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What are some good dystopian sic-di movies.

(mod edit: cyberpunk goes in here too)
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I thought Cyberia was a point and click adventure lol


Watched Don't Look Up recently. The satire is so close to the current reality that it feels mesmerizingly horrific and depressingly real. I don't want to spoil it so I'm not going into details, I recommend this reflection of the spectacle to be seen is all I'll say.


It's also a comic for dark horse but it's only average. Gibson has never been that much of a friend to the Soviets.


Yeah I read the comic a long time ago, it's alright, not blatantly anti-soviet at least for the standards of the time. The Novelized script had a version that tried to represent the Weyland Yutani Corp. as an allegory for communism but they cut that out later for being too nonsensical.


Does Threads counts as a sci-fi dystopian movie?


Kind of funny how it's Britain that wanted to bomb Britain in the case of Soviet invasion


Not really scifi, it's good shit though.


how can you claim "death of author" and then call others "pomos" rofl


Follow the thread chain idiot. The anon claimed that "Wachowski were making fun of you" having no substantial proof. I claimed that this is unlikely but that even if they suddenly retroactively decided this 2 decades later, this doesn't change the original meaning already in place and demonstrated. But I didn't actually claim Death of Author, I said in the case that the Wachowski's had indeed made the claim of making fun of people in THAT case I call Death of Author, but the other anon did not provide proof and simply made the claim that the authors intended a Post-Modernist style of film that in the end meant little more than to mock the audience, and that has no proof, ergo PoMoism.


Board moving back during the split fucked it all up here's the link now >>13032


>nothing covers a shit and depressive life better than sex-appeal, celebrity gossip, and mass shootings
So basically the past 3 decades of America?


not sci-fi nor dystopian


File: 1660186338259.png (145.23 KB, 600x315, ClipboardImage.png)

Speaking of Soylent Green and cannibalism:
>Lab-grown human meat could be used to create cubes of celebrity meat
>New York Times had an article of cannibalism apologia be responded to with disgust by even twitter
Eating Vitro meat is totally ethical guyz, don't eat de bugz, eat human meat!
Thankfully at least a large proportion of people are against this (even in studies done by clearly biased scientists) even if the sociopathic scientific community seems overjoyed to condone it and make up some BS studies about it being "healthy" while fringe historians seek to white wash it, fucking hell this is one fucked up reality.
These same liberals are the ones crying accusations and handwringing about China supposedly selling human meat as canned corned beef in Africa.

>inb4 the retarded "b-but animals do it"

So? Some animals shit in the water they live in or eat their shit or live in shit, should we also? We're distinct from animals in many regards and I don't doubt for a second that Porky would seek to encourage destructive, dehumanizing ideas to the people just to make them stupider, less hesitant to do horrific things and literally eat shit from Porky, making them 'tame'. Additionally many cannibalistic animals are invertebrates or lower forms of vertebrates like fish, amphibians and reptiles, and those that are not like Mammals or birds almost never engage in cannibalism because it is a last resort measure against starvation.
>inb4 other cultures
Same applies, some ritualistic consumption likely came from practices that originated during ancient times of famine, that had people consume the flesh of the dead to survive, and to rationalize it, made it into a ritual to respect them. It's just like the Chinese cooking dogs (sometimes alive) as part of a festival - it originates from times of hunger (that China suffered plenty of) - and became tradition that has no reason to exist. The same applies to the cannibal tribes in Africa and New Guinea, that clearly ate human flesh as a surviving method, and rationalized it into a tradition. These examples do not make it right.


