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Milf edition

Previous Thread >>499492


i keep dreaming about almost having séxô with a milf, but the dream always ends before it happens. and i'm always extremely horny too, like she's so hot that i might not last 10 seconds, and she's gonna laugh at me


I would last approximately 5 seconds with a milf due to all the porn I watch


They say white women fuck dogs, but never say that dogs just prefer white women


We get it, you're a nazi.


File: 1709784613340.jpg (6.34 KB, 225x225, chihuahua horny.jpg)

😳 >>510850 😳 true
😳 >>510851 😳 true



This is not the own you think it is


I'm reminded of the story of zeus being fed by the breasts of the goat-woman appointed to him. Or the primordial giant in norse mythology feeding on the cow. Or remus and romulus feeding on the she-wolf. Us whites have a kinship with animals which is why we have such zoophilic relations, but its also a calling from nature herself to our graces. So much of the fairy tales is about this deeper nature, and too, all of the anthropomorphism of later adaptations like disney (where der fuhrer's favourite film was actually snow white, and disney was an anti-semite of course). So here we see the immanent "whiteness" of furrydom and its intrinsic fascism.


porn addict thread albeit


Fetish for people who dont work in the office and dont have to deal with these classcucked dipshits on daily basis.


efficient, like all socialists should be
this is only a problem if you care about the other side


File: 1709825198732.jpg (35.64 KB, 474x711, th-2609361286.jpg)

>Porn addict thread
<Yet a, porn addict thread addict


Having sex with animals anon is a cultural remnant of our backwards nomadic heritage; which is why the Turkish ancestral lore is their forefather having sex with a she wolf


that guy is a cutie. I would cum on his forehead


Can somebody please help me it's really scary right now.


>which is why the Turkish ancestral lore is their forefather having sex with a she wolf
furries in control.


What happened?


Now you sound like socrates dispelling the gods for having their way by ignoble means. Our story is our story nonetheless. Theres a reason why its "white people shit" to want to fuck animals.
If you look at the aryan hindu and egyptian religion you also see this expressed animal-anthropomorphism in divinity, where in european myth too, the gods displayed this ability of shapeshifting into animals and the opposite gender. This is the manifestation of the fundamental european ethos, as imperium and individuality. This is also why liberalism has to be forced on the rest of the world against their will.


Or like the first romans sucking a wolf's tits?


File: 1709841900582.png (474.04 KB, 1079x1421, rip.png)

LMAO which one of you was this?




File: 1709849871362.jpg (25.69 KB, 564x581, wat asdfv.jpg)

What the hell does liberalism or any other socioeconomic paradigm have to do with your theory that angloids are somehow genetically predisposed to being furries? What the fuck are you talking about?


my school had date ed theyd do every year and theyd have us choose a hypothetical partnet and we would have to do assingments pretending to be a married couple to teach us about relationships and shit and i never got a partner because everyone hated me so instead the teacher handed me assingments about being divorced including fake divorce papers id have to sign




Lol no you didn't


What is the best place to meet MILFs?


All my friends and everyone else think i'm gay. Idk how to explain that im not!!!!!!!!!! Womens bodies make me hard. but everyone is always under the impression that im gay because i guess i have "gay mannerisms"


kindergarten, playgrounds


>gay mannerisms
What's that?


Idk i guess im flamboyant a little bit. I have kind of a gay lisp and like to gossip



Fun short story about a lib incel, in case anyone is interested.


I struggled for at least ten minutes trying to open a goddamn pickle jar and in the end had to resort to using a fork for letting in air to get rid of the vacuum, no wonder I can't find a girlfriend.


this isn't even punching down, they are just trampling the lowest of the low hanging fruits


tbh vacuum seals are difficult to open


The struggles of a bottom male.
I'm a switch btw


you just sorta have to punch it gently, the side of lid, on the floor. No need for forks. It a) is easier; b) looks better; c) doesn't need tools.


"The Guy" is massive faggot, oh my god. I wanted to fucking punch him.


the neverending internet tradition of making up a person to get mad at


>get compliment on bumble profile
>it's from a girl I'm casually acquainted with from my friend group

She's got an OF. Do I run? Or try to hookup? I'm a retarded virgin.


Talk to her and see what she's like. If she's just fishing for paypigs she will start talking like an ad sooner rather than later, because it's not worth investing a lot of time seeking a paypig. If she actually talks like she's interested then keep going and try to set up a date or whatever.


the idea of a stealth incel is interesting


no amount of theory will get rid of entitlement coming from systemic material conditions
anyhow, this guy had a way better life than me it seems
was fairly popular in school perhaps, got a decent upper-middle-class socialization in college with a bunch of friends, and became a well-off professional afterwards
if he didnt objectify that curvy girl he also wouldn't even have the no sex/romance problem


Why is everyone with foid name?

Incels are only 'stealth' until they get into enough conversation.


I couldnt even finish that crap. The language is very patronising.

Of course its written by feminists so of course it is. The main character deserves sy pathy and scorn.

But this is why as an awkwsrd kid back in high school amd early twentoes I spent my romantic amd sexual energy on yaoi manga and hentai.

Meatspace is dangerous amd disapponting for sex amd romance. Especially college and work.

I manage to indulge in excessive sex for the past few years mainly from DoubleList hookups.


Sounds neurotic as fuck but this is like one step away from true crime garbage so no surprises there.


Fuck you to fucking hell for tricking me into thinking 420chan was back, whoever linked the url on google. How could you fucking do me like that, Brennan? I JUST WANTED IT BACK, THIS PLACE SUCKS AND ITS FULL OF NERDS AND INCELS


Is it worth it to make a bumble?



>She's got an OF. Do I run? Or try to hookup? I'm a retarded virgin.
Write her this sentence. No filter Saturday


>Why is everyone with foid name?
International Woman's Day


I wish I wasn't poor so then I would not be an incel.


Getting a job soon. Gonna spend some money down the pub and try to pull for the first time in about a decade 😎


eww a job




everyone has an OF that's the entrepreneurial spirit of individualism that makes this nation great


File: 1710131404896.jpg (53.6 KB, 783x391, 1709869907900.jpg)

when hanging around in groups with friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends how do i stop being the person who stands around visibly uncomfortable and only talks when spoken to or talks to people theyre already friendly with? i hate small talk when im the one who has to speak first


If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything and kind of gauge their interests so you can find something to talk about.


I have the same problem, I would just stick to your friends like glue


I'm trying to romance a university professor via IG. I'm a single woman in my 30s and he's roughly my age. He's in NYC and I'm in Montreal. I don't want this to be a long-term thing but a quick fun affair. Any advice dudes on here can give me on how to go about this?



That's a bit sudden. He hasn't even responded to my DM yet.


then show me them



>30yearold university professor
he probably want's it long term


For starters see if you can go to NYC


nobody minds as much as you do, anon


Nah. He probably wants a long term fling


I think he's closer to 40 but I'm not sure.


Yeah I go there all the time via bus.


Hes almost in his fourth decade of adolescence.


>have real opportunity to hook up for once
>suddenly have developed an intense revulsion at all things sexual
I think I might have low T or my depression has finally destroyed me, or some mix of the two.

Like seriously, I don't get aroused anymore. The idea of even seeing a vagina makes me nauseous.


Hook up with someone hot?


lol i know how u feel
for some reason the instant a girl starts showing signs of liking me i just lose all interest


i have the opposite problem lets combine



She is hot


Yeah it's weird. I wish my brain wasn't so fucked


You could just be ace


After what amount of dates is it appropriate to dump a girl when she doesn't put out? My answer in is 7.




i think you're experiencing anxiety, mon amies. nothing tanks libido like the fear of intimacy


I made a Tinder and a Bumble. How I get gf??????????????


same things happen to me relentlessly, before i was almost a gooner but now i only do it say 1 or twice a week. i don't know if i took out all my sexual arousal or if depression hits that hard


why is she holding the pot at the door, is she bringing it inside from work?


Be white, be really good looking, have at least 10 pics, have at least 5 pictures of you in 5 different countries, have just one photo of you shirtless showing your abs.


Or just be normal


not what the tinder algorithm favors lmao


Yes be normal, plus everything else I said. Online dating is not for average guys. You are better off IRL if you aren't exceptional. It takes a lot to get a girl to feel anything when she's limited to pictures on her phone and some text. Your physical presence in real life will help tremendously of you aren't a super photogenic white dude.


the tinder algorithm favors people who pay and look decent


File: 1710256471653.png (43.09 KB, 682x445, ClipboardImage.png)

anyway i don't know if this is the right place to speculate but i don't think tinder and bumble are good at finding potential partners anymore, the well is very obviously drying up


youre right. like you said it only "works" if you put money into it these days and actively works against you if you use the free version


File: 1710279004785.jpeg (30.46 KB, 500x500, 1701687030162.jpeg)

Kek, good one.


people are now hooking up on insta


Too many woman got done dirty i suppose. Idk what it is with men and the internet but they cease to act normal if the computer barrier is in the way.


Yes it is. Just sucks because I know I'll never get laid or have a real relationship because of it.


it's the other way around, friend, a partner who loves you will tolerate your anxieties and soothe your fears.


Yeah, that shits makes Tinder look egalitarian, it really is over for incels.


File: 1710308999766.jpg (112.38 KB, 1098x732, brother.jpg)

Guys I think I may have discovered a cheat code to being a normie. And I am here to share this secret with you.

