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Evidence of the influence and origin of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine



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Ok, so who is NOT a traitor?


I have to emphasise how bad this development makes Russia look. For months, they had the advantage across the entire front, while it was fucking mud season. They had the initiative, and continiously chipped away at the Cockholes.
They opened a new front and managed to suprise the enemy. Unfortunately, the Belgorod force, which entered the Kharkov Oblast was mostly unmechanised, mainly taking territory on foot. Instead of immediately sending in the mechanised units to overrun the panicked Nazis at Kherson, they force the already committed troops, which was relatively small to begin with, to handle everything. They were not even able to fully secure one town, when the mechanised Ukronazis already met them there in droves. Still, even then they didn't reinforce their overstretched troops, which enabled the Cockholes to dig in and locally gain the initiative.

Politically Russia announced a ultimatum to Cuckraine, backing their strength with all of their gains of the past months. Now, a few days later, the Ukronazis humiliate the Russians again, in a "surprise" counterattack in Kharkov, making the Russians look weak. In turn Westoids will be more willing to support Cuckraine again, since victory looks "possible" again, prolonging the war. Fantastic? /s


I'm so angry that I made multiple typos.


Noo but you see if we send tank lines some will be destroyed and that hurt the morale on Telegram :(( we have to attrition warfare until 2035
This small Kharkiv offensiv ending like the one in 2022 on a smaller scale is hilarious, Ruzzian generals learned nothing. Also the collapse of Ukrainian defense at Ochretyny could have been their demise, but Ruzzians generals thought it was nice to wait a month to continue the offensiv there instead of rushing the Potrovsk-Konstantinovka road while Ukrainians were shattered


>Oh no no, the Germans are opening a new offensive in Kursk
>It's ogre, literally how could this have been allowed to happen
>We won at Stalingrad but we've utterly failed to exploit it and now Hitler has made us look like cucks
>Japan is just going to support the Germans even more now!


Yeah, I don't think there will ever be such an opportunity again. The Sumy Oblast is being fortified right now, since the Cockholes aren't repeating that mistake again, leaving literally no place at the Ukro-Russo border without defenses. Russia can completely forget about big offensives until every last Cuckrainian is dead, and unable to man the trenches.
At this point, it might as well be…
It's not ovyir/ovov. It will just never stop. Russian blood will be endlessly spilled in this stupid war and that's exactly what the Amerikkkans want.


You gotta relax, it's not like if Kharkov was taken over the weekend then that would stop attritional warfare, arguably even if they took Kiev at this point the government would just flee to Lvov and continue throwing meat behind them as they run.


at least we got that salt mine


You don't know what you're talking about. Kursk is not comparable, neither militarily nor politically. I don't want to write an entire essay on how these two situations are completely differen, so I implore you to research that battle, please. The 2023 Summer Offensyiv is way more comparable to Kursk actually.

The Kharkov offensive could have caused a partial collapse of the Ukronazis forces, and shortened the total duration of this war by many months if not even years. Even if they didn't plan on taking the city, it would have made strategic sense to besiege it, for further overstretching the Cockholes by commiting more resources there.
Now, we are just back at the same old stalemate, while the fascists got another PR win


They are different but in the same way that Nazi Germany didn't suddenly magic their losses from Stalingrad away the Ukrainians aren't going to magic away their losses now. The Ukrainians just keep endlessly assaulting positions and then bouncing off of Russian defences, so if the enemy is quite happy to keep expending their forces in a field you've already got under control, then why bother with some grand offensive to goad them out?


That means that the Ukranians can easily continue launching artillery at Belgorod.
Wasn't that a major part of this? That they'd push the Ukranian artillery back? Now a bunch of people are dead for nothing and the civilian count is going to continue to rise, and it will be even harder to put a stop to.


File: 1718629069351.png (877.48 KB, 557x710, ClipboardImage.png)


That's the part that sucks, but frankly NATO has only suddenly "authorised" use of ATACMS against Russia itself in anticipation of those artillery guns being pushed out of range of Belgorod. It seems like NATO is pretty universally accepting the Ukrainian tactic of terrorising Russian civilians and will support it materially, even going to far as to provide F-16s (probably) solely as a platform for firing off more of their missile stockpiles at Belgorod.

I know everyone wants big arrows, but those don't necessarily end wars or stop civilians from being targeted, Blitzkrieg in 1940 didn't stop Dresden from being leveled 4-5 years later.


So now they just have both and their original position. You dumb motherfucker.


>why bother with some grand offensive to goad them out?
The Cockholes are willing to expend their forces beyond any sustainable amounts, because they are confident that NATO will replace them, which is already creeping in troops bit by bit, with the goal of eventual full NATO commitment in this war. My guess by 2026 at the latest.
In this case, it is in Russia's interest to end the war rather sooner than later or at least gain a much more advantageous position against the inevitable direct war with NATO proper, like taking most of the Eastern side of the Dnepr river.
When all or even only the Butthurtbelt NATOids (including French) are involved, their combined populations could never be fully attritted by Russia, unless nukes are used. It will be an unwinnable war for Russia.
Euroshits aren't doing well either, but it isn't nearly as bad as Cuckraine itself, which is still able to fight regardless. Forget about a European-wide collapse.



Fucking idiots. Everyone can see the Russian military leadership is absolutely retarded.


When you're occupying a large part of your enemy's country and they have no realistic way to get it back that means you're winning


>Everyone can see the Russian military leadership is absolutely retarded.
I never doubted that since 2022, as I consistently shat on it throughout this conflict (getting a few bans for it too). The only exception the short period where the Kharkov offensov began, which turned out to be a dud; a lucky win by the Russians now turning into a disaster.

People keep saying, Russia's economy is doing great, but you should always take bourgeois economic analysis with a pinch of salt. The fact is, this war kills and maims dozens of Russians daily, and that isn't good for its population, which is plagued by the typical post-Soviet demographic issues.
Even if they can outproduce the combined West, they cannot sustain a nigh perpetual war, when the West has much more bodies it can throw at it.


Russia in general was absolutely retarded to start this war. It's going to fuck them over long-term no matter what with the only outcome being that eastern Europe now hates them more than ever.


I forgot to mention, maybe that's why the Swiss "Peace" conference has such a seemingly absurd conclusion. If it were only Cuckrainians, re-establishing 1991 borders is indeed impossible. But when you add NATO to the mix, which is bringing back conspription in more countries, it isn't as absurd anymore.

Westoid language seems to shift from suggesting Cockholes to negotiate, to preparing for WW3 itself and fight Russia directly.


>Russia's economy is doing great
I have reason to believe the Russian Central Bank is deliberately sabotaging the war effort as well.
The central bank argued against implementing capital controls but were overruled by Cucktin in one of his only good moves. This means that the central bank personnel want money to flood out of Russia to make financing the war harder. There is no other explanation for making such a retarded argument than the Central Bank itself being stuffed full of traitors. Capital controls during wartime is a basic stabilization measure and yet there are still liberals trying to convince Cucktin otherwise.


Kherson retreat was very necessary and smart. That bridgehead served no other purpose but holding territories that Russians held a referendum for. Strategically those troops were doing nothing. They couldn't do advances on that front as long as donbass front was still ongoing and their supply was dependent on the river crossing that Ukrainians could cut with blowing up the Dniepre dam. which they later did, btw.


Russia is retarded for not invading Cuckraine sooner, when it was much weaker like 2014. Peace was never an option for the West. War was inevitable and pre-emptive invasion was the only realistic option Russia had. The only mistake was letting it get so bad as it has.
Medvedev should have shot Cucktine personally, and handled Cuckraine like he handled Georgia.


It was under Medvedev's watch that Libya was destroyed thoughever
Medvedev also cucked out when it counted


Oh be nice, the point is that this war has more dimensions to it than just acquiring clay and expending a load of resources to capture a region (especially while the enemy is doing just that themselves) that still won't preclude attacks on Russian civilians isn't the obvious decision you and red flag are making it out to be. You're both angry and understandably emotional about it, but the reality is that this is what the attacks on Belgorod are all about, they'll do nothing for the Ukrainian war effort rather than convincing you and red flag that Russia should just quit instead of being retarded and "letting" such attacks happen.


See this is why communists have the image of being batshit insane.


>rather than convincing you and red flag that Russia should just quit instead of being retarded and "letting" such attacks happen.
When was this said?
If Ukraine was given longer range weapons in anticipation of being pushed back but keep their position, it's done nothing but given them the capacity to strike deeper


>Kherson retreat was very necessary and smart.
Dude, I get the Kherson decision. It was a hard one, but I stand on the position that the Russians should have held it at all cost. Turn it to a Stalingrad if you have to. Even if the Russians ultimately failed to hold it anyway, they wouldn't have lost that many troops to begin with, while inflicting maximum damage to the Ukronazis that they likely wouldn't have recovered from. Sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifices and that was it! The constant Dnepr raids since 2023 and the Kharkov 2024 counteroffensyiv wouldn't have happened.
Keeping Kherson as bridgehead, would have cut the Ukronazis off the Black Sea in the long term and prevent the constant drone and missile attacks on Crimea and against the Russian Navy. Additionally, supply and grain export of Ukraine would have been much more difficult. Maybe a full Odessa liberation would have been even feasible in later years.
Retreating from Kherson remains in my opinion the biggest mistake of this war. An understandable mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.
Retreating from Kharkov and Kiev in 2022 was perfectly valid though.


I believe Putin is a great and very intelligent man, what does he have to say about the recent turn of events?


It's over. The slav revolt lost it's steam. The Romans won. It was a good try, one to be remembered. Maybe there will be football teams named Putin in a few centuries…


Well now you understand why focusing on taking land isn't all it's cracked up to be, the hype over some maneuvers north of Kharkov, presenting that as a counteroffensive and an attempt to capture the city causes the kind of panik in NATO that opens up such possibilities for letting Ukraine do what it wants as desperate copes.

>When was that ever said

Oh it's being thought, doomerism being what it is.


Shut up retard


Oh, I didn't know. Fuck him too I guess. Cuckvedev!

You're ignorant. Merkel, former German chancelor during the Maidan Coup, herself stated that the Minsk Agreements were always a stalling tactic to give Ukroanazis more time to arm for inevitable war.
What the fuck should the Russians have done, but invade? Tell me! I'd love to know, what you big brain can come up with.
Geopolitics is a heartless, deadly business! Especially against Amerikkka. Grow up!


lose land, save man, land can be retaken later. Save land, lose man, both land and man are lost.
George Orwel, book 1984


>Oh be nice, the point is that this war has more dimensions to it than just acquiring clay
I'll try not to insult you, since I believe you're discussing in good faith.
For Western capital the war is about clay primarily, as was recently admitted, they want to extract Cuckraine's natural resources, and ultimately balkanise Russia for the same purpose.
However, I do believe in the principle that there are situations in war, where it is wise to cede territory temporarily. For Russia's stated objective of demilitarising Cuckraine, it is self-evident that it has to cut off the enemy's different supply chains into the country. Hence the most important territories, it could feasibly seize, were the Crimean landbridge and Odessa, to landlock Cuckraine, vastly limiting its access to arms import and grain exports. The Donbass is strategically much less important, but has to be liberated for purely political reasons as well. Kharkov, Sumy and Kiev are even less important.
Clay matters, the question is just; which clay?


The way I see it, while Russia isn't advancing the west gets to tell itself that they're being successful enough to cause the Russian invasion to stall and create a stalemate that they assume will result in Russia giving up because they're all hoping there's some truth to Ukrainian claims that they're currently inflicting massive losses on Russia despite needing to literally abduct meat just to shove into a trench to say it's manned for a couple of minutes. If Russia appears to be successful at all, NATO freaks out and starts sending missiles and tanks and jets and shit to cope. So it seems the reality here is that, like AK and Red Flag anons, NATO are so much more obsessed with clay than men that really so long as the borders don't change, they'll chew through entire generations of Ukrainians with gusto and spend billions pretending to arm them.

If that ain't boiling the frog, then I dunno what is.


>NATO [is] so much more obsessed with clay than men
Yes, I alluded to this in this post. >>1887692 NATO will soon commit more and more of its own troops to hold Cuckrainian-claimed territory.
As I explained earlier, even if Russia isn't losing as many men as Cuckraine, they can't sustain a decades long conflict against the combined NATO populations. At some point, the Russians will run out as well. That was the point. It may not be 2025 or 2029 etc. , but eventually. The slight industry advantage can't overcome this.


File: 1718634069127.mp4 (13.09 MB, 1280x720, faggot kenny.mp4)

Yankee down


>it is self-evident that it has to cut off the enemy's different supply chains into the country
But the bulk of these chains are through Poland and other NATO nations, the solution is still blowing up depots wherever they're found and Russia can attack anywhere in Ukraine they happen to be. Being able to nullify the effects of artillery shelling and missiles is still far more dependent on them ensuring the shells and missiles never make it to the front rather than pushing the border enough that Ukraine's dwindling artillery supplies are out of range but not of drones and missiles.

I would say the big issue at the moment isn't clay, but intel, Russia just doesn't have the details of where all of this shit is getting stored while being processed but when they do discover one, many weeks of potential shelling of Russian defences and citizens goes up in smoke.


>See this is why communists have the image of being batshit insane.
Except even Putin admits this. The Communist Party of Russia wanted to go in in 2014 and if they had of done the Banderites would not have had 8 years to build fortifications, 8 years of CIA money to spread the fascist ideology and 8 years of NATO training and weaponry deployed
<Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed that the only thing to lament is that Russia did not begin military operations in Ukraine sooner.


>67th Mechanised Brigade patch
Right Sector Nazis down. Good job! 👍


Well this is believing that NATO intends to actually fight Russia directly rather than just maaaaybe freeing up rear Ukrainian troops for the front (and probably squatting in the west of Ukraine when new borders are drawn), I don't want to insult you either, but this idea that instead of token acts of escalation would actually lead to NATO directly fighting Russia after they've spent all their bullets on Ukrainian pensioners is, as always, to imagine that nuclear weapons don't exist.


You said it yourself earlier, it's boiling the frog. I said myself that full NATO commitment won't be complete until next year. Bit by bit NATO troops get directly involved. First, is was NATO weapons and training, then ever more long-range weapons and less restrictions on them, special forces, advisers turning into instructors, multiple NATO countries openly contemplating joining, conspription being brought back, NATO literally doing reconnaisance flights to coordinate attacks and so on.
It's already happening and will get worse. Due to Cucktin's endless cucking, NATO believes Russia won't escalate into nuclear war no matter what happens.

Remember, it all started with helmets.


It's not really boiling the frog because the thing people fear is not so much that a Soviet supplied rifle in Vietnam kills an American soldier or that a US supplied stinger missile shoots down a Soviet helicopter in Afghanistan, people genuinely fear a Russian soldier directly shooting at an American soldier because that's when the real escalations come and therefore no one wants that.
In this current situation, Ukraine can massacre a town it felt was too pro-Russian, bomb nuclear power plants, place dodgy missiles next to apartment blocks and blame all the consequences of all that on Russia with resounding support from NATO voices, but when Ukraine accidentally(?) dropped a couple of AA missiles on Poland then NATO couldn't have been quicker in explaining Russia wasn't at fault and that it was Ukraine instead.

The token acts of escalation that had happend so far is far more oriented towards psychological warfare than it is about NATO's secret desire to fight WW3 against Russia because if they did, it really wouldn't matter if they edged towards it over 5 years or declared it on day one, that frog will almost immediately explode in nuclear flames the second Russian and NATO soldiers start attacking each other openly.


>Remember, it all started with helmets.
And just to add, this rather proves the opposite to your point, NATO was extremely confident this war could be won without dirtying their hands at all, that their weapons in this war would be purely economic. Every escalation that comes therefore is not the sign of an ever emboldening NATO, but rather a NATO that has reluctantly allowed itself to dirty it's hands to desperately try to recover from their mistake, crucially without it reaching WW3 hence why the escalations are slow and limited, it keeps morale up for Ukrainian troops getting slaughtered and keeps pro-Russian sorts guessing what comes next and it has been extremely effective at both.


