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File: 1634611971309.gif (19.13 KB, 112x112, cope soyjak.gif)


don't let the door hit you

File: 1622232000073.jpeg (19.03 KB, 474x314, 4353454.jpeg)

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Hello leftypol, we noticed an under-appreciation for the theory that upholds our political ideologies: As such, we have decided to revive the reading sticky! This thread will be dedicated to the sharing, discussing, and general banter about various leftist thinkers, theories, and political outlooks.

But, other than that, we believe there are other important reads that must be addressed, especially, for beginners and those just now getting into leftism.

Don't forget to check out >>>/edu/ for more reading and discussion!

Common Right Wing Talking Points Debunks

Check out the /edu/ thread at

Also see the relevant leftybooru tag
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I doubt someone else has an archive like that available, but I can tell you most of those books are available on libgen, and lists of all the titles in the series can be found here:


So browse through the lists and look up whatever you find interesting on libgen.


Even in the darkest hour of reaction, their is one thing that we can be optimistic about. Our class enemies by in large are fucking retarded. Most business owners, and ceos, are basically just small business owners and ceos who just won popularity contests. Most of the people who in managment in coroporations are extremly dull, and completly lack strategic thinking. THye are all living day to day and thinking day to day, about what resturant they want to eat at, or if their kid got good school grades, or what car they want to buy. They aren't strategic thinkers. If you want evidence just go talk to you manager for a little bit, every job I've had they were all extremely dull, many of them simply lacked the mental capabilities to properly do their job, and had assistant managers or other helpers who did all their work for them. If anecdotal evidence isn't enough then just look at MySpace, all of the people their just ignored the signs that their company was dying, and just went about their days until they all got jobs somewhere else. Or look at how oblivious the roman empire was to its own collapse, or gorby ignoring the failure of his reforms, or how nazi germany and imperal japan kept denying that they were loosing WW2. All of these people did what they did because they were retards who didn't know what the effects of their actions were. They weren't visionary thinkers or people who analyzed history. They were just a bunch of stumbling idiots. Their is nothing to suggest that the CEOs of the world are different, and their empire will collapse around them as they through parties in their castles, like all emperors of dying empires in history that have came before them.
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File: 1634619878261.jpg (76.49 KB, 800x533, getbacktowork.jpg)


Here it is.


Yeah, porky won the ideological battle with the fall of the USSR. Cracks are starting to show but if even swathes of Latin America where you have people working in inhuman conditions in maquiladoras are deeply anti communist you are going to be fighting a seriously uphill battle.

It's honestly fucking incredible that there are libertarian proles, I had a few coworkers in retail who were 100% in favor of that kind of thing and it just boggled my mind. I feel like it's (wilful) naivete to some degree, if you are a communist to begin with you'd probably be extremely depressed given the society we live in, so it's easier to just have that false consciousness instead.

I don't really know if anything can be done about it, it seems like people (the ones who who have some leverage, anyway: the PMC types) are generally more open to fascism than anything else and communism has been so stigmatized that it would take some serious collapse for the poorest to really fall in line behind a leftist movement


>Our enemies are (mostly) retarted



The USSR was the last strong weight against america and it fell. Now we have China which is stronger than the US but does not want to get involved in international socialism. I think the CCP realized such a idea would only ruin China at the expense of maybe implementing socialism abroad. Hence why they have socialism in one country. Plus, historically they have always had a ideology of focusing on China only and trading with the world.


>Get. 👏 To. 👏Work. 👏

File: 1634526065607.jpg (130.19 KB, 1024x722, 1634506548118m.jpg)


IS this shit real or fake and gay?

I will admit when I went shopping last time there was less rice and bottled water but other than that things are normal in my east coast town.
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Hi Saltwater Ortho-Booj economist!



And honestly the only guys (who aren't /pol/ trolls) who might agree with you on this site would be the Dengists.

I'd love to ask about the latest in non-crackpot-dickwhipple Marxian economics, though.



In many major economies, the largest companies tend to take a substantial share of added value and SMEs get trash. It's uncertain as to whether to consider SME owners petit bourgeois as a consequence, but the profit your mom and pop stores tend to make, or for that matter, medium-sized entities make, are substantially reduced.


Pure idealism


Of course it's true. It's much easier having 5 giant firms like google or amazon than 500.000 thousand "mom and pop" petite-bourg busunesses

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Chairman Foster passed away 60 years ago today (September 1, 1961) in the USSR.

Say something nice about him whether you're CPUSA or not.
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>sociology professors are assigning portions of 'Settlers' to their sophomore-level courses.
wouldn't surprise me but could you post proofs?


Maupin has debunked Turd Worldism once and for all.



Your ‘beloved chairman’ was a Soviet puppet who had GOONS.


