grace cried, but it was too late. She was inside Alunya now, engulfed in soft tissues. Then the fluids came. Alunya’s stomach began to secrete enzymes, breaking down Grace’s proteins into smaller peptides and amino acids. Grace screamed. Never in her life had she felt so much suffering. Grace’s peptides and amino acids were redistributed like wealth seized in a revolution throughout Alunya’s bloodstream. The rest of grace was turned into a big fat steaming turd, and Alunya pooped it out on the throne.

“Your majesty, welcome back.” said Cat Alunya.

“Dude, uncool.” Said turd Grace.


File: 1686012294539.png (173.93 KB, 649x588, Grace vomits crop.png)

I regret making this thread already.


Welcome to the hell that you brought upon this Earth. I was going to write something now I regret everything and reading this.


File: 1686012859129-0.png (814.83 KB, 3000x3000, Grace wink OC.png)

File: 1686012859129-1.png (2.8 MB, 1832x1832, 1674401032751.png)

Except for >>415528 & >>415538
These are great.

xD Don't worry, anon.

I would be entertained w/ whatever you wrote.


Alunya dominating grace because grace is a fucking bootlicking retard reactionary


Royal in the streets, soiled in the sheets



Upon returning from a long day of campaigning for Unionization at the local Warehouse for the worker's representation. Alunya with tired heavy eyes opens the door into her home, dragging her feet along the floor. Groaning a bit the feline looked to see that the light in the kitchen was on. Odd she did not remember leaving it on when she left, much less having anyone come inside.

Looking up Alyuna's blurred vision taking in the figure sitting at the table, with those blonde locks of hair and commanding domineer. Wearing a royal purple blouse with a matching skirt, the blonde was elegant as ever as she was eating the dinner which she had prepared; lost in thought enjoying the flavors of a medium rare steak.

As she walked into the kitchen the smell would hit her. It wasn't simply just the steak, there was mashed potatos covered with gravy made from the fat of the steak, carrots that had been roasted with a light brown coating.

A soft sigh escaped Alunya's lips before she spoke, "Grace, how many times have I told you that I don't need you to come over and cook. I can do it myself you know."

A delighted and satisfied smile came across her face, cleaning the juices from her mouth with a napkin Grace looks up from her food and towards her Feline companion.

"Nonsense. When ever I am around it is always a Royal Feast to behest. Besides tonight I was in a good mood and decided to cook for my favorite Feline. After all you been looking at some of the meats for a while now, those feline traits coming to play."

Grace remarks with a giggle at the end. This only really irritated Alyuna, despite the fact that Grace was right. Lightly grinding her teeth begrudgingly taking a seat at the table. Grace sat her fork and knife down, cleaning her mouth once more and sets the napkin down. It appeared that she had only ate about half the meal before her Feline companion arrived. While Alyuna herself stared at the food, a feeling of hunger hits her hard. She had ate before hand before heading out, but it would seem that from all the work in which she had done was occupying her mind keeping her from noticing the growing hunger.

"Why did you make all this though, was it unnecessary? Seriously you always go overboard. I get you like the idea of preparing large meals but its just the two of us that live here." Alyuna questioned the motives behind Grace's intentions.

Another giggle escapes in a more exaggerated way, "Oh ho ho, my dear Alyuna you have been working hard for those peasants that I felt that you deserved have be treated sometime."

A sigh once more escapes Alyuna's lips a bit annoyed, "Grace we been over this they aren't peasants, they are the proletariat the working class."

Nodding her Head and just says, "Of course. Of Course, Proletariat, peasants they are all the same to someone like me dear Alyuna."


This story is cute, thx anon^^… this thread is just awesome!

>Nonsense. When ever I am around it is always a Royal Feast to behest. Besides tonight I was in a good mood and decided to cook for my favorite Feline

Wow, I thought Grace-Chan would made it cooked from her servants all the time she won't know cooking by herself


I can conintue with the story, if everyone desires. I wrote this because I was bored as fuck at work when there is a lot of down time. Plus was running out of battery and needed to make a test post to gage the people's interest.

>Wow, I thought Grace-Chan would made it cooked from her servants all the time she won't know cooking by herself

The idea I had is that she has been sceretly been learning to cook for some time after failing time and time again. Getting frustrated with it she wanted to not only boast about her cooking skills, but also show Alunya that she can handle things without her servants.


File: 1686032506608.jpg (130.53 KB, 1280x853, RoyalForest.jpg)

I've been thinking about a story in which:
Alunya somehow violates Grace-Chan's "private property" as Grace-chan kicks Alunya out, then Alunya somehow lefts a piece of her clothes ( it may be everything )… then as Grace-Chan sniffes it (somehow) she feels a heavenly bliss… completely embracing the scent of Alunya and being hyperobsessed to it… her senses ruthlessly break her as tears getting down… Maybe with that effect, a supressed and selfish creature has been awaken in Grace-Chan's heart.

Then the story continues as they became more and more desperately obsessed…
Can som anon do this? ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶

That anon here, I had fun reading it, it would make me pleased if u continue… but of course, your decision~

>but also show Alunya that she can handle things without her servants.



>lefts a piece of her clothes
>Grace-chan sniffes it


This made me giggle >/<
But I dunno how Alunya would lose and left behind her pantsu accidentaly ouououou


She loses her Pantsu? What was she doing washing them while doing Gruella training in a river.

Oh I will, I used to write a lot more when I was still in school so getting a chance to write sappy SoL works about Board Tans is nice.

It is very cute, I am taking ideas from a Villainess Manga I was reading where the Villainess starts becoming more self reliant on the main Yuri Protag. Good stuff good stuff.


File: 1686041330621-1.jpg (289.06 KB, 690x1080, 3POZrtmTZZs.jpg)

Your eating scene reminded me of this.

When they serve dessert, Grace gets an unequal portion of desserts and Alunya a little piece of toast.


File: 1686058455243-0.gif (1.84 MB, 325x244, beam me up.gif)

File: 1686058455243-1.gif (2.66 MB, 320x240, kek.gif)

>“Dude, uncool.” Said turd Grace.


Here is a preview.



>The idea I had is that she has been sceretly been learning to cook for some time after failing time and time again. Getting frustrated with it she wanted to not only boast about her cooking skills, but also show Alunya that she can handle things without her servants.
Why, because you're a reactionary ideologue trying to repaint royals in a positive light? I see through you.


t. Rodina


I bet Rodina has a picture of Grace on a dartboard to throw darts at.

This love triangle with Alunya on top.

Grace and Rodina get mad jealous whenever Alunya goes between them.


When Alunya returns to home, Rodina slams her against the wall to scrutinize her: to check especially if Alunya smells like royal perfume.


great one


File: 1686074179290.png (1.05 MB, 1259x1300, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1686075412804.png (719.61 KB, 900x640, ClipboardImage.png)

should have ended with alunya sprinkling cat litter on her


The Americans woke up and the thread went to shit, surprising no one.


grace the musical


Everyone loves Grace-chan.


if eurotrash nobles want Burger citizenship they have to give up their hereditary titles. It's one of the only good things about this place. :)


the anon who wrote the vore fanfic did a better job with the prose than any other sad pandering attempt in this thread. Grace didn't even die at the end either, as evidenced by her speaking role post-digestion. :^)


<Alunya and her mob of looters: "Oooh, yeah… biggest chunk of gold i've ever seen!"
Grace: "What goes on here…?"
<Alunya: "We're grabbing all the expensive stuff we can girl, this whole house is made of money!"
Grace-chan: "I know… MY SERVANTS BUILT IT! I am her majesty Grace-chan, ruler of the heavens and the earth! And what are your names?"
>Rodina: "I-i'm mistress Rodina, your majesty…"
Grace: "Well, a good day to you young mistress." *looks at Alunya* "…and your name, m'lady?"
<Alunya: "What'd i do?"
>Rodina: "You forgot to say 'Your Majesty'."
Grace: *Slaps Alunya with her glove* "I DEMAND SATISFACTION!"


File: 1686085441294.png (1.25 MB, 1636x1500, grace happy kitto.png)



File: 1686089647690.png (325.56 KB, 1332x1580, 1686089173141-3.png)

>Grace: *Slaps Alunya with her glove* "I DEMAND SATISFACTION!"


File: 1686101847171.png (180.83 KB, 500x500, stop_doing_monarchy.png)

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Alunya who was in a long-term relationship with her girlfriend, Grace. Despite their happy life together, Alunya couldn't shake off the feeling that something was missing. One night, she got a DNA test. When the results came in, Alunya made a startling discovery: Grace was her cousin!
Alunya was mortified and couldn't believe the coincidence of having fallen in love with her relative. But Grace, on the other hand, was elated by the news. After all, Grace was a monarch, and inbreeding is what monarchs are best at! She couldn't wait to tell her parents (who were also related to each other) and extended family about her absolutely royal relationship status.
Feeling like she had been duped into falling for someone unavailable, Alunya tried to push away her feelings for Grace. But it proved difficult since she truly did love Grace and enjoyed spending time with her. Eventually, after much soul searching, Alunya decided to follow her heart and keep pursuing the relationship with Grace.
Together, they faced any obstacles thrown their way by society and naysayers, including disapproving family members. Their journey wasn't easy, but it ultimately led to a happier, more fulfilling life for both of them. In the end, Alunya discovered that sometimes, the most unexpected circumstances can lead to true love and a stronger bond with those we care deeply about.


incest is wincest y'all!


File: 1686137781605-0.png (37.67 KB, 536x600, 1659493761899-0.png)

File: 1686137781605-1.png (1.62 MB, 3100x3100, Grace icup ball.png)

writing prompt request: alunya playing against grace at icup


File: 1686139601012.jpg (180.99 KB, 1000x1080, SniffingSample.jpg)

I think since nobody did that story, lemme myself try it~

It was a sunny day as the sunlight is touching and softening the skin, the bird voices echoing around, the heat waves making wandering souls sweat… Grace-chan, sitting, elegantly sipping her tea in a royal bower next to her own forest. She wasn't with her servants and decided to spend some time alone in the peace of nature after got over many tough royal stuff… then, suddenly, unusual cat sounds started coming from the forest at irregular intervals. Grace-chan, got "a little" scared, and at the same time,  curious, slowly slowly got up from the bower and stepped into the vast forest… She was following the voices… as it gets… louder…louder…and loader… as Grace-chan is experiencing some kind of fear entrenched with curiosity as she also sweats… now… she can see something happening there from the bush… The sight she saw was quite interesting… Alunya standing there as she was meowing to a squirrel that stolen her skirt and got on the top of the tree…
fortunately she was wearing a pair of shorts underneath so she wasn't looking naked.
Grace-chan, with a slight blush on her face, appeared and faced the violator of her own private property. "W-what are you doing here!?" said Grace-chan. "T-the squirrel, just stole my skirt!" said Alunya…
Grace-chan, when just seeing Alunya, uncontrollably continued to blush as she is looking at Alunya, like she was secretly desiring to see her… her fear and curiosity that was following her vanished and some sense of pleasure was around her, but she tidied herself up then said "I do not care, get out of my royal forest!", Alunya, looked at the squirrel with angered eyes, then looked at Grace-Chan's emerald eyes… She sighed and said "Mkay…" with an unsatisfied look… She spent all the day chasing that thief squirrel and at the end she lost… She was feeling tired so she accepted her fate, without any words or buts, she slowly went away from Grace-chan's sight… Grace-chan, being grumpy, murmured herself "Mmh… Alunya started to appear more frequently… She should know that I am a princess and act like such!"
Then, the squirrel holding the skirt have accidentaly fallen down from the tree as Alunya's skirt fell on a stone standing there… Grace-chan looked at the sweaty skirt… without any words… She just looked at like a newborn captured into the grandiose sight of outer world… She, with slow steps, got near the skirt… picked it… gave it a look once again… a-and… she brought the skirt close to her nose… what was she doing? What was that strange urge of her? And, she took a sniff… Alunya's sweaty scent passed through her nose, her body and senses with a harmony was melting… her heart started to race&bump intensely… as the blush spread all her face and it became like a tomato, was that how it feels being close to Alunya's presence? She was desperately sniffing more and more frequently as the warmth taking all her senses into a blissful state… It was way too addictive, with every smell, she utmostly desired an another, she desired Alunya's presence… and her skirt was a fragment of it… It was like, a selfish and pure feeling was waking up in her heart… She would probably lose her mind if she didn't stop now, but the smell had taken away everything else and became the only thing that she's able to focus on… She just didnt care anything else, if someone was dying in front of her… she would still sniff… if a servant of her seeing that embarassing moment of her… she would just still sniff… All her senses were in a melting pot with a strange pleasure that she have never felt before… She was in the starry heavens…

Hours passed in the hourglass, as the midnight almost arrived… and Grace-chan was just psychopathically sniffing, it was just too overwhelming, she found herself in draining in the smell more and more intensely… also, guess her body was at the stage of brokenness that her pantsu was all wet just from the smell… She was just in a complete state of ectasy…

But then, something has happened, after a long while of addictive ectasy, Grace-chan somehow managed to get into her senses… She looked at the Alunya's skirt… She blushed… She was aware of what has just happened… It was just too embarassing to imagine… Like what if someone sees that moment of her, such as a prince?.. She just jumped away from the skirt… looked at it like an alien thing… She said to herself "H-hu-huh-fuh", she was extremely sweating and tired from sniffing the skirt without any breaks… She once again looked at the skirt standing on the grass, folded it and put it in her pocket… ahem of course it was because she was extremely confused and curious about what has just happened so she would try to find out afterwards… and, overhelmingly tired, she walked some steps into the royal palace… her servants ran to her in worry and helped her to get into her room…

After all what happened, Grace putted the skirt into a chest, and lied down into her luxurious royal bed… she sighed… her eyes slowly closed as she was finally fallen asleep… But I guess in the end, when will Grace wake up, she would hope it was all a dream.



Wow, Grace is very pervy, obsessive, and lovesick in your canon. It is well written!


World building? anons could draw a map.

A setting like /siberia/ or a colony or any place.


Thank you <3


Damn this is a very nice story!


File: 1686152397288.png (275.46 KB, 1000x1000, alunya sniff skirt.png)

I got an artist to sketch your scene, but the artist ended up drawing Alunya sniffing Grace-chan's skirt instead.

I think you should write another fanfic so this pic has some use.


Thank uuu tooo
Noooooooo it should have been otherwise *tears*


don't worry, there will be otherwise


This text made me so happi and glad ^^


File: 1686156193239-0.png (282.46 KB, 1000x1000, Grace sniff skirt 2.png)

File: 1686156193239-1.png (254.89 KB, 1000x1000, Grace sniff skirt 1.png)


File: 1686157359890-0.png (1.42 MB, 2039x2893, art_2.png)

File: 1686157359890-1.png (1.04 MB, 2039x2893, uh_huh.png)


My heart wont handle all this… >//<


keep it steady, more fanfic art coming soon.


Keep on sniffing little princess


posadist anon's fanfic


What did we do to deserve these amazing pictures?


File: 1686163113490.jpg (93.75 KB, 816x500, 7av6dw.jpg)


File: 1686164289875-0.png (330.98 KB, 1000x1000, alunya cousin 01.png)

File: 1686164289875-1.png (327.6 KB, 1000x1000, alunya cousin 02.png)


File: 1686164545897-1.png (1.18 MB, 2440x2440, scene1.png)

File: 1686164545897-3.png (969.55 KB, 2440x2440, scene2.png)

these are loosely based off this anon's fanfic.


File: 1686164588914-1.png (1.58 MB, 2440x2440, scene3.png)

then the last scene


I guess I can finally depart from the world after experiencing this beautiful thread…

(Can som anon archive it and send pdf…)


Now I yearn for Alunya x Grace 4koma


She stormed through the grand halls, her long legs carrying her forward with fierce determination. Her raven hair fell in wild tangles around her furious face as she pushed past guards and courtiers alike, their startled gazes following her progress. And then at last she reached it - the great golden throne, upon which sat the one who had wronged her so deeply. Grace. With a final, enraged cry, she leaped like an Olympic acrobat, unhinging her cat-fanged jaw mid air, and came straight down, perpendicular to her quarry, and inhaled her instantly in a single gulp.

“No, please!” Grace cried, but it was too late. She was inside Alunya now, engulfed in soft tissues. Then the fluids came. Alunya’s stomach began to secrete enzymes, breaking down Grace’s proteins into smaller peptides and amino acids. Grace screamed. Never in her life had she felt so much suffering. Grace’s peptides and amino acids were redistributed like wealth seized in a revolution throughout Alunya’s bloodstream. The rest of grace was turned into a big fat steaming turd, and Alunya pooped it out on the throne.

“Your majesty, welcome back.” said Cat Alunya.

“Dude, uncool.” Said turd Grace.

Alunya reached into her pocket, pulled out some fresh cat litter, and sprinkled it upon turd grace like Salt Bae.

"Consider yourself baptized." said Alunya, "You cheating whore."


(Continuing where I left off last)

Aluyna Stares at the food once more, back to Grace and the food once again. With a defeated sigh decided that what was the worst that could happen. Remembering the last time she had ate some of Grace's Cooking, it was bland and flavorless. Alunya noticed that Grace seemed to be enjoying the food, so with a shrug she took the steak knife and fork and cuts off a piece of the meat. It too was Medium Rare, while it looked juicy anything at this point was going to be quite good. Taking the piece of meat and biting it as she began to chew it. Slowly at first as the flavor was actually there; Garlic, Onion Powder, Salt, Peppercorn, was that a hint of butter? It was really good Alunya's eyes opened up wide as it was delicious.

Giggling to herself Grace seemed satisified doing her best to hide that smile she had. She could tell from Alunya's reaction that the food was great, after all she took her many tries to get this right. Despite having servants cooking her food constantly as she grew up she wanted to prove herself that she can handle this task of food preparations. She continued to elegantly eat her food, placing the knife and fork to the side and putting her napkin on top of the Plate. Placing her hand onto the side of her face watching Alunya eat now showing that smile.

"My, My seems someone was quite hungry, it seems that my food was actually really good~ Oh ho ho ho." Grace remarks once again showing her satisfaction in her tone.

Eating more of the meat and stuffing her face with the carrots and mashed potatoes, Alunya swallows to finally answer the question from Grace.

"Surprisingly its not as bad as I thought. I got to say Grace as much as I hate to admit it you did good." Alunya remarks.

If Grace wasn't smiling brightly before she was now wiggling in the seat. Giving herself a little yes giggling happily.

"Why of course my dearest Alunya. I am glad you enjoyed it! IT makes me happy knowing that you are eating my most fabulous meal to bless these walls." Grace Boasted.

Dismissingly waving her hand Alunya went back to eating with a grunt. Thinking that Grace was getting to a head of herself but she would allow it. Since we have to celebrate the small victories. It was another few minutes before Alunya finished her meal, leaning back in her chair letting out a sigh.

"Well I suppose I should thank you for this Meal Grace, as I said before you did great. Here I thought you wouldn't be able cook something so flavorful compared to the last time you made something for me." Alunya remarks.