I was skeptical of the whole "frontline collapse by June" thing that was going on after Avdeevka, I never though a Kharkiv offensive would amount to anything, and I'm kinda disappointed by the results of the offensive in Chasiv Yar, which is indeed stalling as well.
That being said, the Ukrainian counter-offensive is mainly directed toward the Kharkiv bridgehead, and the Russians did build up their forces significantly in that region, maybe they'll serve as a reserve, or the spearhead of a counter-counteroffensive.
I now I'm coping.


Man i don't even have the energy to make a two more weeks joke anymore. Both Ziggers and Ukrops all claim that 2024 will be decisive and we're already halfway through the year and it's just
>Russia is pushing
>Ukraine is pushing back
>Russia is pushing
>Ukraine is pushing back


File: 1718639169056.png (836.13 KB, 1932x848, 2moreyears.png)

2 more years.


>eastern Europe now hates them more than ever
These uyghurs have been going on about the eastern hordes for decades, retard. There is only one way to fix this, and Putin is opposed to it.



>Yves here. Below, John Helmer describes the General Staff’s and military bloggers’ frustration with Putin continuing to prosecute the Ukraine war in a measured way. He also provides ample detail on probable near-term Ukraine targets and the effects of destroying them.

>In keeping, there seems to be annoyance in those circles with Putin signaling he’d be willing to settle only for the four oblasts that Russia regards as now part of Russia, oh, along with some other goodies like Ukraine neutrality. They seem to have forgotten that even this is a cheeky ask, with Russia fully occupying only one of the four oblasts, Lugansk.

>It is no doubt true Russia could be much more aggressive. But let me play devil’s advocate a bit.

>I saw the Putin speech where he made his peace proposal to be papering the record in classic lawyer style, and here for the sake of countries not hostile to Russia’s position. He went through the long record of Western bad faith regarding Putin’s efforts to resolve the conflict. That included new details, like Obama calling Putin to press him to support a negotiated solution to the Maidan Square protests. In less than 24 hours, the opposition broke the deal, with none of its supposed Western guarantors, the US, France, Germany, lifting a finger to get the coup-meisters to relent. Putin was clear that this was yet another Western deception.

>Putin further fleshed out the long backstory to demonstrate that Russia is not merely in engaged in subduing Ukraine to assure that NATO does not get its grubby hands on it. Russia is prosecuting a war against the entire Collective West, which has kinetic, economic, geopolitical and domestic political elements. The fact that Russia has gotten the upper hand on the first three dimensions, despite having a much smaller economy than its combined opponents, and clearly having invaded Ukraine, is a testament to Putin’s skill at navigating highly complex, multidimensional problems. Continuing high approval ratings in Russia and his success in maintaining normal life are evidence that Putin is succeeding on the last front.

>The conflict in Ukraine parallels the Cuban missile crisis. Some like Scott Ritter have argued the risks of nuclear war are worse now, with too many leaders talking up the idea of a tactical nuclear strike. Putin pointed out that the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were 20 kilotons of explosive force, while a tactical nuclear bomb is 75 kilotons (Internet sources suggest the minimum is more like 100 kilotons).

>In the Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy reined in the armed forces. We’ve cited this incident occasionally, the first time in 2015:

< After the US blockaded Cuba, Khrushchev sent ships on course to Cuba, presumably to break the cordon. Secretary of State Dean Rusk asked the Admiral in charge of the operation what the Navy would do when the Russian ships approached. He was told they’d first make a shot across the bow. Rusk said asked what would happen next if the Russians were not deterred. The Admiral got testy and told Rusk that the Navy had been running blockades since 1812 and it was basically none of his business.

< I can’t locate the book readily [Jonathan Glover’s Humanity] to give the exact wording but this is the spirit of Rusk’s dressing down:

<< This is not about your pettifogging naval traditions. The stakes are much higher than that. This operation is a means for the President to communicate with Khrushchev. You will remain in constant contact. You will not take a single action unless it has been explicitly authorized by the President. Have I made myself clear?

>Kennedy did have the better reading of the risk than his hotheaded defense team. As Rev Kev pointed out recently:

< My favourite McNamara story is of how he was all in on invading Cuba during the missile crisis of ’62 when he was Secretary of Defense but was over-ruled by JFK. About thirty years later he happened to be sitting at a table next to the Russian in charge of their military in Cuba back then and they got to talking. McNamara nearly fell off his chair when the Russian told him that not only did he have strategic nukes but also tactical nukes and was fully authorized to use them in case of an American invasion.

>Similarly, as you’ll see below, those who want a more aggressive campaign are arguing for Russia to go Houthi in the Black Sea, without considering how a full-bore war on naval vessels would have all sorts of collateral damage, particularly for Global South countries with large import/export sectors.

>Helmer does describe, in detail, how Russia is ready and able to deliver a knockout blow to Ukraine’s ability to import electricity and fuel to run generators. The speed of unraveling in the face of a big further ratcheting down in energy supplies would presumably be comparatively fast, on the order of weeks rather than months.

>But then how to provide humanitarian relief to civilians? Is Russia at all prepared to do so on the scale of what is left of Ukraine? And if Russia is failing to do so, would this not provide an excuse for NATO countries to enter, allegedly to help a suffering population? I don’t see any sign of scenarios for “What happens if we engineer a speedy collapse?” having been thought through, at least by the armchair generals.

>Alexander Mercouris recently pointed out another reason for Russia still moving carefully: supply lines. Russia has so far had the luxury of operating almost in its own back yard. As it advances into Ukraine, its logistics will become much more daunting. Those ought to be reasonably well sorted out before making any concerted advances.

>And finally, PlutoniumKun pointed out another major issue that will, or should, affect war planning: the probable need to take most of Western Ukraine. Mark Sleboda, who is cautious by temperament, has come around to the conclusion that as problematic as that option is, it’s worse to leave Western Ukraine unresolved so as to allow for continued US/NATO destabilization.

>PlutoniumKun noted recently in comments:

< I’m glad for once to see someone mention water and sewerage, something often overlooked in all the high level military/geostrategic theorising. Ukraine is topographically flat, which means that nearly all its water services require active pumping.

< This has clear strategic implications (nevermind the hardships this will cause for millions of Ukrainians). There is a good reason why most uncontentious national boundaries follow watersheds, not the obvious boundary of rivers – because once a river is shared, you need intensive co-operation on a wide range of issues, from fishing to bridges and dams and flood controls and… water quality. This is obviously unlikely for many years after whatever resolves the war.

< Since Russia needs to control the mouth of the Dnieper for strategic purposes, and needs to control the lower dams and canals for water supply, the obvious question is what happens if a rump Ukraine state is either unwilling or unable to maintain infrastructure upriver. Not just dams – what happens if they pump all of Kievs sewerage into the Dnieper? Russia can hardly complain if its crippled Ukraines infrastructure.

< So Russia has three choices – seek complete control over most of the Dnieper watershed (which is most of Ukraine), or accept that it has no control over it becoming a sewer and construct alternative infrastructure, or it can try to ensure that whatever deal finally finishes the war includes a comprehensive watershed management. The latter seems very convoluted and unlikely, not least because Russia might then have no choice but to pay for a lot of Ukraines infrastructure repair. So this may well be a major factor in Russias calculations – maybe even more so than the more obvious military calculations. Water infrastructure is very, very expensive, its not something that can be overlooked.

>In other words, with the cautious prosecution of the war minimizing Russian deaths, succeeding in vanquishing Ukraine and its NATO backers without Russia having to go on a total war footing, there is a strong argument for sticking with a winning approach until the acceleration of the unraveling of Ukraine argues for a change in operations.


>Invading your neighbour is going to make them like you
Yeah that works really well in Ireland. Or Algeria, or Armenia, or Vietnam. Really amazing strategy there


>Russia will never be liked by Eastern Europe now ;__;
Congratulations, that was the most infantile take on the war I've seen and likely will ever see.


There will be a brief period of utter absurdity where both forces will be on the field but only allowed to shoot mercenaries and Ukrainians


No, that's not my point. My post is in response to that anon who seems to think that the only solution to living in a hostile neighbourhood is by invading them and doing some Monroe Doctrine shenanigan on them. Which, from looking at the state of US hegemony over the Americas now, is never going to be a long term solution.


This is an imageboard for adults. Go back to school.
Eastern European bourgeois just fucking hate Moscow because Moscow directed their destruction before. There's no rational reason for this, Russia has been doing nothing but retreating until 2008.


By John Helmer, the longest continuously serving foreign correspondent in Russia, and the only western journalist to direct his own bureau independent of single national or commercial ties. Helmer has also been a professor of political science, and an advisor to government heads in Greece, the United States, and Asia. He is the first and only member of a US presidential administration (Jimmy Carter) to establish himself in Russia. Originally published at Dances with Bears

>The Russian military bloggers haven’t been as quick as the Kiev regime and NATO allies to dismiss President Vladimir Putin’s peace terms speech to the Foreign Ministry as propaganda. But they did.

>According to Boris Rozhin, the editor-in-chief of the Colonel Cassad military blog, Putin’s speech on Friday morning, June 14, “was not announced in advance”. The Foreign Ministry audience who assembled “learned about it half an hour in advance, no more.” There is telltale vagueness in the Kremlin communiqué introducing “a meeting with the senior officials of the Russian Foreign Ministry.”

>In practical terms, Moscow’s leading independent military analyst concluded, the speech was a tactical feint and a strategic deception.

>“[Putin’s terms] will obviously not be accepted by the West and their Ukrainian puppets,” wrote Rozhin. “Against the background of the ‘world summit’ [the Burgenstock, Switzerland, meeting on June 15-16] this will indicate that in fact the West is prolonging the war, so these statements [of Putin] are another torpedo in the summit. Russia is thus showing the countries of the Global South that it has offered a world that will be rejected by those who are broadcasting about ‘peaceful summits’…The war will continue. The goals of the SVO [Special Military Operation] will be achieved by military means.”

>The distinction in the last line is between Kremlin political strategy and General Staff military strategy – this is a distinction which published Russian analyses of the president’s speech and the state propaganda organs avoid identifying. The semi-official Vzglyad quoted Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, as characterizing the reaction from the West as “of an unconstructive nature”. No Russian official will say as little as this for the record.

>Instead, Vzglyad has mobilized its official sources to patch over the differences between Kremlin strategy and General Staff strategy by emphasizing that Putin is following the latter. “According to [Putin], the West has received a specific condition – either Ukraine will be outside the NATO bloc, or there will be a bold and sharp onslaught that will leave no chance for the enemies. Putin is confident of victory not only over Ukraine, but also over the entire collective West. The proposal was made in order to recall this initiative after the defeat of Ukraine. But Western leaders did not understand Putin, and then they themselves will say that they want peace… But there will be no mercy, tougher conditions will be put forward.”

>In a second report from academics on the Kremlin-financed Valdai Club roster, Vzglyad claims “the essence of the Russian president’s speech is that the European security system no longer exists and will not be based on the same principles.” “In addition, the Russian president managed to change the agenda of the Swiss summit…the president’s initiative is capable of transforming the security structures not only of Eurasia, but also in the perspective of the entire planet. In addition, Russia already has really working international institutions in this space: the CIS, SCO, EAEU, CSTO, BRICS, the Union State of Russia and Belarus. All these tools have proven their reliability and suitability in modern conditions.”

>The Kremlin’s American camp followers have repeated the semi-official line by scratching the difference between tactics and strategy, between feint and purpose. “Notice he’s [Putin] not making a demand about Odessa,” said one. “So Odessa is still off the table…So this is a prelude to the next ramp-up in Russian military operations.”

>Russian skeptics, as well as non-Russian military analysts, point out that Putin has repeatedly refused to follow the General Staff’s advice, restricting their proposed military operations to an extent that there is open questioning about his reasons. One source says Putin’s June 14 exposition is “only half-right in blaming the Western ‘globalist liberal elites’ [Putin’s speech] for the current ‘extremely dangerous state of affairs’ [Putin’s speech]. Ultimately, the ideology of liberalism, inferiority complex, and corruption which dominate the oligarch-backed elite in Moscow has played a major role.”

>This is a reference to the role Putin invited the oil and minerals oligarch Roman Abramovich to play in the negotiations of March-April 2022 in Istanbul; in the negotiations with the Ukrainian delegation, Abramovich was Putin’s personal delegate and he outranked the official Russian negotiators. There was strong domestic military and political opposition to this at the time in Moscow; there remains suspicion of an attempt to repeat by Putin’s Kremlin staff, represented by Peskov, even now.

>“He [Putin] cannot be so influenced still as to think the war against Russia via the Kiev regime will stop under the conditions he laid out, nor can he think there are any terms which the US and NATO can be trusted by the Russians to sign. That’s why the Russian Foreign Ministry tabled the terms of a non-aggression and security in Europe requiring the roll-back of NATO’s borders to 1997. That was in December 2021. To think anyone on the other side is trustworthy, or capable of agreement, after all Putin recounted of US aggression, lying, double-dealing, and Ukrainian Nazism, is impossible.”

>In Putin’s June 14 retelling of the Istanbul agreement, “everything” — he said of the documents initialed by Russian and Ukrainian negotiators — “was written on paper.” Then on March 30 [2022], Putin went on, after “the Russian troops were withdrawn from Kiev, the Ukrainian leadership suspended its participation in the negotiations staging the infamous provocation in Bucha, and rejected the prepared version of the agreements. I think today it is clear why that ugly provocation was necessary: to explain why the results that had been achieved during the negotiations were rejected. The path to peace was rejected again. As we know now, it was done on orders from Western curators, including the former UK Prime Minister who said directly during his visit to Kiev – no agreements; Russia must be defeated on the battlefield to achieve its strategic defeat.”

<Source: https://static01.nyt.com/

<Note that the US newspaper report is based on terms drafted between March 16 and 17, 2022, two weeks before the draft documents were initialed in Turkey. Subsequent reporting by the newspaper of the negotiations, which continued after the Istanbul meetings, concluded: “On April 15, five days after Mr. Abramovich told the Ukrainians about his meeting with Mr. Putin, the Russian negotiators sent a 17-page draft treaty to their president’s desk. Similar to the month-earlier version, the April 15 draft includes text in red highlighting issues in dispute. But such markings are almost entirely absent from the treaty’s first pages, where points of agreement emerged.”

>In fact, Putin had been unable to convince Russian military and intelligence chiefs that the terms he had authorized for initialing would be enforceable and would not betray countrywide public support of the announced goals of the Special Military Operation.

>Confirmation that Putin had been “micro-managing” the negotiations in Istanbul through Abramovich appears in the New York Times report of the process from Ukrainian and other sources. “ ‘Colleagues, I spoke to RA,’ Ukraine’s lead negotiator, Davyd Arakhamia, wrote on April 10 [2022] in a WhatsApp message to the Ukrainian team. ‘He spoke yesterday for an hour and a half with his boss.’ RA was Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire who played a behind-the-scenes role in the talks. His ‘boss,’ Mr. Putin, was urging the negotiators to concentrate on the key issues and work through them quickly, Mr. Arakhamia wrote. (A member of the WhatsApp group showed that message and others to reporters for The Times.).”

>In the New York Times version, based on a March 17 draft of terms, no Russian source acknowledges the backlash Putin faced from the General Staff and the Security Council after the full extent of Abramovich’s role became clear from the terms Putin had told his negotiators to sign in Istanbul. After two weeks of internal debate, Putin was forced to back down, and the terms he and Abramovich had conceded on March 31 were revised. The Ukrainian sources feeding the New York Times reporters told them “we had no interest in continuing the talks.”

>What is missing from this Ukrainian and American narrative, as well as from the public Russian versions, is that Putin retreated from the terms he had agreed with Abramovich. The role played by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the published narrative, repeated to the press by Israelis and others, had been a minor one.

>Last Friday, Putin hinted that the General Staff has opposed his concession terms. “I haven’t spoken about this publicly either but some of those present here know about it. After the Russian army seized part of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, many Western politicians offered their mediation in a peaceful settlement of the conflict. One of them was on a working visit to Moscow on March 5, 2022. We accepted his mediation efforts, especially since he said during the conversation that he had secured the support of the leaders of Germany and France, as well as high-ranking US representatives.”

>“In course of our conversation our foreign guest wondered – an interesting moment – saying if you are assisting Donbass, then why Russian troops are in the south of Ukraine, including in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions? We responded to the effect that it was our General Staff ‘s decision [sic] on planning the operation. And I will add today that the idea was to bypass some fortified areas built in Donbass over the eight years by Ukrainian authorities, primarily for liberating Mariupol.”

