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File: 1633316566588.png (1.22 MB, 1280x693, Thats right stalin.png)


General Thread discussing, analyzing and criticizing anime from the meta perspective of Capitalism, Media Culture (Industry) and Socio-Economics & Politics.
No shitflinging, drama, bad faith or baiting posts (e.g. "Trap is transphobic" or "Muh shounen trash" or "(all) Anime is misogynistic"). Keep it cool comrades.

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Basic topics and questions:
>Is anime bad/stupid/boring or good/smart/interesting?
>Is anime inherently a reactionary/capitalist product or can it be a communist or pro-communist one?
>What Tropes and archetypes are good or bad?
>Will anime be produced under socialism? Could Japan have produced anime if it had become a Soviet State in the Cold War? How would anime look like or differ under socialism?
>Why are nearly all weebs and otaku right-wing or radlibs? Why are they so cringe and self-entitled?


>>Why are nearly all weebs and otaku right-wing or radlibs? Why are they so cringe and self-entitled?
Every time I encounter someone with animu girl profile pic on any non-anonymous site, there's a good 90% chance that it's gonna spout right wing talking points or "so cute uwu" and be into liberal virtue signaling. What is it about weebshit that attracts them? Or is it weebshit that turns them into this? Also they almost always are linked to cumbrain coomer content. They are also quit ignorant of the industry and Japan itself and seem to consider it some fantasy wonderland. They also behave as if they are special and unique for consooming stuff, as if they think they're part of a counter-culture and aren't mainstream as fuck at this point and cringe. Back in the day there were times when you could only watch fan subs and you were almost forced to learn Japanese if you wanted to consume Japanese media then.


Thought the CIA had a special folder of anime reaction pics, apparently it's just shit like (◕‿◕✿), extremely disappointing. As always, it appears proxy forces are the only ones with "taste": https://technology.inquirer.net/68738/osama-gamer-list-bin-ladens-video-games-hard-drive
>If only the CIA agents were being forced to gulp down estrogen pills to infiltrate anime imageboards LARPing as "cuteboy trap" fags.

Anyone have more concrete info on glowuyghur animefags?


Anime is the most aggressive escapism there is, being a weeb is purposefully not looking at the real world. That's why all anime avatars you see online are so retarded.


File: 1633318701447.jpg (44.77 KB, 500x405, yiwh9ap0q6g21.jpg)

First, "weeb" used to mean "obnoxious anime fan who thinks Japan is the greatest and claims to know all about Japan only from watching anime but actually has an offensively poor understanding of Japanese culture" especially if said anime fanboy/fangirl uses random, non-sensical Japanese words and phrases while speaking another language just to sound Japanese.

Liking anime isn't bad in itself, and it also doesn't make you a weeb. It's just that anime is popular so it's not weird to talk about it in public anymore. Unfortunately the word "weeaboo" AKA "weeb" has lost its original meaning and now replaced "otaku" as a descriptor for any person who likes anime or manga-style art to any extent. It's retarded to try to insult someone for being a "weeb" in this sense, when most people like at least one piece of media with a manga art style.

Second, a lot of millennials and zoomers grew up watching anime (that does not necessarily make them actual weebs either). A lot of said millennials and zoomers are also rightoids and liberals, not only leftists.
Pic is sarcastic


Forgot to add: You've noticed those same weebs will get mad when they see a normal looking woman in any other media, if you think about it said character looks like a real woman you'd find on the street and that what offends those weebs, they relinquish of the very image of anything outside their fantasy.


>Anime is the most aggressive escapism there is
I'd say vidya and cartoons are similar judging by the Youtube chanels built on just those topics.
>if you think about it said character looks like a real woman you'd find on the street and that what offends those weebs, they relinquish of the very image of anything outside their fantasy.
So they're incels (that does explain the 2D > 3Dpd shit).


