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It is time for us to start the counter-attack, this cannot go on



>mirroring nazis


We already have some anons making a based vn


>ironic VNs


>Ironic VNs
why LOL?


The only problem I have with this thread is that we already have a VN thread


I'd like to see the anime-girl version of Hitler rant, not gonna lie.


There are already a few VNs (most of them ironic I think) about communism.
I've no idea if that North Korea parody of Go! Go! Nippon is any good or just retarded clichés+generic porn. Art is pretty fucking good though

I fucking hate ironic VNs

The MajiKoi thread?


File: 1608529039952-0.png (208.01 KB, 1122x798, SSDPRK.png)

File: 1608529039952-1.png (80.82 KB, 1121x365, CBS.png)

File: 1608529039952-2.png (82.84 KB, 1120x385, SWoTR.png)

After checking the page for that VN and a few others by the same developer, I get the impression that they're semi-ironic and semi-serious, and are just milking this kind of subject for money.

Also it appears to be full of clichés as expected.


It would look cute and stupid


>are just milking this kind of subject for money
Just like all le ironic XD visual novels.

There's a large market of tasteless irony poisoned 20 somethings that eat this shit up and even corporations have realized this, like KFC.


>even corporations have realized this, like KFC.
god that was so fucking cringe.

I remember there was an attempt at a satirical otome game set in the Middle East about romancing ISIS members as an American glowie. The creator was an Iranian-American.
Sadly it didn't reach the goal and I don't think the devs have made an update in 2 years.


So I was browsing through the VNDB randomly and stumbled upon Mahou Shoujo Žižek-chan!
I suppose oldfags were already aware of it but tis is new to me lol


You know ironic VNs suck ass when even KFC is trying to cash in on the fad.


File: 1608529068545.jpg (508.19 KB, 1920x1080, KFC marketing Japan.jpg)

Just as reference to the anon's reference




LOL what the hell is this from




What about a serious dating simulation for various communists? It's not like there aren't enough things that could be made into in game elements.

This one actually seems somewhat interesting.


Why was this spoilered by the mods? There's nothing NSFW about it lol.


File: 1608529075557.png (1.81 MB, 1470x759, dprk.png)

We already launched the counter attack. Did you miss this one?


File: 1608529078365-1.jpg (394.7 KB, 1738x979, dont ask dont tell.jpg)

I actually played through this garbage and gunned for the big booba officer, the writing was unsurprisingly fucking trash and unfunny and every single meme about the DPRK got mentioned at least once.


hatoful boyfriend


>>>/games/1751 VN thread


Visual [b]novels[/b] aren't games.


I mean they are, just a very esoteric one.


Media like Rance count as both a game and a VN.


Not all of them. Stuff like Rance counts as both games and VNs.


Oh great.


VNs are basically interactive CYOAs


Oh neat, thanks.
If Touhou is allowed in both boards I think VNs should be, too. Since some are hybrids and others are kinetic novels that lack interactivity.

I wish I could speak for myself, but I've read this is actually well-written despite it being one of the first "funny" VNs that became popular after being streamed by YouTubers (it probably started the ironic VN fad too, unfortunately making it look like just another meme """dating sim""").
I do have it installed because I play otome, but haven't been got around to reading it.


I can barely read the name in the first pic, but I mean, she's not wrong. Shame that these little funny truths about capitalism couldn't be used to make the reader question it instead of just reaffirming DPRK myths and profiting off them.

It's the by same dev as the OP, though.


Some 'unique' ero-VN


Reminds me of that one Pigeon war cartoon from Britain way back when… I think it was called Valiant from 2005 or 2006


>No sexual content tag
What's the fucking point then?

>I can barely read the name in the first pic,
Their names are "Jeong" and "Eunji" respectively

But yeah, I agree with the rest of what you said


File: 1608529099053.png (58.32 KB, 553x759, 1459346030016.png)

>Boku no Pico VN


Cordially inviting you to
Bunkers and Icepicks, the official leftypol Nationstates region, for all our shitposting commie needs


signing up is free and no emails or personal information required.


File: 1608529111568.png (611.43 KB, 642x481, trap delusion.png)

Black Souls II anyone?


File: 1608529113918.png (458.09 KB, 640x480, 3d91.png)


File: 1608529114313.jpg (3.19 MB, 1867x3269, Gaikiken musume VN.jpg)

Anyone know if this VN ever got made?



Where install


Doesn't seem like it…


I'd say too bad but I doubt it would have worked given the tendencies of home-made VNs.


Which one

>MajiKoi thread
The whatsit now? Catalog Search gives nada.


File: 1608529138642-0.png (360.04 KB, 640x480, boy to girl VN.png)

File: 1608529138642-1.jpg (274.19 KB, 800x800, 1540514528579.jpg)

Reposting for relevance
are pics 1 and 2 respectively


File: 1608529140657.jpg (327.42 KB, 1600x740, index.jpg)

The author of Spice and Wolf covers more modern finance and stuff in World End Economica. I only read part one several years ago so I don't know/remember how in depth it actually gets. Maybe pirate a copy if you are interested.
>day trading on a first-gen lunar colony


File: 1608529142047.png (404.22 KB, 360x640, Live A Hero.png)

Live A Hero is some wierd game anyone know more about it? It's got Bara furries in anime style and I'm confused as to what the fuck it is.


Last time I checked it was about a guy who gets transported to a future where the world is already fully communist

>MajiKoi thread



It seems that their previous game Housamo has an English speaking community, and also had a lot of bara and kemono characters and that's the main appeal (as with many other shallow mobage from Japan where the main difference between them is the character designs) but outside of that, there seems to be no explicit sexual content in this game. https://live-a-hero.jp/character_list

Live A Hero is a mobile turn-based RPG. It came out on September 30. https://liveahero-wiki.github.io/
I wouldn't call it a visual novel.


>2nd pic
That's funny because the "girl" in pigtails is actually the son of the pregnant woman who is actually a futanari and also the trap's father


There's a VNDB thread about adding FOSS as a descriptor (separate from "Freeware") on visual novel releases.



File: 1608529150558.png (105.83 KB, 869x287, FALUN GONG VN.png)

Fuck that ironic VN shit. We don't need to do that to "counter-attack" especially not when they're doing it themselves already.

What we really need to respond to is shit like the Falun Gong VN lmao


Saya No Uta is still my favorite VN, pure escapism and I love it


File: 1618248440927.jpg (246.17 KB, 762x960, 2710013-tsujidou_pack.jpg)

>game about romancing delinquent girls
>full of gap moe shit with MC forcing the girl to be a generic subservient girly girl
Why do VN writers do this bros


Japanese man are very insecure


You're probably right but I don't get why they don't just write the girl that way to begin with instead of baiting me like this. Oh well


Because it's about the removal, the violent girl becoming something that fit more traditional gender role is a metaphor for her losing her power.farcLas FARC


File: 1618252479578.jpg (231.54 KB, 1032x1457, Eltmd1QVcAAJP5b-orig.jpg)

Like >>6870 and >>6872 said. It's kinda boring how it always ends up like this: we aren't allowed to enjoy strong women.
I like delinquent girls but they're so rare now.


I gag every time I find some shit like this while browsing the VNDB, there's one with a ton of """"bancho"""" lolis that are competing to marry their older brother

It's like porn. They only wear the shitty costumes and say some cheesy generic fuckin' lines before doing what every other porn movie does. Every time it's same shit different package.

That's why I generally hate KLK porn.


Shouldn't it be: Meine Waifu? Tsk.
The best counter-attack would be something that is 100 % based on statements of Adrian Zenz and Falun Gong, played straight. You know, Satan is real, rapture will happen and two out of three Jews will go to hell, etc.


>Shouldn't it be: Meine Waifu? Tsk.
Of course, but you can't expect these people to be anything but clueless about the things they claim to value.


Are the Japanese ruining animu?


Otaku do.


A "this is what the Falun Gong actually believe" disclaimer would be a nice touch.


I wonder how Germans feel about it.


Melting Point by AstroKaen is an interesting concept of a VN I've seen and played in demo.


File: 1630540769810.png (1.43 MB, 800x1080, wee.png)

Has anyone read pic related?


File: 1630540872076.png (690.2 KB, 700x625, EIMO0ocX0AAz2ms.png)

Care to recommend me some "unusual" visual novels/dating sims/otome? I cant stand high school setting or generic anime art style. Although I am willing to stomach those as long as there is interesting twist on gameplay. Just something that has different feel to it.

Recently I played Salting the Earth (buff orc girls), Ladykiller in a Bind (consent and BDSM) and Teraurge (xenophile h-game).


"A Thousand Arms" was an old PS1 RPG where a significant part of the game was going on dates with female RPG companions…it is all about the male protagonist who is a blacksmith by trade. Pretty good lefty game.
…Why does recalling these semi-crappy old 90s/2000s games give me feels? I barely ever played them FFS


>visual novels/dating sims/otome
Is otome considered such a different genre or something? are there that many girls on this site, or is it because otome offers a different kind of experience? I would hope it's both, I feel lonely.

What you consider "generic anime style" is not clear, but if you like eroge about consent, there's an otoge called Cute Demon Crashers. As an OELVN, it also has an obligatory bisexual option. https://vndb.org/v17210
The thing is, there's very few 18+ otome games, and even fewer in English:


There's a VNDB thread about adding FOSS and Open Source as descriptors (separate from "Freeware") on visual novel releases in the database. https://vndb.org/t15173


File: 1630542209251.png (2.66 MB, 1920x1079, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone got some text-RPG/VN I can play on browser?
Something like Corruption of Champions or Melting Point maybe?


Also anyone have the OST for the part where you melt/repair Tin? the theme is catchy as fuck and is stuck in my head.


File: 1630550495633.png (5.31 MB, 2160x2160, Genshin Impact.png)

Some Dating Simulators that aren't Doki Doki Literature Club

Right now practically the only dating simulator franchise for straight men is an eroge series called Lovely x Cation, and some standalone SFW ones have been released in the past decade or so. You know the guy who married a video game character? She's from the dating sim Love Plus by Konami. The 3DS version (which has only a partial translation so far) is said to be even better. The original DS version has been fully translated into English.

