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Nazi AMA guy is back in /USApol/, please do what you will

File: 1622232000073.jpeg (19.03 KB, 474x314, 4353454.jpeg)

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Hello leftypol, we noticed an under-appreciation for the theory that upholds our political ideologies: As such, we have decided to revive the reading sticky! This thread will be dedicated to the sharing, discussing, and general banter about various leftist thinkers, theories, and political outlooks.

But, other than that, we believe there are other important reads that must be addressed, especially, for beginners and those just now getting into leftism.

Don't forget to check out >>>/edu/ for more reading and discussion!

Common Right Wing Talking Points Debunks

Check out the /edu/ thread at

Also see the relevant leftybooru tag
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Pancake man did literally nothing wrong and your picrel ( https://www.marxists.org/archive/pannekoe/1947/workers-councils.htm ) is an important review of the initial strengths and fatal contradictions of syndicalism that every revolutionary, from marxist to anarchist, should read. Continue on that course, and also read Munis.

File: 1651015581675.png (447.04 KB, 400x649, spectacle.png)

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A thread focused on discussing the parasocial relationships cultivated by the Almighty Algorithm to generate profit off of our atomization and society's hyper-normalization of petty internet drama.

Reminder that none of this is real!
Society of the Spectacle

The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception
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File: 1660809853609.mp4 (288 KB, 480x480, 1660359146454.mp4)

>Daily reminder that big they/them is watching you
>t. infrared
Uh oh

>What kind of respectable socialist tweets about furries out of the fucking blue? Cultural issues is the last refuge for people, who have ran out of things to say … All of these idiots should log off and join a fucking union and organised their workplaces.
It's a reflection of an unhappy soul. It's like getting mad about people who dress up as Star Trek characters and go to conventions. My attitude is like, that's what's bothering you? That's what's making you upset? Is he going to start crying all of a sudden about some pop culture thing?

Is this someone who has the nerve for revolutionary activity?


Zizek says the Western left needs to use Western chauvinism to achieve its ends rather than being shitty moralizers.


Make a thread, bcz this is interestin'
But anyways, don't traditions and national pride have to come from somewhere and aren't just eternally existent?
Fidel Castro doesn't have to pretend to be a patriot to oppose American imperialist bourgeoisie when Cuba had already developed traditions of opposition to Americans?


Yes. And the West can probably find some historical precedent for not spreading its ass goatse for capitalism anymore.


Flood the board with soyjaks, but blend in to make it look like it's coming from themselves.

File: 1660624744139-1.png (7.1 MB, 3840x2160, Screenshot (1398)b.png)

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/Ukraine/ Thread #23 - Virgin MRAP edition
Previous bread → >>1117926

>Russian Military Claimed Control Of Udy In Kharkiv Region
>Ukrainian Forces Destroyed Headquarters Of Wagner Group In Popasnaya. Wagner claims to have intentionally provoked the HIMARs strike to expose their positions
>US made MaxxPro MRAPs arrive in Ukraine. Get stuck in Mud
>Ka-52 Alligator Helicopter Shot Down after landing a strike on a Ukrainian position
>FSB stops terrorist attack by SBU directed Russian Nazis
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i actually draw that distinction all the time to point out how much sense russia's actions make.

"Russia has an understandable reason to invade a neighbor that is about to join a rival military alliance and station American nukes 30 minutes from Moscow. That is not imperialism. Imperialism is when America sends money and weapons to reactionaries halfway across the planet in order to destabilize a rival. Imperialism is when America invades Afghanistan for opium and Iraq for oil."


thank you based drawanon


I am not him sadly, it's an older drawing by him


Someone should add squealing pig sound effects over this.

File: 1660808069576.png (335.17 KB, 1287x881, 1632443542682.png)


I need a good huff of hopium, I'm about to become a doomer.
All the news the last few weeks have been terrible, the heat waves, the forever chemicals in the rain, there is no future no matter how hard we fight.
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become a doomer. then live your life as you would have before, because there's not much you can do


also obviously there is a future, the only question is its quality
humanity won't go extinct until you're dead ;)
so just fight for a society that can raise that quality of life, and can plan the economy (or - what is explicitly left out of the economy, which is the piece capitalism is literally unable to do) and clean up the environment


The way I'd go about it with be with small acts of heroism against the evil corps or something.
Corps like Black Rock, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, etc…


Well like for example Blackrock and Goldman Sachs have financial AIs right?
Well steal those AIs.
Imagine antifa steals financial AI. Thatd be cool.


File: 1660810836089-0.png (25.38 KB, 532x143, spirit.png)

Doomerism and nihilism are counterrevolutionary and probably fascistic too.

