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Maximizing joint slay edition
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Hey commie libtards when were u when u realized that all lgbt people are pagan baal worshippers???


unironically true


File: 1715274080773.mp4 (1.62 MB, 1280x720, sinotraphouse.mp4)

wovld yov rather meet a bear in the woods or a twink in the woods


I'm into twinks, soooooo…
Smoking fucks up your skin.


maybe people have always liked fucking and taking psychoactive substances but they needed spiritual justifications for it in the past


That could never happen bc humans were made to worship god and abstain from sin and nothing else. Therefore clubbing is a direct confrontation against god and the bear at regency square community center


why are you posting ai translated chapo trap house podcast


>Smoking fucks up your skin.
sugar and sloth fuck up your skin


If by sloth you mean staying away from the sun, then no, it's the opposite.


The UK government is going after DIY websites. It's so fucking over.


what job should i work? im a hopeless perma neet moder


if ur young work in a service job, you will meet people


No, by sloth I meant sloth. Inactivity. It fucks up your skin and everything else. Sugar and sloth fuck up your skin more than smoking. An active, sugar free and hydrated smoker will have better skin than someone inactive and sugared.


It's really bad. My mum read an article about DIY on the Guardian the other day and now she's worried I'm taking dangerous unregulated substances. The whole atmosphere is making me into a conspiracy hoe.


fuck the cass review, nuke terf island now


The LGBT community deserves to deal with the repercussions of being deprived of online pharmaceutical sources because the LGBT community has refused to reduce its reliance on pharmaceuticals by forming black market hrt supply chains and cliques whose sole purpose is to help trans people in need of hrt. The attitudes of gold digging and elitism will lead to the short term ruination of the lgbt community and it will have deserved every bit of it. Everybody acts like simply because they live in a hugbox all of a sudden theyre untouchable. You arent untouchable, youre privileged, and privileges can be taken away QUICKLY.


those things also fucking up your skin doesn't mean smoking doesn't fuck up your skin (and your esophagus, and your lungs, and your central nervous system)


isn't DIY websites exactly what 'black market supply chains' are though


Nope. They weren't illegal until now. Thankfully now they're gonna be considered "black market" websites. Good luck over there on TERF island for anybody living there.


because they're washed up otters


File: 1715317850018.png (340.73 KB, 606x541, WGKY.png)

Palestinians and Trans people need to form a united front against the Anglosphere. Total decolonization of Terf Island, the Burger Reich, New Zealotland, Auᛋᛋtralia, and Klanada


The only reason I quit smoking is because I didn't want to age like milk tbh. Not really worried about my other organs.


I feel so seen


Oh shit, they finally made the article? I saw a screen shot from a 4chan thread a little while ago about Guardian journos trying to get trans teens to agree to interviews


Will just turn into smuggling from central Europe, especially since at least two are close enough to do smuggle a boatload under the cover of night.
Now, it will be a pain, but it does show that even this the UK government can do well. They even fail as reactionaries.


Can not do well, rather.


File: 1715533057278.png (28.31 KB, 420x420, felix_thinking.png)

Do gay men enjoy naizuri?


no thats for transhumanists


How do you come to terms with being bi? I don't feel like I fit in LGBT spaces. I really hate the culture.


Why do you want to be in LGBT spaces if you hate 'the culture'.


I don't want to be but I've discovered I'm like this and don't know what to do. Whenever I go to people who help LGBT folks it feels unhelpful. Like they are trying to push stuff on me I don't like.


>implying there's a single "LGBT culture"
You fell for the meme.


Its not like I would know.


Then ask your questions here instead.


Why do I keep getting pressure from people to see myself as gay? Or people say stuff like its just a phase and I am actually gay? Second, as soon as I go to the therapist they start pushing apps and shit on me and saying I should explore myself by hooking up with someone. Is that normal? Are they a fucking therapist or a paid ad?


Do you like fucking people your same sex or not?


I've never had sex. I am sexually attracted to both genders. Other LGBT people tell me I'm just gay in denial.


>I am sexually attracted to both genders. Other LGBT people tell me I'm just gay in denial.
? This is quite literally bisexuality.


Yup but when I'm in LGBT spaces some people give me shit for not being gay. They'll imply I'm actually gay but denying it or try to mommy me into seeing me and treat me with kid gloves. I get some racist comments from people too and just straight up ignorance. Its not comfy. I get the impression I'm being pushed into experimenting sexually when I'm not interested in hook ups or apps. I don't like it.


Like transmen wearing a binder or what do you mean?


Get better queer spaces.


I mean the 'LGBT community' you meet in public is primarily made up of people who like to fuck, for reasons that should be obvious, celibate LGBT people just stay inside, sorry people have been racist though or pushed you in ways that make you uncomfortable.


This "LGBT community" universalization is reactionary nonsense.


Well that's why I was using quote marks, obviously there's no one community but there are a series of broad overlaps.


Just told a guy I want to see him soon. I'm feeling nervous. He hasn't even received the message yet, I can see it's undelivered, but I'm already beating myself for asking him.
<Did he block me? Did I say enough, was it smooth? Did I fuck up what we had? I fucking suck. Nobody wants me. I'm a fucking wierdo. I'm fat, ugly, short, not enough muscles, don't dress cool enough. He only wanted to have sex that one time because you were mildly interesting and hadn't been naked. He doesn't want to have sex with you again.

It's so fucking silly, I hate it. Worst is, I'm aware these thoughts are destructive and are figments of my imagination, if it is accurate it is more by chance than by any capacity to perceive it correctly. Knowing does fuck all lol. The thoughts are still there.

Yeah, fair. Just emphasising.


File: 1715683039082.jpg (116.99 KB, 736x834, GiftAsASymbol.jpg)

I think being precedes the concept in its realization. The flow of power in oneself firstly appears as an alien thing, and the poor one tries to find a concept to legitimize it. As the one involves in a discourse, the mysterious effect get its legimization via born of a truth-revealing entity, as various systems of reasoning emerges to be an instrument in seizure of the truth. But, the alarming aspect of the process is that it assumes a singularity of instrumentality, or in other words, that the system of reasoning is foremost true. So, in a shared interaction between two parties, the will may precede the concept, the moment(s) they take place in would desire itself to be eternalized without any foreign agency. That's why, I think love can occur before the concepts such as 'I am gay' , as also 'I am gay' presupposes that the love can't occur towards a different sex, different object… and it also presupposes some kind of plurality that you are attracted to 'MEN' , not him or her which contains a mystical quality, but men as a whole.

Plus, for picrel, perhaps, the gift is bestowed without the concept of he thinking he is gay ( without having any sexual desire! ) , but, gift stands here as a dead object, only a symbolic insturment inwhich he wills for to reach the soul of the another. It does not mean that he is gay, because the concept may be deceiving, perhaps, the will is only especial for one person!


The LGBT community doesn't exist. Its a "community" people have imagined in their heads. Its not a real community.


File: 1715700079323.png (951.99 KB, 782x1032, pool meme.png)

Anon there's a ton of biphobia in LGBT spaces. Transphobia too. And let's not even get into the way they act about people who don't even have letters.


>Transgirl bailed on hookup

Hold me bros.


im a nonwhite trans lesbian, but i doubt any of the white transbians would be willing to date me, or hook up beyond raceplay…


Well how do you know, why don't you try.


File: 1715739799871.jpg (15.95 KB, 249x250, 1442177790595.jpg)



There's no such thing as gay or straight. Sexuality is a spectrum, you're just spooked out of experimenting because of social trauma.


Male bisexuality is pathologosed.
People expect men to be gynophiles by default.
If you like guys youre seen as a polar opposite.

Women never have to deal with this as badly.


Thats bc women are dumb
And women are usually more biphobic against men than you think


Women are dumb because men are chivalric retards.

But yea women are biphobic against men.
Especially in the black community


This is true, a lot of straight women don't want bisexual men. According to one survey 63% of women would exclude bisexual men.


(Some) women are biphobic because they were psyopped into fearing bi men as a vector for AIDS. It's not so unlike the trans panic thing with straight men. The same concept of being "tricked" applies.


>Sexuality is a spectrum
this is such a retarded way of saying "people are attracted to different attributes in different sexes"


All the more reason to advocate for mass production of afgordable sex dolls.
We will need to give up some plasticine products


Bruh, there's so much homophobia in gay spaces.

I hate this term "spaces" but I dislike it less than "community". Is there a better word?


But its true tho.
May as well say autism is "differing attributes to differing neurotypes".


grup works
only time I'm glad im ftm what with roid sites and all. sux but I'm told you can get precursors pretty ez online.


lgb spaces and trans spaces pretty different; mostly cause transphobia, but also cause there's plenty of straight trans, and we mostly got autism. no one unified community.


cishomobi vs ranshet?

As a cishet this baffles me but not surprised.

I guess the LGBT thing was another failed paternalistic device from cishets.


There, there


lgbt thing is cause, prior to developing our own subjectivity and being able to articulate our identities more clearly (though identity is always problematic, whatever), we were all sorta fighting for the same thing, and considered ourselves the same kinda thing too. it continues cause we're all discriminated against in a similar way (tho some gays got a fuck you I got mine attitude) which makes it politically useful.

In terms of community tho, only dolls (and a few post T gay trans guys) really hang around gay guys, and only nonbinary + transmasc butches really hang around lesbians- other than that, not much overlap.


Newgene is that u?


I just came out of a terrible date. Even though I was malnourished, dehydrated, sleep deprived, had a shit day at work, I was pulling the conversation so much. He wasn't bad looking , but man was the mf boring as hell.


i have tried um lex, but its dead around here
i met one trans woman in my city on fbi.gov, but she just tried getting me to rent her friend's sublet then complained about south asian immigrants to me because im south asian lol
i suppose the best option is to just move to a city with a bigger trans social pool maybe, but that might have its own negatives idk


Would it be a dumb idea to get rid of facial hair if I'm neither trans or a "femboy"? I just hate shaving and looking like a hobo if I stop shaving for only a couple of days.
My body looks like a bear but my face is feminine minus the thick facial hair, I don't know what to do…


Get Lazer or an epilator if you can afford it


but the twinks and butches share a telepathic link that coordinates their fashion sense, so there's that at least


keep bigote 😭


I don't really know what sites there are for trans dating, can't you just use normal dating sites for everyone?

If you don't like your facial hair then sure get rid of it.


normie dating apps are, not appetizing tbh


I'd say get rid of it if you don't like it and make it a habit to trim every day. Maybe you don't need a close shave? It's shilled all the time but I have sensitive skin and I like the Phillips one blade. I also use it to trim my pubes and shave my nutsack.


it's not all it's cracked up to be. hell is other transes


Well if you limit yourself to only dating trans people you're gonna have to deal with the idea of searching a lot further afield.