If you wanna play the girl and be a Yandere you can do Yandere Simulator

The classic adult dating sim Doukyuusei got a remake recently, and it's also getting an official translation that will probably release later this year. (Unfortunately if you prefer the old-school feel of the original and don't know Japanese you're gonna be stuck playing the remake). I've never played it, but apparently it's really good because, unlike other dating sims/galge of the time, sex and virginity weren't treated like a big deal (back then NTR wasn't so popular, not sure if it even existed), and the girls were taken more seriously. Plus, apparently the dialogue is pretty good compared to modern galge (at least that's what a reviewer said).

If you can stand the horrible interface and some bugs, you can play True Love, another classic dating sim (I think this one got licensed back in the day) right now:
I remember this one mostly because it had a gay ending although there's no sex in it.
You can find a guide easily.


>Some Dating Simulators that aren't Doki Doki Literature Club
DDLC isn't a dating simulator.
>If you wanna play the girl and be a Yandere you can do Yandere Simulator
That's not a dating sim either.


Oh, wait, were you reposting something from leftychan? These posts are still in this thread lol >>6370


And some of the other posts that were reposted here come from this thread >>>/games/1660


Aye, cause the moderations been cleaning up duplicate threads and the like, so I've been helping out by reposting their content here.


The following posts are original however:


Oh, ok, well, thanks.


This is what VNs would look like if made with real people


People have been memeing world end economica for years, have anyone here played those?




Library of Ruina is a series/game that focuses on a Library that attracts guests from the City with valuable books through invitations. They must fight with their life on the line. If they win, they get the book, but if they die, they become a book in its collection.
The city itself is a shit hole though if you don't live in the central nest of the area, where assassins and hitmen (Fixers) are easy to hire and a dime a dozen.
In rural parts, crime syndicates rule the backstreets, holding enough power to do as they please, and often get in fight with other syndicates.


File: 1631822391006.png (1.21 MB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

>killing rapists and nazis is… le bad!
what the fuck is wrong with japan, i thought this game might be /ourvn/ because of the messages about displacement of tribal peoples (literally explicity talks about jews being oppressed in europe) but there are rape scenes every chapter and even the main character rapes and nothing happens to him as payback? this is just retarded pacifist propaganda because japan is scared of actual political change i guess


Do you mean Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa?
I dimly recall this so mind giving some examples of your greentext?


There was a short thread about it


The thread doesn't really detail specifically the parts that YOU disliked tho, please explain.


tbf a lot of VNs have sex scenes basically tacked on due to the belief these kinds of games can't sell otherwise. And it always has rape undertones because that's hentai


That's pretty fucked up and sad TBH, it's the reason Never Ending Summer is so good, given that sex is a very small part of it and only in specific player paths.


If I recall correctly, Katawa Shojo is like this as well. There's actually plenty of eroge with very late and not as prominent sexual content that doesn't involve rape. Key's works are also famous examples. These are usually normal love stories and not really "porn".
On the VNDB the tags Late Sexual Content, Low Sexual Content and Pure Love Story 'usually' are applied to VNs without any non-consensual sex acts. The sex in these stories generally isn't a big part of the plot, if at all.

If we're talking about specific cases of sexual content affecting sales, I seem to recall that Type-Moon's earlier stuff needed sex scenes to be published.


No wonder the Fate fandom is so obsessed with sex, genderbending and crossdressers, kek.


Apparently someone did in the /games/ thread, though they only made a brief comment about it being ancap pilled. >>>/games/2072


This pretty much.
People working on companies like Key explicitly said that the porn in their games is just because they feel the need to make porn to appeal to the eroge fanbase and sell shit, so the sex scenes are forced with complete disregard for the story (so yes almost every sex scene is pretty much rape), I remember them saying that they feel much more comfortable with all ages releases because they feel more "natural", this also seems to apply to a lot of other companies, I remember Leaf (To heart) saying something similar.

There are also games (nukige) that are explicitly for porn, they don't give a shit about the story that is only there as an excuse to rape your imouto and all her friends.

Katawa Shoujo has rape Hanako was raped, prove me wrong


Even if that's true, it's not a "rape sex scene" per se, it's not an eroticized depiction of rape, is it? It's been years since I played it, and I didn't even do all the routes, so I'm not sure.


literally a porno game turned children's anime


Also, lots of eroge, mostly nukige, even rape nukige, have at least some amount of endings where if the protagonist acts like a piece of shit towards any of the heroines, he gets punished accordingly. So the fact that some companies add unnecessary sex scenes in their VNs to sell doesn't justify the fact that the protag in >>10007 rapes and gets away with it (according to that anon).
We would need more details to know exactly how the rape shit was handled, though.


Another sad case of a fantasy/fighting VN with unnecessary sex scenes forced upon it because japs are unable to buy games where you can't fuck heroines.

This is just fucking dumb, this kind of idiocy is why the PC eroge/VN market is dying and being replaced by shitty mobage, a lot of companies that used to be very big 2 decades ago stopped being creative and started making shitty nukige to respond to market demand until they died a sad untimely death (Elf is the better example)

I don't even blame developers, if you put titties you're going to sell more copies (until the cumbrains jump shit to another shitty nukige maker), I blame the customers that are retarded, otakus are cancer and an obvious example of what's wrong with capitalism.


File: 1631928260674.png (246.41 KB, 578x292, Fate Rape.png)

No wonder I can't stand the Fate fandom, for all the interesting concepts and decent animation it can have it just squanders it 'cause it started off as a ecchi VN.
Also the Command Seals are basically the magic slave brands like in Shield Hero, so commanding a grill to have sex is literally the most obvious step, so the developers just skipped the hypothesizing by fans and put that in too.
Artoria Pendragon literally says "My consent is IRRELLEVANT".
>Otakus are cancer
based and true, Miyazaki is right.

As a side note the Fate series is a disordered mess that makes no sense, it's already overstuffed for a plain fighting videogame, let alone a VN.


not ecchi but actual hentai.


Say no uta is a great VN, bit I hate Saya and I hate Fuminori and I was glad at the ending where You kill Saya and Fuminori and save the fucking world while going mad at the end


I don't recall it being graphically sexual tho.


Ah you're right, the CGs are so suggestive that it looks like softcore porn where the genitals are hidden but there's still sex happening.


Yeah, that's the reason I called it an ecchi. Though I guess by 90s standards that is a hentai.


File: 1631945954622.png (33.3 KB, 145x109, anarcho-pacifism.png)

>rape scenes every chapter and even the main character rapes
That happen in decent about of vn's anon.
>pacifist propaganda
>the main character of the pacifist propaganda is a rapist and rapes people for jerking
>when you're a post-modern neolib writer with a rape fetish
anarcho-pacifism is crying right now, and this prove or helps the opposite of there "capitalist-realist-like" point.

I would play it, but card-like system most of the time is not for me

>he gets punished accordingly
That's still bad and ruins any kind of message you're trying to tell, if you have rape porn for jerking off.

>Katawa Shoujo has rape
no you


>card-like system most of the time is not for me
Just letting people know about it, not gonna attack you for not playing lol.


>Lolicon uyghur shit
No, and gay

>You kill Saya and Fuminori and save the fucking world while going mad at the end


Embedding error.
Found a playthrough on youtube (some parts are skipped). The OST song is from 1:35 to 2:43
I don't know the name or how to find a clean version of the music.

Astrokaen's channel: vhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAvFraeg-yObWK4FhdFBx6w


File: 1632087412021-1.png (2.37 MB, 1600x900, akane.png)

File: 1632087412021-2.jpg (174.76 KB, 810x632, 2012-04-27_025415.jpg)

Romeo Tanaka is my favourite (VN) writer. They usually praise Cross Channel, but I think Rewrite is his magnum opus. In the end, does mother Terra want us to explore the space no matter how much it cost her? I don't know the answer anyway… If you enjoyed Yume Miru then I think you will enjoy his other works. He has a very realistic and dialectic but "bizarre" view on our world. I always want to write a detailed analysis of "Rewrite", but still haven't enough time to do so.


File: 1632087459634-0.png (1.31 MB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1632087459634-1.jpg (22.05 KB, 236x300, antoinette.jpg)

>Bad Translation Rep
Translation of course isn't satisfactory, however I think it doesn't prevent you to enjoy if it really clicks, as ideas can cross the language barrier. I usually played visual novel for new ideas, so subpar translation don't affect me much. I remember that I was once reading a short story of Romeo Tanaka by google translate (which was very bad back then), and was still surprised by his comment that "being successful by writing gal game, my hands are full of otaku's blood"
The recent muramasa tl that came out pales in comparison to the original even with how competent the translators so if you want the best experience you gotta learn your moonrunes
Her and Eric Sparrow are the two most evil villains in all of gaming. I was hoping that she will turn into a good person by the power of MC, but the author is right: Aristocrats basically are irredeemable, many of them deserve the bullets


Yume Miru Kusuri was some heavy shit, I still get feels thinking about the bullying and drug use on that one. and the fact that is one of the very few games where you can't fuck your sister


File: 1632088508323.jpg (61.31 KB, 485x635, sweet memes.jpg)

>spend all day looking through vndb for loli oppai
>setting for a high schooler with huge boobs
>never play the game or any of the other vns i've spend so much time looking into and downloading.


Embedding error.
Fall: Out! an H-RPG version of the original Fallout


High schooler isn't loli, dum-dum
>>never play the game or any of the other vns i've spend so much time looking into and downloading.
I can relate THOUGH
I consider myself a VN pseud actually, since I only read about them but almost never actually read them. I get distracted a lot ok
At least I can say I've read a whole nukige in Japanese with my beginner skills and a dictionary. I understood about 95% of the text.