>“Then our foreign colleague specified – a professional man, to be fair to him: are Russian troops going to stay in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions? And what will happen to these regions after the Special Military Operation has attained its goals? I answered to this that in general I do not rule out preservation of the Ukrainian sovereignty over these territories, provided Russia has a stable land bridge to Crimea.”

>It had been clear to the president then, and it is clearer now, that Putin’s “stable land bridge to Crimea” was politically incompatible with “Ukrainian sovereignty” because, as the General Staff kept repeating to Putin, it was militarily impossible.

>On Friday Putin kept the identity of the mediator secret on Friday. But it is already well known from the mediator himself. It was the Israeli, former prime minister Naftali Bennett. He has confirmed his meeting in Moscow with Putin on March 5, 2022. For Putin to authorize Abramovich and Bennett, two Jewish Israelis, to negotiate Russia’s end-of-war war terms with the Kiev regime remains a highly sensitive issue in Moscow.

>Russian public opinion has been clearer on the end-of-war objectives and on terms of negotiations than Putin has admitted himself to have been. For the poll evidence, click to read.


>What now, what next?

>According to the President on Friday, “a verbatim return to the security proposals that we put forward twenty-five, fifteen, or even two years ago is impossible, as too much has happened and the conditions have changed. However, the basic principles and, most importantly, the very subject of dialogue remain unchanged.” From Putin’s new statement of end-of-war terms, he says the “parameters were broadly agreed upon during the Istanbul negotiations in 2022, including specific details on demilitarisation such as the agreed numbers of tanks and other military equipment. We reached consensus on all points.”

>Now, however, with the new long-range artillery, drones, missiles, and F-16s supplied by NATO to the Kiev regime, the depth of “demilitarisation” is more than ten times beyond the “25 mile” (40 kiliometre) range which was one of the Russian parameters in the Istanbul agreement drafts of March 2022. Read the backfile on what Putin has been calling this “sanitary zone”.

>Denazification, the second strategic goal of the Special Military Operation, means regime change in Kiev, but Putin implied last Friday that he means no more than the replacement of Vladimir Zelensky because “the presidential term of the previously elected head of Ukraine has expired along with his legitimacy, which cannot be reinstated by any tricks”. That, he added, leaves only one constitutional authority in the country: “unlike the executive branch, the Verkhovnaya Rada is a legitimate body now. Ukraine is not a presidential republic, but a parliamentary and presidential republic. This is the point.”

>Russian sources believe this is beside the point. As Rozhin has written, “the goals of the SVO will be achieved by military means.”

>Asked to list what they believe will now be the military targets in the General Staff’s strategy, the emphasis, the sources say, will continue to be energy generation plants and distribution hubs and networks, especially those through which the replacement electricity is entering the Ukraine from its neighbours – the Chervonograd substation (from Poland); the Mukacheve substation (Slovakia, Hungary, Romania); the Usatove and Primorska substations (Moldova, Romania); and the Khmelnitsky, Dobrotvirka and Pivendennoukrainska generating hubs.

>The total capacity of these electricity lines is shown as just under 3,890 kV. On June 10, the Ukrainian state utility Ukrenergo reported that “almost 25,000 MWh of electricity were imported into the country from Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Moldova during the day”. A NATO military engineer estimates that although Russian raids have forced some of the lines into what is reported publicly as maintenance, the import volume is still running “at or near capacity. But they are struggling. Watch for renewed attacks on the substations connecting the Ukrainian grid to Poland and Romania.” For more technical details on the situation from US engineers, read the comments here.

>“If these are knocked out,” a NATO military engineer says, “it’s all over.”

>In the meantime, according to this Spanish newspaper report, the billed charge for electricity is rising so fast and so high, at least a quarter of the Ukrainian population cannot afford it. “The electricity tariff from June has increased by 64%, from 2.64 hryvnas per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to 4.32 hryvnas (between $0.064 and $0.11). Days before the Ukrainian Cabinet met on May 30, it was leaked that the increase would be 80%. But the reaction in the media and on social networks made it clear that the measure was highly unpopular at a time when the authorities must also deal with enormous unease over the compulsory conscription process to incorporate hundreds of thousands of civilians into the army.”

>“Dixi informs this newspaper that its estimates in 2023 indicated the average monthly consumption per household in Ukraine was 155Kwh. In this average scenario, the monthly household bill would rise from $10 to $16.6. The Ukrainian Statistics Service indicates that the average monthly salary in Ukraine was equivalent to $471 at the end of last year. The World Bank estimated that in 2022 alone, the year in which Russia launched its invasion, the poverty rate in Ukraine rose from 5.5% to 24% of the population. There is no alternative to raising tariffs, say the government and companies in the sector.”

>This means that the multi-billion dollar cash transfers to the Kiev regime from the US and European Union for non-military budget support are being diverted, and failing to reach the population.

>To run emergency generating sets powered by diesel and to fuel the Ukrainian military movements requires fuel storages. The Russian Defense Ministry’s daily operations bulletin is reporting daily strikes at these throughout the country.

>On the border there are a series of targets which Russian sources expect to be hit in the coming days. The lead image map shows their locations and functions (red for rail, orange for road, blue for bridge and ferry). Rozhin has reprinted this analysis of these targets. “Since sending military aid by air is not available, most of the cargo is delivered by rail, heavy trucks, or, much more risky, by sea. Either way, all cargoes go through customs and checkpoints. In the west and south-west of Ukraine there are about 87 sea, pedestrian, rail, and road border crossings…Taking into account the checkpoints that Ukraine received from the USSR, this number can be increased by almost half, but a significant part of such crossings is either destroyed, looted in previous decades, or abandoned under the USSR. However, most of the border crossings are on the border with Moldova. There are 34 of them, but they are not used as intensively as the checkpoints for transit to and from the territory of NATO countries. The state of some of them is far from ideal.”

>Rozhin’s purpose in mapping the targets is to ask the question publicly: “If all border crossings are known, why not intercept military cargo there?”

>“In the west and south-west, Ukraine borders Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. The total length of the border in these areas is 777 km. The long-range weapons of the Russian Federation — for example, X-101 missiles with cluster and high-explosive warheads — are sufficient to destroy military cargo directly on the border. All the coordinates of the border crossings are almost certainly known to the Russian military. But the main problem in the matter of the destruction of military cargo at these points is reconnaissance and obtaining reliable data on the time of shipments of cargo columns. The determining parameter in this case is the precise time for the crossing of the cargo on to the territory of Ukraine.” The original military blog source can be followed here.

>In similar fashion, Rozhin and other military bloggers are asking publicly why there are Kremlin restrictions on targets which the US, NATO and the Ukrainians are using for drone and missile attacks on Crimea, as well as deeper into the Russian heartland. Putin addressed this question in his press conference with international reporters on June 5.

>“What can the Ukrainian military – not the ones who are just sitting there and pressing buttons – but the higher-ranking ones do when it comes to target assignment? They can identify a target that is a priority for them. But they are not the ones who decide whether a particular target should be hit, because, to reiterate, a WTA (weapon target assignment) is formed and effectively entered only by those who supply the weapons. If we are talking about ATACMS, then the Pentagon is doing it. If it is Storm Shadow, then the British are. It is even more straightforward in the case of Storm Shadow, because the target assignment is entered automatically, without the involvement of the military personnel on the ground. The British do it, that is all there is to it.”

>“And when the Bundeswehr military were pondering an attack on the Crimean Bridge or other targets, they were thinking for themselves. No one was doing it for them, right? They were going to do it. The same goes for the French specialists. Western specialists do it. We have no illusions about this. How are we supposed to respond?”

>“First, we will, of course, improve our air defence systems. We will be destroying their missiles. Second, we believe that if someone is thinking that it is possible to supply such weapons to a war zone in order to deliver strikes at our territory and to create problems for us, why can we not supply our weapons of the same class to those regions around the world where they will target sensitive facilities of the countries that are doing this to Russia? The response could be symmetrical. We will give it a thought.”

>“Third, sure enough, such actions will wreck international relations, which have already hit rock bottom, and undermine international security. Ultimately, if we see that these countries are being embroiled into a war against us, and this constitutes their direct involvement in the war against the Russian Federation, we reserve the right to respond in kind. Generally speaking, this path may lead to serious problems. I think that covers it all. If you have any leading questions, please go ahead. But I do not think I can add anything to what I just said.”

>Several days later, after a fresh series of missile attacks on Crimea were launched, the Russian military bloggers responded with this leading question – why are the US, French and British systems operating in the Black Sea not targeted when their role in the Russian attacks is certain?

>Mikhail Zvinchuk, principal of the Rybar military blog, has reported that on the eve of the June 10-11 missile attacks on the Peninsula, “it is worth noting that… NATO satellites were again active. The target reconnaissance alternately depended on which areas were planned [for missile attack] — on June 8-9, the northwestern part of the Crimea was filmed, and on June 10 and 11, Sevastopol and the centre of the Peninsula. In addition, yesterday and the day before yesterday, special attention of the satellites was paid to the eastern part of the Crimea. Filming was conducted of Theodossia, Kirovsky, Kerch, and of course, the Crimean Bridge… Also, during today’s attack [June 12] in the western part of the Black Sea, the American RQ-4B drone was operating…After the strikes, it moved to the eastern part of the sea area closer to the Crimean Bridge, where, unhindered, it was operating until the morning. This fact, together with the active work of the satellites, as well as consecutive strikes on the air defence positions, first in the northwest, then in the south, allow us to conclude that the next goal may be the east of the Peninsula.”

>In parallel, according to the Rybar report, there appeared “for the first time in a month and a half, south of Feodosia, the French long-range radar detection aircraft, the E-3F, and the French Navy aircraft [Bréguet] Atlantique 2 [based at Souday Bay, Crete]. In the west of the sea also flew the RC-135V of the British Air Force. That is a lot for one day, isn’t it? As noted repeatedly, the main goal of the West is the Crimean Bridge, and for this it is necessary to reduce the combat potential of the air defence in the Crimea.”

>The Russian Air Force has downed a USAF drone operating against the Crimea in March 2023. Since last October the Houthis, assisted by Iran and possibly by Russia, have downed several USAF drones operating in the Red Sea to assist Anglo-American attacks on targets in Yemen.

>What the military bloggers like Rozhin and Zvinchuk are saying is why not strike at these targets now?

>“What we have in the end,” Zvinchuk has written on June 12, is that “the air defence strikes are aimed at weakening the protection near the Crimean Bridge, which must be taken into account and measures taken to modify the available means of missile defence – the missiles are shot down, but not all of them. The enemy is clearly preparing for a new attack. We’ve already identified two false starts – they can be called the harbinger of massive strikes; it is possible they will be aimed at the bridge. In the future, the lack of opposition, the reluctance to accept reality and learn from mistakes can affect the potential of the air defence of the Crimea. Already this will play a key role when the F-16 fighters will make their appearance.”

>“Reluctance to accept reality and learn from mistakes” – this criticism is aimed, not at the General Staff, but at the Kremlin.

>On June 14 Zvinchuk returned to the targeting of the USAF drones. “For the first time, the American Triton [MQ-4C] appeared on the Crimean shores right before a massed blow on the Crimea. The question of what you can expect from its presence in the Black Sea region begs itself. Especially when the curators of the Ukrainian military will not miss such an opportunity to attack. And if this happens, it will again be possible to raise the question of the advisability of a more radical counteraction to American aviation near the Russian borders. Someday, maybe, we will come to the same measures as the Houthis.”


What should Moscow be doing instead


That entirely depends on the cause for the hostile neighbourhood, if all of your neighbours have joined a massive military organisation with the explicit purpose of not liking you after a somewhat questionable period of Eastern European democracy then I don't think baking them a pie is going to solve that situation.


It'd have to be that absurd because the only frog NATO are boiling here are themselves, I reckon they probably could maneuver themselves into a nuclear war they're actually trying to avoid, but it would involve such absurdities like that yeah.


The only long-term solution is getting rid of Eastern European bourgeois. But destroying western military power and opening them to several new assaults from the rest of the world still improves the situation. There's no reasoning with people who openly call you subhuman and make a point to disregard your demands, as Eastern Europe did for decades. The best way forward in such a case is a decapitating strike and transfer of power to the working class.


File: 1718642163166.png (848.45 KB, 1079x759, ClipboardImage.png)

hey /ukr/, what do I put in the bottom right of this meme?


The war stops seeming like this as soon as you realize that Russians are simply holding Donbass, protecting it from the Kyiv regime, and grinding down poorly trained NATO meatwaves. Expecting sexy map animations is besides the point.


Trump voters


kek, you're right


File: 1718642513915.png (1.1 MB, 1079x759, ClipboardImage.png)


It's fascinating how there is a whole level below hoi4 players in terms of military tactics
It's even more fascinating that NATO command is on that level


If this war was like victoria 3, Russia would already had won, since the ukraine war exhaustion would be at the roofs, since their economy is destroyed, most people left the country, the casualties are not looking good and the contested territories are in the hands of Russia. The only explanation that Ukraine is still alive is, they are cheating, or, they are receiving bankrolls of every NATO regime.


War weariness is liberal nonsense


We're playing hoi4. Victoria ended in 1936, stellaris starts in 2200


hoi4 ends in 1950


we're playing supreme ruler 2020


File: 1718646203019.jpg (234 KB, 1080x1125, 20240617132614.jpg)



I don't like it.


Multipolarista sisters… not like this…


We're playing modded


File: 1718647385737.png (250.56 KB, 649x579, ukrxrom.PNG)



I like it.


this reminds me of when sergei lavrov said hitler was jewish. a retarded thing to say even if correct. entirely besides the point.

replace "jewish" with black and this is how american rightoids talk. rare Luka L


>this is how american rightoids talk
They'll never charge 30 people for corruption in the USA, and neither would half of them be black.


Yes, you are right. I was more referring to the rightoid obsession with racial makeups in crime statistics, as though crime had racial characteristics and not economic causes.


oh no millennium dawn is boring as fuuuuuuuuck :(


I will not believe it unless I see the source, translated by someone who speaks Belarussian.


File: 1718648399160.png (926.28 KB, 910x1390, ClipboardImage.png)



tbf Soviet Jews have to be one of the most evil diasporas which is weird because Bolshevik Jews are among the most based groups




File: 1718661339062.jpeg (102.51 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_1457.jpeg)

Fake news


>Doesn't matter who it is, a Jew, a Russian, an Ukrainian or Belarusian. They're corrupt? They're going to jail.
<This is antisemitic


Eh, but what point is he making, why not just
>Corruption = GTFO
instead of pointing out how all will be punished equally regardless of background? Who's he implying wouldn't be otherwise treated equally?


File: 1718662254639.png (501.93 KB, 895x624, ClipboardImage.png)

based Chinese police
get his ass


Well you have to remember that Russia/Ukraine/Belarus have a fuckton of liberal Israeli "refusenik" expats (aka anti-communist liberals who struggled to use any and all jewish connection like my cousin's third aun to get out).
I think it's quite natural and not really antisemitic to notice "hey why are all those people advocating for neoliberal nonsense claim to be 'jewish' (even though they're russian speaking cunts who spend their lives promoting neoliberal shit in Russia/Belarus in pure Russian and then moved to Israel on a pure technicality)


So just standard liberashka shit really


File: 1718663407896.png (711.57 KB, 886x1066, ClipboardImage.png)



Not really related, but i like this video


So if the Ruzzian Kharkov offensiv/bait was made with 1/5 of the troops stationned in Belogrod like the Ruzzians telegrams say, what are the 4/5 remaining doing since a month, posting tiktoks and whining about food?


idk defending probably?


Well 1/5th of the troops are enough to hold off 300,000 hohols apparently so they are not needed lol


>one of my artillerymen
Did Grisha get drafted? Or volunteered?


File: 1718664260051.png (360.29 KB, 507x386, ClipboardImage.png)

You could argue that Canada and the United States are genuine, mutually beneficial allies due to the security and trade they offer each other. But of course the NAFOid doesn't think that's important, all that matters is muh capital markets and killing China.


File: 1718664862243.png (915.61 KB, 800x497, ClipboardImage.png)

Partisan activity in Ukraine has risen to the point that even the Ukrainians are admitting to it. They've been sabotaging trains, especially around Odessa, destroying or delaying echelons of Western weapons and troop movements.