The secret is: taking a dance class that includes partner dance. I am taking a swing dancing class and so far this is how it goes.
>It forces you to shower and smell good to partner dance
>Have to have clean breath to talk while partner dancing so close
>The instructors make you switch off so women are forced to dance with you, even if they dont like you.
>They have to get close to you and you get to put your hand around their waist
>You have to lead and be a man
>It gets you outside your head
>Over time you switch off and get desensitized
>More confidence follows
>The ratio of women is usually higher so they dont get to choose
>Even if youre awkward it doesnt matter because the partner will switch
>Get to touch women
>Over time as you dance with the same women youll get comfortable and make friends
>They start talking to you after class

Well thats about as far as Ive gotten, but I feel progress. A girl asked me to dance with her today, it felt nice being picked. I can't believe I didnt do this shit sooner. You have to dance with some grannies and other girls, but occassionally you'll jive with one. If you want to improve social skills dancing is the shit. Just take it bros


>>You have to lead and be a man
But how you gonna do it if your partner is a strong and independent woman?



The dance class pill is an old one. I heard salsa is good


Is finding love possible as a gay person? I want to have a genuine loving relationship with another man but it seems as though 99% of gay guys just want to have no strings attached sex


Under socialism will incels finally be allowed to have sex?


Only gay sex


That sounds like rape.


Why? They are not forced to, just allowed.


Oh okay.



I genuinely hate being a man. I don't know if this means I have to take the transhumanistpill, but I'm fucking terrified of women and terrified of being a man. I hate how much I want to have sex with women. As a socially awkward dork (not even nerd, since nerd implies I'm in some way intelligent or interesting, which I'm not, in any way) this is a dismal fate and disposition.

Part of it is being raised by an abusive mother who had a hair trigger temper and would randomly beat or emotionally abuse me or my siblings in between telling me about how all men are garbage, but the other part of it is just regular home grown insanity. Maybe it's the porn.

I think maybe there's just a part of me, at least a part of me that I don't like to admit that finds something titillating about climbing up the side of a woman's house David Foster Wallace misogynist spec-ops style, or throwing a chair at some whore I call "girlfriend" because I can't deal with my own simultaneously deep and shallow emotions towards the crime of living.

I think of all the wretched porno's I've seen. Sometimes when I'm at work and bored doing some menial task it'll play in my ThinkTheater 3000, like a Rolodex of every sad lonely moment of my misspent youth with my cock in hand and phone in the other. There's this creator that made (and still probably makes) videos that made me simultaneously rock hard and uncomfortable. There was one where he's pretty obviously pushing this (amateur) girl much farther than she's willing to go and you can see her eyes glassing over and everything about her body signalling that this is the sort of experience that will mark her 18 year old existence until the grave. The guy is flying on her pussy, fucking her with enough force that she is in visible pain, hands curling up in a not-so subtle agony. And then out comes my shame. I can't watch this anymore. I'm a bad man.

It's always hard for me to realize that women are just the same as I am, the same thinking, shambling poop sack Lovecraftian horror hominid with the endlessly generating anxieties and fears that will only end in the oblivion zap of natural biological entropy but when you go so long just whittling away your childhood years playing whatever random games will run on your toaster computer and avoiding interaction because other kids are mean to you will do certain things to you. Of course even as a kid girls for whatever reason seem to be repulsed by strange, quiet boys despite the horrors of sex not having yet exploded onto the internecine hell scape of human social existence, so I never got to know any girls.

There's a profound sadness to not really knowing how to interact with half of the species. I've built women up too much. Porn addiction has fucked my brain. Loneliness has fucked me. There is no way out.

I often wish I could be free of the troubles of masculinity. Feeling terrified of the rage and absolute terror I could visit on women, the generalized feeling of being unable to live up to some impossible patriarchal standard and feeling revulsion at my innate sensitivity. It's not like I want to be a woman, it's more that I wish I could be an amorphous, sexless blob.

I think in the end I'm probably just going to kill myself. I'm sick of living. It's not even that I want a girlfriend or to be in love or anything like that, I think I've just been consumed with a general existential malaise for so long that I've errenously equated this malaise with some longing for romantic relations as if this would fix anything. It seems so simple: get the girl and the feeling of being a stranger in a strange land your whole life would vanish, as if by magic, when it would only add another layer of worry and expectations to my trouble time on this Earth. I can't see myself every being normal.


You don't have to be normal, you just have to try to be happy. Maybe you should see a doctor if the feelings are that bad.


Try to adjust to soyciety or become the Übermensch


You know what gets to me? What fills me with endless dissapointment? When women say shit like "ahah I'll beat you with a rock" or "come over and chill mmk? (I will lock you in my basement :3)"…

Then they don't.

It's shows their lack of conviction, their lack of mental fortitude. They say such things but never follow through with it, indeed many end up being riddled with self doubt. What a wasted effort. 9/10 they barely have the physical ability to even do such a thing. What's a man to do in the face of such broken people? I feel so full of sorrow that they cannot find their inner strength, that they must make such effort to outwardly present as something they're not.

I mean this with all my being. If a woman says they'll rip the heart out of my chest, they better at least try.


She "accidentally" made too much and is asking you if you would like to eat some with her.


The fact that you are aware that some of your fantasies are bad things to enact in reality actually makes you a better person. Not everyone has this recognition. Your shame and guilt means you are not actually a broken person. You should not kill yourself.

And honestly, women can get off to some pretty weird shit too. Maybe the women you';; be dating in the future have similar guilt from weird fanfiction smut they've read or whatever. You are not alone in that. Don't think that you and you alone are some depraved evil individual and that everybody else is whole and pure and innocent. Everybody can be kind of fucked up sometimes and that's just a part of being human.


File: 1710703288210.png (140.18 KB, 640x916, ClipboardImage.png)

All revcels shall thrive after the revolution


cant find a cis gf as a trans girl on dating apps and everyone the apps show me is just other lgbt people

should i become a she/her hrt femboy and try to date straight girls instead.

im being segregated since im lgbt to not even be shown to 99% of girls and i think its bullshit, i know lots of straight girls like femboys even if they dont identify as bi on dating apps


Lmao I am so pathetic 😭



I've lost interest in even trying to talk to women. I don't know why. So burned out from life I don't even care.

I feel bad because I feel like I should have more energy and want sex more because I'm a 20something guy. But I guess I'm just fucked up.


why are u cissy chasing


Why don't incels and femcels just date each other?

Oh I know why because incels only want california 10 adorkable gamer girl glasses stacies while femcels only want super handsome and stoic genius tradhusband but nerdy sigma males.

They each want a type of person who doesn't exist outside of the internet.


Whats the best dating app to use? Tinder is full of partiers and bumble is full of dog moms and women who were spoiled to much by their weird dads.


didn't mean to quote whoops


Broke up with my ex, I basically haven't had sex since then, years ago.

I've never been more happy basically in my entire adult life.

I can't fathom that people actually think their misery comes from not having sex.

I wish everyone here climbs the arduous path to happiness. Well worth it.


i would be less happy if i had to have sex, shits gross yo


File: 1710889248465.jpg (153.83 KB, 1400x700, non-threatening boy.jpg)

The problem is choice.


Singlehood is a blessing most dont appreciate until they come out of a bad breakup


im not "cissy chasing" its just that there are 99x more cis women than trans women and currently the apps are configured to entirely hide me from them if I say I'm a trans woman. and in my area it's hard to find people. since I'm a little bit genderfluid and boymode a lot anyway I figure why not just identify as a man/femboy and try to get a gf but be open about being a trans girl.


File: 1710906985494.jpeg (178.57 KB, 900x900, IMG_2386.jpeg)

Be me, approaching 30. Talk to girls, they say I’m cute and then I get friendzoned. Have a decent paying job, educated. I am a nice guy cause I was raised that way and guess women just hate that. Became more introverted with time. Probably my biggest mistake was not marrying my college girlfriend.


I don’t care.
Go talk to a shrink.
Not your personal blog.


>I am a nice guy cause I was raised that way and guess women just hate that.
You're heading down a nasty, chinless road frogposter. Also this>>515318


Do you use dating apps


>I am a nice guy cause I was raised that way and guess women just hate that.
you put all your points in education and job. you never matured emotionally if you're still bitching about DA FREN ZOAN and WHY WOMEN HATE ME WHEN I'M SO NICE at thirty. You're supposed to go through this phase in your teens at the latest, and even that's pushing it.


What does posting this Neonazi and chiding OP help any?


if a neo nazi says 2+2=4 is he wrong? sam hyde is correct to make fun of "I never got pussy i'm too nice" type mfs. I didn't post it because it was sam hyde. i posted it because it fit the occasion




Sam Hyde beats his girlfriends so he hardly has a fucking leg to stand on


Seems to strengthen his argument in that case


File: 1710924378040.jpeg (20.46 KB, 553x554, sad chihuahua no.67.jpeg)

>mfw no milf gf


File: 1710925756776.jpeg (3.7 KB, 290x174, image.jpeg)

time to take the revcel pill like great communists


File: 1710927501308.jpg (28.44 KB, 474x383, crying chihuahua.jpg)


I tried getting dates, I was fucking miserable. The sex I occasionally have doesn't come from getting dates, especially not on apps. It comes spontaneously from living life. I try to avoid hookups though.

So yeah, I actually avoid sex lol, because doing so makes me happier. Everyone's different though, maybe you'd be happier accepting casual sex as it spontaneously arrives.
No, the problem is everything else. Happiness doesn't come from getting or not getting sex. It comes from literally every other thing in your life. Think about how quickly you can cum. Personally, if I'm horny and in a hurry, I can masturbate to completion in under 5 minutes. The sex act is similar in that it tends to culminate into an event that lasts less than 2 hours. What you do with the remaining 166 hours in the week, which is 98% of the week, will determine your happiness to a far far larger degree. Most single people I talk to have even less sex than that, maybe once a month at best. What you do with 99% of the remaining time is what dictates happiness, not what you do in those <2 hours. It takes a lot of delusion to believe those 2 hours are more important than the other 718 hours of a month.
It was actually a friendly, mutually determined breakup on good terms. We're still good friends and we speak every so often.

I agree with you though. Didn't realize how much the relationship was holding me back. Sure, less sex, but who cares when you can actually achieve happiness.