File: 1633361456914.png (Spoiler Image, 150.99 KB, 414x326, ClipboardImage.png)

does anime turn people into degenerates or are degenerates instinctually attracted to anime? half-serious question


Thanks for the repost


no prob


>Is anime inherently capitalist
In the sense that all non-independent media produced in capitalist countries is capitalist, yes, but it's up in the air whether that's a useful sense of the term. It is a commodity produced under capitalism. All that tells us is that there is a market for it under capitalist relations. Anime has no essence that could be described as more capitalist or socialist. It's literally culture and therefore part of the superstructure that is being determined by the base. Even if anime exists today in a hyper-commercialized context that doesn't mean that this is the only way it can be expressed.
>is it being a bad comrade to watch anime?
No and anyone who tells you otherwise is a wanker. But we ought to be smart consumers and try our best to identify the potential problems and propagandistic aspects even in media we enjoy.

TL;DR: On the list of things that are unethical to consume because of capitalism, anime or any motion picture, is probably low on that list. Just be smart and don't fall for any propaganda.


File: 1633398196594-0.png (2.36 MB, 1358x800, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633398196594-1.png (209.76 KB, 704x398, Sexist male.png)

>implying that modern anime isn't directly influenced and targeting American markets.
>implying that modern anime isn't a product of US control of Japan
>implying that enjoying media without going into its ideological ramifications is impossible.
<This assumption that all animation produced in Japan is basically the same reveals critics of anime as ridiculously ethnocentric.
I think that those /co/fags and liblefts that tar anime as being nationalist when most American movies and almost all capeshit are just as nationalist are fucking hilarious hypocrites. Typically "the Left" when going after an anime due to its ideological ramifications also tends to hate on the anime itself because it doesn't fit their ideological morals. Most Americans also don't realize just how nationalistic their own film industry is. They don't notice because it like any propaganda that works has been drilled into them since long ago.

The military is involved in Hollywood; it's literally their propaganda arm. The military and CIA both have offices devoted specifically to "consultation" where they review scripts, nixing the ones that they don't like and funding the ones that they do. Trumbo is a great film that covers this. See >>>/hobby/13010 and >>>/hobby/10316

Hollywood is also known for their ability to rent military equipment to Hollywood on the cheap. The film "Captain Marvel" had airforce adverts running before the screening. Superheroes are the ultimate Randian wetdream. Ubermenschen dealing out justice where the government fails to show results. Not that the medium is reactionary as a whole. The "British Invasion" created a space for nominally more liberal, even leftwing publication. That's excluding the machismo of US military in the Bayformers series.


File: 1633399165266-0.jpg (427.05 KB, 600x900, 1210967209674.jpg)

File: 1633399165266-1.jpg (240.32 KB, 1600x1063, anime military.jpg)

This is not to say that Japan is clean of this shit either.
There was a fascinating article by Eiji Ōtsuka (pdf) that was translated and published by Thomas Lamarre in Mechademia a couple years ago called "An Unholy Alliance of Eisenstein and Disney: The Fascist Origins of Otaku Culture". It basically showed how Japan's animation industry has roots in Showa fascist recuperation of Constructivist film theory (imported from the Soviet Union) to create Disney-like propaganda films. These circumstances are very unique as far as state propaganda goes and the advent of the "Cool Japan" reignited discussion of this. An unfortunately common "leftist" (I would say, liberal) interpretation tends to frame all anime as fascist (or at the very least, reactionary) but this is usually just cope meant to explain away all of the anime avis in their mentions who're unironically spewing fascist talking points. Neither are particularly interested in the industry, its history, nor its workers' struggles. Rather, they're just looking for something to complain about.

I vividly remember seeing photos of anime girls painted on the sides of attack helicopters a couple years ago. But it goes deeper than that. The JSDF under Abe leaned heavily into anime for recruitment. Of course Militarism in anime predates the Abe administration by decades; academics have been talking about its influence in mecha anime in particular for a long time.
The "soft power" of Japan's cultural output is all they're really allowed to have on the world stage, so anime is their go-to influence (such as GATE >>1658 ). With Shinzo Abe's resignation and plan to complete his grandfather's dream of expanding the JSDF foiled due to Ulcerative colitis, I assume this will remain unchanged for many more years to come.

