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File: 1608526502357.png (500.25 KB, 985x510, 329847238947923874.png)

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Dune discussion general.



it better be better than the lynch one


Oh , the memories


Is it true that WarHammer 40k is heavily inspired by Dune novel?


chalamet is delicious.
The lynch one is kino campyness included.
It will most likely be very liberal at key parts.


I haven't watched anything from Villneuve yet, but I heard that all of his stuff is fantastic.


It’s a mix of everything the 4 dudes that founded GW loves: Dune, D&D, Star Wars, LoTR, weird sci-fi guns trending at the time and historical memes.


Awful music


I'm tired of it, though I used to like it. I want to watch new sci-fi for a change that talks about current problems.


I just want to see a God Emperor of Dune adaptation already so we can be done with it.


The film so far looks like generic hollywood sci fi, i dont put much hope into it. Not enough surrealism.
Movie trailers are usually outsourced to third party studios so I wouldn't make guesses on the soundtrack. Hence why they're all the same.


Could anyone properly explain what Dune as a series is about? I only watched the Lynch movie and read some plot synopsis, but it isn't too clear. So the main plot basically is about how Paul gets manipulated into becoming a genocidal monarch, realizes this and then has his son take over as an accelerationist tyrant with the goal of eventually destroying the current galactic system?


The Lynch movie was compressed, confusing and awful, you should have instead watched the 3 part Dune miniseries, it's much better and more faithful to the book. Frankly, you don't have to read the book if you watch that series.

As for what it's about… it's kind of long, but Dune is two books in one. The first is about a feudal galactic system, and within that system there's a noble family that is forced to take over a desert planet (Dune), who are then betrayed by the emperor and the former family that had owned the planet. The son escapes into the desert.

The second "book" is about how that foreign born son "dances with the natives," wins their trust, and twists their local religion to become the messiah of their prophecies and to wage a guerilla war to retake the planet. The desert planet matters because it's the only planet in the galaxy that produces the spice, which is a necessary ingredient for faster than light travel. It was an allegory for the dependency of foreign empires on controlling oil rich countries in the sixties/seventies, and a lot of the words in the book sound Arabic. The ending was that the war got so out of hand that the emperor came to Dune himself to try and finish it, and the princely protagonist has the natives launch a surprise attack, and then he forces the emperor to make him the new emperor of the galaxy.

There's a lot of other threads mixed in that end up in later books, but that's a summary of how the series began.


File: 1608526507686.jpg (18.2 KB, 331x331, 20200906_083301.jpg)

>There's a crusade coming


ngl it's quite clever since that crusade is going to be called a jihad later in the story and the two terms are equivalent right down to them being highly triggering and problematic to populations that have been on the receiving end of a crusade/jihad


He's my favorite director and I'm a huge Dune freak so this is about the best possible combination to have me wig out.



Jodorowsky’s version is the only good one. Not this all gray bleached out garbage.
Good bless the frogs for spawning Moebius.


Deconstructed hero's journey. Dune is a hero's journey story as written by someone who explicitly hates heroes. The surface reading of Dune and what is actually happening are frequently opposites of each other.

It's also a reply to Asimov's Foundation trilogy. Interestingly there's a Foundation series coming out:

Foundation takes place in a declining empire. A "psychohistorian" named Hari Seldon has discovered a way to use mathematics to predict the historical development of human societies on large scale – which is now possible given the galaxy-sized scale of the empire. Seldon predicts the empire will collapse and plunge the galaxy into thousands of years of darkness. The solution is to create a "foundation" that will accumulate human knowledge, preserve it, with the hope of shortening the dark ages and allowing the galaxy to recover from this very long "depression" in a kind of behind-the-scenes planning.

Herbert, being more of a libertarian, didn't like this idea. A big part of Dune is that plans laid thousands of years in the past run out of control. Paul Atreides, the protagonist in Dune, is the result of a breeding program by an order of space witches named the Bene Gesserit to create a superbeing which they can control and take over the galaxy. It doesn't quite work out that way.


>Herbert, being more of a libertarian, didn't like this idea.
The anon who wants to know more here. But isn't this contradicted by the later novels though? From what I've read in the synopsis, his son specifically uses a really long-term plan that he predicted in order to eventually save mankind (Golden Path). Also from what I've gather this plan was highly brutal, so it also seems as if the books are saying that the ends justify the means as well.