Feels > reelz


causal reductionism


>Eating Vitro meat is totally ethical guyz, don't eat de bugz, eat human meat!
retarded rightwinger atavist can't into morality #93738209238


File: 1660229812938.png (2.3 MB, 1418x1776, ClipboardImage.png)

>U-ur rightwing! M-moralism
<The scientific establishment that is controlled by porky is totally going to push a narrative that is actually good and useful for people, they're totally not going to be used to manipulate people, like they did in Tuskegee, Stanley, Langley etc. we promise, just shut up and eat your human meat you bigots!
Retarded liberal retard can't into logic #33234567898432
Go back ratman


>causal reductionism


File: 1664808717488.png (764.64 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

Saw Avatar again over the weekend and noticed that it takes about six years to travel between Earth and Pandora…
>humans leave pandora at the end of the first movie (2009)
>takes 6 years to get to Earth (2015)
>Avatar 2 comes out in 2022, and humans are back
>they had to leave 6 years earlier to arrive then (2016)
>about a year in between to prepare
Am I crazy or did James Cameron intentionally put a 13 year gap between these movies IRL as an intentional storytelling device?

>James Cameron's Avatar is a rather unknown dystopic film,
lol yes, the hidden gem which is also the top grossing film of all time.
>Red Cynic did a good review of the leftist themes and the story
Chapo Trap House also has done an episode about it and how it's anti-imperialist and specifically not a white savior trope and how it's distinct from movies like Pocahontas or Dances with Wolves.
Avatar 1 rewatch (2020) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7CtTo88QOI
Avatar 2 trailer reaction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtHDTdrgp0o

But yeah, Avatar is an interesting example of dystopian sci-fi, even cyberpunk, because unlike most examples it doesn't exclusively show a setting where capital is all-encompassing and has put the world into a terminal decline. That's true on Earth, but because of that humans are driven to plunder resources from elsewhere in the universe. And that's where 99% of the movie happens, on a largely intact ecosystem that is in an early stage of contact with humans. One of the things that makes it stand out from the rest of the milieu is that it's beating you over the head with the point that the dystopia is unnecessary. It's used as a plot point that Jake says "We don't have anything they want." While that statement is used (by certain characters) at that moment to justify just taking their shit, it's still there to make the point that for all the technological wonders humans have they have nothing to offer the aliens, whose "primitive" society already has everything they need. Later, Jake even explicitly says (to the world tree of Pandora) that "there's no green" on Earth, and that humans "killed their mother" and would do the same on Pandora. The construction of this contrast between the navi and humans is unusual if not unique because while it does point at a cyberpunk dystopia and say "This is our future," it also points at a world where aliens live sustainably with is almost explicitly a bio-engineered ecosystem and say, "…but it doesn't have to be."

And then after that, it shows that if you want the other option, not a system that dumbly harvests the world until it's a desert, you have to fight for it. It's mostly a foregone conclusion that the diplomatic solution won't work, to the point that Quaritch immediately recruits Jake to spend his time with the aliens delivering intelligence to him on the (correct) assumption that they can't be convinced to move. It's made clear a couple of times not only that diplomacy will not work in this kind of situation, but that it's fundamentally absurd to even try. Dr. Augustine tries to convince the corporate suit that the biology of the planet is more valuable than the simple mineral they are after (being a naturally occurring internet that can upload and ack up your consciousness). He seems to literally not even understand what she's saying, not that he would care, because he is too absorbed in his corporate job and his deliverables because structurally he can't give a shit about anything else. I think people sleep on this character too much because he's considered too tropey or un-serious, but he is precisely the kind of person you have to put in charge of an operation like this, someone who cannot see the forest for the trees (or for the ore under them).

I remember people joking back in 09 how Parker Selfridge was introduced by practicing his putt on the operations center, because that was a big cliche at the time and how Cameron was being "unoriginal" like the rest of the movie. The "putting in the office" trope was popular because it gives you easy instant characterization of somebody as a shitty corporate manager. This is somebody who:
<is a golfer, meaning they are bourgie and at least "upper middle class"
<goofs around in their office, meaning they are detached and can do their work with minimal focus, which at one point was used to indicate that administrative work is not hard and maybe not necessary, but eventually came to illustrate that an administrator was "high functioning" and "too smart" for even upper management, so needs to entertain themselves just to occupy their big brains
<plays a game that requires a significant amount of open space, meaning they have a nice big (private) office, which is used to visually communicate their power
<the putting is also shot with a low-angle "worm's eye view" to make the character appear to tower above the viewer, again emphasizing their power
<while playing the game, they tend to be either alone, talking to their secretary (who is in another room), or bringing people in for 1-on-1 meetings, which shows how alienated and separated from the organization this character is, isolated socially and physically by this powerful position. Often used to portray them as an "emperor sitting on his throne" but with a twist of being restless and fidgety.
<Typically are putting into a coffee mug, which both shows their excessive trinkets (usually some novelty mug) and the trivialization of an important tool to the regular worker peons (caffeeine as a necessary stimulant to enable you to do your job).

