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Remember!!: I don't care who you are, I'm not voting for NATO!

Previous thread: >>>/leftypol/1867900


Evidence of the influence and origin of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine



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DeepStateMap: https://deepstatemap.live
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SouthFront: https://southfront.org/category/all-articles/world/europe/ukraine/

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📺 Ukraine: The Avoidable War - Boy Boy

📺 America, Russia, and Ukraine's Far Right - Gravel Institute
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0pyVJG7_6Q (Link TBA)

📺 Crimea vs Taiwan: Who Gets Self-Determination? - BadEmpanada

📺 The Nature of Putin's Russia and Its Causes (3-Part Series) - 1Dime

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Thread guidelines:
• Please remember to add a spoiler to NSFW and extreme content such as graphic violence and gore.
• Try your best to not derail discussion too much from the main events and relevant places where the war is taken place, as well as other happenings, groups and public figures related to it.
• Meta discussion of the historical, philosophical and ideological background of the war is fine as long as its done in good faith and comradely.
• In the event the meta discussion overstays its welcome, participating users will be referred to take the conversation to the MULTIPOLARISM general thread: >>>/leftypol/1590991
• Quality shitposting and original content is encouraged! Spamming glowie memes is low effort.
• Remember to take your meds! It helps mediate schizoposting and foot fetishism
• this is /isg/ for people who treat geopolitics like shitty map games
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It's literally from the Soviet Union lol


File: 1718692259960.png (38.05 KB, 141x198, 1575687124440.png)


yes i noticed, i was able to read the file name


so you're saying the soviet union was antisemitic?


>one tasteless prop from sixty years ago
>constantly reposted on /pol/
When we were spammed with a single image of a Nazi patch on DPR soldier (which was actually a trophy) as "proof" of Nazis being involved in the separatist republics, that was obvious glow shit. (You) are just that retarded.


I don't know what gets reposted on /pol/ because I don't go there. I just don't care about making fun of Jews because we make fun of everyone especially reactionary nations


No I'm not saying that the entire USSR which liberated the world from Nazi terror is anti semitic, I'm saying that the message "zionism is the weapon of imperialism" stands on its own without a giant hooknosed spider. I have no context for the stupid spider. it was probably something made locally by parents or children or a local school official. It was not necessarily sanctioned by the literal soviet govt. for all I know it could be photoshop. I have no context. It's weird to uphold.


Who's "we"? You speaking French? /leftypol/ doesn't "make fun" of reactionary nations, it violently shits on them and cheers when they burn. Shitting on Israel or Zionists does not, even for a second, require bringing up Judaism. Discussion of Judaism is reserve for discussing Neturei Karta being weird, and Zionism being, in fact, anti-semitic.


From Reuters
>Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Hanoi this week, Vietnamese and Russian state media said on Monday, highlighting Communist-ruled Vietnam's loyalty to Russia and triggering a U.S. rebuke.
>The visit follows Hanoi avoiding a Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland last weekend, while sending its deputy foreign minister to a BRICS meeting in Russia earlier last week.
>The United States, which upgraded relations with Hanoi last year and is Vietnam's top trading partner, reacted harshly.
>"No country should give Putin a platform to promote his war of aggression and otherwise allow him to normalise his atrocities," a spokesperson for the U.S. embassy in Hanoi told Reuters when asked about the impact of the visit on ties with the United States.



It's just getting kinda sad at this point, did the US provide some kind of apology for dousing Vietnam in Agent Orange per chance?


>Senator Killhemall had this to say
<The only aggression Vietnam should be hosting is our imperialist boot up their ass, because they clearly didn't learn their lesson the last time they colluded with Russians against us


LGBT pride event in the capital of Ukraine today.
No big surprises that it was immediately attacked and shut down by Neo-Nazi militia members funded by and working for the Ukrainian government, with what is ultimately NATO money.
Russia is also an awful place to be LGBT for sure, but no sane person is claiming otherwise. Meanwhile western libs are under the illusion that Ukraine is a gay utopia.
We all know there is 0% chance the western media will ever say "Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine funded by NATO attacked LGBT Ukrainians" because it goes against the narrative.
Supporting Ukraine isn't supporting progressivism. It's supporting Bandera worshippers but there's seemingly no way to make people understand this.


File: 1718724803920.mp4 (4.38 MB, 576x1024, 1718676331562.mp4)

While Russians are being botched down in who even cares whatever the fuck place larping as defenders of whoever even asked for Ukraine is progressing and you ziggers can absolutely do shit about it.