>vndb for loli oppai


so a another western f95 porn game


>not gonna attack you for not playing lol
i didn't say anything about attacking


Ah… pitching and catching then?
that's a joke

'an', and I suppose yes? though it's pretty high quality for an H-game.


At least they have fun before they eventually go back to hell

Name: Toriko no Kusari: Shojo-tachi o yogosu Midara na Kusabi 1,( 2 )


For context


Sounds like me and DIY manuals, though I guess they're more case specific than VNs


I should probably add that the ending of killing the rapists is very appropriate and probably the best 'fuck you' to the otaku's that bought it.


File: 1632257902212.png (903.88 KB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

There was this eroge I played called homeless schoolgirl (https://vndb.org/v4767), basically a…homeless schoolgirl…she gets abused by her stepdad, she escapes from home and later while searching for food a gang of thugs rapes her and makes her their sex slave, and also they make her cook for them, this happens for quite a while, one day she finds a puppy and befriends him and she's happy for a while, the thugs aren't happy ofc so they torture the dog and kill him in front of her eyes.

Secretly she was using some flowers that she found to make a very powerful poison, she uses that poison to kill all the gang members while saying how wonderful is to see them suffer and begging for their lives while they die a horrible death, then she finally finds peace.

It was satisfying and very short.

Translation Project forum: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/14210-homeless-school-girl-translation-project/


File: 1632258513890.jpg (42.69 KB, 700x470, wbjqfr9ebj1a.jpg)

There's a lot of nukige about a dude who gets revenge on girls by raping and torturing them. And a lot where the protagonist is just a psychopath who rapes random women. For example, the "Rape! Rape! Rape!" series. Or other eroge where degenerate shit is casual as fuck, like the 0verflow universe (that dude who impregnated like 4 generations of his own offspring and like half of the cast is descended from him).

But there are dark eroge where you get a bad ending where you're killed or something equally horrible happens to the protagonist if you act like an asshole. I like those more. One that combines this kinda shit. "Minikui Mojika no Ko" (https://vndb.org/v21667) about a fugly dude that can read thoughts and uses his power to get revenge (AKA rape) all the girls who used to torture him. At one of the endings he gets raped back by one of his victims, as in she literally puts a strap on and starts fucking him in the ass while laughing and smiling.


File: 1632259261408.png (590.96 KB, 908x727, absolutely disgusting.png)


of all the lovely things people could create with their talent, this is what they do. it isn't really redeeming to create pornographic material like this, even if the end is supposed to make the creator and/or viewer feel slightly less like a piece of shit.


Sounds eerily similar to Metamorphosis and the dog part reminded me of that part of Bible Black Gaiden (or Elfen Lied). As for the disturbing content, I think it's just a way to shock the viewer and make their crap more interesting to the niche it is made for. It certainly helps, but it almost never means it's well executed.

This reviewer gets it:
>Conveniently, despite starving, she doesn't appear to suffer from malnutrition and has a flawless body. She also seems to be always perfectly clean and, despite being raped without protection from countless men, she never gets pregnant or acquires an STD. So, let's be honest, the reality isn't the focus here. This isn't a documentary story about a harsh reality. It's not trying to discuss a social issue.
>What it does is use cheap emotional manipulation and shocking images only for the sake of being shocking. There isn't any message or even a purpose in being shocking. The story actually says absolutely nothing. It's just a series of scenes that gets quickly boring and predictable.
>Actually, there's one purpose in all this stuff: fetish. I know many people may think that definitively, in no way, someone would feel aroused by this, but… Yes, there's. There're numerous ways to portrait a naked body and a sexual abuse act. However, the artist chooses to always draw them in an erotic style, putting her naked, flawless, and fragile body on the center of the screen while violent and dangerous men point their erect penises to her as weapons. Even if you felt too sad to be horny, it doesn't change the fact that this is a visual novel that offers only sexual images to dark fetishes. And, yes, that means that this is a nukige.

I've seen far worse shit from eroge tbh (starless, euphoria etc) and yeah it's fucked up, the japs seem much more used to this kind of shit, and I guess don't act on it as much as burgers might. Still the aforementioned are interesting, longer and have better writing and production value, like I said. Although yeah, they're still made to shock and (shamefully) arouse it's audience.

This VN sounds worse than the nukige I played where a bunch of guys were held hostage in a school by a serial killer and forced to fuck each other and sometimes do even more disturbing sex acts. Then it turns out that the serial killer wasn't the actual killer, he was the twin brother of one of the hostages, and the twin brother was the actual murderer, who developed a split personality when they were both raped as children. The fake murderer brother was also raped when he was in the military. But you don't find out any of that without going through absolutely insane endings first, many of which make little sense and involve some or all of the characters being brutally murdered while in a state of mindbreak. For example, in one of those endings, the protagonist becomes a sadist and forms some sort of cult with the other hostages, then does a weird ritual where they're all standing with boners and staring at the moon, and then put some orange peels on their dicks. It was so laughably bad and surreal that it must have been intended to be funny. In another ending where the protagonist becomes a sadist, he makes everyone kill each other, it makes absolutely no sense.

It also turns out that the Homeless Schoolgirl author got the idea from this autobiographical movie about a high school boy who becomes homeless: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1194660/
It seems that the creator of the nukige, someone who only makes rape nukige by the way (so the posts praising the story are totally wrong about this not being a rape fetish nukige), wondered what would happen if he took the basic premise of the movie and the protagonist were a girl (who, of course, gets raped non-stop, because she is a girl). Sick fucks like these are always looking for any convoluted excuse to make rape porn, basically.

Japanese culture is super repressed in actual interactions, and that probably is the only reason they're not as crimed up as, say, Britain. I feel it's got something to do with how alienated they are. Even if they have """super-low crime rates""", they also have terrifying rape-murders in real life and all this fucked up shit in fiction. And even if it's supposed to be some sort of commentary or to make the audience empathize with the victims, it's portrayed in an erotic manner; Japanese otaku are really fucked up (and then their Western equivalents try to imitate them). Funnily enough, they also created imageboard culture, so… yeah take that as you will.


File: 1632271904448.png (Spoiler Image, 667.2 KB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Thx for reposting anon


No problemo
fucking kek it's better than I even imagined


Hey fucker, the latter part is a repost of MY POST I made weeks ago.


File: 1632277770270.png (608.9 KB, 888x499, ClipboardImage.png)

Yes, no shit faggot, I'd think that'd be pretty obvious, angry boi. That thread is dead, this one isn't, I added some stuff from a dying thread because I'm not a mod, I can't mash 2 threads together. Instead of being mad, read the thread, make a post, have a conversation and relax.


Yeah I referenced to this thread in the original one in /siberia/, to redirect the conversation here. Well, I didn't actually mean this thread, rather the hentai review one. I didn't really expect someone to repost what we had posted, but this is fine.

I'm glad to know you found my post amusing. Yeah, that nukige was a surreal experience, though there are even more bizarre ones out there.
Why did you add your own comments to our posts though? Don't think I didn't notice


>your own comments
A) I thought most of you'd pull a /b/ and refuse to post here, like the Avatar idiots are doing
B) I had comments from reading your posts but decided they didn't deserve their own posts, so I made small adjustments
C) Some posts are too small, so I combined them and used comments of my own to transition topics smoothly

I purposefully did this thread since the hentai review one is basically inactive and I reposted its effort posts here too. This thread already had some sporadic activity compared to the other VN threads, so I've been trying to cultivate conversation since the split fucked shit up.


>I had comments
*I had my own comments,


Embedding error.
Genshin Impact in 50 seconds


Genshin Impact isn't a visual novel


It's a funny video about a videogame, this looked to be the most relevant thread.


Well, in that case, there's an "anime games" thread where the OP image is quite literally from the same game.


See >>9799 that thread was dead before the split, so all VN and anime vidya is talked about here.


The thing is that Genshin Impact and all anime-style games that aren't just interactive manga should probably be talked about on /games/ if that thread is so dead that it's unusable.


My dude, as much as I like /anime/ I have to admit that post-split the goings are slo as fuck, I'm trying NOT to split users at the moment (because people here seem to have trouble understand the concept of using multiple boards). Besides anime themed games are not a broad enough topic to survive or go far on /games/ (I'm still trying to restore old sabotaged threads from that place too).


What even is an "anime game" these days? So many games have an anime style.


Genshin Impact type RPG playing using animu grills or generic moeshit like Kancolle or VNs are all anime-type vidya.


File: 1632356342029.png (161.11 KB, 1290x348, gay.png)


>homeless schoolgirl
ok cute, i wonder what happens in this story

>the vn is just more rape porn

>more rape porn in this thread
pls no

>This is a visual poem about her everyday life. -vndb

>shitty rape vn call it's self a fucking poem
>they torture the dog and kill him in front of her eyes
>edgelord 11 year old bullshit
>"satisfying and very short."
You're all the gay, i hope the workers of world comes for your ass.


>"satisfying and very short."
To be fair it's a repost and that ending is sarcastic as fuck.


it's still gay.


>that pic.
Man i don't really care if bad shit is shown on that VN, but presenting as some deep sociocritical of anything is just idiotic


File: 1632363027507.jpg (229.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Some retard was saying that this VN was good, it's about philosophy and shieeet, I'm too lazy to pirate it but may do it later.
Also even when the game is full of cute lolis that are obviously very rapeable for eroge standards the game is actually all ages and contains no porn (not even with a patch) according to VNDB…weird.


If they don't have it explicit they can go past censors


It's not explicit, it doesn't have any porn or sexy scenes, hell AFAIK there's not a single male character in the game.
When you're used to so much porn from these games finding one that doesn't have any is weird, it's almost a rule that all japanese vn's have porn on PC.

But it's fine for me may give it a shot.


Sayaka, Madoka and Homura,?