But what's interesting about this scene is that even though it's very brief is that it's actively subverting the entire trope (but probably not being noticed because it's such a small piece of the first act and it doesn't draw attention to itself). The overall contour of this short scene is to show how the position of the corporate manager has degenerated over time, reduced from bribing you with a cool office and amenities to being an almost vestigial cog in a much larger machine. This is suggested throughout the scene, with Quaritch making more of the actual decisions, and outright confirmed in a deleted scene where Quaritch actually supersedes his authority under implicit threats of violence.
<Parker cannot actually golf on Pandora because of course there are no courses. This little game for him actually functions like a little piece of home, since people get stationed out here for several year stints. It's escapism from his overall situation, not bringing an active hobby to the office.
<Parker is goofing around, because his job is easy, but this is because his role is truly perfunctory and he doesn't really serve much purpose.
<Unlike the usual use of the trope, Parker does not golf in his office (which we shortly see is actually quite small), but instead has to putt right in the middle of the command bridge, which is both visually distracting and physically in the way of the operation. He is a very literal obstructive bureaucrat who just gets in the way of the military operation while people are working.
<Parker is shown from a low angle, but it's to set up Dr. Augustine standing above him in the scene (upright with righteous indignation while he is hunched over and complaining about "moral hygienists."), and then the low shot is used to show her kicking the mug away and ruining his putt, also subverting the power symbolism.
<While Parker in the scene is not physically alone in an office, he is socially alone since everyone in the command center is busy working and he brags about his putt to an underling who he himself points out does not give a shit and is focused on work. He is like a child playing around the feet of the adults, not some high power manager flexing on peons.
<The coffee mug he putts into is branded with the company's logo, just some standard issue thing which may not even be his. When they go into his actual office, we can see he does have a mug on his (cluttered) desk, within easy reach as if he had been drinking it recently, and appears to be another standard-issue company mug. Implying he does drink coffee and is occupied with some kind of tasks that he's actually shirking to putt in everyone's way.
And on top of the subversion of the trope itself, his putting turf the SINGLE PIECE of artificial green in the film. Parker comes from a world where all the natural green is gone, but on a lush jungle world he diverts his attention with a little strip of astroturf. He could literally just look up, out one of the windows, and see more vegetation with his own eyes than exists on the entire Earth. But he's so narrowminded he focuses on his lame little portable putting green.
Despite the brevity of the scene, it emphasizes early on and pretty straightforwardly how much the corporate superstructure has become subordinated to the military side of things. Parker is also notably the only corporate bureaucrat among dozens of military personnel. All of this is in line with the degeneration of "late stage" capitalism morphing into fascism or something like it, where naked force rules because the struggle over resources to extract becomes the dominant conflict.
Here's the scene btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ievs9hasNX4

tl;dr on seeing the movie again a decade later I noticed a lot more depth to the storytelling and themes, and in some ways it's a lot more obviously relevant now.

I remember getting a sense of ennui after seeing it the first time, but it wasn't like depression. It was more like the feeling of immersion you get from VR, and then that going away.

>Given how disappointing and garbage Terminator Dark Fems, Predator (2018) and Alien: Covenant were, I don't hold out much hope on it being good.
Those were all studio-driven films. T2 was good, so was Aliens. James Cameron makes what he wants to make, and he's been obsessed with the Avatar story since the 90s when he first wrote them. These films are driven by a single person with a specific creative vision that he's been working on for decades.


hold on, why eating vitro human meat would be bad tho ?, it does not come from slaughtering any human being, there is no moral problem from consuming it other than the drama of it being made from humans.