>Asimov and Foundation series

I'm a bit of a booklet when it comes to OG sci-fi, but at least the premise sounds quite Marxist in its view of reality, that a person could in theory manage to predict the future historical developments by absorbing present material information. Was he somewhat of an /ourguy/?


You mean the comics? Have they been translated to english? I can only find downloads in the french


I heard that they gender bent Lyet Kynes, the leader of the Fremen. Thankfully he is a minor character but it's especially egregious that, out of all the characters, they would make him a woman. Because the Fremen are basically an arab mixed/berber civilization, and a woman being the leader of such a society? Yeah, it pretty much shows how completely out of touch liberals are with the exotic cultures they fetishize. They like the aesthetic and different skin colours of far-away people but they put under the rug all their cultural aspects which do not align with liberal ideology.

It's a cover of Pink Floyd, you philistine!


That's what he's saying, it's an awful cover/remix. Only thing worse is probably a blue monday remix from ready player one trailer.


Every Marxist interested in SF should read the first three books of the Foundation series. Psycho-history is basically historical materialism on steroids.


Aside from them changing Jihad to crusade it looks pretty cool. I'm going to reread the novel so I can be a bitchy little nitpicker when it comes out.


File: 1608526511972.jpg (36.28 KB, 486x700, 1396772313396.jpg)

>Only in cinemas
Maybe if it was Jodorowsky's Dune.
I'll wait for them to sell it to streaming services when nobody goes to see it. Bad luck that this was being made during Corona, eh lads?


Damn I didn't realize Villanueve did Sicario. Even more impressed with him now.


They are going to ruin it.


It certainly won't live up to the novel, but I don't see why it can't be a good movie. It couldn't possibly tank as bad as John Carter.


They use the term crusade in the books as well.


I went to a cinema to see Tenet a week or so after it released in my country and it was utterly empty, if you're scared about the corona you have nothing to worry about as most people have the same thoughts so you'll have a screen practically to yourself.


After what he did with Blade Runner he has my trust.



Is there a bigger enemy to cinema than this man? All of his “films” are bombarded with pseudo imitations of other directors: Prisoners is a blatant remake of David Fincher’s Zodiac. Enemy borrows elements from Alfonso Cuaron’s Prisoner of Azkaban, and Arrival, the biggest offender of all, plagiarizes the moody peril that comfortably resided in Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia. Don’t forget about Sicario either, which is a shamelessly nuanced attempt to hijack the cinematic language of Michael Bay’s Bad Boys 2.

Denis Villeneuve doesn’t contain a single original thought. Blade Runner 2049 was a culmination of hackery and evident of the intellectual dullness of his previous films. The man is simply a proficient illusionist. He knows who to surround himself with. For instance, he employs the likes of Roger Deakins to photograph his movies with IMDBlike sensibilities in order to hijack the approval of impressionable film buffs looking for the next piece of “cinema” to fawn over. Then he calls up Ryan Gosling, still enjoying the indie spoils of his Drive fame, in order to drown 2049 in arthouse approval.

And Dune is next on the menu.

Denis’s Dune will receive the same cultural reception as George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels, Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides having a strikingly similar casting notion as Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker. The prequels can be forgiven as misguided art though. Dune will be the anti-thesis of that, a film crafted by a hack at the peak of his illusionist abilities.

Villeneuve is a miserable hack whose movies are propped up entirely by Deakins meme cinematography which gets the r/movies and IMDB pleb crowd all hot and bothered. It is the death knell of Cinema. One of the biggest trashmasters working today, a hack's hack. This is hot pocket the director. Cheeto dust: the man.

His flicks are a bad joke; an insult to the filmic medium; a gob of spit aimed at all that is good and great about filmmaking. Another polished post-fincher gritty popcorn director.


>Don’t forget about Sicario either
I bet that reviewer hasn't even heard of Heart of Darkness. They don't even have the decency to call it an Apocalypse Now! ripoff.


Say what you want but his movies are better then 90% of the movies that are being put out.


File: 1608526518148.png (6.55 KB, 478x373, 1432828822292.png)


That’s not a high bar to compare anything to mate. Almost all modern movies are complete commodified trash made to squeeze money out of ideas.


>plagiarizes the moody peril that comfortably resided in Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia. Don’t forget about Sicario either, which is a shamelessly nuanced attempt to hijack the cinematic language of Michael Bay’s Bad Boys 2
Excellent bait.