Genshin Impact:
>you play as cool/attractive/cute characters that happen to be anime-style
>anime-inspired fantasy world
<open world action RPG
<heavy focus on plot, exploration and gameplay
<goals other than staring at the pretty characters all day
<actually fun (allegedly)
Not /anime/ material

KanColle/Touken Ranbu:
>you play as some generic faceless player character meant to be your self-insert
>you interact with the attractive anime-style characters, sometimes romantically
>collecting said characters and leveling them up is the whole point of the game (waifufag game)
<some strategy and lots of grinding involved
<lots of RNG
<not fun
Both /anime/ and /games/ material, maybe

Dating simulators:
>you play as some generic faceless player character meant to be your self-insert
>romancing the other characters is the whole focus of the game
>is basically putting you in the place of a romance anime protagonist
<simulation game; stat raising and management involved, sometimes includes minigames
<gameplay is a drag
/anime/ material, maybe /games/ too

Visual novels:
>player character varies
>usually anime style
>moe characters may or may not be the focus (though that's often the case)
>may or may not be a romance story
>may or may not be a porn "story"
<if not porn, heavy focus on the plot, lots of reading
<minimal interactivity
<basically an interactive manga/book/slideshow hybrid
/anime/ material

If you think Genshin Impact belongs here, you might as well say that Persona belongs in /anime/ as well


Almost all eroge is very plot heavy and with relatively little emphasis on porn (except nukige).
I've played games where you have to read 10 hours of shit to get 1 sex scene almost at the end.


>even when the game is full of cute lolis that are obviously very rapeable for eroge standards
The fact that they're designed to look very cute doesn't mean they're sexualized (as far as anime style goes). These characters and the way they're depicted here at least don't strike me as "eroge characters", rather, they look like the main characters from a CGDCT anime. I don't know which company made it though, so I don't know how weird this VN truly is for being all-ages.


I find it weird because almost all VN's are pornographic, that's an expectation from the fan base, I have played very few VN's that are not eroge (Mostly Key and Science Adventure shit a la Steins Gate)


Yeah but when I said "porn" I meant nukige specifically. Since there's a lot of eroge that are just a romance story with a few vanilla sex scenes, I don't consider those "porn" (like you wouldn't consider a movie for a mature audience porn just because it has a couple sex scenes or uncensored titties).


Well, to be honest, when you see a bunch of cute anime girls on a VN cover art, one can't help but assume it's an eroge, since there's a lot of eroge that look cute and innocent but turn out to have an 18+ age rating. So I understand where you're coming from.


File: 1632671133738.png (Spoiler Image, 882.86 KB, 1100x720, ClipboardImage.png)

It's strange (but also good) that Western VNs don't really exist in nearly the same amount as jap stuff.


>>10298 Gyaru VN


File: 1633114498264.jpg (26.31 KB, 673x604, 26f.jpg)

I'm making an isekai nukige as my first completed VN


Based, post it here when done


> you might as well say that Persona belongs in /anime/ as well
Uhhhh yeah, it does LOL. This board had a Persona thread before and it did have an anime adaptation.


In that case, go ahead.


File: 1633135570501.png (1.53 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

chulo amigo


With lolis? Almost all of those have lolis.


fuck no


Rance and Fire Emblem thread >>>/games/8683


>like the 0verflow universe (that dude who impregnated like 4 generations of his own offspring and like half of the cast is descended from him).
Okay okay, i know that series is widely hated for being popular but you're exaggerating the hell out of it just for the sake of it. So…let's assume you're being accurate here. So all his female classmates are his own offsprings? Time travel? MC getting dsgfkg? how? how does that work? do explain. That game was unironically really good though. Speaking on personal experience obviously. But I suggest not romancing a pleb like taisuku lol


File: 1633445759706-0.jpg (154.73 KB, 1000x1171, overflowing.jpg)

File: 1633445759706-1.jpg (783.27 KB, 5587x1453, overflow chart.jpg)

File: 1633445759706-2.png (952.86 KB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Essentially he's immortal. Check how many times the name Tomaru Sawagoe pops up in pic 1 (yes I know it's School Days but that's part of Overflow like Megumi Tensei is to Persona). the more kids he has the closer to a clone of him they become making him less and less willing to wait to pork them. The most recent one is like 5 (pic 3 related). As you can see, each consecutive generation of inbreeding caused the offspring to morph into increasingly bug-eyed variations of the previous woman.


Comrade… what am I looking at? I was talking about another game completely different. I'm not familiar with this one. wai- THIS IS SCHOOL DAYS?? WHAT? Oh my god… those family trees are insane. So, Makoto's father is Tomaru? huh never knew that. No wonder he is such a chad, literally inherited the dick no jutsu from his father. God damn his father fucking banged everyone lmao. I keep looking back at the chart and laughing from the absurdity of it all. I Saw the anime as a kid and saw a couple of porn vids about the game. Never knew it had so much lore… One might say, it's a little too much! Tomaru Sawagoe and Ayumu Inou and Sun Hazama, like who the hell are they and why do I want to learn more about them? I don't know if this is what you want to hear, but i'm intrigued by overflow's games now. The amount of fucking content is right up my alley.
>>like the 0verflow universe (that dude who impregnated like 4 generations of his own offspring and like half of the cast is descended from him).

I thought you were talking about Makoto, that's why I got confused. But now I know you were talking about his father.

also that nevade-tan reference lol


File: 1633450017774.jpeg (38.58 KB, 720x872, O52FWkJ.jpeg)

>this thread


What disturbs you anon?


File: 1633450713378.jpg (28.82 KB, 500x500, pb cookies.jpg)

I baked cookies for you


Thanks anon!


lol this is fucking insane. I thought School Days was just standard ren'ai with edgy violent endings, didn't know it went this deep.


Most of us probably find it extremely fucked up, though.

>sociocritical title
<it's actually just a parody of the title of the movie that the author probably was watching horny when he came up with that shit
Spoken like a true edgy NEET weeb


How do I get on this ride? Do any of the games deal with this stuff explicitly or is it all in the background?


The 0verflow universe is probably one of the most fucked up things humanity has ever created, far worse than Rance, at least he never fucked his own daughter and mom.

The rabbit hole goes far deeper than school days.

There was a couple of extremely good threads about it on /jp/ that were made in 2010, but I can't find them in the archives.


You must know jap and play all the 0verflow games that never ever will be translated, the summer radish games are first if I remember correctly.


>Get on this ride
Don't ask me, I didn't play and find these games myself I knew people that did it using fantranslations.
>Do any of the games deal with this stuff explicitly
It has some plot relevance in the games, mostly School Days.


A VN maker for y'all https://renpy.org/


Yeah I think we all know about Ren'Py. There are some other VN engines released in the West, but in my opinion none of them will ever top it. Some are drag-and-drop tier but not half as powerful as Ren'Py.

>There was a couple of extremely good threads about it on /jp/ that were made in 2010, but I can't find them in the archives.
Can you give us a quick rundown at least? Sounds interesting, especially coming from /jp/ of all places


File: 1634096943173-0.png (2.18 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634096943173-1.png (1.12 MB, 2480x3508, Alunya_Neutral.png)

File: 1634096943173-2.png (1.29 MB, 2480x3508, Rodina_Neutral.png)

So apparently there was a (short) Alunya VN and the site it was hosted on was lost. Does anyone have more detailed info on that?
The joke response is that
>it was about Alunya and Rodina sucking your dick in a bunker.
Likely referencing some very questionable l*oli pr0n on the booru that got deleted, but I'm doubtful.
also pic 1 is not from that VN it's another VN (or parody image) apparently, pic 2 and 3 are from the aforementioned VN.


File: 1634105834637.png (Spoiler Image, 868.01 KB, 2480x3508, Alunya_Neutral_Nude.png)

It is not a joke response, the VN was really about that. You got lost in Albania and Rodina found you and you shelter with her and Alunya in a bunker where they suck your dick. You can ask about it on GETchan, because it was made by one of them and was hosted on a GETchan affiliated site.


File: 1634134916005.png (257.33 KB, 1000x1001, ClipboardImage.png)

>It's not a joke
<[VN] about Alunya and Rodina sucking your dick in a bunker
Fucking kek

>ask GET

I would but I'm wary about that


Oh jeeze, these are fucked up lucky trips I got


big yikes


only have the pics from the old anime zip archive that I never bothered to change nor add anything to.
Better ask GET,as was already said,they would also be the only one interested in giving lolishit to you.


I'm not into lolishit I just wanted clarification because I have no idea about the VN's content.


It is Rodina and Alunya sucking your dick.


>The joke response is that
>>it was about Alunya and Rodina sucking your dick in a bunker.
>Likely referencing some very questionable l*oli pr0n on the booru that got deleted, but I'm doubtful.
You got it all wrong dude, it's obvious that the response was serious and it has nothing to do with the deleted loli porn from the booru (what would that have to do with the VN anyway?).
>also pic 1 is not from that VN it's another VN (or parody image) apparently
Yeah, I think there's an actual screenshot that gets reposted sometimes here, it's the Alunya sprite with the Communist Party of China in the background, and she's saying something like "our mission is simple:(…)"


>the deleted loli porn from the booru (what would that have to do with the VN anyway?).
Because the pr0n was specifically alunya and rdina sucking a POV dick
>the Alunya sprite with the Communist Party of China in the background
hmm familiar but I don't remember


>Because the pr0n was specifically alunya and rdina sucking a POV dick
oh, well, in that case that's probably from the VN, yes
It's just that there was so much stuff that was deleted and I didn't know about that pic


>it's the Alunya sprite with the Communist Party of China in the background
No I think that's something else, that was some "communism never worked" and then Alunya lecturing you about cases where it worked or something like that. The VN was about the porn from the booru.


>Welcome to the rice fields.
The furries are gradually breaking into the VN and animu spheres of interest


File: 1634692599773.png (1.71 MB, 1963x2048, 1633829393624.png)

Also reminder:
>this meme gets posted on the nazbol telegram channel that Bee "formerly" ran, by the current mod
>a few hours later Bee posted it here on leftypol


Why was this information needed in the VN thread? This isn't /siberia/


File: 1634738988146.png (212.56 KB, 296x285, ClipboardImage.png)


What do you guys think of muramasa?