Cannibalism leads to prion diseases.


File: 1664812477702.png (80.55 KB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

The ethics of consuming human flesh is complicated, but that'll derail the thread. Its simply unnecessary and a fad for rich people.
"There are some moral/economic problems involved as well even if you're okay with eating people killed by accident: how could one be sure, at a deli, that one's long pork is "ethically sourced"? I think the long-term risk of prion diseases are not only a very good practical reason for not eating human flesh, but (along with the increased social stability associated with having a lower risk of being hunted down for food by neighbors) probably one of the historical drivers for the abandonment of human-flesh eating in those societies where the recovering of nutrients was not a dominant concern."


File: 1664813628449.jpg (58.03 KB, 713x467, xzi'bit.jpg)

>Those were all studio-driven films
Except James Cameron approved the last Terminator (and he shilled prior bad ones like Genysis). Moreover Ridley Scott directed and had authorial control on Prometheus and Covenant and his project essentially lead to Fox killing off the much more interesting Alien film that Niel Blomkamp had been proposing.
Predator 2018 had poor direction and it doesn't excuse the shitty production. Prey sucked too and people praising it are just blinded by the different approach it took, nevermind the inane story. Avatar also isn't that great a film. It's got some interesting elements and concepts I liked, having a fairly decent story, but functionally is little different to Pocohontas crossed with some other films. It's a decent film, but modern trends do not encourage my hopes for the sequel.

T2 and Aliens are great films but also an 80s/90s culture that doesn't exist today anymore, that's the same reason Prometheus and Covenant had super-modern tech and shiny modern aesthetic, despite the original Alien franchise consistently holding to the more grungy cyberpunk visual that Ridley Scott had in Bladerunner. That's part of the reason Bladerunner 2049 feels so disconnected to me - the aesthetics changed immensely (as did the story telling method and characterizations/acting).
>he's been obsessed with the Avatar story since the 90s when he first wrote them
And back in the 90s I'd expect it do be much different, Cameron's lost his touch in my opinion, in part due to being absorbed into Hollywood rather than being the independent director that simply made films there. And decades of work =/= automatically mean good, if anything that indicates bloated work. It'd be different if this had been a series of books, but they're not.


>Ridley Scott
What does that have to do with Cameron lol.
They are different people with very different track records. Cameron's success absolutely dwarfs Scott's for one, meaning he has more leeway with studio money, and he has enough money of his own that he can fund his projects with more autonomy.
>Avatar also isn't that great a film.
That doesn't really matter from a business perspective, just that it sells tickets. Germane to storytelling though, it's actually pretty economical regarding what it presents and given the plans for 5 movies total it seems like it's meant to set things up before the real story begins.
>modern trends do not encourage my hopes for the sequel.
Sure, I have doubts about that, particularly regarding the financial situation of theaters, but the first Avatar literally created the entire 3D trend and really push a lot of changes forward like more ubiquitous CGI and long-form use of performance capture (not just for movies but for video games too). Cameron has a long career of innovating technology and film techniques that has consistently scaled upward. As long as the business side holds I don't see any reason he wouldn't continue here.
>the aesthetics changed immensely (as did the story telling method and characterizations/acting)
Avatar 1 is from 2009 though. Not much has changed since then in terms of film visuals, and from the trailer it seems the look is consistent.
>Cameron's lost his touch in my opinion,
What makes you say that?
> And decades of work =/= automatically mean good
It worked for Avatar 1.
But we'll see.


