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This thread is only for feedback related to technical issues(bug reports, suggestions). Otherwise use >>30356
Public Repo: https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan
If you have any grievances you can make a PR.

Mobile Support: https://github.com/PietroCarrara/Clover/releases/latest
Thread For Mobile Feedback: >>>/tech/6316

Onion Link: http://wz6bnwwtwckltvkvji6vvgmjrfspr3lstz66rusvtczhsgvwdcixgbyd.onion
Cytube: https://tv.leftypol.org/
Matrix: https://app.element.io/#/room/!RQxdjfGouwsFHwUzwL:matrix.org

We are currently working on improvements to the site, subject to the need of the tech team to sleep and go to their day jobs. If you need more immediate feedback please join the matrix room[s] and ask around. Feel free to leave comments, concerns, and suggestions about the tech side of the site here and we will try to get to it as soon as possible


File: 1608613516227.png (2.52 KB, 64x58, star.png)

From previous thread >>30111
>Floating reply
>enable filetypes like mp4 pdf etc
>more than 1 image per post
>auto noko(keeps you in a thread after you reply)
>Dark mode, or just all the themes from bunkerchan
>update thread button
>mouseover preview
>rename the /b/ to "random".
>ability to make threads from the catalog
>inline reply
>old sidebar from bunkerchan


File: 1608614048284.png (289.15 KB, 960x472, 608577404520.png)

>Temp Dark Theme by Anonymous

Tried to make bunkerchan's dark theme. Just use the Stylus extension and import it. Don't use Stylish though, that one is a botnet.




File: 1608614543414.png (6.09 KB, 419x62, top_bar.png)

Top bar is ok. Side bar has /b/ called "Leftypol". Fix it. Also, get rid of the side bar, eventually. We 2020 now and we don't need fucking side bars taking up our screen place. Migrate all content from sidebar to topbar, and then end it.

Keep up the good work, comrades. Inform the community wen you've set up a patreon page. I'll be among the first to buy your monthly covfefes.


File: 1608614568805.png (12.2 KB, 314x243, sidebar.png)

also, allow multiple file uploads


A feature I'd really love is the following: If OP adds a certain codeword as the last line of non-cyclical OP, say, ">auto_archive", then when the thread reaches 490 post territory, the site automatically puts the thread thru archive.org or archive.is and posts a link for everyone to save.

I know you are working through basic shit now and I'm not impatient. Just putting it out there. Naturally this should be listed as a feature if adopted under our FAQ, which we don't seem to have yet.


or not even that, just have an "auto archive" checkbox at the start of the thread


reposting the matrix link: https://app.element.io/#/room/!vdWmErwFTxUwRiefpe:matrix.org

also nice post number.


an idea that went sort of parallel to this is having a pastebin of sorts native to the site to archive newsanon posts, and a way to keep them native to the site while pastebin the site has been purging political content from their site.


favicon too


File: 1608616440881.jpg (18.82 KB, 286x180, trhwhr.jpg)


it would also be based if i could ctrl+v images directly into the post field off my clip board


Guys, why do we not have the fucking link to our matrix posted in the resources section?


Cyclical threads imported from bunkerchan have the wrong OP. Please fix.


Links section also needs a link to leftybooru


File: 1608622093730.png (47.18 KB, 561x428, brave_zK7DoniBx3.png)

Maybe this is just my browser/already on the list, but can we fix this? It seems to happen when images haven't been expanded yet.


public repo is here:


so if you have any grievances you can make a PR.

i still have to upload the devops stuff, that's coming soon


this is verbatim whats running right now


no, i also see that.


Public logs
An icon showing that threads are anchored.
The ability for mods to edit threads with of course a message like "Edited by X at XX:XX"


File: 1608640794128.png (259.57 KB, 1904x977, 4chanxforleftypol.png)

For the person asking to make the site work with 4chanx, it already does you only need to include leftypol.org in the script.


whenever I post something it returns me back to the main page.


Type "noko" in the email field, like the good old days…


<no orange text


Oneechan works too, just follow this anon's guide.
Oneechan: https://github.com/KevinParnell/OneeChan
4chanx: https://www.4chan-x.net/


File: 1608645001937.jpg (153.01 KB, 680x1020, FALC.jpg)

Hi and thanks! My quaint little take is that bunkerchan was overall great (in terms of interface) so just emulate that and I'll be happy.

With one huge caveat: that right hand sidebar was pure cancer. Dont bring that one back, please.


Brainlet here, it would be nice if you were trasparent and post regular updates om the site situation


We will try our best to do so. The tech team right now is working on making this site as usable as possible rapidly enough.


File: 1608650037245.png (416.31 KB, 1920x1080, 22،12،2020-18:13:18.png)

not bad at all


I would add a search filed in the catalog in the already long list of suggestions.
Yeah, I just can't get (you) and the floating reply box to work


I would appreciate it if people would start tracking issues. I will probably make issues for things itt on github when I get a moment.


If possible a dashchan extension to browse on mobile would be awesome.


>With one huge caveat: that right hand sidebar was pure cancer. Dont bring that one back, please.
What are you talking about? The sidebar was sick and extremely convenient.


i always thought that thing was stupid i click the X every time


File: 1608658184059.gif (176.53 KB, 410x274, wheeze.gif)

>What are you talking about? The sidebar was sick and extremely convenient.


Why is the software in R9k mode? i cant post duplicate images?




Lmfao, are you insane?


I don't think so, what's wrong with it?


NTA but its annoying and makes it so i cant scroll thread until I X it out


Major concern: does this site actually have the bandwidth and money for expenses to handle the kind of traffic that bunkerchan regularly got?

Just where was space getting his money to finance bunkerchan in the first place?


Money is not a problem for the moment and I think it would have to overtake current bunkerchan in terms of userbase to become one in my opinion, the priority is fixing software issues and having enough the working hands to do that.
>Just where was space getting his money to finance bunkerchan in the first place?
Don't know, surely from his own pocket. But he indeed wanted to bring ads to bunkerchan maybe for that reason and split the revenue 50/50 with us (the mod team), we refused of course telling him donations would be preferable if he had any problems with covering server costs.


File: 1608663564340.png (8.73 KB, 270x238, image136.png)

Ah, you see I never noticed because I use autoscrolling


My hands are 100% tied atm. It would help if someone made a list of the suggestions so I can later on write them down somewhere.


jannies also want ability to edit posts and other people want post character limit to be increased



any way to put each of those in a separate bug/issue?


I thought about splitting them into separate issues but I think having a plan first would be better.


This is more out of curiosity than anything, but do we have a vague timetable for when we might get this site up to at least the features of the previous site?


Thank you your help is appreciated.
To quote what the OP told me "lainchan needs to be beat into shape before its really usable", I will ask the techies and will give you an answer to your question, if they have one.


space was paying only bout £120 for both bunkerchan and spacechan, so £60 each. Its not like it was thousands

right now the admin 'Zer0' is paying the hosting costs out of pocket afaik


no way to tell yet


£60 a month?


File: 1608669703084.png (61.42 KB, 1920x967, 2020-12-22.png)

For some reason I keep getting this error while trying to reply to this >>953 post


File: 1608670427376.png (4.3 MB, 1440x4320, Sickle rick.png)

The spoiler also needs to be fixed



Any news?


tech team is at their day jobs and they're merging some new changes into the code base tomorrow, such as dockerizing the app


Isn't that quite expensive? For a site that handles 10 posts a minute tops and stores less than 40 GB of data.


He had a rather expansive VPS service, ovh if I recall well.


ovh isnt that expensive for a euro hoster, the problem is he kept trying to brute force scale lynxchan with bigger buffer hardware when like less than 10% of the processing power was even being used


I found it quite impressive that you managed to scrape almost every threads and post from bunkerchan. Well done!

Could you please consider using similar technique to allow users to save thread like we could back in fullchan?


what do you mean exactly? archive feature from bunkerchan?


File: 1608703925271.png (214.06 KB, 940x600, redbunker.png)

Changed the accents to red to make it look like the early days of bunkerchan. It was only left default green once the 2019 update happened


This shit all started because Space_ wanted to sell user data to Google to cover server costs in the first place. I'm not going back to Bunkerchan, I don't trust the new management there in the slightest.


That's not true. I'm not sure why /GET/ would start this rumor.


is this theme better or >>905 this one


I haven't heard of that one but space is 100% looking to turn into a grifter


Personally, I prefer>>30570


Shoe never fails to make me hard as a rock.


>With one huge caveat: that right hand sidebar was pure cancer. Dont bring that one back, please.


That's racist. The preferred politically correct term is Text of Color (TOC).


You got a weird taste in comedy anon but you do you.


is that shoe or boxxy i can never tell






What's the difference?


Feel free to make it, anon.


add flags


requesting to separate the NSFW boards from the NSFW boards in the sidebar


File: 1608724278377.png (164.12 KB, 1556x573, 1.png)

Catalog and threads are not in sync. Some posts take a half an hour or more to appear.


File: 1608724435129.png (19.32 KB, 186x248, 2.png)

compare to

these were screencapped at the same time


replace the "file deleted" image with the old "this file never existed image from 8/leftypol/"


BUG report: you are not allowed to post a duplicate image even of deleted pictures.

Found out via https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/30620.html

I was trying to reply to this thread (since we can't post more than one image at the same time) and this shit auto-drops me back to leftypol. Since this is the first sticky I still thought I was inside the thread.


File: 1608724654888.png (366.54 KB, 1661x849, 1.png)

weird. you can see the rest of the posts on title screen, but not when you open it


File: 1608724762307.png (450.05 KB, 1618x897, 1.png)

and poor guy is trying really hard to talk seriously here


Looks like deleted posts maybe?


Nope. Site issue. New posts don't appear now in some threads, can only be seen on the index.


Why is this site so bad, like im happy to move over but this site is much uglier and works worse than Bunker


comrades are working on it 24/7 as far as I'm aware. Give it time, the impression they give is that it's a competent team.


As some are aware and others aren't, this site was not meant to be ready so soon, but our plans were forced forwards by our purge at bunkerchan when someone leaked info to space_.


File: 1608737561230.png (6.04 KB, 265x169, Capture.png)

Hahaha can we try and get Hot Wheels to come code for us? cudbgud
Make the purple a light yellow


Hotwheels sided with the reactionary regime of bunkerchan unfortunately.








File: 1608752046111.png (242.27 KB, 256x224, R-Type III hyperspace.png)



Site admin when you add these >>30665 don't forget that it often takes a hard refresh (ctrl+f5) for people's browser cache, as well as a new reply/thread to update serve cache for each page for changes to take effect


I cannot post with gnu icecat due to attached error. Any guess on what could be happening here?

I have no problem with both firefox and chromium so this is so weird.


Can confirm posting works fine in Palemoon as well.


File: 1608754384272.png (9.51 KB, 377x270, Capture.png)



i think it is fixable by commenting out (prepending with //) lines 474-476


i don't really know the reason for why they added referrer header checking for posting replies other than possible cross-site request forgery (CSRF)?


i think it is meant more to protect the user rather than anything server-side. however i think on a site like this such a scenario is extremely unlikely. my guess is it's to prevent the scenario of somebody leaking their tripcode on a fake/spoofed/third-party-front-end of a vichan instance (such as leftypol.org). so for example i could be a sneaky hacker and make some "webring" front-end site that has a bunch of imageboards sites like leftypol.org, lainchan.org, etc. etc. all in one, and if someone posts in one of those sites through my front-end, i can record what they type in the Name field and steal any tripcodes. that's my theory at least. it's up to the site admin if he wants to comment this out or not, personally i think it's next-to-useless and safe to comment out


Thanks for fast confirmation.
Do you think this is icecat bug that needs to be reported? I am not familiar with web protocol stuffs and not sure why would only icecat trigger this


File: 1608756801077.jpg (108.43 KB, 909x1280, BALISTA GIRL.jpg)

Does this type of chan support autoupdate?
Also can we bring back the thread sidebar?


1. No
and 2. It seems like most people in this thread are against it?


>can we bring back the thread sidebar?
When you code it


i think autoupdate/autorefresh is a feature request the tech people are working on, check the open issues on the github


Get this error when trying to report stuff:

An error has occured.
Undefined index: id in /srv/http/lainchan.leftypol.org/inc/functions.php at line 2777


File: 1608759652660.png (73.02 KB, 1073x280, lessboards.png)

Did one of you delete my post in /gulag/ for some reason or did the post delete itself somehow?


What do you mean? The screeshoted post is there >>>/gulag/5290


File: 1608760196768.png (7.46 KB, 210x230, 1298925925502.png)

Oh my bad I'm retarded


>can we bring back the thread sidebar?


I liked the sidebar :3


I get this error when trying to reply in >>30730
>iconv(): Unknown error (84) in /srv/http/lainchan.leftypol.org/inc/functions.php at line 2745


this is a problem specific to lainchan. vichan does not have this problem afaik.

observe lines 323 and 333 in vichan's post.php
and lines 328 and 337 in lainchan's post.php

for https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan/blob/config/post.php
in line 328 change first line to second line:
$thread = $query->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
$post = $query->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
in line 337 change first fragment to second fragment:
link_for($thread) . ($thread['thread']
link_for($post) . ($post['thread']

i think that will fix the error, give it a try


There's an issue with >>30356 where new posts display on the first page but not in the thread itself




File: 1608763222839.png (85.14 KB, 897x430, Capture.png)

Go look for this post in the thread


do a pull request on github


are we sure thats the problem? iconv is a php extension that needs to be installed


i'll need to see the site admin's most up-to-date instance-config.php to see what's going on.

also i made a small inaccuracy in >>30665 , inline-expanding has nothing to do with reply behavior, i think all it is is expanding an image when clicking a thumbnail instead of opening in a new tab


if you're gonna be that involved maybe go to the matrix room and ask to join the tech team.

tech team hasnt put the more recent prod/server version of instance config in source control


File: 1608764334858.png (238.53 KB, 2160x1080, phoneposting.png)

>muh mobile support
Just turn you phone sideways


actually i don't think i need to see the config file, this reply problem (not staying on the same page after replying) must be a client-side problem, should be solvable just by checking through page source, probably the js files


It seems that the catalog doesn't really care about stickies.


they are anarcho-stickies

they don't obey your arbitrary rules


pretty based tbh


some basic mobile support for devices up to 768px width, add to end of /stylesheets/style.css

@media (max-width:768px) {
iframe#main{left: 0; border-left:none; width:100%;}
footer p.unimportant{display:none;}

a client-side js solution that checks browser user agent for mobile browser would be much better but this css workaround should do for now


can you post some screenshots of what it looks like? how much support does it add?


also why dont u just do it as a pull request on github?

just fork the leftypol repo, make a change, add/commit, push to your repo then go to github and click the pull request button on that repo


>Reply pop-ups


its just a setting on lainchan i think it already existed,

nevertheless, based


File: 1608768879494.jpg (55.84 KB, 800x450, YOUCODE WHEN.jpg)


>>1033 (you)
Do we really need to bring back (you)s? I think not having it actually incentivizes people to read more posts and discourages people from baiting for (you)s or only focusing on (you)s while other shit is going on in the thread.


It's good for when I forgot I posted something and see the (You) though


(you)s are newfag crap that seeped into image boards due to reddit migrants who can't handle genuine anonymity.


I don't think you understand what genuine anonymity is




the (You) config code are just these two lines:
$config['additional_javascript'][] = 'js/ajax.js';
$config['additional_javascript'][] = 'js/show-own-posts.js';

however i strongly recommend not adding this until first fixing the not-staying-on-same-page-after-replying problem because ajax.js is known to also cause a similar conflict at least with my experience with lainchan which is why i deliberately left it out of >>30665


>the not-staying-on-same-page-after-replying problem
This is just how imageboards used to be a over a decade ago, it's probably left disabled as the default setting because that's how it used to be. It's likely labelled as "noko" which is what you used to have to type in the email field to use it.


>which is what you used to have to type in the email field to use it.
Just tested it and it still works btw


ah you're right now i remember

site admin add this to your config:
$config['always_noko'] = true;


Enable other themes

replace/add the following in your instance-config.php:

$config['stylesheets']['Yotsuba B'] = ''; // Default
$config['stylesheets']['Yotsuba'] = 'yotsuba.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Burichan'] = 'burichan.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Dark'] = 'dark.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Futaba'] = 'futaba.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Gentoochan'] = 'gentoochan.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Gurochan'] = 'gurochan.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Jungle'] = 'jungle.css';
$config['stylesheets']['LainchanJP'] = 'lainchanjp.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Miku'] = 'miku.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Notsuba'] = 'notsuba.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Photon'] = 'photon.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Szalet'] = 'szalet.css';
$config['stylesheets']['Tsuki'] = 'tsuki.css';

Fix reply behavior


Basic mobile support

(and make note to delete this css if a better js solution is made in the distant future)

Fix reporting



This is a small change, but I love that you've added a favicon so quickly.


check the issue list before making a suggestion
some of the things you asked for were already there


i don't post suggestions/issues here, just fixes


same dif its a ticket either way.


update your issue/ticket on github for broken reporting with the suggested fix/info >>1015

my fixes are public domain i dont care who takes credit no need to type anon wants x


how can i make the left side bar die? preferably with as much blood as possible


just open a new tab. or bookmark


i personally don't like the sidebar either and think the site admin should strongly consider removing it, it does more harm than good because
A) there's no easily-clickable way to close it
B) it breaks mobile support, requiring wacky workarounds like >>1028 which im not a fan of
C) theme changing doesn't work with the sidebar

take a look at this other lainchan instances, their front page doesn't load in any sidebar

some vichan instances front pages to check out, since the difference is very minimal anyway:


lainchan is up



you can get rid of the sideby by typing in the address as >>1050 said before


was it down before??


There's some references to it being down ages ago, but I haven't seen anywhere since it went down say it has gone back up, only what must be out of date text saying it's dead, so I never bothered checking.


for fixing reporting (or at least attempting to), will also need to change line 388
( $thread['thread'] ? $thread['thread'] : $id ) . ".html" . ($thread['thread']
( $post['thread'] ? $post['thread'] : $id ) . ".html" . ($post['thread']


also lines 373 and 374 change all $thread to $post

to sum up, lines 328, 337, 373, 374, 388 will need to be changed


I adapted the tomorrow theme to leftypol.org


nice job, looking good


can u try this, makes the red a little brighter and therefore easier to read

span.heading {
color: indianred;


can you edit the board name at the top as well?


