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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1618610445112.png (118.38 KB, 1042x614, search alunya.png)



Pretty self explanatory, but you can search any board on the site for specific keywords and have the results spit out for you! This will surely help you to find that one effort post you forgot to save, or remember that damn drunkpost you made last night.

Thank you to the glorious technical staff for another innovation for leftypol.org!
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this is a great addition actually thanks

File: 1618425279385.png (478.9 KB, 898x725, alunya smug knife cat.png)


Hello everyone, we have decided that with the constitution finished, it's time to recruit some more moderators to help us administrate leftypol.org! This could be your chance to have input into the site's future, or just to help us to clean up the worst of the spam. We are valuing both new and old perspectives on how things should change in the future, and that could be you.

I would like to briefly outline two conditions which we do have, so I will lay them out front to save time.

Firstly, any new moderators must agree to create a Matrix account and use it to communicate with the other moderators and to build a consensus about our actions.

Secondly, any new moderators must read the new constitution and manifesto documents, and agree to act as moderators according to their provisions. You may of course disagree with some of the finer points, and the constitution is always subject to improvement, but overall, we expect you to govern according to the letter and spirit of the document, as we do ourselves.

It is important to note, for those who are not aware, that /leftypol/ is run democratically by the council of moderators, with no special status or hierarchy. You will be joining this group and will have the right to vote on our future course, but you must also be prepared to come to compromises and to act according to the will of the majority even if you may disagree with it. With that said, let me outline how you should go about applying if you still wish to do so.

Please post in this topic with the IP which you use most often to post on and browse /leftypol/. If you use multiple devices/IPs, then please post with all of them in this topic, including your 'unique phrase' in each post. Once you have done this, please write an application in a notepad or your email client and send it to [email protected]

Your application should include:

- Your unique phrase, so that we can verify which posts belong to you.
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I can't full week of shifts but bumping for the overboard

File: 1618132712287-0.png (34.94 KB, 400x480, welcome to leftypol.png)

File: 1618132712287-1.pdf (578.88 KB, 232x300, Leftypol Manifesto 2021-04….pdf)

File: 1618132712287-2.pdf (572.39 KB, 232x300, Leftypol Constitution 2021….pdf)


The new constitution has been passed! It is now split into the Manifesto (rules for users) and the Constitution (rules for moderators). We hope you find it adequate and that it answers many questions people have about how the board is run. In addition, please see our new public moderation room where you can have input in our administrative decisions (link below)!

This thread is for feedback related to administration and management. For technical issues use >>>/tech/6724
If you cannot dispute your ban here due to being banned, Use >>>/meta/
Search the catalog before starting a new thread to avoid duplicates https://www.leftypol.org/leftypol/catalog.html

Please Read This First:
If this is your first visit please lurk for a while before posting. /leftypol/ is an imageboard for non-sectarian leftist political discussion. The staff aims to allow everything within these bounds. To that end there are some explicit rules
* No Spam
* No Explicit Images including Porn without spoiler warning
* No Reactionary or Identity Politics
Low quality threads are subject to be anchored or locked at volunteers discretion.
More detailed rules can be found in the /leftypol/ Manifesto PDF (attached)
The rules governing moderators and administrative decisions can be found in the /leftypol/ Constitution PDF (attached)
You may dispute actions taken by the staff or offer suggestions in this thread. Alternatively use >>>/meta/
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Cool. Thx annon.

File: 1618677235532.png (68.77 KB, 720x296, Screenshot_20210417-122142.png)


Really losing faith in my fellow western gay communists.
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we deserve nuclear fire


Reminder that formal abolition is pure bourgeois and totalitarian absolutism. It has no bearing on reality and the nature of reality. Formal abolition without the consent of the masses can never work as it creates an antagonism between the people and the state, and if it isn’t in flux it creates conflict. Marriage cannot be abolished, slavery can’t be abolished, all things cannot be abolished unless it has the consent of the majority of the people. All despotic forms of abolition that have not been initiated by the masses but by a bureaucracy or small elite have led to mass conflict. Formal abolition cannot be until society has informally made it acceptable to do away with archaic institutions, such as slavery or even marriage. Any attempt at abolition before maturation in society is utopian law making that is nothing but complete bourgeois obsession with law and lawmaking.


ITT people that need to have sex


File: 1618679354101.jpg (23.78 KB, 474x465, Pepe closeup.jpg)

>literally every society in human history, from bands of hunter-gatherers to feudal empires to Marxist-Leninist states, has had marriage
>but marriage is dumb because Engels said so lol

File: 1618675173020.png (470.08 KB, 992x746, 'how to communism.png)


Will we reach a point in the future where there will be more communists than there has ever been in the entire history of human civilization
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Say it ain't so
As we keep approaching the end, more people will become radical

Communism can succeed if people keep agitating and propagandising others


In most of the world, possibly, unless China and India are massively depopulated. Whether you count them as "communists" is another question, since they'll probably advance whatever the fuck they're doing in China.