But to take the critique actually seriously for a moment, Dune is just a pulp sci-fi novel with an unusual intensity of vision, it's not worth starting a religion over. I'm going to enjoy being thrilled in the cinema while chomping on some popcorn and experiencing whatever new air circulation systems the theater chain has installed in the past few months.


I don't think anybody thinks Dune is like transcendent or anything, just that it's great material for a film adaptation.


Did he really twist their religion? Wasn’t he actually this supremely powerful god which was foretold by both the bene gesserit and the fremen?


I think it is transcendent.


Basically earth in 20 years. Well the political situation at least.


File: 1608526532366.jpg (13.67 KB, 300x300, D U N C.jpg)

So I started reading the first book and it's alright but I looked up some plot synopses beforehand and saw some of the series spoilers and uh… it sounds like the worst kind of fanfiction (pic related). ebin fan favorite space samurai gets cloned so much the plot revolves around his clones and he becomes the new messiah I feel like I'm being trolled that this is one of the greatest science fiction series.


File: 1608526532469.jpg (79.99 KB, 794x523, space marines 80s.jpg)

And cyberpunk that was very heavy at the time.


Only the first book is good


Most of the series is trash. That’s why most people in modern day never compare it to being “LoTR for sci-fi”. Lensmen is better than every way.


pretty worried, but heh, at least they can do special effects now
shouldnt be too hard
yes, the fact he was a godlike being wasnt known at first, the bene gesserit basically just make up useful legend/religions on all planets they send their agents on, so they can be used later as political tools if needed, in a very cynical view. They don't litterally spell out their plan of ultimate messiah as religions
hard disagree, although the first one is the best by far, the serie stay good and have plenty of great plot/philo until the death of leto. i'd even say you miss a lot dune concepts if you stop at first one


File: 1608526547583.jpg (906.35 KB, 1144x2560, Dune.jpg)

How accurate is pic related? I want to read the good shit.


>just that it's great material for a film adaptation
It really isn't. Dune is frankly too cerebral and complex to be easily adapted, which is precisely why previous attempts have fallen flat.


It's a question of does Vinille have what it takes


File: 1608526560144.png (283.66 KB, 1080x1080, boomhauer dune.png)

Honestly I didn't find anything about it "weird", it seems like a typical 70's era scifi with LoTR level worldbuilding. Dune + Messiah are basically one book and is a must read for any scifi fan, Children is a fucking slog and NOTHING happens except the last few chapters, and Emperor is Herbert trying (and failing) to write a smarter than human character, albeit with some really fun moments along the way. I tried reading Heretics and gave up around 100 pages in, it was just more of the same and it didn't really jive with me.

If you want some real fun, just read Emperor going in blind. If you like it, go back and read the first 3, if you don't then you've just saved yourself a lot of time.


>all the sequals tital's start with the word dune
this is dumb naming


thanks OP i was thinking of making this thread but i haven't read the books


oh it was unsearchable because d u n e


>LoTR level worldbuilding
It’s nowhere near that though. LoTR in a single book established almost the entire cosmology, history of every countries, their languages, and every known norms of the genres. While Dune is just a cool universe that have a lot of things kept vague on purpose by Hebert for later fleshing out through multiple sequels. And it’s legacy is much more limited, which has only Warhammer emulating it (GW stole from everybody because it started out as satire before retards and company shills ruined it with Space Marine wank).
How else are you going bait people into buying when they explicitly knows that their author is long dead.


File: 1608526563154.jpg (66.45 KB, 800x530, Robert-A.-Heinlein.jpg)

>before retards and company shills ruined it with Space Marine wank
Why does so much burger Sci-Fi try to copy him?


fashoid mindset?


His work has a lot of classic libertarian themes and an idealistic look at voluntarism, something fashoids and the US military love to emulate. It’s not a surprise when his work is party mandatory reading for them.
Also lots of his protagonists are super smart, ultra competent individuals. A great way for burgers to have a power fantasy.


>has a lot of classic libertarian themes and an idealistic look at voluntarism, something fashoids and the US military love to emulate
But why? Obviously libretarianism and voluenterism are on the political right. But, their core philosophical tenates are pretty different from fascism and jongoism.