File: 1664839259916.png (854.36 KB, 1150x598, ClipboardImage.png)

>have to do with Cameron
Because I mentioned movies that Cameron did not take part in (Predator 2018 and Covenant).
>Cameron's success absolutely dwarfs Scott's
But his more recent ones haven't been that great
>meaning he has more leeway with studio money, and he has enough money of his own that he can fund his projects with more autonomy
Like Avatar and it's not that great. It's not about the money ̶S̶p̶i̶d̶e̶r̶m̶a̶n̶ ̶
>doesn't really matter from a business perspective
I meant that the sequel films I mentioned a priori aren't good films themselves, not that they make money or not.
>the first Avatar literally created the entire 3D trend
True, but that 3D trend has lost itself into mediocrity. Sure Cameron is innovative, but as Terminator: DF demonstrated CGI far inferior to T2 or other older films.
>Avatar is from 2009
Well… actually it's been that long?! Damn… anyway my point is that Avatar 2 doesn't feel like its going to do the things Cameron used to do - expanding on the original. Maybe Cameron can make a comeback, but I'm not holding out hope.
>What makes you say that
The mediocre Terminator sequels and other films that he signed off on are far beneath the standards he set in his older films.


>Like Avatar and it's not that great. It's not about the money ̶S̶p̶i̶d̶e̶r̶m̶a̶n̶ ̶
Counterpoint: he aims for a truly mass audience with the movie and succeeds. It's not intended to have the kind of success that Terminator or Aliens had. It's trying to have the kind of success Titanic had, and to introduce a very large number of people to the themes and messages (which he openly says regarding his views about the environment).
>True, but that 3D trend has lost itself into mediocrity.
Nobody has actually tried to make it work though, and it shows. I'm personally not a big fan of 3D but it worked very well for Avatar 1 and has worked ok for some animated films.
>Sure Cameron is innovative, but as Terminator: DF demonstrated CGI far inferior to T2 or other older films.
>The mediocre Terminator sequels and other films that he signed off on are far beneath the standards he set in his older films.
He hasn't been involved in the production of Terminator since T2 lol. All he has done was recommend Sam Worthington as an actor to the people making Salvation and then to do "script work" for Dark Fate, which apparently didn't amount to much more than handing the producers a list of random ideas he'd had and tell them to see if they could find anything useful. They are not his movies in any meaningful sense.
>Avatar 2 doesn't feel like its going to do the things Cameron used to do - expanding on the original.
It's introducing new characters and locations at least, and apparently a new alien language. There's not much else to do with the material from A1. It seems to take place somewhere very different, and the same amount of time has passed in-universe so now Jake and Neytiri have a bunch of children.


>He hasn't been involved in the production of Terminator since T2
Uhhh no, its specifically mentioned in the interviews that he and Tim Miller both had influence on scenes and direction. Hell the initial scene of the Terminator killing off John Conner in the first scene of the movie had been his idea.
> which apparently didn't amount to much more than handing the producers a list of random ideas he'd had and tell them to see if they could find anything useful
Actually no, both he and Miller stated in exaggerated tones about the struggle and arguments about implementing ideas into the film… not that it did any good.


File: 1667877120732.webm (3.4 MB, 1920x960, Avenue5.webm)


It's a show, but still good dystopian sci-fi


In a new interview, James Cameron states outright that he made the first Avatar movie for the purposes of climate activism, and he went back to make sequels after various indigenous leaders contacted him to say the first movie spoke to their experiences and that he thought he could amplify their stories of struggle for a global audience. He literally took a decade to plan out a multi-film saga that advocates for anti-imperialism.
timestamp: 18:15

Chapo was right about what he's doing. Whether they're right about him succeeding remains to be seen.

Source for this? It contradicts what I've heard/read.


Since you people talk about Terminator and Avatar I feel compelled to daily remind you of this piece on accelerationism by Mark Fischer


>Source for this
James Cameron is listed as one of the 5 writing credits for Dark Fate and as Producer. It was LITERALLY Cameron's idea to kill John Connor off in the first scene.
Furthermore Tim Miller stated that he doesn't want to work with Cameron anymore because of control issues. Part of the attempted hype for Dark Fate is the fact that the IP rights returned to Cameron as overseer. Hell Cameron had anticipating kicking off a trilogy, demonstrating he had overhanging influence.
- https://collider.com/terminator-dark-fate-new-trilogy/
- https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/why-terminator-dark-fate-director-wont-work-james-cameron-again-1257322/
- https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/11/02/terminator-dark-fate-john-connor-death-dead-scene
The sheer irony of Cameron writing this after he bitched about Alien3 doing the same thing is amazing.