Nice, how do I change the board title and subtitle colour? I'm new to styling and css.


For colors, you add something like this:

header div.subtitle, h1 {
color: #444444;

Then, replace #444444 with whatever color or hex code you want.



ctrl+shift+c and clicking the element usually gives the appropriate selector

header div.subtitle, h1 {
color: indianred;




Nice , here's the updated version : https://pastebin.com/QUsxU66t


try these

div.banner {background-color:RebeccaPurple;}

#quick-reply th, #quick-reply td {background-color:#1F1F1F;}

#quick-reply table {border-color:#373b41}


wait nevermind that's shit, change div.banner bg color to indianred not rebeccapurple



Can any mods comment on this? It would be nice if I could hsitpost on icecat


Thanks but I slightly modified the color.


I like the aggressive orange. Makes me feel like I'm writing something important, something with gravity.


aw shit, this is sexy.



Well, I don't know to do any of that, I'm rather technically illiterate.


File: 1608792214853.gif (61.7 KB, 384x240, R-9, to the front!.gif)

Suggestion for improvement: simple gif2apng script that converts all uploaded animated GIFs into animated PNGs.


File: 1608792246718.png (37.54 KB, 384x240, R-9, to the front!.png)

Save bandwidth and lead the internet to a better future at the same time!


I'll look into it soon.


Question, I am using 4chanx and a custom theme but it seems to disable showing the hover-over feature of linked posts when looking at replies if the post is on-screen, but it also looks like it disables highlighting of the post so if the post is on screen its counter-intuitively hard to find. Is there a way to make there always be hover-over replies in the settings of 4chanx or whatever?


Why are the UI improvements in leftypol not in GET?


GET uses Kusaba X, a board software from like 2008. vichan (the one we are using) is much more modern. GET is planning to change software soon-ish to something new though.


Where is the overboard?


$config['spoiler_images'] = true;


I liked it, it was comfy


This error comes up when trying to post sometimes, but it still posts which is why people (like me lol) make multiple posts blaming an error:

iconv(): Unknown error (84) in /srv/http/lainchan.leftypol.org/inc/functions.php at line 2745


iconv(): Unknown error (84) in /srv/http/lainchan.leftypol.org/inc/functions.php at line 2745


File: 1608820748415.png (132.06 KB, 1282x531, Capture.png)

Also it's doing that thing where the posts don't appear in the thread and only on the first page again >>31032

Oh shit it's happening ITT too lol


5 things that should be added to match Bunkerchan:
1) Flags
2) Other themes (i know there are ways to do it outside but it would be nice have them embedded)
3) A rapid way to get to catalog
4) Fix the fact that after posting you are being brought back to overboard
5) A way to post webm or mp4 files


It's definitely happening exclusively to longer posts, sometimes to posts w pics attached.


cuz he aint enable noko yet >>1042

enable this too admin

at the cost of server cpu

1 thing at a time, still waitin for this >>1057

all dat shud b ez including vids, just needs to enable the ffmpeg crap, but still waitin for more more urgent bug fixes

and now 4th reason found for why sidebar should be removed
A) there's no easily-clickable way to close it
B) it breaks mobile support, requiring wacky workarounds like >>1028 which im not a fan of
C) theme changing doesn't work with the sidebar
D) when you refresh on any page, it brings you back news.html (front page)

get rid of it asap no one likes it


the reporting problem wouldnt be here if you didn't use lainchan 5.1.3 instead of vichan 5.1.4. lainchan hasnt been updated for over a year. i don't know who convinced you to use lainchan instead of vichan, the dude unnecessarily changed a bunch of shit in the code which ended up breaking a whole bunch of other shit

look how this turdburglar totally rewrote the report code and didnt bother to bug test through it
lines 276-397 https://github.com/lainchan/lainchan/blob/master/post.php
lines 268-354 https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/blob/master/post.php


ffs see this is where a strongly-typed language would've helped, as well as an error/sanity check in the beginning of function body of link_for to give a proper alert like "HEY IDIOT! YOU PASSED THE WRONG FUCKING ASSOCIATIVE ARRAY!". the fuck is this assgoblin on lainchan source randomly switching between $thread and $post and passing it to function link_for


Precisely because vichan warns of not being actively developed while lainchan has a live instance and seems to work. It's hard to tell from the outside that shit is broken or badly built.


that warning is bogus, it's just hotwheels acting like a whiny baby and asking for $80/hr or some shit, he's a notorious drama queen, vichan is more up-to-date

see look for here some vichan instances >>1051
and https://mintboard.org/vichan/bone/ notice how they have everything working including the report system
and another https://uboachan.net


Would it be much of a task to switch to vichan? It would essentially just be like a large update given the code similarities, right?
Yeah I don't know much about computers and even I thought that was weird when I looked at it. It's like he submitted a rewrite of a feature halfway through.


i dont know how much, but this is probably what one would do

1. host a test instance of lainchan and vichan locally, make some threads, posts, images etc. on lainchan, and attempt to copy everything to the vichan instance to see if it's even possible in the first place. verify if reporting even works on the vichan instance (and possibly other bugs like that iconv() thing), otherwise a migration would be pointless since that's the intended purpose of the migration to vichan
2. host an instance of vichan, copy everything from leftypol.org onto there, may need to shut the site down temporarily for migration


Well it makes long term sense to change now as we can get vichan features as they're coded and contribute to its development, rather than being stuck porting whatever cool shit they come up with.


having NSFW boards at all is a recipe for disaster


Seconding the thread thing: cancel old threads and open new cyclicals in their place.


if leftypol was to rewrite totally new board software, what language would it be in?

Scala? Java? C#? Python?


it works


I thought they were working on gochan already.


yeah but thats by Rat, who is currently taking a break due to some personal real life issues and gochan hasn't really been making progress

im talking about brand new here


as much as i like to bitch about vichan and the weak typing of php, i think it would be overly ambitious especially for a tiny group like leftypol to attempt to write board software that would replace vichan, lynxchan or infinity-next. most pragmatic thing would be to try to improve vichan


they two different people u dumb dumb


the old .org did it in like 2 months…


>because it would feel like talking to ghosts or something
I made a lot of those posts…


if you guys need disk space I've been offering free motherfucking hard drives or buttcoin donation for over nearly two years now.


what we really need is something that isn't lynxchan or outdated shit like vichan/lainchan.

>inb4 they're updating vichan

its still incompatible with php7 and stuck on php5.6 which is deprecated and came out in like 2004. Its basically legacy software which is just being maintained with minor updates at this point


I'm sure you answered this before but could it be practical to help refactor infinity next? commits have been sparse but steady and they seem to have at least one live instance with respectable amount of traffic?



File: 1608843675710.jpg (195.52 KB, 1187x1137, 1599140641480.jpg)

Dashchan sucks, but Kuroba is nice. I'm developing support for leftypol on it. It would be cool if there was a test board so that I don't have to spam in >>>/b/.

Sent from my IPad


I installed the side bar and I don't like it either. I'm currently doing holiday stuff when I'm not doing work stuff.

I think I can make an easy fix. The reason the horse shit front page makes sense right now is because it is autogenerated.


Agree with this tbh, we shouldn't just focus on feature parity but having better features. We should strive to be ahead of vichan and them pulling our features, not us scavenging from other codebases.
Then where's the code for it?


File: 1608844428693.png (95.16 KB, 720x534, socialism (2).png)

Please keep posts ITT related only to technical issues.
If you have comments/suggestions for board policy or administration use the other pinned thread here >>30356

Any unrelated posts will be deleted from this point forward(as there is yet no move posts function). This is for the benefit of the technicians use of this thread.


AFAIK infinity next was never finished?
>Infinity Next was never completed and is currently in an unusable state. I am currently working on refactoring it to Laravel 6 and modernizing some backend work, but it is just something I am doing for myself. For some reason, I just can't stand to see it unfinished.

>Use at your own risk: I can't help you.

I mean i guess with that much work you might as well just keep working on vichan


if it was never finished how could there be a live instance? what features are actually missing? I'm only bringing it up as you mentioned php7.




not sure, thats just what the author put in the readme


yeah but the old .org never wrote that code, it was some other rando who had nothing to do with the site, same as stephen lynx has nothing to do with bunkerchan. IMO if leftypol wants to make a chan it has to be from scratch on our own codebase not adopted shit which is undocumented and no testing.


it actually matters to talk about board policy such as starting the site from scratch with just one /leftypol/ board because it's the difference of potentially days of work trying to migrate a bunch of cruft from bunkerchan to lainchan to vichan, or just starting fresh on vichan.


>its still incompatible with php7
vichan works fine on php 7.3 but is known to have some issues with 7.4


It does make me wonder how quickly an agnostic back end could be built. There are so many hidden functionality and quirks that it's hard to even quantify. A front end could be built with modern tools, such as react or even implement several as long as it respects the backend api.


maybe thats true for vichan but lainchan breaks and has weird bugs on anything beyond php5 specifically in the install script. thats why the containerized environment/docker uses php5.6


I would support building a headless/api only chan but the problem is that alot of /g/entoo-fags hate javascript and disable it in the browser because Richard Stallman told them to in 201, even though with the rise in popularity of SPA's this would essentially break 50% of the internet that isnt just certain news sites or blogs.

So the react/frontend js would be a problem

The headless ib would have to be called by another server side program that made shit into static html/css for the autists, or people on imageboards would just have to get over javascript in [current year]


So we should switch to vichan!
We already moved from lynxchan, lainchan to vichan should be a walk in the park.


Any particular reason you've rejected nntp-chan? I would have thought the decentralized backend would have made more sense given the staff desires for democracy, as well as making it easier to manage further splits in the event on future disputes.


lainchan is vichan, any differences are trivial and can easily be copypasta'd over anyway


no, lainchan is a partial rewrite of vichan that hasn't been updating for over a year, see >>1091


AFAIK its rat, zero, and comatoast who made the original decision to use lainchan. ask them. lainchan also has some nntp compatibility but i think its disabled by default

Anyway i dont think its a good idea for leftypol to be in a federation with a bunch of imageboards since imageboards other than leftypol/bunkerchan tend to be filled with schizos, nazis, furfags, pedos, and other general weirdos who are too autistic for mainstream social media. lainchan, bunkerchan, and leftypol are literally the only decent imageboards out there.

I mean the team has already started to make changes to the code, if they do even half the shit on the issues list it will already make it better and more maintained than vichan, like adding unit tests and proper logging. I say just stick with the codebase we have and improve it as much as possible until such time as something better is developed.

Any updates from vichan is similar enough to be merged in pretty easily id imagine


ok so merge the vichan updates in, whats the problem its only a minor difference


If the differences are trivial then we can switch over.


is "always noko" a thing now?


if the differences are trivial you wont need to switch over because you can just merge them in which is a hell of a lot less work than switching


>I mean the team has already started to make changes to the code, if they do even half the shit on the issues list it will already make it better and more maintained than vichan, like adding unit tests and proper logging. I say just stick with the codebase we have and improve it as much as possible until such time as something better is developed.
This is what we're trying to say though. We're saying the codebases are so similar now we can switch over with little effort, then improve vichan. It will stop us developing in parallel and allow us both to reap the benefits of cooperation, rather than porting each others works.
We are early in the project and the code is still quite similar, we can switch and contribute to a greater project or become a backwater catching up to them.


Is that possible with github? We're effectively developing lainchan now, and all the work is being done on vichan. It would be easier for everyone if we ported the work done to vichan rather than whatever the alternative is. You can't just merge a fork into a downstream fork.


1. that would require the tech team to contribute to vichan instead of our fork, so the source code would ultimately be under control of the vichan devs and that would become a bottleneck, because those people would have to approve all changes which would slow down development velocity
2. "Backwater", uh, which one is developing faster, standard vichan or the leftypol version? because the last commit to leftypol-chan was like 2 hours ago and the last commit to vichan was 22 days ago. There is no "developing in parallel", there's 1 team doing active development (leftypol) and another team doing small maintainence patches like once a month MAX (vichan).

its more likely vichan will want to merge leftypol changes than the other way around.

Read the readme.md of vichan - it literally says
>Vichan has next to no active development.

and has for years. the whole point of the split was that space_ was inactive and refusing the mods. why hand over control to another clique of not even leftist inactives who have control over codebase? even if they fork vichan they site would be down for another couple of days to week while the recreate all the same functionality in vichan that they've enabled here


>port shit due to my autism

the users don't want another week of downtime and the devs are burned out from doing frantic work to get it even up to this level, and you want them to redo it to switch from one unmaintained no active development software to another unmaintained no active development software because… why??? reasons?? like 3-4 configuration bugs that could easily be copypasta'd to the current codebase?


>Dark Mode


>dark mode
uh which is better dark or "dark red"


Based fixes as usual

dark red is just dark with red replacing the green, which kills the


Anons let's try to make things clearer for the dev team. Here are some of the issue son github we should be answering.

Make a thread with the flags we want and name them

Inline reply:
What is this? I genuinely don't know what is this supposed to mean.

floating reply box:
It works for now. Anything you want to say about it?

I know most of you will use dark, but I like colgate. post your wanted themes.

I'm not sure what's gonna happen to /GET/, but for now what do you want to see comrades? Should we have on the top bar or the sidebar? Should we include it here or should we just link to getchan.net?

Archiving threads:
I don't think this is coming anytime soon, but in the meantime let's see how should this be done. What archiving service should we use? archive.is or archive.org or something else?

I'm not sure if you want support for anything other than books and videos. If there is a format you wish to be supported please say so.


i just told you that reporting is broken in lainchan. go try reporting a post right now. if that isn't enough to convince you that vichan is better, i don't know what will.


Two things:
1)Board is better with dark theme, good job
2) Sidebar color does not change with the theme and the result is hideous
3) I think we should invite /GET/ people down here


the amount needed to fix lainchan reporting is infinitely less than switching software entirely


2) dont use sidebar. i dont. just go directly to leftypol.org/leftypol
3) thats their choice and AFAIK they decided to go back to their own site


Please dull the names on Dark by default, looks like people are saging. They should be more like the topic header.


No, don't do that.


File: 1608874834733.jpg (661.66 KB, 1080x2340, 1608862373086.jpg)

Someone at >>>/tech/6316 has started mobile support for leftypol. Please help them test it and provide feedback


Yes do do that your post looks like another type of sage. Hell it looks more like a normal post than default.


the subject line is far too dark, brighten that first


The current situation is crazy though, looks like everyone is saging every post.




Add the ability to save files with the original name like on 8chan


File: 1608900564499.jpg (133.08 KB, 940x1280, FLEXING LENIN.jpg)

Glad to see the "back to overboard issue after replying" hs been fixed.
This place is getting better by the day.
Now we just lack flags and maybe a more readable theme (still keeping the dark colors ofc), on the model of the default theme on the other side.


The catalog puts threads in whatever order it finds them in recent_posts.
> {% for post in recent_posts %}

recent_posts is set by the Catalog class' build method.
> $recent_posts = $this->generateRecentPosts($threads);

generateRecentPosts uses whatever order it finds in $threads.
> foreach ($threads as $post) {

$threads is set by the Catalog class' build method with a query that mandates bump order.
> $query = query($sql . ' ORDER BY `bump` DESC') or error(db_error());

So sticky is ignored in the non-JS catalog. By contrast the index order is based on a sticky query.
> $query = prepare(sprintf("SELECT * FROM ``posts_%s`` WHERE `thread` IS NULL ORDER BY `sticky` DESC, `bump` DESC LIMIT :offset,:threads_per_page", $board['uri']));

If sticky is desired in the non-JS catalog >>1025 its ORDER BY clause can be adjusted to that of the index query.



You need to get an onion address to be able to compete
Also the default Light theme is really annoying for my already sore quarantine eyes


Anybody know the pph of this site?


>You need to get an onion address to be able to compete
yeah nothing like some CP to get banned for


t. Know Jackshitingson

Tor isn't illegal if that's what your scared ass believed. Though being a communist in many jurisdictions is (in how you're targeted).


You can already post here using tor, just thru an exit node


Why r9k mode on I want to spam wojaks


It's not clear how to deactivate it. We will look into it.


can we not post mp4s or webms?


not yet afaik


Yes I know. I'm just saying that an onion server was a long awaited feature on bunkerchan and I think it's extremely unfortunate that it seems to have come out in this under-handed "seee?? we've got the onion server now tho!" way on Space_'s side just as the long awaited mod uprising took place.
I've always been pro-onion server AND pro-mod uprising. I just anticipated that the onion server would come WITH the second, and now it at least appears to be a little of an arms-war, but judging by the weakened state Space_'s domain is in I'd say we could easily catch up.




Noscript user here and PLEASE change the default theme


The Bunkechan onion just went online again, this time it appears successfully:

Please consider the baller move of matching it.


A little button at the bottom of thread pages for refreshing the page, please. This is trivial to implement, too!

>rename /b/ to "random"
hard no, keep board names as short as possible. /v/, /a/, etc. /edu/ and /ent/ are fine too.


Could staff come together at some point and figure out what they want from the community? To help things along or just generally add flare.
Graphics, board themes (CSS and such), a foot massage, you name it.


The Space_ Race begins


do we really want onion traffic?


to what? dark?


To pic related.


link the CSS of that? is that just 'dark red'? or is it a custom theme?


is that the chick from cowboy bebop



dev here- tried using that on my local and it doesn't change the sidebar. is that ok?


I didn't change the side bar because I don't know how to change the side bar. So yes it's supposed to be that way.


>do we really want onion traffic?
Onion traffic = based revolutionary guerilla blog posts and occasional spam.
Yes we want onion traffic.


Basically yeah.
Cool palette.


Interestingly enough, it does change the side bar when I'm using stylus, picrel.


and pedos


As long as we have rules that dissuade them we're fine.


I'm gonna NEED you to repost that Mommy Yo Jong image in full resolution please


An error has occured.
That file already exists!
Go back

Janny retards won't turn off R9K


If its already posted you can link to where it is


Yes. Faye Valentine. Have you updated the order by clause?



oh fuck it works here? Alright I'm convinced, I'm leaving bunkerchan


link post


order by clause is getting fixed soon, waiting on a PR from zer0



looks like it got merged it, hello catalog!


You also need to remember to save images in archive.is separately. Otherwise they don't get saved at fullresolution in the archived page.


does archive.is or archive.org even have an api?