Lex is tough cause theoretically I'm a trans nationalist, but lex people hate huge muscular 5 foot 8 (tall) trans guys with a kind of young James dean style swagger like me. Most queer people will only accept femininity in trans men, or else not consider them genuinely "trans." I have tried the other one- taimi or whatever, but I think there's something wrong with it- in nyc there are only maybe 5 people.

My goal is to find an interesting and original trans man to date, but it's hella difficult cause the only community that exists is a dystopian panopticon mind poison designed to keep ftm self-esteem low and prevent the development of self-consciousness. If I were more conspiracy minded I would say that cis male chasers were behind queer theory, but I know the problem is actually an over reliance on feminism to position ourselves in the world as men. I am trying to engage on the soul/ t-dick level with another gay trans guy but I think it might actually impossible at this point.


File: 1716163869679-0.png (350 B, 290x174, images(1).png)

The right to self-determination 🤝 the right to transition.
Simple as!


dixiebol approved message


My cock is out.


how about you transition yourself some bitches


People who assume any trans person must be some flavor of geek, usually a gamer or otaku, are so fucking embarrassing. I thought I wouldn't have to deal with such pests in real life but alas.


anon you're on this site, you're a geek.


Making a term so all-encompassing it goes to back to mean absolutely nothing.


most people don't use imageboards anon


shit was so cash


Those are some gnarly feet


It's just a website.


Let's not pretend /leftypol/ is hip with the kids.
Or anyone, except delusional, self-imagined insurgents-to-be.


so if your definition of nerd is the opposite of "hip with the kids" then i guess gamers and weeaboos arent nerds now


That was prosaic.
You aren't very convincing in that you are not a massive shut-in.


Sounds like you are an empty husk of a human being
oh sorry forgot to put on my queer voice
Sounds like you have some issues to work through


is "gamer" even a subculture past like the 70s or 80s? on social media it carries the connotation of like a chvd i guess
same with "otaku". anime has been getting syndicated by mainstream western tv channels since like the 90s im pretty sure. but the specific convention-going type is maybe a subculture


you think someone swallowing cum makes them "childish"?


if i try to prostate orgasm daily will i go incontinent?


and you're not on your knees for your woman?


eating pussy and licking ass is revolutionary kys reactionary suburbanite.


File: 1716233991386.jpg (355.06 KB, 1440x2107, IMG_20240520_153844.jpg)



OMG so trueee!!! anything that isn't PiV sex in missionary position is literally dae PRON!


Not my fault you don't wipe your own ass.


File: 1716245362734.mp4 (27.67 MB, 720x480, Psychic TV - Godstar.mp4)

I want to be a mom so bad /lgbt/
I'm gonna cry do cis women know they can just have a baby any time they want, do they realize they won at life without even trying


Having a baby isn't exactly easy for most cis women. A lot of cis women (probably more in total numbers than trans women tbh) have to resort to adoption.


File: 1716310310858.jpg (62.87 KB, 602x499, 20240428_163352.jpg)

why are straights and bis (straggots) so porn-brained? and what should be done about them? i say neuter them.

asking for a friend


Can you not dehumanise others? Thanks.


File: 1716310670154.jpg (55.62 KB, 1080x1080, 20240319_151557.jpg)

attraction to women as a man is grounds enough to be classified as a non-conscious animal. however, society is too woke………………………..
wake up sheeple………………..


>come to designated thread thread to piss your pants about porn
ok fed


File: 1716349566527.png (801.56 KB, 1280x905, pissss.png)

I think I have the clap and I keep pissing green


File: 1716349814563.png (683.97 KB, 894x894, 1712350276627.png)

>why does a sexually dysfunctional society produce people with a weird relationship to sex


>attraction to women as a man is grounds enough to be classified as a non-conscious animal.
Are you that retard OP from the Gayc*l thread?


>sexually dysfunctional society
sex should be abolished, in the year 6000 everyone will become robots, for the machine does not desire for primal instinct needs


>and yet this robot is still sexed, how interesting…
Did you know that cables are also sexed?
More ideological fantasies


>LGBT things


> >and yet this robot is still sexed
I don't see it
>Did you know that cables are also sexed?
wait what? howwww, bruh am I that oblivious


File: 1716353966099.png (149.47 KB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

All plugs are male and female. All your outlets are female, all the plugs that fuck them are male.




File: 1716354189321.png (148.1 KB, 1386x738, ClipboardImage.png)


ok I just got owned by facts and logic

but like if someone were to attach/dettach like for example, their hands I don't think it would be sex like wtf


>they dont know that in the future séx will be done with a direct neural interface like in Ghost in the Shell
delete yourself glitterboy


Why be so afraid of sex, cyborg? Sex is all across nature. Time to assimilate, otherwise you become a tech-cel and perish


Haram abf not allowed India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳


>they dont know that in the future séx will be done with a direct neural interface like in Ghost in the Shell
it will only be the future if the software used is free(as in freedom) software, otherwise(if the software is proprietary) it will literally be 1984
>Why be so afraid of sex
ok but why would one do it? I see no reason to do it, sounds just like a loss of time(to me)
>otherwise you become a tech-cel
bruh, already am one


>why would one have sex?
For fun. For children.
It seems to be what drives most species
In fact, some species like the salmon start to literally rot when they cum. Just like how some spiders are consumed by females.
So sex here is also a ritual of life itself, which maps the relation of the sperm to the egg. Of how many compete but only one succeeds through danger.
So sex is the shape of life in a type of ritual. It reaches its transcendence through this act.


File: 1716357076799.png (7.53 MB, 1661x3051, ClipboardImage.png)

Most species commit cannibalcide/infanticide frequently too.

Lol, if vegans only knew how much most animals literally eat their babies. Mammals too. All other classes you could say it's the default behavior.


>Time to assimilate
impossible asexual people can't just turn sexual, it's like arguing that someone who is straight can turn gay at will
>For children
I think that's the only reason biologically speaking
>some species like the salmon start to literally rot when they cum
wtffffffffff I guess you could say that the salmon has transcended rotmaxxing
>So sex is the shape of life in a type of ritual. It reaches its transcendence through this act.
guess that's the only way for a specie's survival

my kali gnu/linux browser is hanging everytime, sooo slow to respond with


>if vegans only knew how much most animals literally eat their babies. Mammals too.
they would force the animals to become vegan too


File: 1716357760777-0.png (16.11 KB, 289x175, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716357760777-2.png (497.01 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)


forgot to mention that kali is in a virtual machine, I guess that's why firefox is hanging, or the network config files are poorly configured for the virtual machine


posting outside the vm
bruh that horse just didn't care, so evil


File: 1716358447509.png (80.01 KB, 169x297, ClipboardImage.png)

>bruh that horse just didn't care, so evil
Horsies is hongry.


I got it from a transhumanist so it technically counts no?


very true comrade, we should all make ourselves into beasts and start eating each other


Basically what all appeals to nature amount to.


>tortures horse


File: 1716359105405.png (Spoiler Image, 3.48 MB, 1814x2550, 4cc7572a4249d785c0d716e71d….png)


Noooooooo, Teto!! ;__;


it only counts if it's pure radiation and the radiation doesn't kill you in the process
plot twist: it's the insides of the horse I just tortured, teto is fine


We still kill children with abortions and drone strikes. Cannibalism is more of an abstract crime, but we still perform it to some extent.
"Asexuals" are just people with biological defficiencies. Asexuality often correlates with depression, which both correlate to bad diet and social isolation. Ive also never interacted with an asexual person who isnt inundated with sexual obsession. The libido always finds a way to express itself. It cant be compared with gays.
>having children/biology
Well im not quite a darwinist in my thinking, so i think the self-involvement of the natural process shows that life is more of a "story" that we act out than pure action, and thats why incest is evolutionarily sterilising for example. We arent just born to fuck, otherwise we wouldnt do other things in the first place.


I dont think the instestines are the tastiest part


File: 1716360165959.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault(3).jpg)

More you need to rinse them thouroughly first or you are literally eating shit.


>We still kill children with abortions
the fetus doesn't have consciousness nor a body resembling a human so it's ok to abort
>"Asexuals" are just people with biological defficiencies. Asexuality often correlates with depression, which both correlate to bad diet and social isolation. Ive also never interacted with an asexual person who isnt inundated with sexual obsession. The libido always finds a way to express itself. It cant be compared with gays.
I disagree
>life is more of a "story" that we act out than pure action
I mean yeah?
it has been thoroughly cleansed but still raw


The fetus is a human body by definition though.
What do you disagree about with asexuals? Asexuality is an illness, and extremely ideological. Homosexuality is different because it is "hysteric" and asserts itself as a social identity. You literally cant hide being gay.


it tastes like metal(mainly because of the blood)


>The fetus is a human body
but still with no consciousness
>What do you disagree about with asexuals?
too lazy to debate this, I just disagree about everything, is all


Asexuals are like "apolitical" people. It is what i call a "false transcendence". The dialectic demands us to have a place in the binary. Bisexuals are like the centrists, they want it all, but again, a false transcendence. Thats why its always been the straights and the gays. The right and the left.


bruh what are you smoking wtf




Not Marxist materialist dialectics, that's for sure.


>Asexuality is an illness, and extremely ideological.

Well, during my childhood, I was pretty religious and had an imaginary presence of 'God' as my Socratic interlocutor, which, it expressed me that 'lust' etc. towards the females would lead a singularity in plurality, where the desire is directed towards a singular, while contains a plurality ( all the females ). While, love stands something novelic- in other words 'ideological', because, when you have a lover, beating or hugging, everything had done to mediate contains an essence which stands as a negative to the action itself. Beating isn't the whole process, it is the love that stands as a relation, but, as new negative relations would occur towards the love , love gets 'stressed' , it stands to be eternal, but the stress which threatens its process stands too.

Tell me, if a straight soldier chooses to stay with his same-sex 'best friend' till they both die in the war. The heart uneasyly beats, but there is a soothing in the abbrussive journey. Ideological it is, but, maybe life itself is ideological. And, I wouldn't call it apolitical.


