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Sorry if repost but this a discussion of the Star Wars Franchise which started in 1977


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Do you like my new figurine mommy bought me /hobby/?


>No you arent allowed to like popular things, only edgy faggot shit 4chan likes or obscure commie shit nobody ever heard of


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MRW (my reaction when) you have such a cool mom!
That's not very Jedi Master of you anon.


>No be autistic
>Play 40K
<Eat the bugs


Star Wars is the biggest garbage media ever. I have more respect for MCUdrones than I do for Star Wara fags


>Look mom
<I’m being c-o-n-t-r-a-r-i-a-n
You go buddy
Show those normies!


Contrarian for not liking shit movie series not even its fans like beyond the memes?
Ok kid, sorry for making fun of your movies


Pop culture was doomed when the most popular sci-fi became soy wars and not Dune


Star Wars isn’t sci-fi you autistic faggot
>Hating people for liking things
Kill yourself


Star Wars at least the main films sucks shit and people only like it because of nostalgia, as a non-Star Wars fan being taken to the movies to see the latest Disney movie by my date was one of the cringiest fucking things I've ever experienced in my life


Why are you participating in a thread for movies you dislike you utter fucking faggot?
Do you see me participating in your fucking degenerate anime threads?


I really think it's one of those things Americans love but everyone else not so much, just like bacon and nutella


This thread is a duplicate and most of the posts are just shitting on Star Wars anyway


I said sorry if repost!


Star Wars was cool when I was young, but now it purely rides on its recognition value. The non-mainline stuff is cool though. Rebels was great.


It’s funny, Star Wars only got made due to the fact that Lucas couldn’t get the rights to Flash Gordon.

Oh how things would have been different in a socialist America.


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>pic related


Star Wars is better than Fag Gordo
Who the fuck even heard of whatever the fuck Gordon these days?
Some fuckin shite franchise where every villain is a white dude in yellow face?


Flash Gordon (Along with Dune) was Lucas’ primary inspiration behind Star Wars. He only made Star Wars because he couldn’t get the rights for Flash Gordon.


Yes but Lucas made something that was better than Gordon Langley anyway
Once again, is there anyone younger than 55 that’s even seen Space Man Jabberjock or whatever the fuck?
And the only thing Star Wars took from dUnE was muh d3sert planet


The reason I brought it up was that in a socialist America without the ridiculous copyright system that we have now, George Lucas would have been able to make his own Flash Gordon Movie as he originally intended.

And Just because something is old and most zoomers haven't heard of it because of their myopic view of history doesn't mean it still had a impact on the creation of Star Wars.

>vid related



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oh cool, this got a new thread?


May the 4th be with you, nerds.

for the celebration here is a star wars channel and podcast I generally like.



bad batch not bad. think the girl clone is force sensitive.


I kind of love that as soon as the Republic becomes the Empire one of the first things it does is try to default on its contracts with Kamino

Also is it just me or does Omega look a little less like a Jango and a little more like a Sheev


Don't think she'll be a Palpaclone. The Empire would probably have kept a closer eye on her. Also the Kaminoans seemed less concerned about her disappearance than I would expect if they had lost their most important asset. My best guess is that she was their own experimental pet project, perhaps an attempt to clone a force sensitive. Don't really like to make speculation guesses, but the two which crossed my mind were Ventress and Sifo-Dyas.


At least one of the Kaminoans were helping the BB, I half-wonder if they are going to bring back the Clone Rebellion plotline from Legends.

Also I dunno if it literally is a Sheev clone lmao, that was more just my first impression from looking at her. The resemblance is fucking uncanny though you gotta admit.


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Best clone.


Don't think a proper clone rebelion is possible. It seems that in current cannon the chip not only makes you 100% loyal to execute certain commands, but also seems to make clones specifically loyal to the Empire, or at least Palpatine in general. So unless the Kaminoans specifically tamper with one of the newer batches and take away the chip, I don't think they really could ressist the Empire.


Fordo was p based, he does actually have a minor cameo in current canon
Well we've also seen from the first episode that you can intensify (and thus presumably turn off or reduce) the power of the chip, so its possible that Kamino ends up turning off all the chips locally if things go south with negotiations with the Empire (and seeing how they genocided Geonosis, its 100% going to go south).


also another point of the episode was that the Empire was going to introduce conscription, so they could send in the conscripts to fight the clones as well. It also might be where the sniper of the team loses his conditioning and defects from the Empire back to them and they have to leave their home and all of their clone brothers as their home gets torched by the empire

plus don't lie - a clone vs stormtrooper fight would get millions of views lmao


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That owns.

I just miss the EU, I know it's consumerist to feel emotion for a fictional ip but growing up with all the books and video games makes it hard. There will never be another Thrawn campaign that has impact on the universe or battle of Muunilinst. I just want der maus to give legends a little life support beyond SWTOR so that there could be new content. The whole it would confuse people argument just proves that mutts can't distinguish between something that does or doesn't have a huge LEGENDS sticker on the top. I know I shouldn't care that much but it just kinda sucks.


I imagine we'll probably get more Legends stuff after the commercial viability of current canon dies down. Mind for the longest while there was a pretty direct course of how Legends was going post-Thrawn campaign all the way up until the Memezong Dong where everything was allowed to diversify off into their own little realm, the same will probably be true of current canon.

That besides all the new thrawn books were written basically disregarding the whole canon switch happened lmao. Like you can 100% insert most of the old canon fluff of Thrawn into the new books and it doesn't only work but it also fits perfectly.


I keep hearing the new Zahn books are good so I'll check em out. It'd be interesting to see legends stuff come back.


I can also recommend the Alphabet Squadron books if you like the idea of the old X-wing books as far as character development goes but with a bit of extra edge


Is there any books like the Traviss Republic Commando books or medstar?


nothing quite like that yet, though I imagine post Bad Batch (and thus post-Clone Wars tv show) we're going to see a lot of content around that era start to get published as a follow-up


The red kaminoan was the one overseeing Crosshair’s chip “enhancing” and also let Omega escape if I recall correctly. Maybe she has a plan for the Bad Batch too?

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