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If I post that at people on Twitter, it gets hidden.


pls accept that gigachad by the name of mommasboy


Roulette is /babel/ now. The theme is No English allowed. Use it to talk about language, dialects and creoles.

/spoox/ threads were archived, but you can always start your own thread about paranormal stuff in Siberia or hobby.

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we should add an /lgbt/ board, would reduce a lot of clutter and trolling in /siberia/

File: 1622232000073.jpeg (19.03 KB, 474x314, 4353454.jpeg)

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Hello leftypol, we noticed an under-appreciation for the theory that upholds our political ideologies: As such, we have decided to revive the reading sticky! This thread will be dedicated to the sharing, discussing, and general banter about various leftist thinkers, theories, and political outlooks.

But, other than that, we believe there are other important reads that must be addressed, especially, for beginners and those just now getting into leftism.

Don't forget to check out >>>/edu/ for more reading and discussion!

Common Right Wing Talking Points Debunks

Check out the /edu/ thread at

Also see the relevant leftybooru tag
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Halfway through this book as of yet. Anyone got more recommendations on The Young Lords?


Radfem reading list:

The Dialectic of Sex by Shulamith Firestone

The SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas

Gender Trouble by Judith Butler

The Second Sex by Simone de Beavuoir

Wages Against Housework by Silvia Federici
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File: 1679440920861.png (719.63 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


What's the difference between Fixed and Fluid Capital?

What's the difference between constant and variable capital?

How are they related?

Fixed = Constant? Fluid = Variable?


Fluid capitalism is when the government does stuff


File: 1679441027407-0.png (670.35 KB, 1138x882, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1679441027407-1.png (128.98 KB, 456x257, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1679441027407-2.png (699.29 KB, 1288x953, ClipboardImage.png)

>kim possible anon strikes again


File: 1676015950630.jpg (79.11 KB, 640x480, wo4u59cuozga1.jpg)

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Far Cry Edition
Ibama and Funai begin retaking Yanomami territory. Agents destroyed the mining aircraft and logistics structure; control base was installed on the Uraricoera river.
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Brazilbros how shit is goin'


Everything is slowly but surely getting better. The entrenched reactoids and PT's cuckedness hold back the pace of progress, but let me tell you, it's already like we're living in a different country altogether. Even the proverbial "alien who just landed" wouldn't be able to recognize it because the national debate has been over things like the national interest rate instead of golden shower videos and vaccines turning people into alligators.


Pró ou contra? Entrega do quê?


On one hand, "Great! We're back to normal levels of bullshit!"

On another, "FUCK we're back to normal levels of bullshit."



Quem ai se lembra dos HCs-canguru? Depois que Lula deu um gás na PF e ela começou a fazer grandes operações. O PIG, que vivia falando em cupssaum e em como deveriamos fazer algo como a Mãos Limpas, aplaudiu a modernização e fortalecimento da instituição, mas só até a PF fisgar um peixe graudíssimo… não, uma baleia… não, um legítimo leviatã. O discurso do PIG parou com o falso moralismo e tornou-se fanaticamente libertário e denunciou a "sanha punitivista" da PF e, é claro, do patê. Absolutamente nada tinha mudado, a PF estava operando da mesma maneira que o PIG estava bajulando, foi claro como cristal que essa investigação sobre um bilionário (nem preso foi, só estava sendo investigado mesmo), efetuada sob a Operação Satiagraha, bastou pra fazer quase toda a grande mídia nacional der meia-volta completa no assunto. Nunca vou esquecer que chegaram a comparar Paulo Lacerda, pivô do "escândalo", a ninguém menos que Lavrenti Beria!

Paulo Lacerda foi o principal responsável pelo renascimento da PF. Indicado por Lula em 2003, foi transferido pra Abin em 2007 presumivelmente pra chefiar a renovação também dessa organização era (e, presumo, ainda é) um típico bom-moço, funcionário público exemplar, garantista penal (ao contrário de grande parte do PIG que o aplaudia e passou a atacá-lo), e bastou prender um único bilionário pra cair em desgraça. Em 2008, a Operação Satiagraha da PF, com apoio logístico da Abin, prendeu preventivamente um tal de Daniel Dantas, sob o argumento (corretíssimo) de que, em liberdade, ele interferiria com as investigações. Gilmar Mendes foi correndo pra dar um HC pro bilionário. esse crápula, indicado STF por FHC, sempre foi um vendilhão, usando do cargo pra comprar favores com poderosos, mas tal foi a profundeza que chegamos que, na era bozozóica, ele se converteu em um dos improváveis heróis da nossa democracia. Mas enfim, na era, era só um pilantra bem alocado. Pois bem, menos de 10 horas depois desse HC, a Satiagraha mandou prender Dantas de novo, e, de novo, Gilmar foi correndo dar outro HC.

Lula não resistiu muito ao PIG. Fora a frouxice de sempre, nesse caso, ele também tinha interesse am abafar, pois um leviatã como Dantas é do tipo que está no âmago do Estado capitalista,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1679439843308.png (1.25 MB, 1366x768, badassmopedskeleton.png)


during an american civil war 2 discussion someone mentioned in passing how a military coup would be way more likely than a straight up civil war and that got me thinking, how close are we already to that point and to what extent is it already true?

lets say hypothetically a bunch a generals just straight up ignore a legislatures authority, what happens then? also if we say that JFK was killed for possibly doing a detente hasnt this basically already happened?