Is there anything more transparently pathetic and an incel desperately trying to convince everyone around he isnt incel and actually doesnt even want sex or intimacy or to be loved or desired?


They dont hate you being nice OP, they hate you being meek. I know its kind of a meme, but you have to be seen as assertive and confident, and you have to be the one to take initiative in pursuing a woman.


B-b-but the meek shall inherit the earth



File: 1710933007566.jpg (4.2 KB, 186x152, 1690988929063.jpg)

This is a nightmare. I'm in a loop. I've seen this picture/song/term posted before. Is this my life? Is my life over?


skill issue






Sam's lying he was a rich twink when he was younger
if he didn't get laid it was a personality issue


Women generally don't like wimpy unassertive men. Accept it or change.


Who said people are complaining about not being happy because of sex alone? Usually people complain about the sex to illustrate that theyre single and alone. And having a gf takes up far more than 2 hours of sex. If someone has an actually good loving relationship then it would bring happiness. If you broke up and are happier it means your relationship was shit to begin with. A good relationship should be better than the alternative, ie being single.


File: 1710949976674.png (505.1 KB, 1024x572, based beyond belief.png)

>It was actually a friendly, mutually determined breakup on good terms. We're still good friends and we speak every so often.
Normalize this.


Why do people like this guy? Even if he wasn't a nazi he's still insanely cringe and annoying


They like him because he's a Nazi and they are Nazis too.


he looked like muke lel


The problem with, "friendzoned", is that it implies that the relationship would've been romantical but you've been denied – when in reality the relationship is open ended and could go anywhere.

I know there's the whole, "Women love dating people they've been friends with", but that doesn't mean they inhenerently will date a good friend.
When you think you're, "In the friendzone", you should instead interpret it as just it wasn't meant to be, and move on.

It's still a great strategy to be friends with other women and they introduce you to women they think'd be a great match, just don't except it to be anything but a better probability than >>515321

People make these comments, and act surprised when they've never in their entire life have made a positive change on anyones life.
>you never matured emotionally if you're still bitching
How are they going to properly emotionally mature when it's difficult for them to get into any relationships and go through the mechanisms?

It's like a muscle, where the muscle grows stronger from wear and tear, their ability to be a partner gets better from experiencing relationships (obviously there's X Y Z, but the experience is massive).
But for you who has never experience the challenge of dating, this is concievable.

>"I never got pussy i'm too nice
The problem of the statement is that:
>1, they're the one's who judge their niceness, not others.
>2, the nice guy thinks that this quality makes up for their lack of confidance and confidance, which has stopped them from the strongest tip of dating, that being you need to be exposed to as much people as possible, (something >>515321 can not offer).
>3, the niceness is observed without a challenge.
<Will you stil be the "niceguy" if she rejects you?
<Or if she dumps you?
<Or if she hasn't been communicated enough and does an innocent thing you believe to be cheating?
<Or even just an innocent thing that will make you feel uncomfortable?

Good advice ruined by someone who thinks that being wrong on something is a red flag of abuse, ironically pushing the development of OP to be abusive – how abusive.
The consequences of twitter, and people who've gotten romantical relationships handed to them on a silver platter.

>Is this my life? Is my life over?


I've always wondered what exactly went wrong with Sam psychologically that he decided he was going to try to look aa physically revolting as possible

he's obviously hamming it up for those pictures but he looks absolutely disgusting even in the day to day


File: 1710960629528.png (57.27 KB, 960x726, the ick.png)

Here is your reminder that you literally cannot win. The game was rigged from the start.


I find this whole ick shit hilarious. It‘s always so specific but some of it should be kinda obvious. I think this happens because women are highly aware of how they appear from the outside to others so they pay a lot of attention to stifle their behavior in a way while men don‘t at all.


She's just looking for excuses to break up, everything after the third paragraph is rationalization for leaving him, not real issues. She feels bad about it and its her attempt to make herself feel less bad by overly emphasising stuff that she probably did not mind at all while she was happy with the relationship.

But the most important part of that post is:
> 32hrs unpaid internship for my masters
This shit needs to be ILLEGAL. Thankfully I'm not ameriKKKan, my university outright told everyone that you can do whatever you want in your free time but they won't consider unpaid internships as internships at all, doing them won't contribute to the requirements of your degrees.


One thing I love about reading women talk about icks or red flags is how they mix absolutely trivial stuff about how he rubs his eyes, with like "he is fat, doesnt care about my sexual pleasure and belittles me for being poor".


She's right


>posting outrage bait from a TERF subreddit
>aside from some of the ick things being dumb, she's basically in the right
The real cringe is thinking you have to justify wanting to end a relationship. Just admit to him (and yourself) that the spark died.


To be fair, from her description of him it seems like the spark was him being rich and buying her stuff.


>TERF subreddit
Is it because of the name?


the name is just a factor in attracting them really


Lmao what is this

>One cool thing about anime conventions is that there are many attendees with autism or personality disorders. Neurodivergent people can be uniquely interesting, creative, and fun to be around.

>One not-cool thing about anime conventions is that there are many attendees with autism or personality disorders.
>If you are reading this article, you are probably a man with Aspergers, which means that you already have a lot in common with trans women. That’s great! You’re going to be meeting a lot of them at the con


I haver asperges, damm


File: 1710965213152.jpg (63.8 KB, 716x780, 1708556210607215.jpg)

He's uglybastardmaxxing


Ask woman friends if they know anyone who might be interested.


this tbh famalam


maybe OP is just boring. try hobbymaxxing


There are people having sex right this very moment and there is nothing I can do to stop it.


What are your left swipe criteria?

I'm a straight male and mine are

>morbid obesity especially if they call themselves "full figured" or something else that's cringe. Being slightly overweight is fine.

>graduate program I have a bachelors and currently work a shitty dead end retail job also college is bourgeois
>Dog mom
>Entire life is about being country, having a few specks of country here and there is fine.
>"I won't settle for anything less than the best"
>Is a mother or wants to be a mother
>cop or corrections job


>doesnt like anime
>over 25


I am not on apps (but I want to get into them after I manage to make some pictures I can use), but I am willing to take anything thats not ugly or a single mom.


none but I don't care enough to carry the conversation so there is that


File: 1710982824544.png (405.96 KB, 1023x727, 1640398018345.png)

I've never felt "the butterflies" or anything beyond mild physical attraction that dissipates quickly towards another person in my whole life.


If you watched the Matrix sequels I was referencing that people are likely to accept their condition even with just the illusion of choice. The "In" in Incel reflects that they don't feel like they had a choice. A true volcel will be happy because they feel they had a choice.


Sounds like you're irrationally offended by the post


pic very related


File: 1710997207378.jpg (418.71 KB, 1250x1250, Eph2DMuW8AECP9K.jpg)

Would you date a qt pig?



If they quit and were receptive to information that nwould change the worldviews that led to them being cops in the first place, but thai's exceedingly rare and could be emotionally texing.


it's because the ick shit isn't real, they're just rationalizations. normally women will either silently put up with it, or outright tell you to fix it if it's too off-putting for them, i guess there might be some exceptions to this but as a general rule, women will not break up with someone over icks.


keep making upp bullshit about people u never met



Incels are far-right why the fuck do they have a dedicated thread here?


not all leftists are gigachad, although 99% of us are


we need to convert them to marxism-leninism-maoism-revcel thought.


It‘s because incels are severely misogynistic and socially inept beyond repair while femcels are really ugly which in the case of women actually debilitates their chances of getting any guy. The two are not equivalent and femcels shouldn‘t have to torture themselves with an incel.


Incels are also overwhelmingly white and hold far-right views, and no woman wants to put up with that shit in the year 2024.


many of them are ethnic minorities in the USA


I'm flirting with this girl, we bounce off each other pretty well, but today I discovered she's an anticommunist and she recommended me a reactionary channel from a dumbass bourgeois agent doing shitty pop-history. Moreover, she's a catholic. What should I do? What would you do in my place?


What emoji symbol does this mean 🫚 ?


Maybe if you can get some inside info out of it or convince the pig to turn. They'd have to begin with an attitude that lent itself to that though, which is unlikely.


idk why any of that would matter. do people really let ideological disagreements get in the way?


I'm organized and I'm afraid she'll react poorly if things go anywhere


Ginger root


Sorry bro that sucks


How sure are you about that?


Fuck the police is my mantra, yes


File: 1711256895962.png (215.93 KB, 675x585, 7uh1z6.png)

my cousin and i are really close and we were watching tv in bed and she asked me to fuck her (we’ve never done anything before today) and it took a while for me to sink in that she was serious but once it did i got nervous and instead we just kissed for a while
i’m probably still going to pound her but i got so fucking nervous
>inb4 fake
yeah i’d react the same way to a post like this tbh but it’s real
i’m so fucking scared of someone finding out about us but i love her too much to not go through with this
i don’t even know why i’m posting here about it (never used this thread before) so i guess i’ll ask for tips of how to not get caught (by family, cousing sexo is legal in my country so i don’t have to worry about the gubbermint)


cousin incest is the most acceptable kind of incest anyway


so… any tips glowfriend?


Probably a horrible idea but… Should be pretty easy to not get directly caught. I hope you aren't thinking of having sexo in a house with your other relatives.

The real uncontrollable variable on your part is whether she ever decides to tell someone.


>I hope you aren't thinking of having sexo in a house with your other relatives
well… that is the only option outside of doing it in a movie theater or some public bathroom or whatever
i guess it’s not an issue if we can get some time alone in the house but when she asked me to do it today we had people at home
>The real uncontrollable variable on your part is whether she ever decides to tell someone
yeah and i’m willing to gamble with those odds
we trust each other very much


>i guess it’s not an issue if we can get some time alone in the house but when she asked me to do it today we had people at home
Playing with fire I see.


cousin sexo is already playing with fire so…


Yeah they think you're a hooker.
>for some unknown reason.
It's like you say as well, the part of town you're walking around.


i really like that part of the game where the cat says "es hora del sexo", me and the boys all clapped when we were playing the game on the multiplayer mode


I've made a few accidental milfs in my time.