"Why Of course! A person like myself would obivously know the best ingrediants to combine to make an flavorful and heartfelt..I mean hearty meal." Grace nods with satisfaction.

Alunya shrugged her shoulder getting up from the table grabbing the plates, forks and knives putting them in the sink. Turning on the water adding some soap letting them sit for the time being. Going back over to Grace and gently pats her on the head.

"You did a good job Grace, I really appreciate the meal even with your boasting. Keep doing the good work and come up with your own style." Alunya says with a gentleness to her tone.

Grace's face lit up Brightly now not expecting the head pat, much less a heartfelt appreciation of her work being noticed. Hiding her face between her hands now as she protests, "Jeez Alunya you didn't have to pet me on the head I am not some child you know who needs parsing over something so minor. It was simply just a meal after all nothing more."

Puffing out her cheeks a little, Grace was super embarrassed about all this, while Alunya only simply laughed petting Grace's head once more.

"Of Course Grace whatever you say." she says with a mischievous grin on her face.

Once Alunya stopped the head patting Grace was bright red still in shock about what happened. Her face covered still as she was trying to hide the fact that she really enjoyed the praise she got from Alunya and the head patting felt nice.



It is way too cute! Awesome story, anon.


I would say that this little Arc is Done. Plus my forte is writing stuff like this, Grim Dark Stories take cute things into a more grounded reality (ironically wrote a story about a pandemic situation like 12 years ago or something and the response a government would have. Quarantining and having the citizens die to stop the Spread of the Disease, taking examples from the Black Plague to write this mind you), Misadventures of a Crossdressing Noble who was married into the nobility while dealing with a clumsy husband trying to make his way in being a normal person. Villain arcs for characters from a MMORPG I used to play where role-players needed some villains to be introduced to help with the story.

I'd try my hand again at writing Yuri stories that are cute and fluffy with that romance between two girls of the opposite ideologies coming together as lovers. Sappy stuff like that fucking ends me.


>(Can som anon archive it and send pdf…)
The thread has only just begun, anon.
There is yet more fanfic and pictures!
unless anons get bored writing fanfic and stop

The best moments were when Grace wiggled in her seat and reacted to headpats.

Places for the next arc. Maybe like the beach or carnival / fair.
Grace would likely be scared of the rides like the ferris wheel or end up getting clown face paint. Or share ice cream at another place. Or play /games/. Or sharing a seat or their lap


Literal king shit


File: 1686311266588.png (443.92 KB, 1143x1045, art_2x.png)

what does alunya's skirt smell like?


people should stop entertaining the grace poster and just ban


well we put up with you don't we?


I actually like them.


What do u mean, Grace-Poster is so sweet! >:c
How rude of u!


"lurk more, they're a fixture of the community going back to 8chan"

^ what we say to anyone new who is baffled by this place, usually right before they leave


If you think the philosophy student is even remotely comparable to this massive assburger reactionary otaku monarchist then you're simply a misogynist and should be banned to
And I don't even like the philosophy she's peddling, I think it's too radlibby and academicist


File: 1686345408974-0.png (993.55 KB, 1500x1500, grace 11 kitto.png)

>stop entertaining the grace poster
My dear anfem poster–
It is like the wise King James VI & I says,
<And woe be to him that divides the weal of the King from the weal of the Kingdom.
The anons get fan service based off their stories & share their creative writing skills w/ other anons.
Is there any other thread like this?
I'm sure it is their happiness as well as mine.


You can't believe it, you can't conceive it
And you can't touch me, 'cause I'm untouchable
And I know you hate it, and you can't take it
You'll never break me, 'cause I'm unbreakable


Grace-chan w/ hearts


I love it


"I thought you would never show up." said Grace-chan in an annoyed voice, trying to hide her excitement. "I still don't understand why you had to choose this restaurant." "Why not?" replied Alunya. "They have good hamburgers. Plus you said you would pay, so we might as well eat something good for once. Or is it too fancy for your wallet?" "Don't worry, the royal treasury is bottomless." assured her Grace-chan. Alunya knew that the "royal treasury" was just a wallet and it was almost always empty due to Grace-chan's obsession with cosplaying as an aristocrat. But it was a cheap burgering place and if they couldn't pay, they could still make a run for it. After a brief pause, Grace-chan opened the door, but before entering she turned to Alunya a bit embarrassed: "Are you sure you are okay with eating with me? You know my political views…" she asked sheepishly. "Of course, of course! It can't be worse than dumpster diving!" replied Alunya giggling. That answer did not put Grace-chan at ease.

They went to the cashier and gave their orders. Alunya ordered the biggest hamburger offered, hoping that it would be filling enough so that she could skip a few meals afterwards and wouldn't have to worry for a while about food. Grace-chan ordered the same hamburger too. She wanted to order an even bigger one to demonstrate to Alunya her superiority, but they did not have anything bigger. This amused Alunya, she did not think Grace-chan could eat all that. They paid and sat down at a table with only two seats, facing each other. A few minutes passed in awkward silence.

Finally the hamburgers arrived. "Let's dig in!" said Alunya excitedly. Without waiting for Grace-chan to reply, she started stuffing the burger in her mouth. It was a huge one, almost as big as her head, dripping with sauce. Just making sure that it does not fall apart with every bite required all of her attention. Only when she paused to catch her breath did she realize that she got the sauce everywhere. Suddenly she remembered that she was with Grace-chan. Curiously she glanced at her to see how she was holding up against the meal. Grace-chan was eating with fine cutlery, wearing a spotless bib. Alunya wondered if this place even offered cutlery or Grace-chan brought her own. She was mesmerized watching Grace-chan meticiously working away at her meal. "Hey Alunya, you are staring." Grace-chan reminded her gently, then started lecturing her: "And how are you eating? Just look at yourself, you are covered in sauce head to toe! Did nobody teach you proper table manners? Geez, you should at least try to behave when you are in the company of royalty, just think about what the plebs would say if they saw us–" She couldn't finish as Alunya leaned over the table and licked her cheek. "What are you doing!" cried out Grace-chan with her face now as red as the flag fo the Commune. "Oh, there was same sauce on your face, I just cleaned it up" lied Alunya. "It's catgirl table manners to clean each other up." Smugly grinning, she spread her arms out invitingly.

Grace-chan did not clean Alunya up at the restaurant. But later that day, while spending the night at Grace-chan, Alunya got to know very well what the royal tongue was capable of.



Here is an alternative picture.


Thanks, anon.



Wrong doe cuz grace is lesbian and bbc belongs to men


File: 1686586363565.jpg (167.17 KB, 494x699, 1686586313691.jpg)

>grace is lesbian
She's only and only Alunyasexual!


That's evil!


File: 1686595346263.png (952.84 KB, 2440x2440, alunya n grace burgers.png)

Here is another version.


>grace eats burgers with utensils rather than her hands
as a northern Scandinavian this pleases me. filthy southerners




File: 1686596785133-1.png (552.62 KB, 600x900, ezgif-3-35c2f49fb6.png)

It is only based off anon's fanfic that Grace eats food with utensils.

Another anon could write the opposite: Grace surprisingly eats burgers and hotdogs like the plebs.


t. upset utensillet


I don't think anyone is reading in this thread.


I think anons are having a comfy time reading this thread.


I think Grace has an ugly Design


File: 1686659784703-0.png (814.83 KB, 3000x3000, Grace wink OC.png)

Grace-chan's design has changed.
Things that were removed from her design over time:
<x the white diagonal band
<x the old straight hair design
<x the extra buttons – was simplified
<x Changed her boots from white to black
<x Grace used to wear glasses oldfag secret

Pending changes:
>+ Crown badge will likely be removed so Grace is an easier draw
>+ Her belt
>+ Alternative wardrobe / outfits

Grace has the same problem Alunya has with her dress, imo.


File: 1686683503025.png (31 KB, 593x675, 1686671685617.png)


idk how misogyny fits into this just because anfemflag is a woman. the key difference is that gracefag only really posts in siberia and shares cute ocs + no one takes them seriously in the slightest on the monarchy stuff (as effort posts they r still rather interesting). sorry not sorry


File: 1686692352424.jpg (102.32 KB, 640x1187, 1686691692364.jpg)

Requesting a story about the pic~

>this massive assburger reactionary otaku monarchist

Pwease stop bullying grace-poster, anon!

>no one takes them seriously in the slightest on the monarchy stuff

I take them serious! Like all of us, there are things that grace-poster clings to and intertwines in this absurd existence: 3, of course its gloomy that it's some kind of monarchism~ but I guess can't do anything about it. It's Grace-Poster and her/his world and lost soul.
Also- I just enjoy these all the stuff- :'< if Grace-Poster ever goes away, I'd fall in bitter ache.


another day another anfem banger


File: 1686692888183.jpg (1.07 MB, 2114x2820, 1686692818681.jpg)

Also, a story ( and maybe perhaps art ^^ ) of this moment would be just heartwarming!

As we said a while before *winks*


You will likely end up writing these stories again.
I look forward to when you do


>Grace used to wear glasses
We have to RETVRN

Alunya: Hey Grace-chan, you used to wear glasses, right?
Grace: Yes, but that was a long time ago, why are you asking?
Alunya: I just met Tania and was wondering if the glasses ever get in the way during–
Grace: Oh yes! It got in the way all the time! Like it would fog up when you got on the bus in the winter, or when you ate hot instant noodles, or…
Alunya: If it ever gets in the way when someone is sitting on your face.
Grace: Well, I wouldn't know that, since I only ever do the sittin– Wait a minute, you were thinking about Tania that way?!
Alunya: Of course not, please calm down!!

That night Grace-chan got her old glasses out and Alunya had to wear them as a punishment while they were testing if it got in the way.


File: 1686738526290-1.png (437.64 KB, 1466x774, 1649521062559.png)

>while spending the night at Grace-chan, Alunya got to know very well what the royal tongue was capable of.

>That night Grace-chan got her old glasses out and Alunya had to wear them as a punishment while they were testing if it got in the way.

I like how the lewd posts are short and sweet
<later that night… xxx

This is what happened later that night.


>You will likely end up writing these stories again.

=~= guess so, althrough my mind is generally vast and there's only a silent abyss; so I am not sure if the story is going to be nicey…….


Well, I'll try this,

It may be counted as a sequel of this I guess

Grace-chan found herself in an almost everlasting night… fragments of memories… the memories of scent of alunya… the mysterious echoing sounds of the night… after all, she hadn't seen Alunya for several days… and *since that day* , She hadn't even touched the treasure chest in which lies there Alunya's skirt, Grace gazed at the chest as it's something frightening… but ever since that day, or long before, Grace-chan's heart ached with pain… the brutal form of desire of Grace-chan, it wasn't leaving her alone and haunting her… Grace-chan was sleepless, and her giant palace, her maids… everything else became nauseating as long as she couldn't see Alunya, Grace-chan continued her daily princess routines, but she was like a broken machine who desperately tried that everything looked fine… Alunya had given her a taste of a strange peace, and now that she couldn't see her for days, the peace turned into a heartache… excruciating heartache and heightened anxiety…

And yes, the sounds of the midnight was echoing, Grace-chan had been sleepless for so long… she was cold even though it wasn't cold inside, she was in pain even though she wasn't bleeding, the echoes of the midnight only filled her anxiety.  Grace-chan might have wished not to exist at this moment, but how could she ever reach Alunya if she didn't exist?~ and suddenly there was a flash of lightning!  Grace-chan was also startled now… slowly she lay out of the bed, opened the great royal curtain… and another lightning flashed, sleeplessly watching the view, as another lightnings flashed and flashed and flashed, and the rain began to pour in.  It's surely going to be an unusual summer~ She looked at the big clock on the wall, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… It was 3 o'clock she thought.  Grace sighed with stress, she was just in pain, what could she do, the painful material conditions she was in only made her break even more… Her character, her personality, her position, her  illusionary state of self-awareness… all, everything had suddenly lost its meaning. What are these feelings? And ah, suddenly, her door rattled, Grace-chan just couldn't stand it, this night seemed to last forever, but Grace-chan almost felt she was going to die if it lasted a little more… the door rattled and knocked… *knock knock*
Who was knocking the door in the middle of midnight?

Grace-chan slowly reached for the door and opened it.  Her face suddenly turned red… Alunya was standing in front of her, soaked in wet.

Instantly, all the anxiety had gone and that warm peace heated Grace-chan again…

"Huhf, puhf… h-hello Grace!" said Alunya
"W-what are you doing here!? H-how did you get here?" said Grace
"Well…" Alunya, deeply looked in Grace-chan's eyes. "I was… reading theory in my basement all the time, fully focussed… and ha ha, after a while, I wondered what are you doing, so I am now here, it wasn't that difficult to infiltrate, everyone is sleeping." Alunya continued to focus on Grace-chan's emerald eyes, but I guess even Alunya enjoys it way too much, her body couldnt function&blush but there are dark circles under her eyes since reading stuff non-stop for days slipping away one after another. Unlike Grace's, which is near to the stage to entirely break from blushing and heart bumping even Grace is too lack of sleep.
"Y-you just again violated my royal property! I am a princess y'know, unlike a… commoner like you… you should inform me and not do such things again"

Alunya giggled "So, you are not happy that I am here? We will be together in the sight of this midnight!"
Grace just blushed more… "I…"
All of a sudden Alunya pushed Grace-chan against the wall with a momentary desire and placed her hand next to her. "You silly princess, the only existent property relation is you being mi-."
Grace was literally melting… sweating… and trying to desperately handle all the affection, Alunya was too near… She couldn't even form a regular phrase "I-I-I accewpt b-be mergwed be wi-wiwth y-ywo fowever!"
Alunya, aimed to just treasure Grace-chan's emerald eyes got confused "H-huh!?"
Grace-chan was overwhelmed in the newly appeared strange and intense feelings of her, "L-lewst be , be towgether, slewp togethewr! Fowever!" Affection-drunk, Grace looked Alunya with puppy eyes. What the heck was happening! Alunya was getting lost in her senses and instincts too… she seemed to blush a little, and took Grace-chan in the bed, without any said words, kissing and embracing her as they got were in an deep ectasy… The haunting emotions of midnight upon Grace-chan was all gone.


>Grace-chan with glasses
cue a bunch of drawings of Alunya bullying the monarchist nerd, dunking her head in a toilet and shoving her into lockers


Why would Alunya bully the person she loves?


This was a fun scene.
It almost was like a prolonged kissing scene.
I love how anon references emerald eyes
Alunya's personality is nice in this.

inb4 Grace likes being bullied by Alunya in your story.


File: 1686764254072-0.png (126.17 KB, 1302x1550, stirner grace spooked.png)

File: 1686764254072-1.mp4 (39.21 MB, 776x480, 1673971178127.mp4)

There will be a brief hiatus in sketches & art.
but I will be back with art next chance I get


I wish I could be that amogus


i think it's still ugly. maybe it is the hands and the hair. too basic. alunya is a great masot bc pops. grace is dull and boring. alunya is radiant and iconic


File: 1686766012591-0.png (1.05 MB, 1500x1500, grace 3 kitto.png)

File: 1686766012591-1.png (91.89 KB, 270x270, 1627016714489.png)

Grace's hair is radiant like the day.
Alunya's hair is dark like the night.
Grace has long, puffy hair and cute side hairs to be brushed and pampered.
Alunya has short, bratty hair and affectionate cat ears to scratch.

>it's still ugly

So many others would say Grace is cute and they say this despite being leftists.


You think it is ugly because it is an appealing design to cis-oid het-oid moid-oids oids.


Would you like Grace-chan if someone were to commission a drawing of her from them?


Grace-chan is a nervous wreck


She has a bowl cut.


Agreeee i don’t think its appealing even then though honestly i think it just isn’t that good


Huh? Idk what u mean. Like if someone else drew her? I dunno, I think the design is just really dull. I think she has the style of a North Korean parade officer or something. Plastic and lifeless. I could think of a few things that would improve the design drastically. Maybe it appeals to men? Idk. To me it’s ugly.


>I could think of a few things that would improve the design drastically
What are these few things?


The jacket needs more trim. The hair needs more texture and the fringe needs to be… not just a bowl cut. You should put some decorations in her hair or something. The lines are quite rigid and tough and there’s nothing bubbly about it (her cheeks are non-existent, no blush, no interesting facial features). Even just giving her some lips or some better textured eyes and hair could improve it a lot. honestly it’s just generally really plain and the art style is unimaginative. It’s like you traced an image from a mediocre anime or something. Can’t you create a more interesting art style than generic mid-studio anime?


Maybe it’s because it’s a digital image or something, but i like art with personality even if it;’s more rough. This is too clean.

Look, I’m a REALLY bad artist, I’ve been drawing for a really short amount of time. But I think there’s more personality in my drawings than in any of the Grace pics. It’s just so sterile and dull.


File: 1686784535366-0.png (728.36 KB, 3000x3000, Grace popcorn 2.png)

File: 1686784535366-1.png (2.64 MB, 3740x2808, 357ddz8me7.png)

>Can’t you create a more interesting art style than generic mid-studio anime?
But I like the style.

>Even just giving her some lips

I don't like realistic lips or fleshy lips.

>no blush

Don't want to spill too much tomato juice on her cheeks unless warranted.


Seas Shanty2 is my jam I see the name and it just plays without me playing the video.


File: 1686788393588-1.mp4 (5.04 MB, 640x360, Spirit - OSRS.mp4)

File: 1686788393588-2.mp4 (2.7 MB, 640x360, Fanfare - OSRS.mp4)


Ah yeah this is now a Runescape Thread now baby, also I will be writing again in the next couple of days.


The monarchist has terrible and bland artistic taste… what a non-surprise


She has hime cut because she's princess…


Next fanfic: someone should write about Alunya brushing Grace's hair and admiring it.



File: 1686870858801-0.png (814.83 KB, 3000x3000, Grace wink OC.png)

File: 1686870858801-1.mp4 (2.3 MB, 640x360, Fruit Salad.mp4)

I like this Runescape OS.


bumping for moar


No worries, anon, there will be more stories and graceposts.


Here's a fanfic idea. Doesn't involve Alunya but she def should make a cameo
Basically it would be the Russian civil war, with Rodina and the red army and grace the white army. And I think Alunya would be included as the black army. Some might say this is uncharacteristic of her, but meh. I just feel that for it to work, she has to head that army.


File: 1687016108988-0.png (282.46 KB, 1000x1000, Grace sniff skirt 2.png)

File: 1687016108988-1.png (254.89 KB, 1000x1000, Grace sniff skirt 1.png)

File: 1687016108988-2.png (443.92 KB, 1143x1045, 69072307937096327096032.png)

File: 1687016108988-3.mp4 (9.39 MB, 480x360, MJ Butterflies.mp4)


>Basically it would be the Russian civil war, with Rodina and the red army and grace the white army
Do you want them in uniforms? If you could send a references or pictures, this would be helpful.

Any specific details about Rodina to note?


