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Star Wars thread; To discuss, laugh and meme about Star Wars

Don't be a cunt and may the Force be with you

New general since last one hit bump limit.
Previous general:


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Do you like my new figurine mommy bought me /hobby/?


>No you arent allowed to like popular things, only edgy faggot shit 4chan likes or obscure commie shit nobody ever heard of


File: 1618571471223.png (447.37 KB, 512x512, 1555281456049.png)

MRW (my reaction when) you have such a cool mom!
That's not very Jedi Master of you anon.


>No be autistic
>Play 40K
<Eat the bugs


Star Wars is the biggest garbage media ever. I have more respect for MCUdrones than I do for Star Wara fags


>Look mom
<I’m being c-o-n-t-r-a-r-i-a-n
You go buddy
Show those normies!


Contrarian for not liking shit movie series not even its fans like beyond the memes?
Ok kid, sorry for making fun of your movies


Pop culture was doomed when the most popular sci-fi became soy wars and not Dune


Star Wars isn’t sci-fi you autistic faggot
>Hating people for liking things
Kill yourself


Star Wars at least the main films sucks shit and people only like it because of nostalgia, as a non-Star Wars fan being taken to the movies to see the latest Disney movie by my date was one of the cringiest fucking things I've ever experienced in my life


Why are you participating in a thread for movies you dislike you utter fucking faggot?
Do you see me participating in your fucking degenerate anime threads?


I really think it's one of those things Americans love but everyone else not so much, just like bacon and nutella


This thread is a duplicate and most of the posts are just shitting on Star Wars anyway


I said sorry if repost!posadasPosadas


Star Wars was cool when I was young, but now it purely rides on its recognition value. The non-mainline stuff is cool though. Rebels was great.


It’s funny, Star Wars only got made due to the fact that Lucas couldn’t get the rights to Flash Gordon.

Oh how things would have been different in a socialist America.


>pic related


Star Wars is better than Fag Gordo
Who the fuck even heard of whatever the fuck Gordon these days?
Some fuckin shite franchise where every villain is a white dude in yellow face?


Flash Gordon (Along with Dune) was Lucas’ primary inspiration behind Star Wars. He only made Star Wars because he couldn’t get the rights for Flash Gordon.


Yes but Lucas made something that was better than Gordon Langley anyway
Once again, is there anyone younger than 55 that’s even seen Space Man Jabberjock or whatever the fuck?
And the only thing Star Wars took from dUnE was muh d3sert planet


The reason I brought it up was that in a socialist America without the ridiculous copyright system that we have now, George Lucas would have been able to make his own Flash Gordon Movie as he originally intended.

And Just because something is old and most zoomers haven't heard of it because of their myopic view of history doesn't mean it still had a impact on the creation of Star Wars.

>vid related



File: 1619659444134.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1044, image0.png)

oh cool, this got a new thread?


May the 4th be with you, nerds.

for the celebration here is a star wars channel and podcast I generally like.



bad batch not bad. think the girl clone is force sensitive.


I kind of love that as soon as the Republic becomes the Empire one of the first things it does is try to default on its contracts with Kamino

Also is it just me or does Omega look a little less like a Jango and a little more like a Sheev


Don't think she'll be a Palpaclone. The Empire would probably have kept a closer eye on her. Also the Kaminoans seemed less concerned about her disappearance than I would expect if they had lost their most important asset. My best guess is that she was their own experimental pet project, perhaps an attempt to clone a force sensitive. Don't really like to make speculation guesses, but the two which crossed my mind were Ventress and Sifo-Dyas.


At least one of the Kaminoans were helping the BB, I half-wonder if they are going to bring back the Clone Rebellion plotline from Legends.

Also I dunno if it literally is a Sheev clone lmao, that was more just my first impression from looking at her. The resemblance is fucking uncanny though you gotta admit.


File: 1620307492587.png (591.22 KB, 1064x586, FordoCW2003.png)

Best clone.


Don't think a proper clone rebelion is possible. It seems that in current cannon the chip not only makes you 100% loyal to execute certain commands, but also seems to make clones specifically loyal to the Empire, or at least Palpatine in general. So unless the Kaminoans specifically tamper with one of the newer batches and take away the chip, I don't think they really could ressist the Empire.


Fordo was p based, he does actually have a minor cameo in current canon
Well we've also seen from the first episode that you can intensify (and thus presumably turn off or reduce) the power of the chip, so its possible that Kamino ends up turning off all the chips locally if things go south with negotiations with the Empire (and seeing how they genocided Geonosis, its 100% going to go south).


also another point of the episode was that the Empire was going to introduce conscription, so they could send in the conscripts to fight the clones as well. It also might be where the sniper of the team loses his conditioning and defects from the Empire back to them and they have to leave their home and all of their clone brothers as their home gets torched by the empire

plus don't lie - a clone vs stormtrooper fight would get millions of views lmao


File: 1620309408658.jpg (62.58 KB, 1200x675, 8h8805e0p4c21.jpg)

That owns.

I just miss the EU, I know it's consumerist to feel emotion for a fictional ip but growing up with all the books and video games makes it hard. There will never be another Thrawn campaign that has impact on the universe or battle of Muunilinst. I just want der maus to give legends a little life support beyond SWTOR so that there could be new content. The whole it would confuse people argument just proves that mutts can't distinguish between something that does or doesn't have a huge LEGENDS sticker on the top. I know I shouldn't care that much but it just kinda sucks.


I imagine we'll probably get more Legends stuff after the commercial viability of current canon dies down. Mind for the longest while there was a pretty direct course of how Legends was going post-Thrawn campaign all the way up until the Memezong Dong where everything was allowed to diversify off into their own little realm, the same will probably be true of current canon.

That besides all the new thrawn books were written basically disregarding the whole canon switch happened lmao. Like you can 100% insert most of the old canon fluff of Thrawn into the new books and it doesn't only work but it also fits perfectly.


I keep hearing the new Zahn books are good so I'll check em out. It'd be interesting to see legends stuff come back.


I can also recommend the Alphabet Squadron books if you like the idea of the old X-wing books as far as character development goes but with a bit of extra edge


Is there any books like the Traviss Republic Commando books or medstar?


nothing quite like that yet, though I imagine post Bad Batch (and thus post-Clone Wars tv show) we're going to see a lot of content around that era start to get published as a follow-up


The red kaminoan was the one overseeing Crosshair’s chip “enhancing” and also let Omega escape if I recall correctly. Maybe she has a plan for the Bad Batch too?


new episode was neat

nice seeing Cut again, shame they missed Rex just by a day. Echo probably hadn't seen him for a long while, though it's basically confirmed that they will run into Rex later now.


Don't know how intentional it was, but I liked the little social commentary with Chain Codes. I mean, nowadays literally every functional country, fascist or otherwise, has an ID database of some sort. When you really consider it, yea, it is kind of spooky violation of privacy, although pretty much mandatory for a functional modern world. I am kind of surprised though that the Republic didn't have a Chain Code already. Also to be perfectly honest the Empire is kind of in the right on these administrative issues, SW universe is basically ancapistan in many regards, which really needs some sort of strong galactic governance.


Well the Republic definitely had some kind of ID system because that was what they used to track down young force sensitive babies for the jedi kidnapping corps to snatch

The Empire has made that identity, though, more centralized by consolidating things like money, mobility, ect. into the one chip to make it a lot more impactful as to what they can do with it. They also forced everyone to transfer their savings from republic to imperial currency which probably fucked people over in the conversion rates and made a lot of people poor on purpose, because part of the imperial strategy is using mass poverty as a way to heavily expand the base of people that they can recruit from for the imperial military to replace the clone troopers.


Why don't they simply make more clone troopers?


Because Tarkin is a penny pincher.


A few reasons

On top of Order 66, all of the Clones have other orders including Orders 2, 3, 65, ect which cover removing the sitting Chancellor and his cabinet from office at the approval of certain governmental bodies, as well as a number of other orders which could have forced the Clones into compliance with different wings of the military, possibly against the Empire in the event of a military coup. On top of that, the Clone Troopers need to be housed, fed, and trained until adulthood, which granted is only around 12 years because of their accelerated aging but its still a lot of money. Conscripts are nice because their parents pay the brunt of the cost for raising them, the military just needs to give them like 4 months of basic and that's way cheaper than raising a clone army. In addition, these clones all will retire from service eventually, and finding something to do with them would not exactly be easy seeing as they age so quickly that they wouldn't be a strong store of institutional knowledge like regular veterans and they never had a taste of civilian life so integrating them with the population would be hard.

Also the types of enemies the Empire was going to fight wasn't going to be the endless waves of droids or the few disciplined organic seperatist forces like the Deathwatch, it was going to be ragtag teams of guerilla fighters in the Rebellion. Clones would just be hilarious and expensive overkill for an Empire already blowing its budget on endless amounts of expensively big overkill, corners had to be cut somewhere (TIEs, ground troopers, ect).


>still a lot of money
And where did that money come the first time around? Are you saying the empire state, when it centralized power and control from the republican state, actually became poorer? They could build a death star or two but not fund more clones?


>And where did that money come the first time around
The Banking Clan via the Sith, and continued funding was secured by the nationalization of the banks midway through the war. By the wars end, the Republics debt was 15 times that of its GDP.

The Republic military was basically all quality, even the worse ships like the Torrent fighter was made out of quality parts and just suffered from bad design. The Empire though would have to cut back and focus on expanding the military industrial complex for money and funding, and that came in the form if expensive star destroyers and other kinds of massive money sinks, as most all other industry was destroyed by the Clone Wars and galactic unemployment was massive. Thus, much of the Empire's economy hinged around an ever expanding military to promote an illusion of growth while the actual underlying industries and productive forces were pretty much crippled and didn't recover by the time the Empire ended. Clones by their nature were small and elite units which didn't expend a lot of their equipment because of their obsessive maintenance and rigid training, so they weren't a good fit for what the Empires economic plan was either.

Also don't forget Tarkin was the main military strategist for the Empire and he wanted his own doctrine implemented, the usage of Star Destroyers and Death Stars as instruments of fear, and the universality of Stormtroopers in and out of uniform as a show of the integration of the civilian and military into one. The clones can't exist as civilians like stormtroopers can, they fail that angle.


Also a lot of the Death Star was built pre-empire as well, and with slave labor too. There was a lot of unethical cost cutting besides the Clones.



star wars is for faggots


Then why don’t you like it?


UHhhh based alert


Which non-canon retcon does this come from? And what about the 2nd death star?


pretty fun, any other stuff like this?


for the 1st Death Star in Legends this was the place where it was constructed
in canon the 1st Death Star was constructed over Geonosis with a mix of Geonosian and Wookie slave labor

Death Star 2 was quite literally built in the exact same place as the first one in Legends, in Canon its never elaborated on where the Death Star is built before getting to Endor.


Watched the third episode of BB. They aren't playing around aren't they? Really didn't expect that they would actually ever dare to show a deathsquad executing civilians, especially not when lead by the anti-hero who is basically confirmed for a redemption arc. Anyway, I like how the current cannon is not pulling away from the fact that the Republic was dogshit, as we see from the stormtrooper dialogue.


