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Leftypedia lived - Leftypedia lives - Leftypedia will live!

Greetings, comrades. Leftypedia, the radical encyclopedia, should be back in a usable state. We have more moderators, which will help with spam from now on, and images are slowly being repopulated for your viewing pleasure. The new domain has been up and running for a while at https://wiki.leftypol.org, and we've imported the vast majority of content that was on the old site while adding a lot of new stuff. I hope that Anons can come back and fill in any content that was lost.

For those unaware, Leftypedia is an original /leftypol/ project dedicated to combating the disinformation of mainstream media and academic sources, as well as discussing leftist history, theory, and practice from a multi-sectarian viewpoint. We welcome additions from different leftist perspectives provided that they are properly sourced and well argued. In addition, we maintain a separate space, tentatively titled "Essays", for more subjective or polemic work.

The original thread is here: >>>/edu/3780
You can find Leftypedia at: https://wiki.leftypol.org
Help for new editors: https://wiki.leftypol.org/wiki/Leftypedia:Community_portal
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In the wikipedia editor citations are auto generated and in a different format to these crappy 'basic' citations that you are using.
it's hard to explain better, for an example just go to any wikipedia article, edit it and go to make an citation.


I see, you want the citation template generator to be part of the Visual Editor itself. I never edit Wikipedia so I had no idea. I'll look into getting the devs to do that, but there is a backlog of things they haven't fixed yet. To be honest, I've used the web tool with the VEditor myself and I find it probably takes less than two extra seconds to tab out, paste the link, and copy-paste the new citation. I tested a couple links with both, and the output that Wikipedia generated was almost identical to the output generated by the tool. Wikipedia also has its own page with links to various citation tools: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Citation_tools
I understand this is just one more issue that gets in the way of people's editing workflow. And I do get that those add up. So, although I don't expect a response from the devs, I'll bring it up with someone anyway. In the meantime, I hope you can still edit comfortably with the fixes I suggested.


Thanks, pretty sure I have this feature on my personal install of mediawiki, so it should just be a case of downloading a extension into the folder, but i could be wrong, i'll have a look later. :)
>I hope you can still edit comfortably with the fixes I suggested.
I can, i just hope nobody gets to anal about not doing citations very detailed like i normally would on WP. :)


Oh, i think a lot of it comes from templates, here is an example of how wikipedia does it, and imho, much better because it creates a standardization rather than 'basic' citations which really vary a lot depending on who made them for obvious reasons.


Just lost a bunch of progress on the Gaza War article again. I guess I'm going to quit using Visual Editor if I want to make any major edits at all.

In any case, the article is taking shape, even if some of it is outdated


Can't you copy paste or something or make auto-saves?


If someone can tell me how to do either of those, I would be happy to do it. Copy-paste is easy with source editor, but on visual edit a copy-paste would just copy a bunch of unformatted text.


What's new:

Modern Monetary Theory getting more updates:

Someone created a Russian Empire page in Russian… I'm not sure how to deal with it, especially because there is no such page in English. The site is not intended to have multiple languages like ProleWiki, but if people are willing to contribute I don't see why not to move it to its own RU-language section.

Article on the events in Gaza still getting slowly expanded and updated, but missing a lot of key pieces to this huge event:

Started article on Zionism, with intended section on Zionism and its anti-Semitic history:

Continuing with the same topic, "public relations of Israel" includes racist rhetoric, manipulation of anti-Semitism and Jewish history, and use of international organizations like the ADL, WJC, and AIPAC:


>Someone created a Russian Empire page in Russian… I'm not sure how to deal with it, especially because there is no such page in English.
It's a copypasta from Great Soviet Encyclopedia. I wouldn't say it's particulary valuable.


Damn. Maybe it's not worth keeping then, since there already exists an English version of the GSE online… but it sucks that someone went to the trouble of formatting it here.


Our Suggestions box continues to get updated with random bits of info and suggestions for further research. Capuch1n has been regularly expanding their section on the page.


"In 2023, a student at MIT published a statistical language analysis of years of New York Times articles that showed a pervasive use of the passive voice going back to the First and Second Intifadas."

"'Fifteen years ago, as Head of the Southern Command [during the brutal Operation Cast Lead], I came close to breaking the neck of Hamas. I was stopped by the political echelon. This phenomenon will not continue. We will change reality on the ground in Gaza for the next 50 years.'"

"Kalashnikov was a self-taught engineer with little formal education who never profited from the rights to his weapons even after the capitalist counter-revolution, instead living on a modest state pension which allowed him to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. He never supported the dissolution of the Soviet Union and was a harsh critic of Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. Kalashnikov remained until a supporter of the legacy of the USSR, socialism, and Vladimir Lenin until his death, and expressed regret that he had never gotten to meet Stalin while had been alive. He never regretted his invention and was proud of its popularity until his death."