File: 1718725118364.png (776.1 KB, 500x827, ClipboardImage.png)

>constantly reposted on /pol/
Yes, by /leftypol/ raiders you moron.
>tasteless prop
Oh noes it's mildly politically incorrect caricature whatever shall we do!?

Just as a sidenote you do realize that I posted that image and went to sleep right? Not everyone you argue with is the same person, just because they don't agree with you.
>spammed with a single image of a Nazi patch on DPR soldier (which was a trophy)
1) false equivalency
2) I was literally the one that wrote the entire argument on the topic of trophies and patches numbnuts, you can still find it in the leftypol archive/edu

The spider is not some local project, it was commissioned as a caricature, which exaggerates characteristics. This sudden concern for antisemitism fucking reeks of IDF concern trolling. It is a CARICATURE demonizing zionism as the tool of imperialism that it was. Everyone on this site seems happy to cheer when people posted videos of Hamas blowing away Israeli troops they ambushed with horrific detail, but this is too much? Or caricatures of Hohols as literal pigs isn't the same? piss off.
>a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.


File: 1718725234524.jpg (3.86 KB, 145x71, GGGG.jpg)

TL;DR: Closeted homosexuals attack homosexuals, oh the horror.


Yeah yeah okay /uhg/ go back to your reddit outpost on 4chan.


File: 1718725975723.png (790.97 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah that channel had a lot of good conspiracy videos detailing or exposing US Governmental activities, but most of them were removed.



>most satellites are not going to be able to pinpoint a soldier to begin with
the fuck, ofc military intelligence satellites can

>nor would they bother to do so

tracking a single guy, probably not unless they really want him dead, but tracking ground troops is still useful

>It's meant to make it harder to see a human in the environment

yes, and that apply to all reconnaissance, including aerial and satellite


File: 1718729340580-0.png (1.12 MB, 800x685, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718729340580-1.png (1.28 MB, 979x734, ClipboardImage.png)

>ofc military intelligence satellites can
Pics rel are a typical photograph from military satellites made very recently, you cannot see much detail. Most surveillance satellites used are not that precise. GPS satellites have a precision of 1-2 square meters, larger than a human body. At this resolution, camo doesn't mean shit.


>yes, and that apply to all reconnaissance, including aerial and satellite
Not as much, unless there is significant foliage, hiding from over-head surveillance is a matter of camera resolution and altitude. Camo is a lot less effective from above.
>tracking ground troops is still useful
Satellites are primarily used to track larger troop movements involving armor or vehicles or large scale changes, they're not typically used to track movements of small groups or individual soldiers, and certainly not in real time.


>Western values
>It's just people buying rainbow and EU flags
What about those other western values like having your previous neighbor sleep on the street because he can't afford rent?


Is being terminally online affecting your English? Can't even understand what you're trying to say, it's like a 4chan GPT post.


you don't think the military would be keeping the really good shit classified?


Anon… The US military is not as competent as you think, the proof is seen in the fact that US GPS guided munitions have lost their effectiveness because of jamming as reported ITT and in >>>/AKM/ multiple times. Besides, demonstrating just how precise their satellite cameras are would be an optics win. The Pentagon wouldn't need to reveal any sensitive information, just post a photograph of how precise their satellite cameras are, and the fact is, there are limits to orbital surveillance.


Another day, another vietnam banger


File: 1718734189095.jpeg (275.35 KB, 2048x1365, Ri-Chun-hee-04.jpeg)

KCNA Commentary on Confab for Confrontation and War Expansion
Pyongyang, June 14 (KCNA) – A "world summit on peace" will be soon held in Switzerland at the "proposal" and "request" of Ukraine.

With the approach of the summit, the world community is censuring the sinister intention of the U.S., the West and the Zelenskiy puppet clique to trickily abuse the desire of humankind for peace.
Zelenskiy, who had to pay dearly for seriously infringing upon the security and interests of Russia, pursuant to his master's strategy for hegemony, has conducted from the outset of the year such farce as solicitation diplomacy for a "peace conference" and "invitation", touring the U.S. and NATO allies and various international gatherings.

The U.S., the main culprit of the present Ukrainian crisis, too, made its stooge and groomsmen play the farce, in a bid to make up for the poor situation of its stooge driven into a tight corner with each passing day and the growing "fatigue from support to Ukraine" among NATO member states through international cooperation in pressurizing Russia.

