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It is time for us to start the counter-attack, this cannot go on



>mirroring nazis


We already have some anons making a based vn


>ironic VNs


>Ironic VNs
why LOL?


The only problem I have with this thread is that we already have a VN thread


I'd like to see the anime-girl version of Hitler rant, not gonna lie.


There are already a few VNs (most of them ironic I think) about communism.
I've no idea if that North Korea parody of Go! Go! Nippon is any good or just retarded clichés+generic porn. Art is pretty fucking good though

I fucking hate ironic VNs

The MajiKoi thread?


File: 1608529039952-0.png (208.01 KB, 1122x798, SSDPRK.png)

File: 1608529039952-1.png (80.82 KB, 1121x365, CBS.png)

File: 1608529039952-2.png (82.84 KB, 1120x385, SWoTR.png)

After checking the page for that VN and a few others by the same developer, I get the impression that they're semi-ironic and semi-serious, and are just milking this kind of subject for money.

Also it appears to be full of clichés as expected.


It would look cute and stupid


>are just milking this kind of subject for money
Just like all le ironic XD visual novels.

There's a large market of tasteless irony poisoned 20 somethings that eat this shit up and even corporations have realized this, like KFC.


>even corporations have realized this, like KFC.
god that was so fucking cringe.

I remember there was an attempt at a satirical otome game set in the Middle East about romancing ISIS members as an American glowie. The creator was an Iranian-American.
Sadly it didn't reach the goal and I don't think the devs have made an update in 2 years.


So I was browsing through the VNDB randomly and stumbled upon Mahou Shoujo Žižek-chan!
I suppose oldfags were already aware of it but tis is new to me lol


You know ironic VNs suck ass when even KFC is trying to cash in on the fad.


File: 1608529068545.jpg (508.19 KB, 1920x1080, KFC marketing Japan.jpg)

Just as reference to the anon's reference




LOL what the hell is this from




What about a serious dating simulation for various communists? It's not like there aren't enough things that could be made into in game elements.

This one actually seems somewhat interesting.


Why was this spoilered by the mods? There's nothing NSFW about it lol.


File: 1608529075557.png (1.81 MB, 1470x759, dprk.png)

We already launched the counter attack. Did you miss this one?


File: 1608529078365-1.jpg (394.7 KB, 1738x979, dont ask dont tell.jpg)

I actually played through this garbage and gunned for the big booba officer, the writing was unsurprisingly fucking trash and unfunny and every single meme about the DPRK got mentioned at least once.


hatoful boyfriend


>>>/games/1751 VN thread


Visual [b]novels[/b] aren't games.


I mean they are, just a very esoteric one.


Media like Rance count as both a game and a VN.


Not all of them. Stuff like Rance counts as both games and VNs.


Oh great.


VNs are basically interactive CYOAs


Oh neat, thanks.
If Touhou is allowed in both boards I think VNs should be, too. Since some are hybrids and others are kinetic novels that lack interactivity.

I wish I could speak for myself, but I've read this is actually well-written despite it being one of the first "funny" VNs that became popular after being streamed by YouTubers (it probably started the ironic VN fad too, unfortunately making it look like just another meme """dating sim""").
I do have it installed because I play otome, but haven't been got around to reading it.


I can barely read the name in the first pic, but I mean, she's not wrong. Shame that these little funny truths about capitalism couldn't be used to make the reader question it instead of just reaffirming DPRK myths and profiting off them.

It's the by same dev as the OP, though.


Some 'unique' ero-VN


Reminds me of that one Pigeon war cartoon from Britain way back when… I think it was called Valiant from 2005 or 2006


>No sexual content tag
What's the fucking point then?

>I can barely read the name in the first pic,
Their names are "Jeong" and "Eunji" respectively

But yeah, I agree with the rest of what you said


File: 1608529099053.png (58.32 KB, 553x759, 1459346030016.png)

>Boku no Pico VN


Cordially inviting you to
Bunkers and Icepicks, the official leftypol Nationstates region, for all our shitposting commie needs


signing up is free and no emails or personal information required.


File: 1608529111568.png (611.43 KB, 642x481, trap delusion.png)

Black Souls II anyone?


File: 1608529113918.png (458.09 KB, 640x480, 3d91.png)


File: 1608529114313.jpg (3.19 MB, 1867x3269, Gaikiken musume VN.jpg)

Anyone know if this VN ever got made?



