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Was the Meiji restoration and "restoring power to the emperor" a good or bad thing in 18th century Japan for the peasants? It marked the upper class revolution that caused the samurai feudal system to transition into a capitalist system. (Which ultimately turned into a racist imperialist empire that tried to invade and oppress all of its neighbors in Asia in a sort of fascist system, and as Japan lost the war the people starved and suffered greatly.)

I just found this photograph btw. Samurai didn't look nearly as impressive as I thought they would, and that hairdo is "objectively ugly."

There were a lot of peasant revolutions/movements that tried to go against the samurai but they all ultimately failed so no one except historians talk about them. Unfortunately too, the people who study Japanese history appear to be mostly weebs who romanticize the samurai so much that you never get to hear about the peasents' movements.
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That's why I asked about actual communists.


Which you define as?


Well Japan's laws due to their Fascists never really losing power are heavily anti-Communist.
Any party that would have an explicitly 'non-revisionist' visible party-line would immediately get broken up, its members imprisoned, and its associates surveilled.
Even as it stands, this Communist party that is basically SocDem gang (though Japanese Marxist tradition is weird and kind of its own thing) is heavily surveilled by the government.
The surveillance is not only an in-the-open fact, but is legitimized by Japanese law, as the Communist Party has 'ties to the terrorist North Koreans' by virtue of being Communist.

Many members of the party are quite well versed in theory, and certainly attempt to do what they can in the context of Japanese law; they aren't not 'real Communists.'
They aren't actually spineless SocDems who have faith in Bourgeois Democracy and Capitalism, but they do suffer a bit of 'CPUSA Syndrome' in that even gaining enough power to build up their power is highly illegal.
This results in the party being perceived as 'weak,' because it is weak; it's still the strongest party in the country, it's still serves as the best congregational organization for people with actually revolutionary views.
In any case, actual on-the-ground moves by the party are not the sort of thing to be easily viewable on baka gaijin English language clearspace.


Thoughts on this guy?


Interesting, thank you


Looks like Japanese Clinton


Why does he look like he is made of wax in that picture?


>And just because some of them are more children oriented and thus more innocent (like Totoro) does not make this a universal rule.
What are you talking about? The only ones that aren't are Grave of The Fireflies and The Wind Rises.
>Yeah, no. This is the kind of PoMo shit I detest, stop using words you don't understand.
I think you are the one who doesn't understand words friendo. Use a dictionary.


>The only ones that aren't are Grave of The Fireflies and The Wind Rises.
&ltWhat is Nausicaa
&ltWhat is Princess Mononoke
Just stop
>Use a dictionary
unironically no u.


picture looks resized and softened.


>resized and softened
like a flaccid penis


Samurai also often had sex with young boys.


Always treat any pro-Japanese news or shows or music as vicious bourgeois propaganda designed to shame western workers into obedience. Imagine if the Germans elected the same far-right WW2 atrocity-denying party for 70 years like Japan does, imagine all the "germans=nazis" memes (which still exist anyway), the Japanese are just adorable hard-working people we should all admire. Westerners are just indifferent to japanese brutality because of the distance and the burger propaganda, while there are still some old people that remember the German and Italian invaders. So yeah, anime = porky propaganda to passify the working class and whitewash nazism and imperialism.
Same goes for South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore of course but without the nazi parts.


File: 1608528139881.jpg (94.04 KB, 449x364, Yukio_Mishima.jpg)

Honest opinions on this crazy feller?


Forbidden colors is one of the worst books I've ever read.


Yes, the Japanese animation industry has roots in Showa fascist recuperation of Constructivist film theory (imported from the Soviet Union) to create Disney-like propaganda films. But this unifying principle crumbled in the post-war occupation; so much in fact, it's worth noting that Osamu Tezuka was once a member of the Japanese Communist Party, and many more animators were active in the New Left movement throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Fact is, the Japanese government specifically subsidizing animated film and television that promotes a "Cool Japan" to international audiences is still a pretty recent phenomenon. I'm talking within the past 10-15 years; 20 if you want to get technical. Japan in the 1990s alone was busy debating on whether or not anime turned you into a child rapist serial killer and caused mass epileptic seizures, so I have trouble accepting that it's all just "porky propaganda"


>Osamu Tezuka was once a member of the Japanese Communist Party
That's probably why Dororo's setting was so good, instead of romanticizing the samurai and their warlords he didn't shy away from showing the brutal realities commoners faced in feudal Japan during the sengoku period.


