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Drop those PDF's or else


File: 1608528066680.png (28.44 KB, 682x270, learn_download_books.png)





Or else what OP?


Check this out &lt-

Didn't think so.



let's summon Ismail





Books about the Russian Revolution/Soviet Union:
You can find a PDF of almost everything in that list on Libgen.


Also, try the links before using Libgen. It's often not necessary to use the latter.


I'd share boltons book too, but my copy is >20MB






Holodomeme pdfs





I don't have much but I will offer what I have.


File: 1608528195630-1.jpg (135.06 KB, 667x1000, 71G8e8MFJUL.jpg)

Requestion a PDF of Sociology of Freedom by /ourboy/, Abdullah Öcalan.



nobody is going to just read this shut you copy pasted with zero context btw


Wasn't expecting it that soon. Based, thanks!


The last part is a lie





Dropping some Marcuse



Missing volume 5.

The FBI report in volume 6 on his Essay on Liberation is really funny lol.


Give me your favorite books especially if it's about history


He sounds interesting



File: 1620671187450.pdf (777.16 KB, 67x118, northwoods.pdf)




>anarchist cookbook.pdf


sorry, didn't think of it, just resharing what I got from heresandinistaSandinista






File: 1622035900107-0.pdf (9.56 MB, 369x300, thomson-1.pdf)

File: 1622035900107-1.pdf (22.53 MB, 230x300, Marx One shot.pdf)


File: 1622425227884-0.pdf (364.89 KB, 245x300, Defund.pdf)

File: 1622425227884-1.pdf (896.27 KB, 232x300, new_socialism.pdf)


Anybody have Political Economy of Human Rights in their clipboards? hahaha unless…



Here's some Losurdo.



File: 1623136833741.pdf (864.06 KB, 203x300, graham1966.pdf)


any of you got Washington bullets capitalist realism hinterlands and any books related


Adorno Red Pill



Can someone try this and confirm it works real quick


>tfw can't read all these fast enough

fuck I hate being a brainlet :(


Reading Capital Politically (Simply a great companion to Capital without the baggage of VFT)
Marx's Inferno (OK it has a bit of a strange premise, but it contextualizes Capital extremely well even if you don't buy it, please read it)


Cockshott dump incoming


With some related code


File: 1625247558265.pdf (12.84 MB, 67x118, Laws of Chaos.pdf)


File: 1625407670615.pdf (185.18 KB, 67x118, colander2000.pdf)



redpill on religion in USSR (aka actually existing socialism).christian_communismChristian Communism







If anyone has any Artaud, Bataille, or Deleuze please giveristocracyΈριστοκρατία


Here's an official Soviet textbook about political economy, in English and the original Russian.






File: 1628016829219.png (14.11 KB, 534x419, ClipboardImage.png)

Speaking of pdfs Sci-Hub just got blocked and DMCA'd so yeah 85 million free scientific articles - are harder to acquire now.


You can still download papers through libgen: https://libgen.is/scimag/

It won't fetch new ones though.


I literally have 5000 pdfs downloaded on probably every subject in existance
How the fuck am I gonna read all that



based. they are like organic libraries. hoarding random books. the thing is to share as well.


I've heard this recommended, but it sounds boring as fuck idk. Might read it later.


File: 1629654363291-1.pdf (22.1 MB, 225x300, Jacobin-42.pdf)

File: 1629654363291-2.pdf (1.75 MB, 200x300, 909-104-PB.pdf)

Latest editions of Jacobin, New Left Review, and Monthly Review




I am formally requesting for any PDF of DPRK novels/plays/opera

Thank you for understanding.


holy based thanks


Interesting to see Ragged Trousered Philanthropists brought up in Jacobin. I remember being convinced by Rebel Absurdity to read it back in the day and actually quite liking it.



regarding Afghanistan




Dunno why but i have been downloading a bunch of books about explosives.



better version


thx m8


read it


Why do people read PDFs? I refuse to read anything that isn't in EPUB format unless a books is very heavy on graphics or something.


I read them because I'm too lazy to look for an epub reader.


I like epubs too because then I can read it on my ereader. But if it is something that I am going to read on the computer for some reason, I actually do prefer pdfs or djvu simply because the software is better for it.


File: 1632064502528-0.pdf (446.56 KB, 232x300, herrmann2009.pdf)

File: 1632064502528-1.pdf (721.63 KB, 218x300, panchenko2011.pdf)

File: 1632064502528-2.pdf (762.41 KB, 232x300, cai2012.pdf)

File: 1632064502528-3.pdf (552.24 KB, 232x300, wang2013.pdf)


File: 1632070381421.pdf (126.19 KB, 212x300, AfghanistanEnglVersion.pdf)



File: 1632271714129-2.pdf (2.41 MB, 232x300, losurdo stalin.pdf)




En español!
Cosillas que encontré por ahí



Hmmm, muy nice, gracias






File: 1632765504751.pdf (3.14 MB, 200x300, 910-105-PB.pdf)


thx anon


Ollman: Marx's Vision of Communism

Compiling the different things Marx said throughout his work about how "full communism" would look like in practice.


Hey comrades do you have pdf for any of the following:
>Caring for souls in a neo liberal age
>A theology of liberation
>The chapo book(is it any good?)




File: 1633057494521.pdf (863.67 KB, 232x300, kardelj1976.pdf)


does this exist in english or one of the yugoslav languages maybe?





File: 1633380381832-0.pdf (1.41 MB, 199x300, skovsmose1994.pdf)

File: 1633380381832-1.pdf (42.27 MB, 388x300, frankenstein1983.pdf)


File: 1633720168933.pdf (10.05 MB, 195x300, kitchen1976-fascism.pdf)


Per Faxneld's book Satanic Feminism, about the positive interpretations of satan in feminism, politics and literature.





File: 1634083907955.pdf (155.62 KB, 232x300, king2009.pdf)

Rapid Large-Scale Privatization and Death Rates in Ex-Communist Countries: An Analysis of Stress-Related and Health System Mechanisms


This looks very interesting.
Here you go, anon.


File: 1634473748611.jpg (172.02 KB, 566x526, maolongmarch.jpg)

comrades, i need PDFs in malay if possible. I have a comrade in need who, unfortunately, can't read english. any topic is fine, but preferably ML or just marxist in general.



File: 1634653706605.pdf (628.97 KB, 225x300, 2109.13722.pdf)

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