Nice numbers

As a side note, it would be nice if you could update the /hobby/ and /anime/ board threads again, because I had no fucking idea about this split and have been actively posting on those boards and thus posting new content that does not exist on the current boards here, despite my older posts and threads being up; An example would be the FMA thread and Communist Leftist Anime threads or the Harry Potter and Star Wars threads, as well as the ATLA thread, which recently featured a lengthy debate on Aang's ethics and was a serious discussion.

Also the transfer of threads from bunkerchan to here was done without spoilers, so a lot of spoiled pics are unspoilered… such as my post on Boruto Chapter 52, (the excerpt on Nuclear Fusion) as those are serious manga spoilers.


If you save the image url in archive.is, then it will be at full resolution in the archived thread and thus be saved. As you see with any 8ch.net thread saved on wayback.org. No archive has an effective image saver, it's too much of a load on the archiving system to do so.


We will be discussing it (publicly with the userbase) in the next few days on what to do with the Alt-boards and the old threads. Bear with us right now it's a little hectic and many of us have had little sleep.


And don't hesitate to use the new and shiny >>>/meta/ !


Also the orange text didn't transfer, the <-sign turned into an &-sign many times in many, MANY threads




File: 1608975152599.jpg (493.45 KB, 2048x1536, fidel.jpg)

I would just like to appreciate you all for a moment. Thank you all for your hard work.


>>1192 >>31687
Thanks. It works now. Since it's an easy fix, how about enabling spoilers >>1083 as well?


lmao my bad


The second post quote of >>1203 was not recognized due to the regexp used in:
> if (isset($board) && preg_match_all('/(^|\s)&gt;&gt;(\d+?)([\s,.)?]|$)/m', $body, $cites, PREG_SET_ORDER | PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE)) {
which consumes the space after a post quote, instead of merely checking that it's there. As a result textually consecutive post quotes, which the source calls cites, cannot be separated by a single space. The solution is to use a lookahead assertion instead, which keeps the space available as the prefix of the next post quote. And since post quotes are allowed at the end of a question, it doesn't seem fair to discriminate against exclamations.
> if (isset($board) && preg_match_all('/(^|\s)&gt;&gt;(\d+?)((?=[\s,.)?!])|$)/m', $body, $cites, PREG_SET_ORDER | PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE)) {

The same problem exists for "Cross-board linking":
> if (preg_match_all('/(^|\s)&gt;&gt;&gt;\/(' . $config['board_regex'] . 'f?)\/(\d+)?([\s,.)?]|$)/um', $body, $cites, PREG_SET_ORDER | PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE)) {
and the same solution applies.

- one space: >>1 >>2
- two spaces: >>3 >>4

Assertions: https://www.php.net/manual/en/regexp.reference.assertions.php


Alright, the posts need to exist.
- one space: >>1 >>1
- two spaces: >>1 >>1


To add the orange quotes of issue #31 look at the green quote line:
> $body = preg_replace("/^\s*&gt;.*$/m", '<span class="quote">$0</span>', $body);
and add a new line after it:
> $body = preg_replace("/^\s*&lt;.*$/m", '<span class="orangequote">$0</span>', $body);
then add whatever styling you want to a span.orangequote css rule in the same way as for span.quote, e.g.:


So fucking hard to phonefag in this site


yeah I don't see thread links to save


Can we get an [ Update ] button at the bottom? I don't care if it amounts to an F5 either, I just constantly try to reach for it.


I think the ** spoilers work just fine


>>1 I read that as "Hungarian Thread for vore refugees MFW


>So fucking hard to phonefag in this site
there is mobile support
Here >>>/tech/6316




Anon with all this shit why don’t you submit a PR Yourself? Would probably be faster than asking the jannies to do it


i thought spoilers worked? like this


is the second post the correct line?


can't underline muh words


was that a feature in 8ch or any imageboard? never seen it


I think it was lynxchan specific.



See >>>/anime/5637

That refers to the 'Spoiler Image' checkbox in the post form. Example: >>>/anime/5632 NSFW. The fix: >>1083

I don't want my github account associated with anything even remotely connected to anime, and making a burner account for a few small fixes is too much hassle.

> if (isset($board) && preg_match_all('/(^|\s)&gt;&gt;(\d+?)((?=[\s,.)?!])|$)/m', $body, $cites, PREG_SET_ORDER | PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE)) {
line is the fix for "Cites". The same change from
> ([\s,.)?]|$)
> ((?=[\s,.)?!])|$)
fixes "Cross-board linking", so the fixed "Cross-board linking" line is:
> if (preg_match_all('/(^|\s)&gt;&gt;&gt;\/(' . $config['board_regex'] . 'f?)\/(\d+)?((?=[\s,.)?!])|$)/um', $body, $cites, PREG_SET_ORDER | PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE)) {


I want to be able to hide threads I don't like. I've used this feature back at bunkerchan to hide the chinlet autism from ruining my experience.


>>1224 (checked)
What I mean by this is I use the catalog, and I want to be able to hide threads through there without having to find the page number. Also worth noting is that I want to be able to see the page number of the post.



your issue is being worked on.

Spoiler issue also fixed:

so the spoiler thing should be fixed on next deployment at least


>>1221 >>1223 >>1222

testing triple quote


testing crossboard quote

>>1164 >>>/anime/5637


Dropping to say that whenever we get updated board software or whatever I'd really appreciate the ability to see the PPH and unique IPs on each board like on flunkerchan


such nice tests


To add underlining for issue #37 look at the spoiler markup line:
> $config['markup'][] = array("/\*\*(.+?)\*\*/", "<span class=\"spoiler\">\$1</span>");
then add a new line with:
> $config['markup'][] = array("/(.+?)/", "<span class=\"underline\">\$1</span>");
then add
> text-decoration: underline;
in a span.underline css rule to whichever stylesheet you want, e.g.:

orange quotes: >>1207



not sure which commit fixed it but I can confirm that I can post with icecat. THX BASED TECHNONS



If mods added a hidden /test/ board for testing the mobile app and site changes, that would be based


test again are we down?


spam /b/


we are down for now. the domain is currently not working but the tech team is working on is as fast as they can


Please make the server more lenient to slow connections.

I have a 512 kbps 3G connection with an absurd amount of lag. This new server is too impatient with me, timeouts too fast and cuts off long threads. Static content loads fine.

So please significantly increase the php / fcgi / nginx proxy timeout. I know it's bad for DDOS but please think of your third world comrades.


>using a fork of a dead fork of a dead fork of a dead fork instead of glorious JSchan powered by Aussie shitposts
For real, not only JSchan is under active development (unlike with 99% of the vichan forks), but in its current state is much better than vichan and Lynxchan combined.
>totally functional without Javascript
>fast as fuck because it only loads new elements instead of reloading the entire page
>uses websockets to display new posts as soon as they're made instead of using a timer (you still can use a timer if you want)
>looks great on phones (unlike Lynxshit)
>looks great in general (unlike Lynxshit)
>has a logs page that doesn't give AIDS (unlike Lynxshit)
>has a chess-like captcha that filters out retards (the classic 6-char captcha can be used as well)
>dozens of cool themes, including one inspired in Windows 95
>easy as fuck board creation
>supports multiple formats
>supports multiple files per post
>multiple post styling options (similar to Lynxchan's)
>compatible with Tor (can run as a hidden service)
>can report and delete multiple posts with one click (useful against spam)
>dozens of anti-spam features
>has a JSON API
>overboard with a catalog view
>thumbnails have a nice loading bar
>audio files use waveforms as thumbnails
>optional desktop notifications
>regex filters
>various other options
Seriously, give it a check: https://gitgud.io/fatchan/jschan/


from their website:
>Please note: jschan is not production-ready. There may be bugs and WILL be breaking changes. If you insist on running your own instance, do not expect help when something breaks. Please read everything including the update section thoroughly. These instructions are NOT step-by-step or complete, and assume you have some experience with software setup, servers, networking, etc.

soooo.. not ready yet


>>has a chess-like captcha that filters out retards (the classic 6-char captcha can be used as well)
i just tried that shit. you weren't joking. what the fuck is that. I can't imagine doing that for each post, breaks your balls


Linking filtering suggestions: >>32162

Also, the overboard is broken ;)


>>1238 (me)
Nevermind, my ISP is acting out, it's not your fault.


>>1238 (me)
Nevermind, my ISP is acting out, it's not your fault.


why not something like disroot.org or (best of all) self-hosting a Gitea instance? Github.com is M$ corporate surveillance and, once we get settled, should be discouraged.

It would be excellent if we could get useful services like polls and pastebins self-hosted, like snopyta, disroot and other libreho.st style websites do, to help move people away from google/microsoft/facebook-infested services like strawpoll that are no more useful than free ones. (I wouldn't do anything private like emails though, since this site has obvious adversaries.)


I get that it may be a joke, but IIRC you can pay him hourly for tech support on vichan (which this is a fork of)
However I suspect he want to have a Fillipino caretaker wash his hands from the imageboard whole mess and work on font software.


Ok so when I type in leftypol.org in my browser, there's a start page and a sidebar on the left. If I click on "Leftist politics" in the sidebar I'm taken to /leftypol/ (while the sidebar remains), but the url at the top of my browser window still only says leftypol.org and not leftypol.org/leftypol or something like that. I click on a thread and the url still says only leftypol.org. This seems like a strange way for a website to behave. Why is it like this?


there's nothing secret in the source code so to a certain extent it doesn't matter. Plus github has lots of integrations and tools built in
yes the DNS is broken


File: 1609071233274.png (33.27 KB, 1467x485, 1.png)

Post development progress here?


>Why is it like this?
The sidebar is implemented with HTML frames. Back in the 00s every website had this annoying behaviour, so the web collectively decided that frames suck and nobody should use them ever again. Apparently tinyboard did not get the news.


Github's the easiest choice for now. We might migrate later.


If you hate the sidebar
Please start writing html to replace it


like right now.


File: 1609097734044.png (29.18 KB, 303x149, examplecaptcha.png)

That warning means nothing and only exists as a way to tell people that the software is under continuous development as opposite of having "stable releases" like other frameworks. The software is stable enough to be used without problem, and despite what the warning says the dev actually listens to your feedback when something is bugged or broken.

You only need to use your brain for 10 seconds. The FAQ includes a detailed explanation as well:
>Select the boxes that correspond to each solid/filled icon in the grid. The image is shuffled and distorted, so use your brain. Junk around the edges is not included. See this example (red lines added for illustrative purposes):


The reason the spoiler image fails to show in this test >>>/anime/5652 is the img.src with two leading slashes:
> src="//static/spoiler.png"
A further hint is the lack of image dimensions:
> style="width:px;height:px"

The src attribute is this concatenation:
> {{ config.root }}{{ config.spoiler_image }}

The $config['root'] should end in a slash:
> // The root directory, including the trailing slash, for Tinyboard.
and in leftypol it does:
> $config['root'] = '/';

This means that $config['spoiler_image'] should not start with a slash, and it does not start with one in vichan:
> $config['spoiler_image'] = 'static/spoiler.png';
while in leftypol a leading slash appears:
> $config['spoiler_image'] = '/static/spoiler.png';

According to git log the commit that added the extra slash is:
> Author: Benjamin Southall <[email protected]>
> Date: Fri Mar 3 12:26:00 2017 +0900

This is why the spoiler image gets two slashes in its src attribute and fails to show. The reason it does show on the main lainchan instance, which runs in a jail:
is that their instance-config.php, which is not on github, sets $config['root'] to the empty string, which goes against the config.php documentation for $config['root'].

The correct solution for leftypol is to remove the leading slash from $config['spoiler_image']. The same chain of reasoning applies to $config['image_deleted'], which should also drop the leading slash.

And let's try to keep this thread as clean and focused as possible. Generic feedback can go into >>30356.


your spoiler image was fixed in instance-config, which overrides config since the devs have made the choice to leave config alone.

see bottom commits


Thanks. Both src and style are now correct: >>>/anime/5653


>I was one of the minor jannies on old bunkerchan and now a member of the tech team here.
Uphold the revolution! Space_ squanders the potential of his workers! Unleash the productive forces of /leftypol/!


Post reporting appears to be broken.



Are pdf thumbnails on the plans? Or will we be sticking with the paper clip thumbnail? Asking for the development of the mobile app


File: 1609166054221.png (5.41 KB, 798x169, error.png)

Anyone else getting this error? maybe my post had too many characters?


I tried splitting my post into smaller chunk in this thread https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/31976.html but still getting the same error :/


I have no idea but I've seen your responses. Now they are gone.


This is wacky, I can see these in the mod view but not in the normal view.


Hopefully you guys can fix the situation, I spent some time making that post ;_; I even had to rewrite it when it messed up the first time and I didn't copy it before hand


The workaround until this is fixed is to remove punctuation marks until it goes through. Its a punctuation mark that triggers this.


This is a pastebin from mod view of one of the posts



Or other special characters


which punctuation mark?


Ah I see
thanks for the pastebin link, I'll just respond to him with the link


Please add possibility to delete posts


We are working on it.
Please bear with us, the tech team has been informed, however they will only be available later today.


yeah I just checked the thread I posted and it seemed to have spammed my posts


It seems they appeared after one post got through.


You're able to do this. Check the checkbox next to your post and press delete at the bottom of the page


Oh shit thanks alot.
This board just lacks flag to be perfect then.



Will mods make a dark theme and make it default? I feel like it sets us apart from the other imageboards


It will be implemented asap.


There are problems when posting while using certain characters.




Specifically, this occurs if katakana, for example, are used in the post body.
>iconv(): Unknown error (84) in /srv/http/lainchan.leftypol.org/inc/functions.php at line 2720


this is already an option look in the bottom right of the screen you can choose a dark theme


What would think if that was the home page?


>I'm never going to have a big tiddy goth gf ;_;


I like it. I would prefer the box be 80% width placed in the center rather than full width, but that's personal taste.
What if the blue/purple accents were made red?


Love it. Only needs a link to GETchan


>new themes enabled
amg gaiz


Very nice.
We should find something to fill that [news] gap though


kinda feel like the text boxes need to be smaller and either centered or off to the side. them being that wide just looks a bit off.


You can get posts with non-ASCII bodies to go through cleanly >>1014 by putting "workaround" into the Subject field, or any other non-empty and completely ASCII string. This makes slugify() use the subject and leave the body alone.

失楽園 渡辺 淳一


Great job.


nice thank you
a beaut she is, but i agree with >>1288 that the purple accents would look better in red or white


That's just a custom theme I made, they can be made any colour.


File: 1609279000662.png (423.7 KB, 1538x1922, image.png)

That's another potential candidate (the colours can be easily changed), the "box" appears when hovering.


I like the layout and theme a lot more, but personally I'd prefer a list over the grid of buttons, at least for our boards.


ooo fancy
also, are there plans for an onion link ?


This is fucking based ngl


Also, any possibility of adding flags?


Of course, we are working on it. Please bear with us, there's so much the tech team can work on at the same time.


File: 1609281545429.png (73.1 KB, 1333x681, leftypol_stat2.png)

Some cloudflare stats fresh from the oven.


File: 1609281553481.png (86.77 KB, 1333x681, leftypol_stat1.png)


Iframes have been removed from the homepage. The side bar will no longer "follow" you when you click on a board from the home page. We are of course still working on a new home page as you can see here >>1297 or >>33088


File: 1609284326207.mp4 (1.62 MB, 854x480, glows_leftypol.org.mp4)

Bug report
Uploading an mp4 file where the first track is not the video track results in an error 'Invalid webm uploaded.error 2'

Steps to reproduce
1. Download mp4 related
2. Run `ffmpeg -i glows_leftypol.org.mp4 -c copy -map 0:a -map 0:v glows_test.mp4` to swap the audio and video tracks
3. Upload glows_test.mp4
4. You should see 'Invalid webm uploaded.error 2'


File: 1609284836820.png (360.94 KB, 2074x1848, proposal _home-page_new.png)

The latest prototype for the new home page. The numbers are placeholders to represent user count and PPH, the labels would be present in the final version of course.



If anyone wants to inspire the devs, draw a sketch of the homepage you'd like to see and post the result.




File: 1609286483544.png (Spoiler Image, 29.3 KB, 922x600, Drawing.png)

make it look like this



Is this data collected using a JS script or just plain page requests? Want to know if the mobile app traffic is being included


This is just from cloudflare, so this is http requests.


You can post up to 5 files at once now, btw.


File: 1609288916870.png (239.1 KB, 1534x1878, image.png)

Inspired by soviet designs.


File: 1609290136760-0.png (136.77 KB, 2072x1820, image3.png)

File: 1609290136760-1.png (197.07 KB, 2088x1868, image2.png)


>} elseif ($extension === 'mp4' || stristr($ffprobe_out['format']['format_name'], 'mp4')) {
> if ($ffprobe_out['streams'][0]['codec_name'] != 'h264' && $ffprobe_out['streams'][1]['codec_name'] != 'aac')
> return array('code' => 2, 'msg' => $config['error']['invalidwebm']."error 2");

Get_webm_info also makes this assumption.


File: 1609291135392-0.png (893.94 KB, 2032x1914, image5.png)

File: 1609291135392-1.png (324.48 KB, 1988x1918, image4.png)

The last ones for today.