That's not a VN I've heard of


Lol how? It's hyped up as the best VN of all time that will change your worldview on morality and violence?


It's been discussed >>10007


Muramasa's point is "just cause someone is bad to you doesn't mean they aren't good to someone else"(law of balance), and that's why it is evil to kill people in the name of good, it is self-righteous to force your morals on others.


>everything is relative brah
Can't believe this is touted as the best VN of all time


Japan has furries m8


Their conception of that is a bit different to the West


Yeah but these are Western furries and that's a Western VN


File: 1635307530704.png (Spoiler Image, 46.71 KB, 256x143, ClipboardImage.png)

Lemme soyface for a bit
Oh god oh god, I hope it's posted on ROM sites soon


It's honestly pretty cool that Konami still cares about this franchise. But sadly, I am not gay


Otome is the future of romance games
Meanwhile Tokimeki Memorial has never been fully translated lol (not that I'm happy with that, I would like to play those ones as well)


I think otome games are basically the present of romance games already tbh, they're very popular while bishoujo stuff only seems to get more and more niche (well, in the West, at least).
Although the reason TM 1 and 2 have never been translated is mostly that they have absolutely brutal code (at least according to people who have attempted translations), which is common for a lot of Konami games from around that time. Not so much a lack of interest. I still think 1 and 4 might get fan translations some day, but 2 seems like it's too big to be worth the effort.


Also, I was losing hope in whether they would release a new game. When I saw the announcement, I couldn't believe it (the last main game was released in 2010, TokiRes was 2013). And just as I expected, a year or so later they revealed that it would be on the Switch.

Last year there would've been an event (after years of not doing it IIRC) called Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side DAYS. They only did these yearly events about 3 times before, and released DVDs of said events. Basically, besides the voice actor stuff and the merch, the main attraction is a series of special in-game dates on a massive screen, where all the attendees get to vote on the choices from their seats, and the boys that are featured are also chosen by fans beforehand (I think they try to do different characters each year, so the most popular ones already appeared in the first couple DAYS events).
Last year's DAYS event had to be postponed due to COVID and it finally happened this year in June. The theme was sports festival. Since no one seems to be uploading the DVDs online, I guess I'll have to import them myself someday if I want to know what else happens in them.

I like this franchise so much that I tried to archive as much of the other games' official websites as possible. Unfortunately, many things were impossible to archive because they used Flash a lot for those sites.

This is the animated opening. Every game has had one, although 3's OP was included not in any version of the game like the others, but in a bonus DVD (which is bullshit). Anyway, I don't know if it's just me, but compare this new OP to the other 3, and you can see the animation is lower quality (somewhat inconsistent drawings, sometimes it doesn't match the in-game artstyle, etc., it kinda gives me a Pokémon Sun and Moon vibe).
The artstyle in the game is also inferior to the previous games IMO. I don't know what the hell happened, it's supposed to be the same artist in every game.

>I think otome games are basically the present of romance games already tbh
I guess you're right. A lot of recent otome visual novels are getting translated. Unfortunately that also means that most otome fans have never even heard of games like TMGS that are more like actual games. The dating simulator genre might be dead. It's a shame, really, I think "stat-raisers" are fun.
>they're very popular while bishoujo stuff only seems to get more and more niche (well, in the West, at least).
Actually, I think it's becoming more well-known but as nothing more than a punchline and cheap fap material on Steam. Serious galge is probably becoming more niche though.
Also I was wrong, there is a recent Tokimeki Memorial game, but it's a mobage spin-off called Tokimeki Idol. That sucks.
>Although the reason TM 1 and 2 have never been translated is mostly that they have absolutely brutal code
Oh yeah, that's right. 4 should be easy to hack and translate, I read somewhere that PSP games were easier to mess with. Also, it's not literally TM but Love Plus for the DS is said to be pretty good and it has a fan translation (it appears that the TMGS1 translator helped with that project too).


Eh, as long as you're not acting like a retard, enjoy yourself m8.


File: 1635560210191.png (Spoiler Image, 12.3 MB, 2481x3508, ClipboardImage.png)

There will be a Sweet Pool stage play… wtf
I don't know if any of you are familiar with this VN

ok anon


File: 1635783247718-0.webm (Spoiler Image, 544.82 KB, 960x540, vn __koakuma_touhou_drawn….webm)

File: 1635783247718-1.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.9 MB, 1920x1080, vn __izayoi_sakuya_touhou_….gif)

File: 1635783247718-2.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 10.49 MB, 1100x1680, vnf459b2e2fa41737447fa13bf….mp4)

Why are Buckethead ero's animations so smooth?


File: 1635797828240.png (249.42 KB, 500x281, ClipboardImage.png)


Here's a translation of one of Gakuen Handome's routes. I've always wanted to read this VN, it should be easy to read with an above-basic level of Japanese, but I've been lazy to pirate it, and people usually tell you to just buy it on DLsite since it's cheap. It shouldn't be difficult to translate… so it surprises me that no one has tried to make a TL patch for it.

I don't think these are from any VN. I might be wrong but if so then please tell me what VN these were made for.


I found them posted on an old VN thread some time ago, I have no clue if they actually got used in a VN tho. Some characters are Touhou if that helps.


>Some characters are Touhou if that helps.
I know that, I posted some of this artist's animations in the femdom thread on /siberia/.
From what I can see, they're not from any visual novel.


Are you an actual girl or a guy who enjoys shitty otome games?


Jesus fuck where is this I NEED IT AAAAAA


>Can you give us a quick rundown at least? Sounds interesting, especially coming from /jp/ of all places

After searching for fucking 2 hours in the archives I found them…..holy shit.

Prepare to be horrified.

Also the whole thing is a bit outdated since Makoto actually fucked his own mother and adult Kokoro in later games, also he fucked traps


First, why do you want to know? Does it matter?
Second, it's not shitty, TMGS is one of the best otome game series of all time. High production value too.

Make one yourself

Wow, thank you friend.


They can't even weeb right


Not a weeb so can you explain the mistake they made? I'm not very good at Hirigana and Katakana.

>Make one yourself
They're asking for an existing Rodina/Alunya VN (or formerly existing one).

keked and checked


4chan was such a different place in 2009. Lame image caption memes and someone actually getting shat on for being homophobic, lol.

>Your goal is to stop him from fucking all the other girls in the game, one of whom is a rich girl he plans to seduce and marry for money, and instead get him to settle down with you so you can raise your child together with him.

>The name of the love of your life is Tomaru.
>Also, he's your father.
>Your mother is one of your competitors. (Your mother is also his half-sister.)
>Ten years later or so, your first daughter will die in childbirth.
That's the shit right there man


>Not a weeb so can you explain the mistake they made? I'm not very good at Hirigana and Katakana.
That's kanji actually, but basically, the most common pronoun in VN titles like this one is either "boku" 僕 or "ore" 俺, both masculine pronouns. Not VNs but look at the difference between the popular series "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai" and "Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui". "Watashi" 私 is a more neutral pronoun and in informal speech it can also come off as feminine; it's also the first pronoun you're taught in Japanese as a Second Language, the "default" pronoun. That's what makes it so obvious that whoever came up with the Japanese title or the logo used Google Translate.
As for VN examples, look at these lists, you'll notice that most if not all of the "watashi no" titles are "said" from a female's point of view, as opposed to the "boku no" or "ore no" ones.
>They're asking for an existing Rodina/Alunya VN (or formerly existing one).
I know that, I meant that it's probably already lost forever so it would be better to make it again oneself instead of just asking for the original over and over. Also, I want encourage more people to make their own stuff.
…What was so funny about it?


It gets worse the more you read, like the part where Tomaru fucks 2 Lolis, throws some jokes before he impregnates both and one dies during childbirth because her body wasn't ready for a baby

And it got even worse with the rock, paper, scissors games where Makoto fucks his mom a la Chrischan


File: 1635924865061.jpeg (21.95 KB, 743x413, images.jpeg)

Also, remember Taisuke? The dumb retard that raped Kotonoha in School Days? Well in one game it's revealed that The boyfriend of his sister (Kei) raped him anally (Yes for real) thinking that Taisuke was actually his gf Miki (Taisuke's sister) that's why he acts the way he does in SD.


It's all very very fucked up, there's a lot of extra info on that wiki including some translated bits of the important shit in the gallery pages of each game.

It's kind of a shame that this horrible story won't have an ending considering that 0verflow is a zombie company now milking their old games over and over again.


>That's kanji actually
Thanks for clarifying.
>I want encourage more people to make their own stuff.
Yeah that's good
>What was so funny
It just seemed like a funny call out and under such trips.


>call out
I was called out?? What for?


>are you an actual girl or a guy buying hitty otome games
Feels a bit like a call out to me, it just semed amusing to me, there's nothing more to it


File: 1636044637933.webm (15.42 MB, 720x480, Tank Dating.webm)

Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator is a VN style Steam game; A meme charged, politically incorrect, parody VN telling a story of a simple man daring to 'ride' a tank and give the terms "ammo racking", "riding tanks", "A.P shell penetration" a new meaning. Honestly I'd like to see a parody crossover with kancolle and/or Pravda group from Girls und Panzer (thread related >>351 ). It's also hilarious that it cost 9 dollars to play.
Detailed negative review https://archive.ph/eOiS3
Article on it https://archive.ph/dy2Z7



It doesn't exist anymore. /GET/ has some of the pr0n from the VN uploaded on the Alunya thread. (there'd been like 18 pics on the booru before deletion). Feel free to repost the pics here (spoilered and labeled).


The fuck does bancho mean?


A bancho is a leader of school delinquents.
it's supposed to be sukeban for girls (litterally girlboss) but it's not used that much.


go back to /get/


Another guide


I didn't come from /GET/ I just know that shit is there. That's the reason I didn't post it myself - not my shit.


Feel free to repost here is different from not my shit
that shit doesn't belong anywhere but that shit hole.


Relax uygha, this is a thread about VNs, it's stupid to gatekeep if it is on topic.