>yuri cannibalism guro
about time this /lgbt/ thread became actually gay


>sexually dysfunctional society
anarchists go 5 mins without moralism challenge


What is *inherently* ideological in the asexual identity is its position as a false transcendence. It is saying "no" to a lose-lose game, which is life itself. To me, transcendence only comes in passing *through* our own position which has the immanent space of our dissolution - this is lacanian castration. In practical terms, its like the "post-nut clarity" of cumming, but you still need the intense irrationality of lust to see its absurdity; as a kantian motif, there is no "pure reason". This to me is also the ideological position of the platonic love you esteem in your "plurality" toward the essence of primal attraction, as *women*, as opposed to *women*. But you are proper here too in identifying the universal *within* the particular. Like how the utopian who loves "humanity" is at any time viable to suddenly see humanity as irredeemable. Take the christian religion for example.
True love is seeing the essence of love in our own partner, which is broadened to its whole concept, but isolated. This to me is pure aesthetics.
>life is ideological
Yes, but we should always still be self-aware of our own hypocrisy.
also in the dialog where socrates explicates platonic love (i forget its name), he initiates conversation with a prayer to the god pan, which i find interesting, since aleister crowley cones to later identify this deity with carnal lust, while socrates sees it in its holistic aspect (pan in its etymology being the prefix for "whole", like pansexual or panoramic). One view is based on "love" and the other lust


- *women* as opposed to *WOMAN*


you can't just say
>it's dialectics you don't get itttttttt
whenever you say some dumb bullshit, your analysis isn't even really dialectical, you're just stating things


How is it not dialectical?
And yes, im stating things because they are true


you're asserting an essence of asexuality in an isolated object rather than recognizing its relationship to society, the asexual, and itself


I am mainly criticising the asexual identity, but yes, also its social possibility. I believe in the libido, which is always charged. You can be *disgusted* by sex, but this is still a determinately *negative* reaction. Asexuality as a discourse by contrast gives illusion to neutrality, like the "apolitical" actor. There is no neutrality in the dialectic.


> I believe in the libido, which is always charged.
Pretty sure low libido wouldn't be considered a medical condition if that were the case.

It's like you're saying it's impossible for a person to not be angry. Bro it's actually possible to not have certain ideations, urges, emotions etc.


But low libido is a sign of sickness, thats why i diagnose it. But as i say, asexuals arent unsexual. So many of them are interacting with porn and other materials, so sexuality is still affirmed in its abstract relation.
And anger is another point of detail. I think everyone gets angry too, just in different ways. The internet proves how cowardly and sadistic people really are.
Point is, asexuality in its objective relations is not unsexual, because everything is sexual.


You could argue that anything that isn't normative heterosexuality is an illness.


Gays seem to be physically healthier than hets on average so i wouldnt stoop to that sort of baiting lol
A virtue of homosexuals is their preservation of an aesthetic male beauty which hets constantly wreck with obtuse and desperate dysmorphias of wanting to be bodybuilders rather than elegantly lean
Asexuals are part of that skinny-fat tumblr crowd who lump together into a mass of ungendered flesh. I find no authenticity in them.


please stop being a retard. you've invented a whole tumblrite in your head about people who for one reason or another dont wanna have séxo


This is not materialist dialectics. You're lacking real world understanding of asexuals. Your words are completely dissasociated from actual people who consider themselves asexuals, and instead of analyzing them you are saying they are an illness because of what philosophy you believe in. Practice is integral to dialectical materialism. Also, you think there is only one dialectic with sexuality. Really there is a great number. Asexuality is the absence of sexual desire which is why it doesn't really fit into an inherently sexual dialectic like straight / gay (I think the distinction you make is bad with this dialectic. All queer people are on the 'gay' side because that is socially where they end up, and so in that sense asexuality could fit into this dialectic). Asexuality is not 'centrist' in the sex to no sex dialectic, it is the furthest position of one side in that.


You are being individualist in your pleading
Yes there are many dialectical relations, but within different gradients of qualitative distinction. There are binaries for many groups. But the primacy of our sexualisation attributes our integral place within the gay/straight divide which has existed for centuries.
And i already said that asexuals are "apolitical" in their analogy; its bisexuals who are centrist. But both are ideological because they pose a false transcendence from different ends.
In your own understanding, where would an "apolitical" person stand in the left/right dialectic? Would you really say they were outside of politics? NO. so its the same with asexuals. Asexuals are not unsexuals. Sexuality is not something we CHOOSE, its where we inevitably find ourselves within, like gender and politics. These are dialectical categories.


File: 1716382776565.gif (22.94 KB, 257x299, 37078 - SoyBooru.gif)

dialectic this delicious chvssy


sex with chinletjak


File: 1716383057089.png (85.41 KB, 1027x780, ClipboardImage.png)

>In your own understanding, where would an "apolitical" person stand in the left/right dialectic? Would you really say they were outside of politics? NO. so its the same with asexuals.
Where do they stand on the up down dialectic?


There are no chaste homos so the top right is already closed off. So if youre chaste then you are hetero-chaste.


Probably a lot of chaste homos, you wouldn't have a reason to know they're gay if they're chaste.


Theres no such thing as a secret gay. A closeted gay only lies to himself lol. Being gay is about "coming out" since it occupies the "hysteric" subjectivity in lacanian psychoanalysis, the same as the woman.
Think about it, why does every gay guy, even if he's flaming, eventually have to "come out"? Because that is exactly part of the identity and its inherent leftism.
Thats why in large part, right wing politics is based around homophobia itself, since thats what defines phallic masculinity.
No, there are no chaste homos. It is part of the gay lifestyle to be a whore.


>Gays seem to be physically healthier than hets on average
Not sure if there is any evidence for this claim.
>A virtue of homosexuals is their preservation of an aesthetic male beauty which hets constantly wreck with obtuse and desperate dysmorphias of wanting to be bodybuilders rather than elegantly lean
Ironically a lot of gays are into muscle/bodybuilding. Heterosexual women seem to care more about male aesthetics.


But the bodybuilding physique itself is phallic and thereby performatively masculine, which is what defines the heterosexual mode. But like you say, women dont really like big muscles, but het men are known for not listening to women in the first place


Lol they definitely do like it.


The gymcel is a common trope for a reason
A lot of bodybuilders end up killing themselves out of loneliness
Not that being muscular is *ugly* but it just wont make you a chick magnet, and its just cope to think otherwise


>women dont really like big muscles
Women like big muscles, just not a mass monster. Without roids there is no such thing as too big.


Without drugs going to the gym is largely bullshit
People work out 3 times a week bc they want to be the natty king who made it, but unless youre eating 40k calories a day youre going nowhere
Its just cope and fantasy
If youre a guy who's never attracted girls and now youre 23 looking at the gym, youre still gonna be the same incel after 2 years of building muscle
I am an unironic bluepiller about this. If you have a good personality you can hook up with your looksmatch. Life doesnt require too much effort


lots of androphiles like muscle wtf are you on about
roidheads are kinda disgusting but a decent amount of muscle mass will give you a good chance of getting laid


k lol


Bro, I have direct experience with women and my muscles lol.

I'm surprised you didn't call it personalitymaxxing.


gay men/het women
people that are attracted to masculinity


looksmatching is still bluepill normie wisdom
To me its an uncritical statement. Het women are attracted to men, who arent necessarily masculine. I think sexuality has to do with *sex*


You mean het women arent attracted to steroid muscles


>Het women are attracted to men, who arent necessarily masculine.
Het women are overwhelmingly attracted to men who can perform masculinity and are actively turned off by those who fail at it.



It depends. A lot of loser guys are in relationships. What is "masculinity" exactly? Its something us men invented to cope to impress other men with. Isbeing masculine being a stern guy who wears sunglasses and never smiles? Its not attractive, its autistic


Autism is exact opposite of masculinity.
And to quote wikipedia: "Traits traditionally viewed as masculine in Western society include strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness."


Well in a lot of western media is the fantasy of the self-transformation, or resurrection, where the skinny autist turns into shredded charmer, but it is all a big lie
My honest advice is to just /b/ yourself and if that doesnt work, then what are you gonna do? Be fake?
Like, as long as you can hold a conversation and have basic ambitions then youre fine


>My honest advice is to just /b/ yourself and if that doesnt work, then what are you gonna do? Be fake?
That's what most people who have sex do, yes.


All that work to impress other men lol, yeah it's gay as fuck.




>Autism is exact opposite of masculinity.


File: 1716395290282.jpg (148.98 KB, 1170x870, 20240508_121715.jpg)

you sure? because only horrible autists ever care about "looksmaxxing", not eating "goyslop" and other reactionary social trends of the middle class. doesn't help that most of these hitlerite drones are horribly asocial also and would shart themselves the second the cashier asks for their card. "normal" people don't really bother with bettering or accentuating their masculinity beyond going to the gym for their weekly exercise or dressing pretty. it takes some autist - I'll say that much.






Listen to "The Male Disease" by George Carlin


Masculinity and femininity in the social sense have to be some of the dumbest concepts that people created.


Theyre not even universal in expression globally.
Itsjust social conditioning to signal mating potential.
This is why I check out of the heterosexual contract.
Men and women have empathetic deficit of seeing each other platonically.

Evrything is:
" Hes too faggy"
"Shes too boorish"
Kids are the only beings to encounter other without the lens of gender roles but even that is corrupted by adult imposition.


Children are also gendered. Youre just investing yourself in a puritanical fantasy with its own "original sin"


Fair point.
I also abhor the tabula rosa philosophy.

But I mean kids arent as invested in gender aesthetics as adults are.
The things we mock kids for propaganding are more common in the epi/post-pubescent realm.


I would still disagree
But i understand where youre coming from
To me, gender is one of the preconditions of all societies. It emerges with the invention of clothing. Clothing obscures our biological sex and so enters us into gender as an alienated discourse.
This is also why radical feminists like to get naked in public. Theyre trying to escape gender, but we cant. It is one of History's contradictions, like class.


Then you agree that man is not above the animals.
You agree that romantic love is just incentive God put in us to breed.

Romantic love isnt transcendant.


>Children are also gendered.
Various studies indicate parents act differently toward their children based on assigned gender from the moment of birth (like how much they talk to them or make eye contact with them).


This is very true. listen to the way people talk about their sons in a vulgar comical way while deifying their daughters.


Man falls from Time into History
Through this alienation we are able to have a glimpse of the immediate from the mediated, or otherwise to say, we can behold the eternal within the temporal. This to me is the transcendence of love as an aesthetic artiface.
Our transcendence is our self-reference to this sublime impossibility, like kant's noumena in relation to phenomena. Reason must be limited for it to preserve knowledge of itself, yet we pierce the absolute in our knowledge of our unknowledge of it. We know only that we cannot know.
Love is the same mystery. We love but cannot say why, otherwise it loses its mystique. Here, love passes from reason into intuition. Into direct feeling.


File: 1716401021545.png (232.68 KB, 500x375, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1716413919191.jpg (21.26 KB, 500x375, 1702001758281.jpg)

bro I'm as bitter an incel as they come and even I know that this "love is just le chemicals becuz séx" is a cope that pathetic men tell themselves to rationalize why they live an emotionally retarded existence.


i think your living a mentally retarded existence…


File: 1716415225539.jpg (142.93 KB, 1242x1394, 66f.jpg)

why yes I'm something of a gay retard


no uygha


>I am mainly criticising the asexual identity
asexuality is not an identity, nor choice, nor behavior nor ideology nor etc. it's a sexual orientation, and everyone has one alongside a romantic orientation
>Sexuality is not something we CHOOSE
just like asexuality, like bruh


idk why so many people are so weird about asexuals


lol this dude trying to pure reason his way to understanding human sexuality


lol me neither
it's kinda weird ngl


probably envy
like imagine not having to deal with wanting to fuck. asexuals can still fuck if they choose to, but they're not driven to it like we are.
like damn that does seem nice.