$ ffprobe -v quiet -print_format json -show_format -show_streams 1609284326207.mp4
"streams": [
"index": 0,
"codec_name": "h264",
"codec_long_name": "H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10",
"profile": "Main",
"codec_type": "video",
"codec_time_base": "1001/60000",
"codec_tag_string": "avc1",
"codec_tag": "0x31637661",
"width": 854,
"height": 480,
"coded_width": 854,
"coded_height": 480,
"has_b_frames": 2,
"sample_aspect_ratio": "1:1",
"display_aspect_ratio": "427:240",
"pix_fmt": "yuv420p",
"level": 31,
"color_range": "tv",
"chroma_location": "left",
"refs": 1,
"is_avc": "true",
"nal_length_size": "4",
"r_frame_rate": "30000/1001",
"avg_frame_rate": "30000/1001",
"time_base": "1/30000",
"start_pts": 990,
"start_time": "0.033000",
"duration_ts": 236250,
"duration": "7.875000",
"bit_rate": "1592969",
"bits_per_raw_sample": "8",
"nb_frames": "236",
"disposition": {
"default": 1,
"dub": 0,
"original": 0,
"comment": 0,
"lyrics": 0,
"karaoke": 0,
"forced": 0,
"hearing_impaired": 0,
"visual_impaired": 0,
"clean_effects": 0,
"attached_pic": 0,
"timed_thumbnails": 0
"tags": {
"language": "eng",
"handler_name": "Video Media Handler"
"index": 1,
"codec_name": "aac",
"codec_long_name": "AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)",
"profile": "LC",
"codec_type": "audio",
"codec_time_base": "1/48000",
"codec_tag_string": "mp4a",
"codec_tag": "0x6134706d",
"sample_fmt": "fltp",
"sample_rate": "48000",
"channels": 2,
"channel_layout": "stereo",
"bits_per_sample": 0,
"r_frame_rate": "0/0",
"avg_frame_rate": "0/0",
"time_base": "1/48000",
"start_pts": 0,
"start_time": "0.000000",
"duration_ts": 375840,
"duration": "7.830000",
"bit_rate": "128010",
"max_bit_rate": "128010",
"nb_frames": "367",
"disposition": {
"default": 1,
"dub": 0,
"original": 0,
"comment": 0,
"lyrics": 0,
"karaoke": 0,
"forced": 0,
"hearing_impaired": 0,
"visual_impaired": 0,
"clean_effects": 0,
"attached_pic": 0,
"timed_thumbnails": 0
"tags": {
"language": "eng",
"handler_name": "Sound Media Handler"
"format": {
"filename": "1609284326207.mp4",
"nb_streams": 2,
"nb_programs": 0,
"format_name": "mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2",
"format_long_name": "QuickTime / MOV",
"start_time": "0.000000",
"duration": "7.842000",
"size": "1703266",
"bit_rate": "1737583",
"probe_score": 100,
"tags": {
"major_brand": "isom",
"minor_version": "512",
"compatible_brands": "isomiso2avc1mp41",
"encoder": "Lavf58.45.100"

"codec_type" is "audio" or "video" and should be used instead of 'codec_name' to locate the first video and optional first audio stream.


File: 1609291404465.png (979.58 KB, 2060x1930, image6.png)


My vote is for this one!


Could you contribute code? I have no deep knowledge of ffmpeg, and I don't think we'll be able to get to this soon.


I can propose some code but I have no way of testing it on your server, so the downside compared to one of the tech team writing it is that it may have to go through several rounds of fixes. The problem itself is not difficult, only the logistics.


If it's simple, you could post it so that it can be added to the issue on GitHub. So that when it is worked on, it takes less time to implement.


these are pretty horrible stats ngl



I mean, or zero-day was, like, not even a week ago.


You don't need to look at cloudfare, you can see from the bunkers stats that they've lost about ~100 active posters. This site is still in beta as well.






100 active posters from the ~600 they had is still like 500 active posters


This is false. The actual numbers they average is more around 450.
Furhtermore, lurkers do not count. You can have 1000 people looking but if no one is posting then you might as well not even be keeping count. FAce it, you faggots are done. Fuck space.


this is really good. not sure about the top part: why white text? why no spaces b/w boards?


I like the background, not sure the dark theme goes well with it tho


>2nd pic
how about a transparency effect for the star behind the boxes? Make it a few shades darker behind the boxes, maybe?


File: 1609331889861-0.jpg (27.27 KB, 483x404, t. god.jpg)


Here is some code that locates tracks by type and allows audio before video. >>1306 #63
The checks that didn't involve a hardcoded track order were left alone. Don't expect this to work with an ancient ffprobe.


A separate bug/tech thread would be very useful, since the
> technical issues ONLY
in the OP is completely ignored.


File: 1609334677520-0.png (12.22 KB, 200x91, BLESSED COCKSHOTT.png)

File: 1609334677520-1.jpg (133.08 KB, 940x1280, FLEXING LENIN.jpg)

File: 1609334677520-2.jpg (116.02 KB, 900x600, amused queen.jpg)



Refresh button and auto-refresh when? I thought that came stock standard with every imageboard boilerplate these days.


Soon, we are working on it.


suggestion >>33452



I'd say that with flags+ autoupdate the basic building phase of this place will be 100% complete.
Props to the developers for the great progress done in 10 days!


File: 1609361768541.jpg (138.11 KB, 1024x627, hopeless.jpg)

hats off to you lads, did in 2 weeks what bunkerchan took over a year to accomplish
once again proving the supremacy of centralized chan planning with collaborative efforts with the userbase


this, a thousand times this


This meme fills me with joy.


Mobile-app flags incoming soon™



Thank you for your efforts


we have flags now? basedsocialismSocialism


the ips counted as active are posters AFAIK not lurkers


>using poster numbers as a metric of life
My homeboard of ~10 users has more OC and far less self-destruction then that den.
It's not all about who has the highest number.


Feature requests: allow anons to edit their own posts


no imageboard ever had that afaik, you would need a named account


it was possible on 8ch i believe


I think mlpol.net did, not certain.

Mod spotted


File: 1609396683551.gif (89.06 KB, 220x187, frgerg.gif)

Lol, they are so incompetent that they banned the onions ip, so, you can't even post over it, kek.spurdoSpurdo


File: 1609399479508.png (20.39 KB, 974x52, soon1.png)

Coming real soon.


We didn't really have time to develop a nice dark theme from scratch, and people were complaining about unsolicited laser eye surgery from the yotsuba theme.

Soo, the site's dark now.


Welp the mods decided to make the dark theme the default. And they didn't wait to tweak it or anything. I think we should make >greentext actually green, and get rid of the shitty font for the title. Oh and add banners - how do we not have banners yet?


File: 1609412357905.mp4 (4.13 MB, 726x720, RETURN TO MONKE.mp4)






dont get excited it probably just gonna refresh the page, making an actual autorefresh would involve rewriting alot of javascript and making an api or something to serve the updated posts


Wow I was gone for a few days and returned to some massive improvements! Good work comrades! So proud of you all!
The theme looks amazing, flags are numerous, onion* is up and running! Be sure to take a break now over New Years, you definitely deserve it.

* Bug-report:
http://wz6bnwwtwckltvkvji6vvgmjrfspr3lstz66rusvtczhsgvwdcixgbyd.onion/leftypol/ shows a "Connection not secure" warning, with the clarification "Parts of this page are not secure (such as images)", but this isn't show on all pages, for example when I opened this thread /ttg/ thread the error was gone, same as when I open webms in new tabs.


GETchan has it. No account needed

Doesn't lainchan has an autorefresh setting? If not then you're right we will have to implement it.ak-47AK-47


Still a great improvement in any way shape or form.
Now the last thing to do is make some banners, but the core stuff is complete.
Your hard work and dedication to this has been remarkable, literally bringing this place on par with Bunkerchan in 10 days.sandinistaSandinista




> http://wz6bnwwtwckltvkvji6vvgmjrfspr3lstz66rusvtczhsgvwdcixgbyd.onion/leftypol/ shows a "Connection not secure" warning, with the clarification "Parts of this page are not secure (such as images)", but this isn't show on all pages, for example when I opened this thread /ttg/ thread the error was gone, same as when I open webms in new tabs.
Okay I have an update on this bug report:
It appears only on pages with an embedded YouTube™ video. IIRC YouTube tracks with a script pages that embed their videos, kind of similar to the Facebook Like button on standard web pages, it also implements a script/tracker on the domains in question.
I advocate removing the support for the embed in the face of this.


Small issue but not sure if there's a fix: the leftypol.org Cloudflare 1020 Error page (HTTP 403) doesn't send the Onion-Location header, which is ironically the one place it's most useful. If it can't be added there, I suggest a workaround of specifying a custom 1XXX error page, mentioning the .onion link.


It probably works the same way (You)s work; cookies. No named account.


If your organization blocks automatic font downloads before they have a chance of getting to you, and you see placeholder hex boxes instead of the U+F023  padlock and the U+F08D  thumbtack, you can fix this client-side with:

.fa-lock::before { content: "locked"; }
.fa-thumb-tack::before { content: "sticky"; }

orange quotes of issue #31 >>1207
underlining for issue #37 >>1231
track order for issue #63 >>1337


We're bringing custom client side js soon, so that anyone can add their own js.


File: 1609472159097.jpg (51.06 KB, 889x500, 402cl1.jpg)

Hey leftypol.org team, do you want to know, how to bring this site to live AND grab the users from bunkerchan?

You have to kill Bunkerchan.

I don't know how exactly, perhaps with a long term DDOS attack or something similar. You are the cyber wizards here, you should know the weak spots of Bunkerchan. Destroy the site and the people will flock automatically here. We all know, that peaceful coexistence is not an option. You have to kill them, if you want to survive.


lol no
put me in the screencap


No. Go back. The competition is nice anyways gives us more time to innovate and stuff. Leftypol.org really had leaps of development in its short life.


False flagging already? Space must be scared


Two types of social contradictions - those between ourselves and the enemy (Space_ and his gang) and those among the people (average anons) themselves confront us. The two are totally different in their nature.

There is only on way, to resolve the the contradiction between ourselves and the enemy.


Dangerously based.


File: 1609474348170.jpg (20.44 KB, 300x383, official-mao.jpg)

Thank you :)


>guys you should totally hack something


File: 1609482062988.png (432.49 KB, 1263x767, 1.png)

I'd like to use the Gentoochan theme, but the transparency effect on the posting window makes it unusable. Can you just turn it off completely, plz?


>bunkerchan actually went down
Is this you Space_ or has anyone here a big enough botnet to take on cloudflares DDOS protection?


The site was already down when he made that post.


>anyone here a big enough botnet to take on cloudflares DDOS protection?
Effectively 0 chance, and cloudflare isn't the part that failed. Gateway issue.
>Is this you Space_
I'd say that's unlikely.

This has happened a few times before in the last month or two, I honestly doubt it's anyone's intentional action. Plus I don't think it helps that /pol/ started raiding once they heard of the split.


thats a built in lainchan theme AFAIK the devs didnt make it they just enabled it in the config


the site was already down
DDOS is not possible any more in the modern era of cloudflare except absolutely mammoth ddos attacks probably done by state actors.


We have the entire arsenal of Lord Soros at our disposal. Do not underestimate our power, bunkerfag.


>Can you just turn it off completely, plz?
by that I mean the transparency effect

still, an be tweaked, no?


yeah it can still be tweaked


File: 1609493351943.png (1.86 MB, 3203x1644, picrel23423423.png)

I dunno I like the transparency. Maybe resize your ui a bit? picrel


edit to my post. Compromise could be the option on the user end to turn it on or off. Maybe add a gentoochan theme with no transparency?



maybe yeah… like a gentoo-solid


> issue #78
> double equals redtext doesn't work in certain posts.
"certain posts"

> $config['markup'][] = array("/^[ |\t]*(.+?)[ |\t]*$/m", "<span class=\"heading\">\$1</span>");


how would this be fixed


> "certain posts"


I'm on mobile browser.

I'd like a "go to bottom" button on the bottom bar like the "go to top" button that's already there. I'm aware that there's already such a button at the top of the thread, but it's inconvenient when you're in the middle of a very long thread and just want to go to the last posts immediately.


Oh and also there's no floating reply box.


Why aren't you using the leftypol kuroba fork? Areyou on iOS?ak-47AK-47


Redtexting isn't a bug, it just works the way it used to. You can only redtext on one line
If you try to redtext in the middle of a regular line it won't work. It can only be used as heading. So its more of a feature request to change it like it was on bunker, not a bug


File: 1609522415996.png (82.77 KB, 1333x681, image.png)


>Invalid webm uploaded.error 2
when uploading (certain) mp4s


what does this mean?


File: 1609532309540.jpg (30.12 KB, 413x395, 1476167712387.jpg)

>leftypolorg ALREADY up to bunkerchan functionality in a handful of weeks


Are the mods planning to add (you)'s. It would also be nice if the site remembered which flag you last used


Looks like a DDOs attack


See >>1306 and >>1337 #63.

>>1394 >>1399
To "redtext in the middle of a regular line" you can bring the heading markup >>1393 in line with the other three markups by dropping the anchors, classes and multiline:
> $config['markup'][] = array("/(.+?)/", "<span class=\"heading\">\$1</span>");

As a bit of trivia, the current headings allow |s on their line in the post form, and the |s will be silently stripped, because a gent thought | meant alternation within a character class:
> | || |||thegentoo||| || |
> Author: thegentoo <[email protected]>
> Date: Wed Jul 11 17:11:08 2012 -0300


These are stats for leftypol.org I believe. Users came here because bunkerchan choked.


And to dispel the myth >>1256 that inc/config.php is not modified:

> remove ffmpeg_path from cfg
> first commit of config file

While everything that can reasonably go into inc/instance-config.php should go into inc/instance-config.php, sometimes there are things that are better done in inc/config.php.


>Users came here because bunkerchan choked.

This is why I'm correct with my proposal: >>1373


Bunkerchan will die by itself. The quality of the website is decreasing every hour.


This implies the bunkerchan exodus had a positive effect on this website.


You should be gotten rid of, wrecker. We know who you are, what you're here for.


All requests look automated. Site discarded.


Dude, how many posts are you making?


Basically none.


I make plenty of posts here and never get that error.
What the fuck are you doing different?


Maybe it thinks it sees a word it doesn't like and it assumes I'm spamming.


This was previously happening due to a lack of headers but it was supposed to be fixed. Anything special about your browser?


NTA but i also got that error message, once.

that anon is probably using a vpn or something


Yes. (You)s are on their way real soon. Remembering flags would be nice. It's not planned. I'll try to remember to open an issue asap so it doesn't get forgotten.
> $config['markup'][] = array("/(.+?)/", "<span class=\"heading\">\$1</span>");
This is missing a '/m', right? To do multiple red texting in the same line. Plz confirm.
> $config['markup'][] = array("/(.+?)/m", "<span class=\"heading\">\$1</span>");


Is there a guide anywhere on how to set this up on Android?


>Is there a guide anywhere on how to set this up on Android?
Download the apk and run it. Simple as


AAHHH (You)s are live
What apk? I don't want to install it tbh, but I think a guide would be nice for anyone who wants it and doesn't know about it.


when you click the link it takes you to the page with the apk for downloading. apk's are like exe's for your phone. it installs the app, and that's it. nothing to it.


Ah, I hadnt clicked the links. Ridiculously based and incredible work by that anon.



(now that I have your attention)

also, plz add .mp3 upload, it came up here recently: >>34885 "Does the site do mp3 uploads?"

Stop pretending to be retarded. No matter how I resize my UI, the transparancy effect still makes this shit unreadable. Also: are you actually going to try to "prove a point" by screencapping your posting window having the background of clear space? Nigga, I'm trying to post here. Fuck you.


File: 1609583900198.png (88.7 KB, 670x487, gentoochan theme.png)

>are you actually going to try to "prove a point" by screencapping your posting window having the background of clear space?
also: if anyone tries to effortpost and resize the window to fit the bulk of the text, this shit will inevitably look ridiculous


File: 1609584153466.mp4 (422.85 KB, 1734x454, 1.mp4)

also, I love this effect


To fix this, add something like the following to the "gentoochan.css" file:
#quick-reply table { background: #f0f0f0; }


oh my god the (you)s are here


please add:
fukk -> strikethrough: fuck

also, I really liked the feature on 8ch where the site automatically translated "–" to "–"…


>It's not the site's problem, it's a (you) problem


>I really liked the feature on 8ch where the site automatically translated "- -" to "–"…
lol, it's already working.

disregard my comment and thanx for your efforts


i'm telling the mods what to do dumbfuck
calm the fuck down



& apologies, I obv. misunderstood


Could you make text whiter or background darker? As it is now its kinda blurring together, makes it hard to read.


> This is missing a '/m', right? To do multiple red texting in the same line.
No. The effect of the 'm' flag, PCRE_MULTILINE, was to make the ^ and $ anchors match around every embedded newline, instead of only at the ends of the whole string. With the removal of ^ and $ the 'm' flag became useless, so it was dropped. You can check in config.php that the 'm' flag is already absent from the other three markups, for the same reason.

A line such as:
> a b c d e
will be parsed correctly into two headings by the regex given in >>1406 due to the lazy/reluctant iteration of '.+?', which causes a heading to extend only upto the first == that can close it.

Markup is applied with preg_replace at:
and you can directly verify the effect:

> $ php7.2 -r 'var_dump (preg_replace ("/(.+?)/", "<span class=\"heading\">\$1</span>", "a b c d e"));'

string(67) "a <span class="heading">b</span> c <span class="heading">d</span> e"

Pattern Modifiers: https://www.php.net/manual/en/reference.pcre.pattern.modifiers.php
lazy quantifiers: https://www.php.net/manual/en/regexp.reference.repetition.php

orange quotes for issue #31 >>1207
underlining for issue #37 >>1231
track order for issue #63 >>1337


File: 1609591177443.png (14.8 KB, 614x124, 1.png)

Bug report: arabic text turns into empty spaces.
See for example >>35096
wherein the original read like (picrel) while the output was (above postrel).

plz fixerino as soon-as-posserino


ދިވެހި ބަހުގެ އަކުރު


Leftypol serves vanilla ASCII 0x20 spaces in >>35096 which is not informative.
000232b0 6c 2f 72 65 73 2f 32 33 33 34 37 2e 68 74 6d 6c |l/res/23347.html|
000232c0 23 71 33 35 30 39 36 22 3e 33 35 30 39 36 3c 2f |#q35096">35096</|
000232d0 61 3e 3c 2f 70 3e 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 3c 64 |a></p> <d|
000232e0 69 76 20 63 6c 61 73 73 3d 22 66 69 6c 65 73 22 |iv class="files"|
000232f0 3e 20 20 20 20 3c 2f 64 69 76 3e 20 20 20 20 20 |> </div> |
00023300 20 20 20 20 3c 64 69 76 20 63 6c 61 73 73 3d 22 | <div class="|
00023310 62 6f 64 79 22 20 3e 20 20 20 21 20 20 20 20 20 |body" > ! |
00023320 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 2e 20 20 20 20 20 20 | . |
00023330 2e 3c 62 72 2f 3e 3c 61 20 6f 6e 63 6c 69 63 6b |.<br/><a onclick|
00023340 3d 22 68 69 67 68 6c 69 67 68 74 52 65 70 6c 79 |="highlightReply|
00023350 28 27 33 35 30 38 32 27 2c 20 65 76 65 6e 74 29 |('35082', event)|
00023360 3b 22 20 68 72 65 66 3d 22 2f 6c 65 66 74 79 70 |;" href="/leftyp|
00023370 6f 6c 2f 72 65 73 2f 33 35 30 38 32 2e 68 74 6d |ol/res/35082.htm|
Please provide a hexdump of that Comment before it was posted.