>Do you want them in uniforms
Heres basically some references for Rodina. Her with the hat, her as drawn by paps and her without hat. and some russian civil war stuff I just got real quick. Things to note. Rodina is small, smallest out of all tans. And she would either be an officer or a general, along with grace. She wouldn't be a grunt is for sure


if only we had more fanfic anons, but hopefully there will be more contributions.


next up, alunya and grace playing /games/.


Alunya plays sega genesis


who makes these amazing OC drawings?


They are commissioned by Graceposter.


for how many biden$? we need a capybara OC


This one isn't. It's old and from paps


Grace with a Capybara? We could see that being a thing.


will there be a story?

idk anons get drawings based off whatever fanfic they write.


File: 1687308203935.png (16.38 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1687310070071.png (132.35 KB, 512x512, grace ex grrr.png)

>burning the royal hair
she wouldn't.


File: 1687374161789-0.png (1.09 MB, 1522x1100, 14 lichess.png)

File: 1687374161789-1.png (132.76 KB, 600x560, Alunya fumo.png)

Fanfic prompt: Grace vs Alunya in chess
where Grace wins the game


I wish I could write…


Chapter 7: The Kiss of Gold

Grace, a staunch monarchist, and her feline friend Alunya, a passionate communist, embarked on an exciting adventure to visit their eccentric friend, Sir Gaylord. As they approached the magnificent mansion surrounded by sprawling gardens, they couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and curiosity about what awaited them inside.

Sir Gaylord, an enigmatic and fabulously wealthy English aristocrat, had always been known for his eccentric inventions and extravagant lifestyle. Grace and Alunya were eager to see what marvels he had concocted this time.

The grand entrance of the mansion swung open, revealing Sir Gaylord, dressed in a splendid tailcoat, with a top hat perched jauntily on his head. "Ah, my dearest friends! What a delightful surprise to see you," he exclaimed, extending a hand to welcome them inside. Grace and Alunya exchanged amused glances before stepping over the threshold.

The mansion's interior was opulent, adorned with gilded furniture and exquisite artwork. Sir Gaylord led them through the lavishly decorated halls, each step echoing with the weight of their anticipation. Finally, they arrived at a secluded laboratory tucked away in a corner of the mansion.

With an air of theatricality, Sir Gaylord revealed his latest invention—a contraption that appeared to be a peculiar blend of science and magic. It consisted of a large, ornate machine with gears, levers, and a glass chamber in the center. "Behold! The Kiss to Gold Converter!" he declared, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Grace and Alunya stared at the contraption in awe. "Is it really possible?" Grace asked, her curiosity piqued.

"Indeed, my dear Grace," Sir Gaylord replied with a grin. "This marvelous invention has the ability to transform a simple kiss into solid gold."

Alunya's eyes narrowed skeptically. "Turning affection into material wealth? That sounds rather capitalistic, doesn't it?"

Sir Gaylord chuckled heartily. "Ah, my dear Alunya, I'm well aware of your communist leanings. But fear not, this is all in good fun. Consider it a whimsical experiment, nothing more."

Curiosity overcoming any reservations, Grace stepped forward. "Shall we give it a test, then?"

Sir Gaylord adjusted the contraption and explained its operation. "It's quite simple. One person places their lips against this glass chamber, and the other delivers a heartfelt kiss from the opposite side. The contraption will then work its magic, turning that affection into solid gold."

Grace glanced at Alunya, and they exchanged a knowing look. With a mischievous smile, Alunya said, "Very well, let's see what this contraption can do."

Alunya positioned herself behind the glass chamber, her eyes fixed on Grace. Grace stepped up, her lips pressed gently against the glass. Alunya leaned in, planting a firm, affectionate kiss on the other side. The machine hummed to life, gears spinning and levers clicking into place.

A moment later, the glass chamber filled with a golden glow. The hum intensified, and a soft whirring sound permeated the air. Then, in a burst of dazzling light, the golden glow transformed into a small, intricate golden figurine—depicting Grace and Alunya, side by side, their friendship immortalized in gold.

The room erupted with applause and laughter as Sir Gaylord triumphantly presented the golden figurine to Grace and Alunya. "A symbol of your everlasting friendship," he declared.

Grace and Alunya admired the golden figurine, both touched by the sentiment and the remarkable invention. Though their political ideologies may have differed, their friendship remained strong, transcending such divisions.

As they bid farewell to Sir Gaylord, Grace and Alunya carried the golden figurine with them, a reminder of the magic they had witnessed and the power of their enduring bond.

Little did they know that their visit to Sir Gaylord's mansion would leave an indelible mark on their journey, forever shaping their perspective on wealth, friendship, and the transformative power of invention.


i still dont understand why this grace monarchist character keeps showing up here. can they go somewhere else


Did you write this? Why does it start with Chapter 7? Where are the other chapters?


File: 1687377028921-0.png (728.1 KB, 3000x3000, Grace popcorn 1.png)

It looks like there will be around 6 or more drawings next batch.

I am not sure how the glass scene would be depicted, but we'll see.

The other chapters are exclusives for a certain eyes only.

>can they go somewhere else
2nd pic related is you.
grace will make herself at home, with her boots on, and stay longer


The jannies get exclusive access to chapters 1-6.


It was a fun read, also it gave a vibe of a cartoon~ 〵(⌒˽⌒)〴





do alunya now




thats not alunya











File: 1687396743739-0.png (733.4 KB, 600x800, A & G scene 2 (2).png)

File: 1687396743739-1.png (666.47 KB, 560x801, A & G kiss scene.png)


𝔾𝕣𝕒𝕔𝕖 & 𝔸𝕝𝕦𝕟𝕪𝕒 𝕗𝕒𝕟𝕗𝕚𝕔
𝑮𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒆 & 𝑨𝒍𝒖𝒏𝒚𝒂 𝒇𝒂𝒏𝒇𝒊𝒄
GᖇᗩᑕE & ᗩᒪᑌᑎYᗩ ᖴᗩᑎᖴIᑕ
𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚎 & 𝙰𝚕𝚞𝚗𝚢𝚊 𝚏𝚊𝚗𝚏𝚒𝚌

























Chapter 8: Unlikely Encounters

Grace and Cat Alunya settled into plush armchairs in Sir Gaylord's elegant drawing room, where a table was set with the finest china and a steaming pot of Ceylon tea.

As the tea was poured, Alunya's thoughts turned to the falling rate of profit, a topic that never seemed to stray far from her revolutionary mind.
"You see, Sir Gaylord," she began, leaning forward, "the inherent contradictions within capitalism result in a decline in the rate of profit over time. It is a systemic issue that leads to crises and exacerbates inequality."

Sir Gaylord listened attentively; his curiosity piqued by Alunya's passionate discourse. Grace, ever the diplomatic mediator, interjected with her own insights, offering a balanced monarchical perspective on the matter.

Before their conversation could delve further into economic theory, the room was suddenly filled with the raucous clamor of an unexpected intruder. A disheveled man with unkempt hair stumbled into the drawing room, his priestly robes askew. It was Father Joe, a renegade priest known for his propensity to imbibe copious amounts of alcohol.

"More booze! I demand more booze!!" Father Joe vented, his eyes glassy and bloodshot. He staggered toward the drinks cabinet, knocking over a crystal decanter in the process and smashing it.

“Goodness!” said Sir Gaylord, taken aback by the sudden intrusion,. "Father, this is neither the time nor the place for such behavior. I kindly ask you to leave."

Father Joe ignored the request, his demeanor growing increasingly volatile. He stumbled back and forth, his unsteady movements threatening the fragile decor of the room.
"I'll burn this place down! The flames of divine retribution shall cleanse us all!" he shouted, his words slurred and barely comprehensible.

Grace and Alunya exchanged concerned glances. Grace stood up calmly and attempted to remonstrate with the priest. "Father Joe, please, let us help you. This isn't the answer."

But Father Joe's mood quickly shifted, and he slumped into a nearby armchair, tears streaming down his face. "Michael… my dear Michael. He's left me for Manchester, the heartless scoundrel! I trusted him with my soul! and now I'm broken and alone."

“There, there…” Grace and Alunya's sympathy welled up within them. In the face of Father Joe's heartache, their political differences seemed trivial.

Alunya approached Father Joe. "Father, we may have our disagreements, but we are here for you. Let us help mend your broken heart and find solace in the bonds of friendship."

Father Joe looked up through tear-stained eyes, his expression one of profound gratitude. In that moment, the walls that had divided them crumbled, replaced by a shared understanding of human vulnerability.


File: 1687678484044.jpg (320.4 KB, 1536x2048, capy-chan.jpg)

>Grace with a Capybara


File: 1687754134223-0.jpg (309.84 KB, 1218x1655, grace chibi.jpg)

Dear anons, I might write a fanfic.

I have little faith in my creative writing skills, but I will to entertain you.

Respond to this post with a writing prompt and I'll consider writing it.


i keep thinking cat alunya is such an odd name but then it clicks in what it is meant to be

but seriously it makes me think of just cat as in the animal, not a name, and alunya after it. it doesn't honestly sound like a real name to me


It's in Eastern name order, in English they would write Alunya Cat.


there will be another sketch like this


File: 1687889155053-0.png (986.15 KB, 9000x5062, cat-alunya_logo.png)

File: 1687889155053-1.png (180.39 KB, 2560x1707, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1687889155053-2.png (47.23 KB, 1920x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

its wordplay for revolutionary catalonia

Cat Alunya

Also in Catalan, its spelled as Catalunya
In Spanish, its Cataluña

also the obvious "Cat" in Catalonia and what it means in english lol

Given the anarcho-syndicalist themes and motifs embedded in her character design (being a literal sabo-cat version of a catgirl), Alunya is honestly one of the best and creative board-tans ive heard at least personally

so many cool little references and easter eggs like that in her design, i cant help but love lol


Why is grace's ass red?


I said that to the artist xD
we'll remedy this


Alunya did something to her….


It more potent in the other sketch


Dang, she got spanked hard


Aliens did this.

That is what Alunya is rescuing Grace from.


File: 1687893161650.jpg (64.27 KB, 513x612, wammasniff.jpg)

I notice no one seems to have registered alunya.cat yet
>sweaty alunya
consider the fragrance


>aliens did this
She deserved it


What's that?


If Grace deserved that, what does that make Alunya for saving Grace?


Alunya saved g**ce…. i'm fucking crying


It's a possible domain name


Ah cool


3 versions w/ the fixes


So cute!!!

>Alunya saved g**ce
That's what the strange,vast,mysterious pursue of love does~


File: 1687900472206.png (221 KB, 545x641, Grace Alunya kiss.png)

removed the vagrant strand of hair



oh my, delicious


Is she trying to kill her?


That was all it took to suppress the revolution.


File: 1687936351506.png (256.91 KB, 545x641, Grace_n_Alunya_sketch.png)



*transparent version




I love this


im 12 and what is this


Grace: Come on Alunya, let's go to sleep.
Alunya: Eh, already? But this anime was just starting to get good.
Grace: I have to wake up early for work, and you promised you would start looking for a job… Let's go.
Alunya: I don't want to, I want to watch another episode!
Grace: We are going to bed. It's my castle, my ru–
Alunya: It's an apartment…
Grace: That's not the point!
Alunya: That you rent.
Grace: Exactly, so I have to work tomorrow, or you are becoming homeless again. Let's go.
Alunya. Nooo, I don't wanna! I won't put up with your tyranny anymore! This is a revolution!
Grace: *lifts skirt*
Alunya: OK, I'm coming.

I feel bad for writing this.


>Is she trying to kill her?
>im 12 and what is this
Alunya is playing hide and seek.
Under her skirt.


Are u actually 12?


File: 1688007234348-0.png (357.79 KB, 1189x1104, Grace 03 crop.png)

>living in an apartment and splitting rent with Alunya
<Grace is larping and being silly
I would love more slice of life scenes.

Nobody gave me a writing prompt.

Do you anons really want me to make up a prompt myself? You aren't going to like it.

I guess I'll write a fanfic w/ Alunya being servile and menial for Grace if nobody gives a prompt


File: 1688008032821-0.png (1.25 MB, 1636x1500, grace happy kitto.png)

File: 1688008032821-1.mp4 (5.12 MB, 720x404, Ryoko story.mp4)

File: 1688008032821-2.mp4 (12.86 MB, 720x404, Ayeka story.mp4)

If Grace and Alunya are sharing a place together, don't forget Grace wears the pants and is the lady in this relationship.


Here's an idea: Grace is trying to court Alunya but Rodina keeps appearing and ruins it (she's too young to recognize it).
Like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=groaPrY41Rk but Grace, Alunya and Rodina.



It was the year 2023.

Shay's Rebellion kicked off a civil war with the oppressive rightwing /pol/ regime. In league with the Shay Rebellion, leftypol fought for liberation from their chinlet overlords.

The war was hard: millions would die, as chinletjak evola was prepared to punish all leftists, but the confederates and anarchists put aside their differences with other leftists and achieved unity. This was anathema to chinletjak and the foreign legions who tried their best to stop leftists.

The chinletjak fascist armies were pushed away & all the reactionaries and rightists went into hiding:

/siberia/ was a remote place far from the on-going civil war. The majority of /siberia/ residents were leftists and it was under leftwing control. The /pol/ anons were lurking

Alunya arrived in /siberia/ by train.
>queue Animal Crossing music
She heard all about /siberia/ and its revolution against chinletjak. She found a place to live with an anonymous roommate.

Episode 1

Alunya walks upstairs and opens the door to her apartment. She slides in and closes the door with her butt.

The room is… dim.

Nobody home? Alunya sees a girl.

The girl is enthroned on a wooden chair facing Alunya at the door and staring at her, with Leviathan control permeating the room. Sitting on the chair amiably with her hands squeezing the chair arms. This is eerie.

Grace says, You must be my roommate. I was hoping to see you~

Her voice is fragile, a hint worried.

Alunya flicks the light switch and sees Grace for the first time.

Grace – that daft monarchist girl! Alunya thinks. Isn't she aligned with chinletjak? who invited her to live in /siberia/? She can't believe this. The very Grace is sitting in this apartment, cuddled up in a wooden chair. Alunya aligns close to the door and returns eye contact to Grace. An awkward silence passes. There is something about that girl. Alunya is looking at her emerald eyes, but snaps out of it.

R–Reactionaries like you shouldn't be living in /siberia/ Alunya rebuffs Grace. I don't know what you're doing here: we didn't fight chinletjak for you to be here! EW, Grace! Alunya gets defensive and thumps her catgirl tail a little irate.

Grace is startled. She doesn't want to be booted from her only place to live. Grace says, I have special permission to stay here. The monarchist gets up and begins to push her chair back to the kitchen. I knew this wouldn't go well, darn! She pouts despondently and lowers her head. I tried my best to prepare the place for you and invite you to my personal abode; it looks like you're another mean political catgirl. Grace holds back her emotions and looks down.

Alunya doesn't hold her grudge for long and sighs, I am sorry, um, Grace?

Grace replies, You've said my name, but I don't know yours.

Alunya sees Grace sobbed a little. She lowers her crimson red eyes and feels slightly sorry for this strange girl. The revolutionary catgirl looks the other way and finds it difficult to hate Grace. Alunya stirs in her spot and tells Grace, My name? Cat Alunya… call me Alunya. Every fiber in Alunya's being wants to resist being /kind/ with Grace.

Later at night time, Alunya finds Grace again in her regal underwear, preparing to go to bed. Alunya says to Grace, I am feeling so tired, Grace. Where do I get to sleep? Since I be will sharing this apartment with you.

Grace gawks, Oh, I forgot, I'll have to share my bed with you. Grace holds her covers up and looks at Alunya with her emerald eyes. Grace thinks, Not even my bed is private. It is said that many things were held in common, but Her Grace recalls even beds were shared.

*A funny meow sound effect plays.

Alunya blushes very red and says, I never thought I would be sharing your bed with you, Grace Cat Alunya feels butterflies all over. Fuzzy.

Alunya slips into bed with Grace and sleeps very close.


Will write more if anons want


Pls do more, i'm loving this


The TV in the apartment turns on

An interview with Shay, the leader of the Shay Rebellion

A man asks Shay, What inspired you to instigate this rebellion?

Shay says, It started with the neglect of our global water supply and infrastructure.

Episode 2
Alunya wakes up alone in bed this morning.

Looking around Grace's bedroom–wait–Alunya remembers, This is our bedroom. Alunya gets the fun idea to decorate Grace's room with all her stuff from leftypol. She'll do it later. >:3

Alunya puts on her red-black bandana and notices Grace is missing. Her iconic purple dress is left in the bedroom. It makes Alunya very curious where her Grace is. She looks over Grace's dress and her buttons: shouldn't Grace wear casual clothes, Alunya thinks, She is always wearing this specific outfit.

Her catgirl ears catch a sound: the shower is running. Her catgirl ears flick and Alunya pokes her fingers together.

Alunya says to herself, I haven't visited the bathroom yet. I should check on Grace.

A blush grows on Alunya's face. She gets up and leaves the bedroom and opens the door: the apartment is so nice and down the hallway there is the living area and another door leading to the bathroom. Obviously, that is where Grace must be. It would be great to share the living area with Grace once she finishes showering.

Alunya thinks with a wide catgirl smug face, It would be even better to share the shower with Grace~. She thinks about scratching the bathroom door to let her know, but doesn't.

Alunya opens the door and finds the bathroom to be be luxurious: it has gilded mirrors and fancy tiles, a white 4-legged bathtub, and a shower with a glass door. Very, very snazzy. Hair brushes lying on the sink also. Alunya looks in the fogged up mirror and normally a leftist like her should detest all this expensive decadence, but she turns her eyes to the shower and giggles to herself. This is going to be fun, Alunya says, undressing and sliding open the shower door to see Grace.

>*queue relaxing shower noise



Grace is showering with her long, wet blonde hair reaching all the way down. The monarchist is too busy letting the water cascade down from the shower head and getting wet. The ambient running water sound fills her ears and sounds heavenly. Warm, running water sprinkling all over the princess.

This is her chance to know Grace better.

Alunya gives her silly catgirl smile, blushing and reaching for soap.

Brought soap, comrade Grace <3 Alunya says, lathering Grace with soap, helping her clean up.

Alunya observes Grace has a smooth, pearly complexion; she obviously doesn't work very much with this pale skin. This gives Alunya time to admire Grace-chan and caress her all over with her soapy hands. Alunya never thought having a revolutionary shower with a princess would be so enchanting.

Grace inhales and cries out–


Alunya is startled, uplifts her neko ears. Sorry, your royal highness; comrades shower together ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Grace shows her furious eyes and says, Don't call me that; I am NOT your comrade. Grace gives a Hmph sound. >_> The blonde dame huffs at Alunya. Turning around to shower with the imperial sway of her hair. Grace finally says, Shouldn't you hate me?

Alunya coos, Not if I get to re-educate you with our revolutionary love~

Grace closes her eyes with indignation. Don't get me started, Alunya.

