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Milf edition

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I have been rewatching Dexter today, and Debra in that show is so cute. I dont think I ever had a fictional (or real life now that I think about it) crush or anything like that, but she is the closest thing to it.


>this is what my future femcel gf is doing right now


You ever get half way through jacking it and just think….'nah'?

I'd give anything just to be able to feel something rather than watching what is just visual garbage.


What makes you think you are entitled to feel anything?


I don't know what came over me, for a second I thought I was a human being.


Maybe stop fapping to 'visual garbage' and only do it with your own imagination.


Only because I realized I was doing it out of routine, not because I'm a closeted Christian feeling guilty, lol.


incels are hardly human lol


wowwwwww just like my favorite book


I meet my first gf is the most beautiful and incredible girl i meet in my life i'm very cool with she but the problem is that she detailed very explicit how she fuck with another dude for more than a year like she was very detailed about what she do to him and that shit just make me sick

I don't know if this is normal or is this is just porn fucked up my mind, yes i need therapy but i really like her, is just that i really feel very bad remembering all the shit she say to me about his sexual life with that dude


Ask her if you can fuck her ex


Good thing I'm not an incel


It's normal to be disgusted by things like that. No person, male or female wants to hear things like that.


tfw you pass by someone well dressed and wanna look at their fit but itll seem like youre staring


if they're not a douchebag they'll take it as a compliment that someone's checking the fit


my gf used to do this, i think she just did it to make me feel bad and insecure enough to end the "situationship" before she became too emotionally invested, a 4D chess move to avoid committment and not feel too bad about it


Playas gonna play.


Tell her you don't like that and maybe throw in that it's inappropriate and disrespectful to talk about having sex with people behind their back.


This is true, I missed boat and I can't cope anymore.


On one hand, I want romantic connection.
On the other, I want to be slutty.
I guess I'm seeking an open relationship but I don't want to fall into someone's polycule.
What do, anons? Any tips?


Realistically, you take what you can get, not what you want.


Damn that's boring. How do you live life just taking what you get instead of doing anything to get what you want? Sounds like constantly getting the short straw because people keep handing it to you.


File: 1713177776759.jpg (45.66 KB, 425x722, 1592928496417.jpg)

I wish I had a fujo gf.


You are a guy who wants to be slutty. Being slutty requires a level of desirability that is, assuming you are a heterosexual man, beyond your reach. Like I am not one of those "all women only want top 1% males" incels, but slutting yourself is actually chad only. If people dont want to fuck you, you are not a slut, just a creep.


I can't get over this oneitis, I have other women interested in me but I just can't reciprocate with them for some reason(both are fairly attractive).


what's so bad about a polycule, don't base your views on pol retardation


>pol retardation
Something something broken clock


>what's so bad about a polycule
Other men in it..


Well you don't have to fuck other men


I dont want to be in proximity of other men.


You don't necessarily have to do that either. You can just ask any women you're with to not be with other men around you or talk to you about it


File: 1713211661415.jpg (86.57 KB, 383x700, Polycule.jpg)

Polycule is not the same as open relationship from what I understand, one way or another, other men would be involved.


I mean in the sense that your gf would probably be fucking other men yeah but that doesn't mean you're expected to be besties with them


Please humblebrag a bit more.



I don't know if I should also be offended on top of being disgusted. That was too zoomer for me although I understood it all. I hate it although it did elicit a smirk.


god maybe it's me but there's something really insufferable about having your relationship(s) look like a fucking leetcode problem statement


File: 1713222493817.png (919 KB, 619x800, ClipboardImage.png)

It's not necessarily or usually this complex. The picture is meant to be an exhaustive diagram that show as many possible forms of relationships in as small a space as possible. It's the relationship equivalent of the geology diagrams showing a bunch of improbable features all next to each other.



Sex scares me. I don't know if it's the intimacy aspect of it or something. I goon constantly so it's not like I'm uncomfortable with the fantasy of it but if it looked like it was going to happen in actuality I'd be pretty terrified. I'd probably cry after it was over.

