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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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A big thanks to the /leftypol/ tech team for their hard work on the 2021/07/04 technical update! Here's the list of changes:

- Deleting a post redirects back to the thread it was in, not the board index
- Option for expanding image on hover, like GETchan does normally
- WebP thumbnails for new posts (for faster load times)
- Images uploaded as .jpg or .jpeg have EXIF info stripped
- New deleted post image
- Theme selector moved a bit and is now alphabetically sorted
- Homepage layout changes (should look fine on various screen sizes)
- Click filenames to download with filename now works without Javascript
- Deferring JS loading to improve load times

Please let us know if you have any issues with any of these new features.

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Hello leftypol, we noticed an under-appreciation for the theory that upholds our political ideologies: As such, we have decided to revive the reading sticky! This thread will be dedicated to the sharing, discussing, and general banter about various leftist thinkers, theories, and political outlooks.

But, other than that, we believe there are other important reads that must be addressed, especially, for beginners and those just now getting into leftism.

Don't forget to check out >>>/edu/ for more reading and discussion!

Common Right Wing Talking Points Debunks

Check out the /edu/ thread at

Also see the relevant leftybooru tag
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Haven't read it but there's a book called Savage Peace by Ann Hagedorn that covers the chaos of 1919, including race riots and the red scare

File: 1627971985669.jpg (33.6 KB, 906x572, ww2.jpg)


How would an Anarchist society raise an army, supply the army, and conduct military action, without creating a State in the process? I've read some pieces on the topic, and of the answers that display a meaningful understanding of the necessities of war, they always result in describing something that is a strict, hierarchical chain of command.
What I fail to understand is how this does not constitute a coercive State entity. Could some Anarchists enlighten me on how an Anarchist society would wage war without creating a State?
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>Force will only be used against non-anarchist societies to dismantle their system and turn them anarchist.
Force how?






Have a millitary academy operated in a central commune who whould produce specialists(pilots,generals etc)
Communes near borders will have most of the major weaponary .
Direct democracy among troops(many communist armies had that) .
Its not uncommon for completely rag tag millitias to be mastered quickly see croatia and slovenia during the yugoslav wars
t,not an anarchist


File: 1627985959807.jpg (161.2 KB, 500x680, Bike Meme Template ANARCHI….jpg)

Marx answered this question a 150 years ago.
The anarchists insisted each village and town defend itself so all the Spanish monarchists had to do was form a small regiment then march from canton to canton taking back territory as they saw fit

< As soon as they were faced with a serious revolutionary situation, the Bakuninists had to throw the whole of their old programme overboard. First they sacrificed their doctrine of absolute abstention from political, and especially electoral, activities. Then anarchy, the abolition of the State, shared the same fate. Instead of abolishing the State they tried, on the contrary, to set up a number of new, small states. They then dropped the principle that the workers must not take part in any revolution that did not have as its aim the immediate and complete emancipation of the proletariat, and they themselves took part in a movement that was notoriously bourgeois. Finally they went against the dogma they had only just proclaimed – that the establishment of a revolutionary government is but another fraud another betrayal of the working class – for they sat quite comfortably in the juntas of the various towns, and moreover almost everywhere as an impotent minority outvoted and politically exploited by the bourgeoisie.

<This renunciation of the principles they had always been preaching was made moreover in the most cowardly and deceitful manner and was prompted by a guilty conscience, so that neither the Bakuninists themselves nor the masses they led had any programme or knew what they wanted when they joined the movement. What was the natural consequence of this? It was that the Bakuninists either prevented any action from being taken, as in Barcelona, or drifted into sporadic, desultory and senseless uprisings, as in Alcoy and Sanlúcar de Barrameda; or that the leadership of the uprising was taken over by the intransigent bourgeois, as was the case in most of the revolts. Thus, when it came to doing things, the ultra-revolutionary rantings of the Bakuninists either turned into appeasement or into uprisings that were doomed to failure, or, led to their joining a bourgeois party which exploited the workers politically in the most disgraceful manner and treated them to kicks into the bargain.
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File: 1627823049539.jpeg (15.11 KB, 220x159, bush.jpeg)


What's /leftypol/'s opinion of the "Bush Era", I mean junior not senior, 2001-2008. 9/11, the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan, Nickelback, 50 Cent.