>Japan in the 1990s alone was busy debating on whether or not anime turned you into a child rapist serial killer and caused mass epileptic seizures
For those interested: search for "The Otaku Murderer" and "Electric Soldier Porygon Incident"


Yeah! Tezuka's politics can be hard to pin down though. He started his own magazine after seeing the success of Garo, which had become known for publishing another leftist ninja/samurai manga, Kamui Den and other more avant-garde stuff. Hell, judging by their respective publication dates, Kamui might have even influenced Tezuka to make Dororo, but I can't say for certain.


>Samurai thread
this is just a /jp/ LARP thread


Hmm, now I have to read Kamui Den.


Were you expecting a discussion about bushido? Zen? Martial arts?


Samurai worship is reactionary.




Ah well, that's fair.


File: 1608528140932.jpg (84.65 KB, 467x1000, katana stances.jpg)


>katana stances


Should this thread go on >>>/anime/ ?



How bout both




Technically this would go to >>>/hist/ if that board existed. Instead it should go to >>>/edu/




Mods please move this thread to either >>>/edu/




thanks Admin!


It cannon die, or it will bring dishonor on our cow


>yfw when Juchegang liberates Japan


>Koreans liberating Japan
Now that would be something to see


Reposting from the >>>/anime/ Q&A thread

I have a question about Jiraiya Gouketsu Monogatari. Naruto made the character pretty well known and popular, however the original story is pretty old, and I was wondering how well known the character was in Japan prior to Naruto's popularization of him.

Besides the 1921 silent film (video 1 related)

I found the following references in media before Naruto got published

- Jiraiya- A character that appears in the novel " Jiraiya Ninpocho " by Futaro Yamada, which began serializing in September 1964 . A character with the name of Tsunade also appears in the work.
- Jikaminari也- 1966 publication of Toei of special effects era feature film " The Magic Serpent hero of". Tsunade also appears.
- Commander Jiraiya- A character that appears in the TV anime " Invincible Steel Man Daitan 3 " broadcast from June 1978 to March 1979 .
- Magnetic Raiya- The main character of Toei 's special effects drama " Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya, " which was broadcast from January 1988 to January 1989 .
- Jiraiya (read "Jiraia") The character in the Hudson game "Far East of Eden" series and the main character of the first game " Far East of Eden ZIRIA ". Characters with the names of Tsunade and Orochimaru also appear in the work.
- Jirayan- A character that appears in the TV anime "Karakuri Kengoden Musashi Road" that was broadcast from October 1990 to September 1991.
- Ninja Black Jiraiya- Ninja who appears in Toei's special effects drama " Ninja Sentai Kakuranger "broadcast from February 1994 to February 1995. A setting called the descendant of Jiraiya who appears in "Jiraiya Goketsutan".


File: 1621870176955.jpg (137.24 KB, 720x397, ikko.jpg)

can I get a bump on this?


Japan was a hyper feudalist society rivalling that of europe, the country was mostly subdued and revaltively peaceful so the warrior-aristocrat caste fell into irrelevancy and the petite-booj flourished which allowed it to transitition so well into capitalism but since petit-booj class intetest is conservative in the face of imperialism fascism would be its last stand in vain.christian_communismChristian Communism


I don't know how accurate the game "Ghost of Tsushima" is in portraying feudal Japan, but one thing they game highlights at the end is how the "cod of honor" of the samurai was a covert way for cementing the class rule of the Shogun. The MC gets sperged on by the Samurai throughout the game for not only being "without honor" but also for teaching the peasants to fight themselves and resist their "leaders". I can imagine this to have happened in a similiar fashion back then tbh


How bourgeois, or if not then "feudal remnant", was the Meiji Restoration anyways?
Didn't much of the caste of samurai get relegated to more typical "bourgeois" positions, deprived of feudal privileges, with only a superficial exaltation of their status so as to promote the bushido militarist stuff?
Are there any good books on this era about that?


It's not solely on this era, but Pierre François Souyri did a good job at explaining the overall path to modernity of Japan. I'm not sure if his books are translated in english tho.iwwIWW


Kek what a fantastical AU shitpost


Excellent Russian video analyzing the Dzaibutsu of Imperial Japan and how they brought about militarism in the country with economic analysis. This is part 2 of Imperial Japan from a dialectical analysis

Японский фашизм: дзайбацу by
Держать Курс

Part I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3pEf8SVNqI
Умри за Императора. Капитализм с самурайской спецификой.


Are there english subtitles?


I didn't check, but CC+translation works for these. If there aren't… then that's a damn shame because this video is probably the closest to a bulletproof historical video essay on the dialectics of Imperial Japanese socio-economics and ideology that I have seen. Literally no other work I know of has covered the subject in such expansive detail with marxist analysis.


The subtitles are in russian. You can translate them automatically, but you just get some google translate low quality translation. Well better than nothing I guess…

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