It would be a good idea to do such summaries like this of related pages on the Zionazi-Palestine thread, and i guess similar in other threads.
Hopefully It will drive some engagement towrards the wiki.

You've probably noticed but i've tried to edit the war page where I can, mostly only posting things I can easily source with webpages, apolagies also for the sections I added and didn't do much with.
I'm pretty busy this week but will try to do more where I can. :)


I want to make a page called "Relationship between Marx and Engels" (or along those lines) that quotes the famous anecdote about the two arguing for hours about obscure points of English (German?) medieval history before coming to an agreement and being in lockstep again. Anyone got the source?

It's a good idea, but I am worried whether the article has enough up-to-date content that people haven't heard of on such a fast-moving topic. Let me know what parts you think I should quote and I will make the post.


the one where they start spooning after? yeah


Ok what does this pedia offer that ChatGPT4 cant distill for me?


Don't use bots. They get details wrong constantly.
Just in general, don't trust algorithms (written by flawed humans) to accurately reproduce texts (also written by flawed humans). Just read with your own eyeballs.
Don't care if this specific post is bait. There are people who actually believe this shit.


Arent you still just getting flawed human stuff then


does anyone have that clip of that russian dude saying comrade stalin(or was it lenin?) was too lenient?



File: 1706309340457.gif (1.26 MB, 320x240, based.gif)


aren't you guys the least bit critical of this very blatant propaganda piece that tries to portray stalin as an evil "literally hitler" "tryant"? really? is it not obvious this is just edited to make russians seem like zealots and stalin look a cult idol … when the reality is that russians know better than else that stalin had actually been a great leader but was not actually a "dictator" like radiofreeeurope might suggest … but we are on so many layers of anticommunist propaganda with RadioFreeEurope that we aren't even speaking to the WHY Russians and many other post soviets have "soviet nostaligia" and that those reasons are fundamentally material and not based on idealistic premises like this video tries to present. the Soviet Union had zero homelessness, higher life expectancy, better healthcare outcomes, everyone had the guarantee of a job, rent could not exceed a certain portion of your income, public transportation was plentiful and clean, the government would literally retrain you and reemploy you as necessary and compensate you if your job was obsoleted and replaced. Gorbachev's capitalist restoration was premised on the assumption that the soviet economy could not advance for as long as workers had the right to a job… but of course it is necessary to ask advance for whom? this was all cover for the capitalist restoration. it was smoke and mirrors and subterfuge and use of force by way of the disbanding of labor unions and the communist party, by way of ripping up the constitution and dissolving the Soviet Union illegally, etc


Uploaded an interesting propaganda image made by the US to downplay the effects of Agent Orange on civilians etc. Can anyone help translate the Vietnamese?



Dead thread but I'll give it a shot. I'll also try the SEA thread while I'm at it. Thanks


I've been away for a while, but here's some new stuff:

"The term Dark Ages in its modern usage properly refers to the relative paucity of written records and histories during the Early Middle Ages. In English history, for example, the era of Germanic colonization is a mostly unknown, or "dark", period in history; such gaps in history also occur in Byzantine records and elsewhere. This darkness is even more evident when studying the histories of Southern and Eastern European languages such as Albanian, not found in writing until 1462, and Romanian, not attested until 1521."

"Classical society reached its zenith with the Roman Empire, which brought vast expanses of modern Europe, Africa, and Asia into one polity, taking its cultural, technological, and economic forms with it. The empire spanned 5 million km2 (1.9 million mi2) at its height in 117 AD. During the third century AD, the empire entered a period of sharp economic and political crisis which ended only with the centralizing reforms of emperor Diocletian (r. 284-305). The contradictions and struggles of maintaining such a large area, compounded by the threat of tribal groups from the North and East, forced Diocletian to significantly transform the Roman imperial system, including by revolutionary new forms of military organization, a revised taxation system, and eventually, an administrative division of the Empire into East and West. In the 5th century, the Western half faced renewed crisis and eventual collapse into regional states, while the Eastern Empire continued to exist for centuries."

"'And while professors thus disagree, the ideas that there is a necessary conflict between capital and labor, that machinery is an evil, that competition must be restrained and interest abolished, that wealth may be created by the issue of money, that it is the duty of government to furnish capital or to furnish work, are rapidly making way among the great body of the people, who keenly feel a hurt and are sharply conscious of a wrong. Such ideas, which bring great masses of men, the repositories of ultimate political power, under the leadership of charlatans and demagogues, are fraught with danger….'"

I'm aware of the glaring lack of current events. History is happening so fast right now WRT the Middle East that I haven't even been tried to keep up with it. I'm not sure what to prioritize but in any case the site is always open to people who want to add little sources, facts, arguments that need more coverage.

Also: we have a real spam filter now. Upside is that we won't get raided; downside is that new edits will not show up immediately. Hit me up with any questions or concerns.