Because for Americans especially, libertarianism got completely taken over and shaped by the ruling class from the start. It’s also the first place where the term liberal becomes the definition for petit bourgeois landlords and the people subservient to them rather than left wingers.
The opposition to tax became the opposition to keeping the private interests of small time capitalists rather than the opposition to a capitalist state in general.


but militerist nationalism and total war is incompatible with a peti-bourg libretarian utopia, thier is no place for small business in world wars


> LoTR in a single book established almost the entire cosmology, history of every countries, their languages, and every known norms of the genres.
Yeah, and that one book is dedicated entirely to lore/worldbuilding. If you take out the Silmarillion, the LOTR trilogy and Dune are pretty comparable in that regard.


>Some literary critics have described Asimov's psychohistory as a reformulation of Karl Marx's theory of history (historical materialism), though Asimov denied any direct influence.[11]
The wikipedia article goes on to misinterpret hist mat, so I won't copy it. Incredible how much marxism is misinterpreted.


I was expecting a delay but October 2021 seems a bit much.


Reminds me of a depressing pamphlet “Desert” by Unknown https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/anonymous-desert


True. That’s why in most of Heinlein’s work, war is portrayed as a constant skirmish of small proxy wars that keep to military industrial complex going. Starship troopers is that wholesale, the other is The moon is a cruel mistress where it also emphasized a long war up until they started to bombard earth with mass drivers.



Looks pretty cool and a seemingly anti-imperialist message is nice; probably the only movie I've been excited to see in like a decade. Going to start reading the novels as well; can anyone comment on how the community views the books made after the original author died (the Dune novels after the 6th).spurdoSpurdo



the same way catholics view protestants


Intense hatred and scorn to the point of starting civil wars; before gradually mellowing out over the years and retreating into academia, coupled with a grudging resignation?spurdoSpurdo


Orientalist and queer-coded white savior trash. Why does every modern scifi movie be some shitty Pocahontas rip-off?


>Why does every MODERN scifi movie be some shitty Pocahontas rip-off
Anon, I…


>white savior
ok I could see why someone would think that but
How? Does Timothee Chalamet just have a gay looking face or something?


Different anon

I think the actor they hired for Paul Atreides doesn't fit, he is supposed to have been intensely trained in personal combat from an early age, he should look like he's got more stamina.

Also the Fremen should have leathery dried out skin because they are denied enough water.


The Baron being homosexual?
Him raping male family members being Canon?
Duncan Idaho losing his shit at the Lesbian Fishspeaker orgy?
Herbert disowning his own gay son?


agree about paul
the fremen is a little harder to pull off, and unlike the harkonnens they are supposed to be approachable to the movie audience so you can't make them too weird

i don't think you understand the "coding" part of queer coding


>the fremen is a little harder to pull off, and unlike the harkonnens they are supposed to be approachable to the movie audience so you can't make them too weird
But the Fremen are very weird, they have glowing blue spice eyes as well as strangely brutal social rituals and the book spends a lot of time unraveling their mysteries, almost like they're an alien species. Dune always seemed like it played with the concept of humans that aren't entirely human anymore, that they were changed by their environments in the dune universe.


Ok, guys I'm just baiting. I fucking love Dune and I've read all six books. It's just that as a relatively old scifi novel it suffers from the prejudices of its time and I just think there has to be some kind of of discussion about that.


I have watched the IMAX preview and let me tell you that this movie is very different from what I have seen in a long time. It doesn't feel like Star Wars, Star Gate, Star Trek or whatever with its scale and its modern and otherworldly aethetics, it is going to be completely overwrite of what was regarded as 'Dune' before, no one is going to ever talk about the Lynch film ever again. This movie IS Dune now. The Guild ships, the spice harvester scene, holy shit. I really can't wait to see the whole movie.


>no one is going to ever talk about the Lynch film ever again. This movie IS Dune now.
sounds depressing to me. Honestly if it wasn't for some of the better clips I've seen the MC and his interactions reminds me of Zuko from Shyamalan's Avatar movie.


>The Duke felt in this moment that his own dearest dream was to end all class distinctions and never again think of deadly order.

Was Leto I based?



In that moment at the banquet, all the stress is going to him, I guess in the whole Aristocratic hierarchy, the atredies are pretty low, to be used and fucked over by the Harkonnens and the Emperor.

He sees how an end to class society could potentially alleviate his social ills and how he lives, all the important people he has to schmooze with, the expectations people have of him, etc…

At the end of the day at an individual level, it seemed to me Leto really loves his family and wishes Jessica was his wife.

