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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Drop those PDF's or else
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These are already included in the Companion but I'll post it here anyways






Holy shit that PDF is terrible lol


File: 1677790074545-0.pdf (7.83 MB, 161x255, Violence.pdf)

File: 1677790074545-2.pdf (279.86 KB, 180x255, The-Null-Ritual.pdf)

File: 1677790074545-3.pdf (1.39 MB, 197x255, Mask-of-Sanity.pdf)


Better than Bukharin's ABCs of communism




I have not read that, but I can assume it's not that bad


Why do you need a companion to the Grundrisse?
It's just a bunch of notebooks that anyone can pick up and read


I miss him, he got me onto kierkegaard. Keynes too, to some extent. I oughta pick up Ragged, Rebel never let me down on reading recommendations


because the historical context of the grundrisse might be confusing to people unfamiliar with the time marx live din


There's already historical context in the Grundrisse
Again, it's a bunch of expository notes for a critique of political economy
Very straight-forward and self-explaining



Can someone upload pdfs about León Blum and his political activism, social reforms, etc?



Leftypol, what does being a man worthy of death mean to you?
To me I wouldn’t necessarily believe that a said deceased person deserved his death, I suppose that he has exited the world on noble terms of some sort.
It’s something im still thinking about, what do you think?


Ah shit i meant to make this its own post my bad


don't worry about it :)


Party for Socialism and Liberation made this book, has anyone read it?


What's wrong with ABCs of communism?


Whoa nelly you weren't lying




This genuinely might be one of the worst things I've seen posted here lmao, it reads like someone's reddit posts compiled into a .pdf which it probably literally is


File: 1681389495295.png (1.42 MB, 763x1018, ClipboardImage.png)

>>12820 (me)
It even starts praising the United States by p. 101, what the actual fuck? Well at least they know their audience, but for some reason I thought the dudes at Midwestern Marx were at least somewhat better than this


From Che Guevara :D


>A Marxist Theory of the Economic Power of Capital
Pop Marxism is out of control


Communism in the Bible by José Porfirio Miranda
All Things in Common: The Economic Practices of the Early Christians by Roman A. Montero


For my ChristCom brethren.
>Caesar and the Sacrament: Baptism: A Rite of Resistance by R. Alan Streett
>Subversive Meals: An Analysis of the Lord's Supper under Roman Domination during the First Century by R. Alan Streett
>The Anatomy of a Hybrid: A Study in Church-State Relationships by Leonard Verduin






Does anyone have a pdf of Alec Nove's Economic History of the USSR?



Does anyone have Zizek - Lenin: The Day After The Revolution?


The Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature


Not on libgen.is?



File: 1712479069519.pdf (68.1 MB, 197x255, 4 dollar cook book.pdf)


Reference bible. You never know when you might need it.



Some Postmodern stuff


File: 1713796477145.jpg (555 KB, 550x767, RedMenace01_675.jpg)

Hand over the books /edu/ or porkies wont get hurt.


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