Like you mean I gotta get on top of this girl and like, fuck her her and stuff!? And I'm bigger and stronger than she is and I could really hurt her if I wanted to!? It unironically scares me. I don't know if there is just a part of me that is deeply uncomfortable with masculinity in general. Why do I have to do the fucking? My favorite position to look up is the prone bone and I think about actually doing that to someone and it just doesn't sit with me quite right. There's just an inherent power dynamic there that I don't like. I'm afraid of myself.


its funny this gets called zoomer when half the terms are from the past decade and pushed mostly by millennials


ur not going to hurt anyone by fucking them bro lmao. Your bigger concern should be the fact that you're going to be disappointment with vaginal sex after squeezing the life out of your dick so often. Not trying to be a cunt you seem sweet i'd suck it for you no homo


>There's just an inherent power dynamic there that I don't like. I
Leftoidism and its consequences… I enjoy authors like Foucault but I swear most people into philosophy have rotten their brains beyond repair.

By the way, what do you jack off to?


>By the way, what do you jack off to?
I literally only looked at foot fetish stuff up until I was 18 when I was like "wait, what if a woman touched your dick but like, with her feet?" and discovered hardcore porn via "gif" but I pretty much watch the most vanilla shit imagineable, pretty much only amateur porn and foot fetish porn

I have incredibly, INCREBIDLY vanilla tastes in porn compared to the average imageboard user.


Despite being common having a foot fetish will still get you labeled a weirdo.


>Women have no agency and feel no sexual attraction.
>Women don't enjoy sex and can't consent to sex.
>Sex is bad.

I am sorry but this is literally the liberal mirror image of reactionary misogynie.


I mean to be fair, it is pretty weird if you have a legit foot fetish like I do. My attraction to feet is so strong that if I see a woman in barefeet it's the same to me as it is to the average bro seeing a woman walking around with her tits out, and seeing them in socks is like seeing them in lingerie. I'm pretty messed up socially due to having been raised by shitty parents and have never really hung out with people ever but it has made certain experiences really awkward and it kind of scares me in other contexts. I remember when I did gym class in middle school we had a unit on tumbling/gymnastics and everyone had to take their shoes off and all the girls were either barefoot or in socks and it was a constant exercise in not popping an erection just at the sight of it. Shit sucks.

NGL if a feminine homo wanted to suck me at this point I'd probably let them. Better than sitting around at home all sad and shit. I don't know if I'd like it but they probably would and at least you're not lonely and a lot of gay dudes are pretty amusing. Sometimes it's fun to try new things.

Yeah, I respect women so hard I just disregard them entirely and refuse to talk to them out of fear. It's pretty wicked.


File: 1713246113043.jpg (230.75 KB, 1920x1080, 1713241443091668.jpg)

I could hold conversations with women with no issues before spending many years in a STEM career where women were non-existent, then covid happened and I spent over a whole year without leaving the house. Now these years I've have a hard time starting or keeping a conversation especially with women and I feel fucking retarded for it, like what the fuck happened?


>Like you mean I gotta get on top of this girl and like, fuck her her and stuff!? And I'm bigger and stronger than she is and I could really hurt her if I wanted to!?
Except you don't want to hurt her so you'll be fine. If you are at all worried about it then you're not actually a problem because your worry will lead to proper caution. Sometimes you just have to accept that you're actually a decent person and your desires are fine and normal and you actually can seek out and do the things you want to do without being evil for it.

If you want to feel higher self-esteem over this, go over to AO3 (site with a lot of women on it), look up explicit fanfiction, and sort by popular. You will see a fuck ton of kinky shit written by women for other women to be aroused by. Are you perhaps wrongly assuming that women are all sexless pure beings? Have you internalized this weird patriarchal assumption about women not actually having sexualities? Yes, you can do the fucking, but tons and tons of women like to be fucked, so I don't see the problem.


It will also lead to terrible sex most likely lmfao.

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