Hayao Miazaki is everyone's go-to example of criticism of Japanese militarism and it's results; by the late 90s we clearly see fewer instances of graphic violence and sexual themes in his films, coinciding with discussions caused by the Heisei era's Otaku Killer Case and . It's dismissive to call it all "facist natalist propaganda" as Japan's government didn't really start to seriously help fund productions until the turn of the millennium. You're ignoring the years of left wing influence on anime/manga, as well as its many nuances (which would likely be deemed politically incorrect by western audiences anyway). A lot of this has to do with the language barrier, too; I don't wanna say it can't be helped, but most people who so quick to dismiss a whole industry's output like this aren't normally interested.


File: 1633399472999.png (2.55 MB, 1898x2604, k weeb airplane pinups.png)

>The military is involved in Hollywood
Also the reason the military isn't slapping Marvel characters onto their choppers (outside of them being real people and not cartoons) is because the old tradition of Military art is kinda less common and more for meme value today (pic related) and the Marvel films are blatant enough for the purpose. They (U.S. Armed Forces) focus more on video games than movies; they even have their own video game called America's Army and their USArmy ESports team. Though they have been going after anime recently too as seen in the numerous Netflix "animes" coming out and more https://archive.ph/vB6oo


But why do so many youth these days prefer the East though, it must be asked? It's not a bad thing obviously, but it's something to wonder about, is it because the cultural products there are "better", or is it just because of this sort of exoticization of "over there"? Or is this exaggerated all out of proportion because otaku are yet to exit niche subculture even now?

It's not the samurai that really get them, at least not truly because otherwise the films of Akira Kurosawa would be much more in the forefront of discussion by japanophiles and other /jp/ lurkers. It's not vidya either, despite the popularity most Japanese videogames are functionally and popularity wise no more or less popular than Western content. This leaves us with anime and travel vlogs going over tourist attractions.


It just has a lot to offer in niche interests. Like really outdated tech? Japanese businessmen depend on it literally still using fax machines and pagers and retro computers in 2021. Like ultra futuristic tech? The country innovates. Like videogames? They make lots. Like horror films? They specialize in them at least when it comes to supernatural horror. Like trains? They have tons of different trains old and new. Like food? They have lots of unusual cuisine. Like traditionalist clothing? They got that. Like street wear? They got that. Like cute things? Japan is obsessed with cuteness. You get the idea. Basically anyone that feels alienated where they live thinks Japan would be fun to visit maybe even live in or wish their country was a little more like it. Japan has a sort of mind your own business kind of culture while the west is more about intervening in people's private lives and public behaviours. Not that I think it's perfect they have a fucked up work culture and work conditions and I find them too collectivist in the confirmist sense culturally.


>Japanese businessmen depend on it literally still using fax machines
<fax machines
I use that shit plenty, fax machines are great.

but yeah you make a good point, it's an excessive case of "The grass is greener over there"


File: 1633487765433.gif (229.49 KB, 379x387, 1620852484611.gif)

I'm not that big into anime but i was wondering
Why haven't animefans done anything to keep rightwing cucks from shitting up their community?
If they truly didn't care about politics then why do they let the rightoidz force their politics into every facet of their groups?
You'd think they'd be very adamant about keeping that from giving them a bad name


The problem is the internet is dying turning into a corporate plaything and stopped being a community matter that can be controlled like it would have in the earlier 2000s.


File: 1633495484107.jpg (42.59 KB, 640x360, Consider this Tsubaki.jpg)

>Why haven't animefans done anything to keep rightwing cucks from shitting up their community?
The same reason most real leftists (in the West) are outside or lurk on obscure sites like this - having a nuanced understanding coms with complicated conceptualizations (the above posts or /edu/ are good examples) and this means that people generally don't care enough to listen, loud and simple ideas are easier to digest and so more attractive, this is how the right-wing remains popular despite being functionally horrible, it's also the reason the Bolsheviks started their movement on simple terms of "Land, Peace and Bread" rather than lengthy spouting of Marxist dialectics; they left that for post-revolution.
Additionally the liberals are the face of what most people consider leftist, despite them not being leftist at all, and liberal takes on anime are cringe as fuck; it's either LARPing as cute animu girls or screeching about big boobs being sexist (and not capitalism being it's usual self again).


