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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Drop those PDF's or else


File: 1608528066680.png (28.44 KB, 682x270, learn_download_books.png)





Or else what OP?


Check this out &lt-

Didn't think so.



let's summon Ismail





Books about the Russian Revolution/Soviet Union:
You can find a PDF of almost everything in that list on Libgen.


Also, try the links before using Libgen. It's often not necessary to use the latter.


I'd share boltons book too, but my copy is >20MB






Holodomeme pdfs





I don't have much but I will offer what I have.


File: 1608528195630-1.jpg (135.06 KB, 667x1000, 71G8e8MFJUL.jpg)

Requestion a PDF of Sociology of Freedom by /ourboy/, Abdullah Öcalan.



nobody is going to just read this shut you copy pasted with zero context btw


Wasn't expecting it that soon. Based, thanks!


The last part is a lie





Dropping some Marcuse



Missing volume 5.

The FBI report in volume 6 on his Essay on Liberation is really funny lol.


Give me your favorite books especially if it's about history


He sounds interesting



File: 1620671187450.pdf (777.16 KB, 67x118, northwoods.pdf)




>anarchist cookbook.pdf


sorry, didn't think of it, just resharing what I got from heresandinistaSandinista






File: 1622035900107-0.pdf (9.56 MB, 369x300, thomson-1.pdf)

File: 1622035900107-1.pdf (22.53 MB, 230x300, Marx One shot.pdf)


File: 1622425227884-0.pdf (364.89 KB, 245x300, Defund.pdf)

File: 1622425227884-1.pdf (896.27 KB, 232x300, new_socialism.pdf)


Anybody have Political Economy of Human Rights in their clipboards? hahaha unless…



Here's some Losurdo.



File: 1623136833741.pdf (864.06 KB, 203x300, graham1966.pdf)


any of you got Washington bullets capitalist realism hinterlands and any books related


Adorno Red Pill



Can someone try this and confirm it works real quick


>tfw can't read all these fast enough

fuck I hate being a brainlet :(


Reading Capital Politically (Simply a great companion to Capital without the baggage of VFT)
Marx's Inferno (OK it has a bit of a strange premise, but it contextualizes Capital extremely well even if you don't buy it, please read it)


Cockshott dump incoming


With some related code


File: 1625247558265.pdf (12.84 MB, 67x118, Laws of Chaos.pdf)


File: 1625407670615.pdf (185.18 KB, 67x118, colander2000.pdf)



redpill on religion in USSR (aka actually existing socialism).christian_communismChristian Communism







If anyone has any Artaud, Bataille, or Deleuze please giveristocracyΈριστοκρατία


Here's an official Soviet textbook about political economy, in English and the original Russian.






File: 1628016829219.png (14.11 KB, 534x419, ClipboardImage.png)

Speaking of pdfs Sci-Hub just got blocked and DMCA'd so yeah 85 million free scientific articles - are harder to acquire now.


You can still download papers through libgen: https://libgen.is/scimag/

It won't fetch new ones though.


I literally have 5000 pdfs downloaded on probably every subject in existance
How the fuck am I gonna read all that



based. they are like organic libraries. hoarding random books. the thing is to share as well.


I've heard this recommended, but it sounds boring as fuck idk. Might read it later.


File: 1629654363291-1.pdf (22.1 MB, 225x300, Jacobin-42.pdf)

File: 1629654363291-2.pdf (1.75 MB, 200x300, 909-104-PB.pdf)

Latest editions of Jacobin, New Left Review, and Monthly Review




I am formally requesting for any PDF of DPRK novels/plays/opera

Thank you for understanding.


holy based thanks


Interesting to see Ragged Trousered Philanthropists brought up in Jacobin. I remember being convinced by Rebel Absurdity to read it back in the day and actually quite liking it.



regarding Afghanistan




Dunno why but i have been downloading a bunch of books about explosives.



better version


thx m8


read it


Why do people read PDFs? I refuse to read anything that isn't in EPUB format unless a books is very heavy on graphics or something.


I read them because I'm too lazy to look for an epub reader.