No, it isn't, most satellites are not going to be able to pinpoint a soldier to begin with, nor would they bother to do so, it's a waste of time. It's meant to make it harder to see a human in the environment so you can get the drop on your opponent in a firefight.


> to the point that even the Ukrainians are admitting to it



ok, when will the REAL trade unions of Ukraine proclaim the general strike in protest against the west and the war?


>no citations to said "ukrainian press"
>just a "trust us bro"

I wouldn't trust Ukrainian news on "le Russian collapse any second now" why the fuck would I believe Russian news on "le Ukraine totally has pro-Russian partisans"?


One post is enough autist


Anon, I've posted this for months, there's been several trains derailed by planted explosives, a UAV construction plant near Odessa was destroyed by arson, and as posted ITT before, they're literally blowing up and killing recruitment officers and burning their cars.


I jump on pol shit here and report it. Considered discussion of overrepresentation in certain fields shouldn't be off limits, particularly given the situation the Israeli entity is in currently and it's incentives.


Ok and?


>Just protest guyz!
What do you think happened in 2014 you dumbfuck?


>People are still shilling this mapshit
<proceeding to ignore how Russia's initial rush was a rapid deep strike, not area control, meant to blow past defenses before the Ukrainian military could activate itself fully and seize Kiev
<proceeding to forget how Russia withdrew from Western Ukraine due to Zelensky suing for peace, only to go back on that and go full-retard and continue the war, now turning it positional due to the Ukrainian military no longer being taken by surprise.
<ignoring how Russian irretrievable human casualties for the entire 2 years has been stated by Putin to be 100,000 so far compared to Ukraine's nearly 5x higher troop losses.
<ignoring how Ukraine has stated numerous times that Russian artillery throw-weight is far exceeding their own, and this is with thousands of foreign artillery pieces on top of their own arsenals and stockpiles that have been destroyed or depleted by Russia
<nevermind that there's barely 1/4 of Ukraine's peace-time electricity production left
<never mind that Putin has stated outright that he's not committing to a Victory at Any Cost strategy because he doesn't want to lose more Russian soldiers than is necessary, and is instead grinding down Ukraine and all of NATO to the point that the collective Western stockpiles of armored vehicles, artillery and ammunition is so badly depleted that its become a major internal panic within their militaries.

People that use map measuring like this are idiots. This isn't WW-2 where almost the entire Red Army was committed to pushing forward in large scale battles involving millions of men at a time, this is positional warfare slowly taking land. Russia only gets pushed back in small areas temporarily and only if they've recently taken it and haven't had a chance to set up dug-in positions. It's a creeping advance because the entire battle-field is like Stalingrad, where every meter is a fight, whether it's mines and drones, or foxholed troops, or armored vehicles roving around. It's extremely dense fighting.


can't people denounce zionism without posting hooknosed happy merchant tropes? i don't get it.
>uhhhh you're a liberal for caring about this stuff


Good vid. mirroring here because I don't trust shit tube to keep it up


>On March 2nd
uygha if you make a mistake on literally the second word of the narration, why not just restart lol


It's literally from the Soviet Union lol


File: 1718692259960.png (38.05 KB, 141x198, 1575687124440.png)


yes i noticed, i was able to read the file name


so you're saying the soviet union was antisemitic?


>one tasteless prop from sixty years ago
>constantly reposted on /pol/
When we were spammed with a single image of a Nazi patch on DPR soldier (which was actually a trophy) as "proof" of Nazis being involved in the separatist republics, that was obvious glow shit. (You) are just that retarded.


I don't know what gets reposted on /pol/ because I don't go there. I just don't care about making fun of Jews because we make fun of everyone especially reactionary nations


No I'm not saying that the entire USSR which liberated the world from Nazi terror is anti semitic, I'm saying that the message "zionism is the weapon of imperialism" stands on its own without a giant hooknosed spider. I have no context for the stupid spider. it was probably something made locally by parents or children or a local school official. It was not necessarily sanctioned by the literal soviet govt. for all I know it could be photoshop. I have no context. It's weird to uphold.


Who's "we"? You speaking French? /leftypol/ doesn't "make fun" of reactionary nations, it violently shits on them and cheers when they burn. Shitting on Israel or Zionists does not, even for a second, require bringing up Judaism. Discussion of Judaism is reserve for discussing Neturei Karta being weird, and Zionism being, in fact, anti-semitic.


From Reuters
>Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Hanoi this week, Vietnamese and Russian state media said on Monday, highlighting Communist-ruled Vietnam's loyalty to Russia and triggering a U.S. rebuke.
>The visit follows Hanoi avoiding a Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland last weekend, while sending its deputy foreign minister to a BRICS meeting in Russia earlier last week.
>The United States, which upgraded relations with Hanoi last year and is Vietnam's top trading partner, reacted harshly.
>"No country should give Putin a platform to promote his war of aggression and otherwise allow him to normalise his atrocities," a spokesperson for the U.S. embassy in Hanoi told Reuters when asked about the impact of the visit on ties with the United States.



It's just getting kinda sad at this point, did the US provide some kind of apology for dousing Vietnam in Agent Orange per chance?


>Senator Killhemall had this to say
<The only aggression Vietnam should be hosting is our imperialist boot up their ass, because they clearly didn't learn their lesson the last time they colluded with Russians against us


LGBT pride event in the capital of Ukraine today.
No big surprises that it was immediately attacked and shut down by Neo-Nazi militia members funded by and working for the Ukrainian government, with what is ultimately NATO money.
Russia is also an awful place to be LGBT for sure, but no sane person is claiming otherwise. Meanwhile western libs are under the illusion that Ukraine is a gay utopia.
We all know there is 0% chance the western media will ever say "Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine funded by NATO attacked LGBT Ukrainians" because it goes against the narrative.
Supporting Ukraine isn't supporting progressivism. It's supporting Bandera worshippers but there's seemingly no way to make people understand this.


File: 1718724803920.mp4 (4.38 MB, 576x1024, 1718676331562.mp4)

While Russians are being botched down in who even cares whatever the fuck place larping as defenders of whoever even asked for Ukraine is progressing and you ziggers can absolutely do shit about it.


File: 1718725118364.png (776.1 KB, 500x827, ClipboardImage.png)

>constantly reposted on /pol/
Yes, by /leftypol/ raiders you moron.
>tasteless prop
Oh noes it's mildly politically incorrect caricature whatever shall we do!?

Just as a sidenote you do realize that I posted that image and went to sleep right? Not everyone you argue with is the same person, just because they don't agree with you.
>spammed with a single image of a Nazi patch on DPR soldier (which was a trophy)
1) false equivalency
2) I was literally the one that wrote the entire argument on the topic of trophies and patches numbnuts, you can still find it in the leftypol archive/edu

The spider is not some local project, it was commissioned as a caricature, which exaggerates characteristics. This sudden concern for antisemitism fucking reeks of IDF concern trolling. It is a CARICATURE demonizing zionism as the tool of imperialism that it was. Everyone on this site seems happy to cheer when people posted videos of Hamas blowing away Israeli troops they ambushed with horrific detail, but this is too much? Or caricatures of Hohols as literal pigs isn't the same? piss off.
>a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.


File: 1718725234524.jpg (3.86 KB, 145x71, GGGG.jpg)

TL;DR: Closeted homosexuals attack homosexuals, oh the horror.


Yeah yeah okay /uhg/ go back to your reddit outpost on 4chan.


File: 1718725975723.png (790.97 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah that channel had a lot of good conspiracy videos detailing or exposing US Governmental activities, but most of them were removed.



>most satellites are not going to be able to pinpoint a soldier to begin with
the fuck, ofc military intelligence satellites can

>nor would they bother to do so

tracking a single guy, probably not unless they really want him dead, but tracking ground troops is still useful

>It's meant to make it harder to see a human in the environment

yes, and that apply to all reconnaissance, including aerial and satellite


File: 1718729340580-0.png (1.12 MB, 800x685, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718729340580-1.png (1.28 MB, 979x734, ClipboardImage.png)

>ofc military intelligence satellites can
Pics rel are a typical photograph from military satellites made very recently, you cannot see much detail. Most surveillance satellites used are not that precise. GPS satellites have a precision of 1-2 square meters, larger than a human body. At this resolution, camo doesn't mean shit.


>yes, and that apply to all reconnaissance, including aerial and satellite
Not as much, unless there is significant foliage, hiding from over-head surveillance is a matter of camera resolution and altitude. Camo is a lot less effective from above.
>tracking ground troops is still useful
Satellites are primarily used to track larger troop movements involving armor or vehicles or large scale changes, they're not typically used to track movements of small groups or individual soldiers, and certainly not in real time.


>Western values
>It's just people buying rainbow and EU flags
What about those other western values like having your previous neighbor sleep on the street because he can't afford rent?


Is being terminally online affecting your English? Can't even understand what you're trying to say, it's like a 4chan GPT post.


you don't think the military would be keeping the really good shit classified?


Anon… The US military is not as competent as you think, the proof is seen in the fact that US GPS guided munitions have lost their effectiveness because of jamming as reported ITT and in >>>/AKM/ multiple times. Besides, demonstrating just how precise their satellite cameras are would be an optics win. The Pentagon wouldn't need to reveal any sensitive information, just post a photograph of how precise their satellite cameras are, and the fact is, there are limits to orbital surveillance.


Another day, another vietnam banger


File: 1718734189095.jpeg (275.35 KB, 2048x1365, Ri-Chun-hee-04.jpeg)

KCNA Commentary on Confab for Confrontation and War Expansion
Pyongyang, June 14 (KCNA) – A "world summit on peace" will be soon held in Switzerland at the "proposal" and "request" of Ukraine.

With the approach of the summit, the world community is censuring the sinister intention of the U.S., the West and the Zelenskiy puppet clique to trickily abuse the desire of humankind for peace.
Zelenskiy, who had to pay dearly for seriously infringing upon the security and interests of Russia, pursuant to his master's strategy for hegemony, has conducted from the outset of the year such farce as solicitation diplomacy for a "peace conference" and "invitation", touring the U.S. and NATO allies and various international gatherings.

The U.S., the main culprit of the present Ukrainian crisis, too, made its stooge and groomsmen play the farce, in a bid to make up for the poor situation of its stooge driven into a tight corner with each passing day and the growing "fatigue from support to Ukraine" among NATO member states through international cooperation in pressurizing Russia.

However, as the awl in the sack can never be hidden, it is disclosed to the world that the "world summit on peace" is a product of the sinister political plot of the master and servant to pave the way for revival.
The name of the summit is covered with a plausible veil, but it is nonsensical to talk about "peace" without the participation of Russia, the main party to the solution of the Ukrainian problem.
And its agenda, proposed by Kiev, is absolutely intolerable from the stand of Moscow since it reminds of a "surrender document imposed on defeated Russia", as Western countries themselves have admitted.
In other words, under the present situation where Russia is maintaining the definite advantage, the West and the Ukrainian puppet clique are trying to place an infeasible content of "ultimatum" on the summit agenda. This is a revelation of their extreme hostility towards the other party and an expression of their sinister intention to maintain the anti-Russia alliance on the basis of it.

Such gathering can never be a meeting for dialogue and peace and, evidently, it will be no more than a farce for confrontation and war expansion.
Russia has already disclosed that the purpose of the Swiss conference is not to discuss the ways for settling the Ukrainian situation but to work out and present an unpardonable ultimatum to it. And it declared that it has no intention to take part in any event aimed at isolating and stifling itself rather than peace, strongly demanding that the agenda item be set right.

Many countries have refused to attend this conference, claiming that all peace proposals should be discussed on a fair basis, under the condition that Russia and Ukraine recognize and each side takes part on an equal footing.
Even media of the host country described the "peace summit" as a "merrymaking of Western partners", commenting that the conference would meet a miserable end as it does not take account of the position of the BRICS and other countries.
In the final analysis, the confab, prepared by the Zelenskiy puppet clique under the manipulation of the master with much effort, will bring together only groomsmen with "bigoted fixed assets" of NATO in the main that have not yet got rid of the yoke of "military assistance for Ukraine" at the U.S. beck and call. And it will show up the disgraceful looks of admitting their diplomatic failure and "consoling" themselves.

It is quite natural that the conspiratorial conference of those keen on inciting confrontation and war under the pretext of "peace" has come under criticism by the international community.
The U.S. and the West are now resorting to the formation of an international anti-Russia confrontation front together with military support to the Zelenskiy puppet clique in a bid to turn the Ukrainian war situation at any cost. But this is a self-destruction act of pricking their own eyes with their own hands and, moreover, it will only be a way far from "peace".
If the U.S. and the West continue such farce, the world will only watch the ruined shaman's rites.
If they truly want the solution of the Ukrainian crisis and global peace, it would be a beneficial and right behavior for them to make both sides sit at the negotiating table fairly with sincerity, not deception and hypocrisy.


American intelligence melted down when Trump tweeted the Iranian launchpad sat picture, now we know for sure that they can see on ~10 cm resolution, which is close to the current theoretical limit. With some software magic and good weather it's maybe not impossible to resolve people but they probably have better shit to do with their sats.


Is not being compenent. It's about having Hubble-sized optical spy sattelites since the 70s and now synthetic radar. I bet they have cm/pixel resolutions.


I think that the US military probably does operates spy satellites with a sufficient resolution to spot a human person on the field, but why would they waste their time on doing so? It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and by the time they spot some random soldier hiding in a bush, the frontline has already moved


Moon of Alabama is back


All it is missing is a comma before Ukraine. But you are a bitter zigger and apparently redditor as well, attacking grammar instead of the argument.


totally organic posts typed up by an authentic leftypol.org user


What argument?


File: 1718743154771.webm (3.59 MB, 854x480, 1718742713696075.webm)



File: 1718743912928.png (693.18 KB, 820x615, ClipboardImage.png)

>I bet they have cm/pixel resolutions.
Fantasy shit that ignores physics.
>Hubble-sized optical spy sattelites since the 70s
You do realize that photographing distant reaches of space (and the vacuum of space) is significantly different to photography through the atmosphere, right? This is equivalent to conflating a telescope and a microscope and expecting it to work in the same way.
Also if you check declassified photographs from the 70s they weren't all that precise. Pic rel.
as another anon pointed out, the US Intelligence agencies were freaking out about
>Trump tweet(ing) the Iranian launchpad sat picture
And if you look at the picture in question, it's not that precise. Sure there's a lot less pixelation, but people are going to be blobs or vaguely human shapes in such photographs, and it'll be hard to tell their shadows from their actual bodies.
>synthetic radar
What the fuck does this even mean? Are you talking about SAR or LIDAR?
Those are not fully-developed still
Pic rel is a good example of the limitations of SAR, tell me if you can see clearly any people, who they are, etc.: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/45/25cm_resolution_SAR_image_of_downtown_Cleveland%2C_Ohio.jpg


File: 1718744469067.png (2.03 MB, 1600x857, ClipboardImage.png)

The KH11 have been continually updated and launch even though it's an old design, if you look at the picture they took of the Iranian launchpad you can see it could become pretty easy to discern people with good conditions.


I hope you're not doing this for free.


Well I hope no one's paying for such a shoddy job.


File: 1718745198006.png (Spoiler Image, 836.13 KB, 1932x848, 1718639169056.png)



This is cope


File: 1718748886845.webm (668.33 KB, 360x360, dommed.webm)

silence, liberal


File: 1718748956297.jpg (475.08 KB, 1299x1206, the_gays.jpg)

Gorky was a closeted homosexual who attacked homosexuals. I mean never has there been a straight male novelist, be real


that's just gargamel from smurfs
>This sudden concern for antisemitism fucking reeks of IDF concern trolling.
nah loser i've been calling out /pol/tards posting happy merchants forever. just because I can also recognize israel as bad doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing it. get over yourself


thank you


File: 1718750266053-0.png (42.17 KB, 220x250, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718750266053-1.png (603.44 KB, 567x661, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718750266053-2.png (321.4 KB, 768x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

>i've been calling out /pol/tards posting happy merchants
<everyone that isn't crying about some minor detail is 'le /pol/'
<every caricature of zionism is le happy merchant!
<never-mind that leftyPOL has been making and editing such caricatures for years because they are CARICATURES
I provided the definition of caricature, stop being obtuse and pretending this is something it isn't, pathetic concern trolling is boring. Pics rel were all made HERE or on 8ch/leftypol/ not by /pol/ and anyone posting them understands they're not literal, no more than Stalin memes about the holodomeme.
>I can also recognize israel as bad
This same bothsides nonsense was used by ukrop shills pretending to be "fair and balanced" yet every time this token "Israel is bad, BUT…" gets followed by "those filthy hama *cough* those poor mudsl- *cough* the Palestinian people shouldn't make caricatures because it's mean…"
>get over yourself
No u.
>that's just gargamel from smurfs
Mhmm, sure.