In America and Europe though, nah. The left is getting rolled up. If something is going to happen against the fascist tendency in America and Europe, it won't be anything like the communist revolutions. It will have to be something hitherto unknown. It is possible for this something new to emerge now, because the circumstances are dire, but the fascist element is very eager to make sure this something new does not happen by any means necessary. If this means offering the masses a mutated "communism" as a sterile opposition, they may be able to accept it within certain boundaries.

For the past couple of decades there has been mostly an inchoate yearning for something new, something to break the fascist force that has been latent in Europe and America for many decades. The fascists were deliberately coddled and cultivated for this period in the history of the west. Right now the flavor of the month for this inchoate resistance is an openness to "socialism", but it is vaguely understood, and in the end the communist doctrine isn't compatible with what America and Europe are at this point in history. There is also a want of some of the ruling class to copy China's present system in many ways, while in China they are at work to cleave what the ruling class wants from the history of communism. The resistance, so far as it exists, is scrambling to find something, anything that might change the present course of things.


> communists
if by communists you mean retards who want the government to do stuff then yes that includes the majority of posters here too with a glitter of cults of personality and jerking off about dead and rotten regimes


>As we keep approaching the end
This isn't a church, kid. Get real or get out.


Anon is the one who proposed the idea of end
But it is not a religious view to call the destruction that capitalism does on the environment "The End"

File: 1618602434086.jpg (36.24 KB, 800x533, 800.jpeg-1.jpg)


>HAVANA (AP) — Raul Castro said Friday he is resigning as head of Cuba’s Communist Party, ending an era of formal leadership by he and his brother Fidel Castro that began with the 1959 revolution.

>The 89-year-old Castro made the announcement Friday in a speech at the opening of the Eighth congress of the ruling party, the only one allowed on the island. He said he was retiring with the sense of having “fulfilled his mission and confident in the future of the fatherland.” Castro didn’t say who he would endorse as his successor as first secretary of the Communist Party. But he previously indicated that he favors yielding control to 60-year-old Miguel Diaz-Canel, who succeeded him as president in 2018 and is the standard bearer of a younger generation of loyalists who have been pushing an economic opening without touching Cuba’s one-party system.

>His retirement means that for the first time in more than six decades Cubans won’t have a Castro formally guilding their affairs, and it comes at a difficult time, with many on the island anxious about what lies ahead.

>The coronavirus pandemic, painful financial reforms and restrictions imposed by the Trump administration have battered the economy, which shrank 11% last year as a result of a collapse in tourism and remittances. Long food lines and shortages have brought back echoes of the “special period” that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

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Raul was born in 1931, Diaz Canel in 1960. A pretty significant difference if you ask me.




I guess Cuba has always been capitalist


Foot in the door.
That’s all they need.


No it isn't.

File: 1618606551252.jpg (186.24 KB, 1077x1326, c96ce5c30ba493b7da4a42d9e4….jpg)


Last time on leftybritpol: >>152149
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She's just mornonic on everything m8


Telling The Economist that i'm banning steel imports from China to sanction them for their violation of the treaties around Hong Kong but actually it's just a secret way to get them to endorse protectionism


File: 1618659662877-0.pdf (2.09 MB, 199x300, Blair Socialism.pdf)

File: 1618659662877-1.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x1536, 54b8f35b38eaa48846fef0ab4d….jpg)

Also we're bringing Blairite gang back, sit down and read some Blairite theory lads.
At the very least skimread it, it's very very short.
every time i read stuff from this era of Blairism I feel my braincells dying. Blair wasn't a stupid man, his private analysis of Thatcherism in the 1980s was more or less spot on, how the fuck did he manage to pivot to such vapid platitudes in such short order? It's actually quite frightening. At best he was and is a truly remarkable liar, sticking to the lie long after it has ceased to be of use, at worst he came to believe total and utter nonsense because - ultimately - it was convenient to him to do so, even if to his own mind he was acting in good faith and learning new things every step of the way. It is a truism that you can't make someone understand something if their job depends on not understanding it, but watching it play out in practice is truly grotesque.


Alba are putting their manifesto out next Wednesday

Not so sure it's such a good idea to leave it that late when everyone's already got their postal votes.


File: 1618679337641.jpeg (14.84 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

>Blair is a bastard
I'll never understand how he caved so fast and so hard. I wasn't around then and don't know an awful lot of the history but was there no significant opposition to New Labour? Wtf were the trade unions doing?

