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File: 1608528066546.png (240.49 KB, 662x540, 1475417084125.png)


Drop those PDF's or else


File: 1608528066680.png (28.44 KB, 682x270, learn_download_books.png)



File: 1608528067205.pdf (1.34 MB, MArxs Contribution to Huma….pdf)



File: 1608528067841.pdf (6.85 MB, Evgeny Pashukanis - The Ge….pdf)



File: 1608528068057.pdf (7.85 MB, Isaak Illich Rubin (author….pdf)



Or else what OP?


Check this out &lt-

Didn't think so.


File: 1608528068511.pdf (2.66 MB, Unruhe Economics Of Fallou….pdf)



let's summon Ismail


File: 1608528071078.pdf (1.06 MB, shieldbook.pdf)



Books about the Russian Revolution/Soviet Union:
You can find a PDF of almost everything in that list on Libgen.


Also, try the links before using Libgen. It's often not necessary to use the latter.


File: 1608528142757.epub (1.76 MB, Too Much and Never Enough….epub)

I'd share boltons book too, but my copy is >20MB


File: 1608528143323.pdf (2.49 MB, CatalanGrammar.pdf)



File: 1608528143394.pdf (533.42 KB, Grazio Falzon - Basic malt….pdf)



File: 1608528143463-0.pdf (143.29 KB, paul-z-simons-illegalism-w….pdf)

File: 1608528143463-1.pdf (122.33 KB, renzo-novatore-toward-the-….pdf)



File: 1608528143535.pdf (2.93 MB, A-Basic-Modern-Russian-Gra….pdf)



File: 1608528143836-0.pdf (180.36 KB, Moore on the Ukrainian Fam….pdf)

File: 1608528143836-1.pdf (11.46 MB, Natural Disaster and Human….pdf)

File: 1608528143836-2.pdf (4.95 MB, Years of Hunger Wheatcroft.pdf)

Holodomeme pdfs


File: 1608528144091-0.pdf (164.18 KB, Food Shortages, Hunger, an….pdf)

File: 1608528144091-1.pdf (4.04 MB, Fraud Famine and Fascism T….pdf)

File: 1608528144091-2.pdf (556.17 KB, Marples on the Ukrainian F….pdf)



File: 1608528144227.pdf (67.92 KB, COVID-19’s Effect on Labor….pdf)



File: 1608528186815-0.pdf (4.05 MB, Korean for Dummies.pdf)

File: 1608528186815-1.pdf (7.35 MB, Portuguese for Dummies.pdf)

File: 1608528186815-2.pdf (1.52 MB, Spanish Essentials For Dum….pdf)

I don't have much but I will offer what I have.


File: 1608528195630-0.png (43.59 KB, 220x299, 220px-Abdullah_Öcalan.png)

File: 1608528195630-1.jpg (135.06 KB, 667x1000, 71G8e8MFJUL.jpg)

Requestion a PDF of Sociology of Freedom by /ourboy/, Abdullah Öcalan.


nobody is going to just read this shut you copy pasted with zero context btw


Wasn't expecting it that soon. Based, thanks!


The last part is a lie


File: 1608528236424-0.pdf (601.99 KB, 2296631-joy-of-gardening.pdf)

File: 1608528236424-1.pdf (2.09 MB, 2390089-culinary-herbs-the….pdf)

File: 1608528236424-2.pdf (2 MB, 2548574-growing-potatoes.pdf)



File: 1608528236550-0.pdf (1.05 MB, 8375638-a-handbook-on-shor….pdf)

File: 1608528236550-1.pdf (13.84 KB, 8608892-crystal-radio-proj….pdf)

File: 1608528236550-2.pdf (79.49 KB, building-a-battery-bank.pdf)



File: 1608528237516.pdf (491.47 KB, Reform or Revolution - Ros….pdf)



File: 1608528244016-0.pdf (15.63 MB, [Collected Papers of Herbe….pdf)

File: 1608528244016-1.jpg (6.86 KB, 226x223, marcuse.jpg)

Dropping some Marcuse


File: 1608528244204-0.pdf (1.48 MB, V2 [Collected Papers of He….pdf)

File: 1608528244204-1.pdf (3.33 MB, V3 [Herbert Marcuse_ Colle….pdf)

File: 1608528244204-2.pdf (3.17 MB, V4 [Herbert Marcuse_ Colle….pdf)



File: 1608528244313.pdf (3.31 MB, V6 [Herbert Marcuse_ Colle….pdf)

Missing volume 5.

The FBI report in volume 6 on his Essay on Liberation is really funny lol.

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