File: 1609614670254.png (221.03 KB, 1080x2160, 1609614655349.png)

This is happening again


Got that once too trying to post "4 u"


If this happens again please report here with the full details, like the thread and complete content of post. The more the tech team knows the sooner they can fix it.


File: 1609620467876.gif (1.52 MB, 550x303, 1601000648758.gif)



The static paths in the catalog are only partially correct. This line is correct:
> $post['file'] = $config['root'] . $config['image_deleted'];
It prepends the root, as it should, and as happens in >>1255 templates/post/image.html with the "{{ config.root }}{{ config.spoiler_image }}" concatenation.

This line is almost correct:
> $post['file'] = '/' . $config['spoiler_image'];
except that it uses a hardcoded '/' for the root. That hardcoded '/' needs to be replaced with $config['root'].

The two lines that both look like:
> $post['file'] = $config['image_deleted'];
are wrong. Both need to prepend the root, and become:
> $post['file'] = $config['root'] . $config['image_deleted'];

The commits that introduced the problem are:
> Author: marlencrabapple <[email protected]>
> Date: Wed Sep 17 16:15:18 2014 -0700
> Author: Ian Bradley <[email protected]>
> Date: Tue Sep 16 13:10:54 2014 -0700

Another Anon made a "Posting doesn't work for me" thread in meta, and its entry on the meta catalog page, which fails to show the deleted.png image, currently serves as the test case that exposed this issue.

The reason the same image fails to show inside the thread >>>/meta/979 and on the meta index page is this line in templates/post/fileinfo.html:
> <img class="post-image deleted" src="{{ config.image_deleted }}" alt="" />
It needs to prepend the root, as is done in >>1255 templates/post/image.html, and become:
> <img class="post-image deleted" src="{{ config.root }}{{ config.image_deleted }}" alt="" />

This fileinfo.html issue is already fixed in vichan by prepending the root:

The commit that introduced this problem is:
> Author: copypaste <[email protected]>
> Date: Sun Apr 27 15:48:47 2014 +0200

orange quotes for issue #31 >>1207
underlining for issue #37 >>1231
track order for issue #63 >>1337
redtext for issue #78 >>1406 >>1438


Maybe this is related to why some webms with Arabic filenames were not transferred


Nah, we are just racists over here


Like Bunkerchan, I want to be able to access the catalog from the top bar. I've really grown accustomed to using it.


Add an overboard so I can casually browse and bump a variety of threads from different boards when I desire to without having to check each board for a new thread.


File: 1609671170674.png (12.22 KB, 200x91, BLESSED COCKSHOTT.png)

Don't know if a bug or a feature, but when i make a post i have to manually update the page to see it added to the thread.sandinistaSandinista


Yeah same it is getting quite annoying


Is there an auto refresh or is there no auto refresh?


File: 1609688474494.png (1.51 KB, 243x27, 1.png)

Look at the bottom-left corner of your screen


We are aware of the problem with new posts not appearing immediately
Working to fix it, shouldn't be long.


It would be nice if it were moved a bit up, I think quite a few browsers have an URL popup there when hovering over a link or loading a page.


A small 300k mp4 test file for #63. >>1337 >>1306
NSFW http://0x0.st/-sqz.mp4


seems like dark red theme does not distinguish posts with empty email field from posts with email field set. Is this intentional or am I going colour blind? [spoiler] I like spiting ledditors with downvoot [/spoiler]


File: 1609729824245-0.png (34.62 KB, 902x154, threadwatcher1.png)

File: 1609729824245-1.png (35.47 KB, 1128x260, threadwatcher2.png)



Make sages darker red, rather than brighter.


Can you guys make an eepsite for the board? I think that would set us light years ahead of the competition.


more like thread NOTICER


Looks like it’s fixed.


Ooooo that would be cool. Just learned about i2p from what you said and it’s supposed to be better for websites than tor.


how do I view just images? I could swear I saw a based picof an an anarcho-greenie holding an ak yesterday but cannot find


Media tab in Page Info.


Are posts being imported over from bunkerchan? We shouldn't rely on the posts being made there.


The jannies have only done this twice. The first time being when this site was created and a second time because OPs with emojis didn't copy.


>All these board settings
This place is better than Bunkerchan after two weekssandinistaSandinista


There's gallery mode now, you can use that too.


> Watchlist
> Relative time
> User CSS
> User JS
Based. The checkboxes for relative time and auto update in the general options don't seem to work though.


So apparently we have Stalinist board logs. They are both public but also broken lol.

We'll get them fixed asap, we hadn't noticed.


are we ever going to get an XMPP or Matrix chat at some point? I know it's pretty early right now and we don't have a lot of pop, but is it something to expect?


Also, an option to autoplay gifs would be nice.


We already have a matrix chat. If you're talking about a self-hosted one, I'd say it's more likely than not. XMPP I don't see it happening anytime soon, tbh.

The link:

This is the vetting channel btw, just to avoid spammers.


Undefined index: id in /srv/http/lainchan.leftypol.org/inc/functions.php at line 2753tankieTankie


Please fix the report feature.
There's some fools that need the gulag.


haven't been here in a few days. The new theme is beautiful, the onion is working, I'm sold on leftypol.org. nice one jannies


UI Feedback:

The small font used in the top bar makes it hard to hit the links on small cheap touch screens

Maybe make it larger?


>haven't been here in a few days. The new theme is beautiful, the onion is working, I'm sold on leftypol.org. nice one jannies
Yeah as I've always said as far as jannies go ours are pretty decentstalinStalin


File: 1609806356524.png (18.45 KB, 310x258, ClipboardImage.png)

What do people think of a unique IP count per thread at the bottom of each thread?
yay, nay, or do not care at all either way?


Yay! Yay!tankieTankie


If one wanted to copy paste custom CSS, where would they look for compatible code?


You could start a thread on /tech/ for sharing custom css. You could edit one of the pre-existing styles (it's not super hard to learn how to style simple stuff). You could search online for styles for tinyboard or vichan.

You can use the [Options] tab at the top right to put your custom css. You can also use something like the Stylish add-on.


Embeds for /leftypol/ don't show the subject as the title of the embed, instead it shows the first few lines of the post. I dunno if this is something that can be fixed on our end, though.


Make it optional though


Optional to whom?


Is there currently a way to download files with the original filename like on Bunkchan where you just click on the file's link? It's impossible to copy some of the names when saving from here because they're so long.

>Why aren't you using the leftypol kuroba fork?
Sorry, I have a shitty phone with little storage, plus I didn't know how to set it up. I browse on PC most of the time though.

To the users



Nice. Thank you.


Please remove the YouTube embed, it installs a tracker that breaks the security/privacy of every page it's implemented on (including when you're using the onion server).


A way of reliably bug test this is by going to
and just refreshing. You will see that img.youtube.com keeps reconnecting, since there are now several youtube embed trackers across the entirety of the /leftypol/ catalog.

We don't need this, YouTube embed is not an essential feature. We've obviously been able to go about without it before just fine, I think we're able too, as well.


Why not make a catalog setting that explicitly shows all threads across all boards by most recent bump? (Similar to the "mega" "Board" on Lainchan)
Since Leftypol.org's user base and PPH are admittedly a bit slower then Bunkerchan it would help make sure you weren't just replying to dead threads and show you which threads have recent activity.


should the onion be served over HTTPS or do exit nodes not have the capability to monitor traffic that way?


Text file upload:
> Undefined index: txt_file_thumbnail in /srv/http/lainchan.leftypol.org/post.php at line 1142

> else if ($file['extension'] == "txt" && $config['txt_file_thumbnail']){
You need to set $config['txt_file_thumbnail'], in whichever config you like, to either true or false, just set it.

Since "PDF file thumbnail generation" is disabled by default with a false setting rather than an absent setting:
> $config['pdf_file_thumbnail'] = false;
it would make little sense to resort to isset.

track order for issue #63 >>1337
root-relative paths for catalog and fileinfo >>1446


As far as I understand HTTPS for exit onion service exit nodes are redundant (and rare, the only one I've seen that does it is DuckDuckGo).
But for normal tor usage, browsing the clear web, HTTPS is important.


Is this thread bumplocked by accident?


Can mods plz ban and warn this post or point me to one that was?

I'm trying to display ban/warn messages in the mobile appgentooGentoo


A quick fix to "download files with the original filename like on Bunkchan" >>1488 #104 is to change the text link line:
> <p class="fileinfo">File: <a href="{{ config.uri_img }}{{ file.file }}" target="_blank">{{ file.file }}</a> <span class="details">
by replacing the target attribute with a download attribute set to the same expression that generates the full file name:
> <p class="fileinfo">File: <a href="{{ config.uri_img }}{{ file.file }}" {% if file.filename %}download="{{ file.filename|e|bidi_cleanup }}"{% else %}target="_blank"{% endif %}>{{ file.file }}</a> <span class="details">

However, with this quickfix the user is responsible for the sanity of the file name, and for its compatibility with the filesystem.

track order for issue #63 >>1337
root-relative paths for catalog and fileinfo >>1446
text file upload >>1495


I keep seeing new replies in threads I've hidden.


Thx for fixing the Gentoochan theme, techies.


<orange text works now
Also slurs like faggot are automatically striked-through. That's a joke.
Don't angry text everywhere about why that's oppressive.

~~ to strikethrough
== to red text (but now not only at the beginning of the line)
__ to underline




File: 1609877493984.mp4 (2.5 MB, 540x360, videoplayback.mp4)

and, uhm, peenids






Trying to post 4 MP4s in the webm thread
It gets to 100% and then this pops out
>Invalid webm uploaded.error 2


Hmm probably related to the webm error reported above. I was going to ask you to post the example to inspect it, but I realize now the futility of such request. I'm taking a break today on site issues. Thanks for reporting, thanks for the patience.


Just upload them to another site lol




File: 1609899046166.jpg (18.82 KB, 286x180, trhwhr.jpg)

"Marxis" still on the front page


File: 1609899462560.jpg (102.98 KB, 1139x808, xr6m.jpg)

can we get graphs, PPH, recent IPs, and IP counts in threads?

would be nice to be able to compare site history for future happenings and have IP/post count for combat sameposters baiting


I'm not too sure how the Janitors and Mods feel about word filters but I have a few suggestions from the old days and a few new ones to add.

I.Q levels= Good Boy Points
Degeneracy= fun.
Soros= Our Glorious Leader
Cultural Marxism= I haven't read Adorno
tankie= MLs/ Mad Lads
anarkiddies= Anarchists/ big dick smashies
Productive Forces= Gallons of Semen
Race Realism= Debunked Pseudo Science
Race War= Masturbatory Fantasy



IP counts per thread will be done soon. It's a small change. I'm just too tired to put in work today. Plus I have some personal stuff I need to do and I can't justify working on the site before getting that done.

PPH and recent IPs I was thinking of implementing after the homepage is done.
Graphs, idk, I don't see them happening soon to be completely honest. We could perhaps make an API and have let people use the data?

One of us is looking into integrating a cytube instance into the page. I think that's a more useful feature.

I'll be working on this feature next:
(it's a one line change, most probably)
The IP count per thread is also an easy fix. I'll maybe do that next.
Then I was thinking of adding banners: https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan/issues/15
I have no idea how it's done in lainchan, but it didn't work here. I had to rewrite the banners thing and that needs some eyes. It won't be cached which kinda sucks, but I think having banners is pretty cool, and I think it's worth the load on the server, which will probably be rather minimal.

Someone asked for this before, I wasn't planning on working on it soon, but I recently got annoyed with the small font size. It's hard to read for me, I'm sure it's similar for others. I think tweaking this a little would be good for everyone's eyes. A comrade said: "I personally think this should be left as a choice for the end user via custom User CSS". I agree with more drastic font changes, but a lot of people won't use it, and improving the default readability is an important aspect of a leftist website, since there's frequently long posts.

There are some mobile issues. We have an absolutely based mobile app for android, if you don't have it, you should definitely check it out, but comrades who use iPhones unfortunately are deprived of such privilege. I wanted to look into some built-in fixes for improving the mobile experience for phone posters.

You can look at the issues we have here:
If there's something you want fixed or added and it isn't there, you can bet it won't be done. So please do tell us.

My personal opinion is that we should add word filters if we ever get undesirables. The uhiger filter is honestly my favorite of all time, and I confess that I can't spell that word, so when speaking about the ethnic group, I sometimes wrote nigger so that it got changed to the correct word.


I'm not so sure about these:
>Degeneracy= fun.
>Soros= Our Glorious Leader
No, the dude is a real, existing, influential ultraliberal bourg.
>Cultural Marxism= I haven't read Adorno
Better to conflate it with what it is: nazi propaganda
>tankie= MLs[…]
Don't intentionally play into dumbing down terminology. A tankie has always been a specific type of ML, whether contemporary Twitter radlibs know about it or not.
>Productive Forces= Gallons of Semen
That's dumb, just no.
>Race War= Masturbatory Fantasy
This would need to be more derisive and condescending. A nazi could just own up to getting aroused the thought of a race war. Actually, writing this out reminded me of some of the practices of the Imperial Japanese during WWII, which were, to say the least, very 'ecstatic' in their celebration of genocidal violence.

>I.Q levels= Good Boy Points

>Race Realism= Debunked Pseudo Science
These were good.

Also bring back some of the popular ones like "Agent Kochinski", just to continue to fuck with that piece of shit's internet-relevancy in terms of mentions/indexing while the ITG people just continue to levy hate his way.
Also maybe filter Dengism, Xism, Maupinism, Caleb Maupin Thought, Socialism with Chinese Characteristics -> Socialism with Billionaire Characteristics.


Bunkerchan is down for me, might have more people coming over.


Arabic text is removed >>1439 from posts due to this line in strip_combining_chars:
> if ( ($ord >= 768 && $ord <= 879) || ($ord >= 1536 && $ord <= 1791) || ($ord >= 3655 && $ord <= 3659) || ($ord >= 7616 && $ord <= 7679) || ($ord >= 8400 && $ord <= 8447) || ($ord >= 65056 && $ord <= 65071))

The limits converted to hex:
>>> s = 'if ( ($ord >= 768 && $ord <= 879) || ($ord >= 1536 && $ord <= 1791) || ($ord >= 3655 && $ord <= 3659) || ($ord >= 7616 && $ord <= 7679) || ($ord >= 8400 && $ord <= 8447) || ($ord >= 65056 && $ord <= 65071))'
>>> import re
>>> ' '.join ('{:06x}'.format (int (mo.group ())) for mo in re.finditer ('[0-9]+', s))
'000300 00036f 000600 0006ff 000e47 000e4b 001dc0 001dff 0020d0 0020ff 00fe20 00fe2f'

The relevant unicode blocks:
12 000600 - 0006FF 256 ARABIC
31 000E00 - 000E7F 128 THAI

Four COMBINING_* blocks are removed, along with five characters from THAI and the entire ARABIC block. The five THAI characters are:

However, strip_combining_chars is only applied to:
> $post['name'] = strip_combining_chars($post['name']);
> $post['email'] = strip_combining_chars($post['email']);
> $post['subject'] = strip_combining_chars($post['subject']);
> $post['body'] = strip_combining_chars($post['body']);
which means that leftypol already allows arabic characters in post file names, such as this post >>32563 in the webm thread.

If a decision is made to allow arabic characters in posts, this can be implemented by removing the arabic block limits
> ($ord >= 1536 && $ord <= 1791)
from strip_combining_chars.

The commit that stripped arabic characters is:
> Author: czaks <[email protected]>
> Date: Fri May 6 14:34:42 2016 +0200
> better rules for stripping combined chars, based on 45c0d327619 by @ctrlcctrlv

track order for issue #63 >>1337
root-relative paths for catalog and fileinfo >>1446
text file upload >>1495
original file names for issue #104 >>1499


can't report :
>Undefined index: id in /srv/http/lainchan.leftypol.org/inc/functions.php at line 2753

also why isn't there a report button directly on the post


Also did you not put back the wordfilters ? I miss them


this site supposedly uses the same code as lainchan yet many of the formating features are missing

from https://www.lainchan.org/faq.html:
[b] makes it bold [/b]

[i] makes it italic [/i]

[spoiler]text [/spoiler] makes it spoiler

[code]text [/code] makes it code

To specify language for the syntax highlighting. Use something like the example below



(defun foo ()

(if (mapcar (lambda (x) (format t "~a " x)) '(is this not infuriating?))





Can we get a setting that lets us turn off the auto-loop for videos? That was a convenient feature. Not super pressing though.


hey jannies, yesterday I couldn't Torpost at all the page wouldn't load


Really? I could and can now. Do you have an updated TB and visit the link with a slash at the end? That might be what bugs stuff out, if I visit
for example, it makes it seem like I can't connect, but if I add a last slash
I can.
Maybe this helped.


File: 1609974518066-0.png (82.83 KB, 1333x681, leftypol_org_today2.png)

File: 1609974518066-1.png (72.09 KB, 1333x681, leftypol_org_today1.png)


>bunkerchan topology D E S T R O Y E D
lookin good!


Well tonight was a huge success! Massive user base increase.


I’m curious, where and by whom is our server hosted?



No that was the one in bunkerchan, this one is a physical server hosted in the US.


Where can I see, how many users this board has? Are we growing?


Maybe Race War = WoW fanfiction?
I agree though that most word filters are unnecessary until those words are spammed


>productive forces = gallons of semen
read a book uighur


more like glowing


You just couldn't help yourself could you?


The loop parameter is respected in player.php:
> <video controls<?php if ($loop) echo ' loop'; ?> src="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($v); ?>">
but image.html hardcodes the initial loop parameter to 1:
> {{ config.root }}player.php?v={{ config.uri_img }}{{ post.file }}&amp;t={{ post.filename|e('url') }}&amp;loop=1

You can toggle the loop parameter of all videos on a page, such as the >>32434 webm thread, with:

Array.from (document.querySelectorAll ("div.file > a.file")).filter (e => e.hasAttribute ("href")).map (e => [e, e.getAttribute ("href").match (/^(\/player[.]php[?].+&loop=)([01])$/)]).filter (e_match => e_match [1] != null).forEach (e_match => e_match [0].setAttribute ("href", e_match [1] [1] + (1 - e_match [1] [2])))


Can we get that midnight theme from /get/?


If someone ports it, definitely yes. It might already be largely compatible too. But the tech team will probably not work on this soon.


I’m getting “this connection is not private” on bunkerchan lol.