I like epubs too because then I can read it on my ereader. But if it is something that I am going to read on the computer for some reason, I actually do prefer pdfs or djvu simply because the software is better for it.


File: 1632064502528-0.pdf (446.56 KB, 232x300, herrmann2009.pdf)

File: 1632064502528-1.pdf (721.63 KB, 218x300, panchenko2011.pdf)

File: 1632064502528-2.pdf (762.41 KB, 232x300, cai2012.pdf)

File: 1632064502528-3.pdf (552.24 KB, 232x300, wang2013.pdf)


File: 1632070381421.pdf (126.19 KB, 212x300, AfghanistanEnglVersion.pdf)



File: 1632271714129-2.pdf (2.41 MB, 232x300, losurdo stalin.pdf)




En español!
Cosillas que encontré por ahí



Hmmm, muy nice, gracias






File: 1632765504751.pdf (3.14 MB, 200x300, 910-105-PB.pdf)


thx anon


Ollman: Marx's Vision of Communism

Compiling the different things Marx said throughout his work about how "full communism" would look like in practice.


Hey comrades do you have pdf for any of the following:
>Caring for souls in a neo liberal age
>A theology of liberation
>The chapo book(is it any good?)




File: 1633057494521.pdf (863.67 KB, 232x300, kardelj1976.pdf)


does this exist in english or one of the yugoslav languages maybe?





File: 1633380381832-0.pdf (1.41 MB, 199x300, skovsmose1994.pdf)

File: 1633380381832-1.pdf (42.27 MB, 388x300, frankenstein1983.pdf)


File: 1633720168933.pdf (10.05 MB, 195x300, kitchen1976-fascism.pdf)


Per Faxneld's book Satanic Feminism, about the positive interpretations of satan in feminism, politics and literature.





File: 1634083907955.pdf (155.62 KB, 232x300, king2009.pdf)

Rapid Large-Scale Privatization and Death Rates in Ex-Communist Countries: An Analysis of Stress-Related and Health System Mechanisms


This looks very interesting.
Here you go, anon.


File: 1634473748611.jpg (172.02 KB, 566x526, maolongmarch.jpg)

comrades, i need PDFs in malay if possible. I have a comrade in need who, unfortunately, can't read english. any topic is fine, but preferably ML or just marxist in general.



File: 1634653706605.pdf (628.97 KB, 225x300, 2109.13722.pdf)


File: 1635258022987.pdf (2.8 MB, 200x300, Nephew2017.pdf)




requesting the complied shoplifting guide


Isn't in dead?


stop posting economic and leftoid academic shit


Communiqué From an Ex-Cop:
>A heavily annotated edition of LAPD killer cop Christopher Dorner’s final statement to the world. Published on the one-month anniversary of his final act, extensive footnotes and primary-sourced appendices provide extensive historical context for Dorner’s grievances with, and criticisms of, his former employer: the Los Angeles Police Department. From its rigged internal tribunals to the racket of police overtime pay to the invention of the term “suicide by cop” by the academic-law-enforcement complex, this zine discards the “rambling manifesto” frame presented by the media and sincerely takes up Dorner’s challenge to journalists to investigate his allegations of a billion-dollar institution rife with corruption, racism, and brutality. 2013. 94 pp.

The Only Way Out Is Always Through the Police: A History of the 2020 New York Riots:
>A reportback from the 2020 George Floyd uprising in New York City. 48 pp. 2020.

For the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resisters:
>Examining the plight of the imprisoned Pacific Northwest grand jury resisters [now since freed], this zine also functions as a primer on grand juries in general. It includes the resisters’ statements, newspaper articles, primary documents, tips on how to handle grand jury subpoenas, and a detailed history of grand juries and their use as a tool to suppress political organizing and radical struggle in the US. 75 pp. 2012.