Alunya spends her time washing Grace-chan's hair. Bringing her hands together and clasping strands of the sunny hair with the soap. Rinsing it out with patience and peaceful contemplation. Altogether with the sound of the running water covering them both. This is a blissful time for Alunya. She happily closes her eyes and proceeds to wash Grace with renewed enthusiasm.

Grace sighs, You must style yourself as my lady of the bedchamber


>had the task to wait upon the queen by helping her wash, dress and undress, and so forth

Alunya replies, If it so pleases you, comrade Grace~ I always help a comrade in need: an act of mutual aid

Grace and Alunya would spend quality time in the shower together for the most of the morning. Later that morning, Grace dawned on her towel and left for her bedroom–and locked the door this time, so Alunya doesn't attend her uninvited–but for the rest of the time they had together the two anonymous roommates became well acquainted despite their differences.


Will write more if anons want


This is cool


The stories are way too cute , f' course we want more!


last update*


No please we need more!



ThiS iS tOo CutE!!! *dies*


looks good, especially the eyes imo, I don't draw but it seems like not everyone gets slightly closed eyelids right




make the boobs more seeable


Jokes aside, the drawing looks very cool


File: 1688257842837-0.png (57.05 KB, 588x480, Grace smile hah.png)

This request will be postponed.
But I will see it through.
art is expensive + teaming up w/ new artists


Where are their dicks?


what country are you from?



what did she do to deserve such treatment?


posted guillotine memes



File: 1688286888033.gif (318.17 KB, 500x281, bueno.gif)

Alunya feet


yuribros why are we so based?


Next episode will feature a few beloved leftypol characters.


I hate monarchism and I hope all monarchists die
This is hot thoughever


It's not canon that Grace smokes, so there's also one with her blowing bubbles.


File: 1688377716614.png (450.96 KB, 867x971, 1662654243481.png)

This is a parody of this pic*


Please don't draw her blowing b*bbles, it is gross.


File: 1688380884164.png (391.98 KB, 867x971, smoking.png)

I don't think you got the reference. the pic you posted isn't the original


ah. make her more smug


Maybe the legs, it kind of looks like she's not wearing pants or anything. Plus a bubble blowing version of Alunya too…


I would love to share lung cancer with Alunya!


biopsies with Alunya



File: 1688447816660.png (57.05 KB, 588x480, Grace smile hah.png)

>Plus a bubble blowing version of Alunya too
Will look into this.


Alunya was out in the city, walking aimlessly. Or at least that's what she would have told if someone were to ask her. But as she kept returning to the same crossing again and again, with increasing frequency, she had to admit to herself that she was here for a reason. And that reason soon appeared.
Alunya immediately spotted her. It was hard not to, with her beautiful blond hair and old-timey purple dress. She stood out of the crowd. Alunya happily called out to Grace-chan and quickly crossed the street. But it seemed Grace-chan did not hear her, and kept on walking. As Alunya catched up to her, she gently embraced her from behind. "Guess who?" she asked, but it startled Grace-chan and she jumped a little. Alunya let her escape her embrace. "Oh, it's just you. What were you thinking, scaring me like that. You need to work a little on your manners, Alunya." she said with a red face. "Good afternoon Grace-chan! I called out to you, but you seemed not to notice. Are you walking home from work? I was just out window shopping and was wondering if you would like to come with me. It's Friday, after all." replied Alunya. "Window shopping? This time without a hammer, I hope?" Alunya let the comment slip and Grace continued. "I would certainly like to accompany you, my dear Alunya, but I am afraid I have different plans for today. I was planning to pay a visit to the Monarchy Club tonight." "Didn't you have a fall out with those guys over constitutionalism? Come on, come with me!" With this, Alunya grabbed Grace-chan's right hand with both of her hands and looked at her with a pleading face. This convinced Grace-chan.
While walking, Grace-chan was complaining about her boring office job and the Monarchy Club. Alunya listened to her, but she barely could pay attention as her mind was too preoccupied with her plans for tonight. She knew that Grace-chan liked her, or at least wanted to believe that she did, but she needed a situation where she could allow her to admit it to herself. Grace-chan really cared about how she looked in the eyes of the others, even if she couldn't always tell if people were staring at her because they liked her dress or because they thought she came from the Renaissance fair. There was no way Grace-chan would let Alunya get closer to her in public, they needed to be alone.
Finally Alunya had an idea. She pointed at the nearby high-rise, and interrupted Grace-chan, who was still ranting about her coworkers: "Hey, why don't we go up to the roof of that building and watch the sunset from there?" "Does one of your friends live there?" Alunya nodded no. "Does someone you know live there?" Alunya nodded no again. "Then how do you plan to go up to the roof?" she asked. "Well, that's easy! We will sneak in!" This made Grace-chan pause for a moment. "But what if we get caught?" she asked nervously. "Don't worry, I've done it plenty of times." Grace-chan looked at her in a way that made Alunya uncomfortable, so quickly added: "For banner drops and the like. It's easy, come." She grabbed Grace-chan's wrist and aimed for the building's door. Grace-chan followed her.
As they approached the door, an old lady was coming out. "Good evening!" Alunya said in an upbeat voice. "Good evening girls, are you coming in?" replied the old woman as she held the door open for them. "Yes please and thank you!" replied Alunya happily. They were inside. Grace-chan leaned over to Alunya and whispered to her: "What if she alerts the police?" "Why would she? She willingly let us inside." "Well, you look a bit like a troublemaker." "To be fair I am a bit of a troublemaker. But I'm sure she thought better of your company." Still holding Grace-chan by the wrist, they started climbing the stairs.
Grace-chan was huffing and panting when they reached the top. "I sure hope she really did not call the cops, I couldn't run even if I wanted to." Alunya was looking at the door. "It's locked." she said. "Oh great, we have gone through all this trouble for nothing. I don't blame you Alunya, but this was a bit too much for me." She turned and wanted to go down but Alunya, still holding her by the wrist, gently pulled her back. "It's open now." Alunya said and pulled the door open a little. "How?!" cried out Grace-chan. "Kitty claws can be pretty useful, you know." grinned Alunya. She opened the door wide open, and bowed a little as she let Grace-chan exit before her.
Grace-chan raced to the ledge of the roof as soon as she saw the scenery, dragging Alunya with herself, who still refused to let her wrist go free. "It's so beautiful!" Grace-chan said in amazement. "Thank you for bringing me here, Alunya." "Oh, it's nothing, really." she replied and let her hand slide down from Grace-chan's wrist to her palm, interlocking their fingers. Grace-chan did not visibly react, and Alunya took this as a good sign. She started caressing Grace-chan's hand with her thumb.
Grace-chan was mesmerized by the scenery. Her gaze danced around the strange geometric shapes that made up the various buildings of the city, gently followed the tram that slowly crept down in the streets, raced through the wide boulevard towards the horizon, and finally found the descending Sun, which was already touching the top of a far-away mountain range. Alunya watched Grace-chan, her visible amazement made her happy. She pointed at a building. "That's where your office is." "Oh, it really is! Alunya, you have such amazing eyes!" "Your eyes are very special, too. That beautiful emerald colour…" Alunya lost her previous self-confidence, and struggled to finish her sentence. It seemed that Grace-chan was only interested in the scenery, she barely even looked at her. She let Alunya hold her hand, but Alunya wasn't sure if it wasn't just politeness. Maybe she wasn't interested in her at all? Maybe she couldn't get over their political differences? Maybe she hated her, and was currently plotting how she could make Alunya meet the same fate as Pinelli did. The building was more than tall enough for it. She started to regret coming here. There's no way Grace-chan could love a catgirl like her.
Suddenly Grace-chan let go of Alunya's hand and turned towards her. "I, too, have something to show. Please close your eyes for a moment." Alunya couldn't belive her ears! Grace-chan had something for her, and she even took the initiative! She never would have thought that her passive princess, who always closed herself in her castle and wouldn't let anyone in without a prolonged siege, would not only open the gate for her, but drain the moat and come outside to greet her and invite her inside. She closed her eyes as her heart was racing with excitement. Finally, this couldn't mean anything else, Grace-chan was going to kiss her! And for a brief moment, she felt something wet on her lips.
Then something popped. She opened her eyes in confusion. Grace-chan was blowing bubbles at her. "Aren't they pretty" Grace-chan giggled, and continued, "they look so nice in this sunset. My boss gave me this soap bubble thing today as a gift, for staying an extra hour. The light refraction looks most splendid at this time of the day."
Alunya's heart sank. She was devastated. She turned away from Grace-chan, towards the ledge, and looked down. Her love was mocking her. Now it was clear that she has completely misunderstood Grace-chan. She hates her. If she tried to throw her down now, she was sure she would even help her. Or just jump on her own. She already did so much for Grace-chan, one last favour wouldn't matter anymore. And the way she has lost her breath climbing the stairs, there's no way this fragile little princess could throw her over the ledge. So she might as well jump on her own. Alunya started crying.
"Oh no, Alunya, is something wrong? I thought you would like it. Is it because it's water and you are a cat?" "Stop mocking me!" "I'm not mocking you, did I do some–" "Shut up!" Alunya erupted. "After all I did for you, all they ways I tried to make you happy, and this is what I get… why do you hate me so much?" "I don't hate you, Alunya. I thought we were friends." "Friends, sure, that's why I always have to drag you along, why you are never up for anything, why you never invite me. And for the first time, you have shown some initiative of your own, and you used it to mock me. And I thought you would…" Alunya suddenly fell into silence and started looking at the depth before herself even more intensely. "You thought I would?" asked Grace-chan with fear in her voice. "I thought you would kiss me." admitted Alunya and started crying again.
Grace-chan stepped behind Alunya, and hugged her with one hand, while she put her other hand on her head, between her cat-ears. "Oh my dear Alunya, I didn't know." she said while holding the crying catgirl firmly and caressing her hair. Alunya started calming down, while Grace-chan continued. "You know what I am like. Despite my clothes and silly mannerisms, I don't really feel like a royalty. I'm too much of a coward to lead, I just go with the flow, let people boss me around. I'm just not strong enough. But for you, Alunya, today I will do my first deed. Today I will do what I want, without anyone telling me what to do, or anyone stopping me from doing it. Today we will both get what we want!"
She grabbed Alunya by her shoulders, and turned her towards herself. Then she used one hand to cover Alunya's eyes, and another to pull her closer. Alunya's heart started racing with excitement again. This time, the wetness that found her lips tasted lasted for long minutes, and made her happier than ever.


Post-credit scene: "I just had no way to know you were a lesbian, Alunya, I couldn't risk it." "I even put a lesbian flag pin on my bandana to let you know." "Oh, I thought that was for republican Spain." *audience laughs* *curtains close*


File: 1688457896140-0.png (340.24 KB, 800x900, tfw no grace gf.png)

File: 1688457896140-2.png (320.16 KB, 800x900, tfw no alunya gf.png)


File: 1688457987999-0.png (320.14 KB, 800x900, Grace bubbles.png)

File: 1688457987999-1.png (162.37 KB, 531x600, Grace bubbles sketch.png)

File: 1688457987999-2.png (293.2 KB, 800x900, Alunya bubbles.png)

Please don't draw her blowing b*bbles, it is gross.



File: 1688542128575-0.png (57.05 KB, 588x480, Grace smile hah.png)

well written fanfic.
I love how you save the best for last.


File: 1688550174694.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 39.25 MB, 1280x720, c1d6837fa52d389c817b53651e….mp4)

/yuri/ raids this thread


(The newest Short Story of the Grace x Alyuna Arc survival has evolved)

It was the mid-summer's festival once more with their annual fair, rides and attractions for all to enjoy. From the site of the famous love ferris wheel rumored to make true love spark with those that have rode the ride together, to the sites and sounds of joy and music that feels the humid summer evening. A time to enjoy life with those that you care about and let loose with little care about the struggles of life and their hardships. This evening was a special night for two young women as they entered the fairgrounds together.

It was Alunya and Grace together as they walked through the gates. What made it special was instead of Alunya making the decision to go out doing something like this it was Grace. After hearing about Rumors of the Love Ferris Wheel, it got her thinking maybe tonight would be the night to admit those feelings that she was hiding. To let the cat girl know how she truly felt and maybe find out what Alunya's hard shell had cracks or not.

Grace herself was wearing a long floating purple summer dress, slip on sandals, and a large sun hat which held a flower, a tulpa pink in collar. While Alunya wearing a pair of leather shorts, a blank and red tank top, and her black booties.

With a grin Alunya gives Grace a little nudge on her arm and says, "You know Grace, I didn't expect you to be going all out on this aesthetic of 'village girl' so unfitting for your royal tastes."

Puffing out her cheeks annoyed Grace fires back, "Well you just don't understand dear Alunya, that this style is very feminine and fitting of someone of my stature!"

Alunya shrugs a bit and pokes at Grace's puffed up cheek, "Right, and you usually go more all out on your attire."

Huffing Grace seemed a little annoyed getting teased like this. But it was true this was a lot more slim down than what she would have normally worn. That is because Grace was trying not to draw too much attention as she really wanted this to be a date between her and the catgirl. The two approached one of the game stands, hanging as prizes were several different plush toys, one catching the eye of the blonde. It was a grumpy looking cat ball, as it reminded her of Alunya on most days when she wasn't being the target of the catgirl's teasing. It wasn't like she didn't enjoy Alunya being around and made her heart race fast.

The big brawly and joyful man that ran the stand letting off a hearty laugh, "Hello ladies, would you be interested in trying your luck knocking down these bottles, if you can knock down a stack you can win any of my prizes you see here." he gestured moving his arms up and around with the different plushies.

"Hmm, don't see why not lets give it a shot I am willing to try." Alunya mentions grabbing on of the balls in front of her, three tries to get a prize.

"Hmph, not like I am expecting you to win but I am sure such a simple game like this would fair no challenge to someone of your caliber." Grace Remarks as she grabs a ball herself.

Grace went first rubbing the ball in her hands then with an overhand throw misses the bottles as the ball hit the wall behind it. This left the blonde in an awestruck state, how could such a simple game be a lot harder than it appears. Huffing she takes the second ball, rubbing it similar to the first time throwing it forward without aiming at the target. It was far too the right as the ball bounces back down to the ground after contact with the wall. Now extremely frustrated now as the cackling of Alunya as she watched Grace get upset over what she called an easy game. This was the last attempt, she had to get it this time otherwise she would not hear the end of it from Alunya. Grabbing the last ball rubbing it once more whispering sweet nothings to it as she takes a moment to aim this time and throws. The ball hits the bottom of stack barely missing the bottles. A defeated sigh escaped Grace's lips as Alunya snorted and snickered.

"Such an easy game huh Grace?" Alunya remarks with a grin on her face rolling the ball in her hand.

"Oh you hush there Alunya, just throw your ball already not like you will get it on the first try anyways hmph." she puffed crossing her arms facing away from Alunya.

"Watch and Learn Grace!" Alunya remarks with a cocky smile, as she threw the ball smashing the center of the bottles on her first try with a pitcher's throw.

"We have ourselves a Winner~!" the game operator bellowed out as he says, "Alright ma'am why don't you get yourself a prize."

Grace was in shock that this just happened, puffing again as she was staring at the grumpy cat plush once more. Alunya looking through the corner of her eye notices this and decides to pick the cat plush.

"This one please." Alunya said pointing the cat plush, the game operator got it down for her.

"Enjoy the rest of your evening ladies!" he says waving to them as the duo left the stand.

Grace even more huffy and puffy now than before looked at Alunya with a pouty face. While Alunya was walking with the black cat plush tucked under her chin and says remarks:

"Sorta looks like me huh Grace." she remarks making a similar grumpy face.

"Hmph suits you too well Alunya dear, you are very much like that plushie that I believe looks much like you." Grace mentions as she tries to hide the fact that she was really happy that Alunya gotten the Toy to begin with.

Tilting her head a bit as the Catgirl wasn't blind to the body language of Grace and gives her a grin. Offering the toy to Grace.

"I noticed you been looking at the toy for a while now and I figured if you couldn't win it I would get it for you. How about it want it?"

At that moment Grace's face turned a bright red, this was happening just like romance novels and shoujo comics she had read. There was no way real life was like those things, her chest was beating faster as she accepts the toy. Hugging it with glee as she lets out a happy little squeal of joy, victory. Doing a little spin with it as Alunya couldn't help but shrug her shoulders and smiles and lets out a small laugh.

"Someone is happy they got the toy they were eyeing earlier." Alunya remarks as she couldn't help but feel happy herself.

Realizing what she had done Grace hides her face behind the toy. Puffing her cheeks a little as she would look over the toy a little.

"Look its not like I wanted the toy or anything like that. It was just nice of you to do something like this for me of course." Grace lying as she could feel the heat of her blush burning through the plush.



Wait till I get the second half of the story is going to be so sweet your teeth rot out.


I need moar of this.
I love the carnival setting.


these will be shaded soon
alunya in 2nd pic reminds me of a smiling wojak


Very cool! You're good at this!


File: 1688819378345.pdf (6.7 MB, 180x255, Grace-Alunya.pdf)


This is very high quality!


Will there be more editions or updates to the fanbook?


You are awesome~


I'll add the rest as soon as I gather the courage to attempt the formatting of the "Shay's rebellion" one.


Fucking madlad


Will part 2 come today? bored anon


If you are bored, why not try your hand at writing a story? It's easy, just pretend you are a grandparent sitting at the campfire with your grandchildren.


I am stuck at an event.


very nice, I like the cover


Cannot wait for more fanfic.
I might write more myself.


Should I add these to the PDF?
I feel bad for leaving them out but they are kind of mean.


File: 1688973321548-1.jpg (138.92 KB, 800x601, dog and cat.jpg)

You may add the Shay's story since it has art.

Paired with >>422418 & >>422642

Also >>423834 &>>424321


File: 1689059419168.pdf (6.09 MB, 180x255, Grace-Alunya-2.pdf)


The next picture will be NSFW & spoilered


File: 1689143833147-0.png (Spoiler Image, 282.38 KB, 800x642, Grace pillow princess bean….png)

File: 1689143833147-1.png (Spoiler Image, 290.34 KB, 800x671, Grace pillow princess tran….png)



Grace-Rodina Russian Civil war Pg 1


You could hear the bottom of boots pounding against the roads. Spirits were high, cheers all around. There was only one thought on everyone’s mind as they marched. The red menace would be swept out of the caucuses and soon, the motherland. The cities of Maykop and Armavir were taken. The next in sight was Stavorpol. The officers reassured the troops it would be a sweeping victory. The General told them to knock it off

“Arrogant offices are as good as dead”.

Grace has mixed emotions on the subject. On one had, the disgusting blight that taken over the Empire was being defeated. On the other hand, the men to do so clearly had their own motives. Especially one Anton Denikin, general of the volunteer army. She recalled how he scoffed the idea of allowing a descendant of the Royal Family usurp him in command. Of course a peasant would everything in their power to cling onto the little power he’s obtained. No class in a bone of his body. Though she had to admit, he wasn’t a bad general. On contrary, Southern Russia was as good for the whites. Still, she had her reservation on this movement. The dreaded Left Socialist-Revolutionaries were accepted in the ranks, the putrid worms that started this whole mess and allowed for the country to be prepped like lambs to slaughter for the Bolsheviks. And yet.