Could you guys give me some advice on photo etiquette for dating apps? Decided to give apps a try for the first time, however, I have no pictures I could use, and no friends to help me take them, so I have to make them myself. I need advice on a.) what kind of pictures should I take, what should they depict, where to take them, etc.; and b.) how much of an issue is it if the pics are obviously taken by myself for the purpose of using them on an app?

What I mean is, for example I took couple at the outdoor workout park I frequent, I am just sitting on the floor there holding protein shake (and drinking in one of them), side profile, shows arm muscles, highlights jawline, gentle breeze running through my hair, nice photo I would say, but there is no plausible deniability as to how it was taken - I set my phone down with timer on camera, and posed. Makes me feel embarrassed, so what I am asking is, does that came off pathetic or narcissistic or something, or are pictures like that normal on apps? Oh and another thing, what about selfies? I am a heterosexual man in late 20s.


There's research that's been done on this that you can google. The most important thing to consider though is that it's not just about the numbers of people who will like the pictures, but which people. More than any of the picmaxxing tips, you should try to put in the pictures whatever you want to be seen as something to attract the kind of person you want to match with. So for instance if you want someone who will share an interest in your hobbies, include a photo of you engaged in one of your hobbies.


abort, child support, or flee for the port?


My favorite female body part is the butt. When I see a sexy woman I look at her face then her body then her butt then her boobs




i bought my gf a dildo, one that also has a clit suction thingy, and she messaged me just to tell me that "this is the first time she truly has felt an orgasm 'on the inside''" i dunno how to feel about this, certainly i don't feel as good as she probably inteded to make me feel by sending that fuckikng message., maybe i'm more concerend about it than i should be, certainly most men are just lousy at séxo, maybe zizek is right, we should replace sex with a bunch of dildonics, just have compartmentalize and externalize it into a separate exercise completely alien to the relationship itself. she should just stick to fucking the dildo while i mess around with VR mods on honey select 2 , maybe i should just skip my next birthday, how bout dat.


File: 1711592522480.mp4 (279.34 KB, 480x392, so lonely.mp4)

lmao @ this thread


your dick doesn't vibrate, it's not that deep. also most people are pretty bad at masturbation because of taboos around sex that prevents them from learning how to really get off.


If you want to attract women you shouldn’t dress well. You should lift, wear artificially faded denim, a V-neck or polo that shows off your biceps, and a fake Rolex.


File: 1711595267947.jpg (356.38 KB, 599x743, 1639258868063.jpg)


Your gift is too great for me


Modern relationship and dating dynamics are a weird iteration of social darwinism.


Theres a couple things incels have a point about and thats one of them.



Thats because relationships have always been strictly utilitariam until the mid-eighteenth century in which "romance" became the motive of marriage and made people live a lie for about twenty-five decades.


then why is history literally full of stories and myths about what you would call romance?


and by that I mean ancient history. Egypt, china, greece.


Your gift is too great for me


The size of these thighs is just bizarre, I rarely see thighs that big irl.


Your gift is too great for me


Your gift is too great for me.




It's over


It used to be more normal to have an "official" relationship for economic and political reasons and to have side relationships for interpersonal bonds. It's not ideal but it might be better than the kind of strict monogamy people are trying to make work now. Obviously though the solution is to not make economics a factor in relationships and vice versa by liberating the working class.


I really want to kill myself.





You can always betabuxmaxx



Working out and goyslop destroyed his looks, brutal.


I think he likes and wants to look like a mutant.


This. A lot of (not as great) women hold you back from your potential or improving, leaching time, money, mental and emotional wellbeing. Sex itself is trivial, it's used as a status symbol which is disgusting. I started avoiding sex for awhile, I despise hookup culture and that's mostly what women around me seemed to have wanted. Women are allergic to committment.


sex should be limited to sex dolls and VR



>Women are allergic to committment.


What an embarassing video, just another tradcoping incel.


Women are actually repulsed by me.


My girlfriend likes role-playing during sex. Her favorite is the schoolgirl role playing. However I feel uncomfortable wearing the schoolgirl outfit during sex. What should I tell her?


Just sit down and have an adult conversation about it. But why are you uncomfortable with the outfit?


How much of your life have you wasted thinking about women who don't think about you at all?


How would I know? I can't read minds.


Well I will spoil it, they all thought about you for a cumulative 0hr and 0s.


Honestly, none. I think about my romantic shortcomings and all that, or fantasize about imaginary women, but I dont think about any specific ones I know.




What's wrong with the video exactly?


Why are you in a leftist site when you're clearly a fascist or some variant of rightoid?


the fascist mind is so fascinating because they won't hesitate to mock the suffering of those inferior than them but still expect us to pat his back because he is only attractive enough to attract 30 year old used up whores


I checked that asian womans twitter and its clearly some /pol/acks larp account.

Anyway, when it comes to this conversation, it can be hard to distinguish what comes from people expressing genuine and understandable insecurities about being their partners second choice, what is just misogynists slut-shaming women, and what is a thinly veiled cuck fantasy.


Got nowhere else to blogpost:

Was on two medications, quetiapine and respiridone. They're never meant to be mixed but I've been on them for a year.

I've stopped taking the respiridone (ben off it for two days) and my resting heart rate, which was around 90, has mostly returned to normal (somewhere around 70-80). The heart palpitations have also gone. The difference is like night and day. Directly after taking both pills my heart would beat in my ears like a drum and I'd begun to lose sensation in my hands, as though they were numb.

I'm so fucking glad I'm no longer at risk of a heart attack. I'm struggling to sleep but hopefully that'll fade with time. I'd rather be tired than dead. End of blog.


keep attracting christian girls what the fuck man im not even religious




I was thinking about getting on a dating app again. But I'm not white (mixed negro) nor do I look like I would be the dude in a "blacked" video. Convince me to not do it.


trying to have an ongoing conversation irl with people you dont know or barely know is exhausting. i dont remember having this much problem when i was younger


Dating apps are a bad experience with poor results. Try to meet people IRL instead. Socialize more in general and you will get more chances to make romantic/sexual connections.


>Socialize more
ok cool. how


Find local social hangouts that suit your tastes, like bars or hobbyist groups.


take improv classes or dancing lessons, or maybe do some hella praxis for once


i thinkn it was a joke?


Your gift is too great for me
Too much chocolate of their hungry souls man


Your gift is too great for me


File: 1712017637762.jpg (50.47 KB, 500x500, 1580880849292.jpg)

>get home
>ruminate endless about the off chance I committed a faux pas and didn't realize it and everyone was too nice to tell me
It keeps happening.


they probably dont remember it now
just live life like ur on disco elysium
say whatever u want
doesnt matter
ppl literally cant do anything abt it


how often do you think about the times other people did a faux pas?


omg, i watched this anime, it's amazing! I'm so sad it got cancelled after the second season. :C



we didn't get kaiji s3 because mahjong fucking sucks


Your gift is too great for me.

If you indeed committed a faux pas and nobody bothered to tell you, it's because ultimately it wasn't very important. Also they like you, so there's that.


File: 1712030497143.jpg (301.41 KB, 1600x1200, akagi.jpg)

>fucking su-


Any other cunny commies? Or is my wife and I just alone ;-;


skill issue


Reminder that age gap relationships are inherently predatory and that you must follow the half your age + 7 until both partners have reached the age of 30. This means that if you have a relationship where a 30 year old is dating an 18 year old or even a 40 year old dating a 24 year old it is pedophilia.


not illegal so dont care


File: 1712107222200.gif (805.36 KB, 500x443, 1653205075515.gif)

I feel like such a loser moron being unable to choose whether I want to have an insta to be able to socialize with people I know irl or not. It goes against everything I've stood for all these years. Been considering it for months now, though maybe the answer is obvious when I remember nobody has ever asked me for my handle, lol.


predatory 25 year olds targeting college freshman skipping in delight rn


Tumblr drones really need to stop needlessly obfuscating serious matters when the question is as simple as asking "is there abuse or not?" instead of focusing on "dynamics".


File: 1712117848619.gif (2.63 MB, 498x373, 1710771376111.gif)

[for the 9673rd time] i need to radically change my life


If relationships really scare you, then you can try just opting out by being poly and pretending to be asexual.


Data apps are just another convoluted form data extraction. Best way to meet women is probably through social circle/warm approaching.

Life of an autismo, I feel this so much.


File: 1712190630380.png (158.13 KB, 1645x2106, F-HdW0bXEAACdsS.png)





just inject estrogen then you can gain fat and it goes to your ass thighs and booba


le reddit sit


File: 1712255431832.jpg (58.11 KB, 754x926, brutal.jpg)


Maybe tall women have big issues however. Purely speculating here.


Tall women are very rare and their issues aren't as bad as those of manlets.


Sorry lil man I didn't know we were havin a contest


Short woman means a short son usually, so the cycle will just continue. BRUTAL!


Getting to the point where loneliness is causing me physical pain. Nothing to do other than rot in my room. I want to go out and have fun and dance, but nobody to do it with. I need to figure out how to make some photos for dating apps, and I realize thats delusion, who is going to want to spend time with some depressed loser?


Turn that pain into hatred anon!


You can go outside alone.


And do what exactly?


incels aren't allowed to go outside lol.


I usually just wander aimlessly and look at the birds.


Sounds riveting, but then Ill just be feeling bad about wasting time on top of everything.


Have you never been arrested? Or had the cops called on you?


You can write it off as exercise. It's good for both your body and mind.

No. I was only stopped by cops once but that was many years ago. Plus I'm not American, cops are not really a life-or-death scenario here.