Maybe the life of dukedom was never for him.


>the atredies are pretty low

But he was very popular and the other houses were looking up to him, I mean getting sent to Atreides was basically him getting exiled by the Emperor.



He is the perfect example of a good person in an evil system who cannot make changes due to the powerlessness of individuals-even powerful ones like nobility


>I mean getting sent to Atreides was basically him getting exiled by the Emperor
Not exactly. Arrakis is the only place where spice exists, to be governor of Arrakis is a big deal, cause you can make a lot of money and become prestigious. The Emperor sent him into a trap, to be killed by the Harkonnens. Leto is actually aware that this is a possibility, but denying the emperor would be tantamount to mutiny and it'd give the Emperor an excuse to destroy his house. So he has to go, hoping his guards and protection he had would be enough. But it turned out House Atreides had a traitor working for the Harkonnens very close to the Duke. Emperor even sent two legions of Sardaukar to fight in Harkonnen uniforms against Leto. So basically it all seemed like a House fighting another House, and the Emperor actually "helping" Duke Leto by giving him rule over a coveted planet.


Leto knows his standing with the other noble houses is an illusion and that none of them would lift a finger to help him if attacked.


So they won't be delaying this again even if covid gets really bad, right? They'll just release it on streaming I guess. Which will basically condemn it to not getting the 2nd part made.


File: 1631892801923.jpg (202.28 KB, 720x1187, 1631870285564.jpg)

Dune 2 is in the bag boys.


Just bought an IMAX ticket for Monday. Stoked. Going for the afternoon matinee, when I was buying the ticket the theatre was empty, only 7 seats taken so far. It's gonna be maximum comfy.


Will we see Timothy Charlemagne's ass?


I think the pacing is too fast, but it is good.



Who the fuck cares if the author was a conservative or not. Tolkien was a conservative however his work never gets put under so much scrutiny even though its dogwhistles are much more on the nose than in Dune. Jacobin goes full clown show here:
<It’s a guilty pleasure for the more radical left, and there’s no shame in that. Nobody longs for a return to a hackneyed, bland socialist realism.
I'm glad Jacobin allows me to consume "problematic" fantasy and sci-fi, thanks Jacobin. And then out of nowhere making the jump to fucking socialist realism, are they fucking serious?




And bullyboys

Increase before

Each fall into darkness.


Just saw it. It was alright. As another anon said, it has problems with pacing, at times it seems very rushed and like the director just wants us to get to a certain point. As if someone is giving you a quick rundown on context before they tell you a story. That is its biggest flaw.

Some complaints and nitpicks:
>everyone wears black, both Atreides and Harkonnen. Harkonnens should be red, and the Baron should be wearing red, not black
>I don't like how agency is taken away from Paul. I can remember three instances of it. 1) in the pain test, it is Lady Jessica who recites the litany of fear, not Paul. 2) when Stilgar spits in front of the Duke (at the wrong point in the discussion, I might add), it is Duncan, not Paul who recognises the gesture and says thank you. They all spat, which was pretty stupid I thought. 3) when flying through the storm, Paul hears The Reverend Mother's voice tell him to "let go", after which he lets go of the controls, turns off the engine and goes to sleep. In the book, they go through it, thanks to his skills, plus effects of spice on his already sensitive mind.
>should have spent more time on exposition of Arrakis, and show how wasteful the Palace and outsiders are, not just reduce it to a "they oppress us monologue" at the beginning of the movie.
>not enough exposition of Paul's struggle within him.
>Kynes (casting choice was fine) gets killed by three Sardaukar, instead of being left in the desert. That monologue he has in his thoughts before he dies should have been included.
>when Sardaukar attacked the palace on Arrakis, they weren't wearing Harkonnen uniform, but Sardaukar uniform
>Princess Irulan subplot is completely left out, unless they're gonna do flashbacks in the 2nd movie
>Paul doesn't have an arc, really, neither do we feel "the fall" of Atreides because we don't really know how big they were. There's a throwaway line by Leto where he says "other houses look up to us", but we don't really see them settle in and rule Arrakis, it just seems that as soon as they get there, they're betrayed and attacked

overall 7/10


File: 1632266091011.jpg (8.03 KB, 296x170, Pete the Rat.jpg)

>fast forward to year 2020
>the "gayest" US presidential candidate is also a bureaucrat and most likely works with the CIA


<another shit article complaining about "muh conservatives"
They've completely dropped the mask and are full retard radlibs tody.