File: 1659530114037.png (489.47 KB, 1700x820, ClipboardImage.png)


so 9/10 times, direct criticisms of democracy seem to come from rigthoids, whining about how its unnatural and leads to weakness and is literally a product of Satan e.t.c but I have my own grievances with democracy, for starters its the fact that democracy developed over the course of centuries for western European nation states and later the united states, you can't just apply that model to made up post-colonial Frankensteins and expect it to work, I view my nation's(Pakistan) history as an example of why democracy just can't work for certain states
a multi-ethnic nation with multiple spokes languages and where majority of the population are some combination or illiterate, tribal or feudal, pretty much all the rural population will vote for whoever their local feudallord tells them to vote for, the urban working population will vote for whoever can give them a hot meal at the end of the day, so the rich parasites' that devour my nation don't even have to give an incentive or promise for votes, they know they'll get votes without any effort or having to do anything for the people and the state, there only issue is that they compete against each other or my nation's military who does a coup every 10-30 years
and even then, If true and fair democracy were hypothetically allowed, people would most likely vote in some Sunni theocratic government, that would make life hell for non-muslims, women and muslims that aren't sunni(Shia's and Ahmediyah) so like 30% of the entire nation is going to be treated as second class citizens

overall I think its a complex issue
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> use the power of the supreme ruler
you have it upside down, infracel, and it should be totally obvious how wrong this is

but in case it's not i'll spell it out - a leaders only has the power of the people who will obey them. The leader has no power which the people direct. There is a locus around which the people organize and take direction from. This is exactly the point of a party, for communists. As communists (if this applies to you), we should of course not hold up the idea of an enlightened singular leader, endowed with great power. This is a reactionary delusion. The party's authority comes from the people who will follow it in a revolutionary crisis, and thus from its theoretical and analytical correctness, unity, and discipline.


File: 1660809752248.jpg (459.21 KB, 2048x2048, 1660716560812138.jpg)

>Acktually, democracy (people's power) is when you voooooote for some random guy to do the things you want
<No its when you some random guy who wasn't assigned by the people represents the state and the state = people
pure ideology


western demokukracy BTFOED


libs all time favorite propaganda "animal farm" reimagined


This guy is a sorta lib type character so tread carefully

File: 1660751276593.jpg (23.68 KB, 400x336, s-l400.jpg)


What is a "mean of production" exactly?
Let's say I'm a programmer and I own a computer. I can produce software, which is the product of my labor. Would my computer count as a mean of production? Am I "the owner of the means of production" in this case? What are the necessary conditions for it to be relevant in Marxist theory?
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It's true you couldn't get information held in secret - this is part of the design of the computer and a characteristic of information generally. But, the internet allowed for sharing a vast trove of information that was otherwise expensive to obtain, contact over long distances, and crucially allowed the participation of home users to create media that would be distributed worldwide. This was a crucial difference from before, where legacy media was controlled by established influencers and a response to authority was conditioned in the people. To this day, legacy media is still riding the conditioning it set all the way back in the 1950s, expecting people to remain deferential to the talking heads on the television. They have adapted their tactics, but with older people, they know the old methods are what they will respond to, so it almost becomes comforting for someone to hear Pete Bootygay use the old NLP hypnosis lines. Obama did the same shit. The internet necessitates a different method of thought control, whereas the old way was just to get people parked in front of the TV - using fear of a general war as a motivator and then pushing television in schools and dependence on popular culture to fit in - and then keep them in a light trance where they don't think about anything and everything is far away.


I hesitate to call any technology inherently good but I am inspired by new inventions that crop up to circumvent copyright and surveillance. I hope they keep cropping up faster than they get chopped down.


Computer is personal property. Means of production is the internet utilities underground, compilers, OS, CPU manufacturing plants


Programmers produce commodities (software, computers) which are sold for a price in stores . more complex when online


Can't really circumvent surveillance. If it's connected, the NSA will get that sweet sweet data and knows how to decrypt it. Encryption is so easy to circumvent no matter how complicated you make it, and the government twisted arms to make everyone install backdoors anyway. Ultimately you can't compete with the government's ability to fuck with you - though this is all really a show, because Apple et al don't give a shit about your privacy and probably installed shit you haven't even heard of and feed your info to god knows who.

If you want to be safe, keep your shit offline and transfer files through hard media. If I were really worried about someone stealing my data, I'd keep the important shit on a disconnected computer and know the architecture. You can do a lot with older computers if you know how to refurbish them. It's amazing how many people are stumped by computers that are easy for me to use, though that's not going to deter any competent actor who wants your information.

I don't know why you need to believe in inherently good or bad technology. That whole idea is a technocratic myth that has no place in discussing the real situation. Unless the intent of the device is purely malevolent, a computer is just a tool. You could argue that the development of the computer was spurred by a managerial thought that was inherently imperial and obsessed with controlling people, which is why the first business machines were used for scientific management. Ultimately, though, if you have any sense of what a computer actually does, you can figure out what information is being leeched and what's going in, and how you or anyone else would interface with it. That's really important in understanding what the NSA is actually capable of - they can fetch your information but it will take a human agent to make sense of it and send the feds after you.