God, what if space_ left some malware on bunkerchan as one last parting shot before disappearing for good?


try this
I threw it together really quickly by just making some fixes to the GETchan stylesheet, so it might have some issues. let me know if there are.


made some fixes
it's strange, it's almost like the leftypol HTML changed overnight.


File: 1610133875195.png (45.32 KB, 448x227, ClipboardImage.png)

Let us save by filename/reveal full filename. Who even made it like this to begin with.


We're open to PRs. I'm really tired and very busy with work and other personal matters right now.
There's a js module called filesave or something like that. It's supposed to make the filename clickable. You'd just need to test it because the ajax version got changed and some plugins need to be updated, and also some don't work properly.




I haven't taught myself to do git, if it was a big dealbreaker I'd do it myself though. Only just noticed it and it's the only feature that seems to be lacking from the site at this point. Don't worry about it.
>it's strange, it's almost like the leftypol HTML changed overnight.


Here's a version that will work for everyone, without requiring JS to be enabled. >>1499


Can you guys post user statistics for today? I feel like there was a big uptick


And here's what you can do right now from the client side:

Array.from (document.querySelectorAll ("div.file > p.fileinfo")).map (e => [e.querySelector ("a[target=_blank]"), e.querySelector ("span.details > span.postfilename")]).filter (a_span => (a_span [0] != null) && (a_span [1] != null)).forEach (a_span => [a_span [0].removeAttribute ("target"), a_span [0].setAttribute ("download", a_span [1].hasAttribute ("title") ? a_span [1].getAttribute ("title") : a_span [1].innerText)])

Clicking a text link like 1608608621350.gif will give you the original file name like overmind.gif.


now that leftypol.org won (And I moved here), just giving you some advice mods, pretty much all proxies are unbanned here, unlike bunkerchan where most of them were blocked. Maybe you need to get on that to dissuade proxyfags from posting


Damn. I'm browsing with the Tsuki theme and it's fucking gorgeous.


fuck yea TSUKI GANG


For #110 PDF thumbnails set
> $config['pdf_file_thumbnail'] = true;
> $config['djvu_file_thumbnail'] = true;
and have imagemagick installed for the 'convert' command.

track order for issue #63 >>1337
root-relative paths for catalog and fileinfo >>1446
text file upload >>1495
original file names for issue #104 >>1499
arabic characters >>1517


Can the people posting "use Lynxchan" explain what Lynxchan features they want?


>Can you guys post user statistics for today? I feel like there was a big uptick
Lol. I have the same strange feeling.
Thanks, mate. Btw, the compiling of previous issues that are still unresolved is also very useful.


I'm a proxyfag and I was here before new year. In fact, the ease of posting over Tor was a feature that made me use this site more.
Adding a blocklist ready to use when /pol/ decides to raid is a good idea but always having it up hurts the community IMO.gentooGentoo


Idea: engage this 'siege mode' automatic once the number of reports / hour rises above normal. That way the usertariat can repel raids by themselves even if all the mods are asleep.


All I want is a catalog refresh/update button so I don't need to press F5 and refresh the entire page.


Would I be possible to remove the border on pictures, aswell as to make gifs auto play like they did on bunkerchan, or is that just because it’s lainchan?


4chanx works on this site (if you add it to the whitelist) and I think there's an option for autoplay.


This 4chanx option does the trick (doesn't work in the catalog view).


What borders?



Catalog view doesn't work, even though there will be a link for it.

Thumbnails for PDFs and DJVUs
And you can click the thumbnail to download the file. Not even lainchan has that!

Because your opinion matters™

I mean the images on the top. Banners is not another name for jannies.

Mod tool fixes
Which none of you give a shit about, but it helps with running the site.

Per-thread unique IP counter
Samefags on suicide watch.


Added issues on github for:
text file upload
arabic text
root relative path for catalog and file info


also coming in hot:

Fix for the TXT file upload issue. >>1495

Original file names download >>1499

Users won't be able to delete their own threads soon (this has been an issue already). Users can still freely delete their own posts, as long as they have the password.

That's all for today folks.



The PR in #126 will only work for those users who visit the site with JS enabled, whereas the version in >>1499 will work for all users of the site.


Bug Report (low priority)

Red text does not work across lines. See >>41095



in the meantime

just do = = on each line you want


Can there be, like GETchan, a front page thread OP search box?


File: 1610265408067.png (15.34 KB, 180x219, peertube.png)

All right here's an interesting suggestion. You guise really wanna show up bunkerchan? Let's implement something /tech/ users always wanted but could never seem to get real traction for on there: How about a Leftypol Peertube instance?


that would probably be a subdomain



File: 1610296867952.jpeg (116.61 KB, 1280x720, rtgerger.jpeg)

The tor network is currently having issues establishing consensus. Expect v3 onion links to be down periodically for the next 24 hours, or, so.





File: 1610302892012.png (10.91 KB, 605x281, ip counter.png)

The IP counter seems to be positioned relative to the last post when the page itself was loaded rather than always being at the bottom of the page so you get situations like pic related.
Is that intentional? I assumed it was a bug but the counter doesn't update when new posters enter the thread, so it would equally make sense as saying "there were this many IPs by this post and then expecting a refresh to get the current figure.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


ahhh, that explains it


Having a lot of issues connecting to onionsite


So, it is looking more like the tor network is under attack:


People are speculating this is a DDOS attack. Hence why the Network operators can't open up the network. I am not affiliated with tor, or, an expert on the network so take what I am saying with a grain of salt. Information is coming out in real time, aswell. How long the network is gonna be down is any ones guess at this point.


File: 1610306073826.png (17.37 KB, 872x151, ClipboardImage.png)


This is much higher than two onion servers sysadmins fighting. This is a literally attack on the infrastructure of the network of Tor itself. These retards are DDOSing the entry nodes then they are massive retards.


Who do you think is doing this? Does it glow or is it some retard


thx based techies for adding banners

40% are not funny or relevant tho


Glowies 100%


Submit some, brah


why would the feds do this though? massive drug bust thing or related to the riots?


File: 1610308975856.jpg (40.87 KB, 474x474, 1605068553024.jpg)

Why wouldn't they? Tor has been a thorn in the side of the glowies for a decade and a half and they are probably using the current state of the world as an excuse to assault the network. NBC was running shit about the "mobs" who "attacked the capital" using "THE DARKNET" to organized their attempted coup.


The feature already existed for mods. The feature added was to allow non mods to see it. Not much else was changed.


Source on that NBC darknet thing?
also, it's unknown if the traffic hitting the dirauths is maliciously motivated, and there's no evidence that the traffic overload is actively trying to hurt v3 onions….
I think we'll just have to wait for more information on the situation


I'll have to find the news segment.
Also, They had said it was speculation, but, that's a weird thing to say about the failure of consensus. Did you read that link >>1576



Here is the news article mentioning the "DARK WEB" and its influence on the attempted coup


>v3 onion down due to Tor network
Just tested another unrelated v3 site and it's also down. Confirmed for not a leftypol issue.


Our own self-hosted cytube instance has been implemented
Feel free to create an account and your own channel.

Hello. I'm part of bunkerchan old cytube Admin team before I stopped being active due to depression and irl stuff. I wanted to know if you guys want to keep using the existing channel or create a new channel? I'm asking you guys here because we are doing so much direct development for ourselves here and if someone wanted to explore doing further customization and stuff with cytube or whatever similar platform we wanted to use I'm willing to let anyone with that creative itch to run it.

Cytube currently isn't directly allowed to embed twitch videos due to twitch blocking the domain from embedding their streams and now with their whole new bullshit of being unable to block ads and stuff. So if you guys want to host and maintain a server for our purposes and stuff. Cytube has all the information here: https://github.com/calzoneman/sync

If you guys have any recommendations or suggestions for us to use a different sync tube solution please post below.

Current cytube used from bunkerchan: https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp


fair pointporkyPorky


Looks like the Tor network is better now.


File: 1610324953928.png (12.81 KB, 300x300, text.png)

For pdf thumbnails >>>/anime/5736 and txt thumbnails you may need to change rights="none" to rights="read" on the lines with pattern="PDF" and pattern="@*" in the IM policy file:
$ convert -list policy | grep '^Path'
Path: /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml
Path: [built-in]

You can then set $config['txt_file_thumbnail'] to true. Since the default theme here is dark, as it should be, the txt thumbnail colors can be swapped with xc:black and -fill white.

To use a monospaced font for txt thumbnails add -font Liberation-Mono. If you don't have Liberation-Mono use one of the monospaced fonts that IM is aware of:
$ convert -list font | grep -ie mono

To verify:
$ wget -O input.txt 'http://www.gutenberg.org/files/10/10.txt'
$ convert -thumbnail x300 xc:black -pointsize 12 -fill white -font Liberation-Mono -annotate +15+15 @input.txt text.png

+ original file name downloads for non-JS users >>1499
in issues but not applied yet:
+ track order for #63 webm error 2 >>1337
+ arabic characters for #125 >>1517
+ root-relative paths for #124 deleted.png >>1446


File: 1610326181834.png (3.79 KB, 300x300, ClipboardImage.png)

PDF thumbnail generation worked in a dev environment. We'll need to check why it isn't working on prod.
TXT generation did not work properly, pic related.
Issue tracking txt thumbnail support.

Added this new issue to track the non-js filename stuff. The other issue was as a mitigation to get the feature to as much people as possible as soon as possible via the already existing js module.


> #128 #129
Thanks. A small note about:
> This issue tracks removing that js module and instead replacing it with a non-JS solution.
There's no incompatibility between the two so there's no problem with leaving js/download-original.js active as well, should that be desired.



File: 1610330263919.png (137.89 KB, 1784x632, 1.png)

pdf posting seems to fail at parsing a presentable picc


File: 1610332105693.png (3.85 KB, 164x42, 1.png)

Just found out about this new feature. At the end of a thread there's picc rel. It's genius, I love it.

based techies, the true vanguard


PDFs are failing to produce a thumbnail.
Please be patient while this is getting fixed.

:) glad you like it comrade


bring back the style selector to the bottom right on the bar, it's annoying having to make extra clicks (Options) to access it to change out of this ugly "dark red" default theme each time cookies are cleared


also move the "unique ips" crap to the right side like in 4chan, it's insanely distracting seeing it right below the latest post


Thanks. Test case once it's applied: >>>/meta/979


Coming soon:



drum roll
drum roll
drum roll
drum roll
drum roll
drum roll



can you consider adding post formatting guide page somewhere? I experienced existential horror when spoiler didn't work with usual [spoiler] tag


File: 1610343712312.png (94.76 KB, 366x250, coom.png)



reply divs are offset by the unique ips text to the right

fix this



Thanks for deploying 87b0e972ee4e2c668a3f7019d47363d7e3fba411 >>1446. The image >>>/meta/979 showed up in the thread, catalog and index.



File: 1610371530908-0.jpg (188.06 KB, 657x960, Paul COCKshott.jpg)

File: 1610371530908-1.jpg (116.02 KB, 900x600, amused queen.jpg)

File: 1610371530908-2.jpg (33.08 KB, 636x440, Evo MoCHADles.jpg)

File: 1610371530908-3.png (34.14 KB, 196x200, Dreamin' Pepe.png)

>Overboard catalogsandinistaSandinista


Is there anywhere you can view PPH and/or amount of unique IPs?


I see unique IPs, what about PPH?


This will probably come with the new homepage, which won't be done in a while.


File: 1610385471549.png (2.83 KB, 427x16, ClipboardImage.png)


BASED, but may I request that stickies aren't sticky on the overboard.


>on the overboard.
*the overboard catalog


File: 1610394336149.png (598.55 KB, 1888x738, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't see them stickied?


Can there be a make new thread button added to the catalog view? I prefer to browse through the catalog, the lack of a 'new thread' button is a minor inconvenience to me. Thank you <3





issues connecting again, as of a few hours ago it seems like consensus could not be achieved, problems with v3 onions is still ongoing right now
hmmm… very interesting…. at the risk of coming off as a schizo i'm not going to say it's a glowop but still is interesting, the CIA uses Tor though so it's probably not them


It would be nice if embedded youtube videos also displayed their URL so I can copy and paste it.


cant u just right click and copy link address


plz move the unique ips thing to the right, it is so distracting


I'm not staff but it appears the code fix was merged and approved 22hrs ago, so next time they update the website it should work fine.


Next time someone is messing with the configs and shit can you try turning this on so we can get raw video on cytube? I think that's the issue with it.


Reminder to remove YouTube™ embed as it fucks up secure connection with data leaks, even on .onion


There is a bug on the overboard, it always shows.
>5 posts and 5 image replies omitted.
whether or not there are 5 posts and 5 images omitted



File: 1610478042824.png (13.38 KB, 872x90, ClipboardImage.png)

Some retard made a thread for this. I'm re-posting it here and deleting the thread.

>Your shitty navigation bar fucks with the position of backlinked posts. You need to account for this so when a backlink is clicked, the top of the post isn't hidden under the navigation bar. Bunkerchan does this just fine, so copy their CSS.

>On another note, you don't seem to have a public repository for this stuff which makes me think y'all are authoritarian as fuck and don't want to democratize this site. CRINGE!!

(attached pic is from OP)

heh. I wondered when someone was going to notice. Thanks for reporting.
Oooh that sounds nice.
That PR just makes it so that the new posts don't go below the unique ip counter.


ty bb
>Oooh that sounds nice.
I don't know if it will fix it but it's the easiest thing to do to attempt to fix it lol. If it doesn't someone has to install ffmpeg, but it appears to be on the main repository so it should work just by turning it on? Maybe the comment was written before it was included or something.




The fuck is happening


Can you upload your webm here : https://catbox.moe/


For #136 >>1628 this commit:
introduced the LIMIT on the SELECT, since there's no point in getting the full thread there. However the counts are now computed after the limit was applied.

Instead, the approach found in numPosts
used by index
can be borrowed to get full counts.

>>1633 >>1634
The fix is in >>1337 and issue #63. The techs have lives and dayjobs so they'll get to it when they get to it.

in issues but not resolved yet:
+ pdf and txt IM rights #129 >>1593
+ original file name downloads for non-JS users #128 >>1499
+ track order #63 webm error 2 >>1337
+ arabic characters #125 >>1517


I think 'js/options.js' needs to be moved above 'js/local-time.js' and any other script that adds to the options dialog.

I would open an issue/pr myself but my github account is tied to my irl identity.


File: 1610487850991.png (413.4 KB, 814x620, ClipboardImage.png)

issue: Single image posts can jumble up short lines of text, like so.



Based Krates. Now the little rhyme I was so pleased with I reposted with multiple images to format properly will be immortalised forever.


(this is why some of the checkboxes in the options don't work)


Write your PR/issue here and I'll copypast it with my account.


NTA. You could make a PR with this single-line change >>1499 to templates/post/fileinfo.html that fixes #128.


Bug: these checkboxes don't do anything

I'm pretty sure it's because options.js is loaded after other scripts that depend on it. The fix should be to move this line (317):
$config['additional_javascript'][] = 'js/options.js';

above this line (298):
$config['additional_javascript'][] = 'js/local-time.js';



woah, dude


File: 1610522876557.png (346.52 KB, 531x508, vegan.png)



wtf is this real?


yep, it's confirmed. techies fuck cats


based ngl


I'm not sure why you need both issues #109 and #144. You even have the same medium link in both.


Why are mods not replying to this in any way? Now with the overboard catalog this bug is constant, for the majority of users. (picrel)
The majority of leftypol.org users right now have a simultaneous data stream outgoing to Google servers collecting details of their posting on this site for no real reason other than "embed b cool" (what, you can't mousewheel click a link for it to open in another tab and watch it there, you fuck?).


I have passed this along, thanks for the concern.


There is no indicator for when a thread is anchored.



What's the difference between dev.leftypol.org and leftypol.org?


File: 1610586292802.png (4.86 KB, 524x94, post.png)

When clicking the little link from a post to its replies (circled in pic) on the overboard, instead of taking you to the post in the relevant thread it will bounce you back to the overboard because it tries to take you to that post number on /overboard/ rather than on the relevant board.

not a show stopping issue, but it's slightly annoying if you want to load the thread at the position of a given post rather than clicking "reply" and scrolling down.


White techs fuck cats.


I support removing embedded youtube links.





For #147 >>1653 change this line in catalog.html:
> <strong>R: {{ post.replies }} / I: {{ post.images }}{% if post.sticky %} (sticky){% endif %}{% if post.locked %} <span class="fa fa-lock">&nbsp;</span>{% endif %}</strong>
by adding post.sage and config.reply_limit tests:
> <strong>R: {{ post.replies }} / I: {{ post.images }}{% if post.sticky %} (sticky){% endif %}{% if post.sage %} (sage){% endif %}{% if (config.reply_limit > 0) and (post.replies >= config.reply_limit) %} (full){% endif %}{% if post.locked %} <span class="fa fa-lock">&nbsp;</span>{% endif %}</strong>

Thread views have a bumplocked test:
> {% if post.bumplocked and (config.mod.view_bumplock < 0 or (post.mod and post.mod|hasPermission(config.mod.view_bumplock, board.uri))) %}
For us proles:
> // View whether a thread has been bumplocked ("-1" to allow non-mods to see too)
> $config['mod']['view_bumplock'] = MOD;

There's no post.bumplocked, it's called post.sage:
> `sage` int(1) NOT NULL,
and for OPs it acts as a bumplock:
> if (!$post['op'] && strtolower($post['email']) != 'sage' && !$thread['sage'] && ($config['reply_limit'] == 0 || $numposts['replies']+1 < $config['reply_limit'])) {
> bumpThread($post['thread']);
Using both +1 and a strict inequality is wrong and makes threads unable to bump on an unsaged final reply, so the +1 needs to go.

The img.src is wrong in the usual way >>1446
> <img class="icon" title="Bumplocked" src="{{ config.image_bumplocked }}" alt="Bumplocked" />
and needs to prepend the root. Same for the post.sticky, post.locked and post.cycle blocks.

While you have a locked.gif in static, there's no sage.png and sticky.png.

in issues but not resolved yet:
+ pdf and txt IM rights #129 >>1593
+ original file name downloads for non-JS users #128 >>1499
+ track order #63 webm error 2 >>1337
+ arabic characters #125 >>1517
+ semirand omitted counts #136 >>1635


can you explain why the fuck KDA Ahri is doing in this thread


Calm down, mate.


I can't access this site thru tor.


Using leftypol.org or the onion url?
Can you access other sites?
The onion network has been experiencing attacks and decreased reliability lately.


the onion url works, but I got a problem when I used the .org url



It appears other onion services are currently up and ours is currently down.
I've notified the sysadmins.


