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File: 1608529079327.png (1.56 MB, 1500x1500, JAPAN DOES IT FOR FREE.png)

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/jp/ , Otaku and weeb thread.

This thread is to talk about things on Japanese culture, and the good and bad of it


Shitty country tbh


Is there anything that they won't make porn of.


This is a reminder that the de facto age of consent is actually higher in Japan than weeb memes claim, and that employed people there should not mention anime and otakufaggotry unless they are sure that their company won't fire them for it bringing humiliation.


What proportion of the population are actually otaku?

This is important information for gauging the of usefulness of animu for weaponization against capitalist hegemony and the culture industry.


>every response is a sage
But why tho? Like they're good replies but saged for what reason?


>sage — To reply to a thread without bumping it. To do so simply type "sage" in the E-mail field. This may be done to increase the post count toward earlier deletion, or may simply be done to add an unimportant comment. Always written in romaji. See also age.


Should the default for the name field be in katakana?


You're not answering the question you retard. I KNOW it's for anti-bumping, I don't get WHY they don't want to bump a thread when this is typically done for reasons such as being a shitpost or little interest in a thread.


Why do you care why someone doesn't think their posts merit bumping a thread?


Matcha good, I read "woman in the Dunes", it's also good. Not much to say really I don't really mind Japanese culture in any way (good or bad) as I'm an old weeb who just wants my giant robots and pocky.


I was curious and a bit confused.



What would the present be like if the Soviet Union had brought communism to the Pacific theatre? If the countries of East Asia all went with the Soviets?


>saged responses
&ltcontent is genuine questions and links
Is this some kind of sick joke or what?



are you the subhuman getting mad on /games/ and here for people using sage on a chan of all places

here, just for you


>are you the subhuman
Nah that's just you.
>muh sage
Abusing sage as a reddit downvote is the sign of a newfag
No, but seeing who you're talking about, sounds like you're a samefag
Bump, just for you, stay mad


Do Take the petty sagefag argument somewhere else, if it derails the topic again.


Sage isn't bad, I just wondered why everyone was saging actual decent responses to the thread OP

Are all legit responses, and all of them are saged because…. I don't know.

This guy is just a spammer tho.

saged for off-topic


While the USSR could definitely defeat the European Axis wholly on its own (Germany, Italy, Finland and the collective forces of Western Europe they amassed). It would be very exhausting, and while the Soviets maintained a large military force in the East to ward off the Japanese, the best they could do without the USA backing them up is push the Japs out of Manchuria and establish control of Northern Continental Asia.

>If Most of East Asia went with the Soviets

I mean… they did. Outside of Japan, whose loss at Khalkin Gol was partly why they took their chances striking at Pearl Harbor, Most of Asia was for the USSR. South Korea and its policies were established by brutal US enforcement and war. SEA had it's communists crushed by US and British forces or hired mercs who brutalized populations and enforced anti-communist criminal laws.

If the USSR had gotten control of East Asia more wholly, the USA would have had a lot less power projection and a lot less capability, while the USSR would have a valuable ally in a whole and functioning DPRK.


The 14 year old age of consent is actually a sort of joke since it exists on almost uninhabited islands and other isolated areas of Japan.


Japan is only good for tourists.


File: 1608529100415.jpg (25.18 KB, 320x488, Hikari Yono.jpg)

Press F for respect


Eh, the HDI is still high. It's far from perfect but it certainly isn't an utterly shitty place to live either



How many posters are on this board just to shit on anime?







File: 1608529103600.jpg (157.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


File: 1608529103667.jpg (142.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


2 or 3 from what I've seen. They typically use sage to do it, so they're easy to spot, though it makes sage posting impossible to do without mistaken anger.




It's anime that is which is treated as weirder and immature for adults, whereas comics are more acceptable to consume.



Were any of you chuunibyou formerly, ever?


Is it okay to purchase otaku products and remain a good communist?



Ayy, Ayy, jumpin' around like I'm Touka
Kirito, I might just, I might dethrone ya'
Erin, I'm swinging around the holster
Cowboy Bepop on my wall, that's a poster
And I might, hit your bitch with this special beam cannon
My apprentice like you Genos, just calm down, like please, dammit
Got that smile, Monkey D. Luffy
Think Nami might hug me and Happy so fluffy
So fire like I'm Natsu, please love me


I mean not really, but I'll do some "Chuni" things on occasion for fun, oon impulse.