New York's Worst Responders: NYPD and 9/11:
>Through its pointless rivalries and competition for city dollars, the New York Police Department allowed hundreds of firefighters to die in the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. Cops looted retail shops at Ground Zero, violently suppressed a protest by firefighters trying to recover the bodies of their dead friends, and arrested multiple fire department union leaders in retaliation. Cops looted retail shops at Ground Zero, violently suppressed protests by firefighters trying to recover the bodies of their dead friends, and arrested multiple fire department union leaders in retaliation. The NYPD spent the next decade-plus building an intelligence apparatus with more legal powers than the FBI. With the creation of victim compensation funds and favorable law-enforcement retirement laws, cops have systematically scammed the government in doctor-aided plots to secure lucrative disability pensions and federal payouts, lying about 9/11-related PTSD and "fear of crowds" while selling cannolis in Little Italy at the Feast of San Gennaro. Authorities and the media have made sure that the errant heroism of New York's Finest can never been forgotten, but stories of their misdeeds and incompetence have fallen into a memory hole as deep as a billion-dollar memorial pool.



The Political Writings - Karl Marx

couldn't find a pdf of it, but it's a pretty solid compilation of Marx's non-philosophical non-economic stuff















some more Fredy Perlman




File: 1636217945178.pdf (19.66 MB, 199x300, haas1991.pdf)


File: 1636218118563.pdf (66.3 MB, 191x300, haas1991.pdf)




File: 1636426624345.pdf (915.08 KB, 200x300, Leibniz’s Monadology.pdf)


its gone


Im going to assume the post in question had a bunch of these textbooks


>Discources on Livy
Thanks, I sought this


Is E. H. Carr a good Soviet historian?


If I remember correctly his book are fairly decent, A.J.P. Taylor called Carr "the greatest historian of our age." so make of that what you will





Anyone have (War and peace library) Peter Dale Scott - American War Machine_ Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan-Rowman & Littlefield (2010) ?



Thanks m8, I had the epub but lost it.


File: 1637689081842.pdf (14.75 MB, 198x300, notebooks.pdf)



In response to >>>/leftypol/617455
First attachment is a decent but dry textbook over what little we know of the Roman economy.
Second attachment is from an economist who says Rome operated as a sort of market economy, I haven't read it fully but there's nothing I've seen that is outrageous.
Third is a more modern account of the "fall" of the Western Roman empire. Gibbons obviously had a motive when he wrote his book, to blame Christianity for the fall. In his writing, Christianity literally brought the apocalypse to Rome, and if Europe has any hope to not repeat history's mistakes, it was to embrace the enlightenment and perhaps even atheism (gasp!).
Adrian Goldsworthy is a reliable historian in my book, so I also recommend his biographies on the two big names in Roman history. They act as a sort of entry point into all things Roman, because it is impossible to understand the circumstances they were both facing without understanding the surrounding geo-political (gauls), economic (slaves), and societal (founding myth, patronage, auctoritas, tradition, virtue, etc.) functions of Rome.


oops forgot the last two


Nice, thanks a lot for taking the time to suggest these.


For our resident wignat spammer



shid broken pdfs


moar roam with better pdfs




moar roam




Have useless classics degree, did a module in roman economics, would anyone be intrested in me finding the old module reading list. CBA to find all the pdfs but good guide for authors and books etc


all 3 volumes of capital and the grundrisse, penguin edition



File: 1642672581734-0.pdf (3.79 MB, 255x179, Buddha-Eye.pdf)

File: 1642672581734-1.pdf (9.61 MB, 147x255, good.pdf)





Anyone got the chapo guide to revolution


File: 1643963262264-0.pdf (1.43 MB, 173x255, MaoSW1.pdf)

File: 1643963262264-1.pdf (1.89 MB, 173x255, MaoSW2.pdf)

File: 1643963262264-2.pdf (1.44 MB, 173x255, MaoSW3.pdf)

File: 1643963262264-3.pdf (1.83 MB, 173x255, MaoSW4.pdf)

File: 1643963262264-4.pdf (1.88 MB, 173x255, MaoSW5.pdf)


Here you go, even threw in a bonus book just for you


File: 1643980686458.png (103.19 KB, 216x233, ClipboardImage.png)

These types of threads are absolutely divine.