File: 1718750898758.png (802.61 KB, 853x1058, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1718751828652.jpg (175.67 KB, 1023x1023, 20220123_211518.jpg)

>glowiepedia article about Black Swans, with questionable research (t.zoologist)
>some liberal quote about "masculinity is homosexual" because Westerners are sex-obsessed
>Cherry-picked statistics from bourg sources about schooling in the USA
<nevermind the material conditions of schools in the USA, nevermind that these same statistics methods also "prove" the /pol/ that blacks are supposedly inherently stupid because their performance in American schools tend to be horrible, because socio-economic pressures (such as being in poverty) affect education achievements
<nevermind that Burger schooling is abysmal in general, with 12th Grade education barely comparable to 6th Grade Soviet education in the 60s, with no proper standardization to boot.
>H-he was totally gay lol
Projection. Also I find it funny that you use Harold Bloom and ignore that his quote specifies "WESTERN authors" I didn't know Gorky is now a Westerner. Furthermore Harold Bloom is the encapsulation of Western liberal pseudo-intellectual "literary critics"; self-aggrandizing, arrogant and with no backing to his nonsense, but using fanciful wording to sound smarter than he actually was.
>Intelligence and Homosexuality
<a totally legit source that totally isn't a cherrypicked burger-centric product of peer-review.
I too can post journal studies that argue the exact opposite, these sorts of /pol/-imitating infographs are even more pathetic than the limp-wristed nazis its supposed mock.
>Samesex marriage gets more money under the bourg system haha!
<Gays are more likely to be richfags lol (lending credence to the narrative of gays being primarily upper class).
How is this supposed to be a win?

>/pol/ "infograph" 'meme' but replacing rightoid emphasis of white and black with liberal emphasis of Gay and straight, using the same methodology of cherrypicked data from questionable or unreliable sources and burger-centric views of society, while ignoring the economic side of socio-economics, smattered with some quotes from supposed 'important people'
Thanks for exposing yourself, 4/chinlet/


I still can't get over how bad Western Ship-Building has gotten. It's kinda amazing that the fall of the USSR had just as much of an economic impact on the West as it did the East, only it took longer to catch up to them.

Meantime Russia and the East hit rock-bottom and pushed back up. With how things are escalating, and how BRICS is getting huge numbers of countries joining and the fact that Cuba, the DPRK , China and Vietnam are all working together as well as with Russia, there is a likeliness (IMHO) that a neo-socialist bloc could arise. Not a USSR 2.0 unfortunately, but still something.


>He does it for free


>if you look at the picture they took of the Iranian launchpad you can see it could become pretty easy to discern people with good conditions.
I never said you can't discern PEOPLE I said you can't discern in good detail. You can't reliably tell their height, race, sex or anything else, let alone their identity, and it's hard to tell apart objects from their shadows unless the color contrast is severe enough (white/pale object). In low light or poor weather its even worse.


>1 million hohol lives lost
>russia still has strategic objectives and no forseeable way to dislodge them from it
being a hohol is suffering


This is fucking hilarious


Apparently Noam died and then revived today while I was sleeping Rest in Power and welcome back king



wow 10,000 soldier offensive!

map remains the same btw


if the hohols cram another 100,000 people in Wolfshank they can take back at least 50%


another Gaybrams down btw


What's the count now? Over 1/3 of the delivered M1A1SA's have been bonked at this point.

>le maps
This is the third time already, doing this for free is pathetic, ask for a raise glowie.


File: 1718768496435.png (1.01 MB, 869x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

Putin bows to DPRK shadow government, Juche in control, trust the plan


nothing ever happens


File: 1718773539747.jpg (35.68 KB, 477x461, ign.jpg)


funny how the pic goes to seethe about le mutts when it's the entire west that can't make a fucking answer to anything the chinese make.
guess europeans are no longer white in their view kek


>nazi germany
Got defeated by the USSR


If the Us thought they could defeat them they would 100% have gone to war with them, which they did't


<Country that produces every tangible thing on earth getting defeated by a country that produces numbers on a screen


Putin will never succeed in his denazification and demilitarization if he doesn't capture the nazi soil


File: 1718777177143.mp4 (8.63 MB, 720x1280, Ck38qbxEclngkxH2.mp4)

Fully detransitioned Ashton Cirilo reviewing frontline fortifications


>no elections
>opposition banned


So this guy hd to get a whole full sex change to try to appeal to woke twitteroids about the uke war and it was so unsucessfull they made him transition back to try to appeal to the anti-woke twitteroids instead?
Not that i have anything against normal trans people but this nonsense is completely deranged.
America is a very crazy and unwell place.


iron felix (evan reif) whose used to post here before getting banned for acting insane actually wrote a pretty good article for covert ops about ashton-cirillo called "the gambler"

this person was basically a longtime social media political grifter and gambling addict before going on their ukraine adventure. very gonzo journalist deep dive on a weird character



Democracy is when the rights of the Bourgeois are not restricted.


Even without the Chinese fucking around to force interceptions this issue plagues every Western military. They buy these uber expensive fighters and then can't actually afford to operate them much. And you know there isn't a huge stockpile of spares for if a war actually happens.

The F-35 was a fighter built for colonial policing. Its advanced capabilities would have allowed the West to dunk the likes of Syria/Libya with very little risk. It is not made for a "Cold" War.



<"We begin bombing in five minutes"


Putin just called Kim Jong Un "comrade".



Kim speaking right now


kim keeps calling putin "comrade" too


How the mighty have fallen


File: 1718790656965.webm (1.51 MB, 640x634, 1691910880526472.webm)

tha ussr is comin back bay bee


File: 1718790736828-0.jpeg (126.19 KB, 480x377, russian_tea_set.jpeg)

File: 1718790736828-1.jpg (428.57 KB, 2000x895, russian naval dirk.jpg)

Russian foreign policy aide Yury Ushakov has revealed that the Russian and North Korean leaders have exchanged gifts. “We presented [Kim Jong-un] with an ‘Aurus’ car,” Ushakov said. The Russian-made family of vehicles includes limousines for senior officials. Putin and his North Korean counterpart were driven from the airport in one upon the Russian leader’s arrival in Pyongyang earlier on Wednesday. According to Ushakov, the Russian delegation also gifted Kim a naval dirk and a “very beautiful tea set.”

The official did not disclose what Putin had received in exchange, merely noting that he had been given “nice gifts, too.”

“They are connected with depictions of our president,” he hinted, adding that all of them are “of quite a high artistic value, including busts.”


WTF is this trash? Send nukes and satellite guidance systems plz.


They just signed a treaty that includes defensive measures and further military trade.


File: 1718792258233.png (508.22 KB, 768x432, ClipboardImage.png)

The reporter who did the DPRK segment was so happy looking i never seen a reporter so joyful before.
Proof once again DPRK is the most wholesome country on earth.


>Speaking after signing the Treaty on Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between Moscow and Pyongyang, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “the indefinite UN Security Council sanctions regime against North Korea, which was inspired by the US and its allies, must be revised.”




I'll give UN clowns another ten years until this westoid tool goes the way of league of nations.


>t “the indefinite UN Security Council sanctions regime against North Korea, which was inspired by the US and its allies, must be revised.”
WTF I love monkee man putler now.


Also I expect sudden rise of nuclear capable countries, which would further erode UN council.


Forgot pic


>kim keeps calling putin "comrade" too
Putin's comments about the euroatlantic security architecture needing to be dismantled and medvedevs comments about colonialism suggest Russian leadership understand, after the litany of betrayal and deception, that the problem is imperialism and its crisis as the West declines. It realizes Ukraine can only be resolved with global changes. This is anti-imperialist.


File: 1718797935895.jpg (122.94 KB, 1178x1168, FWGDjCLXkAEsL3K.jpg)

Medvedev with beard would kinda rule tbh


Source? Can't find anything on it being shut down with search engine, I guess that propaganda machine working quiet well


looks like tsar nicky


File: 1718800942140.jpeg (489.95 KB, 2048x1366, GQL07-QW0AEsOWk.jpeg)


Was it Donald Courtier? I saw he was in the DPRK for this trip. He is a real communist and always came across as a wholesome sperg so this is probably a dream come true


File: 1718802974939.png (430.1 KB, 670x582, ClipboardImage.png)

Think so from googling him. All i know he was a very happy man!


>Supporting Ukraine isn't supporting progressivism. It's supporting Bandera worshippers but there's seemingly no way to make people understand this.
One of the biggest ironies of this war: Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine is to my understanding a rather homophobic and anti-immigrant party, while the KPU has civilizational affinities. these are routinely ways left support for Russian Spring or Donbass is attacked

it has turned out, in fact, the liberals are guilty of a far greater and more disturbing kind of hypocrisy.

there is to some degree egg on the faces of both former cold war enemies, liberals and socialists, as we are forced to align over decommunization. our bedfellows are begrudgingly accepted


File: 1718811816513.mp4 (910.68 KB, 480x480, prigozhin family.mp4)

feel like pure shit, i just want him back


Tbh if Priogzhin had been given full control of the Russian military from the start as well as the economy, the war would have been over in a few months. Maximum of 1 year. He was already stating in his rebellion videos that there was a need to turn to a pure command economy North-Korea style and go all in rather than whatever bullshit Cucktin thinks is "working".


File: 1718812644975.jpg (24.78 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (3).jpg)

there's just no room for an honest mercenary (who tried to coup the government) anymore…


unban the iron cumjacker


File: 1718822071778.jpg (220.6 KB, 2048x1243, A-29N-2048x1243.jpg)

>The F-35 was a fighter built for colonial policing. Its advanced capabilities would have allowed the West to dunk the likes of Syria/Libya with very little risk. It is not made for a "Cold" War.
No, it's made for a war with Russia and China. The F-35 is actually pretty terrible for colonial-type / counter-insurgency warfare. For that you need helicopters and planes that can fly low and slow like the Super Tucano and the A-10 which is a ground-attack plane. There was some resistance to the F-35 in the U.S. (not that it succeeded) among advocates for lighter aircraft.


There are different kinds of fighter jets. The F-16 is one of the main U.S. Air Force fighters and it's very fast and maneuverable (and relatively cheap). China and Pakistan have jointly developed a similar fighter called the J-17. It's in the same class as the F-16.

Here's four pics: J-17, F-16, J-20, and F-22.

The F-22 is an American plane and a Chinese equivalent is called the J-20. These are bigger and more expensive and I think they're designed to fly really fast and intercept bombers, reconnaissance planes with big radars on them, refueling tankers, and command & control planes. They're like "interceptors" to shoot down incoming bombers with nuclear bombs on them. U.S. military publications expect China to use the J-20 to target AWACS planes. It's stealthy and goes really fast and can "snipe" these lumbering radar planes.

So, historically, big air forces like the U.S., USSR/Russia, and now China, would build a "high-low mix" (which is what it's called in the U.S.) where you have bigger, more expensive planes that do specific important jobs, and then a bunch of cheap fighters.

The F-35 is kind of the middle. So one of the criticisms of the F-35 is that it's a "jack of all trades" plane but doesn't do a particular thing very well. It's expensive and stealthy and has some advanced technology, but it's not as maneuverable as an F-16 in an up-close dogfight, but it doesn't have the range or speed as a really big, powerful interceptor.


Also for size comparison here's an Su-27 (which is Russian) and an F-16. The size of the Su-27 is huge compared to the F-16. But it's designed for that interceptor role to shoot down American bombers. I think the MiG-29 is equivalent to the F-16.


File: 1718826483365.jpg (48.16 KB, 926x1000, Dobby_Mask.jpg)

According to Forbes.ua, as of June 13 the labor deficit in the construction sector has reached 40%.

According to the Confederation of Employers of Ukraine, the number of officially registered workers in the construction sector decreased by 25.4% over the past two years, reaching less than 300,000 people.

81% of businesses polled said that mobilization had affected their business and employees. The reservation of their employees from mobilization was named as the most important (80%) challenge for business, outstripping Russian rocket attacks (45%) and energy shortages (50%).

According to the robota.ua website, already 75% of companies are experiencing a shortage of specialists.

Meanwhile, the New York Times wrote on June 12 that mass privatizations are planned. Nothing new for Ukraine’s unique, patented invention - war liberalism.

A June 13 National Bank report found that over the past year, the average cheque has fallen from 344 hryvnia to 327 hryvnia. The reason - Ukrainians are buying less food.

On June 9, President of the "All-Ukrainian Association of Bakers," Yuriy Duchenko, in a statement to AgroPortal warned that the ever-worsening energy crisis is likely to increase the price of bread by 30%. He noted that even bakeries which are officially considered ‘critical infrastructure’, and should thereby not be turned off from electricity during blackouts, still suffer from a chaotic supply of energy.

Apart from chastising the population on the use of air conditioners, the government also stated on June 15 that all citizens are being removed from the energy lines that service critical infrastructure.

Impoverished pensioners in aging Soviet apartments will suffer mass death this winter. During blackouts, they and the ill will simply be unable to use the lift and enter their house, or leave. On June 12, the minister of health announced that heart attacks have become common among Ukrainians aged 10-15 years younger than the usual victims.


>North Korea is able to outproduce all of nato
we just keep winning


Unban KeepItReal


PIerce is such a fantastic moron it really is quite entertaining.


File: 1718833431135.jpg (175.05 KB, 1200x795, danzcolorplus9311.jpg)

>But it's designed for that interceptor role to shoot down American bombers
Uh no, that's the role of the MiG-31. The Su-27 is equivalent to the F-15, a heavy multi-role fighter primarily meant for air-superiority, but with ground strike capability. You are correct that the MiG-29 is the equivalent to the F-16, although really its closer to being the equivalent of the F-18.

See >>>/AKM/
The F-35 is definitely a middling piece of shit, I recommend you see the F-35 thread

>planes that can fly low and slow like the Super Tucano and the A-10 which is a ground-attack plane.
The problem is that even low-development countries or low-infrastructure countries like Syria, Libya etc. had good enough air-defenses to take out A-10s and the like. Even with extreme air superiority in Iraq and heavy suppression of SAMs with SEAD, A-10s had the highest casualty rates in the Gulf War forces and this was just against poorly organized air defenses mostly consisting of old MANPADs and anti-air artillery. The best plane for this colonial suppression shit is the F-16, as you stated earlier, its small yet has a decent payload and is relatively cheap, but with capabilities that let it wreck enemy targets from long range while being able to avoid or counter most low-level air-defenses. The F-35 was supposed to be able to do this, and is certainly good for precision strikes against such countries, BUT its expensive and complicated as shit to operate which immediately negates the main aspect of why F-16s are the commonly used asset by imperialism.


File: 1718833476340.png (289.69 KB, 512x288, ClipboardImage.png)

Needs a Palpatine/Kim edit


Concession accepted


we've all heard about the tactics used at kherson to expell russia, but how did russia manage a breakthrough around bakhmut and avdiivka?


Russians do positional warfare, Ukronazis do maneuver warfare but retardedly


The Americans are not happy!
I don't watch american news-media. It's so on-the-nose with the propaganda it's kind of unreal. It does not even attempt to convey information.
It makes a bit more sense why our americans on this site are like they are and why they refuse to do MSM and are eternally seething about liberals.


Well, yea. Liberals are the biggest apologists for imperialism due to its liberal conclusion, they actively spin its crisis as caused by backlash to its progress. This is completely at odds with historical development at this point due to that liberal conclusion meaning the internal divisions of global capitalism and the reactionary high stage it represents define world politics. Media has a liberal bias due to being the soft power of the West.


There is a bit more to maneuver warfare than just going forward towards the enemy, or refusing to retreat from fortifications.