>Anime is reactionary for re inforcing and capitalizing on the concept of Moe and Manime. Slice of Life and the Shonen genres are guilty of this the most
The fact that moe/manime/shonen series often are garbage and might be full of sexist cliches doesn't mean that they're inherently reactionary for having a certain storytelling or visual style. Every genre in every media has tropes and trends. It doesn't make everything reactionary. Reactionary isn't a synonym for "things I don't like". It's not progressive to find sexism in harmless gags and humor or purposeful extreme machoism. It isn't realistic, nor meant to be because it's specifically a massive exaggeration for the sake of humor and enjoyment. Nobody thinks Dragon Ball Z is a complex intelligent show, or that the tits on a hot anime grill have deeper meaning.
>reactionary gender roles in conservative imperialist Japan
Traditional isn't a synonym for Reactionary either. Reactionary means to use government policy to force things to go back which makes it other side of progressive which is government policy to go forward. The terms are relative to what the past and present of any given country is. What government policy is working to backtrack Japanese culture when it comes to gender roles? They are moving forward not backward although slowly compared to some countries which is conservative not reactionary. As for it enforcing, no that all depends, because it's not all like that and just portraying something isn't same as enforcing it. Enforcing would more be actually making it portrayed favourable for everyone overall in it's narrative rather than it merely existing.

It's unfair to write off "anime culture" as a totally reactionary one, because the presence of regressive things in works that are of this medium does not preclude the possibility of productions that accelerate in a progressive direction. For example, a good number of older anime even today bring excellent themes which are antiwar and anti-imperialist, and they often put the progressively disguised but nonetheless imperialist movie productions of the Anglo nations to shame. And, to provide another instance, even while supposedly circumscribed by conceptions of gender roles, plenty of shoujo manga find ways to give resistance against the aforementioned expected roles that don't involve generic liberal takes. Tit's n' ass are fanservice, for low-brow enjoyment, if you don't like that, don't watch it. And don't claim that it's defended, when weebs call out pointless fanservice for being shit constantly - Mari Makinami is a great example of "tits and ass" that people disliked because it was a shitty insert for fanservice and bad plot shoe-ins.

"Otaku culture" today does have one serious drawback that could limit its usefulness in its current form to the Left, and that is its hyperconsumeristic nature. In light of the radical leftist histories of figures in the industry and the statements from previous paragraph that means that any mainstream manifestation of progressive themes risk recuperation under the current capitalist system. But that's again not particular exactly to only anime and otaku shit, although there admittedly aren't many other subcultures as consumption obsessed as this one.

TL;DR: Reactionary, traditional, and conservative all mean different things. They can overlap, but not always. A culture can't be reactionary unless it is a reaction to change in culture. Also progressive doesn't mean a specific narrow thing being good. In the past progressives were all for eugenics for example because they thought that was totally progressive to breed people into being healthier and fitter and stronger and smarter. Anime is not inherently reactionary and the problems lie in individual shows and people. It's not progressive to find sexism in harmless gags and humor or purposeful extreme machoism. It isn't realistic, nor meant to be because it's specifically a massive exaggeration for the sake of humor and enjoyment. You can criticize it for being low effort but that's not the same thing, heck there are plenty of awful shit and dumb tropes in anime but they aren't reactionary or need to be reactionary to be criticized.


A recent article on this 'shocking' fact of US movie censorship and funding by the military that I found very informative:
(It's all archived on archive.is or wayback for the pdfs).
The article goes really into depth on several films and their producers, directors, actors etc. and the sheer involvement of the US Army in trying to hype up their forces. They also go into gaming, streaming and sports funding of the US military and the effort it goes into making itself look good. I also very much suggest clicking on the links and other articles as they contain a myriad of information that keeps spreading and spreading like an hegemonic octopus of capitalist militarism.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIA_influence_on_public_opinion >>>/edu/8394

A couple months ago the US military released an animated recruitment ad that featured a lesbian soldier from lesbian (petite bourg) parents that lived the American Dream but she sought more and signed up into the army doing cool athletics (all animated of course) and it's just so cool and empowering gurlz, RLY! And obviously people had been fast to point out A) The impotence compared to Russian and Chinese military recruitment videos
B) The obvious animu inspiration (or more accurately ripping off the aesthetic of the lame yuri-baiting She-Ra reboot… >>>/hobby/7671 that ripped off Magical Girl anime).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kfe6d6MzeLM&ab_channel=CensoredNewsNow (comparison of the 3 ads one after the other).