File: 1712341017775.png (44.96 KB, 169x178, 607.png)

fuck this gay ass shit, sex is bullshit. i just want to be massaged and touched by men,women or whoever and not have it be considered sexual or feminine. fuck you fucks


fuck you you fuck


File: 1712344656311.png (251.73 KB, 471x379, ClipboardImage.png)


fuck sex i just want to play my really gay pc music playlist really loudly and be touched by men while doing so, i'm straight btw


PC Music? Like this?



hello Haz


> i just want to play my really gay pc music playlist really loudly and be touched by men
> i just want to be massaged and touched by men,women or whoever and not have it be considered sexual or feminine
why cant we have nice things?


exactly like that

i knew haz had allegedly pretty gay taste in music but i didn't know he specifically liked pc music, pretty based if true




Accidentally wandered into a protest today and got stuck there for an entire afternoon. Ended up standing next to a woman who was there also alone. Tried to struck a conversation (twice actually), but it fizzled out after couple sentences, she wasnt very enthusiastic about it.


What was the protest about?


Reproductive rights.


did she have nice tits?


On a scale of slightly to very, how much do you look like a plainclothes officer?



Maybe that's why the conversation died out fast.


Not at all, but I did look 10 years over the age of an average attendee.


That's a cop or a pervert


Are incels austrian?


I'm sure there's a joke somewhere


>Tried to struck a conversation (twice actually)
It will keep going like this until you realize it's not worth the effort, had a phase when I started conversations with random girls, most of them would turn down after a few minutes and the ones that didn't would engage robot mode.


Ok, so what is worth the effort?




Thats nice and all, but no amount of self-improvement will make women come to you.


What do you mean by self-improvement?


The trick is to look for cues indicating their response to you. If they seem interested or attracted keep going, otherwise stop wasting time and just politely end the chat. Cold approaching has like a 1% success rate even for people with good chances, because you never know how open to that kind of thing somebody is at that moment. Maybe they're in a relationship or just not in the mood. The problem is it's harder and harder to find opportunities to chat people up since we have lost most of the third places where people go specifically to socialize.


Here is the thing, I wasnt trying to cold approach or hit on her, I literally just tried to have a conversation, since we both were there alone (unlike majority of people) and happen to end up standing next to each other.


Self-improvement will help you live without being a needy loser, attracting women is another thing entirely.
Try to build yourself wholly before trying to find others to live with you.
Seek out the blessings of solitude.


as a depressed fucking loser myself, i can confirm that going for a walk is a nice activity. You should do it anyway.


I don't even find anyone attractive. The idea of having to talk to a woman sounds so *boring* now. Like I don't know if this is me trying to suppress my anxiety, but like… women are so fucking DULL. It's not that I have nothing to say, THEY have nothing to say. "Oh I saw this tiktok oh i saw this tiktok oh i saw this video on instagram". Last girl I dated was so fucking dull and bland. And the one before was boring. And the one before that was just a flaky fucking cunt.

Like I just want to go for a walk with someone. Or a hike. And just do what I already do but with someone else's company. So I'm not just stuck talking to myself in my head.

I can't just talk to them based on initial attraction. If I see a hot woman, I immediately just imagine how annoying and high maintenance she probably is. I don't feel like flirting. Am I like a demisexual or whatever the fuck it's called? Like I can't find anyone attractive unless i already know them well.

And at this point this extends to platonic friends. I'm so BORED. I don't know, maybe I just built up this impossible ideal in my head of what friendship and romance was like.


>Am I like a demisexual or whatever the fuck it's called? Like I can't find anyone attractive unless i already know them well.
Wait r so-called "normal" people supposed to like, be attracted to and want to ask out random strangers? I've never understood that.


I think the usual path is people see someone attractive and then approach. They go out, maybe fuck, and then the feelings come later. I dunno.


File: 1712485476601.jpg (254.73 KB, 1920x1080, -RkjU8IIsGMCzg.jpg)


Basically, but the feelings still develop in the meantime as opposed to first having a deeper intimate bond and only then having sex.


youre an idiot for overthinking


File: 1712518593383.jpg (33.25 KB, 220x110, DignitasLogo.jpg)

What do you guys think of the 'right-to-die' and assisted suicide?


idc tbh


board is being snowed by religoids of some kind. I just mentioned euthanasia in one of their threads and here they are shitposting about dignitas in the sex + relationship thread.


the 420chan redirect kinda fucked up the place :/


inviting bored amphetamine enthusiasts may have had some unintended consquences


I posted about Dignitas here because incels are much more likely to require such services. I'm an atheist and it has no relation to religion anyway.


idk but i think you're gay and retarded


Why is that?


idk general vibe


are you willing to elaborate on that?


File: 1712525967456.png (157.4 KB, 343x258, ClipboardImage.png)






wtf? women have always made fun of premature ejaculators


They just want your seamen that bad.


Either A: this is a you problem and ur bad at sex and women want u to nut so that it's over faster or B: this is a them problem and you have atrocious taste in women.


There's cock piercings for that, you know.


Yeah because they want them to cum AGAIN get hard again in like four minutes or they're like I'm bored fuck off


I'm convinced there are 2 kind of burgers. Ones who can't fuck because they have decrepit nethers and talk about fucking constantly to compensate. And then 1% of them are just absolute cum demons


Probably underestimating cum demons. People talk about how porosity give people unrealistic e petitions of sex and plumbers and pizza guys, but really all American media is like that.


hey incoherent, dictation posting is my bet you can't steal that


OK I am gonna disable the auto correct finally one my phone. I was giving it another shot but it fucks up words I spelled correctly. This thing was made by tards.

>Probably underestimating cum demons. People talk about how pornos give people unrealistic expectations of sex and plumbers and pizza guys, but really all American media is like that.


oh, I was actually able to understand you I just thought that it had gotten what you were saying phonetically or something
yeah, I'm definitely underestimating. Come demons. But a variety of factors come together to suppress our natural sexual exuberance, even as simple as being in a car seat all the times so that your hips are fucked up


Heh, interesting observation. Yeah just sitting down for hours a day and being bent at the waist probably fucks up our sexual organs and spine and etc.


Too much sugar also really depletes your cum reserves. I just roll my eyes and remember to do the (subtly embarrassing) pelvic floor exercises when I see people tilting at windmills about fake sex positivity like "just accept being fat and overworked and finding your partner disgusting!!! just go with the flow" like no those people need to change their diet and try to fit in 30min strength exercise 3x week if they want to avoid heart disease and bone damage anyways as they age anyways so might as well incentivize them with le séxo manual memes. Idk it makes me sad. Total tangent but it's as misguided as the nofap people thinking cum is like a mana pool and you get trait activations if you stay above 80% or whatever. Morons


Has anybody who isn't white has gone from being incel to not in the last let say year or two?


A lot of the early waves of non white incel posting were indian/pakistani guys who suddenly remembered that their home countries have arranged marriage


I'm neither ethnicity and I think I'd be okay not in a relationship with a woman who deeply resents my existence. like my parents' marriage


What most men look forward to past a certain age.



Can incels use their penises for activities other than urination?


No, usecels are not incels let alone truecels, fakecels and copecels like mastcels need to admit it: they are simply normies


I also use my dick to wipe and cum on on food before I serve it to customers.


how bad did i fuck up as an autistic. was talking to a girl in my class who is pretty cute and talks to me a lot. She starts talking about her friend who is in the military and they take her to a shooting range. conversation is going well until one of the family members(not her) of her friend makes a Kyle Rittenhouse joke, saying she shoots like him, which she describes as a "school shooter" joke. I audibly say what the fuck in a loud tone and the conversation luckily gets distracted by the eclipse today. we talk later but i feel a sort of distance. or maybe she was just focused on the school work. but anyways am i just overthinking this. am i stupid. i am definitely autistic so yeah. also she might be too butt that isnt important.


"what the fuck" is vague enough to mean many things.

your best shot? pretend it never happened and keep going as normal. yeah, shes focused on school work because she has to get it finished.

stop being autistic


yeah but considering she (might) be autistic she looked pretty sad idk or maybe focused. WHO KNOWS GRAGGHHH


>am i just overthinking this
most assuredly


Tell me a humblebrag brother.


File: 1712634274184.jpg (104.49 KB, 695x1154, 1712633932811950.jpg)

Ranked competitive sexo is real?


File: 1712635096795.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1074, ClipboardImage.png)

pretty reasonable time so go "what the fuck" loud enough for a bunch of people to hear…
the person being weird is the guy making school shooter jokes.
>am i just overthinking this.
sounds like you are fixated on what you think is a faux pas and looking for something to confirm your assumption that you dun goof'd



File: 1712635208346-0.jpg (185.53 KB, 946x2048, GFpP-qVW8AANvGL.jpg)

File: 1712635208346-1.jpg (80.2 KB, 739x791, GFqi3kubMAAVq7B.jpg)

File: 1712635208346-2.jpg (72.79 KB, 383x1200, GFpQD8BXUAAoNEN.jpg)

nothing wrong with the joke but nothing wrong with the reaction to it either


Not everybody wants to have a chat with a stranger, doesn't necessarily reflect on you at all. Also most women are going to make assumptions about a man's intentions if he just starts talking to them, and they'd usually be right.


So we should expect the average competitive sex woman to have sex with 5 times the people the average competitive sex man has?


File: 1712635760792.png (159.42 KB, 488x375, GKlg-lMXoAAVP5z.png)

Whenever I go out drinking with friends of friends I always have to listen to men and women making stupid prejudiced comments all the time that you'd only expect to hear from some geezer (we're all around 21!). I only smile and nod and keep it to myself to not ruin the vibe or make a playful passing remark that doesn't go into scold territory.