What was the left doing in this era, and what, if any lessons can be learned from it?
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Americans electing him twice is enough to tell that this people shouldnt exist.


plus the demographic changes are overestimated, the old white people are living longer than expected and minorities are having way lower birthrates. I expect conservative older whites to wield significant power until well into the mid 21st century


Based weed number retard


File: 1627984211889.jpg (13.68 KB, 240x240, EZnvfctW_400x400.jpg)



based stoner digits

File: 1626035232709.png (74.78 KB, 385x363, itg.png)

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/Internet Trash General/
Use for discussion on twitter, e-celebs, internet happenings, and other related internet trash
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>not a legitimate transgender
chris is so much more than transgender. not only is chris trans, but chris' antics will hasten the destruction of gender altogether
realize that by being trans, and being so awful at it, chris undermines the very concept of gender, exposing it for the idealism it is




Chris-chan has initiated fifth-wave feminism


perhaps this is what the merge was about all along


yikes. I saw a guy on tik tok with DID, they seemed pretty real, these ones are obviously fake. I've also seen many fake tourettes syndrome people. It's wild. I've also seen many people use sexual abuse to gather brownie points and likes on the platform. Some of the claims of harassment are dubious. Others are self-victimizing, eg. "I sent nudes to a random overage guy when I was underage (16-17) and now I'm traumatized forever because I was groomed".

The DID thing is a new manifestation of the tumblr idiocy of faking transgenderism "I'm a dragon-kin" bullshit. And a continuation of the general trend in America of everyone being sick of something. My thoughts are that they are two different trends that intersect to form this disgusting shit.
1. the desire to be someone, to have an identity, to be worth something
2. the pathologization of everything, and the normalization of mental diseases and medication.

The "I was groomed because I sent online random guys my nudes and now I'm traumatized forever, look at me uwu" people I think it's part of a trend of being a victim. I guess it's also part of the desire to have an identity. And others also insist on imposing this identity on others.

The US is insanity normalized. It's a huge open air mental asylum with no doctors.

File: 1627885388376.jpeg (29.94 KB, 480x360, kath0.jpeg)

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From breadtube to leftypol, we concentrate way too much on "deradicalizing/converting" young edgy borderline incel or economically downwardly mobile men. Many of whom are literal teenagers who have no idea of economics because they don't support themselves yet.

Statistics have show on average women are far more left leaning than men, due to a number of different factors, but especially pronounced among YOUNG women.


Picrel is "Katherout" aka Katherine Berry, a girl youtube who vlogs about lifestyle, etc. but has lately shifted to lowkey politics. She works in tech sales and is in her mid 20s. According to her video about politics she got converted from a neoliberal girlboss into a communist. Notice her channel, there's no soviet larp iconography, she doesn't talk about politics every day, its just fashion and other normal 20-something girl shit, except she's also a communist.

This is a way more valuable person to have as a communist than some barely reformed /pol/lack who still has a bunch of quasi racist beliefs and whos main motivation to convert to the left was that he got bored of making fashwave memes and spamming the gamerwords on discord.

Instead of trying to convert seething young males with an incomprehensible sense of aggrievement towards <insert group> maybe the best thing to do is ignore them and lean in the exact opposite direction, trying to market to young women, and women of color. This isn't a radlib take its literally just recognizing that this group is WAY more receptive to communism than seething FAGGOTs.

Women like the left and "socialism" better because its perceived as more caring and compassionate (which it is).

A lot of effort is wasted, when in fact a targeted campaign to get women, esp. young women and women of color converted from liberalism to communism would actually yield 10x the results without having to deal with some seething socially maladjusted former /pol/ack who still has the same psychological issues and hangups that caused them to think being a nazi was a good idea to begin with, they probably need like 3+ years of therapy before even turning political again at all.
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have sex


but anon you can't be based and epic unless you hate social equitability and love lolicon!




you are likely talking to a self identified man you chan brained mental infant npc


File: 1627985401264.png (615.53 KB, 680x218, 1627036246339.png)

mfw I see your necrotic infected axe wound

File: 1627984020547.png (365.49 KB, 1280x712, maupin.png)


Recently spokespeople for the LaRouchite movement have gained notoriety in communist circles online.