No one gatekeeping anything, but that /get/ shit should just stay in /get/


The thing is that the loli bancho VN I mentioned (and some other fetish characters outside of that context, like that character from Senran Kagura, Daidouji) are designed as "bancho but with tits and vagina", not "female delinquent boss (sukeban)". Meaning, they wear a male uniform and are called bancho despite being female, they don't wear the iconic long-skirt sailor fuku not are they called sukeban. It's really lame and lazy, in my opinion, but at least I'm glad that because of this, sukeban aren't fetishized as much.


That's par for the course in a VN.


File: 1637774759751.webm (2.18 MB, 1920x1080, Catalonya.webm)

Moderator posted vid-related recently and it looks like something from a mod of a "chatting anime girl AI" thing. Anyone got sauce or is it OC?


File: 1638467351450.jpg (91.54 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

So I will bump with a little review of the part I've played so far of pic related (english ver)

It's not the first time I played this, I tried to play it last year when I was still trying to learn Japanese but I never finished it or even got too far from what I remember, still playing it again it's quite a bit worse than I imagined or remembered, the mystery is not really interesting at all, it's another "demons and shiet are among humans and interact with them" story (except with a bit of police/mystery drama) the characters are average and not really charismatic, and the first sex scene is way too early, that and by judging by the main girl clothes actually the ONLY girl because you can only fuck her (Anneliese) in the entire game you would probably think this is some low quality generic nukige when it's a bit more than that.

Then there's E-mote, it's not the first E-mote game I play and it's decent enough here during normal game, yet I think there are way better implementations of it, so the quality seems to vary a lot between games (in fact due to the nature of the game only one character uses it here) maybe they charge per character and not per game and they wanted to save money, who knows? But as almost always it gets very ugly during sex scenes, the E-mote shit looks quite bad in sex scenes and it's not exclusive to this game (but I noticed it particularly here) it looks like they're just stretching and shrinking a lewd image and the result is poor and awkward, I would rather have static images.

So far the game is quite mediocre, and fails to catch my attention from the beginning (complete opposite to what happened in games like Cartagra or Swan song with good mystery plots that got my attention immediately) I will keep playing it because I've heard good things about the later part of the game when you start exploring the past and personalities of the different "angels" that wander around the cursed department but from what I remember the personalities themselves are still mediocre at first glance, specially when they consist of typical lolibait with pantsu (but weirdly no sex) a Japanese nun stereotype and an angel obsessed with growing weed for some reason? I will continue the review after I play more or finish it.

Still I can clearly see why a lot of eroge companies went bankrupt during the last decade and the few ones that didn't are trying to keep alive with that DMM subscription shit that is basically a Netflix for eroge, paying $70-80 (the average price of eroge in Japan) for games like these is an absolute rip-off and not worth it at all, In fact I would say that except in the games released by already well respected companies (Key, Nitro+, Innocent Gray etc) you're much more likely to be dissapointed by a newly released game instead of satisfied, it only took Otakus like 30 years to realize that the majority of lolibait waifu ero-games are an absolute scam, who would have imagined?


File: 1639431140149-0.png (Spoiler Image, 612.82 KB, 1282x772, lirutes2.png)

File: 1639431140149-1.png (Spoiler Image, 558.79 KB, 1282x772, lirutes.png)

Anyone know where pics related are from?


Wolf Girl with you


File: 1640187847106.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 6157x4444, Hot Neighbour 2 - Gats (1)….jpg)

A milf-centered dating sim sounds like something I'd like. I've played VNs with milfs but no sims. Unless you count HuniePop, where you're dating an ensemble of mixed ages.


Anon just make it yourself, jesus
I'm also planning a couple of dating sims on Ren'Py


So there's a fucking Muv-Luv anime now and I just found out about it and I still haven't read the VNs. How long is it really? Is it super difficult to finish?


Looks like white album 2 full translation is out. Anyone playing it?


I liked the "main rival" design though, shame is attached to KFC


>See funny yoghurt yummy anime grill meme on hooktube
>haha FBI-open-up.gif
>look up sauce for funnies because silly gag anime are fun
<Not a gag anime
<It's based on a VN https://archive.is/9uoBT
Fuck Boku no Pico, this is the meme of fucking pedo-weeb animu


lol normalfags


Why the fuck is this lolishit anime on YouTube
And pedo defenders wil say that pedophilia isn't being normalized kek


The VN is pretty creepy as hell. MC behaves like actual pedo.


It isn't. :)


2D pedoshit is completely normalized in Japan. You can talk about how you want to diddle little kids in public and people will just assume you're talking about 2D even if you don't explicitly mention that shit.
Not to mention how uderaged gravure and idols are still a thing.


>You can talk about how you want to diddle little kids in public and people will just assume you're talking about 2D even if you don't explicitly mention that shit.
This sounds good, actually.


Japan really is an advanced culture.


>You can talk about how you want to diddle little kids in public and people will just assume you're talking about 2D
sounds like they solved pedophilia to me


Dude they are literally child prostitute simulator VNs(musumaker and dohna dohna). This is nothing.


Did you play dohna dohna, by the way? It was pretty fun.


Almost all Lolige developers died for better or worse anyway. You rarely get loli heroines in recent releases, let alone full blown lolige.


Sounds like bullshit


The entire eroge industry is dying, a lot of companies have died in the last 10 years and the ones left don't make as much money as before.

Serves them right for trying to sell powerpoint presentations for $80-100, now they're trying to fix that coming up with a subscription service by DMM that is pretty much a Netflix for porn games.

It's ok, but very long, also it's the closest thing you will find to militaristic/revisionist propaganda in eroge.

But hey the USSR appears at least!


Yeah the industry is slowly getting killed by gacha. Alicesoft made a blogpost over 5 years ago about how they didn't want to get into gacha but refusing to do so would mean a sure death.


File: 1645118942899.png (140.49 KB, 846x524, 1640201878592.png)


That and the fact that literally no one cares about alicesoft now that Rance is finished.


File: 1645138834320.png (883.8 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Sucker for Love is pretty cute and fun, but also massively cringe, fucking makes me cackle, especially at the thought of H.P. Lovecraft's reaction to the dating sim.

Also Lovercraft thread >>>/hobby/6750


even the eldritch powers beyond the stars are powerless to the power of being horny.


FR though, I'm kinda surprised the game didn't get a big following - (not a lot of online content and only 15 "rule 34" pics) - given it's Doki Doki Literature Club vibe, though Markiplier's recent video will probably change that a bit.


Oh goody, more ironic VNs.


Yeah, not only are ironic VNs extremely trite, "what if Cthulhu was put in a silly situation??" is probably even moreso.
Reading a little about it, it seems to have some decent ideas which it takes somewhat seriously – pursuing a genuine romance with a monster who is dead set on destroying your universe is at least a _potentially_ interesting premise – but it's dampened by the fact that it's dressed up in so much irony and uses the "starts out as a silly moege but turns dark" trope which isn't as novel as Western devs seem to think.
So I dunno, it could be good, but every potentially appealing thing about it just makes me wish it was in a game that isn't about having sex with Cthullu in a wig.


It could be good but the author was too afraid to actually take his own work seriously so this is all we'll get. Many such cases!


Dōkyūsei, arguably the first dating sim, is finally getting a translation into English, albeit without the charming old graphics. It comes out on March 11th.


I have no idea if it's genuinely good, but it's a (small) piece of video game history, anyway.


Someone should translate the early 0verflow games, they're a more interesting (and way more fucked up) piece of porn game history.


What will happen to VNs under socialism bros


Based on 1999 rewritten version instead of the original PC98 version. A lot of changes in the script, like removal of NTR, casual sex etc and characters made more moe.


File: 1645405720118.jpg (133.51 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

Take a guess.


> removal of NTR


>removal of NTR, casual sex etc and characters made more moe
The vanillification of VNs…


File: 1645406522305.png (341.71 KB, 512x450, r76YGLC.png)

Every time this happens it turns out very ugly, the YU-NO remake was shit made for zoomers, just leave history as it is.


dunno why but this pic made me get an idea for a VN.


>Can't deal with NTR
lmao what a soyboy.


Nice reaction picture and greentext, faggot.


Oh yeah Yu-no. The anime adaptation was pretty bad too.


File: 1645410105876.jpg (147.54 KB, 1280x720, le cucker.jpg)

>D-dey removed muh NTR!
Almost like something you love got fucked by another man, ne?


So i guess we can't post against NTR now?


>Bangin' Summer


I don't like NTR but I dislike corporations censoring their own work to make it more palatable by the mainstream more.


Remake is based on 1999 Windows version, not 1992 PC98 version:
>Kurumi is 17 and MC's kouhai(in 1992 ver. she's 18 and they're in same year)
>Miho's H-scene doesn't happen because she's asleep before it starts(in 1992 ver. they have sex and scene hints at her manipulative cute personality)
>Mako and MC don't have sex she just hugs him like a mother(in 1992 ver. she has sex with him to release her sexual frustration because she had no man)
>MC is not attracted to sensei when she's semi-naked in front of him(in 1992 ver. he is lustful towards her and feels guilty because she was almost raped scene before)
>Satomi is a virgin and she stops you mid sex because it hurts(in 1992 ver. her ex-bf already fucked her and you get full H-scene with her)
>Chiharu sex scene is about love(in 1992 ver. it's treated like one night stand)
>You don't have sex with Hiromi(in 1992 ver. you fuck her)
>Natsuko H-scene changed to have mommy fetish
>Kaori's(prostitute heroine) Epilogue has NTR(in 1992 ver. her epilogue is brief and just says that you're dating her)
This is what you are getting, eop-kun


Not mainstream but otaku. Otaku became progressively more obsessed with purity.


>>Kaori's(prostitute heroine) Epilogue has NTR(in 1992 ver. her epilogue is brief and just says that you're dating her)
So did they add or remove NTR?

A bigger issue is that even things like a female character not being a virgin is considered NTR by certain otaku these days.