>Your ‘beloved chairman’ was a Soviet puppet who had GOONS.


t. never been to the third world

File: 1634606737555.jpeg (220.13 KB, 2048x1105, oSAolm6.jpeg)


Will they fall? Will the Arabs become victorious over the evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil Zionists?
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The Arabs have the advantage of playing on home turf. Israel needs constant support from outside to survive, if they don't completely crush the Arabs before something inevitably cuts them off then they will eventually lose.


Israel has the bigger gun and more advanced technology though.


Israel doesn't have the domestic production necessary to sustain the current size and power of their military on their own. They are upheld by foreign investment and aid, if that did not exist the Israeli state would be forced into a position of incredible weakness.
Guns break down, technology becomes outmoded. One generation without support and they're no longer cutting edge. Two and they no longer exist. Simple as.


File: 1634614565427.jpg (14.57 KB, 780x439, robert-bowers.jpg)



Doesn't matter, either way the proletariat suffers.

File: 1634427833692.jpeg (401.11 KB, 1000x776, Socialist realism.jpeg)

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Name at least three things you've learned through the USSR's existence. This could be either something that was done successfully or a mistake to be learned from.
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Dubcek and his west looking revisionist clique should have been cleanly removed in 1964 when the Slovak communist party warned the CPSU about him.


The issue is that in most of these cases (East Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc) the protestors were usually an eclectic group which included genuine reactionaries as well as those citing legitimate grievances and calling for necessary reforms. The problem was that the Soviets sometimes failed to sufficiently distinguish between the two and reconcile with the latter.


if anything the Soviet and Chinese experiences should teach us that you can't purge yourself to communism


If they didn’t purge, it would’ve ended a lot sooner.


File: 1634622900665.gif (3.3 MB, 480x480, 1630783612065.gif)

Stalin was full of bullshit and he knew it. Fuck if you just read him you'd know this but I guarantee you haven't read anything from him other than "economic problems of the USSR".


>Let us now pass to the point that they want to introduce socialism in the countryside forthwith. Introducing socialism means abolishing commodity production, abolishing the money system, razing capitalism to its foundations and socialising all the means of production. The Socialist-Revolutionaries, however, want to leave all this intact and to socialise only the land, which is absolutely impossible. If commodity production remains intact, the land, too, will become a commodity and will come on to the market any day, and the "socialism" of the Socialist-Revolutionaries will be blown sky-high. Clearly, they want to introduce socialism within the framework of capitalism, which, of course, is inconceivable. That is exactly why it is said that the "socialism" of the Socialist-Revolutionaries is bourgeois socialism.

Fast forward to when he "Perfectly lays out how money will die out" and he goes on justifying commodity production, gives the nation to the peasantry through Kolkhoz and sovkhoz. Not to mention how he destroyed any international solidarity that existed in the proletariat by instituting the popular front, turning every communist party into reformists. And spouting how it was the path to socialism when he fully knew it wasn't, yet retards like you ate it up, probably cause you were born with a lobotomy.


In this thread here lies Colon Powell. A scumbag who stood out during the Iraq war. Each reply is a toilet full of diarrhea for neocons. This is a day to celebrate bros
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Chiraq slang. When one of your enemies/opps dies you say you're "smokin' [enemy] pack" in order to disrespect their ass postmortem.







File: 1634622479460.jpg (71.84 KB, 643x820, tldr.jpg)

RIP in piss uygha whose reading attention span was low.

File: 1634530340202.png (4.61 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


>developed in a 3rd world country in the fucking 90s
>gore, cartoonish displays of violence, sexual assault and blatant xenophobia, and documents on CIA and NATOs influence in foreign affairs perfectly allowed
>barely makes any actual revenue meaning it’s moderation team is almost nonexistent
>so moronically dogshit to the point that it got attention from fucking chan users
How has this site survived for so fucking long, it’s not even popular in nigeria
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Also after rechecking life expectancies throughout Africa and SEA It seems like living conditions aren’t the problem in the difference in life expactancies but rather the fact that Africa contains most of the worlds diseases meaning in situations where the living standards of Africans is higher than in socialist states like Seychelles life expectancies still remain lower than the global average


So wtf is up w igbos?


>I am suffering in Nigeria



/pol/ is heavily moderated, even more so than most subreddits. RapeApe basically removes any mod that has any left wing beliefs which to him is anything left of richard spencer.


I think the Hausa Fulani are more despised in Nigeria due to them being a pain in the ass but nope it's the eternal Igbo.

File: 1608525017125.png (628.42 KB, 980x670, tankos meme-2.png)

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Második felvonás!
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>muh nihilista párt
lmao, lol, kkek, iddqd, beszarás tesó


Végre valami amiben nem vagyok átlagon aluli!


File: 1634580149926.webm (1.76 MB, 640x360, mszp.webm)

Elmagyarázná ezt valaki nekem?


>leninnel együtt csináltuk
>márki zaji

Bácsi nincs a csúcson


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