File: 1621093875079.png (1.1 MB, 691x1215, ClipboardImage.png)

yeah the Bad Batch is going darker than I first imagined, I was kinda worried it would be a lighthearted kids show a la rebels, but the mass-execution of civilians kinda made that impossible lmao. along with that I kinda don't think that Crosshair will be able to effectively be "redeemed" because this is only the start of his actions, there are going to be more atrocities to come and he can't really make up for them.

I do also like the narrative focus on how quickly the Empire is just taking over the Republic, Palpetine had long seeded the traits of the Empire into the Republic so the transition is nearly seamless, with only small elements like Onderon or the Bad Batch slipping out of the Empire.


I just look up Star Wars capitalism and interesting blog posts come up. Here’s one on princess Leia



so wait… the Empire forcing everyone to trade in their republic credits and use chain-codes… this is literally fucking imperial bitcoin


Chain-codes seen like just a fancy name to describe a civilian registry. Meanwhile the credits are still material items, which is kinda dumb tbh, Empire had the perfect chance to create a digital currency.


File: 1622546454718-0.png (387.66 KB, 1000x623, Dark_obiwan_young_aw01.png)

File: 1622546454718-1.png (422.67 KB, 1000x667, Dark_obiwan_old_aw01.png)

File: 1622546454718-2.png (520.66 KB, 1000x750, Dark_mace_aw01.png)

File: 1622546454718-3.png (439.2 KB, 1000x733, Dark_luke_aw01.png)

so, we all know the story about Star Wars Battlefront 3…
but did you know that during the active development of Battlefront 3 that they were already doing concept art for Battlefront 4?

It was going to be centered around exploring star wars alt-universes where different characters fell to the dark side or became jedi, and many of the designs are whack


File: 1622546576365-0.png (277.6 KB, 1000x670, Evilhan_lineup.png)

File: 1622546576365-1.png (710.71 KB, 840x768, Evil_chewbacca_nr02.png)

File: 1622546576365-2.png (531.37 KB, 1000x892, Dark_leia_rs01.png)


File: 1622546814050-0.png (378.91 KB, 1000x707, Jedi_maul_jg01.png)

File: 1622546814050-1.png (528.4 KB, 800x1132, Jedi_dooku_jg01.png)

File: 1622546814050-3.png (253.77 KB, 1000x413, Grievousjediineup.png)


File: 1622547955736.gif (2.24 MB, 286x258, giphy.gif)

>Dark Mace


there is also barely clothed sith leia for all your incredibly incestuous darth luke needs


Clone troopers are high cost maintenance and deployment. Conscripts are low cost and can be trained locally unless they are aiming for Navy. But the most important thing is that conscripts are cheaper in peace time than clones, as they said it in the episodes.


Plus let’s not forget all the slavery on backwater planets or planets that resisted conquering and then were conquered. Despite the Empire centralizing a lot of shit they opened up slavery and when there was wages they were pittance. In one of the recent Amidala books these miners working on the moon of Naboo are working way long hours with almost no safety equipment.


>when your special forces that outrank your special forces that outrank your special forces that outrank your special forces that outrank your special forces that outrank your special forces that outrank your special forces…


So does anyone here play FFG star wars rpg?eurekaEureka


File: 1624075393281-0.png (1.49 MB, 1920x1080, unknown.png)

File: 1624075393281-1.png (1.7 MB, 1280x720, proxy-image.png)

neat little detail of the bad batch episode today
we get a look at their HUD thanks to a first-person perspective scene
its actually a very faithful recreation of the Republic Commando HUD, save for the different overall shape because their helmet visor is different and more opacity on the outer HUD elements especially


I noticed this too which was great. And I’m sure the visor would be larger if it was worn, it looks like the perspective is large if you put a camera inside the helmet inside of a head inside the helmet looking out.


File: 1624643376662.png (2.65 MB, 1200x1347, ClipboardImage.png)

bad batch episode recap


One thing I don’t like is how every bounty hunter in Star Wars is somehow the best bounty hunter. Every new character they add is like this super special character with awesome abilities, which kind of makes the universe smaller and makes what are supposed to be characters who are above the norm to seemingly not as good as we thought them to be. Also the Fennec Shand thing is weird because she’s much younger and less experienced and it would’ve been nice to see her struggle more against a more renowned bounty hunter like Bane and that she built up her reputation over the years. It’s kind of inconsistent.


to be fair Cad Bane does have a giant cybernetic skullplate on the left side of his head, implying Boba Fett already domed him in the duel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLwTkhVQj-g) and Cad Bane is probably on the decline as "the best". Fennec at this point is also at least somewhat notable (Hunter recognizes her when he first sees her) so she isn't green by any measure. I kinda imagine that this show is going to be where Cad Bane ends up dying.


File: 1625860306641-0.png (706.54 KB, 532x653, unknown.png)

File: 1625860306641-1.png (326.42 KB, 1000x425, 1000.png)

File: 1625860306641-2.png (907.4 KB, 928x483, proxy-image.png)

New named clone in the bad batch. interestingly, he has the same colors as the officers of the 501sts Torrent Company - Torrent Company was like the infantry support company for the 501st's armored divisions, they took pretty heavy losses across a number of battles so by the time of the retaking of Ryloth, it might've made sense for the 501st to leave some of its officers as advisors on the ground for the garrison since they didn't have many men to command in the 501st until they got reinforced. He also flaunts the rules (not reporting a trespassing incident for the sake of one of his non-clone friends) which pretty well sounds like one of Captain Rex's men.

On top of this he got his own action figure so he is probably meant to be at least semi-important to the show. Dunno for sure if he is 501st but he does seem pretty interesting from what we saw of him, he literally witnessed a false-flag assassination to frame a political figure and was then ordered to kill said political figure's daughter, and he was already flaunting a lot of imperial regulations and orders. We might see him turn next episode.


I hope we don't see the first batch of storm troopers until season 2 or maybe as late as season 3. And they should be emphasized as the first regimen of company of stormtrooper conscripts instead just a sudden deployment and replacement of all clones.


Supressedchristian_communismChristian Communism


the current state of the lore is that basically all of the clones almost uniformly disappear by a year after the clone wars, which is almost too convenient for just "phasing them out". I almost expect the continued use of the inhibitor chip kills most of the clone army, by some kind of brain hemorage or something.


Omega has the kid "can we go to mcdonalds" mentality except for every warzone in the galaxy


Clone rebellion + Planet insurrection let’s gooo


It’s a kids show, what can you do? The excuse is that she’s “special” but everyone in Star Wars is “special”.


kinda a shame that Hauzer just gave himself up like that, I kinda thought he would work from behind the scenes and sew dissent and give aid to Ryloth from behind the shadows, or at least go off with Rex for (unspecified rebellion adventures). Instead he just convinced himself and like 20 others to basically consciously object and get arrested by the rest of the clones. now he'll probably get executed or worse, get a crosshair treatment.
Oh I didn't mean it as a bad thing, I just find it funny that an elite special forces unit is getting dragged into every battle in the galaxy by their adoptive clone sister.


File: 1626750978376.gif (2 MB, 540x304, a bagel.gif)


File: 1627654289006-0.png (313.61 KB, 291x661, unknown.png)

scorch from republic commando showed up in the latest episode


also this was a pretty good gag


they really channeling that slave hunter energy for the Empire


I like that we’re seeing a transition not only in armor but I’m the training of stormtroopers. I also like the reasoning: they are cheaper easier to train and there’s a lot more of them.


anyone see the star wars visions trailer?
some of it isn't really my style but others look pretty neat.


yeah, the phasing out of clone troopers was honestly hitting on some nostalgic sadness, like an era really coming to an end. with the end of the two-part finale especially, it feels like the entire era of the clone wars has definitely ended.


Crosshair still a fash


Crosshair literally doing Coca-Cola moments because Empire makes him feel valid. Truly the modern day burger liberal fash.


that he is basically a grillpilled operator is funny
"look guys I just wanna keep doing warcrimes, whats the difference between droids and squishies really?"
its literally just the NPC argument lmao


File: 1629710519717.pdf (5.98 MB, 232x300, Aftermath.pdf)

just finished Vol. 1 of the Aftermath trilogy and it's acctually pretty good


yeah aftermath wasn't too bad as its own series, i think most people just dislike it as a replacement for the old EU's imperial collapse where there was rampant warlordism for years. between that and Alphabet Squadron the sequel era has a good deal of surprisingly good literature surrounding it, considering the fairly middling response to the trilogy itself.


File: 1630719527026.gif (120.23 KB, 400x467, 501st.gif)

Filoni just doesn't want his dindu nuthing action figures to not help Based Palpatine anymore.


*to help based Palpatine


File: 1636172737309.png (733.48 KB, 983x735, be quiet porky.png)

>obscure commie shit nobody ever heard of


File: 1671424761206.mp4 (23.66 MB, 1280x720, Andor.mp4)

I hate SW and stopped after Force Awakens, but Andor brought me back. No Jedi/Sith junk just normal people trying to survive along with attempted humanization of Imperials so the Empire is not as much of a cartoon villain anymore. Highly character driven since there isn't any action until the final episode of each story arc (each arc is roughly 3 episodes) and even then action sequences are very brief. Music also slaps and it's a pretty slow burn so ADHD zoomers probably can't handle it. Also no one has plot armor besides the main character so anyone can die or get screwed over at any moment which is a major step up. This is the direction I was hoping the newer trilogy would go in but Disney completely failed and it's no wonder that Andor managed to do it right, because the writer for Andor admitted that he hates Star Wars too and wanted to write an actual story and not just a big budget vehicle with which to shill merchandise and toys. Andor is like one of those EU novels pre-Disney takeover that got brought to life.






File: 1671498091103.png (688.36 KB, 3731x794, tradefederation.png)



Rougue One was already the best out of the bunch of NuSWs so picking off from there was a good choice. I just love how so many fans get mad at Andor because it isn't self-referential and driven by showing off prop, fandoms were a mistake.

But even then I don't even see it. While it's story driven it still does enough fan service to remind you it's still Star Wars, you have Tie Fighters, Coruscant, Mon Mothma, a cute droid, and all that.

Also retarded zoomers can't recognize the political implications and /pol/yps get mad because it's anti-fascist.


Another thing I liked were the constant Chekhov's guns that got fired off. Every time something gets brought up or shown earlier it's almost inevitable that it will be brought up again and advanced or resolved. It made every episode feel important because you never know when something might come up again.
>Someone tells Andor that Maarva was trying to dig up a secret tunnel entrance under the hotel
<Later that exact tunnel gets used by Cass to break in
>Vel realizes Andor is committed to the cause after the heist
<Decides to slow roll her assassination assignment and not do anything to catch him because she doesn't actually want to kill him
>Mon knows her driver is an ISB spy
<Later throws her husband under the bus by accusing him of gambling behind her back in front of the driver, in order so that the driver will report to the ISB and make her missing funds look less suspicious
>Andor takes Nemik's manifesto
<We don't find out what Nemik wrote until the end and it fits perfectly with the scene
>ISB talks about new laws coming in to increase security powers, and to revise prison sentences and increase penalties for previous crimes
<Andor flees to a vacation resort type world and notices a massively increased security presence from droids flying around and guards everywhere
<When he gets caught he has his 6 month sentence readjusted to 6 years
>During the heist planning stage it's mentioned that Cinta had her whole family wiped out by the Empire and Skeen talks about how she's the most ruthless of the entire squad
<Cinta is put in charge of the hostages during the actual heist and we never see them alive again after she walks away from the garrison


You forgot about how prison labor was used to build death star.