No ethical consumption under capitalism. THat said, don't be a brainless consumer either.


File: 1608529127288.jpeg (237.29 KB, 1024x767, 5b86ca5a0ddbd.jpeg)

What even is revolutionary about weeaboos


Nothing, there's literally nothing communist about liking weeb shit; it's personal taste. Faggots as always want to make a big deal out of it (eg. you can't be a communist and enjoy X). The only reason this board should exist imo is to give weebs a place to escape from the reactionary bullshit that often infests other weeb spaces.


>only reason this board should exist imo is to give weebs a place to escape from the reactionary bullshit that often infests other weeb spaces.
Yes that's why we're here.


>No naruto reference


Weeaboos have named kids after anime characters.


File: 1608529145870.jpg (98.64 KB, 1024x576, media_EpW2yAaXMAInaLb.jpg)


required reading


also does anyone else find it interesting how the past two eras in Japan started with otaku-related events? Heisei started with the Tsutomu Miyazaki case, and Reiwa started with the KyoAni arson attack.


Not the worst thing they've done 2 be honest


Bump this thread.








Most of those are genuinely funny, the rest are just sad



These are funny, sad, or cringeworthy on the one half, and utterly jackassery of the cringe compilers creating these videos on the other half.


Yeah, that's what I meant. I laughed with most of the people who appeared in the video, not at them (either because they were purposefully funny or because they seemed to be having fun). And the rest are either "meh", actually cringy, or sad in the sense that I wouldn't ridicule them.

The jokes are obviously lost on the dumbasses who make those compilations.


This is fake.


File: 1612880508059-0.png (Spoiler Image, 2.81 MB, 1024x1578, bpp.png)

File: 1612880508059-1.png (Spoiler Image, 2.96 MB, 1024x1536, BPP.png)




File: 1614428061139-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.77 KB, 743x828, climax-yuuko-11.jpg)

File: 1614428061139-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.28 KB, 849x1280, cocoa-aisu-10.jpg)

File: 1614428061139-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.36 KB, 300x420, hd-jav-model-0.jpg)


It actually seems like not a bad plan to communally clean up, if everyone has to do the same regardless.

Based BPP.



File: 1614718603354-0.png (Spoiler Image, 348.61 KB, 570x403, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1614718603354-1.png (Spoiler Image, 380.5 KB, 375x500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1614718603354-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.45 KB, 512x701, 2002_NYR_01081_0316_000(04….jpg)

>Hiropon is a sculpture created in 1997 by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Produced during Murakami's so-called "bodily fluids" period, the 7.33 ft (223.5 cm) tall statue depicts an anime-inspired figure expelling streams of breast milk from her nipples. Like its companion piece My Lonesome Cowboy, it is an example of superflat art, an art movement founded by Murakami in the 1990s to criticize Japanese consumer culture.
>My Lonesome Cowboy is a sculpture created in 1998 by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Produced during Murakami's so-called "bodily fluids" period, the 9.45 ft-tall (288 cm) statue depicts an anime-inspired figure ejaculating a large strand of semen. Like its companion piece Hiropon, My Lonesome Cowboy is an example of superflat art, an art movement founded by Murakami in the 1990s to criticize Japanese consumer culture. The sculpture is noted as among Murakami's most famous works.
>My Lonesome Cowboy is an 9.45-foot-tall (288 cm) sculpture depicting a smiling nude anime-inspired male figure with spiked hair. The figure's legs are spread, and he is gripping his large erect penis, which is ejaculating semen that circles around his body like a lasso.


File: 1614944539127.png (1.46 MB, 1557x1166, 1614941956639.png)


love leftists talking about consumerism while they buy flags and busts of marx and books they never read to decorate their shelves with


It's ironic to see right wingers complain about consumerism when none of those rightoids are even living near an ascetic hermit monk life.