File: 1618673574695-0.jpg (182.67 KB, 1200x900, fidel-bahia-2-ap-portada-2.jpg)

File: 1618673574695-1.jpg (87.83 KB, 850x478, fidel-castro.jpg)

File: 1618673574695-2.jpg (126.33 KB, 1300x972, cuba-first-cosmonaut-yuri-….jpg)


60 years ago today, reactionary American collaborators invaded Cuba and in the course of two days got absolutely btfo'd by the FAR. Post some cool pictures about the events, any info/videos you think might be of interest, etc to commemorate the defense of the Cuban revolution, which many have tried to topple but none have succeeded.
Also mandatory Cuba flag needed to post itt
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I know that second pic is old at this point but it always amused me (to a certain extent pissed me off actually) how this is what the average burger values. Having a thousand different brands and offshoots of whatever. Because obviously that means prosperity and quality right? And it's these same people that make "quantity better than quality" jokes mocking the USSR. No self awareness at all.


Based anarchist supporting leftist unity, it warms my heart!


If I remember right, the shop was actually for supplying smaller stores with stuff to sell, which was why the stuff was so uniform. I have pictures of supermarkets where food is bought and sold in Cuba, and (without having actual knowledge of the situation,) I could assume that's probably where most the population buys groceries, as it's a developing country.


I think the guys is putting on a troll flag, but left unity is a two-way street, my fellow marxists.


Even if there was only one brand of product the only people who would actually care about this are those with terminal burger-brain. People who unironically think that being able to chose between different brands of chips is makes you more free than having your basic needs guaranteed.

File: 1617887129729.png (780.32 KB, 1080x1392, Cuckraine_situation.png)

 No.158866[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>Military build-up in the Donbass on both sides continues
>A gorrillion ceasefire violations since that started
>Still neither side started an offensive, but keep lightly shelling eachother

Is war truly on the horizon in the East? Or is this just nothingburger sabre-rattling?
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File: 1618664947982.png (49.13 KB, 512x512, 27.png)

>you are just obese american reeeeeeetard
As if all of my hateposting against Burgers didn't make abundantly clear that I'm not a Burger.


File: 1618666324302.jpg (35.81 KB, 960x960, spurdo_elephant.jpg)

t. self hating burger


File: 1618667015610.png (126.8 KB, 601x508, 1531374562469.png)

>self hating burger


Open your veins, you sicko.


The US used it ships in Syria.

File: 1618627780236.png (1.67 MB, 1600x841, untitled.png)


>Conservative House of Representatives Republicans plan to form an "America First" caucus to promote the policies of ex-President Donald Trump and said on Friday the group would soon release a policy platform.

>The platform promotes "a common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions" and advocates for infrastructure with aesthetic value that "befits the progeny of European architecture," Punchbowl News reported on Friday.

>Republican lawmakers Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar are involved in the caucus, Representative Louie Gohmert, who is considering joining, confirmed to reporters.

Paul Gosar was involved in Nick Fuentes America first conference along with Steve King. Nick Fuentes if you recall is a paleoconservative white nationalist.

>Congressional caucuses provide a forum for like-minded lawmakers to pursue common legislative objectives.

Democrats including Representative Peter Welch denounced the caucus on Twitter as "nakedly racist and disgusting." "This supposed caucus and its members represent a dangerous nativist perspective that hurts our country, but sadly is not surprising," Welch added. Representative Don Beyer referred to the group as the "White Supremacist Caucus" on Twitter.

>Congressman Matt Gaetz, who is being investigated by the Justice Department and the House Ethics panel over allegations of sexual misconduct, said he was becoming part of the caucus.

Lol Gaetz wants to join also.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Bringing back the Charter of the Forest would be good, perhaps, but everything else in the Judeo-Greco-Roman tradition is only fit to burn.

>because the aristocracy was getting in the way of land owners who wanted power.
Presentee landlords threw off their absentee landlords, and in an ironic twist expanded absentee landlordism by force across the continent and the globe.


>but everything else in the Judeo-Greco-Roman tradition is only fit to burn
You realize that includes Marxism right?


File: 1618678464030-0.jpg (658.11 KB, 1764x1323, michael-bloomberg-mansions….jpg)

File: 1618678464030-1.jpg (248.57 KB, 1500x1000, _methode_sundaytimes_prod_….jpg)

This is why I think a good aesthetic analogy is the difference between Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump. Trump is a billionaire but I think he has a petty booj consciousness. Bloomberg is at the apex of finance while Trump came from a developer / landlord family who were never really accepted into the ranks of the true Manhattan upper crust because of their crassness. You notice that one of the attacks on Trump early on from some liberal quarters was that he was a "fake billionaire" or something. I think Lenin also wrote about the nationalist, philistine character of the petty bourgeoisie, and while they'll even sometimes take the side of the workers, they inevitably betray them because of the contradictions of their class position.


What part of ALL that exists did you not understand?


Postmodern spookery.

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