I mean yeah that's the biggest one although I didn't like that and was hoping they were building something else smaller-scale like a star destroyer or even parts for the K2S0 droids.
The attention to detail though is insane especially for a fucking Star Wars show.
>Brasso tells Andor that Maarva can afford to put the heating on
<At the end of the first arc you can see Maarva's breath visibly forming since she still hasn't bothered to put the heating on
>Someone mentions that Maarva has stopped taking her medication
<She eventually dies
>Keyla tells Luthen that he's slipping and making mistakes
<Luthen parks his ship in the exact same spot he arrived at when he first came to Ferrix to meet Andor, so Andor easily re-locates his ship again in the finale
>Cinta or someone else remarks on how Vel is a rich girl LARPing as a revolutionary who can go back to her mansion after
<Later it's revealed that Vel is actually Mon's sister
>Mon's marriage is a sham marriage and empty of all affection
<However Mon mentions that her husband is very open minded and at the end they unite in disgust over their daughter's desire to LARP as a trad wife


I liked the parts where star wars kills a bunch of cops and the community has a cop warning system


File: 1671823852539.jpg (224.77 KB, 1600x900, Kino-Loy-andor.jpg)

>named Kino
>is in the most kino episode of any star wars show ever


But yeah Andor was really amazing overall, it actually got me on a star wars kick for the first time in years. Been watching through the Clone Wars show since I never actually watched much past like season 3. Pretty good stuff. Guess I'm just a soy consoomer now.


lol me and my BF said the same joke. but yeah Andor was alright compared to the other dreck


I feel like Andy Serkis worked his entire life for finally getting a role without CGI in a good show. The dude acted the living shit out of himself. I was genuinely impressed. I hope Kino is not dead.

I liked how they made them fat as well. They looked like Soviet propaganda posters depicting American cops. That fat Scottish sergeant is hilarious for some reason though, hope he survived that explosion.


I'm glad Andor only goes for 2 seasons and season 2 was already planned through from the beginning. Shows go to shit after 3 seasons, especially a big franchise show like in the Star Wars universe because at some point it will turn to pure pandering.


That's hardly a universal rule, but yes, generally shows that are planned out completely from the start are better.


>I liked how they made them fat as well.

And how the sergeant clocked immediately what had happened and came to reasonable conclusion to sweep it under the rug only for Javert to fuck everything up by playing hero cop


Watching the final season of clone wars…why did they feel the need to introduce two annoying Puerto Rican lesbians into the star wars universe


i think season 2 ends right before rogue one.


>Previous general:
previous OP here, thanks for the 2.0, archived https://archive.ph/Ujzm0


>I feel like Andy Serkis worked his entire life for finally getting a role without CGI in a good show
He was in other stuff like The Prestige or Einstein and Eddington, but he does the CGI characters because he likes it.


File: 1672800316756.jpg (45 KB, 598x574, dumb frog.jpg)

I think a lot of shows can be improved with more lesbians.


ah shit. Want more


File: 1672811761811.gif (998.24 KB, 500x264, building shrug.gif)

Depends on circumstance and portrayal.


Puerto Rico exists in starwars?


File: 1673421194884-0.png (52.26 KB, 185x259, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673421194884-1.png (30.67 KB, 897x108, ClipboardImage.png)

Lucas predicted vaping


I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Bad Batch season 2 so far. I kind of wish they didn't bring in Cody at all rather than have him go rogue after one mission with Crosshair.


File: 1674053235543-1.jpeg (76.1 KB, 858x960, 1671932670576.jpeg)

File: 1674053235543-2.jpg (37.11 KB, 350x364, consider this.jpg)

are there more of these kinds of images? I kinda like 'em.


Kek at the first one


File: 1674107213554-0.png (363.28 KB, 851x591, [sighs].png)

File: 1674107213554-1.jpg (156.89 KB, 1280x1074, bruh.jpg)

File: 1674107213554-2.png (641.02 KB, 1280x611, clone judgement.png)

good news, I found some more


File: 1674157386436-0.png (1006.88 KB, 1920x825, ow.png)

File: 1674157386436-1.png (2.3 MB, 1920x831, warcrimes.png)

>Bad Batch Ep 3 has the Separatists casted as the good guys fighting against Empire-supporting clones and nearly winning
>The droids are all expressing joy and fear during combat and shouting things like "protect the civilians" or "keep the governor safe" while the clones go wild and cause all kinds of collateral damage
<The episode ends with Commander Cody so PTSD and guilt ridden that he goes AWOL

I really like how they are doing the Empire with recent shows like Andor and Bad Batch, and even the Dooku segments from Tales of the Jedi really show how all the corruption and imperialism endemic in the Empire were all inherent in the Republic. But it only makes the end of the OT / the sequel series look even more dumb for all the liberal idealists like Mon Mothma thinking that they could just magic away the corruption inherent to the heavily human and Core planets centric Republic by being good or virtuous or whatever, I can't decide if its funny or sad that they all probably died to 1st Order deathsquads.


do you ever think about how a lot of the companies that supported the Separatist war effort were also part of the rot of the late Republic in the first place, only to be handed over to the loyalist contractors like Kuat Drive Yards


Well note I made the point of saying "Separatists" rather than "the CIS". The underlying movement upon which the CIS built itself upon was ultimately correct, and Dooku (whether by altruistic intent or intentional manipulation of politics) fed them completely correct information about the corruption in the Republic, up to and including Sith infiltration in the government. The worlds that wanted to leave the Republic were, as you could see with Clone Wars episodes of the Separatist Senate, largely non-human and were likely often excluded from the halls of power in the Republic Senate, since representation on the Senate was not something you automatically got from being in the Republic, the rest of the Senate had to vote you in. Hell, even from the perspective of your rank-and-file seperatist, a corporate alliance against the Republic would make sense as a move for a pan-nationalist coalition meant to make secession easier, since it was the Republic which kept the power of corporations enshrined with many of them having their own seats in the Republic's Senate, which was hilariously not the case with the Separatist senate.

Ultimately, devoid of Palpatine shenanigans, the Separatist cause is correct imho.


>The Republic is corrupt and letting the elites stomp all over the little guy
<Which is why we should support the based corporate mega conglomerates like the Trade Federation and InterGalactic Banking Clan
Palpatine literally admits he started the entire war with two false controlled-opposition factions and yet y'all are still desperately trying to engage in lore revisionism to justify "your" side all these years later. They both suck.


Oh yeah, and to add onto this, the Republic was basically the United Nations in space. It didn't even have a standing army until Palpatine got his emergency powers and activated the clones! The reason Naboo suffered under the Trade Federation was because planetary sovereignty was respected (by the Republic, as in, they were not going to invade you to force you to change your government) and no one in the Republic cared about what was going on outside their planet. It was unironically a multipolar galaxy turned into a uniplolar galaxy under Palpatine because he couldn't stand the thought of planets just doing whatever they wanted with no fascist/sith supervision. Remind you of anyone? *cough* America *cough*


Mega-conglomerates were literally on both sides of the war (and in the case of the Banking Clan, catering to both sides of the war via profiteering), with aristocratic/monopolistic corporations like Kuat Drive Yards or Intercom having massive stakes in the Republic and becoming the Empire's own MIC in the afteryears of the Clone Wars. As far as an inter-capitalist conflict goes, there are basically 3 factions to the conflict: long-established and predominately corporations like KYD which wanted to secure their long-existing power as a privileged Core worlds company against emerging power in the Outer Rim, relatively new Outer Rim companies like the Techno-Union or Trade Federation which were largely non-human and fighting to establish themselves against heavily privileged and preferred core worlds companies, and longstanding institutional companies like the Banking Clan and select military manufacturers which could afford to profiteer off the conflict and sell to both sides.
Its equally as easy to make a reading along the lines of "Palpatine provoked the Seperatist cause and corralled them into following figurehead leaders so he could both exploit the crisis to expand his power and simultaneously purge leadership and movements which would stand against the expansion of that power through the war." After all, Palpatine sated the Core Worlds through superimperial profits off of exploitation of the Outer Rim and humano-centrism creating social divisions to preform idpol politics along to justify that exploitation. These are policies which were longstated and existing in the Republic, but put into overdrive with the Empire because they were convinced they had won the war and purged all resistance. In effect it was the centralization of the galaxy's wealth in the core worlds and reducing the peripheries into resource extraction hubs to fuel Core industry, which was the entire impetus for the CIS to launch the Clone Wars. The Separatists were unironically correct about the course of the Republic and actively tried to resist it, while nobody within the framework of the Republic was even marginally effective in delaying the culmination of power in Palpatine through their supposed democratic means.


>long-established and predominately corporations
*predominately core world corporations


It’s actually pretty funny how complex and innately tied to pretty logical set of political, social, historical, and economic circumstances in the three Star Wars trilogies, for a story that’s pretty simple on its face the actual wars are explicable the way real world wars are explicable


forgot about clem


Watched 3 episodes of Andor. Fuck it was bad. Bad pacing, plotting, character development, really everything. Splicing one stupid flash back sequence (where nothing happens) between 3 whole episodes(I assume it's only the 3 and they're finally done with it)


Imho its because Lucas made the Republic/Empire out of a heavily mythologized version of the US, its also why you saw the sequel trilogy tying itself into "resistance" stuff as much as it did; trying to draw political relevance from ongoing happenings with Trump but without really having any coherent political messaging unlike Lucas' stuff, save maybe for episode 8.


fil t. ered
but yes the flashbacks sucked and it's only part of the first arc/first 3 episodes



Which is sort of the problem actual irl "resistance" stuff had


Please make it to the prison arc


I think how much they’re meant to be the US is somewhat overstated, the Republic has elements of the Roman Republic, the European Union, and the UN as well. The Galactic Empire has as many if not much more in common with the Third Reich, the British Empire, and the Roman Empire than the US in all honesty. The Rebel Alliance, I’d say, actually is more or less a space version of 20th Century communist insurgents/anti-fascist resistance though.


Is bad batch worth watching? I didn't care for them in their clone wars backdoor pilot arc, they felt oddly generic for star wars.


It has its high moments but its also got its lows, a bit like mid-season clone wars. I'm watching it on release mostly cause I like the idea of the era (transition from Republic to Empire) but if you don't specifically dig that idea I'd recommend just waiting until it all releases and following a watchlist so you can skip the middling episodes.