I think it's more likely that the generals strongarm some party or a faction thereof to take control on their behalf than to step in directly, that's a lot easier to spin than some colonel in uniform running the country


A permanent state of unelected/appointed officials who form a set of political/economic cliques form the real working apparatus of the US, of which includes some of the military brass. Economic institutions and political groups are largely formed by or for this clique to push policy solutions and to make sure elected candidates appoint their people to positions, thus perpetuating their own power.

Mind, there is not one of them, but several, all with their own competing economic and political interests, but all ultimately invested in upholding the global dominance of the US.


makes sense I kinda just assumed the whole general uniform thing was just stereotype from western media and thats all military coups worked in the first place


what kinda positions, if theres one thing ive learned working in municipal government its that random ass unelected officials do have an absurd amount of power.

who would the cliques be, I know we talk alot about the conflict between the natboug and haute bouge so ig thats at least 2

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This thread is for televising the incoming french revolution.

This is purposely low effort in solidarity with the strikers in France.

>French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday resorted to using special constitutional powers.

The pensions overhaul has been met with widespread protests and strikes across France.
Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced to the assembly that the government would trigger Article 49.3 of the French Constitution.

Tl;dr Macaroon bypassed literally everything and said it's the law because he said so.
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Armchair generals of the riots are fucking useless, material circumstances actually dictate what people are doing in the streets in France currently, it's not Hong Kong where the police is nice and protestors have money, media, and CIA backing. Protestors can't just buy gas masks, helmets, weapons and fight the cops in ranks. There's a whole galaxy of (poor) people and orgs who want different things ranging from revolution to sausage grilling acting together, and one of the most important things is damage control so too many people don't get arrested and thrown in jail or worse while maintaining a high tempo of protests and strikes. Gawking at the Zengakuren is masturbatory leftoid weeb practice anyway, there's the same in France if not better only good people try to avoid filming violent actions from well organized protestors for obvious reasons.


> and one of the most important things is damage control so too many people don't get arrested and thrown in jail or worse while maintaining a high tempo of protests and strikes.
And also to afterwards. Support your local Book to Prisoners, your local Anarchist Black Cross, writing to and doing solidarity towards our political prisoners comrades.
In the modern day a lot of things can be done literally from an arm chair.


I'm aware of the PCV's opposition to the PSUV, but in all the statements that get posted around here they seem to just make vague references to "anti-worker policies" etc. I haven't seen enough detailed critiques from them to see if they are making valid points or just ultras seething.


catchy song


File: 1679440569299.jpg (18.54 KB, 463x529, 1662772037009223.jpg)

Yes, because being an armchair secretarian and posting on an albanian image board is so much better. You really showed them gosh-darn anarkiddies!

File: 1646098612270-0.jpg (24.63 KB, 720x716, hoist the flag.jpg)

File: 1646098612270-1.jpg (122.55 KB, 1304x818, hold the line.jpg)

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🗽United States Politics🦅

Absolute State of America Edition

Thread for the hellish discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.


State mandated propaganda livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism
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what does any of this have to deal with peter theil, he isn't relivent


An assessment that pre-supposes ethnic nationalism as a necessary component of survival.


Still amazes me people can be this parasocially devoted to anyone.


>scarce resources
Late capitalism is not the post-apocalypse, or a giant maximum security prison. The average American prole is not nearly periled enough for this sort of desperation. The mainstream right wing does occasionally mingle with reactionaries, but when push comes to shove, they are treated as liabilities… which they usually are, given how they tend to be mentally unstable.
Only a naive fuckhead would not dismiss ethnonationalists as the lumpens they are, but the idea that white nationalism is still the dominant force in bourgeois or counter-revolutionary ideology is pure liberal horseshit. It's the product of the minds of sheltered academics who think American culture has not fundamentally changed in any way since the 17th century.


Nothing ever happens

File: 1672708793481.png (135 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

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Poor armies in NATO could've used those bullets.


Any happenings today?


burger lib video


Are they? The MIC bourgeoisie in NATO countries and their political allies paid bitches are looking for an excuse to increase military spending ("ukraine needs our help!!!!") while also they are suffering from massive shortages from already spending too much helping Ukraine. I don't see how they're mutually exclusive. The depletion of munitions is the perfect excuse to produce and sell more munitions, which means budget increases for various militaries, and a higher percent of taxes going to that.


File: 1679439795673.png (243.67 KB, 500x268, ClipboardImage.png)

NATOids can't imagine they're the baddies and have to imagine that the entire world united and sick of their shit is a "legion of doom."

File: 1608680964250.png (23.67 KB, 973x819, PRC.png)

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lmao, I know this is a joke but they'd dissolve the peace prize committee before they give it to anyone who isn't a pro-imperialist Western stooge.


If they're so happy why aren't they having SEX and making KIDS?


>>Online reactions to the state-sponsored matchmaking service have been mixed. Many commenters on Weibo linked it to the government’s push to boost China’s rapidly falling birthrate. Chinese people are expected to “breed like pigs”, wrote one user.
Lmao leave it to Western rags to find the most toxic Chinese netizens comments to print. Wish Chinese newspapers would find Reddit and 4chan comments on American news articles and publish them showcasing as if most Americans felt that way.


>peace brokered by Israel and Palestine will not be for the benefit of Palestinians
Your attitude pleases the ancient gods of war


this is so powerful

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