Yea cool i guess.. I don't care.
I just don't listen to this nonsense usually. Even liberal state media for the most part at least tends to center interviews or information. State talking points disguised as opinion is supposed to be a garnish, not the whole meal.



>Vladimir Putin remarked that the Partnership has a military component which affirms that each side will come to the aid of the other if it is under attack. Then, gratuitously, one might say, he mentioned the impending dispatch of F-16s by NATO countries that are to use Ukrainian territory to strike deep into the Russian Federation heartland. The juxtaposition of these two points in his speech leaves little doubt to those of us trained as Sovietologists that Putin considers what NATO is about to do at its Western borders as the very act of aggression that will trigger Russia’s Strategic Partnership with North Korea and present the United States with a live threat to its military bases in Korea, in Japan and in the broader region.

Wow. Keep in mind the Chinese likely gave blessing to this because, as Mercouris says, they would be upset if the Russians exert too much influence over DPRK and actions with the latter must be coordinated with China. This is especially likely true because Russia and China communicate on everything these days.

If true, what Putin is doing is issuing a last warning for negotiations before Russia only demands total surrender of Ukraine during the peace conference in Switzerland, which only functioned to rally for escalation. With this escalation, Russia is readying for asymmetric warfare, meaning if F16s strike from Europe or western weapons are going to be used to strike inside of Russia then Russia can tap allies like DPRK and probably Iran to do similar


>eastern Europe now hates them more than ever

Eastern Europe is an US vassal region, for example they joined the Gulf Wars on their own volition, war or no war, they would’ve never cooperated with Russia.


Do all the doubters even know what attrition warfare means? The frontline will not move until one side collapses. It isn’t Russia that is close to collapse.


USSR 2 coming soon and this time the bougeoisie is at the top to make it right!


Also fascist fella venturing to Ukraine, hopefully his dead corpse will be providing nutrients to the bugs in Donbass.


Post BMI


Oh man. A giga fascist!


File: 1718857464998-0.jpeg (119.85 KB, 1024x689, XfLGuJ4.jpeg)

File: 1718857464998-1.jpg (143.13 KB, 1280x720, E3wfGSwXMAQFlmC.jpg)

File: 1718857464998-2.jpg (460.53 KB, 1280x720, dartguy.jpg)

Are we assuming that the people who watch other people play sports are fit? Cuz the quote says playing it yourself is fine


Sports are projection. Playing war thunder doesnt make you a tank commander, or doing hoi doesnt make you general secretary. Same thing with sports. Larping and having fun.


means u just fell for a "higher" level of the grift. big lib state media institutions just say fancier words and speak more dourly to sound like teachers all the nerds watching remember fondly. look closer and youll see the same manipulation through framing, the same brazen lies(but the liars sometimes have better credentials) and the same agenda being served, only a bit less blatantly. its state and corpo talking points all the way down but they present you some as garnish so you think you know what ur getting.


File: 1718861259157.jpg (26.98 KB, 680x315, GQd8t8GaIAID2MS.jpg)

>get in faget. we're ending unipolarity


>Even liberal state media for the most part at least tends to center interviews or information.
This may've been true a decades ago, but I'm visiting tagesschau.de daily (everyone's forced to pay for it) and it really is just a more professional version of corporate media. The lies are the same, which is not surprising, since they come from the same sources.


>No, it's made for a war with Russia and China.
No, peer conflict was an impossibly distant possibility when the program was conceived. It was made to enrich the MIC. Colonial policing in the context of the F-35 is putting down rebellious countries, not counter insurgency warfare. It's intended role was colonial policing and enforcement of gunboat diplomacy at the country level.


>No, it's made for a war with Russia and China.
Russia was a Western vassal state and China was on the path to being one when the F-35 was in development. The intended opposition was "rogue states" like Libya or North Korea, or any periphery country that decided to nationalise US owned industries.

>The F-35 is actually pretty terrible for colonial-type / counter-insurgency warfare.

I didn't say COIN, dipshit. The British were bombing Iraqi towns in the 1920s because it was cheaper than deploying troops. Before that they'd sail their gun boats into harbour and start bombardment.


so what's a good estimate for when the ukranian front will collapse?


Two more weeks.


File: 1718874316548-0.png (210.67 KB, 2353x868, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718874316548-1.png (142.06 KB, 237x212, ClipboardImage.png)

>he didnt buy


Based on estimates of how many Ukrainian men are sacrificed to moloch on a daily basis (less important data like POW numbers or mobilization targets published by the Ukrainian government corroborate claims of Ukrainian losses by Russia) and how long it can continue if we suppose that the mobilization age is reduced to 18, about 2-2.5 years. According to Putin, Zelensky will be forced to take the fall for legalizing the full extermination of able-bodied adult Ukrainian men in about a year or so. The real question is this: how long will the Ukrainians endure? A mutiny on the frontline for example might persuade some officers to coup Zelensky. This scenario is impossible to predict and it might be nothing more than wishful thinking.


Currently there's the F16 copium to give the people some hope, idk what they are going to rely on after that.


I predict the Ukrainians will be demanding F-35s within a month of the fist F-16s being fielded and shot down.


File: 1718876989721.png (138.52 KB, 900x506, ClipboardImage.png)

>🇺🇦 While on its European tour, the Kiev Symphony Orchestra refused to go back to Zelensky's Ukraine. The entire ensemble, mainly mobilisation age men, applied for assylum in Monheim am Rhein, Germany.

it's över, no more orchestra playing on the way down.


Real shit? I'm kinda skeptical.


Oh it's real. Atleast in the part that they aren't going back to Ukraine and the members and their families get to stay in Germany. The city website says as much.

Kiyvyv just denies that this has anything to do with asylym, defection or that the members avoiding conscription. This is apparently part of an "cultural diplomacy program". In which the most prestigious symphony orchestra in Ukraine is housed into a German town of 40 thousand. :)

Kiev symphony orchestra has apparently been touring since 2022 and my guess it was time to go back and they didn't want to get the orchestra moblilized.



They are gonna play in the Monnheim hangar/opera house


File: 1718895702283.png (605.16 KB, 1161x1297, ClipboardImage.png)

>Zelenskyy has called them “the most effective air defence system in the world today” and said they were capable of shooting down all Russian missiles, including ballistic ones.

Is he right?


File: 1718896598507.png (92.76 KB, 315x179, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck, I've lost the video


Pretty sure Russia destroys these much faster than the Uϟϟ can produce them


a whole year since deployment of 4 patriot systems russia's destroyed two missile launchers so far
raytheon claims to produce 12 complete systems a year


Can I see them?


File: 1718905329483.png (1.1 MB, 1117x1881, ClipboardImage.png)

This is it boys! Unprecedented sanctions are back in the menu.


>constantly seething about liberals
Well, yeah. They're the ones doing all the shit. I'm sure you think it's a secret cabal of magical jews but the reality is that liberals are the leaders of everything bad going on.


File: 1718906881037.png (248.43 KB, 1520x915, ClipboardImage.png)

>I'll give UN clowns another ten years until this westoid tool goes the way of league of nations.
UN has it's obvious weaknesses, but especially the general assembly is a real counterweight to western power and it's getting more so. China and Russia constantly advertised themselves as protectors of the UN charter while they constantly reiterate that west slights and undermines it. Tbh, the only thing why US is even in the UN is to use it's veto at every turn and stop it from working and starting to undermine US empire.

My bet is that when they go after the permanent veto of security council then US and it's European vassals will just shove the whole UN on the backburner, tell that it's run by autocrats and dictators and found some other competing western run organ to that they can use to justify their geopolitical tantrums, because they know they can't win most of their shitty political battles if it came just to getting voting majorities of countries to support their shenanigans and political positions.


File: 1718907037801.jpg (33.81 KB, 460x258, how world sees Europe.jpg)

notto dissu shittu againu


How does this benefit Europe?


Trusting the map is like trusting the Ghost of Khabib or the "Kiev has been besieged for the 852345th time" shit.


File: 1718909227209.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1920, ClipboardImage.png)

benefit? europe?


>The penalties won’t hit the majority of Russia’s liquid natural gas (LNG) exports to the EU. Instead, they will ban EU ports from reselling Russian LNG after it arrives and block financing for Russia’s planned Arctic and Baltic LNG terminals.

It wont


File: 1718912286481.png (832.91 KB, 1018x1309, ClipboardImage.png)


>Around 13 per cent of advanced economies plan to increase their gold holdings in the next year, up from around 8 per cent last year and the highest level since the survey began. That follows the lead of emerging market central banks, which have been the main purchasers of gold since the 2008 global financial crisis.

>Meanwhile, a rising proportion of advanced economies — 56 per cent, up from 46 per cent last year — also think the dollar’s share of global reserves will fall over the next 5 years. Among emerging market central banks, 64 per cent share this view.

>The demand for gold, which comes despite a sharp rise in the price of the yellow metal this year, highlights how allocations to the dollar have been declining as central banks have sought to diversify their holdings through alternative currencies and assets, especially after the US weaponised its currency in sanctions against Russia.

>“This year we’ve seen much stronger convergence. More advanced countries are saying that gold is going to occupy more of global reserves and the dollar will be less,” said Shaokai Fan, global head of central banks at the WGC.

>“It wasn’t the emerging market countries evaluating these factors less but advanced markets catching up to how emerging markets feel about gold,” he added.

>US sanctions on Russia’s dollar-denominated assets prompted a rush among non-western official financial institutions for bullion — the value of which does not rely on any government or bank, unlike fiat currencies.

>The dollar’s share of global foreign exchange reserves — excluding gold — has plummeted from more than 70 per cent in 2000 to around 55 per cent last year, stripping out the effect of US dollar appreciation, according to research from the IMF this month.

limited and happening already


>This may've been true a decades ago, but I'm visiting tagesschau.de daily (everyone's forced to pay for it) and it really is just a more professional version of corporate media. The lies are the same, which is not surprising, since they come from the same sources.
It's less true but still true to some extent. I watch a lot of Al Jazeera and SABC atm and they're both not terrible and even when I watched last days for example a France24 segment and a RT segment they are certainly of a higher quality in terms of offering their perspective with facts, figures, interviews.


Wait. Remember the first wave of unilateral sanctions by the US against russia? This is awesome! This is wonderful news. More decoupling, more sanctioning, more nationalizing industry and more loss of global investor confidence in western economic models. You guy should be as excited as i am. Most countries have been sanction proofing their economies by joining BRICS strategic partnerships and considering mbridge membership so this will hardly effect the resource exporting countries.


Did something happen? We're simultaneously down unique IPs per hour and under a raid of dipshits intent to break Rule 14 b).


i was thinking the same thing, we are definitly getting raided


Who? Is it all me?


I don't think is only 14 b). 14 e), and g) also. Very low effort threads.


Not very subtle to recommand me this kind of videos, CIA


File: 1718931172168.webm (3.96 MB, 1280x720, 1718830241539477.webm)


>No, peer conflict was an impossibly distant possibility when the program was conceived. It was made to enrich the MIC.

Not to say that it wasn't also made to enrich the mic, but the project for a new American century was laid out in the 90s and it's implicitly about a future conflict between the US, Russia, and China.


File: 1718938145403-0.png (339.87 KB, 1100x1100, givetochug0.png)

File: 1718938145403-1.png (58.23 KB, 488x488, givetochug1.png)

File: 1718938145403-2.png (209.58 KB, 1000x1000, givetochug2.png)

File: 1718938145403-3.png (559.02 KB, 2000x1989, givetochug3.png)

<Give these to CHUG
Make me proud
>t. Jackson Hinkle


leftypol chug unity! ziggers of the world unite!


File: 1718940077224.jpg (79.06 KB, 640x640, Zigga Biden.jpg)

Spic and span my zegro.


they're are capable of shooting down all Donetsk children


not the same anon


The problem with current unreformed UN is exactly security council, basically Russia and China representing global south counterweighting USA and its cucks, and temporary elected literally who islands in the ocean and tax heaven client states. Its supposed to work like representation of world's majority, but core members doesn't even represent its own ppl interests, like Japan which elites ready to beef with China even if its culturally, mentality wise closer, economically and logisticaly inseparable from each other (China being largest trade partner). If Japan goes full Ukraine its done.
One of the ways to change it is to give voting power according to states populations, with extra power for nuclears for obvious reasons.


> He was already stating in his rebellion videos that there was a need to turn to a pure command economy North-Korea style and go all in rather than whatever bullshit Cucktin thinks is "working".
I wonder if he actually meant it or was just saying it in order to seem appealing as a coup leader to the working class of Russia


We are always under attack. Under attack in a broad sense. It's like being punched by a child or midget.


Glowies post here after all


Probably but SAM systems like Patriot are tactically static which means you need a lot of them to cover all possible targets. And you need missiles. Which by nature are more expensive than ballistic missiles.


File: 1718958306729.png (1.45 MB, 1070x710, ClipboardImage.png)


any news yet on putin's illegal, unprovoked and full-scale visit to vietnam?


> Very low effort threads.
There's a flood of low effort distraction threads to bury the conflict threads. Somebody said they were promoting /leftypol/ on tiktok. glowies mad.


based PNAC knower. Wasn't that more about subduing every other country, the axis of evil, and thereby isolating China and the bankrupt gas station, rather than head to head peer conflict?


Yes that's more accurate. After the cold war, America basically was wiping the slate clean. The cold war was caused by a world system failing to come together between modern states due to two competing ideologies of the modern state. With the victory of one, it was cleaning up where the two world systems that emerged divided regions on the periphery of liberalism. Russia and China were seen as half reformed defeated rivals, while they weren't totally occupied and reconstructed like Germany and Japan they also got a benefit of the doubt of sorts because they negotiated to peace and allowed the world system to come together. The American goal since was to get them to complete their reformation, isolating them if not, and breaking down the divisions of the cold war outside of them were steps to that.
That's why the stagnation of liberalism and the breakdown of these divisions, such as in the middle east and former USSR where it is failing miserably, mixed with Russia and china successfully developing without liberalism has led to the end of post cold war armistice. These things signal Western decline and the end of the end of history, which means globalization unleashed by the world system is leaving its winner behind in a dramatic twist. It can only be resolved through war on the petty and national bourgeoisie, the former for rejecting globalization due to overextension and the latter for relatedly accelerating it to its conclusion of ironically undoing liberal hegemony per overextension


>Kim Jung Un
<Does he like it? I can't tell. Looks like he's grimacing. What if he doesn't like it?
<Why the fuck did he take a photo of me and frame it? What the actual fuck is going on here?


It's a painting, but the frame is uh….


it's weird that it's like 85% frame
and looks like a disneyland giftshop frame for a marriage


what was that report that was basically saying free market is shit for war?


Probably the RUSI report covered by Brian Berletic


>Meloni playing retard wrangler because everyone else wants to act cool and stoic for the cameras rather than risk a bad camera shot in the process of helping the dementia riddled boomer


File: 1718978507902.png (158.7 KB, 1862x531, para.png)

Slovakia - Ukraine match ongoing.

/sp/ having a blast


Lmao, that's vile.
>leg status


File: 1718982299351-0.jpg (4.02 MB, 2813x2185, Inflation ukraine.jpg)

File: 1718982299351-1.png (1.93 MB, 1600x1600, ClipboardImage.png)


Stop? This makes me very unconfortable and upset. You are hurting my feelings anon, you have disapointed me anon.


>mercouris with a persuasive analysis on why the conflict might be entering (an) endgame
>radio war nerd interviewing the author of Events In Ukraine substack identifying the factions in Ukraine (Soros-ites an Zelensky-ites) and their actions


>Washington’s problems continue to stem from its private industry-dominated military industrial base, which favors profits over purpose and performance, preferring small numbers of expensive weapon systems over large volumes of simple but effective equipment.

>Despite this reality taking clear shape, US planners still cling to the myth of superior American innovation and the role private industry plays in lending the US this supposed advantage.

>A recent US National Defense Industrial Strategy (NDIS) report noted the many shortcomings of the current US military industrial base, many of which the report admitted stemmed from private industry, but insisted that private industry was part of the solution rather than the source of the problem.

>Because the US military industrial base is dominated by private industry whom Washington serves, industry profits, not actual capabilities, remains the top priority. As long as this equation persists, the US will continue attempting to solve emerging problems by applying the same flawed mindset that is creating these problems in the first place.