>He literally took a decade to plan out a multi-film saga that advocates for anti-imperialism.

If that's honestly the case I'm tentatively hopeful, but frankly I'm not going have high hopes, the trailer for Way of Water has done little to reassure me. Cameron talks a big game, but he's been doing that for a good decade and its coming off as empty talk.


File: 1684555476770.jpg (71.85 KB, 800x800, red myr.jpg)

Not a movie per se but applicable to the OP topic

Been replaying TiTs recently until I got sick of it again. Honestly most of the fun isn't the porn ironically but the little nuances in the game text; memes, references, social commentary, etc.
A lot of it is just what is expected - a literal Fucking Space Adventure parody, however over the course of the Myrmidon campaign I've noticed that the creators (Fenoxo and Co) put a lot of comprehensive effort into creating nuanced socio-political situations amidst all the fucking, exploring and fighting.

The Red Myr Federation and their idea of citizenship is a spot on depiction of Heinlein's society in Starship Troopers (no, not "muh fashisum" that the movie purports); a rather strict militant meritocracy with firm equality but no sets of distinct classes outside of the military command heirarchy. The contrast is the decadent, feudal Monarchy of the Gold Myr and their hedonistic society, which is declining. The War Queen from Federation Quest is also a contrast of a warrior king (queen) idea and the Merchant Queen is also an interesting depiction of the inevitable descent into capitalism in feudal societies. Then with the Gold/Red Myr conflict (and the Orange Myr resolution) we see the idea of racial tensions when realistically speaking they are one people. The Trench Wives also reflects the realities of war, wherein soldiers, even married ones may take up war-time love-lives (even with enemy people) as part of dealing with stress like PTSD.

And in between that you have the Anatae's socialist utopia and the Black Market manipulations of Orryx, and the struggles of a trans person with Embry as well as overhanging problems of corrupt slave trades, drug-abuse/addiction, tribal people living under more developed societies (literally). There is even a part during Fazian's search, where talking about him with Gene gives a part where the latter reveals that he and Fazian have peaceful debates on the merits of his society and capitalist ones. It's all done very skillfully without any dumb, hamfisted "hurr muh commies/nazis/libruls/conservacucks" garbage.

So yeah, I really enjoyed that.


File: 1684555765150.png (142.59 KB, 600x600, Scarlet_Federation.png)

Oh hunh cool


TiT gave me many good faps to breast expansion and fatties


>Cameron talks a big game, but he's been doing that for a good decade and its coming off as empty talk.
Just the fact that he's making movies in that scale with global broad appeal instead if just US appeal is something imo, maybe enough


The most realistic dystopian thing I've seen is a black and white graphic novel, with kind of scribbling art, about a group of women surviving long term in an early mad mad max hellscape. I can try and find the name if anyone wants


sure sounds interesting


Black River?


Thanks anon, that's the one. I must have been pretty dazed recommending it in a dystopia thread because it's pure post apocalyptic. Some of the moments in it stayed with me but I never read or watched Walking Dead so ymmv


Know where I can get a DL?


just watch it


my brother in christ you don't know about libgen.gs use the advanced search to get comics only


File: 1685111544718.webm (1.32 MB, 540x960, christcucks.webm)

>my brother in christ


can't wait until the last christian in america dies or converts and then LARPer americans have no excuse anymore for blaming christians for political problems just like how Europeans don't have any excuse either (and yet still do so lol)


File: 1685150804247.jpg (161.04 KB, 960x699, christian communism.jpg)

Cope Seethe Mald faggot.


File: 1685171807372.jpg (41.38 KB, 700x465, mfw.jpg)

imagine getting this butthurt on /hobby/
speak like a human.


Anon, "my brother in christ" is a common imageboard term of endearment. It does not imply any christliness and should not trigger this kind of reaction in a cosy rec thread.


>N-no ur mad not me!
Ok fag

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