Really? It sounds pretty awful to me. Without sexuality half the texture is gone out of life to me


I like sexuality but like I said you can still have sex if you're asexual.


But you wouldn't want to so what's the point?



>In this life like weeds

>you're the dirt I'll breathe
What The Fuck did Isaac mean by this


I believe in romantic love being transcendent.


Who cares?


Alot of cis women are praised for having kids.
Even if theyre not ready for hem.
Alot of them dont even cook dinner anymore. They dont pass off any practical skills to their kids.



This is why pathologising teen sexuality is hypocritcal


Sounds this post is copium


Because they had le sex


>Alot of them dont even cook dinner anymore. They dont pass off any practical skills to their kids.
They lack practical skills themselves to begin with. Heteronormativity pushes the infantilization of women, more at 11.


cis women constantly getting praised for being baby factories is very enviable
i guess if i get praised for getting punched in the face then i should be happy i got punched in the face


Its chivalry, which is a modern expression of heterosexual normality.
Classic cishetnormativity would have women cooking dinner at age nine.


Having a family is the same as getting punched in the face?


No, it's actually worse.


In some cases I agree


File: 1716499829955.png (917.34 KB, 1124x1268, ClipboardImage.png)

i live in a conservative country and ill never get to have a thick girlcock in my ass


>i live in a conservative country
we live in a conservative world, the situation is fucked
some asexuals do it just to make their partner happy, even if they are not into it


Wow, this thread turned into a dumpster fire huh.


File: 1716506239275.png (112.2 KB, 180x262, ClipboardImage.png)

I think of it as a hot mess.


it turned into /s/ instead of /lgbtq/, where "s" stands for straggots


how do i stop watching sissy hypnos



psychic damage


watch something else?


im bout to give you sum "psychic damage" inna minute if u dont smarten the fuk up b*tch


does macho hypno exist


rap music


not gay (casually homophobic in fact) but just saw an old man on the train and instantly thought about giving him a kiss and got a half-chub


approach him(with rizz)


whatever is going on in the second half of this video


Appeal to nature is the bullshit conservatives use to enforce cisheterosexual normativity.

Yet in the animal kingdom, gender roles are more nuanced.
Females do hunting/foraging while raising the kids.
But huamns are the only spexies that dont do this.
Females are expextes to hole up with the kids while malea do all the hunting amd foraging.

Theires also spexies where females are the dominamt gender and males are the passive.

Theres also spexies where homosexual acts are observed.

But, conservatives wont acknowledge this.
Or if they do, they will fall back on "Man is above the animals".


So we're forming a Queers for Palestine group and we're going to protest the paid Pride parade and hopefully disrupt it (extremely based) but lots of people also want to have a drag show at the encampment which is something I don't feel comfortable with. But idk how to say that without sounding like a self-hating transhumanist. I just don't like drag, I think its gross and shouldn't be at a Palestine camp whatsoever.


drag is alright. not too into it personally, but it's just a performance art. whatever


>So we're forming a Queers for Palestine

Are the queers something like masonic lodges or what? What does Palestine have to do with having affection towards someone who is the same sex with you, do gays have a Pope who declares crusades bruh. The movement is somewhat equal to saying 'Straights for Israel' , eh…


You do know that most identites are arbitrary right? Like being "Black" is prima facie as ridiculous as being queer because you're implying that a Tamil and a West African has anything to do with each other just because you can't see them at night. Hell even some religious identities are ridiculous, like you're expecting me that Christian Orthodox in Moscow and Baptist guys in the Deep South has anything to do with each other just because they have the same religious icon? But internal contradictions doesn't matter for a identity, because all identities are build in oppositon of an Other and not out of an internal coherence



Sure, but I didn't get what collides with my point.
My point is that the LGBT 'identity' perhaps makes 'sense' as a concept in opposition to the straight one. You could say that being gay is negative to the concept of being straight, BUT, it contains a relative substance towards being straight, as for the support of Palestine, saying that 'Queers for Palesine' ASSUMES that being queer means supporting Palestine ( relative to it ), to the question of 'how this war presupposes that the gay is also a supporter of Palestine?', the answer would preserve its own 'truth' and mold it to its way.

>But internal contradictions doesn't matter for a identity, because all identities are build in oppositon of an Other and not out of an internal coherence

Have two same-sex person who 'loves' each other, one supports Palestine, one supports Israel- the identity here is only spesific to spesific concept's negation (Palestine-Israel conflict), not the 'queerness'


File: 1716652446695.png (348.22 KB, 510x718, ClipboardImage.png)



By Allah can you shut up. The point of the group is that we're countering pinkwashing and shit. You're acting terminally online af.


why are "women and the gays" always lumped together in modern discourse? you could be forgiven for thinking that male homosexuality is actually about women, not men. feels like this is the new Politically Correct way to say that gay men are basically just women. why can't these be viewed as separate things and separate movements more often.


homophobia comes from misogyny


doesn't that imply that non-misogynistic homophobia can't exist? I personally think it can.


stuff like AIDS fear mongering doesn't really stem from misogyny per se, for example


It doesn't. This anon >>537473 is just doing what you might call misogyny-reductionism. It's actually pretty common among liberals, and not even restricted to gender politics a lot of the time.


File: 1716688237045.png (740.63 KB, 1024x667, ClipboardImage.png)



even moids don't like other moids. truly the worst gender


This guy is confusing bi-curious straightoids who want to try topping once for gay men, and he should learn to filter better. He's getting a taste of how straight men treat women a lot of the time.

Assuming it's not creative writing…


File: 1716691161190.png (432.18 KB, 624x541, ClipboardImage.png)

>bi-curious straightoids


That's not how being straight works.


The best fucks just aren't on Grindr. It's that simple. The worst of every gender can be found on dating apps.


> the new Politically Correct way to say that gay men are basically just women
It's older than most posters, but yes, apt. This is part of it (being unable to understand homo sex as something beyond heterosexuality).

And then everyone in the sauna clapped.


I am straight but also consider myself a pederast, like the ancient greeks. And i do actually find that this is a much more common trope than the gay predator thats portrayed in paranoid media. Same way its really only hets who fuck transhumanists or traps.


you're right, but there's not rumors going around about them trying to farm children for sex rituals.


are there any good dating apps in your opinion:? considering trying again


go away


File: 1716739283380.png (208.65 KB, 479x359, ClipboardImage.png)


It got infested by straight males


Just ask a femdude to put on a dress and a wig.


well its an imageboard ig


gay guys do foreplay. this guy was getting scammed or somethiny


or just fake. cuz u know its a contextless text post reposted on a shitposting forum


A lot of reddit stories are BS but this one doesn't seem too farfetched.


you do realize that your skin health depends on your internal organs functioning, right? your skin's going to look like shit if your internal organs aren't working. everything in the body is interconnected.


File: 1716749731555.webm (1.41 MB, 1280x720, South Park NAMBLA.webm)


>but this one doesn't seem too farfetched
i dont trust your judgment, then


anecdote about 1973 nyc pride parade by an elder trans woman
the transphobic lesbians are an interesting note



it's over


File: 1716942865772.png (1.55 MB, 800x730, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw you realize you're going to have to repress for the rest of your life

life is war


Why's that anon?


File: 1716943288572.jpg (95.11 KB, 735x632, 1709893184362934.jpg)

>tfw cis bi



gotta commit to the bit


>you're going to have to repress for the rest of your life
The less you repress, the sooner nobody will have to. Find others like you (there are some) and stick together.


Where do you learn it then?

>inb4 X book you read when you were 12

Didn't read it since the education system associated reading as self harm.
If you think I'm being dramatic, go read a 20 page book, and then answer 40 - 50 questions about what you read.
Bonus if you already have the questions and are checking the worksheet every sentence, double bonus if you got the answer for 6 when you were suppose to find 5 and now you need to re-read 1-5 pages to make sure you didn't fuck up.

>But everyone knows smells is…

Which class in school taught you olfactory fatigue?
Of was it a person in your life that taught you? And did they tell you after you started smelling bad despite 99% of everyone else not telling you smell bad since they don't want to approach you?

Yeah yeah I know, something something patriarchy something something sexism something something expectations something something etc something something influences that behavior


Henry Rollins pilled


File: 1716951012554.png (1.57 MB, 1024x683, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1716978705145.png (130.09 KB, 645x721, ClipboardImage.png)

my hand
your wallet
do the math


is it true that most bisexuals just repress it and move on?


According to the Kinsey studies most people are bi, which implies that most bisexuals just go with the flow and act hetero. IDK if that's necessarily repressing it, especially when they're aware enough to talk about being gay as a "choice" which implies they think they could go either way themselves.



Ok but what does 'Women's Fiction' mean? I can't believe that is considered a genre.


there's plenty of films that fit into those boxes that aren't considered 'chick flicks', even if they were who cares, get a life


That post is probably describing something that like one person said one time.

It's just a marketing term. If you slap "women's" on a product there's a segment of consumers who will be more likely to buy it. Not a "genre" unto itself. They do this with stuff like hygiene products too.


File: 1717125553437.jpg (273.78 KB, 1709x962, GDJY311aQAAqOFH.jpg)

Cute thing I learned today:
>虎 ("tora" = tiger(s)) are sometimes used as mascots by JP trans people because "transgender" in JP is トランスジェンダー ("toransujendah").

>One such example of JP trans mascot usage of tiger:

>Kinky Transgender Meeting in Kinki Region (around Osaka).

I wanna make a cotton candy tiger plush at some point.


that's cute.


File: 1717130192996.jpg (12.25 KB, 512x512, Ono.jpg)

so I did some urine and blood tests and they came out clean literally 0 things wrong but Im still suffering so now Im thinking it might be like a yeast infection

how fucked up is it that the one std I should never fear as a fag is the one I actually have this shits ridiculous and highly homophobic I thimk


Bathing with 3-4 drops of oregano oil and changing underwear twice a week can alleviate uti issues
Also pee after u fap


>changing underwear twice a week
wtf do you mean twice a week? arent you suppossed to this daily anyways?


you all use underwear?


try fermenting something with the yeast


femininity is always seen as "lowbrow"
see: the concept of camp, which was associated with effeminate homosexuals at first


AIDS fearmongering comes from hatred of promiscuity of gay men
women are also hated for their promiscuity
look at how STDs are associated with women first and foremost
syphilis is a good example


Average bugchaser


reagan should have treated cocksuckers better
his wife was the throat goat after all


how can a gubbmint stop sluts being sluts?


treating all gay men like they have cooties didnt stop the spread of hiv/aids fyi


industrialism and its consquences (for my balls)


just duct tape your balls


im straight, but when i get drunk i become VERY gay
Anyone else relate?