Books have atleast some worth in itself


We could have discussions on what consumer goods might look like under a more socialist mode of production (ie, Boris Arvatov's idea of the "Comradely Object", material culture in the USSR, GDR, etc) but rightoids don't seem particularly interested in that.


Mangas are books.
And seeing the average leftypolack there is no difference whether they pretend to read Marx or Coolkyousinnjya.


File: 1615214722687.jpg (1.61 MB, 4032x1816, 20210308_084303.jpg)

Jokes on you I don't have any shelves.


Making people clean up their own shit instead of having janitors do it all is unironically based and shouldn't be limited to schools.


A few days ago from today was the anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear accident.


Weebs showing solidarity over their interest (albeit it's escapism).


That picture gives me anxiety



On this similar topic, supposedly in Korea for some time all the references to Japanese things had to be remove before in the anime that were broadcast.


Others in this thread did it, so, to this anon also, it seemed like a possibly fun, silly joke.


Is otakushit even today considered niche or is it popular nowadays?


Otaku culture is massive, you need to be more specific.


fla-what? I have zero leftist items and all my books are PDFs and ePubs

my most expensive purchase this year is a $250 Robovac – it's really helpful though


Everyone on /leftypol/ is poorfags.


> Making people clean up their own shit instead of having janitors do it all is unironically based and shouldn't be limited to schools.
it's still like that in ex-USSR countries' schools, but the teachers' power-tripping attitudes are horrible, so kids/teens just hate because it feels like forced labor instead of some honorable collaboration for the common good


File: 1623504375026.png (332.48 KB, 719x1164, ClipboardImage.png)


It's not wrong


oh now this I like, no more japanese flooding the rest of the world with retarded degenerate cartoons? sign me up.


not exactly a good country, theres also their disgusting cartoons.


seems cool to me


Yuugi best oni


File: 1623531831030.png (394.24 KB, 492x634, 1550354180597.png)

Onis in general are based


They don't look like that in canon THOUGH


Yes they are.


File: 1623534004187-0.jpg (343.53 KB, 979x1200, kh9021.jpg)

File: 1623534004187-1.jpg (135.65 KB, 1103x1280, oni.jpg)

File: 1623534004187-2.jpg (416.68 KB, 1580x1800, pa9j10.jpg)

>humans, but with horns


Don't shit on Yuugi mofo


ah yes. Red humans with horns, much better


You forgot to post furshit with your post.


this ones bland af
just like fate in general tbhbrocialismBrocialism


I agree with the fact that fate is a very bland series, but I think Raita's characters are well designed even if his style can be off-putting.
Don't be pedant.


I liked the VN and some of the anime, but I lost interest after trying to get into the other stuff. There is way too much fucking fate shit.


Japanese culture wouldn't be so reactionary if it weren't for Western influence.


Well, they wouldn't be like this if they had surrendered to the USSR instead of the USA.


If only the Soviets had taken Japan though.
They'd have a major advantage in Korea, and obviously so would China.
There'd be a more powerful red bloc in the East.
The war in Vietnam would've been more difficult to prosecute and the Communists there'd have an easier time.


Orientalism Thread >>7763

School Theme Thread >>7837


How badly did the violent activities of the Japanese New Left scare people and set the Left back?albaniaAlbania


That is quite the contrast.


That's why the Atom Bombs dropped.


>Based Oni lovers
yes yes yes yes


File: 1627111514130.png (Spoiler Image, 927.75 KB, 800x536, ClipboardImage.png)


>lib Japan trying to show the world that they're not racist anymore and that they're cool like other first world countries, despite their still horrible treatment of foreigners and their own workers, and their other, numerous problems
No one can possibly be this stupid, those have to be bots



>No one can possibly be this stupid, those have to be bots
You'd be surprised how many people believe Japan is le based ethnostate when it's a giant aircraft carrier for the US, completely subservient to the needs of their master.
Or how the easily ignore how Abe made it possible to import cheap labour from SEA while the JCP opposed it.


My dude, leftyweebpol's content on wayback has been posted here many times, thanks tho.