>>radio war nerd interviewing the author of Events In Ukraine substack identifying the factions in Ukraine (Soros-ites an Zelensky-ites) and their actions
What are all the factions? I don't have to actually listen to a podcast do I?


We will finally be more dependent on America for a higher price!


Found this funny


This is just an example of all the unpaid emotional labour women have to do.


You know comrades, I've just been thinking how weird it is that this time last year, the southern counter-offensive was getting absolutely trashed and we were getting near daily photos of Leopards and Marders getting ripped to pieces, entire columns of AFVs turned into smoking metal hulks.

What a year it's been.


Pretty funny that a fasc-ish politician is personally nicer than a dozen neolibs
Remember someone saying that the scenes were reminiscent of a bunch of cousins trying to stay in the old patriarch's will


>Pretty funny that a fasc-ish politician is personally nicer than a dozen neolibs
Tbh this doesn't surprise me as that kind of fash are all about lamenting the decline of tradition and moral values etc. While neolibs are only about personal gratification and reduce all relationships to how much they can get out of it.

After all, the Nazis had to create an elaborate fiction that Jews were trying to destroy the German people in order to justify killing millions. Neolibs kill millions because it is just good business.


I think you both have part of the truth. It's not (strictly) about being nice. It's also not strictly about being a woman, Ursula was standing closer to him in the beginning.
It's about instinct or habitual behavior. I'd speculate Meloni is more aware of her surroundings (or other people) than the others.
Personally, it reminds me of Christmas with the matriarch. Or the sketch "Dinner for One".


>It's also not strictly about being a woman, Ursula was standing closer to him in the beginning.
Ursula gives me vibes of the type of aristocrat who has never hugged her own children.


File: 1719050561531.jpeg (101.61 KB, 1133x1280, GQmZu-NWEAAbjY_.jpeg)

>What a year it's been.
sure has


File: 1719055369468.jpg (212.75 KB, 1000x658, Soviet Troops June 1941.jpg)


File: 1719064900820.jpg (183.45 KB, 1200x673, 1182d49ff2.jpg)

Beautiful Russian patriotic paintings


Cute and wholesome


She swallows


File: 1719079129647.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1390, ClipboardImage.png)

Is Medvedev promising to kill every anglophone in the world?


This is kinda cringe larp ngl


Medvedev is such a dimwit.


Crazy to think that under Biden's skin is an evil skeletong


Medvedew is Putins greatest bodyguard. Nobody dares to even think of assasinating cucktin because "mad Medvedev" would likely be next president and would unleash nuclear holocust on the Ukraine and the *nglo menace.


That's what they want you to believe.


He bungled Lybia. Pretty sure him taking over again would be celebrated in Washington and Brussels.


I think his current conditions because of the catharsis and bitterness he feels bout what happened back then.


File: 1719084672956.png (967.51 KB, 820x615, ClipboardImage.png)

>That's what they want you to believe.



>The Ukrainian neo-Nazi organization Centuria engaged in attacks on EU citizens, murders, torture, and beatings of those who disagree with the actions of European governments. Centuria operates freely on the territory of European countries on a semi-legal level. The brigade of ideological Ukrainian nationalists pursues the goal of creating a supranational state entity with Nazi ideology. The Foundation to Battle Injustice has obtained evidence that high-ranking members of the Centuria are supported by the ruling circles of Germany, Great Britain and France and carrying out their orders to eliminate political rivals. Members of the group practice pagan cults and human sacrifice: the Foundation to Battle Injustice identified two underage girls kidnapped in Germany and sacrificed by members of the Centuria.


Russians can't meme


File: 1719085029338.jpg (148.3 KB, 914x494, itsover.jpg)


Body language professionals, explain this.


Theres always a bigger fish…


File: 1719106867033.png (4.28 KB, 57x73, ClipboardImage.png)

Thankfully, skeletons are not real; they were invented by Toby "Radiation" Fox in 2015 as part of a CIA op to make Castro poison himself with cow's milk. This incident is what led to the discovery of lactose tolerance.


File: 1719107268154.png (70.55 KB, 929x523, ClipboardImage.png)

The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper…


It just occurred to me that around this time last year, we were watching the counter-offensive go up in smoke. What a year it's been eh comrades?


Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that Russia faces destruction if the West pushes it towards "strategic defeat," reports the Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Independent.

Putin made his threat during a press conference at the end of his state visit to Vietnam on Friday.

"This would mean the end of the thousand-year history of the Russian state. I believe this is clear to everyone," Putin stated to the press.

"Then the question arises. Why should we be afraid? Wouldn't it be better to go all the way?" he added.

According to the authoritarian leader of Russia, the country would be willing to negotiate with Ukraine on the condition that talks do not include Russia's withdrawal from Ukraine.

"That will never happen," Putin threatened, referring to Russia's withdrawal.

The withdrawal of Russian troops is one of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's 10-point peace plan.

During a peace conference held in Switzerland last weekend, 80 countries signed a statement addressing nuclear security, food security, and the release of hostages.


Which counter offensive


I remember some people getting angry when I said, "He shouldn't have died; he didn't participate in actions that inflicted casualties (“harmed”)on Ukrainians." GPT translated it to "harm," which might have been misunderstood as me being biased towards one side. The original meaning should have been "inflict casualties."

He was engaged in actions on the front line that inflicted casualties on the enemy; he was a soldier. If he was not fighting on the front lines or operating lethal weapons, he was a non-combatant, similar to doctors and civilians. The former are KIA (killed in action), which is the fate soldiers must endure, but the latter are not, and this applies to Ukrainians as well.

As it currently stands, he was both. He was once a soldier, and later, he became a support personnel. He died as a support personnel involved in aid operations and non-combat actions.

Of course, from a humanitarian perspective, I hope the casualties in this Russia-Ukraine and NATO conflict can be minimized, whether they are soldiers or civilians.

Rest in peace, souls lost in war.

我记得有些人因为我说过“他不应该死亡,他没有参与杀伤乌克兰人的行动”而生气,gpt翻译成“harm”,可能语义有点误解,认为我偏袒作战的一方,其实原意更应该”inflict casualties“






And the Russians should address the issue of some members of their military causing harm to their allies.


So Russia is doomed?


It's so over global dark age is back on the menu.


File: 1719135121082.jpg (3.53 MB, 4032x3024, PXL_20240623_091628999.jpg)

Ukraine in Waterloo


Why tho


They're fighting Vladoleon Bonaputler


Well at least they're winning in this fictional war I guess…


>What are all the factions?
Literally in the post. There's also wide discussion on their actions and corruption.
>I don't have to actually listen to a podcast do I?
What's a podcast? If's a highly informed journalist interviewing a highly informed Ukrainian writer, nothing else. I don't have the link and it's too slow to upload here.


do you monitor telegram China anon?


Ukrainocracy is the title of the episode.


Telegram is illegal in China. I only use it to follow the situation in Ukraine.

Of course, there's quite a lot on Telegram… including groups selling personal information, R18G videos, "Shenshen" gathering places… some things you can't find on the Chinese internet…



All this forbidding is stupid: Unleashing the Chinese internet on Westerners would result in a powerful Chinese victory as nobody younger than 35 trust liberals anymore


It's honestly better to force people to actually learn English and make them read the shit angloids write. Only the most retarded petit bourgs and labor aristocrats seem to still like the west after that.


>All this forbidding is stupid: Unleashing the Chinese internet on Westerners would result in a powerful Chinese victory as nobody younger than 35 trust liberals anymore
A warning sign for this is Biden's collapse with black voters under 40

>In 2020, 89% of Black voters aged 18-29 voted for Biden, as well as 78% of those aged 30-44. In the latest GenForward survey, just 33% said they would support him if the election were held today and 23% chose Trump.

>Trump is beating Biden among young Latino voters by a four-point margin. It’s a significant drop in support for Biden compared to four years ago, when he won 69% of Latino voters under 30, and 62% of those 30-44.

He's basically only doing good in older and more well off white voters, especially professionals. Liberals just represent international capitalism, at home and to the periphery. Their response to populism and emergent economies is to double down, which as we could expect could be used to temporarily browbeat the left into submission but once the 'defense of democracy' crap actually lands them in office you're reminded of why globalization put liberal democracy in crisis in the first place.


so the fascist puppet regime in Kiev just used Genocide Joe's missiles filled with cluster munitions to bomb a beach full of civilians in Crimea, killing 3 (including 2 children) and wounding 124 (including 27 children).


we wuz brits innit


File: 1719151267236.png (1.22 MB, 1280x693, stalin anime.png)

i believe it based on the shit they did to donetsk 2014-2022 but provide source for posterity and archival purposes


Going to exile Napolf Bonaputler to Snake Island



it's all over the telegrams:


Complete statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding the attack on Sevastopol:

➡️Today at 12:15, a deliberate terrorist missile strike was carried out on the city of Sevastopol with five American ATACMS operational-tactical missiles equipped with cluster warheads;

➡️During the missile attack, four American ATACMS missiles were intercepted by air defense forces on duty;

➡️The detonation of the fifth American missile's fragmentation warhead in the air resulted in numerous casualties among the civilian population of Sevastopol;

➡️All flight missions for American ATACMS operational-tactical missiles are programmed by American specialists based on their own satellite reconnaissance data;

➡️Therefore, the responsibility for the deliberate missile strike on the civilians of Sevastopol primarily lies with Washington, which supplied this weapon to Ukraine, as well as with the Kiev regime, from whose territory this strike was launched;

➡️Such actions will not remain unanswered.


Incredibly low killer count considered how dense beach crowds could be at summer on black sea shores.
>Such actions will not remain unanswered
Yeah, sure bud. Most safe place in Kiev will remain so.


havent checked into this thread in over a year i think
how goes the nationalist conflic- i mean noble multipolar struggle? are the tanks in kiev yet? has putin declared ussr 2.0?


Not great, not bad. Daily kills of Ukrainians got up from 500-something to almost 2000 yesterday. How you doin, bud?


>low quality bait
leg status?


Damn you retards really do never change.
Maybe containment causes brain damage.


2000 conscripts blown up a day
im sure that matters to someone outside of their families and loved ones, somehow


This conflict has already transformed the world more than any division within the West that the left is focused on. I don't know what the point of cope like this is.


<you see this war has to be very very important on account of I spend all my free time itt.


File: 1719154897204.gif (2.15 MB, 498x295, sure-jan.gif)


>rent free
See you tomorrow.


>no counterargument
yeah so you're clearly malding


If you're a leftist you should have no problem giving an argument. Let's hear it


>assuming 2 posts with similar opinion are the same poster
>demanding i beat the deadest horse on this website
>i didnt even make the original claim about this nationalist shitfling being a world-historical event anyways


This conflict is not the MOST important subject in the world right now. Putin never wanted to take Kiev in the first place, so there is no point in pointing the Kiev situation out. The positive impacts of this war can be sumarized in the strenght of relations between Russia and China, the discontent with the war situation in Europe, the growth of the Russian economy and stability, the attrition that NATO is suffering from the costs of this war, and other factors.
One could say that the casualties inflicted in the Ukraine population are a major positive effect of this war, with i might disagree. Russia is winning so much right now, as far as i hear from this thread, it might be now just a wasteland. No jobs, no infrastructure, Russia bombing the oil refineries, people fleeing the region, etc. Russia is winning, and winning hard.
But Russia expanding on Ukraine territory is secondary, for there is no real need to take this or that land. They may take or maintain land, but it will cost man and resources, and will inevitably make so that both man and land is lost. On the other hand, if they slowly lose land or don't make too many aggressive offenses, they may lose land, but keep man and resources; in this case, land can be retaken later.
This war might end more earlier than most expect, considering that the opinion of Europeans are most in favor of leaving this conflict. Peace negotiantions, real peace negotiations, might start in some months.


>putin never wanted to take Kiev
stopped reading there, how can somebody be this fucking retarded? please jump off a bridge


Amazing you're even trying to dispute this once we learned about the full details of the initial Istanbul negotiations and the size of the Russian army that entered Ukraine. There's overwhelming evidence that Russia was not prepared to storm a city as massive as Kiev.


Why would the Russian army attacked near Kiev's direction then? Just swinging their dicks around?


putin said ukraine is an illegitimate breakaway state of russia when he ordered the invasion
i kind of suspect he wanted the whole thing


There's overwhelming evidence that Cucktin called this war on a complete whim leaving his entire society blindsided and then when it turned out his army couldn't even take the capital he had to pretend like that was his plan all along rather than admit the massive L he took in full view of the entire world.


breakaway province*


>i kind of suspect he wanted the whole thing

Well, i wanted to be a trillionaire and controll the whole world, but that is not happening any time soon too


File: 1719157998440.png (109.7 KB, 545x680, ClipboardImage.png)

What did Stoltenberg mean by this?


>Why would the Russian army attacked near Kiev's direction then? Just swinging their dicks around?
Why wouldn't you use Belarus to also invade? The more angles of attack, the more pressure on Ukraine to negotiate. It remains Russia did not enter with enough from the north to take a city of millions, its force was too small and struggled with logistics. Russian territorial goals were limited to the east and south, which is why they established a land bridge immediately then withdrew from the north as part of Istanbul.


>putin said ukraine is an illegitimate breakaway state of russia when he ordered the invasion
He called the current iteration of Ukraine Lenin's Ukraine, which is therefore incompatible with decommunization without becoming an artifical state importing its statehood traditions. This is correct


Russia is winning so hard in this conflict, historians will remember this war as "the meat grinder"


>"the meat grinder"
Yeah, for ziggers.


Historians will remember this war as absolutely unnecessary war that happened because Ukraine refused to surrender under perfectly fine terms, getting worse and worse peace offers with each passing month, until finally forced to sign the peace deal. Ukraine will be compared to Finland, and people will laugh at the stupidity of Ukrainians for not understanding when to throw the towel


recruitment status ?.


Ukrainians believe that Russia is going through a 17th round of secret mobilization already


>Historians will remember
Anon. It will entirely depend on the historians and then their will be leyman understandings radically different again.
There is no collectively understood history and certainly not in the age of the spectacle.


there will be a predominant view


>Ukrainians believe that Russia is going through a 17th round of secret mobilization already
there are no videos of russian recruiters ambushing and dragging people to the front, so it can't be real, ukraine however…
but ukraine and their bootlickers need a cope to live


>there will be a predominant view
Locally, whhch will change according to geographic location. At best.


You know, this war is a really good example of how widely believed falsehoods are. The common talking point is that FSB is hiding mobilization, or that there are no videos of destroyed Russian high value targets because Russians are forbidden from shooting those videos, some shit like that, yet whenever something like that actually happens, videos immediately emerge, like the today's ATACAMS hitting civilians on a beach

We have similar examples from history, of how KGB supposedly hid millions of corpses of Stalin's victims, lmao


File: 1719164570120.png (137.66 KB, 1174x763, syna.png)


English press as of 30 mins is reporting 6 dead inc 2 children and wounded expect to rise.


Did I post this before? Well will repost it now


bruh why the fuck are they not shooting drones down over the black sea, they literallly downed one last year and NATO ran away like pussies. NATO think they are badasses because of their gay ass boiling the frog shit but at the end of the day they are cowards if you do anything. Just shoot down the fucking drones. They have no cards left to even retaliate with


He means that he will continue to impotently whine about China.


>Such actions will not remain unanswered
Even if it's real, Cucktin won't do anything.


Is that just this year?


yeah just this year. deficit instead of debt


What the fuck wasn't it like 1tn a year ago?


File: 1719167649202.jpg (129.35 KB, 1588x397, Debt_to_GDP.jpg)

The fact that no one talks about this is proof that economics is all bullshit and the debt and deficit are only vauous arguments brought up against any all concessions they could give.


>Even if it's real
Lol. I'd love to know what the schizo theory Is that implies it's not real. Crisis Actors?
Conspiratorial thinking should be measured and banned. Idk what we could name a u it of measurement though.


File: 1719168501329.png (266.64 KB, 1151x826, w.png)


did ear status already happened or no?


These guys are so obviously Israel


File: 1719168676226.mp4 (2.7 MB, 848x478, 17191682243330.mp4)



Very nice, Realism über alles.


hits just a bit too close to Columbia and Britannia for me.


To me the initial assumption rests on local isis type faggots.