File: 1644076479254-0.pdf (1.63 MB, 174x255, NL48.pdf)

File: 1644076479254-1.pdf (356.75 KB, 183x255, NL38.pdf)

File: 1644076479254-2.pdf (3.69 MB, 176x255, NQ36.pdf)


File: 1644076580981-0.pdf (155.9 KB, 177x255, JW77.pdf)

File: 1644076580981-1.pdf (161.74 KB, 177x255, JW79.pdf)

File: 1644076580981-2.pdf (933.49 KB, 170x255, JW81.pdf)

File: 1644076580981-3.pdf (146.2 KB, 177x255, JW82.pdf)

File: 1644076580981-4.pdf (138.6 KB, 177x255, JW82a.pdf)


File: 1644076798282-0.pdf (159.04 KB, 177x255, JW85.pdf)

File: 1644076798282-1.pdf (134.99 KB, 181x255, JW90.pdf)

File: 1644076798282-2.pdf (1.45 MB, 181x255, JW10.pdf)


File: 1644076848103-0.pdf (824.11 KB, 171x255, ESC76.pdf)

File: 1644076848103-1.pdf (54.23 KB, 255x188, SC73.pdf)

File: 1644076848103-2.pdf (1.08 MB, 171x255, ODP77.pdf)


File: 1644076917279-0.pdf (1.69 MB, 178x255, CSi76.pdf)

File: 1644076917279-1.pdf (2.23 MB, 178x255, CSii77.pdf)


File: 1644077025676-0.pdf (994.72 KB, 175x255, ECFP70.pdf)

File: 1644077025676-1.pdf (805.71 KB, 162x255, UT76.pdf)

File: 1644077025676-2.pdf (781.93 KB, 175x255, RRC79.pdf)


File: 1644077096149-0.pdf (932.66 KB, 181x255, M&M79.pdf)

File: 1644077096149-1.pdf (468.14 KB, 173x255, OTTS71.pdf)




Does anyone have aristocratic rebel? It was posted on here but I forgot to save it.










Can I get some books on praxis.


this isn’t a request thread


File: 1646188270667.pdf (186.02 KB, 197x255, guide.pdf)





File: 1646759638508.pdf (3.9 MB, 197x255, action-phil-marx.pdf)


File: 1646857929199.pdf (2.27 MB, 164x255, bridgingskies00timb.pdf)





File: 1649624023831.gif (5.78 MB, 380x480, 1649550719816.gif)

Any good history/textbooks on China?



also asking for this



Anyone have
>Citrine's ABC of Chairmanship
By chance?
Can't seem to find a version, and I'm not paying $80 for a used copy.






>Sheila Fitzpatrick
On another note, anybody have Zizek's How to read Lacan?



File: 1653088143766.pdf (1.05 MB, 173x255, postleninism.pdf)






everyone dropping pdfs instead of epubs should get banned from /edu/



anon, the thread is called drop those PDFs. I agree epubs are superior though. However my epub reader is really bad at ctrl+f for some reason. it doesn't go to the word, but instead to the beginning of the section with the word in it, which could be several pages long. because of this I end up converting my epubs into PDFs anyway to ctrl+f through them. do you have an epub reader recommendation that doesn't do this?


I use zathura.


Anyone have "Revolutionary Social Democracy" by Eric Blanc? I want to pin if this guy is Neo-Kautskyian or what.


Anybody have michael hudsons newest book and the third edition of super imperialism?




Besides the text being mangled, does E-PUB not do images? That's half the gimmick of this book as it's filled with neat diagrams. reposting as PDF at least


Never heard of her.


File: 1657145849920.pdf (1.73 MB, 165x255, 1656458540152-1.pdf)


File: 1657226799308.pdf (490.87 KB, 164x255, Israel and Zionism.pdf)





File: 1658589018353.pdf (3.27 MB, 255x204, 1657503655786-1.pdf)


lol, where's the original audio from?





libgen is free


pdf version if thats your deal



uhh is this is a request or are you sharing a one page pdf?




File: 1659754360830.png (3 MB, 1176x1920, the based.png)

Pic related.
It's you.