“They had the decency to…” tears began to well up in her eye, their warmth contrasting the now cooling autumn.

No, I can’t think of that.

Still, streams of tears kept crawling down her cheeks as the thought back of when news first broke. As soon as those dreaded words entered her ears, a pit formed in her stomach, her heart began to feel the pain of a thousand needles. Her knees gave out

The King had died, executed at the hands of Reds.

She can remember the uncontrollable tears, the sudden rush of vomit up her throat, the chill and shivering of her body. For days she languished, unsure what to do. But at the end of the day, she was a noble, and she had a duty to God’s chosen to avenge him, destroy those who wronged him and return the throne to its rightful place.

And yet, when victory was so close, she still couldn’t hold back tears. A solider approached her, asking if everything was ok. Immediately, like on command, her tears began to dry up and a scowl drew itself across her face

“I am just fine. You shouldn’t break formation”. He stepped back at this sudden tone shift and immediately rejoined his troop. She stared at him for a good while before looking forward, determined as ever.

The rightful House of Romanov will rule these lands once more. I’ll make sure of it.



Very cute!


Whoa, I NEED a continuation…


I look forward to any new fanfic.


(now without Further adieu once again with Crescendo this is the second time writing this the first time lost everything at the climax)

The two were walking around the fair grounds for much of the evening taking in the sights and sounds of the festival. Grace was still lost in thought about what had happened, 'There is no way this is happening right now. This has to be some kind of dream or something right? No Grace, this is real you invited Alunya here to finally confess your feelings for her. You got this Grace.' she reminded herself of the objective at hand.

Alunya was looking at Grace for a moment and noticed that she was looking at her hand. Offering her hand to Grace she smiles a bit and says, "Want to hold my Hand?"

Dumbfounded Grace was taken aback by this, what was happening right? Was this really happening, she started to become shy as she nodded her head a little, taking one arm off from around the plush. Giving it the much relief from the death grasp that Grace had it in, as she slowly reaches for Alunya's hand taking it. Once they were holding hands they were interlocked, trying to hide her excitement from the fact that she was holding hands with the person she had developed feeling for. These developments were just like from her Romance Novels and Shojo Comics (Of which she did not want to have Alunya find out about as she would get teased about it more). Alunya only chuckles a bit seeing this happen before her, it was nice seeing Grace Happy.

"Well someone is enjoying themselves, if you wanted to hold my hand so much why didn't you say something about it earlier?" she asks with a smile.

Puffing out her cheeks Grace looks away but answers shyly, "Its not like I wanted to hold your hand or anything like that. I..I just wanted to know how you hands felt after all I thought it be like something from my Romance Novels."

It took a moment for Grace to realize what she said hiding her face into the plushie again. This made Alunya laugh a little, "Well if that is the case then I am sure you also liked it when I complimented on your food it was really good, and even when I petted your head."

Trying to not allow her joy to escape her lips but she said, "Y..Yes I really did enjoy that. It felt nice to be complimented on the work I done I did for myself, and because I wanted to for someone else. I really liked it when you praised me and petted my head it made me feel nice and giddy inside. Look Alunya, there is a lot I want to say but I want to say it when we get on the Feris Wheel."

Nodding in understanding Alunya says, "Sure Grace we can go c'mon."

Grace took the lead she was excited about the events that were going to take place. She was finally going to be truthful to Alunya about everything she was feeling at this moment. 'Alright Grace you did it. Now you just got to let her know how you truly feel. None of this Tsundere Stuff, let her melt your heart. Allow your true self be freed from the ice around you. ' Feeling the butterflies in her stomach as nothing was going to take her down from her high right now as the two approached the Feris Wheel.

They were greeted with a small line and the operator of the attraction. It only took five minutes before they got a chance to get on, when they did they sat on separate sides. The cart was making its slow ascent towards its peak, from below the town looked light fireflies, while the night skies glistened with the Super Full moon close to being touched, as the stars danced and flickered. Grace's Emerald Green Eyes stared into Alunya's crimson red eyes. The plushie was sitting in Grace's Lap as she let out a sigh, 'Its now or never Grace just do it.' calming herself enough to finally speak,

"Alunya, I want to let you know how I feel about you. I didn't know I could feel this way despite us having such different perspectives of life, yet here we are together from holding hands, to living together, and even going out on this date. At first, I thought my feelings were that of friendliness but as we started to get know each other it was then when these feelings deepened. N..No more Tsundere act I am going to tell you here and now how I feel. ALUNYA, I LOVE YOU WILL YOU BE MY LOVER!" she says out loud feeling her heart beating fast, she did it consequences be damned she admitted it.

Stunned, Alunya did not know what to say at first, but she collected her thoughts and gave a cheeky smile, "You know Grace actions speak louder than words, so let me show you my feelings for you."

Alunya move forward, as Grace closed her eyes realizing what was happening, the two of them kissed under the moon lit night at the top of the Feris Wheel, Cliche as this was Grace did not care she was happy, tears started to run down her face as Alunya reciprocated the feelings. Holding each other in a hug as the held the kiss for a moment longer before breaking it, as the two panted a little catching their breath.

"Does that answer your question dearest Grace?" Alunya being cool about the situation.

"Y..Yes my dear Alunya, I am so happy right now you don't even understand. I planned for this perfect night and it happened almost like a fairy tail."

"Well it was as real as it can get. I am glad you finally got the chance to tell me how you felt, I thought I would have to keep waiting for you to drop your act." Alunya remarks with a small tease.

Puffing her cheeks, a little but she couldn't stay mad for too long but let's off a guanine smile of her own, "I know, but I didn't expect you to like someone others find obnoxious, as I can be sometimes. while also just being nice to me despite our clear differences in how we view things."

With a small peck on the cheek Alunya pet Grace's head and says, "Nah, at first I did but when I got to know you better it wasn't so bad, and I appreciate all you do to make yourself a better person, and now a partner of mine. I love you Grace, I hope your night has been the best it has been. We got plenty of more in the future if you stick with me."

Nodding her head Grace was so happy grinning from ear to ear as the Plush toy was picked up by Grace as the ride comes to an end, letting the newly formed couple off holding hands once more as they left the grounds together as more adventures were ahead of them, but tonight it was a focus on them.

(Thank you for your time, if you have any new ideas to write do let me know I can make it happen)


> "Want to hold my Hand?"
Alunya has no shame smh

> any new ideas

Grace and Alunya abducted by aliens to study human reproduction since they clearly are a couple (a couple of besties).


The idea I always had for Alunya's personality is based of that of Sonic's: a cool, adventurous, smug, and caring person. So her offering her hand in such a way that would seem shameful doesn't bother her just a normal thing to get clued on.


Grace and Alunya, fueled by their passionate convictions, embarked on a unique endeavor—a podcast where they debated the merits of monarchy and Marxism. In a small studio adorned with microphones and recording equipment, they began a lively discourse, presenting their arguments to an eager audience.
As their debate reached its crescendo, a sudden commotion interrupted the recording. The studio doors burst open in flames, revealing the imposing figure of Porky, the evil CEO, flanked by his sinister minions. His shrill laughter and cigar smoke filled the room, shattering the refined atmosphere of polite intellectual debate.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? A podcast promoting ideologies I despise!” Porky sneered, his voice dripping with malice. "I couldn't resist crashing this little gathering of yours."
Grace and Alunya exchanged glances, realizing that their activities had drawn the attention of a formidable adversary. They stood tall, their beliefs unwavering, as Porky's minions encircled them, with evil smiles, intent on silencing them.
Porky, reveling in his display of power, leaned against a nearby table.
"You two, with your grand ideas of monarchy and Marxism, you're nothing more than inconsequential dreamers. Allow me to show you the true power of unfettered capitalism!"
Alunya stepped forward, her voice laced with defiance. "Capitalism without regulation leads to rampant exploitation and inequality. It prioritizes profit over the well-being of the working class. We stand for a system that addresses these injustices and empowers those who have been marginalized."
Grace, her regal poise undeterred, added, "Monarchy, in its essence, is a unifying force that brings stability and continuity to a nation. It embodies a deep connection to history, culture, and tradition. We advocate for a monarchy that embraces compassion and ensures the welfare of all its subjects.”

Porky's laughter reverberated through the room, his arrogance fueling his disregard for their arguments. "Compassion and welfare? Nonsense! In the real world it's survival of the fittest, and I'm at the top of the food chain!"
Just as Porky moved closer to Grace and Alunya, their podcast's audience rose in collective defiance. The power of their words had resonated deeply, inspiring listeners to stand up against the tyrannical grasp of unchecked capitalism.
In an instant, the atmosphere shifted. The once-captive audience rushed to Grace and Alunya's defense, forming a protective barrier against Porky's minions. Their voices rose in unison, proclaiming the importance of balance, fairness, and a society that values the well-being of all its members.
Caught off guard by the unexpected resistance, Porky's bravado faltered. His minions wavered for a moment.
Grace and Alunya, bolstered by the support surrounding them, stood tall, embodying the spirit of their ideologies. They had sparked a movement, turning a simple podcast into a catalyst for change.
With a growl of frustration, Porky retreated, his minions following suit, promising he would return one day.


File: 1689244329585-0.png (132.35 KB, 512x512, grace ex grrr.png)

File: 1689244329585-1.png (85.18 KB, 560x315, snarling-dog.png)

Wait–why don't leftists put Grace on Porky's side.

This is weird monbol stuff?!

You're not supposed to be sympathizing with me, leftists!

Something has to be off-script.


I would expect leftists to portray Grace like a villian with a redemption arc.

Lol, but leftypol loves Grace so much they don't want to.


Feudalfags have all reasons to hold some grudges toward Porky. This is not incoherent story wise


Graceposter is not a feudalist tho because of hatred for nobles


Does graceposter hate nobles because they always defy the King and might take power away from him?


Grace should be portrayed like a corpse with an unmarked grave.
Fuck monarchy and monarchists.


Well as I write Grace as a normal person with differing opinions that say of Alunya. But they are both people that are under the boot of Capitalism trying to cope with the realities.

Maybe that is just me and that's what makes my writing feel 'relatable' if make sense. Of course we got our little clichés but you can only write so many different romantic situations feel unique without having some sort of silly cliché things.


I don't see monarchy as a stage of history like slavery, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, communism.

This is part of the leftist paradigm and reality.

Monarchy is a form of State or Commonwealth or Republic (whatever word we prefer to use, but I use State).

Others don't view the term State like I do to begin with. Not even other monarchists.

If I had to consider within the leftist paradigm, it would be any stage of history with states.

The neofeudalists I'm against also don't subscribe to this narrative (they're not leftists). My problem with them is their narrative is largely pinned against mine and they take the tocquevillist lead. (Which narrows down to absolute monarchy = bad b/c centralization and muh intermediaries such as nobles & then an advocation for a more mixed -traditional- constitutionalism / feudalism with more emphasis on the nobles). The problem is the same with the neofeudalists: they're also peddling another historical narrative. Like the Hoppeans say, they're in the midst of building their own historical narrative and it often shares similar roots with the neofeudalists back to certain political thinkers.

leftypol users don't spend their time talking with these people–they wouldn't understand or see this narrative like I do. They also have no bone to pick here.


File: 1689319544809-0.png (1.09 MB, 1500x1500, grace 28 kitto.png)

File: 1689319544809-1.png (90.4 KB, 1555x1160, 168438699416012.png)

I might take a break from Grace & Alunya pictures.
since I need more pictures of Grace alone

Someone else is welcome to contribute fanart.


might I suggest later drawing Alunya being catty with Grace


We need a beach episode:
> flat Alunya having breast envy for Grace
> putting sunscreen on each other's back
> Grace building a sandcastle, Alunya "storming" this "summer palace"
> wardrobe malfunction in the water
> ice cream that got on the cheek licked off


heheh disgrace


Alunya giving Grace a coup de grace


>draw Alunya being catty with Grace
Alunya will wear a Bubsy the bobcat ! shirt and tell Grace cat puns until Grace goes insane.


I've been wanting to do a beach scene for a while.


Give me a synopsis of what a video game episode would be like, anon.


I don't know about that, sorry.


Later Alunya would find Grace wearing a chastity belt.


I'd like to read more.


The leftist weightlifting club is holding its weekly meeting at the gym. Rodina, flexing her huge muscles, is bragging: "I once parked a Yugo – without the engine running!" Tania, with her enormous muscles throbbing, pauses her deadlift to one-up her: "That's nothing! I once dragged a motorcycle for 100 meters. The engine was running – in the opposite direction, of course!"
Grace, the weakest, most pathetic member of the gym, with practically no muscles to speak of, who only comes to the gym for yoga lessons, walks by. Alunya, the biggest, most muscular leftist weightlifter, who holds all the local records, picks Grace up in princess carry, and says: "Real strength is not in spectacular feats, but in your everyday acts of love!" And she kisses Grace's cheek.



Looks like all the writer anons are busy striking in Hollywood, they don't have time for Alunya and Grace anymore.


Grace and Alunya found themselves soaring through the skies aboard Sir Gaylord's magnificent airship, propelled not by conventional means, but by the remarkable power of—love.
They gazed out at the breathtaking vistas below, scattered with mountains, lakes, and forests, holding their hands in silence and treasuring their close companionship.
Eventually, when the sun began to set across the horizon, they revived a well worn debate.

“—Marxism seeks to dismantle oppressive systems and create a society where everyone has equal opportunities and access to resources," proclaimed Alunya.
“But Alunya my dear friend, that doesn’t sound like a long term solution to the problem of running society. My ideas on the other hand provide stability and continuity in governance. Monarchy upholds tradition and fosters a sense of national identity and pride, found through dedication to the sovereign.”

Suddenly, Sir Gaylord's voice crackled over the ship's intercom.
"My dear friends, I have urgent news. It seems that Porky, the malevolent CEO, is plotting to obtain the Spherical Orb of Doom—a device that could plunge mankind into an ultra-capitalist techno tyranny."
Alunya's eyes widened with alarm. "The Spherical Orb of Doom? That sounds ominous indeed. What does he plan to do with such a device?"
Sir Gaylord's tone grew grave. “Porky is a libertarian, driven mad by insatiable greed. He aims to harness the power of the orb to consolidate his control and manipulate the masses. His billionaire friend, Biff Gezos, is complicit in this scheme, exploiting technology for their own selfish gains.”

Grace's voice carried a steely determination. "We cannot allow such a dire fate to befall humanity. We must thwart their plans and protect the ideals we hold dear!”
Sir Gaylord nodded, his gaze fixed on the horizon. "Indeed, my friends. Despite our differences, we must overcome and gather allies, spread awareness, and rally those who believe in freedom, justice, and the power of love."
As the airship sailed through the skies, Grace and Alunya discussed strategies, united in their commitment to stand against the encroaching darkness.

Grace's suggestion of holding a seance to communicate with the spirit of Tsar Nicholas, the last Russian emperor, hung in the air while Alunya giggled.
"Grace, my dear friend, seeking guidance from the spirit world seems rather undialectical and silly. We should focus on practical solutions.”
Sir Gaylord, however, took to Grace’s defence.
"On the contrary, Grace’s suggestion holds a certain appeal. Tsar Nicholas, with his experiences and insights, might offer guidance in these troubled times.”
Grace's eyes lit up, grateful for Sir Gaylord's support.
"Indeed, If we can establish a connection, we may gain insight into how to counteract the nefarious plans of Porky.”
Alunya's doubt remained evident, but she relented.
"Very well, if only because of my respect for you Grace, but I still reserve the right to a healthy dose of skepticism.”

They gathered in a candlelit room of the airship. Sir Gaylord, with his knowledge of the occult, guided them through the seance ritual.
As they held hands and focused their energy, Sir Gaylord channeled his intentions towards establishing a connection with Tsar Nicholas. The room fell into silence, the only sound being the soft flickering of candle flames.
Moments passed, and just as doubt began to creep in, a subtle change in the air made their hearts race. Hushed whispering seemed to resonate within the room, carrying the faint echoes of a distant voice.
"Who seeks my counsel?" the voice boomed, resonating through the room.
Grace, her voice steady, spoke into the void.
"Your Imperial Majesty, it is I, Grace, a devoted monarchist, seeking your wisdom and guidance in a time of great peril."
The disembodied voice responded with a tone of regal authority.
"Speak, Grace! I shall lend you my ears and offer what counsel I can."
Grace poured her heart out, explaining the dire circumstances they faced and the looming threat of Porky and his diabolical plans to enslave humanity into a neo-Randian capitalist tyranny. She sought advice on how to navigate the treacherous path ahead, protect the values they held dear, and preserve the freedom of humanity.
The spirit of Tsar Nicholas' rambled on for a few minutes as he shared stories of his own struggles.

The seance began to reach its climax. Grace, and Sir Gaylord felt a profound connection to the spirit of Tsar Nicholas, their hearts and minds open to the wisdom he imparted. Even Alunya was stunned.

But the serene atmosphere was abruptly shattered by a stumbling figure that lurched into the room. It was the priest, his cheeks flushed and breath reeking of alcohol.
"What is this sorcery?!" Father Joe exclaimed, his voice a mix of anger and bewilderment. He swayed unsteadily.
Grace, approached the priest with a gentle hand extended. "Father, please calm down! We did not mean to upset you. We were merely seeking guidance."
Father Joe's face twisted in fury as he waved his arms dismissively. "Guidance? From the spirit world? Such practices be damned!"
Alunya, retorted, "Father, with all due respect, Our intention was never to challenge your faith but to explore alternative avenues…”
“Sorcery! Heathens!” He blasted.

But Sir Gaylord stepped forward.
"Father, I understand your concerns. However, but our intentions were merely rooted in seeking alternative methods for defeating Porky and his sinister plans.”
Father Joe, slumped into a nearby chair, as his anger subsided, and lit a cigarette. “Dammit …I… I apologize for my outburst. But It's just that… I’ve a lot on me mind, and the thought of tampering with the spiritual realm unsettles me a lot. I don’t like it one bit, but Porky and his diabolical machinations frightens me more. I dont know what to do except pray.”
They decided to let bygones be bygones, and retreated to the lounge of the airship where they rested.


What a cliffhanger! I won't be able to sleep not knowing what happened to Porky and the Spherical Orb of Doom!