File: 1717159895021.jpg (135 KB, 1544x1305, 1706207164135168.jpg)

Once I saw a study claiming that 70% of bisexual people end up in heterosexual marriages. I believe there's quite a bit of repression (and hiding it from your partner), but sometimes it's just "settling" for the path of least resistance i.e. the one that won't get you hatecrimed. It's not ideal but better than what most LGT folks get.
As for me, my family doesn't know I'm bisexual, and I pass as straight to most people. I mostly date women, but I hook up with cute men if they hit me up first, though my current situation has stopped me from pursuing anything serious with another guy once.


thus is why bisexuals arent true queers


Liberal spotted


Truth* spotted 🫡


Silly monosexuals


I like this image


bisexuality is the only true sexuality tho


I have a disgusting fetish of being reeducated and feminized because I'm an incel. It's like I don't feel safe unless I feel I'm abject. I started my transition three years ago. I should be over this shit.


It's just a fetish, no need to feel disgusted over it, you have no control over it anyways and it's not like it can be wrong just to think things


Yeah, but I literally used to be a member of incel forums, and really was a racist and a misogynist.


Well, and now you're not, so what?


many /r9k/ citizens fell for the pinkpill meme


Yeah, but I mean it's going to make dating awkward assuming I ever get around to it. How do you even begin to talk about something like that with others?


Gonna be "officially gay" for the first time tomorrow (publicly, and in the media). Little nervous.

Since straggot faggot is out to lunch apparently, I'll post for him: something something the bisexuals contaminated the water supply with girl piss.

Don't think revealing your incel history as spurring on transitioning is a good ice breaker. Maybe keep that one in the pocket for later.


You dont. Thats why incel transhumanists die alone.


Whats the context for your open gayness?


Union's rainbow alliance thing.
I'm a speaker, which I've done plenty of times before, but never as a gay man. It's also at a very public pride rally, so who knows what will happen.


No. That's fair.
I mean other problem is it's hard to find the kind of erotica and porn I want. I just want to see girls beating the shit out of incels. So much feminization shit is just boring wish fulfillment stuff. And the mean stuff is all American blacked obsession which completely turns me off.


Can't you just look at normal cruel femdom stuff and pretend the guys are incels?


I guess I just have highly specific tastes.


I guess part of the issue is that I don't want it to be bad to be a girl, I want it to be bad to be an incel. So I want to be shamed and humiliated for being a misogynist, but not for being a woman. Feminization is gentle, but the beatings are hard.


have you comsodered that partt of the incel epidemic is gynophilia?


>thread derailed by sissy shit
jfc why do i expect anything when i enter this site's link in the address bar


File: 1717239006330.jpg (459.32 KB, 1170x822, 1717236571846.jpg)


Interesting how often it comes up…


File: 1717249342534.mp4 (5.45 MB, 360x240, Nyan Cat Official.mp4)

Happy Pride Month
How proud are you 1-10?


In Christianity "ego" and "pride" are sins, so i try to avoid having pride of anything, even though i am an homosexual.
Of course i am not free of sin, so i would say that i am 7 out fo 10 in the proud scale.


Why follow a jewish desert death cult that hates you?


>nyan cat official
actually the original nyan cat was made by daniwell with the momone momo UTAU voicebank, the nyan cat that got popular was plagiarized from daniwell(the UTAU producer) and still to this day never got any credit


because that turns me on, except the
>death cult
part, that is cringe. Don't be into death cults guys


Irony is, Christianity under Protestant rule is the most egotistical practice there is.


Neo-Nazi who targeted drag queen story hours charged with possession of child pornography
>Stephen Thomas Farrea – reportedly a member of the Nationalist Social Club (NSC), a group which refers to drag queens as “pedo scum” – was arrested on 24 May. He was arraigned on one count of possession of child pornography and bail was set at $5,000 (£3,900) with surety.
>Portsmouth police, in the US state of Rhode Island, conducted an investigation after they received a tip-off that the 34-year-old former corporal in the Marine Corps reserve was allegedly in possession of child pornography.
>Executing a search warrant at his home in Portsmouth, police seized a number of electronic devices which allegedly revealed Farrea possessed images of sexually explicit conduct between children.


The irony of this lol.


At this point can we just say that doing the groomer panic thing is grounds for investigating people?


File: 1717288518429.png (373.56 KB, 559x498, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck me, it's that time of the year again.


the way that the liberal assimilationist view of LGBT stuff has started to crest in recent years and there's been a hard resurgence of total homo death has me waiting for the day when corporations will no longer see any incentive to pretend to give a shit about Pride stuff. surely we're getting close to that.


File: 1717295297019.jpg (630.53 KB, 1692x2048, FWRm3CEXkAAZXbJ.jpg)

I have noticed social media hasn't been a debate addict hellhole like previous junes. I think people are finally getting pride is meant to be about organizing and not policing each other. Like even twitter, only seen a few art pieces and the above message, no fighting, no complaining about the aforementioned fighting, no doomerism in prep for said fighting. People seem to have their shit together.

Even a mobile game I like made an announcement they wouldn't do an in-game pride event because they don't want to do a rainbow capitalism, and they don't want people posting about the game instead of doing actual organizing. That's a breakthrough, right?


>>540131 (me)
Oh also because adding an in-game pride event would imply queerphobia exists in the game's lore, and they don't wanna do that.


Yearly reminder


what game


Tsuki's Odyssey. House decorator game where you play a bunny that farms carrots and goes fishing to buy furniture. Comfy.


File: 1717327255299.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1378, ClipboardImage.png)

what's the cure for him?


>I have a girlfriend she is my love
<Can you meet sex

What did he mean by this?


i have to confess, i had the biggest gorky fanstasy when i was in my racist sexually confused phase.

i had this fantasy of like pumping iron till i became muscular, and walking down the night street until i see a cute nordic twink with blue eyes surrounded and bullies by a pack of immigrants, they insult him, possibly want to kidnap him, but i stand up to him just in time and beat up the brown immigrants while he watches, he looks at me with a thank you shinning eyes and wants me to come at his place to "reward" me for saving him from potential rape with a hot blowjob and cuddle.

it's simply the they're taking our precious white women racist trope, but with twinks.
any sexual scientists here able to deduce what was wrong with me?


I mean not that complicated, the same shit as the usual fascist fantasy but with some gay shit thrown in.


I bet that official is married.


>implying that matters


it says his wife was the one who found the texts, apparently the swedish twink was fine with it lol (based)


I hate this unsourced Gorky line about gays. It's even worse that Gorky was a major soviet artist and is reduced to such a infantile line.


>Gorky was a major soviet artist and is reduced to such a infantile line.
"Fascists think women are disgusting and prefer the company of men"
Seriously though its not that immature, the psychology of fascism has no sexuality at all, its a sexless ideology where human intimacy is a threat to the state because it cannot be reduce
d into capitalist ideology


It's not unsourced, it's a real quote from Gorky's article 'Proletarian Humanism' published in 23 May 1934 in Pravda and Izvestia.
He was 'only' repeating what he alleges was a common 'sarcastic' sentiment though, if that makes it any better.
>Not dozens, but hundreds of facts speak of the destructive, corrupting influence of fascism on the youth of Europe. Listing the facts is disgusting, and the memory refuses to be loaded with dirt, which the bourgeoisie is fabricating more and more diligently and abundantly. I will point out, however, that in a country where the proletariat manages courageously and successfully, homosexuality, which corrupts youth, is recognized as socially criminal and punishable, but in a “cultural” country of great philosophers, scientists, and musicians, it acts freely and with impunity. There is already a sarcastic saying: “Destroy homosexuals - fascism will disappear.”


Sex can be performed to provoke alienation rather than intimacy. Nineteen Eighty-Four describes an ideology of self-antagonisms projected onto the other, turning every act of intimacy into an act of reproducing total power.


>He was 'only' repeating what he alleges was a common 'sarcastic' sentiment though, if that makes it any better.
It makes it worse that people directly attribute the quote to him, even though it sounds like he agreed with it.
>Listing the facts is disgusting, and the memory refuses to be loaded with dirt
"Trust me bro" but said by a professional writer.


"Scratch a liberal" is a predicate, not a directive.


File: 1717356722332-1.jpg (163.54 KB, 1080x1342, media_GONYb9RagAEqpXK.jpg)

File: 1717356722332-2.jpg (189.71 KB, 1080x1346, media_GOMITWsXYAA5MKN.jpg)


ok bro


maybe it should be


Sir, this is a cooties free zone.

>[fascism] is a sexless ideology
This is said not nearly enough. Fascism renders aesthetics sterile by way of grandiosity.


step 1 pick up lipstick
step 2 become a gril
step 3 seduce mob boss
step 4 moneh
stop complaining about your rent it's as shrimple as that


gorky is a well-known writer, but idk if the infracels and random channers who repost it care about literature much


File: 1717404687940.png (948.3 KB, 804x960, 1683216669184554.png)

a cis man identifies with the gender he’s assigned at birth
a trans woman doesn’t and she identifies as a woman
ok i understand this, but i don’t feel like either of these things, is there a name for this?
i have no issue with my body or beating treated as a man and at the same time i feel like i wouldn’t care if one day i woke up, had a female body (with or without a penis) and was treated as a woman
i’m not attached this gender thing one way or the other but it’s been bothering me for a while that i don’t know what this is called. i looked up what agender means and i don’t think that really fits, i’m a man and people use he/him for me so if all of a sudden they started calling me she/her i don’t think i’d like that, but if i transitioned i would probably prefer that which confuses me
open to answer any questions if someone wants to probe for more answers to clear this up


comrade, there is no theory without praxis. start experimenting with your gender presentation to see how you feel about it and the answer will present itself.


File: 1717405532061.gif (87.09 KB, 220x146, 1622874930804.gif)

>start experimenting with your gender presentation
what does this even mean though? like wearing women’s clothes or trying out makeup? i’d have to buy those
i’m bisexual btw forgot to put that in the first post


either of those is fine. makeup is also easy as hell to steal.


you should probably start with voice training, if you change your mind later after experimenting with your second voice will still be worth it since you'll have 2 voices


I had the same dilemma, and my conclusion was that as a cis man not caring about gender is one of those things that is usually called a "privilege".


>cis man not caring about gender
you don't care about gender yet you still identify with one, how curious.


I don't, but it means nothing as "cis man" is the default.