I did, posted it here December last.


ok but how did the girl out autistic me wtf


what the fuck does autistic even mean to you


Cheating is justified if the partner is abusive

What abuse is:
>Emotional abuse/constant gaslighting/manipulation and controlling behavior i.e. saying you wont give them money to feed the kids unless you have sex with them or tracking their phone to monitor their every move.
>Stealing from your partner
>Physical abuse where serious bodily harm is enacted on the victim

What Abuse isn't:
>being ugly or having a small peepee
>Making jokes the partner doesn't like
>Telling your partner they're not allowed to talk to someone who is dangerous or a genuine bad influence on them.
>Genuinely not remembering something you said your partner
>having feelings of jealousy in general
>slight slaps and pushes


>Telling your partner they're not allowed to talk to someone who is dangerous or a genuine bad influence on them.

lol and how can you decide that for them.

>slight slaps and pushes

your relationship is trash bro


ive never been in a relationship except for an internet one and you could hardly call that one a relationship


>>slight slaps and pushes
I mean that's fine and good if you communicate it (some ppl view it as a flirty thing) but ur just slapping each other randomly that ain't good.


Yeah this lol. Both points I would've made. I think ultimatums are fine. I thought the jonah hill controversy was stupid. Everyone should be allowed to say do x or I break up with you, that us tgeir perogative. Anything more coercive than that is abuse tho.

Obviously never physical violence of any kind you fucking lunatics. That includes "manhandling."

Keep your hands to yourself or get metal through your brains and organs


We were talking about in the context of some kind of serious disagreement. We weren't talking about slaps in the context of jokes or sexo.


We should also talk about how raising your voice is violence too. It is not illegal at all but it is violence. Need to get the message out there that people should never raise their voice at an another adult unless they are engaged in warfare with the other party.


hitting each other isn't more acceptable because you're having a fight, what are you 5? use your words


I was saying the opposite. Hitting someone in a situation where they haven't agreed to it.


*is inviting death I should say


I see. I mean I think slapping each other 'as a joke' is still pretty shitty but idk. If it's during sex I guess it's ok if everyone has agreed


This is probably bait but i'ma bite it anyways

Raising your voice is not violence because there is a distinction between verbal abuse and violence (which is a physical thing). It may still cause damage to your relationships, but that itself is not violence. Additionally, there are times when you very clearly NEED to raise your voice for your own emotional and physical safety. As such, it is a shit take to say that one ought to never raise their voice.


File: 1712711460898.jpg (46.79 KB, 500x500, a51.jpg)

>What Abuse isn't:
>Telling your partner they're not allowed to…
>"slight" slaps and pushes


It quite literally violence. Loud sounds can physically damage your eardrums let alone psychological factors.


>Additionally, there are times when you very clearly NEED to raise your voice for your own emotional and physical safety. As such, it is a shit take to say that one ought to never raise their voice.
Also raising your voice has gotten more people socked in the mouth than it ever kept them from getting socked in the mouth. There is no practical benefit except transmitting audio over large spaces.


>Loud sounds can physically damage your eardrums
someone shouting will physically damage your eardrums?
uygha please


Yeh. It can also physically damage the shouter in other ways resulting from other reprecussions.


Only people I ever let shout at me were the police, because they had guns pointed at me. Better bring a gun to cash those checks your mouth is writing. Frankly I think it is illogical for the coppos to be shouters too, I don't think it helps the, not get attacked by suspects.


And crackers and shouting lol. Three times I got yelled at by random cracker men and backed them down without even raising my voice.

>i am literally gonna kill you cracker

Then it is always:

>i iii i am calling the po po police they are on their way.



That is how you view it. I am describing reality as I see it. If you don't have "anger issues" you can't understand. It is like a second personality that lives inside you. But, I guess the plus side is aggresive spineless cowards don't fuck with you anymore.

>real killers move in silence and violence

The quiet ones got the most bodies and etc.


And ain't that the question, who is more suicidal in this conflict? I am surious. They can see it in my eyes.


And worse because I am such a rational man the question is always how do I get away with it. Today, tommorow, next year, when is most opportune.


But anyways people can mind their manners, no rape, no assault, no yelling. We can all go our sperate ways if it doesn't work out.


I'm not overthinking I just hate almost everyone I get close to.


If any of my family ever got assaulted by a man that is gameover. If I know his identity it is a wrap.


Sage anon we aren't talking about rape, we're talking about a woman doing a light "knock it off" slap to the head when her bf says something shitty to her.


Well I am not too concerned about women assaulting me. I think men shouldn't manhandle women even if it is easy to do and not leave a mark.


define manhandling


Putting your hands on soneone in anyway when they don't want it really. Manhandling would be speficaly trying to restrict someone's movements.


Thats definitely abuse


Hey siberia, I need help. I am seriously addicted to gang bangs. I can't stop calling my boys and to call their friends out for a party in my house so we can have amazing orgies every once in a while. I just love the cum dripping all over my face and body and swallowing it all, feeling it flow in my womb, ass, and stomach. I'm addicted to those big hot cocks and hot sperm but the problem is that I'm scared of getting diseases, since I love my womb filled with strangers' seeds. Is their way to not get diseases at all? Porn stars seem to never get them. I want to be the biggest cum dump but never with diseases. Thanks for the great advice.




File: 1712759565870.jpeg (572.11 KB, 1170x1137, IMG_5601.jpeg)

> Hey siberia, I need help. I am seriously addicted to gang bangs. I can't stop calling my boys and to call their friends out for a party in my house so we can have amazing orgies every once in a while. I just love the cum dripping all over my face and body and swallowing it all, feeling it flow in my womb, ass, and stomach. I'm addicted to those big hot cocks and hot sperm but the problem is that I'm scared of getting diseases, since I love my womb filled with strangers' seeds. Is their way to not get diseases at all? Porn stars seem to never get them. I want to be the biggest cum dump but never with diseases. Thanks for the great advice.


Porn stars have STD testing. You need to have your boys tested regularly.


a psychopathy enjoyer I see


Dance class anon back with an update. I had a great night a few days ago. Ive been going regularly and am building rapport with some girls. There's this one cute tall chick who noticed something specific about me asked me about it. There was another cute tradwife looking chick who instantly hit it off with me and after the class was finished she was standing real close next to me, so I asked her to dance as I was assuming that's why she was hovering and I noticed she was blushing. Then as we were dancing, she kinda pulled me by the arm off to the side to dance. I was getting real close to into her bubble and felt confident leading.

I also think it was good because the other chick seemed to notice that I was dancing with her and hopefully got a bit jealous.

But I left early as I wanted to end on a high note. I also have no idea how to progress from here. Maybe I make more conversation beginning and after classes? Ask for a social maybe if I get familiar enough? Or the third option, just give up and continue being a comfortable leftcel like Im used to anyways.


I'm an incel, but have successfully given relationship advice because I'm not a retard, just ugly, poor, and non-white. I'm also attempting for my own sake so a sex haver can berate and correct me. But I think being comfortable is not what will make you happier in the long run, you will have to awkwardly push forward in this case. Which girl do you like better? I would focus on her next, if you like the tall one you should still use the trad one to get her jealous, but give her opportunity to keep you away from the other girl. I wouldn't try asking anyone out yet until you get their contact info and then ask them out in person at the session after your next one. You can't be too fast or too slow, if a girl is showing you (pardon the PUA term) significant and obvious IOIs (indicators of interest) she wants you to move fast or you'll seem like a pussy to her.


one of the worst things about growing up non-white in the USA is that no one on the TV looks like you, so you grow up watching TV with sexualized YT women and by the time you hit puberty and adulthood in general you realize you are greatly attracted to white women

part of me wishes I hadn't been ostracized by other Latin Americans in my community growing up because I'm much less visually drawn to them than I am a brunette white girl, even though I would have a much easier time dating someone else with a similar background

It's just such a meme for brown dudes to like white girls and I hate it because anytime I see one I can't help but look at them and feel bad, and a lot of them are racist and will look disgusted if you even glance at them.

I saw a cute white woman while running on the trail yesterday and it just made me feel like shit lmao

fuck this


i experience this phenomena as a mexican who grew up consuming all sorts of western media, but i sort of fixed it after hanging out with lots of women who look like me, now i prefer women who share my skin color and now find white women lowkey repulsive unless they're pawgs specifically, which most of the time, they aren't. most gringo women are heinous, they look like ropes.


Prep, doxypep, condoms, dental dams when licking anuses.
That's pretty much the best you can do.


Unironically based.

>psychopathy is when you stand your ground


i live in the SF Bay Area and most Mexicans got gentrified out into the valley, I'm one of the few lucky stragglers that managed to secure housing (aka my parents bought a house during the financial crash) and the only ones still around are the super whitewashed ones that look down on you for blasting corridos


I want to put a sawn off shotgun into my mouth and fire a 12g slug directly into my brain.


>I am describing reality as I see it. If you don't have "anger issues" you can't understand. It is like a second personality that lives inside you.
jfc delete this teen larp shit from the S&R general


lmao finally, jesus christ what an annoying fuck


It's fake, it's just the RED font:
liek this


>Women should know better than to be loud. I can put the bass in my voice and back down any cunt.
>I don't yell at women, they know better than to raise their voice at me. I can play within the bounds of the legal system.
post your fat timestamped arm you shrill raging larper


damn the fucker got me


I'll be playing board games with an anti-communist catholic tradwifey cutie and her friends this friday and hopefully I'll ask her out one-on-one after that if all goes well. She knows I'm agnostic but she doesn't know I'm an organized communist, and her views seem to come from ignorance rather than malice. In other words, I can fix her. Don't tell me I can't because other than the redflags we get along very well. Wish me luck.


You don't actually fix the other party. You just get used to the other's shit and somewhat see past it.
t.born from parents who are polar opposite even politically


>her views seem to come from ignorance rather than malice
moralist moment


I mean, communism is in her material interests so she'd have to be either ignorant or sociopathic to be anti-communist


Why y'all chasing after tradwives? I do not understand. It's not even a viable lifestyle in this economy anymore.