>2nd pic
>blaming based 80 - 90's anime


Are you back again spammer? Regardless it's not blaming anything - 80s-90s anime are the inspiration…. but they project their idpol and idiocy onto it, coming off as the liberal versions of weeb lolcows


the she-ra reboot wasn't bad


>when something I don't like draws inspiration from something I like, it's a rip-off
No way, are you the autist in that Steven Universe thread from back in Bunkerchan? The one who kept screeching about muh CalArts?


>Everyone that points out problems is the same person
Are you the autist that tried to defend beanface Cal Arts? Also funny but you're posting is distinct by the fact that you say "U-ur dat autist" to anyone that calls you out, lel. I have to ask are you the Spinel-fag?
>something I don't like draws inspiration from something I like, it's a rip-off
No, it's a ripoff if it just blatantly imitates something and has little to do with the original source material as a reboot.
Since you brought up Steven Booneyverse I suggest you read the effort post on Revolutionary Girl Utena in that thread because it's statements are very applicable to She-Ra. >>>/hobby/3758

>not [that] bad
Compared to some cartoons of the past 5 years, no. But it isn't that good either and it's got too much liberalism in its monarchist fantasy.
Regardless you're digressing from the main point - that the US CIA controlled industry is using every blatant manipulation it can to ideologically and culturally impact people. This isn't a discussion about "muh She-ra" I'm just pointing out an example. On that note a good anime-inspired but clearly independent work is Avatar the Last Airbender - that is something I'd call one of the best cartoons made. It's sequel is one of the most disappointing and for the same reasons as She-ra >>>/hobby/2562 it inserted needless liberalism and got indolent in its story-telling and later it's animation.


Nah, the She Ra reboot wasn't bad. Not as good as the He-man reboot though.


No you fucking idiot, I'm not the only person on the whole site who finds you extremely annoying, and I certainly wasn't the only person in the Steven Universe thread watching you sperg out about le beanface. And no, I'm not Spinelfag either. You might have Asperger's.
I don't see how the fuck She-Ra is a rip-off. It seems that it's just inpired a lot by magical girl anime and uses a lot of the common tropes. That's not a rip-off.


File: 1635084561036.png (926.8 KB, 606x767, ClipboardImage.png)

>that finds you
<everyone I dislike is the same person
Get over yourself and take meds. I've posted ~10-15 posts in the entire SU thread over the past 2 years.
>I certainly wasn't the only person in the Steven Universe thread watching you sperg out about le beanface
<PEOPLE discussing animation style and arguing over its merits is "sperging out"
Are you actually retarded or you think that everyone pointing out that stupid style is the same person? Are you mentally ill or just stupid? These are boards dedicated to media topics, it's the POINT to argue and discuss, no?
>inb4 muh IP count
The site only counts IPs from before the split, so even if a thread had 100 posters, if nobody posted after the split you'd see 1 recorded IP, the OP's.
>I'm not Spinelfag either
See that's the difference, I asked if you are, you just make up accusations
>I don't see how the fuck She-Ra is a rip-off.
<inpired a lot by magical girl anime and uses a lot of the common tropes
Because it's unoriginal. This is like saying Darling in the Franxx is just "inspired" by Evangelion… the similarities to it are so damn close that the differences are nigh irrelevant. Hell ORIGINAL She-Ra predates the Mahou Shoujo of Sailor Moon and it shared tropes but as link related points out, they're not directly related.
They literally pull iconic scenes from Sailor Moon and Utena in She-Ra. If the show hadn't been such a mess over-all I don't think I'd care, Utena is a brilliant show and Sailor Moon is a classic 90s anime, but instead I feel like I'm bootlegging a better show. What do people get out of reboot She-ra? Magical Girl Adventures? There are better ones that it's based on. A Western /co/ instead of anime? Again there are better ones (Ex: ATLA) or the original. For lesbian bait? There are much better and more poignant things than the edgy libshit here. The fact that the best scenes in She-Ra ripoff iconic moments of other Magical Girl Shows indicates that there is no point to it. I might just as well read fanfiction.