I agree. It should have been 3 hours.
And another thing. Jessica is fucking crying almost all the duration of the movie. I don't remember Jessica from the book like that but maybe I am wrong.


Sounds like it should have been a miniseries.


File: 1632621379719.png (524.91 KB, 1156x808, 1627250602501.png)

>rereading dune
>mainlining the Dune Messiah audiobook
>busting nuts to Behind the Dune
>reciting the litany against fear
>smoking weed laced with cinnamon and DMT
>recycling all my body fluids
how are you preparing for Dune?


how would Dune be different if a communist wrote it I wonder


RadLibs unironically believe that race-swapping Marvel protagonists is subversion or deconstructs white savior tropes and not what Dune is doing.


progress is when you signal that black people and women can only play roles if a white man does it first


Saw it yesterday. I liked it, surprisingly.
No naked Timothee, unfortunately.
Aesthetics on point. I saw the lynch movie and miniseries before this (many years ago), haven't read the book, but I generally agree with anon's points here >>19703
Some things it could have improved, other things it got right. The movie ends half way through the story compared to the miniseries.


Say what you want about the aesthetics but the ornitopters were fucking amazing.


So it's been a while since I've seen it and now that the dust has settled I have to say I really really liked the movie. Has the potential to become an absolute classic.


Are you aware of Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda or some shit.
It recuperates WHITE MALE american history and makes it woke. The founding fathers are reimagined as slave-owning PoC.


File: 1633971103910.png (1.26 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

>No naked Timothee, unfortunately.
We'll just have to wait for Wonka I guess.


The fremen do not look down on the women of their tribe what are you talking about? Gender bending the imperial planetologist turned fremen leader doesn’t change anything of the character in any way. Liet Kynes character essential nature wasn’t his manhood but his scientific dedication to the fremen and the planet Arrakis.


It’s essentially a cautious tale on political/religious/philosophical leaders. That’s the true essence of the Dune sage from Dune to Heretics of Dune. The main character isn’t even supposed to be a “good guy”. He’s a subject who’s been thrust into something he didn’t want to be a part of and by the end became a vengeful, hateful, blood thirty leader who wanted nothing but violence done against his enemies. The personal journey of Paul is a good kid who becomes a cold hearted and brutal religious leader.


I wouldn’t say Herbert was particularly an economic libertarian but he definitely had a massive distrust of governments. He was very much an environmentalist and a humanist I’m willing to bet; he would’ve made a good communist, maybe not of any Stalinist or statist kind.


He suffered from cold-war brain unfortunately


There’s no proof of this? I mean he has an interview where he calls Nixon his favorite president for revealing to the American public the corruption of the nation that was already there. It’s kind of like someone who would say today that they like trump because trump just openly shows how big of a shit America is to Americans.


I mean, he named the villian Vladimir Harkonnen because be thought it sounded Soviet.


Source? Also he was writing to an American audience in the 60s.


BBC misses the mark
>here is a scale to Denis Villeneuve's Dune that borders on the biblical. Monolithic spaceships hang like moons in the heavens. Worms the size of skyscrapers swim like sharks through the desert. Extreme wide shots frame the barren planet of Arrakis as a vast unknowable ocean of sand, its dunes fluttering in the wind like waves. And yet it is not only size that makes Dune one of the most striking science-fiction films of recent years. It is how it marries that grandeur with slow, atmospheric and considered filmmaking – where shots live long, and scenes breathe freely.
I think the writer just wanted to write that kind of article. I was myself ready to have that opinion because I liked Arrival. But Dune just fell flat.


IIRC the Harkonnens are of German descent.


I liked Dune better than Arrival because of the idealist kumbaya ending of Arrival. What a liberal movie.

Herbert thought that the name "sounded Soviet" at first but then in the official canon they go back to a Finnish noble family.


Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that he was a total boomer-brained war hawk. He opposed the Vietnam War and McCarthyism after all. I just meant to say that he wasn't a socialist because he was a product of his time which was the Cold War.


I liked the movie, I liked the aesthetic. My favorite scene is the sand crawler one but there is something about it that is lacking, I can't really put it into words, maybe it's because I read the book and have been 'spoiled' but there is a certain lack of tension, a true build up to the story arc. The audience doesn't learn the actual intentions of many characters or only as retroactive justification. It's really difficult to express. Still above average but there is something missing for it to be a masterpiece or something.