What even is the appeal? Maybe I'm just a bit too gay to understand it or smth.




>Maybe I'm just a bit too gay to understand it or smth.
you're just not misogynist enough


Stop overusing this meme word.


I'm not, it was a coincidence.


Good luck


Good luck, something similar happened to me last month. Better to avoid the red flag topics or at best do some jokes about it. In my case I would continue seeing her but other things are crushing me.


File: 1712860169032.png (402.4 KB, 797x600, kenji.png)

< But when he was nice to his team, they accused him of “love bombing,” a manipulation tactic. They insinuate that he was coming on to female employees, although he is never alleged to have tried to date any of his subordinates or that he made any kind of sexual advance.

>be nice to women

>never make any advances
>they're still uncomfortable
were ngmi


>reactionary twitter account
Why are you reading this garbage anon?


i dont check the profiles of whatever rt got onto my timeline


he's our new resident noticer


File: 1712865021722.png (513.69 KB, 642x762, ClipboardImage.png)

are you this noticer retard too? anyway, when the interviewed lady mentions someone "clued her in" she means that she got wind of his boss fucking a bunch of his employees. i understand an autistic retard would've a hard time reading between the lines. so yeah provided you have people under you, you can totally make it work and risk appearing on an exposé at kotaku dot com gaming journalism


Why do women hate autists so much?


i'm hella autistic and my gf says my cock is perfect for fucking so i dunno. maybe your cock is ugly and gay


Lots of people pretend to be autistic online for brownie points for some reason.


so are you autistic or not lol


well, i went in for an adhd diagnosis and turns out it was just a commorbidity and i'm actually on the spectrum so there u go.


Oh so you're one of those "aspies" who aren't actually autistic. Got it.


Amazing how a fat dude with literal aspergers at my job who spends all day talking about records and Pixar movies can have an easier time finding women than I can. Not like he's ever happy with them but he somehow has less hangups than I do.


File: 1712865668659.png (214.11 KB, 353x356, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1712865729296.png (530.63 KB, 432x581, ClipboardImage.png)

why can't you be them? what's your excuse?


>why arent you petit bourgeois


Because im not getting paid to be on a scripted reality TV show


>has less hangups
thats his secret, he doesnt care


> being in a suit for a photo shoot = petit bourgeois
ok i think i can guess why you're an incel virgin


I guess anyone would if they spent their days memorizing SpongeBob trivia.


I'm not even saying that as a dig against you or him, I mean it. I wish i could be complacent with doing nothing the way he is.


that's cool ngl, i wish my only concern was spongebob


did you even watch the show youre posting, faggot retard?


lmao no, actually i'm a bit surprised anyone in this board did. well i guess the resident noticer would waste their time watching literal trash


>anyone i dont like is the nazi noticer
way to weasel your way out of being a dumb retard


i'm not the reality-show watching retard, that's you uygha. maybe that's why you're an incel


like honestly i really thought it was like a meme, just posting the cover for "love on the spectrum" with the caption "what's your excuse" to rile the incels every once in a while, i truly never believed someone would subject themselves to something so transparently shitty. why would you torture yourself like that, was it just to find a proper response to "what's your excuse?" that's beyond sad.


>if you disagree with me youre an incel
>having a meltdown for being proven wrong
i also have a gf whos less mentally ill than me lol, you arent special


I'm not white



i think you need to stop talking to normie reserved women tbh


this collective regression is not normal


File: 1712871865086.jpg (1.12 MB, 1179x1400, 26491025.jpg)

If I had a 10/10 aryan gf like picrel I would outright refuse to have sex with her and exclusively watch black men fuck her instead.


this fucking post made relapse, fuck you incel mexican motherfucker


Who then? I'm so fucking tired of everyone. I don't even like my friends anymore.



love is out there, i'm certain


just make up random personalities in your mind and have them convince you to do weird shit in your day to day life
i do it and i never feel lonely


File: 1712889877334.png (10.1 KB, 355x189, GK1VsofXQAAU1p1.png)


> 10/10 aryan gf
<leopard print fingernails
<peachfuzz mustache
<shittiest disney hero as phone cover
there is truly no salvation for faggot earth


File: 1712905600545.mp4 (3.68 MB, 854x480, porno furro.mp4)

I retract my previous statement. It's more like psychopath larper


Read Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon, he has two great chapters discussing non white men and white women, non white women and white men, the psychology behind and linking it back to colonialism, racism etc…

Otherwise find a way to be attracted your people, internet exists for a reason, in truth, if you are heterosexual, women of all colours and races are beautiful as much as the opposite as well, and I agree there is not enough representation of the many attractive people of many nations across the world, and another truth we should downplay the supposed "beauty" of white women, more than not they are ugly like another anon said, it is good to like your own people and ofcourse all ethnicities, unironically just masturbate more to your specific ethnicity.

Other than that, it sucks to have to take a proactive and self determined approach to finding a partner, wish it would just happen.


Stitch is awesome, what are you talking about?


stitch is a retarded annoying blue bitch


If its of any consolation, those hot white women you see through the computer screen are also out of reach of most white guys.


I pass the 666 test

>6 foot dick

>6 inches tall
>6 figures in debt


Should all white incels be put into internment camps until we can figure out a way to stop them from being creepy stalkers and shooting up schools?


even in amerikkka you still have higher chances of being hit by a car than getting killed in a shooting so


Bumping to save this historically, culturally, ideologically important thread


>Bumping to save this historically, culturally, ideologically important thread


File: 1713028537198.jpg (15.86 KB, 480x360, hqdefault-674122620.jpg)

why do females always insist on going out and doing stupid bullshit? every gf, every single fucking time. they cant just relax and do nothing


File: 1713029726382-1.jpg (826.16 KB, 2316x3088, 7gmhiibae1z21.jpg)

I am pushing 30 and have recently been hit by a realisation that I dont really see many attractive women my age. Like they are only in their late 20s and already starting to look rough. Most attractive women I see around seem to be younger than me. I feel like I have been psyoped by media being filled with insane attractive people into severely underestimating effects of aging on women.
It makes me feel really depressed, I am not desirable enough to be able to keep pulling college chicks, so this is what I am left with? Moldy fucking leftovers.


>It makes me feel really depressed, I am not desirable enough to be able to keep pulling college chicks, so this is what I am left with? Moldy fucking leftovers.
be a sexpatriot


females are borgs


But, my mom says I'm handsome. :)


there is a price attached, sonny


I'm bi but one of the reason why I know I strongly prefer women is because I can find older (like even in their 60s) women attractive.


the extraction of labor is feminine tendency and survival strategy


It's really over if you don't find a partner early in life.


maybe for you fed


Coping hard boyo


And what difference would that make?


I have this constant pressure in my head and I'm having increasingly regular thoughts about draining it using a power drill.


nope, fed
younger girls are actually more interesting than later 20somethings since they arent as into the shitty habits and trends of the earlier gens and the bullshit very blatant
use a hammer, zeus
shes lying



It makes a big difference if you want actual life satisfaction.




wdym my gf just wants to stay in bed all day, we have entire weekends of just rotting in bed, fucking, ordering takeout and watching movies


They don't want you big bro


Cope harder fed


how did you find that gem


Never began for you


feddy gets no cunny


Just start your own business bro.


Keep coping oldcel


Keep coping fedcel


rather be revcel


Chads be ultracel


cel cel cel cel cel cel cel cel cel cel cel


chads have false consciousness and eventually become fall by the wayside


I have a problem. My girlfriend is the sweetest person in the world but her parents hate me (possibly because they're white and I'm Latino). They won't let me talk to her on the bus or let me come over. I am not one of those sick twisted teens who only wants to get in her pants I love her dearly. I would die for her. I would castrate any man who fucks with her. But still her parents hate me. It's not like they've even met me. What should I do?


>I would die for her. I would castrate any man who fucks with her.
Yeah, her parents are right, stay the fuck away.


Nothing you can do to make them like you. Either break up or just ignore them.


overglorified reactionary eurasians smh
>her parents hate me (possibly because they're white
>I would castrate any man who fucks with her.
lmao imagine the one who have fucked her before you
>Yeah, her parents are right, stay the fuck away.
this, people instinctively sense crazyness in others, this really triggered the parents and this anon
wrong, antimaterialist, and reactionary. study the art of making psychological profiles and psychology in general. never stop learning


File: 1713050242782.jpg (68.54 KB, 669x1143, 1706943319631.jpg)

Update: it was fun and she's alright but I don't think this is worth pursuing. She has very few friends but they're all hardcore catholics who study christian history and theology, don't use swear words, don't have sex before marriage (lol), don't kiss unless in a serious relationship etc. Her family, including her sister who is close to her, are also like this. And they pretty much only talk/gossip about people of these churches etc, it's like they're in a bubble.
They're all kind of "square", and their topics of conversation are outside of my interest (they're either mundane or theology or history in a common sense POV). And not to mention all the political baggage that comes with it (I just avoided talking about politics the whole night even when prompted). So yeah, I *could* fix her but I'd better invest time and patience in someone more compatible. If anything, this hangout was a good lesson in sobering myself as to what kind of person I should filter out from my dating pool (not that there's anything wrong with them, some people are just too different even if they're fine).


File: 1713053159890.png (843 KB, 736x958, ClipboardImage.png)

I can't get over this girl who love-bombed me and ghosted me. It feels so bizarre. She told me that she wanted to make me happy and take care of me. She was into me, and we talked every day, but after our final meeting, she said she couldn't see me anymore. I don't even want her back; I just want some form of closure. My interest in forming bonds with women feels almost non-existent now. 


>shes lying
She doesn't think she is, even if it is a lie. Moms are very biased with regards to their children if you didn't know.


Sounds like the best case scenario for me. I'm sorry bro, but there will be no closure.