The pandering to "le animu style" is obvious and acknowledged in modern non-beanface cartoons. That's literally all media outlets on anime and cartoons talk about in relation to that shit.

If you wanna get to the point - I dislike the She-Ra reboot, it's annoying and poorly done…. But I can't just say that, because peopl online jump down your throat if you dare to state an opinion unelaborated. Thus lengthy replies that you call "sperging out" The fact that others also reply at length or post at length like this is indicative of that.

>Not as good as the He-man reboot though
Lel, that's a good one. the animation is top-notch but I'm kinda meh about it's plot


If the Soviets or other communists had made Japan also communist, how would anime be like nowadays? Would socialist realism be the aesthetic of slice of life? Would it be possible even for otaku culture to exist, in that case, without the constant urge to promote hyperconsumption? The reason Otakuism is so unhealthy is people's deep obsessions about various subcultures nowadays come from the state of postmodernity and a sort of "alienated from society" mentality, as consumerist identities replace identities based around more intrinsic personal and action-based aspects.

In my opinion Otaku as hyperconsumers wouldn't exist, but they would exist as fans, that's for sure. Anime wouldn't have pantyshots and all that jazz, but eroticism and the subversive female power are deeply ingrained in Japanese culture, so I guess we'd still have some titties. Who said that eroticism (not pornography) and socialism aren't compatible? Look at the collaborations of the USSR and Japanimation they made a few anime together and several more were approved for sale in the USSR. Basically stuff from the 80s was pretty approved by leftists. >>3735 In the USSR and former states there are a large community of LOTR fans who wrote essentially fanfictions and apocryphal sequels. In the USSR we still had 'fandoms' they just didn't have internet on which to organize, Высоцкий and many other musicians, actors and cultural figures (including fictional ones such as those of the Three Musketeers) were what people liked.

TL;DR: IMO Under socialism fandoms will still exist but be more healthy in their attitudes.


File: 1636673954140.jpg (318.94 KB, 1115x1600, 1633552691661.jpg)

>>Is anime inherently a reactionary/capitalist product or can it be a communist or pro-communist one?
Anime is not inherently capitalist as it is not as profitable as other industries. Animators work in poor conditions because they want to be animators, not beause it will make them money. They could seriously work elsewhere with better working conditions and the same level of qualifications. There have also been anime projects which stray from capitalist models.
>>Will anime be produced under socialism? Could Japan have produced anime if it had become a Soviet State in the Cold War? How would anime look like or differ under socialism?
Anime under socialism would be higher quality as producers would not use it for profit so animators would be free to pursue their own anime projects. This would mean less anime though. Under a soviet regime there would surely have been animation from Japan, but depending on when the revolution happened it might be very different.
>>Why are nearly all weebs and otaku right-wing or radlibs? Why are they so cringe and self-entitled?
I feel like there is a very strong left-wing culture among weebs just as much as there is a right-wing culture. That might be just from my experiences though.



Short and to the point, nice.


the pic you posted is an obvious homage/reference, though. Again, not plagiarism.


File: 1636681355362.png (1.29 MB, 1800x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Even Steven Universe, as much as I loathe it, actually did references to Mahou Shoujo and other anime that didn't just rip-off scenes, there's a difference. It's also the reason I respect RWBY, despite it's massive flaws; it does references but stays original.
This excuse is abused; it's not an Homage if the entire scene, it's context and preluding interactions are basically the same - that's plagiarism - You could only get more similar by literally tracing the figures. The biggest difference of Nu-Ra to prior Magical Girl content is the Zoomer-humor and lumpy-sandbag body designs.
This is a primary reason people dislike High Guardian Spice >>11233 it's formulaic and too similar.