When you hear the reactionary 432 hz audio signal in your daily life, whip out your proletarian 440 hz A tuning fork and start reciting Aristotle while striking it


larouchim is the people who are really into bridges and that have politics that only people from the UK understand.
I don't think we would let them lead the world or anything, but their project to build bridges all over seems fine.

Maupin isn't a larouchite, he's stated as much several times already, it seems like the joke, to accuse him of that, has memefied.


Having a pipe dream about a massive global infrastructure program is not Marxism though, and it's also not the problem with the LaRouchite movement.

In regards to whether Maupin is LaRouchite. I mean, he writes for the New Eastern Outlook, a Larouchite front, and participates in Schiller Institute meetings.


File: 1627979190541.jpeg (151.51 KB, 1200x773, 26373.jpeg)


How do you deal with radically apolitical people? Since these people are ignorant of social/economic/political aspect of any issue, they basically boil down everything down to culture and then boil down culture to biology.
These people are the most prejudiced of all. I understand not caring about electoral politics but these radically apolitical people just don't wanna learn about anything that isn't personal self-help shit.
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based Bertolt Brecht poster


File: 1627984584626.jpg (68.48 KB, 854x648, opinion_havers.jpg)

Its because they have an actual life.


>nooooo, don't support bad politicians
>support our bad politicians


that's a really nice quote. thanks anon.


This is why you need to support accelerationism. We need to make the masses uncomfortable for them to give a shit.

File: 1627101414203.jpg (304.74 KB, 2045x1376, 63062-istock-658344164.jpg)


I was gonna write a long pseud screed on identity, but actually, I just want to know: has anyone here ever heard of the "Platypus Affiliated Society" what do you think of it? I don't really want to explain it, because I can't, and also because I want the opinions of people that have actually engaged with it, and not a bunch of people who decided its bad because of some sectarian thing they read on Wikipedia. If you've never heard of it, please politely just ignore this.
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>For instance, he thinks the Palestinians should accept defeat and allow for their territories to be annexed by Israel, and integrate themselves into the Israeli working class rather than fight for liberation.
If you are born Palestinian, you don't have the same rights. Integration does not exist as an option.


These cretins don't care about that, they just deliberately take contrarian positions so they can posture above mass movements.


I agree they basically worship Adorno. It's always Adorno this, Adorno that. I don't even give a shit about Adorno. But they're the only student group I've found that actually discusses Hegel Marx and Kant.

thank you, this is actually useful information

Yeah I'll just sit down and discuss dialectics with my buds. What few "friends" I have are either straight up Republicans who enlisted, Sanders technocrats, or liberals. They don't even know who Hegel is. And I'm not mocking them for it, that's fine, but literally no one would read this with me.

I agree with this too, even if I'm not a Marxist. They talk about Marxism being a bourgeois ideology all the time, that intellectuals read the revolution. I assumed that was a product of their orthodox Marxism.

I mean, there are people in this group who talk about the merits of Tucker Carlson more than I do, a Trump voter. I just want a place I can dive into theory. In truth, I'm clearly a very post-structuralist person. We started a new reading group, and I bristled at all the assumptions of some metanarrative of history in all the readings. These people have a higher opinion of the American revolution than I do, at this point. I'm a libidinal materialist, as opposed to dialectical, apparently. But its not like there's a Deleuzian theory group on campus.

Really what I like about them (which they share in common with this space) is that there's no expectation of being a leftist. I don't have to worry about saying or doing the wrong thing (unless I misinterpret some sentence from Negative Dialectics). Some guy in our group drops ret*rd often. Sometimes my opinions are even further "left" than theirs, as I've said before.
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Huh, this sounds a lot like Antideutsche. From what I gather they are also strongly influenced by the Frankfurt School and value criticism. I had no idea there was anything like them in other countries.


Hegelian ultras with trot influence, AFAIK. come off as glowing wreckers that want to destroy the rest of the left so they can rebuild it in their own image

File: 1608680964250.png (23.67 KB, 973x819, PRC.png)

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Germany is NATO and American puppet.


You mean since 1990, when they reunified Germany?


Xionism, cringe




Shalom my brother

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