Nah I am not on strike, I have been dealing with some shit recently that came up so hadn't had time to sit down and create a new fanfic.


thinking about Grace and Alunya


Grace just finished cleaning up after her dinner when someone knocked on the door. She did not expect visitors or deliveries; she did not have many friends and none of them were the type to turn up unexpected. Uninvited guests are usually bad news. Still, she gathered her courage, opened the door a bit, and peeked out.
A young woman stood there, around the same age as her. She was fully clothed in black. Black boots, long black trousers, black gloves, a black shirt with long sleeves, a black scarf hid most of her face, even her hair was black. The stranger pulled her scarf down, revealing her face, and pleaded: "Please let me in!" So Grace stepped aside, the stranger slipped in, quickly closed the door behind her, and sat down with her back to the door, breathing heavily.
Grace wasn't sure why she let this intruder in. She already regretted it and started thinking about a plan to get rid of her. She could be dangerous. Some strange person clad in black; what if it is a terrorist, a bomb throwing anarchist? They were everywhere in the city recently. Even this morning, as Grace was commuting to work, there was a protest that held up her bus. She was late to work, and had to spend the whole morning listening to her boss lecturing her about punctuality. She then spent her lunch break in the toilet, crying. Powerful politicians from around the world were gathering in the city to discuss matters important to them. Grace did not care much about these ministers; they can deal with their issues among themselves. But troublemakers are attracted to powerful people like flies are attracted to excrement, and they followed them here.
The intruder waved at Grace to join her on the floor. She kneeled down and sat on her heels, afraid of what would happen if she did not follow the orders. She noticed that on top of the intruder's head was a pair of cat ears. They were adorable, and Grace watched the ears flicker nervously.
"Hey, my eyes are down here." whispered the owner of the cat ears with slight amusement. Grace gathered all her courage and lowered her eyes to meet the gaze of her intruder. She had red eyes that would not look away from her. Grace felt she was looking into those eyes for way too long, but an urge overtook her and she couldn't look away. It felt like a part of her soul had been kidnapped by those red eyes and now the rest of her soul was trying to break out of her own eyeballs to join the stolen part in the mesmerizing red abyss of this intruder's eyes.
The sound of a siren from outside broke their trance. "Do you have a window that looks to the street?" whispered the intruder. Grace pointed towards the living room. The intruder started crawling there, on all fours. Grace followed her, in the same manner. She did not like this. It was humiliating, unfit for her. She wanted to get rid of the intruder. She did not like being ordered around in her own home, in her own domain. But she was too scared not to play along. So she went.
In the living room, the intruder sat down next to the window. "Can you tell me what's going on outside?" she asked Grace. Grace peeked out. "It's a police car. There are two officers next to it, talking." said Grace, and gathering all her courage, she continued "Are they here for you?" The intruder nodded. "Are you dangerous?" The intruder looked at Grace, surprised. "Of course not! I was just sparypainting. They are the ones that are dangerous." Grace wasn't so sure about that.
Meanwhile the sirens stopped their deafening cries. "They've got in the car. Looks like they are driving away." she narrated. "Really?" The intruder let out a cry of joy and jumped next to Grace. There was barely any space for her to look out, and Grace was determined not to give up any more of it for her; she had given up enough today. This did not seem to bother the intruder. She put her face so close to Grace that their cheeks almost touched. Grace could feel the heat radiating from that face. Blood rushed to her own and she realized she was blushing. Why would she react this way? She turned her face away, afraid that now it was her heat that was noticable. But the intruder did not seem to care, she gently let herself fall back, taking a deep breath as she stretched out on the floor, and let out a deep sigh.
Grace felt relaxed too. Now she was sure that she did the right thing. What could have happened if the cops caught this poor catgirl? Those brutes would have beat her up for sure, or worse. Grace saved this troublemaker, she gave her shelter, she took her under her protection. Those gestures that she interpreted as orders before now felt as pleas for help. She was glad, at least she did one thing right today. But now that the danger was gone, it was time to send this troublemaker on her way.
While Grace was constructing her plan to make the troublemaker leave, the catgirl stood up and extended a hand to Grace. Grace accepted it and let her help her up. The catgirl shaked Grace's hand and introduced herself: "I'm Alunya. Thank you for saving me." "You are most welcome. I am Grace, welcome to my home." With the formalities out of the way, Grace wanted to bow Alunya out. "Now, if you would excuse me, could you please–" But the catgirl interrupted her: "Can I please use the toilet?" As it looked urgent, Grace showed her where it was.
While her guest was away, Grace had some time to think it over. Vandalism was pretty dumb, but it is not an inexcusable crime. Maybe they could still become friends. She would have liked a new friend, it was getting pretty lonely lately. But since her guest was likely here to protest, they probably had their political differences. Could they get over it and become friends? She was trying to come up with a plan to figure that out.
Soon her guest emerged from the toilet. In new clothes! It was still mostly black, but Grace found it friendlier and not as intimidiating as before. The trousers were replaced by a short black skirt, the shirt with a black T-shirt. A bright red belt adorned her hip. Instead of the scarf she now wore a half-black half-red bandana around her neck. Grace noticed that her hair was short, barely touching her shoulders. "Well, how do you like it?" asked Alunya as she struck a pose. "Oh, it's very cute! It really suits you." said Grace happily. Alunya stepped closer and leaned in to take a good look at Grace's clothing. "Your outfit is really cute, too, I like this purple dress. It looks very elegant. And your golden hair is so beautiful, it really brings out the emerald of your eyes. Plus your hair style, it's so cool!" Grace was happy to hear that. "Thank you! It's called a "hime cut", it's how Japanese princesses used to wear their hair." she replied. "Oh, I did not know that! You really do look like a princess!" Grace was elated. Maybe they could be friends, after all.
Alunya turned around and took a good look at the nearby bookshelf. She studied the titles carefully. Grace stepped next to her happily; books are another topic dear to her heart, she was sure she could impress her guest with her collection. "Do you like them?" Grace asked. "You have so manny books!" replied Alunya, and continued: "Personally I prefer science fiction, but fantasy can be entertaining, too." This confused Grace. "What do you mean, fantasy? These are serious philosophical works!" "Oh, so you really are a monarchist, are you not?" Grace nodded yes and watched as Alunya's cat ears wilted in disappointment. Maybe they can't be friends after all.
A deep silence befelt the two, but it passed on as quickly as it came, as Alunya's stomach let out a deep growl. "Uh, sorry about that." she said, seemingly embarassed. Grace wanted to cheer her up. "Don't worry. I have some leftover Kaiserschmarrn if you would like some." It did make Alunya smile. "Oh I would certainly like to smack a Kaiser!" Alunya joked, but then quickly added: "I'm sorry, I don't want to offend you. I don't have anything against you, it's just… strange, you know?" Grace just waved at her to follow her into the kitchen.
Grace set the table for Alunya and put the food in the microwave. While they were waiting for it to heat up, Alunya asked her about the food: "It looked really sweet and special, did you have this for dinner today because you are celebrating?" Grace replied: "It is dessert. But I had nothing to celebrate today. I usually eat this when I am in a bad mood, to cheer myself up." she admitted. "Oh, are you in a bad mood today? Did something happen?" asked Alunya. Grace hesitated for a moment before answering; it was a bit embarrassing. "I was late for work, and my boss shouted at me because of it." She did not mention why she was late. Alunya jumped up from the table. "You shouldn't let your boss boss you around! Remember: the boss needs you, you don't need the boss!" Grace was amused by Alunya's sudden outburst. "Calm down, Alunya" she said, giggling. "I did not expect to find a knight in you." Alunya seemed confused but she sat down again, just in time for the microwave oven to finish its job.
Grace put the food before Alunya. "Let's eat!" Alunya cheered before taking a spoonfull. After her first taste, she erupted: "Oh, it's really good! You are an amazing cook, Grace!" Grace was elated to hear this. To make someone this happy with her food! Surely this is how kings must feel when they see their subject prosper under their rule. She felt like a queen. But still, when her guest finished her meal, the only thing on Grace's mind was to get rid of her. It was getting late and she was tired.
Alunya grabbed her plate and went to the sink. "Oh don't worry about it", Grace stopped her, "it's pretty late and I am sure you need to be at home already." Alunya laughed it off. "It's okay, it's barely anything, I'm used to cleaning up after myself." She was done with the dishes in a minute, and turned to Grace: "Now, why don't we watch some anime before I go? As a reward for helping with the chores." Grace wasn't sure if this was meant to be a joke or not, but she felt defeated. What could she do? You can't just kick out a guest. She felt it was her duty to be welcoming. If there was nothing she could do, they might as well enjoy some time together.
They sat on the sofa and Grace turned the TV on. The show barely started when Grace felt Alunya lean on her, with her head falling on Grace's shoulder. Grace froze. Her heart beat rapidly as blood filled her face. To feel her body so close to hers, and they only met this afternoon! She did not dare move, afraid that it would wake her. But she started thinking, thinking about how she could keep her guest around, silently working on a grand plan that would unite them forever. She dozed off imagining all the happiness that awaited.


"Hey Alunya, do you remember when we first met? You fell asleep and your head fell on my shoulder…"
"Oh, I was still awake. I remember how red it made your face, you looked adorable."


>They sat on the sofa and Grace turned the TV on. The show barely started when Grace felt Alunya lean on her, with her head falling on Grace's shoulder. Grace froze. Her heart beat rapidly as blood filled her face. To feel her body so close to hers, and they only met this afternoon! She did not dare move, afraid that it would wake her. But she started thinking, thinking about how she could keep her guest around, silently working on a grand plan that would unite them forever. She dozed off imagining all the happiness that awaited.

This is beautiful!!


someone write them having sex



By the way~ I hope >>435443 ( and all the stories before ofc. ) gets archived at the future - it was too sweet and joyful to read. I really felt that awkward moment slowly becoming subjected into a grandiose affection between Alunya and Grace. ^^




I'm putting my budget towards more solo Grace pics.
Really need more Grace pics for my long-term goal of having enough pics of Grace so I can shill Grace & try to make her well known elsewhere


>gr*ce and *luny* posting


Can't believe people saved these old ass drawings I did years after they were posted


>being mad about the board mascot
why do you even come to this website


Now I wonder if I should draw more, my skills have improved I'd say


File: 1692925599081.png (973.77 KB, 634x849, ClipboardImage.png)

do you think there will be self contained anarcho-monarchist communes under communism?


if by self-contained you mean in a singular room in an abandoned house,maybe


i already live in actually existing anarcho-monarchism.


File: 1692932739559-0.png (833.81 KB, 3000x3000, Grace mic OC.png)

File: 1692932739559-2.png (790.08 KB, 1500x1500, Grace flag blank edit.png)

File: 1692932739559-3.png (730.25 KB, 2439x3600, Grace no line.png)

I have modified & simplified Grace-chan's design a lot (like removing the crown badge on her chest) – to make Grace easier to draw & iconic.

Things that were removed from her design over time:
<x the white diagonal band removed
<x the old straight hair design
<x the extra buttons – was simplified to two buttons straps (four buttons total).
<x Changed her boots from white to black / grey
<x Removed crown badge

Pending changes:
>belt & shirt collar redesign
>Re-adjusting skirt & shirt (to be more like the fumo picture 2nd pic related)
>might remove the belt altogether

These four pics are how Grace looks atm w/ the changes.


File: 1692933140472-0.png (1.02 MB, 2185x3000, Grace 03 edit.png)

File: 1692933140472-1.png (780.71 KB, 1500x1500, grace 23 kitto.png)

File: 1692933140472-2.png (1.62 MB, 3100x3100, Grace icup ball.png)

File: 1692933140472-3.png (951.68 KB, 1500x1500, grace 25 kitto.png)

8 best pictures representing Grace currently*

This >>423272 picture also is accurate. :^)


File: 1692936779751.png (551.17 KB, 576x922, thecringegirl.png)

For funs I did a sketch rn, here it is




File: 1692945173883.png (1.09 MB, 1500x1500, grace 28 kitto.png)

thanks Etienne
The fanfic anons would probably like sketches.
Also I recommend /draw/.


File: 1693022457250.png (497.22 KB, 1000x1000, 20230826100405.png)


File: 1693026595842.jpg (52.78 KB, 774x941, vjwtfel8jt471.jpg)

>monarchism in one room


amazing work anon


You should, we missed you!


File: 1693284493350.png (Spoiler Image, 48.21 KB, 299x596, Grace nude lewd pic.png)



File: 1693432073414-0.jpg (37.83 KB, 355x499, Alunya VRchat.jpg)

There's an Alunya model in VRchat


I might write another story.




File: 1695547881240.png (Spoiler Image, 127.22 KB, 1920x2078, Grace pixel NSFW.png)


File: 1695548032494-0.png (131.32 KB, 1920x2078, Grace pixel.png)

File: 1695548032494-1.jpg (187.65 KB, 1541x1079, Grace alt outfits.jpg)

anons here will be happy to hear
an artist will be drawing NSFW stuff for me b/c they want a portfolio: this will likely include Alunya




>All this OC of Alunya and Grace
Get to uploading anons and make sure to tag properly


Never understood the appeal of nsfw pixel art at this resolution. It made sense for early, CoC era sprites but this?


For me, the appeal is that it portrays Grace-chan naked.


>Grace… but NAKEEEEEEEEED. 😏


Then why not just normal illustrations of that? Why pixel art? Do the rough edges turn you on or something? Do you play Minecraft one-handed?


we need more written fanfic.


File: 1696310242125.png (92.47 KB, 740x214, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck I almost coughed up a lung laughing.




File: 1696372872629.png (362.2 KB, 3247x2022, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't bump without something to say, unironically fucking cringe.


It's not.


File: 1696465427043.png (193.06 KB, 600x600, Blake disgust.png)


no… No! No, No It's not!!!! :''(


File: 1696534881403.jpeg (865 KB, 1200x864, rwby lewd book.jpeg)

Would Blake enjoy the Grace and Alunya fanfiction from this thread?


File: 1696611891151.png (406.03 KB, 563x1002, Screenshot_15.png)

is grace an evolution of this polina design
I just started seeing her posted a few years ago after I'd already drifted away from this community, so never got the context


Did you draw this? I love it!!


Not really.
Grace has blonde hair in common with Polina.
Her emerald eyes and sunny puffy hair distinguish her from Erika.


File: 1696782251294-0.png (894.03 KB, 1500x1500, grace 5 kitto.png)

File: 1696782251294-3.jpg (111.56 KB, 1200x800, TJKkcncv.jpg large.jpg)

>is grace an evolution of this polina design
Grumble, grumble…
It's like leftists only regard the fascists or nazis!
Polina or Erika was 8chan /pol/'s tan before 8/pol/ died.
Grace is an evolution in the sense of being a monarchist tan inspired by the other tans.


File: 1696782418273-0.png (Spoiler Image, 204.78 KB, 739x823, 219e4be85128cdac34e4e65a6a….png)

File: 1696782418273-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.72 KB, 1072x1076, 1660289204605095.jpg)

File: 1696782418273-2.png (Spoiler Image, 437.65 KB, 700x616, 1589490651268-1.png)

File: 1696782418273-3.png (Spoiler Image, 475.06 KB, 1148x796, 4c795f745dc8e6a9375f01c67d….png)

Before Polina or Erika, there was Rachel.
I never see Polina posted anymore except sometimes 8/v/ does art with her, but 8/pol/ is irrelevant.(fashoid spam)


new fanfic idea:
alunya keeps noticing polina and grace gets jealous.


Saving from the slide.


A lot of tans are blonde haired.
The reason Grace has blonde hair is to be sunny or golden.


File: 1697358797689.webm (3.97 MB, 720x720, alunyarap.webm)

diss track just dropped


File: 1697359460041.webm (1006.99 KB, 720x720, alunyarap2.webm)

forgot 1


Is this picture canon?:


File: 1698417912179.png (488.03 KB, 512x512, ClipboardImage.png)

There is no canon.


this is fire TBH


theres an episode where Grace and Alunya meet in 1920s prohibition New York being hunted by the pinker tons sent by porky




I want some sort slice of life situation were they're both roommates, and Alunya has to tolerate Grace's monarcho-autism on a daily basis.


next episode:
grace becomes a communist vanguard


Alunya Halloween special when?


Fucking cool please add them to the booru.



I think those are already on the booru.
I didn't make them, lol – these pics are old.


File: 1698789462989.jpg (103.14 KB, 605x509, puzzle complete.jpg)

puzzle night


File: 1698987433770-0.jpg (1.98 MB, 4000x2977, grace sketch 01.jpg)

File: 1698987433770-1.jpg (1.95 MB, 3285x3565, grace sketch 03.jpg)

File: 1698987433770-2.png (2.96 MB, 3000x3000, Grace & Sonic.png)

File: 1698987433770-3.jpg (1.33 MB, 4500x3000, tickle_2.jpg)


File: 1698994914731-0.jpg (8.26 MB, 4000x2977, Grace_sitpose_WBG.jpg)

File: 1698994914731-1.png (11.04 MB, 4000x2977, Grace_sitpose_NBG.png)



Well, that's it for NNN…


The /siberia/ Publishing House was thinking about taking a handful of stories here to fit them into a new book. But seeing Ms. Grace's version of the stories (Grace&Alunya pdf & 2nd edition), there a sort of charm to them that I fear could be lost via formatting it. Nevertheless, we will try to do our best to capture the essence of it all. I will say, the thinking was to make a book in the format of a Romance Novel, so if anyone could find a good drawing/pic that you feel best emits this sort of energy, do share!


File: 1699136340389.pdf (7.29 MB, 180x255, Grace-Alunya-3.pdf)

I updated it, now it should have all the stories. I don't think it is possible to make a coherent story out of it.


Pick some that do not contradict each other and have the rest being wet/fever dreams chapters.



This is an artwork , great job to all anons!


Should we put these on AO3?


File: 1700744709758-0.png (243.67 KB, 500x500, 439197_1_600.png)

File: 1700744709758-3.jpg (103.12 KB, 1280x720, sonic 2.jpg)

Cat Alunya opens the door to Grace's bedroom. The Catalan revolutionary catgirl loves invading her privacy.

Grace is in her pajamas and holding a pillow.

Grace says.
>Alunya, isn't it a bit early to visit me?

Alunya turns her red eyes and smiles.
<Not really. I love visiting you.

Grace throws her pillow at Alunya and laughs.
>Disdain for catgirls!

Alunya doesn't mind getting hit with her pillow. Cat Alunya throws the pillow back at Grace.

On the other side of her room, a soft red chair with a TV and a collection of Sonic games.

Alunya exclaims.
<Wow, Grace! where did you find all this? I didn't know you liked Sonic.

Grace turns her emerald eyes and says.
>I knew you'd like it. I wanted to surprise you, Alunya–

Alunya meows.
<Hey, I found Sonic 2~! I love this one, let me play, Grace

Grace blinks.
>Oh, you don't have to ask permission–gawh, that's my chair!–

Alunya places Sonic 2 in the Sega console and plays! with the arcade pad in her hand and sitting on the comfy red chair. The white screen with SEGA appears and Alunya is playing Emerald Hill zone.

Grace stands behind the red chair and cheers.
>You are so fast, Alunya!

Alunya smirks and beats Eggman.

Soon Alunya is in Chemical Plant with its snazzy and catchy music. Alunya speeds through Chemical Plant fast and leans in the red chair with her eyes on the screen. Act 1 is cleared.

Alunya plays Sonic 2 when suddenly…
<Grace! c'mon I want to beat Sonic 2–

Grace hovers in front of the TV screen with her cascading blonde hair and in her pajamas.

Alunya whines.
<I think I'm going to looose, Graaaace–

Grace leans in and kisses Alunya.