Where install


Doesn't seem like it…


I'd say too bad but I doubt it would have worked given the tendencies of home-made VNs.


Which one

>MajiKoi thread
The whatsit now? Catalog Search gives nada.


File: 1608529138642-0.png (360.04 KB, 640x480, boy to girl VN.png)

File: 1608529138642-1.jpg (274.19 KB, 800x800, 1540514528579.jpg)

Reposting for relevance
are pics 1 and 2 respectively


File: 1608529140657.jpg (327.42 KB, 1600x740, index.jpg)

The author of Spice and Wolf covers more modern finance and stuff in World End Economica. I only read part one several years ago so I don't know/remember how in depth it actually gets. Maybe pirate a copy if you are interested.
>day trading on a first-gen lunar colony


File: 1608529142047.png (404.22 KB, 360x640, Live A Hero.png)

Live A Hero is some wierd game anyone know more about it? It's got Bara furries in anime style and I'm confused as to what the fuck it is.


Last time I checked it was about a guy who gets transported to a future where the world is already fully communist

>MajiKoi thread



It seems that their previous game Housamo has an English speaking community, and also had a lot of bara and kemono characters and that's the main appeal (as with many other shallow mobage from Japan where the main difference between them is the character designs) but outside of that, there seems to be no explicit sexual content in this game. https://live-a-hero.jp/character_list

Live A Hero is a mobile turn-based RPG. It came out on September 30. https://liveahero-wiki.github.io/
I wouldn't call it a visual novel.


>2nd pic
That's funny because the "girl" in pigtails is actually the son of the pregnant woman who is actually a futanari and also the trap's father


There's a VNDB thread about adding FOSS as a descriptor (separate from "Freeware") on visual novel releases.



File: 1608529150558.png (105.83 KB, 869x287, FALUN GONG VN.png)

Fuck that ironic VN shit. We don't need to do that to "counter-attack" especially not when they're doing it themselves already.

What we really need to respond to is shit like the Falun Gong VN lmao


Saya No Uta is still my favorite VN, pure escapism and I love it


File: 1618248440927.jpg (246.17 KB, 762x960, 2710013-tsujidou_pack.jpg)

>game about romancing delinquent girls
>full of gap moe shit with MC forcing the girl to be a generic subservient girly girl
Why do VN writers do this bros


Japanese man are very insecure


You're probably right but I don't get why they don't just write the girl that way to begin with instead of baiting me like this. Oh well


Because it's about the removal, the violent girl becoming something that fit more traditional gender role is a metaphor for her losing her power.farcLas FARC


File: 1618252479578.jpg (231.54 KB, 1032x1457, Eltmd1QVcAAJP5b-orig.jpg)

Like >>6870 and >>6872 said. It's kinda boring how it always ends up like this: we aren't allowed to enjoy strong women.
I like delinquent girls but they're so rare now.


I gag every time I find some shit like this while browsing the VNDB, there's one with a ton of """"bancho"""" lolis that are competing to marry their older brother

It's like porn. They only wear the shitty costumes and say some cheesy generic fuckin' lines before doing what every other porn movie does. Every time it's same shit different package.

That's why I generally hate KLK porn.


Shouldn't it be: Meine Waifu? Tsk.
The best counter-attack would be something that is 100 % based on statements of Adrian Zenz and Falun Gong, played straight. You know, Satan is real, rapture will happen and two out of three Jews will go to hell, etc.


>Shouldn't it be: Meine Waifu? Tsk.
Of course, but you can't expect these people to be anything but clueless about the things they claim to value.


Are the Japanese ruining animu?


Otaku do.


A "this is what the Falun Gong actually believe" disclaimer would be a nice touch.


I wonder how Germans feel about it.


Melting Point by AstroKaen is an interesting concept of a VN I've seen and played in demo.


File: 1630540769810.png (1.43 MB, 800x1080, wee.png)

Has anyone read pic related?


File: 1630540872076.png (690.2 KB, 700x625, EIMO0ocX0AAz2ms.png)

Care to recommend me some "unusual" visual novels/dating sims/otome? I cant stand high school setting or generic anime art style. Although I am willing to stomach those as long as there is interesting twist on gameplay. Just something that has different feel to it.

