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The history of space travel. I want all material, factoids, trivia, books on space. From Sputnik to the recent Crew Dragon and further beyond


I want them too. So anon, have you found them yet? Or did you just make this thread hoping others could contribute to it but you won't contribute yourself? It has been… 10 months


Not OP, but I'd contribute if I had more time to make dedicated posts on the subject. The OP also lacks Cosmonaut and/or astronaut so people are bound to miss it in catalog search


This is an excellent review of "TIME OF THE FIRST" a Russian film on Leonov made in the typical American style "blockbuster" with anti-communism on top.



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The only photograph of the surface of Venus is still from the Soviets. Looks like a land devastated by nukes. They even record the sound from the surface. There's a lot of thunderous sound, very spooky.
For anyone wondering
Surface photo : https://www.space.com/18551-venera-13.html
Sound recording : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jZDW53U8qQ
Note: I only able to found the sound recording on youtube. I don't know if its the legit one though, I heard a different sound record by Venera 14 while watching a documentary about Venus by Discovery Channel. The real one doesn't sound that clear, it's more like a thunder sound made by electronic equipment from the 80s. Imagine it like a thunder sound in Mario Bros game.


An additional video made in supplement to this one - Overview of soviet Space Flights in regards to the first Space Walk.


Haven't read (big one) but have heard it's THE book covering the Soviet side.


Posting the 4-volume series Rockets and People that was mentioned here >>8064
Boris Chertok was a controls systems designer, one of Korolev's closest colleagues and deputy director at Energia, later on continuing to work at Roscosmos until his death. The English translation was done by Asif Siddiqi, author of Challenge to Apollo >>8070 and published by NASA.



Its been over 20 years since ion thrusters were developed how much longer should it take before rocket engines develop to a point where travelling outside the solar system becomes feasible for standard rockets, I know space isn't all that great but the technology and the advancements in particle physics that could be produced under the conditions of better space travel would be tremendously helpful to people worldwide.
>inb4 billionaire shills, those rockets are made for marketing and use space tech from the 50s that even some 3rd world societies have passed
The current focus of SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc is on optimizing the trip to low earth orbit. This requires high thrust to weight ratio, low ISP engines. What you are asking for is low thrust to weight ratio, high ISP engines for efficient travel in the vacuum of space. Once economical trips to low earth orbit get squared away maybe capitalists will move onto RnD for whacky interplanetary and interstellar engines. The requirements for lifting a rocket out of our thick soupy gravity well, and the requirements for a rocket that works efficiently in space are vastly different. There will never be a single rocket engine that can take a payload from the surface of earth, all the way to mars. The job requires multiple specialized rockets and boosters.
>What about “exotic matter” and using the physical phenomena found in particles on the quantum scale
There are a confirmed thousands of other unused particles and god knows how many physicial phenomenal in them that have been discovered over the past 50 years. But they have low TWR, and high cost at the moment, and aren't suited to atmospheric operation. A Ramjet for in-atmosphere launch could be a viable alternative.


debunking Spinlaunch (yes, yes Thunderf00t is pretentious, ignore that part).


Kinda reminds me of pic related


the soviets had a lot of cool designs unfortunately not a lot of them were built the energia was the 3rd heaviest lift rocket in history, and the soviets had designs to make fully reusable with boosters that would glide down an airfield like a spaceplane, to this day the roscosmos considers bringing back soviet designs, like this one and the MAKS space plane.


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This thread is to discuss the desirability & feasibility of human beings settling beyond the planet Earth and perhaps beyond their solar system. Feel free to expand the discussion on adjacent subjects. And contribute to the thread by providing educating material, be it books, articles or videos.


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File: 1652446852120-2.jpg (369.3 KB, 2048x1362, B2Plan-scaled-1.jpg)

I will start off with the subject of artificial ecosystems. Biosphere 2 was a financially colossal project in which a team of engineers and scientists worked to create a self-sustained ecosystem. Something clearly relevant to settling on planets and moons that don't have an ecosystem in which human beings can live in unprotected.

<Biosphere 2, scientific research facility located in Oracle, Arizona, U.S., designed to emulate Earth’s environment (Biosphere 1) that was perhaps best known for two missions conducted in the early 1990s in which crews were sealed inside the enclosure to study survivability. The driving force for these studies was to assess whether humans were capable of building and living in self-sustaining colonies in outer space. (…) Survivability missions in Biosphere 2 began on September 26, 1991, when four men and four women, referred to popularly as “Biospherians” (individuals trained to perform specific tasks during the mission) (…) Within several months of entering the indoor atmosphere, the Biospherians detected a decrease in oxygen levels and an increase in carbon dioxide. (…) Unable to identify the cause, officials decided to inject oxygen into the facility on at least two occasions, and the lungs were opened daily to allow inflow of air from the external environment. While this move was criticized because of the impossibility of such a rescue for a self-sustaining colony in space, the Biospherians experienced marked lethargy and difficulty breathing before the oxygen was injected, raising concerns about their health and ability to finish the mission. (…) The crew of the first mission also failed to achieve maximal food production. (…) The performance of the first group of Biospherians was further hindered about six months into the mission, when the group split into two factions. (…) On March 6, 1994, having made various upgrades and improvements in system engineering and having introduced additional species into the ecosystem and agricultural areas, the second mission, with a crew of seven, began. In September that same year, however, the experiment was ended prematurely following disputes over management and finances.


The project was a disaster despite best efforts. A project of that scale has not been repeated since, therefore one of the most basic ideas of settling on other planets remains unachieved.


>>>/tech/10616 is probably the most feasible application of space travel for the next decades.


Anyone notice that the space hype around Musk and Bezos has really gone down


ppl were always cynical towards spacex imo
it's only the most gullible idiots that gravitate towards that stuff


True, I'm just noting that media has kind off stopped talking about it… the spectacle has calmed for the moment.


I don't feel too well spacebros


The peak was the Tesla in space with the Falcon Heavy. I admit I was excited too. Now, Starlink isn't as popular outside "enthusiasts" because it isn't flashy and Musk is being a bitch.


Relativistic/FTL travel is pretty much a non-starter. If it's possible to do interstellar travel we are probably going to have to warp space, make wormholes, or something like that.



File: 1656000112600-0.mp4 (761.46 KB, 490x352, Soyuz 11 CPR footage.mp4)

File: 1656000112600-1.jpg (619.2 KB, 1267x680, soyuz-crew-funeral.jpg)

Footage of an attempt to resuscitate the bodies of the Soyuz 11 crew. They were buried in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis near Yuri Gagarin. The Soyuz was extensively re-designed for safety, protocols were updated to require a spacesuit be worn at all times, the Sokol spacesuit was designed in response as well.

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