They are just taking the average ratings. Among US advocates for electoral reform this is called Range Voting. The only new thing (though even this is debatable since I don't know everything) is that the voting scale goes not from zero to something positive or is symmetric with positive and negative, but it goes zero to very negative. From a mathematical point of view, this is completely irrelevant. With strategic voters it works out the same (they will only use the most extreme ratings). But it might make a psychological difference.

You could do much, much worse than using average ratings. But this text appears very superficial and misleading. First of, outside of the writings of these authors the word consensus means something else. Almost any voting method in use prevents that an option A wins whenever there is an option B that Pareto-dominates A, that is B is preferred by at least one person while nobody prefers option A to B. In that sense, consensus methods are used everywhere. But saying you "use consensus" refers to the more restrictive idea (which doesn't scale well) that literally nobody in the group is against the decision.

And second, the "analysis" of strategic voting is hilarious. Some little kids tried to be strategic and it didn't work out for them this one time, so strategy doesn't matter… SERIOUSLY?






>But it might make a psychological difference.
I think this is the key, it's less about the mechanics of it than it is how people use/understand them. It also, imo, communicates better in that "What is the least you're willing to tolerate to get X" tends to get people begrudgingly "consenting" (rather than consensus) to a few options. They feel as though they at least were heard legitimately (and so tended to go with the decision and support it even if disagreeing with it), at least that's the feedback I've received from trying it.

fwiw I've used a variant of this + Paul Cockshott's + Wobblies stuff to facilitate extremely tight and effective meetings and organising efforts. Not because "it's new", but rather because to enough people it's seen as a "renewed" and "direct" (no representatives, just delegates and working groups who action the decisions in order of "consent").

Also I just like it can be done with hands, digital, paper, etc.

Also it works good in a spreadsheet or their own website:




haha time to despook myself from media brainworms yet again!


I really want to read biographies of guerillas/militants, so plz post em


not a request thread


PDFs that an anon wants


its also not a faggot thread, so fuck off


fuck off moron



File: 1663423545697.jpg (1.88 MB, 4032x3024, FXQj5qpXwAwGf8E.jpg)

requesting this


yeah right here


Anyone have that new Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad book?


i assume you mean this one, grabbed off libgen




Anybody have J is for Junk Economics by M. Hudson? Sorry if already posted and I missed it.



File: 1671919949999.pdf (2.74 MB, 188x255, hartford1985-3.pdf)


lib history books but theyre pretty good.


Feminist Stuff. Not tumblr liberal feminist bullshit but genuine proletarian feminism.

Angela Davis - Women, Race & Class

bell hooks - Feminism is for Everybody

Idem, - Ain't I a Woman? Black Women and Feminism

Silvia Federici - Caliban & the Witch


>The files we have received through the Freedom of Information Act indicate that between 1911 and 2017 eight-hundred and fourteen films received DOD support.
814 movies, who cares


File: 1673289325581.jpg (348.75 KB, 1500x2320, 62603368.jpg)

anyone have a PDF of this?


DP Chattopadhyay - Lokayata, a study in ancient Indian materialism
Pretty interesting history book by a Marxist historian, and a good response to people who think humans(especially Indians) are inherently spiritual, or that religion will always be with us.


PDF's of some communist theory, along with links to lulu.com for print-on-demand copies




I just removed the DRM from these PDFs myself. Someone upload them to libgen if you know how.



Since no one did it, I decided to do it myself.
This is my first time doing something like this so bare with me.


one book on the great leap forward, another on the cultural revolution. one on the naxalites. i got a book with a collection of economic papers by Neurath, the guy who came up with calculation in kind.


the other is a giant fucking encyclopedia on anti-imperialism i picked off the internet a while ago.


There has been a second edition in 2021.


thank you comrade!
i have the pdf of the newer one but post the older one on accident lol.


too add to the thread, here is Samir Amin's critique of the concept of "underdevelopment" instead of the reality of over-exploitation. the title of Amin's book "imperialism and unequal development" speaks for itself.


I Love you comrade




i have Real Jin if you want to meet they can Fullfill your dreams they give me money lol but they only put other money in my wallet which i dont like my ice @leakstuff msg me on icq so i send Jin really you can meet


File: 1676267528867.png (215.11 KB, 1251x1250, prole..png)

Holy shit. A month ago I was looking for this one but you put in the work. Thanks compa.