Oh, as for their genericness, they are slowly branching out from it into being individuals instead of war movie stereotypes. I think it was lowkey intentional in their story arc? But its also kinda retreading concepts from the Clone Wars, so who knows.


Ah interesting. Yeah the tropey-ness of them kind of annoyed me. Like you got the nerdy tech guy, the big meat head with his dumb catchphrases, etc.

The Era is actually the reason I'd want to watch it. That whole transition period is sort of something new. Interesting how much recent star wars is focused on a corrupt but nominally democratic society slides into naked autocracy, can't imagine why.


Yeah them becoming actual people is still kind of a slow burn, I think it'll be done by this season though.

If you want a single episode to make-or-break if you want to watch this whole thing now, I'd recommend Season 2 Episode 3. It's pretty standalone and pretty evocative of the overall tone from the storytelling, while being the best of this season yet. Really the first 3 episodes were all pretty solid, since they heavily dealt with the end of the CIS and Republic now moving into the new Imperial order.


Noted. One thing I loved about going through TCW recently was the gradual buildup to the fall of the Republic. Even before Order 66 it already starts to feel like the Empire. So I'm intrigues by how this show depicts the culmination of all that.


The Bad Batch were so hilariously insular that they didn't even realize what was happening, not even as order 66 dropped. From there they are trying to make sense of it all for most of season 1.


Lmao that sounds fun. I'm watching S2E3 right now and enjoying it, probably gonna give it all a watch soon.

Gotta say it's impressive how much the animation has improved since early Clone Wars. This and Tales of the Jedi look phenomenal



Republic planets aren't like nations, you have to understand sci-fi writers have little sense of scale. Planets are more like cities or small regions. In that context, it makes far more sense for the Republic to be basically a Gilded Age era America with no standing army except for basic enforcement, and local oligarchs (think the bad guy from Open Range or the governor from Red Dead Revolver) rule.

In this case, the Republic is basically the US and Naboo is some small midwestern town that gets blockaded by Amazon PMC forces because the federal government (which has no military and allows Amazon a seat in the house of representatives) passed some minor taxation or regulation. The local mayor or whatever goes to Washington and petitions the senate, but they're so corrupt that only the FBI/CIA (which the Jedi are as the only enforcement arm of the republic government) bothers to send anyone to help them, and they end up having to gamble on a NASCAR race in Arizona run by a local drug cartel, and marshal enough forces to take their town back from the baddies Blazing Saddles style.

In that case, it's less of the Republic being the western-dominated UN and the Seps being the multipolar east - it's more that the core worlds which form the republic's heart are the old money New England WASPs and financial capitalists, while the seps are the western states capitalists, land barons, etc. as well as Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs. The Republic are Ivy League old money oligarchs and the outer rim corporations are the oil barons and railroad barons.


I do like that Palps 5D chessed everyone in the last 2 episodes of the Bad Batch, but I think it was a bit of a reach to imply that it was his plan all along for Rampart to fuck up and to throw him under the bus for razing Kamino. He just has contingency plans for everything and knew that Rampart was a complete liability who was easily compartmentalized and discarded, ironically alongside the clone troopers he was so eager to get rid of.

Also, with how the storyline has gone with Chu Chi being a vocal representative of the clones and getting tied in with Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, and how the creation of stormtroopers is being pushed forwards, there is no way there isn't some kind of clone rebellion arc.


Best post in here.


Watching it after Andor makes Bad Batch look absolutely mid in comparison and relatively boring. The most fun ive had lately watching the latest Star Wars Filoni animations is the 3 episode arc with Dooku in Tales of the Jedi. Season 2 of Bad Batch has been kind of boring for me.


You'd probably like these last 2 episodes, there is a solid amount of imperial politics and we get to see our first imperial thrown right under the bus. Though season 2 really makes the Bad Batch seem like they are really not the main story, I kinda wonder if they were originally going to have their own arc in like, a hypothetical clone wars season 8 alongside some other post-clone wars material, but Disney wanted to rebrand into something easier to market than just "The 8th season of the clone wars".


What I'm wondering is how the hell are they fitting all these stories and how they're gonna justify pushing these characters into the main trilogy era. Don't get me wrong I like seeing the in-between but with characters like Cal Kestis and the Bad Batch and Omega it's getting kind of ridiculous that it's possible they lived through the main trilogy especially considering their importance. What I would love to see is basically a purging and something like a rebellion of the awol clones that fails which would make sense in the timeline sense. Of course people like Cal Kestis would not make any sense going through the OT because of how "involved" he is. I can accept surviving Jedi who've abandoned the fight but surviving Jedi who are active participants in the rebellion? I don't think so.


star wars comic marvel

worth? i want gorgeous artwork and fun stories


The answer generally seems to be "and then they all went to the unknown regions."

I can see the Bad Batch becoming some background Spec-Ops group that might end up helping Jedi (a la The Path from the Kenobi show) or something like that. They are afflicted with the accelerated aging too (except Omega), so they could've just naturally died by the point of the OT. Of course its possible that they just fucking die in the show, but I don't think that'll be the case. I think that Omega is slated to be some kind of minor leader in the Rebellion, seeing that she's gotten connections with Hera who we know goes on to captain a capital ship under the Rebellion / New Republic.

Cal, I think, is going to end up getting wrapped up in that lost civilization which was a focal point of the 1st game, considering its been referenced in other media at this point it seems like its going to be a mildly important plot point. It'd also be conveniently out-of-the-way, out in the unknown regions trying to find this lost civilization while also denying all of their powerful technology from the Empire.
Dunno if you mean past or present ones, but either way its a pretty mixed bag for both. Recent ones especially get into hot water a lot for art plagiarism, but the overall quality has improved a lot compared to the old Star Wars marvel comics, which could be like a shitty saturday morning cartoon at times. There are a lot of old classics like Crimson Empire or the ARC trooper comics, which everyone should see just because they are cool.


File: 1676246057137.jpg (527.54 KB, 2048x1935, FoscmT_WYAIPomp.jpg)

>Last year, I illustrated a concept of Qui-Gon if he had survived the events of The Phantom Menace and had served in The Clone Wars. I wanted to expand upon it and conceptualize his unit as well.


Got the AI to analyze Star Wars from a Marxist perspective, very fascinating results


File: 1676480346856.jpg (38.17 KB, 500x500, poggers.jpg)

That armor is snazzy as fuck.


It's very clearly referring to the US/British Empire (both being one of the same if you follow history), which is today the global empire. The values of the Republic or the Empire don't line up to anything but the Anglo-American understanding of politics, and don't regard what the Germans or Romans actually thought about politics beyond crude comparisons that could apply to any empire. The Empire and elite of the Republic are the liberal elites, the Rebels are a stand-in for "patriotic, freedom-loving Americans" who were getting their shit kicked in as Lucas is writing Star Wars. The bait and switch is that you're supposed to think the Rebels are the Americans fighting for freedom, but America is really the Empire all along, in cahoots with the very British officers on the Death Star.

Had the prequels been written better and had it not been for Bush, the turn of Anakin could have made more sense, but it is unlikely that kind of story could be told in American cinema today because it hits too close, and Lucas is writing the movies for kids. That's what Star Wars was written for - a fantasy story for kids to talk about and get into, so that action figures can be sold. The adults watching the prequels didn't seem to get that they were watching movies made for kids, but the movies had to delve into something that was not really a story kids could understand. Also Lucas writes shitty dialogue but he has the ability to work past that to convey his message. Lucas himself is not to subtle about the meaning of the Republic/Empire and what it is referent to. He comes from a time and place where you could more freely criticize what the US actually was, because this was not forbidden knowledge when he was growing up.

Star Wars doesn't really relate to communism or any story outside of America's internal sense of itself. Tatooine is some bumfuckistan that is part of the Republic/Empire, since this is a globalized galaxy. In some sense hints of communism are visible but that's because communism as an idea is really pointing to a concept of democracy. Strangely, the generation that grew up to watch Star Wars, born in the 50s and 60s, were the closest to an American concept of socialism, where they would be taught the institutions work and are good and should be better in the future. There are obviously problems with the institutions but there was this naive belief that institutions were good because the system can't be wrong, and that the institutions ostensibly worked for the people. Any knowledge of what a republic actually is would tell you republics are rife with infighting and backstabbing from the outset, and for most of the world, they're not convinced republican virtue is a thing at all. People outside of the American Empire can have difficulty getting what Star Wars refers to because they don't have this concept, or they have a totally artificial concept. They also tend not to really get what America actually is.


lol the last episode of the bad batch had a worker's revolution leading to a co-op with profit sharing between all of the workers


File: 1677129267461-0.jpg (796.24 KB, 1988x3056, page_118.jpg)

File: 1677129267461-1.jpg (635.55 KB, 1988x3056, page_119.jpg)

i read the poe dameron comic
i wish there was a comic series of just the robots

no talking, just cute robots


The story of anakin is a tale of tragedy
I really wish there was some comic, where he broke past the restrictions of both the jedi and the sith

An non cannon story
Does anyone know such story



Ha. Just watched that episode. Love how all the interesting part happened in the last 2 minutes. Is it just me or did bad batch get extremely dumbed down in season 2? Like, there was the one episode about clone retirement that had some interesting depth, but I feel like after the set up post 66, and the fact that it’s in between movies, doesn’t let it do much? But even that’s not true because Andor was fucking awesome? I know it’s all media for children, but c’mon. They’ve kicked out half the cast and now they just go on adventures with no real connective tissue or stakes.


so a fan-fic were he becomes a grey jedi?
there is the redeemed "White Vader"


Well, it seems like the episodes focusing on the Bad Batch is all about emotional/character moments, while the sort of side-tangents are all about plot advancement and the conspiracies going on in the Empire. I don't think it is coincidental that Echo went to work with Rex and we've not seen Crosshair for a while, I think those two plot points are going to intersect somehow.

The ultimate end-point, I think, is going to be Crosshair somehow defecting from the Empire. Probably not to join the Bad Batch - but probably instead to become an Imperial Vigilante type, trying to "fix" the Empire from the outside by assassinating corrupt officials and whatnot.

There was an old fanfic where Anakin found out about Darth Revan and took up his mask and persona and using it to try and force galactic politics to his whims, couldn't find it again for the life of me though.


what is that
link plox

who is darth revan


KOTOR-era character, interesting because he decided to strategically "fall" to the dark side to try and use its power for good, against the longstanding logic of the Jedi order. He used that power to stop the Mandalorian Wars (where the Republic almost got destroyed) and later to try and take over the Republic to defend them against the incoming Sith Empire.