Currently posting this over tor. We've restarted the server. Can you try now?


Please turn YouTube embed off (security vuln) while you're at it



Read theory -> lurk moar


Maybe including gsfonts will make a difference for txt #129, based on:


Thank you so much krates.


For pdf thumbnails #110, after setting the IM policy >>1593 rights, it seems IM will communicate with the ghostscript delegate through temporary files, so the same temporary location should be available to both. If nix isolates packages to the point where such sharing of the temporary location is not possible, then a workaround appears to be to resort to direct invocation of gs for pdf thumbnailing, bypassing IM.

Temporary file issues:


I'm posting it here instead of /tech/ because I mainly want to convey this message to our People's Champions.

It may be worth considering the need to get a Gitlab Community Edition "mirror" for our repos if Microsoft's Github follows the footsteps of its partners (Facebook and Twitter) and starts repressing projects on a political basis; along "extremist" lines (a broad brush-stroke which pretty certainly would catch us too).
Gitlab CE or GNU Savannah, by contrast, have two advantages for them. 1): They are not subsidiaries to mega-corporations well-known for their collaborative attitudes to the US government (see links below to post-Microsoft acquisition tech-news headlines) and 2): they're fully open source with much better ratings from libre software institutions.

Revealing recent Github controversies:

Leftist tech article on Microsoft's acquisition of Github and wider implications and consequences:
>How to guarantee the independence of digital Commons?
>For a project like Wikipedia, things would probably be different if firms like Google or Facebook answered the call launched by Katherine Maher. The Wikipedia community has strict rules in place regarding paid contributions, which means that you would probably never see 90% of the content produced by employees. Company contributions would likely be in the form of cash payments to the Wikimedia Foundation. However, economic dependence would be no less strong; until now, Wikipedia has ensured its independence basically by relying on individual donations to cover the costs associated with maintaining the project’s infrastructure. This economic dependence would no doubt quickly become a political dependence – which, by the way, the Wikimedia Foundation has already been criticised for, regarding a large number of personalities with direct or indirect links with Google included on its board, to the point of generating strong tensions with the community. The Mozilla Foundation, behind the Firefox browser, has sometimes received similar criticism. Their dependence on Google funding may have attracted rather virulent reproach and doubts about some of its strategic choices.
>In the end, this question of the digital Commons’ state of economic dependence is relatively widespread. There are, in reality, very few free projects having reached a significant scale that have not become more or less “Capital Commons”. This progressive satellite-isation is likely to be further exacerbated by the fact that free software communities have placed themselves in a fragile situation by coordinating with infrastructures that can easily be captured by Capital. This is precisely what just happened [in 2018] with Microsoft’s $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub. Some may have welcomed the fact that this acquisition reflected a real evolution of Microsoft’s strategy towards Open Source, even that it could be a sign that “free software has won”, as we sometimes hear.
>But, we can seriously doubt it. Although free software has acquired an infrastructural dimension today – to the point that even a landmark player in proprietary software like Microsoft can no longer ignore it – the developer communities still lack the means of their independence, whether individually (developers employed by large companies are in the majority) or collectively (a lot of free software depends on centralized platforms like GitHub for development). Paradoxically, Microsoft has taken seriously Platform Cooperativism’s watchwords, which emphasize the importance of becoming the owner of the means of production in the digital environment in order to be able to create real alternatives. Over time, Microsoft has become one of the main users of GitHub for developing its own code; logically, it bought the platform to become its master. Meanwhile – and this is something of a grating irony – Trebor Scholz – one of the initiators, along with Nathan Schneider, of the Platform Cooperativism movement – has accepted one million dollars in funding from Google to develop his projects. This amounts to immediately making oneself dependent on one of the main actors of surveillance capitalism, seriously compromising any hope of building real alternatives.
>For now, Wikipedia’s infrastructure is solidly resilient, because the Wikimedia Foundation only manages the servers that host the collaborative encyclopedia’s contents. They have no title to them, because of the free license under which they are placed. GitHub could be bought because it was a classic commercial enterprise, whereas the Wikimedia Foundation would not be able to resell itself, even if players like Google or Apple made an offer. The fact remains that Katherine Maher’s appeal for Google or Facebook funding risks weakening Wikipedia more than anything else, and I find it difficult to see something positive for the Commons. In a way, I would even say that this kind of discourse contributes to the gradual dilution of the notion of Commons that we sometimes see today. We saw it recently with the “Tech For Good” summit organized in Paris by Emmanuel Macron, where actors like Facebook and Uber were invited to discuss their contribution “to the common good”. In the end, this approach is not so different from Katherine Maher’s, who asks that Facebook or Google participate in financing the Wikipedia project, while in no way being able to impose it on them. In both cases, what is very disturbing is that we are regressing to the era of industrial paternalism, as it was at the end of the 19th century, when the big capitalists launched “good works” on a purely voluntary basis to compensate for the human and social damage caused by an unbridled market economy through philanthropy.

Libre rating of git repos:
>GNU Savannah: Grade A
>Gitlab: Grade C
>Github: Grade F
>Sourceforge: Grade F



I was a Gitlab advocate until very recently when I found out they are quite literally funded by the CIA through In-Q-Tel.


Consider something else like Gitea.


Real shit? But do you think they'd put a backdoor?


The project is open source and not terribly big from what I'm aware. It can be audited easily and backdoors found if they exist. The real issue is project control and censorship concerns like we saw over youtube-dl on github recently. Either find a host you trust or simply self-host your own git.


Can we please have refresh and catalog buttons added to the thread links.brocialismBrocialism


Looking at show-backlinks.js, scrolling within the index page is the behavior you get on regular boards as well. You are not taken inside the thread there either, so this is the same behavior you had before the overboard was added.


respond window keeps saving last used flag, even after "None" was selected before.


can you specify where exactly?


Clicking on @s after the initial post leads to weird results. Example: post says "u r fag" and it has 3 replies. If I click on any of these replies the site brings me up a few inches but it doesn't actually bring me to said post.


File: 1610757251576.mp4 (3 MB, 1914x794, bug.mp4)


Deleted thread still shows up in catalogue. Clicking on it gives 404, however.



my whole point about turning /tech/ into propaganda


i did several refreshes (F5) in that vid, fyi


The post form at the top has the controlling flag setting, the one that is saved to localStorage. The quick reply takes its flag setting from the top form each time. This appears to be deliberate so that you can have a main flag for that board, switch to a different flag momentarily for one quick reply, and still have your main flag next time. To switch to a different flag on a more permanent basis set it in the top form and subsequent quick replies will pick it up.


…oookay I never heard that about Gitlab before but – then use the A-rated GNU Savannah instead then? Or Gitea. Or self-host, indeed.


Antinous (one of our vols) asked me to post the following information here: "antinous is a poop."

that is all


Deleting a thread >>1685 is currently the same event as deleting a post.
> rebuildThemes('post-delete', $board['uri']);

The catalog handles 'post-delete':
> } elseif ($action 'post-thread' || ($settings['update_on_posts'] && $action 'post') || ($settings['update_on_posts'] && $action == 'post-delete')
> || $action 'sticky' || ($action 'lock' && in_array($board, $boards))) {
Notice the ludicrous placement of the parens around the lock and board tests, which means the board test only applies to lock. The parens should group the || chain.

'post-delete' is guarded by $settings['update_on_posts'], which goes into the catalog theme settings editable in the mod pages, not into the config files:

When $settings['update_on_posts'] is set, the issue is that post deletions must eventually be followed by a rebuildThemes with 'post-delete' and the appropriate board, otherwise deleted threads will occasionally show in some themes. But inc/mod/pages.php occasionally omits this rebuildThemes call on the $originBoard when moving or merging.

A better longterm solution would be to introduce a thread-delete event for OPs, since posting is already aware of OPs with 'post-thread' versus 'post':
That way themes would have the granularity of control to be able to respond to OP events but not to non-OP reply events, if they so choose. Deleting locations are already aware whether they're deleting an OP or a reply, e.g.:
> if (isset($config['allow_thread_deletion']) && !$config['allow_thread_deletion'] && !$post['thread']) {

Also note that both mod_move and mod_move_reply in inc/mod/pages.php fire the 'post' event on $targetBoard even if they happen to be creating target threads. The appropriate event if creating target threads is 'post-thread'.

in issues but not resolved yet:
+ pdf and txt thumbnails #110 #129 >>1593 >>1673 >>1675
+ original file name downloads for non-JS users #128 >>1499
+ track order #63 webm error 2 >>1337
+ arabic characters #125 >>1517
+ semirand omitted counts #136 >>1635
+ bumplock and full markers #147 >>1662


test for == workaround
> } elseif ($action == 'post-thread' || ($settings['update_on_posts'] && $action == 'post') || ($settings['update_on_posts'] && $action == 'post-delete')
> || $action == 'sticky' || ($action == 'lock' && in_array($board, $boards))) {


what's the official booru of .org?




still using the flunkerchan symbol :P


No it isnt. The emblem with the bunker is leftypols. Leftybooru is using its own variation.


2015-10-21 refers to /leftypol/'s founding and bunkers were an early /leftypol/ in-joke.


Who is complaining about post reporting? It works fine? Works on my machine
Also who was saying the mod log doesn't work?


OK we need to do a sprint to close some of these issues. we're at 48 so I'm thinking about doing a sprint and going through the easy ones to get those implemented.
I really would like to do some stuff like pull the log_err or whatever it's called out of anti-bot.php, but obviously that works so the existing issues will be my focus. But I want to get issues cut down to maybe 20 within the next two weeks.


I hate to interrupt but we are being raided with random character string with length 5anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


I have two questions about pic related:

1- Are all IPv6 adresses uncensored?
2- Are IPv6 are at the individual address level instead of at the /64 level?

If so, both things should be fixed.

To be clear about the second point, for an IPv6 you can always change the latter half, so for example for the first IPv6 ban, instead of banning 2607:9880:1b30:dd:fce2:8dfb:79df:28f7 you should ban the range 2607:9880:1b30:dd::0 to 2607:9880:1b30:dd:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff


*2- Are IPv6 bans


Based. Any help is appreciated.
We were made aware of point 1 today. I had no clue about point 2.


It's a privacy feature. Instead of NAT you have an ever-changing second half of the address. Most operating systems change it automatically after 1-24 hours.


the filters don't work


How about the boards list "[overboard] … [watchlist]" gets aligned left on the top bar, with the bottom bar stuff being added to the right of that, so that there is only the top bar?

Also, are unique IPs not adjusting automatically for anyone else? I have to refresh to see a change.


>Also, are unique IPs not adjusting automatically for anyone else? I have to refresh to see a change.
My understanding is that it has always behaved that way.


It should update dynamically, then. And, be in the same section as `# replies | # images | Page #`


Added a naive fix for >>1701brocialismBrocialism


>I want to get issues cut down to maybe 20
Compare #109 with #144 >>1650 and #154 with #161.


Posting from a theme that gives me PTSD.
>inb4 this was the reason I hadn't moved
<well now you have no choice
The tech leftypol strikes again. A new contributor is incomparably based and has submitted a fix.


File: 1610922721313.png (67.33 KB, 1684x272, ClipboardImage.png)

All user submitted.
The cache needs a little while to refresh. Try hard refreshing.
There's even a bunker-like theme!
Check the details here: >>1711


It's probably easier to just save with wget. tinyboardvichanlainchan produces really easy to archive pagesbrocialismBrocialism




You can simplify $ipv[46]_link_regex by taking advantage of the fact that when you have an anchor with a href with ?/IP/ you are validating the anchor text anyway, so there's no need to validate the rest of the href. PHP also allows alternate regex delimiters, like sed, so you don't need the backslash soup, e.g.:

So you can do:
$ipv4_link_regex = '@(?:<a href="\?/IP/[^"]+">)?(' . $ipv4_regex . ')(?:</a>)?@';
$ipv6_link_regex = '@(?:<a href="\?/IP/[^"]+">)?(' . $ipv6_regex . ')(?:</a>)?@';


File: 1610927991841.txt (164 B, @.txt)

Thanks, cloudflare, you really protected me there.


glory to whoever made the bunker lite theme. It's better than the real thing


File: 1610949624762.png (566.37 KB, 2000x2186, USSCemblem.png)

The official booru is one of the few things that .org and .xyz administration agree on. It was same with the /leftpol/ split.
The symbol is variation of the USSC symbol. USSC being an attempt in 2015 to create a united leftist imageboard with /leftypol/, /GET/, and /ref/.
2015-10-21 is the booru foundation date. /leftypol/ itself is from 2014.


File: 1610954933395.jpeg (20.63 KB, 474x314, 876875685.jpeg)

If anyone wants to help us figure out a solution: https://github.com/PietroCarrara/Clover/issues/1 We are looking to solve the issue related to posting over the app and when we raise threat levels for cloud-flair that causes phone posting to break, thank you.


coming soon
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon

>more posts in the IP history view

>bumplock icon
>cytube on the board list
>warranty canary (written by coma)
>allow gz and bz2 extensions uploads
>mass mod deletions (using the checkboxes and the delete button)
>fix the checkboxes of the options menu that apparently wasn't working
>fixes overboard count (5 posts 5 images omitted)
>removes deprecated tomorrow stylesheet



To fix post quotes at the end of orangequotes >>1721 you could add < to the lookahead class as a hack entrenching a bug, or you could put orangequotes after greenquotes where they belong and where originally suggested. >>1207


The commit that put orangequotes into $config['markup'] instead:
> Author: nonmakina <[email protected]>
> Date: Mon Jan 4 15:59:59 2021 -0600


Hey mods, I don't think the filters work.


what filters


SEO: How can we increase the SEO of this site so it overtakes flunkerchan on google??

any ideas


the ones in the options menu


Well preliminarily we need to allow robots to index the site.


I actually already tried that and had to fix it here: https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan/pull/185/commits/e936312db509c5a355b4bb1131f644556aed242a
Apparently mixing count and limits doesn't work well.

Feel free to throw in a PR, I'll review it ASAP.

Hadn't noticed that the quotes didn't work. Thanks for reporting it. I'll open an issue.

Tracked by this issue: https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan/issues/187
Thanks for the feedback, as per usual.
>+ semirand omitted counts #136 >>1635
In PR: https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan/pull/185
>+ bumplock and full markers #147 >>1662
In PR: https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan/pull/178

>+ pdf and txt thumbnails #110 #129

We're using nix. PDF thumbnails worked on dev, but not on prod. So much for "reproducibility" lol. There must be an issue I'm overlooking. This is devops shit and I'm not familiar with nix, so I've been putting it off.

Could people look at this: https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan/issues
and tell me which issues are the most important to them?


Probably the same bug as #143, should be fixed by https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan/pull/183


I'll be changing the font size to 14px and the font to Verdana of the current theme. Does anyone have any objections?

Legibility is pretty poor atm.


>I actually already tried that
We're referring to different things. See where I said "unsorted totals" >>1721. I was simply admiring the tech's willpower in forcing the sql to do his bidding with 2^64-1, instead of using the existing approach for index pages in index+numPosts in inc/functions.php >>1635.

>I'll open an issue.

If you're in the mood to move bugs into issues you might open one for the mp4 anon's >>1685 zombie threads in the catalog bug as well, since one source of zombie threads is already explained in the Tifa post.

>We're using nix. PDF thumbnails worked on dev, but not on prod. So much for "reproducibility" lol. There must be an issue I'm overlooking.

Printing out the $error value returned by shell_exec_error on both the pdf and txt branches might prove worthwhile.


To show the catalog post form without JS:

#post-form-container { display: block !important; }


Shit. Forgot about that. Will add in pull request.


Quick question. If we self-hosted gitlab or some other git repo software, would people be more inclined to contribute?


I was actually just shot posting when I talked shit about GitHub. I don’t really care and it won’t affect whether I contribute or not.


Hey, can mods post user stats for today


Good luck trying to get those hoes to respondak-47AK-47


About those iconv errors
and about the mod_edit_post commented block changes quietly sneaked into the "Protect IPs in public moderation logs" commit
$ git show -w 6d43a7f62bafc8a86405d43de7c30d469825b9bf

The codebase assumes that the internal multibyte character encoding for PHP strings is UTF-8. If either default_charset or mbstring.internal_encoding are set to something else in php.ini, you'll get occasional charset errors like those two. This is only a remote possibility since UTF-8 is most likely already set, but it's also quick and easy to rule out.

Further UTF-8 checklist:

You already get more contributions than you reasonably have time for, including single-line changes posted in this thread that would close an issue. Your bottleneck is the small number of people with commit rights to the repo. For an example of what happens when you increase the contributions but keep that bottleneck see the youtube-dl repo.

+ zombie threads in catalog >>1691
+ post quote ending an orange quote >>1722
in issues but not resolved yet:
+ pdf and txt thumbnails #110 #129 >>1593 >>1673 >>1675
+ original file name downloads for non-JS users #128 >>1499
+ track order #63 webm error 2 >>1337
+ arabic characters #125 >>1517
+ semirand omitted counts #136 >>1635 [in PR]
+ bumplock and full markers #147 >>1662 [in PR]


>and about the mod_edit_post commented block changes quietly sneaked into the "Protect IPs in public moderation logs" commit

holy shit that was not supposed to get in


I think the issue might be that the DB connection charset is not set. I was looking into that but I'm not exactly sure how or where to set that.


Is it just me or is the increased activity making the site slower?


Works faster than ever for me.


Extremely minor issue but hiding posts does not work for me.


As in the UTF-8 checklist link above and in the link in issue #193, that is certainly worth trying. However the iconv EILSEQ 84 errors in slugify happened on data coming in from the post form before it touched the database, which is why php.ini is worth a quick glance. You can also check the internal multibyte character encoding for PHP strings by looking at the bin2hex of the $slug just before "// Transliterate local characters" in slugify. For the U+1F44D THUMBS UP SIGN from the error string in issue #50 you must get f09f918d. You can control the $slug via the Subject field.

$ python3
>>> b = b'\xF0\x9F\x91\x8D'
>>> b.decode ('utf-8')

$ php7.2 -r 'var_dump (bin2hex (""));'
string(8) "f09f918d"


Sorry for being captain obvious but could we maybe have some anti-spam measures like:
>a captcha you have to fill in to make a thread
>a cap on the amount of threads that can be made in a hour?