Recently I played Salting the Earth (buff orc girls), Ladykiller in a Bind (consent and BDSM) and Teraurge (xenophile h-game).


"A Thousand Arms" was an old PS1 RPG where a significant part of the game was going on dates with female RPG companions…it is all about the male protagonist who is a blacksmith by trade. Pretty good lefty game.
…Why does recalling these semi-crappy old 90s/2000s games give me feels? I barely ever played them FFS


>visual novels/dating sims/otome
Is otome considered such a different genre or something? are there that many girls on this site, or is it because otome offers a different kind of experience? I would hope it's both, I feel lonely.

What you consider "generic anime style" is not clear, but if you like eroge about consent, there's an otoge called Cute Demon Crashers. As an OELVN, it also has an obligatory bisexual option. https://vndb.org/v17210
The thing is, there's very few 18+ otome games, and even fewer in English:


There's a VNDB thread about adding FOSS and Open Source as descriptors (separate from "Freeware") on visual novel releases in the database. https://vndb.org/t15173


File: 1630542209251.png (2.66 MB, 1920x1079, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone got some text-RPG/VN I can play on browser?
Something like Corruption of Champions or Melting Point maybe?


Also anyone have the OST for the part where you melt/repair Tin? the theme is catchy as fuck and is stuck in my head.


File: 1630550495633.png (5.31 MB, 2160x2160, Genshin Impact.png)

Some Dating Simulators that aren't Doki Doki Literature Club

Right now practically the only dating simulator franchise for straight men is an eroge series called Lovely x Cation, and some standalone SFW ones have been released in the past decade or so. You know the guy who married a video game character? She's from the dating sim Love Plus by Konami. The 3DS version (which has only a partial translation so far) is said to be even better. The original DS version has been fully translated into English.

If you wanna play the girl and be a Yandere you can do Yandere Simulator

The classic adult dating sim Doukyuusei got a remake recently, and it's also getting an official translation that will probably release later this year. (Unfortunately if you prefer the old-school feel of the original and don't know Japanese you're gonna be stuck playing the remake). I've never played it, but apparently it's really good because, unlike other dating sims/galge of the time, sex and virginity weren't treated like a big deal (back then NTR wasn't so popular, not sure if it even existed), and the girls were taken more seriously. Plus, apparently the dialogue is pretty good compared to modern galge (at least that's what a reviewer said).

If you can stand the horrible interface and some bugs, you can play True Love, another classic dating sim (I think this one got licensed back in the day) right now:
I remember this one mostly because it had a gay ending although there's no sex in it.
You can find a guide easily.


>Some Dating Simulators that aren't Doki Doki Literature Club
DDLC isn't a dating simulator.
>If you wanna play the girl and be a Yandere you can do Yandere Simulator
That's not a dating sim either.


Oh, wait, were you reposting something from leftychan? These posts are still in this thread lol >>6370


And some of the other posts that were reposted here come from this thread >>>/games/1660


Aye, cause the moderations been cleaning up duplicate threads and the like, so I've been helping out by reposting their content here.


The following posts are original however:


Oh, ok, well, thanks.


This is what VNs would look like if made with real people


People have been memeing world end economica for years, have anyone here played those?




Library of Ruina is a series/game that focuses on a Library that attracts guests from the City with valuable books through invitations. They must fight with their life on the line. If they win, they get the book, but if they die, they become a book in its collection.
The city itself is a shit hole though if you don't live in the central nest of the area, where assassins and hitmen (Fixers) are easy to hire and a dime a dozen.
In rural parts, crime syndicates rule the backstreets, holding enough power to do as they please, and often get in fight with other syndicates.


File: 1631822391006.png (1.21 MB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

>killing rapists and nazis is… le bad!
what the fuck is wrong with japan, i thought this game might be /ourvn/ because of the messages about displacement of tribal peoples (literally explicity talks about jews being oppressed in europe) but there are rape scenes every chapter and even the main character rapes and nothing happens to him as payback? this is just retarded pacifist propaganda because japan is scared of actual political change i guess


Do you mean Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa?
I dimly recall this so mind giving some examples of your greentext?


There was a short thread about it


The thread doesn't really detail specifically the parts that YOU disliked tho, please explain.


tbf a lot of VNs have sex scenes basically tacked on due to the belief these kinds of games can't sell otherwise. And it always has rape undertones because that's hentai

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