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File: 1699653995687.gif (533.11 KB, 400x400, chihuahua space.gif)



describe your last dream IMMEDIATELY UPON WAKING UP, so you don't forget it
i'll give you a score from 0 to 10 and an OFFICIAL and SPECIAL seal of approval or disapproval

and KEEP IT SHORT because my attention span is TINY


I had a weird dream where I was petting a dog that only had a lower jaw, no eyes or tongue, not even a brain. But they were happy nonetheless


i just have really shitty dreams which i always forget


A recent dream I had there was a tall white woman with red hair chasing me through a park, trying to eat me.


I dream about work or regrets.


tentacles everywhere


File: 1699680261938.mp4 (6.78 MB, 640x480, Tom R Toe's song.mp4)


wtf is this and why did you post it


wtf i never knew tom r toe was a guest singer on luminous orange



I dreamt that a nuclear war started. I started thinking of how to survive, and figured that involved first closing all the windows in order to keep radioactive dust out. I could not convince my boomer mother that exposure to extremely radioactive dust is worse than being slightly too warm for a little bit however, so I decided to say “fuck it” and close all the windows myself, but every time I did she would scoot in and close it; we were both running around in a circle, with me closing windows and her opening them. Looped old-timey black-and-white video recordings of nuclear tests were visible through each window. Eventually I gave up and went to fill the bathtub with whatever water I could, but by then my skin was falling off.


had a dream but dont remember it :(


i dreamt that i had composed a masterwork anti israel meme. as soon as i woke up i rushed to get my phone so that i could make it irl before i forgot what it was, but by then it was too late


i saw a brown husk of my body crawling towards me, trying to speak. an old lady's face with a very large nose and a cloaked man whos head lookedl ike tv static pointed at it and said something that i dont remember. i woke up with a great feeling of clarity


wow anon, i cant believe you've failed palestine like this


File: 1700025708156.gif (276.1 KB, 400x400, chihuahua head spooky.gif)

>>468078 7/10 with a melancholy seal of approval
>>468087 7/10 with a spooky seal of approval
>>468438 8/10 with a dread seal of approval
>>468439 ?/10 with a mystery seal of appeal
>>468447 6/10 with an edging seal of approval
>>468472 9/10 with a haunting seal of approval


File: 1700070026698.jpg (70.58 KB, 604x550, blini kot.jpg)

I remember it was night and then I heard quakes, rushed to the street and what I have seen is my city being struck by an absolutely calamitous firestorm that cut tall buildings in half like grasses. I stood there in awe as it ruined everything and when it started to close in I hid away somewhere safe I do not remember and slept. Then when I woke up and left the shelfter I found out that despite all the destruction people are still going on with their daily lives, but it has knit them together much closer than before and they are acting together without compromises to rebuild what was destroyed.

I am not sure what this means…


File: 1700536594829.mp4 (35.99 MB, 480x360, Banjo Gyro!.mp4)


i was on a trip with some college classmates in a dirty, 90s, coastal town in bulgaria. i was buying some ice cream for myself and someone else, in a corner shop but i felt the need to return quickly having heard a warning (i think). the reason for the warning was the fact that on 4pm, the inhabitants of the town turn into monsters and rampage in the town, i remember being really scared of the monsters finding my room and eating me


I keep dreaming about the roof leaking again.


datamining thread


File: 1700610189463.jpg (14.37 KB, 474x266, th-1356710692.jpg)

shuuuuu shut the fuck up
I have not played this game


psychonauts is a good game. can recommend


I dreamt of repeatedly picking up a black cat and carrying them around a nondescript town. Now i know what interacting with a cat feels like.


I dreamt of séxo.


I was at some campsite but I discovered that it was actually a labour camp and thousands were forced to cook soup, not even in some big cauldron but normal pots, and then I had some Mission Impossible style plan to liberate them but the alarm woke me up just when I started going through with it.


I already forgot today but I'll report tomorrow. I don't usually dream but I've been taking melatonin and I've been having dreams every night. It's great, 10/10


File: 1701164835151.jpg (312.05 KB, 1080x1349, 1695528401903309.jpg)

It's been months since the last time I dreamed I had a gf and it's killing me


We are destined to be together, anon.