>>a captcha you have to fill in to make a thread

i thought we already had this?


its not enabled



There's some issue with Cloudflare fucking up and giving me a 450 error after I do the captcha. The site url has a load of gibberish data in it relating to the captcha but entering the normal site link works, so it's nothing too serious. It just gives the impression that the site is broke.


Individual board backups would be nice


there actually are individual backups, jannies can choose to reset only 1 board (allegedly)


File: 1611181970688-0.png (140.98 KB, 893x561, 1.png)

File: 1611181970688-1.png (171.39 KB, 1732x307, 2.png)

File: 1611181970688-2.png (97.68 KB, 1630x247, 3.png)

weird bug: after today's reset I'm getting a lot of false (you)s. I didn't make these posts, lol


Yeah it seems to have something to do with the way (you)s are calculated. The post numbers of your old posts are saved to you, so if someone else now gets your old post number, it's displayed as (you).


>No auto refresh yet


File: 1611188550664.png (458.53 KB, 1878x805, 1.png)

new post can go below the line if the body is short


move the "Unique IPs" shit to the right side with the reply and image counts, it's distracting and making me want to stick with bunkerchan only


Why? Stop posting there. Do you seriously have no discipline?


there is auto refresh actually, theres just no timer displayed


Here are some old posts from lainchan with some anon explaining the posts below the line bug #207 as it existed back then, as well as a few related bugs. Parts of the explanation are likely to still apply to the current leftypol.

2019-03-13 14:51:52 No.12838
The new post insertion in auto-reload.js >>12829 is wrong.

if ($("div.post").length > 1){
$(this).parent().insertAfter($('div.post:not(.post-hover):last').parent().next()).after('<br class="clear">');
else {
$(this).insertAfter($('div.post:not(.post-hover):last')).after('<br class="clear">');

The structure of div.thread in a thread page without JS is defined by templates/post_thread.html, templates/post_reply.html and templates/post. It looks like this:

repeat (
) for every reply
<br class="clear"/>

One issue is that the 'after' calls should use '<br/>' as used by templates/post_reply.html. The '<br class="clear"/>' is only used once by templates/post_thread.html, to separate the horizontal rule / thematic break, and it would have lacked the closing slash anyway. More importantly, the else branch inserts the wrong element. It inserts the div.post.reply instead of the div.postcontainer, which is its .parent(). And while the insertion point is correct, right after the only div.post, that :last can be removed and an .op class added before the :not, which will be faster.

The effect of inserting the wrong element, div.post.reply, is that the next insertion, which will take the first branch, will find that the last reply's .parent() is the div.thread, the .next() is the div.thread-interactions, and will insert after that, completely outside the reply list. This is the mechanism by which replies can end up under the separator line. This effect can be deterministically replicated by the following procedure.
- Go to a thread with a small number of replies, not less than two, with scripts enabled. E.g. >>12786
- Uncheck the auto update box.
- Inspect the page and delete the div.postcontainer elements and the br elements immediately following each one, leaving only the op.
- Click '[Update]'.
You will see the replies from the second onward go under the reply area, below the separator and some links. Inserting the .parent() on the else branch will fix this.

2019-03-13 21:57:10 No.12844
For some light entertainment, the >>12838 test can be performed on a thread with a large number of replies. The deletion can be performed by

$('div.postcontainer').remove ();
$('div.thread > br:not(.clear)').remove ();

which reduces the thread to the op. Clicking '[Update]' then demonstrates the effect.

2019-03-17 04:09:58 No.12885
Here is one mechanism that will cause auto-reload.js >>12829 to skip posts when updating. When polling the thread is reread via ajax and the replies are looped over and added if they pass this test:

$(data).find('div.post.reply').each(function() {
var id = $(this).attr('id');
if($('#' + id).length == 0) {

This seems reasonable in isolation, since it avoids readding existing replies. The problem appears in js/post-hover.js which attempts to support hovering over crossboard links.
If a linked post is hovered and not already present in this thread, its thread is obtained via ajax and then:

var mythreadid = $(data).find('div[id^="thread_"]').attr('id').replace("thread_", "");

if (mythreadid == threadid && parentboard == board) {
$(data).find('div.post.reply').each(function() {
if($('[data-board="' + board + '"] #' + $(this).attr('id')).length == 0) {
$('[data-board="' + board + '"]#thread_' + threadid + " .post.reply:first").before($(this).hide().addClass('hidden'));
else if ($('[data-board="' + board + '"]#thread_'+mythreadid).length > 0) {
$(data).find('div.post.reply').each(function() {
if($('[data-board="' + board + '"] #' + $(this).attr('id')).length == 0) {
$('[data-board="' + board + '"]#thread_' + mythreadid + " .post.reply:first").before($(this).hide().addClass('hidden'));
else {
$(data).find('div[id^="thread_"]').hide().attr('data-cached', 'yes').prependTo('form[name="postcontrols"]');

If the post belongs to this thread, or to a thread already stored in this one, it is added as a hidden post to the top of its thread in reverse order. If the post belongs to another thread not yet stored in this one, its entire div.thread is added as a hidden element to the top of the postcontrols form. This can be observed in the new CA thread >>12868 where someone linked the old one from the archive. Before hovering over the archive link the postcontrols form starts with the hidden input and div.thread#thread_9558. After hovering over the archive link the postcontrols form acquires a hidden div.thread#thread_17 as its first child. In this particular case this will not be a problem, because all post numbers in the old thread are lower than all post numbers in the new thread.

The problem is that while post numbers are unique within a board, they are not unique across boards. By storing a foreign thread in the current one, post-hover.js risks duplicating post numbers and thus duplicating ids, which is already illegal in plain HTML. The id namespace of a page is flat, so care must be taken to separate ids that use the same post number. For example, templates/post_reply.html uses #pcNNN for post containers and reply_NNN for replies.
The same care is not exercised by post-hover.js with crossboard post numbers, which can collide. This lack of namespacing of crossboard ids in a flat page id space was introduced by czaks on Aug 5 2013 in commit:

Auto-reload.js can skip posts like this. If the current thread has a crossboard link to a thread with higher ids, that thread is stored in the current one upon hover. If the current thread then receives a new reply with a post number that is already used in the foreign thread, that reply will not pass the insertion test and auto-reload.js will not add it, believing it to be already present.

The solution is to either have post-hover.js use a different storage location for foreign threads, outside the DOM, or to apply namespacing to all ids inserted from foreign threads, using their board name. For example, the foreign thread's div.thread could be traversed and any id modified with the foreign board name as a prefix or suffix. The same scheme would then be used for looking up foreign posts.

No offense to the original Tinyboard crew but the architecture of JS extensions is looking increasingly like a haphazardly thrown together pile of good intentions, held up by hope and faith.

2019-03-17 12:32:38 No.12887
Experimental verification of >>12885. On the test board, a music post is linked that is in a thread that contains the next post number from the test thread. The next test post is the skip test. This procedure follows:
- Uncheck auto reload.
- Inspect the page and remove the skip test post's postcontainer and br.
- Enabling auto reload brings in the removed post as if it were a new reply.
- Uncheck auto reload again.
- Remove the skip test post again.
- Hover the music post's link and wait for the overlay to load.
- Enabling auto reload does not bring in the removed post. Instead, the countdown interval is doubled.
This happens because the removed post's id was added by post-hover.js as part of the hidden copy of the music thread. So auto-reload.js considers that reply to be already present and sees nothing that needs to be inserted. To verify this final state:

>> $('#reply_725')

Object { 0: <div#reply_725.post.reply>, length: 1, context: HTMLDocument → 528.html, selector: "#reply_725" }
>> $('#reply_725').parent ().parent ()
Object { 0: <div#thread_667.thread>, length: 1, prevObject: Object, context: HTMLDocument → 528.html }
>> $('#reply_725').parent ().parent () [0].attributes
NamedNodeMap [ data-board="music", id="thread_667", class="thread", style="display: none;", data-cached="yes" ]

2019-03-20 11:32:23 No.12913
The new post insertion in ajax.js is even more broken than in auto-reload.js >>12838.

$(data).find('div.post.reply').each(function() {
var id = $(this).attr('id');
if($('#' + id).length == 0) {
$(this).insertAfter($('div.post:last').next()).after('<br class="clear">');

- The insertion needs the branching that handles OP-only threads.
- The inserted element has to be the parent div.postcontainer instead of the div.post.reply.
- The insertion point is explained in the linked post.
- The 'after' should be the '<br/>' used by templates/post_reply.html.
Since this is causing trouble and is used in at least two places, it might be worth factoring out into a function.

2019-03-29 00:51:32 No.13036
In addition to a mechanism that causes auto-reload.js to skip >>12885 posts, here is one mechanism that causes posts to appear out of order. Clicking on '[Last 50 Posts]' on an index page loads a page like
with the OP and the last 50 replies – choosing a large thread. If one of the loaded posts is deleted between updates, usually one of the last ones, and no new posts are made in the same update interval, the next update will fetch a 50-post slice that has moved back by one position. The first post of the new slice has a post number smaller than the first displayed reply and is not in the current DOM, so auto-reload.js will consider it a new post, and just like any other new post it will be added to the end of the thread. This causes it to be out of order. To replicate this open a +50.html page, uncheck auto update, then inspect and remove the first reply's postcontainer and br. This is equivalent to having had the last reply of the incremented slice removed. Clicking '[Update]' then brings in a lower numbered post, into the last position.

To deal with this in the general case, binary search can be used to find the insertion point that maintains the sorted list invariant at every step. To accelerate the most common case of a new reply, the higher end can be tested first. To avoid each inserter script having to reinvent the wheel, sorted post insertion that correctly handles OP-only threads should be moved into a common utility function.


Make it so that we can watch videos hosted on google drive and other places on cytube. cytu.be has this feature, therefore it is possible. Having a "watch party" for YouTube is redundant, because you can do that on YouTube and other sites. cytube is for watching pirated movies and shows with people. how do you not understand this?


Mate. We have a tiny team of devs that work day jobs and have social lives, and on top of that we've been here for a month. Plus devs shit post too. (At least I do). We get that the specific cytube feature you mention is important. A mod has repeatedly asked us to work on it. It is high on the list. Please be patient, but keep insisting, we are listening and it is useful to prioritize issues.


File: 1611223430694.png (9.66 KB, 642x135, ClipboardImage.png)

Here is an example (I gave the wrong error number before lol)


>theres just no timer displayed
Yes there is.


File: 1611237062713.jpg (217.62 KB, 709x477, vallejo-pcc.jpg)

Dear Tech Team, please add an 'update' or 'refresh' button on the catalog page. <3 <3 <3


Add an option to toggle between serif and sans-serif.



Issue already open in the github, please be patient.


That's all you had to say, thanks.


Any updates on additional flags?zapatistaZapatista


whats thread full mean


thread is now bumplocked but you can still post in it.
this thread is pinned so it doesn't do anything.

Warrant Canary is now active on the homepage
Top bar now has a link to the cytube
Mod mass deletion tools
Delete by IP should be faster (it was prohibitively slow.)
Deletion of deprecated Tomorrow theme.
Viewing posts by IP used to have a limit of 5 per board. removed limitation.
Fixed 'marxis' spelling mistake on the homepage that was driving everyone nuts
Gzip and Bzip2 files are now uploadable.
We will now be more indexable by Google.
Overboard now shows accurate omitted post and file count.
We now have bumplock indicators?


There are two conditions which can make a thread not bump:
1. A mod sets the thread's sage flag. This is (sage).
2. The reply count exceeds the reply limit for bumping. This is (full).
Without a marking for 2. a thread could be in nobump behavior without having sage set and without any visual indicator.


> this thread is pinned so it doesn't do anything.
This is inaccurate. It has an effect among sticky threads. This is why "Welcome Thread + Feedback" stays above this one.



To add reply limit nobump markers to index pages and thread view pages as well, templates/post_thread.html needs to consider the circumstances in which it might be invoked. The thread might have no replies. The thread view page is handed all replies. The index page is only handed preview replies, and there may or may not be omitted replies. This should take care of these cases:

{% if post.posts %}
{% set postpostscount = post.posts|length %}
{% else %}
{% set postpostscount = 0 %}
{% endif %}

{% if index %}
{% if post.omitted %}
{% set totalreplycount = postpostscount + post.omitted %}
{% else %}
{% set totalreplycount = postpostscount %}
{% endif %}
{% else %}
{% set totalreplycount = postpostscount %}
{% endif %}

{% if (config.reply_limit > 0) and (totalreplycount >= config.reply_limit) %}
<i title="no bump due to reply count">(full)</i>
{% endif %}

A reasonable place to put this is between the sage and cycle blocks:

+ zombie threads in catalog >>1691
+ post quote ending an orange quote >>1722
in issues but not resolved yet:
+ pdf and txt thumbnails #110 #129 >>1593 >>1673 >>1675
+ original file name downloads for non-JS users #128 >>1499
+ track order #63 webm error 2 >>1337
+ arabic characters #125 >>1517
+ UTF-8 troubles #193 >>1738 >>1744
+ posts below the line and related #207 >>1759


To check small pieces of template code on the command line from the leftypol_lainchan root, without having to put them into files:
$ twig () { php7.2 -r 'require "inc/lib/Twig/Autoloader.php"; Twig_Autoloader::register(); $loader = new Twig_Loader_Array(["test.html" => '"$1"']); $twig = new Twig_Environment($loader); var_dump($twig->render("test.html", '"${2:-[]}"'));'; }
$ twig '"Hello, {{ name }}!"' '["name" => "Anonymous"]'
string(17) "Hello, Anonymous!"

For example join of version 1.37 is supported:
$ twig '"{{ (0..9)|join }}"'
string(10) "0123456789"

But map of version 1.41 doesn't appear to be supported:
$ twig '"{{ (0..9)|map(v => v) }}"'
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Twig_Error_Syntax: Unexpected token "operator" of value ">" in "test.html" at line 1. in leftypol_lainchan/inc/lib/Twig/ExpressionParser.php:211


File: 1611431428259.png (21.63 KB, 740x131, 1.png)

when trying to upload https://i.ibb.co/Kq0XyMQ/sage.png


is it possible to have embed option available in quick reply box so I can stop being outed as newfag?


File: 1611437196825.png (219.27 KB, 1001x613, ClipboardImage.png)

I notice that lainchan's default captcha system is recaptcha so I assume that's why you won't turn it on, if you are hard pressed for an alternative here is one coded for lainchan that was never integrated because an alternative was coming Soon™. Securimage is open source so it should be fine for your uses.


would it be possible to add a spoiler option to the quick reply checkbox?
having it only appear on the reply box at the top of the page is unintuitive



File: 1611523532512.png (7.2 KB, 743x625, ClipboardImage.png)

We need a better 404 page.


yes it needs to say something along the lines of "whoopsie daisy ^__^;;;; the server ated this page"


I was thinking of adding one of those doctored USSR images.


>stalin standing next to /leftypol/-logo-head person.
>stalin standing next to .
I like it.jucheJuche


(actually I think just the stalin with erased person is famous enough by itself)jucheJuche


To fix >>1777 "ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4" can be added to the two exceptions already present at:
> "known incorrect sRGB profile"
> "iCCP: Not recognizing known sRGB profile that has been edited"

The image's iCCP chunk is disliked by the libpng version used by ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick:
$ identify sage.png
sage.png PNG 1596x1918 1596x1918+0+0 8-bit sRGB 376KB 0.000u 0:00.010
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'desc': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'wtpt': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'bkpt': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'rXYZ': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'gXYZ': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'bXYZ': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'dmnd': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'dmdd': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'vued': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'view': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'lumi': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'meas': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'tech': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'rTRC': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'gTRC': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.
identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'bTRC': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 `sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654.

Without the iCCP chunk the image is accepted: >>>/meta/2580 The image's exif data from the zTXt chunk claims it was produced by GIMP 2.10.18. The message that ends up in the error is only a warning in IM which doesn't prevent thumbnailing, but for separate reasons shell_exec_error considers any stderr output an error.

The logic in shell_exec_error is wrong in that it first removes the TB_SUCCESS marker and after that it checks for the marker's presence.
> Author: Michael Foster <[email protected]>
> Date: Sat Aug 3 20:34:59 2013 -0400
The return must only be false if the TB_SUCCESS marker is present and is the only output, but the function currently returns the empty string when the $command fails with a nonzero exit code.

The logic of the color profile exceptions is also wrong, because their presence gives any other error in the output a free pass. After the exceptions are allowed $error might not end up being empty.
> Author: 8chan <[email protected]>
> Date: Sat Oct 11 15:41:16 2014 -0700

To preserve other warnings or errors:

function allow_profile_warnings ($error) {
return implode ("\n", array_filter (explode ("\n", $error), function ($line) {
return ($line !== '') &&
(strpos ($line, 'known incorrect sRGB profile') === false) &&
(strpos ($line, 'Not recognizing known sRGB profile that has been edited') === false) &&
(strpos ($line, 'ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4') === false);

$ php7.2 -f test.php "$(echo "identify-im6.q16: iCCP: profile 'ICC Profile': 'desc': ICC profile tag start not a multiple of 4 'sage.png' @ warning/png.c/MagickPNGWarningHandler/1654."; echo "some error"; echo "libpng warning: iCCP: Not recognizing known sRGB profile that has been edited"; )"
string(10) "some error"

+ zombie threads in catalog >>1691
+ post quote ending an orange quote >>1722
in issues but not resolved yet:
+ pdf and txt thumbnails #110 #129 >>1593 >>1673 >>1675
+ original file name downloads for non-JS users #128 >>1499
+ track order #63 webm error 2 >>1337
+ arabic characters #125 >>1517
+ UTF-8 troubles #193 >>1738 >>1744
+ posts below the line and related #207 >>1759
+ reply limit nobump markers in index and thread view #147 >>1775




Why have you still not disabled youtube embed?


Have we not? Do you not want people to be able to embed it at all?


Is the error message not showing 24/7 on overboard and/or catalog when using Firefox? I'm using Tor Browser and the "connection not secure" (youtube embed breaking the TLS and onion connection open by leaking data directly to Google's servers) message is there whenever a youtube clip, embedded, is displayed on whatever page I'm on (so basically 24/7 for most people, as they're using catalog / overboard like sensible people).
It's easily reproducible (and I've explained this before): go to Catalog of /leftypol/ and click on the 'site info' button left of the URL box. If you're using Firefox please screenshot and share what you see on your end like I did. Chrome doesn't display this type of thing IIRC, as it would go against Google's economic self-interest (Google breaks your security for you, after all).


I'm using a hardened v