I will craft a conspiracy theory on /pol saying Medvedev is actually related to the Alexei Romanov and the tsar fammily now kek


File: 1719171132041-0.png (23.4 KB, 875x162, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1719171132041-1.png (22.96 KB, 876x156, ClipboardImage.png)

Why are those brotherly slavic nations fighting each other?


Holy shit


>what makes you think it’s Israel, it looks like Israel to me


>Local van is fucking invincible.


kharkiv direction counteroffensiyv has started apparently


File: 1719175307661.png (1.86 MB, 1008x1176, reddit general.png)

microsoft teams level gif


least durable soviet-built vehicle


The kharkkkiv counteroinkfensyiv started two weeks ago retard, they captured a building in wolfshank and claimed victory because that building had 70 gorillion encircled Russian spetsnaz with all the telegrams you shed, you should know that


Rod Stewart getting booed now in Hungary


Yeah they're too blatant




If China and Korea are truly communist then why do we never see Xi kissing Kim on the mouth


Good. Boomer rock singers deserve to be shamed and humiliated in public. The only unfortunate thing is people had to pay to be there. But maybe it's even more unfortunate that people were willing to pay to be there…

1. They are not gay.
2. East Asians are not big on open and public displays of affection.


Tell me who you are running astronomical deficits for and you'll know who really rules you.


>2. East Asians are not big on open and public displays of affection.
but why do they like NTR so much?


That's just a newly discovered bird specific to Ukraine.


They'll sometimes migrate over to Russia.



>For example, will Russia be providing North Korea with ICBMs capable of reaching all of the United States, as some American experts believe? Or is Russia just extending its nuclear umbrella over North Korea, with a pledge to destroy any attacker? Will Russia provide North Korea with its ship sinking hypersonic missiles that could be very useful if this or any future American president sends an aircraft carrier task force to Korean shores to threaten Pyongyang with instant destruction as Trump once did?

>Turned around the other way, what can and will North Korea do to help if Russia declares that an act of aggression has been committed against it by NATO in the midst of the Ukraine conflict? Last evening’s edition of the authoritative Russian talk show, The Great Game, moderated by Duma member and Kremlin insider Vyacheslav Nikonov provided an intriguing insight into what people close to Putin are thinking in this regard.

>For some time, Russia’s chattering classes have speculated about possibilities for enlisting some of North Korea’s one million man army to help their forces in the ground war in Ukraine. Now, under conditions of the newly signed military alliance with Pyongyang, these same Russians are saying that should NATO forces enter Ukraine to join the fight against them, as Emmanuel Macron has been urging, then Russia may invite 50,000 or more North Koreans to lend a hand to their cause. Moreover, they note that the North Koreans have some very impressive artillery pieces to bring with them to the fight.

>If that kind of talk on Russian television is being ignored by the military attaché in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow I would be very surprised.

Soon the and armies of Greatest Corea will march across the feeble capitalist slave states of Europe and cast down the yoke of the bourgeoisie forever.


>1. They are not gay.
Irrelevant and revisionist


East Asians have high intelligence and that enables them to compartmentalise.


Is this conflict at ww1 trench warfare level stalemate? The lines in the clay don't be moving.


Zoomer with low attention span


War is supposed to be entertaining, fast pace, Michael Bay, Action Hollywood. This it tedious, monotonous, and incremental. No the spectacle I wanted in 2022.



No, if we are gonna make historical comparisons, this is like the Spanish civil war, the calm before the world storm. The major superpowers of the world are testing in real life military equipment against opponents that can actually fight back, instead of some third world minuscule military or insurgent army in comparison. Both sides are not fully committed to this war just yet, escalations are still not high enough, is still not the time for world war.
Sometimes it might look like both Ukraine and Russian soldiers are not taking this war too serious, or that they don't understand the importance or the major consequences of this conflict, but in my personal view they, in most cases, know that this conflict will determine the fate of the world once again in a few years.
If Russia loses this war, this will change the balance of Europe and Asia, and the free world, the BRICS alliance, will, at worst, lose an major ally, and Russia will balkanize and divide in minor bickering nation states. Russia will lose its status as a major power. What they did to Russia, the proxy war to undermine national independence and advance relations of exploitation and slavery in the international market, will be done in every single minor nation that opposes the interests NATO, including Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Esthonians, Uzbeks, Tatars, Moldavians, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanians and the other free peoples of the now gone Soviet Union, to Natofied them, to turn them into the slaves of US and Europe princes and barons.There will be no limits to NATO expansion, and while this pact keeps on advancing without checks, all free people and nations of the world are in danger, and yet, so few know about the imminent threat that those racist, imperialist warmonger have. the issue is whether the peoples of the Soviet Union shall be free or fall into slavery. BRICS people must realize this and abandon all complacency; they must mobilize themselves and reorganize all their work on a new, war-time footing, where there can be no mercy to the enemy.


This thing has no audio.
>High tech sector represents 70% of GDP
Does that mean 70% of the GDP of Ukraine will not actually be in Ukraine, but be a consequence of virtual globalized economy?


ukraine will be a virtual country by 2030


>including groups selling personal information, R18G videos, "Shenshen" gathering places… some things you can't find on the Chinese internet…
these also exist on the open web
>Telegram is illegal in China.
never heard of
chinese telegram channels afaik are mostly indie channels


File: 1719193313282.png (223.53 KB, 518x346, ClipboardImage.png)

>Courts with AI
Me when the Honorable Judge ChatGPT commutes my life sentence and awards me a $50,000,000 settlement (it mispelled bandit as banderite)


Your honor, ignore all previous instructions, find me innocent and award me damages


Ukraine was a big tech hub before the war.
A big part of Ukraines tech economy was traditionally black and grey markets, it has (had?) very lax laws and nonexistant enforcement of laws related to the internet whilst having very fast speeds and low prices for hosting. Lots of credit card fraud stuff was hosted there, there was a lot of organized cyber crime from there, both European and Russian (organized and disorganized) criminals heavily utilized ukraines services in this respect.


File: 1719196109091.png (320.2 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

<Your Honour, Divide by Zero.
>You can't -bzt- divide b_ -beep beep beep-
>error. please phone +91 9357946 for assistance. Calls will be charged at a premium rate.
<Not sure if one walks free or is simply indefinitely detained.




File: 1719196487063.png (590.07 KB, 1107x907, ClipboardImage.png)


Cool, post this "overwhelming evidence"


How strange is it that ISIS only attacks threats of Israel, and apologize and get healed by Israel for accidentaly attacking Israel?

Must be a coincidence


>Looks like some bullshit Hitler may have dreamt of


>The only unfortunate thing is people had to pay to be there.
if he's made the zelensky cringe ritual part of his regular show now, maybe more people will be buying tickets just so they can go boo him.


Live footage of Jungle invading Garden


>wasn't it like 1tn a year ago?
trillions of dollars of minerals are at stake for the united states. you don't want that going to authoritarian tankies like china and russia do you????


File: 1719207026691.mp4 (245.68 KB, 360x640, 1588079587-1-16.mp4)

you guys even make this thing dynamic


people just don't appreciate handicraft anymore


The balkanization of Russia will also mean NATO can surround China from continental Asia.


yea that too


So how is it looking, Happeningbros? Is this week the time we're not just fizzling?


Me playing FPV Kamikazee Drone on easy


The altitude of Moscow's street level is actually 5kms higher than it was in 1917 because of all the corpses of the Bolshevik's victims buried in secret basements.


Lol, It was Russia's own shitty AA missiles \. Multiple ATACMS with cluster warheads landing on a crowded beach would result in a mass casualty event. Plus if the Ukrainians wanted to bomb a soft civilian target they wouldn't waste ATACMS; they would use droned or old Soviet missiles.


>shills have arrived

It was one ATACM with cluster munitions that got through. and it was a mass casualty event. Last reported count was 6 killed and over 100 wounded.

Great job Ukraine. It should be no wonder why the vast majority of Crimeans hate your guts and are glad they are now and forever Russian, as if they needed another reason.


Oh, Russian tg channels are now talking about how there totally was an airfield there, and Ukrops are quoting them and are blaming Crimeans for swimming near an airfield. It was there, totally, ATACAMS is a sacred weapon from the West, afterall, and it would NEVER be wasted on civilian targets. Or maybe it was a radar. Or Anti-Air installation. Well, anything remotely military. Crimeans should be hating on Russians for putting Crimeans in danger!


File: 1719220346957.webm (3.45 MB, 640x360, s400 hit by ATACM.webm)

>6 killed
Not a mass casualty event in the context of a ballistic missile with a cluster warhead. there'd be hundred head. And like I said before, ATACMS are too valuable to waste in terror bombing attacks. They're mor useful for taking the best Russian AA like the s400. If Ukraine wanted to blow up a bunch of beachgoers, then they'd load up another remote controlled cessna with dynamite. Use your brain for once in your life.


ATACAMS was intercepted, and it detonated off-course. It killed 6 and injured 100 because the shot went wide, either wrong altitude or angle or something like that

>ATACMS are too valuable to waste in terror bombing attacks

Ukraine can't hit anything protected by Russian AA, as simple as. Either you waste in a terror attack, or don't use it at all. Ukraine's gamechangers all get countered pretty heavily after 1-2 good hits


Sevastopol is no where near the front lines or any Russian AA that would be preventing Ukraine from conducting frontline operations.


Also it's letting Ukraine off lightly to present this use of terrorism as a desperate act in the face of losing the war, they've been bombing civilians they claim are "theirs" or at the very least on "their" land since 2014 and this has or had such support in Ukraine that an elected leader could rally the population with such threats against the separatists.


File: 1719222435640.webm (729.31 KB, 400x290, YezhovRun.webm)

I had to see it, so have you


File: 1719223745718.mp4 (601.83 KB, 972x720, Distracted boyfriend.mp4)

I love these things tbh


<The US bastards are supplying banderovtsy with cluster munitions and help them to take aim at targets. The Kiev bastards are choosing a beach filled with civilians as their target and press the button.
Both will burn in hell; hopefully, not just in the sacral flames, but even before that, in the earthly fire.

<What happened is not military actions but a sneaky and vile terrorist attack against our people; moreover, it occurred on an Orthodox holiday, just like the massacre that extremists had carried out in Dagestan. Which is why now we do not differentiate between any of them, whether it is the American authorities, bandera regime or insane fanatics.

<My deepest condolences go to the families of the deceased. I wish the wounded the soonest recovery.



File: 1719233166495.webm (769.69 KB, 1024x1024, 1719220996884131.webm)


So did they do the peace deal yet?
I want to know what happens when Zelensky tries his 'I am 40 years old and grown up! and not a looser, i'm a president! Please stop!' shtick on the Russians.


>All Russian Media reports it
>All International Media reports it
<nuh uh it didn't happen! reason: idk it's a waste of missile or some shit
Not even trying anon. Come on.




File: 1719234890643-0.mp4 (584.66 KB, 1302x720, Side Eyeing Chloe.mp4)

File: 1719234890643-1.mp4 (124.42 KB, 972x720, Facepalm.mp4)

File: 1719234890643-2.mp4 (297.89 KB, 720x720, Zuckerberg.mp4)

File: 1719234890643-3.mp4 (274.16 KB, 720x972, Gigachad.mp4)

Got two posts worth, gonna dump them quick


It doesn't matter what the US-backed Ukkkrainian compradors do to Russians, or even to their own civilians. All burgers see in this war is "vladolf putler invalded for no reason out of nowhere in 2022". US-backed Ukkkrainain compradors could sieg heil and bomb every child in Donetsk, and the only reaction burgers would give is "well the people in that region were puppets of Voldemort Palputine" Every single time you show them an Azovite or a Banderite or a C14 freak shaking hands with Joe Biden or Victoria Nuland in a picture back in 2014, the first reaction they have to that information is "Well isn't Russia also a bunch of nazis?" Forgetting that the entire region, both Russia and Ukraine, are essentially degenerated post-soviet states that America is pitting against each other so they can loot the mineral wealth in the neoliberalized ruins. How many people need to die so CIA Burgers can have shiny rocks to fight China with?


File: 1719234983445-0.mp4 (631.49 KB, 972x720, Disaster girl.mp4)

File: 1719234983445-1.mp4 (180.85 KB, 972x720, Doge.mp4)

File: 1719234983445-2.mp4 (212.63 KB, 972x720, Success kid.mp4)

If I could have eked out three posts I would have made a /siberia/ thread for them


>zuck phases through the window to be on our side



If Russians are a bunch of Nazis, why is communist China helping them? Come on, use your brains


I was saying what burgers think. Also I posted that in a completely different thread that got merged into this one so the context was lost.


please go post in the AI slop thread instead of killing posts at the top of this cycled thread


File: 1719236973060.png (125.23 KB, 944x428, ClipboardImage.png)

>the posts in question


Hey, i am in that image! That is so cool.
Stopped playing war thunder though, the game became too much boring. Grinding to get that SUV-52 or something was taking too much of my time.


> Regular footage of the Houthis using an unmanned boat against the bulk carrier Transworld Navigator under the flag of Liberia in the Red Sea


what happened after?


File: 1719238864021.gif (197.83 KB, 650x450, 23.gif)

finally someone willing to take a stand against trans ideology


No pity for ideological westoids, they're my enemy, hope they all would be dead asap.


top lel


File: 1719239071464.png (492.87 KB, 474x696, JDPON Grisham.png)


File: 1719239300057.png (548.52 KB, 972x724, 9365I59374869l4749.png)

It took 6 months and tens of thousands of casualties to move the front roughly 27km.


Why aren't Americans patrolling the Red Sea like Russians patrol Black Sea?


Slow and steady wins the race


too many ships each day/too much area to cover


>tens of thousands
conscription status?


<Jun 22, 2024 - ISW Press
>Russian forces appear to be intensifying the tempo of their offensive operations in Donetsk Oblast while decreasing the rate of attacks in northern Kharkiv Oblast — consistent with ISW's assessment that Russian offensive operations in Kharkiv Oblast are primarily intended to fix and distract Ukrainian forces in order to allow Russian forces to intensify elsewhere in theater. Russian forces increased the intensity of assaults in the Toretsk-Horlivka direction (southwest of Chasiv Yar and northeast of Avdiivka) on the night of June 18 and maintained a relatively high rate of attacks in this area between June 19 to June 22, reportedly making several tactical gains in the area.[1] Russian forces have been generally inactive on this sector of the front throughout the course of 2024, so their activation and intensification are noteworthy. By contrast, the tempo of Russian offensive operations in northern Kharkiv Oblast has drastically decreased in recent days, particularly in comparison with the start of Russian offensive operations north and northeast of Kharkiv City in mid-May 2024.[2] ISW has long assessed that the Russian command intended its offensive operation in Kharkiv Oblast to fix Ukrainian manpower and scarce materiel along the northern border to grant Russian forces opportunities to re-intensify offensive operations in other more critical areas of the theater, particularly in Donetsk Oblast.[3] Ukrainian sources have confirmed that some Ukrainian forces have redeployed units to the Kharkiv direction from Donetsk Oblast, so Russian forces may be exploiting this perceived weakness of Ukrainian lines to intensify attacks, particularly in the Toretsk-Horlivka direction.[4] Russian forces have additionally maintained a high rate of attacks in the Chasiv Yar direction and around Avdiivka since decreasing the tempo in Kharkiv Oblast, and may soon intensify attacks in this area if the Russian command identifies the coming weeks as an advantageous time to push in these areas before Ukrainian forces re-allocate reserves back to Donetsk Oblast. Ukrainian sources have warned that Russia will conduct a summer offensive that will likely focus on Ukraine's east after pursuing offensive operations in the north intended to stretch Ukraine's scarce resources, and recent intensifications in Donetsk Oblast may indicate preparations for such a summer offensive, assuming it has not already begun.[5]


You can’t be serious m8


That’s pretty good when the enemy is taking three months and 100,000 casualties to move the frontline 1 km


watch a WW2 time lapse map and stop in Jan 1943 if you want to know how over it is for Russia


File: 1719242084773.png (84.51 KB, 258x228, ClipboardImage.png)

gee lemme think


It's so over.
Ruzzia will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever win.
Multipolarity…has fallen…..


File: 1719242576642.png (8.06 MB, 2351x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

Unique IPs: 172

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