There's a lot of shit being collected right now that you don't want to think about. Just imagine what's going to happen to all those poor sods who thought their porn addiction was normal…

File: 1646098612270-0.jpg (24.63 KB, 720x716, hoist the flag.jpg)

File: 1646098612270-1.jpg (122.55 KB, 1304x818, hold the line.jpg)

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🗽United States Politics🦅

Absolute State of America Edition

Thread for the hellish discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.


State mandated propaganda livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism
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that's Malthusian and anti-Marxist and displays high ignorance. Don't compare the time when the plague happened and people used leeches to treat bloody noses because "they had too much blood inside" with these times when the only ones playing "we are witless clueless innocent bastards" are the fucking people that hire the most intelligent people on earth to secure the most advanced killing machines, the most lethal bank system, and so on.


I think that would be the 1980s.
With inflation and outsourcing along with defending of education, the start of stranger danger, and radical rightism


File: 1660807286148.mp4 (27.53 MB, 1096x910, STFU MALTHUSIAN.mp4)

i don't agree with malthusian ideas at all. I merely posted the article about the black death raising wages and posited that a similar amount of deaths would also raise wages. I don't think it would be good nor do I imagine "overpopulation" to be the issue.


Oh sorry, I read you out of blue. the conversation derived from a reaction of porky after seeing dying 3.5bn people. I am sorry fren.


It is a mascot :^)

File: 1608680964250.png (23.67 KB, 973x819, PRC.png)

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Kinda ironic ngl


this was posted on reddit as "chinese worker's helmet vs. his boss's helmet"

is this just propaganda? is it hong kong instead of mainland? What's the /prc/ take on this?


each color represents a particular use, fuck even across industries varies wildly. is not the same helmet (nor the quality standard and protection it offers) you use inside a mine compared to a construction building, even if they match the same color.
t. mechanical engineer


some redditor also offered this translation:

"We'll do an experiment today. This is the safety helmet of us front line workers."
>Taps yellow hardhat on head
"This is the safety helmet that belongs to leadership"
>Holds up red hardhat
"Let's see which is sturdier"
>Smashes hats together
>It breaks / becomes useless right away
>Holds up yellow hardhat
"This is the safety helmet of front line workers"
>Holds up red hardhat
"This is the leadership's safety helmet. The supervisor's hat is sturdier. The sturdiest is the supervisor's hat. It's modern and sturdy. The safety helmets of us front line workers only has this much effect."
>Throws broken yellow hat to the ground
"Give support, friends."


how does reddit come up with such wild copes kek


>40% of Americans have a favorable view of socialism, up from 36% in 2019. Socialist sentiment is increasing among younger generations with Gen Z’s favorability at 49%, up from 40% in 2019.
>Over a quarter of Americans (26%) support the gradual elimination of the capitalist system in favor of a more socialist system with a surge in support among younger generations (31% of Gen Z and 35% of Millennials).
>18% of Gen Z and 13% of Millennials think communism is a fairer system than capitalism and deserves consideration in America.
>30% of Gen Z has a favorable view of Marxism, up 6% from 2019, compared to 27% of Millennials, down 9% from 2019.
>Over one-third of Americans (39%) are likely to support a member of the Democratic Socialist party for office with greater support among younger generations (51% of Gen Z and 44% of Millennials). 16% of Gen Z and Millennials are likely to support a member of the Communist party for office.
>63% of Gen Z and Millennials (compared to 95% of the Silent Generation), believe the Declaration of Independence better guarantees freedom and inequality over the Communist Manifesto, a 6% increase for Millennials from 2019.
>Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Americans say they are unaware that the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for more deaths than Nazi Germany.
>Americans increasingly distrust the government to take care of their interests, with 87% saying they trust themselves over the government and their community (a 7% increase from 2019). This is especially the case in younger generations, with only 6% of Gen Z and 5% of Millennials trusting the government to take care of their interests, down 8% and 11% from 2019, respectively.
>12% of Gen Z and 10% of Millennials think society would be better off if all private property was abolished and held by the government.
Is America destined to be communist? If 30% of Gen Z has a favorable opinion of Marxism already, in a few decades a majority of Americans might. Thoughts on this?
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Ask any fascist what their economic solutions are all they'll tell you some bs


I'm not sure if you're American, but American media uses terms like "middle class" and "working class" in a way that doesn't quite make sense and severely stifles class consciousness. For example, anyone who isn't officially designated "low income" is called middle class, and the term "working class" is shorthand for person who hasn't gone to college. Very few of us support fascism, to the extent I've never met an American who supported fascism.

The closest thing I've seen to socialist consciouses is the kind of social democratic AOC Bernie Sanders crowd who use the term "working class" to describe all workers regardless of education level and sometimes regardless of income.

I haven't seen the aesthetics of fascism used to accomplish anything good. As I said above, the only good I can see in fascism is its belief the government should exist and try to be effective.




>not in the 2% agnostic elite



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