File: 1677499367397.png (1.42 MB, 1000x839, ClipboardImage.png)


I like his thinking, that's what I'd do



File: 1677650143619-0.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 311.67 KB, 1280x720, 081cc6bb60843991150656e00….jpeg)

File: 1677650143619-1.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.77 KB, 1280x720, d8a3e17b06711815ca0df962a….jpeg)

Orange Butt


File: 1677678202717.png (2.97 MB, 1920x801, ClipboardImage.png)

The Mandalorian's new episode was cool visually, but mostly plot-establishing otherwise. It'd be neat to see more of this style of Mandalorian culture though, all arrayed with the banners of their clans fluttering in the wind


File: 1677714608543.png (354.99 KB, 3840x1606, ClipboardImage.png)

Also can I just say like, poor fucking Bo Katan. She made one mistake which got her little sister killed and that is seemingly going to dominate the rest of her life until she croaks. Literally the second she couldn't live up to being Mandalore for like, the 3rd time in her life, every soldier under her deserted and went off to become mercenaries. She is part of the original group which basically sealed the fate of Mandalore fighting the Empire and losing that fight, and she'll probably never get real redemption from it. And she probably won't even have the dubious honor of being seen as a massive failure or villain in Mandalorian lore, she will probably be forgotten altogether.


Imagine the alien smell


>a whole galaxy far far away of possibilities and she just has a pussy

the conundrum of alien fucking


I never understood this, Anakin was an asshole who murdered kids, the Jedi didn’t actually restrict him considering he could have always left the Jedi to be with his extremely influential, wealthy, and philanthropic wife and would also still be good friends with the literal Supreme Chancellor. The reality is that Anakin wanted the power and prestige of being a Jedi without having to follow their actual philosophy and rules, fuck him. Like, I love Anakin, he’s my favorite character, but fuck the notion that the Jedi “held him back” just because their rules, which he broke, didn’t allow him consumption to his heart’s content


I dunno, I think part of why he was in the Jedi was because he felt like he had a duty to try to improve the galaxy from his position of relative power - not just as a jedi but also from his station as a military commander, and personal friend of Palpatine. Plus he was aware of his own chosen one prophesy and did try to actively live up to it.


How, specifically, did Anakin do anything to improve life in the Galaxy, outside of fighting in the Clone Wars for, uh, ultimately the wrong side anyway? Like I can see how the Jedi Order did a lot of good, but did Anakin do much in his capacity as a Jedi? I guess you can say it isn’t his fault he was immediately drafted into war, but like regardless if you want to be a Jedi, which is entirely voluntary, you actually should follow the rules of the Jedi, which aren’t actually arbitrary. I get if you find Anakin sympathetic, but that doesn’t make him right.


Well by no means an exhaustive list, but

>Saves the unknown alien species from being made into war cyborgs by the Techno Union (Clone Wars TV Show)

>Breaks the Blockade of Ryloth, and later liberates it from the CIS
>Saves several galactic leaders of what was basically Star War's NAM from a Deathwatch plot
>Ends a major branch of the Zygerian slave trade
>Ends a massive engineered bio-plague on Naboo before it manages to spread

Like, he obviously does good things both within and without the context of the war.


Alright, fair enough, so you could say Anakin was a great hero, but…he ain’t a great Jedi, and again, the rules of the Jedi exist for a reason. The whole point of the Jedi is that being one is VERY difficult, Qui-Gon tells Anakin that straight up, that it’s a hard life.

To me, Jedi life has benefits being a superhero does not, but also drawbacks being a superhero does not, and I mention superheroes because, well, they are usually who the Jedi are compared to. But the thing is, just being a good person isn’t good enough to be a good Jedi, because good people can be corrupted as well, the Jedi life is a life of total sacrifice for the well-being of others.


File: 1678284776684.png (409.98 KB, 437x803, image.png)

new favorite clone, Mayday


>Djin bumbling into increasingly significant parts of his religion and culture while going "hyuk hyuk 'its the way"


i'm finding the mandalorian's dialogue increasingly cringe. i just like the pretty armor and the babbling yoda


For me I don't actually care for baby yoda, and kinda wish he stayed with Luke so we could get a story more focused on Djin's relationship with his culture. Even if its like, by the end of this season Grogu would come back to Djin after not vibing with jedi training, that is cool. I just think that Djin needs some time to find where he stands with his people.


That said, Bo and baby Yoda was cute for its briefness, and I would miss that in my hypothetical setup


mandalorian went anti-psych. fuck psychiatry!!


It is deeply funny how morally bankrupt the New Republic is. Much like the Republic even pre-Palpatine, it really just shows how little real care they have to the "peripheries" of their society and how much abuse goes on in them, from slavery to corporate exploitation and now also this whole episode really. Even before the whole brainwipe program, having daily confessional sessions with a droid makes it all very detached and impersonal, and really the whole thing really feels like an afterthought to the end of the war babysat by people who only care about it cause it lets them weed out terrorists and Imperial loyalists.

Not to say that Nazis should deserve an "equal chance" mind - I prefer the Soviet method - but the episode really highlighted how an uncritical recreation of the Republic has lead to it instantly taking on many aspects of the Empire - because the Empire was much more a part of the Republic than separate from it.


The "Neo-Republicans" must've been the faction with all the money: Mon Mothma, Bail Organa etc. Liberal aristocracy that didn't like the Empire. We hear about more radical factions from Saw Gerrera in Andor like Sectorists or basically Gerrera's own Partisan faction which are basically an anarchistic terroristic group of the socialist-revolutionaries vein from Russia.


File: 1680039768398.png (339.04 KB, 1024x432, ClipboardImage.png)

>daily confessional sessions with a droid
lolmao what
Did nuwars actually do this?


I mean yea. That's how liberalism is. Does it surprise you that the New Republic didn't turn out to be revolutionary but simply a rehash of the former reactionary Republic?


People would do well to remember that these shows are intrinsically reactionary. That said, the most recent episode of the Mandalorian was quite enjoyable. I find the pseudo-anti-imperialism quite funny. Mostly I just like all the pretty armors

anyway i bet the Soviets would've made some amazing star wars shows


Soviet star wars would be 4 hours long and be about a bald man coming out of a ship to talk to an alcoholic Belarusian guy about death.


Russian star wars would merge Cossacks and Samurai instead of Cowboys and Samurai


What do you mean they're reactionary? You don't even know what reactionary means.


and it would be kino as hell


All Spectacular forms of entertainment is counter-revolutionary inherently and therefore reactionary, regardless of its intended message and purpose.


Harsh but true.


>one mistake
signing up with an infamously inhumane terrorist organization that's dedicated to destroying your sister and everything she represents is much bigger than a mere "mistake"
bo-katan made her bed and now has to lie in it lol


Ngl, I think the Star Wars Galaxy and the actual plot of Star Wars is pretty interesting and complex from a sociopolitical perspective, like, you’re right, what a lot of people forget is that from the very first film the Rebellion is explicitly an alliance, these people don’t all have the same actual beliefs and goals, they just oppose the empire who was the biggest game in town, people like Mon Mothma can be and meta-textually are the Coruscant liberal elite who actually didn’t have it bad under the Empire but just despised the aesthetics of the Empire’s outward autocracy


Lmao, who cares you fucking nerd?
Imagine thinking fantastical imaginary shit is reactionary by default, lmao, what a sad humorless boring fucking world stalinoids inhabit, no wonder you nighas love hideous brutalist architecture


>people like Mon Mothma can be and meta-textually are the Coruscant liberal elite who actually didn’t have it bad under the Empire but just despised the aesthetics of the Empire’s outward autocracy
Also notice how Mon visibly was disgusted or put off by the more "ruthless" tactics of Luthen, she's definitely put off by Saw's tactics. She has the bourgeois elitism and sentimentality of someone who's not used to seeing the Empire's oppression first had. She's not in the prison labor camps dealing with arbitrary longer sentences, nor is she being directly conquered of her home planet Chandrila, also her privileged living conditions have not changed at all. The people and different species are dealing with the brutality first hand of genocide and slave camps and ruthless exploitation of their lands/planets and so their tactics will be that of ruthless resistance.


interesting. latest story dealt with sentient droids and the possibility of a droid rebellion. definitely a parallel to slavery… or so i thought until they removed the agency of the droids malfunctioning to a sole individual. also the "happy slave" mindset, a la Harry Potter Elves, "we're happy to serve". But at the same time it outright states that the whole planet would collapse were it not for the droid's labor. Hell the droids themselves are shown to have their own bar and sentience, and a "fear" of being replaced as the threat of being scrapped, their entire population being genocided, is a very real reality in which the non-droids can vote to decomission them in their organic only direct democracy. it seems self aware of the implications of droid programmed labor but at the same time, these underlying politics are shoved under the rug due to them finding the culprit and needing to move onto the main story. even then one of the royals, played by jack black, was an ex-imperial and the camera focused on his reaction a bit longer. the head of security was not killed but sent to exile so i foresee a future storyline with himdefinitely a star wars equivalent of a left leaning radical, droid rights activist, communist, post left anti democracy sentiments as well as the political exile having unexplained beef with the ex-imperial democratically elected lord of state. Part of the episodes resolution involves stopping the Political Exile from resetting the droid's programming and thus causing a collapse of automated space luxury communism, so the awareness that the droids labor run their society is there, but its a conclusion that I cannot tell is left unanswered on purpose or shoved under the rug and glossed over for "political correctness". an interesting episode.


I think the world will be revisited later a la Navarro because Mandalore stood as the leader of a Galactic Non-Aligned Movement in the past and likely will do so again, and the only reason the plot wasn't explored more imho is there is only 2 episodes left in the season and some semblance of Mandalorian society needs to be restored, and some kind of greater overarching villain needs to be revealed to set up the Ahsoka show.

It is funny, though, how utterly awful the New Republic is shown to be, while a single planet with just mildly shrewd use of resources the New Republic was trying to destroy and dispose of en masse has achieved a comprehensively luxurious lifestyle.

Really just shows the excessive ideological waste of the New Republic / liberalism because they so fervently want to adhere to the symbolism of the Republic they are willing to condemn an entire group of very clearly sentient people (in battledroids) to death. The NR is basically doing a mass droid genocide for the sake of their own aesthetics.


moff gideon's mando armor kind of looks like a roblox 3d model i made and so thats cool.




I find it interesting since my head initially went to robot/proletarian allegory as well, but really the planet is living the FALSC dream exactly as many contemporary socialists imagine it - everything automated, free to live in nobility-esque luxury. It is clear that not all the droids are fully sentient or autonomous, evident by Din kicking the super battle droids and their lack of reaction. Perhaps it is truly a model society?


Droids may not earnestly care about doing harder labor if they don't feel exhaustion and don't have to worry about a biological clock, and it beats being genocided by the New Republic. If the story wants to earnestly affirm space communism with Jack Black characteristics, then I don't think it'd be that hard.