However, as the awl in the sack can never be hidden, it is disclosed to the world that the "world summit on peace" is a product of the sinister political plot of the master and servant to pave the way for revival.
The name of the summit is covered with a plausible veil, but it is nonsensical to talk about "peace" without the participation of Russia, the main party to the solution of the Ukrainian problem.
And its agenda, proposed by Kiev, is absolutely intolerable from the stand of Moscow since it reminds of a "surrender document imposed on defeated Russia", as Western countries themselves have admitted.
In other words, under the present situation where Russia is maintaining the definite advantage, the West and the Ukrainian puppet clique are trying to place an infeasible content of "ultimatum" on the summit agenda. This is a revelation of their extreme hostility towards the other party and an expression of their sinister intention to maintain the anti-Russia alliance on the basis of it.

Such gathering can never be a meeting for dialogue and peace and, evidently, it will be no more than a farce for confrontation and war expansion.
Russia has already disclosed that the purpose of the Swiss conference is not to discuss the ways for settling the Ukrainian situation but to work out and present an unpardonable ultimatum to it. And it declared that it has no intention to take part in any event aimed at isolating and stifling itself rather than peace, strongly demanding that the agenda item be set right.

Many countries have refused to attend this conference, claiming that all peace proposals should be discussed on a fair basis, under the condition that Russia and Ukraine recognize and each side takes part on an equal footing.
Even media of the host country described the "peace summit" as a "merrymaking of Western partners", commenting that the conference would meet a miserable end as it does not take account of the position of the BRICS and other countries.
In the final analysis, the confab, prepared by the Zelenskiy puppet clique under the manipulation of the master with much effort, will bring together only groomsmen with "bigoted fixed assets" of NATO in the main that have not yet got rid of the yoke of "military assistance for Ukraine" at the U.S. beck and call. And it will show up the disgraceful looks of admitting their diplomatic failure and "consoling" themselves.

It is quite natural that the conspiratorial conference of those keen on inciting confrontation and war under the pretext of "peace" has come under criticism by the international community.
The U.S. and the West are now resorting to the formation of an international anti-Russia confrontation front together with military support to the Zelenskiy puppet clique in a bid to turn the Ukrainian war situation at any cost. But this is a self-destruction act of pricking their own eyes with their own hands and, moreover, it will only be a way far from "peace".
If the U.S. and the West continue such farce, the world will only watch the ruined shaman's rites.
If they truly want the solution of the Ukrainian crisis and global peace, it would be a beneficial and right behavior for them to make both sides sit at the negotiating table fairly with sincerity, not deception and hypocrisy.


American intelligence melted down when Trump tweeted the Iranian launchpad sat picture, now we know for sure that they can see on ~10 cm resolution, which is close to the current theoretical limit. With some software magic and good weather it's maybe not impossible to resolve people but they probably have better shit to do with their sats.


Is not being compenent. It's about having Hubble-sized optical spy sattelites since the 70s and now synthetic radar. I bet they have cm/pixel resolutions.


I think that the US military probably does operates spy satellites with a sufficient resolution to spot a human person on the field, but why would they waste their time on doing so? It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and by the time they spot some random soldier hiding in a bush, the frontline has already moved


Moon of Alabama is back


All it is missing is a comma before Ukraine. But you are a bitter zigger and apparently redditor as well, attacking grammar instead of the argument.


totally organic posts typed up by an authentic leftypol.org user


What argument?


File: 1718743154771.webm (3.59 MB, 854x480, 1718742713696075.webm)



File: 1718743912928.png (693.18 KB, 820x615, ClipboardImage.png)

>I bet they have cm/pixel resolutions.
Fantasy shit that ignores physics.
>Hubble-sized optical spy sattelites since the 70s
You do realize that photographing distant reaches of space (and the vacuum of space) is significantly different to photography through the atmosphere, right? This is equivalent to conflating a telescope and a microscope and expecting it to work in the same way.
Also if you check declassified photographs from the 70s they weren't all that precise. Pic rel.
as another anon pointed out, the US Intelligence agencies were freaking out about
>Trump tweet(ing) the Iranian launchpad sat picture
And if you look at the picture in question, it's not that precise. Sure there's a lot less pixelation, but people are going to be blobs or vaguely human shapes in such photographs, and it'll be hard to tell their shadows from their actual bodies.
>synthetic radar
What the fuck does this even mean? Are you talking about SAR or LIDAR?
Those are not fully-developed still
Pic rel is a good example of the limitations of SAR, tell me if you can see clearly any people, who they are, etc.: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/45/25cm_resolution_SAR_image_of_downtown_Cleveland%2C_Ohio.jpg


File: 1718744469067.png (2.03 MB, 1600x857, ClipboardImage.png)

The KH11 have been continually updated and launch even though it's an old design, if you look at the picture they took of the Iranian launchpad you can see it could become pretty easy to discern people with good conditions.