A character who wasn't even MC's girlfriend getting a boyfriend is considered ntr, didnt you know


File: 1645507880288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.28 KB, 700x994, 1487326230988.jpg)


This looks kino.


>Satomi is a virgin and she stops you mid sex because it hurts(in 1992 ver. her ex-bf already fucked her and you get full H-scene with her)


So they actually changed a heroine having a boyfriend/being a non-virgin because otaku nowadays are so pathetic and obsessed with purity and cucking that even that is considered NTR nowadays, even though back in 1992 it wasn't seen as such? lol


It's such a stupid decision because you piss off people who liked the original while trying to appease younger, mainstream otaku who most probably won't even care.


>a female character not being a virgin is considered NTR by certain otaku these days.
That's pretty pathetic even by otaku standards


That's just your average modern otaku.


Have you seen the threads on /a/ when kaguya banged her bf or whatever in that show?


lol no, I haven't been to 4chan /a/ in years and it sounds like I'm better off for it


It is arguably the less shit board on 4chan.


It has been one of the boards most resistant to the /pol/ invasion but even they had to give in to the astroturfing eventually.


The SNES version of Tokimeki Memorial 1 has been translated.



Wow, that's so cool. I'm gonna play it as soon as I can.


File: 1650337202372.png (566 KB, 800x600, aoi.png)

I love her already.


File: 1650337253166-0.png (621.59 KB, 800x600, aoi1.png)

File: 1650337253166-1.png (621.67 KB, 800x600, aoi2.png)

File: 1650337253166-2.png (621.33 KB, 800x600, aoi3.png)

File: 1650337253166-3.png (623.06 KB, 800x600, aoi4.png)




File: 1650384292529.png (669.04 KB, 680x691, ClipboardImage.png)

>I dislike corporations censoring their own work to make it more palatable by the mainstream more
I dislike corporate censorship, but frankly I don't care about shitty fetishes getting sidelined, especially NTR.


so you dont dislike corporate censorship

the generalfag mod strikes again



it's still gay tho



>I don't really feel any of that changes how this production feels overall: a straight-up endorsement of grooming and sexually exploiting children.
>It honestly made me feel as if I was witnessing genuine child porn and I still feel nauseous for it.
based reviewer


First they came for the cucks…



This is still only partly translated, no?


>First they came for the cucks
Gay but kek


File: 1685408321582.jpg (219.46 KB, 1280x720, FxTq7b8X0AAVkVI.jpg)

First time there's an Elon Musk mention in a VN and it's shitting on him. You love to see it.


>he reads the VN dialogs
I can understand reading the "fetish dialogs", but the random filler in the middle? wtf? I'm pretty sure all modern games have a button to fast-forward this shit


begone normalfag


Anyone have a flash swf I can download to play? looks fun


I love to see those huge titties


File: 1692115185518.png (132.54 KB, 361x450, ClipboardImage.png)

Big tits are kino brotha


File: 1693603396536.png (600.26 KB, 1500x500, Sucker for Love insanity.png)

It's not very ironic actually, it comes off as a waifu simulator and plunges into eldritch territory rapidly.

>"what if Cthulhu was put in a silly situation??"
Except it isn't really? It's more Cthulhu entertaining itself by playing with a human a la a summoned succubus queen.



File: 1693635903110.png (332.64 KB, 630x500, NJRE_c.png)

My Dystopian Robot GF is an interesting Cyberpunk VN on itch.io. It's a bit primitive and sex oriented but has some interesting subtext and social commentary/critique the further on you go. It's also not an easy game to play.


when are westerners going to make visual novels that arent le irony trash


Every single non-trash visual novel I can think of is aimed at female audience.


I played this the last few days, 95% of the social commentary seems to be 4chan reactionary shit. So there's a few correct takes because yeah neoliberalism sucks but mostly inane frothing.


Analogue A Hate Story is good imo


That one has been on my to play list for years, ever since I discovered Ladykiller in a Bind, which I absolutely love, by the same creator.


Still haven't got round to playing that one tho I keep meaning to.


> 95% of the social commentary seems to be 4chan reactionary shit
LMAO how? The closest thing to that is just "lol chinese tech dominates the market", but it's barely even a factor. There's some caricaturesque depictions, and the landlord is the worst scumbag imagineable. None of what I found was blatantly reactionary - not being leftist =/= reactionary.


Ok, I'll bite on what I remember

The descriptions for food says that soy makes your dick shrink
You get visited by two cops who are there to investigate if there are any hate crimes in the area, later when you actually need the police they will take 12 hours on the phone to show up
The worst offenders are the news headlines which are borderline polshit, tons of caricatures that they like to make, I can't think of any specific examples now but it was a bunch of shit, I remember there was some transphobic stuff and some anti Semitic stuff

It's clearly much more inspired by schizo 'eat ze bugs' type thought than any coherent ideology


File: 1694147970707.jpg (129.68 KB, 624x784, 734.jpg)

>The descriptions for food says that soy makes your dick shrink
In-game mechanic based on a meme that's spread across the internet. It's not reactionary either, since it's not a reaction to a social liberalization
>You get visited by two cops who are there to investigate if there are any hate crimes in the area
> later when you actually need the police they will take 12 hours on the phone to show up
Again, not reactionary, and frankly a good depiction of neoliberalism - posturing for the sake of identity politics, but no actual genuine help. A lot of police are like that here in Burgerland today
>the news headlines which are borderline polshit
And if you can't tell they're very satirical, literal Robocop tier propaganda that's blatantly obvious for a reason. This also isn't reactionary by the definition of reactionary.
>tons of caricatures that they like to make
It's a dystopian VN where everyone is some sort of miserable asshole, including the player character, the player is a caricature of a NEET, the landlord is a caricature of a typical slumlord, others are walking story tropes, and blatantly self-aware tropes at that.
>some transphobic stuff and some anti Semitic stuff
I don't recall any of that, and I've played through 2 different routes.

>inspired by schizo 'eat ze bugs' type thought than any coherent ideology

I mean it's a cyberpunk dystopia world, that's kinda the point, and moreover we see it from the Point of View of a character born and raised in this world, their behavioral options make sense - Man is the product of his environment, and of conditions; he cannot therefore be free in the choice of his profession, he cannot be the maker of his own happiness.
Frankly speaking I've seen a lot more actually reactionary and fucked up shit in actual Japanese VNs.


>since it's not a reaction to a social liberalization
Its absolutely a reaction to the "pussy liberals want to take away your hamburgers and force you to eat veggies"


>A lot of police are like that here in Burgerland today
Burger police famous for prioritizing hate crimes over all else.


File: 1694215781529.png (674.79 KB, 680x649, ClipboardImage.png)

> absolutely a reaction to the "pussy liberals want to take away your hamburgers and force you to eat veggies"
That's… that's not how that works… at all. You do realize that it's just a new bout of the old "veganism vs meat" shit that's been going on for a better half of the 20th century, long before the internet. The soy meme isn't even that new either, since it's a callback to Soylent Green.
Also prole-pods and soy is just a memed version of the actual dehumanizing liberal bullshit that entitled upper-class first-worlders push.
Unironically yes. Which in itself is ironic, considering they also commit hate crimes lol.


>You do realize that it's just a new bout of the old "veganism vs meat" shit
Yes? Eating meat is a cultural signifier for the right, being a big manly man, narrative that elites are coming for their meat is obviously reactionary projection of their weird castration anxiety and opposition to any form of social progress, such as not torturing animals.


Fuck off nerd, go sell that to the ecofascists.
Tell them being manly is left wing while you're at it.


File: 1694224593822.jpeg (40.72 KB, 683x449, 1675721814690.jpeg)

Now we see why you didn't have a problem with the game's reactionary themes, because you agree with them.


I haven't even played the game nerd, I'm just calling out your liberal ideology.


File: 1694227244475.png (5.53 MB, 2298x1245, ClipboardImage.png)

>Eating meat is a cultural signifier for the right
Utter Westernoid nonsense.
>being a big manly man
Have you seen Soviet motivational posters for keeping fit? Not being a machoistic asshole =/= not being manly, retard.
>elites are coming for their meat
<"noooo porky would never try to manipulate the average proletarian to be ignorant and stupid and to just accept the shit they're given or told to consume!"
>weird castration anxiety
<Please believe us guyz, forget about all those experiments we did on people trying to fuck up their minds and bodies to suit our needs, this CIA op-*cough* I mean our alternative food science is totally an organic, eco-friendly organization and not a thinly veiled attempt at forcing people to consume what their corporate overlords give them!

I am by no means some schizo carnivore, I've never complained about eating vegetables, hell I like them, it's a normal thing outside of burgerland. But veganism, soy-mania and other nonsense about replacing meat is blatant First-World bullshit meant to distract from corporations creating the majority of world carbon emissions, (not fucking cow farts) and other corporate awfulness in the food business. Has everyone forgotten how Nestle pushed artificial milk in Africa?
>such as not torturing animals
Moralistic bullshit. Meat sourcing can be done ethically and there are methods of painless killing, which are usually used to begin with. Meat is necessary for proper development of the brain and body. Part of the reason human brains developed is because of the consumption of meat by early hominids. Humans are omnivores for a reason, unlike most primates, or most Carnivora. It also is important for development of testosterone in men, which is important for puberty >>>/hobby/36190


You're assuming that everyone replying to you about this is the same person
I am a third poster, >>21146 is the guy that posted about Dystopian robo GF VN, and >>21151 >>21149 are another person entirely as well. So you have 3 people disagreeing with you.
Funny pic tho lol.
I personally didn't have a problem with these "reactionary themes" because they're neither reactionary nor right-wing - it's a satirical Cyberpunk DYSTOPIA, that fact is fucking blatant as all hell. This is like saying Judge Dredd is reactionary because the main character is a cop, or that it features various fucked up things.


>"I am by no means some schizo"
>unhinged schizo rant
Many such cases!