One of the largest issues with trying to translate book to film. The thrones series could do the perspective thing because the series translated well the character chapters of the books. But as regards Dune, this is a book where the internal dialogue is extremely essential in understanding characters and character motivation.


I know, like the betrayal just happens like most things in the movie. There are no hints, build up or tension arc. It's not clear what the Bene Gesserit are about, they are just some kind of prop. Like many things just felt like props and background aesthetic without explaining their importance to the overall story. You don't have to go into detail about every personality but when it pertained to the factions I found it lacking.


>the idealist kumbaya ending of Arrival. What a liberal movie.
First off, the movie was refreshing because for once Chinese people weren't the "bad guys", but in fact come out looking positive because they offer to exchange knowledge first. The "bad guys" were the white, Conservative Americans radicalised by TV personalities. I don't know what's liberal about it, because the only politics that are in the movie are internationalism and rejection of the capitalist "military mindset". After all, it is a sci-fi movie whose message is that worldwide cooperation to achieve a goal that is beyond our current understanding is a noble goal. This is antithetical to capitalism because there is no profit or benefit to helping an alien race 3000 years into the future.


You are reaching


File: 1634235611506.jpg (174.82 KB, 520x390, 1629322956537.jpg)


How are you watching it? Only the cam version is available.


It came out in Europe Ike a month ago, dud


kinogo.la has most movies the moment they come out (or even earlier sometimes) in HD


Everywhere it’s cam


File: 1634820231626.png (17.89 KB, 640x400, Dune-II-Sardukar.png)

>this is dumb naming
Strange way of spelling "good branding". :-/

>space marines
Is not a question about IF but WHEN we'll see them. What I really liked about the Sardaukar was the scene where they silently inserts using anti-grav. Not the same thing as in the Dune-games where they are basically walking tanks.

I really like the E S T H E T I C S, and the wire from the rocket launcer to the breastplate is cute. Cute but probably useless.

But unless you really get the drop of someone and manages to hit ALL your targets AT ONCE, you're pretty much a walking target for a marksman with a 50-cal.

Also, does anyone please have a link to the sacrifical scene in DUNC?

You could substitute it with "Culture is for a man what maternity is for a woman." When a woman becomes a mother, her place in society is pretty much set. Men have no equivalent to maternity, so therefore they must constantly strive for something.


>agree about paul
>the fremen is a little harder to pull off, and unlike the harkonnens they are supposed to be approachable to the movie audience so you can't make them too weird
I lost it when they looked like some kind of corpo instant diversity starting pack. Yeah, those in the cities and the fremens in the desert could very well look different. But then it would be two discrete groups with a relative homogenization. What we saw here was something like "all people that have darker skin than a brown paper bag are all the same".


just saw it in burger theaters, my thoughts

>david lynch btfoed

>i love the quebecfag
>sound design was amazing
>the movie looked incredible
>I want to have sex with zendaya
>a lot of stuff was cut from the book, but nothing that was cut was vital
>scenes and moments that were added all fit in very seamlessly, especially with the art direction
>kynes gender swap wasn't important because the character was cut back so much anyway
>mamoa death scene was cool
>orinthropters were great
I will be majorly ass blasted if there is no part 2


What happened with the music? Everything else in the movie looked great and all the sound design was fantastic. For some reason the music was really generic and forgettable.



I wanna fuck zendaya so bad


Are you kidding me? This is cam? https://kinogo.la/27541-dune2022.html


lol yeah they did spell it dunc


Remember that there’s a lot of “analog” in Dune because of the Butlerian Jihad.


Even if they gave Liet Kynes the same attention as the books, that character still didn’t have its gender as an essential attribute. The essence of Kynes is their devotion to the Fremen and their dedication to the ecology of Arrakis.


Paul is literally described as quite thin in the books. Both Timothee and the actor for Dune 1984 looked as Paul should look but the 1984 one looked more like a guy in his twenties unlike Timothee who more appropriately looks like a teenager.


>The Baron being homosexual?


The Atreides are literally one of the more powerful and “popular” houses, not only in the books but the movie. The Duke Atreides is literally a Duke, the highest of the noble ranks.


>Paul is literally described as quite thin in the books.
post quotes


check top result for pirate bay


Lynch Dune is more based than the books.



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