File: 1627198939643-0.png (278.15 KB, 500x333, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1627198939643-1.png (592.72 KB, 824x1202, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1627198939643-2.png (648.4 KB, 720x540, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1627199476825.png (200.41 KB, 478x495, 1627193774445.png)

burkina_fasoBurkina Faso


File: 1627201168367.png (397.57 KB, 663x561, 1627151794384.png)


kek I'd been thinking about these "incidents" lately
Hetafags are insufferably retarded even to this day, it's like they are incapable of seeing the implications of what they do and say and watch.


Hetalia is cringe and always has been,


I still like some of the characters tho
There's not enough USSR/communist fanart


They're mostly pretty-boys and it feels like a really gay roleplay.


>mostly pretty boys
Which is why I like them
Also because I'm still a bit attached to them due to nostalgia


So supposedly these BHs aren't "Marxist", but they do use "dialectical materialism". https://nitter.42l.fr/BlkHmmrTimes/status/1419321578500894720#m

And recently have harassed, in the typical BH autism, the PSL about their activities at events for Cuban socialism, even though both support Cuba.

Also, there are some extremely shitty takes on Helen Keller from BH.



accurate, Sakaists and other such retards are cancer who want black ethno-nationalism but trying justify it as "anti-colonialism"

>gender ideology
<if the parents know the baby to be male, they are more likely to ascribe the kicking to the fact that the child is male and therefore assumed to be more physically active by nature
Yep, this is radlib trash that will be yet another excuse to abuse children under the guise of "gender identity" positivity. All this based on tangential anecdotes, badly done "studies" and a clearly reek of sex-obsessed ideology projected onto ill people and children supposedly based on what moeshit anime promote in the capitalist market. It's just such a cart of scummy manipulative opinion that just thinking of how wrong it is raises red flags.
>inb4 why/explain/'no-argument"
This is the kind of longwinded, rainbow capitalist radlib twaddle that would take longer to debunk in sufficient detail than the actual article itself, and nobody is going to read that.





What was the pic and what is the relevance?



>Magia Record, Kakushigoto, Fruits Basket and Sword Art Online: A general review of anime in 2020

>Anime is an immensely popular entertainment and art global medium, particularly among young people. It is one, however, to which socialist criticism or general sociological criticism is never (at least consistently) applied. There are millions of texts, blogs and words devoted to comparing one anime with another, but this is almost always done from a fairly superficial or purely personal standpoint rather than one that contextualizes the medium politically and historically.

>We are writing about anime to encourage audiences who, at this point, tend to accept the material that passes before their eyes rather uncritically from a social point of view to begin demanding more substantial work. We live in acutely tense and complex times, and the generalities and banalities that anime has thrived on to this point are wholly inadequate.

>Here, therefore, is a review of a selection of anime that aired throughout 2020 with an eye on different genres, source materials and studios as well as popularity and, admittedly, the author’s own personal interests.


File: 1633311167747.jpg (24.47 KB, 540x405, 1629858790171.jpg)



File: 1633314214413-0.jpg (375.9 KB, 1410x1900, 1630494943068.jpg)

File: 1633314214413-1.png (232.05 KB, 378x833, WE.png)

>How did burgers go from calling Japanese people slant-eyed Tojo Japs 80 years ago to claiming them as whites now?
A large portion of East Asian Americans have successfully entered the middle class and have attained some form of higher education thus raising a generation of well-mannered and educated Asians who behave and speak in a way typical of whites, and since in America white people (and Jews) have historically been the only people to have been part of the middle class and higher until the mid to late 20th century middle class status and manners have come to be associated with whiteness and this has been the rock on which white supremacist ideology was founded.
It's interesting to note that the designation of Asian people as "white" came in successive waves of immigration over the decades, first it was the Japanese as they were the closest culturally to the west, then after the Korean War Korean immigration ticked up considerably and now even Chinese people have started to be considered the same as their other Japanese and Korean brethren when historically they were considered the lowest of Asian people although this is still not as uniform as it is with other Asians, not to mention that even many Indochinese people have also attained the same status. You can also see this starting to happen with even some Latino people considering themselves white, and to a much lesser extent with some black people adopting white mannerisms much more recently as many more black people have started to enter the middle class comfortably.

So tl;dr: Being "white" in America is short for being comfortably part of the middle and upper class.