File: 1681332606273.png (6.84 MB, 1590x3738, ClipboardImage.png)


execute all aristocrats


Automated Gay Luxury Space Communism with Jack Black Juchian Characteristics(NOT CLICKBAIT)


> direct democratic elections


Libs think democracy is when you can ellect anyone, the more you let Trumps and Bolsonaros be elected, the more Democratic it is.


jar jar binks comics from star wars tale is really funny
but also sad about his mother and father just being a fake marriage


the finale was okay, I guess


File: 1693507283118.png (859.7 KB, 1024x650, ClipboardImage.png)

Well she's gotta make ends meet somehow lol

Those episodes were so asinine in retrospect, it's like all the characters had their intelligence downgraded and may of them have completely inappropriate lacks of reaction to situations. The IG droid situation was pointless and made no sense considering that he blew himself the fuck up. The Mandalorian who we learn has his son taken by that flying monster barely reacts to the fact, even though the Mandalorians are supposed to be passionate hotblooded warriors, even if they are coldly militant at times.
The retroactive aspect of Grogu and Luke is annoying too. They had this entire build up and finale at the end of S2 then just roll it back because "that baby Yoda sure brings in the money!" Also removing Gina Carano was a mistake, she had good chemistry with Mando. The new character meant to fill in her "kickass woman" role in the series (the Imperial Remnant Officer) just lacks charisma (or the body for that matter) to pull off the Amazonian warrior aspect Cara Dune brought.

Also Andor sucks. It's typical liberal "moral greyness" that isn't actually grey and is just inanity. The show ends up making the Empire look good because it essentially makes the rebels out to be a bunch of miserable cowards, sociopathic freaks and mindless drones; Wow, much grey, very real. Absolute trashfire. Andrew Serkis was one of the few parts of the series that I enjoyed, because he's a phenomenal actor and had some control over writing the character out.


Ahsoka Tano was a Padawan of the Jedi Order, so young and so underaged, she could use the miniskirts to influence the men to create… boners. She had such a knowledge of the jailbait, she could even keep the ones she cared about from the FBI.

The underaged side of the seduction is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be… illegal.

She became so powerful that the only thing she was afraid of was losing her power, which eventually of course she did. Unfortunately, she taught her fellow Padawan Baris Offee everything she knew, then Baris framed her for the Jedi Temple bombings. The public dismissed her claims of an inside job as conspiracy theory.

Ironic, she could save others from the FBI, but not herself.


So basically the same scene as from The Rings of Power when the elves visit the Dwarf King.


LMAO I made that last one a decade ago when I just graduated from high school. To still see it posted here…


Was Anakin right?


>Also Andor sucks. It's typical liberal "moral greyness" that isn't actually grey and is just inanity.
Moral greyness is a real thing when it comes to war or rebellion. That doesn't make a cause more right or wrong and the rebels are portrayed as being still on the right side of history. What's great about Andor is that they drop hints about the possible negative, proto-fascist aspects of the Republic, which is much more realistic than the Empire falling from the sky out of nowhere.
>The show ends up making the Empire look good because it essentially makes the rebels out to be a bunch of miserable cowards, sociopathic freaks and mindless drones
What, because they don't have plot armor this time? The Empire wasn't made to look good but more competent and fascistic. Maybe you could sympathize with some Imperials becase some of them were pretty young trying to do their job after they were placed in a position of responsibility and just drank the Imperial kool-aid - very reminiscent of actual fascist movements.

Were the writers liberals? Yeah, probably. Duh.


So what's the consenus on the Ahsoka show? I find it good enough not to find it bad - it's made pretty well, music is nice, it looks gorgeous, the dialog is a bit clumsy and some motivations of the characters don't make sense to me so far but I can overlook that. Some stuff triggers me, like Ahsoka jumping from platform to platform without a rope or magnetic boots in the vacuum of space - but she's a force user, so whatever. Space magic.

Some complain that it's "too girlbossy" but I don't think that is happening at all, it's not "in your face" it's just a show with a lot of female characters. Did you that the actress who plays shin, the Dark Jedi apprentice is Ukrainian and cultural ambassador of Zelenski?
>be Ukrainian actress
>play a fascist
The joke makes itself.


File: 1695063140549.jpg (321.46 KB, 1280x720, Remove Huk.jpg)

>Moral greyness is a real thing when it comes to war or rebellion
Yes it is, but how it is depicted matters, because in a story just saying "muh both sides" with no other genuine point is just inane, it doesn't actually go anywhere. It resembles Чернуха, a genre of Russian film where it's just so nihilistic and meanspirited that you're just left thinking "so what's the point then, that everyone and everything sucks?" - utter misery porn. You want a good depiction of revolutionary moral greyness in a story? Read Sholokhov's Quiet Flows the Don or watch the film. Or Bulgakov's The Days of the Turbins, or the film Come and See, or Бумбараш and any number of Soviet books and films regarding war and rebellion.

>the rebels are portrayed as being still on the right side of history

Except they aren't. Ironically the Star Wars Rebel's cartoon does a better job of this than Andor. The Rebels are a mix of fanatics, greedy bourgs and liberals that use people with nothing to lose or that fight for money to do their dirty deeds. They cause misery and problems for the population and their leadership dismisses it, they have no plan or real methods and just come off like a bunch of wreckers provoking a fascist government. They actually make the fucking Empire look good in comparison, since the Empire's harsh actions are a result of their "rebellion" most of the time. There is no bright side here. The liberals want Mon Mothma to BE the bright side, but she's a SuccDem liberal pacificist.
Saw Guerrera is also annoying as hell, an obvious and negative allusion to Che Guevara that is unprincipled (changing his mind for little good reason), unnecessarily violent and uncaring of the pain he may bring others and generally just being all bluster about rebellion while having no other ideology than "muh freedum" a complete mockery of Che's legacy and of revolution in general. Not a single one of the rebel characters has genuine ideals or revolutionary passion, not a single one is even an authentic fanatic, they're all just miserable vermin clawing for power, influence, money, revenge or vague shallow imitations of ideology.
>Maybe you could sympathize with some Imperials becase some of them were pretty young trying to do their job after they were placed in a position of responsibility and just drank the Imperial kool-aid - very reminiscent of actual fascist movements.
True, but at the same time they're also the most authentic characters in the show, genuinely wanting to do good and thinking they are doing the right thing. At least these characters, caricaturesque as they are in places, have more heart in them. You feel sympathy for them. I look on the rebels and every one of them is one or another sort of scumbag.

>What's great about Andor is that they drop hints about the possible negative, proto-fascist aspects of the Republic

Except that's not great at all. The entire POINT of the original trilogy and prequels was the rise and fall of a fascistic empire that arose from the corrupt greed of a capitalist hegemon. Coruscant and the developed planets are LITERALLY a depiction of America and its allies relative to the Outer Rim (3rd World). Even the CIS is a depiction of a grand-scale conflict involving Second and Third World planets fighting against the First World Core. These are on a grand scale. Obviously on a low level there are going to be moral grey zones, but the overarching ideals remain.
The Rebellion was thematically a rejection of all fascism and tyranny, it was a heroic fight against oppression that was supposed to conclude with a new, reformed republic. What we get instead is just a return to the status quo and "muh realism (TM)" which is the most tiresome, edgy trope imaginable.

>because they don't have plot armor this time

<Rebels lose most battles in Old Star Wars and even in the 2 climactic victories they had over the Death Stars lost immense numbers of ships and troops.
<Ignores the story being character driven
<ignores even main characters dying or having horrible shit happen to them
Ah yes, like Darth Vader and his plot armor of losing all his limbs or Luke losing his arm and nearly dying several times.
Yeah no. This shit about "muh plot armor" doesn't apply to OG SW. Star Wars isn't a hyper-realistic setting. It's always been a character-driven story set in a mix of Space-Western and Swords and Sorcery. A good morally grey and relatively more realistic space-western that doesn't do "plot armor" as you imply would be Firefly + Serenity, as it doesn't shy from killing characters and has the good guys lose or get hurt plenty.
>The Empire wasn't made to look good but more competent and fascistic.
It's depicted as far less fascistic in Andor prior to the Rebel's actions, and the Empire has always been competent. This "incompetent Empire" meme is just that a meme, born of the fact that we follow its exploits through the lens of characters opposing and negative towards the Empire, and so scornful of it. Andor still has us follow the story through characters that dislike the Empire… and yet the Empire still looks like the lesser evil in comparison, that's a major fuck up, though as you said - The Writers are libs, duh.

Unironically I think the Boba Fett show was better, and it was a mess relatively. Even the lame Mandalorian Season 3 was better than this shit.

TL;DR: Star War's is science-fantasy fiction, it's meant to be thematic first and foremost, thus Darth Vader's actions of slaughtering children and killing his wife, thus the purity and naivety of Luke, thus the rough-around-the-edge but good-at-heart Han Solo. Moral greyness has its place in Star Wars, you can see it in the very first film, however how it is done is important. Andor fails in this aspect. It's plot is inane, the main character just an insert that just ends up in these situations and everything is just bleak and miserable with no real upside.
Better depictions of "moral greyness" can be found in Star Wars Legends EU, such as General Grievous' backstory.


You are a midwit.

The creator is left wing. He also made the Bourne series of movies which criticized the EU's treatment of Greece and Russia's 90's collapse and privatization along with the CIA and tech sector and he even said he was inspired for Andor's robbery scene from the early Bolshevik train robberies. In fact you sound like you've never watched the show the entire point is Andor's radicalization journey from "I don't care leave me alone and I'll go find a beach somewhere to retire" to "holy shit we have to fight there is no other way". Not to mention the presence of genuine idealists like Cinta or Nemik involved in the fight.

The empire does not look good at all. They torture people, hand out unjust prison sentences, massacre their prisoners, and are just so odious that if you walked away thinking the Empire looked good that says more about you than anyone else.


Meaningless ad hom
>C-creator is LEFTIST
Liberal LARPers are not leftists
>made the Bourne series of movies
irrelevant, and other than the first 2 films, the Bourne series was contrived as fuck and literally pulls the "secret evil sect of the CIA that akchually is a rouge operator" BS that Hollywood always does.
>he even said he was inspired for Andor's robbery scene from the early Bolshevik train robberies.
LARP and as someone that grew up watching Неуловимые Мстители and Как Закалялась Сталь his imitation was awful. The illogical actions of characters are so beyond the suspension of disbelief in this "realistic take" that it's impossible to ignore. C ass's search for a "surviving sister" which was a lie and a pointless insert in the story for the sake of introducing misery porn, the Hostess at the brothel approaching some random stranger that looks like a bum rather than the Imperial patrons that came earlier was retarded when everyone under the Empire would know better than to ignore such customers, especially in cutthroat establishments like a bottom-rung whorehouse. This creates the entire shitty situation outside in the rain and then Andor just casually murders an unarmed mook begging on his knees, a man whose only crime is at worst being an asshole. Murder for being an asshole… amazing history.
>the entire point is Andor's radicalization journey from "I don't care leave me alone and I'll go find a beach somewhere to retire" to "holy shit we have to fight there is no other way".
And it FAILS at that because his motivation for joining feels forced as fuck. It jumps from cartoonishly caricaturesque evil to "muh uber-realism" and back again.
LMAO I'm not even going into that laughable liberal depiction - literally "strong non-white womyn" stereotype that Disney inserts everywhere. Oh and of course lesbian too, for the alphabet-soup brownie-points. But of course it's only alluded to with the "share a bed" line so as to not hurt sales in China and the Middle East.
I'll admit that I skipped over him, but yes he is a genuine idealist, so I'll give you that, however his role in the story is tiny and creates a plot-hole. We hardly know the contents of the Manifesto and its impact on the Rebellion is negligible, seeing how we never hear even an inkling of it in The Mandolorian, The Original Trilogy, The Legends Books, the Disney Novels or anywhere else, because it's a retcon.

