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Drop those PDF's or else
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File: 1644076798282-0.pdf (159.04 KB, 177x255, JW85.pdf)

File: 1644076798282-1.pdf (134.99 KB, 181x255, JW90.pdf)

File: 1644076798282-2.pdf (1.45 MB, 181x255, JW10.pdf)


File: 1644076848103-0.pdf (824.11 KB, 171x255, ESC76.pdf)

File: 1644076848103-1.pdf (54.23 KB, 255x188, SC73.pdf)

File: 1644076848103-2.pdf (1.08 MB, 171x255, ODP77.pdf)


File: 1644076917279-0.pdf (1.69 MB, 178x255, CSi76.pdf)

File: 1644076917279-1.pdf (2.23 MB, 178x255, CSii77.pdf)


File: 1644077025676-0.pdf (994.72 KB, 175x255, ECFP70.pdf)

File: 1644077025676-1.pdf (805.71 KB, 162x255, UT76.pdf)

File: 1644077025676-2.pdf (781.93 KB, 175x255, RRC79.pdf)


File: 1644077096149-0.pdf (932.66 KB, 181x255, M&M79.pdf)

File: 1644077096149-1.pdf (468.14 KB, 173x255, OTTS71.pdf)




Does anyone have aristocratic rebel? It was posted on here but I forgot to save it.










Can I get some books on praxis.


this isn’t a request thread


File: 1646188270667.pdf (186.02 KB, 197x255, guide.pdf)





File: 1646759638508.pdf (3.9 MB, 197x255, action-phil-marx.pdf)


File: 1646857929199.pdf (2.27 MB, 164x255, bridgingskies00timb.pdf)





File: 1649624023831.gif (5.78 MB, 380x480, 1649550719816.gif)

Any good history/textbooks on China?



also asking for this



Anyone have
>Citrine's ABC of Chairmanship
By chance?
Can't seem to find a version, and I'm not paying $80 for a used copy.






>Sheila Fitzpatrick
On another note, anybody have Zizek's How to read Lacan?



File: 1653088143766.pdf (1.05 MB, 173x255, postleninism.pdf)






everyone dropping pdfs instead of epubs should get banned from /edu/



anon, the thread is called drop those PDFs. I agree epubs are superior though. However my epub reader is really bad at ctrl+f for some reason. it doesn't go to the word, but instead to the beginning of the section with the word in it, which could be several pages long. because of this I end up converting my epubs into PDFs anyway to ctrl+f through them. do you have an epub reader recommendation that doesn't do this?


I use zathura.


Anyone have "Revolutionary Social Democracy" by Eric Blanc? I want to pin if this guy is Neo-Kautskyian or what.


Anybody have michael hudsons newest book and the third edition of super imperialism?




Besides the text being mangled, does E-PUB not do images? That's half the gimmick of this book as it's filled with neat diagrams. reposting as PDF at least


Never heard of her.


File: 1657145849920.pdf (1.73 MB, 165x255, 1656458540152-1.pdf)

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