Unlikely, it might have been the dream manifestation of the plaster cat figurine i keep on my nightstand. Does this mean i should paint it?


File: 1701174660420.webm (1.11 MB, 300x480, 1693150168961934.webm)

I'm not going to report on my latest dream because I wouldn't even know what it was, I will report though on a dream I think I'll always remember that may have something to do with blood memory and my ancestors.

One time, probably 2-3 years ago I had a dream I was a Roman in a city that was about to get attacked by "Mongols". At the time I thought it was Mongols because I didn't know almost anything about Roman history but later after reading more I would deduce they were not Mongols but Huns. The dream wasn't historically accurate, I remember we had those stereotypical galea helmets with the red feathers but afaik by that time Romans wouldn't have used them. I guess it was my mind trying to tell me in ways I could know back then that we were Romans. We were hiding under something and saw the Huns coming, riding horses. At the time I didn't think too much of it, again I knew almost nothing about Roman history at the time and wasn't interested in that, but now I'm wondering if this is the memory an ancestor of mine being passed to me through a dream. It's certainly genetically plausible .


I had a dream I was sitting my my room and goonan all day long


A couple years ago I had this dream where I was in a hallway with doors. I had to enter these doors and collect enough money doing boring shit in order to pay for a hooker in one of those doors.


Woah dreams really might be blood memories. This was mine >>474494 and most of my grandpa's life was putting my grandma to work and then spending all the money she earned on booze and hookers


File: 1701232547238.png (2.29 MB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

I dreamt of visiting a eerie looking temple like structure. It had serpents carved on its walls. When I walked through it I entered a town with mysterious people. I remember waking up when one of them looked in a strange way when I asked them something cuz I got scared to death. Anyway it was weird but kinda exciting.


just before this dream on the same night I dreamt of jumping off a building due to some philosophical reason, dont remember the dream in detail


I used bing image generator to recreate my dream approximately


I dreamt that everyone was watching some space rocket launch and I was in a parking lot and saw something in the sky that I thought was the rocket but it came towards me, it had thrusters and everything but it was tiny and when it landed in the parking lot it was just a cheese grater. But then it turned out that it was some magic artefact that protected me from the giant frogs that invaded the spa.


dreamt I had sex with my ex of course.


OP here, i just lost a massive effort post where i analysed everyone's dreams, but i accidentally closed the tab and lost everything i had written


rewrite it bitch


Ctrl + Shift + T would bring it back with what you wrote, I think


>>476498 maybe(??????)
>>476499 i tried it, but i closed the tab hours ago before closing many other tabs and the history doesn't go that far back :C


damn that sucks. kinda fitting though since thats how dreams are. analyze mines first please >>474494


btw the boring shit wasnt like a job or anything it was more like. "find item x to give to person y who gives you a key to door z which has money in it"


I forgot,


Had dream where I was doing brain surgery, except I took the brain out and put it on a table, then put it back in someone's head. Brain had weird ribbon cables in it that had to be re-plugged, I remember being frustrated they were tangled up. The dream one of those late-stage ones right before waking and felt very real, so when I woke up I had a minor panic attack; disoriented that I was laying and it was dark instead of standing at a surgery table under a light.


I had a dream a decade ago where I was playing checkers with my brother, I then went up some stairs and to the right where I joined my entire family watching a news broadcast. I noticed that there was an exact clone of my dad beside my real dad, the clone had a single eye. I ran and he chased me. I was in a purple attic with a LOT of ants, then I woke up.


I dreamt about my waifu, told her I loved her then woke up for work. I have been miserable all day because of it. Now I'm drunk.


i had a daughter


Sounds nice. I love my waifu.


Not dreams but does anyone else get that thing when you're imagining things but your imagination doesn't want to listen to you? Ex: Worm poking out of ground, push worm back into ground and want it to stay there but it always pokes back up.


i dreamt i had a new pair of sweatpants. that was the whole dream

holy shit i didnt know it also happened to other people, i hate when my brain does that


Russia was planning to convert to islam


One of the worst dreams you can have are the ones where you are dreaming of work.


There was some concert next door that I was thinking about attending but I couldn't figure out when the artist I was interested in would be playing because they used some kind of grill as a timetable.

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