>as a cis man not caring about gender is one of those things that is usually called a "privilege".
But that doesn't mean the feeling isn't substantive, just that in an ideal world everyone would be able to potentially enjoy this privilege if they wanted to. So the questions posed by the guy you're replying to are still perfectly valid.


no such thing as "default", genders are societal fabrications, they're artificially created based on its society and are not absolute …but that doesn't undermine the reasons for someone to express themselves based on a preferred gender set of ways of expression(be it visual or spooks).


what if you identified as a man the same way you do but was not socialized as one because you weren't born as a male? you'd probably care about it
>>540583 (me)
so people who have attraction to certain genders(be it man or woman or other)I'm aromantic so I don't feel attraction to any are actually attracted to constructed fabrications. like, what if in another society other genders existed instead of man or woman? would you feel any attraction in that society? or if you were born in such alternative society would you adapt into the new binary(or trinary or etc) like people do in current society to develop attraction and etc? idk

or that or I'm just retarded actually.


Gender is a social fabrication which is why its real. Technically it is made up, but gender is still a force that will exist in society maybe for centuries, at least as long as nations. I don't think its useful to say it doesn't matter and just to ignore it when it is still a societal force that most people have to live their lives around.


100% agreed, spooks are real


This is what the term "social construct" was coined to describe, it's just been corrupted by clueless people into "thing that's not real"


I agree, also I never said gender wasn't real lol


File: 1717440640365.jpg (85.05 KB, 600x403, CoolWorld_Still_R1.jpg)

>Gender is a social fabrication which is why its real.
Gold sticker for you ✴️
Finally someone who understands dialectics
Same thing with religion, it is a "real fiction". Lacan expounds on this too against freud's cynical atheism. We are born into social relations and must work with them. We are not above our transcendental horizon (subjectivity), which is the kantian deadlock we must work with as critical thinkers.


Not really. It's only real if you believe it's real. If you don't, it's only a fiction that you partake in to humor the locals.
Fuck off back to Slovenia with your reification shit.


this looks like a lot of work but i'll try
i don't know how that would help me with knowing if i prefer to be treated one way or the other though, and i'm not sure if it's a good idea to do it irl (like trying out the new voice while talking to other people outside)
i think i'll buy a skirt, post my butt on reddit and see how i react to people calling me feminine names, seems like a fool-proof plan to me as long as i remain anonymous


I don't think this logic can be applied to everything, just saying


>as long as i remain anonymous
you'd be doxxing your butt though


It's easier to understand this with race. The lines between populations are nonexistent - it's a smooth blur from any one area to any other, and within that there's additionally a lot of mixing. But then racism comes around and declares you are this race and you are that race. Obviously this is just made up, but then when society is structured according to this, the fiction attains a reality in the form of people designated as "this" race having a different set of material conditions than "that" race by virtue of system(at)ic racism. Therefore race is "real" insofar as it is made into our social reality by racism. The logic of the fiction structures our real life.


File: 1717478806079-0.png (1008.45 KB, 736x1308, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1717478806079-1.png (1003.49 KB, 675x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1717478806079-2.png (1.15 MB, 768x768, ClipboardImage.png)

she's so pretty 😭


It irks me how the supposedly leftist board don't even create an /lgbt/ board but rather force us to be a niche thread in a board fillen with homophobic straight moids


/lgbt/ and its consequences have been a disaster for the mental health of trans women


Gotta accommodate the "conservative socialists" who are definitely sincere leftists and not rightoids in disguise


Looks like Bladee


File: 1717514568623.png (382.87 KB, 848x566, ClipboardImage.png)

i wanted to ask this thread a question, but i guess using this image is the best way of asking it


File: 1717515271730.png (530 KB, 503x640, ClipboardImage.png)

fellas, i just realized something, i'm burgersexual, mericasexual, my pronouns are red white and blue, and i'm sexually attracted to Oil revenues, civilian casualties, immigration fences; the lethal injection, police bodycams, being in a findom relationship with Israel, shitting on the homeless, wildfires, neoliberalism


Shit's getting freaky now


In the human world, the vine grows for the grape, the cow grazes for the cheese, the cotton is sown for the cloth, and the only reason the straights exist is to make more gays



And alot of them are married and conservative.


comr8s, are femcels queer


No. Man hating is hetero as fuck.


I guess lesbians are hetero


A lot of them are homophobic so probably not lol


All the lesbians I met were real bros. We bonded over our hate of hetero women.


More interesting question: is cishet crossdressing queer (I would argue no)


Yes. It's clearly ostracised and considered abnormal


Well so is being a femcel


Dear libtards,
if true love doesn't exist
how did I meet you?


femcel lesbians exist!


original incel was a lesbian
"femcel" reeks of crystal cafe type transphobic str8oids tho


oh no she was bi


Is it wrong to avoid as much contact as possible with straight moids?


I mean I would say yeah kinda


The causes of both misogyny and misandry are mostly psycho-sexual, especially when it comes to entitlements and expectations. Exclusive homos are usually chill towards the opposite sex because they don't care about them nor do they think that they ought to do or be something.


Gay men are fairly misogynistic


File: 1717609004208.png (231.18 KB, 373x486, Rly.png)

I wish the "Economically left but actually reactionary" crowd would just come out of the closet and admit that they're national-conservatives instead of pretending that they're epin anti-imperialists and the Real Socialists while constantly calling for the overthrow of the Cuban government because they didn't let a bunch of TradCaths write the Cuban Family Code. They're the negative mirror-image of radlibs that tail the Democrats.


Stop browsing the BAP xittersphere, bro.


if you're here and you're a gay man, ily <3 please play elden ring with me


90% of people complaining about gay men being misogynistic are just homophobic and using it as a socially acceptable way to hate gay people.


>>541586 (me)
And the "gay dude misogyny" has to be contextualized against the significantly higher amount of straight dude misogyny. Being gay doesn't make you hate women that's not how it works.


Well alot of the homosexual misogyny has to more with their sense of competition against cishet females.

Alot of gays feel like tgeyre second fiddle against cishet females


True. A lot of the gay animosity towards women is because women can date men w/ straight privilege and gay men can't.


>Alot of gays feel like tgeyre second fiddle against cishet females
And also a solid 80% of gay romance stories and fiction are marketed to het women so that leads to some negative feelings as well. Similar to how lesbian content is actually for het men, gay content is actually for het women.


is this actually true

any misogynistic fags pls confirm or deny


direct consequence of straightoid ideology since its a pickme aesthetic


how are they competing? they have completely different targets. straight women fuck straight guys and gay men fuck gay men. maybe it applies to bisexual men but whatever


It has little to do with their homosexuality, being socialized as male is the root cause. Their misogyny could manifest differently than straight male misogyny.


>being socialized as male is the root cause.
Are you saying that being raised as Male makes you a misogynist? Would raising men as women fix this? I thought feminists were critical of the way that women are raised in society (taught to be submissive and gentle and caring and stuff) and I've known a few women (raised & socialized as female) who hated women and themselves for being one.


>>541612 (me)
Also isn't "Male Socialization" what TERFs say invalidates trans women?



you stupid af uygha


The same goes for white women complaining about "men" (actually black men or mexican men or whatever). Who knew prejudice in general is fucking stupid? At least it should be obvious to communists.

<I wish libs would stop pretending to be libs and admit they're libs


>misogyny would stop if literally all men were "raised as women" (what does this even mean and how do you fucking enact it in first place?)
Lol and then some people want a whole board for retarded discussion like this.


>Also isn't "Male Socialization" what TERFs say invalidates trans women?
The whole TERF thing is bio-essentialism. If socialization was what mattered to them then they'd presumably be trying to transmax the boys so that they'd get rid of male socialization as much as possible.


I think heteros and queers ought to accept there's some overlap in the things they yank it to lmao (cue all those infamous twitter posts of lesbians saying "straight men would never understand" and then posting the most attractive fictional girl you've ever seen).


No, "male socialization" is a frequent talking point TERFs use to invalidate anything trans people say and imply they aren't real women/men in a """subtle""" way.


Clearly there's an underlying cause there that ought to get fixed.


You libs really gotta stop thinking societal "ills" are caused because people believe in them hard enough and in the same fashion they'll disappear if enough people will them so. This retarded line of logic is what gets us idiots on social media thinking violent games cause shooting or whatever the fuck and not the current model of society as a whole. I mean, the existence of jazz music didn't stop black slavery in the US.


The correct line of thinking is "gender is real but it doesn't have to be", and this goes for any belief or value system, even the ones you or I like. :)



>being socialized as…
Vague, idealist meme. People aren't passive and unthinking receptacles that just take in and internalise whatever memes spread around the group(s) they hang out with or with wider society.



The opposite is also true: most people aren't some kind of braindead automaton taking everything they're told seriously.


That's not what I was taught.


Is it just me or are bisexuals the most neglected part of the LGBTQ community? Like you have gay literature, gay clubs, lesbian community, but no such things that are specifically bisexual. Accelerationists often talk about the revolutionary potential of gay tactics or whatever but nobody would even considering saying the same thing about bisexuals. It feels like bisexuality is often treated and viewed as Heterosexuality with extra steps. Can anyone confirm?


File: 1717683444707.jpg (22.49 KB, 446x234, 19.jpg)


Bisexuals are a meme and not real


Why? I see nothing wrong over disliking and avoiding our oppressors

I love my cishet girls tho


You have to be kidding me, or you're just an ill intended straight moid

Gays LOVE women of every kind


There's no Gay animosity towards Women, we love Women and sympathize with them


Just don't worry about it, we operate in the shadows. Invisible.


Sincerely: can you fuck off? Nobody wants this except you and like two other retards.
This thread gets enough flyby het posting as it is. Maybe try again in two years, see how things have regressed.


These. Other post is an insane claim.
Of course homos engage in deeply rooted, culturally enforced "misoygnies". Coconut tree, living in a society, etc. But equating this with the kind of hostile and widespread degradation coming from hets is nonsense.
Also, expressing annoyance at faghaggisms is not misogyny. If anything it's quid pro quo.

Let me flip this question on its head: is it not bi people who choose to adopt het and gay culture as they see fit? A consequence of this would be a lack of distinct and homogeneous culture.
I'm not bi, but that is the impression I get.


i luv womens i very much luv womens,,,


File: 1717700281586.jpg (74.95 KB, 813x812, 1581301796567.jpg)

>tfw you settled but it coulda been worse


I like exposing this site's moderation hypocrisy who bitch about hazcels patsocs yet are exactly the same, they try to erase us, we need our own board, we shouldn't be forced to be in the same board as homophobic straight m*ids


I'm a misogynist not by choice. I'm not a misogynist because I envy women or some other dumb shit like that.
- socialized with mostly men
- never interested in women, therefore don't have many women friends, also suck at socializing and bonding with women
- no interest to this day, so don't really get to experience women "as they are" vs the stereotypes I was educated with.
- some women I hate because they treat me or gays like pets. Don't treat me seriously.
- I've always been "alternative" and don't care about winning their favor, so bitchy women that reject me even though I'm not even trying to flirt with them make me think of them less. In general, I tend to be suspicious and think less of very attractive women dressed in expensive clothes if that makes sense.
Probably the biggest one is that I grew up as a man in a very misogynist society. Misogyny is very widespread and normalized. Even women (in my society) constantly spread and internalize misogynist tropes.