>They torture people

So do the rebels, and often in contrived and unnecessary circumstances. Moreover this behavior worsens as a reaction to the rebels' actions, in essence causing people misery and pain, as much as the Empire.
>massacre their prisoners
Cartoonish and contrived as fuck, like I said, only Serkis saved that episode from being garbage written by someone that has never been in prison or bothered to study how prison guards actually abuse prisoners. On a large-scale non-political prisoners do not make for good radical revolutionaries, Soviet Revolutionaries went to prison AS revolutionaries, not vice-versa. It's also something that the prisoners are mostly innocuous compared to the cartoonishly evil guards, when such high-security prisons are rife with corruption and vileness like rape, rackets and more, yet we hardly see that, only overbearingly evil prison management. It attempts to homage THX-1138 and in doing so fucks up the aspect of "realism" in the story, as THX's story and oppression featured within is a rather distinct type of cyberpunk dystopia that doesn't fit the theme of a more traditional fascist regime like the Empire, which relies not on the elimination of emotions but on the harnessing, control and direction of them; from propaganda meant to evoke pride or hatred to dissenters, to the very design of the storm-trooper and ISB uniforms meant to evoke fear and dominance.

The over-all theme of Cass realizing he can't escape the empire and can either be crushed under the Imperials boot or fight back. This becoming accelerated as the ISB clamp down on the people as a result of the train robbery creating increased tensions is theoretically good, but the execution of this idea, in depiction and script is typical burger libshit, and this is among the better episodes. Other ones are worse and the first one was just fucking inane from all sorts of angles. Moreover the problem of "he can't escape the Empire's oppression" is fucking stupid because he can just flee to the Outer Rim, a safe haven for criminals and where the rebellion also hid much of its forces, thus it further undermines the plot since the entire situation is contrived, even more so because, even if he isn't arrested for the train robbery, and instead a trumped up charge, he still DID commit a crime, which means regardless of what the official charge was, he's a criminal. If they depicted him as having nothing to do with the actual robbery, but having been aware of it through interactions with 'rebels' and then arrested by proxy, that would be much more thematically consistent.

Also compare this to the character Ezra from Star Wars Rebels, he isn't an adult that knows the criminal world well enough to smuggle himself out, he's just a delinquent whose parents were arrested and executed. This street rat disliked the empire, but also is skeptical of the rebel movement. As he matures, he opposes the Empire with actual purpose and direction while warming up to the rebellion. He has no option to flee until later and by the time he could, he no longer will.
>just so odious that if you walked away thinking the Empire looked good that says more about you
Reading this I have to say YOU are the midwit and a speedreader too; I said that in comparison the larger representation of the rebellion the empire appears good, not that the empire itself is good, you fallacious imbecile.

The only reason people "like" Andor is
A) Because it's edgy and gritty and not Star Wars*
B) Because it's better than that idiotic Kenobi series and other recent Disney project failures

*Star Wars is supposed to be, exciting, emotional, colorful and futuristic with serious, sad and philosophical moments, encapsulated within old-school story-telling. It is not supposed to bare-bones misery-porn and political preaching. While George Lucas was certainly touching on politics in his films and stories, the main point was not just the main character of the story he was telling, but also the story, without one or the other the film would fail.

Andor fails this because it's base idea may be interesting, but the execution lacks any charm and has little passion. Nemik is the most passionate character in this (although performance-wise Serkis did a fantastic job of displaying this as well) yet relative to the story he's a side-character and does not set the tone for the rebels or the protagonist who are muddier than a catfish. Cass feels like a Self-Insert, and not the idealist kind as Luke is often claimed to be; almost like Player Character in a DnD quest. Roll a d2, get kidnapped from your stupid Planet of the Children, Timeskip and get into a criminal plot, Roll a d15 - train robbery goes well. Roll a d2, get arrested by guards for false charges and imprisoned etc. etc. The main character is like some puppet thrown into a formulaic plot and wriggling through them towards an inevitable characterization dictated by a different prequel retcon movie (Rogue One).


File: 1695162450412.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, seventh sister 3d.png)

3D CG has really advanced since the 2010s, especially regarding skin-textures, shading, movement flexibility and reducing clipping.
Also 3D pron thread >>>/siberia/297367
3D sfw >>>/draw/1454
>>>/draw/3811 Alunya 3D
SFM >>>/hobby/35530


> The show ends up making the Empire look good
the show pretty much presents the empire as a fascist police state running concentration camps where prisoners are worked to death and somehow it makes the empire look good? why do people come to leftypol to say the stupidest contrarian shit imaginable. i mean you could plausibly argue that they make the empire look a bit better than nazi germany because they only showed the concentration camps and didn't really dwell on the extermination camps but even that's pushing it a lot.


seems crazy fucking boring. even huge fans of the clone wars show should avoid watching that shit and do something more entertaining such as filing taxes.


>why do people come to leftypol
I've been on leftypol since before the leftpol split on 8ch.
>say the stupidest contrarian shit
<It's contrarian because the person doesn't like the show that everyone is praising
No faggot, I explain quite thoroughly in my posts, rather than seething, short bitch-fits like yours'

>the show pretty much presents the empire as a fascist police state running concentration camps where prisoners are worked to death and somehow it makes the empire look good

Stop being a speedreader; I said that the depiction of the main character and the "rebels" and whatnot make the empire look good by comparison, not that the Empire IS good. And moreover the depictions and actions of many characters are inconsistent, illogical and clash with the ideas the story is attempting to present, especially given its emphasis on "realism" within the setting.
>you could plausibly argue that they make the empire look a bit better than nazi germany because they only showed the concentration camps and didn't really dwell on the extermination camps
That's the problem, like in a lot of shows depicting fascism heavy-handidly, they fail to present it as bad and so have to resort to extremes so as to point and say "see it really IS evil" even though it feels dysfunctional and disjoined within the setting. The Empire IS evil and concentration camps would be consistent, but the depiction of it is so stupid, especially when the opposition we're supposed to be cheering for is a dismal lot of scum that aren't any better, and are only not doing the same because they don't have the power to do so. It's the equivalent of supporting the Polish Government in Exile (from WW2) relative to Nazi Germany, when the Polish Sanitsia was just as scummy, and were simply incapable of enforcing their own form of oppression and exploitation. It's inane, especially since within the original story of Star Wars, regardless of the minor details, the Rebellion was truly a force of good and justice, that may not have been perfect, but had moral and ideological highground over the Empire, which is part of why they win. The Rebellion in Andor reminds me of Nazi propaganda depictions of the French Resistance.


Don’t tell this nigha about the elicit activities the bolsheviks carried out while in exile lmao


Also you didn’t actually explain how the show makes the Empire look better you witless faggot, all you did was whine about the fact that the regular people who ended up with the galactic insurgency weren’t all squeaky clean heroes who never feared and always knew what they were doing

It’s actually ironic as fuck to see a site where most people worship the bolsheviks and USSR but your ass is here whining about how the Rebellion had to do some shady shit to be able to confront an extremely powerful, murderous, unstable fascist regime


File: 1695268592273.png (419.03 KB, 500x631, ClipboardImage.png)

Reread my post you imbecile, I grew up on films and books about the Revolution, given my background. My own great-grandfather was one and his father as well.
>implying that the Bolshevik movement was unitary before 1920
<implying that the Bolshevik leadership condoned anarkid wrecker shit
Lenin was hardcore about reigning and directing red terror in a manner that benefited the Revolution, not random sabotage, encouraging a united leadership in ideology as well as action, not this inane bullshit conglomerate that Andor has, consisting of space-Kulaks and liberals.
>hine about the fact that the regular people who ended up with the galactic insurgency weren’t all squeaky clean heroes who never feared and always knew what they were doing
Nice strawman there faggolo. That's not what I said at all. What I said is that this is fiction with a story that has a specific idea behind it, through a specific character. However the idea is skewed because of multiple reasons such as the hero being violent not because he has to be, but because he's a cowardly, snivelling sociopath going with the flow, and the other rebels are mostly the same. He's supposed to be motivated to join the rebel movement, but instead just gets dragged along, like shit in a current.
>the Rebellion had to do some shady shit to
No you brainless, speedreading simpleton. The rebellion in the original and pre-Disney works also did shady shit. Stealing from a train for example isn't the problem - it makes sense and is obviously a rebel-partisan act. It's how this is executed, and with what motivations and characters; The motivations are not revolutionary, it's just petite-bourgs fucking around because the Empire didn't cut them into the deal and so they're lashing out, using mercenaries and psychopaths to do it. That's not the actions of a leftist revolutionary, that's the actions of a reactionary subversive element, like the Basmachi counter-revolutionaries that the Bolsheviks fought AGAINST in Mid-East Asia.
>you didn’t actually explain how the show makes the Empire look better
I did, in simple terms: the rebels act just like the Empire - greedy, ruthless, violent and scummy, but even worse, because their actions harm the people they're supposedly fighting for. It would take literal essays to break-down each moment of the Empire compared to the Rebels in this show to see how the Empire looks justified to anyone looking at this from a neutral lens and not already aware that the rebels are supposed to be the 'good guys'. The imperial raid has some moron literally rush them when told to stop so they gun the fat fuck down… even though in the context of the scene, it's utterly illogical for whats-his-face character to do that and the ISB literally responded to an attempted assault. I'm not defending the empire here, I'm stating that from the way we see this scene in episode 3 the actions of the Agents appears more rational and justified than the actions of the supposedly justified rebels. Let me repeat - the show makes THE EMPIRE'S AGENTS appear MORE RATIONAL and JUSTIFIED than their opponents.

Compare this to Cass who gets into a fight with a couple of drunken mook asshole who don't know him and who he will never see again, nor have a way of tracking him, yet when the man is begging for his life in the street, he shoots him in the head in cold blood. Wow, such moral greyness, much drama! And then even more comedically the local Imperials decide to sweep it under the rug - the command literally decides to mark it down as a tragic accident and dismiss it, rather than (as expected of a fascist empire) cracking down harshly, locking down the area and mass-arresting suspects as has been depicted in other shows, films and books of Star Wars and in real life dictatorships. And the reasoning for this is literally taken from anti-Soviet propaganda about Soviet militia forces under-reporting crimes because of "muh bureaucracy". Especially when, if the crime report was supposed to look good to the upper command, they could simply have done what they do in another episode - arrest and frame some random person and mark the case solved.