> Despite her intention in introducing the concept to criticize Marx, her usage is actually compatible with Marx
Many such cases! Thank for sharing this btw, looks fascinating


File: 1676374307299.jpg (148.66 KB, 1654x2480, 71oIKIevf2L.jpg)

Anyone have the epub of this? Harvey's doing a free class reading of the Grundrisse starting last week all the way through May.







These are already included in the Companion but I'll post it here anyways






Holy shit that PDF is terrible lol


File: 1677790074545-0.pdf (7.83 MB, 161x255, Violence.pdf)

File: 1677790074545-2.pdf (279.86 KB, 180x255, The-Null-Ritual.pdf)

File: 1677790074545-3.pdf (1.39 MB, 197x255, Mask-of-Sanity.pdf)


Better than Bukharin's ABCs of communism




I have not read that, but I can assume it's not that bad


Why do you need a companion to the Grundrisse?
It's just a bunch of notebooks that anyone can pick up and read


I miss him, he got me onto kierkegaard. Keynes too, to some extent. I oughta pick up Ragged, Rebel never let me down on reading recommendations


because the historical context of the grundrisse might be confusing to people unfamiliar with the time marx live din


There's already historical context in the Grundrisse
Again, it's a bunch of expository notes for a critique of political economy
Very straight-forward and self-explaining



Can someone upload pdfs about León Blum and his political activism, social reforms, etc?



Leftypol, what does being a man worthy of death mean to you?
To me I wouldn’t necessarily believe that a said deceased person deserved his death, I suppose that he has exited the world on noble terms of some sort.
It’s something im still thinking about, what do you think?


Ah shit i meant to make this its own post my bad


don't worry about it :)


Party for Socialism and Liberation made this book, has anyone read it?


What's wrong with ABCs of communism?


Whoa nelly you weren't lying




This genuinely might be one of the worst things I've seen posted here lmao, it reads like someone's reddit posts compiled into a .pdf which it probably literally is


File: 1681389495295.png (1.42 MB, 763x1018, ClipboardImage.png)

>>12820 (me)
It even starts praising the United States by p. 101, what the actual fuck? Well at least they know their audience, but for some reason I thought the dudes at Midwestern Marx were at least somewhat better than this


From Che Guevara :D


>A Marxist Theory of the Economic Power of Capital
Pop Marxism is out of control


Communism in the Bible by José Porfirio Miranda
All Things in Common: The Economic Practices of the Early Christians by Roman A. Montero


For my ChristCom brethren.
>Caesar and the Sacrament: Baptism: A Rite of Resistance by R. Alan Streett
>Subversive Meals: An Analysis of the Lord's Supper under Roman Domination during the First Century by R. Alan Streett
>The Anatomy of a Hybrid: A Study in Church-State Relationships by Leonard Verduin






Does anyone have a pdf of Alec Nove's Economic History of the USSR?



Does anyone have Zizek - Lenin: The Day After The Revolution?


The Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature


Not on libgen.is?



File: 1712479069519.pdf (68.1 MB, 197x255, 4 dollar cook book.pdf)


Reference bible. You never know when you might need it.



Some Postmodern stuff


File: 1713796477145.jpg (555 KB, 550x767, RedMenace01_675.jpg)

Hand over the books /edu/ or porkies wont get hurt.



Don't shoot me~




don't bother, this mf'er doesn't understand Marxism. He's a liberal co-op advocate


<Capitalism is superseded when the workplace relationship designated by the term exploitation ends. That happens when productive laborers no longer deliver the surpluses they produce into the hands of others who appropriate and distribute them and make all the key decisions about those distributions.
He understands Marx better than Marx*ists*, apparently; at least his mode of production isn't vibe-based apologetics for state capitalism.



Anyone got a good PDF dl for Dialectic of Enlightenment? Anna's Archive has failed me…


something comical about the lincoln head underneath the exit sign and the comically large boobs


I have one. Some pages have some marks on them (like a highlighter pen) but you can still read what it says.


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