Another reason, but perhaps a tiny stretch, is that I'm very masculine presenting, and grew up in a homophobic environment (reminder misogyny and homo/queerphobia are two sides of the same coin), plus I had 0 gay "role models" or referents growing up besides flamboyant bitchy gay people, in real life and media. I strongly rejected this due to homophobia, self-loathing, misogyny, but also because I didn't feel like them, I was and am quite masculine presenting and I don't really get into or particularly enjoy much of "gay culture". For a bit, I tried to pass as straight and resented women for just a little bit for not being something I could be interested in, and could court in the same way I wanted to court men. While I was still going through accepting I was gay, I also tried entrenching myself further into misogyny and "macho" culture.

I obviously don't condone misogyny in any way, shape or form. Speaking from the heart about what I've had to unpack and unlearn. Hope that helps.


Fuck, I wrote a whole thing but it got erased. Not writing it again.
Tldr; its super complex, but we are essentially like this because that's the way we are. Or in liberal terms, "we're born this way". In reality, it's way more complicated than that and we actually aren't " born this way" which is essentialist nonsense.


I think your misogyny is more frustrations at cishet society framing homosexuals as zesty girly bubbly freaks.


Straight moids won't hate you any less because you're not flamboyant

I'm not myself and I sympathize with my brothers, I know better to direct my hatred and suspicions at my opressors


Well, it's more complicated than that. It's about fitting in, particularly into cishet society as a gay man. And there's frustrations about gay people being flamboyant (according to my perception at the time) and not being able to be a "normal" person who likes men.

Anyways, this was long ago. Now I try to play up the flamboyance :)


Queer exclusive neigborhoods should unironically be a thing in socialism


Do you think sexual attraction can change depending on hormones? I have always held the view that it does not. However, from my experience I used to be bi leaning towards men and now I am much more leaning towards woman after being on oestrogen. I can tell this because due to issues with supply I've had to come off it for a month and I have noticed that with testosterone my sensibilities are returning to being more androphilic and I am getting sexual fantasies about being dominated by men which I did not have when I had proper hormones. I really dislike the male sexual experience personally.


yeah, i was bi-ish before hrt too, before becoming full lesbian after
but that was probably me forcing comphet on myself to feel more like some idea of a woman in my endless dysphoric cope


Is god going to punish me for being gay?


No evidence he exists so don't worry


I can't stop panicking if he does I am going to hell forever and the thought keeps cropping up. I don't want to go to hell forever for something I can't control.


Yes, before test I was straight but now I'm super straight.


I understand that you might be afraid but there's no good reason to think that any gods exist and even if one did would they really be so petty as to care about it you're gay or not? If they wanted you not to be gay they would have just made you straight in the first place.


I don't know anon, I can't stop this stupid thought that God will judge me for this. It won't fuck off I don't want to go to hell on the off chance he is real but Ive already done gay things before. Why won't my mind fuck off?


Thank God I was born in Vietnam, so I don't have to deal with spooks like these


Then you are lucky and I am jealous, I was raised Protestant and its been pushed into my head since I was a little boy.


>Do you think sexual attraction can change depending on hormones?
Yeah, considering it's driven by hormones in part. A lot of trans people report changes in sexuality when they take hormones. Not just orientation but also how the attraction works, like the feelings involved and how quickly they form romantic attachment.


It can, it does. It's gonna be different for everyone.
But that's an interesting thought, congratulations.


Yes he will send you to hell. But hell is basically an eternal gay sex party and this is the part religious elites have obscured from us


Congratulations for discovering that Sexual Orientation isn't real and humans should not limit their sexuality to some narrow crystallized identity


What do yall think of this femboy cute?



Surely a God that created the quantum realm, all the way to the unimaginable magnitude of the galaxy, that exists in an even more incomprehensible magnitude of a sea of galaxies, which is just what we can see since we're limited by the laws of physics, in the 14,600,000,000 years of the existence of the universe, created a tiny planet, on an irrelevant star, on an irrelevant corner of an irrelevant galaxy. And on this planet, out of the 4,500,000,000 years since it has existed, and the 3,7000,000,000 years of life existing on this irrelevant planet, an irrelevant species existing for only 40,000 to 0.008% of the time that life has existed on Earth, and for some reason, this God cares more about where you put your dick than other more fundamental things like if you do good things while you exist?



Please be serious. I am having a crisis of faith. I know you're trying to make me laugh but its eating away at me.

I have done bad things as a teen, I stole money, hurt people and animals and none of the abuse I suffered or things I do to be good can undo this. I am gay as well, what is stopping God from being cruel and sending me to hell for all pf these things? If he is real I don't want to be tortured for eternity and the thoughts wont go away. Nothing is stoping him from being cruel who says he has to be merciful. Why can't I just know what happens after death?


Probably nothing happens after death, you just die. So we better make the most of our lives we have now.


Schedule an appointment with the psychiatrist


Do you believe that? I think thats the case but what if I am wrong? How can I be sure of something I have never experienced, or how can I be sure this isn't a test of

Please don't imply I am mentally ill I am not mentally ill. I haven't insulted you or come here to troll why say I am mental? I am not, I have proper concerns.


>If he is real I don't want to be tortured for eternity and the thoughts wont go away.

This case is an example of when Christianity bears the flag of being a great anti-pagan movement from ancient times. Christianity took the 'God' away from life, once it was formulated by tales, legends, all the intense urges, Christianity stripped them and declared a doctrinal way to access the God, every previous effort was denounced in the process, only the formulation of the Christianity was the 'rational' one.

So, by telling that if God exists, you also assume that it is Christian. What if he has the exact reverse morality you assume it has. Murderers, rapists, all to the heaven - the weak orators, to the depts of hell!

The steppe of imagination is vast, the main issue here is the feeling you possess about it.


Psychiatry is anti-revolutionary and bourgeouis

Bottom text


I don't know I don't know what he is like I don't know if he is real but I am petrified he is and its making me have a bad day.


File: 1717785002649.png (808.22 KB, 714x719, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm god and I say it's ok if you're gay and I promise you an eternity of hot gay sex but only if you live your best gay life.


I know you're trying to help, and I greatly appreciate it… I will stop spilling issues on the thread and go. Thank you


Yeah, as I said, the imagination is vast. I sometimes do have thoughts flowing and disturbing the stillness in my mind, which brings my chest shattering aches.

But, I think, there is nothing to do.
Dunno about whether your thoughts will cease or get heavier, maybe a dear one would embrace you with a gentle gaze,for the sake of an unstable experimentality, in a hope that the weigh will cease after that…

Or maybe, do you long for some anons to tell you that the Christian God is real and you will be forgiven if you have faith, so, all you need is having some words in a spesific order that you desire? But, dear anon, will you just trust the word?



>Why can't I just know what happens after death?
Hate to break it to you but we do know.


'Stop believing in christianity and believe in my liberalism' ritual


Believing in imaginary characters that are controlling your life is mental illness plain and simple dude. In this case it's a learned mental illness from years of psychological conditioning and abuse.


Believing in abstract concept of mental illness and pre-judging it as an undesirable thing is very rational of you, anon.
Denounce all the other ways other than yours in the name of rationality and mental health, wait, didn't Christianity also do it for other religions and beliefs?


Why stop with christianity? Why not believe in every creepypasta to be on the safe side?


I am not sure about the action of believing and if it has hidden laws as you 'know'~

I think it is more of an intuition, I find myself believing some of the copypastas and not believing the other. But as I said, dunno how it works.


>Mental illness




I want an older, chubby leftist man in his 30s to fill my mouth with his cock NOW! This need never goes away it just gets worse I am sick of denying it I want to suck someones cock who is older then me NOW! I want a fucking bear


30s are quite young and most of the time look no different from 20s tho

Unless said guy ages like milk due to exposure to the sun


Why don't you just go on dating/hookup sites man, not that hard to find a leftist guy to fuck your face


It's very hard on grindr


I am soooooo stressed rn because apparently OTokono is having delays so my order wasn't sent yet and I can't buy any more hormones because bitcoin exchange prices are for some reason really high and its already been almost a month since I took last dose and my skin is really oily and I can't sleep. And then there is organising to do. I hate bitcoin so much, it is just so awful and rubbish in every way. Why does it work in that idiotic way where you pay just to transfer money. And guess what the only trans friend I was close with cut me off a few weeks ago because she was right wing and too fucking autistic in the bad way. So I don't have anyone to talk to except my mum. Shaking in frustration rn. I'm worried there will be hair growing on every surface and I'll become an ogre. And then there's the police who I think will try to stop any package because they now know my name and adress and will probably try to attack me psychologically like it is proven they do. I have boysmell now it is so bad. And I am fantasising about a vampire boyfriend and he takes me into his coffin and hibernates with me in there with him. But I am into women. Fuck I am tweaking out as the kids say. As the gen X say gen Y say. fuck. FUCK THE POLICE. I fucking hate the government so much. I hate the bourgeois. They are literally all at fault. Listening to wholesome trans stories right now. And I'm writing my book. But I'm just too distracted. Fuck joe biden.


File: 1717819521000.png (225.36 KB, 1165x569, USAnumeroUNo.png)

fat guys have short dicks I have sadly found


thirties is is just twenties two point oh.


How so?


I don't know, I feel like I need to be friends with the person in question before I suck his cock. The reason I keep wanting someone larger than me is because the people who have all been nice to be have been chubby.

I don't even care, I just want my face fucked by someone I love. I want something in ky mouth I can suck dry, I am tired of this I want to suck dick I want to suck dick so fucking bad and it won't go away. I want to suck someones dick who is physically larger then me and have him push himself into my mouth. Fuck off brain stop making me want this


There are no leftists let alone bear ones in my location :(


Try hitting on the guys who have been nice to you


I can't they're straight because god is torturing me!!!!


I need to go calm down, I am just going to horny post the general to death but fuck I want to be on my knees for someone big and chubby so bad I want him to grab my with his fingers through my hair and push his cock into my throat, I want something in my mouth constantly, something warm and full of blood and attached to a man please


How do you even know they're straight?


>30s are quite young and most of the time look no different from 20s tho


On clearer thinking… I don't know they are, I assumed as such.


Daddy's got me on my knees.


nevermind horny is back and has come for me


nevermind horny is back and has come for me


I need cock, I need someones cock or I am going to go insane.


Literally just ask them


uyghas go outside


Where you at?

Unfortunately true. We got girth tho.