About the black people thing, I've noticed that a lot of them are now eating seafood, the ultimate white people food.


On the topic of weebshit and /pol/ >>10491


File: 1633407703006.jpg (69.48 KB, 512x288, you will never ever.jpg)

I'm a way too old otaku who's always been into a lot of underground Japanese subculture shit thanks to learning the language but even I have to be amazed at the sort of shallow orientalism that's going on on imageboards, like cumming at sakura trees, larping as an imperialist or making Japan seem as the last trad ethnostate (it really isn't), or more recently and what prompted me to make this thread, someone posting a picture of their room with a huge ass poster of Tokyo's subway map. Like really? What's the appeal of that? Sure, he might have been a train otaku, but nothing else in the picture indicated that.

To sum it up, fuck orientalism.


File: 1633409369314.jpg (187.35 KB, 740x693, dmt.jpg)

Where did that misconception of Japan being trad come from? They're just as degenerate as Americans and just as spergy. They have traditions that are only traditions of habit now it seems. They're an isolated nation we must remember.
I think it's funny because Japan's values are the exact opposite of American's ones.
>One of the strictiest gun laws in the world
>Nanny state - fining people for not strictly following the rules and using an ironically informal blacklist for individuals that do not follow them, mirroring China's Social Credit Score.
>Not individualist at all
>Merit doesn't really matter
>Religion is a private matter instead of being shoved down your throat
>Public shaming keeps freedom of speech in check
>No freedom to criticize the government
And so on, but looks like burgers are willing to trade their "values" in exchange of having less commies (read: liberals) around them.
<well you see, the japs are submissive and they are well behaved and cultured and maintain their traditions so they don’t need guns to defend themselves!
Japanese people used to be cool and rebellious back in the 60s-80s, but modern nips are effectively domesticated and brainwashed by their ideological state apparatus. There's a reason why leftism is a pretty fringe thing in Japan. This is very much evident in anime or manga too. Japan's definitely not like some rightoid's wet dream, but it also lacks people and movements that want to change the system for the better along progressive leftist lines. Japan's just filled with confused youth who aren't critically well-equipped to denigrate the current system because no one in Japan guides them towards leftist philosophies. So all they do is rationalize their just anxieties as personality flaws and try to "come of age", which basically means to fit in and look the part (the recent Evangelion 4.0 conclusion is a good example >>9774 ).
Call this perhaps Nazbol, but there is something tragic about how Japanese culture has been majorly cucked by modernity and imperialism, sort of like how the Korean used in the DPRK and the southern entity have become at times unintelligible to each other, so some say.


>[foolish] samurai
On the topic of Jap Otaku LARP >>>/edu/1855


File: 1633555110623.jpg (240.65 KB, 1411x924, 110613.jpg)

>but there is something tragic about how Japanese culture has been majorly cucked by modernity and imperialism
I mean they wholesale rejected their culture in a feverish drive to modernize themselves as fast as possible during Meiji era. Yet another impact of Zaibatsu policies.
<Nevertheless, after the Meiji Restoration of 1868, governmental policies of modernization and westernization dictated a wholesale rejection of the preceding feudal era. Even the best elements of Edo-period culture were deemed outdated and vulgar and were thought to require prompt and thorough extirpation.
<When, for example, a school of fine arts was founded in Tokyo’s Ueno Park during the Meiji period, the Japanese government established a department of Western music but made no provisions for the study of traditional Japanese music. Today hardly anyone would agree with this policy, but it took many years before Japanese traditional music began to be regarded as equal in value to Western music. And it was not until after World War II that Japanese music was made part of the official public school curriculum.
Another big example of this is the creation of state Shinto. Before that Shinto and Buddhism were so intertwined it was to distinguish what was Shinto and what was Buddhist, given how many Shinto sanctuaries and Buddhist temples were built near each other and were supposed to "help" each other. For example, the monks prayed to make the kami residing in the sanctuary attached to their temple to convert it to Buddhism. Then the Meiji government made up state Shinto, forced the separation of Buddhism and Shinto and uniformed Shinto practices throughout the country, this way countless of actually traditional Shinto practices got lost forever.