So to compare - Imperial Agents kill a man that may assault them (excessive police violence) vs our "hero", beats up a drunk pair of glorified deputies and then when they are no threat to him and have no way of IDing him, fucking murders them execution style, which is not only abhorrent, but also stupidly illogical because any criminal knows that cop-killing is a surefire way to get the fucking feds hunting you, a desperate, aimless criminal like Cass would be avoiding that at all costs. So not only does Cass appear far more immoral to the Imperials, but he also is depicted as doing so not only with no clear reason, but directly contrary to his own interests at the time. So yes in the context of Cass and the other "rebel" characters the Empire appears more justified and decent than it has any right to be. Hilariously enough Andor later spares an Imperial Officer in Episode 3 despite having MORE reason to kill the officer… why? Because who fucking knows, because he never has any impact on the plot after this. Maybe Season 2 will have something, but regardless it'll be contrived.

The entire show is like this with fucking CawofDoody tier writing, but because Western audiences fap to this LARP conception of revolutionaries (projecting their inner fantasies, insecurities and strawmen), they lap this shit up as "realistic" and 'gritty'. It isn't, this is stupid writing from both a realism perspective, and from the perspective of a story with greater themes over the base plot. Since the actual actions and depictions gainsay much of the supposedly intended themes.

Another example is in Episode 4 where supposedly the shepherds in the mountains were oppressed by the Evuuul Empire… even though within the conversation of Andor and the StrongWomanStereotype#243 it's revealed that the Empire built apartments and homes that most of the indigenous residents basically chose to live in rather than remain troglodytes… and it's even proven to be a choice because there remain people that prefer to live in nature as hermits. In episode 6 we actually see more of these Indigenous peoples that the 'rebel' group Andor joins is supposedly sympathetic to; on a pilgrimage to the area of the rare natural event that will occur, which is also conveniently near a developing Imperial base. The Imperials wish to place an landing pad on the sacred plateau, that the local population venerates. And how does the EVUL EMPIRE behave towards these undeveloped aboriginals? Do they massacre them with superior firepower, intentionally and unintentionally spread disease among the population, rape their women, take their lands and resources while forcing their remainders onto sparse reservations like the United States did to the Native American tribes? Do they enslave and force them to work on plantations like the British and Americans did to Africans? No. Instead they offer transport to the plateau, build taverns for rest, food and drink catering to local tastes. Not only that, but those remaining 60 pilgrims that continue onwards are not warded off with guns, but greeted cordially, and the Imperial Officer in charge proceeds to personally greet and welcome these people, respecting their traditional ways, requesting politely to join them and exchanging goat skins with them as a token of peace and friendship. All to subtly discourage this religious remnant of a tradition. Let me remind you that this is not the corrupt Republic, but the FASCIST GALACTIC EMPIRE led by one of the most evil villains to exist in fiction or reality. Let me also remind you that discouragement of religious spooks is something encouraged by communist thought, while rhetoric such as Nemik's harping about the better past that is "forgotten" is reminiscent of typical succdem bleating about "good capitalism not bad capitalism!" As a reminder, the Bolsheviks tore down churches that were not considered culturally significant or works of art. Compare this to rebels' attitude towards the aboriginals that reeks of typical entitled american liberal rhetoric, of "you poor uneducated minority, let me act on your behalf, you just don't know you're being oppressed by these actions!" taking away all agency of this indigenous people, who are not being maltreated in any way, but in fact are being treated well in an attempt to benignly integrate them into the Empire.

Then the rebels burst in, kidnap the Officer's family including his young son, and when the Officer states that regardless of what he'll do, they'd kill all of them anyway, to which LeadStrongWomanStereotype#243 accuses him of doing the same, in spite of his actions on the planet being in direct contrary to this claim. The actions following, wherein the "rebels" force the guards to load coin until the old one dies of heartfailure, results in the Imperials REBELLING against the rebels. The writers probably thought they were being very clever with this ironic turn of events, but it's just stupid, and again just makes the rebels out to be little more than bandits.
>inb4 muh Romanoffs
The EMPEROR of an empire is completely incomparable to some officer in some backwater who has literally done nothing to evoke such retribution, not to mention that revolutions rely on low-level officers and troops being swayed to the opposing side such as in the case of the RKKA. Moreover Lenin himself was against the execution of the Tsar's family as it made him a martyr and the killing of the children was pointless given that the Czar had abdicated long before the Bolsheviks even took power, the Ural Soviet took action on their own and against Lenin's orders. I'm not even going to mention that in regards to children Stalin held a policy that "the son is not responsible for the sins of the father" in regards to counter-revolutionaries and their families. This action may be realistic, but the point is that in regards to this entire situation, AGAIN, the Empire appears more benign than the fucking rebels, especially considering the violent backlash these activities cause. The entire heist is supposed to be an "homage" to Soviet films, but it's so ass-backwards that I can only assume that either the writer is an anti-communist, or has hands growing out of his ass.

Let me reiterate for umpteenth time, the Empire is an evil, fascist dictatorship, but these depictions of it and the rebels are so fucking contradictory to this narrative, that the only reason we see the Empire as evil, is the backlash that the rash, wrecker activities of the so-called-rebels inflict upon the local peoples, while the actual rebels remain unscathed. That isn't grey morality or realism, that's just retarded story-telling.

Or another example, when Cass gets snitched on by Bix's jealous BF, his criminal report regarding actions ranges from assault, to sabotage and other felonies each of which on their own in the USA today, can land you a 5-15 year prison sentence at the very least, yet this fucker is free as a fucking bird despite being known to the Empire as an active dissenter and criminal - how the fuck does that work? Either the Empire is a totalitarian, regime that brutally cracks down on crime in excess or it's an incompetent bunch of idiots. Frankly speaking why the fuck should I care about Cass? He's a swindling, murdering dirtbag that, out of all the characters, deserves his prison sentence. You think the Bolsheviks were tolerant of this shit? 70+% of the Gulag was criminals, and not political ones either, were they all secretly revolutionary for doing crime? Or I guess the USSR was evil for punishing looters, rapists and war criminals in its ranks with execution by firing squad? In real life loose canons like Cassian would be fucking shot in the back by fellow rebels, for being a scumbag. The depiction of "concentration camps" is literally the same shit people screech about Gulags, but because everyone already has the concepts of the rebels being good guys overall and the Empire being a fascist dictatorship, (holding over from the OT), it skews everything, creating a mess of a message.

The biggest fucking comedy of all is that this entire shitshow takes place less than FIVE YEARS BEFORE A New Hope and it's stated, seen and implied over the series that the Empire only cracked down just now, with the rebels already "existing" as is even though
A) In the original canon, the crackdown began with the fall of the Republic, and is seen in examples like the glassing of Geonosis, and so should have been going on for much longer than 5 years
B) The rebels, like any revolutionary group began actively fighting back as the fascist Empire's actions drove people to rebel, and as the Empire tried to suppress this, drove even MORE people into the rebellion.
Yet according to Andor the Empire has been relatively complacent until very recently and it takes an extremely short time for dissenters and disgruntled people to rise up… which goes directly against dialectical materialist analysis and reality itself - the Russian Empire was harsh as is, but rebellion didn't take off until WW1 worsened things by so much that the people literally had nothing left to lose.
In the OT by the Battle of Yavin, the rebellion was an organized group with a military discipline and organization that supposedly all came together in 5 years? The Russian revolutionary groups took decades to gain such influence, unity and organization, and even then part of the reason the Red Army had any discipline and military capability was because many Tsarist officers and White Army soldiers defected and were a driving force behind the military arm, for example Marshal Zhukov, or Budyonny.
So not only is this show's plot a retcon with counter-revolutionary ideology masquerading as "revolutionary" but it also is in direct conflict with reality and realistic depiction. So what we have is an edgy, nonsensical mess, pretending to be "DEEEEEP"

You want moral greyness? They should have had one of the rebel "leaders" get lynched by his men for trying to use the rebellion for his own ends, rather than being true to the cause, that would have been fucking moral greyness. Or having a Rebel fighter group capture a group of storm-troopers and ISB agents, but because they have no way of keeping POWs and can't just let them go to fight against them another day, are forced to execute them. Or do what Come and See did, with the actions of the rebels having huge consequences for local civilians under occupation, in the form of war crimes, and when the rebels finally take the village/planet/etc., they execute the war criminals without a trial, and move on to fight the next grim battle. THAT is morally grey and mature writing of a revolution, that is a display of rebels in gritty reality without stooping to making the rebels merely a ragtag loose group of liberal oppositionists, opportunist kulaks and marauding bandits masquerading as an opposition to the Empire. Anyone that likes Andor's counter-revolutionary depiction of rebels is either a blind moron or a fucking toxic psychopath.

TL;DR: Andor's depiction of "revolutionaries" and "rebels" is literally /pol/'s old meme of Commissar Jamal coming for your toothbrush. I've literally cited examples of morally grey stories about revolutionaries and rebellion in >>36440 and >>36406 that are actually good. This show is not and you're a moron for not seeing the blatant liberalism oozing from this edgy shitpile of a show. FUCK ANDOR AND FUCK YOU.


That’s quite a wall of text of tankie seething


File: 1695346635982.png (95.98 KB, 987x640, tl;dr words.png)

>hurr you didn't explain yourself and you're just a contrarian
<explain my points further
>LOL ur just a seething tankie
Ok liberast, thanks for conceding.

Also you're a typical /pol/-tier, product-consooming burger; when actually given an argument, you just resort to ad hom, because you can't read. Go back chinlet.


give it up ginjeet


Loving authority and state power doesn't make you a leftist


>Stop being a speedreader;
uygha nobody will read your retarded walls of texts thoroughly, you say nothing of worth anyway. must be kinda sad to be you, a witless fuck unable to communicate ideas in a compelling and concise way.


Imagine being this mad about a series with space glow swords and laser guns and tiny bears living in a forest. Have sex, touch grass, go outside at least to feel the sun, which is an actual thing in the real world.


>The show portrays the rebels in a counter-revolutionary manner that makes the empire look COMPARATIVELY good
<LOL u just luv uthority
Cope more ankid.

>More TL;DR cope
I stated my opinion succinctly, and was accused of "not explaining" but when I explain myself further; you bitch and moan about not reading it and use ad hominum like a typical infantile moron - hiding your illiteracy and ignorance behind dismissal
>unable to communicate ideas in a compelling and concise
I'm critiquing a TV-show that has an overall run-time longer than several films, I've been very concise, considering I've made several points within a few paragraphs, when a full analysis of a work this large is usually essay-level. As for compelling, the fact that you have no rebutall and have been VPN samefagging your cope replies says more about you. It's sad to see how leftypol has gone from posting and reading large amounts of text because we were more literate than our /pol/ counterparts, to where basic posting is now "text walls".

>a series with space glow swords and laser guns
Ah yes, of course, the typical deflection of "it's just muh space fantasy". Putting aside how that strawman isn't an argument, it's funny how the entire past few posts is about Andor being a "realistic" story that is distancing itself from the magical portions of such a setting, proving at least one of my points about how inane it is conceptually.
>Have sex, touch grass, go outsid
Unlike you permanently online, projecting NEETs, I work for a living, and I read literature and watch films as a form of relaxation, entertainment and education, thus I don't soyface over every show with fake-leftist themes like a LARPing ignoramus such as yourself. I suggest you either make an argument or go back to circle-jerking on r/Andor or whatever the subreddit for that show is named.

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