Reminds me of a friend's gf's group of friends. I was at a party she was throwing and I felt that way about them although I'm a nerd incel, those people were dorks.


damn. I used to push myself constantly, go out, socialise, always felt like I had my mojo, I was making moves, and there was always someone of interest. now im broken. can't do it. people tell me just go and do online dating, but I can't bring myself to do anything any more, and I dont see a cure to this.


File: 1713060629257.png (665.11 KB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>Sounds like the best case scenario for me.
Why do you say that, bro?
> I'm sorry bro, but there will be no closure.
I guess she'll fade from my memory eventually. I am tempted to get rid of everything that reminds me of her.


>I am tempted to get rid of everything that reminds me of her.
Do it, unless it is something you genuinely liked before her, if it is you need to reclaim it–don't let her take that from you.


Online dating is an absolute scam for men. Don't bother, I think online dating is an unholy mix of two incompatible groups. On one hand you have guys who don't have thd social capital to find a gf because of socioeconomic status or physical attractiveness and on the other women who just have very high economic standards–usually in the form of looking for a sugar daddy. While the latter may be very attractive they are trying to find a man in a very small pool. I love the ones who put how many countries they've been too as a way to say if you can't take me to more countries don't bother


File: 1713063836246.png (460.16 KB, 755x657, ClipboardImage.png)

I feel this so much, bro. Mental issues broke me too; I can't be bothered to go outside most days. Online dating is pretty terrible, but if you have people interested in you, then you're most likely above average in looks. Personally, I don't bother with online dating because I'm not going to find what I want.
Feel like a bitch, not sure why it still feels so painful.


People behave completely different when it comes to romantic/sexual relationships, ghosting is something both sexes do it is irrational, but nothing about sex or romance is rational. I haven't had much experience with such things (am incel) but I'm not an idiot, the only thing that will heal your wounds is time and there is no amount of time that I could guess that will work even if I knew you as a close friend (I have experience with friends coming to me with their romance problems).


File: 1713068104644.png (178.85 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you, anon. You're right; none of it makes sense. I thought we would be together long-term, but she's just not for me. I haven't had many meaningful experiences either because of my mentalceldom


your gift is too great for me


Your gift is too great for me.


Exactly. "Dorks" is a good way of putting it


I have been rewatching Dexter today, and Debra in that show is so cute. I dont think I ever had a fictional (or real life now that I think about it) crush or anything like that, but she is the closest thing to it.


>this is what my future femcel gf is doing right now


You ever get half way through jacking it and just think….'nah'?

I'd give anything just to be able to feel something rather than watching what is just visual garbage.


What makes you think you are entitled to feel anything?


I don't know what came over me, for a second I thought I was a human being.


Maybe stop fapping to 'visual garbage' and only do it with your own imagination.


Only because I realized I was doing it out of routine, not because I'm a closeted Christian feeling guilty, lol.


incels are hardly human lol


wowwwwww just like my favorite book


I meet my first gf is the most beautiful and incredible girl i meet in my life i'm very cool with she but the problem is that she detailed very explicit how she fuck with another dude for more than a year like she was very detailed about what she do to him and that shit just make me sick

I don't know if this is normal or is this is just porn fucked up my mind, yes i need therapy but i really like her, is just that i really feel very bad remembering all the shit she say to me about his sexual life with that dude


Ask her if you can fuck her ex


Good thing I'm not an incel


It's normal to be disgusted by things like that. No person, male or female wants to hear things like that.


tfw you pass by someone well dressed and wanna look at their fit but itll seem like youre staring


if they're not a douchebag they'll take it as a compliment that someone's checking the fit


my gf used to do this, i think she just did it to make me feel bad and insecure enough to end the "situationship" before she became too emotionally invested, a 4D chess move to avoid committment and not feel too bad about it


Playas gonna play.


Tell her you don't like that and maybe throw in that it's inappropriate and disrespectful to talk about having sex with people behind their back.


This is true, I missed boat and I can't cope anymore.


On one hand, I want romantic connection.
On the other, I want to be slutty.
I guess I'm seeking an open relationship but I don't want to fall into someone's polycule.
What do, anons? Any tips?


Realistically, you take what you can get, not what you want.


Damn that's boring. How do you live life just taking what you get instead of doing anything to get what you want? Sounds like constantly getting the short straw because people keep handing it to you.


File: 1713177776759.jpg (45.66 KB, 425x722, 1592928496417.jpg)

I wish I had a fujo gf.


You are a guy who wants to be slutty. Being slutty requires a level of desirability that is, assuming you are a heterosexual man, beyond your reach. Like I am not one of those "all women only want top 1% males" incels, but slutting yourself is actually chad only. If people dont want to fuck you, you are not a slut, just a creep.


I can't get over this oneitis, I have other women interested in me but I just can't reciprocate with them for some reason(both are fairly attractive).


what's so bad about a polycule, don't base your views on pol retardation


>pol retardation
Something something broken clock


>what's so bad about a polycule
Other men in it..


Well you don't have to fuck other men


I dont want to be in proximity of other men.


You don't necessarily have to do that either. You can just ask any women you're with to not be with other men around you or talk to you about it


File: 1713211661415.jpg (86.57 KB, 383x700, Polycule.jpg)

Polycule is not the same as open relationship from what I understand, one way or another, other men would be involved.


I mean in the sense that your gf would probably be fucking other men yeah but that doesn't mean you're expected to be besties with them


Please humblebrag a bit more.



I don't know if I should also be offended on top of being disgusted. That was too zoomer for me although I understood it all. I hate it although it did elicit a smirk.


god maybe it's me but there's something really insufferable about having your relationship(s) look like a fucking leetcode problem statement


File: 1713222493817.png (919 KB, 619x800, ClipboardImage.png)

It's not necessarily or usually this complex. The picture is meant to be an exhaustive diagram that show as many possible forms of relationships in as small a space as possible. It's the relationship equivalent of the geology diagrams showing a bunch of improbable features all next to each other.



Sex scares me. I don't know if it's the intimacy aspect of it or something. I goon constantly so it's not like I'm uncomfortable with the fantasy of it but if it looked like it was going to happen in actuality I'd be pretty terrified. I'd probably cry after it was over.

Like you mean I gotta get on top of this girl and like, fuck her her and stuff!? And I'm bigger and stronger than she is and I could really hurt her if I wanted to!? It unironically scares me. I don't know if there is just a part of me that is deeply uncomfortable with masculinity in general. Why do I have to do the fucking? My favorite position to look up is the prone bone and I think about actually doing that to someone and it just doesn't sit with me quite right. There's just an inherent power dynamic there that I don't like. I'm afraid of myself.


its funny this gets called zoomer when half the terms are from the past decade and pushed mostly by millennials


ur not going to hurt anyone by fucking them bro lmao. Your bigger concern should be the fact that you're going to be disappointment with vaginal sex after squeezing the life out of your dick so often. Not trying to be a cunt you seem sweet i'd suck it for you no homo


>There's just an inherent power dynamic there that I don't like. I
Leftoidism and its consequences… I enjoy authors like Foucault but I swear most people into philosophy have rotten their brains beyond repair.

By the way, what do you jack off to?


>By the way, what do you jack off to?
I literally only looked at foot fetish stuff up until I was 18 when I was like "wait, what if a woman touched your dick but like, with her feet?" and discovered hardcore porn via "gif" but I pretty much watch the most vanilla shit imagineable, pretty much only amateur porn and foot fetish porn

I have incredibly, INCREBIDLY vanilla tastes in porn compared to the average imageboard user.


Despite being common having a foot fetish will still get you labeled a weirdo.


>Women have no agency and feel no sexual attraction.
>Women don't enjoy sex and can't consent to sex.
>Sex is bad.

I am sorry but this is literally the liberal mirror image of reactionary misogynie.


I mean to be fair, it is pretty weird if you have a legit foot fetish like I do. My attraction to feet is so strong that if I see a woman in barefeet it's the same to me as it is to the average bro seeing a woman walking around with her tits out, and seeing them in socks is like seeing them in lingerie. I'm pretty messed up socially due to having been raised by shitty parents and have never really hung out with people ever but it has made certain experiences really awkward and it kind of scares me in other contexts. I remember when I did gym class in middle school we had a unit on tumbling/gymnastics and everyone had to take their shoes off and all the girls were either barefoot or in socks and it was a constant exercise in not popping an erection just at the sight of it. Shit sucks.

NGL if a feminine homo wanted to suck me at this point I'd probably let them. Better than sitting around at home all sad and shit. I don't know if I'd like it but they probably would and at least you're not lonely and a lot of gay dudes are pretty amusing. Sometimes it's fun to try new things.

Yeah, I respect women so hard I just disregard them entirely and refuse to talk to them out of fear. It's pretty wicked.


File: 1713246113043.jpg (230.75 KB, 1920x1080, 1713241443091668.jpg)

I could hold conversations with women with no issues before spending many years in a STEM career where women were non-existent, then covid happened and I spent over a whole year without leaving the house. Now these years I've have a hard time starting or keeping a conversation especially with women and I feel fucking retarded for it, like what the fuck happened?


>Like you mean I gotta get on top of this girl and like, fuck her her and stuff!? And I'm bigger and stronger than she is and I could really hurt her if I wanted to!?
Except you don't want to hurt her so you'll be fine. If you are at all worried about it then you're not actually a problem because your worry will lead to proper caution. Sometimes you just have to accept that you're actually a decent person and your desires are fine and normal and you actually can seek out and do the things you want to do without being evil for it.

If you want to feel higher self-esteem over this, go over to AO3 (site with a lot of women on it), look up explicit fanfiction, and sort by popular. You will see a fuck ton of kinky shit written by women for other women to be aroused by. Are you perhaps wrongly assuming that women are all sexless pure beings? Have you internalized this weird patriarchal assumption about women not actually having sexualities? Yes, you can do the fucking, but tons and tons of women like to be fucked, so I don't see the problem.


It will also lead to terrible sex most likely lmfao.

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