Most explicitly LGBT art kinda sucks guys idk what to tell you

shout-out to limp wrist though I love these guys


>white people with their terrible sense of aging


>terrible sense of aging
Aka not wearing sunscreen.


more to do with drugs and processed foods tbh


i get jealous of lgbt furry webcomics (mostly t) because most suck but in a cool way that i can't emulate. i'm confident i can do better, but i can't do the same and i seethe because of it.


>elf bar AND cigarette
damn hunter, take it easy


>Most explicitly LGBT art kinda sucks guys idk what to tell you
This is a fairly recent development tbh


There is a mountain of evidence that death is the same kind of unconsciousness as before you were born. The brain just runs out of energy.


>And then there's the police who I think will try to stop any package because they now know my name and adress and will probably try to attack me psychologically like it is proven they do.
Police are too busy to chase after trans women DIYing. I'm gonna message the DIY HRT server I'm on to ask if there's any alternatives to otoko rn.


also you can add me on fbi.gov if you want meatballmrr


Somebody yelled faggot at me from their car a month ago and it send me into this horrible depression spiral. I have had a hard time leaving the house. it was so humiliating. I'm worried it's gonna happen again. it's so fucking dehumanizing, and those people will never understand how deep that word cuts when you just hear it randomly.



accurate representation of how furries made me gay


more like too lazy, but youre right


Closer than I thought. Unfortunately due to Br*xit I can no longer boat over. Good luck!

Skill issue.

Memorable moment was when someone did this to me and I yelled back "you too". We all had a laugh. Sometimes the soup ain't as hot as when it was served.


>Accelerationists often talk about the revolutionary potential of gay tactics or whatever but nobody would even considering saying the same thing about bisexuals.
? both statements are silly in the first place. your personal identity wont bring the downfall of capitalism

in general the idea that queers are existentially compelled towards revolution might be the dumbest fucking thing i constantly hear. sexual/gender/race minority status has never and will never constitute revolutionary agency. no intrinsic element of bourgeois society would compel lgbt folks towards anti-capitalist revolution, and every time theyre just describing systemic issues that could be (and have been) overcome by bourgeois fractionalism and reformism, not anything that requires revolutionary activity to undo, like the condition of proletarian life itself

all they do is point out that there are, for the time being, certain policies which negatively effect select queer individuals (not even the whole of them!) which shows they have no idea what revolutionary agency even means and its a waste of time to even bother with them


Insofar as they are isolated from economic opportunities, they are part of the proletariat. Insofar as they are not, they are part of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie. It's amazing that people can't grasp this and need to pretend identity equals class.


is it possible to be dayumsexual


File: 1717999606820.jpg (57.47 KB, 640x642, 1653522760386.jpg)

I like hyperpop


can we not make this topic about hating on straights? it's toxic and kinda dumb

I like this, idk what kinda music


queer edm artists are generally solid
i wish kweers would retvrn to house and techno and all that instead of fangirling over some cishet diva pop star


fuck you I wont do what you tell me


File: 1718057327796.png (37.83 KB, 656x347, ClipboardImage.png)

Least evil transphobe

<The FBI will bring felony charges against a doctor accused of leaking the private health data of transgender youth to conservative activist Chris Rufo. Dr. Eithan Haim has admitted to leaking partially redacted medical records to Rufo, records he accessed while working as a resident at Texas Children’s Hospital.

<Rufo is best known for his efforts to push the Republican party to pursue culture war flashpoints such as critical race theory and the idea that LGBTQ+ acceptance in schools amounts to “grooming” kids.
<The records, which included multiple pieces of information relating to individual patients at Texas Children’s, were published on Rufo’s blog on May 16, 2023. At the same time, the write-ups of the leaks were also published in City Journal, the public policy magazine of the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank. Stories by Rufo published to City Journal later revealed Haim’s identity and broke the news that he was under investigation by the FBI for misuse of patient data, Most recently, Rufo also broke the news on City Journal that the investigation has resulted in four felony charges for Haim.

<Carmel Shachar, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, disagrees that the records leaked by Haim have been sufficiently de-identified to ensure compliance with HIPAA, the Health Insurance Affordability and Accountability Act. Shachar’s own work focuses on health policy and the law.

<“The most commonly used way to ensure compliance is to remove certain identifiers, and there are 18 identifiers listed by the HHS, with the argument that once you remove all of those nobody would be able to re-identify your data,” Shachar explained. “The most prominent one here that I see [referring to the material leaked by Haim] is the date and time of appointment, which is one of the identifiers.”

<Haim’s leaked records included the precise date and time of individual patient appointments for youth being treated for gender dysphoria at Texas Children’s. These dates were important because the purpose of the leak was to expose the fact that a few doctors at Texas Children’s had continued to see trans youth patients after Texas Children’s had officially ended their program treating gender dysphoria for youth.

<Shachar explained that, typically, penalties for HIPAA violations are levied at large organizations and take the form of fines, often combined with a remediation plan to ensure patient privacy will be better protected by the organization from then on. However, she said, “HIPAA does allow for criminal liability if you willfully leak information. And, I would say in this case, this was obviously an intent to leak information, so I’m not surprised that Eithan got a knock from the Feds.”


there should be a queer space for people with good taste in anime


>queer edm artists are generally solid
>i wish kweers would retvrn to house and techno and all that instead of fangirling over some cishet diva pop star
I'm a straightoid but House music brings out my inner homosexual.


im in a small twitter circle like that


being an artist whos queer doesnt mean you necessarily make queer art


early house was created by and for the gay underground nightclub scene in chicago


completely irrelevant to later development of house music


If it doesn't make you feel like a homosexual it's not real house music.



wait how did you embeded shit


Scroll to the top of the page and click embed and then paste it in the embed box.


youre entitled to your dumb opinions. i guess its not real jazz if it isnt made by black people too


At a certain point it's another genre. You might as well just call House music Disco if you're going to call Electro shit and etc. House.


Do y'all like Mykkie Blanco? She's a trans(I guess? Wikipedia says they go by she/her) rapper that came out in 2012 way before Lil Nas X.


Another from when she first came out. Ahead of her time.


Content =/= context. There's nothing inherently queer about an offshoot of EDM, as what makes a house song a house song is its musical structure and not the message it tries to convey, if there's any.

<Some house lyrics contained messages calling for equality, unity, and freedom of expression beyond racial or sexual differences (e.g. "Can You Feel It" by Fingers Inc., 1987, or "Follow Me" by Aly-Us, 1992).


At least this discourse is less retarded than the "you're trans if you enjoy [pop culture everyone enjoys]", I guess.



>offshoot of EDM
House is the first EDM genre. You could say EDM is an offshoot of House music.




I didn't mean it derogatorily and EDM is just the macro category that encompasses all these genres. All of them including house came from multiple earlier influences - just like all culture - so this argument feels silly to me, especially on a communist board of all places. It's not dissimilar from people from neighboring countries fighting over which version of some food or whatever is the "real" one.


uh what. "edm" isnt a real genre, lol, it's just a vague descriptor. at best, house music is a spin-off of disco and general electronic music coming out at that time. and the fact that it had influences doesnt change what it as a distinct category originated from. anyways this argument is kind of dumb and pointless


ive seen this person on twitter before
nice cute synthy rock tunes


Saw a beautiful girl today, couldnt stop starring. Elongated face with sharp features, pointy chin, mid length hair. Could have confused her for a boy if her haircut was different. Wore a baggy jeans and a tank top, showed off her athletic build, plus some metal chains and jewelry, giving the whole outfit edgy vibe. I got really sad while looking at her.


File: 1718131802474.jpg (66.27 KB, 1078x730, myhonrektion.jpg)


Fuck all of you, hand your gay cards back you can't be trusted with them. Hand them back now.


already done, I retired from being gay and became a volcel


any one have experiance with facial hair removal with just tweezers? i started plucking my face because i fucking hate shaving and you can still see the shadow right after anyway, and i was surprised how easy and painless it was, but its not gonna kill my face skin or something right?


I cant imagine that being practical. Too many follicles that grow back too easily, and in order to catch them with tweezers they need to be sufficiently grown.


File: 1718135184265.jpg (92.51 KB, 1280x720, wax.jpg)

Just fucking wax it then you idgit.


there is nowhere i could get any proper waxing stuff where i live, and i probably couldn't afford it, i've tried sugar waxing but it was difficult to make and probably too expensive for me to do regularly


are you not able to get electrolysis/laser?


He just said sugar was put of his price range.


that doesn't necessarily mean they can't get hair removal paid for but it depends on a few factors


tweezers cause ingrown hairs, no?
i guess invest in a double edged razor (the lord brand is affordable, l6 or l5 are good) plus some blades plus shaving soap plus bowl and brush
or a facial epilator


An update, he called his "totally obsessed and insane BPdemon tiger boyfriend" and I have never felt more wanted and better about myself. I have a burning feeling in my chest and am currently hugging my hoodie.


im not gay, i just wanna circlejerk with the fellas like in the old days
Anyone else?


the more rural parts of the US where good ol' boys will get away from their wives for the weekend to have a get together and give each other a beej. I have no idea how to get involved, sounds like a lot of hard work tbh


the more rural parts of the US where good ol' boys will get away from their wives for the weekend to have a get together and give each other a beej. I have no idea how to get involved, sounds like a lot of hard work tbh


File: 1718193851202.jpg (64.14 KB, 546x575, download (2).jpg)

try craigslist


good job


Thank you, I have felt good all day!


File: 1718229400728.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 3.74 MB, 922x1280, video_2024-06-12_17-54-31.mp4)

>average lib marriage:
<"welcome home dear, i brought you your BUD LITE…"


File: 1718241525560.png (2.54 MB, 1303x1352, ClipboardImage.png)

That's a lot of milk


how is this so gay yet so straight


make this pure white and it looks like half the greco-roman fountains you see in european cities


File: 1718247450588.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1843, ClipboardImage.png)

Also make the penis tiny.


it's the muscle car



I've found myself regularly fantasizing about cuddling, snuggling, holding hands, general intimate stuff, etc. lately and I genuinely feel beyond fucked for it…


>not fantasizing about a stressful daily life tolerated only for the promise of violent uncaring sex
homos are fucked in the head


holy fuck do I hate my pharmacy for keep giving me fucking weird ass syringes/needles that I can't use. Already past a day since I normally do my e injection and this shit sucks.


are you doing a "le handholding fetish" joke or do you genuinely think like this


rly says something about SOCIETY that its easier to find someone to fulfill our fetishes with no matter how weird than to have a fulfilling relationship, and this goes for any sexuality tbh


it's unsurprising tbh, it takes so much compatibility and goodwill and effort to actually make a relationship work whereas all you need for fetish sex is someone whose mind is about as poisoned as yours


>original incel was a lesbian
wasn't the original incel that guy who made experimental country music and it was actually pretty good?


why is there so much transphobia on this site?

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