The game pauses.

Later Alunya and Grace played Sonic games all day.




Why not play multiplayer?


there could be a multiplayer story




File: 1703156277613.png (330.1 KB, 1000x1000, 1702948798109-0.png)

Grace was determined to catch Santa in the act this year. She was well prepared, sitting next to the chimney with a big mug of coffee and her favourite Sonic game on her handheld console. But like every year, the sleepiness overcame the princess and she quickly fell asleep.

But this year, it wasn't the first rays of sunshine that awake her, but strange noises coming from the chimney. Soon enough, a cloud of dust emerged from the fireplace and she could make out a figure in it. But contrary to her expectations, it wasn't a fat guy with that unmistakable hat. It was a slim silhouette, with cat ears on top of its head.

"Miss Alunya!" Grace cried out as the dust settled. "I did not know you were Santa's little helper! How nice of you! What gifts did you bring for me?"

"Hello dear Grace…" replied Alunya, a bit embarrassed, as she grabbed a sack from her back and opened it wide. "Truth to be told, I did not bring anything. I came to take."

Grace looked into the sack, it was empty. She understood the situation at once. Santa was in trouble and has sent Alunya to gather the tools necessary to get him out of it. She was ready to help save Christmas. "You can have whatever you want!" she said.

Alunya was taken aback. Why is she agreeing to it? Is this a trap? Did she set off some alarm in the chimney? Are the cops already on their way? What is Grace planning? But as she was trying to read Grace's face, her thought started to converge on a single line, and before she could stop herself, she blurted out: "I want to taste your lips!"

Grace did not think about how this could help Santa, without a moment of hesitation, she kissed Alunya. Alunya kissed back, and soon they were lost in each other's embrace. They did not even notice when Santa came by and left.

"That trickster Alunya," Santa thought to themself, "she said she did not bring anything, but I it looks like that was the best gift Grace ever received!"


File: 1703163933881.jpg (3.13 MB, 4500x3000, bastille_grace.jpg)

>I came to take.
How Grace would have really reacted.


Sorry I did not mean to misrepresent Grace-chan. I can delete that post if you wish.


how can anyone like this stupid humanoid cat creature? disgusting. lick your milk you smooth brained feline. 16 years old relative to cat terms would make her a moronic kitten who wont stay still and spends all day trying to crawl up your wall with her claws.

wtf this shit is awful somebody neuter this horrible cat girl


That would be a young adult cat not a kitten


File: 1703251595208.png (262.44 KB, 1000x1050, 10.png)

It's okay.
No need to be sorry.


Does anyone know what game this is from? It kinda looks like Everlasting Summer but I am pretty sure that did not have Grace and Alunya in it.


This is an obsession.
>grace is lesbian
Assuming one's sexuality? What if she's be or pan? We'll never know. Schrodinger's lesbian.

Sexuality is a spook anyway, one can fuck whomever one likes really.


Why does this picture look cute? Am I being manipulated into spreading monarchoid propaganda?


>Why does this picture look cute?
Because it is of Grace-chan!


I'm not joining your simp club, my heart belongs to Max Stirner.


File: 1704835421191-0.png (891.14 KB, 2480x3508, 1704797238325.png)

File: 1704835421191-1.png (344.05 KB, 1000x1200, 1704635564716-2.png)

Grace: Hey, Alunya! Have you seen my royal stockings?
Alunya: Yo Grace, what is it? … Why are you staring at me like that?
Grace: Say, Alunya, was your chest always this big? I could swear it wasn't even there yesterday.
Alunya: Hehehe, I have been drinking lots of milk and sure enough, it worked! Heh, do you like 'em? … Nyah! Why are you touching me!
Grace: Are you wearing my bra?! Did you stuff it with my stockings?! Look Alunya, I understand that you envy me for my superior chest, but that does not mean that you can just take my clothes and… Eek!!
Alunya: Ah, sorry Grace! I just wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine, I did not mean to hurt your superior breasts…
Grace: No-No, it's okay, please do it again~!♡


File: 1704966501357.png (196.55 KB, 568x606, 1662307505820.png)



File: 1705252986053-0.jpg (113.29 KB, 1280x640, 04.jpg)

File: 1705252986053-1.jpg (364.67 KB, 800x640, 10154284.jpg)


That's not Grace, Grace does not have hair antenna


she probably does when she's been laying in bed all day though


eepy princess uwu


Why does Alunya look like a soyjack on the second picture?


File: 1706356138724.png (2.26 MB, 3200x2900, 1689676248710-3.png)


Alunya x Grace fanfic in a nutshell:


Why is there so much grace fanart when there's basically zero monarchists? Is it just one giga-autist making it all?


>Is it just one giga-autist making it all?



File: 1707897074171-1.png (334.32 KB, 1000x1000, 13.png)

How are Grace and Alunya spending Valentine's Day?


Go and ask them directly.


alunya waking up grace to breakfast in bed. kissing. hand holding. cuddling. then saving the day from one of porky's nefarious plans


Why does this sound so corny? Like a very amateur fanfic.


I would read it!


File: 1707928925276.png (37.35 KB, 170x258, ClipboardImage.png)

>saving the day from one of porky's nefarious plans
has potential tbh


Surprised no one has mentioned Amanullah Khan and his relationship with Lenin in this thread.


I need a fluffy cute story to maek the sad thought go away


I'm going to send this thread to prominent yurinfluences on fedi.


File: 1710830877856.jpg (261.19 KB, 977x1200, GG5BH0vXUAEunHf.jpg)

Grace x Alunya:


File: 1711384038379.png (891.14 KB, 2480x3508, 1208911064.png)

comic strip idea:
>alunya is pissed at grace-chan for some silly reason and starts a riot
<grace-chan is watching from her castle and, sympathetic to alunya's plight (whatever it is), says the famous words "let them eat cake!"
>next panel shows alunya tonguing grace-chan's butthole


File: 1711420737130.png (551.47 KB, 692x752, ClipboardImage.png)




I don't like it because Grace-chan is crying.


I love it because Grace-chan is crying.


okay hear me out, grace chan and alunya, but both male


File: 1711464441678.png (227.66 KB, 1000x1000, 22 edit.png)


I like Grace-chan because she is cute.


they kiss and make up later



Grace-Rodina Russian Civil War Pg 2


He’s pacing again.

A usual occurrence for one man with glasses and a beard. War Commissar, Leon Trotsky. He mutters to himself, low enough for only a faint whisper of words to make it to where Rodina is.

“Disaster……Moscow……more sol…”

After a while, Rodina doesn’t bother to listen, she knows most of the information will be hashed in the meeting. He only knows half about the true mess we are in.

More people pour into the waiting room. All the staff seem to be finally here.

That’s when everyone is finally called in. At head is Lenin. Before a word can be uttered by Trotsky, Rodina gives the report on the situation in the South.

“North Caucuses have been taken by the whites. They’ve captured all important cities.”
Lenin sat there, thinking to himself, the room silent.

“How many men lost?”

“Two entire armies. 150,000 lost. 50,000 captured.”

The sudden realization had hit all. Trotsky began to shake with fury.

“This army, its swollen.” he began.

“A horde more rather, fought against Denikin’s well organized troops and lost. The army cannot continue on like this. It’s clear a new direction is needed, lest the war be over before we know it.”
Lenin once again thought, stroking his beard. A commander spoke up.

“It is clear, for all to see, that decisions were made that have severely hampered our war effort. The current direction we are facing will only lead to disaster. I agree with Commissar Trotsky, a shakeup of military leadership is in orde.r”. Trotsky scoffed at this notion.

“Playing politics after such news. Have you no shame.”

“150,000 lost. This is the most reasonable time to begin to discuss our war effort.”

“And yet you lay these deaths at my feet. Again, I ask, have you n-“

“Enough.” Lenin said, silencing the two. He began to ask for the situation on the other fronts. Rodina looked around as the room seemed to get grimmer and grimmer. If it wasn’t clear at the beginning, then it was clear by now. The situation was dire, more dire than anyone could have thought.

After the meeting was done, Lenin dismissed everyone, short Rodina. He asked her to stay to play chess with him. She saw the strain this war had placed on the man, so she indulged him. She sat down across from him.

“Wouldn’t you prefer I play white. I mean, not exactly the most flattering color these days.”

He looks at her with a knowing stare before chuckling himself, placing a pawn to E4. Rodina smiles
“You can’t help yourself.”

“It’s a fine opening. Many a men beat with such an opening”. She merely shakes her head and mirrors his opening. They go on and on, dancing knights, bishops and rooks across the board. One after the other, the pieces are taken. First a pawn. Another one after that. Soon it’s a bishop. Another pawn, followed by a knight. The game begins to grind to a halt.
“This war”
Rodina looks up from the game, at a Lenin with a furrowed brow.

“If it continues like this, then this experiment will be for nought.”

“What is with the sudden demeanor Ilyich.”

Lenin looks into Rodina’s eyes and stands up, walking over to the window, with a slowness only a man with such responsibilities can walk. He stares out the window.

“The people, the common laborer, the peasant, grows wearily each day that passes. I fear out of desperation, they will accept the Faustian bargain with the Whites.”

“The solution is simple. You must guide them away from the Devil, as hard as that may seem.”

Lenin looked out for a few seconds, before turning back.

“I would like to task you with an important assignment. To meet with someone who might be able to help our situation.”

“A new ally perhaps”

“New and yet old.”

Rodina’s brow raised, curious at what he just said.

“Tell me, Rodina, what are your thoughts…”

He said before walking over and finally making his next move.

“On Anarchists”


Is the next instalment going to be Alunya? I can't wait!


No. The next installment will be the Whites or Grace POV. Though for the next Red section, yes Alunya will appear!


It's been 2 weeks, where we at?


It's ok.
Nobody has any obligation to write anything in this thread.


Just one suspiciously rich monarchist commissioning.


I just exploit the 3rd world to find cheap comms


Anon, look at the time between chapter 1 and chapter 2. Do you really think you'll get it soon
The answer is yes, I'm basically done, few things I want to change, but its practically done. I just forgot and am lazy lol


File: 1714249439480.png (10.36 KB, 513x71, ClipboardImage.png)

Did a mod delete the nsfw thread from /draw/? I wanted to post the Grace-butt picture here and now it's nowhere to be found. What the fuck?


File: 1714250700419.png (1.05 MB, 3979x3000, Grace Phat Ass.png)


Thank you, do you have the other picture saved too?


File: 1714258784651.png (690.55 KB, 850x661, ClipboardImage.png)


>deleted thread
why tho


mod hates fun?


File: 1714300312079.png (157.41 KB, 597x688, O~O.png)



I meant the other drawing.


File: 1714300579105.png (1.09 MB, 3572x2640, 1712165991712.png)


>It actually got made
Nice. Could use some improvement but still pretty solid.


File: 1714362329749-0.png (2.75 MB, 2481x3507, 3 swimsuit wb.png)

File: 1714362329749-1.png (2.74 MB, 2481x3507, 1 swimsuit wb.png)

File: 1714362329749-2.png (2.75 MB, 2481x3507, 2 swimsuit wb.png)

An artist drew a pic of Grace in a swimsuit


File: 1714362350868-0.png (2.32 MB, 2481x3507, 1 swimsuit grace.png)

File: 1714362350868-1.png (2.31 MB, 2481x3507, 3 swimsuit grace.png)

File: 1714362350868-2.png (2.31 MB, 2481x3507, 2 swimsuit grace.png)


Time to start the week some fappin'



Apparently OP had second thoughts and backed out, asking for the thread to be deleted before anything could get saved.


No I get that, just wondering where people were, even just conversation-wise.



Grace-Rodina Russian Civil War Pg 3


Sweat lined Grace’s face. Although it wasn’t a hard battle, she still treated it as such, and mustered her forces to attack with fervor. Small erratic uprising and skirmishes were plaguing the area the White controlled. For the most part, they were benign to suppress. But Grace knew better and made it a point to crush any dissidents with a fervor.

Finally, ceasefire was called and Grace advanced. Weapons were thrown to the ground, the men surrendered. Grace asked for their leader. A pudgy man with an unkempt beard and rags for a so-called uniform stepped up.

Who does he think he is.

Grace looked him up and down before slowly surveying all of the men that made the resistance. She gave the signal to the Lieutenant to announce the order.

“Under orders from Commander Grace, you shall be hung for acts of Treason. Any final words?”

They remained silent.


Grace looked up and caught the man who said that. Without hesitation, she walked over to that man, grabbed her pistol, and shot him point blank. Everyone reeled back at the quick movement. After catching a quick breath, Grace realized her next issue was the blood on herself. She accessed the damage. Minor blood on her uniform. Some on the face and boots.

Not the hair.

She angrily sighed, grabbing her handkerchief she always kept and wiping her face off.
She paused for a bit before she realized the silence around that loomed around her. She looked at her men, who just stared at her.

“Well, what are you waiting for. Take them into holding.”

The men quickly grabbed them all and took them away. Grace quickly berated herself for losing her composure like that. But the stress of these constant resistance has been weighing on her.

Whatever Denikin is planning, it have better been good.

That man. With every day, she grows to despise that man. A brute is what he is. It seems that all her cares for is the death of Yids than fighting the Bolshevik.

In a way, I guess he is fighting Bolshe-

Grace quickly shook her head. She scolded herself for allowing such crude thoughts affect her mind.

You’re beginning the sound like that country peasant.

Grace was conflicted on Denikin’s orders of pogroms. She didn’t ultimately care for the Yids and agreed with Tsar Alexander ultimate policy. And yet, the way he conducted himself, and the way he went about it, was more akin to a lynch mob than a proper pogrom. One should inform them they are no longer welcomed and they must leave before resorting to such violence. Or at least, that is how she imagined things to be.

Nothing like the civility of Tsar Alexander III.

But she had resigned herself to this request, reluctantly. If it was up to her, she would respond to no one but the rightful heir of the crown. And yet, he was one of the better officers she met. A tsarist like herself. So, she had to get on his good side, on all their good sides. It was a strategic move to restore the Romanovs. The plan went as followed.

Once the Bolsheviks were overthrown, there will be an unbalance on the future of Russia. Some will clamor for the old government. Some generals whispered of dictatorship. The only true path for the motherland, was a King. This allowed for succession, for stability, for recognition from the other powers. She will convince them that the idea of the revolution will only bring chaos.

I need two things.

Her mind whispered as she got on her horse.

Power and an heir.


New up-to-date Grace design.
This is the official & canon Grace look w/ her new black pants.
(in case anyone ever wants to /draw/ Grace).


Is Grace-chan the one wearing the pants in the relationship?


File: 1715927608522.jpg (89.54 KB, 847x610, night 2 p31.jpg)


I'm gonna be honest I never got these games


>post deleted
What was the post? The world must know!


We will never know…


I didn't respond to this, as I was having a bad day but fuck me I love this <3


>Alunya drew several deep breaths trying to ground herself as she felt the weight of Grace's hands in her shoulder.
>Looking into her friends eyes, their normally azur hue had turned a deep purple, betraying enough information for her to know, that Grace had consumed an entire bottle of love potion.
>She steeled herself as she prepared to do whats was moral, what was right and put her friend to bed to sleep off her mistake and wake up in a clearer thinking.
>Then she heard it, something that shattered her will, something that dripped such lust, and was so personal to her, that it stopped her in her tracks
"Aaalunnnyaaa~ <3"
>The giggle at the end shattered any flimsy illusions of being moral the cat girl hard, she hardly noticed grace tugging at the buttons on the top of her shirt.
>A deep desire washed over the cat girl, one she was ashamed to have, one that she tried to deny but it was there
>Her friend drank a love potion, and was now lusting after her. Every single cell, her mind body and soul were all screaming to bed this monarchist reactionary cunt
>Self hate came into her mind as she thought, even for a moment about giving in and taking advantage of her intoxicated friend.
"Grace, you need to go to b… bed.


"Death to the king"
>As fun as it was, to hear Grace abandon her morales and become a full Marxist, the catgirl felt hollow
>It was the effect of the magic that she was under and not her. Alunya smiled nonetheless, getting Grace to read theory was a good way to distract her, but it wa…RD!!!
>Alunya looked down, blond hair was currently under her chest as she felt the warm, wet tounge of her friend dragged across her stomach
>Alunyas hear was racing, how quickly her friend lifted her shirt
>"Aaaalunya you taste nice"
The cat girl moved back, leaving grace on her knees and licking her lips, her eyes a deep purple hue.
>The catgirl watched her friend lick her lips, as her warm wet saliva left a mark on her belly… And as much as she hated to admit it, it left a mark on her mind.


File: 1718238212735-0.png (139.66 KB, 361x409, 1703701719816-2.png)

File: 1718238212735-1.png (465.52 KB, 1360x728, Grace in Garden - Copy.png)

File: 1718238212735-2.jpg (436.23 KB, 1360x728, Outside - Copy.jpg)

Someone should write a fanfic about Alunya visiting Grace's Minecraft home.


Spawning into the server, and immediately beholding the decadent splendor of the royal aristocrat grace and her bourgeois flunkies, Alunya said simply "Damn bitch, you live like this?"

"Alunya!" shouted grace, shocked and appalled, "This is a cultured server! No vulgar hurling of slurs!"

"You wouldn't know what a slur was if it slapped you in the face." said Alunya

At exactly that moment Ferdinand Lassalle walked up and pimp slapped Grace. "Why didn't you tell me you were online?"

"Sorry Ferdy" said Grace, blushing.

"Wh-who's this?!" asked Alunya

"Oh, Alunya, haven't you met Ferdy Lassalle? He's my boyfriend!"

Alunya grew white hot with rage. "Who told you that our relationship was open?!"

Grace shouted back "We're cultured! Polyamory is a given!"

Ferdinand Lassalle took off a glove and slapped Alunya across the face.

"A duel, for the hand of Grace!"

"You're on!"

The two faced back to back. Alunya had as her second the eminent Max Stirner. Ferdinand Lassalle had as his second the eminent Otto Von Bismark. Their chosen weapons were flintlock pistols.

Bismarck gave Lassalle his consultation.

"I'm still banning your Judeo-Negro socialist ideology in Germany even though I think you're quite a fine black chap."

"Thank you Herr Bismarck, it is a great honor to have you as my 2nd."

Max Stirner, quite tsundere, consoled Alunya, blushing.

"B-be safe C-cat Alunya! It's not like I care about you, your happiness just pleases my Ego, b-baka!"

He ran off crying.

Alunya blew a whistle and the two began pacing away from each other. At 10 paces both turned and shot.

Alunya missed and struck Otto Von Bismarck in the temple.

Lassalle missed and struck Max Stirner.

Lassalle turned and, realizing Bismarck was struck, shouted "Egads!" and ran to his dying master.

"B-bismarck, I always loved you."

"Even more than Grace?"

"Yes Master."

Alunya, realizing Stirner was shot, ran over

"Max, you're bleeding!"

"I can't die. That would not please my ego."

"Max I'm pretty sure you died of a bug bite in real life."