File: 1694310361056.gif (1.58 MB, 498x278, luffy-bites-meat.gif)

Behold this virile right wing coded man


File: 1694317604758.png (1.69 MB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

>Behold this virile right wing coded man
Absolutely BASED


I found a fun little and cute VN called Mice Tea, It's actually well written and I loved it! it does have furries and transformation in it, so it is at least original when it comes to VNs.


<im not a schizo


File: 1695256697365.jpg (12.83 KB, 241x232, comissar looks.jpg)

Ok redditor


File: 1695780034819.png (595.93 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Some guy with the username YogurP is making a RenamonXHuman dating sim Eroge. Still in the works but the art style is pretty good.


File: 1695780199728.jpg (33.89 KB, 418x267, Jiraiya boobs.jpg)

Big Breasts Be Based!


>le channer insult
go back


File: 1695940509180.png (537.73 KB, 680x453, ClipboardImage.png)

>Muh channers
<Don't call me out for being a shitlib! G-go back!


File: 1696971077760.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.13 KB, 1280x720, 1696926382033562.jpg)

Stumbled across this furry VN for a buckaroo.
Going from their other works it seems generic as hell, but it was just funny to see.


File: 1696999712531.png (Spoiler Image, 3.74 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


>wolfgirl with human dick


Eh, it's a cheap furry VN whaddaya expect? Some like human dick on furry waifu, others are more into the animal version.


At least you still have Tales of Androgyny


>that time 4chan made a better Dino-girl SoL VN than a real studio


human dicks are simply better


i like the message that you can't be non-cis or else you got groomed by the evil lgbtranies or else you gonna do a school shooting.


that's knot true


Yeah the nu-/v/ermin nazi shit is much better than some mediocre game made by a "real studio" (whatever that means)


File: 1698708360471.png (461.85 KB, 600x482, ClipboardImage.png)

Why was buffsuki a thing?


Snoot Game is openly transphobic and full of pol-shit


>Did you watch the video
uh i played the fangame instead of watching some shitty youtuber recap LMAO


muscles are le funny


jojo reference something reddit


File: 1698880961161.jpg (42.01 KB, 720x480, 1445312965480.jpg)

>asking "did you watch the video?"
>not "did you play the game?"
Absolute state of e-celeb brained zoomers.




File: 1698881726332.jpg (193.62 KB, 1627x991, 1698532377367244.jpg)

>Fang is required to detransition in order to get Snoot Game's good endings
>taking someone else's nb character to tell a detransition story
and you have channers being smol bean fascists as usual about how they arent actually transphobes but just wanna have shitpost
i dont care if you played or even liked the game, stop pretending its something it isnt lol
pic related is whining about the use of "they"


File: 1698881794164-0.jpg (246.25 KB, 1687x978, 1677874491001.jpg)

File: 1698881794164-1.jpg (253.36 KB, 1697x1005, 1685440140702.jpg)

more BASED bangers


well that was fast


so completely valid and based af?


I can tell whats wrong with it tho
Any premise can be used to a ridiculous conclusion (like my body my choice can be used for antivax or free speech to say racist stuff) and enbie people get mad that people single them out as this kind of "cultural defects" this train of thought causes and say they are more valid than transracials or xenogenders or whatever.

Come on now. You can easily make the case furries suffer a form of dysphoria if they daydream and hurt enough not being their fursonas. You have to acknowledge most people don't buy into this kind of stuff. I am not saying they shouldn't but pretending it isn't quite obvious why people don't buy into enbie stuff is pretty obvious

have you ever visited /lgbt/?


This nonner gets it


Gotta hear this lol.


The game is clearly transphobic sorry. It's just channer pearl clutching. Katawa Shoujo is turning over in its grave at the level of decline in 4chan projects


Decline would imply KS isn't a massive outlier. And even in that project, there are only two really good paths (one imho).
And what other projects of note have even sprung from 4chan *as* 4chan projects? Ruby Quest? I feel like that has, rightfully, become more of a "Weaver" thing than a "4chan" thing.


IDK, I can't really think of that many but there is some like you said with Weaver. Also there's plenty of porn games that 4channers made AFAIK.


Oh totally, a veritable deluge of great flashes at that. Man, I wonder what happened to 3angledblue.




The dismal genre you're referring to isn't even so much reacting to "Visual Novels" as they existed in the 90s, as dating sim flashes. That last one far more transgressive than anything that has come out of the more recent "critical" VNs.


Don't forget that piece of shit got upset his hunk of garbage didn't get into a gallery.

What transphobia does to the mind.


i eat hearts and minds for breakfast, the fuck does that have to do for anything


Imageboard shut in thinks his mind has univocal access to popular opinion.


what are you talking about man, i just wanna eat people.




File: 1698961117521.jpg (40 KB, 474x343, 3589825002.jpg)

Western VNs peaked in the early 2000s with Newgrounds, everything else is just repeating the same joke while also pretending to not take themselves seriously.


My opinion is that everyone should be whatever they want and identify as but when I point out that that includes weird stuff like xenogenders, trasnracials whatever other weird bunch you get all mad

Look, i get the importance of optics and kinda hide under the rug these outliers like most trans do with detrans people but you either care about optics or you care about being consistent

if you care about optics enbies are going to suffer from erasure as well because most people I have met either don't care or are just friendly thowards them. They will not spend a single ounce of their day defending or supporting them. at best they will pay lip service and at worst they think is a determent to the transgender cause

I am not saying they are in the right but the amount of support snoot game has should make it clear how little support the enbie cause has with the general public


you sound like an american facebook page refugee boomer just like all neo-4channers these days

>the amount of support snoot game has

an obscure fotm on the nose satire of an already obscure game. you take yourself way too seriously


If you look up reviews in youtube you get nothing but good reviews about snoot game

Look, what I am getting at is:
Are common people and LGBTs who care about optics and alienate enbies and xenogenders and otherkins and whatever else transphobic?
That's the core of the issue


yup, youre a schizo right-wing boomer alright


>My opinion is that everyone should be whatever they want and identify as but when I point out that that includes weird stuff like xenogenders, trasnracials whatever other weird bunch you get all mad
I agree completely. You and I are also not alone on this, at least as far as this website goes.

>i get the importance of optics (…)

Fuck optics. Be you, fight the world if you have to.

>the amount of support snoot game has

Cishets (or however you want to divvy that up) don't look further than their noses are long. No shit. YOU can provide them with insight they can not intuit themselves.
Furthermore, there is no point in engaging with some dipshit who has closed themselves off from differing information. Hence, my responds to your posts.
My final advice to is this: it is better to have one comrade in the cadre, than a hundred libs in Parliament.


>xenogenders and otherkins
These groups are even more irrelevant and smaller than non-binaries, why do you even care


1- As a group weird ass uyggas (lets say detrans, furries with weird ass animal dysphoria, xeno/transracial/whatever) do make a significant ammount of posts that are passed around right wing circles that are used to demoralize or point out how weird or silly the entire trans movement is.
2- Trans are still like what was it? 1.something percent of the population. Just because someone's number is low doesn't mean you get to disregard their emotions and be on the moral highground. this isn't a membership game
3- 100% not true. If you go to any pokemon/mlp/animal crossing/etc server there is like something like a rate of 1:10 people who unjokingly want to be mares or pokemon or whatever else and are hurt that they are not part of that. I know at least one /mlp/ anon that slit its wrists over it. They are common as fuck if you are part of those communities


On the topic of visual novels, I've been playing The Silver Case off and on. That is all.


File: 1699037084439-0.jpg (337.85 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg)

File: 1699037084439-1.jpg (334.25 KB, 1920x1080, 2.jpg)

finished koibana, a bit disappointed, maybe cause i played it right after futamata but it felt lower effort in comparison. being able to see how the boys did with the other girls was an interesting concept but that's it. i miss the old style humor of asapro but it was ok


anti-sjw or whatever you wanna call it has been the predominant culture for about a decade online.
Pretending the butterfly effect ripple of these accounts is null is pretty deluded


>anti-sjw or whatever you wanna call it has been the predominant culture for about a decade online.
lmao. person who only spends time around fascist circles wonders why the internet is so fascist


I spend most of my day in leftoid element channels, hexbear, this place and youtube. Sometimes visiting /lgbt/
You can easily tell this is the current panorama of things because of algorithms and the news that trickle down to your feed
Leftism and pro-social justice content or whatever is way more niche in Youtube and the mannerisms of right wing shitposting has passed to the center/mostly uninterested with their mannerisms for a while now

If you want more concise numbers of the current panorama, you can just look at companies and layoffs related to branches that are used to keep on check that they are kept socially responsible and politically correct


regarding vns and indie games i truly cannot think of a thing that puts me off a work more than when the author is embarrassed to be working in the genre they’re working in, you are a little bitch


Which VN topic should survive? This one or the one from /games/?


This is the one that's actually active and has more than double the IP count. Also why not both?


I guess it can be both. Just seems like splitting the activity a bit.


I think its kind of a shared topic, unlike most anime related things or game things. Besides I don't use or particularly like /games/ and prefer other sideboards. Besides between the 2 threads there's 140+ IPs. Just have the mods link the games thread in the OP here and the games thread OP have a link to this thread and cross-share content and posting.


>MAGES. is planning to release a “sequel” title in 2024, and it might be Steins;Gate’s

People say they're milking Steins;Gate (not wrong exactly) but if this is what Chaos;Child was to Chaos;Head then I'm all for it. If it turns out to just be a shitty "Elite" remake then fuck you.


>If it turns out to just be a shitty "Elite" remake then fuck you
They did announce they were working on Steins;Gate 0 ELITE, so there is a chance this might be it, although it could also be Steins;????
>but if this is what Chaos;Child was to Chaos;Head then I'm all for it
Shit, I really, really need to play both of these.




File: 1713855043659.png (339.06 KB, 450x360, ClipboardImage.png)

They're both shitty variants of the same lame game for different but similar reasons, more importantly the whole 'release' resulted in it popping up in my search when I looked up stuff about dinosaurs, which is fucking annoying when I'm trying to research a paper.


I read this paragraph fully concerning the comparison of newest and earlier technologies,
it's remarkable article.

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