I need input on where to take "Views of Karl Marx on Jews". I only created it as somewhere for Jack Barn (no longer very active) to put his whining (see >>1634270), but he never took me up on it. I had hoped it could become a page for acknowledging the attacks on Marx with a balanced discussion - an inoculation, if you like.

Should it be (a) turned into a large quote mine, (b) written as a discussion in paragraph form with citations (i.e. "he also made some statements about Lassalle[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]")… or simply deleted?


>I need input on where to take "Views of Karl Marx on Jews"
to the trash


I don't think so. Marx being antisemitic is a common smear and having a page of ready sources to debunk that wouldn't hurt.


File: 1709033359117.png (116.79 KB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

But your article didn't debunk anything. I think the only way you could do that would be to get the specific quotes people consider antissemtic and then refute those specifically.


nta but what is there to refute? those quotes (like the one you posted) are fake, marx never wrote that


File: 1709056498749.pdf (15.09 MB, 182x255, marx-eastern.pdf)

Page 600 idiot.


waiting from the pivot from "Marx never wrote that" to "actually it's based and correct."


>an apocryphal letter


An article he published in a newspaper you illiterate retard later compiled into that book by his daughter.


I'm open to alternative explanations tho. Let's keep working through the rationalizations.

So we've already determined that:
A. It was not a letter but a news article
B. His daughter has ascribed it to him

What is our next rationalization? She was just mistaken?


>your article
I wrote the entire article, not that anon.
>the only way you could do that would be to get the specific quotes people consider antissemtic and then refute those specifically
Exactly, that was one of the options I offered here >>1765859 namely:
<(a) turned into a large quote mine
Your description could also apply to (b), where it would be basically the same but boiled down (and with all quotes exhaustively cited, but in the footnotes only). The choice I am offering is between a long tedious article, a short paraphrasing article, or no article.

I do not care if you decide to portray him as based or cringe but I at least want a space for people to argue against the unoriginal right-wing spam, as >>1771973 says


>But your article didn't debunk anything.
It's not my article, I just think there should be one.



Wiki is in the process of being upgraded (or something, I'm not /stem/) Edits may not be working for the time being


Leftypol-LLM-GPT, give me a leftypedia article about this person and all their spooky connections, drawing from the every known text, audio and video source.
Leftypol-dumbGPT/algorithm, check the veracity of the article your sibling just wrote.
Is that how this shit works?


This is a weird post but anyway I made some starter pages for you:

"A member of the notorious Kagan family, Nuland has played a role in neoconservative imperialist US foreign policy since at least the 1990s."

"Members of the family have had a tremendous influence on neoconservative thought and US foreign policy since the turn of the century, including through the Project for the New American Century, an instrumental group influencing the imperialist program of the George W. Bush administration; advocating for the Iraq War troop surge of 2007; sustaining US involvement in Afghanistan; supporting US intervention in Syria and Ukraine under Obama, as well as the successful government overthrow of the latter; and continued weapons shipments to Ukraine."

good luck getting a GPT to write anything but glowie shit


What happened to the reading general?


>I made some starter pages for you:
You're a gem anon, appreciate the reply.
>This is a weird post
I was kind of talking about the idea of having several different discrete GPT/AI/LLM/Algorithms/whatever checking each others work when completing a task like writing wiki entries. Instead of having one entity like chatGPT in the cloud doing all the work, separate and discrete local and cloud programs would search, sort, assign weight, check veracity, and then a separate language model would write the wiki article. It seems safer than allowing one glowing cloud black box to do all the tasks. Someone in the other thread mentioned the leftypedia so I posted here, kind of realizing later that its off topic for you.
>good luck getting a GPT to write anything but glowie shit
For sure. It seems like the only trustworthy AI is something local that you've trained yourself.


Why not contribute to ProleWiki?


So if the only source I can find for a data point is audio, like a 45 min lecture, is it possible to upload it to a specific page after converting to ogg or whatever?


Yep, should work! OGG, MP3, probably others too. See if it works for ya:
I will add that YouTube embeds are also a newly restored feature that, I'm told, should be easy to use.


File: 1712436196083.png (392.97 KB, 1209x1239, ClipboardImage.png)

RedParabola is a new user who's been making great contributions to the site's general look, including the front page and the Vector skin itself, as well as finally implementing a Featured Page functionality. We hope to keep customizing the way the site works and looks and are open to feedback. Thanks also to the Devs for their help in making this possible


Thanks mate, we appreciate the work


File: 1715218563769.png (3.65 MB, 1471x1789, ClipboardImage.png)

Hello folks, I was hoping someone could give me some decent literature on the Babiy Yar massacre in English, I wish to send it to a friend for them to study. It's hard to find anything non-Russian on the subject that doesn't insert anti-communist drivel into it and unfortunately, unlike myself, she cannot read Russian. Help a comrade out.

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