"I don't even know what that is"

Grace, furious that nobody was paying attention to her, deliberately closed the server.

The end.


>Alunya said simply "Damn bitch, you live like this?"



>love potion
What if it was actually truth serum…


>truth serum
<"Death to the king"


Shouldn't it be Grace who blows the whistle?


>Alunya felt panic, pain, agony in her chest as she looked down.
>She felt the warmth of Grace's arms and hands wrapped around her right thigh, her friend's hot breath just under her belly button.
"Alllunya~ <3 I have always wanted you, I love you"
>The kitty girls heart felt like it was going to explode, a little reactionary demon in the back of her mind was screaming at her to give in, to make love to her friend and to spend the rest of her life as Grace's loving, if not passionate wife.
>Looking down, she saw deep into her friends "purple" eyes, it was the love potion, making her like this.
>Alunya winced in pain, as she watched something that was forcing her heart to beat itself out of her chest.
>The blonde girl smiled, blinked slowly and put the side of her head to the catgirls exposed belly.
>Her head was so warm, her hair so soft, so comforting, it reminded the commie of her favourite blanket when she was but a little kitten.
>For the first time, in recent memory. Alunya wanted to betray her friends trust and spent the rest of her life, as her loving AND passionate wife
"G..grace please stop, you drank too much of that potion this isn't y..you"


File: 1718279456037.jpeg (7.3 KB, 315x237, IMG_1589.jpeg)

Another idea I had not related to the love potion.

>Grace looked up at the two deep crimson orbs in front of her.

>Her body was wracked with fear, she was scared, she was terrified, she was going to die, she was going to die painfully if someone didn't come to save her.
"Don't… worry Grace, your friend was going to take you away from me…"
>Grace felt her chest tighten refusing to take in breath, she panicked as her hand instinctively went over her heart, she forced her self to breath in deeply, but all this meaninglessness gesture did was make her take in many, rapid shallow breaths as her lungs felt fire.
"I couldn't have that so I hurt her Grace, I hurt her and now she will never get in the way again"
>Grace felt tears well up in her as this demon moved closer to her, resting her black head on her stomach, her eyes had constricted to an inhuman smallness, an inhuman focus and matted colour.
>A small, scared whimper left the girls mouth as the demon rested her head in her stomach.
"I love you Grace you make the hollow feeling in me disappear."
>Grace felt it. A warm wetness down her leg
>She didn't want to look deep down she knew what it was
>It didn't matter, her eyes moved over
>It was red.
>It was hot.
>It was dripping of the demons kitchen knife.
>It was blood.
>She screamed.


don't write "orbs"



it's an overused thing in fanfiction. it sounds corny. just write eyes


alright, thank you for the tip! <3


this is the classic example of how not to write: https://ansible.uk/misc/eyeargon.html


oh and yes, it does refer to the hero's eyes as orbs


I am a very slow reader.
I got up to "He might die in the attempt, but he knew he would not submit without a final bloody struggle. It was not a foolproof plan, yet it built up a store of renewed vortexed energy in his overwroughtsoul, though he might perish in the execution of the escape, he would still be escaping the life of infinite torture in store forhim. Either way he would still cheat the gloating prince of the succored revenge his sadistic mind craved so dearly."
I wanted to say that I really liked the way this part was wrote and I don't know why.


purple prose can be fun at times, but don't mistake it for good writing (unless it's stylistic suck)


File: 1718441952791-0.png (235.01 KB, 528x361, don't forget.png)

>Alunya cries out: "Grace is distasteful and if I ran the website I'd shadowban you and your sycophants!"
<Grace gives a smile, her smugness is unbearable. Standing in firmness, Grace gestures to herself and says: "You cannot shadow ban me. It looks like I'm here to stay."
>Alunya burns insidiously, irate, but relents: "Stay if you like, I've no intention of hanging around more than a week or two longer and the long term trajectory of this place is slowly but surely downhill."
<In a sideways glance with her emerald eyes, Grace smirks and points to a sign on the wall: DON'T FORGET. YOU'RE HERE FOREVER.
>>That Grace is so grating. Alunya grips her fists and whimpers out: "Grace is not my Queen – #NotMyQueen! I will never be your royal subject!"
<The laughter of Grace echoes in the room, knowing Alunya would forever be her loyal subject. The Grace lobby is strong, and with the royal gifts and royal privileges granted; with all the wires secured Her Grace's puppets would rein in the dissidents and forever-ever-ever-ever keep leftypol.org firmly under monarchist control; with every mechanism in place to keep leftists in obedience under the shadow rule of Grace.
>leftypol has fallen… millions must die…


>>Alunya cries out: "Grace is distasteful and if I ran the website I'd shadowban you and your sycophants!"
LMAO Has Alunya become a reddit moderator?


>Shut the fuck up Grace
>No you shut the fuck up alunya you bitch
*two hours later both in bed both asleep both sweaty both cuddling eachother*

okay rate my story


Lacks detail, skips the best part


>Grace is a janny who >does it for free because she has a royal appanage and enjoys watching commies infight
checks out


okay let me re write it
>Shut the fuck up Grace
>Kill yourself Alyuna
*Six years later Grace is in a white bridal dress blushing and Alyna is in a dapper suit as they walk out of the church*


bich r u 4 reel?


File: 1718797825899-0.png (15.56 KB, 590x590, 1717996321651d.png)

File: 1718797825899-1.png (2.14 MB, 2048x1600, 74044 - SoyBooru.png)

Like this?


>"Shut the fuck up Grace, you stupid blonde cunt"
>"Fuck off Alunya, fucking commie uyghur"
*Two hours later, Alunya is blushing, naked and sweaty with a sticky liquid between her legs, as Grace is smoking a malboro*
*10 years later, Grace is in a white silk bridal dress red as a pepper, as Alyna smiles smugly in a nice black and red suit*
*60 years later two old women, with greying hair are holding hands on a pair of rocking chairs, one knitting, the other with strongly feline attributes*
*40 years later, over two graves, two blue ephemeral beings are shouting at each other, whilst interspersed with what can only be described as cuddling.*


It should be the other way around, Alunya should be in the bridal dress since she's a tomboy and it would embarrass her. Grace looks great in anything.


File: 1719239346486-0.gif (1.53 MB, 522x752, 1690480377268.gif)

File: 1719239346486-1.png (464.92 KB, 574x601, dropped this.png)

>Alunya flashes her red eyes and stammers, black cat ears flicking and cat tail raised, "W–Wait, you have to be k-kidding me–"
<Thunderous applause resounded from the anonymous crowds, and leaning over the podium with brimming confidence on her face, the wicked conspirator herself
>"G–Grace!" Alunya quaked, "You elected GRACE as General Secretary of /leftypol/!"


can i ask someone to write a story with yandere alunya and normal grace? another one please


File: 1719566197316.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1542x1495, Bitchezbegayvgfb4.png)



I thought this was a fanfic thread, not an ERP


^to make your own songs using prompts.
(I advise not using key words mainly, but a synopsis or prompt like "Alunya beats Grace in a duel") with an addition of key words & descriptions like "Grace has emerald eyes").
(you get 5 songs per day)
To get a genre, write it in front of the prompt like gangsta rap or diss rap or diss track or rap battle or rap song or ballad or medieval ballad or musical or punk or blues or happy pop song or bluegrass – (there are more I think).


File: 1719908607059.jpg (69.08 KB, 690x381, tutorial.jpg)

To download your song, click the 3 dots & click video. Sometimes you have to wait or refresh the page to get the video download.


File: 1719908696141-1.mp4 (6.81 MB, 512x768, Grace and Alunya.mp4)

Made a song about Grace beating Alunya in a duel + love songs!


IAlunya sounds like "Alunia", it's so weird


>generated "songs"


I hope these two play Warhammer together


Grace doesn't play Warhammer.


>TFW an Alunya/Grace ERP thread is better than 90% of the threads on this board


File: 1720439772884-0.png (241.04 KB, 1000x1000, 3 grace.png)

File: 1720439772884-1.mp4 (3.06 MB, 512x768, Grace the Queen.mp4)


File: 1720444148072-0.png (12.06 MB, 1967x3000, 1680380349418.png)

File: 1720444148072-1.mp4 (3.49 MB, 512x768, Rebel Heart.mp4)

File: 1720444148072-2.mp4 (3.75 MB, 512x768, Rebel Heart(1).mp4)


That doesn't stop one of you writing a fanfic about it, it doesn't even have to be good, that's what makes it so good.

Get to work /siberia/


File: 1720444261291-1.mp4 (5.04 MB, 512x768, Royal Blues(1).mp4)

File: 1720444261291-2.mp4 (5.49 MB, 512x768, Royal Blues.mp4)


Can alunya save me from my crippling depression


She has the ability but won't



So much for camaraderie

Guess I'll just do more drugs


File: 1720630694907.jpg (37.96 KB, 450x450, jucika centaur.jpeg.jpg)

What do alunya and grace think about jucika going into hiding ever since she got turned into a centaur by lysenkoist TF radiowaves?


File: 1720742534098-0.png (1.23 MB, 1343x2441, Grace norm ver1.png)

The New Norm
The First Parody Fanfic on /siberia/

Grace as Old Norm
Chloe as Fem Stirner
Chaz as Alunya
Charlie as Junko
Janice as Christ Chan
Dog / Billie as Soy Tan
Woke Council as Modocracy / Caballo Clique

<Grace is sitting in her beloved chair and she reaches down to scratch her leg with a conspicuous, blinking red monitoring device attached to her leg. She groans, and Grace reaches to grab a beer innocuously placed beside another 1984-inspired govt device.


<"GAAAWWAAAH! –WHAT'S THAT!?" Grace grimaces. She is holding a rainbow LGBTQ+ beer with a hammer and sickle and lenin face on it.

>"Progress," says Fem Stirner, "It's the new norm."

OST plays
The new norm ain't the same as the old norm…

GRACE reaches for the screen and rips it

<"I'm the old norm–I WANT NORMAL BEER!" Grace gestures and goes to open the door, but her leg attachment signals.

>Soytan woofs like a dog.

<Grace growls, "Urrrgh!" And points to Fem Stirner, "It's your fault I got house arrest."

>"You're the one who threatened the school board," Fem Stirner closes her eyes and shrugs.

<"I gently suggested they stop brainwashing my daughter that girls aren't girls and men aren't men," Grace retorts.

>"Sometimes they're neither, or both, or furry, and dress like dogs," Fem Stirner elaborates to Grace.

>"COAL, COAL!" Soy tan wanders up and spills apple juice on Grace's leg attachment, it sparks.

<"OW!" Grace cries.

>The door opens and Christ Chan enters the room.

<"Christ Chan!" Grace exclaims congenially.

>Christ Chan steps aside and a mysterious catgirl with black hair, neko ears, and of Catalonian descent appears.

<Grace exclaims –"What's THAT?" – WARNING: OFFENSIVE Bleeps the 1984 device

>Alunya shrugs and explains, "Actually, cat is one of my pronouns, also, they, them, aaand me~!" –Fem Stirner slumps up to Alunya and says with starry eyes and music of a harp, "Yooou're nonbinary?" Rainbows.

<Grace reprimands, "How do you know that word?"

>Fem Stirner: "I learned it in school."

<Grace exclaims, "THAT'S WHY I'M LOCKED UP!"

>Christ Chan intercedes, "Grace, the judge agreed to conditional parole."

<Grace growls, "What condition?"

>Alunya looks around. "Where's my room?"

<Grace GASPS. "Cat's staying here?!"

>Christ Chan: "Alunya is part of a new govt program."

>Alunya nods. "To re-educate homophobic, transphobic, racist, anti-hiberean, anti-sem–"

<The door opens with a Jewish girl in an IDF uniform coming in

<"JUNKO!" Grace shouts. "FINALLY, someone NORMAL." Grace walks up to fistbump and greet Junko.


>Alunya stammers, looking at the IDF uniform, "I-I don't understand you're… Jewish?"

>Junko leans and whispers to Grace, "Did that Cat hebrew whisper?"

>"Y–You're her friend…?" Alunya stammers.

>"And boss!" Junko replies. "Speaking of, when you coming back to the trophy shop."

<"As soon as I get rid of this–" Grace points to her 1984 leg attachment. "Which means I got to take in CAT." She gestures to Alunya.

>Christ Chan says, "Alunya is here to re-educate Grace."

<"In non-bonary studies." Grace bumps shoulders with Junko.

OFFENIVE! Beeps the1948 computer.

>"I'm ALLERGIC to SOY!" Alunya distances from Soy Tan.

>"It's okay!" Fem Stirmer says. "Soy Tan is an emotional support soyjak AND non-binary."

>Alunya sighs with relief. "Oh, okay, then… Good Soy Tan." Alunya pets Soy Tan.

>Junko sighs and sits in the chair. "I come here to get away from woke."

<Grace asks, "Trouble at home?"

>Junko sighs. "Awwh, my anon or whatever IT calls themself now is thinking about transitioning."

>Everyone gasps. "Anonymous?" – Junko replies, "Try anoninyma."

<Grace asks, "Transitioning to what?"

>Junko says, "Hopefully not an Anti-Zionist."

<Grace sighs and goes to grab her rainbow, commie beer. "Hey, pronoun, this bud's for you!" She tosses it to Alunya, but Alunya is clumsy and drops it.

OFFENSIVE!!! Beeps the 1984 machine.

>Alunya blinks. "I can't drink; I'm not 21."

>Junko glares and stands up to confront Alunya. "Y'all influenced my boy to support Palestinians, but draw the line at beer?"

>Alunya cowers and slips behind the couch to use her secret phone. "I… can't do this."

YES WE CAN! says the modocracy and janny council. FIND A WAY TO BREAK HER, MAYBE WE CAN FIX THE BOARD

<"I JUST WANT NORMAL–" the rainbow commie beer explides in Grace chan's face. "…Beer…"

>Junko bumps into Grace. "You know there'll be jokes!"

Queue the outro song

The new norm ain't the same as the old norm
Everything's changing and I don't know when
Thank God for leftypol X Twitter and their SHITPOST MEMES
This is the board for FREE SPEECH


File: 1720742774853.mp4 (11.39 MB, 640x360, The New Norm - Pilot.mp4)

Parody of this episode


So Christ-chan is Grace's wife?


Where is the new Royal Colony thread?!


Mods deleting across the entire site by IP probably


New Royal Colony No.11


What the fuck is this entire thread?

I stopped with this one. If ever there was a place to dump the weird fetish commiecat to never be seen again, it is here.


Was this ever uploaded to the booru? I can't find it. Also lmao, who made this?


>deleted post
The post in question was asking why dozens of posts had disappeared.


File: 1721196028684.gif (2.61 MB, 480x270, sayaka baka.gif)

Yes, I made it and I deleted it because there were no posts deleted, I just confused this thread with the royal colony.


File: 1721366589408-0.png (833.77 KB, 3000x3000, Grace mic OC.png)

File: 1721366589408-1.mp4 (370.18 KB, 640x360, trump north korea.mp4)

<Grace chan is at the podium: We stopped the raids from /leftypol/, now /leftypol/ is acting up again, but when I get back I get along with them!; Alunya would like to see me back too, I think she misses me if you wanna know the truth.


Grace-Rodina Russian Civil War Pg 4 pt 1


Rodina pondered the words that Lenin told her, to not get heated, that this one meeting wouldn’t guarantee anything. But she promised him she would do her best.

She waited around, making small talk with her men. That’s when she finally caught sight of her.

Her appearance was peculiar. Spotting short midnight hair, with feline ears sticking out of it. A tail slowly swaying. A cold look washed her face.

One thing that didn’t seem to change was her brows. Always furrowed, always angry.

They stayed like that, eyeing each other up for what seemed like an hour. Rodina finally decided to speak first.

“Hello, my name is Rodina, Politruk of the 2nd Division. You must be Al-“

“Cat Alunya, Insurgent Staff of the Революційна Повстанська Армія України”

Abrasive it seems.

“Yes, we are here on behalf of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to talk to you about the present situation”

“Denikin has been giving you Reds quite the trouble hasn’t he?”

There it is.

“Same for you, I would say.”

“We are holding, for now. Difficult when you have enemies everywhere.”

“We were wondering if there was a way for an alliance to be formed to combat him.”

“That is quite a thought. I’ll have to get back to you on that, looking at both offers."

“Well of course I know you aren’t the fi-….excuse me?”

“Hmm, what seems to be the problem?”

“You said both offers. We didn’t send any other offer.”

“Yes, I am aware”

“But th-“

And that’s when a smile curled up on her face. That stupid, Smug FACE.

“Why would the Whites offer you anything?”

“Why wouldn’t they. We don’t attack them, they don’t attack us. It’s a win-win scenario.”

“You call the return of the feudal system a win-win scenario.”

“I would say two sides opposed to us weakening each other is to our benefit, yes.”

Rodina was baffled by this. Of all the possible scenarios playing in her head, this was not one of them. Still, she had a chance. With her mind racing, Rodina was ready to make her case, when she was stopped by a sudden noise.


Alunya laughed at her face and Rodina stood there confused.

“Did you really believe such an obvious bluff. It seems Lenin didn’t send his best.”

Rodina cheeks became flushed with embarrassment. Seeing such a face, it made Alunya laugh more.

This cat is pissing me off.

“Now that you’re done with your practical joke, can we get back to serious discussion.”

Alunya continued her jokey demeanor, but always keep her brows furrowed.

“That is the discussion. Why would we ally with you, it would serve us as much purpose as allying with the Whites.”

“Well, as I said again, the return of our previous system is something we can’t allow, something we both agree. The Whites advancing more only furthers that aim. With an alliance, or even a truce, we can focus on fighting a common enemy.”

Alunya, once again returned to the state of the she was in at the start of said meeting.

“Words seems to be all you have. We haven’t seen that change, which is why we exist.”

“It’s hard to make change with a war amidst everything. Once it's over, we can finally to build towards the worker’s paradise.”

“And the peasant?”


Grace-Rodina Civil War Pg4 pt 2



“What of the peasant. Will you leave them out of any future paradise?”

“When did I sa-“

“It’s not about words, its about actions. And your actions so far have shown your true selves.”

First it was words, and now our actions. She’s all over the place. It seems she’s too steeped in ideology to be taken seriously.

“What are you try-"

“Its clear now more than ever that you’re so called worker’s state is a failure. That fact you have failed to even defend it says a lot. Why should we bother with you, when you can’t even claim to help the people you represent. Furthermo-”

“Enough! Will you keep harping about things that don’t matter. We have the forces of reaction ravaging through this nation, killing our brethren, peasant and worker. And your only thought is ideological. What childish notion is this.”

They still stood still after the sudden outburst, the only noise you could hear the natural world.

“It appears this meeting is over, doesn’t it”


Rodina sighed as she rubbed her face before looking back up

“It seems that way”

Rodina tried to shake Alunya’s hand as a way of calming the tensions before departing but the cat didn’t budge. She rebuked her by turning around and walking off. Rodina sighed again.

Just great. Let’s hope I didn’t mess everything up.

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