File: 1633559893039-0.png (3.51 MB, 1095x1693, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633559893039-1.png (524.6 KB, 1165x1087, edo-vs-meiji.png)

This is not to say that old Edo Japan is better for the average person over all.
>Samurai were abolished of their special privilege as a feudal class. The Samurai were pretty much permitted to rape and murder whoever they wanted prior the the Meiji Reforms. Random laymen could be stopped and murdered in spontaneity if the Samurai wanted and no consequences would follow. For example, there is a practice known as Tsujigiri in which Samurai would test their new blade(s) on an unfortunate civilian. In other words, the Samurai pretty much had 100% impunity from any crime (against peasants) any ancient civilized society would deem depraved.
>The Samurai were not noble compassionate super-warriors like they were shown on TV and Japanese Imperial Era bastardized Bushido. Instead, they were an extremely oppressive class of nobles who exacted intense suffering onto those below them with virtually no consequences. The only real “traditional Samurai spirit” one can see in the actions of the Imperial Japanese were their absolute brutality fueled by unbridled hubris. Samurai in the warring states period always switches allegiances and surrenders were a totally acceptable outcome. It’s only when the Imperial Japanese needed to impress the Westerners and convince the West of their civility that they began spinning and bastardizing the Samurai narrative to fit the rose-tint lenses of the Western perspective.
The Meiji Restoration brought a transition to capitalism and so advanced social rights and other aspects from the feudal oppression. It's something that Rounin Kenshin goes into a bit.

Why the shogunate did not get overthrown prior to the 1860s https://archive.ph/HN5lW
The Last Samurai from cinematographic perspective https://archive.ph/q55fB Historical Accuracy https://archive.ph/mU5EY


File: 1633902137947.png (1.08 MB, 680x993, ClipboardImage.png)

>The Last Samurai
On the subject of Samurai, Bushido and the fantasy of noble warriors, the article below goes into Ghost of Tsushima and how, while it attempts to use the aesthetics of Kurosawa, it completely misses the mark on his films and their meanings and like many other typical samurai media like Last Samurai makes them into heroic legends. That said the game is apparently very high quality and a well-written fantasy.


File: 1634183562121.png (456.91 KB, 352x600, Rin Nohara.png)

That looks like Rin Nohara, a /pol/ favorite, LMAO


>those horns
god that's terrible, looks like some pulsating turgid tumor on the pics brow


Why is it that most otaku these days are right wingers? Otaku culture used to be leftist back in 20th century.


because the left (and right wing progressives like left wing liberals) abandoned anime spaces and comunities and really just shit on them everytime and never want to be associated with them, same thing with gaming, tough in gaming our presence is very thin,but it still marginal.


You should meet more people.


See >>10491 and the assorted thread replies


Chan culture influence


File: 1634789959321.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>the ultimate white people food.
That feel when the earliest archeological findings of upright humans in Africa had them living on the coast eating sea food.

Also do Japanese fetishize Black people (muh blacked) like rightoid incels in America do? Like yeah there is some Black on Asian stuff ( >>9029 ), just about every fetish has some content in this porn-addled capitalist culture, but I mean specifically a focus on the fetish. From my observations both personally and in social media, they tend to be into whites and dislike blacks, edging into racism at times.


Something very common to weebs is an obsession in Right-Wing Japanese politics and their treatment of other nations like Korea or China - thus denial of Nanking and other atrocities that the veterans of the wars themselves admitted. "労務者" (rōmusha) programs having individuals that are "willing" or "benefited" kind of ignores the fact that people that live in such conditions have to change to survive - doing this kind of shit and keeping pretenses of pride leads to death; there is a reason some rape victims act more sexually promiscuous after, trauma and dealing in it is terrible.
An example of this is Videos 1 and 2 and article related https://archive.ph/mxVWb
Links to said videos in Ytube
1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9syNRdgz_Xw https://archive.ph/4LNQ5
2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVW-Aryn3PU&ab_channel=FUKUSHIMAVideos https://archive.ph/md5rC
The second video refers to documents uploaded on http://texas-daddy.com/comfortwomen.htm (yes the URL is legit and you can use archive.is if you're wary).

Video 3 is a counter to some of stuff in the first 2 videos

Unique IPs: 10

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