I hope you're not doing this for free.


Well I hope no one's paying for such a shoddy job.


File: 1718745198006.png (Spoiler Image, 836.13 KB, 1932x848, 1718639169056.png)



This is cope


File: 1718748886845.webm (668.33 KB, 360x360, dommed.webm)

silence, liberal


File: 1718748956297.jpg (475.08 KB, 1299x1206, the_gays.jpg)

Gorky was a closeted homosexual who attacked homosexuals. I mean never has there been a straight male novelist, be real


that's just gargamel from smurfs
>This sudden concern for antisemitism fucking reeks of IDF concern trolling.
nah loser i've been calling out /pol/tards posting happy merchants forever. just because I can also recognize israel as bad doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing it. get over yourself


thank you


File: 1718750266053-0.png (42.17 KB, 220x250, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718750266053-1.png (603.44 KB, 567x661, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718750266053-2.png (321.4 KB, 768x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

>i've been calling out /pol/tards posting happy merchants
<everyone that isn't crying about some minor detail is 'le /pol/'
<every caricature of zionism is le happy merchant!
<never-mind that leftyPOL has been making and editing such caricatures for years because they are CARICATURES
I provided the definition of caricature, stop being obtuse and pretending this is something it isn't, pathetic concern trolling is boring. Pics rel were all made HERE or on 8ch/leftypol/ not by /pol/ and anyone posting them understands they're not literal, no more than Stalin memes about the holodomeme.
>I can also recognize israel as bad
This same bothsides nonsense was used by ukrop shills pretending to be "fair and balanced" yet every time this token "Israel is bad, BUT…" gets followed by "those filthy hama *cough* those poor mudsl- *cough* the Palestinian people shouldn't make caricatures because it's mean…"
>get over yourself
No u.
>that's just gargamel from smurfs
Mhmm, sure.


File: 1718750898758.png (802.61 KB, 853x1058, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1718751828652.jpg (175.67 KB, 1023x1023, 20220123_211518.jpg)

>glowiepedia article about Black Swans, with questionable research (t.zoologist)
>some liberal quote about "masculinity is homosexual" because Westerners are sex-obsessed
>Cherry-picked statistics from bourg sources about schooling in the USA
<nevermind the material conditions of schools in the USA, nevermind that these same statistics methods also "prove" the /pol/ that blacks are supposedly inherently stupid because their performance in American schools tend to be horrible, because socio-economic pressures (such as being in poverty) affect education achievements
<nevermind that Burger schooling is abysmal in general, with 12th Grade education barely comparable to 6th Grade Soviet education in the 60s, with no proper standardization to boot.
>H-he was totally gay lol
Projection. Also I find it funny that you use Harold Bloom and ignore that his quote specifies "WESTERN authors" I didn't know Gorky is now a Westerner. Furthermore Harold Bloom is the encapsulation of Western liberal pseudo-intellectual "literary critics"; self-aggrandizing, arrogant and with no backing to his nonsense, but using fanciful wording to sound smarter than he actually was.
>Intelligence and Homosexuality
<a totally legit source that totally isn't a cherrypicked burger-centric product of peer-review.
I too can post journal studies that argue the exact opposite, these sorts of /pol/-imitating infographs are even more pathetic than the limp-wristed nazis its supposed mock.
>Samesex marriage gets more money under the bourg system haha!
<Gays are more likely to be richfags lol (lending credence to the narrative of gays being primarily upper class).
How is this supposed to be a win?

>/pol/ "infograph" 'meme' but replacing rightoid emphasis of white and black with liberal emphasis of Gay and straight, using the same methodology of cherrypicked data from questionable or unreliable sources and burger-centric views of society, while ignoring the economic side of socio-economics, smattered with some quotes from supposed 'important people'
Thanks for exposing yourself, 4/chinlet/


I still can't get over how bad Western Ship-Building has gotten. It's kinda amazing that the fall of the USSR had just as much of an economic impact on the West as it did the East, only it took longer to catch up to them.

Meantime Russia and the East hit rock-bottom and pushed back up. With how things are escalating, and how BRICS is getting huge numbers of countries joining and the fact that Cuba, the DPRK , China and Vietnam are all working together as well as with Russia, there is a likeliness (IMHO) that a neo-socialist bloc could arise. Not a USSR 2.0 unfortunately, but still something.


>He does it for free

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