A proper Homage (for example) is Quint's Obsession in Jaws, paralleling Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. It's not directly 1:1 and so not a ripoff unlike something like Orca that did scenes from Jaws but using Ice Floes and lacking the originality of the Shark original.
In media if a scene is directly similar to almost all details, it's either a parody or a ripoff.

Regardless I addressed this and more, the pic is just an example of the unoriginality of Rhee-ra.


>it's not an Homage if the entire scene, it's context and preluding interactions are basically the same - that's plagiarism - You could only get more similar by literally tracing the figures.
Okay, if that's true, then it's definitely plagiarism, though I still think She-Ra is pretty open about its magical girl inspirations for that to be "intentional" plagiarism.


File: 1636689920875.png (1.12 MB, 749x936, Bow new erasure.png)

In this case it's definitely true, people gushed about it. The only differences is that they had Adora and Catra go back and forth at RPing Anthy and Utena:
In "Save the Cat" Adora/Utena goes to the "The Castle where Eternity Dwells/ Castle in the Sky" which is Horde Prime's ship to get Catra/Anthy out of this brainwashed toxic loop she is in. skip to her becoming She-Ra again and that is pretty much a direct shot from later in the Utena series where the sword is in her right hand and Anthy/Catra is held just like that in the left.
The pic I posted is one of the reverses; Adora being trapped/enslaved to Destiny much like Anthy had no volition of her own. Her wants and needs are swept aside for everyone else. Catra/Utena says she's not going to let her keep doing this alone, like Utena.
On paper this is a fine homage, but the execution is important, and copying it just feels cheap, since the rest of the writing is more like Sailor Moon's filler episodes than Utena.

>She-Ra is pretty open about its magical girl inspirations for that to be "intentional" plagiarism

This is also true, but frankly that really isn't my main point of contention, it's the unoriginality combined with the modern "humor", shapeless, tumblr-type artstyle and liberal idpol inserted that just aggravate me. Utena never hid it's Yuri but simultaneously made it gracious and beautiful - art instead of cheap drama - and so even as a straight person it didn't bother me in the slightest.
I also dislike it because it' not JUST a Magical Girl Series but a Reboot of an existing series (by a person that hadn't even been around during She-Ra) and it just felt lame. it's not even the gay stuff, that's normal, it's the hyperfocus on that and only that, ALL the girls are Lesbian Caricatures and the only male protagonist is a pathetic stereotypical soyboy. The original Bow had been a beefy yet flamboyant man and gay or not seemed like a good fellow and supporting character, the new Boiw has the character of a moist noodle.
Link related kinda explains it at length and from a female perspective: https://theladyfromplanetx.wordpress.com/2018/07/22/im-a-woman-and-i-dont-like-the-new-she-ra/


>This excuse is abused; it's not an Homage if the entire scene, it's context and preluding interactions are basically the same - that's plagiarism

You are literally retarded my dude


File: 1636752191507.png (222.41 KB, 304x350, ClipboardImage.png)

>reddit spacing
>ad hominum
>clearly not reading
Opinion discarded



You are literally a retard my guy


File: 1637552235794.jpg (236.78 KB, 817x1024, 1626919183760.jpg)

Why do otaku worship capitalism?
There's no other consumer like otaku consumer. He's totally invested in willingly getting exploited. His life entirely revolves around buying garbage escapist crap. He completely internalised the logic of capitalist market and otaku media espouses similar morals too.
The false consciousness is too strong with otaku


File: 1637605464889.png (1.19 MB, 1600x867, ClipboardImage.png)

>Why do otaku worship capitalism?
Because they are a result of Capitalism, its alienating effect on people and hyperconsumerism promotion.
Article on hyperconsumerism: https://archive.ph/yjckq
Speaking of Hyper consumerism and the article, lolberts began coping and seething about "muh Vuvzuela" and "muh Yeltsin at Supermarket" garbage: https://archive.md/c4XFr

>like otaku consumer.

Capeshit? /co/fags? There are numerous examples of comparable consumption and exploitation.

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